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2023.06.04 00:13 Own-Top7919 Miss my ex

Long story short i recently broke up with my boyfriend because despite it being almost 3 years i still can’t stop thinking about my ex. He has a girlfriend and i don’t wanna be a home wrecker but deep Down i think he is the one for me. I need to know how to try to get him back because it’s crazy how much i miss him and want to be with him. I’m a different person since when we broke up which was due mostly to my mental health. Please help me.
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2023.06.04 00:12 Ajeffers5142 Any Recreational Dispensaries near Biddeford?

At the Lincoln Mill in Biddeford. I have limited transportation and no Maine med card. Is it worth the trip to Portland/South Portland to pick up or is there something I’m missing searching weedmaps/leafly?
The plan is to get a med card but I won’t be able to submit an application until Monday (I could be wrong here, help?) and would like to smoke this weekend.
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2023.06.04 00:12 BeardedBarney Lvl Up Gaming in Irvington Has Permanently Closed

"Just wanted to reach out to everyone and say that if you have a store credit balance in the card shop, we will be moving to selling cards online, and I am working on a temporary system to maintain your store credit. I’ll pull a full customer list to create a record of who has store credit remaining from trade ins, and contact you all directly with a summary of your credit and how it can be used to purchase TCG singles, and possibly sealed product at a later time.
— The TCG store aspect of LVL UP will remain, just not at the physical location in Irvington. Please feel free to ask any questions here, or for more individual questions regarding store credit or other matters that aren’t related to the general customers, please direct message us here or email us at lvlupindy(@)
— EDIT: To address questions about Wyliepalooza, events, and in store play space - - Wylie - the future is uncertain. We are in talks with a couple parties to take over the space. Depending on who takes it over, Wylie may continue as a boutique popup within that space. However this decision hasn’t been made yet, but we expect to have a more concrete answer in the next week.
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2023.06.04 00:12 mdillon1987 Fixing a Toilet down on tiles?

I have UFH pipes under my tiles and down want to screw the toilet down as I don’t want to risk going through a pipe. Can anyone recommend an alternative way of fixing the pan to the floor? Thinking Grab Adhesive or even Tile Adhesive?
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2023.06.04 00:12 emilyykatelynn Mercari login help!!

Mercari login help!!
I cannot for the life of me login to my Mercari account! This is the message I receive every time. I am able to login on the web browser, but not the app. Unfortunately the browser doesn’t allow you to see/respond to messages and offers.
I have already uninstalled and redownloaded the app, reset password just to be sure it wasn’t a login issue, used a different wifi network, turned off wifi altogether for just phone data, and soft reset my phone. I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max if that matters.
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2023.06.04 00:12 No_Nectarine98 AITA for refusing to have sex with my boyfriend?

I’ve been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 9 months now. At the beginning, I never had an issue with our sex life. Recently, i’ve noticed he’s been smelling a lot worse than usual. I brought up jokes about it (it wasn’t in a rude way he knew I was joking) and he’d laugh about it and say he rarely showers because of his depression. As someone who also has depression, I completely understand that showering can be hard so I’m not judging him at all.
However, recently I’ve found it really hard to have sex with him as the smell is really strong and it puts me off. Every time he tries to initiate sex I always make excuses as to why I don’t want to or just shut him down. I try to hint at him showering beforehand but he usually just says he can’t be bothered to or just doesn’t want to. I know I should just be upfront with him about it but I don’t want to make him upset or self conscious. I also suffer with UTI’s sometimes after having sex (i’m not sure if it’s related to the issue, but I haven’t had a UTI after having sex with anyone before him), so it makes me even more hesitant to have sex.
I also brought up wanting to use condoms during sex to see if that helps my UTI’s because we don’t tend to use condoms because i’m on birth control. I know we should still be using condoms but we just don’t. He seemed really hesitant about it at first saying he “can’t feel anything during sex with a condom on” but that he would try it. When we did, he just seemed bored and like he wasn’t even trying and kept saying he “couldn’t feel anything” during it. In the end I just pushed him off and started crying because it made me really upset that he wasn’t even trying to find a safe way for us to have sex. I just felt broken because I felt like I was making our sex life shit.
I don’t know what else to do because i’m put off from having sex with him already and he just isn’t interested in having sex with a condom on. So AITA for not being interested in having sex with my boyfriend anymore?
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2023.06.04 00:12 burnttoast14 Why don’t people recognize investing in RE also a form of compounding money like investing in stocks?

Everyone already knows that you gotta push to get to the first $100,000 and then in addition to continuously contributing, at that point and then more noticeably $300,000 then really noticeable at $500,000 mark it just takes off fast
But why don’t people also consider that if you buy a property for example $1,000,000 for the 20% down needed, the property value is gonna continue to outpace your initial down payment AND EVEN contributions like as if it were a stock :(maintenance, property tax, insurance etc.)
Sure it has its ups and down but don’t stocks go up and down also?
Once your at that point on the property ladder, its as if you dumped that money into an index fund and let the compounding / growth effect do the work
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2023.06.04 00:12 zzzzzzzzzra If Sam Harris is so experienced in Buddhist practice why has he spent the greater part of his life driving himself crazy with intellectual thought puzzles and twitter feuds?

Not that Buddhists aren’t fallible but he seems like someone with a lot ego attachments that I think would be more apparent to him
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2023.06.04 00:11 damanhimself124 I kissed and a Girl and I have no hope now

Salam I’m 17 and have never had sex nor Kissed.
I’m a very religious guy and have been to umrah and I feel like my innocence has been stripped.
I was with this girl who likes me and I like and we were just studying and to cut things short we just kissed but I stopped after because I couldn’t continue.
I’m sitting here having no outlet and I feel like my noor will be stripped and I will be punished.
Please send some prayers and help me figure out what to do
Wallahi I feel disgusted
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2023.06.04 00:11 BearMcBearFace Strengthening subfloor with expanding foam before laying LVP

I’m going to be laying LVP in our kitchen and have a single floorboard (P5 chipboard) that has a bit of flex (~5mm or so) to it due to a previous repair to pipework underneath. I want to make it as secure as possible so that it doesn’t stress the joints between the LVP, but equally don’t want to have to lift the entire subfloor to re-lay just a single board.
My thinking at the moment is that I drill a few holes along the edge that flexes and fill any space with expanding foam. to ensure it’s dead flat I was also considering bridging a piece of wood across two of the floorboards either side and pulling the offending board upwards with some screws to just to hold it up and level until the expanding foam cures.
It currently has 40mm polystyrene under the boards.
Has anyone faced a similar issue, and any advice on whether this would work?
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2023.06.04 00:11 SwimmingSun30 Two rear facing car seats

I have two children (1m and 2y1m). We knew the car seats would be tight in the car, but I didn’t think about how we would sit with them for longer drives or if they needed something. Currently, baby is in an infant seat (rear facing) behind the drivers seat and toddler is in a rear facing convertible seat (Britax Emblem). My husband is 6’1” and I’m 5’8”. He is cramped in the drivers seat and I am the only one fits in the back. I am currently climbing in through the front and barely fit in between the two seats. We have a Tesla Model Y. We currently only have one car (we both work from home), but could get another one.
The toddler is 32”, 34lbs and we’d like to keep him rear facing as long as possible. We think the toddler will be rear facing another year, then switch to forward facing. Around that same time our baby will move to a rear facing toddler seat.
My questions: -For those of you with 2 rear facing car seats in your car, if you sit between the car seats, how do you get in and out? Are there any cars that have enough room to sit in the middle comfortably? Do you just not sit with the kids? Should we just stick it out until my older kid turns around? or get a new/another car? Any other options that I’m missing? -For those of you with one rear facing and one forward facing toddler seat, can you get in and out of the middle seat without taking out a car seat? Do you need to sit in the back anymore?
If you have captains seats in the back, do you sit in the third row? Can you reach the kids from there? What are the pros of having captains seats?
Any other tips or cars we should look at? We would prefer not to get a minivan, but it sounds like that is the most popular answer in other posts.
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2023.06.04 00:11 Over-Gap-2510 Guy I was seeing ghosted

I was seeing this guy. We only went on 3 dates. 2 of those dates he slept over for the weekend. We just made out, no sex. I wanted to be sure he was something serious before I made that commitment. After talking for 2 months, I was ready to sleep with him. I invited him over but he said he had to work that weekend. Then he disappeared for 14 days. I got a few random weird texts but he mostly left me on delivered or read. In that time he sent 3 memes on instagram. I just gave up on him at this point.
Then he calls me last night and says his feelings for me were so strong, he just got scared and he’s sorry. Invited me to a wedding as his plus 1
I declined. I really really really liked him and did not want to lose him AT ALL but then I did. I think his excuse is lame and likely a lie. I’m feeling like I shouldn’t give him another chance and just move on. What would you do?
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2023.06.04 00:10 Beginning-Benefit929 I think this is the Yankees squad to win a World Series. Let me explain.

I know people love to point to 2017, 2019, or even 2022 as years that the Yankees had the squad to go all the way, but I’m honestly more impressed by the versatility of this year’s squad and how iconic it would be if they won this year. Look at the rosters from 2017/2019 and you’ll find some real randos who no one remembers in a remotely positive way.
I think this squad has the potential to be elite and iconic for years to come. We have established veterans in Stanton, LeMahieu, Rizzo, Donaldson, and Cole. We have our young group of IKF, Bader, Torres, Volpe, and Cabrera. And of course, our star, Aaron Judge.
While you may point to some of their numbers as being abysmal, the season is still young and this would be a really iconic squad to win it all.
Imagine a WS roster of: 1. Gleyber Torres (2B) 2. Aaron Judge (RF) 3. Anthony Rizzo (1B) 4. DJ LeMahieu/Josh Donaldson (3B) 5. Giancarlo Stanton (DH) 6. Harrison Bader (CF) 7. Isiah Kiner-Falefa (LF) 8. Anthony Volpe (SS) 9. Jose Trevino (C) SP: Gerrit Cole
I know when we lose this place blows up, but I don’t know. I feel confident in our guys and I would be the first one to buy the championship DVD if it happens. We have a great mix of veterans, young guys, and a phenomenal pitching staff to top it off.
I guess I’ll get called delusional because I posted this the day after a loss, not a win, but I’m excited.
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2023.06.04 00:10 blonde-clementine How do I make a friend?

Hi guys! I’m home for the summer from college. I don’t have any friends here, and I don’t want to spend this whole summer alone. How do I make friends when I’m not in a college setting and don’t come in contact with people my (20) age very often?
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2023.06.04 00:10 gunja1513 Do most parents/relatives not bring toys for camping

Every time we take our daughter camping with either side of the family all the other kids (1-2) of similar age dont(5years) don’t have their own toys, crafts, or activities. My daughter ends up having to be responsible and share nicely. Like the other kids don’t even have dolls or stuffed animals. We saw our last cabin trip was going to be a rainy Saturday and had play-dogh, stickers, and coloring. The other dad had nothing and his father in law just had two things of silly putty that needed put away fast. Is this normal? Other parents will have beer and fishing stuff but nothing for a kid.
Not even mentioning the extra food we bring for our picky eater that is just enough but now suddenly the other kids want too.
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2023.06.04 00:10 DarkSteel02 Brawler Ideas

Ok guys, haven’t done anything here for like two years, and, just for fun, decided to look back on the game and in here.
I do get half-well the current meta and everything, but I decided to revive a post where I made suggestions for two Brawlers. That post was like late 2020-early 2021, so I dug it out and remastered it with the use of ChatGPT technology to enhance some new ideas, as well as part of my own knowledge in the current game and meta. So here are ideas for two Brawlers, let me know what you think, and how do you think that they’ll affect the current meta. Thanks!
Brawler Ideas
Rarity: Epic
Class: Support
Health: 4800 (lvl 1) - 7200 (lvl 11)
Movement speed: Slow
Damage: 600 (lvl 1) - 900 (lvl 11)
Range: 6.67 (Normal)
Reload speed: 1s (Very Fast)
Super charge per hit: 16.67%
Turret health: 2800 (lvl 1) - 4200 (lvl 11)
Resistance boost: 50%
"Golon is an golem made of iron who is barely able to tickle but at the same time barely able to get tickled. All defense no offense indeed!"
"This Brawler takes 15% less damage from all sources."
Attack: Tickly
"Golon shoots a beam from his defense device, umm... tickling the enemy hit."
Super: Force Field
"Golon deploys a turret that increases his and teammates' resistance who stay in its area of effect."
1st Gadget: Metal Screech
"Golon's turret emits an ear-splitting screech that causes nearby enemies to take 40% more damage for 3 seconds!"
2nd Gadget: Out of Field
"Teammates outside the turret's area of effect are still boosted for 2 seconds."
1st Star Power: Steel Defense
"Whenever Golon or his teammates hit enemies within the turret's area of effect, they all get a 5% extra resistance boost per hit. Each boost stacks and lasts for 1.5 seconds."
2nd Star Power: Mr. Softener
"Turret now also causes enemies standing within it to take 30% more damage when hit. Ouch!"
Rarity: Mythic
Class: Marksman
Health: 2200 (lvl 1) - 3300 (lvl 11)
Movement speed: Fast
Damage: 1320 (lvl 1) - 1980 (lvl 11)
Gas damage per second: 330 (lvl 1) - 500 (lvl 11)
Range: 9 (Long)
Reload speed: 2.2s (Very Slow)
Super charge per hit: 33%, 2.7% (Gas)
Damage per tick: 220 (lvl 1) - 330 (lvl 11)
Damage per second: 2200 (lvl 1) - 3300 (lvl 11)
Range: 10 (Very Long)
Duration: 4s
Super charge per hit: 4.55%
"Ray is a bounty hunter from the future who traveled back in time to unleash destructive energy from his, well... raygun. He might be really frail, but above all he's really consistent!"
Attack: Raydiation
"Ray emits a single but ionizingly powerful long-range beam from his raygun. Upon hitting enemies, the beam splits in three and quickly keeps traveling before leaving behind three gas clouds that last for 2 seconds, causing further disruption!"
Super: Hyper Beam
"Ray aims with a lethal, longer-ranged beam for 4 seconds, destroying cover and deep-frying anyone unfortunate enough to be found in reach!"
1st Gadget: Gamma Rays
"Ray releases a double-sided blast from his raygun at any nearby enemy. This shot deals 1250 damage, knocks enemies back, and, upon hitting enemies, leaves a gas cloud behind on each side that deals up to 1500 damage over 3 seconds."
2nd Gadget: Aggro Rayload
"For 6 seconds, Ray reloads 20% faster and gains another 20% boost each time he hits a target with his main attack."
1st Star Power: Quick Smug
"Ray quickly shows his smug whenever he defeats an enemy, gaining a 15% speed boost for 4 seconds."
2nd Star Power: Hyper Drain
"Ray's Super now also heals him for 110 per tick. Only works on living, breathing beings, capiche?"
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2023.06.04 00:10 millimallow An Open Letter to JMR: Please don't screw with the Raspberry Racers' roster

The fact of the matter right now is that the Raspberry Racers are not doing well.
We've recently hit rock bottom thanks our own subpar performance despite repeated half-decent qualification positions. It's now basically undeniable that the Raspberry Racers are disproportionately awful at M1.
I write this to plead one thing to JMR: please don't mess with the team structure over this. The RR are a thousand times more promising in the Marble League than they've ever been in M1- they have the most dominant win in history under their belts, two podiums, solid results even when they're not on the podium and an MVM in Razzy. These are all things they've achieved with their roster as it is, unchanged changed since '18.
Razzy's an incredible captain and a superb individual athlete. Berry's the most successful Marble League coach ever measured by podium spots produced for their team. Rizzy's a great team athlete, and literally everything else about our team is fine and stable for the things we're actually good at.
I'm concerned that, like Hazy's sabbatical and the BOC roster being reshuffled based at least partially on M1 (both of which nearly imploded the teams), we're going to experience some combination of this three before ML23: lose Razzy (which would be a huge blow to the Racers, I can't overstate this enough), fire Berry or demote Rizzy to reserve. All three would be pretty horrendous decisions. It would be extremely cruel to fans to interfere with a good team based on its performance in what is essentially 10 repetitions of its consistently weakest event. It'd be like doing an entire roster swap for the Kobalts before M1S4 despite the 3rd place in S3 because of the '22 relegation- or, imagine if the Hazers roster decisions were made based on ten rounds of sand rally and block pushing?
Also, and perhaps most significantly, JMR chose to put the Razzies in when they didn't really deserve it based on prior performances. I won't object to that decision here, but I will say that setting us up to fail and then making a bunch of unnecessary changes after that happens (and probably, rightfully, booting us from S5 anyway) would be very underhanded, especially when M1 is by all counts shorter, less representative of overall skill and entirely optional (a team can be ML exclusive but not M1 exclusive). Also, in keyfabe, it's just not that realistic a decision for such big changes to be made right before a really important qualifying period in the event they're actually slated to do well in.
I don't think it's unrealistic that we'll finish this season in last, and it'd take a miracle to get us past 12th. If that happens: kick us out. Hell, kick us out even if we don't! It would be better for us. Just leave the roster alone and keep Berry around. We've got a season to qualify for and we don't need drastic change.
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2023.06.04 00:10 Musty_Monkey369 F*** pax who anchor rides and change destination

Took a 4 min trip going towards a charge station I was heading to to re-juice this shitty Hertz Tesla. I arrive and the pax send the infamous “Be right there!” text. The clock runs 4 mins before he enters. I slide to start. He’s like “hold on, just waiting for my girl. She’ll be here soon.” The dude keeps apologizing like “my bad man here she comes any moment” His bytch finally hopes in 3-4 after having started the trip. I’m about to pull off and his gf is like “Oh no! Forgot my phone!” Forced to wait another 3-4 mins. We are finally taking off when dude says, “hey I’m going to change the destination to Beverly Hills. It’s just a few more mins away”. I reject and tell him I’ve got a scheduled ride. “So should we get out?” , he asks. I tell him yep. He pleads, insisting it’s only a few more mins. I ask what the address is so I can see how far in the Tesla navigation. The fucker says “no worries I’ll just put it in the app” I get a ping for the updated trip. The pay increase? $1.60 for quadruple the f**king time! These crusty fucks had the nerve to actually have Spotify music request as well. Hahaha!Fuck em!
Let a mf know where your going. Can’t get a quick ride? Wait your ass in line with all the other riders waiting for a driver to take your shitty ride. Have your shit together, be ready to go when your ride arrives. And fuck your Spotify playlist. No one wants to hear your favorite DJ.
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2023.06.04 00:10 DietZer0 I can’t stop thinking that I’m just a male and “man”

I’ve been completely off hormones for the last couple of weeks (after being on them for 7 months) and I feel fine without any hormones. I would say I feel a good deal happier and calmer on estrogen. But without any hormones I feel fine too.
I long for life as a woman, but feel that it cannot possibly be me because, at the same time, I also long to be the very attractive gay man I was prior to my egg cracking. In the many months of gender exploration, I’ve determined that being a man is an unchangeable quality of mine and that as much as I wish to change — my internal gender is man. And so I’m like feeling fine about that fact, but also bummed, because apparently I really want to transition MtF, while also for whatever reason am clinging and so attached to life as a hot gay man.
I suppose it’s neat that I, after cutting out all carbs for over a week now, feel completely comfortable in my skin as is in my assigned gender at birth as a man. But it is unfortunate that my gender couldn’t have been woman. Why am I so attached to the idea of being the super fine gay man that I can be?
And to be clear: This isn’t due to birth sex, but due to gender identity which I feel mine is fixed and truly man.
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2023.06.04 00:10 Nightmare822 Why do I feel like I’m not making enough progress?

This is mostly a vent post, so feel free to ignore it or take it down if it doesn’t fit. I haven’t been actually diagnosed with CPTSD, so maybe I shouldn’t post this anyways.
This is the year I turned 30, and in the past I would tell myself if I didn’t have it together by now I’d end it. And now I’m still alive and still unsure.
I’d have to do a whole other post about my “parents”, but it’s really: my mother had custody and there was a guy that she would marry and divorce every now and then that wasn’t my father and was a huge part of why I’m so broken.
My actual father is great, and he was literally forced away by threat of murder, so he just paid child support the whole time and tried his damndest to get me, but the courts sided with the mother no matter what. I feel ashamed for him that I am the way I am, because he deserves better than me in my current state.
But in the present: I don’t feel like I’ve really gotten better. I’ve been in and out of therapy for like 14 years now, on various medications. They’ve always just said depression and general anxiety, but none of the treatments seem to have stuck, or didn’t help much? I’ve had some various therapists though. Some where I get blamed and say I’m just playing a victim, or that I should give up on my dreams because her son was trying the same thing I did and didn’t succeed, so don’t bother (music, by the way).
I’m trying. I really am. I’ve been trying ever since I got kicked out. I’ve recently gotten sober and stopped smoking 3 years ago. I did some self harm a year ago, but otherwise okay. But it’s like, everything hits me so much harder than others. I’ve worked with people that did full time college and work, and I struggled with full time work and part time college. People dying would ruin the whole semester for me and I’d give up for years.
I'm on a waitlist for a psychiatrist. Just signed up for another therapist that I don’t have money for. I’m establishing a relationship with my dad after so many years being apart, he missed my whole childhood. I feel like I’m not enough. I’m 30. I should be better. I shouldn’t be broke, living with relatives, working a dead-end retail job.
I don’t know what to do or who to turn to. I don’t really want to just whine and complain to my dad about this all the time because he doesn’t deserve this. He says I can ask for anything and he’d do it, but I don’t feel I deserve that.
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2023.06.04 00:10 poochita Mom has had lung cancer for nearly two decades

This is a weird question/situation, I hope it’s not triggering or offensive…
But my mom was diagnosed around 2006 with thyroid cancer and had her thyroid removed. The doctored then mentioned her cancer had metastasized as they found nodules in her lungs.
Obviously if that happens it’s a very grim diagnosis, so I offered up the possibility that maybe it was actually lung cancer, as she was a smoker. A week later they confirmed that indeed it was lung cancer.
She did chemo and in the last decade or so has done a number of clinical trials and experimental treatments at MD Anderson in Houston, Texas.
Since the beginning of this whole journey felt like a shit show, I have never really had faith doctors, medical field. Of course part of that could be projected anger about my moms situation, but also just feeling like no one really knows what they are doing…I’m sorry if that sounds ignorant but I really feel I need to voice these feelings and thoughts somewhere.
I’m not sure what I’m even asking for…sometimes I wonder if they have the whole diagnosis wrong and if she even has lung cancer at all. As far as I understand the survival rates are low for 5 years, and even lower for 10…and I personally haven’t heard of any cases this long. Over nearly two decades the nodules have barely grown or changed. My mom is very traditional however, so she doesn’t want to question the medical system in any way. She believes all the treatments have kept her alive and she’s likely right. But I don’t really understand how all these wildly different treatments she’s done all have the same result, which is little to no growth in the nodules…
Thanks so much for reading, and if you can relate or have any thoughts, advice or research….I would deeply deeply appreciate it.
Thank you
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2023.06.04 00:10 Appropriate_Guide649 35 [M4F] #Michigan - Cuckold/Total denial dynamic

I’m a put-together, masculine guy but literally nothing makes me crazier than being cucked by a woman who adores me but doesn’t want to fuck me.
I want to date you. I want to go the distance and maybe even make a life together. But I want to be denied penetration totally and completely.
You will get whatever you want sexually. You’ll fuck other men. Or other women. You’ll use my mouth. Maybe you’ll make me wear a cock sleeve to take the sensation of penetration and the wet, satisfying feeling of your pussy away from me… or maybe you won’t even go that far. It’s your decision.
Does the power imbalance make you wet?Does knowing that you can have whatever and whoever you want sexually while your pussy-free boyfriend is completely denied arouse you?If so… we should definitely talk.
The one thing to know is that I’m not small, like a lot of guys into cuck dynamics are. You’ll need to be a shameless, unrepentant size queen or wildly, wildly aroused by denial dynamics to make this work.
It’ll be torture for me.
I want it just as badly as I don’t want it.
Kinks: Cuckold, denial, chastity, forced bi, forced fem, hole wrecking, intimacy, anal play, orgasm control, forced gooning, size queens, exhibitionism, discreet public play, light CBT, ABR, snowbunnies, raceplay, domestic servitude, mommy/son dynamics, face sitting, body worship, rules and discipline, humiliation/degradation, objectification
P.S. I will require that we voice verify early in the conversation because so many catfish try to take advantage of submissive men.
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