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Selling clothes! Everything is under $7!

2023.03.30 18:16 Ill_Fee_6473 Selling clothes! Everything is under $7!

Hey guys, I have some clothes I don’t want anymore and thought i’d sell them! Every item is below $7 would anyone be interested? I’m a 5ft 8 girl for reference and i usually wear a small/medium and i wear a lot of light colored clothes/preppy, skirts, beige and green stuff like that! The clothes are lighter earth tones/white/pink. You can just dm me if you’re interested and I can show you pics of what i have! I do on campus delivery for free and take, cash, venmo, or apple pay. :)
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2023.03.30 12:07 thechessaddict_xd Types of people in trading hub! (My opinion, also it's just a joke :])

Rat with accesories
That one person whose entire personality is 'dcd coat + headless'
The local trading hub pretty boy (always wearing Autumn 22)
That one Kaeya or Al Haitam cosplayer
'Guess my cosplay for a surprise!'
Anime cosplayers
Genshin cosplayers
The pageant/GoT skirt + floral accesories 6ft+ guy
The emo duo/trio
That one person wearing steampunk belt and corset, ww corset and heels, and/or GoT parasol
That one person in their default avatar wearing 6+ halos
That one person wearing Val19, MGE and 2020 parasol
Pageant host who leaves at the end of the pageant
Pageant host who actually gives the prizes
That one friend group with three emos, one aesthetic, one reserved and two matching outfits
That one preppy girl
That one person who dresses like a beginner but is level 1000+
That one person who is level 81 but has 15 halos
The level 950+ with strict trading rules
That one person dressed very immaculately, but always afk
That one person wearing all the items in default colors
That one person wearing full GoT set
That one wing collector wearing a wing you didn't know existed
That one person always in default avatar (non-robux)
The one person trading their nfr unicorn in AM for RHD
That one person wearing the ww corset + dd corset hack
the person with their name and pronouns in order (Val they/them Fit nft!)
'Fit is never ft.'
The jake simp
Two besties causing drama on purpose
One person hiding in the corner, watching the drama
The two friends always dressing up at the ice cream parlour
That one person with their traderie acc in their user always afk at ice cream
The two random people that just join, trade for 30 secs, say 'ty!' and leave
The person doing art commissions ("info in journal! <3)
The 'youtuber' who wants subs
That person who just wants NotLukash's badge
The rare famous person sighting
A person who reads and compliments journals
People with 'Shop in journal'
Trade to see shop
Trading what I'm wearing
Paperclip challenge but doesn't list the current item
People always dressing up
Ragebait wearing things wrong
Ragebait Offensive name/ journal
Person always dressing up as an OC
Person trying to trade in a padgent server
Story tellers
People doing a choose what I wear
The person trying to match your fit
The trollers who insult you
I will dance for dims
Freebie beggers
Give me ur stuff
UwU OwO trolls
People having deep chats in public chat
Pageant at ice cream place!
Pageant at roof
Person who wanders around not saying anything at all
Person trying to do a photoshoot
"Cross trading, ngf."
"This is my 999th server... anyone have X rare item?"
The underpayer
The overpayer
The person who does not know values and underprices
The overprices
Traderie Pricers
Looking for someone from Traderie
"Wanna do a TikTok?"
The random friends
The fight over halo values
The fight over item values
This is my siblings account
OMG My dream item gimme! *Underpays*
Ur mean, Im rich, give me stuff
*Terrible offer* Acts like a brat after u decline
Guilt tripper
Bday person
People who seem like they are in some crackfic of some kind
The lucky person who gets really good trades all the time
The person who 'disconnects'
The person with no battery
The person who leaves last second in trade
The shop in journal *Shop is outdated*
Currently editing journal
Selling things for over millions of dims
Trading an enormous amount of dims
Is it for trade *other person has fit nft*
The newbie/ am new to trading
The scammer who preys on new people
The flat out scammer
"Hi! Is your fit ft?" (Fit clearly nft as written in nametag)
tons more but I don't have the patience :D
"Wdym..goth lolita cuffs aren't worth 33k??"
the two people flexing modestly ("hah you're rich lol.. I only have 6 halos and GoT set..")
Random ass person reading around journals while pretending to be afk
The two straight guys flirting
Person wearing all neon outfits on purpose (people screaming 'my eyes')
Person calling GoT, WW and SP overrated because they can't afford it
Been spamming 'LAST CALL!' for the last 10 minutes
Edit: I'll be adding more, suggest in comments!
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