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In honour of ACW becoming the official competitive duel map, I mapped the distribution of locations within the US

2023.06.03 13:09 Green_Venator In honour of ACW becoming the official competitive duel map, I mapped the distribution of locations within the US

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2023.06.03 08:52 Regent2014 Getting emotional re-riding BTTF / sentimental for 1990s/00s USO

Best part of reriding BTTF VIA Blu Ray is remembering the time coordinates are set to my birthdate October 25th! Man, when the ride ends and I hear exit song or even when you enter the vehicle and you hear the sound effect priming of the vehicle…gives me the feels!
Since losing my Father Jan 2022, part of what healed me during grieving journey, was revisiting the memories of our NYC —> FL road-trips of the 90s. We went to USO nearly every other year, pretty sure every year 94-99…never realized these would be some of the best family memories of our lives. It’s like, when I rewatch family videos or YT videos on USO of the 90s, I can feel the love he gave us in always wanting to give us the best summer vacations.
It’s a slippery slope though, because unlike Magic Kingdom, USO is a different park and has attractions (luckily there’s still ROTM, MIB, and some at IOA). Despite this, last spring, since I live in LA, I purchased a USH annual pass in addition to my usual DLR AP, to enjoy visits and honor his memory. I also went to Orlando for the first time since 2015. Such a great trip. I’m nearing letting go of that time and trying to be more present, but for now I’m riding the rest of its course.
Anyone else sentimental for those days? Would love your stories if you’d like to share :)
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2023.06.03 04:56 mondaysareharam Just Got this beautiful Vanilla Missile in

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2023.06.03 04:22 DrAndrogen Reschedule or no..

Trying to decide if I should if I should postpone. My target score is a 504.
Past exams… Aug 2021: TPR FL 484
May 2022: AAMC FL1 490 123, 123, 121, 123
July 2022: AAMC free samp 493 121, 126, 121, 125
April 2023: bp FL1 499 125, 123, 125, 126
May 2023: AAMC FL2 494 123, 122, 124, 125
I am reviewing each of these thoroughly by doing 1 exam section per day. I plan to take FL3 on 6/6, fl4 on 6/11, and fl5 on 6/16. Additionally, I will complete the independent section bank and online practice questions from the official guide. I am doing Anki daily but my biggest killer isn’t freestanding questions, it’s mostly passages and applying concepts.
I have my exam scheduled for 6/29 and I’m trying to decide if I should reschedule. What do y’all think?
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2023.06.03 02:15 MadisonMagnolia So I have no friends and I was wondering how I could become comfortable with that

So I have no friends and I was wondering how I could become comfortable with that
Any tips would help
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2023.06.03 01:51 realcatlady7 Does this look familiar to anyone? Cat eye injury or growth - not causing pain

My cat is a neutered male, 9 yrs old, DSH orange tabby. Approx 12 lbs. HX of UTI (1 time approx 4 yrs ago.) UTD on vaccines. He has a sister (1 yr old spayed female DSH tabby) that he rough houses with. There is a dog in the home but they have no interaction.
Clinical signs: none other than visible red spot/growth on lower iris(?). Does not appear to be associated with the third eyelid. Cannot tell if it is growing. Appears to be attached to the actual iris/eye. No visible pain, no squinting, no tearing, no redness, no pawing at the eyes. Normal eating/drinking/urine/feces. Overall in very good health. First noticed about 8 days ago. No diagnostic testing yet. Have a vet appt scheduled. Link to photo attached in comments.
General location: East Orlando, FL. Moved from CO in 02/2022.
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2023.06.03 01:48 FunnyCandidate8725 need some help finding more target and safety colleges as an aspiring biology transfer

i don’t have a great handle on what my chances are with universities because when i graduated hs (class of 2022) i didnt apply until the spring semester to the university of central florida and got rejected, even though its considered a safety if you graduate from a fl hs.
i’m now looking to transfer somewhere with a strong bio (NOT PREMED) program that isnt a gigantic school (ahem, ucf). i simply never looked when i was in high school and now i have no one to help really. any advice appreciated 🤝
stats, etc:
(community) college gpa: 3.5 (unsure of exact amount, likely to go up tho)
sat: 1070 (taken in hs)
honors: term honors —> two dean’s list and one president’s list
everybody’s lists are always so long and studious, but i never really thought too hard about showing out when it came to college.
really REALLY aiming for a college in new england somewhere (i’m originally from mass so i give extra love there) and NEED it to be in an LGBT friendly state. my problem is that everybody always has a university they dreamed of felt they belonged to before they even went—and i don’t have that LOL. i want a good education from a reputable place in a physically good location. that’s it rip.
major: biology minor: varies between uni’s, not as important
colleges on my list so far…
all the schools that are obviously in states that don’t fit my preferences/needs are becuase they’re closer, and if i can’t get out of here i’ll at least be at a good school LOL.
welcoming ANY uni suggests for a bio major that is NOT premed.
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2023.06.03 01:03 nomorelandfills Lucci’s House Bully Rescue - you know, the ones in Indiana that repo'd a dog of theirs that killed someone in a pack attack - announces BE without mentioning that the reason is it mauled 2 people

Lucci’s House Bully Rescue - you know, the ones in Indiana that repo'd a dog of theirs that killed someone in a pack attack - announces BE without mentioning that the reason is it mauled 2 people

The timeline
2022 - Lucci’s House Bully Rescue pulls an adult male pit bull from a shelter, just ahead of a euth decision. They neuter him, vet him, do some basic "this is how to dog" and "please stop using your teeth on us" training for 3 months in their facility. Then LBHR ships him to a board/train for 6 months of work.
Update - He's great, he's wonderful, he's ready for a next step - in-home foster! With other dogs! Yay, Three!!!!
Or maybe not. He has a "setback" with a potential adopter.
On to a new trainer for what they later describe as transitioning to a normal home. He will, in this placement, apparently for the first time, be living in a home with a trainer. The original 9 months were with a trainer in a kennel setting.
So he goes to the new trainer, who's supposed to keep him in her house with her pets and get him used to living normally. Because 9 months didn't do it, but exposure to interior carpeting will absolutely work magic.
May 2023 - trainer's mother visits trainer. Argument ensues. Trainer threatens mother, saying if she didn't leave, the dog was going to maul her. The story is poorly written, but it appears there was a second female, unwelcome visitor also present, as 2 women were attacked.
May 28, 2023 - the world's longest, most evasive obituary is published on FB by LHBR.
Sometimes, no matter how much you try, how much you love them, or how much you want better for them, the demons of their past just cannot be outrun. Three came to us as a 1 year old “puppy” with us as the last chance. We couldn’t even leash him up. He didnt know how to accept affection and he thought his teeth were the “great communicators”. He spent the first three months learning he was safe and walkies and toys and other dogs can be fun. He learned that a leash was not a weapon to harm him. Then he went to board and train for over 6 months. He learned that he couldnt use his teeth to gey his way! He thrived. He learned to dog! He learned that not all hoomans are bad. We felt confident thay he could move to a less restrictive environment like an in-home foster where he could play with other dogs and still have some control. Well after a few weeks, Three realized he had it pretty good, but we figured out it was too much freedom too fast. He had a setback with a potential adopter thst showed us he wasnt ready yet. So we found a “in home trainer”. Here, is where we, as a rescue, failed him. It was not the right environment for him. He was not ready, and now, we are having to say goodbye. He just cannot safely function in a home environment, even after a year of training, behavioral vetting, meds and protocols. We just dont know what else to do for him. We have reached out to several “sanctuaries” and they are all, not surprisingly so, either full, or not willing to take such a “young “ dog. He is only two years old. We, as a rescue, pride ourselves on “no bully left behind” and we are absolutely devastated that this is how this little guy’s story ends. But we have exhausted all resources, gave all avenues for behavioral modification, and are just simply out of answers. We ARE the rescue that people reach out to when all else fails, but this time we dont have another pathway for Three. We love him so so much! He deserves so much better than what he has been dealt. He deserves his own home, a warm bed, and cool grass to romp and roll in. But there is just no safe place for him to do this. So, we are sad and heartbroken to report that we will be saying “see ya later” and giving him his best day ever with his two of his favorite hoomans. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is the only way to show how much you love them.

The rescue group
October 2022

November 2022

The trainer
Braquelle Rutherford, the trainer in 2023

and in 2022



The foster
former foster

same former foster
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2023.06.02 21:29 Nruiz43 I lost my best friend and it's all her fault

First off, I've (31m) never posted anything on Reddit before, I've only ever been a phantom browser (or listener for the few of us who listen to Slash), so if there are formatting errors, or if I've mucked this entire post, forgive me; but that's not what I'm here for so get bent, I'm dying to unload all of this. There's a lot to unpack here, so please bear with, and without further ado:
I'm currently dealing with the loss of my best friend James (27m) who successfully completed suicide a few weeks ago. I'm so unbelievably angry at his loss as he was one of the brightest most intelligent people I've ever known. A person who was too smart for his own good regularly led him down a dark path that I've talked him out of several times in the past. Before we get into the heart of the matter, I'd like to provide some insight to when it all started.
I've known James from our time in the Service together, when we were both assigned to perform military honors for veterans. We met back in 2016, and I'll admit, at first I was standoffish as I am with most new people I meet. After a few weeks we bonded over our disdain for the training regimen and requirements for new Honor Guard(HG) trainees. I wouldn't say we became fast friends, but we deepened our relationship over time with big dreams and even bigger goals. Talking about cars, preferably JDM, guns, technology, games, anime; actually, just everything. This man knew a lot about everything, and we found in eachother kindred spirits. Although he was much better at knowing what the best (in his opinion) of the best was, and what I should focus my efforts or should buy, and I trusted his knowledge. He really was the best.
We maintained a pretty good relationship over the next few years when I left the service in 2018 and moved back home to Ohio and he was left back in Illinois to finish out his service commitment. And during that time, we talked regularly, if not every day, then every other day. With some spotty communication between, we're guys, talking all the time isn't always necessary, and it got to the point of regular check-ins and talks about life and the bullshit going on. Mine being the transition from the military to civilian life, and his, just regular bullshit within the service, and whatever car he was dealing with at the time.
It wasn't until 2019 when things started to unravel, and he decided he wanted to be in a relationship with a woman Brenda (27f) that he'd met at the airport. I'm not sure when he had, but it might've been a few years to a few months prior to the autumn of 2019. The only significance of Brenda was that James had managed to hook up with her AT THE AIRPORT. I dogged on him for being such a smooth talker and having the ability to do that. To my knowledge, it was a one and done thing, but he maintained contact with her, which led to them developing a relationship, and being "official" the autumn of 2019.
After three months, a total of 90 fucking days, this man was smitten. To the point of which he was so torn up about her getting cold feet and breaking up with him. Something I've never seen before from this man who basically had a revolving door with women in the past. I had to talk him off of the figurative ledge because of how much he felt he gave her. Nonetheless, they ended back together, and he moved her into his house to live with him and a long-time roommate Neil (25m). James introduced Neil and I and we've been pretty good friends, but nothing as significant as James and I. Either way we were all pretty close, and both Neil and I advised against staying with Brenda, as she was, as far as we could tell, unbalanced. That was putting it lightly.
This cycle of being together and not being together, and getting angry over petty things, begins to impact the relationship between James and I. To the point where I can't just talk about the bullshit between him and Brenda. So I stopped talking to him for a few months in 2020 and tell him off about how I can't listen to him bitch about his girl anymore.
Either way, we begin talking later on in 2020 and things are friendly as usual, with the exception that we don't really talk too much about Brenda anymore. Which is a nice change of pace. Anyway, from the time I was in the service, my experience translates to driving trucks. So what did I do when I got out? I drove trucks, which sucks, but pays well. So I've always nagged James for what I should do as far as getting out of trucking, and in to computers and IT. I've tried my hand at it in the past when I tried to get my BS in Comp. Sci. in 2019, which I failed miserably.
So back to trucking I went always looking for a way out, as I've got a wife and two sons, it makes it hard to raise a family and be present. So he maintains his relationship with Brenda and keeps it on the backburner for conversations, rarely bringing it up, all the way up into 2022 when he's been out of the service for two years, and has made a name for himself in the IT community. He came out to Ohio in Nov 2022 to buy some big ticket items for his own racing setup. He convinced me (without too much arm pulling) to drive out to St. Louis with him to visit our old digs. During this 6 hour drive we catch up on all the old bullshit and what's going on in his love life. The constant fighting, bickering, and me doing my best to cheer him up and let him know, that outside of what he's failing at in his relationship, he's got a pocket full of spades and is exceptionally successful at every other aspect of his life. I mean, what other person do you know who goes from making less than $40k a year to making over $600k in two years? Nonetheless, we also spent that entire time talking about what he currently does, and he set me on a pathway of learning, specifically books, that he said I should read. After I got back to my daily life, and read them; We talked about them, and he made sure I understood the concepts held within them, and oddly he said he'd get back to me.
This is just the surface stuff, what makes James an outright amazing person, is that he's always looking out for those close to him. He had so much pull at his current company, that he was able to make a special position just for me, as a "loyalty program" to get people to train who otherwise didn't have experience in his career field. The books he had me read were primers to see if I had the aptitude to take on this kind of training. The company signed me on at my current monthly rate (as of Dec. 2022) to come on and train exclusively and meet my commitments by the end of January. From then on, it was daily talks of knowledge this, or what experience you have in that. And daily life in general. I came to find out just how little I knew about how knowledgeable and smart James was, and a new appreciation for our friendship,
Where I was once his mentor in the service, he was now my mentor in the tech world. And he was brilliant. Things that would take a whole team months to do, he was capable of doing within a week. I saw him work magic, and was excited to see how I could graft his knowledge and experience into my own. In March, we had a work requirement to meetup at the work site (because IT is remote, duh) and meet with the team that our company supported. There was a whole fiasco and we got up to some of our old shenanigans, but everything was great with the exception of one thing: her. I hadn't asked the entire trip, and he had mentioned that this was the best he'd felt in years. I just didn't want to ask what the problem was, until the day we left to go back to our respective states. I'd come to find out, that the day before he'd left to come out for our trip, his now wife, had locked him out of the main portion of the house (luckily he has over 5000sq/ft house, so he made do with the "other half" as he called it) and I just listened as he lamented about all the garbage that happened prior to his departure. How he gave up everything; his interests, his desires, just to be around her more. How after everything he's sacrificed, he just wanted it to work. That he'd do anything for her, and all she did was spit in his face and shit all over his effort. This last argument he'd had with her before he'd left was all because of him wanting to go get tacos with some of his local friends. A simple disagreement that turned into a 3-day argument.
So things like this progress and he's talking to all the people he needs advice from. His pastor, his therapist, and they're all telling him to run from this woman. These things I've been telling him for years are all starting to come together, and I feel like I can finally take a breath. From hearing stories of how he's slept under his desk to avoid confrontation with her, how he works endlessly because she won't bother him while he works. I was so excited that divorce was now finally an option for him. Until finally she was moving out, and everything came crashing down.
Friday, May 12, 2023. It was work as usual, and he'd spent a little longer at work, and was talking about going out to play pool with a friend. So I ended up talking to him later that evening asking him how things were going, mostly just because I was bored and wanted someone to talk to. When he replied that he was "big sad" and I asked him what was going on. He told me that he was tricked into going out with his friend by Brenda. That the friend was convinced to ask James out by her, so that she could come by their house and move her things out. Which she had never done before, but was prone to leaving at the drop of a hat and going to her sister's house 1.5 hrs away. I expressed that I was sorry for what he had to go through, as I had also gone through a divorce years prior. That regardless if it was for the best, that it is still a painful process. The last thing he said to me: "Can't be mad about a loss that costs me the wins when I'm the one who made the bet" I replied, "Maybe not, but I can understand the loss still hurts."
That was the last thing I said to him at 0016. I'm so fucking mad, at him, at her, at everything. The entire situation, that I would be out there to help him, I joked about moving my family out there with him in that big ass house. That we'd buy property, hundreds and thousands of acres just to bullshit with, and do "hoodrat things with my friends." I texted him and called him Saturday to check on him, but figured he had a hangover, so I didn't want to bother but let him know that I would call a wellness check on him if I didn't hear back. So I called him a few more times on Sunday, which eventually lead to me calling the wellness check at 1421 on Mother's Day. Two hours later, at 1621 exactly, I get a phone call from a detective asking me questions about James. I thought he was in a snag with the police and was doing 180 on the freeway or something, or pulled some Eminem nonsnense. Did I fail to mention that Brenda claimed to be pregnant, and would use getting an abortion as a way to control James? No? Well it was one of the first things I told the detective after they asked me about him being depressed. I didn't understand why the questions were being asked, but they eventually came to tell me that upon their arrival, he was dead. The world snapped to a startling clarity, and I broke out into a cold sweat. I didn't think it could be possible, and my brain reeled at the rushing reality of it all. The sickening reality of it, that she didn't even care because she had already given up, had pulled her claws out of him. It was done, no new memories, no grand dreams, no future plans to conquer the world. But as we know, this is only just the beginning, the aftermath is where it all hurts more.
So his body had to be transported to his hometown on the other side of the country near the coast, from the OTHER side of the country. 3000 miles just to be put in the ground, all for his parents' sake. Which was nice, and a kind gesture, that Brenda allowed and a relatively beautiful ceremony. We show up the day James shows up, a 10 hour drive with no AC and the windows down. My wife and I both knew and loved James, so we were going to be there no matter what. I meet his dad for the first time, a topic James and I regularly talked about. How his father is the best person he knows, and would do anything for. I can see that now, and James' wife had sent a picture to my wife of one of their conversations, about how I reminded James of his dad. That shit broke my heart, and was hard to see, but I appreciated it. Although I think she reveled in twisting the knife. Anyway, come to find out from his dad, that Brenda allowed him to write the obituary, and as James' dad was finalizing it with his wife and James' sisters, Brenda took it and made changes and deleted the things she didn't like.
James' dad took us all around his hometown, showing us where he went to school, where they lived, and what he liked to do. He also took us out for lunch to a local place James liked. I've never felt so at home while not at home. We even got haircuts at James' dad's favorite barber. I met James' mother and sisters, and found that they share a lot of gestures and nuances that were just uncanny. It was good, although, terrifyingly sad. I'm so fucking glad Neil was there, dude was a rock.
The day of the funeral and memorial We got to say our final goodbyes, and there was a line of James' next of kin. Starting with his mother, and ending with his youngest sister. His wife sat separately and was laughing and joking before people started showing up. She adopted a somber and sorrowful set, when we locked eyes, I saw the poison, vitriol, and hate she had for me, and anyone else who cared about James. Her eyes looked like that of Bellatrix Lestrange. She didn't cry, once. It hurt to see someone James cared about so much, not care one lick at his loss. She didn't plan anything for this funeral, didn't appoint pallbearers, nothing. Fortunately, me, Neil, another roommate James had--Jesse, and some other close relatives of James, we raised him one last time. Everything was executed by his parents and was done wonderfully. At his burial site, he was given military honors, which he and I would joke as being terribly done, but for the masses, was acceptable. For military ceremonies like this, the next of kin gets the flag. And unfortunately, they were still married at the time of death. Which she received and treated like nothing so much as a burden. James' parents knew how vile she was and STILL invited her to attend a remembrance party in Honor of James. To which she ran off and never attended. This, this is still the easiest part of the entire process.
James parents are trying to file an injunction, but Brenda hasn't even filed the proper paperwork to begin the probate process. So there isn't even anything to file an injunction against! They want to be able to handle his estate, but can't. There's nothing to do, no memories to take. We fear that everything will be repossessed, foreclosed, and she will laugh her way to the bank to cash in on James' demise. I wish he'd had a will, or started the divorce process. I wish even more, that he was still here. For anyone out there who thinks you won't be missed, you will. For those who think no one will notice them gone, you will be noticed. I would rather talk to you for hours, than be at your grave. Please, reach out, ask for help, or just to talk. I'm sorry things get tough, but you have love and support here if you need it. I'm sorry I couldn't be more help, or talk you out of it. I love you man. Til Valhalla.
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2023.06.02 18:01 wanburat North American Military Drone Market’s Dominant Export Of Military UAVs Worldwide Is Booming $EPAZ

Palm Beach, FL – March 30, 2023 – News Commentary – The Military UAV Drone market just keeps expanding with seemingly no end in sight! The growing use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in the defense and security industry for several applications such as surveying, mapping, transportation, combat operations, and monitoring will fuel the demand for military UAVs in the coming years. The rise in defense expenditure of various countries to procure modernized & technologically advanced military drones/UAVs for intensified combat capability is expected to support market growth across the globe. The adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is modernizing military drone technologies by picking targets autonomously with precision. A report from Fortune Business Insights projects that the global military drone market size was valued at USD 10.25 billion in 2021 and is projected to grow from USD 11.73 billion in 2022 to USD 30.86 billion by 2029, exhibiting a CAGR of 14.82% during the forecast period. The report said: “Drone technology has witnessed strong growth in the past years due to continuous research & development and innovation enhancing the capabilities. The numerous drones are incorporated with modern sensors, LiDAR, GNSS, high-tech cameras, and thermal, and infrared imaging systems. The most advanced drones are equipped with multiple sensor systems such as communication intelligence sensors, and air-to-air missiles, and a global system for mobile communication (GSM). Active companies in the markets this week include: EHang Holdings Limited (NASDAQ:EH), Epazz, Inc. (OTCPK:EPAZ), Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ:KTOS), Mobilicom Limited (NASDAQ:MOB), Raytheon Technologies (NYSE:RTX).
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2023.06.02 18:00 LabB0T Weekly r/homelabsales Summary - 2023-06-02

The last weeks [For Sale] posts in homelabsales
Posts that have not met the rules of HLS or have completed are not shown.
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2023.06.02 16:32 MidnightSpeeder 40 for Jelle’s 40

40 moments for Jelle’s 40th
  1. The MVP (500m race): Comet’s original race in the 500m that put JMR on the map
  2. Dawn of a new era (ML16 Balancing): The one that started it all, Marble League 2016 kicks off with 16 teams making their debut in the very first event, Balancing. The Rojo Rollers would claim the first gold.
  3. The Final Four (ML16 Hurdles): In an unbelievable twist of fate, the top 4 teams were the final four teams in Hurdles to decide the title. In perhaps the greatest finish in Marble history, Speedy from the Savage Speeders defeated Yellup from Mellow Yellow to win the inaugural Marble League
  4. Momo Oh no (ML17 Collision): Perhaps one of the best known moments, Momomomo collides with a spinner and get sent straight to Wispy losing a chip in the process. Momomomo would sit out the remainder of the ML while Mimo would sub in getting a bronze at High Jump.
  5. Foreshadowing? (ML17 Underwater Race): Wospy & Kinnowin having back to back battles in the underwater race, the first having Kinnowin setting a record, the second having Wospy steal the gold for the Midnight Wisps.
  6. OOOOOO (ML17 Sand Rally): A two team battle between the fan favorite O’rangers and the defending champs Savage Speeders. With the Speeders knocked out in their heat, the O’rangers needed a podium finish in the final to win the title. They would get it with a silver after a late charge from Starry clinched their second gold.
  7. As close as possible (SMR17 R5): The closest finish in a sand race saw Quicksilver defeat Nemo by 0.01 second in a photo for the ages.
  8. A controversial finale (SMR17 Final): The last race saw double points amongst a longer track. Season leader Quicksilver DNF’d and Dragon’s Egg runner up finish to H2 Blue with the double points gives them the title.
  9. Ice Cold (ML18 E1 Ice Dash): The 2018 ML was a winter edition and the ice Dash kicked it off. Sea from the Oceanics secured the gold in a tight final.
  10. For Momomo & Momomomo (ML18 E7 Snow Rally): A late push from Momo in the Snow Rally gives them one of the most memorable golds in Marble history after injuries to two members resulted in Team Momo merging with Team Primary, this medal was the first following the merger.
  11. How? (ML18 E8 Snowboard Cross): Sublime from the Limers of all teams makes a rally to secure gold. To date, it remains the Limers only gold medal, a team most commonly associated with trash.
  12. An event for the ages (ML18 Ice Hockey): A personal favorite, Ice Hockey was a bloodbath that saw all marbles in action with all the atmosphere of real hockey. Midnight Wisps would defeat the Minty Maniacs in the final.
  13. The Midnight Miracle (ML18 Sand Mogul): Ten teams had a chance to win the title coming in. Wispy from the Midnight Wisps would prove to be the Killing Moon and complete the comeback started from the prior event to defeat Whizzy from the Savage Speeders in the final and win the title by one point, the smallest margin to win the title in Marble history.
  14. A Marble First (ML19 Funnels): The Speeders won the prior event in the Underwater Race, but combining that with Rapidly winning the funnels made the Savage Speeders the first team to win two golds to start a ML.
  15. Records Falling (ML19 Balancing): A Marble League record was broken three different time in this event, first by the Crazy Cat’s Eyes, then the Thunderbolts, and then once again by the Hazers. These three would be the podium.
  16. Summer Showdown (ML19 Biathlon): Hop defeats Bonbon in one of the closest finishes in Marble League history.
  17. A Dirty Comeback (ML19 Dirt Race): Pinky Toe comes out of nowhere in the final race to win the Dirt Race for the Pinkies first ever gold, the event was also notable for the insane number of DNFs.
  18. A Robust Coronation (ML19 Sand Rally): Razzy from the Raspberry Racers did enough to secure the record breaking Marble League season with 216 points and 8 medals, both which stand to this day, by getting bronze to win ML19. The event also saw the Oceanics fans riot with signs saying Noceanics after their dreadful host campaign.
  19. A blowout to remember (SMR19 R5): Red Number 3 being the defending champion would take the lead and never look back, winning by a record 8.07 seconds for the sand rally.
  20. A New Direction (M1S1 Savage Speedway): Marbula One launches and begins with a photo finish between Starry from Team Galactic defeating Hazy from the Hazers.
  21. Rivalry Renewed (M1S1 Momotorway): Balls of Chaos and Team Primary rivalry hits a new high after Clutter holds off Prim at the very end to secure the first wire to wire win.
  22. Savage Star (M1S1 Midnight Bay): Needing a win, and some help, Speedy from the Savage Speeders would come back in the race to secure gold and with a poor showing from Hazy, made the Savage Speeders M1 Champions. Speedy would be named MVM.
  23. John Oliver sponsors ML20: During the Covid lockdown, sports all over the world shut down. John Oliver saw the opportunity to give fans something to watch and sponsors all of ML20 and donates winnings to food banks. The sponsorship saw an influx of fans.
  24. A Minty Comeback (ML20 Funnels): Minty Drizzel was the first marble to enter the final funnel, they would also be the last marble to leave it giving the Minty Maniacs a stunning victory and their second gold in three events.
  25. The Reserve (ML20 Hurdles): Razzy sets a record twice (which later got broken by Yellow Eye) but proceeds to get injured at the end of the semis. The Raspberry Racers sub in Ruzzy to go in the final and pulls a massive upset to get gold.
  26. Out of the Fog (ML20 Triathlon): The event was one of the best, starting with Momo rallying on Pulsar to advance to the final. That was topped by Foggy’s massive rally in the water for gold.
  27. Redemption (ML20 Sand Moguls): The Oceanics end a 27 event drought by getting gold in the Sand Moguls, winning every round.
  28. The Miracle in the Waves (ML20 Aquathlon): Although the Midnjght Wisps defeating the Savage Speeders in a photo final was fun, it was nothing compared to the Oceanics rallying on the O’rangers to stun them. It was the start of a massive downfall that saw the O’rangers blow a 35 point lead with three events to go and eventually leading to the Savage Speeders second Marble League title.
  29. Yellup is Gone (M1S2 Aquathlon): Yellup would fall off the track altogether, providing one of the best Greg Woods lines.
  30. Red Eye ascends (M1S2 Savage Speedway): Really, the entirety of CCE’s S2 could be an entry but it’s hard to ignore a marble making a historic effort to win the title with a gold by over eight seconds while also securing pole and FL points. It ended up being one of five golds for CCE that season en route to a historic title.
  31. Battle of Champions (SMR S5 R9): A short race featuring two former champions in Dragon’s Egg and Red Number 3 go head to head with Dragon’s Egg winning by 0.02 seconds.
  32. Four Felynia (ML21 Sprint): The record would fall a whopping four times, the last of them being by Green Eye winning gold for the hometown Crazy Cat’s Eyes
  33. Here Come the Speeders (ML21 Relay): The Speeders dominate relay, having won it five times. This one was perhaps their best, performing an incredible comeback in the final that saw Greg’s line come to life.
  34. A mob for the podium (ML21 Sand Rally): Blue Eye would hold off a large ground of marbles trying to get on the podium. Alpine and Shimmer would come out of that group with medals.
  35. A Race of All Time (ML21 Marblocross): ML21 was the best tournament, one that saw 11 teams having a chance to win the Marble League. Implications changed nearly every lap of the whole race and while Minty Fresh won the race, it was Yellup and Mellow Yellow who would come out victorious by getting bronze and securing the title.
  36. Solidifying a legacy (M1S3 Mellow Meadows): Red Eye would complete a comeback in the final lap by jumping the bumpers over Clutter marking the first successful last lap overtake to win a race.
  37. One Lap Away (M1S3 Mirage Meowtain): Easily the two best teams were the O’rangers & Crazy Cat’s Eyes in S3. The final lap saw Royal pass Red Eye at the start of the lap to steal the title from CCE and hand it to the O’rangers. Had the race been one lap shorter, CCE wins instead.
  38. Four in a row (ML22 Sand Rally): Before 2022 the Shining Swarm were known as the ? team being forgettable. This stretch changed that by winning four straight medals in a row, never done before in a single Marble League. The latter saw them hold off Aryp and Bonbon in the SAND. The Shining Swarm would climb from last at one point to 12th before the event stretch began all the way to 2nd at the end.
  39. Pinkies defy expectations (ML22 Elimination Race): 2022 cant be written without the surprising domination of the Pinkies. They would win seven medals and secure the title in this event once Galac5th happened. The 13 point margin is the largest in ML history and the unlikely story considering they were dead last in 18, 15th in 19, and failed to qualify in 20 & 21.
  40. Zapped (SMR S6 R2): Silver Bolt charges at the home stretch to rally on Slimer by 0.01 seconds. Slimer however would get the last laugh winning the season.
Happy 40th birthday Jelle!
submitted by MidnightSpeeder to JellesMarbleRuns [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 15:41 n0obmaster69-_- RAM upgrade XMP?

I have a Lenovo legion 5 with these specs
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 6 GB
AMD Ryzen 7 5800H Processor
RAM: 8 GB / Storage: 512 GB SSD (1rx8, SODIMM, 3200MHz)
Is it possible to upgrade the RAM to 32gb because I am unsure whether it will run at full speed due to the legion being a manufacturers product, using proprietary hardware, so can XMP be enabled for the new RAM or will the lack of this XMP option limit the speed?
video for reference: 🛑STOP🛑 Buying Bad RAM! Best Ram for PC Gaming 2022 DDR4 vs DDR5 Gaming - YouTube at 2:54
I know this video is for a pc but will the same effect occur on laptop
Thank you for any help given!
submitted by n0obmaster69-_- to LenovoLegion [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 09:34 zoloftwithdrawls Grief advice

Hello, grief.. I'm not sure who to turn to ask this question but let me start off by introducing a bit about myself and my situation. I lost both of my parents in December 2022, both of different causes. Both parents I had a good relationship with somewhat. My dad I was more close to and his death was more traumatic for me and sudden. Both causes of death I will not get into unless asked about it, which I'm fine with. They died of natural causes so its nothing related to homicide or suicide. Anyways, I'm a 22 year old female, I have a therapist I go see but its very sparingly I see her, which I know I need to see her more because of the grief process. I have major depressive disorder, borderline personality disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and ADHD.
I am struggling with one thing in particular; reality. Allow me to explain further. I struggle with believing they were real to begin with. Like, was they actually there or was the 22 years of my life with them all some long dream? I'm not saying this as like a figure of speech either. I deadass am starting to believe they weren't real. Hell, looking at pictures of me with them kind of helps this struggle with believing reality but it only helps so much until I spiral into that belief again. A few months ago, similarly, I started believing they weren't actually dead. But again, I have their ashes, their obituaries, even pictures of their dead bodies. (As crazy as that sounds, I was afraid I would get like this so I needed clarification for times like these in case the doubting started). And since the middle of May 2023, this newer belief had begun.
Is this normal for the grieving process? Some symptom from my existing mental disorders? Or signs of another possible mental disorder?
TLDR: 22 year old female w/ history of mental disorders, parents died in December 2022, natural causes, starting to doubt they ever existed.
submitted by zoloftwithdrawls to grief [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 04:45 Gameran Dexter Flux Presents: Sound-Off! - Part One

Previously unannounced press conference, May 31, 2023.

Cameras are rolling as the owner of Mann Corporation, Shay D. Mann, hair in a perfectly put-together part, adorned in a navy suit and white tie, steps forward to a podium, in front of a WiR backdrop, microphone in hand.
Mann: My name is Shay Duncan Mann. And I am the new owner and proprietor of Wrestling is Reddit. I can assure you that your beloved Allen Paisner will be returning in the future, however, he could not make tonight's show due to some…
Mann smirks.
Mann: Legal complications. But fear not, I’ll be taking his place in the booth tonight.
The crowd erupts with applause and cheers, eager to witness the rebirth of their beloved wrestling promotion, even without Paisner for the evening.
Mann: Tonight, we embark on an exhilarating journey, as WiR takes a bold leap forward. I stand before you not just as the owner, but as a “fan”—a fan who understands the passion and dedication that this community shares for the world of wrestling.
Mann tries to hide a grimace as he proclaims his “fandom”. The crowd anticipates Mann’s next move
Mann: For too long, WiR has been dormant, unable to proceed, some of the talent trapped in Europe with no way home. But this, is no more! Today, we resurrect the spirit of WiR, bringing it back to life with a bang! And what better way to open things up by “Sounding Off"! Presented by the one and only, Dexter Flux
The crowd gives an actual cheer with genuine enthusiasm at the mention of Flux, their sort of god-king.
Mann: "Sound Off" isn't just a name; it's a rallying cry! It's a call for all of you, the WiR faithful, to voice your opinions, to express your passion, and to join us in this incredible journey. This event will be a celebration of everything that makes WiR special—the wrestling, the community, and the shared experiences that bring us all together.
The press conference crowd, whose papering becomes increasingly obvious the more Mann talks, is enthusiastic, as they eagerly hang onto Shay D. Mann's every word, perhaps a little too eagerly.
Mann: Tonight, in this very ring, our talented roster will ignite your imagination, deliver jaw-dropping performances, and create moments that will be etched in your memories forever. Sound Off! will leave you on the edge of your seats, craving for more.
The crowd roars with the excitement of a hair dryer pop.
Mann: But this is not just a show; it's a community. Together, we'll embrace the highs and lows, the victories and defeats. We'll share our opinions, engage in spirited debates, and build something truly remarkable. WiR is your platform—your voice will be heard!
The crowd erupts once again, their cheers echoing through the arena, showcasing their dedication to WiR, or getting paid to be there
Mann: So, my friends, get ready to immerse yourselves in the magic of WiR once again. Open your hearts, open your minds, and let the exhilaration of "Sound Off" wash over you! Tonight, we begin a new era—one that will redefine the landscape of this sport. Welcome back to WiR, my friends. Because Wrestling… is Revived.
With a sly smile, Shay D. Mann raises his microphone high, signaling the start of the show, as things fade to a video of Dexter Flux. His face is slightly out of frame as the camera points to his chest and chin.
Flux: Hey, it’s me, Dexter Flux. Welcome, uh, welcome you know, back to wrestl- Ugh, sorry, something was like, in my throat. Wrestling is Reddit. Welcome back to Wrestling is Reddit. This is House Party.

Knott's Berry Farm, June 1st, 2023.

With that rousing introduction, we now cut back to the day of, with a drone shot of the ring set up at Knott’s Berry Farm, fans on makeshift stands in the berry field, a parking lot and farmhouse off in the far distance, before [off brand royalty free music] begins to play!
Through the makeshift curtain, Tony “The Milkman” Stevens appears, wearing a pair of off-blue tights with cow white print, a single blue elbow pad on the left side, with a pair of gloved hands- in which, he holds a pristine white umbrella. The Milkman points his umbrella right down the lens of the camera…
Milkman: Good to be back, fellas, and good to see you, Mr. Cameraman! Been a while.
Mann: And here comes the Milkman, and a huge ovation from this crowd! But no Horde jacket with him!
Woodbridge: Or any jacket. But we’re in Anaheim, its hot out
Mann You’re right. But he did prepare for rain.
The Milkman hands off his umbrella to a fan at ringside, before sliding under the bottom rope, and ascending the left hard camera turnbuckle, firing up the crowd, before doing a backflip off the top rope, and into the ring!
The Camera cuts back to the entranceway, as the music changes, to Skillet
Jericho Styles appears on the ramp, adorned in an Allen Iverson Nuggets Jersey. He blows off a fan’s high five attempt, before sliding into the ring and taking a position opposite of Stevens.
Babaganoush: WiR fans… welcome to Anaheim California, the beautiful Knotts Berry Farm! Welcome! To Sound Off! Presented by Dexter Flux.
Crowd: W-I-R! W-I-R! W-I-R! W-I-R!
Banaganoush: Our opening contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish. Introducing first, to my right… wrestling out San Jose California, weighing in at 217 pounds, Jericho… Styles!
Babaganoush: And his opponent, to my left. Weighing in at 208 pounds…
Crowd begins to rise
Babaganoush: Wrestling out of… Brooklyn, New York! Tony… “The Milkmaaannnnnnn” Stevens!
Crowd erupts into indiscriminate cheers
The Milkman and Styles circle each other as the bell rings, before Styles takes the initiative with a lock up attempt, which he quickly transitions to a rear waist lock. Milkman thinks on his feet, and grabs the arm of Styles lifting it above his head, and turning to break the lock, before using it to get behind Jericho, who uses his size advantage to overpower Stevens and apply a hammerlock, using the position to turn Stevens around, and take him down to the mat with an arm drag, maintaining control of the arm, which he quickly leverages into a pinfall…
Milkman gets his free shoulder up!
Crowd: Yay!
Woodbridge: JZ leveraging some technical skill here in the opening moments of this one, but can’t keep the Milkman down!
Mann: Only one count for Styles
Styles refuses to relinquish his grip on the arm, and as Stevens gets up, pushes him back into the corner before he can balance himself. Styles whips Stevens across the ring to the other corner, before charging in and being met with Milkman’s knee! Stevens capitalizes on his newly made opening by delivering a sharp kick to the chest of Styles, before whipping him against the ropes. Styles charges back, and tries to use his momentum to catch Stevens with a hip toss, but can only get Stevens a few inches of height off the ground before the Milkman lands on his feet, lifts and Styles up for an atomic drop, which forces him to let go of Stevens. With his arm now free, The Milkman plants himself, and delivers a [devastating lariat]. With what self-preservation he has left, Styles rolls to the outside, and onto the grass.
Woodbridge: And The Milkman just leveled Styles with that lariat!
Mann: Not something we’re quite used to seeing from Stevens, some hard strikes early in this one that really seemed to throw Styles off his game.
Styles pulls himself up by the barricade, to the direct ire of front-row fans who continue to heckle him. Back in the ring, Stevens throws himself off the far-end ropes, charges in for a dive… before Styles ducks down to avoid being hit. Stevens doesn’t change speed, and instead, throws himself between the ropes for a 6-1-9 that hits nothing but air, launching himself back into the ring, and landing on his feet. After this feat of dexterity, and with Styles on the ground outside, The Milkman takes a bow for his efforts.
Four dues in front of the hard cam: WE LOVE MILK! WE LOVE MILK!
At a count of eight, Styles, returns to the ring, and the two wrestlers square off again. Styles gets the better of the two on the lockup, delivering a stomp to Stevens’ foot, before kneeling him in the stomach. Styles lifts Stevens up for a suplex, but Stevens shifts his weight and lands on his feet behind him! The Milkman attempts a German suplex, but Styles throws a firm elbow to the jaw and repositions behind Stevens for a German attempt of his own. Stevens gives Styles a receipt with a firm, calcium-hardened elbow of his own, before bounding over to the ropes, and attempting a lionsault to a standing Styles! Styles catches him, but Stevens slips free, pushes Styles into the corner, and he takes a chest-first bump. Stevens harnesses his agility once more to get into poison-rana position on the shoulders of Styles, but Styles uses one arm to flip Milkman off balance and send him tumbling to the ground. Quickly, Stevens attempts to transition to a sunset flip but has to abandon ship as Styles tries to poke him in the eyes, jamming his finger into the canvas as a result. Stevens uses the moment to leap up to Bret’s rope, turn around, and deliver a dropkick to Styles! Stevens then rolls to the apron, and pumps up the crowd with a wave of his hand…
Guy already 4 cheap beers in: I hate this Styles guy!
…and delivers another springboard dropkick, this one from the top rope! Stevens flexes for the crowd, before rolling into a cover…
Styles gets a shoulder up!
Mann: Does The Milkman seem a bit different to you, Woodbridge?
Woodbridge: Milkman definitely wants to show off early, he looks like he hasn’t lost a step!
Mann: Maybe even gained one, and it almost feels like he’s being a bit disrespectful of his opponent, don’t you think?
Woodbridge: And what are you insinuating?
Mann: Well, maybe performing in front of a WiR crowd again has him a little more amped than usual! Trying a lot of those high-risk maneuvers early- we’re only a few minutes into this one, folks!
After the Kickout, Stevens signals to the cheering crowd, runs off the ropes, and attempts a wheelbarrow bulldog, but as he pushes himself up, Styles swivels his hips, and Stevens face plants into the mat.
Mann: And Stevens’ showing off cost him there!
Styles knees Stevens in the stomach, before putting his head between the legs, and sets up for the Styles Clash! He can’t lock in Milkman’s arms, and Stevens uses them to push off the mat to sit up above Jericho! Stevens tries throwing a punch at Jericho’s head, but he pivots his plan, and adjusts to deliver a powerbomb! As he releases, Stevens adjusts his body and manages to mitigate some of the damage by landing awkwardly on the back foot, stumbling back into the ropes.
Mann: If Styles hit that, it could have spelled an early end for Stevens!
Stevens pulls himself back to his feet using the ropes and charges back in with a clothesline attempt, but Styles sees it coming, grabs the arm and uses it to shift the momentum, and lifts Stevens for a tilt-a-whirl Backbreaker!
Mann: And Styles seems to be in control here.
Woodbridge: Stevens took some early momentum, but Styles has had a counter for everything Stevens has thrown at him.
Styles pulls Stevens up to his feet by the hair, before casually flipping one of Stevens’ arms over his shoulder for a uranage position before holding his arms out to the crowd!
Styles smirks at the boos incoming, and throws Stevens with a t-bone suplex. Once Stevens is planted, Styles stomps the stomach to force him to sit up, before stretching the arms behind for a surfboard stretch!
Styles: I’m a technical wrestler now, assholes!
Mann: Styles slowing things down here, grounding the Milkman
Woodbridge: Not a bad strategy, we saw how The Milkman was in control with a faster pace!
One guy holding up a sign with Goku: WE-LOVE-GOKU! WE-LOVE-GOKU!
Everyone else in the crowd is deafeningly silent
Styles breaks his hold and approaches the hard camera ropes to yell at the fan more
Styles: Dragon Ball is overrated trash!
Styles kicks Stevens back to the mat
Styles That one was for you, fucking weeb!
As Stevens once again rises to his feet, Styles punches him and he falls back to the mat, just for Styles to pick him back up, and line up against the ropes, for an irish whip. As Stevens returns to sender, Styles throws him straight up in the air… and football punts him in the chest on the way down!
Styles: Hey weeb guy! This one’s for you too! I saw a Japanese dude do it once!
Styles lifts Stevens up, sets him up with the arms behind the back… and delivers a slow, sloppy [tiger driver], before placing a single foot on the chest, and flexing
Woodbridge: Well, he didn’t quite get all of it.
Styles takes time to put Stevens in a Camel Clutch.
Mann: And it seems Styles didn’t want to get left out of showing off!
Woodbridge: Well, he certainly nailed Milkman with that kick, but the Tiger Driver left a lot to be desired.
Mann: Styles seems to have control of this match when it’s slowed down, wearing Stevens with this technical wrestling prowess.
Woodbridge, reaching under the desk for a paper bag: Everyone wants to be a hero in front of the first crowd in two years
Styles releases Stevens from the hold by battering him in the back of the head with a forearm, picking him up by the scruff, and bouncing him off the ropes for an Irish whip and hitting him with the kitchen sink! But Stevens wastes no motion, and grabs the leg, turning Styles over for a rollup!
Woodbridge: He almost got him with that rollup! From out of nowhere!
The Milkman tries to capitalize, but Styles returns the favor with a boot to the stomach.
Styles: I’ll show you to make a damn fool out of me!
Styles hoists Stevens up for a vertical suplex, before taking two steps and chucking him across the top rope! The Milkman bounces off the top rope, makes a deflating noise as the air is forced out of his lungs, and flops down to the floor outside!
Mann: Styles with some kind of inverted lawn-dart maneuver! Woodbridge, do you know what that’s called?
Woodbridge: Nope.
Styles: Come on, milk boy, you have anything else for me?
Stevens crawls back into the ring, holding onto his ribs, before Styles once again kicks him in the stomach, and applies a chin lock in the ring.
Mann: Styles has found his target! If Stevens can’t breathe, he can’t fight!
Woodbridge: The young Styles showing some veteran instinct here, Mann, if Stevens has the wind knocked out of him, he can’t perform those high-flying moves he was nailing Styles with earlier!
Styles turns to the side, and locks Milkman in a body scissors, using his legs to apply pressure to the ribcage. Stevens tries to use his free legs to push both men closer to the ropes, but can only move them a few feet. Stevens smacks the mat with his free hand, and a guy in the crowd does it to the barricade. Stevens smacks the mat again, and a few more fans join in.
Crowd Smacking the barricade
Stevens pushes towards the ropes again, making more progress. Styles sees this, and releases the hold, grabbing Stevens by the hair with one hand, tights in the other, and pulling him up to his feet.
Styles: You want the ropes so bad, here, have them!
Styles runs over to the ropes with the Milkman, and hurls him between the middle and top rope, dumping him to the outside where he lands with a noticeable thud. Styles follows him to the outside, taking his time to savor the boos of the crowd, before delivering a knee to a rising Milkman, and lifting him for a vertical suplex on the grass! Styles rolls into the ring… and back out again to break the count. Despite the present beating, Stevens once again pulls himself to his feet.
And Styles knees him in the ribs.
Styles rolls Stevens back into the ring before taking a moment to confront the drunk fan who jeered him earlier. After his verbal exchange, Styles delivers a scoop slam to Stevens to keep him down, and the pressure on the body, before sliding into a cover.
Mann: Forcing Stevens to exert more energy there on the kick out, after continuing his assault on the ribs. A very solid strategy by Styles in this one.
Styles picks The Milkman up once more and prepares another vertical suplex, but the Milkman slips free! Stevens lands behind Styles, hooks his arms, and goes for a crucifix pin!
Styles barely escapes! The Milkman wastes no motion as Styles rises back to his feet, bouncing off the hard camera ropes, and forcing Styles to drop back to the mat to avoid a strike. Stevens bounces off the opposite end, and Styles barely avoids him once more, this time with a slide-step that sees him almost lose his balance. Styles tries to save his momentum by charging at Stevens as he bounces off the ropes a third time, but Stevens pulls down the top rope, sending Styles to the apron! Stevens kicks Styles in the knee, before going through the middle rope to meet Styles on the apron. Styles tries to sweep out the leg of the Milkman, knocking himself down to one knee on the attempt, but Stevens jumps over it, and catches Styles with a Calcium Kiss Superkick that sends Styles to the grass below!
With his foe grounded, Stevens looks to the crowd, positions himself in the middle of the ring, and before Styles can discover where he is, Stevens takes flight, springboarding off the middle rope with an Asai Milksault! On the landing, Stevens’ left knee awkwardly hits the uneven yard, and he visibly grimaces before falling backward.
Mann: And both men are down after that! Stevens with a ferocious comeback attempt, but he may have hurt himself!
Woodbridge: Someone hasn’t been taking care of their lawn.
Stevens hears the air exit the crowd, and pulls himself up, giving them a reassuring thumbs up, before using the leg he landed on to kick Styles in the back of his knee, before throwing him back into the ring. Stevens puts one leg into the ring through the middle rope, before looking into the crowd- and deciding to ascend the turnbuckles instead! The Milkman leaps, and delivers a diving hurricanrana! As Styles tries to roll to the ropes, Stevens uses their good leg to stomp on his chest, before pulling him back to the middle of the ring, and hitting a Standing Milksault! Stevens maintains the cover!
Styles gets a shoulder up!
Woodbridge: And Stevens throwing everything into this assault on Styles, but it still wasn’t enough to put him down!
Crowd: Let’s Go Milk-man! Let’s Go Milk-man!
Stevens picks Styles up, and lifts him onto his shoulders…
Woodbridge: He’s going for the Milky Way!
…But the injured knee can’t hold up the weight, and both men crash to the mat.
Entrance Music begins to play as a small, skinny wrestler in a leather jacket waltzes towards the two downed competitors
Mann: And that’s Raven Van Loupe! Van Loupe is here at Sound Off!
Woodbridge: These two formed an alliance last time we saw them! But will it hold after the time off?
Van Loupe enters the ring, despite the protests of WiR official Tai Ni Wong, and glances at the pair as both try to pull themselves up, Stevens using the ropes, Styles on his own. Van Loupe looks back and forth… before kicking Stevens in the injured knee!
Babaganoush: And here is your winner…
Van Loupe helps Styles to his feet, and the pair begin to lay the boots on Stevens.
Babaganoush: By disqualification as a result of interference, and striking a WiR official…
Styles takes the knee of the downed Milkman, and lifts it above his head, before thrashing it against the canvas.
Babaganoush: At a time of…
Van Loupe has Styles lift Stevens by the hair once more, before she runs to the ropes, jumps off the second rope, and Styles pushes The Milkman into the cutter.
Babaganoush: Ten minutes and twenty-three seconds…
Styles and Van Loupe stand over Stevens, and Styles prepares to deliver the finishing blow as he signals to the crowd that he is looking for the Styles Clash!
Banaganoush: Tony “The Milkmannnnnn” Stevens!!!!!!
Van Loupe: Are you done?
Van Loupe gives Styles a thumbs up, but as he goes to finish off Stevens, a mighty howl plays over the speakers as a short, scruffy man runs to the ring.
Woodbridge: That’s The Werewolf!
Mann Johnny, A Werewolf, is here! And he’s rushing to the ring!
Styles lets Stevens flop back down to the mat, holding his knee, and turns to face the incoming Werewolf as he slides under the ropes and into the ring. Styles steps before Vna Loupe to intercept, but the fresh Werewolf knocks him off his feet with The Pounce. The Werewolf comes face to face with Van Loupe in the center of the ring!
Mann: Pandemonium has broken out in the first match of Sound Off! And the fans are loving it!
Crowd: WE LOVE WERE-WOLF! clap clap clap clap clap WE LOVE WERE-WOLF!
Woodbridge: The Pack Wolf and the Werewolf facing off in the center of the ring!
Mann: And these two have unfinished business! The Lifeblood exists because they took issue with being left behind for signings like Werewolf!
Johnny feints left, before throwing a right jab! The Werewolf unleashes Pack Tactics on Van Loupe! As he stops throwing punches, and signals for another pounce, Styles kips up, and levels the werewolf with a lariat!
Van Loupe and Styles begin to wear down the Werewolf, delivering blow after blow to Johnny as the boos rain from the crowd. Van Loupe delivers a stomp to the knee of The Milkman to keep him down before they and Jericho set up to finish off styles…
When an Italian Flag appears on the video screen, and an absolute guido of an Italian-American, hair dripping with greaseslowly walks out from behind the curtain, wearing a Shohei Ohtani jersey!
…A Shohei Ohtani… New York Mets jersey.
Mann: That’s The Apex! Arturo Stiglione! Stiglione is in the yard!
Stiglione slowly scopes out the scene on his way to the ring, seeing the downed Milkman on the left of the ring, the downed werewolf on the right, and the standing Lifeblood members in the middle. He slowly ascends the stairs and stands across from Van Loupe and Styles.
Wodbridge: And The Apex, not a fan of Johnny, a very terse relationship between these two.
Apex: Hell ova job ya done hea’
Van Loupe: If you know what’s good for you, you’ll stand aside, and maybe we won’t hurt you.
Apex: Dont’cha mind me, just monitoring the situation.
Styles pulls Van Loupe aside, and the two have an impromptu conference, before nodding along, and continuing their attack on Werewolf.
With The Lifeblood’s backs turned Styles looks down at his fist. He looks down at the blue and orange he’s adorned in, and loosens up his arm. He points to the back of Styles, who senses the crowd rising, and turns around… to be met with a spinning backfist!!
Mann: Styles has made his choice! And he chooses to stand against The Lifeblood!
Van Loupe hears his body hit the canvas, and turns around, to be met with the sight of a downed Styles! The Apex takes off his Mets jersey… to reveal an Angels jersey! The Werewolf is back on his feet, and he and the Apex come face to face! Van Loupe rises back up at the wrong time, as the two share a nod, and deliver a double clothesline! Seeing the situation turn against him, Styles slinks to the outside, and grabs a chair from under the ring, before sneaking back in behind the Werewolf and Apex, who have turned to the hard camera. Styles raises the chair to strike…
...And gets blasted by a Calcium Kiss from The Milkman!
The three faces are all back on their feet in the middle of the ring, standing tall! As the three begin to celebrate…
“It’s a Psychobilly Freakout!
Mann: That’s the music of Mason Saunders! But where is he?
Saunders’ music plays, but the entranceway remains empty.
Woodbridge: He’s behind us, Mann! He just jumped the barricade!
Mann: But he’s outnumbered, Woodbridge, both his allies are down!
Undeterred by the numbers disadvantage, Saunders slides behind the faces, and as they recognize the trap, Saunders is already in the ring! The Werewolf approaches first and throws a jab that almost seems to bounce off the chin of Saunders. Saunders simply stares, and when the Werewolf tries a second one, Saunders swipes it aside with a tree trunk arm, before launching into action and dropping the Werewolf with a right hook, which catches the Werewolf cleanly on the jaw, who slumps backward onto the canvas. The Milkman tries to charge to his aid, but Saunders delivers a pump kick to put him back on the canvas. The Apex tries to make a move while Saunders’ back is turned facing Stevens, but he fails to do any damage and is swiftly thrown aside. Saunders drops the Milkman again, before turning around to face Apex… who turns around, and flees the ring as fast as possible!
Mann: And Stiglione, getting out of dodge as soon as he can!
Woodbridge: And turning tail and running, Stiglione is out of here!
As Stiglione flees up the entranceway, the rest of the Lifeblood begins to pick themselves up. Saunders puts the Werewolf pack down on the canvas with a scoop powerslam, and boots him out of the ring. The Lifeblood stand united, and face the hard camera, Stiglione and Werewolf removed, and the Milkman down on the opposite end of the ring. JZ ascends to the second rope of the left turnbuckle, Van Loupe to the right, and the three all pose for the hard camera!
Mann: And the Lifeblood, although not victorious in the match, is victorious here in the aftermath!
Woodbridge: But wait, The Milkman is trying to get back up!
Mann: Stevens of course, left for the picking, as other members of The Horde are all the way on the other side of the Farm preparing for their match later!
Stevens struggles to pull himself up to his feet, knee buckling under him. Saunders perks up, and stops his pose. Stevens staggers to his feet, and before he can get very far, Saunders turns, and with blinding speed nails Stevens with a disgusting lariat that nearly takes his head off!
Woodbridge: And the Milk has gone spoiled.
The Lifeblood circle the downed Milkman like vultures, and Van Loupe drops to one knee, and picks up the Milkman’s head by the hair! JZ gets down as well, and the two strike a pose, with Milkman’s body as the centerpiece!
Mann: A statement made, by the Lifeblood
Woodbridge: To me, Mann, it looks like the statement was made by Saunders, Van Loupe, and JZ just picked up the scraps!
Van Loupe, holding up Milkman to the Camera victoriously: Take a look, WiR, this is the future! We are the Lifeblood of this company, and don’t forget that!
The camera pans out to JZ and Van Loupe celebrating over Milkman’s body, while Saunders stares from behind, before fading out to a commercial break.
Javier: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL, with a 20 minute time limit. Your referee for this contest is Mia So Hung. Introducing first, from Montreal, Canada, weighing in at 119 pounds...... GIGI♥ V!
A significantly smaller but incredibly loud section of the crowd: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!
Music begins to swell in the background, and the crowd continues their jeering (and occasional unbridled simping) until Gigi steps out, running her hands down her body to the lewd Ashnikko verse.
Mann: Gigi here, surrounded by her legion of fans, who are then surrounded by a legion of people who absolutely despise her. As it should be here in WiR.
Gigi saunters to the ring, taking vaguely suggestive selfies with her ravenous fans on the front row, and generally seeming uncaring about the forthcoming match.
Woodbridge: And given her successes recently, it’s gonna be easy to overlook a competitor like Li Xiao, which very easily could prove fatal.
Gigi steps into the ring, as Javier starts his announcing again.
Javier: And her opponent, from Hong Kong, weighing in at 105 pounds... LI XIAO!!!
A unfamiliar metal song blasts out from the speakers, and a rather familiar hyperactive martial artist bounces out from behind the curtain!
Xiao charges down the ramp with a head of steam, hyped and ready to fight.
Mann: Xiao has some of the most devastating offense in this company, and if she’s able to keep momentum, it could very well shatter Gigi’s plans of making a statement here!
Woodbridge: Yeah, sure, but Xiao’s a tag team specialist first and foremost. She comes in to deal damage and then gets out before she takes too much abuse.
Xiao hops into the ring, and the referee pats both competitors down, before gesturing for the bell.
In an interesting turn of events, Gigi and Li Xiao start off with a collar-and-elbow tie up in the center of the ring. Gigi takes quick advantage of her height and weight advantage to gain leverage and force Li Xiao backwards into the ropes.
Mann: Gigi starting off with the basics here, knowing Li Xiao is nothing if not an incredibly explosive fighter.
Woodbridge: That’s right, Xiao wrestles like my grandpa used to make moonshine, god rest his soul!
Gigi sets herself, and when Xiao tries to push off the ropes and get Gigi off, Gigi directs the momentum into a modified biel, throwing Li Xiao across the ring! Gigi takes a moment to smirk and pose for the fans - a mistake, as Xiao rolls through the throw and hits the ropes on the opposite side of the ring!
Mann: Incredible strength from Gigi!
Gigi turns around into a sprinting palm strike from Xiao, staggering backwards into the ropes yet again, and Xiao follows up with a big kick to the gut! Gigi’s doubled over, and Xiao drops her with a DDT!
Woodbridge: Xiao’s fired up, and she’s quite possibly looking to end this match before it even gets started!
Xiao with the cover!
Gigi kicks out right at 2, and rolls up, obviously shocked and dazed. The crowd in attendance is split, with the wrestling fans excited to see Gigi on the ropes, and the Gigi fans absolutely in shambles. Xiao is up quickly, as Gigi staggers to her feet - Xiao hits the ropes, springboards, and catches Gigi with a beautiful headscissors!
Gigi rolls through, runs the ropes, and comes back with a head of steam! Xiao dodges a clothesline attempt, shoves Gigi to the other rope, and gets ready for the comeback - Gigi catches the ropes! Xiao charges in to press the advantage, and eats an officially branded Gigi♥ boot to the face! Xiao is absolutely rocked, staggering backwards, and this time Gigi takes the initiative and absolutely levels Xiao with a clothesline! Xiao spirals to the mat, and Gigi blows a kiss to the fans in attendance!
Gigi: I am your future champion, and this is the match I’m booked in?
Gigi catches Xiao with a boot to the back of the head! Xiao rolls over, and Gigi drops a knee onto her throat, before going for the cover!
Xiao muscles out of the pin, clutching her head!
Woodbridge: We got two high fliers here, these women make a livin’ out of dodging attacks. Anything that lands here is going to be devastating!
Mann: And right now, it looks like Xiao is barely conscious after those blows to the head!
Gigi gets up, and winks at her fans in attendance and watching live throughout the world.
Gigi saunters over to Xiao, and plays up the boot she’s about to give - SMALL PACKAGE! SMALL PACKAGE!
Gigi kicks out, and her mood instantly changes. Xiao is staggering to her feet, and takes a full on slap to the face!
Mann: What a slap from Gigi, obviously assisted by her official Gigi♥ gloves, sponsored by Fairtex!
Woodbridge: Gigi’s pissed now, and you could hear that slap all the way in Los Angeles!
Xiao clutches her face, and Gigi follows up with a huge kick to the gut! Xiao falls to one knee, and Gigi finishes the trifecta with a roundhouse to the head!
Xiao collapses to the mat!
Mann: And Xiao’s down! What a kick!
Woodbridge: That kick nearly took her head off, Shay! I don’t know if she’s even conscious down there!
Gigi’s prepared, and is looking to finish this, climbing to the top rope! Xiao is flat on her back on the mat, and Gigi takes the leap, flipping forwards with a swanton! Xiao is still conscious, though, and rolls away in the nick of time, leaving Gigi high and dry!
Mann: I... feel like that’s problematic, somehow.
Woodbridge: Nah, ‘sfine, don’t worry about it.
Xiao grabs for the ropes, pulling herself to her feet, but is obviously still dazed from the kick!
Woodbridge: Xiao’s hurt!
Mann: You see this a lot in Li Xiao singles matches - she’s got an incredible offense, but she’s fragile at best in-ring!
Gigi is holding her back, and glares at Xiao in frustration!
Gigi: You were supposed to stay down! it was going on Tiktok!
Gigi charges forward, ready to avenge her mistake, but takes a knee to the gut! Gigi staggers for a second, only to get a chop to the neck! She’s reeling! Xiao with a forearm! Xiao with a elbow strike!
Xiao takes a step backwards, and lets out a KIAI, before charging forward with a roundhouse - NO! SCHOOLBOY FROM GIGI!
Xiao kicks out at 2.6, rolls to her feet, and is immediately back on the offensive, catching Gigi with a kick to the gut!
Mann: Xiao was going for her trademark flurry of blows, and that roundhouse could very well have ended this match!
Woodbridge: Sure, but it doesn’t look like Gigi’s in a better spot right now anyway!
Xiao measures, as Gigi slowly gets back to her feet, and steps through the ropes, stalking her opponent! Gigi’s up, and Xiao leaps onto the ropes, going for a springboard - GIGI HOOKS HER LEG!
Crowd: BOOOOO!
Xiao loses her footing, and falls neck-first onto the ropes, before collapsing to the outside of the ring!
Mann: Gigi with a lightning-quick reversal!
Woodbridge: Xiao might be seriously hurt down there!
Gigi regains some of her confidence, and gives the crowd an innocent smile, completely ignoring the competitor she might have seriously injured. As the count reaches six, Gigi finally springs into action, rolling out of the ring, and grabbing Xiao by the hair!
Gigi: That’s what you get for ruining my moment!
Gigi pulls Xiao up to her feet, and throws her into the ring. Gigi rolls in as Xiao fights to one knee, then to her feet! Gigi smirks, and stands in front of Xiao, posing for the crowd -
Xiao with a JKD backfist!
Woodbridge: River City Knockout! That’s Biff’s move! What a moment to strike!
Gigi is staggered - falls to one knee - then gets back up, just in time to eat THE CRANE KICK
Gigi is down! Xiao is staggering after landing the crane kick, and collapses to a knee herself! Xiao takes a moment to collect herself, then throws herself into the cover, hooking both legs!
Mia hits the three count, and Xiao rolls off, sure she’s won the match, but Gigi’s right hand is on the ropes!
Mia explains to Xiao, who is obviously frustrated, but nods. She takes a moment to kick Gigi’s wrist, knocking her hand off the ropes, before climbing to the top rope! Xiao steels herself - leaps - corkscrews through the air!
Woodbridge: Xiao’s Wing!
Gigi gets her knees up! Xiao lands back-first onto Gigi’s knees! Xiao bounces halfway across the ring, clutching her back and neck, and lands on her chest!
Mann: And Gigi has just enough in the tank to get that counter in!
Gigi, with what seems like massive effort, rolls over, before crawling towards Xiao, who seems to be completely out of it. She crawls over Xiao, with a knowing smirk, before hooking her legs around Xiao’s head!
Mann: Gigi looking for the Paywall, this modified figure four choke!
Woodbridge: And half the audience is looking at something else right now.
Gigi torques Xiao’s already injured neck back, cutting off all airflow! Xiao struggles for a moment, but is trapped in the center of the ring! She crawls forward, but Gigi leans back, torquing her neck even further! Xiao swings back with an elbow, then another, but her arm is caught by Gigi’s free hand! After a moment of struggling, Xiao finally relents, and taps in the center of the ring!
Javier: And your winner, at a time of 7:53.... GIGI!
Gigi rolls out of the ring, obviously the worse for wear, clutching her neck after the crane kick to the skull!
Mann: And Gigi with a hard-fought win after these two threw everything at each other in a absolutely brutal short match!
Woodbridge: Xiao’s not a singles competitor on her own, but she showed just how brutal her brand of offense is when it needs to be - if Biff has the same resilience he used to have the tag division might need to be on notice!
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2023.06.02 03:55 Unfair_Mode9845 Trade Opinions

Trade Opinions
Hello - would you guys trade an OFSBBS and and a Woodford Batch Proof (2022) for a Weller FP? I’m in FL where any Weller besides SR is almost impossible to find. Thanks for the help!
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2023.06.02 01:46 DisasterDuck Find out what a florida man did on the date you were born (I will go first)

Find out what a florida man did on the date you were born (I will go first) submitted by DisasterDuck to teenagers [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 01:36 RedSox11Boston [WTS] Gold and Silver, 1oz Gold Coins, Vintage Silver Rounds, Fractional Gold, pre33 etc
2019 1oz Gold Australian Lunar Pig: $2065ea
2023 1/10 Lunar Rabbit MS70: $260ea
2011 1oz Gold Lunar Rabbit MS69: $2150
2013 1oz Gold Lunar Snake MS69: $2150
2015 1oz Gold Lunar Goat MS69: $2150
2023 1/20 Lunar Rabbit: $145ea (shipped)
1993-P 1/10 Proof Gold Eagle (in capsule): $275
2022 1oz Platinum PAMP Lunar Tiger: $1,120
1932 $10 Indian MS63: $1650 (shipped)
1908 $20 St Gauden MS63: $2400
1932 $10 Indian MS63+ CAC: $1850
(2x) 1909-D $5 Indian MS63 CAC: $1200ea
1oz Swiss of America Golden West Teton (rare): $45ea
1oz Swiss of America Silver Rounds: $35ea
1oz Academy Corporation Silver Rounds (20oz per tube): $600ea (3x tubes available)
1oz SouthEast Refining Panama City FL: $27.50 per oz (min order 10oz)

I accept Zelle, ApplePay, CashApp and Crytpo. Ship is $8.75. Insurance available at cost.
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2023.06.02 01:11 jolley1138 Wish me luck, love the look but not a fan of the tedious assembly

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2023.06.02 01:02 MadisonMagnolia Is there anyway to see what sign your soulmate is?

Is there anyway to see what sign your soulmate is?
I don’t know much about astrology so any information would be helpful.
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2023.06.01 21:10 AmazingYoung Yelling 🔥 @ Arkadin Cinema

Hi and hello!
Hope this is okay to do -
I just wanted to briefly mention that a feature film that I was a part of producing is playing in a week's time (Thursday, June 8) at Arkadin Cinema. 7 PM. If you haven't been to the Arkadin yet, it's somewhat new - extremely cool space run by lovely people, great programming - a must visit, IMO.
What's the film? It's called YELLING FIRE IN AN EMPTY THEATER. It was a selection at the 2022 Slamdance Film Festival and was recently picked up by FandoCinedigm. We've been doing a kind of roadshow with the movie and so far have hit about twenty different cities around the US. This is our final leg of the tour and we're excited to bring the film to St. Louis.
We do not have the funds to be able to travel and be there in person, but writedirector Justin Zuckerman will be Zoom-ing in after the movie for a post-screening discussion.
There are really not too many good ways to get the word out about a small movie like this anymore - thought I'd pop on here just to let you know the movie exists, in the off-chance it happens it might be to someone's taste who can go.
The movie is something of an homage (and kind of a satire?) on the 'mumblecore' movies of the 2000s - it was shot for $2.5k on a miniDV camcorder, in a Brooklyn apartment whose rent was more than the entire shooting budget. It's an often-absurd comedy about a young woman who moves from FL to NYC and gets entangled in the crumbling relationship of the couple she moves in with.
We've had some good press and reviews for the movie, and if you're an aspiring filmmaker or just someone who enjoys small movies, I think you might like it.
Here's the trailer.
Thanks for taking a peek, friends! Hope to virtually see you there.
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2023.06.01 20:52 BananaIceTea I-130 Approved after NOID (F2A)

Hello everyone!
Yesterday we found out that our I-130 got approved after replaying to the NOID. I’m married to LPR and I’m adjusting status from F1 visa. So unfortunately our I-485 was retrogressed in April.
Here is our timeline:
FO: Hialeah, FL
May 13, 2022 - We filed I-130, I-148, and I-765 concurrently.
June 13, 2022 - First biometrics appointment (rejected because they couldn’t read my fingerprints lol)
July 11, 2022 - Second biometrics appointment
March 14, 2023 - EAD approved
March 22, 2023 - EAD received
March 20, 2023 - I-130 is being actively reviewed. I contacted EMMA and learned about the NOID
March 28 (?), 2023 - NOID received.
April 18, 2023 - Response to the NOID
April 18, 2023 - We filed I-131 (We didn’t filed with the initial application since our lawyer advised not to).
May 31, 2023 - I-130 approved.
The NOID was about the evidence of bona fide marriage of my husband (the petitioner) to his previous wife. My husband received his permanent residency via immigration court and the judge granted him his green card. However, because he was previously married to USC, he needed to prove that his previous marriage was bona fide in order to establish if he can even sponsor me. Fortunately we managed to defeat the NOID by providing all the evidence that his previous marriage was real and our I-130 got approved without interview.
Now we just need to wait for I-485, hopefully F2A won’t retrogress any further.
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