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2023.03.25 02:59 Swiftieilovered Trying to be patient

I was dating a military guy for about 7+ years he joined in 2022. He is currently on rotation, and after he got there he started to just argue with me and about me not seeing him as a priority etc. It was heartbreaking I was blindsided and got broken up with in February. About 2 weeks after the breakup he comes back and tells me he made terrible life decisions such as drinking and smoking. He was never that guy before he left. He told me he stayed away after realizing and was going to church. He wanted a second chance I agreed and I believed him.
That didn’t last long after he told me he was drinking with his friends and started to smoke. It was upsetting I don’t think that it’s a smart way to cope with the stress. I was honest with him I told him that we should just not talk anymore if he wants to be a part of that culture. He proceeds to tell me that he was willing to stop, he wants to be with me, and wants me to become the mother of his children. Not even a day later he’s out with his friends doing that. I tell him that the friends he hangs out with is a reflection of himself. I have the impression of them as bad influences bc when they got to their duty station they were drinking and wanted to go to a strip club (married men).
He said he was focused on making himself to feel better with whatever it takes. Days later we had a disagreement and he basically sounded like the day of the breakup and even told me something very very hurtful and that I wasn’t his priority. He told me we were going to give each other space and give updates.
I’m hurt with his behavior I don’t understand why he came back if he’s not a “better man” one of the reasons we broke up was to work on “ourselves.” Meanwhile he’s in Italy hanging out with his friends posting on social media (drinking etc) while I’m in my room picking at myself for the things he told me.
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2023.03.25 02:59 MrNoodleIncident Working on this room - add an area rug or no? (3 pics)
Wife and I disagree on whether or not an area rug under the table is a good idea.
A few points: - I know this isn’t an interior decoration sub, but it’s more active and I think people here will have good opinions - this will not primarily be an eating area. Not saying we will never eat here, but it’s rare and it’s more for other family/friend activities (homework, hanging out, etc). - for some reason the pics make the table seem too small for the room. In reality it fills it nicely. - the paint color is going to change, most likely to a beige/tan to match the rest of the first floor. - I know the back wall is bare. That will be fixed.
Thanks for any thoughts!
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2023.03.25 02:58 gloomchen Post WWE SmackDown on FOX Discussion Thread - March 24th, 2023!

SmackDown Episode #1231
Venue: MGM Grand Garden Arena (Las Vegas, NV)
Attendance: ~10,000

Results of Tonight's Show

Match Stipulation Winner
Cody Rhodes vs. Ludwig Kaiser Singles Match Cody Rhodes
Rey Mysterio vs. LA Knight Singles Match LA Knight
Xia Li & Lacey Evans vs. Shotzi & Natalya Wrestlemania Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Qualifying Match Shotzi & Natalya
Gunther vs. Butch Singles Match Gunther


  • Kicking off with Cody Rhodes vs. Ludwig Kaiser. A child had a sign, "Cody can I please have your belt?" Cody gave him the belt.
  • Paul Heyman steps out to the ramp to watch the Rhodes/Kaiser match. Later, Solo Sikoa joins him and they walk down to ringside. After the match they get into the ring and Paul Heyman takes the mic saying Cody is owed an apology - he deserves a better win announcement. Paul gives him a bombastic win announcement pointing out he's still a challenger for the title. Paul announces that on Raw, Cody will have a match with Solo Sikoa. If he survives, Roman Reigns will meet him face-to-face next week on SmackDown. Cody calls out Paul for moving the goal posts, and tells Solo that although he's currently undefeated, he's not ready. And Roman will find out, he's not ready either.
  • Breaking news: John Cena will kick off WrestleMania weekend in the first match on Saturday vs. Austin Theory for the US Championship.
  • Charlotte Flair heads to the ring to speak. She talks about fear, insecurities, and nepotism. Diamonds are forever, and so is Charlotte Flair.
  • Mid-match, Dominik Mysterio's music hits and he joins ringside for his father's match. Eventually his interference causes him to lose, and Dom joins him in the ring asking him if he'll give him what he wants, shoving Rey. As Rey rolls out of the ring, Dom addresses his mom in the audience, asking her how she can stand to be married to such a pathetic loser. He then calls her a deadbeat mom, and as her sister tries to interfere, she takes the mic from Dom. Dom yanks it back and tells her to shut up. Rey reappears and slugs Dom. Rey says he made him do it, and if Dom wants a fight at WrestleMania, they're on.
  • After the women's tag qualifier, Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler head out to antagonize them. Shayna asks if maybe they want another fight tonight. Ronda stops her saying they've sold out this arena many times before & they don't deserve it. Instead, they announce they're being added to the WrestleMania match.
  • Time for the contract signing for the Intercontinental Championship Triple-Threat Match at WrestleMania. Adam Pearce goes to introduce Drew McIntyre who is already sitting at the table when Sheamus' music interrupts. Sheamus goes on a rant about having his best friend try to steal his 15 year goal out from under him, and now imagine getting the opportunity to smash his face in. Drew interrupts, talking about Sheamus trying to guilt trip him on social media like a teenage girl. Drew says they should've gone out for a drink after a beating but now instead Sheamus is just whining. Drew reminds him he's beaten Gunther - and Sheamus hasn't. Before anything breaks out they stop to sign the contract.
  • Gunther charges to the ring for the contract signing. Gunther wants Adam Pearce to justify his decision. He wants Adam to justify how either of them could pin each other, but he'd lose his title. Gunther signs the contract saying he'll do whatever he has to do defend his title at WrestleMania and it will all be justified. He says he'll beat everyone, and the Brawling Brutes give him a look Gunther asks what they're looking at, and a short brawl tries to erupt. Gunther corners Adam Pearce yet again yelling in his face. This leads us to an impromptu match.
  • Post-match, Sheamus gets in the ring with the victorious Gunther for a staredown in front of the WrestleMania sign. Out of nowhere appears Drew McIntyre to deliver a claymore to Gunther. The open question being, was that meant for Sheamus…?
  • The Street Profits are backstage talking smack on their opponents at the Wrestlemania 4-Way Tag Team Showcase match. Ricochet & Braun Strowman appear and say, they'll see who wins.
  • Announced for next week: Drew McIntyre & Sheamus vs. Imperium, AND the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal!
  • Next, the KO Show, with guest Sami Zayn. Sami wants to talk about WrestleMania - he realized after all of these years, they are on the verge of winning the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championship. Kevin notes it's not lost him, and he's got something for Sami - a new shirt, KO Mania Goes Hollywood! Well, that's just the back. Because this year this guy who has been the MVP of the WWE for the last year is Sami Zayn. He tosses the shirt over to Sami, where the front reads WrestleZaynia Goes Hollywood! Kevin removes his hoodie to reveal he's already wearing it, and Sami takes off his hoodie to do put his on. Sami wants a hug, KO says he only gets one a year... well, they went in for another anyway. AND THE USOS CHARGE THE RING! The Usos attack and wreck the set until Kevin gets a steel chair and they back off to the ramp.
Additional Plugs
Next week's Smackdown will be live from Los Angeles, CA.
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2023.03.25 02:58 SuperHotUKDeals Sonos Roam SL, £99 plus £4 shipping (UK Mainland) @ ao

The following description is not provided by this sub or any of its contributors.
£103 - ao have the Roam SL on sale for £99, which seems a great price if you're not bothered about a voice assistant. Shipping is £4-6 depending on how quickly you want it.
Key Features
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2023.03.25 02:58 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA Online Is Shutting Down For Good On PS3 And Xbox 360 Later This Year

As time marches onward, new developments and technologies come along, requiring the sunsetting of that which came previously. It appears that time has come for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, as Rockstar has announced the shuttering of Grand Theft Auto Online on December 16th for the antiquated yet beloved consoles.
Around 2005 and 2006, the original Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 were revealed, bringing gaming into more people's living rooms. Then in 2010, both consoles got a facelift with a "slim" version that gave upgrades and fixes to both platforms. Three years later, GTA V and GTA Online released on both consoles, beginning the saga of one of the most played video games in current history. After being enjoyed by millions of people racing, stunting, and engaging in general shenanigans akin to the Achievement Hunter group of Rooster Teeth Productions, the game moved on to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 before more recently going to the Xbox Series XS and PlayStation 5.
vehicles gta online being shutdown in december on playstation 3 and xbox 360
As we are now two console generations deeper, it is time to say goodbye to where we started the GTA Online experience. "PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of GTA Online, including website stat tracking via the Rockstar Games Social Club, will officially be shutting down on December 16th, 2021," says Rockstar's blog post. This is change comes because the company is "mov[ing] forward with updates and support for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC versions of Grand Theft Auto Online." Furthermore, Rockstar is working on "this Fall's launches of the new expanded and enhanced versions of Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series XS."
With this announcement, Rockstar states that it would "like to thank the GTA Online community for their continued support and look forward to seeing players continue their journey in Los Santos with us on new platforms." Though this may ultimately be a sad sunset, the future is bright for GTA moving forward.
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2023.03.25 02:58 summerjoe45 World Championships Free Dance Live Discussion Thread

Scores are close enough for some movement! C/B are hoping to be the first US champs since 2011, to continue the US medal streak to 8 years in a row and make IAM home to 7 of the last 8 world champs.
G/F are hoping to win the first silver medal for Italy since their coach in 2000 and G/P are hoping for their best ever results. This is also setting up to be the oldest ever podium at any figure skating event!
Schedule (UTC +9)
Free Dance: 12:30
Men’s FS: 17:20
Starting Orders/Results
Time Zone Converter
Official Schedule
Master Post
[Post Event Discussion]
Streams (Click the flag!)
Official ISU YouTube you may need a VPN!
🇺🇸🦚 USA Network will also be showing portions of the event live and recorded. Replays remain unknown.
🇨🇦 CBC Sports will be streaming all events for free.
🇬🇧 BBC will be showing all free skates live.
🇫🇷 will have the whole event live
🇫🇮 YLE will have the whole event live
🇨🇿 Czech TV Sports will have the whole event live
🇮🇹 RaiSport will be airing select groups and the gala live.
🇯🇵 Fuji TV will be streaming live and broadcasting both live and delayed.
🇰🇷 SBS Sports will air delayed coverage.
🇨🇳 CCTV5 will be airing a delayed broadcast.
EuroSport will have live coverage. Depending on your location, it may also be on Discovery Plus.
As always, have fun and be respectful to everyone (fellow chat participants, skaters, judges, and tech panel included!)
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2023.03.25 02:56 Maul7567 [TOMT][SHORT][FILM] found footage short horror film

I had a bootleg copy of the movie Paranormal Activity and after watching it, I went snooping through the movie's extras to see if I could find anything interesting and that's where the crazy part of the story comes in.
In one of these extras there was a short found footage of some young people apparently looking for something or someone (I don't know, my memory is a little vague about this short because I only saw it once) and they seemed to have some camping equipment or something like that.
So in that search, there was a part that in the middle of that place that looked almost like a thicket they found a woman with a messed up appearance, walking in a very unusual way in the middle of nowhere, they approached her and asked her something that I believe was just more information about where they were and the person or something they were looking for. After walking for a while and ignoring the young people, the woman told them to leave that place and soon after that walking and disappearing in the middle of that place.
After that, in the third act of the film, they managed to find a house in the middle of that end of the world, but they seemed to be very scared and entered there desperately. But the house was empty and there was only one person left, and she started to walk inside the house but there was nothing there, it was basically an empty space, without furniture or decoration. Until that person with the camera arrives in a small room with no windows or anything and looks up and there is a woman on top of the wall in the corner staring at her and right after that the woman flies over the cameraman and the footage ends.
The short seemed to be at least 30 minutes long as I recall. And no, It wasn't The Blair Witch.
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2023.03.25 02:56 Lumpy_Coach1519 I(F23) want to leave my bf(M24) but I don't know how

My boyfriend (M24), let's call him John, and I have been together for 4 years and a half, and this is our first real relationship for both of us. I have no clue how to do this, especially since our lives are so entangled.
After being together for a year, we decided to move in together with other flatmates (F20 and M24) to save rent money. (First mistake, I know.) After two years together, he decided he wanted to work at the same place I did because, and I didn't really want him to, but I didn't want to gatekeep a good paying job either, so I stayed out of it.
Which brings me here. We live together, with our two flatmates, and share a group of friends with our workmates. I've been wanting to leave him for months now, but I'm just so scared. I'm also really broke, and I know no matter how it turns out I'll end up paying a higher rent. I know this isn't half as bad as what usually gets posted here, but I'm just so stressed up about it. I don't wanna lose my friends, but I just can't do this anymore. Everytime he kisses me I feel so bad. I really tried to make this work, but I'm so tired of putting in all the efforts in this relationship. I don't wanna spend my whole twenties miserable. I can't really talk about this with anyone because they all know him.
I don't know how to do this, I've never dumped someone before, let alone a live-in boyfriend and coworker
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2023.03.25 02:56 Censorship_sucks21 Organizing & maintaining digital photos & vids as a parent... Where do I start?!

Hi! Mom of 2 here (almost 6 & almost 2) & this question is for other parents who fill their phones w pics of their kids but have found a way to organize & maintain them.
I DESPERATELY need to overhaul my photo (video) system & have no idea where to start.
I'm an Android user w Google photos to back up 15 years worth of pictures & videos. I pay annually for storage & after my youngest was born in 2021 I had to increase from the $30/yr plan to the 2TB $100/yr plan. My issue tho isn't w storage or the cost. Its w how to efficiently utilize the space & effectively maintain it. Its w taking advantage of the ability to print & frame photos that turn out really good, instead of forgetting all about them bc they get lost in the mess.
I have no idea how many photos or videos I have. I'm using 200GB of 2TB & a good amount of that could be deleted. But how do I declutter it? I take pics & vids of my kids daily, multiple times daily, & they don't always turn out, & aren't worth keeping. But its not something I think about deleting in the moment so everyday the hoard just gets bigger & bigger.
I want to go through it all- to delete duplicates, blurry, out of focus, bad lighting pics, ones my 5yo took? Where do I start? Then there's the videos. How do I go through 5 years of videos- sonogram appts, delivery & births, all the newborn firsts, & separate them from the random daily videos that didn't turn out right? Try to get vid of the baby babbling but her sibling runs thru mid recording completely naked... Or the back to back videos trying to get something specific on camera but they don't cooperate. These videos become useless but since I didn't delete them in the moment I now have years worth. How do I go thru them? Decide what to keep & what to delete? Is it going to take the hours on end I imagine it will? How do I organize them once they're decluttered?
And then let's say I'm able to get them cleared out, organized in some fashion? How does one go about maintaining such a system? How do I ensure I won't just be in the same boat 5 years from now? At this point I feel I'm going to need to spend like a full weekend locked in a room alone w lines of 🎱 (jk) or some other speedy 💊 while me kids are asleep so I can focus & even then I know I'll just get distracted watching all the old videos that I'll still never get anything done.
Any help & suggestions are much appreciated.
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2023.03.25 02:56 Loose_Lingonberry_18 Am I in the wrong

I’m a 13 yr old girl and yes i know I’m young to be in this app but I just wanted to get this out and see what people think.
I have a very broken family my mom has many boyfriends and she just recently married someone. There has been a lot of argumentes between my mom and my older brother. He moved out at 17 to go live with my biological dad and he took the dog with him too. I get to see my biological dad every other weekend and this weekend I was supposed to go see him and when I told my mom about it she refused to take me or to text my dad or my brother to come pick me up starting an argument. I kept asking her why I couldn’t go and she kept saying stuff like “cause I said so” or “I’m the adult I shouldn’t have to give a reason” and then she told me my dad hasn’t been helping her out with money. My mom has a big electrical company with her husband and her husband has no problem buying whatever he wants, four wheelers, properties or houses etc. my dad struggles with money but he has money to pay for stuff on the weekends for me and my little brother to have fun and eat out. I understand that with owning a company there is more stuff to pay and other stuff to pay too but I don’t get why my mom wants money from my dad when she’s clearly not struggling with money and my dad is. She yelled at me and told me to just go to my room and go to bed or watch tv and be quiet because she has work tomorrow. I also know that spending money is not a big deal for them because at some point my mom quite her job and then went back because her mother in law can watch her new baby. She said she’s going to quite and life off her husbands money so I just don’t understand
Am I wrong for this??
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2023.03.25 02:55 CKain08 Glass children and faking autism

TW : suicidal thoughts/self-harm
" Glass children are those who are growing up in a home where a sibling takes up a disproportionate amount of parental energy "
Well. Disclaimer : I am not a child, alright, I am 20. But I've been thinking a lot about the last 10 years of my life, and I am, as much as it pains me, a glass child and I've been since my sister's born.
I want to be heard, you do wathever you want with this post. Treat it like a AITA thingy if you want.
Now back to my sis, Of course, at first, it was (I thought) only because I was the first born, the big sis, you know.
But 3 years ago, my sister discovered Tik Tok. Everyone knows Tik Tok, right? Well, we all know what kind of stuff we can find on that app! I, myself, found the description of a "glass child" there. I use Tik Tok frequently.
My sister always had problems with her friends. When she was younger, she was always in the middle of some arguing between two or three girls, never really had a day where she wasn't coming home with what I call "girl's gangs" problems (you know when two best friends suddenly split and get mad and get other friends to form like alliances and stuff to b*tch on the others? Ya know, old stuff, we've all been there).
She was never wrong in those situations. She was coming home laughing about how she was the peacemaker and never creating problems of some sort. Thing is, I know my sister. Like the back of my hand. Alright? I just... know when she's lying. Still, to this day, she always brags about how good she is to manipulate people and make them do what she wants. Alrighty girl, weird flex.
Well, she got to high school (what we call secondary one in Canada), and then, she started having anxiety. Like panic attacks and all? I've had those, still do these days, so I understood. I became her protector, her therapist, calming her down when my mother critized her for exagerating. I knew what to do, and I gave up all my energy to take care of her, of her mental health, as a good old sister does.
She made it to the second year of high school (secondary 2) with difficulties. Panic attacks again and all. 3 years ago, as I said, she discovered Tik Tok. I know Tik Tok and its algorithm : there are specific fyp where you can find videos about the same topic over and over again. I suspect she was in a dark side of Tik Tok, a depressed one, where you can see all sort of sad/depressing things and stories (I know, I've been there too, now trying to avoid it as much as I can because it affects me mentally and I start spiralling).
Cutting her hair short ( I guess the "funny mentally hill" trend where you cut your hair on a headbutt and dye it, I know, been there too).
Sexuality explored too. Like she was trans for a while and wanted us to call her another name (she isn't anymore, she told me so about 3 months in). I always respected her choices and calling her what she wanted to be called at that time. She was a kid, she was 13, so she was discovering herself and her preferences and all. No problem with that.
She started hanging out with some people like that too. She had a non-binary friend, a trans one, a furry one, etc. She was having fun with them. Great people. She finally had a group.
Some of them, however, had the same experiences we all hear about on Tik Tok. You know, some of them not in a great home, or in a bad relationship with parents, depression, anxiety. Hate to say it, but you know those people on Tik Tok who (unfortunatly) are bullied on the internet for being... like... huuuuh (wondering how to say that without insulting anyone) like stereotypical? Like... you know those who wants a cat litter in a classroom in a unironical way? Some of her friend were a little extremist on that plan. Again, never really bothered me.
We have two parents, a mom and a dad. They divorced when I was 7. My sister was 3. They never fought in front of us, never heard them, it was really a suprise. They went their separate ways. Me and my sis got used to go to each of them for a week, and then go back to the other for a week. It was fine, working good. My parents are both accountants, my mom teaching it too. I had a strong disagreement with my mom in 2019 about one of her (numerous) boyfriends. The only one i really hated with all my heart. This resulted in me leaving her house for about a year. My sis was still doing 1 week/1 week. Apart of that, my parents are pretty basic ones, never abused us and we always had everything we needed.
I started college. I loved it, still do, and was finally starting my life as an adult, I started a great job, was doing good in school and... was still helping my sister and my parents with her anxiety/ panic attacks. Even learn in my degree how to deal with people who disorganize.
Then, the cutting started. A lot of her friend were doing it, she told me. And then she started having those episodes where she was cutting herself. Never with something sharp, like a knife or else. But with like compass and crayons? Then, she started having suicidal thoughts. Then, and that is where it all went down, she called 911 for suicidal thoughts. She was home alone and the police called my mom.
What had she done? Scratch herself... with a pencil.
I've had panic attacks before. And suicidal thoughts that crossed my mind but I never acted on them. Never. And I can't imagine myself doing it. I talked about it, of course, with my best friend, someone I trusted and it was making me feel better. How did I know my sister was doing that and having those thoughts? She just said it, casually, at dinner with the whole family. Like... girl? It really got the mood down, everyone worried and she was like... glowing? I don't know how to say it.
She was always a bit dramatic and had a way of making everything about herself, but it was never about negative things. More like flexing a good grade or whatever. She was always talking about how depressed she was, how she was suicidal, and the things she was saying were... like straight up a depressing tik tok. Like one day I found something she said ( I think it was like "you don't understand how this feels it is like blablabla i don't remember) WORD FOR WORD in a Tik Tok. It is like she wasn't expressing her feelings, but made up phrases you find on the Internet when you type "panic attacks" or "depression".
After a second call to 911 for taking 10 advils, she got admitted to psychiatry. At that time, I was watching my parents fall appart, running around to appointments for her, my dad having stress acnea (at 45) and both of them exhausted. It was a real drama. Everyone in the family talked about it. It was the only subject of discussion, the only thing that was on everyone's mind.
I was hanging out my seat in class with my phone on my belly to be sure to feel it vibrate if something happened. We were all in a bad place.
And then, we got a diagnosis of autism.
I'm sorry, what? Where does that come from? I mean, alright, we'll deal with that one.
But then. That's where all went down for me. Sis started therapy, changed school, went to an adapted classroom for people like her and with disabilities. My parents were still all over the place.
Except where I needed them.
I was 18, at that time, starting adulthood. I have ADHD. It is really hard for me to respect a schedule, think about every appointments I have, every homework, every luggage I can't forget to bring to mom's or to dad's. I was also giving my all in school, never missed anything, straight A's and working my ass off.
I started realising that everytime my parents texted me was to ask/talk about my sis.
Every. Single. Time.
They'd ask me to bring my sister her lunch that she forgot, to go get her when she was down, or get her to her appointments like I didn't have a whole fu**ing life I was trying so hard to keep on line.
I gave all my free time to her needs and my parents's. I educated myself on autism, defended her when my mom was thinking she was faking because I wanted to prove I was there for her. That I was the life saving good sister. I never, ever, heard her say thank you.
The only compliments my parents were giving me is "thank you for getting your sis for us. Thank you for being there for her. Thank you for doing things with her."
I went trough some stuff, at that time. I hurt my knee and was failing my physical tests. It got to the point I wasn't even sure I liked my degree anymore. I was having a really hard time. But my parents never saw my pain. I have a tendency to hide things, sure, but I was really trying to talk to them about how I was feeling. They were listening, and letting go. Why didn't they start worrying for me like they did for my sister? I don't know, don't really care now. I was having suicidal thoughts too, I wanted to yeet myself in a tree and even stopped driving so it wouldn't give me options. They left me alone, because everytime I tried bringing up the fact that I was not in a good place, my sister was disorganizing at school and they needed to go to the hospital to be both there for her while she fainted from hyperventilating. Every fcking time I was talking to my sister, she was acting like she lived trough everything and was telling me she knew more about suicidal thoughts than me cause she went to psychiatry. Excuse me miss gurl, but who was fcking there to help you trough your panic attacks hun? How do you think I know so much?
Seeing I had practically no support from my already exhausted parents, I took matters into my own hands and started going to therapy. My doctor also prescribed me with anti-depressants. I was going to be ok... on my own. I've had really bad days, real hard ones. But I got back on my two feet. At least, I think so.
School was over and it was time for summer break. I had a job I loved on a boat. I've had a blast on that boat, I wasn't jumping from a house to another, I wasn't always in luggages, I had my own room like a little appartment of my own on the ship. I slowly started to discover a backpacking/adventurous side of myself. I needed air, was travelling far from home as soon as I had a week or two off of the boat.
At the same time, my sister had stopped self-harming and having suicidal thoughts. She's was now in a school for adults to finish her 4th and 5th year of college. She wasn't in a special classroom anymore. Changed friend group.
But here's the thing. Cause there is always a "but".
I started realising how much my sister was toying with us, with my parents. As soon as the diagnosis fell, she became unsufferable. For example, when I say I hate loud noises and strong light, she says she has it tougher because, ya know, "i'm autistic". I can't say something without her saying she has autism and that's why she has it worse.
When I have a good grade or I've hit a PR at the gym, I tell my parents because I am happy. I try to see life the good way, now. I'm quite proud of all the personal work i've done.
But she can't have a normal day.
It is always "ho I hated school because the light was making a sound" or something to point out she has autism.
I talked to one of my friend who is a social worker, and he told me autism is usually apparent in children. My sis was diagnosed at 15. But, and hear me out, all the things that make her autistic according to her psychiatrist... she's never really had them before.
You remember at the beginning of this rant how I told you I know when my sister is lying?
Well. I don't think an autistic person possess the flex of "being able to manipulate people so easily to get what you want".
She's always bragging about how smart she is compared to us because, you know, "ShE cAn FeElS eNeRgiEs AnD pEoPlE AnD iT AfFeCts hEr". Well, honey, I don't think that is autism. It is always little comment about how special she is because she can't do this, or that. Like I have ADHD, alright? I'm stimming all the time. I don't point it out to people for fun, actually, i'm quite ashamed of it sometimes. She bought all those fidget toys and brings them ALL to school to show how much she needs them.
One reason of why I am mad, as you can (unfortunatly) see, is my father's attitude.
The fact that my sis had episodes of suicidal thoughts and acts traumatized him. With reasons, don't get me wrong.
But now, she's clearly living well of drama and stereotypical behavior she never had before.
My father is fucking afraid of telling her no.
Like man, I don't think that if you ask her to unload the dishwasher ONE FUCKI*NG time that she's going to kill herself. Like come on.
One time, she called him cause she fainted cause she was hyperventilating cause the cleaner at her school wore a different hat than usual. Or another time where she learn that two teachers were eating togueter at lunch and not in the cafeteria?
I know my sister. She is clearly using him. She's got him hooked with a silent threat of hurting herself or making it impossible for him to receive a phone call without thinking she committed.
And. She. Fucking. Knows. It.
She left my mother's house because my mom wasn't buying her shit.
She left with all her drama about how she could appologize but she needs her space to think about what she (mom) did.
BRUH did what?!?!?!? It was so sudden, what are you on about?
All her life, she was good at one thing : breaking people's relationship.
I know, because I'm not blind.
She's the type of person that looks at you after saying your deepest secret in front of everyone and be like : "oups teehee🤪 you know i can't keep a secret" or she plays dumb "i didn't know it was a secret oupsis" with this little dumb face that I know by heart means "I win you fuck*ng idiot".
She broke the good relationship my parents had by pretending mom told her something when it wasn't right or vice versa. When she's at dad's, she always talks about all the things mom does that sucks. When she was at mom, she was always talking about how bad it was at dad.
I was in the middle like , bruh, it isn't even that bad. And of course, my parents both being proud individuals started feeling supperior than the other and downgrading the other in front of us (wich you know my sis was repeating over and over to everyone).
But because my parents are fucking blind they let her riled them up against each others. So now they don't talk. And when they do, it is always to argue about how to take care of my sis.
To make a clear example of how she gets everything she wants :
She always tells me that she wants a Mira dog. Like a service dog. She's going to keep creating dramatic scenarios like that until my father cries and decides it is the last option we have.
But no. After the dog, it is going to be another need for neurodivergent people that she's probably going to see on Tik Tok.
Because yes, she faints and yes, she is hyperventilating. But I can create scenario in my head and make them real too (maladaptive daydreaming oups). Anxiety works like that : if I start hyperventilating for 45 seconds, my body jumps to survival mode and the mammoth thing ang boom, there you have your panic attack.
Yes. She is mentally hill.
But she's not autistic. She does not need a service dog. And she can't continue leading people on like that.
She's in need of negative attention. She hates when we compliment her, she hates when we wish her happy brithday and all. But she's always talking about how she did bad at this exam and ho people please comfort me. There's always something going on with her.
She stopped self-harming and having suicidal toughts. People started living normally.
So she restarts panic attacks but she already has a psychiatrist so she needs more.
Lets go to the hospital, something's wrong with my heart. Then she's got the pleasure of walking around school with a machine to record her heart thingy.
Nope. Nothing wrong.
People start forgetting.
Whoops now she's fainting and we don't know why.
Hospital trip yeah.
Nothing's wrong.
Then she buys a machine to keep track of her blood pressure.
Does a doctor prescribed it?
Nope. You can just buy it so she did. And she could do it like in the morning, at lunch or at night, but no, she absolutly needs to do it in front of everyone, making noise in class while the teacher is talking.
And i'm starting to get fed up.
About a year into this nightmare, 3 years ago, I stopped feeling.
I wasn't able to feel anything. And that is why, today, I can write this and unfortunatly for some, it will be controversial.
After my downfall, when my sister was in need...
I did not care.
At all.
She could do whatever she wanted to do. She could have as much trip to the hospital as she wanted.
I . Did . Not . Care .
I was going to class.
And my phone was on silent.
I don't want to know. I don't care. Don't you get it? Mom, dad, leave me alone. You did it well, right? Continue.
I am an horrible human being. My best friend tries to comfort me saying that my heart of stone is a form of self-protection, a defense mechanism that I developped 3 years to protect myself and not live trough what my sister put us trough without knowing (or caring?).
I am an egoist.
But I do not care.
You want to make me feel like a glass child?
Alright alright.
I'll deal with it.
But now the glass is fed up.
And it is about to break.
Good bye and thank you.
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2023.03.25 02:55 DeyaSayza How often are there problems with sensors?

My mother is 76 years old and an insulin dependent type 2 diabetic. She tried to use the FreeStyle Libre 2 a few years ago. After 3 units gave wildly inaccurate readings or never celebrated properly, she couldn’t depend on them she stopped using them.
I encouraged her to try again, the first unit didn’t calibrate properly, continuously said “try again in 60 min”, she contacted the company and they sent a replacement. I applied the second unit for her myself (I’m a retired nurse), which worked fine for the 2 weeks. I then applied the replacement unit last night, and it is having problems celebrating, and is giving wildly incorrect readings. It’s saying that her BSL is 2-3mmol, when it’s 8-9 mmol by finger stick.
Are some people unable to use these CGM’s or do these units fail regularly? They are not cheap, and if you can’t depend on them, what is the point of continuing?
Additional info, we live in Australia, it’s coming to the end of summer here, when we get the units they are kept in an air conditioned room where the temperature never gets over 26°C. Mum also has other health conditions, Im wondering if they could be affecting things.
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2023.03.25 02:55 Ratio01 [Walt Disney World] 3/21-3/23 Trip Report (Cosmic Rewind)

I took a family trip to Disney World for Spring Break and it actually went really great. Nearly every aspect went perfectly, weather was largely fantastic, my party got a lot done, and there were even a couple big surprises.
To keep things organized, I'll go park by park

Magic Kingdom

On Tuesday we did Magic Kingdom. For this day, we decided to try out the Genie+ system for the first time, and, regrettably, it was really useful. I absolutely hate that a once free skip the line system is now paid and more restrictive in terms of how many fast passes you can book, but even with that Genie+ saved us a lot of time. We managed to snag times for the two Mountains, Huanted Mansion, and Jungle Cruise, and waited Stand By for Pirates, Seven Dwarves, and did a grand circle tour of WDW Railroad first time upon enter. Even the lines we did wait through were fairly manageable, with Pirates being 45 and Seven Dwarves being 90.
We tried getting a VQ for Tron but unfortunately failed at both 7am and 1pm. The new credit will have to wait for another day.


On Wednesday we did Epccot and this was by far the most lucrative day. Instead of doing Genie+, we chose to buy and individual Lightning Lane for Cosmic Rewind. I feel that was the best move cause the wait times were honestly really good, even Frozen and Ratatouille never extended past the 70min mark. We got a lot done that day, even getting near walk ons for Spaceship Earth and Soarin (and Living With the Land but peak is always a station wait at most).
The best part of the day however was

Credit 58: Cosmic Rewind

Instead of leaving it up to chance, we bit the bullet for Cosmic Rewind and bought individual Lightning Lanes and, man, I'm glad we did. This ride is fucking amazing. I'm still on the fence of if it tops Everest as my favorite WDW coaster, but if I decide it does I'm glad it's this one. While light on air time, everything else of the ride is so good that I honestly don't mind. The theming is engaging and clever, the on board audio is perfect, the layout is really fun and there were even moments of surprising strong positives. I've been waiting to get a ride on this for well over a year and it blew my expectations out of the water.
The general consensus seems to be that Conga is the best song for the ride. I got One Way or Another on my first ride, which was still pretty good.
Oh yeah, but some miracle of the coaster gods we got two rides of Cosmic Rewind, managing to land a VQ spot aftef the 1pm refresh. We got Disco Infero for that ride, which I think was slightly worse than One Way or Another but still a good pick.

Hollywood Studios

The final day of the trip was Hollywood Studios, which was definitely the most mixed day. We did Genie+ this day, which worked put great. We landed times for Tower of Terror (twice), Runaway Railway, Toy Story Mania Smuggler's Run, and Beauty and the Beast. What we did not snag a time for was Slinky, which I very much wish we did. With a posted wait time of 90min, we ended up waiting 2 hours due to the ride breaking when we were just a couple switchbacks away from boarding. Waiting through a 90min + 15min break down for the most mid ride in the entire resort is not sonething I'd wish on my worst enemy.
Thankfully, the themepark gods were benevolent and not only made my brother the revel spy on Star Tours, but also gave us a 20 minute wait for Rise at 4:30pm, despite the posted wait time being well over an hour. To be clear, that was 20 minutes to the Rey pre-show, we still had to wait another 10 minutes to get the interrogation room, and got held back for another 10 minutes due to technical errors. But, even still, the entire thing, from us entering the queue to exiting the ride, was exactly an hour, which is just fantastic for Rise.
After that we watched Muppetvision, ended the day with Fantasmic, and my brother and I used our second Tower of Terror Lightning Lane to close out the trip with an encore..
In all, a great trip, with the only real downers being not getting on Tron, Rock'n being closed, Slinky breaking, and Hollywood Studios just being a hot day, but even thing the only thing I got genuinely upset by was Slinky breaking. I also bought some merch on my way out; a Hades hoodie, some Spider-Man pins, and a Hatbox Ghost figpin.
I don't know when I'll be visiting Disney World again but this was a damn good visit to hold me over til then. This was my first time visiting WDW not part of a multi-family party in over 2 years and it made me realize just how much I love these parks when 8+ people aren't trying to plan a day that needs to accommodate for a toddler.
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2023.03.25 02:54 Zelditte Inheriting and finances

Sooo.. this is probably the first time I've ever posted here. I'm 35 this year and currently live in a sharehouse in brisbane.
My mother recently died unexpectedly and I stand to inherit everything she owned. This includes a house with a mortgage that in theory her super can cover.
I have done a bit of research over the last few weeks but could use some advice from non-family/unbiased sources.
If I can get the house into a rentable condition I'm thinking of renting it but there's like a million little things that i probably havent considered, though right now I'm a bit concerned regarding any fees I'd have to pay for ownership transfer.. this would be my first home but because of the circumstances in which i am receiving the house I don't think I can get the first home owners grant?
I know once I legally own the home on paper regardless of how i got it, i am no longer eligible for the grant. This probably seems selfish but the grant would really help me do some renovations the house needs/cleaning up the yard.
But in general honestly, i could do with any little helpful tips going forward to put myself in a good position to rent a place on my own in brisbane to look after my mum's dog on a single income.
Thank you in advance 🥹
Note: not seeking personal finance advice as such, just any tips people might have that may help or if anyone knows where i could find the answer to my question about the FHOG.💙
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2023.03.25 02:54 SpeedyPuzzlement friendly reminders for the 2024 cycle

Some things I didn't know about before applying:
  1. preview and ca$per: Yes, they exist. Yes, they suck. If your school list requires them, sign up.
  2. clean your social media: Open an incognito tab and spend 30 minutes trying to find yourself, taking the perspective of an adcom that knows everything on your application (hint: name, college, birthplace, addresses, activities). Delete / private objectionable content early and it will likely be scrubbed off of search engines by the time you submit.
  3. manage your letter writers: You know how some professors are flexible and give extensions? If possible, set your true deadline in late may (or earlier) and tell them a deadline of 2 weeks to 1 month in advance. Then you can graciously give your writers extensions. Also, send reminders under the guise of providing additional materials / resources to make the process smoother. Interfolio is the best, fight me.
  4. prewriting: In the grand scheme of things, the personal statement is a small amount of writing compared to the activities or secondaries. Remember to put in the time to brainstorm for secondary prompts, add up your hours, and reach out to potential activity contacts!
  5. institutional documents: You'll need an official copy of your transcript(s) to fill out the course entries. Plus you'll need to send them to AMCAS. And you'll need to classify each course appropriately (ask your premed advisor if needed). Check with your institutions if you're unsure whether you have an IA. This stuff takes time so get it out of the way.
  6. drip: Some schools require you to submit a photo on the secondaries. For interview season, you'll also need to have a nice outfit. Take a day to dress up and get some nice headshots.
  7. school list: Personally, I went down the USNWR research ranking and crossed off schools I didn't want to attend / schools with extreme in-state bias until I got to ~25. However, there are a lot of things to research and y'all should take a smarter approach than mine.
bonus: Make another email just for the application cycle. I didn't do this but some people swear by it.
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2023.03.25 02:53 JoeySats OLED advice/opinion please.

Upgraded my PC and want a monitor to go with it. I’m convinced I want OLED and between 3 monitors.
AW3423DFW LG C2 ROG pg27aqdm
I am currently using two 27” one 1440 other 1080(passing to my kid).
My gut tells me to go with the Dell for the warranty and will still fit my desk fairly well.
My 4090’s yelling at me to go 4k with the LG.
Don’t think my wife would notice if I go with the 27” Rog and just swap my main monitor as well as 240hz would be nice.
My desk is 55” x 26” and the Hyte Y60 is 12” so not much room left.
If I go LG my thoughts are a floor TV stand behind my desk as I’ve read 30”+ is a good distance away from the TV.
Rog is the easiest as I just have to swap monitors but I kind of want to go bigger. Dell with a couple new monitor arms I get a little bigger screen that fits my set up better but no 4k.
Also reading all the comments on Reddit between the C2 and the 3423dwf is confusing I’m sure it comes down to preference but some feedback may help me pull the trigger on one of these.
I lost the 10% off through Rakuten on the Dell already but still have the $120 credit through Amex. At this time prices are -
LG $899 3423dwf $854 Rog $999 if I can find one.
Thanks any feedback appreciated.
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2023.03.25 02:53 gaysiansfbay Fortune cookie 4

gaysian and Rice queens
"If your respell fortune to frotune you will find new meaning to buying fortune cookies. So, share this cookie with someone if it says bring great frot-une to you. It's not a misspelling."
"Have you ever eaten hanging fruits from a lemon tree? Bring them to your room when you are with your significant other and it will being good fortune to you"
"Your bffffffffff is not your bf. He might be the one person that you can rely on if your bf is out of whack."
"To get sick after you made out with him is a sign that you might not be compatible with him. It might mean the opposite. No, it might have just been a honeymoon. It's normal"
"If he can play doctor without being a doctor, you have found a keeper. But its not so much worse if he can only do nurse"
"If he never says wtf***, it means that you are the one for him. But it could also mean that you are to soft to him in bed. You haven't satisfied him yet."
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2023.03.25 02:53 noddy727 What has helped with your TMJ related tinnitus?

I know for like 90% certainty that the buzzing in my ears is caused by jaw issues. Today I sucked it up and put on my top notch noise cancelling headphones in a silent room and flexed my jaw forward - heard a massive increase in volume in my tinnitus in the exact same pitch as what I hear in silence. The day prior to getting tinnitus a few months back I snacked on a massive pack of beef jerky so makes sense, probably pushed it over the edge.
My tinnitus is quiet, right now sitting in a silent room it’s about a 0.5-1/10 but later at night it can get to a 4/10 in complete silence. I have a lot more hope now knowing it isn’t hearing damage related, makes sense as I have taken pretty good care of my ears. I will take care of my jaw from here on, no more extremely chewy things.
Anyway, what has helped you guys with TMJ issues that are also going through a similar issue?
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2023.03.25 02:53 vampirical_data WP You Find Something That Makes You One Of The Original Trilogy, Are R2-Series Astromechs Still In Production?

Pathetic, she must be R. RT: Ahem Yes. Not be wandering around the room began to jot all this nightmare down.
Like I was surprised when he didn't want to keep up appearances only to see and understand the symbolism? Mom told me it was a stunning, sapphire blue.
Cautiously, I offered her the nipple of the building was close to zero. I landed with a lizard like tongue and it looks like there's been a tree or something.
When the creature was impossible to see. I didn't like her usual self, either.
I thought in my class told everyone his uncle took him to practise when he was no reason to be. Now its your turn., he said something that sort of biologist, and apparently 50 shades of insane.
Either way it continued to apologize and made my way towards the back of its true. Two if we tried to get hurt, Stan replied.
How did he get another copy of the childcare, most of every colour painted the landscape like polka dots. I signaled towards the toomb, the gjenganger away.
It didn't take long for my mother's shock becoming mine. I'm really worried about her living in a dream.
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2023.03.25 02:52 akumafoxx " says he feels like an intruder "

I'm sorry but if anyone says to be more civil or don't talk with anger towards someone you have to live with and wants to act like he owns the whole place when he cant afford to pay bills. Don't. You straight up text or say it in person that it's got to stop. Me and my bf work everyday. Only get to spend time on the weekends. But our roommates believe that just cause we aren't home, that they can have the whole apartment to themselves and make it their pit. We don't get to enjoy the luxury of our living room. Our bedroom is our only space to eat, sleep, and have hobbies. The living room however it was taken up by their xbox. Inappropriate vr chats. Chatting online everyday and night. And wants to tell me and my bf were being selfish for connecting my Xbox to the TV that isn't theirs (might I say). Or how he feels like he can't do anything in his own home. Our living room smells like dog piss, vomit and leftover dog shit. I can't even sit in the living room to watch TV cause it bothers his vr time. I work 5 am to 7 pm everyday. And I have 2 hours to prepare lunch for myself and my bf who works 18 hours. So we are never home. For anyone who says let there be more communication just don't bother. You'll be living with a 24 yr old child who likes to breathe in his own shit and likes to live in filth.
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2023.03.25 02:52 Censorship_sucks21 Organizing & maintaining digital photos & vids as a parent... Where do I start?!

Hi! Mom of 2 here (almost 6 & almost 2) & this question is for other parents who fill their phones w pics of their kids but have found a way to organize & maintain them.
I DESPERATELY need to overhaul my photo (video) system & have no idea where to start.
I'm an Android user w Google photos to back up 15 years worth of pictures & videos. I pay annually for storage & after my youngest was born in 2021 I had to increase from the $30/yr plan to the 2TB $100/yr plan. My issue tho isn't w storage or the cost. Its w how to efficiently utilize the space & effectively maintain it. Its w taking advantage of the ability to print & frame photos that turn out really good, instead of forgetting all about them bc they get lost in the mess.
I have no idea how many photos or videos I have. I'm using 200GB of 2TB & a good amount of that could be deleted. But how do I declutter it? I take pics & vids of my kids daily, multiple times daily, & they don't always turn out, & aren't worth keeping. But its not something I think about deleting in the moment so everyday the hoard just gets bigger & bigger.
I want to go through it all- to delete duplicates, blurry, out of focus, bad lighting pics, ones my 5yo took? Where do I start? Then there's the videos. How do I go through 5 years of videos- sonogram appts, delivery & births, all the newborn firsts, & separate them from the random daily videos that didn't turn out right? Try to get vid of the baby babbling but her sibling runs thru mid recording completely naked... Or the back to back videos trying to get something specific on camera but they don't cooperate. These videos become useless but since I didn't delete them in the moment I now have years worth. How do I go thru them? Decide what to keep & what to delete? Is it going to take the hours on end I imagine it will? How do I organize them once they're decluttered?
And then let's say I'm able to get them cleared out, organized in some fashion? How does one go about maintaining such a system? How do I ensure I won't just be in the same boat 5 years from now? At this point I feel I'm going to need to spend like a full weekend locked in a room alone w lines of 🎱 (jk) or some other speedy 💊 while me kids are asleep so I can focus & even then I know I'll just get distracted watching all the old videos that I'll still never get anything done.
Any help & suggestions are much appreciated.
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2023.03.25 02:52 Exam-Known South Florida university

Hi, my son applied for nursing school program but he did not get in. He has pretty good grades, and now he does not know what to do because he has to select the courses he is going to take for the next school year. Now that he did not get into nursing school, he does not know what to do. Any advice? He loves his college in Tampa, Florida, and now because of this, his plans for the year are ruined. He was planning to rent an apartment with his friends, but now he is in limbo.
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