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2011.09.06 20:11 piss_n_boots Your San Francisco Giants!!

this is just a test, alrighty?

2023.03.22 07:44 ezsolarelectric007 San Marcos’ Best Solar Panel Installation Company

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2023.03.22 07:37 atraindude13 I love a minimalistic win. How hard do you think he threw his phone?

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2023.03.22 07:37 Guanfranco Need help getting tickets from POS to SAP. Maybe stopping in a nearby country?

I have to travel back soon to San Pedro Sula (SAP) from Trinidad (POS) with 2 adults and 1 child. The next decent ticket is on April 7th on Copa Airlines for $896 per adult. It'll be around $2200 just to fly one way. Do I have to leave POS in the next 1-3 weeks so any ideas for me? I once traveled from SAP to POS by passing through Guatemala by bus and I saved some money that way but I don't know how to do that from POS since I can't go to the bus station and buy a bus ticket. Also, we don't all have US visas so we can't pass through Miami.
I did find 1 flight from POS to GUA for $758 for March 27th so I'd have to book that very fast if I have to bus over to Honduras.
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2023.03.22 07:30 db0606 Interview with Mosquera from Colombian radio about call up to the national team [w/ translation]

Original link and audio in Spanish because I fat-fingered submit link vs. text and don't feel like resubmitting:
Reporter: "Juan David Mosquera is with us. Right now, he is one of the new faces on the national team that is going to face [South] Korea and Japan at the end of this month."
Reporter 2: "Yes, we have him on the line on Caracol Radio to talk about how he's doing on the Portland Timbers and how he received the call up to the national team. We welcome him now. Juan David, how are you doing? Good evening! Welcome!"
JDM: "Good evening! It's a pleasure to be here with you for a bit."
Reporter 2: "Thank for accepting our invitation. Well, Juan David, taking into account your youth and what you can bring to the team, how do you feel about this call-up?"
JDM: "Very happy, to be honest. It's a call-up that I have been working towards since the last one that I had a chance to be a part of against the US and where I had a chance to play. As soon as I finish a call-up, I start working towards the next one and that's what I did. With my team here [in Portland], my teammates help a lot, to help me grow, and that's been important."
Reporter: "Juan, I imagine you are very excited about his call-up. You were on [Colombia coach] Nestor Lorenzo's list, but the WC qualifiers are coming. How did you find out?"
JDM: "To tell the truth, the club had already told me and I had already been working on getting a visa [to travel to Japan and Korea], but I was waiting for [the call-up] to be made official. I knew I was on a short-list, but really, I'm just happy. Really happy! I think my family is also very happy with the moment that I am living professionally right now and let's hope that things go well, which would be good for everybody. It'd be good for the national team and for all the new players that were called up, who have a lot to bring to the team."
Reporter: "Hey, Juan David, tell us some more about your role on the pitch. In what position are you playing [on the Timbers] and how is the coach using you since this could give us a good idea about how Nestor Lorenzo might use you?"
JDM: "Realistically, the position is right back. I've always played there throughout my time as a player. Although on [Deportivo Independiente] Medellin, I also played a good bit of winger. [In Portland], we played the last match with 3 in the back, so I played more as a wingback but still kind of in a line of 5 [kind of alluding to 3-5-2 vs. 5-3-2]. But the important thing is that I am a player that can play up and down the touchlines, who can push forward, which is the most important part. I think this is one of my main characteristics. That I can push up to the opponents box."
Reporter: "Of course, well, we're here with Juan David Mosquera of the Portland Timbers and of the Colombian national team at this time on El Alargue [show name]. Juan David, you were telling us that for that match against the US, you were able to get more time with the team and get to know Nestor Lorenzo. What did he tell you specifically? What did he ask of you? What do you think Coach Lorenzo wants from you?"
JDM: "Well, at the last call-up there were a lot of, let's say, young players and many new players, so he really emphasized that we were representing the country and that in the US we were playing a rival that is always difficult. But [getting back to the question], what [Coach Lorenzo] had some clear ideas that will help us a lot, at least they'll help us young players. I think that's great and it's great that [Coach Lorenzo] is making it clear what he wants. There's a lot of good young players playing here in the US. There's Dylan Borrero and Jhon Jader Duran that were also called up and play here in the US [Duran is now at Aston Villa]. It's good to know that we were considered for the short list given that a few years back it was very rare to see an MLS player called up to a [Colombian] national team."
Reporter 2: "That is true. But how do you feel about the fact that you are going to play alongside national team stalwarts like Falcao Garcia, James Rodriguez, Camilo Vargas that are players that have a long history with the national team?"
JDM: "In my personal case, I think the important thing is to learn. To learn from each of them and get the most out of it for the future. To learn about what they have lived because as you said, they are players that have a lot of experience and have made a name for themselves and have represented the country well in Europe. But for now, I hope to learn, and also just hang out with them. We hung out a bit during my first call up for the match against Paraguay where I had a chance to be with them. At lot goes on there. You really unite with your teammates. Even though I was new, I felt like I had been called up a bunch of times. That's how they made me feel. But yeah, as I told you, the most important thing is to learn."
Reporter: "Hey, Juan, what does your itinerary look like? When are you traveling?"
JDM: "In my case, I play this weekend, on Saturday in Atlanta and after that match, I'll head out to Asia directly [so he's over there already]."
Reporter 2: "Gotcha... Well, Juan David, thanks a lot, thanks for talking with us and we hope that everything goes well for you with the national team."
JDM: "Thank you. It's been a pleasure being here with you. A big hug to all of you."
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2023.03.22 07:27 ddoubles Hvem har fordeler av om Norges Bank hever renten ytterligere, og hvem har det ikke?

Når USA hever renten, vil dette vanligvis øke interessen blant investorene for å investere i amerikanske verdipapirer. Dette kan føre til en økning i etterspørselen etter amerikanske dollar, og dermed en styrking av valutaen. Hvis Norge ikke øker renten samtidig som USA gjør det, kan dette føre til at investorene i stedet velger å investere i amerikanske verdipapirer, og dermed redusere etterspørselen etter norske kroner. Dette kan svekke kronen i forhold til dollar.
En svekkelse av kronen kan igjen føre til en økning i inflasjonen, fordi importerte varer vil bli dyrere. Dette kan igjen føre til at prisene på varer og tjenester i Norge vil øke, noe som kan ha negative konsekvenser for forbrukerne og bedriftene. Kronen er på sitt svakeste på to år. og svakere vil den bli, om renten ikke heves når andre sentralbanker gjør det.
Men en lav rente kan ha fordeler for boligeiere som har lån, fordi de vil ha lavere utgifter til renter og dermed mer penger til rådighet til å bruke på andre ting. Imidlertid vil ikke alle andre se fordeler ved dette, særlig de som sparer i banken eller som har fast inntekt vil ikke ha noen fordeler av en lav rente. De som støtter dette synet er Samfunnsøkonom Jan Ludvig Andreassen som stadig er ute å ber Norges Bank slutte å heve renten
Samlet sett kan det være en avveining mellom fordeler og ulemper ved å ikke heve renten når USA gjør det, og det er opp til Norges Bank å ta en beslutning basert på den økonomiske situasjonen i Norge. En hovedkonklusjon man kan trekke fra dette er at en svak krone er fordelaktig for de med store lån. Med lave renter og høy inflasjon vil det bli lettere å betjene lånene, og verdien av lånet vil reduseres når inflasjonen øker, spesielt hvis det fører til en lønnsspiral.
Det vi kan bevitne er at Norges Bank pauser rentehevingene og lar boligeierne stikke av med all fortjenesten igjen, slik vi har sett tidligere.
Årsaken til at at dette er et sannsynlig scenario er at vi har høy gjeldsgrad her til lands. Finner de derimot ut at de vil ofre boligeierne for å redde kronen, så kan det hende vi ser en dobbelheving, for de er bakpå, i kontekst av svak krone og lav rente her til lands.
Personlig tror jeg Norges bank står ved en korsvei, og vi vil se hvilket lag de heier på mest. De gjeldstunge boligeierne, eller de med fast og lav inntekt, og ingen bolig
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2023.03.22 07:25 techgeek2030 iOS Guide: Delete Duplicate Photos on iPhone

iOS Guide: Delete Duplicate Photos on iPhone
With iOS 16, the Pictures app is receiving several improvements. It's simple to overlook the minor, quality-of-life additions that find their way to your iPhones and iPads between Shared iCloud Picture Library and the new batch-edit capability. One such inclusion is a brand-new Duplicates album. Now that Apple automatically checks your library for duplicates or almost identical photographs, you may get rid of the seven duplicate photos with simple tricks. Luckily, there are a few quick ways to remove duplicate pictures without using an external tool.
Find A Reliable App
If you use a third-party app, choose a reliable and reputable one. Always read reviews and research the app before downloading it to ensure it is safe and effective. With the right app, you can quickly and easily remove duplicate photos from your iPhone, giving you more space and a more organized photo library. Consider using a third-party tool like the Core all-in-one phone manager and phone cleaner app; it can automatically detect and remove duplicate photos, freeing up space on your iPhone. Selecting and combining several photographs using the new Duplicates interface is only possible on iOS 16, currently available as a public beta.
Delete Duplicate Photos
You can use the built-in Photos app to delete duplicate photos on your iPhone without a third-party app. First, open the app and select the Albums tab. Then, scroll down and select Recently Deleted. Here, you can review all of the photos you recently deleted and delete any duplicates you come across. To determine numerous photographs to combine, hit the Select button. Next, pick merge duplicates from the popup menu after tapping the Merge button from the bottom bar, and all of the selected photographs will be combined.
Search for an Easy Method
Deleting duplicate photos on your iPhone can be time-consuming, but with the right tools, it doesn't have to be. Whether you choose to use the built-in Photos app or a third-party app, removing duplicates can help you save valuable storage space and make it easier to find the photos you need.
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2023.03.22 07:22 Meaning-Plenty Poets can’t remain aloof from politics, but they shouldn’t become its victims either: Rehman Rahi - Wande Magazine

Wande Magazine: How does it feel being Kashmir’s greatest living poet? (he has died since then)
Rehman Rahi: To say this myself would not be appropriate. Whatever people may think of me, I respect it. I have only ever attempted something feeble and small. Poetry was God’s gift to me. All my life, I have campaigned for the Kashmiri language. So when people recognise my work, it obviously makes me happy. I ask myself, ‘Is this really true?’ Those who have said this about me are well-known literary figures, so one feels they must be speaking the truth (laughs).
My single-minded effort has been to raise the standard of the Kashmiri language so that it achieves a status on par with the great languages of the world in which literature is written; to bring it to the notice of the world’s great writers so that they know what’s happening with this language.
It is God's blessing that verses and poems came to me that people have appreciated. If people didn’t appreciate my poetry, they wouldn’t have translated it. A lot of my poetry has been translated and it has gotten me recognition. When I meet people at different places who show respect for me and my work, I feel I must have done something good (smiles).
Are you disappointed that Kashmiris don’t sufficiently value their poets? As a poet, what do you desire from your community?
I want readers for Kashmiri poetry. I write poetry and it gets published but then someone should read it. There should be readers of Kashmiri poetry. Only after reading it can someone make an opinion about whether it is good or bad poetry. Or whether the poet is writing in the old traditional way or the modern or whether the poet is representing his people and society in his poetry. This can only be known and understood once someone reads it.
I feel very sad that there are not many readers of the Kashmiri language. It’s terribly sad. Earlier, not many books were published in Kashmiri, till even Mehjoor’s time. In his time, sixteen-page poetry pamphlets used to be published. These were not books or collections of poems. Today, almost every day there is a new collection of poetry and it’s brought out in a very professional manner. However, there are very few readers. Those who purchase books are different. Serious readers are different. Even if you lend someone a book, it’s not expected that they would read it. The one main reason for this is that the new generation of Kashmiris—those in schools, colleges and universities (who are the future readers) don’t have much of an inclination towards the Kashmiri language. They have not been taught and trained in this language. It’s not really their fault. There is no such culture in their homes, or in our schools or in society. Kashmiri language and those who speak it are looked down upon. People feel proud to speak in Urdu and other languages even if they don't speak those well. I feel really sad. Our recognition and the recognition of the Kashmiri language should come from young people.
If there are no readers for Kashmiri poetry, what is the fun of writing poetry?
There is a small minority of people, even some youngsters who show a lot of interest in Kashmiri poetry, but their number is very small. Looking at them one gets happy. There is hope that maybe in future the number of these people would increase.
A modest movement for the Kashmiri language is underway for which some organizations like Adbi Markaz Kamraz are specially working. Many others are working towards this end. If they succeed in their efforts, more people might get interested in the Kashmiri language.
Why don't major and influential poets like you participate in Kashmir’s intellectual and political discourse?
Kashmir has no real tradition of what you call political poetry. There are bits and pieces of political poetry in Sheikh ul Alam’s work which speak about the times he lived in. Majorly, it is Sufi poetry which has dominated the Kashmiri literary landscape. Sufi poetry is metaphysical and doesn’t have much to do with the affairs of this world. This is one main reason why poets haven’t been part of the political discourse.
However, it is not entirely true that we [poets] don’t participate at all. Recently, I participated in a political rally. It’s not necessary to mention where. A leader at the rally complained that Kashmiri poets aren't part of the political discourse. In response, I read a nazm there. They were surprised to hear the nazm in which I had talked about the Kashmiri struggle at length. The nazm is called Khak e Karbala.
Since 1947 onwards, many poets in Kashmir have written about the contemporary times they were living in and about their political and social realities. A lot has been written. I have also written at length. Now when people don’t read, what can I do about it? It then seems we haven’t written anything.
Poets don’t participate in protest demonstrations and rallies. But whenever we felt it was necessary to participate, we participated without hesitation, especially for the [promotion] Kashmiri language for which we have held demonstrations for weeks altogether in Pratap Park [Lal Chowk, Srinagar]. Men and women participated in that demonstration and we sat there for a week. The result [of that demonstration] was that the Kashmiri language was introduced in primary classes at schools.
We also have to look at the peculiarities of different eras in Kashmir. Mehjoor and Azad were political poets and Dina Nath Nadim was in and out a political poet. Mehjoor and Azad are among the first poets who represented Kashmir’s political reality in their poems. Mehjoor showed the Kashmiri people their history. He showed that we [Kashmiris] are not a small people and that we possess a rich history in our cultural and political past. He offered Kashmiris their history and invoked us to rise. After 1947, there was a concerted effort to elevate the Kashmiri language through the inclusion of other genres of literature, which weren't part of the Kashmiri language before such as short stories, essays, novels and literary criticism.
In contemporary times, we have Zareef Ahmad Zareef whose entire poetry is political and many others like Amin Kamil have written at length about the politics of this place, especially after 1947 which we now call resistance poetry.
I have also tried my hand at resistance poetry. But as I said, there is only one handicap, which is that there are very few readers available. If there are readers of Kashmiri, this language will survive. If there are no readers, it will die. It is said, that every day in the world there are languages which die as there are no speakers. If the same happens with Kashmir, then what is Rehman Rahi, Dina Nath Nadim or Mehjoor?
We have also witnessed a massive change in social and political times. In the past, if you would have asked Sheikh ul Alam or Shams Faqir to write or comment on political times, they wouldn’t have been able to do it. There was no such culture in those times. They used to speak or write about an otherworldly metaphysical world.
The present times are different. The present times are very political in nature. We live in a very political world.
Are you worried about the future of the Kashmiri language and poetry?
I am worried but not sad because new writers are being born in Kashmir. We have a handful of serious readers who read Kashmiri literature and then comment and write about it. Many books have appeared critiquing and appreciating the work of poets like me. These bunch of people have realized that writing in Kashmiri is a serious affair and should be taken seriously unlike our children in schools and colleges who pay no attention and consider Kashmiri literature not worthy of their interest and attention.
If only Kashmiri people would realize how rich our language is, we will work for it day and night. The Kashmiri language has great potential. I have never been disappointed by the Kashmiri language. It’s not restrictive language. At times while writing poetry, there would be challenges such as there was no word available in Persian, Sanskrit, Urdu or even Kashmiri but such is the nature of the Kashmir language that I could make new words, which were later accepted and appreciated.
If the Kashmiri nation has to truly survive, it will only survive through the Kashmiri language. Otherwise Kashmiri nation will be a soulless nation.
Is there anyone among the younger crop of Kashmiri poets who you think holds promise?
There are many. They aren’t young poets, but they are my younger contemporaries. Rafiq Raaz is an excellent poet. There are limitations with his oeuvre, of course, but he is a genuine poet who will contribute a great deal to Kashmiri literature. There are limitations to his poetry because he gets too concerned about the technicalities and restricts himself.
I have written a verse about Rafiq Raaz in one of my books.
Rafiq Raaz chu muchraan tilismii khanan barr Sarood khan chiss sormi nazar ti khamosh hi
There is Shafi Shauq, who has been a professor at the University of Kashmir. Shad Ramzan is another fine poet. Shahnaz Rashid is another promising poet.
Shahnaz Rashid writes both ghazals and nazms. He didn’t write nazms but I encouraged him and he wrote some brilliant nazms. Ghulam Rasool Josh from Charar-e-Sharief is another excellent poet.
There are excellent poetesses as well such as Ruksana Jabeen and Naseem Shafaie. While Jabeen writes in both Kashmiri and Urdu, Shafaie writes in Kashmiri alone. Shafaie has received an award from the Sahitya Academy.
Kashmiris have produced great poetry because they have faced oppression. Sufi poetry, in fact, was a response to the deplorable conditions of our people. Today, there are only a few genuine Sufi poets in Kashmir.
How do you see the rise of BJP? What does it portend for Kashmir?
There is always a reason to worry when men of narrow thought come to power. They might think they are right in themselves, but they are not. Take Modi for instance. He is a Hindutva man and he might think Hindutva is a great philosophy. To an extent, it is fine if he or other Indians feel Hindutva gives them some historical identity and they have some sort of past to live up to. It becomes problematic when they adopt a narrow vision of politics. If we don’t accept the narrow politics of some Muslim leaders who believe that Muslims are the only great community, how can I accept Hindutva?
Another problem with the current times is the spectre of party politics and the notion that one's party should win by hook or crook. In my younger days, the youth used to look up to political parties as philosophical bastions. Youth were attracted to them mainly because the parties had some philosophical ideas to offer. I, for one, was attracted to the communist ideology and became a member of the Communist Party in Kashmir. I really thought they had something new to offer and some new ideas. Later on, I was disillusioned and today I can’t call myself a follower of Marx. However, back then, it did seem that Marx was saying something that no one before had articulated.
With the coming to power of these people, if the Kashmiri identity is attacked, I will oppose it. It should be opposed by everybody. The Kashmiri identity has some peculiar characteristics which should be protected.
We often hear of the killings in Kashmir. We hear about someone being shot on the roadside or someone being shot while buying essentials. We also hear of men entering homes and killing people. I just remembered a verse. There is a word in this couplet, “mogjaar”, which means freedom.
Parwardigar’e saane ti mogjaar mekh karam Kath poshe waare baaghe barikh boale badle bamm
Wech aasi daare lyie, ti pellet gun aechen pharrem Shah taan kruuth pyom pepper krath seene dam
Almighty, show mercy, guide us to the path of freedom Every word of this flower garden they barter with a bomb
If a window opens the breadth of an eyelid, a pellet gun robs the eye of light Pepper guns make the air bitter, metonymy, a lung pogrom
This was written last year on September 28 [2016]. I saw a picture of a young girl who had been blinded and it moved me and made me cry. There is tremendous oppression here and we must raise our voices against it. As a poet, this is my protest against it. I can’t do anything else.
Did you ever think of returning your awards when artists across India were doing so to protest curbs on artistic and intellectual freedom? If not, why?
Had I been given any awards by the government, I would have returned them. The awards I have received are from literary organisations like Sahitya Academy, Jnanpith or Kabeer Samaan. These are not awards from politicians. The awards I have received were in recognition of the Kashmiri language. Why should I return them?
When I won the Jnanpith award, journalists asked me how I felt. I told them that with this award, the Kashmiri language has moved forward. Whether I, as a poet, moved forward or not, the Kashmiri language definitely has. This [Jnanpith award] was a recognition of the Kashmiri language. Why should I reject it? How can I reject it?
Kashmir witnessed a bloody summer in 2016 and nearly a hundred people were killed and hundreds lost eyesight. But there was no word from Kashmir’s greatest living poet. What was the reason for your silence?
It is totally wrong to say that I have been silent. I have written many poems in protest, not just last year but also in the turbulent nineties. I have written many poems about the oppression in Kashmir and the resistance as well. Not just me, but many poets have been actively writing.
I will recite a poem I wrote in 1990 and you tell me whether the accusations against me hold any truth. I once recited this poem at a political rally. I told the gathering they weren’t truly aware of what was happening. I told them that they might be in politics but they didn’t know much. The poem is titled Khak-e-Karbala, or the dust of Karbala, which is used by the faithful to heal the wounds inflicted as part of marsiya during Muharram. I sent the poem to many prominent newspapers at that time but no one published it.
In my recent collection Kadla Thatis Peth (On The Pier of the Bridge), there are a few poems that expressly talk about the present political situation. It’s not my fault that people don’t read. What can I do about it?
I will now recite some lines from Khak-e-Karbala:
Agar ni saanen chokken zabaan kanh Magar yi rath gassi ni raaiygan zanh
Phezaar dyitan beshoar keatil Yi daage laanath yi yas ni challnai
Yi rath mushuk saar boambran hyund Yi rath haya mand yemburzal’an hyund
Yi rath talatum jawaan johdun Yi rath tafazul qayaam ohad’uk
Yi rath ba faize Hussain khoda joo Yi rath ba fazle khoda sorakh ruu
Yi rath chu baarav divan buuziv Shaheed qoamuk bayaan boeziv
Setha setha kaal annigaetis manz preyn gulami Lalluv bye sakh zuv zante zahar heattis manz
Setha setha kaal chaangi dod rath Na aayi kanh ath na draayi kanh wath
Zamaan woth nindri aes wathav na Cztaan chi zanjeer aes chattav na
Bedaar ehsaas prazznatte gov Choppyear Azadi hyund talab pyov
Dua mongukh aes ti gash sarrhev Chu kya lyeakith laani, pane parhev
Shurren muqabal sippah treavikh Machine gun kotran chalevikh
Su foaj koachan ti angnan manz Mahali jang zan ti bazran manz
Jawaan thod woth ti gueel siinas Buzargh broah poak ti prathh jabeenas
Aennis dopukh woth kuthen muchar barr Kaellis dopukh raam naam sathe parr
Saleem maerikh Salaam moarukh Habib moarukh Hishaam moarukh
Hu beang balai baam moarukh Yi muktidu ko imam moarukh
Yi shahar moaruk yi gaam moarukh Kasheere hund subah sham moarukh
Agar ni sannen chokken zabaan kanh Magar yi rath gassi ni raiy ganh zanh
Yi rath amanat chu Karbala huk Yi rath tas ni tehreer inqilab’uk
Zamaan hargah pricchev haqeeqat Dapyus reashe maale ker bagawat
I have recited this poem at many events in the presence of several leaders. There are five-six collections of my poetry that have poems about the political situation, and about my fundamental concern, which is of a man in this universe.
Do you think poets should remain distanced from the political life of the place they belong to or live in?
One cannot stay aloof at all. Politics is like air and it reaches everywhere. In Kashmir, if a man goes to a baker’s shop and finds that the size of the bread is not what he expected, politics over it will start. They will say "Yi ha kor hindustaanan (This is India’s handiwork)"(laughs). What happens in Kashmir on a day-to-day basis can make an artist politically conscious. But the artist or the poet doesn’t have to become a politician. He has to remain a poet. What does being a poet mean? It shouldn’t be only translating experience into verse but presenting it in such a way so that the reader sees himself/herself through that experience.
Poets can’t remain distanced from the politics of their place but they shouldn’t become victims of politics either. It’s one thing to do poetry and another to do sloganeering. Mehjoor and Azad did some bit of sloganeering, but they wrote wonderful poetry. Mehjoor’s most popular poem Wala Ha Bagwano is more of a slogan than poetry. Azad was an avowed Marxist. He used to agitate for farmers’ rights. They were great poets, and yet political.
What do you think is the role of a writer or intellectual in a place like Kashmir?
The primary role of a writer or poet is to agitate and protest through his craft alone. His role is to move the reader and to make him feel the agony. The poet doesn’t report. That is the journalist’s job. The journalist explains that this person was killed in these circumstances. The poet’s job is to depict the killing as if it happened in front of the reader, and as if the reader himself was being killed. The living reality of a poem should move the soul of the reader.
Craft and imagination is the key for writers and poets. Their craft should make the written word a living reality. The role of the poet is the creation and that is why it’s called takhleeq (creation) because what the poet sees and feels he translates (creates) onto the page.
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2023.03.22 07:17 New_Information_675 Sidewalk Repair Contractors in NYC

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2023.03.22 07:16 Ok_Care_4874 Good few days🔒 might drop something in here for tomorrow 👀

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2023.03.22 07:09 JaqueLacoque My current strategy: Build up a bankroll, cashout whenever a game is even remotely close and then go high stakes low odds.

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2023.03.22 07:06 sourceten1 Source TEN - Your One-Stop-Shop For Professional Video Production Services

Source TEN - Your One-Stop-Shop For Professional Video Production Services
In today's world of digital marketing, video content is one of the most effective ways to reach and engage with your target audience. A well-produced video can tell a story, showcase your brand, and create an emotional connection with your audience. However, creating a high-quality video is not an easy task, and it requires the expertise of professional video production companies.
If you are looking for top-notch video production services in Wisconsin or the US, we are your one-stop shop for all your video production needs. A premium, high-quality English/Spanish video production and content creation team based in Wisconsin, serving clients across the US.

Visual Storytelling That Inspires, Motivates, And Engages

We are a team of creative video marketers who specialize in crafting cinematic narratives that inspire, motivate, and engage your audience. They have an eye for storytelling and a heart for collaboration, which enables them to deliver high-quality video production services that exceed their client's expectations.
Their expertise in visual storytelling enables them to help you find the story you want to tell or help you create one from scratch. Our bilingual, multicultural team offers a unique perspective, and they can help you create authentic content that resonates with diverse audiences.

Bilingual Video Productions That Reach Diverse Audiences

As experienced creative professionals serving the general market, we are also proud to serve as consultants on the Hispanic market. Their Mexican-born owner Sandra Dempsey has decades of experience marketing to Hispanic audiences, and their team can help interpret and transform your message to resonate with Hispanic viewers.
Milwaukee Video Production companies are committed to creating authentic content that reaches diverse audiences. They believe that everyone has a story to tell, and they are dedicated to helping you tell yours.
Some of their notable clients include Wisconsin State Fair, Milwaukee Bucks, Milwaukee Tool, and Northwestern Mutual. Our ability to deliver high-quality video production services has made them one of the leading video production companies in Milwaukee and beyond.

How Source TEN Stands Out From Other Video Production Companies

We are committed to diversity and inclusion in their video production services. They believe that everyone has a story to tell and are dedicated to helping their clients share their stories in a way that resonates with diverse audiences.
Their video production services include concept development, scriptwriting, location scouting, filming, editing, and post-production. They use the latest technology and techniques to ensure that their videos are of the highest quality, and they work closely with their clients to ensure that their vision is brought to life.
In addition to video production services, we offer content creation services, including social media content, blog posts, and website copy. They understand that video is just one part of a comprehensive marketing strategy and are committed to helping their clients create content that drives engagement and results.

Examples Of Source Ten's Work And Their Commitment To Diversity And Inclusion

We have worked with a variety of clients across different industries, including the Wisconsin State Fair and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. A Milwaukee Video Production Company, recognizing its commitment to diversity and inclusion in its video production services.
Their founder, Sandra Dempsey, a Mexican-born professional with decades of experience marketing to Hispanic audiences, leads the team. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion ensures that their clients' stories are represented authentically and resonate with diverse audiences.

How Source TEN Can Help Your Business Or Personal Brand Stand Out

In today's digital age, businesses and personal brands need to stand out to succeed. Video production is a powerful tool for capturing attention, conveying a message, and engaging with audiences. We can help your business or personal brand create videos that tell your unique story and connect with your target audience.
Whether you need a promotional video, a brand film, a social media campaign, or any other type of video content, we can help. Their team of creative professionals has experience working with a wide range of industries and can tailor their services to meet your specific needs.

The Benefits Of Choosing Source TEN For Your Video Production Needs

When you choose us for your video production needs, you can expect to receive premium services that are tailored to your unique needs. Their team of bilingual, multicultural professionals has a passion for storytelling and collaboration and will work closely with you to bring your vision to life.
Some Of The Benefits Of Choosing Us For Your Video Production Needs Include:
  • Premium video production services that use the latest technology and techniques
  • A commitment to diversity and inclusion in all aspects of their services
  • Content creation services that help you create engaging content that drives results
  • A team of experienced professionals who are passionate about storytelling and collaboration
  • Tailored services that meet your specific needs and budget.


We are a one-stop shop for premium video production and content creation services in Wisconsin. Their team of bilingual, multicultural professionals has a passion for storytelling and collaboration and can help you create videos that inspire, motivate, and engage your target audience.
Whether you need a promotional video, a brand film, a social media campaign, or any other type of video content, we can help. They have a commitment to diversity and inclusion, social impact, and tailoring their services to meet your specific needs and budget.
If you're ready to bring your story to life through premium video production services, get in touch with us today. Let them help you create videos that captivate your audience and drive results.
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2023.03.22 06:59 bakhlatours Umrah Packages, Best 15 Day Umrah Package From Mumbai

Umrah Packages, Best 15 Day Umrah Package From Mumbai
Umrah Packages, 15 Day Umrah Package Form Mumbai Call @+919920820751. Bakhla Tours is one of the leading companies for providing Umrah Package 2023.
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2023.03.22 06:29 Wizrad_d More interesting pickups from a local game store! I had no idea there was a Nicktoons MLB game?? Really cool. $110 usd for the lot.

More interesting pickups from a local game store! I had no idea there was a Nicktoons MLB game?? Really cool. $110 usd for the lot.
Any game with Kawaii and Deathu in the title is an instant cop for me.
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2023.03.22 06:28 izyyaboijr W

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2023.03.22 06:19 kokasexton Double whammy. Prepare for the cartoonishly full BART cars from SF trains just like last Tuesday evening. The only easy way across the bay left.

Double whammy. Prepare for the cartoonishly full BART cars from SF trains just like last Tuesday evening. The only easy way across the bay left. submitted by kokasexton to kokasexton [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 06:19 Smezziamo DOWNLOAD Ecom Capital Empire di Luca Valori ► VAI SU SMEZZIAMO.COM

Scopri come scaricare il corso Ecom Capital Empire di Luca Valori su SMEZZIAMO.COM ad un prezzo super-scontato, praticamente (quasi) GRATIS!


Come scaricare (quasi) GRATIS Ecom Capital Empire di Luca Valori? organizza gruppi di acquisto per i tuoi corsi online preferiti, condividendo il costo finale con altre persone e fornendo accesso agli stessi video e file come se avessi pagato il prezzo intero.
Con il download immediato subito dopo l'acquisto e gli aggiornamenti garantiti entro 48 ore dalla loro uscita. Inoltre, non solo potrai accedere al corso di Ecom Capital Empire di Luca Valori, ma potrai anche trovare una vasta gamma di corsi scontati e perfino gratuiti su


Come acquistare a prezzo scontato Ecom Capital Empire di Luca Valori?

Un'esclusiva notizia per tutti gli appassionati del settore eCommerce: Luca Valori, uno dei formatori più esperti di eCommerce in Italia, ha reso disponibile il suo corso Ecom Capital Empire per un prezzo super-scontato.
Il corso Ecom Capital Empire di Luca Valori è uno dei corsi più apprezzati nel settore eCommerce, e ora è possibile scaricarlo (quasi) gratuitamente attraverso il servizio è un servizio che consente ai clienti di scaricare i corsi dei formatori preferiti con uno sconto fino al 97%.
Questa è una grande opportunità per chiunque sia interessato a imparare l'eCommerce, in particolare le persone che non possono permettersi il prezzo completo del corso Ecom Capital Empire. offre anche aggiornamenti gratuiti entro 48 ore dall'uscita dei prodotti, garantendo un'esperienza di acquisto sicura e facile. Ma c'è di più: con l'acquisto del corso, interessati riceveranno anche una garanzia di rimborso entro 30 giorni nel caso in cui non dovessero soddisfare il prodotto.
Cosa stai aspettando? Scarica ora l'Ecom Capital Empire di Luca Valori attraverso e approfitta dello sconto super!

Di cosa parla Ecom Capital Empire di Luca Valori?

Ecom Capital Empire: il corso definitivo per dominare l’e-commerce Se sei alla ricerca di un corso completo ed avanzato per apprendere le migliori tecniche di vendita online, Ecom Capital Empire è la scelta ideale per te. Con oltre 400 lezioni disponibili, il corso ti guiderà passo dopo passo alla creazione e alla crescita di un e-commerce di successo, anche se parti da zero e hai poco budget. Il corso, ideato da Luca Valori, è il più grande e completo del suo genere in Europa. Imparerai come vendere online con l’e-commerce 2.0, come costruire e far crescere un brand, come vendere prodotti fisici e digitali, e come portare traffico organico e genuino sul tuo sito, aumentando le vendite e i fatturati. Tra i moduli presenti all’interno del corso, troverai lezioni dedicate alle basi dell’e-commerce, alle tecniche avanzate di Shopify, alla grafica vincente per l’e-commerce, al dropshipping 2.0 e al private label. Ecom Capital Empire è il corso perfetto per chi vuole imparare a vendere online come un professionista. Infatti, grazie alle strategie segrete incluse nel corso, potrai produrre traffico organico e ottenere risultati eccezionali senza investire un solo euro in fonti di traffico a pagamento. Scegli Ecom Capital Empire per diventare un esperto del settore e far crescere il tuo business online!
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2023.03.22 06:11 vomitfrog PROJECT CAPSULE MONSTERS All Feedback Appreciated!


This project aims to modernize the Alpha and Beta Pokémon designs with guidance from the official renders. The first generation of Pokémon will be redesigned to better resemble their beta sprites, concept art, and conceptual origin, all while using more modern Pokémon design principals: Starter Themes, Readable Silhouettes, Shape Language, Ecological Roles, etc.[NO DESIGN IS FINAL]
Capsule Monster #001
With that, I've run into a problem regarding both Butterfree, and Marowak. In the final designs, it looks like Butterfree and Venomoth switched places (Though there's no proof in the code that I could find). A similar issue arises with Marowak, who's beta sprites show that it was originally likely to evolve into Kangaskhan, even though Kangaskhan and the mother Marowak coexisted for a time. Should I revert these Pokémon to their original roles?
In addition, I've downsized the Type Chart to 15 (the original number of types) by merging redundancies, and overlapping themes from the modern games. I'm trying to stay true to each types respective role, though it seems I may have made them rather unbalanced.
Type Chart Notes:- Rock & Ground were fused into Earth, though I'm not sure how I feel about the name.- Dark and Ghost were fused due to their identical effectiveness', now named Shadow as an homage to Pokémon Colosseum.- Water & Ice were fused to make better element symmetry between the Dragon resistances, and the Legendary trios of generations 1 & 2.- Psychic was renamed to Mystic to better portray the Mysticism concept it represents in later generations i.e. cosmic beings, psychics, and things beyond human understanding.- Steel was changed to Metal for type inclusivity, the name coming from Steel type moves like Metal Burst, and items like the Metal Coat.- Poison was originally changed to Toxin for type inclusivity, though changed again to mimic the Poison type move, Toxic. (It also sounds better phonetically)-Bug was changed for type inclusivity, giving arachnids better place in their type as Pest.-Grass was changed for type inclusivity, now named after its TCG counterpart: Plant.-Fighting was changed for naming redundancy, as all Pokémon fight, now referred to with a more tactical term that takes from the Fighting type move, Close Combat. (Not sure how I feel about that name either)Please offer any feedback you can. Any and all criticisms, or answers to the questions are appreciated.
Capsule Monsters Type Chart
TLDR: In a project that blends Capsule Monsters & Pokémon, how should Butterfree and Marowak be handled given their intended roles? Additionally, how should this revised Type Chart be tweaked for gameplay and sensibility?
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2023.03.22 06:10 intelliblocktech Decentralized Finance Development

Decentralized Finance Development
Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is rapidly becoming one of the most exciting developments in the blockchain space. It promises to transform traditional financial systems by making them more transparent, efficient, and accessible to everyone. One of the key players in this space is Intelliblock, a DeFi development company that is dedicated to building innovative financial solutions on the blockchain.
Intelliblock's vision is to create a financial ecosystem that is decentralized, secure, and accessible to everyone. The company's team of experts is made up of blockchain developers, economists, and financial professionals who are committed to creating cutting-edge solutions that will revolutionize the financial industry.

Decentralized Finance development
Intelliblock's flagship product is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies without intermediaries. This means that users can trade directly with each other, eliminating the need for a centralized exchange. The Intelliblock DEX is built on the Ethereum blockchain and uses smart contracts to execute trades automatically, ensuring that they are executed quickly and securely.
In addition to its DEX, Intelliblock is also developing other DeFi products, including decentralized lending platforms, insurance solutions, and prediction markets. These solutions are designed to provide users with greater control over their finances, while also reducing costs and improving transparency.
One of the key benefits of decentralized finance is its ability to democratize access to financial services. With traditional financial systems, many people are excluded from accessing basic financial services due to factors such as high fees, creditworthiness requirements, and geographical location. DeFi solutions like Intelliblock's DEX and lending platform can help to bridge this gap, providing people with access to financial services that were previously unavailable to them.
As DeFi continues to grow and evolve, Intelliblock is poised to be at the forefront of this exciting development. The company's commitment to innovation, security, and accessibility make it an ideal partner for those looking to enter the DeFi space. With its cutting-edge solutions and dedicated team of experts, Intelliblock is well positioned to help transform the financial industry and create a more decentralized and inclusive financial ecosystem for all.
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2023.03.22 06:08 AdeptnessSlight1431 Went to book a PS5 but ended up buying one at Sony centre JP Nagar

Went to book a PS5 but ended up buying one at Sony centre JP Nagar
Hi all, finally i bought my console after missing out the online sales. Went to the Sony Centre in JP nagar, Bengaluru to pre book a console and atleast 10 were in stock. I was offered a GoW CD as a bundle but after negotiating for some time, they agreed to give the console alone and also a red dualsense controller. Hassle free purchase. Paid full amount. Doubt if they will be selling the console sans the GoW CD.
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2023.03.22 06:00 Critical_Put_6802 What is I2 diamond clarity?

What is I2 diamond clarity?
I2 is a clarity grade given to diamonds that contain inclusions that are easily visible to the naked eye.
The "I" in I2 stands for "included," which means that the diamond has inclusions, or imperfections, that are present within the stone. The "2" in I2 indicates that the inclusions are easily visible, even to the untrained eye.
Diamonds with I2 clarity are generally less expensive than diamonds with higher clarity grades, such as VVS, VS, or SI, because their inclusions are more noticeable and affect the overall appearance of the diamond.
However, for some people, the inclusions in an I2 diamond may not be noticeable when the diamond is set in a piece of jewelry. It ultimately comes down to personal preference and how important the clarity of the diamond is to the individual.
At Anita Diamonds, we are committed to giving you the true quality of natural diamonds, with the clarity provided by nature, and not enhanced or treated.
All loose diamonds are handpicked and double-checked by our expert team of professional gemologists to ensure they are 100% natural. We specialize in IF-SI1 clarities.
You can Contact the most trustworthy diamond dealers in Belgium to buy diamonds with the best clarity.
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2023.03.22 05:58 Kadooka First time in spain (Need help with itinerary plz)

Hey all, just looking for opinions on if this itinerary is possible. First all, we can rent a car, i know train is efficient as well. Trip is from May 4th until May 18th. Leaving from Madrid at 12:00 I know we want to see a lot and wondering if its too much ?
Arrive in Madrid 10:20Am We have a wedding in Benahavis on the 15th so we are looking to focus mostly on southern Spain.
Cities we want to go is Seville, Malaga, Gibraltar, Ibiza, Valencia, Grenada, San Sebastian, Salamanca, Barcelona (maybe not enough time)
Thanks so much for the help and suggestions.
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2023.03.22 05:58 entireconspiracy 25 [f4m] looking to rim and fuck a clean cock tonight. Anyone need some discreet sloppy head or a place to jerk/fuck? NSA

Here in San jose looking to hookup. Able to host so I wanna meet someone interesting and serious. Who’s interested? Please send a selfie first of all and from there let’s see where it’s gonna lead us to otherwise, don’t waste my time or yours
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