The arbors on forest ridge apartments


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"In this forest, the trees grow down. This is for the die hard explorers, who work to uncover the dark secrets of the neon lit streets." - The official Redwood T-Shirt on the Zaibatsu catalog, on ROBLOX This is a community dedicated to attempting to solve Neon District's Redwood Apartments secret. The official ND game can be found here. All other ND games are fake.!/about

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A community for redditors residing in or otherwise interested in the State of Maryland, USA.

2013.03.31 19:58 wwdillingham Vermont's "footpath in the wilderness" The oldest long distance hiking trail in America

Built by the Green Mountain Club between 1910 and 1930, the Long Trail is the oldest long-distance (~273mi/440km) trail in the United States. The Long Trail follows the main ridge of the Green Mountains from the Massachusetts-Vermont line to the Canadian border as it crosses Vermont's highest peaks. It was the inspiration for the Appalachian Trail, which coincides with it for one hundred miles in the southern third of the state.

2023.06.07 20:40 KotMalenki For those (like myself) who believe that Michael is a pedo, let’s talk about statute of limitations in Indiana on sexual abuse of a child…

Disclaimer: obviously I’m playing armchair detective and this is speculation. But I think it’s some quality speculation.
So the case where Michael was acquitted and the case against his wife were both concerning charges related to neglect/abandonment. I want to rewatch the series to make sure I got this right, but I don’t believe there was ANY mention of sexual abuse of Natalia in those cases.
Which, if you think about it… abuse and neglect is likely the tip of the iceberg, with this family. While the filmmakers don’t draw a ton of attention to it, there’s obviously red flags all around Natalia’s behavior and Michael that are clearly pointing to sexual abuse. (We don’t know for sure, but I’m personally convinced) I suspect that they trafficked her to other pedophiles as well. Maybe that sounds extreme or conspiratorial, but I have come to understand that this is kind of a typical move for pedophiles. The internet has made it easier for them to find each other and form tight knit communities, and there’s also large amounts of money to be made off of children in this way (😔💔🤢).
So… based on the fact that Natalia said to one of her neighbors that she was literally prostituted (in her first apartment, where everyone thought she was just a crazy adult), and that Kristine tried to whore her out to the guy interviewed at the end of the series, and alllllll the weird pedophile red flags Michael gives me. Oh, AND as the investigators pointed out multiple times, it appears that they were trying to get rid of her but also keep her from speaking to or contacting literally anyone… to me suggests the family has bigger secrets. Also, having the son pee on her bed, wether or not that story is true, I don’t know why exactly but something about it felt sexual in nature? Like it was something that came out of the mind of a peadophile, tbh. Like having a kid pee on another kid, or on their belongings screams weird pedophile kink shit to me.
Anyway, you get the idea. I for one am 100% convinced. So now, the interesting thing about statute of limitations: apparently, up until 2019, 6 years after the Barnetts had NG re-aged to 22, conveniently the age where they stop being legally responsible for her… also, conveniently 4 years after turning 18—which is (or was, prior to 2019?) one of the statutes of limitations on child sex crimes. Ok, someone who actually knows the laws in Indiana needs to speak on this. Because I not only think that this re-aging stunt reveals a lot more about the Barnett’s dark deeds and intentions than we realize, but I also think this may be the justice we’re actually hoping for for Natalia. Because apparently in 2019 the laws changed and there are now effectively not statute of limitations on sex crimes against children—this is what I’ve gathered from 5 minutes of googling, so I am kind of shooting from the hip as I say this, but I think there’s something here. And I’m curious what others think about this. 🤔
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2023.06.07 20:39 Penguintoss How is everyone so calm about this?

How is everyone so calm about this?
Asbestos! I haven’t seen it in the cities, but out in the country up North, there’s asbestos siding on most of the abandoned houses (of which there are many), and even some of the occupied ones. My Scandinavian husband assures me it’s “only a problem if it start at breaking apart”. But there are often broken asbestos tiles on these houses? As someone who grew up in the US where kids were getting cancer from asbestos insulation and if it’s even suspected, the whole area gets closed off, I’m pretty paranoid. Why is no one here in Norway freaking out about it? And should I stop running by the house in the picture or are we in the USA just being alarmist about the whole thing?
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2023.06.07 20:39 Weird-Concentrate922 I (27M) Am Feeling Insecure about Dating a Successful Single Mother (26F)

I hope you can offer some advice and support on a personal matter.
I'm a bald, chubby, and overweight black man, and I work as an engineer, which provides me with a decent living. I don't consider myself unattractive, but I often feel like I don't rank high on the attractiveness scale. I currently rent a moderate apartment in a good neighborhood, and while I'm not super wealthy, I'm doing alright financially. In most of my past relationships, I've been the one who makes more money and provides for my partners. I'm known for my kindness, independence, and emotional intelligence, which tends to draw some women towards me.
Recently, I met an amazing woman who happens to be a real estate agent on Hinge. She's a year younger than me and holds two bachelor's degrees. She owns a beautiful house and places great importance on her mental and physical well-being. We share similar interests and both value self-improvement. I can see a lot of potential in this relationship.
However, I can't help but feel extremely nervous and inadequate. She seems to have everything in her life, except a partner. I worry that I have nothing substantial to offer her. She's fit, thin, successful, and has a gorgeous house, while I'm still renting and don't possess the same level of wealth. It's making me doubt myself and my worthiness of being with her.
TL;DR: Seeking advice on dating a successful woman who has it all, while I struggle with feelings of inadequacy due to differences in our lifestyles and achievements.
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2023.06.07 20:39 PatientBuilder499 On the occupied Kinburn Spit,forests are burning.

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2023.06.07 20:39 arasguims My turtle is missing

My turtle is missing
hello. some days ago i posted about my turtle because her mouth had a hole. now this is a way sadder post. my turtle is missing since yesterday. my 2 turtles live in a tank on our balcony and suddenly only one of them is in there. i dont know how the other got out or where she went. we’ve looked all around our apartment building and asked our neighbours but shes nowhere to be found. ive been crying so much. i guess this is goodbye Leo. you were my best birthday present ever. i hope you enjoyed these 6 years as much as we did.
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2023.06.07 20:38 cynicalnoodles My (25M) girlfriend (24F) of almost 2 years is worried about the long-term

My girlfriend and I have been dating almost 2 years. We have been long distance for the last year (7hrs flight away), and see each other in-person about 7 days a month. She is about to move closer (2.5 hrs away) to start a PhD program in the fall, and is understandably under a lot of stress around that.
Neither of us dated much before other than a few coffee or dinner meetups that went nowhere during/post-college. We both had 1-2 year long relationships in high school.
Her parents divorced a few months ago. One factor in the divorce, among several others, is that her mother felt that she settled down too soon without having explored herself or dated many other besides her father. My girlfriend shares that fear, and has been worried about her own lack of dating experience.
We are serious, and have talked about considering getting married and starting a family within the next 5 years. But that nagging fear of wanting to explore herself has been a constant fear of my girlfriend ever since things got serious between us.
On her most recent visit, we nearly broke up. She expressed that she was feeling like she needed more space. I offered to reduce our contact/virtual dates when we are apart, and she was open to that idea. I told her that we should take advantage of the time we are long distance to explore our hobbies, careers, and friendships.
But she nearly left because she is worried about the long term. She worries that this is doomed to fail because of that nagging fear of not having had dating experiences with enough partners. I told her I still wanted to try anyways, because our relationship has been so special, and she agreed for now.
I know this will be a long term issue for us to work through. How can I best support her, while also building her and my confidence that what we have is really special?
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2023.06.07 20:38 TASuspiciousObject23 Not sure if I should be happy or sad with my current living situation

Obligatory note: first time poster, long time lurker, throw away account
I just feel like sharing this here because this is a situation I didn't expect in my life. Plus, this is not something I can discuss with my family or peers since my living situation is not acceptable in my home country.
I'm 36F and currently living with a housemate, 40M (who I will name as AB). We met on a dating app in 2021, and became friends at first, because I was looking for serious relationship and he is not. However, after some time, I gave it a thought and agreed to start something casual with AB since we vibed well and had same preferences. I've been in an FWB situation before, so I know what I was getting into. No emotions, no expectations, no strings attached.
With my prior FWBs, sex had always been lustful and a bit rough, which was the way I liked it. However, AB is the first person who has been very gentle with me. It was something so novel, and at first I felt like I was not going to get any pleasure at all. But boy was I wrong! And after sex there was something he did, I love, which was just caressing me for a bit. Arms, shoulders, etc. It was nothing sexual. Since then, I've not wanted it any other way.
Now, at one point, we figured why not find a place together since we are both hanging out often and this looked like something that can work as housemates. We found a place which suited us, and it has been great. Never in my life would I have thought grocery shopping can be fun. AB and I both have our own separate bedrooms as we like our privacy and separation of space.
Initially, after we first moved in together, sex was consistent. And there was no issue of initiating it because it was winter season. We would often cuddle up on the sofa with blanket to keep warm when watching movies. That usually led from one thing to another and then sex.
But after a few months in, this kind of ended because I fell sick with flu/cold at the end of winter and it took me about a month to get better. Obviously, since the seasons have changed and we no longer needed to cuddle under blankets when watching movies. But since then, he has not initiated sex either.
Previously, when we lived apart, we used to chat and would make plans to meet up at his place. That was the default which meant sex and did not have to be explicitly asked. Anything flirty, sexual talks was also limited to chats. Note: AB respects boundaries and always listen when tell him I'm not in the mood.
This had worked fine for me, because on most of my past experiences it was always initiated by the guy. And I usually don't initiate either. Because when I do, it often gets rejected. Due to this, with AB, I had tried to initiate indirectly mostly by asking to either cuddle and sleep together. But each time, I just ended up sleeping in his bed, he just stays glued to his phone and turned to his side. I even tried snuggling up against him, but he never reciprocates it. I honestly don't know what changed.
He never says no when I ask to cuddle or sleep in the same bed. This went on for about a month or so, until I stopped asking. As of now, I've kinda shut down on this aspect since I have no confidence in trying to initiate anymore. And in terms of having this kind of conversation with someone, terrifies me like hell. So that's probably not gonna happen either.
More than anything, it's probably the physical touch and the feeling of being wanted is what I'm craving more than sex. If you're wondering if I'm in love, the answer is No. For me to fall in love, I will need more of an emotional connection, which is not there in this case.
Truth be told, aside from this sex factor, I'm loving the life I have now with him as a housemate. We share the household expenses, and do chores as we see fit. There is no disagreements, except for which shows or movies to watch at night. He's one of the most patient man I've seen. With him, I am able to be myself and do not have to hide my habits or messiness. I'm finally having a stability in my life which I had been craving since I was in my teens.
I don't know if I'll ever be blessed with a marriage that can be the same way or find a person that I can be like this. Hoping to keep this going for as long as it lasts. Just wanted to get this off my mind. Thank you for reading if you've got this far ❤️
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2023.06.07 20:38 unknown_boy_3 I'm expanding my school's cult to discord

We believe that everything in the world is either a duck or not a duck apart from duck billed platipus' which are both so must be god it has been going on in my school for at least 17 years and I am the pope if I get over five people who want to join I will make a discord server
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2023.06.07 20:38 unknown_boy_3 I'm expanding my school's cult to discord

We believe that everything in the world is either a duck or not a duck apart from duck billed platipus' which are both so must be god it has been going on in my school for at least 17 years and I am the pope if I get over five people who want to join I will make a discord server
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2023.06.07 20:37 KatTheKiller1 Unofficial TST Discord Help please!

Was anyone else apart of the Unofficial Discord server for TST? I woke up this morning and It was gone, I can't find it anywhere! I don't know what I did wrong. The last thing I asked last night was if "anyone wants to try and play some videogames together sometime". Would that be grounds for a ban? I'm so confused. I was really hoping to just get to know everyone and have a nice time. I've been apart of the server for a few months now; I talked to several people on call. Would anyone be able to help me understand? Thank you!
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2023.06.07 20:37 unknown_boy_3 I'm expanding my school's cult to discord

We believe that everything in the world is either a duck or not a duck apart from duck billed platipus' which are both so must be god it has been going on in my school for at least 17 years and I am the pope if I get over five people who want to join I will make a discord server
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2023.06.07 20:37 Vagabondvibezzz My apartment caught on fire and my complex is refusing to move us to another unit.

So about a week ago, my apartment caught of fire due to a faulty exhaust fan in the bathroom. It was 100 percent not our fault and the apartment has stated as such. The actual fire damage wasn't to bad, but the smoke damage is horrible. My entire bathroom is covered in a thick layer of soot. The rest of the house is covered in a thin layer.
I have asthma, and since the fire took place I have been unable to stay in my home. I can't breathe and just the couple I hours spent breathing in the smoke have made me severely ill already.
I have moved myself and my animals to my parents house while my S/O stays in the living room (and some nights in a hotel) dealing with the apartment, since my parents are 2 hours away from his job.
No one has come to assess the damage. We have called several times asking to be moved because the smoke damage is making our unit unhabitable. They said they would replace the fan the next day after the fire, and then said there was no point in coming up here since they had to order and wait on the part.
We are currently working on having the fire department come back out to assess the damage and tell the apartment to move us.
My S/O said if they didn't come by in the next few days he was gonna try and start cleaning it himself, but I feel like a lot of the smoke seeped into the walls, and I don't know if it is something we can actually clean ourselves, or if we'll need a specialized cleaning team.
I guess I'm wondering what our options are?
My apartment is in the middle of transitioning management which has made it even more difficult to contact anyone or get any answers, and our complex manager doesn't really have any power to make decisions (like moving us to another unit).
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2023.06.07 20:36 unknown_boy_3 I'm expanding my school's cult to discord

We believe that everything in the world is either a duck or not a duck apart from duck billed platipus' which are both so must be god it has been going on in my school for at least 17 years and I am the pope if I get over five people who want to join I will make a discord server
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2023.06.07 20:36 Interesting-Ad2798 I feel like I’m lost.

I’m 25 and I have been working for my family business full time since graduating high school in 2016. I started off working part time in the warehouse after school making $8 a hour. I then graduated and got a pay raise to $10 a hour in 2017 I then got offered a delivery route after someone left in early 2018 and after staying out on the road all day and doing my best to satisfy customers I got a pay raise to $13 being 19 I thought I was doing decent compared to my peers at the time. Around the time Covid hit I got a $1.50 raise and then another $1 raise so I’m currently making $15.50 plus a $2k annual bonus that’s taxed (so $1500) my phone plan is tied in the business plan. I live in a apartment above my grandparents detached garage and they insisted that I didn’t have to pay for rent or anything. Basically the only bills I have is car insurance on two vehicles which is super cheap, and I’m paying a few credit cards which I plan to have all my debt paid off. I pay for food, gas, and other expenses but despite the help I get I feel like I can’t get ahead. My grandfather wanted to me stay and work for the family business which my uncle has been managing/ taking care of things in person but I just feel like I’m a regular employee, I don’t see any potential and I feel like I’m setting myself up for failure. First no one has taken me under there wing to show me how the business works, no one has barely taught me how our products work, what they do, I have to ask for help to even answer customers technical questions. I come to work, clock in, work my 8 hours and leave, that’s it. My cousin (uncles / managers son) used to work here, he was paid more, was given a office and a job to look at jobs and bid them. Everyone thought mostly highly of him even tho he didn’t know what he was doing most of the time. And he absolutely ran my name into the dirt, made me out to be this lazy bum that just had it all given to me despite him given to same treatment. So I’ve always like cars, liked working on them. I want to be able to make a living, support my child that on the way, be able to pay for necessities and be able to have fun, buy car parts, go on trips, etc. but I know it would be a struggle doing all of that on what I get paid currently, especially if I had to pay rent, utilities, etc. I feel like I have had no great opportunities fall into my lap like some of my peers. So what can I do to get my set out of this rut?
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2023.06.07 20:36 ChlamydiaDonations4U Hypothetical Scenario - Sell all assets and convert to crypto during a divorce

If someone was about to unfairly lose everything in a divorce, then simply sold all assets and converted said assets and other sources of wealth (401k, savings) into a crypto such as bitcoin or Monero, put that crypto on a hard drive with a secret 24 word seed phrase and then simply stated
‘if you want anything at all, we’re going to split this properly, or just take me to jail’
What could someone do? I mean if they’re fine with going to jail and no one gets anything at all. Would the other party have to negotiate?
All this would have to take place before accounts are frozen.
Realistically you couldn’t sell your home fast enough, but I could easily transfer my retirement and savings into an exchange and convert into a cryptocurrency within a week.
Certain crypto’s in cold storage wallets cannot be hacked, funds cannot be recovered without the seed phrase or private key.
Why do I ask this question? My coworker found out his wife (stay at home mom) of 25 years has been having an affair and was completely blindsided. He’s been crying at his desk and just rented a single bedroom apartment. Kids won’t talk to him either.
Might as well be in jail then give everything up IMO. Hes in his late 50s, there’s no starting over.
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2023.06.07 20:36 Lesser_Stories Denna, post Trebon: NotW question...

So, I'm rereading again, and I just got through with the Draccus destroying Trebon incident, and just reread the part where Kvothe returns to the hilltop, where he left Denna sleeping, and realizes she is nowhere to be found.
What are the odds, do you think, that, after having been left sleeping in the arch made by three waystones, Denna accidentally slipped into the Fey?
Also, on a related topic, what do you think the odds are that Kvothe's forest pool, post-Chandrian-slaughtering-his-troupe, was also Kvothe's first experience traveling into the Fey? (I ask this second question because Master Lorren seemed to [incorrectly] know of Kvothe's father, Arliden (the Bard), as if he were some kind of historical figure, rather than a recently deceased Edema Ruh, and because I find it interesting that no one at the university seems to be familiar, even by proxy, with the Arcanist Abenthy: I mean, Manet has been at the University for 30 some odd years, which should make him something of a contemporary of Abenthy, and never is it mentioned that the two know of one another.
(I know the latter question makes virtually no sense, since Kvothe, early on in the frame narrative, mentions it would be years before he would see Abenthy again, but my head-cannon curiosity can't help but wonder if Kvothe might not have slipped forward in time, just a bit (say a few years, maybe even a decade), while he played his father's lute in the shadow of that mysterious waystone.)
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2023.06.07 20:36 Aerie_4131 Damages and repairs from water leak in a coop builing

I had a water leak incident that caused some damages to the downstairs unit (I’m being told is mostly kitchen and bathroom ceiling). I was told by the plumber the leak was coming from the bath tub drain - not sure if I’m calling this correctly but the whole drain-overflow-pipe thing was replaced. The whole process was sort of stressful since they had to take apart part of the kitchen to access the bath tub pipes (the kitchen and bath shared a wall). Had to pay out of pocket for that. But regarding the damages in downstairs unit/apartment, anyone knows who is responsible for this? I submitted a claim with my insurance but they said that according to the by-laws, I’m not responsible for the damages since the leak was not caused by me. The words they used were: there was no negligence on my part since nothing I did caused the pipe to leak, it wasn’t an accident on my part. First time going through this experience so I’m not sure how to handle this. Any advice? Thank you
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2023.06.07 20:35 deceivingleek2 Two weird issues... anyone else (moveit and growables)

Issue one - since the last update, in MoveIt, when I move a road or building, the snapping works fine. When I copy a building, the copy won't snap. Snapping is on in MoveIt. I have tried it with road snaps on and off, and prop snapping on and off. Can't seem to figure it out.
The second issue is in FindIt (and maybe as a growable just by zoning), I feel like I am missing vanilla specialty growables. For example, there use to be small green house assets in the farming growables, and now I cannot find them. When I scan through all of them (forest, farm, ore, oil) the selection seems to have shrunk.
Is it just my game or is anyone else seeing this?
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2023.06.07 20:35 Beneficial_Foot5353 View of NYC due to the Ontario forest fires. Photos taken 2 weeks apart around the same time of day.

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2023.06.07 20:35 Enough_Blackberry_70 Hoarding trash

I'm young, and live alone. I've posted elsewhere on this account but it is my backup/throwaway and I might delete this post soon but I really don't know what to do?
I was informed recently that hoarding runs in my family, more than I really knew and I've always been a collector of things even if they have no use and have always struggled to throw things away but recently I began living alone for the first time and it's really setting in.
My current issue is hoarding trash, right now I can barely step through my kitchen for the bags of trash that I have collected for months. I don't want them in my flat, I want to throw them out, I always gather the trash into a garbage bag in attempt of throwing it away but it's like there's something physically stopping me from throwing it away. We don't have a trash chute or something like lots of buildings do but the bins for the building is locked most of the time and I don't know the code. I feel like I've lived here too long to ask for it now without having to explain I haven't taken the trash out since moving in. I have windows open always to help keep my flat from smelling and I clean constantly. I just physically can't get myself to throw this all away. I genuinely feel disgusting and isolated from everyone because I don't want people to come inside and I've had someone help me out of this situation before but I don't want to ask again. I feel like I should just be able to take it out, even if I can't open the trash I can still put it ontop of the garbage collection outside but I feel like I need it to stay inside my apartment even if I don't want it to.
I'm not really sure what advice I'm asking for, but I don't want to be this "dirty student" stereotype and expose myself for this hoarding to my neighbours. I don't want to rely on people around me to help with my mess anymore but I just don't know what to do I feel so exposed always
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2023.06.07 20:35 Exo_pi Insulating and drywalling inside?

Hello there,
So it’s high electricity and heating price and we also have a noise upper neighbor. Since the new windows we also have molds if not ventilated enough. I’m not sure how that is addressed without mold growing between the drywall and the wall.
We own an apartment here and the other owners don’t want to insulate the building from the outside. We also live on the corner and only one wall is facing the neighbor so we lose heat on the other 3. The upper neighbor is trying their best but are noisy. So I’m thinking of insulating ceiling as well.
What would you suggest, is it a valid attempt to insulate the apartment and also do the best for noise cancelation?
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2023.06.07 20:34 Emotional_Dingo_1266 How to help people reactivity in 5 month old GSD puppy

My fiancé and I have a 5 month old GSD who is lovely and sweet but has recently starting barking and lunging at strangers on walks. We currently live in an apartment complex so he sees new people everyday. I want to be able to stop and talk to some of my neighbors without him barking uncontrollably or lunging at them. It’s extremely stressful and I’m sure he senses my stress as well. We have done the puppy class so he knows basic commands but it’s the fearfulness he needs help with!
Any step by step instructions on how to help us overcome this obstacle would be so helpful! I see way to many things in the internet on what to do some I’m hoping to narrow it down a bit!
Please no negative comments we want to set our puppy up for success in the future moving forward to be a happy stress free boy!
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