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2023.03.29 17:48 red-puffer-jacket Budget or mid-market e-bikes for commuting across a hilly town.

Hello everyone.
I know next to nothing about e-bikes and yet I'm thinking about investing in one, because I'm barely using my old bike anymore, because my commute is too hilly (based in Edinburgh, Scotland) for my current fitness levels and I'm struggling (basically 2 miles of mostly steep hills). Now, I really miss using my bike and I was hoping that getting an e-bike may give me some boost to start reusing it as my main mode of commute.
1) Is it worth it? Does it make any real difference in hilly roads?
2) Specific e-bike suggestions: I do not want to exceed £1500 if possible; foldable is a plus but not a must; I prefer lightweight bikes to carry up flights of stairs; I have no need for something that can perform off-road; finally, only bikes available in the UK market.
Thank you in advance! :)
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2023.03.29 17:48 Keldarus88 Phoebe’s Powers

Hey all, so in the middle of a rewatch of Charmed, just finished Season 6, and that always gives me some thoughts on Phoebe’s powers.
Phoebe gets her Empathy power at the start of the season. This quickly becomes one of the most powerful powers that any of the sisters possess. She quickly learns she can channel others powers, even being able to channel Piper’s, to send demon’s powers back at them. She is also like a human lie detector and can in some ways read people’s minds by reading their emotion.
Immediately, partway through the season first the sisters and Chris take the “empath blocking potion” (which does not make much sense because 2 episodes later she is reading them) then she proceeds to lose all her powers in Crimes and Witch Demeanors.
Do you think the writers realized mid season that they gave her way too powerful of a power, or too much of a plot hurdle so they “nerfed” her? Because she never gets the power back on the series that we see?
Side note, never was clear whether she got levitation back or not. - Now I get Phoebe is a martial artist so the levitation enhanced her fighting ability but that her getting that power never made sense to me. To me, would have made way more sense for her to get Astral Projection, and Prue to get levitation.
What do you guys think?
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2023.03.29 17:46 Christinaface4 Exhaustion

Is anyone else super tired on Wegovy, almost to the point of not being able to function?
Two months ago I switched from the highest does of Saxenda (had been on for a year), to the highest does of Wegovy. Down 11lbs in the 2 months, which is great. However, 5 weeks in I started to get super bad nausea and just exhaustion. Feeling like I have a flu. I figured it was a touch of dehydration because of not being good about remembering to drink, so I’ve been diligent about enough water, and even went to one of those med spas for a liter of IV fluid with B12.
I’m so tired ya’ll. I could fall asleep sitting up if I wanted to. Anyone else experience this?
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2023.03.29 17:46 badcompany640 Is A Trade Up on the Table?

For the first time in a long time when I look at our depth chart I don’t see any major holes. We have quality and depth at almost all the position groups.
I think they intend to give Hennessy a shot to start at LG, and while we do need a long term CB2 the players we have at corner would be solid this year.
The only thing I think we are missing is a true stud EDGE. Does anyone think there is any chance we trade up for Will Anderson?
There were some rumors awhile back that we made some calls, and imagine…
Edge: Anderson, AK47, Carter, Malone DL: Jarrett, DO, TQ, Campbell, Goldman
When factoring Elliss and Troy being used as occasional edge weapons we would have the potential to actually have a GREAT front 7!
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2023.03.29 17:44 Fantastic_Year9607 Move script not working

Okay, I've made a script that allows an object to continuously move from one position to the next. I'm trying to trigger it by events, and yet, it doesn't trigger. Here's my code:
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class ChangeTransforms : MonoBehaviour
//holds the object's starting position
private Transform sPos;
//holds the object's finishing position
private Transform fPos;
//holds the object's move speed
private float speed;
//holds the object's rotation speed
private float rotationSpeed;

//sets the position and rotation to the start upon starting
private void Awake()
this.transform.SetPositionAndRotation(sPos.position, sPos.rotation);

//goes from starting position to finishing position
public void GoToFinish()
var step = speed * Time.deltaTime;
var rotStep = rotationSpeed * Time.deltaTime;
this.transform.position = Vector3.MoveTowards(this.transform.position, fPos.position, step);
this.transform.rotation = Quaternion.RotateTowards(this.transform.rotation, fPos.rotation, rotStep);
//checks if the position of the object and its destination are approximately equal
if(Vector3.Distance(this.transform.position, fPos.position) < 0.001f)
this.transform.position = fPos.position;

//goes from finishing position to starting position
public void GoToStart()
var step = speed * Time.deltaTime;
var rotStep = rotationSpeed * Time.deltaTime;
this.transform.position = Vector3.MoveTowards(this.transform.position, sPos.position, step);
this.transform.rotation = Quaternion.RotateTowards(this.transform.rotation, sPos.rotation, rotStep);
//checks if the position of the object and its destination are approximately equal
if (Vector3.Distance(this.transform.position, sPos.position) < 0.001f)
this.transform.position = sPos.position;
Does anybody have any idea on what I'm doing wrong here? What changes will I need to make, so my code can work?
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2023.03.29 17:44 CenturionHoratius Potential issues for a Mexican citizen to visit her boyfriend in Canada?

I'm a 33yo Canadian citizen who has lived in Mexico for the past year, and while there I met and started a relationship with a Mexican girl (27yo). We have been living together for about a year already, and I wanted to stay in Mexico and see a long term future there for myself. However earlier this month I had to temporarily return to Canada for some family obligations, and will likely be here for 2-3 months more until I can return to Mexico.
In the meantime, my girlfriend and I agreed that she should come and visit me in Canada for a bit; she'll be coming in less than 2 weeks. She works remotely online and makes decent money for the Mexican cost-of-living, and her family is middle class in Mexico City. She has no intentions of immigrating to Canada long term, and is only coming for me. However we're a bit worried that the immigration officer at the airport (YYZ fwiw) might give her some problems, since she sort of superficially fits the stereotype of someone who might want to leave Mexico for economic reasons and move to the US/Canada permanently: young, childless, doesn't have a lot of money/wealth (from the POV of US/Canada/EU), etc.
When we planned the trip and bought her flight tickets before I left Mexico to return to Canada, we didn't overthink this. Since an official Canadian government webpage stated all she would need is to apply for an eTA, and that would allow her to stay up to 6 months in Canada. We don't plan on her actually visiting Canada for that long, likely 2-3 months at most. But we like to leave our travelling options flexible, thus we only bought a one-way ticket for her to come to Canada so far. However if it might help her case at Immigration, we're not opposed to buying her return ticket for say 4-5months out before she leaves Mexico.
I have also written her an invitation letter according to the criteria listed here on this government page. And she has also purchased health insurance for herself.
Maybe we're overthinking this due to last minute nerves. But we'd really appreciate it if anyone here who has had similar experiences or been in similar situations can weigh in and provide us some insights.
(BTW feel free to respond in Spanish. I can read decently well at this point, and in any case, I'll be showing this post to my girlfriend as well)
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2023.03.29 17:43 mamouzi How can I render the initial values of redux-form field arrays?

I have a form component created with redux-form. The form consists of multiple sections, all of which (except for the first one) are field arrays. The same form component is used to create a new listing and to update an existing listing.
I am currently facing 2 issues:
Before 'Add..' button has been clicked once
After 'Add..' button has been clicked once
I'm thinking that the problem lies in the way I created the fieldArray sections, but not sure what exactly I did wrong since I followed the documentation. This is how I create the initialFormValues object for the first two sections of the form - first one is plain fields, second one a fieldArray:
const initialFormValues = { id: artist?.id, ArtistGeneralFormSection: { name: artist?.name, yearBirth: artist?.yearBirth && new Date(artist.yearBirth).getFullYear(), cityBirth: artist?.cityBirth, countryBirth: artist?.countryBirth, yearDeath: artist?.yearDeath && new Date(artist.yearDeath).getFullYear(), cityDeath: artist?.cityDeath, countryDeath: artist?.countryDeath, currentCity: artist?.currentCity, currentCountry: artist?.currentCountry, instagramUrl: artist?.instagramUrl, website: artist?.website, bio: artist?.bio }, ArtistEducationFormSection: artist?.education?.map(educationItem => ({ startDate: educationItem.startDate, endDate: educationItem.endDate, institution: educationItem.institution, course: educationItem.course, city:, country: })), } 
And then I'm passing this as the value of the initialValues prop like so:
I have also included the enableReinitialize property:
let Form = reduxForm({ enableReinitialize: true, keepDirtyOnReinitialize: true, updateUnregisteredFields: true, validate, })(Form); 
So I am not sure what exactly goes wrong since the first section is properly displayed with initial values, but all fieldsArray sections are not. If anyone can point me to a solution, i would massively appreciate it. Thanks!
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2023.03.29 17:43 Background_Love5782 Move from CA to NYC - how to declare my taxes?

From 2019 to 2022 I was based in San Francisco. In 2022 I used remote work flexibility to try out NYC without transferring yet. Signed a lease transfer for 8 months and worked remotely from NYC (also spent 2 months abroad in summer). In September I decided to make the move official. My employer transferred my office location to NYC and I signed a lease here in October.
My employer withheld taxes for CA from Jan to Sep and NYC after. I make about $250k a year. What should I do? Keep declare as is (CA resident that moved to NY in October) or declare as NY resident? I feel like in any case I will have an audit from NYC and CA
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2023.03.29 17:43 BobEwell Join UserPeek's Tester Panel - Help Shape the Future of Websites, Apps, and More While Earning Money! 🌐💰

Hey there! 😊
We're thrilled to introduce UserPeek, a brand new remote user testing and usability testing platform! We're currently building our tester panel, and we would be overjoyed if you could join us on this amazing journey. Here's what you can look forward to:
🖥️ Our mission: UserPeek is dedicated to helping companies improve their digital products. As a tester, you'll have the opportunity to test websites, apps, and other digital experiences, providing valuable feedback that will enable businesses to fine-tune their products.
🎤 The process: As a tester, you'll record your device's screen while following instructions on how to interact with the product, all the while sharing your thoughts and observations. It's a fantastic way to contribute to the evolution of your favorite products and ensure your voice is heard!
💰 Compensation: We value your time and effort, so we'll reward you with US$10 for every 15-20 minutes of testing! Payments will be made via PayPal, with more payment options arriving later this year.
⌛ Test availability: While our software is not yet accessible to customers, we're diligently working on building our tester panel. This means you can sign up and take the qualification test right away, but please be patient as it might take a little time before you receive your first tests and start earning money.
🚀 Ready to get involved? Sign up now at and become a part of the UserPeek tester community! We can't wait to welcome you and witness the fantastic feedback you'll provide to companies all over the world.
If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to ask in the comments. We're here to help and support you every step of the way. Let's work together to enhance the digital world, one test at a time! 🌍💪
Warm regards, The UserPeek Team
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2023.03.29 17:43 Most-Shock-2947 Supposed to get Mirena tomorrow but I’m getting really anxious.

Had endo since I was 12, now have 2 uterine fibroids - one medium, one small. Bleed like a stuck pig the first 4 days of my cycle, usually slows down after that but can pick up again, and I generally bleed for a full week.
Anyways, I was in talks with my gynecologist about a hysterectomy, but I chickened out. Mainly because I don’t feel I’d fare well psychologically after a major surgery. My mental health is pretty shit at the moment and has been for awhile.
This gynecologist is a man of few words, I kind of feel like he just says as little as possible after throwing out a suggestion. Since you’re sitting there knowing that something has to be done you end up grabbing whatever lifeline he throws out there regardless of comfort level.
All he told me was that if I’ve had a vaginal birth before it won’t be too difficult to have done. I did have a vaginal birth, but that was 15 years ago. He didn’t indicate if he does lidocaine shots or anything (would’ve asked but didn’t know that was a thing until I got home and did my own research.
Sometimes I’d prefer not to look into things and just go with the flow and hope for the best so as not to scare myself, but since the only info I got was mirena, and should be fine, I kind of had to look.
I understand it goes easily for some and excruciating for others and there’s no way to tell which camp you’ll fall into until you’re there. That being the case, why don’t doctors just err on the side of caution and use whatever tools they have available to them to ensure it goes smoothly for their patients?
I googled patient reviews for his office & found a 1 star from 2 months ago stating that someone had an iud put in there and that staff was laughing at her pain, obviously really concerning.
I feel like I don’t have time to really shop around for a new doctor since the hormones I was taking to control pain have caused such bad side effects for me, and I’m trying so hard to get to a normal level of functioning again. I didn’t think any side effect could be worse than what I am already dealing with, but the headaches and depression/ and anxiety are unbearable.
I have lots of medical trauma, and I’m starting to really feel the effects that trauma has on the brain when these horrible things happen to us over and over again and over long periods of time. I was already traumatized before I even started dealing with the healthcare system, and I can’t take much more. What can I do to help myself?
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2023.03.29 17:43 Kick-Socks-8273 Do your allergies cause pressure headache?

Forgive me because I have a terrible terrible memory after having covid. I also have health anxiety which, if you think about it, does NOT pair well with memory problems. I'm saying this because I can't remember how I felt last allergy season, which is why I'm wondering if this pressure is normal.
So allergy season is here... I usually get really bad in the middle of March to the middle of April and start sneezing a lot. However, this year I am not sneezing as much. I more so feel my allergies in my chest as chest congestion and in my head as a tension or sinus headache (?) Does anyone else get pressure headaches when your allergies are acting up?
p.s. My neck will also have pressure, my jaw will hurt, and my eyes sometimes. I do want to add that this pain usually occurs normally when I'm in an upright position but it will get worse if I'm doing a lot of bending down then standing up (which I do a lot at work). The headache will be pounding at that point.
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2023.03.29 17:43 XriZe-hardown ♦ -𝔐𝔶𝔰𝔱𝔢𝔯𝔦𝔬𝔲𝔰 𝔪𝔬𝔱𝔦𝔳𝔢𝔰 -♦

♦ -𝔐𝔶𝔰𝔱𝔢𝔯𝔦𝔬𝔲𝔰 𝔪𝔬𝔱𝔦𝔳𝔢𝔰 -♦
- Location : black market. -
Time : 12H37 PM -
- Date : 8th of June 2012-
You were at the black market , evil intentions in'd walk to the meetup up spot that you had marked with your provider...going there , paying for what you wanted them slaving white rapidly , not much interaction would be made by any party arrived , payed them , they gave you what you wanted them exited without being caught by anyone . . .so atleast that's that
You walked back to your home white quickly , smile plastered over your face as you did so , not really anything else but a simply tought in your mind , which was running at 1000km/h...”finally I have it , let's have this girl test it out then..."...
- location: the local coffee shop -
- Time : 13H43 PM -
- Date : 12th of June 2012 -
It's been 4 days since you had received what you had bought , you followed a guide provided along side it to do what you wanted with the thing...but wait. . . What was even the thing in question?...well , it was a drink...but not any type of drink . . .a drink which you could alter to do any effect on the person drinking you could make them fell in love...make them something was really up to you on what would happen...and you had decided vividly which effect you wanted to happen to the person... it was [insert your effect of choosing here] . . .you had to get stuff and follow step to make it be able to do it's purpose tho... so that's what you did for the last 4 days , getting the things necessary and following the steps provided on the guide*
You had finished it! . . .after all these finally had it perfected was , you finally just had one last problem to check off if your checklist...a test subject for it~...
- location: the local coffee shop. -
- time : 12H48 PM -
- Date : 17th of June 2012 -
You had found her...the perfect person! Sure she may have been your friend for a bit if time now , but your experience with the drink was more important than a besides , you could always make new friends if something went wrong.
You had arranged a meetup at the local coffee shop. . .and you both went there , arriving at the place , you both would greet before speaking about things you'd normally speak about when hanging out with her
You both ordered , and she then bad to go to the bathroom afterwards. . .so.she left you there as she went to do exactly that ...some time passed before the waiter comes back with both drink you had ordered. . .then he left aswell...
You took the girls drink and drank a bit from it to make it go at its halfway point...before inserting like half if the "perfect" liquid inside of it , before placing it back where it was , it seemed like you didn't even touched it! . . .and now , you just had to wait for the girl to drink it...and you could see what would happen.
She came back , but before she could drink it , you said
[Y/N]:"Hey , why don't we go drink outside?"
Jessica:"Uhm...sure I guess , I don't mind it!"
Jessica would smile , picking up her drink and following you outside , which you leaded her to a nearby alleyway...where you started to drink your drink...
She then did the motion to signify that she was about to drink it. . .you smiled as you knew what would happen to her next~
- rules -
Please no killing her intentionally.
No I don't care OCS.
No mega op OCS.
Tell me what the drink does.
This is either gonna be short or long depending on what the drink does, which again , you picked.
If people still don't get it tell me what the drink does then we Roleplay the aftermath of her drinking the damn drink.
Last time I'm saying it incase y'all somehow still haven't understood, TELL ME WHAT THE DRINK DOES.
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A friendly reminder to our new-ish friends (and older lurkers who suddenly decide to become active) here in the VA sub...
99.999% of the time, it's because you don't have the requisite karma, as stated in the rules. And you get this result because 99.99998% of the time, you either didn't bother to read the sub rules as instructed, or simply ignored them.
So, as a refresher, here is a guide to our karma policy:
To post in /VoiceActing, your account must be older than three (3) days and have a combined post/comment karma of more than five (5) karma. This is to prevent new accounts from being created to spam the subreddit.
On Reddit, your 'karma' is a score for your profile that is based on the number of posts and comments you make, and how people react to them, via upvotes or downvotes. It breaks down like this:
The total of these numbers is added together to compute your overall karma score. It's important to note that filters like the Automoderator for /voiceacting do NOT take award karma into account. In the case of our subreddit, your overall karma score and/or account age is too low to get past our anti-spam filter, which prevents new accounts and/or accounts with low karma scores from participating in our subreddit.
The easiest way to raise your karma score is by positively interacting (commenting on) posts that appear on Reddit's main page/screen. See here for an in-depth explanation of what Reddit karma is/does.
If your account age is also too low, you must wait until enough days have passed since you created your account before you can post or comment. Once the two conditions are met, you will be able to post and comment in /VoiceActing!
Thank you for your understanding. /voiceacting is strictly moderated, so that we can keep our part of Reddit a valuable resource for voice actors. Please remember to review our Rules and Getting Started Guide, and welcome to our community!
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2023.03.29 17:42 LutharFC XCOM-Like definitive list

I know that games are missing but either i didnt play them, or didnt play enough
X-COM Series:
-X-COM 2 is the first game anyone should play. Game is balanced and enemies and troops are interesting enough. Most maps are procedurally generated giving it infinite replayability (not to mention the amount of mods on the workplace). Game’s mechanics are very straightforward and base and investigation management is easy enough for a beginner to understand. Combats take place in a square grid and by consecutive turns. *The “War of the Chosen” is basically XCOM 3, and I can’t recommend it enough. However, for first time players it can feel overwhelming.
*Tactical Legacy Pack is also a great DLC. A bit different cause it offers a “story” mode, with premade battlegrounds, but they make it interesting. 
-The prequel, XCOM: Enemey Unknow. Is still a very good game for today’s standards, and has very similar mechanics. Still worth 100% but its DLC “Enemy Within” is a must for the quality of live upgrades.
--The sequel. XCOM: Chimera Squad is a game of the franchise but introduces a lot of changes. Turns are decided by imitative instead of by teams, and the combat grounds are smaller with several phases on each mission. It is a bit worse than his brothers, but still worth every single penny.
Gears Tactics:
It’s the closest game you can have to XCOM. Instead of two action points, units have three, and the strategy focuses more in action point management (Many skills recover actions) and less in raw power. There is no base to manage, so you jump from battle to battle with a small briefing to level up characters or change equipment. The negative points of the game is it repetitiveness (there are few mission types), and the skill trees can be confusing. Also, you tons of useless equipment will rain on you, so if you don’t discard it periodically, you will waste lot of time by the endgame.
WarHammer 40K: Chaos Gate – DemonHunters
Another quite close game like XCOM, but this times a really hard one. Here, your units won’t be able to one shot enemies and you will need to rely on executions and AP recovering for success. Many people drop it down because they can’t get past first levels, but the game gets easier as you progress and with this tips you might have a good start: -There is no flanking or high ground bonuses, the only modification are distance. -Units can be knocked back, which means that can be pushed to the abyss killing them in the act. -Corruption level increases every turn, as well as when using “physic abilities”. However, using them can make you end the fight in fewer turns, effectively slowing the wrap surge. -If the surge is going to hit 100% at the end of the turn, you can use all your skills as the meter won’t pass 100% from skills. -All your units recover all the AP when encountering enemies, but also when you kill the last one. Use this mechanic to chain encounters and avoid ending turns. The game is really fun once you get the grip to it, but not recommended for beginners.
I’m going to get some hate here. This game is awful. It is so realistic and true to reality that you get overwhelmed by the amount of weapons and customization your mechs have. Even base management is messy. I had to read a couple of guides before knowing what I was doing (and still, didn’t know much). My first two attempts in the game had me more than an hour to kill two enemy mecs. Maybe it has to do with me, but I would not recommend this.
Massive Chalice:
Fun little game where you battle by turns and a square grid. Here displacing units is the key to the victory, as knocking them against each other or against the terrain make them stunned. But, beware; this applies to your units too.
Battling is fun and represents the 50% of the game, while the other 50% is dedicated to the “empire” management. Here, you will have to appoint governors and brides, so the lineages continue during centuries, because their descendants are your warriors. This part is trickier than it sounds, as every character has a class, fertility rate, and even persona traits, so if you make a blind woman breed with a clumsy man, your units will not be very fit to fight. A game worth playing regardless it “bad” graphics.
Phantom Doctrine
It’s called a natural successor to XCOM: Enemy Unknown, but it hardly is. The game is about spies, so there is less shutting and more sneaking. You definitely don’t want to play this as an assault force, and you want to achieve the objectives before raising the alarm. Not a game for me, as it feels slow, but not a bad game all things considered. Just don’t think this is XCOM.
Phantom Brigade:
This game is one of the few that introduces simultaneous turns. This is, you can see what the enemy will do, and you will have to plan accordingly. The first time you play it you will feel it’s slow, but it isn’t. You just need time to get used to the moving and attacking settings. It’s a new game and is still not fully polished, but if you like mechs and want something less typical give it a go.
Phoenix Point
Considering some people from XCOM took part in the development, the game didn’t come as near. The basics are the same: you move all your units in square grid battlegrounds, and shoot at things. But they added a lot of interactive environment in a poor way. You will find yourself collecting resources once and again, managing the little space your backpacks have, while getting frustrated by how many items you have to leave behind. They added an interesting mechanic though, letting you free aim when shooting an enemy to decide whether to shot him in the leg, the face, or any uncovered part. Its base management is also poor, with little explanation and not really attractive. I won’t say not to play it, but there are better options.
Hard West 2
Amazing game with great graphics and lore. The main complains from players is that it is “hard”, and that “you have to beat missions in a specific way”. That is only true in part. While you freely roam the land, you will eventually get into battle fields, and before entering you will see the objective and some useful information. It is a must to read this and prepare your team for what it needs be done. You need to reach a point in few turns? Do not take your favorite unit if he is slow AF. All combats are premade, so there is a little puzzle into them, and all can be solved quite easily. Just remember, than when a unit gets a kill, it restores his actions and get special abilities, so instead of trying to kill off the enemies one by one, lower their HP so you can then chain kill them. It’s sad that the game has 0 replay value, but the first walkthrough is worth 100%.
*Hard West, the prequel, is also quite good, and introduces the bouncing bullet mechanic. The second part does what Hard West did, and improved it. So there is no reason to play it before playing the second part.
Hope you enjoy
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2023.03.29 17:42 e-dizzy85 Peace, love, good vibes, & good intentions: Why ignoring the negative in the world is detrimental to your spiritual journey.

Read with an open mind. Language and the true meanings and origins if words that we use is extremely important.
So, why is ignoring the negative detrimental to a spiritual journey you may be asking. Well, avoiding problems is not the same as understanding and solving problems. To ignore the problems of humanity such as false advertising, coercion, mind controlling language and symbolism through the sub-conscious mind is detrimental because by not understanding how these processes work, you are susceptible to them even though you are thinking that you are ignoring them. Color and certain shapes have deep seeded primal meanings in our brains that we aren’t able to make decisions about without knowing how the mind works towards these colors and shapes. How can a person ignore an issue and master their mind against perversion without knowing how the perversion works on their mind in the first place? The short answer is that you cant and you’re kidding yourself if you think ignoring it will fix the issue. Knowledge is power and it applies here just the same as it applies anywhere else in life. There is knowledge that tells of this information, it is a lesson on how the mind and the natural universe operates through Natural Law among other communities of knowledge. Knowing this information about yourself is key in understanding yourself and reality as well as working with that reality. We are capable of far more than we are lead to believe. The mind creates reality. After years of researching spiritual works and works of teachers I’ve come to the conclusion that the spirituality community is also tainted by coercion and misunderstanding. Vagaries with a wink and a nod, per say, information labyrinths. Not simple and clear truths. This is misleading to people. Reality is not complex as these vagaries elude, nothing is. I repeat truths are simple and clear, always.
Nothing that has been created or that will be created just happens, it started as a thought and turned into reality through action and work. This applies to a ‘sudden awakening’ that is being talked about. Nothing ‘just happens’ without a thought and a lot of work. Knowing thyself, thy mind’s abilities, and the nature of reality is like the holy grail. Self realization to what and who all of us are and how the war on consciousness has been applied to humans for centuries is the starting point to self-realization. Self-realization through knowledge, not through technique from a self proclaimed ‘guru’ that’s charging you for their time. The mind creates reality, the world is absolutely what you think it is. But, that can be changed for you, by you and you alone for through your experience of this reality and working to gain knowledge about how reality works. Not by meditating, not by going to retreats, but by learning how to work with reality and working reality with your mind, ‘the work’.
I’m not here to change anyone, I am only here to offer a starting point for you to start at and research into to make your own decision. A decision that will lead you to understand how we’ve all been duped into believing someone else’s reality all of these years and lifetimes. Truth works on principles. Principles are simple, elegant, and absolute. Truth is always simple. Someone selling a truth of complexity that is hard to learn or understand is selling coercion for personal gain of some sort. The laws (police, etc) are ideas, not truths and are in place for control and must be enforced through force. Does that sound natural? Of course not, because it’s made up by someones’s mind. Natural law flows easily and smoothly because it just is, like gravity. Gravity isn’t up for debate, while Man’s law is forceful, clunky, and debatable through circumstance and who you happen to be or know. Anyone can see the difference here. The REAL things don’t need validation, they just are and are unchangeable no matter anyone opinions on them. Real vs. fake.
The only way through the problems of humanity are through them. Going through problems requires full understandings of the inner workings of the problems. This is the only way to personal growth and to the growth of our species. Sending good vibes and good intentions while ignoring the problems is not a path forward. The saying ‘the road to hell is paved in good intentions’ rings true. Ignoring hell is not solving hell. Learning how hell works and how it can be defeated is solving hell. Not putting your head in the sand so you feel better while so many still suffer around you.
I’m truly sorry to be the one to tell you that the monetized spirituality community is duping people into ignoring hell, not solving hell. While it may not be intentional, good intentions are not solving anything. You may feel better but the rest of the world is suffering. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to leave anyone behind. That’s selfish, we should want to bring everyone forward. The first step in that is learning how things work and sharing that knowledge. Learn how hell works, we can solve hell quite easily with the correct knowledge, collectively. There is a plethora of knowledge that is ‘hidden from view’ about how this works and is being used. I am not mentioning the source because I was unable to post with the words included.
Thanks for reading, before you go I just want to add that we all have an infinite value. We are all infinitely valuable. The attitude that we are not or that someone is more valuable than you are, like a president or a king, is the EXACT information and coercion of this type of knowledge used against you to believe the nonsense that you are less. We are all susceptible and have all been altered into believing many, many things by people that fully understand how the human mind works and have used that knowledge to their advantage by making you believe you are less. I’m here to tell you that you are not less. You have infinite value and it’s time to learn the knowledge that backs that up so that we can all use it to make the world a better place. Figure out hell for yourself so that you can solve hell, it’s the only way through hell. Burying your head in the sand like an Ostrich will still bring about hell when you pull your head out of the sand. Nothing will change around you if you continue to do that. Reality is not what it seems, it is much, much more than that.
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2023.03.29 17:41 kolnier Issues with dog and baby

Hi! We have a 3 1/2 year old male Bernese mountain dog, who has been sceptical of children for about three years now. We think it stems from this one time he would not be petted, and I told the kids that, but they ran around and tried to touch him either way. This in it self has not been an issue, as we just didn't allow kids to approach him, as he would bark at them. We also have two young nieces, who are not interested in him so it's not been an issue either.
We got a baby in September last year, our first. Most of the time he either doesn't care or he wants to lick her on the hands/feet/head. The issue is when he is relaxing, and the baby approaches. Earlier it's been when she is in our arms and we sit down next to him and she stretches out an arm towards him, but now she's starting to be a bit mobile. Today she crawled towards him, and he growled straight in her face. Things were looking as it was getting better before this, but now we are worried. Does anyone have similar experiences or tips?
Additional info: - We have not contacted any dog trainer or someone specializing in behavior, but are now looking into this. - He got his first chemical castration in December, and has changed his behavior since then, but not any change in behavior towards our baby. - Our dog is otherwise nice and gentle with the baby, let's her touch his paws when he's standing over her. Approaches her on his own, and can lie down next to or in front of her and be relaxed(ish).
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2023.03.29 17:41 hotdogmaggot Times are tight.

Mods please delete if not allowed.
Times are tight, and it’s starting to look like I need to let go of a few luxury items. Does anyone have any idea what Opiate Anniversary versions 1 through 5 is going for these days? I believe selling them as a set would be the best way to go.
$1.25 willy?
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2023.03.29 17:40 mclmickey Why don’t people use Games Played Limits?

If everyone plays the same number of games, then it’s about who has the better team instead of who has the better schedule. Why does fantasy basketball have to come down to who has the better schedule? In every sport, every team plays the same number of games. Shouldn’t it be the same for fantasy leagues? It seems fundamentally unfair if some weeks you start at a 6 game deficit. If, however, everyone plays the same number of games, then the focus becomes having the better players, not just the better schedule.
Everyone plays the same number of games in fantasy football, so why is it not standard for basketball?
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2023.03.29 17:40 Dreidhen Anirvachaniya - Akhyativada - Pramanyavada

The Sage tells us here that the real Consciousness is beyond time and therefore neither rises nor sets. It is like the sun, which — relative to the earth — does not move; the sunrise and sunset we speak of are due to the movements of the earth. So too the Reality shines constantly; the rising and setting of the ego are ascribed to it. The ego-sense is discontinuous; it rises and sets. Apart from the ego-sense there is no individual soul. It shines during waking and in dream, and sets in sleep. This little self is therefore not to be identified with the Reality. Nor can it be identified with the inert body.
What then is this little self? The Sage tells us here that it is a hypothetical being, a chimera of the mind, compounded of the light of Consciousness and the body. These two utterly unlike things are confused together; the result is this incongruous being called the individual soul, which says, I am so-and-so'. Because of the light of Consciousness associated with it, it appears conscious; but at the same time it is indistinguishable from the body, which has no consciousness of its own. Because of the two incongruous elements of which it is composed, it is described as the knot between the Reality — the Self — and the body. That is why the little self is manifest as the ego-sense, which has the form of the thought I am this body'. The body thus identified as the self is not always the physical body; sometimes the mind, which is only a subtler kind of body, takes its place and then the sense of selfhood is restricted to the mind for a time.
Now, the thought I am this body' is the primary thought. It is like a thread on which all the other thoughts are strung. Hence the ego is indistinguishable from the mind. In fact the mind is but an expanded form of the ego. Hence the Sage tells us that the mind and the subtle body are the same as this hypothetical little self, which is no other than the ego. Conversely we can say that the little self is not other than these. We thus learn that the so-called soul is nothing but the ego, which is due to a confusion of two elements which are distinct and can never mix, because one of them — the body — is non-existent, being a mere mental image. There can be a real mixture only if both the elements be real. The mixing up of the two, explains the Sage, is like a marriage contracted by a bachelor in a dream, where the bridegroom is real, but the bride is not; when the dreamer awakes, he finds himself as much a bachelor as before. Hence the real Self who is the Reality — did not really become limited; He never really became the soul or little self; He was not really married to the body. Thus it is made clear that the individual soul has no real existence.
All those questions that relate to that soul are meaningless, because they assume the existence of a soul. There is only one real Self, the Pure Consciousness, which is beyond time. We shall see later on why He is described as Consciousness, and not as conscious; we shall then see that there is a fundamental difference between the two descriptions. Since the mind has no existence apart from this spurious entity, the ego, it follows that all the creations of the mind, including ignorance and bondage, and the consequent conditioned existence consisting of enjoyment and suffering — which we call 'life' — are outgrowths of the ego, and partake of its unreality. That ignorance is unreal will be seen later on.
That this teaching is correct will be clear to us if we look at the facts without bias.8look at the facts without bias. By the most careful analysis of the whole of our past experience we can find no proof of an individual soul other than the ego. The ego itself is just the primary ignorance, the recognition of which is the starting point of our inquiry. It is here shown that it is an imaginary entity being a compound of two un-compoundable elements. Thus the whole of this conditioned existence, which we call life, is founded on this lie, the individual soul. It is natural therefore that life should be full of lies, and therefore full of disappointments. This teaching may be difficult to grasp. But it is the fundamental truth as taught by the ancient lore.
There can be no correct understanding of the ancient lore, if this teaching be not accepted. So long as the notion of individuality is retained, all philosophical inquiries are bound to prove useless; for they cannot lead us out of the primary ignorance. This was clearly taught by the Sage Sankara as follows: "Only so long as there is identification (effected by the mind) of the real Self with the intellect is there an appearance of individuality and of conditioned existence for that Self. But in reality there is no such being as the individual soul, other than the spurious entity imagined by the intellect. In the study of the Vedanta we do not find (support for the existence of) any conscious entity having an existence of its own, apart from the Supreme Being, who is ever-free and all-knowing; the sacred texts say: 'There is no seer, hearer, thinker or knower apart from this Being'; 'There is none but He, that sees, hears, thinks or knows'; 'Thou art That'; I am the Reality'; these and hundreds of other texts are our authorities."
The ego is the only source of all our life-experiences; they are what they are because of the ego. We say, I am so- and-so', I am a doer of actions', I am happy', 'I am miserable', and so on. In every single thought we can find this I am’. It is in fact the common factor of all thoughts without exception. No thought can arise, which does not contain this I am’. But this I am' is not a property of the mind; so we learn from the Sage and from Upanishadic Lore. We are told that this I am' is the Light of the real Self. That Self being infinite and unqualified, this I am' is not really the little thing we take it to be. And we take it to be limited, imperfect and bound to the wheel of pleasure and pain, only the individual soul being unreal, it follows that there is no perceiver of the world. This may be surprising; but it need not be so.
The seer and his spectacle are inseparable; they are like the two ends of a single stick; as a stick will always have two ends, so every perception involves the two, the seer and his spectacle. The three, namely the seer, the spectacle and the relation of seeing form a triad, of which the essential element is the seeing, which becomes possible by the light of Consciousness; by that light both the seer and the seen are manifested. It is not possible to attribute reality to the seer. The term 'Buddha' signifies 'a Sage.' while denying it to the spectacle. If we accept the view that the spectacle, namely the world, is unreal in any sense, then we must also accept the view that the seer of the world is unreal in the same sense and to the same extent. The spectator is in fact an integral part of the world; both in waking and in dream the spectator and the spectacle form one single whole, appearing and vanishing together.
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2023.03.29 17:40 sshsft CONSPIRACY THEORY: Frog song is not only about me, but also about the band itself

On the first listen, a lot of people got divided into two camps: those who find the song relatable and a metaphor for coming out of your weird shell, and Frog Truth Deniers. I respect the first and have nothing but harsh words for the latter, but what if I told you the rabbit hole goes even deeper?
In my scientific analysis I have CONCLUDED BEYOND ANY REASONABLE DOUBT that this song is, in fact, about the band itself and the process of writing 10k gecs. Here's my reasoning:
As the song progresses, we first get awkwardly introduced to the frog, then are treated to his funny escapades, but then the frog is embarassed, but Laura insists to give the frog time and treat him to some beer in the outro. Reminds you of anything?
First we get introduced to a little awkward, but cool band (100 gecs). Dylan, however, thinks it's time to move into the kitchen (make an album), where he does a keg stand (performs stupid horse). Laura remarks, laughing - wish she was there to see it! She's mocking us!!! SHE WAS THERE!!!!
But then the frog starts stuffing bugs (weed) in his mouth and misses the early 2020 album release date. It upsets many people, but Laura still insists to give him space, because she knows new and better things are coming... She asks you to buy him a beer (buy gecs a beer and also be nice to them online) before moving on!
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2023.03.29 17:40 giolinksay Possible Motherboard problem?

Possible Motherboard problem?
Hi everyone, I started getting a BSOD for critical structure corruption with Windows 11.
Due to that, I ran a Memory Diagnosis, and it said I had hardware errors: "The Windows Memory Diagnostic tested the computer's memory and detected hardware errors. To identify and repair these problems, contact the computer manufacturer"
I ran Memtest86, and errors were found on one of the RAM slots (A2). Since I have 4 RAM sticks, I swapped the corresponding pair to see if the error occurred in the other RAM slot (B2) to see if the problem could be the stick and ran the test again. The resulting errors showed they were in the same RAM slot (A2), not the new slot (B2).
I'm not currently overclocking my RAM.
What do you suggest I should do? Does it mean that my motherboard is faulty?
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2023.03.29 17:39 ParticularBusiness43 DreamParaPara archival

DreamParaPara archival
Hi people! I recently bought an unofficially released game called DreamParaPara and it's weird dancing accessory. I believe this game was released by Treamcast and is a port(?) of the PS2 port of the Konami arcade game Para Para Paradise, although I'm not sure if it was released before or after the 2001 PS2 port. Anyway, I realized there seems to be no mention or dump of this game on the Internet Archives or in the DC rom sheet. I wanted to gauge interest in unofficial games archival and maybe get some tips before dumping it because to be honest I'm not the most well versed into this sort of stuff and wouldn't know where to start. Can this type of software be dumped as is any official Dreamcast game? Also, I may have just missed a previous dump, so if that's the case, please let me know. Thanks! PS: Unfortunately, the accessory does not work properly. I'll try fixing it but for now it's more of a curiosity. PS.2: Please note that this game is for wild guys and cutie gals only
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