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2023.06.08 00:40 plantoyo Car stalled once with no obvious signs of issues

2010 Honda CR-V ex-l 190,000ish miles
Today at a stop sign, I went to hit the gas and nothing happened. Looked down and saw that the battery and oil light were on. Realized I couldn't hear the engine, and that those lights are on whenever the key in in the on position with the engine off. Put the car in park and started it, it sounded slightly rougher than usual starting, but still started without issue.
There were no odd noises before the engine cut off, it just suddenly was off, as though it had been turned off normally.
No check engine light or other signs of issues. I stopped the car and let it idle for a while in drive multiple times and could not replicate the issue. I thought maybe I had knocked a wire loose somehow but tapping around the foot well and near where my hands would be, or jiggling the key could not replicate it either.
My car has been running fine. I did notice a brief squeel that sounded like the serpentine belt slipping last week while driving in heavy rain, but from my understanding a serpentine belt issue wouldn't cause this. Only other issue I can think of is a slightly erratic idle when cold, which it's had since I bought it 4 years/ 60,000 miles ago.
Not sure where to start with this issue, any suggestions? Not sure what would cause a car to suddenly stall with no odd noises or behavior, and then start right back up and keep driving like nothing happened
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2023.06.08 00:39 hevoshioer 26 [M4R] Serbia/Online- Looking for friends...any fellow antinatalists, childfree, vegan, anarchist, metalheads, or atheists here?

Hello there! Obviously, you don't have to be everything from that list, just wanted to catch a relatively wide net. :D I love meeting new people and getting to know them. Especially like-minded people. Few things about me: - I like writing long messages(I believe that can be annoying for a lot of people :D) - I am way too curious, especially about people(so apologies in advance if I ask too many questions :D) - interested in a wide variety of topics, if it's something obscure and stimulating, I am probably interested in it and reading about it on wikipedia at 4AM :D - freelance programmer - interested in advanced mathematics(I studied pure mathematics at university) - I love powerlifting/gym - atheist - antinatalist/childfree - vegan - metalhead (grindcore, brutal death metal, metalcore, deathcore...) - I have a dog(who is unfortunately injured that I am taking care of at the moment and it keeps me occupied) - I play guitar - I love coffee - I like cooking - interested in the history of languages - horromystery/psychological thriller movies/shows - anarchist
Some of my possible cons: - on some days it can take me a while to reply, I am either busy with work, gym or taking care of my injured dog, but on most days I generally reply quickly - my messages can get a bit long, so you might get overwhelmed, but of course, I don't expect you to reply to everything, I can also tone it down :D - I don't like video games and I hate anime :D
About you: - minimum 20 years old, I don't care about upper age, you can be 100+ as far as I am concerned :D - let's keep the convo SFW - you know how to communicate with people and don't do one-line replies
If you think we could get along, feel free to drop me a message! Introduce yourself, make en effort and tell me something about yourself. I hope you have a nice day/night!
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2023.06.08 00:39 How2Crime I feel disappointed in this game, and I genuinely think it is overrated. SPOILER WARNING + LONG

So, for a starter I want to say that I've been a big Zelda fan for most of my life. Ocarina of Time was my favorite game for many years, and Majora's Mask continues to be my favorite game of all time. I did enjoy Breath of the Wild, but I did hope the sequel would bring back some of the older stuff I enjoyed in the series and I didn't like some of the new stuff. In my opinion, Tears of the Kingdom mostly failed to deliver the older stuff that I liked while also not improving on the new stuff.
For instance, the overall exploring experience feels almost exactly the same as in Breath of the Wild. You explore the environment, and what do you find? Mostly just Koroks and Shrines, just like in Breath of the Wild. You get most of your sidequests in the stables just like in BOTW, which are all in the exact same locations for the most part. Most of Hyrule remains practically unchanged from how it appeared in BOTW. It feels very indistinguishable from BOTW in a lot of ways, and to be entirely honest I expected more from this game, which has been in development for 6 years by a giant video game specialist.
I haven't seen all of the Sky Islands yet, but I've seen enough to feel comfortable to talk about them. The diving challenges were fun, as were some of the Zonai Platform puzzles, but overall most of the Sky Isles were just... empty.
The Depths were cool at first and I haven't explored it fully either, but moreso than in the Sky. There is cool stuff to do and find in the Depths, but nothing that is fundamentally very different from what you could find in Hyrule or the Sky. Or BOTW for that matter. There are weapons, ores, and clothing, from what I've seen. There are no major Side or Main Quests down there from what I've seen, except for the goose chase after Kogha, which feels underwhelming when you consider how huge the Depths actually is.
I wasn't a fan of the Fuse-mechanic, at all. I had to spend too much time in menus just sorting, which by the end had become a nuisance. The weapon system overall was just worse in TOTK. In addition to having to deal with durability, now I have to fuse every weapon as well. That was just not fun to me, at all. The Sage power mechanic also felt unpolished, sometimes I had to chase the character around in order to activate their ability, and other times they got in the way when I tried to pick stuff up. I thought Ultrahand, Recall, and Ascend were pretty good as mechanics. Not really a fan of making vehicles, but I don't particulary mind either. Would rather not see it in another game though, and I tended to use vehicles as little as possible.
In terms of lore, it is completely incomprehensible and goes very strongly against already established lore, which is objectively a bad thing. Even if not everyone cares about the lore, doing such a sloppy job writing story and lore takes away enjoyment from those who do. TOTK is just terrible in this aspect. I grew up with The Legend of Zelda and was captivated by its world. The writing in TOTK in particular is just so contradictory and sloppy, I'm convinced the devs simply don't really care about it at all. I think it sucks, and it makes me lose some of the attachment I've always had towards the series. This just sucks.
The dungeons are still just 5 or 4 puzzles you can tackle in any order you like, just like the Divinve Beasts. They have unique themes now though, like they used to, so I do think it's a small improvement. One thing I must say, though, is that I was extremely disappointed that there wasn't a dungeon inside the Deku Tree, seriously. They had the perfect set up for a Forest Temple, with the forest being cursed, and then it's just a hole in the ground. I feel like there is no excuse for this, either they were just lazy or they just don't know how to make a Zelda game.
There some cool items to find in this game, like tunics or swords from other games. However it should be said that most of them, it seems, are just copy-pasted DLC/Amiboo items from BOTW. Knowing this just takes away from the cool-factor in my opinion, in additon to just feeling lazy.
Despite all this, I do feel it's an alright game on it's own. It's definitely above average, and I'd probably give it a 6/10. Still, I really did expect and wanted more from Nintendo, I really did. I'm disappointed that this took 6 years to make for Nintendo, and I genuinely think it's overhyped when I see all the 9s and 10s it recieves from most players, really.
Vent over. Feel free to tell me your thoughts and if you agree or disagree with me, wholly or partly.
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2023.06.08 00:39 jaspur69 I've embedded the text translations on the movie

My brother requested me to edit the video so he can watch it without having to translate each text message. I've put it on a google drive link and I thought I might share it with you guys as well. I know there are some who haven't watched the movie yet, so here you go guys:
Note: Apologies for some inconsistencies in the editing. I asked my friends to fill up some of the work while I was busy at school. Nonetheless, the translations are all readable.
Speaking of translations, I am not fully confident with the translations that I've made, but they are as close as I can think. If there's a native Japanese redditor here or anyone who can understand Japanese, feel free to correct me. If there are corrections, I'll update the video from time to time :)
The video also has burned subtitles on it. The subtitles aren't mine, I got it from the internet as well, though I made a few edits on it to fix some of the errors that many of you have complained about.
The video is ready to watch from the drive link since it's an mp4 file (it's a fresh upload btw, so you need to wait a bit more time until it's processed). I've also included an uncompressed mov file in case google takes down the mp4 for copyright or if you want a higher quality video.
That's all, enjoy watching :)
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2023.06.08 00:39 Ok-Contest-7885 I lost the sweetest boy I ever meet

There was a boy in my class who was there since I came in 1st grade.I never really talked with him ,we were just simple classmates until 6th grade.I was friends with his cousin that was also in my class,she tells me that he has a huge crush on me since 4th grade.I knew about that because it was obvious that he liked me since he stared at me all day and was being nicer to me than the other people.I also chatched feelings for him because I felt a special conection between us,we also had the same interests.After that his cousin gives me his number where I tell him I liked him and we became a couple.We were talking a lot and he was the sweetes boy ever.He was being nice to me and all the stuff....He had my heart and I loves him so much...even tho I was cold beacuse I was not used to relationships.....Time passes and his cousin stared getting jelous because he gave more attention to me and she stared spreading lies about me wearing a fake bra and telling everyone that im actually flat.I was insecure because I had big chest as a kid and always wore oversized chlotes.He didnt really say anything and ignored her.After that she acussed me for stealing her friend and he also ignored that because he couldnt do anything to stop her ,if he did she would tell his grandma about it and they would have an argument.Time passes and I fell more in love with him ...I dont know why but I had a bad feeling about our relationship...his cousin told me that he is cheating and I belived her but said nothing...The next day he brokes up with me with his texts saying,,Im sorry....We have to break up...Im sorry for everthing...You will find someone better....Im not good enough for you...I hate myself...I hope you will find someone better..." I broke into tears to my best friends house who had a brother and he was his best friend he saw me crying and said nothing ,My best friend calmed me down.Two days later he texted me just becaus he was bored... we talked a bit and he asked me what would I want him to do so I would forgive him,I asked if he wanted to become a couple again,he said yes...I was still sad that day and didnt answer.1 week passes and him and my best friends brother are calling my best friend slurs and very ofenssive stuff.I stod up for her and I called him a slur too because I was angry.He texted me saying ,,Im Glad I broke up with you and you cried.I hope you cry again"Then blocked me on all my sociale.Of corse I was upset but didnt say nothing.At school we were chatting in letters and he said that he doesnt care if I kms.I got sad and just told him something that he found ofenssive and called me all the slurs posibile.Of corse I was shocked and the fact that his cousin and my best friend were laughting at me broke my heart.The next day I come at school and his cousin asks me when I will move out and said that she want me to go and that shes sick of me.My best friend didnt talk to me at all.I was in class then I see a paper in my desk where was written,,Come to school with ur fake bra to make everyone laught"And I look trought the class and see him with his cousin and my best friend with her brother laughting.I broke into tears and my best friends brother trew a ruller at my ches and it hurt so bad but I just ignored it and in the break I called my mom and while I was calling his cousin was yelling ,,Mommys girl,she is calling her mommy crying"While he was yelling at me,,Shut up stupid bith" I went home all crying and after that my best friend texts me ,,its ur fault and ur crying".I didnt go to school all the week.The director called them to her office the next day.One month passes and my best friend apologised to me.One more month and he unblocked me and apologised too blaming what he did on his anger issues.I didn know what happend to that sweet boy I knew....what did he become....To this day we are all friends....His best friend is harasing me for no reason and tells me that I wear a fake bra just beacause he is still mad that I reporter him to the director.He just ignores that and he treats me worst and worst each day.....I dont know what to do....I still love him so much and regret that I lost him due to some stupid reasons...He admitted that he is no longer interested in me and sees me as a friend.I still like him and he still has my heart..I dont know what do do next...
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2023.06.08 00:39 BrittanyByrd [WTS] [USA-CA] [H] Kiwi Ears Orchestra Lite, Drop THX 789, GoXLR Full Size, Steamdeck XL, Blue Ember XLR Mic, Elgato Wave DX XLR Mic, Supreme x Shure SM58 XLR mic [W] Paypal

Hi, looking to down size looking to sell the following...
Kiwi Ears Orchestra Lite - $220 shipped
Excellent condition used for 2 weeks, Comes with og box all accessories and tips, great for competitive FPS gaming if you watch Fresh Reviews on Youtube this one is highly recommended.
Streamdeck XL - $180 shipped
Excellent condition, no longer streaming so have no use for it anymore. Comes with stand and cable, no box.
GoXLR Full Size - $320 shipped
Great condition, still has protective film on top. Bottom is missing 1 plastic nub so it wobbles and forth if applying pressure.(See pics, you can remove another nub if you want to stop any wobbles.)
Blue Ember XLR Condenser Microphone - $50 shipped
Great condition, was my main driver for a year.
Elgato Wave DX Dynamic Microphone - $50 shipped
Excellent condition, like new.
Supreme x Shure SM58 Microphone - $240 shipped
Great Condition, has one small nick on the bottom(see pic) comes with og box and red cable I think it's like 20-25 Ft.
Massdrop + THX 789 Amplifier - $160 shipped
Great condition very clean sounding amp, was main driver for about 2 years.
Freebies if you buy GoXlr with a Mic/
WORLDS BEST CABLES 3 Foot – Quad Balanced Microphone Cable Custom Made Using Mogami 2534 Wire and Neutrik NC3MXX-B Male & NC3FXX-B Female XLR Plugs.
Amazon Basic's 6 Foot XLR Cable
Shipping to CON US only.
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2023.06.08 00:39 SevnTre I’ve notice a small glitch, and I’m judging Puffco for it.

I’ve notice a small glitch, and I’m judging Puffco for it.
I usage the firmware on my peak pro and noticed a small glitch on my app, and wanted to know if others have a similar experience.
First let me explain some basics.
490f will always be 490f there is nothing that came be changed to increase vapor production while still using standard equipment.
Now here is we’re it gets interesting. I already had a feeling there no way you can control vapor production so I messed around and started getting nice strong hits after changing it to “Max” vapor so I figured let me use the app and see how fast it gets to temp. I start my dab temp reading starts counting 190f, 230f 250f, 280f I ect.. I keep looking at the app and it reaching 430f and all of a sudden the temp resets and drops to about 350f and starts climbing again I figured it was just a bug with the app so I tried it 5 more times and got the same results never had this happen before out of curiosity I drop the vapor production back to “standard” keep playing around with it for the past 2 days and have come to a conclusion.
Attached is a screen recording, please pay attention to the numbers changing from 460f back down to 318f and then climbing back up again.
TL;DR - Puffco is providing incorrect temp information on “max” vapor production by r showing the temp you chose, but heating the chamber to a higher temp than what the device reads.
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2023.06.08 00:38 SuperSandal11 2021 Tesla Model 3 SR RWD

2021 Tesla Model 3 SR RWD
Hi all,
Sorry for the long rant in advanced I just wanted to post my experience picking up my 2021 Tesla model, three in September 2021 and the issues that I experienced with it. I have since had about $8000 worth of fully covered Tesla Certified Body Shop’s bodywork and I’m finally good 99/100 lol. When I picked up the car all was good in my eyes after doing a in depth walkthrough and was very happy with everything. Three days later while parked in my garage, I noticed that there was black polyurethane on the passenger side a pillar going up where they installed the windshield and it must’ve dropped excess on it from the factory. Figured it wouldn’t be an issue. I called Tesla and they told me to bring the car back in as I pick it up Monday and that I should stop by on Friday. I let them take the car and they ended up scraping most of it off, but ended up scraping the paint off as well so it required for respray from Tesla Certified Body Shop. When I hadn’t scheduled my appointment, give them to Car. After two attacks of them trying to fix it and burning the passenger side fender I decided that I wanted to go and do my own research and find a body shop that I trusted. I went ahead and found a body shop that I trusted and the repair cost $2700. Tesla covered it and all was good. About a year later I noticed there was some rust on the crevice on the passenger side where the water drains down from the windshield. Essentially, I decided to go back to the body shop and explained it to them. They told me that during the previous repair they did not remove the windshield. This was probably the reason why it did not get covered with paint, so they agreed to fix it by removing the bench that spot on the frame by taking it down to bare metal. I also had them fix another tesla warranty defect on the driver side, where the fender was touching the driver side, a pillar, and had caused rubbing which exposed bear metal, and started to slightly corrode. Both repairs cost about $2900 and finally my car is good. I’ve been reading on Reddit about a lot of people having nightmares and although my experience was kind of annoying, I’m happy to say that it’s all finally fixed. I have a bit of OCD and I know nothing is perfect but I try to keep my car as perfect as possible. What are some of your experiences with picking up cars from Tesla? Let me know your experiences!
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2023.06.08 00:38 SmurfSmacker Has anyone relocated for work to another country, any help appreciated. Major upheaval.

Hey all,
So, long story short. I have Asperger’s and have been given what maybe the opportunity of a lifetime. I also suffer from depression and very very low self esteem. As well as being hyper critical of myself. I also have an IQ of 139, and was always classed as ‘gifted’…whatever the hell that means.
I have just been offered the opportunity to move to the Middle East from the UK for a role within construction management. The money is stupid, (six figures plus). But I am scared of pretty much all of it.
Has anyone else ever done anything like this, and do you have any ideas that could help me take the job and calm myself down. Any coping mechanisms and ways to deal with my Aspi ways.
Please, and help is greatly appreciated and well received.
Thanks for your time.
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2023.06.08 00:38 megabyss My sister’s blue beetle

This story may not seem super crazy to anyone else, but it was an extremely compelling personal experience.
In May of 2019, my sister died in a car accident at just 20 years. She drove a blue Volkswagen Beetle, and she loved that car. I was still in high school when this happened and a couple weeks after her death, I went back to school again. I survived the day but by the end of it, I felt so weak & worn down and just wanted to cry. As I was coming home, I walked up my driveway and noticed a strange bug. It was a beetle, the exact same shade of metallic blue as my sister’s car, in the now-empty space where she used to park it. I had never seen a beetle like that before and haven’t seen one since, but it was truly one of the most beautiful & mesmerizing bugs I’ve ever seen. It was a small but very powerful reminder that she was still around, and she clearly wanted me to know.
I stared at the beetle for a bit, and I think that was the first time I truly, genuinely smiled since she’d passed. In that moment, my weakness turned into strength, my cynicism into hope, my hatred for the universe into faith. It was still very rough for a while after that, but I firmly believe that one symbolic experience is what gave me the power to continue, even though I’ve come close to not continuing.
It’s been over 4 years and I still have tears streaming down my face writing about this, so I apologize if I seem a little all over the place.
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2023.06.08 00:38 Nostalgia2302 Pulled over for using a cellphone and it’s not even true

So I was driving to college and I was spinning my cellphone on my hand and this cop saw me, pulled me over and told me cellphones were forbidden while driving and that I’d receive the ticket by mail.
I normally have a fidget spinner to help me focus but I forgot it at home today, so I grabbed the first thing I could.
I just happened to be looking down while lost in my thoughts and spinning it but I WAS NOT TEXTING OR USING IT IN ANY WAY.
Have any of you managed to get out of a ticket by arguing ADHD? This is so discouraging.
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2023.06.08 00:38 SkepticlBeliever Tried to sit through Black Vault's coverage of David Grusch... Found multiple issues in his coverage.

Ok. Full transparency, I only I made it about 30 minutes in. Couldn't stomach anymore. There was enough to point out in those 30 minutes that it took me over 2 hours to get through it. I honestly don't have the time to go any further.
Please read it all before you jump to his defense. Every point is important and relevant for you to understand what John is actually doing here. I've provided supporting statements and evidence where available to back up my points.
Just to be clear. Any capitalized words are done for emphasis, not to yell, so please don't read them that way. I'm fully annoyed with his lackluster coverage and omissions, but I wasn't angry writing this out.
In typical Greenwald fashion, he DOES ask some questions that already have answers publicly available. Because to John, the QUESTIONS are the point, NOT the answers. The questions are being used to get you to think along the lines HE wants you to. He's the literal Fox News of Ufology. No actual journalism required. No providing the answers when/if he DOES find them, unless they confirm his own personal narrative...
"Questions" about "Why the pressure to release the story?
John goes on to speculate about rival journalists scooping them, which implies for the listener that this is the only possible outcome, since this is the ONLY possibility he listed. It's the only possibility he wants you to think about. He does that a LOT.
Example: the 2017 AATIP story, and multiple newspapers getting details wrong. Used THAT to question "Was there an intentional campaign to mislead the public???" NO acknowledgement from John that newspapers regularly do that with other stories. One outlet gets something wrong, then other outlets use THEM as a source to write their own article instead of trying to verify with multiple different sources from the original article, or even track down the original article. Lazy journalism. STUPIDLY common. But a fucking conspiracy to John.
NO acknowledgement from John of how the authors' 2017 article led to Congressional changes on the subject, which was actually the main reason it WAS released. It was Lue's entire reason for stepping forward. Inform the public so THEY can put pressure on Congress to take it seriously. And. It. WORKED. Look where we are today.
Also NO acknowledgement of upcoming public hearings the sources for the article likely wanted to get this information out ahead of. He's acting like this story came out by itself in a vacuum. Is there any question about whether or not these admissions will be brought up during that hearing?
Nor did he address the fact Christopher Mellon was involved in the article as well, who DOES have a vested interest in Congress moving this along faster. He knows more than he says. Congress has had this information for a full year next month. NOTHING mentioned about it publicly, not even during the previous hearings.
"Questions" about Non human origin
Described anything as not ET as "wonky", to ridicule and downplay other POSSIBLE explanations.
"Are we talking about another civilization that lives under the ocean? 🙄".
We literally know more about what's out in space than we do what's under the oceans. Sorry if that makes John uncomfortable... but NOTHING should be ridiculed to downplay any possible explanation. We're supposed to be past that. The data. Only thing that should remove a possible explanation from the table. NOT John's personal hot takes.
The reason they're going to use NHI, and will continue to, is because it's as accurate as they CAN be. Unless you actually know and can prove they originate from a specific exoplanet, unless they can can be tracked coming from and heading there, you cannot accurately say it's ET in nature (if we can barely detect exoplanets, we're not tracking ANY craft outside the solar system). That's why even NASA is saying there's no evidence it's ET. They literally don't have the supporting evidence to reach that conclusion, even if they have a recovered vehicle sitting in front of them. How do you determine WHERE it was created? "Unknown origin" means they DON'T have enough info to determine that. There are multiple possible explanations of where they might be coming from... ET is just one.
"This story was built on 100% anonymous sources"
NO. NO. NO.🤦🏻
This story was built on the fucking IC IG complaint. Fuckin NewsNation has it... JOHN doesn't. Just because HE can't verify the information himself, does NOT, under ANY circumstances, mean no one else has. This is about much more than just "Some people saying some things".
The IG labeled his complaint as "Credible and Urgent" based NOT just on Grusch's statements, but documents and pictures he DID have, and the multiple people inside the RE programs who came forward to the IG to provide evidence as well. NOT just statements. EVIDENCE.
The article never stated DOPSR clearing it for release meant they supported it was true. It was just a statement of fact that they cleared it. John's "Well sometimes people misunderstand..." comment was meant to give you that IMPRESSION that's what Leslie and Ralph wanted you to think, or that they misunderstood it themselves. He's inserting meaning to the statement in the article, WITHOUT actually making the claim that's what they were saying. It gets YOU to think that way, and protects HIM from any liability about making false statements. This is an EXTREMELY common tactic of his.
Also misleading is how he showed you the DOPSR statement of Skinwalkers at the Pentagon, while claiming that the statement was kind of a boiler plate response for every clearance. He DIDN'T show you the two statements next to each other so you COULDN'T compare them, because they aren't the same.
(I uploaded evidence of this in a short thread on Twitter)
Notice what's missing from SWATP? Any mention of not sharing supporting documents or images. That they added it to Grusch's release statement LITERALLY means he has them. And they know he has them. He submitted those for review, too, and was denied the clearance to release them. THAT'S why he isn't able to share them with journalists or NewsNation. This has never just been about "anonymous statements". There is classified evidence supporting his claims. Like all other classified evidence, it doesn't stop existing just because John doesn't get to see it.
"I'm a little surprised there was no reach out for an official statement"
WRONG. They had multiple officials making statements. What he's saying is he's surprised no one reached out to PAO and Susan Gough... You know. The office with a history of misleading and contradictory statements on this issue? They even contradicted themselves. Did Lue have "no responsibilites", "no ASSIGNED responsibilities", or was he the Director of AATIP like in their first statement about him in 2017/2018?
Worth noting that the Director of a program is the person who assigns responsibilities inside the program to begin with. Their last statement of "no assigned responsibilities" does NOT mean he wasn't the Director. It's misleading by design. But let's feign confusion about why people are beginning to bypass them altogether. 🙄
"The official line is important"
ONLY when you already know they're going to cast doubt by not supporting the statement, and that's what you want. That's John's entire MO here. He tries to cast doubt on literally everything he's not involved in. Not much better than Greer. He wants himself to be the focus.
"Is AARO cleared?" (To see supporting evidence backing up David's complaint)
Sean Kirkpatrick, AARO Director, admitted during the hearing this year that he DOESN'T have Title 50 Authority. If you want the full explanation of that, since John refused to provide it (Something he straight up condemns other outlets for)...
Tim McMillan of The Debrief tweeted about it that day. Thread is below. No surprise at all John never brought it up, despite fully admitting he knows full well who Tim is. Admitting it wouldn't let him feign ignorance on now big of a deal it is.
John's claim of "I doubt anyone knows what it actually entails" should be a pretty big implication he just wants to cast doubt on what's already out there. Why no mention of Tim McMillan? Because he was ALREADY aware Tim was involved in the discussion. He couldn't discount Tim after he gave him props earlier in the segment.
In short, AARO does not have full access to any and all IC data on this subject. Not every image, video, etc, collected by IC sensors, OR anything someone inside the IC decided to classify to keep it away from AARO. Just whatever someone inside the IC decided on their own to hand over. He has no power to compel them to release anything.
Up to 80% of all data collected is withheld from them. Imagine trying to solve ANY puzzle with ONLY 1/5 of the pieces required to do so. That is where AARO is at without that authority. NOTHING they say publicly should be taken without that in mind.
"We haven't been able to verify any programs"
This IS a statement of fact, but it's also misleading. No Title 50 Authority also means that even if they are told exactly which Special Access Programs to look into, which they have been, they DON'T have the authority or need to know to be briefed in on them. Lue Elizondo had both Title 10 and Title 50. THAT is why he had the position he did managing SAPs. And it's likely why he was chosen to lead AATIP to begin with. He had already had access to those kinds of programs.
So of COURSE they can't verify the claims. Kirkpatrick was hand chosen by OUSDI&S SPECIFICALLY for this reason. It's NOT a coincidence he's in that position while having no power to actually get to the bottom of this.
One more misleading statement provided by PAO. But yes, John, let's continue to pretend it's insane no one involved with the article would reach out to give them a chance to mislead again. Amazing people don't realize how disingenuous he is.
I do NOT have access to anything beyond what John does. There's no excuse for him to misrepresent what he DOES have access to, and intentionally leave context out, just to mislead people. This isn't a one time issue. He regularly does this in all clips I have seen of him. I wish more people would start applying the critical thinking he wants you to use on other outlets, on his. These were all pretty glaring. Don't just let the man's misleading "Just asking questions" frame any part of this subject for you. He clearly has an agenda...
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2023.06.08 00:37 Tavares10 Odin vs RP3+ for Android games

Hey everyone, greetings from a Brazilian in Portugal! I'm diving into the world of retrogames (which isn't really that retro, to be honest). A while back, I made a post asking about which handheld console to buy (Retroid Pocket 3+, Odin Pro/Lite, or a Steam Deck). But now, due to financial and usability reasons, I've narrowed down my options to the RP3+ and the Odin (Pro or Lite).
The idea is to play a few PS2 games (like Kingdom Hearts, Yu-Gi-Oh GX Tag Force, some RPGs like Final Fantasy, Shadow of the Colossus, and PES??), and on the 3DS, mainly Pokémon games and a few specific RPGs. I think either of the two devices should handle these games without a problem.
But now my question is more about Android games and xCloud. Can the RP3+ handle Android games well? Even the heavier ones like Genshin Impact? Can it also run xCloud games smoothly? And what about the Odin, both the Pro and Lite versions? Do they recognize the buttons in Android games and xCloud? Including L3/R3?
Which one would give me the best bang for my buck for this usage?
I'm not sure if I made myself clear, and the text was translated by ChatGPT.
Thanks in advance, everyone!
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2023.06.08 00:37 CliffyTheRed M2 standoff thinks my M2 drive is 4x thicker?

M2 standoff thinks my M2 drive is 4x thicker?
There is enough space on this standoff to put 2-3 m.2 PCB's between the lower deck of the standoff and the bottom of the screw head. I have no idea how I'm supposed to tighten this down. From ASRock B450 Steel Legend. Any suggestions?
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2023.06.08 00:37 Level-Assistant3808 This is an animation celluloid made of cellulose acetate. It is experiencing vinegar syndrome, the cellulose is breaking down and acetic acid being released from the cel and causing rippling in the sheet. Is there a way to remove/flatten those wrinkles without damaging the cel or paint itself?

This is an animation celluloid made of cellulose acetate. It is experiencing vinegar syndrome, the cellulose is breaking down and acetic acid being released from the cel and causing rippling in the sheet. Is there a way to remove/flatten those wrinkles without damaging the cel or paint itself? submitted by Level-Assistant3808 to u/Level-Assistant3808 [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 00:37 AnyTransportation301 For anyone who has taken the product management course:

I just graduated and unfortunately wasn't able to enroll in the course last semester because it was full & I also had a conflict, but if anyone is down to share their notes/their experience + point me to any resources it'd be really nice 🥺
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2023.06.08 00:37 Lizzie_001 RIC waiting lot

I am a Williamsburg driver and turn down all trips to RIC because I can’t ever get a return fare. What is the deal with the waiting lot? Is it worth paying the $5 entry? Do you get upfront information so that you can decline if it isn’t going in your direction?
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Although more writing is imminent, the world needs to know about this. It connects the quantum web, and allows all laws to be valid Inter-Dependent of one another across the board. It is all linear, and always relative within nature. This unlocks the biggest secrets of scientific study.
All research done by myself, without having ever entered a university level education. Copyright Trent Thomas, 2023.
BY: Trent Thomas the Prophet of Medicine
June 6th, 2023.
We come into the world the same way that we go out, they say. Out with the old, in with the new. Metaphysical reality, quantum mechanics, and relativity have yet to be unified. Until now. We are all safe to say that in this reality we will all be alive for a very long time. We will be happy, Joyous and Free. We will sing songs to our Father the Sun, and our Mother the Moon; on our Father the Earth, with our Mother Water. Everything is relative. The sun, the moon and the stars represent the wave, the particle, and the Aether. The experiment performed in the 1960’s called “The Double Slit Experiment” made way for a new paradigm of thinking. In old ways of thinking, people thought that particles could connect all the way around the earth. This experiment showed us that light is both a wave and particle at the same time, dependent upon whether it is observed or not. In the experiment, they cut two vertical, parallel slits on a piece of black 35mm film, and projected light through the slits. With a device measuring which of the two slits the individual photons fired would go through or a conscious observer present, the pattern of light on the screen below would be as expected, two vertical bars of light with dots, as pictured below:
When they repeated the experiment and removed any device to measure the particle and also removed any conscious observers, the light manifested as a Wavelength with an interference pattern; as if two ripples in a pond were to overlap, as pictured below:
Thinking of particles as inaccessible vessels of information telling us the story of our origins and what we are made of should take less precedence over understanding the Almighty Laws of Nature that govern the bodies of everything within the feedback loop that is the cosmos. None of histories most esteemed scientists have ever been able to unify all of these Laws which have been proven in their individual right. However, when one uses the Wavefunction Particle Trinity as the unifying unit of measurement across the strings of the Aether, it becomes evident that the reality one sees is compromised entirely of this single unit of energy. It harnesses all virtues of electromagnetism, light, radiation, seismology, all the way down to nuclear physics and astronomy. Everything is relative. Feedback loops in mirrors are relative to fractals, as everything in Gods great energy is relative to nature’s perfection. God does not make mistakes. Each observing particle creates a chain reaction through the chain gang network of the Aether, which spreads with a velocity inversely proportional to its size as a subatomic particle, which creates the metaphysical reality that we can all simultaneously co-exist in. This is why we all perceive the same things, at the same “time”, relative to our position on the planet to the other observer. Time is merely a construct used to take measurements. Space-time is literally all the same as this single golden fiber of the Aether. This is the unit of the Trinity, the Wavelength, the Particle, and the Aether. This supple environment of strings that vibrate or ‘resonate’ at a very high wavelength like taut strings of a Piano long after the hammer has struck it lends fertile ability to manifest itself anywhere along the 3-dimensional axis of our perception via particle disturbance on a subatomic level. When thinking of the Big Bang Theory, one must understand what it is we are taking part in. We are within a feedback loop of energy, comprised of the holy Trinity of metaphysical reality; which is linear and is a spectrum of relative energies. When studying consciousness in humans as a measurement of how everything in this dimensional plane is relative, one must consider the wisdom of animals. Inversely proportional to their ability to verbally communicate and teach, is their actual understanding of the Cosmos and their ability to sense Energy. In humans with downs-syndrome or other mental health diagnoses such as Schizophrenia, it is the same. In the latter with Schizophrenics, it is relative to their ability to cope with the intensity of the power of the true Spirit of the Divine. Same is true with Savants or individuals with specialized abilities in certain mental faculties, where other areas lack. I.E. advanced mathematicians, musicians, etc. who do not have very much social intelligence. This manifests in many other ways in psychology as well. Narcissists, for example; are creating their own reality by manifesting what they believe to an extent that they literally believe it themselves. But relative to the amount of belief there is in any given thing, is the response by natures feedback loop of medicine. This is what leads to frustration when dealing with these kinds of people, or Cognitive Dissonance, which, again; is the perfect example of relativity. This manifests itself as a measurable example of nature’s Karmic scale, through observation of people changing their behavior as to align it with their beliefs and moral scale. Morals, Values, and Ethics are the holy trinity of mortal existence on this linear plane. Without these, we are headed towards destruction.
Copyright 2023 Trent Thomas the Prophet of Medicine
[email protected]
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2023.06.08 00:37 Teddo_Ichiban NYC Underground Map

NYC Underground Map
Deep below the streets of New York City lie its vital organs—a water system, subways, railroads, tunnels, sewers, drains, and power and cable lines—in a vast, three-dimensional tangled web. Penetrating this centuries-old underworld of caverns, squatters, and unmarked doors, Spider-Man 2 could have HOURS of exploration awaiting players.
I think Insomniac will have a missed opportunity if they do not include underground locations. Even the first game included sewers and secret underground locations.

Hopefully no one copies this thread and passes it off like their idea.
There are a ton of enemies that could be found under NYC. And I'd love for the sewers to be more than a linear passage to a boss fight or survival round. In Marvel's Spider-Man sewers and underground locations were just that. They were A-to-B passages to a fight or just Strongholds.
I want a full, winding, twisting underground sub-map. And the PS5 can definitely handle it.
You could even have sewer-based missions where you encounter people down there who need help or who saw something strange, and you'd have to investigate. Boss fights, strongholds and random encounters, as well as exploration tokens, Survival Modes and more!
What if you get lost?
You wouldn't. Every so often, there will be manholes and gas vents you can pop up into the main city from. Or if you're by the subway, just walk out of the subway terminals you normally use to quick travel. The underground map would follow the city map.
If you ever don't recognize where you are, just climb up from the sewer or subway.
Which enemies? Would there be enough enemies to warrant exploration down there?
Yes. Just as the surface would have strongholds, there could be underground lairs with any mix of the main surface enemies and more! Lizard experiments, symbiotes (depending on what happens with story), Morlocks (Wolverine is canon to the Insomniac universe), random thugs/criminals, Vampires/undead (Midnight Suns, but also these would be the best enemies for a Survival Mode)
You mentioned random boss encounters?
Yes. So just as on the surface you will find random crimes pop up. In the sewers, you will get a spider-sense for random boss encounters. It would be made up of some story/surface bosses and sewer-only bosses.
  • Carrion
  • Hobgoblin/Demogoblin (It would have nothing to do with Norman, if anything, you could say he based Green Goblin off of the rumors of this underground demon)
  • Shriek
  • Vermin
  • Sandman
  • Venom (if he's not arrested by the end of the game)
  • Scorpion
  • Wraith
There are a myriad of expansive and beauiful set pieces that would make for amazing cinematic battles and fights. If not just to experience and see, but for Photomode and just even to explore.

This sort of area, but with more shadows and muted emergency lights,
Imagine that you go down into the subway and start zipping down the tracks, dodging incoming trains. Suddenly, you see a passage way that veers off to the left...You check your map and see that you're below Harlem toward the east side, close to the East River, underneath the projects. You hear screams and follow them and find that there's a homeless camp, but people are running.
Vermin is attacking someone. Dude has super strength, speed, stamina and durability. He also has razor sharp claws, so if he gets close, he can take a huge chunk of health. You can run away, but you didn't play this game to run, did you? Not with the black suit... Random boss fight!
Feel free to replace Vermin, in this hypothetical with whomever. Electro! Lizard! Shocker! Whoever.
Okay. That sounds cool. But is there an in-game incentive for why you'd want to swing around the sewers?
Yes. Three reasons.
  1. Subway Tokens: Miles or Peter can collect subway tokens that allow you to unlock additional skins. This adds to completion (and just more to do in the game).
  2. Secret Missions: Like I mentioned earlier, there would be Side Missions that pop up in the subways/sewers.
  3. Random Boss Encounters: This would be the only way to run into random boss encounters with characters like Vermin or Carrion or find "Survival" rooms. Where you fight off enemies until a certain time.
What do you think?
Interested in NYC's real world underground subways, caverns, sewers and abandoned locations? Additional Reading on NYC's underground caverns and caves:
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2023.06.08 00:37 MentallyIllAreBetter Why do the moderators of some subreddit's have the right to abuse and demean members of reddit

Here is the post I tried to post on the subreddit PoliticalDiscussion
and here is the response I got.
Hello, {author}. Thanks for contributing! Unfortunately your {kind} has been removed per the following rules:
What does he mean by Your kind. I did nothing wrong but even if I had, he has no right to refer to me as "Your Kind". Why do they get to abuse users. I will keep trying to use reddit for its original intent of having discussions but I keep finding people with these God complexes out trying to shut down and control the conversation rather then following the spirit of the platform. It seems the flaws in humanity are destroying the beautiful dream of the creators of reddit.
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2023.06.08 00:37 loosecharge I made a 13-month, 364 day calendar for Avatar Legends that tracks moon cycle and solstices

Here is the link to the code on replit. Use as you please. If something like this is not allowed then by all means take it down.
Edit: click "show code" to read comments in the code that relate to the calendar's functions
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2023.06.08 00:37 genericteenagename Thoughts?

Thoughts? submitted by genericteenagename to puffco [link] [comments]