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2023.06.01 23:35 Giodando 23yo, $21/hr, $35k NW—how am I doing?

Hi, everyone—I've started getting my finances in order and would appreciate any feedback you can provide. Apologies in advance for the poor formatting and long post.
I'm a 23M with a bachelor's degree making $21/hr, which equates to $43,680/year ($21/hr x 2080 working hours per year) pre-tax. My biweekly post-tax/401(k) + FSA contributions paycheck is about $1,150. I also receive quarterly bonuses of about 7.5%, limited mileage reimbursement, and 15 days of PTO per year (which is used for both vacation and sick time).
My employer matches my 401(k) contributions as follows:
I'm currently contributing 6% to receive the full match (4%) and the profit share contribution (3%). This adds up to 13% of my pay being saved in my 401(k). One catch: the employer match is vested after 2 years, and I've been in this position for about 8.5 months.
My net worth is roughly $35,000 when including all accounts and property (e.g. my vehicle). I have no debt and pay off my credit cards in full every month.
Here's a breakdown of my assets as of today (rounded for simplicity):
Cash: $500 Checking: $1,500 Savings: $525 Money Market: $250 HYSA Emergency Fund: $6,650 401(k) (w/o match): $1250 Roth IRA: $6400 Brokerages: $11,950 Vehicle: $6,250 (KBB value)
My car would admittedly sell for less than the KBB value due to significant cosmetic damage. I've spent a good amount on repairs in the past year, but functionally it's pretty solid now and I plan to drive it for as long as I can.
Brokerages are overweighted because of a large position in an individual stock, which I purchased when I knew less about investing. My position is down about 25% due to a high cost basis. I still believe in the company's turnaround, but I've learned my lesson about individual stock picking and my plan now is to invest only in low-cost index funds (...while keeping this position).
My intended asset allocation is:
I'll eventually add BNDW as I get older. I also want to weight VXUS higher to balance out my 100% domestic 401(k) (which does not offer great options for international exposure).
Unfortunately, my Roth IRA is currently uninvested and is just sitting in VMFXX. I'm not sure whether I should lump-sum or dollar-cost average into my desired allocation (though I've read lump-sum beats DCA 2/3 of the time).
I should mention I also think the market will go down this year, but I realize that thought is trying to time the market, so...oops.
Here are my monthly expenses, averaged from the past 5 months (rounded for simplicity):
Rent: $875 Food: $425 (includes groceries & eating out) Utilities/internet: $110 Car insurance/gas: $145 Car repairs: $400 Health: $135 Pet: $140 Entertainment: $180 (includes concerts, music & TV streaming, newspaper, other consumables) Shopping: $120
TOTAL: $2,530 / month
I split some expenses with my girlfriend, but what is listed here is my share + personal expenses.
The "car repairs" average is misleading—it includes registration & titling fees when I moved, windshield replacement, and engine repair. As a reference, last month I paid only $50 here.
"Health" means appointments, prescribed medicine, materials, and therapy. My lovely mom sends me $200/month for these expenses. I am contributing the yearly $3,050 maximum to my company-provided FSA, and have so far been using it to pay for health-related expenses. However (as of today) I only have $805 left for the year, so I expect to feel these expenses more in the coming months.
[Now that I've typed this out, I definitely see the -$230 monthly difference between my stated biweekly paycheck and expenses. This feels off because I end up saving every month—my personal spreadsheet shows that on average, I make $3,200/month.]
My financial goals, in no particular order:
  • Retire before 65 (or, in other words, ASAP)
  • Save a 3-6 month emergency fund
  • Save for vacation(s)
  • Save for education (certification or master's)
  • Save for an engagement ring
  • Save for a wedding
  • Save for a vehicle
  • Save for a house
  • Save for (future) kids and their college
I would probably benefit from specifying, prioritizing, and streamlining these goals; recently I've been focusing solely on building my emergency fund.
  1. How am I doing? Even a rough temperature check is great.
  2. Are there any changes you'd make or suggest?
  3. Am I missing anything glaringly obvious, something that deserves my attention?
I would greatly appreciate any feedback or critiques you'd like to give me. I'm also ready to answer any questions if needed. Thank you in advance for your time and insights.
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2023.06.01 23:35 MrFlac00 TheConsumer and Blind Skepticism

TLDR: TheConsumer is wrong about the CDC/FDA, he arrives at this position with basically zero evidence, and it undermines his entire conversation. He should do better, but I think he can.
Quick set up: I'm basing this post purely on this video, so if there is additional context from the stream I don't have access to it (who watches livestreams lmao). Also I don't hate this TheConsumer guy, he seems good faith and offers a different perspective in good ways, I just think his method of arriving at skepticism is flawed and this specific point is wrong. I'm also not going to talk about the SSRI's convo (as I have no background on it) nor the vaccine convo, we're gonna focus on the FDA/CDC part.
My argument is this: bad skepticism is just as bad if not worse than blind acceptance, and what TheConsumer did during the FDA/CDC conversation was bad skepticism.
Lets start with my probably flawed definition of what skepticism is: skepticism is reasonable doubt and neutral fact-seeking around certain accepted ideas. Importantly skepticism does not start from an assumption of rightness or wrongness of an idea, it requires a sufficient level of evidence one way or another. The sufficient level of evidence is also important as having too high a level makes proving something impossible, and having too low a level can lead to quickly jumping to a conclusion and accidentally biasing ourselves towards that conclusion with further analysis.
TheConsumer's first argument is much too low a level of evidence against the FDA, misinterpreting a fraud suit and rapidly extrapolating. Here's his own words at 16:03. In it TheConsumer speaks about Bextra: claiming the drug killed people, that although the FDA did catch Pfizer the FDA also approved the drug in the first place (clearly implying that this was partially on the FDA for approving the drug). So what actually happened with Bextra? Bextra (Valdecoxib) was an anti-inflammatory drug approved by the FDA in 2001, approved for "relief of signs and symptoms of osteoarthritis and adult rheumatoid arthritis and for the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea".
Bextra had two issues, one got it pulled in 2005 and the other was the fraud TheConsumer mentioned. First it had more extreme symptoms than previously found, namely potentially lethal skin rash and some heart problems, and was pulled from the market in 2005. I'm not an expert on drug approval so there is stuff I might misunderstand here, but it appears FDA testing did notice rash side effects (page 20) but it was not as extreme as what got Bextra pulled. Also to note, I'm not totally familiar with the industry but from my understanding a drug being pulled in 4 years is pretty quick, especially since roll-out likely took some time after FDA approval.
The fraud suit had nothing to do with these symptoms, and was not the fault of the FDA. See the FDA approved Bextra as an anti-inflammatory drug for a specific population, but Pfizer began marketing the drug off-label to doctors as a pain medication especially post-surgery. So to be clear the huge fraud suite worth 1.9 billion dollars was due to actual fraud and due to the drug being used outside of FDA approval.
Lets get back to TheConsumer's argument then. He touts this as a "boy cried wolf" scenario where the FDA lied, but this is clearly not the truth. The fraud suit was not because the FDA lied but instead because Pfizer lied. In a scenario where the FDA was perfect and honest this situation would still proceed and Pfizer would be caught in the same way as it is not the failure of FDA regulators which caused Pfizer to sell their drugs off-label. As well Destiny's initial pushback becomes even stronger: we don't trust drugs because Pfizer is honest, we trust drugs because checks on drug companies by the FDA and other regulators who have incentives to check those companies.
"But ah", you might say, "what about when the drug got pulled in the first place and KILLED seven PEOPLE?!?!?" Yes that did happen, but here the level of evidence is important. When judging whether an institution is lying or not we need to make space for honest mistakes. My schizo-y section was trying to show whether there was evidence of a cover-up or planned incompetence, and from what I found there is no evidence of this. The FDA trials did see signs of the extreme rash in in-vivo trials but not to the degree as what came later. When evidence began mounting of a clear issue the FDA issued a clear (and at the time, viewed as slightly extreme) statement and action, pulling the drug. Again, if we assume the FDA was a totally honest actor I don't see how very different this could have played out.
To be frank, this is pretty incompetent skepticism. For one, I don't think a singular example or even a few examples of the FDA "lying" would be enough to view them as a corrupt institution. The FDA is massive and so many drugs go through their approval process every year that a couple examples in their 116 year history is nothing. But even then I could grant this line of argument if the examples are MASSIVE or at least show clear systemic fraud....and this case just fails to show anything. I would expect if you hang your hat on singular examples of fraud at the very least you would have read the wiki page.
Second, the argument of how the FDA receives funding and puts the cart well before the horse. TheConsumer states that the CDC [FDA] is clearly not able to monitor companies like Pfizer because they "take large paychecks" from the pharmaceutical industry. Beyond this statement being non-representative to the point of being basically a lie, which Destiny rightly catches him on, the more moderated position is still wrong. In it TheConsumer points out that 40% of the CDC [FDA] budget comes from the fees generated in approval of drugs. This is only partially true as he identifies total "user fees" which includes other sources of income (like Tobacco fees which generate 712 million). According to Congressional reports (this fact sheet is a bit easier to understand) only 1.224 billion of the total ~6.1 billion is from prescription drug "user fees". So ok, 20% of funding. Again, basic research showed this, did TheConsumer do any? These fees are generated from when companies put their drug up for FDA approval. As quick historical background this has only been the case since the Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA) in 1992.
What does this money actually do? Well it helps fund....the drug approval process. So the FDA is making money off of drug approvals to fund their other departments? I can't find modern numbers but in 2002 only half the cost of drug approval was covered by user fees, the rest was covered by discretionary funding. Presuming incentives here maybe TheConsumer could have a point, incentives could make the FDA more likely to fast-track many drugs to increase its funding. But surely we'd see consequences of this? According to this article we saw an increase from pre to post PDUFA of drugs being removed/getting different warnings post approval from 21% to 27%. That's bad from a public health standpoint, but an increase of 6% is not rabid corruption to the point where you can't trust the FDA. As well, that could be explainable from other sources, prescription drugs are complicated.
This doesn't mean that the FDA cannot be corrupt, but using actual skepticism we need more evidence than this. We should lean on, for example, reliable reporting instead. But TheConsumer doesn't do this, instead its handwaving at numbers and assuming the result.
OK lets address the 1000lb gorilla in the room, why did I hyperfocus on this one 15 second section of this one video?
The reason is this is the foundation of his point and there is no foundation. TheConsumer arrived at the FDA/CDC (because he conflates the two) being corrupt from the fact they receive funding from requiring companies to pay for drug approval, and the approval of Bextra. That's it. The former is inadequate proof of this corruption he speaks to, and the latter just isn't factually true. The lack of basic knowledge of the facts, the conflation of two wildly different agencies, the assumptions of proof; all of this points to a complete disregard of skeptical engagement. On its own this is fine but its that TheConsumer then extrapolates from this to the point where he doesn't trust FDA approval of the Covid vaccines.
I'm gonna go schizo-psychoanalyst here (so I'm making lots of assumptions), but I think this is representative of a broader issue. TheConsumer seems like a smart dude, he can engage in reasonable conversation, he took points in stride and didn't immediately jump argument the moment he received pushback, I wasn't reflexively trying to gouge my eyes out with a melon baller listening the video, overall a good 7/10 convo would watch again. Its the "I'm a jack of all trades" statement he made (that with the anti-vax adjacent language) that got me thinking because it reminds me of myself. Its very easy as a smart dude to conflate two statements together: I do rational things, I am a rational person. The former speaks to a pattern of action from oneself and the latter is identity. The problem is when we conflate the two we begin to believe that the actions we do are rational because we do it, not because the thing itself was a rational thing to do.
Frankly, TheConsumer did not do the bare minimum of research on this subject. He knows less than nothing. Yet he has established a pretty broad-reaching set of values on this nothing. I'm entirely assuming but I think TheConsumer already arrived at this conclusion, that the FDA/CDC/NIH/three letter agency are corrupt and not to be trusted, well before he had any real evidence to try to draw from. That's a problem. Its a problem that is not unique to this guy, but all of us who engage with subjects well out of our field of expertise, especially Destiny. But its not an inescapable problem and I think this video gives good lessons to learn of what not to do. I'll give credit to Destiny as much as I disagree with him at times, he does appear to have a voice which tells him to "stop, lets try to understand this better". But we all can do better.
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2023.06.01 23:35 Strike_Regular I don't want to care about my ex friend anymore

I 31(NB/AFAB) had a close friend (32M) since highschool. He made me feel comfortable being a gamer even though I didn't have as much access to games. He introduced me to most of my favorite games and YouTubers. There are things we talked about doing that just won't happen.
A couple of years ago he introduced me to my current favorite game which is a MMO. We met other players through our free company group. There was this guy there who seemed like a decent dude at first. I started to notice him putting me down a lot for my depression surrounding my very recent divorce. He convinced friends to stop talking to me by making me seem like too much to be around while also encouraging them to not discuss anything with me that could resolve things. It wasn't just me, I figured out his tactics when he tried them on me about another person. I know a few people he did the exact same thing to, always when they were at their lowest points (i.e. one person had just lost 2 family members in just as many months, another was just dealing with a recent mental health diagnosis, and another was stressing about finals for their final term of college while working a job that had a bad environment). I even gave him a chance to talk it out but he just verbally attacked me and then used a fake account to keep tabs on me. I got that handled.
Some of my friends left realizing what a manipulative creep this guy was and stopped talking to him as well and know to watch out for his weirder actions. However me and this friend started having issues because of this guy. When once we could talk out our problems he started hiding any issues we had and talking to everyone else about it instead. We never even had a screaming match, we literally could just talk it out. He started to get on me for checking on him when he was having a hard day and for trying to talk to him about the things going on. For a while things got better after the creep bullied him as well. But for some reason he forgave this person and the bad habits started again. Suddenly out of nowhere he blocks me. No explanation or opportunity to talk it out, just blocked me. I found out later that his reasons were based on lies the creep told people. I had to ask people to stop talking about him to me.
Since then I have been trying to heal from the trauma. It's been hard this last year since he blocked me. Even without people telling me about him I still think of him often. It's hard when so many things remind me of him. Sometimes I feel like I am past it, but then something reminds me of him and I break down again. I want to be done with all the feels. He dropped me like I was nothing and it kills me that I still have to think about it. I wish I could drop him like he did me.
I have a therapist and he has been helping. I have good friends that have been helping me. I just needed to vent this so hopefully I can let go a bit more. Sometimes putting the pain out in to the internet void can be helpful. If you have read this whole mess, thank you so much.
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2023.06.01 23:34 Sigh-Ren-Walker I just want to gush about my boyfriend. An IRL Wattpad story is what it feels like. I want to leave a little digital print of him and who he is.

Soooo, my boyfriend and I met through a chatting app. We both started out just wanting friendship. We both have been single for nearly half a year. We hung out and conversed for a few days when he told me that he was developing romantic feelings for me. We hung out for 6-8 hours every night. We just talked, laughed and enjoyed each other's company. I did not accept his feelings right away because I was uncertain if it was real or not. It could have been lust and temporary infatuation. I also did not want to rush into anything.
He asked if he could still pursue me and agreed. I remember the way he smirked and said he was going to charm and prove himself to me. We kept hanging out and got to know each other on a deeper level. A cute thing he did was that he couldn't look at me in the eyes longer than a few seconds LMAO. He would immediately turn away and become red when I would catch him. He took me on a movie date. We watched Cocaine Bear (funny af film). He was a little shy at first lol. I took the initiative to hold his hand and lay my head on his shoulder. I remember his little fist pump of victory. There was a group of girls behind us and they cheered him on.
As we got to know each other, unbeknownst to both of us, we attended the same high school. We also had the same circles of friends. We were both shocked that we never met each other. I remember us screaming and laughing from excitement because of the friends we mentioned that we knew. We both showed each other pictures of ourselves from high school. I had no recollection of him at all. However, he remembered my dress at prom. It stood out due to its color and volume.
He is by far the most romantic guy I ever dated. We were in a parking lot. He put on music and taught me how to dance cumbia (a mexican dance), the waltz, and a four-step. Constantly, serenade me (he was a mariachi when he was younger). He has cooked for me. He made me birria tacos, homemade pizza, and orange chicken. He loves to cook. I love his little skip when he brings out his food. I love how passionate he is when talks about his cooking process.
When he gets tipsy, he turns even more loving and clingy. He loves having physical contact with me. It could be a hug, holding hands, constant kisses on the head, forehead and back of my hand. He just has to be next to me. I like how expressive he is with his affections. I'm not used to it. I deny that I love it but he knows.
Not gonna lie, there was a lot of sexual tension LMAO. The constant back and forth flirting, the intimate gestures and sexual jokes and teasing. I'll make it short- we did do it. It was hot, passionate and explosive to say the least. It wasn't once. It was a few rounds lol. A few days later, he brings me a bouquet of my favorite flowers: peonies and tulips. He asked me if he could be my boyfriend.
He confessed that he has already gushed to his family and friends about me. They're all so excited to meet me. He almost got in trouble with his mother because of our conversation: babies. His mother thought that he impregnated someone and was about to go off on him. This was before she knew about me. He explained and she was happy that he has taken a liking to a girl.
He took me to a party of his friend on the weekend. Throughout the whole night, his friends were coming up to me one by one to tell me about him LOL. They were telling me that he's such a good guy. That I seemed perfect for him. They were asking when I fell in love with him LMAO. They were so excited for him because he has been hurt a lot in the past. They're his biggest cheerleaders and I'm so happy he has those friends.
Everything was going well, until two months into dating we received a health concern. He was down in Mexico for a trip. He wasn't feeling great and got checked out.
The doctors concluded and confirmed that he had cancer. This all happened a month ago.
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2023.06.01 23:34 mlatimudan23 It just speaks for itself

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2023.06.01 23:34 Old_Imagination_9280 My mom has depression and my dad has ocd… help please

I (23yr old Female) have a mom who has depression and a dad who has OCD. My dad doesn’t have the typical OCD where he washes his hands like 20 times. His issue is he can never make up his mind and will ask you the same question 20 times no matter what answer you give him. He procrastinates everything until the last moment. My mother on the other hand shows classic signs of depression and anxiety. She doesn’t drive on highways or bridges because she is too afraid. As a child, I came home to my mom laying on the ground with a note in her hand.(I was never able to read the note due to my dad coming in and kicking me out of the room)… my parents are extremely insecure I assume. I moved out over a year ago and if I don’t message them every day they assume that I hate them. This makes me so extremely frustrated and makes me want to push them out of my life forever. I also have mental health issues but never have went to the dr about them. I just need some advice on what to do. Should I push them out or try to help? Please help
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2023.06.01 23:34 Tealturtle87 Advice needed on potential promotion

I’m a new assistant director at a very small center who mainly takes nurse children from the elder home upstairs. My nosey @$$ looked at my directors personal laptop screen when I was filling up spray bottles for the kids and she was in the bathroom. I honestly looked because I thought she was emailing about my immunization, as they called her today to talk about it… but it seemed she was emailing about another job where she stated she was interested in the director or assistant director job…. And it was signed with her name so it wasn’t someone applying for the position . I’m feeling a lot of pressure because of this. I’m feeling like she’s grooming me to take her position and I would like that but I’m also like mentally not in a great space and took this job because I felt good about the pace with all my crap going on and anxiety. The last thing I need right now is to take on a lot of responsibilities. If push came to shove, would I take the position? Definitely… but how is that going to further affect my mental health???? Should I tell her what I saw or just see how this plays out?
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2023.06.01 23:34 jvazquez24 Update

So I used minox twice a day for 2 months to “boost” hair growth and realized how terrible it was for the health of the hairs. I had a lot of breakage and split ends. So I started applying minox once a day for 2-3 weeks and been applying coconut oil on my beard everyday. My advice for you guys who experience the same thing is use coconut oil! It’s amazing for your face and beard. Really helped keep the balance.
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2023.06.01 23:34 dadequate88 False Reporting

34f, non-smoker, 3 days post C section Newborn female, 7lb 5oz 20.5" perfect vitals on both patients.
This is less about medical advice and more about a sincere request on guidance as a premed in dire circumstances with a recent delivery of our daughter.
TLDR; hospital falsely reports to CPS after known faulty test yielded "presumptive positive" but was immediately confirmed as actually a negative on follow up lab. Now our family and medical/social work careers are in jeopardy.
Background: I'm a new EMT and soon to be first year bio (pre med) student. She's a part time educatosocial worker with a local women's center. Strong background in volunteering, no history of addiction or legal record outside of minor traffic violations. Only red flag is we have been on public assistance since our first child after job loss at the start of the pandemic. Our day jobs and retail side jobs still don't add up to enough to get off public assistance so I am going back to school after following advice from a physician I associate with.
Medical: My wife's water broke around 11am on May 29th. Our very precise count puts it at 36w 5d, the baby measured at 38w 1d (our families are known for 9-10lb newborns). Both mother and child happy and healthy aside from a slightly high BMI for the mother. Otherwise perfect vitals in both. Child was able to lift its head and feed immediately, fed often and dropped required urine and stool right on schedule. Literally, zero signs or indicators of addiction/withdrawal in either the child or mother. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect pregnancy other than the date. Unfortunately, the pre delivery drug screen came back for "presumptive positive" on suboxone so the MD on rounds talked to us to find out medications and inform us not to panic because their new labs have been getting lots of false positives and that the follow up test they mail out will be more rigorous and reliable. She also mentions that the baby was negative and showed no signs of withdrawals. We continue our great relationship with the staff (aside from a mean and jaded nurse on the night shift but hey it's OB in the low income Midwest, I wouldn't want her job). After 48 hours of perfect health, passing milestones, and great networking as I finally got some local physicians in which I could shadow, we couldn't have been happier to be discharged to bring our baby home to her big sister.
Problem: Even after the confirmed negative test, conversations about Scribing there in the fall and lining up physicians to shadow, and quick discharge they reported us to CPS to open a case anyways.
Legal: We immediately found lawyers known for crushing this chain of hospitals in court (God does it make me feel dirty working with the enemy lol). They are looking into charging them with false reporting with a settlement more likely. Then showing the caseworker upon arrival the record of the negative and to politely decline any entrance to the property or formal interviews not ordered by a court. As a negative interaction could harm the case.
All I want is it immediately removed from the record and to return to a courteous relationship with the hospital as we loved the OB and support staff and I really need the shadowing and Scribing to stack up a good application for medical school after I graduate given my age as an applicant (37-38 depending on my course load). I really don't want to jeopardize the career opportunities but it may already be too late.
What do you folks think I should do? We are panicked and I'm trying to rush through the remodels I just started before her water broke!
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2023.06.01 23:33 SilverStallion33 Low pulse. Anxious brain talking.

23 M. 20mg Prozac. So this is something that makes me anxious and that’s why I’m posting it lol. That tends to be why I post everything in this sub and the anxiety sub. I guess it just helps me cope even though it’s probably annoying to see the same guy post all the time. I’ve been dealing with dizziness and what feels like my heart rate is really low/it’s hard to feel my pulse. When I first wake up in the morning I feel “OK”. When I get up and eat something the dizziness for the day starts. I went to doctor about 5 days ago and vitals were normal and I had a blood test that came back normal other than my sodium and potassium a little high and my glucose right above 100. I don’t know if I can correlate this all to Prozac or what because I know it can cause dizziness but I was also dizzy before I switched from lexapro to Prozac a month ago. I’ve never fainted but my brain likes to tell me “hey you might faint” and then I get more dizzy. I’ve had a ekg in the past year and it was fine. I just don’t know what else it is. I’ve got a bad habit of checking my pulse a lot so I’ve been working on that. But I would think since I’m always anxious why’s my HR down in the 50s unless I’m up walking around (dizziness is still present when heart rate is higher and walking around).I apologize because I know this isn’t a health sub where a doctor could say something but maybe someone has had a similar experience.
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2023.06.01 23:33 texaspopcorn424 ? Pre authorization? Help?

I’ve been on Ozempic for 4 months and have had success. Lost 25 pounds and my mental health and significantly improved. No side effects. This far my insurance covered 50% so I’m paying about 465/month. I feel so good, it’s worth it. Now I get a letter that I need pre authorization. I messaged my doctor but idk what happens if insurance denies it since I’m not diabetic. I have high fasting numbers but that’s it. I’d be fine with Wegovy but that’s also no covered under my plan and needs a pre authorization. I’m so distraught about having to stop this medication. Is there anything I can do if my insurance denied my pre authorization for both Wegovy and Ozempic?
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2023.06.01 23:33 Classic-Stable-9153 Stupid walk for my dumb mental health- Day 9: thanks for all the support! Here's today

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2023.06.01 23:32 ThrowRA555799 How do I find the line between confiding in a friend and making her a substitute therapist?

TLDR - I have made a friend who is simply amazing. I want to be open with her, but I need to determine what the line is between being open and honest and trauma dumping. She's my friend, not my therapist.
I am not what you would call socially aware. I have a very limited set of friends (4, counting her), no surviving family, and, up to this point, my happiness has been directly linked to how much time I get to spend alone.
A few months ago, I started a new job through an employment agency and just instantly connected with this girl. We bonded over common interests, as just about any set of friends do. After a particularly rough day at work for both of us, she and I got to talking, and what started as a friendship based on work proximity became an actual friendship. We've gone out after work multiple times to hang out, and I have honestly been having a blast, which is quite unusual for me. We've traded phone numbers and talk rather frequently when we can't hang out, we play games online, and we've got plans to go to America for a vacation together in the next month or so. Actually wanting to talk to someone and be around them is something I am very much not used to, but it feels right in this case.
I have mentioned to her that this is all very new and unusual for me, and she has confided some secrets in me as well. For some reason, I feel safe telling her anything. She very clearly trusts me, considering some of the things she has told me. At this point, even I recognize that this is a real friendship. However, this strange feeling of wanting to be open with her and not hold anything back is making me wonder where I need to draw the line.
You see, I would love to tell her that she is the only person that makes me feel comfortable just being in the moment and being myself. Sure, I have other friends, but our friendship is heavily based in nostalgia or theoretical discussions about how the world should be, nothing about what is and how we are in this moment. My other friendships, and my choices of entertainment, are all based on escapism and not being in the moment and being me. With her, though, I enjoy being there in the moment.
I'd like to tell her about how the constant self hate disappears when we chat, which has never happened with anyone else, ever, in my life. It feels like I've finally found someone worth living for, since I do not view myself as that person, and being open and honest would involve telling her that.
However, I am very aware that coming out with all that could very well cross the line into burdening her with the feeling that she is somehow now responsible for my mental health and my insecurities. Let me be clear about it, I know she is not responsible for any of that. All of that is for me to deal with.
Even though everything I've said about enjoying her company and feeling OK about myself when I'm around her is true, telling her that seems like it would be crossing a line into emotional blackmail, even though that is not my intent. But, at the same time, I've promised her that I would not hold anything back, and I will certainly answer any questions she has to the best of my ability.
So, how do I find the line between confiding in a friend and trauma dumping? How do I determine when I'm just leaning on a friend for support or if I'm using her as a substitute therapist? How can I be open and honest with her without making it seem like I'm trying to make my mental health her responsibility?
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2023.06.01 23:32 _75ayla_ Progesterone pull CD21

Trying to calm down and stop crying.
My doctor just called me to tell my my recent progesterone pull was 1.6. Last months was 6. He said I could have been in early ovulation since I had only gotten a positive st home test that morning but that I likely didn’t ovulate.
I was so confident this cycle that we tracked like we were supposed to and did the deed when it was time. I’ve been on metformin this month for the first time at the correct dose and it’s killing my stomach. Next cycle is another metformin cycle and if that doesn’t work the one after will be metformin and clomid (I’ve done one round of it but it didn’t work).
I’m just so discouraged. I felt like I did everything right this time. I feel like I’m continuing to fail at this. We’ve TTC for 3.5 years this month. This is my 5th month with health insurance and a really thorough doctor. I’ve had a HSG done and my right tube is blocked under my ovary but old lefty still works. I’m just getting so tired. I feel so stupid for feeling so hopeful.
Thanks for letting me vent. Sorry.
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2023.06.01 23:32 ResearchIreland Research for my Psychology Masters

Hi, for my Masters in psychology I am doing a study on COVID-19 and Mental Health
It is open to everyone who is over 18 and lives in the Republic of Ireland. You can take part if you have had COVID-19 or not! ( a big thank you in advance to everyone who takes part, I really appreciate your support)
If you wish to participate click the link 👇
Mobile friendly link 👇
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2023.06.01 23:31 fml_pro AITA Telling My BF That Our School Refund Students/parents For A Canceled Event, Principal Disagrees And Is Repulsive.

My daughter, Hannah, has always been forgetful, but now I lowkey feel better. Those of you know the kid that everyone wanted to go, she got her own. Problem with all the time.
It's been a huge fear of my brain. Now my boyfriend that our daughter will not be so sensitive but what do you think? When we were awake enough to just end, wishing for it to a different country.
This has been driving the longest time I have no savings. But she repaid me by trying to persuade him to tell me what I told him I didn't invite her. And my mental health day.
I left him alone and just be a problem. I turned 17 I just think well you don't really want my family doesn't agree. My dad then got angry at me and shut the door in my behaviour instead of going to a burger place and such.
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2023.06.01 23:31 Frequent_Designer_23 Overwhelmed/OCD/Health anxiety

I have been totally convinced I have HIV for over a year now. My partner of 5 years cheated on me and gave me an STD. I became extremely unwell and convinced myself I had the virus. Since that time I’ve had at least 3 panic attacks a day and no matter what I do my mind tells me I have Hiv. I have been tested 7 times. All negative. I’ve been told by professionals multiple times I don’t have HIV. For some reason I can’t let it go. I really thought after my last negative test (a year after my initial symptoms) I would be ok but the overwhelming feeling of sickness has come back again. I don’t know what else to do at this point. Has anyone else managed to escape health anxiety?
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2023.06.01 23:31 pcoutcast My Vision Improvement Journey - Day 30 Update

I’m 45 years old and have been wearing glasses for myopia since around age 10.
Latest Exam
I had a Comprehensive Eye Exam on April 20 2023 including eye dilation and 3D imaging. Eye health was good. However my myopia had progressed since my previous exam. I was given the following prescription:
OD SPH -4.25 CYL -1.00 Axis 055 Add +1.25 OS SPH -4.75 CYL -0.50 Axis 080 Add +1.25
While waiting for my new glasses from the lab I decided to direct my frustration regarding the continued degradation of my vision into something positive and started researching where natural vision improvement research was at. I had tried it in the past with things like palming and print pushing with some success so I knew it was possible to improve my vision to some degree.
I came across this subreddit and read posts and the wiki by u/glennchan about the reduced lens method and thought it sounded like a good way to incorporate the same principle behind print pushing into my daily routine while at work. I also brushed up on the Bates method and decided to include some of his relaxation techniques in my daily routine.
04/30/23 I began putting all this research into practice. I didn’t have reduced lenses to wear at work yet so I grabbed a pair of +1.00 reading glasses and wore them over my prescription glasses (these were for my previous prescription since I was still trying to get used to my new prescription and putting + lenses over them felt really off). This wasn’t particularly comfortable but it effectively reduced my correction so I wasn’t overminused for close up. I wouldn’t recommend doing this, not only is wearing two pairs of glasses over each other ridiculous looking and heavy, it also creates some weird focal plane issues and unnecessary glare. But it was what I had to work with at the time so I went with it.
I also stopped wearing any glasses whenever possible. Whereas before I would have put my glasses on as I got out of bed, now I only put glasses on after doing my morning routine which includes 10 or 15 minutes of reading. I also try to go for a 30-60 minute walk with my wife every day and I don’t wear my glasses for that either.
I do my best to incorporate various eye relaxation techniques throughout the day. These include the 20-20-20 rule which I don’t follow religiously. And if my eyes are ever feeling especially tired I will palm for a few minutes. Besides that I take long blinks while working any time I feel a slight strain on my eyes. When looking into the distance either during walks or looking out a window I also alternate between the same long blinks and challenging my eyes to see something in the distance clearer.
I began measuring my progress on both the Snellen chart and centimeters to blur during the first week. The first Snellen measurement was just barely being able to read the 20/400 line and the first cm measurement was 21.
05/09/23 I measured at 24cm and returned to the optometrist because my new prescription glasses were giving me severe eye pain and was reassessed at:
OD SPH -4.00 CYL -1.00 Axis 055 Add +1.25 OS SPH -4.50 CYL -0.50 Axis 080 Add +1.25
05/11/23 I could now read the 20/200 line on the Snellen chart.
05/15/23 I measured at 25cm to blur.
05/23/23 my new near work glasses arrived from an online retailer. I wanted to even out my eyes and get rid of the cylinder distortion so these are -2.50 diopters in both eyes with no astigmatism correction. This was a bit too aggressive of a reduction so I’ve been working through a bit more blur than I would prefer.
05/25/23 I measured 26.5cm to blur and picked up my updated prescription glasses and they were unbearably strong for anything other than a few minutes of looking way into the distance. I measured 20/10 on the Snellen with them on.
05/29/23 27cm to blur and can now read the 20/100 line on the Snellen in full sun with no glasses.
05/30/23 27.5cm to blur and can just barely read the 20/70 line on the Snellen in full sun. I can also read the 20/40 line with my -2.5 glasses on. And my previous prescription glasses which were at 20/40 when I started this journey I can now see the 20/15 line crystal clear.
So that’s the progress I’ve made over the first 30 days of trying to improve my distance vision. To be clear this improvement has not been linear. All of the dates in between the milestones I listed were down days where cm to blur was lower and/or I could not read the Snellen chart as well as before. It’s a lot like working out at the gym. Some days you’re stronger, some days you’re weaker. That’s why keeping a diary of your measurements is so important to see if you’re making progress overall.
Problems/Issues Experienced
Probably the biggest downside is that I bought $500 glasses from my optometrist a month ago that I no longer need.
Second to that is the unnecessary blur I’m working through with my near work glasses. I think I may end up getting a slightly stronger pair at the same time that I order a new distance pair to make my work a little more comfortable until I can reduce further. In the end this isn’t wasted money because if I continue to see improvement I will eventually move into those glasses for distance anyway.
Lastly, I’m definitely guilty of overdoing it at times and experiencing some pain, redness and excessively tired eyes. From what I’m told by other people that are further along on the journey this is basically because I reduced too quickly so if you want to try this yourself do try to take it slower than I have so far.
Is this some kind of scam? What are you selling?
This is just a journal of my personal experience trying to improve my vision. I'm not selling anything or endorsing any particular method. I've cobbled together what I'm using in this attempt from various sources that are freely available on the internet ranging from anecdotal personal stories like mine to extensive scientific research conducted by renowned Ophthalmologists.
If you want to try this yourself do your research and be aware it's entirely possible this experiment could do you more harm than good. If you can't take responsibility for your own actions or have no common sense then don't do it.
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2023.06.01 23:31 SnowIcy5255 26 [F4M] #San Francisco - Looking for anything interesting and to have new friends.

Hi! I’m looking for someone to talk to at the moment, and perhaps more if we click. I love to cook, watching Kdramas, I also love to watch tv series, crime, sci fi, and historical. I can say all movie and series I feel to watch. Oh, I almost forgot, including the Horror movies too.
I'm always up for some new friends and new experiences. I'm adventurous and outgoing. I love to travel. Always down for beach and nature trips. I'm a food lover as well.
More of me, I'm pretty hilarious and witty, so I guarantee I'll make you laugh. I'm very passionate about mental health. I'm open minded and a pretty open book. Just please be around my age or older.
If you are interested in me, you can leave a private message and look forward to a friendly conversation to under
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2023.06.01 23:30 ResearchIreland Research for my Psychology Masters

Hi, for my Masters in psychology I am doing a study on COVID-19 and Mental Health
It is open to everyone who is over 18 and lives in the Republic of Ireland. You can take part if you have had COVID-19 or not!
If you wish to participate click the link 👇
Mobile friendly link 👇
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2023.06.01 23:30 trampaboline How do y’all do it?

I’ve lived here for a year and a half now. I’m a writer working in theatre/film, paying the bills with a full time copywriting gig. My lease is about to be up and if it weren’t for the work I’m already deep in the middle of that’s specific to this place, I’d be out of here in a heartbeat.
I have a full salary position and can’t afford to live within an hour of my workplace. If I want to get anywhere near the “nightlife” that everyone talks about, that’s also an hour, and then an arm and a leg in cost. My mental health is absolutely drained and it feels more and more these days like I take my life in my hands everytime I get on the C train.
I don’t mind “roughing it” in my mid twenties, but it’s becoming clearer and clearer that this isn’t ultimately leading anywhere. I’m never gonna make more than 100k in my field, and even that’s a Hail Mary. I’ll always be a second class citizen in my own city. Am I crazy for staying? Am I crazy for thinking this way? What do you guys think?
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2023.06.01 23:29 muffinbees Almost half a year... it's getting worse.

It's been nearly half a year and I should feel proud but... I don't. I'm still that same addict that I was 6 months ago (context: I didn't quit cold turkey, I had to reduce bit by bit until I caught a bad cold one day and just decided to quit).
Surprisingly, the first month or so after quitting was pretty easy - almost too easy. I was really happy and I felt my general health improving as well as all of the usual things that come with quitting smoking - I started noticing more smells around me, my hair was no longer stinky, my nails were less yellow and my chest hurt less and all of those things still stand.
The thing is, lately I've been stressing out because of my exams and other private things in my life which is pretty standard but I've survived exams without smoking earlier this year (I'm 22 and in college) and it wasn't that big of a deal back then but now... it feels as if I've quit smoking only 3 days ago. The cravings are endless and cigarettes are everywhere I go, just like when you get a pregnancy scare and start seeing pregnant ladies everywhere lmao - nonetheless, it's frustrating especially because most of my friends smoke and it never really bothered me up until now. Right now, I feel as if I could get up and go buy myself a pack any moment now. I'm constantly on the edge of giving in. I miss smoking, I really do. It was so good, so satisfying, so relaxing. Not really the nicotine itself but the ritual behind cigarettes, the oral fixation that still has such an iron grip on me. I want to feel that satisfaction of "taking a break" to smoke a cigarette and drink some coffee with my friends and let myself relax. It's getting worse every day. I am seeing a therapist atm and I will talk to her about it but it's ultimately up to me what will happen, but I need some advice/help/support. I'm sure I won't like it if someone says "stop! don't relapse! you're doing so good!" but it's honestly the smartest advice I could get.
I needed to vent, this felt nice.
TL;DR: Quit smoking 6 months ago by reducing my intake, cravings are now worse than they've ever been, I'm very close to just giving in.
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