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2023.06.07 10:24 onionchewer Landlord asking to do inspection 6 months after lease ended and tenant moved out. Unit has been sitting vacant for the full 6 months!

Hi all! This (super long) post is on the behalf of a couple friends living in Utah that are worried about a landlord who is asking to do a walkthrough of their former apartment, 6 months after they moved out.
During their time at this complex, there were numerous maintenance issues. For example: a sprinkler outside of one of their windows was broken, causing it to spray directly at the window, which also wasn’t sealed properly, which leaked into the living room. Landlord was informed, they didn’t fix the sprinkler OR the window but did acknowledge the complaint and asked them to stuff a towel into the window ledge, lol. Water was leaking through the ceiling from the unit upstairs into the bathroom, which caused a mold problem as well as the ceiling bubbling and chunks of it falling out. Landlord was informed of this issue as well, and I believe that they PARTIALLY remedied the issue, but the ceiling was still damaged at the end of it all, with the landlords just sort of pushing off that repair for an unknown later date (it wasn’t ever fixed, lol). There was a lot of other stuff I won’t bother to list since these two examples are the more worrisome ones, all of which the landlord or property manager were informed of and were either not repaired (but acknowledged!) or semi repaired in true landlord half assed fashion. After some complaints about the upstairs neighbors, (not something that the landlords were at fault for, just some serious noise and smell/neglect issues with pets and whatnot…this complex was a mess in so many regards) as well as all of the maintenance problems, the landlords had my friends sign a DIFFERENT lease and move into the unit across the hall to remedy both the complaints about the upstairs tenants, as well as get my buddies into a livable place and allow them to do repairs on an empty unit instead of an occupied one. New unit was fine, the building was old and rent was cheap so no one was gonna complain about general wear and tear as long as they could live a mold and leak free life.
So, my friends eventually find a killer deal on a cute little house that they decide to buy. The lease on the apartment was going to end in February, but everything with the house got finalized in January, so the landlord agreed to just end their lease a month early as a sort of apology for all the problems they’d had in their original unit. Landlord didn’t ask to do a move out inspection (or AGREE to do one at my friend’s request), and despite many contacts via texts and calls from my friends to the landlord and property manager, the deposit wasn’t ever returned, and they were never able to return their keys. My friends have a strong aversion to confrontation, didn’t want to continue pestering them, and were just tired of dealing with all the runaround, and I guess just never pursued the deposit or key thing very hard. This, of course, sucks, because now due to their lack of pursuance on the issue, they’re dealing with this latest problem.
The last (unanswered) communication was in February, it is now June, and they just got a text from the property manager asking for the keys to the apartment and to do an inspection, 6 months after their move out and termination of the lease. The unit has been vacant for these full 6 months, and my friends are very concerned that while it’s been empty some damage might have occurred that no one has been able to properly report, since it’s been empty for so long. The apartment had normal wear and tear upon move-out and was more than adequately deep cleaned, but based on their experiences with the last unit and with this complex in general, they’re worried.
So! What can they do in this situation? Do they have any rights that might allow them to get their deposit back? With no evidence of the condition of the apartment upon their move out 6 months ago, can they be charged for any potential random damage (my fear is something like the bathroom leak thing from the first unit) that might have occurred while the unit has been sitting empty?
Sorry for my extremely long post! I know, and they know, that they should have done more about the deposit and final inspection back when they first moved out, but what’s done is unfortunately done, and hindsight is 20/20. Thanks in advance, and any advice or help is sincerely appreciated.
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2023.06.07 10:21 Nearby_Ear2169 Risky or smart move?

My partner (23F) and I (23M) are imminently about to sign a building contract for a 530k house in WA. We have ~50k in savings and only need 5% for our deposit (26.5k) as we are taking advantage of the first home guarantee scheme. As it is a construction loan it is a variable loan. The bank has offered us a loan of 505k at an initial variable interest rate of 5.75%.
I am currently working full time on a salary of 80k per annum. However, my partner is finishing med school this year and should be starting full time work next year on approx 80-90k (including overtime), if everything goes to plan. Apart from her HECs debt, neither of us have personal loans or credit card debt. We are not currently renting and live at home. Whilst we are waiting for our house to build we should be able to save around 50k a year. We plan to pay interest only repayments for the first two years. We envision that this house will not be our forever home and eventually an investment. Does this sound too risky?
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2023.06.07 10:08 ThrowRA_taor My (23f) girlfriend would like me (27m) to pay for therapy and other expenses.

Let me start by saying I’m not going to sugarcoat myself here. I want real feedback, because I’m not sure how to proceed.
7 months ago, my girlfriend (23f) found out that I (27m) had cheated on her. We’ve been together for 3 years. And on top of that, I had been struggling with a porn addiction that had begun to ruin my life. I was in a terrible place, and chose to stoke my addiction, and reach beyond our relationship.
Before finding out, we had been living together for about a month in my house. We had chosen to rent out her house and live together in mine. And had been discussing the idea of getting married.
The day she found out was one of the worst days of either of our lives. She found messages between me, and a girl I’ve known for quite some time on and off. We slept together in the summer of 2022, about 6 months before this point. And had been in contact on a monthly basis since then.
Miraculously, my girlfriend and I stayed together. But on the day she found these messages, she chose to promptly move out. I told her I wanted her to stay. But I absolutely understand she needed space, and to feel safe.
Flash forward to now. My girlfriend chose to rent an apartment for the last 7 months, due to her house being occupied by tenants, while we patched up our relationship. I chose to start seeing a therapist specialized in sex addictions, and have been steadily on the road to recovery. The process has been tough, but I’ve been sober for quite a few months now, despite the added stress of being laid off. This of course took a toll on our relationship, but we’ve managed to endure and work on things. My girlfriend also chose to see a therapist specializing in betrayal trauma, and has been recovering herself.
So here we are today. Our relationship is by no means perfect. But I love her, and I want to get through this.
Tonight, we had bit of a blow out. It wasn’t an argument, no voices were raised, but tears were shed. In fact very few words were even said. Just that she felt “done with this whole thing.” She decided to leave and spend the night at her place instead of together.
About an hour later, I received a shared note titled “Monthly Costs.” But no messages. Then shortly later a Venmo request. She’s calculated the extra cost to her over the last 7 months of living in an apartment and attending therapy. This number totals close to $5000 in added expenses she feels I’m responsible for.
My friends have given me advice, saying that I’m not responsible for paying for this. That she chose to move out, sign a lease, attend therapy, etc.
But I feel like a piece of shit to be honest with you. I’ve made leaps and bounds in therapy, but still feel absolutely ashamed of myself for the pain I’ve caused. And those feelings have me struggling with what’s right and what’s wrong.
So what would you do? Pay the money, and possibly save the relationship? Or stand your ground, and let things play out?
Cheated on my girlfriend of 3 years near the end of 2022, and hid a porn addiction from her. She moved out, though I told her I’d like her to stay or come back whenever she was ready, and has been living in an apartment for the last 7 months. I’ve been sober for for quite some time, attended therapy, and am in a much better place now. I love her very much, and have been trying to better our relationship. However now she would like me to pay for the accumulated expenses the last 7 months have cost her, including housing and therapy (about $5000). I feel incredibly ashamed for the things I’ve done. But I’m unsure if I should be financially responsible for these things.
Edit: For added context, this is unfortunately not the first time we’ve been “done” in the last 7 months, and statements like she made have been said. I fully expected ups and downs after what happened, and we’ve indeed been close to ending the relationship before now. However we have always made up the next day or so, usually with a fair amount of effort and convincing on my part. But the addition of putting a dollar amount on her pain and suffering has me in a moral predicament this time.
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2023.06.07 10:05 Dodo_the_Phenix Vent (a draft I made 5 months ago or so)

I want to cut. Ihaven't done it in a long time. I am not sure if i still know how to actually cleave skin. I feel that I constantly fail. regardless what i do. i always do it wrong. i know that this is not quite true since i also do stuff that comes out well. but it feels like that the bad things are too serious. i know i should see the whole picture and be grateful for all the good that is happening to me but it is so difficult to actually see it this way if my failures cause such suffering. i can not sleep well. i have rented a new apartment. it is much quieter than the last one. it is on the top flow but nevertheless i hear annoying noise from the neiglk
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2023.06.07 10:05 Suitefindernet Elevate Your Beauty Business in Barnstable Town, MA with Salon Suites for Rent

Barnstable Town, located in the picturesque region of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is a thriving community known for its charming coastal beauty and vibrant lifestyle. If you're a beauty professional looking to establish or expand your salon business in Barnstable Town, salon suites for rent provide an excellent opportunity. In this article, we will explore the benefits of salon suites and why they are the ideal choice for beauty entrepreneurs in this dynamic town.
Advantages of Salon Suites in Barnstable Town:

  1. Personalized and Private Space: Salon suites offer personalized and private spaces for your beauty business. These suites provide dedicated, fully-equipped areas that you can customize according to your brand and style. From the interior design to the overall ambiance, you have the freedom to create a unique and inviting atmosphere that reflects your vision. This personal touch creates a warm and welcoming environment for your clients, ensuring a memorable salon experience.
  2. Business Independence and Flexibility: Renting a salon suite in Barnstable Town MA gives you the freedom to run your business independently and flexibly. Unlike traditional salon settings, salon suites allow you to be your boss. You can set your working hours, choose your services and pricing, and create a business model that aligns with your goals. This level of autonomy enables you to provide personalized services and cater to the specific needs of your clients, setting you apart from competitors.
  3. Enhanced Client Experience: Salon suites provide an intimate and exclusive setting that enhances the overall client experience. Your clients can enjoy personalized attention and a one-on-one session with you in a private and comfortable environment. This privacy creates a sense of exclusivity and allows you to deliver individualized services, ensuring your clients feel valued and well-cared for. By providing exceptional service and a serene atmosphere, you can build strong client relationships and foster customer loyalty.
  4. Networking and Collaboration Opportunities: Renting a salon suite in Barnstable Town doesn't mean working in isolation. Many salon suite facilities foster a sense of community among beauty professionals. These communities provide networking and collaboration opportunities, allowing you to connect with like-minded peers, share knowledge, and collaborate on projects. Engaging with fellow professionals within the salon suite community can lead to valuable connections, referrals, and growth opportunities for your business.
  5. Prime Location and Local Clientele: Barnstable Town is a popular destination known for its coastal charm and vibrant community. By renting a salon suite in this town, you position yourself in a prime location with access to a local clientele that appreciates quality beauty services. Whether you specialize in hairstyling, skincare, or other beauty treatments, being present in Barnstable Town allows you to cater to the unique preferences and needs of the residents and visitors.
Finding the Perfect Salon Suite in Barnstable Town:
When searching for the ideal salon suite in Barnstable Town, consider the following factors:

  1. Location: Choose a salon suite located in a convenient and accessible area that attracts your target market. Consider proximity to residential neighborhoods, shopping districts, and other local amenities that can contribute to your visibility and client base.
  2. Facilities and Amenities: Evaluate the facilities and amenities provided by the salon suite facility. Look for well-maintained equipment, comfortable seating, ample storage space, and any additional amenities that align with your business needs.
  3. Lease Terms and Affordability: Understand the lease terms, pricing structure, and any additional costs associated with renting a salon suite. Evaluate the affordability and flexibility of the rental agreement to ensure it aligns with your long-term business goals.
For beauty professionals in Barnstable Town, salon suites offer a unique opportunity to establish and thrive in the beauty industry. With their personalized spaces, business independence, and enhanced client experience, salon suites provide the perfect platform to showcase your talent and creativity. By renting a salon suite in Barnstable Town, you can tap into the local market, build a loyal clientele, and elevate your beauty business to new heights of success. Take the next step in your entrepreneurial journey and explore the salon suite options available in this charming coastal town.
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2023.06.07 09:56 archon_lucien Why is the USA such a nightmare to live in/move to?

I'm from a third world country (brownie points for guessing which one) and I'm all set to move to the US to matriculate at a T15. I've been having conversations with other admits who are also moving to the US this fall, and the common theme is this: the US is a pain in the ass to live in, especially for non-residents.
First, everything is wildly expensive. Assuming not everyone makes a post-MBA salary, rents are insanely expensive for the quality of the houses/apartments. So is a doctor's visit or purchasing a quick antibiotic or inhaler. Heck, calling an ambulance apparently sets you back by the low thousands. Here at home, you can walk into a doctor's office, get a prescription, and purchase all the meds you want (provided they're safe) and it would barely affect your wallet. I'm afraid of playing basketball once I move to the US out of fear of cracking a bone or getting a cut that will bankrupt me.
Next, for a 'developed' country, the US has a funny way of making you feel unsafe. Virtually everyone has told me to not stay out late at nights, or take train/bus at odd hours. I've been to France/Germany/UK and I as a woman felt very safe taking public transportation late at night, alone. I'm not even going to bring up racism because every country has racism. Plus, guns! In no other country in the world can you actually grumble to your parents back home 'I hope I don't get shot....'
Also, American laws are just insane. The US acts like the bastion of freedom of the world. And it projects 'Freedom' as the right to free speech and carrying deadly weapons. What about the freedom of your people and their bodies? My friends who will be starting at McCombs/Duke/UNC are appalled by the abortion laws there. I don't know how casual dating even works in the southern pro-lifer states if you can't count on an abortion after an accidental pregnancy.
Before I am destroyed by comments: Yes, I chose to attend a US program. Yes, I failed to look into the finer details of life stateside before I got enamored by the American MBA. I'm sure some of y'all will say 'nobody is forcing you to come'. And nobody is. But I'll say it again: For a developed country and a global superpower that projects democracy and freedom across the globe, the US does a bad job of making immigrants feel secure in their own skin. Land of the free and home of the brave indeed...
I'm afraid of moving to the USA, and I've come too damn far to pull out now.
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2023.06.07 09:44 StackOfCoin Where should I look for apartments/studios?

Hello! I'm 25 years old and have never moved out of my parents. My job is in Simi Valley and I make about $4k/month gross income. I work overnights, and I only go into the office about 10 days a month. My rent budget is $1400-1600.
I would love to know your opinions on some questions I have.

I have been looking at apartments/studios in the valley, but the rent seems a bit steep. It would be nice to have a shorter commute, but I would only be doing it 10 days in a month.

Do you guys think it's worth finding a place for one person in the SF valley?
Should I live somewhere a bit farther, but cheaper (I'm thinking K-town)?
Any areas you guys recommend?
Should I even look for roommates if I work overnights and have to take calls during? (I work remote sometimes)

Any tips about renting apartment/studios is much appreciated.
I'm stressing over this big time.
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2023.06.07 09:39 Think-Act5608 AITA for deducting the amount I spent on a hotel room for a night from my monthly rent from the landlord since the AC was not working for almost a week

So I live in a bedspace in Dubai, 2 of us in a masterbedroom, I pay 1500 for my share. Have been living here for a year. My landlord is pretty decent, takes time to address our complaints but does what needs to be done after telling multiple times. This a shared apartment so around 8 ladies stay in the same house in partitions and over the past year I’ve had so much of my belongings stolen from the kitchen, which I eventually stopped complaining about. Last week, our AC stopped working. We put in an official complaint with the landlord and the building engineer. 1 day, 2 day 3 days pass and nothing changes. It is extremely hot to the point it gets suffocating, plus have a smoker in the house so that adds on to everything. Cut to 5 days later, I had enough, I had not slept in over 5 days, have 12 hour hospital shifts and was physically and mentally exhausted. I packed my stuff and checked in to a nearby hotel for the night, paid 170 dirhams. Checked out in the morning went to work. When I came back the AC was fixed. Now am I at fault if I cut 170 from the rent next month? Because I really really tried to adjust. But it took such a bad toll on my physical and mental health, I just needed to sleep. I am on anti depressants since a few months.
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2023.06.07 09:39 theduckopera Renting advice

Hi everyone,
So I'm in a situation where I've lived overseas for the last 13 years, but now due to a divorce I have to come home. I'm disabled and can't work, so I won't have any income apart from spousal support payments at first (and even that might come in a lump sum) and Jobseeker incapacitated/hopefully DSP later on. I also have no rental history in Australia since 2008 and no other savings or assets apart from what I might get in the divorce.
In the current rental crisis, is there any chance anyone in Perth would rent to me?
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2023.06.07 09:38 LemonFantastic513 New fridge light is on but doesn’t cool at all

I am renting a new apartment with a brand new fridge, the light is on, temperature shows 4/-24 degrees C for the fridge/freezer but there is no sound at all and both the fridge and freezer are not cooling. I could turn it on and off with the buttons but not sure how to unplug it completely.
What could be the reason (before I call my landlord)??
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2023.06.07 09:28 LingXioaran Question about airbnbs here

Ok, so from what I've read, airbnbs are fine if the owner is staying with you(ie. you're renting a room in their apartment or whatever), but illegal to have a whole apartment or suite or whatever rented out to you. Reasons I saw for not trying to get the whole unit listings is people saying they tend to be scams, and people will end up not having a place to stay if they get there and get refused door entry/someone else is already renting the place.
My question is, wouldn't these issues of scams be avoidable simply by only picking the airbnb listings with only good reviews? I've seen them, and I assume if they were scams they'd be flooded with negative reviews which would be a huge red flag, wouldn't they? Unless hosts can delete bad reviews, which I don't know if they can or not. As long as the airbnb has good reviews it should be fine shouldn't it?
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2023.06.07 09:18 propertycertified Why Do Buyers Prefer Ready Move-In Homes?

The decision to purchase a new home is influenced by a number of things. Considerations for the choice you make include location, financial constraints, pricing ranges, the builder offers, mortgage alternatives, down payments, and whether or not a project is completed or ready for occupancy. However, today ready for occupancy. Today, however, ready-to-move-in housing projects are Preferred Ready To Move In Homes more than other types of housing when choosing a home. The consequences of the pandemic on the housing market have been the most important aspect of homebuyers' decisions, but there may also be other causes.

What Makes a House That Says Ready to Move Into" Indicate?

When an investor in real estate finishes the construction process and even all the interior finishing touches, a property is said to be "ready to move inside." Since everything is You can move into the house as soon as everything is done, including the woodwork, kitchen appliances, and bathroom fittings. Even the finished documentation, like completion certificates, fitness certifications for occupancy, and any other necessary documents, is present when a builder sells a home that is ready to move into.

Causes of Buyer Preference for Ready to MoveIn Residence

You might be able to understand why buyers select to obtain homes that are ready for moving into by being aware of these elements:
1) Variety: This advantage of choosing a Prefer Ready Move-In Homes? has two parts. First of all, India has a staggering amount of reality television series, giving you an infinite number of choices. Everywhere you go in the country, there is a tonne of ongoing construction projects, finished apartment complexes, and brand-new future housing developments. You now have the option to pick a suitable house property that is prepared for you to relocate into. The second benefit is that you can choose the perfect apartment or house inside the housing project that is ready for you to move in.
2) Quickly Move In: You may move into this sort of property with all of your possessions because it is already furnished and equipped with everything you need to live there. Unlike purchasing a home in an incomplete housing development, you won't be stuck waiting an eternity. When you need a property for quick occupancy, choose a Prefer Ready Move-In Homes. would be ideal.
Save rent money by selecting a home that is ready to move into when you are renting and want to buy your own home. You will be able to substantially lower your rent expenses because the house is quickly ready for moving in. The house has a pool in addition to all the other facilities you might find in a good property. With the money you save from not having to pay any additional rent, you may pay the EMI on your mortgage. In this way, you even have a future-appreciating asset that has been placed in your name. Visit our website:
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2023.06.07 09:11 TheDragon991 AITA for not contributing with the rest of my neighbours to a shared improvement?

Hey, first time posting here. It might be a bit long, but please bear with me.
Update: Just made a few edits. All names are fake.
Across the street from my terraced house is a parking lot which is owned by "Alex." Alex doesn't live here nor uses the lot, he only rents spaces out to locals. Locals in this context specifically include me and most of the people living in the multi apartment building next door (I think it's about 8 or 10 apartments, some are leased but most are occupied by owners.)
Driving from Alex's parking lot onto the quite busy street can sometimes be a hassle due to the poor visibility of the oncoming cars. One of the neighbours "Frank" asked the owner Alex to install a visibility mirror on the wall opposite to the parking lot's exit for safety, but Alex refused to do so. So Frank gathered his neighbours for a meeting and they've decided to all chip in and buy the mirror themselves.
Here is an important point - I wasn't ever even notified that this meeting had taken place, neither was I notified of the decisions made at that meeting. Nevertheless, Frank then bought and installed the mirror.
Fast forward a few months, I get an email from Frank asking me to chip in for the mirror and telling me what my share should be and I flat our refuse to do so using the following 3 arguments:
1) I should have been notified of this decison in advance. You can't do something without my consent and then demand money from me. 2) In any case, the costs should be covered by the owner of the parking lot and not by us the renters. 3) It turned out that the mirror they bought was FOUR TIMES AS EXPENSIVE as the mirrors sold by the shop next door. (They argued it was because the mirror they bought was square-shaped rather than circular-shaped as sold at the store - even though I don't see any benefits to having square corners, as the road we see in the mirror is horizontal and not at a 45° angle... 🤦)
After my reply I haven't heard from Frank anymore, but was confronted a few days later by another neighbour "John," asking me why was I being cheap and whether I don't find the mirror useful. I told him that this was not the point and repeated the points I wrote to Frank. He didn't seem to care that this is not how things should be done and very sarcastically added that he will pay for my share and that I can still happily use the mirror.
Anyway, I think I did the right thing, but I don't really want to have poor relationship with my neighbours over a relatively small amount of money. Nevertheless, if I would be notified in advance and if the money wouldn't be wasted on a 4 times too expensive mirror, I would happily contribute any amount - higher or lower - regardless of the owner Alex.
What do you think? AITA?
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2023.06.07 09:08 KosherTaxpayer Commute or move to Berkeley?

Hi folks, looking for some senior advice. I currently live in the South Bay area (SJ). I'm paying very little for a large place thanks to rent control. But, the commute to Berkeley is 1 hour. Apartments in Berkeley area are going to cost me around ~$1k more...
Would it be sane to commute daily or should I pay more to move near campus?
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2023.06.07 08:54 SoggyAd8297 Scammers on Craigslist for housing?

If a CL ad says "This posting has been flagged for removal. [?] " after you were looking to rent from someone would you say this is a scam listing?
I have not provided any deposits or personal info minus my email address.
How can you verify an ad/renteproperty management is legit?
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2023.06.07 08:44 poowithoutwiping Red flag if an apartment keeps switching between unavailable/available for rent?

I am looking only at reputable corporately owned and managed buildings by AvalonBay, Related Rentals, or Two Trees.
I notice some units with vacancy dates of 2-3 weeks in the future tend to drop in and out of inventory. One day they become unavailable, as if someone rented it, but a couple of days later they show up as available again. This may happen 3 or 4 times until the apartment finally goes off-market for good.
What is usually happening here? People applying and then changing their minds, or not qualifying? The latter seems unlikely to me because, unlike private landlords, Avalon etc. ask for very little documentation - my last 2 rentals on the west coast did not ask for any proof of anything; the system ran my credit and approved me instantly.
Or is the leasing office taking units offline for whatever reason? These tend to be the cheapest units, so when they're gone, the lowest available rent in the entire building is much more expensive.
There's also conventional wisdom that you should not rent an apartment without touring it, but many of these units are rented before the earliest vacancy dates. Does that mean that conventional wisdom is moot at these corporately owned buildings?
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2023.06.07 08:25 Goofydood9 [Tenant US-CA]Can they evict my mom for being in the hospital?

I live with my mom. She's been living in the same apartment for 23 years. No complaints from neighbors, mangers, nobody. Never failed a section 8 inspection. Now she doesn't have inspections anymore (she's been on section 8 for 35+ years). Always paid her rent on time and in full. She just kept to herself and out of trouble and people's business.
My mom was rushed to the hospital on the 26th of May because she couldn't breathe. It turns out she had pneumonia. She's was placed in the ICU. They transferred her to another hospital because she has lung+heart failure and the hospital she was transported to specializes in it. Nows she's intubated and sedated.
I'm her caretaker. I do everything in the house. Her debit card she gets her disability income from wouldn't work at the ATM. I took it inside the bank and they informed me that it might be damaged. Some other issues happened at the bank, but that's a long stroy. I ordered a new card and expedited the shipping.
I tried to inform this new manager, that they recently hired, that my mom's in the hospital and I need a few extra days to pay the rent (because I just ordered the replacement card) but she literally never allowed me to explain the situation I was in. Instead, she kept making it seem like it was my mom's fault and her responsibility to pay on time, even though she literally couldn't.
I told her I'd have it paid by end of day and hung the phone out of frustration. I borrowed money from a friend and paid the rent.
We were 3 days past due.
Is it a legitimate reason for eviction?
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2023.06.07 08:21 SolutionAcademic4682 AITAH for wanting my roommates to move out

I am in my masters program and while being here injured my knee and needed to move. From when I hurt myself my one friend in the program wanted to join me because they were in a very tough spot too. One night the two of us were at a bar with our other classmates when one spoke up that her partner would be moving to the UK (we are in downtown Toronto, Canada) to complete his masters. She said he would be leaving May. The two of us agreed it would be a smart decision and we started looking at 3 bedroom places immediately, knowing it would be cheaper too. Being that it's Toronto it is bloody pricey. After we signed a lease and loved the place the couple started having second thoughts because of issues with breaking their lease. At this point, I had already moved my stuff in. I had extra cash because of inheritance and said I would help with the moving fee and the first month's rent. At the time I would have rathered spend the money to get people the two of us like in here than gamble to find someone else in a short amount of time and end up spending just as much money that I would to help them. As I am the guarantor of the apartment any missed rent falls to me. The couple ended up moving in within the month that I paid for them.
We needed a lot of stuff when we moved in and I ended up spending all my inheritance from my Nana passing suddenly on setting up the place. And it's a place Im proud to call home but now I am flat broke. When we moved in the agreement was to pay per person but because I chose the room with the attached bathtub I said I would pay more. (with chronic pain and issues I need a bath to function properly). The total rent is 3800$ and we agreed I would pay 1215, and they paid 861$ each, because that's just how we determined the space.
It now turned out that the partner was not leaving in may, but hasn't even been accepted into the program. Now it's “maybe October?”. They keep telling us that they never said May, yet my friend and I and the other person at the bar that night knows that's what we heard. The couple wanted to have a meeting to discuss the amount of rent they spend and how much space we all have. Because at that time we were paying per person and each person had their own fridge space (the fridge was divided in half from me and my friend and the couple). They wanted to pay less rent and to have more room, though. We sat down and I had everything measured out and we went off of the raw size of the rooms. When I added up the room space and did some math I laughed out loud because it was saying I should pay 1800, my friend 800 and them 1100. I thought it would be a quick laugh and we could carry on. But they proceeded to argue for 45 minutes (yes I counted) about that I should pay that, and said “well we were dividing the price of the rooms if you can't afford it we can switch” to which I said, so you want the room? Take it I can't pay 1800. Stating I would never have agreed to live with roommates for 1800 when I could have found a studio for the same price. My friend and I made a statement that we hadn't even taken into consideration the living room, the 2 internets we have and the electricity or the pool and gym into our communal price. We kept repeating it should be 1200, 1200, and 1400. They argued with me until at the 45 minute mark I lost face and stormed off. Eventually because I did the equation in ChatGPT they listened to me about the price. And they still ended up paying less than what we suggested. Now some context, they were paying 2300, and I was paying 950 before moving here. Their argument to me paying that one months rent for them was that they wanted to look at places in April, even thought back in January my friend was in such a precarious situation that she needed to move out and sleep on their couch. And that the cost of rentals in Toronto has gone up by 10% since January.
My agreement to splitting the rent per room was that it meant to also divide the living room and kitchen by 3 as well. So I measured the fridge and counters, everything. I divided it as close to even as possible without saying 1/10 of this shelf etc. The came back and said “this needs to be fair for everyone”. (the audacity after arguing that I should pay as much as all 3 of them combined). And said “I cut the cake, you guys get to choose the slices” I never intended to take the biggest space, in fact at the end of the day I ended up with the smallest space. But the day I measured everything they were apparently too tired to sit down and discuss it, yet we were forced at 1am to talk about their issues. But when I waited until the new payment was in effect they made us wait for an entire week for them to come sit and look at the plans. Even still they have this one shelf in the living room that is only their stuff and they made the gesture to take my rice off of their shelf that day. Yet when I mentioned each room should have a shelf in the living room then they said there isn't enough room.
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2023.06.07 08:04 Expected2Survive AITA for threatening to move out if brothers fiancé moves in?

My (22m) brother is getting married soon. His (21f) fiancé recently told my parents she wanted to move in here instead of living where they planned to move. I (30F), my (33m) husband and daughter currently live with my parents. I told them that if they were to allow my brothers fiancé to move I will be moving out. This has caused major issues with my mom who was upset at me for wanting to move out. A little backstory; when I got married five years ago I moved out and lived with my husband. When we had our first child a year ago I got really sick and am unable to have any more children. Due to pressure of both my mom and husband I quiet my full time well paying job to be a stay at home mom so I could fully enjoy raising my only child. The only way we would be able to do this was moving in with my parents. I carry my weight in the home cooking each night and making sure all common areas of the home are clean. My brother is your typical spoiled baby of the family. He has two chores in the home and doesn’t clean. Does not partake in keeping any of the common areas or bathrooms clean. I have been fed up many times and have voiced this to my parents. Instead of my parents talking with him they do it themselves. We would also be sharing one bathroom between my family of 3 (occasionally 5 when my husbands children are with us) my brother, and his fiancé. That is 7 people to one bathroom. I told my parents I will be moving out as it’s very inconsiderate of me. I told them I understand it is their home however I have to do all the cooking and cleaning in the home and this is only adding on more stress to myself. I also recently started working a night job so we could tackle some of the debt we incurred while going through our medical issues. I was really looking forward to giving my daughter a room so my husband and I could enjoy a room without a toddler. My brother and his fiancé initially were supposed to move in with her grandmother where they would have the master bedroom with their own bathroom. She states she doesn’t want to live there because she feels unwelcome. I am upset because they have options and unlike them I have no where else to go. They can afford to rent their own apartment whereas my husband and I currently cannot. And if they didn’t wish to rent their own place they are able to live with her grandmother. I feel like if your old enough to make the decision to get married then you can go out and live on your own. Especially since I am only here because I fell on unavoidable hard times. AITAH for telling my parents if my brothers fiancé moves in that I’ll go back to working full time and move out?
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2023.06.07 07:56 jsorng50000 what is wohnbauscheck?

hello everyone. im moving to vienna in september to study and have been looking at 1-room apartment to rent. i have mostly been looking at, first of all, is it really true that you can rent a 1 room apartment for 350-450 euros? it seems too good to be true. second: some of them says that a ‘wohnbauscheck’ is necessary, what is this? and am i eligible to get that. have a nice day:)
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2023.06.07 07:56 neighbours-kid I'll remember this forever

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2023.06.07 07:52 churkinese How to find a housemate that smokes weed (looking for a housemate that smokes in Sydney)

Admins remove if not allowed.
With interest rates going up and having a mortgage. I am struggling to survive.
I live in a 1 bedroom apartment near Hyde Park in Sydney and I am considering renting the bedroom out which has the only bathroom (ensuite) in the unit.
I can sleep on the living room floor or buy a couch that can convert into a bed later on if needed.
However, my main concern is I smoke everyday. I used to smoke minimum 1/2 to 3/4 every 2 weeks, cause I get paid fortnightly.
Lately I have had to cut down due to expenses and am averaging around 10 grams and then the days leading up to payday am sometimes scraping my grinder for dust to survive until I get paid next.
I am wondering has anyone got experience in finding flatmates that smoke ?I feel like when I interview people and show them the place, should I just have the bong out and ask them how they feel about smoking weed and tell them I smoke daily ?
I dont smoke ciggis in the unit and if I ever do smoke a ciggy which is occasionally, I will go out to the balcony to do so. I noticed, smoking weed through a bong doesnt leave as much as a smell as say a joint.
If anyone that is reading this post and is looking for a room to rent in Sydney, private msg me.
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