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2009.04.19 09:10 hax0r Metallica

if you're looking for a leak, look in the washroom

2009.08.12 08:27 surfwax95 TOMT: When you can't remember that…thing…

Can't remember the name of that movie you saw when you were a kid? Or the name of that video game you had for Game Gear? Your Google-fu let you down? This is the place to get help. Read the rules and suggestions of this subreddit for tips on how to get the most out of TOMT. (Located right side on desktop, varies on mobile.)

2023.06.03 14:00 Vegetable_Safety_331 LIBAD is .. fine.

Can't really relate to all the posts saying this is the best thing they've ever heard, that it's gonna change the music industry, that it's a masterpiece. Prog rock exists. If you like this album, there is a sea of content like it out there.
Listen to Strength of the World, Brompton Cocktail, Chapter 4, Fiction, Save Me, Gunslinger, Blinded, The Stage, Afterlif, Bat county (I could go on). Any one of these songs destroys anything on display in this record. Really reminds me what they are capable of.

Thouroughly underwhelmed. At least I'll always have their previous works to listen to.
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2023.06.03 14:00 mastermind42 Battery Powered Orange Pi?

I am seeing a lot of suggestions for using a portable power source to power the orange pi. I want to build what is essentially a mini tablet. I would like to only have one usb port that both allows me the charge the unit and connect to the sbc for data. Is there anyway to do that with the orange pi? Should I be looking at some other sbc?
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2023.06.03 13:59 daellu20 d6 pool as currency

Trying to add some more abstract mechanics for wealth and currency to my game, I stumbled upon an idea when looking around for magic systems: currency as a d6 pool that you can roll and add to the roll where money might help, like a bribe or an acquisition.
Basic resolution-mechanic The basis of my resolution is that you have Approaches (Careful, Clever,Flashy, Forceful, Quick, Sneaky) and Competences (Athletics, Combative, Mindful, Skilled, Social) where most start at 0, some at 1, and the combination of what makes most sense in the situation and describe action is the number of dice you roll. In addition you can add an extra dice by taking stress or by teamwork by the supporter taking less stress (Blades in the Dark). Giving a range of 0-3 dice to roll.
Next the players have Tags (descriptive words, aka City of Mist / Fate aspects) divided into multiple categories: Traits, Tallents, Tools, Transport, Turfs, etc; that says something about what it is, how to acquire and how and how often they might be changed or removed.
Tags can be used when performing an action to either:
GM sets position and effect as in Blades in the Dark, but the position determines a number of Dangers (consequences) that are presented to the player. The GM might also add Opportunities (bonuses). Both are represented by cards.
The player then rolls their dice pool. Any value of 5+ can be put on a card to either not suffer the consequence or to gain the bonuses. So most time a player always succeed**, but it is a matter of how much it costs in harm, expense, game time and narrative impact.
\To stop a player to look through every tag at their disposition, and any roll of 1 cannot become a success.*
\* Sometimes the danger(s) might be “Failure”, that must be ‘blocked’/’overcomed’ else the action fails If rolling poorly you might need to choose between succeeding and taking the damage.*
Currency as a d6-pool Back to the “currency as a d6-pool”, I am thinking that the characters start the game with some currency dice, and gain more when doing jobs/missions/quests as payment.
Each time you roll and money might help like making a bribe or an acquisition, you also roll all your currency dices. You need a 5+ for a success as normal, but here are the difference from the resolution from before:
And that's the basics of the rule. The roll represents the valuables and cash at hand that might be traded for other things, without going into details.
Currency tiers/scale To add some more to it I am thinking of adding tiers of Currency dice using the tried and trough division of CoppeBronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum. I think this also works okay as tiers in a more sci-fi setting I am planning. “Welcome to Athena Premium. Please have your Silver-membership card ready for your purchases”.
This can help me keep the numbers low and give some teeth to some payments of a request/job.
Can also be used to set “difficulty” (not the word I am looking for… but the one I am coming up with right now). A hobo might be swayed by a little coppebronze, but a rich salesman needs some gold.
Buying stuff Buying stuff is a resource to use to acquire tools/transports/turfs-tags or to improve/upgrade them.
When buying stuff it is a matter of determining the tier it belongs to and the number of successes needed to buy it. CoppeBronze is used for tools and daily life stuff. Silver for buying things in scale of a transport, Gold can buy you a building (can use the Area-table form here as a base https://bladesinthedark.com/magnitude), and Platinum is the sums used in regional control (company to nation).
Roll your currency dice and spend enough to buy the thing.
One idea I am starting toying, taking inspiration from the Fate Space Toolkit, is that larger stuff like a space-ship and buildings consist of multiple modules/rooms containing different equipment.So more modules/rooms equal larger ships/buildings, more equal higher cost, and in addition can be used to create a floorplan.
Don't sweat the small stuff All small stuff, clothing, etc. are considered part of your other tags, ex. if you are “Rich” you have fine clothes, and a “Skillful Thief” you might use their tag as a permission to lockpick a door or chest, as you can assume you have some lockpicks in your pocket or uses a hairpin or something.
Small stuff might be “bundled together”, for example, you do not buy a single “bullet”, you buy a “box of ammunition”. You do not buy a “lockpick”, you buy a “lockpick kit”, etc.
Bundles, larger tools / signature geaitems both have a cost and often take up inventory slots (to limit the number of such tags you can carry with you, that is an intensive for a transport or hireling so you can lug around more stuff).
Overspending and exchange currency This is the territory I am unsure of. My initial idea is that each difference in tier between your dice and the expectation adds +-1 to the roll of each dice. So if the tiers are similar, no modifier. If you spend Platinum when expecting Silver you add +2 to the value of the roll (success on 3-6). Or if you spend Silver for Gold you add -1 to the value of the roll (success on 6, or must combine).
To add more to the value of higher tiers, you degrade the dice a tier if spending on a lower tier instead of losing it. I think it seemed a bit sour to use a high-value platinum to pay for lower tier stuff, but did not want you to not spend anything.
Also not entirely happy with the exchange rate or that you could use CoppeBronze for Platinum tier. So I was thinking of setting a limit that you can only spend a currency at one step lower than the expectation, or increasing the +- to 2 per tier (effectively making the lowest tier to auto fail against the highest and the highest an auto success against the lowest, not that I am against that).
Tested around a bit. Concluded that the sliding expectation of tier makes the numbers/table move, and “math is hard”. So the next idea was adding a fixed number, the first being -5 up/+5 down a tier. Quickly realizing that this equals to needing one / gaining one extra success. Making a CoppeBronze needing 1/2/3/4 successes per tier (lowest to highest) for doing one ‘resolution’ and Platinum producing a number of successes of 4/3/2/1 (lowest to highest). Again considering doubling the numbers.
If doubling the numbers the logical exchange rate then is 2:1. Seems still somewhat small. So maybe 4:1 or 5:1…
For exchanging, most of the time it does not matter so much, but exchanging low tier to higher may be interesting as a narrative scene sometimes.
Questions/seeking feedback Is the system sound? Are the currency tires okay? Needed at all? What to call the lowest tier? How to exchange, if at all?
Need to work on the terminology, so any tips/ideas here are also appreciated.
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2023.06.03 13:59 bhdata what are the most important concepts for pos 1?

I'm pretty sure farm is one of them. What else? Not dying? If that's the case then why wouldn't you ever not pick a hero like Medusa or Naga? Both those heroes have innate farming mechanisms, (medusas split shot, nagas illusions). They also innately have an ability that gets them out of a gank (naga can just ult and tp, Medusa can just ult and tp or run away at super fast move speed).
Also, to a lesser degree, slark has a farming mechanism, his dark pact, and while it might not be as flashy farmy as Medusa split shot and snake, or nagas illusions, it's still something and he also has his ult which can get him out of trouble
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2023.06.03 13:59 SucculentLegRoast Somewhat scared of child support, any proactive measures I can take?

I'm 25 and single. Most of this is due to my paranoia, even if something has a .1% chance of happening, I still contemplate it. About 2 weeks ago, I hooked up with this girl in my apartment complex. She seemed okay on the app, but when I got there..hoo boy, she definitely had a screw loose..
She invited me in, we sat down and talked for a while, I guess to see how the vibe was. First thing I smelled, weed. She told me she's also doing cocaine, as of that moment. She was rambling on and on for about 20 minutes before I finally broke the ice lol, she was rambling about wanting a gastric sleeve despite her weighing like 120lb, etc.
I'm getting to it, sorry if I'm putting in too much haha. We do our thing, lasts a little over an hour before I left. We had sex unprotected, she said she had an IUD, that probably lasted 10 minutes but the final..act was on the outside. She told me that she hooks up with several different guys (so she says) and goes to a swinger bar semi regularly.
The question I'm asking..what is the chance that, A. I got her pregnant, and B. Will she target me specifically for financial support? And I guess, C. Would I actually be held liable if she somehow deceived me?
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2023.06.03 13:59 Magdaki "Fierce Ogre Battle" - Jason Bernard [Epic Orchestral]


The Story So Far...
The heroes felt like they had been fighting goblins for hours, but finally, it seemed the goblins had enough. They still peered at them from the darkness though, seemingly laughing. The heroes moved forward into what seemed like an arena with crowds of goblins in the stand chanting. Out of the darkness came a terrifyingly huge ogre carrying a giant axe like it was a hatchet. A gate slammed shut behind them, there was no way out, and the battle was on ...
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2023.06.03 13:59 markovas Ease Sequencer Keyframes?

Ease Sequencer Keyframes?
As an experienced Blender user, I rely on the “Automatic” keyframe handle type to create smooth and natural animation transitions. It automatically adjusts handle positions based on neighboring keyframes and curve shape.
In the image above the lower and upper set of keyframes are the same. The lower works much like the default in Unreal, but the upper set has ‘automatic keyframe handling’ to smooth it out. The keyframes are in the same positions but the curves around them are altered.
In the image above both cameras are animated the same. They move right with no ‘forward’ motion, and then move forwards with no ‘right’ motion. You can see how Blender (left) has eased its motoin while Unreal (right) hasn’t.
No matter what I do in Unreal I can’t get the same result. The automatic ‘smoothing’ has these small pauses at each keyframe as the direction changes and there’s no easing in some parts that need it. It seems to only care about smoothing every ‘pair’ of keyframes withotu caring about the overall context.
If anyone has any insights or workarounds to share, I would greatly appreciate your input. It’s disappointing to encounter this roadblock for what feels such a fundamental feature.
Thank you for your time.
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2023.06.03 13:59 Roombya LEE is recruiting! 400M+ GP Guild - Krayt 90M box - RotE 29 ⭐️, 7 Reva Shards. Daily participation in guild events and Discord required. Be part of the Eternal Empire and our great Discord community!

Legion of the Eternal Empire (LEE)
400M+ GP
18:30 PST / 21:30 EST / 02:30 GMT Guild Reset
7.5M+ GP
3 GLs
Executor or Profundity
Reva ready or Jabba
Good Mods/Mod Score. Actively Farming and Improving Mods (Prefer: ~200 or more +10 speed mods)
500 Tickets Daily minimum (prefer 600)
Active Discord Use (mandatory for guild events)
Synced and Public swgoh.gg account
Active Daily in ALL Guild Events
Willing to work to achieve conquest box 4
Guided Farming if you fall behind guild objectives

Territory Battles/Territory Wars:
RotE: 29 ⭐️, 7 Reva Shards
We Use EchoBot for Platoon Assignments.
We Use HotUtils/HotBot for tracking tickets, guild event participation, and reminders.
TW: 90%+ Win Record. Adaptive strategy depending on our opponent and team readiness.
We have dedicated Discord channels for TB, TW, KDR, and Bots for members to use.
We are doing the Krayt raid and are getting 90M+ score
HOW TO JOIN US: Please come to our Discord server and an officer will help you! We want EVERYONE to succeed and are constantly looking to improve on what we are doing to help all within our collective of 7 independently run guilds. We are an established guild with active players who are looking for like-minded, common-sense individuals to join us for the growth and benefit of all!
Legion of the Eternal Empire - DISCORD: https://discord.gg/S4j4ceuYDH
Legion of the Eternal Empire - SWGOHGG: https://swgoh.gg/g/nZu5aA50TVusQFfMqjYNEA/
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2023.06.03 13:59 LordGaulis Rat orgres are some of the darkest warhammer lore…

So, preface quickly not a lore expert with all known knowledge from vermintide lore book and general observations.
They aren’t skaven, well not originally… they were a normal orgre that either was killed or captured by the skaven and well, became the base template for the rat orgre, they are the lucky one…
Usually a dead stormvermin or warlord not eaten by skaven ends up in a clan moulder packmaster laboratory… he starts by removing the orgres head and other non skaven parts leaving the limbs and chest intact… replacing and stitching them with dead bloated rat paws and head, not too sure how the hell the tail works on a orgre… yeah, warp science! This whole process needs to happen in 24 hours before the body rots otherwise clan skyre going to have to add prosthetic paws.
After the macabre rat orgre doll is finished, warp injections into the body and probably some warp lighting it’s alive! It’s alive! The frankistein rat!
Now wait a moment… I kinda gloss over the fact a living, breathing, thinking warlord on top of the rat food chain got assassinated only to wake up in a no-fur body with brain damage, go insane and turn feral immediately, but I like to think part of the reason rat orgres are extremely hostile to packmasters is they remember what they did to them.
This is why kerillian despise packmasters above all else as they bring back the dead, lock them in a dark box, starving them, only to take them out to fight other rat orgres for scraps of food as part of entertainment for skaven… this somehow gets worst with stormfiends…
So a brain damage skaven driven insane in a unfamiliar body is bad enough right? Well no… apart of this process the IQ of a rat orgre is below 13 making them only good for brute strength, always need to be with their packmaster otherwise they go rat shit and kill everything that moves… the solution is take a defective skaven imp, abnormally small but very clever and merge their body and mind with the spine to control the rat ogre like a parasite. This process may also include chopping off the rat orgre hand-paws in favour of duel warpthrowers or rattling guns, some stromfiends get duel power drills for mining…
so now we have a warlord who died, got brought back in a no-fur body, got possessed by a midget constantly mentally fighting each other and both had their paws chopped off to be locked in a dark box until taken out for fighting…
Makes you wonder if the skaven rat orgre brought back kept his mind and memories intact would that make him a space marine rat? Quick get Queek headtaker!
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2023.06.03 13:59 kafkafant Question about libido vs sexual attraction

Okay, so I'm almost a little mad because the label I've given myself for the past couple of months was apparently shaped by my own ignorance and the prejudices people have against ace people. I thought I had figured it all out but now today I listened to a science podcast about asexuality and it completely confused me.
[TW rather explicit sex talk in this paragraph, TLDR inconsistent libido] My libido changes a lot. It's usually on the low to very low to non-existent side and that has been problematic in past relationships. However I also experience periods where it is very high, for example when I'm in love and it's very fresh or idk when I'm bored or... I can't even tell you what triggers it, there's no logic behind it. Recently I also found out that I take much more pleasure out of pleasuring other people rather than people touching me. Or at least in theory. I haven't really wanted sex for a while. Or had the opportunity. Those two things kinda go hand-in-hand. When, if , I masturbate, I feel shame.
So because of this, after some research into asexuality, I labeled myself as aceflux, because I felt that I somewhat identified with the graysexual, fraysexual, demisexual and lithosexual labels but it was all kinda fluid and hard to pinpoint.
However, I must have misunderstood something. After hearing the podcast today I found out that being ace is much more about how I feel towards other people, not how I feel about sex. And if that's true then I feel so stupid for not seeing that because I did the research - I just didn't read properly.
Not that that doesn't make sense either, because I never really felt any sexual attraction towards the people in my life - actual, possible "bedmates" or even boyfriends, girlfriends, one-night-stands (which I always regretted). I never looked at their bodies and it made me horny. My ex often got horny looking at me and told me how sexy I was and I could never wrap my head around how that even works. It even annoyed me after a while. As a teenager with raging hormones I sometimes watched porn but I often only watched half the video because I was more interested in sparking a fantasy centered on myself rather than being attracted to the people in the video. So why did I ever sleep with anyone? I get romantic feelings, yes, absolutely. Sometimes that's enough, to love someone. And then sexual desire, sure, depending on my current libido state either yes or no.
I could never answer the "boobs or ass" - question. I am attracted to women - I can't tell you how I know that, but the question just doesn't compute. They're body parts, what do you want from me? Same with men. What's most attractive in a man? Idk, if he's a decent person? That's usually very sexy. And I don't mean that in a sexy way.
I often feel "attraction" towards actors I deem talented(often actors that aren't even alive anymore or younger versions of actors that are like 70 now). But if I view it realistically, if those people came up to me and proposed to sleep with me, I'd turn them down immediately.
So what am I then? Aceflux, like I thought? Full-blown ace with low libido? Or am I actually an allosexual person with low libido who has dramatically misunderstood the ace community?
I'd appreciate some help.
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2023.06.03 13:59 dragonfly-psych Insurance wrote off my car without telling me in queensland

Put my first car in for insurance assessment for small nose to tail collision. No clue it would be written off so didn't say goodbye.
No emails no phone calls no updates to my claim for for weeks.. i had to call, at first they couldn't find my claim or rego, only after pressing them to find out they had already written it off, it was in a salvage/auction yard, i am not allowed to get to it/look at it/ it's gone but they'll post me my stuff back.
Oh and "sorry someone should have called you" I've put in a complaint about communication but legally... What can I do here? Legally, can they just take my car like this? Do they have an obligation to keep me involved? Are they supposed to give me options as to what i am allowed to do (see the car, collect items, buy it back, etc)?
Reposted from legaladvice as I'm in Aus Thank you!
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2023.06.03 13:59 YuukoKagami What's another song you'd like to see Xeed potentially cover?

Share with the class what song you think Xeed would knock out of the park if they covered it; they're talented enough that I'd listen to them perform the goddamn alphabet lmao xD
Also, Happy Pride Month Greenys~ <3
View Poll
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2023.06.03 13:59 deadpoetc So the new update’s out, as a new player and f2p. Can I get some help?

So I basically just play for a few days and about level 22? (The dead wood factory). They need like 500 cones to open new area…. I’m kinda overwhelmed.
So the questions are
  1. What should I do at the early stage of the game? I’m thinking farming money but don’t think I’m doing the right way. Right now I just sell resources. Like most of them except sheep wool?,fish,bricks. Is there a better ways?
  2. What about dungeons and arenas? Should I just keep grinding dungeons? Well the monsters are slowllly getting stronger but they do get stronger…should I just go with it anyway?
  3. What I should upgrade as a priority?
Last thing I got lucky and got the axe call…jormungan or something but the rest are common tiers. Should I wait til I get at least uncommon drop to start upgrading gears or just go at it?
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2023.06.03 13:59 juslurking_ I hate how easily I fall for any guy who shows basic kindness and interest

I met this guy in a online group (to put it vaguely-this wasn’t on Reddit though) and he asked for my contact. He’s super nice and asks questions showing he’s genuinely interested. He never sexualizes any conversations too, which makes me like him even more. I’ve had this habit of sexualizing conversations with men too early on so I could sustain their interest. I never felt I was worth it on my own and felt pressured to do so by the other guy. But I never felt that way with him.
We usually communicate through Snapchat and voice notes. Whenever i respond im always wearing makeup and I’m using a good angle /lighting. I wonder what he’d think about me if he knew what I didn’t look like without makeup irl. Would he think I was a catfish?
He has such a great social life too, lots of friends and super involved with his family. I’m the exact opposite, he’d probably think I was strange if he knew I didn’t have a single friend or how rigid my relationship with family is.
I feel like this is where the shoe drops. Even if you like someone mutually, and somehow they’re able to get past your ugliness, you’re not able to mask your FAW history, your mental health issues, trauma etc forever.
He is also a 6 hour flight away from me across the country so nothing can ever manifest IRL. I kind of feel so dumb for how much I obsess and think about him. I manufacture these cute little scenarios in my head of us being together. Him reciprocating feelings, being embraced by him. Almost like he could save me from my situation. I feel like it’s bordering on (if not already is) limerence territory. I legit can’t fall asleep without fantasizing about them.
I want to ignore him and stop responding to stop this from happening. I tried that once for 3 weeks but I can tell he felt really bad, like he did something wrong. I feel so bad for making him feel that way, because he did everything right. Idk how to say “I like u too much so I need to stop responding to you😄👍🏽”. How does someone even fall for someone you’ve never even met and barely know anything about??
Idk what to do now, I can’t stop obsessing over him. Its taking up so much time and mental energy too. I’m not as productive and regularly ruin my sleep schedule when I do talk to him.
Has anyone experienced anything similar or have any advice?
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2023.06.03 13:59 gretchens Immersion blender: vitamix or breville

I need to replace my many years old Cuisinart smart stick and for my next immersion blender I would like it to have the plastic bell guard for using in my le creuset without fear, which eliminates bamix and Braun.
I am trying to decide between these two- the one thing about the breville is that I wonder if it is worth it for the chopping attachment. I have a cuisinart food processor but only pull it out for big jobs. I also have a vitamix blender, so I trust the brand. (I trust breville too, I just know what it’s like to convince people on the vitamix blender superiority!) My cuisinart came with a whisk attachment that I don’t use. Do people use the chopping attachment for say, chopping onions or something for a simple dinner? Or is it more of a gimmick? Thanks!
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2023.06.03 13:59 rohitsinghyng QuickBooks Hosting Services and QuickBooks hosting provider

Services and Hosting Providers for QuickBooks The accounting software program QuickBooks is widely used by businesses of all sizes. However, if you are not a technical person, managing QuickBooks can be time-consuming and complicated. This is where QuickBooks facilitating suppliers come in.
Your QuickBooks account can benefit from a wide range of services provided by QuickBooks hosting providers. Services like these include:
Data recovery and backup: QuickBooks facilitating suppliers offer programmed information reinforcement and recuperation administrations. This means that even if your computer crashes or your hard drive fails, your data will always be safe.
Updating software: Your QuickBooks software is automatically updated by QuickBooks hosting providers to ensure that you always have the most recent version. This helps ensure that your software is safe and that you can use the most recent features and capabilities.
Technical assistance: Technical support is provided round-the-clock by QuickBooks hosting providers. This means that no matter what time of day or night it is, you can always get help if you need it.
A QuickBooks hosting provider is a great option if you want to make managing your account with QuickBooks easier. You can find a QuickBooks hosting provider that meets your specific requirements and budget among the many options available.
The following are a few of the most well-liked providers of QuickBooks hosting:
The best networks: Right Networks is a major QuickBooks hosting service provider. They offer various highlights and advantages, including programmed information reinforcement and recuperation, programming updates, and specialized help.
Apps4Rent: Apps4Rent is another well known QuickBooks facilitating supplier. They have plans for small, medium, and large businesses in a variety of sizes to meet your requirements.
The Summit's Host: Summit Hosting is a third-party QuickBooks hosting provider that provides technical support, software updates, automatic data backup and recovery, and a variety of other features and benefits.
Consider your specific requirements and budget when selecting a QuickBooks hosting provider. Before making a decision, you should also compare the features and benefits offered by various providers.
When selecting a QuickBooks hosting provider, consider the following:
Price: Before making a decision, it is essential to compare the price of various QuickBooks hosting services because prices can vary.
Features: It is essential to select a QuickBooks hosting provider that provides the features you require because different providers offer different features.
Support: Because different QuickBooks hosting providers provide various levels of support, it is essential to select a provider that provides the level of support you require.
You can begin comparing various QuickBooks hosting providers once you have taken into account your requirements and financial resources. Before making a decision, you can read reviews, compare features, and compare prices from various providers.
The advantages of working with a QuickBooks hosting provider There are numerous advantages to working with a QuickBooks hosting provider. The most common advantages include:
Efficacy of Use: QuickBooks is made simple to use by hosting providers. With an internet connection, you can access your QuickBooks data from any location and on any device.
Security: Your data is safeguarded by QuickBooks hosting providers using the most recent security measures. Even in the event of a system failure or data breach, your data will remain safe.
Cost reduction: The companies that host QuickBooks can help you save money. Neither the software nor the hardware for QuickBooks need to be purchased or maintained by you.
Inward feeling of harmony: QuickBooks facilitating suppliers offer genuine serenity. You don't have to worry about keeping your software up to date or backing up your data.
On the off chance that you are searching for a method for making dealing with your QuickBooks account simpler, safer, and more savvy, then a QuickBooks facilitating supplier is an incredible choice.
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2023.06.03 13:59 chimp0000 I love u

Hmm i want u, i love u, ur happiness is my peace, I want to see u sleeping like a kid.Still i cant explain what draws me .When I remember ur face only thought comes in mind is to love u full heartedly. What i found in ur facial expression is unexplainable . I want to see u happy ,satisfied, full of life. Whole life i want to listen ur stories.Pull ur nose.
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2023.06.03 13:58 Creative-Hall7103 Tournament of ragnarok match 1: The dazzling magician vs the greatest magician

Round 1 match 1
Deep down in the underworld of crime there is a tournament that is set by the gods themselves. We then cut to an arena filled with both the audience and blood stains on the floor of the arena. Then we see a man in a tux with slick back golden hair . This man smiled, his gold eyes shined as the light hit them. You see this man wasn't mortal, though he was divine. This man was known as the Roman god Mercury. As soon as Mercury held up his microphone he spoke, his voice enchanted the audience.
Mercury: Hello mortals! Is everyone ready to see some people kill one another in the name of their gods?
The crowd cheered and Mercury smiled at these mortals who were ready to watch their own kind kill one another.
Mercury: All right well, let's start with the rules. There aren't any. That's right. Anything goes in these fights. It just makes it more fun.
Just then Mercury held up something. Then it shot up a beam of energy which spread to form a hologram screen showing 16
fighters. The crowd watched in amazement as it showed clips of each fighter.
Mercury: Now let's honor these soon-to-be dead men. First thing, though, is we need to start the first match. Now fighting in the blue corner is this man who once was the greatest magician there ever was but lost his title to a younger fellow. Now known as the dazzling magician and blessed by Sun Wukong, the great sage equal to heaven. This man is none other u/AdLegitimate1637 .
Just then, out of the left hallway walked out a man with gray hair and dressed like a ringmaster. He smiled at the crowd while waving. Once he got into the arena, a cane fell from above and Ad caught it and twirled it around.
Ad: Who's ready to be amazed?
The crowd cheered as Mercury ready himself for u/AdLegitimate1637 opponent.
Mercury: Okay, everyone calm down. Now fighting in the red corner is this man. In a twist sort of fate, this man rose from just being a humble street performer to the greatest magician of this era.
As Mercury spoke, Ad realized who he was talking about and the old man's smile faded and his eyes filled with rage.
Mercury: Behold the man who was blessed by Loki the trickster god u/PleasantPhotograph66 .
Just then a young man with long red hair walked out. He wore flashy clothing that shined in the light. As the man got onto the stage he pulled out glasses that just like his clothes shined in the light. As both fighters gazed upon one another, Pleasant smiled and spoke.
Pleasant: It's been a long time, old man. I wonder you ever approve of your shitty magic tricks.
Ad didn't speak a word but just waited for Mercury to speak that one word so this match could start.
Mercury: Now FIGHT!
Just then Ad slammed the bottom of his can on the ground and from that smoke rose and once it cleared, two canons appeared. Pleasant saw this and once the canons fired he tapped two times on his glasses and from that his body twisted and his bones snapped as he turned into a dove and dodged the cannonballs easily.
Ad: Now that might just make me sick.
As the dove landed, it's body twisted and its bones broke as it formed back into Pleasant. Many people in the audience almost threw up just from watching this act. Then Ad once more slammed the ground with his cane but this time from the smoke eight floating swords formed behind Ad in a circle shape. All pleasant did was tap his glasses three times and then his body started to transform into a cheetah and he rushed at Ad.
Ad: Die you idiot.
Just then, the floating swords flew straight at Pleasant, but still in his cheetah form, he barely dodged each blade only but on the last one he quickly turned, slamming onto the ground. Sadly, though, the last sword stuck into his eyes, cutting it. As Pleasant transformed back, his glasses still in perfect condition, ager filled the young magician.
Pleasant: I'll kill you. YOU PEASE OF SHIT!!
Just then, Pleasant started to run straight at Ad and his arms started to twist and turn as they formed into a blade and shield. Instead of metal for these, the material was his own flesh and bones. Just then, as Pleasant was inches away from Ad, the old mage raised the top of his cane and shouted.
Ad: blessed art: the storm of magic!
Just then, the top of Ad cane started to be covered by electricity and as these two mages made contact, an explosion of bright light formed, blinding the crowd. When the light died down, we saw both fighters on the ground breathing heavily. Ad was badly burnt by the electricity and Pleasant's left hand was fully destroyed. As both fighters struggled to get back up, Ad smiled.
Ad: It's time for the closing if we shall.
Just then, as Pleasant stood back up, he saw two boxes that were the size of humans. Pleasant knew this was the forbidden sword box. A trick where they use real swords instead of trick ones only the best magician could survive.
Pleasant: So that's how you want it to end. Then so be it. We are entertainers first and killers second.
Ad nodded as he looked into the crowd.
Ad: Now everyone, if you throw be so kind, once me and my opponent go into these boxes and once they are mixed, you may choose which box will have the sword stab thrown, killing the fighter.
The crowd was confused for a quick second, but that changed to excitement. Once both fighters got into each box, they both smiled.
Both: The show must go on!
Just then, the box closed and mixed and they started to mix where the crowd couldn't tell which was which. Then they stopped moving and floating swords formed, floating above both boxes. Mercury just smiled.
[Backstory] It's no lie that these two once knew one another. A long time ago when Ad was a the greatest magician he did his act all around the world. Then one day Pleasant showed up his story is that he rose from a street performer to the out doing Ad but that was a lie. The truth is Pleasant was a rich kid who bought his way to the top. Once Ad respected the fellow mage and was happy to step down but when he learn of pleasant truth he was disgusted. Now in a cruel sabotage pleasant rig Ad trick to cause it to be a disaster which cause him not just his job but also his granddaughter. Now armed with sorrow Ad realized his last goal is to honor his God a bring him to victory and Pleasant well loki just offered him more money. [Backstory]
Mercury: Now, audience, which box shall we stab into?
The audience cheered as they shouted which box they wished to stab. But after a good 5 minutes it was decided the box on the right would be stabbed, killing its carrier. As the blade stabbed into the box you could hear the dying screams of the human who was in the box.
Mercury: Now that sounded like that hurt. Now let's see the results.
Then, as the box doors open, we see Ad walk out of the unharmed box, but sadly, as the other box opens, we see Pleasant's dead blades stabbing through his dead body. As the audience stared at Pleasant's bloody body, a blade stuck out of his face and his other good eye ball falling out of his skull. His body was also twisted like he tried to transform into something.
Mercury: It's decided the victor of the first match is u/AdLegitimate1637 and the next match will be fought by these two.
Then as the hologram screen showing two new fighters these are u/MUI-Tojo and u/Kinsey916
We cut to a room with a door only described as holy but in it was a full white room with 16 people. They were the gods who were sponsoring these mortals.
Sun Wukong: Man Loki, your guy sucks.
Loki: It wasn't that he sucked, he was just an idiot.
But then the gods argued, then they froze as a pair of hands landed on both their shoulders and this god was known as Chaos.
Chaos: That's enough. Both fighters put up a good show that was their main goal more than anything else. True, they needed to kill one another, but it isn't wrong to make it entertaining like that.
That's the end of chapter 1. Hope you all had fun reading this. also if you wish to join you still can. We have 8 spots still open.
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2023.06.03 13:58 LessBerry9 Lvl 20 rewards?

What did everyone choose for lvl 20 rewards? Recently started and could use a good CB like Desailly, but also need to build up my team so the 84+ players could be good.
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2023.06.03 13:58 throwy777777 Decoding Addiction: Can We Sever the Bonds of Associated Memories for Balanced Enjoyment?

The brain often associates related memories, which can influence behaviors. For instance, sitting in a bar stool might trigger thirst due to memories linking this setting to drinking. This phenomenon can be problematic for recovering addicts who may fear reigniting their addiction through such associations. I've observed this in individuals who've quit unhealthy lifestyles, now pursuing rigorous exercise and diet with an almost obsessive intensity, or in former drug addicts who avoid even moderate alcohol.
This concept underpins NoFap's complete abstention from pornographic content. Such total avoidance can seem like only half a solution, as if the problem is not solved but merely avoided. In my opinion, overcoming addiction should mean ending abuse, not completely avoiding the associated activity. For example, a former video game addict should ideally be able to enjoy a few hours of gaming without it interfering with their responsibilities.
This implies the need for a way to sever these associations, allowing people to participate in activities without triggering addictive urges. If we could effectively break these connections, through therapy, medical intervention, or cognitive reframing, it could greatly improve many people's quality of life. How much is this considered in addiction treatment? Do most people have to totally quit what they were addicted to, or can they learn to enjoy it in moderation?
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2023.06.03 13:58 thisnickistakenback Anyone else experiencing low rumbling noise from trunk lid?

Took delivery last month of my MYLR and have been hearing these slight rattle sounds since day one, especially when I drive over a pavered road or rough asphalt. They seem to be coming from the rear of the car, possibly something inside the trunk lid.
Took the car to Tesla Service 2 times since then. First time they did something which changed nothing. Second time - I was told that it's ' within spec'. Really? Such noises start coming when a car is 5-7 years old or so and parts start loosening. I feel like I am driving a 7 year old car.
Anyway, Tesla Service ain't helping. What are my options? Thanks in advance
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2023.06.03 13:58 Diligent_Car1313 What song is this?? Rap.

I think it’s a lil Wayne or Rick Ross song.. maybe?
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