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2023.05.30 22:17 Bhpe I am finally happy...

"Your mom got in a car crash", those were the words I heard coming from my phone, in the empty school hallway. A cold wave traveled through my body rapidly fast, my vision was starting to get blurry, my hearing got messed up, until I heard the words "Hey what're you doing, get back in my class!". Everything suddenly became normal. I heard the words "Sorry, Ms Smith" come out of my mouth forcefully, my legs started to forcefully walk into the classroom and sit down.
After class, as I was walking out of the classroom and finally into freedom, Ms Smith stopped me and said: "Young man, remember you have detention today!'. "B-but Ms smith", the words stopped coming out and I finally said "Fine".
At 3:15 I was already in detention, being tortured by boredom. After waiting for 2 hours, I finally was released.
It was dark outside, since it was winter. No one was on the streets, I was alone... I wanted to get this over with fast, I took a step, then another and proceeded to walk faster. As I was walking past the old abandoned house, which kids were scared of, a hand grabbed my arm from behind, and Screamed "Do you want to be happy?". I started to run in fear, and when looking back I saw a humanoid being, that was way too large to be human, with arms longer then me myself. It started to run towards me, I also ran, but no matter how fast I was running, IT was running faster.
In the distance, I could see a car, I didn't care, I ripped the door open, sat inside, and Screamed "Drive!" The car drove and led me back to my house, even though I never told the driver where I lived.
As I entered the house I saw my depressed dad eating a bacon sandwich by himself, he looked at me, and then looked down at his depressing sandwich. I went straight to bed, even though it was 7 pm.
Next morning I went into the kitchen and saw a stairway, the stairway was going upwards out of the house. I saw my dad going up them. Everything flashed Infront of my eyes, and I saw my dad hanging from the ceiling on a rope. I didn't know what to do except normally sit down and make myself breakfast. At 7 pm I went out of my house to school, leaving my hanged dad behind.
This time in School I would try to get detention, I wanted to see the large humanoid figure again...
At 5 pm I was walking out of school, past the abandoned house, when that same creature grabbed my hand and asked me that same question. "Do you want to be happy?", This time the voice was calm. I said "Yes, take me with you!". It took my hand and we both walked down a stairway leading to the ground. That same cold feeling went through my body, I didn't know where it would take me, I had no idea, when I arrived, I saw this would be my eternity. I had no chance to go back, in a weird way, I was happy... I had a phone there and posted this story, I had to write this for the plausibility rule
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2023.05.30 22:15 TheFlyingGyro Computer not booting with new second SSD

Have a computer with a Asus Prime X570 Pro board. Have had it for several years and had no issues. Have 2 M.2 drives running on it since I built it. One 1 TB and one 500 GB in the secondary slot.
Recently got a deal on a 2TB and was planning on replacing the 500 GB one with it. Have cloned multiple drives and never had a problem. Hooked up the new drive in a M.2 housing I had and plugged it into the USB C slot on the mother board. Detects it just fine.
New M.2 is a 2 TB crucial.
Cloned the 500 GB drive to the M.2 in the housing. Cloned perfectly, computer detects it just fine and works great. Turn of the computer, move the new drive into the M.2 housing and replace the previous 500 GB with the new cloned 2 TB drive.
The computer then refuses to boot. I can't even get it to the BIOS menu. It starts and then stops at the ASUS screen.
Tried multiple troubleshooting things after to no avail.
It seems whenever I put ONLY that new drive in the slot it does not work. Works fine in housing. I know some boards act different when you put a M.2 in the second slot but I have been running one in that spot for over 2 years with no issues. Pretty stumped so hopefully someone has some ideas. Thanks in advanced.
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2023.05.30 22:15 SunnyPsychologica I'm supporting my partner going through the craziest time ever, and I'm tired of it.

I know Reddit can be a sesspool, but I feel like I have nowhere else to turn.
My partner and I have been together for almost five years and we're still madly in love. I'm grateful for them. They're my best friend in every sense of the word. We have ebb and flow, we teach each other different things, have healthy conflict, and have a ton of fun and meaningful growth/time/conversation together. But lately...things haven't been the same. Not because they've changed or that I've changed in ways that mean we've outgrown one another, but because they're going through something so intense that's left them burnt out and is now leaving me burnt out.
For some context here, my partner is the child of a hoarder. An abusive, neglectful hoarder. I knew about this prior to us getting together as we were friends and worked with one another for three years prior to getting together. So theoretically, I knew what I was signing up for...that one day, eventually at some point, if we were to still be together, we'd both be tasked with dealing with his shit. And well, that day has finally come.
It started last May-ish when he had a stroke and ended up in the hospital. He was in there for a couple months, and during that time, my partner and their brother started working on cleaning out and organizing their dad's house. I helped a bit, but it was mostly them at the time while I supported on the sidelines. Went to hospital visits with my partner, helped occasionally at the house, that sort of thing. Unfortunately their dad came home (I say unfortunately because they can't make any progress on the board - of both things and animals - when their dad is present), and so a lot of things got put on hold for several months. It was good in terms of energy and taking a break, but during that time, my partner found out that they're the sole executor of their dad's will and that everything of his goes to them, and so, with his end being so near and not being able to make any progress on a hoarder house and four seacans worth of stuff, it was massively stressful for them and also for me.
Their dad spent the next several months wasting away in his house. He was supposed to do rehab stuff and take care of his health. None of that happened. Instead he literally ended up almost dying in his bed and eventually, after months of trying to convince him, ended up back in the hospital. He's now been there for several months and we know for sure he is never coming out. It's either he dies in the hospital or he goes to a long-term care home and dies there.
So anyway, for the past several months, it's been all hands on deck getting shit sorted for my soon-to-be father-in-law's shit. I'm talking trying to come up with money in the tens of thousands because of bills he owes, figure out government taxes because that man hadn't done taxes in over a decade (this is being sorted by an angel of a man who's been helping us thank god, but it's been so stressful), dealing with the four seacans (we finally got ONE of the four empty thank god), rehoming animals (as I said he hoarded animals, too, so over the past year we've managed to go from over 20 animals to I believe 6 who are still there now), and getting rid of shit in his house. We've also been selling cars cause he's hoarded those, too, and going to visit him when my partner feels up to doing that since it's so emotionally intensive for them. They've also been going through so much trauma healing because being around that house and their dad so much has brought so much up for them.
And while I'm their partner and I love them and I'm happy to support them through life, I'm getting so so tired. I'm feeling burnt out to a crisp. Which part of me feels crazy for! I'm not working anymore because with my partner having a job and having to deal with their dad's shit, it's not prudent for both of us to be working. Our home gets neglected and it's not feasible with everything going on rn. I'm best at cooking, cleaning, traditionally feminine gender role stuff, so I've taken on the role of being the stay-at-home partner right now. And so my brain is like well how can I be tired when I'm not even working...but I am. I am so tired...and I feel so guilty saying this that part of me doesn't wanna say this to my partner. Because they're even more tired which is even more valid! They're working forty hours a week and on top of that trying to balance their dad's shit, our relationship, yard projects we're doing together, resting, all that jazz. And here I am doing all of that minus the conventional job - although I will say as most of you probably know - keeping a house going is also a full-time job.
I just...I don't know guys. A big part of me wants to throw in the towel and say I need a fucking break. I need a month where I don't have to deal with any of your dad's shit! Where I just focus on our home and our garden and our renovations. I feel like I'm living a life I didn't sign up for even though I DID sign up for it, but it's like anything. You don't really know what it's gonna be like til you're going through it. And now that I am, I want off this ride. But I don't want off the ride that is my partner. But...selfishly, I want my old partner back.
I want my partner back who isn't just stressed 24/7 about work and dad and dad and dad and DAD. I literally don't know how to handle this anymore. Any amount of rest I get never feels like enough and it's shitty because I get more rest than my partner. Literally I feel like I'm not allowed to be tired or burnt out because they are dealing with even more than I am right now AND they have less time to rest.
But the problem is...I get the brunt of all of their emotions and stress. I mean, we both do. It's just hard cause they have more people to vent to about all of it. They have coworkers that I don't have that they talk to all of this stuff about. I have a very small amount of friends one because I'm introverted but also because a lot of friendships have been evolving and/or dying in my life lately. I've been going through a lot of growth alongside all this shit so it's honestly for the best but that doesn't mean it isn't lonely.
I just...idk. Despite us both going to therapy, I don't feel like I have the support I need right now or the boundaries or breaks that I need right now. The shitty thing is...this isn't something my partner can just walk away from. Believe me, if they could they would. But it's either we deal with shit now slowly but surely or we let it pile up, have their dad's house foreclosed on and have services turned off, have their brother and animals who are living in the house suffer, and prolong dealing with and selling the massive amount of SHIT their fucking hoarder dad has left them.
Any words of wisdom are much needed right now because I don't know where to turn other than to screaming or crying. All I know is I'm feeling like a partner who is a bit of a caregiver right now and as anyone who has experience knows, the caregiver has a rough time with shit, too, even if acknowledging that comes with a lot of guilt...
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2023.05.30 22:15 gealex99 Ace partner who has lots of sexual needs

So, like the title says. I'm an Allo partner who is in committed relationship with an Ace partner. We all know asexuality is a spectrum and for her it comes in the fact that she is hypersexual but does not experience sexual attraction to other people. She knows she finds me sexy and hot but in terms of sexuality she doesn't experience the attraction - or at the very least the concept seems extremely difficult for her to grasp. That is all fine by me, I know it's the way she is with everyone, it's a part of her not just a part of our relationship so by no means do I take it personally.
The issue/thing that I'm currently struggling with is the balance of needs and compromise in our sex life. Like I said I'm not ace. And I'm a borderline sex addict tbh. I do not put this on her or demand more of her. I wish I could prove it for sake of the post but I know for a fact. I will let her know whenever I'm in a mood but just as a statement of how I'm feeling (not more than once in a day tho that's pressuring in my head) and let her choose to engage it or not. Every now and then I will let her know if I'm wanting her help with it since she has expressed sometimes I just need to be explicit. And she almost has never chosen to engage in it besides once in our entire relationship. I don't feel bitter or frustrated by this. If anything I'm very very happy and proud of her. She has had issues in the past with setting those boundaries with partners cause she was still finding herself. So I'm extremely, incredibly, amazingly proud of my partner for feeling safe and comfortable enough to chose not to push herself while with me. And it makes me feel very proud of myself for not putting too much pressure on her in this mismatched sexuality situation.
The one caveat is her own hypersexuality mixing with my own trauma. She does not engage when I have a need just for the sake of making me happy, which I love, but she frequently has sexual needs in her own way. Now I'm able to accommodate this. It doesn't feel needy to me. I enjoy helping. It makes me happy, and I feel capable of it without pushing myself like she would have to. I just have a history though. A history of people using me for my body and partners taking more from me than I get in return. She does not do this. I know she doesn't do this. But from my own trauma it feels very hard not to feel this sometimes when sexuality always has to be met on her terms. It would be easier I feel like if she didn't engage it so frequently ironically, altho then we would have the issue of me needing more so I guess we take the strife we are given. But since we do engage in sexuality A LOT. And it's never on my terms. And it requires me to be doing all the physical and mental effort. It's hard not to feel those same feelings I did when I was being used by past people. Like ghost feelings. She's not doing that. Nowhere near close. But I do feel it.
Sexually active at least twice a week over text, once a month in person (since we don't live together and she has strict parents) and many many different ways of showing sexual affection outside of "sessions". We getting it dirty a lot. But she doesn't feel capable of touching me, she doesn't feel capable of knowing I finished or helping me finish, and she doesn't feel capable of formulating words or descriptions for me to get turned on by. I don't blame her nor is that anything I take offense to. But quite often to no fault of her own and definitely factored by my own past, it feels like my enjoyment in our sex life is not a priority but rather an incidental result. Obviously she wants me to be happy. No question. But weirdly enough - in an allo/ace relationship we have sexual interactions a fuck ton...but it feels like none of it is an activity that that is intended to be helping me or even like it's a good thing if I get off during it. Most allo/ace partners struggle with the ace partner having sex to make the allo happy but it is really really a funny issue that in my case we have sex and my happiness feels inconsequential LOL. It sounds terrible but it feels like she's getting to have sex, and I'm masturbating. If we aren't in front of eachother and she wants to get off it feels like I'm porn. When I want to get off it feels like I'm single. Which I know. Following her pace when it comes to sex is something that I will have to adjust to and will be a core part of our relationship. I can do it. I know I can. No doubt. And it helps that she wants it so much. Definitely. Down the line. But rn. I feel like the allo sex doll and not in a fun way. Now I know that's not what she is doing or feeling. But that doesn't change that the feeling is hitting me yk.
I'm a firm believer that for a healthy relationship, that requires at it's core compromise, you don't just need to respond to each according their needs but their ability as well. It can't be one or the other. Sometimes you push yourself for things to work and many times you shouldn't have to do anything you aren't able to do. So I'm able to match her needs. That's something I'm capable of. It also will help us further down the line in which we will be very fortunate that we won't have to make as many compromises as most allo/ace partnerships because I can still get my satisfaction just not alwaya on my own terms. But rn. It NEVER feels like it's on my own terms. It's never a burden helping her. I'm a fucking nymphomaniac I'm always gonna be happy to help lol. But in the nicest way possible it feels like I'm getting a lot demanded of me and I don't feel comfortable or nor do I want to push for more. I also don't wanna be used less. I just want it to feel less like I'm being used.
I know I'm more capable because our personal boundaries and trauma are completely different. So I don't mind in the end if in our form I have to do more work and make more sacrifices. They won't feel like sacrifices to me. But in terms of talking to her about this, she also has some major anxiety issues from people not respecting her boundaries and relationships punishing her being who she is. She never would be angry at me for needing more. She would only feel sorry and worry that it means I'm unhappy. She is someone I've loved unlike anyone else before. She is someone who sex was never a factor or a condition in my interest in her. She is someone who makes me very happy and that I have no doubt will work in spite of anything I just typed. I know we will work it out. I just don't know how to proceed in the meantime. We have made great strides in communication. But due to that anxiety communication is like a 5 day process. If I tell her something is wrong before I can even get out my feelings she is in a panic attack and crying and feeling as if she has made my life terrible. No matter how I put it. This is okay. We process things differently. I know why she is responding that way. Doesn't make it fair to me but I make sure at some point I communicate that the response is bigger then the issue.And after 5 days of back and forth and different levels of anxiety on both our ends - I'll be able to make myself heard a little more, but honestly to make sure it's okay I'll probably have compromised my original statement and feelings more. It'll have become more about the response and how we acted during the communication rather than what I was trying to tell her about how I felt in the first place. It is a challenge. But one we welcome and can manage in our relationship. But with this feeling right here rn. I really. Really. Really want to be oh so careful. I don't want this to feel like a challenge. I don't want anything I say to make her feel like she's not doing enough, like she needs to change for me, like I'm unhappy, or that me feeling the way I feel is her fault. At the core. I don't want to do anythign that validates a single thing those fucks she has had experiences in the past with, said to her or demanded of her. Because she won't be angry at me if she feels that way. She will just feel responsible and feel like they were right all along. And I will not accept her feeling like that. I will not make her feel like that.
So I ask for anyone that dedicated time to read this for help. I'm sorry it was so long. At the end of the day just being able to rant it helps more than anything . Having the thoughts written down is good for me and I hate writing things down for no one to read. It doesn't accomplish anything in my brain. So if anyone has any suggestions on ways that I can approach this specific topic or feeling I would love the advice. I know the key in ace/allo relationships is communication. We have communicated. We do communicate. We will communicate. We have talked about this specific thing before lightly with me feeling she demands a lot of me sexually. But that was a while ago and it was a rough time for her so I'm scared/I want to do this efficiently. She's also on a trip with a big time zone difference so issues taking 5 days to talk through due to anxiety, certainly is something to be wary of/avoid when we are asleep and awake at different times. But I need either more reassurance or something else. Honestly the other option is I can do what I know will happen. And just we work with our lot one day at a time and more and more through our relationship. We don't have a big talk. I just have to - know my feelings, be aware of them, and without having a big dramatic talk about how she did nothing wrong; make little changes to my lifestyle/mindset. In that case I just need help coping with this current feeling.
So either or. If you have advice how to approach this, advice on how to adapt my behavior in a way that is more respectful to my own trauma and not just hers, or advice on how I can cope with these feelings. All are welcome
At the end of the day. I'm in love. I'm confident in us. And I'm not frustrated or annoyed by my partners sexuality. So that at it's core why I want to make sure everyone knows I don't feel like my partner is doing anything wrong and I'm not "sad cause my ace partner doesn't wanna fuck me". I'm just feeling like my sexuality is being used without it being for myself. I feel a part of my sexuality is useful in our relationship, but harms my own mental in the process. And honest to god. Thats probably my fault. I give, a lot. And I think I'm more capable of what I give from myself than I am. I'm worried and anxious because I've been used for my body many times before. And my partner would never. But fuck, maybe I am using myself lol. Using my body and how much I enjoy things as a means of "compromise" so that I cause less issues. But anyway yeah. Thanks for listening! Love to all
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2023.05.30 22:15 AwareBridge1768 In-game currency has been switched to Euro- Got MTGA Support Resonse

In-game currency has been switched to Euro- Got MTGA Support Resonse
Hey Guys.
I am gonna link my previous post, so i would't need to describe the whole story:
So, got a wonderful reply from WOTC Support Team:
Thank you for your patience. To update the payment option I can suggest the steps on our support page.
I’ll be glad to help you further if you have any other questions or concerns!
I m gonna save your time: they suggest we just go into our account's settings and manually change payment options.
Apparently, support still isn't aware of the recent patch.
I am kinda furious to be honest.
Is there any possibililty to tag some WOTC folks here on Reddit or bring anyone's attention to this?
I can provide 2 screenshots. One is my desktop(original MTGA client) version i used to log in with VPN and was set to euro; and the second one is a steam version of the same account with USD,as it is supposed to.
I showcase my wildcard collection within both of my screenshots, so you could see they are taken at the same time.
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2023.05.30 22:15 KinhWheat Print not working

I don't know why but in a certain area of my code, I've tried printing a variable, which is definitely defined as I have used it numerous other times in my code without defining it, both before and after this particular section, but it won't work. And, the first letter of the print below it will be missing, it will print out any ordinary non-variable string, but not this particular variable, and when I do other variables they will print but the first letter of said variable wont. And if I print this variable anywhere else in the code, it works fine,. Its a problem with the code, not any software I'm using, as I have tried it in PyCharm and I will put the code in below, although there are lots of lines.
I've been working on this code for ages (if anyone's wondering I'm doing a replit 100 days of code course, (it'd about in the middle of the code, you'll know it when you see it)
colorama.init() print("\33[31m" "⚔️ WHEATLEYS DOMAIN ⚔️") time.sleep(2.5)
def DiceRoll(sides): Roll = random.randint(1, sides) return Roll
def Health(): Roll6 = DiceRoll(6) Roll12 = DiceRoll(12) HP = ((Roll6 * Roll12) / 2) + 10 return HP
OpHealthStat = Health()
def Attack(): Roll6 = DiceRoll(6) Roll8 = DiceRoll(8) ATK = ((Roll6 * Roll8) / 2) + 12 return ATK
OpAttackStat = Attack() print(OpAttackStat) def UserSel(part): while True: AttackStat = Attack() HealthStat = Health() if part == 2: return AttackStat elif part == 3: return HealthStat Name = input("\33[35m" "Name Your mighty Hero!:\n" "\033[36m")
 while True: if part == 1: print("\33[35m" "What shall thy hero's race be? (Human, Dragonborn, Ork, or Satyr)") Race = input("Choose wisely!:\n" "\033[36m") Race = Race.lower() if Race == "human" or Race == "dragonborn" or Race == "ork" or Race == "satyr": break else: print("\33[35m" "Sorry, you have to be one of the races above, try again!:\n") time.sleep(3) os.system("cls") time.sleep(2) if Race != "ork": print("\33[35m" "Ah, a", Race, "named", Name, "Just perfect!") else: print("\33[35m" "Ah, an", Race, "named", Name, "Just perfect!") print("Oh also, your hp is") time.sleep(3) print("🎲 roll 🎲") time.sleep(4) print("\33[36m", HealthStat) time.sleep(3) print("\33[35m" "and your strength is", ) time.sleep(3) print("🎲 roll 🎲") time.sleep(4) print("\33[36m", AttackStat) time.sleep(3) Ques = input("\33[35m" "Are you contempt with this fine hero; Yes, or No?:\n" "\33[36m") print("\33[35m") Ques = Ques.lower() if Ques == "yes": print("Spectacular, we may now embark on our new adventure,", Name) time.sleep(3) break elif Ques == "no": print("AW, thats a petty, I was quite fond of", Name, "very well then") time.sleep(3) os.system("cls") continue else: print("Ah, sorry traveller, but i will only accept a simple yes or no answer, you will just have to make do with this one if you are incapable of such a futile task") time.sleep(7.5) break return Name 
Name = UserSel(1) AttackStat = UserSel(2) HealthStat = UserSel(3)
print("Now then, did you actually think that your character was going to live a peaceful life!") time.sleep(5)
print("Pufaw,") time.sleep(3) print(Name, "Will fight to the death, with a random character --- Now, we may embark on our new adventure!") time.sleep(5)
def RandNameSel(): FirstName = random.randint(1, 10) if FirstName >= 1 and FirstName <= 5: Male = True elif FirstName > 5 and FirstName <= 10: Male = False
if FirstName == 1: FirstName = "Alexander " elif FirstName == 2: FirstName = "Paul " elif FirstName == 3: FirstName = "Harold " elif FirstName == 4: FirstName = "Martin " elif FirstName == 5: FirstName = "Charlse " elif FirstName == 6: FirstName = "Maria " elif FirstName == 7: FirstName = "Victoria " elif FirstName == 8: FirstName = "Serena " elif FirstName == 9: FirstName = "Cynthia " elif FirstName == 10: FirstName = "Teresa " PreName = random.randint(1, 8) if Male == True: if PreName == 1: PreName = "King " elif PreName == 2: PreName = "Sir " elif PreName == 3: PreName = "Mr " elif PreName == 4: PreName = "Seargent " elif PreName == 5: PreName = "Lord " elif PreName == 6: PreName = "Officer " else: PreName = "" elif Male == False: if PreName == 1: PreName = "Queen " elif PreName == 2: PreName = "Madame " elif PreName == 3: PreName = "Miss " elif PreName == 4: PreName = "Seargent " elif PreName == 5: PreName = "Lord " elif PreName == 6: PreName = "Officer " else: PreName = "" PostName = random.randint(1, 7) if PostName == 1: PostName = "The Great" elif PostName == 2: PostName = "The Destroyer" elif PostName == 3: PostName = "Of Wheatland" elif PostName == 4: PostName = "III" elif PostName == 5: PostName = "Eater Of Wheatabix" else: PostName = "" Opponent = str(PreName) + str(FirstName) + str(PostName) return Opponent 
Opponent = RandNameSel() print("And you will be battling against!") time.sleep(3) print("\33[1;33m") print(Opponent) print("\33[0;35m" "Also, there health is") time.sleep(3) print("🎲 roll 🎲") time.sleep(4) print("\33[1;33m", OpHealthStat) time.sleep(3) print("\33[0;35m" "and there strength is", ) time.sleep(3) print("🎲 roll 🎲") time.sleep(4)
----- print("\33[1;33", OpAttackStat) <------- (this I's the buggy part, it just comes up with a blank couple of lines)
time.sleep(1) print("It's time...") time.sleep(3) os.system("cls") time.sleep(3) print("\33[0;31m" "⚔️It's battle time!⚔️" "\33[35m") time.sleep(5)
while True: UserRoll = DiceRoll(6) OpRoll = DiceRoll(6)
print("You roll your dice, and get") time.sleep(1.5) print("🎲 roll 🎲") time.sleep(1.5) print("\33[36m", UserRoll, "\33[35m") time.sleep(1.5) print(Opponent, "rolls there dice, and gets") time.sleep(1.5) print("🎲 roll 🎲") time.sleep(1.5) print("\33[1;33m", OpRoll, "\33[0;35m") time.sleep(3) if UserRoll > OpRoll: move = random.randint(1, 10) print("You get the higher roll!") time.sleep(3) print("\33[0;36m") if move == 1: print("You deal a cunning uppercut to", Opponent, "Crushing there teeth into there tongue!") elif move == 2: print(Opponent, "tries to punch you in the nose, but you grab there hand and throw them onto the floor!") elif move == 3: print("You give", Opponent, "the roundhouse kick of a lifetime!") elif move == 4: print("You jab", Opponent, "in the solar plexus!") elif move == 5: print("You grab", Opponent, "in the head and knee then in the skull!") elif move == 6: print("You kick", Opponent, "where it hurts!") elif move == 7: print("You grab", Opponent, "and give them a CLEAN one inch punch in the nose!") elif move == 8: print("You mention a deep traumatic experience that", Opponent, "experienced long ago, scarring them for life!") elif move == 9: print("You barge into", Opponent, "at full force, knocking them over into the ground!") elif move == 10: print("You karate chop", Opponent, "in the shoulder-blade!") Damage = (OpAttackStat - AttackStat) time.sleep(5) if Damage <= 0: Damage = 1 Damage = Damage + (AttackStat // 4) + (move / 2) time.sleep(3) print("You did", Damage, "damage, well done!") time.sleep(3) OpHealthStat = OpHealthStat - Damage if OpHealthStat > 0: print("\33[1;33m", Opponent, "now has", OpHealthStat, "health" "\33[0;35m") else: print("\33[1;33m", Opponent, "now has 0 health" "\33[0;35m") time.sleep(3) if OpHealthStat <= 0: print("Well done, you win!") break else: print("Well done, next turn!") time.sleep(3) os.system("cls") continue if UserRoll < OpRoll: move = random.randint(1, 10) print(Opponent, "gets the higher roll!") time.sleep(3) print("\33[1;33m") if move == 1: print(Opponent, "deals you a cunning uppercut, crushing your teeth into there tongue!") elif move == 2: print("You try to punch", Opponent, "in the nose, but they grab your hand and throw you onto the floor!") elif move == 3: print(Opponent, "gives you the roundhouse kick of a lifetime!") elif move == 4: print(Opponent, "jabs you in the solar plexus!") elif move == 5: print(Opponent, "grabs you in the head and knees you in the skull!") elif move == 6: print(Opponent, "kicks you where it hurts!") elif move == 7: print(Opponent, "grabs you and gives you a CLEAN one inch punch in the nose!") elif move == 8: print(Opponent, "mentions a deep traumatic experience that you experienced long ago, scarring you for life!") elif move == 9: print(Opponent, "barges into you at full force, knocking you over into the ground!") elif move == 10: print(Opponent, "karate chops you in the shoulder-blade!") Damage = (AttackStat - OpAttackStat) time.sleep(5) if Damage <= 0: Damage = 1 Damage = Damage + (OpAttackStat // 4) + (move / 2) time.sleep(3) print(Opponent, "did", Damage, "damage, well done", Opponent, end="") print("!") time.sleep(3) HealthStat = HealthStat - Damage if HealthStat > 0: print("\33[0;35m" "you now have", HealthStat, "health" "\33[35m") else: print("\33[0;35m" "you now have 0 health" "\33[35m") time.sleep(3) if HealthStat <= 0: print("Too bad, you lose!") break else: print("Better luck next time, next turn!") time.sleep(3) os.system("cls") continue elif UserRoll == OpRoll: print("\33[0;35m" "You both got the same roll!") move = random.randint(1, 5) time.sleep(3) if move == 1: print("\33[36m" "You were about to punch ", Opponent, "when you felt a sudden rush of sympathy, and froze") if move == 2: print("\33[36m" "As you were about to tornado kick", Opponent, "they ducked out the way") if move == 3: print("\33[35m" "Mum made lasagna, you are both too busy eating to fight") if move == 4: print("\33[1;33m", Opponent, "was about to punch you when they felt a sudden rush of sympathy, and froze") if move == 5: print("\33[1;33m" "As", Opponent, "was about to tornado kick you, you ducked out the way") time.sleep(3) os.system("cls") continue 
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2023.05.30 22:15 Ok-Climate553 Audi!

Audi I said as I took the stage Inside my bedroom covered in blue and grays I’ve seen you in the city as I walk along the street I’ve heard them laughing felt the stares looking my feet When I asked what’s the reason They said “It’s on tv”
They watched me from above dancing in my room And commented on my hair, the quality of my perfume They kept me up in bed talking all through the night They told me it’s in my head And lied about the bite
But I remember how it felt before I knew the words I believed in romance in the flying of the birds They sway from to and fro with delicate precision It’s only when they know they’re being watched That their cage becomes a prison

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2023.05.30 22:15 FatherOfUniverse (First time posting here) // Health Anxiety

Hello there! Hope You all doing better everyday! Since that's gonna be my very first post in here, I already apologise for my poor English skills, as it isn't my first language. A little about me and the anxiety I have: I am a 20 year old guy from Estonia (Baltics), apparently to Your surprise I'm more of an extrovert and working a job at front desk. I smoke cannabis daily (on work-days only before bed), I also use nicotine daily (smokeless nicotine pouches) as well as the caffeine in my morning cup. I suffer under terrible health anxiety, which I haven't really talked about with my doctor. It's become pretty much daily now. Sometimes when I smoke a little too much/or randomly even while sober I'm just, all of a sudden, starting to feel my heart rate going up, getting dizzy, instantly my breathing changes as I'd need more oxygen. When things go really bad, my hands start to shake and I might even have a weird feeling in my chest for a while. And every God-damn time, I'm afraid I'm just about to have some heart-related episode. The fear of death kicks in as my thoughts are rushing faster than the speed of sound. I just hate it all so much. I'm about to go and see my doctor soon, since I already sent her a letter that I wanna check out what's up exactly. I wanna do all the blood tests, ECG for sure (to make sure my heart functions right), spirography in case it should be asthma/something lung related. Does anybody feel me? It sometimes really feels like a slow death. . .
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2023.05.30 22:14 Ok-Climate553 Audi!

Audi I said as I took the stage Inside my bedroom covered in blue and grays I’ve seen you in the city as I walk along the street I’ve heard them laughing felt the stares looking my feet When I asked what’s the reason They said “It’s on tv”
They watched me from above dancing in my room And commented on my hair, the quality of my perfume They kept me up in bed talking all through the night They told me it’s in my head And lied about the bite
But I remember how it felt before I knew the words I believed in romance in the flying of the birds They sway from to and fro with delicate precision It’s only when they know they’re being watched That their cage becomes a prison

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2023.05.30 22:14 Ok-Climate553 Audi!

I said as I took the stage Inside my bedroom covered in blue and grays I’ve seen you in the city as I walk along the street I’ve heard them laughing felt the stares looking my feet When I asked what’s the reason They said “It’s on tv”
They watched me from above dancing in my room And commented on my hair, the quality of my perfume They kept me up in bed talking all through the night They told me it’s in my head And lied about the bite
But I remember how it felt before I knew the words I believed in romance in the flying of the birds They sway from to and fro with delicate precision It’s only when they know they’re being watched That their cage becomes a prison

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2023.05.30 22:14 sarahscott1221 Just had a job interview, from this reading what are my chances i got the position?

TLDR: so i just interviewed for this company. I believe it went pretty well. I have worked at a similar job so i have a lot of experience. I did get choked up on one question however. But in the end the lady told me, “you should hear back from us by the end of this week either with an offer letter or a second interview.” What does this mean? Can you guys help ?
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2023.05.30 22:14 bendbreakspill Suicidal mood swings

Hi there, recent lurker of this subreddit as my sleep issues have reared their ugly head again.
I’ve had short bouts of sleep issues throughout high stress periods of my life - 2015 (first serious break up I was falling asleep but waking up in the middle of the night),
2018 - when I had to take prednisone and stayed up for foufive days and a psychiatrist gave me risperdal (even though I wasn’t having psychosis) which helped me sleep again but I got off it as quickly as I could with a taper because I hated the side effects and my sleep was normal after.
2021 - I had extreme stress from college and was unknowingly subclinical hyperthyroid and had another bout of staying up for multiple nights (sleeping every other night w the help of klonopin) and then stayed up for four days again. But it just went away on its own. I also experienced suicidal ideation in 2018 from taking Ativan daily despite taking benzos occasionally in the past with no issues. I think I might have ptsd from that trauma which is effecting me now. I have had health issues I’ve left untreated because I didn’t want to take medication or supplements due to anxiety.
I’ve reached a point with my iron and b12 deficiencies that I had to take shots/get infusions and since then my sleep has been horrendous. At first I was sleeping 4-5 a night and then it turned into not being able to fall asleep again. If I do sleep on own without meds, I wake up 3-4 hours later unable to fall back asleep. Went to the doctor - they gave me Trazodone (which I tried before and didn’t work) which wasn’t helpful but also I’m not sure I took enough. She then gave me a weeks worth of Ambien 5mg which has been helpful but I’m still waking up a few hours later. I’ve also been feeling extremely depressed/suicidal - which is from the lack of sleep but I’m worried Ambien is making it worse since benzos started making me suicidal. I also am still waking up in the night
Every day I have giant mood swings/panic attacks where I say I wish I was dead and truly mean it - until I snap out of it and feel defeated but not actively suicidal the rest of the day. It’s worse days I sleep less. I envy/resent everyone who is doing fine while I feel so terrible. It’s been over a month of stress/rumination/anxiety.
If benzos made me suicidal should I assume ambien is a bad idea? It’s helping me sleep but also I feel so lethargic and spaced out. The doctor who prescribed me them knows about it. I told myself if I ever had to take AP’s again I’d kill myself because I hated the side effects so much. I feel so isolated from everyone in my life despite how helpful they’ve tried to be. Thinking about asking for Dayvigo.
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2023.05.30 22:13 LunieToonzie ODG REBIRTH

=============================ODG Rebirth=============================
Why should you join us? We are planning to be different from any server out there, and yes, there are thousands, so on on server, we tend to be more creative and listen to the people as we build this new level of roleplay and fun for you to enjoy! Yes, we are currently in beta, so things can change, but most of our in-game stuff is already set up and ready for you to experience something new and creative as we go and build a new level of Rp.
We currently give in-game features such as custom drugs and custom clothing, with whitelisted jobs such as SAST, LSPD, FIRE, EMS, BSCO, mechanic services, and more to come.
Come Join Us [Discord]^Info
o ~ New Server o ~ Egirl Friendly o ~ Own mlos or Make a custom job o ~ Allowed to Create a Gang o ~ Staff Aplications Open
We Do Have.. o ~ Working Mechanic o ~ Active Leo, Fire, and Ems o ~ Custom Clothes o ~ Active Admnin o ~ Custom Cars
Banner - Banner -
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2023.05.30 22:13 TiLT-_- Why do my floaters keep melting?

Like the title says, my floating plants are melting and I don't know why. I have 2 tanks with different water parameters, but I can't keep my floaters alive, but every other plant are thriving and growing.
I have some frogbit and some duckweed I got a month ago. I keep reading that duckweed is impossible to get rid of but somehow mine keep dying. And the frogbit turned yellow and started getting brown and then melting.
I'm not home, so I can't give you the exact details of my water parameters but amonia is at 0, and the big difference between the 2 tanks are pH, KH and GH are higger in one of the tanks.
If all my other plants are thriving, why are my floaters dying? What parameters should I look into that could cause this? This on my first time with floating plants and I don't know if they are supposed to be treated differently
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2023.05.30 22:13 gipperdrandulet How can i make a license plate shader?

How can i make a license plate shader?
Hello. I want to create a license plate shader and I have an 8 x 8 (8 columns x 8 rows) texture with numbers and letters, so i decided to make it with Flipbook node, bud i cant understand how can i just switch between rows and lines. For instance, to reach a letter "B", i need to be on the second row and the third line, and i have no idea how to steer this. And then, how can i smartly and efficient make a system, where i can choose for each number polygon his own digit or number? Or maybe there is another way to organize the license plate shader? Comment this please!
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2023.05.30 22:13 VB90292 Installing an entire e-commerce site and then customizing?

Hey all, I want to get a really simple (3 basic products) e-commerce site up quickly. I have some experience with WordPress and Elementor. What I was hoping I could do though is purchase a pre built site template from somewhere, upload it and then just swap the content and product details out for my own. Is this a thing? Any suggestions on where I would look to purchase such a thing? I am right in my understanding that purchasing a theme from themeforest doesn't actually populate the site/pages with anything, it literally just dictates how the site will look after I build and populate everything?
Thanks in advance for any tips with this.
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2023.05.30 22:12 Mental-Report-2649 MPEG2 Transport Stream Information

Here's some information from Wikipedia:

MPEG transport stream (MPEG-TS, MTS) or simply transport stream (TS) is a standard digital container format for transmission and storage of audio, video, and Program and System Information Protocol (PSIP) data. It is used in broadcast systems such as DVB, ATSC and IPTV.
Transport stream specifies a container format encapsulating packetized elementary streams, with error correction and synchronization pattern features for maintaining transmission integrity when the communication channel carrying the stream is degraded.
Transport streams differ from the similarly-named MPEG program stream in several important ways: program streams are designed for reasonably reliable media, such as discs (like DVDs), while transport streams are designed for less reliable transmission, namely terrestrial or satellite broadcast. Further, a transport stream may carry multiple programs.
Transport stream is specified in MPEG-2 Part 1, Systems, formally known as ISO/IEC standard 13818-1 or ITU-T Rec. H.222.0.
I hope this information helps us more about encoding videos to MPEG2-TS Blu-ray compliant format.
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2023.05.30 22:12 wafflehouseat2am Is it possible for me to be a therapist and a hairstylist?

(I know that the rules say that only licensed professionals are allowed to post in this sub, but I don’t know where else to ask these questions. If this isn’t allowed, please direct me to where/who else I can ask)
I currently work as a hairstylist, and if you know anything about my profession you’d know that many people have “therapy” sessions during their appointments. I’ve had a client who frequently used me as a marriage counselor, and the advice I gave was very successful. A couple years ago people started telling me that I should really consider being a therapist and I would typically respond with “I think I’ve just done a lot of therapy” as a joke. At this point I get told at least once or twice a month that I should be a therapist. I like to joke that I’ll get my license but still do hair and call it “hairapy.” But that joke is always responded with “that actually sounds like an amazing idea.”
While I’m not a professional and I would never claim to be, I do consider myself to be someone who knows a lot about mental illnesses and disorders and with the five years of therapy I have done I’ve learned many coping skills and strategies that I have helped other people utilize in their life that have helped them (I always preface my advice with the fact that I am not a professional and that they should also seek help from an actual professional as well). I am autistic and I think one of my special interests is actually mental illnesses and disorders. This probably stems from the years I spent feeling like something was wrong with me and researching everything I can to figure out what it was. There is this stereotype that autistic people have lowered empathy and awareness of other peoples emotions, and while that is true for some, it’s the opposite for me. I have heightened empathy, I am highly observant of others, I have higher levels of pattern recognition, and I genuinely enjoy helping people overcome issues in their lives. For those reasons (and others) I think I would make a good therapist, but I also love doing hair. Is it possible for me to do both? I’ve tried looking into this and I haven’t found anyone else who does this and I don’t even know what the laws would be surrounding it.
TL;DR: is it possible for me to be a hairstylist and a licensed hairstylist doing hair appointments and therapy sessions at the same time?
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2023.05.30 22:12 LaScoundrelle AITBF for being furious (to the point of possible divorce) with my husband over foster kittens?

My husband (38M) and I began fostering kittens together over the pandemic. It was a hobby we both really enjoyed, or so I thought.
Recently though, I got called to go away fairly suddenly on a lengthy work trip. We were already scheduled to pick up some newly-weaned 6-week-old kittens a few days before my leave. I told my husband if he wasn’t sure he could handle them on his own we could let the shelter know right away so they could find a different foster home. But he insisted he could do it on his own.
I trusted his word, but told him if it got to be too much he could probably coordinate with the foster Programme manager to bring them back after a couple of weeks and it would probably be okay.
For the first three days after I left, he sent me cute photos of himself playing with the kittens, and it seemed all was well. On the fourth day he texted to tell me he’d taken them back to the shelter and felt bad about it. I was shocked and demanded an explanation, and if he’d coordinated the return with the foster coordinator.
He said that he’d not coordinated the return with the foster coordinator, who was not scheduled to be back to the office for another four days, meaning the poor kittens would likely just sit in the shelter at least until she got back.
In way of explanation, he said he was feeling overwhelmed with work and also receiving requests from a real estate agent to make the apartment available for showing (we’re planning to move in a couple of months and aren’t supposed to have pets in the apartment, although we’d talked about contingency plans before I left for moving the kittens out during showings, and in my opinion it would have been totally reasonable for him to tell the real estate agent that he needed at least a few days before showing anyway).
I’m so hurt and disappointed by the way he handled the situation. I feel like intercommunication is a chronic problem in our relationship, where he doesn’t tell me things that I think it should be obvious I’d want to know in a timely manner. Plus I feel like it was a really callous way to handle the kittens. I made my unhappiness very evident to him, and then he wrote a somewhat emotional apology to the foster coordinator, and also tried calling her. But she didn’t respond to either, so I figure she’s also unhappy and done working with us as volunteers now also.
This hasn’t been the first challenge in our relationship, but I definitely have a soft spot for baby animals and I feel like this has really shaken my trust in who he is as a person, and whether I can rely on him to take care of others (like hypothetical children) or to make good on his word. I cried a lot after this, and haven’t wanted to talk to him much either. To be honest I’m contemplating divorce, and while it’s not only over this, this has definitely played a big role.
Part of me worries this is an extreme and irrational reaction on my part though, given he also told me he felt bad about taking them back. So Reddit, AITBF?
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2023.05.30 22:11 Available_Row5185 Stolen Vehicle impounded

I had a Turo guest steal a vehicle. He repainted it just before it was recovered by police and impounded. Now, I'm trying to get the vehicle back and Nation Safe Drivers is asking me to sign the document below. It appears quite broad and I suspect it would subject me to unnecessary risk and limit my options for reimbursement. They won't provide a name of the provider or a timeline of return. This seems unacceptable. Any and all thoughts would be appreciated! I have asked them to redline the waiver terms and provide a new document and am waiting to hear back.

HOLD HARMLESS / LETTER OF AUTHORIZATION This is to authorize Nation Safe Drivers and ______________________________________ ________to secure the release and recovery of the vehicle identified below; YEAMAKE/MODEL: TAG: XXXXXX VIN: XXXXXXX In consideration of payment for all fees associated with storage, administration, titling, and towing, and in consideration of the release of vehicle by _______________________________the undersigned does release, waive, discharge and covenant not to pursue legal action against its employee or agents, of and from actions, causes of action, claims due to loss of services, expenses and compensation arising out of, on account of, related to, or in any way connected with the release of vehicle. ____________________________________ OWNER NAME (PRINT) _____________________________________ SIGNATURE Notary Public_____________________________________
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2023.05.30 22:11 Dire_Storm What is the difference between Ego and Identity?

After learning about what Ego is, I thought I had a good idea of what a human is (self, personality, ego, thoughts, emotions). Then I saw the word Identity and I got confused. Where does that fit in with the others?
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2023.05.30 22:11 LordTyrim 5 Custom Role Specialties To Tide Us Over Until Release

5 Custom Role Specialties To Tide Us Over Until Release
Since the quick start guide was released, I've become enthralled by the possibilities of Candela Obscura. I have a table of players who agree with me, and we're all anxious to get playing a full campaign. But...
The quick start guide doesn't give you enough role and specialty skills to get very far at all!
With that in mind, I've developed five untested, probably insane homebrew specialties, with role skills, specialty skills, gear, and illumination keys. You can find them on my Patreon (free post) (and a follow would be spectacular!), but I'm going to share them here, too.
Face (Actor)

Muscle (Daredevil)

Scholar (Scientist)

Slink (Spy)

Weird (Charlatan)
Feedback is, of course, welcome! These are rough, first drafts, and are completely untested, but I'm looking forward to exploring options like these!
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