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2023.06.07 23:55 Specific-Sound-8550 Parent at my sons school hit their door into my car twice then called me a piece of sh*t

I backed into one of the few remaining spots. Equal room on each side of me. After a few minutes, this guy comes out to the car beside me. First, he walks into the car. I feel the car shake. Then he opens his door into my car mirror. I roll down the window, ask him to please be careful, and he says "shut the fuck up". I say, "what did you say?" because I couldn't believe what I heard.
After that he said I parked too close. He is a big guy, probably 300lbs but even then, standing between the two cars there was room both behind and in front of him. He pushes his car door into my mirror even harder so I fold it in. He says, "you should have left more room". I say, even if there wasn't enough, you could just knock on my window and ask me to move. He says "shut the fuck up" again then calls me a piece of shit. I ask him if he's drunk, and he doesn't say anything, just drives off.
This is bothering me but I feel like there's nothing I can do. I was wondering if he was genuinly impaired, but if I called the police then I would have this unstable man who I see every day know that it was me who did it and who knows what he would do to me. I don't think the school would care. I see this man every day, him and his wife come early and pick their young child up 20 minutes before the bell. I feel bad. I guess I will just make sure to not park beside him. the vengeful part of me is saying.. Do something I shouldn't. I don't know why people have to be like this. I regularly have half the space that I left him, because the parking lot is so small and crowded. Everyone else managed to be rational.
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2023.06.07 23:55 AutoModerator CS:GO Finally a decent game

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2023.06.07 23:55 IHaveQuestions_Many Parking a Moving Trailer in Burbank

Hi I’m getting ready to move and am using the service U-Pack and their trailer option. I can’t seem to find any information specifically on parking a moving trailer on the streets in Burbank?
For LA City it said moving trailers are exempt from some parking restrictions. The street I’m on has no parking restrictions other than street cleaning.
Does anyone know if I need to do anything or is there any kind of permit?
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2023.06.07 23:54 SCOODYB00ie Im just gonna say it...

Parks & Rec is better than Office and you know its true.
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2023.06.07 23:54 Affectionate_Owl6288 Ponce?!

Hola, lo siento pero no hablo Espanol so good.
I just visited Ponce for the first time, have been to San Juan several times and driven around but never up into Ponce.
It is the most beautiful city in the Caribbean- architecturally- I’ve ever been to. It has a larger area of truly special and beautiful buildings, civic spaces, infrastructure, parks, etc. than I ever could have dreamed- and almost all of it abandoned/ overgrown. There are wild dogs everywhere, not many people in the historic area.
What happened? What do you (Puerto Ricans) think about Ponce? Will Ponce ever be the city it once was, and if so how does it get back there?
It felt like discovering Atlantis. I have never been so surprised by a place.
Anyone who saw a tall gringo wandering around all evening last night or talked to me in the bars- that was me.
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2023.06.07 23:54 aubsie1 DGK as south park kids :3

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2023.06.07 23:54 Sophia193 Times have changed

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2023.06.07 23:54 AutoNewsAdmin [Local] - Man killed in Hyde Park shooting

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2023.06.07 23:54 Dabbadabbado14 DF rewards; use them by Friday!

DF rewards; use them by Friday!
I know I saw a post earlier this week; but now we have a date. Get those orders in before you loose out
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2023.06.07 23:53 SANDIEGOGANGGRAFFITI San Diego Gang Graffiti on North Park V•NP•13 (Varrio North Park 13).

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2023.06.07 23:53 CashDealsTooday What kind of repairs does a dilapidated home in Bedford Park,IL usually need?

What kind of repairs does a dilapidated home in Bedford Park,IL usually need?
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Our detailed guide will help you understand the typical challenges faced by homeowners in Bedford Park, IL, and provide you with practical advice on how to tackle these repairs. From repairing foundations and beams to replacing outdated heating and cooling systems, we cover a wide range of topics to make sure you're prepared to tackle the most common problems you may encounter in a dilapidated home in Bedford Park, IL.
In addition, we explore the unique architectural and structural features of homes in Bedford Park, IL that may require specific repairs. From trim and siding restoration to window and door repair, we provide you with detailed information on how to preserve and enhance the aesthetics of your home while addressing maintenance issues.
In short, if you're looking for a comprehensive guide on the most common repairs a dilapidated home in Bedford Park, IL typically needs, this backlink is a must-read. Make sure you're prepared and equipped with the knowledge you need to carry out the right repairs and restore your home to its former glory.
If you like this information and want to know why we buy houses in Bedford Park IL, call us at 312-286-0752 righ now. Dont miss this opportunity.
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2023.06.07 23:53 Top-Evidence-2807 Fifth wheel parallel parking tool that never hit it big - 1930

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2023.06.07 23:53 the_halfblood_waste Horseback riding at Devil's Den?

Hi there. Does anyone know anything about horseback riding at Devil's Den park? Particularly, if people can rent horses for guided trail rides or anything like that? My mother said her church group did this a few months ago, but she had just had surgery abd couldn't join then. I'd like to take her on a ride for her upcoming birthday, but when I've tried to look up information about it online all I can find is mentions that X miles of horse trails exist and you can bring your own horse, nothing about any stables you can rent a horse just for a ride. But I know that none of her church friends own horses, so surely there must be?
Anyone know anything about it, or whom to contact for inquiries? And if I am mistaken, other places that offer trail rides in NWA? I do know of the one by Lake Sequoyah, but I'm looking to compare prices and time slots since that one conveniently only offers rides on days I work haha. Thanks!
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2023.06.07 23:53 Capital_Wasabi_1149 Went in it was a Saturn Sky, came out it was a C6 Grand Sport.

Went in it was a Saturn Sky, came out it was a C6 Grand Sport.
My wife and I went to the grocery store after the gym and when we pulled in, there was a red Saturn Sky convertible with it's top down in the parking lot. We parked 2 spaces over in my C6 Convertible with the top down (of course).
When we came out, the Sky was gone and a red C6 Grand Sport was parked where it was. I live in a fairly small town and have never seen this car before.
I told my wife "Looks likethe Saturn grew up while we were inside".
Pretty cool day!
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2023.06.07 23:52 Grandkahoona01 Why do people deposit with Chase or other banks with low interest rates?

I am just kind of curious if I am missing something. Chase is a huge bank, and extremely popular but I don't understand why. Their interest rates are basically zero (0.01%) so you are losing money due to inflation if you leave money in their accounts. Other banks are listing savings account interest rates at around 4% or more. Why would I bank with Chase when I can get at least a little money back if I park my money elsewhere? Am I missing something?
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2023.06.07 23:52 Word_Iz_Bond Central Park normally vs today from wildfire smoke

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2023.06.07 23:52 fifihop Restaurants, parks, and stores recommendations? Places to avoid in Tacoma?

Am staying in Tacoma overnight. What places should I visit? What places should I avoid? I heard there are shootings in Hilltop, anything else I need to know?
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2023.06.07 23:52 No_Brush_1129 Need Help Finding Girlfriend’s Childhood Game [Please Help]!

It was a multiplayer first person shooter game that I played around 2013/14 on a older macbook. The graphics weren’t amazing but good for the time. You did not pick/customize a character and after you died you had the option to respawn or go back to main menu and the game would spawn you into into a new map/battlefield upon respawning. There were multiple different battlefields including a beach, factory/warehouse, and something like a park. I’m sure there were more maps then those three but it’s all I remember. It had guns and knives like a normal fps and you could throw grenades. In the corner of the screen there was a minimap with a grid like pattern over it and a circle in the middle of it. Enemies would show up as blue pings within the circle when they got close (i think). It did not have a storyline or single player. There might have been a blue and red team because I remember being confused as to why I couldn’t shoot everyone. It had graphics similar to the original far cry.
If you know what game I’m referring to or can help in anyway it would be amazing as I’ve been trying to find what this game was called for years, thank you!
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2023.06.07 23:52 Kimber80 [Walder] The Cowboys are hiring John Park from the Colts as their Director of Strategic Football Operations, per sources. .. Park was the Director of Football Research with the Colts. He had been with Indianapolis since 2016.

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2023.06.07 23:52 yukonlass TIFU buying a hot car

Last July (2022) I (52F) was driving by a dealership and they have this hot little blue sports car in the front line that catches my eye. I was on a mission and couldn't stop so that night I go online to check the dealer inventory. I have a nice little Honda coupe, but it's older and needs a paint job. I find the ad for the car, a 2019 Toyota 86 GT, and although I'm disappointed it's an automatic (I love driving stick shift), it's not a deal breaker. It's rear wheel drive, has a sport (traction off) mode for racing and steering wheel paddles for standard-style shifting. The car was listed for a reasonable price, but I was getting married in a few months, (destination wedding) and wasn't sure it was responsible to buy a car right then. I talk to my fiance and we go to the dealership after hours to peek in the windows and check it out. He's supportive and encouraging, if I like the car I should buy it. I'm still not sure and hem and haw a few more days. I call my insurance and while the quote is high, it's not unreasonable. I keep thinking about the car and eventually go back to the dealership website to apply for it. The next day, I get a call from the salesperson letting me know I'm approved and asking when do I want to sign the paperwork. This is mid-July. I ask if I can delay delivery of the vehicle until after I return from a planned trip for a family memorial service, to early August. They agree and so I sign the papers, we do the photos and I walk out with some swag. I come back from my trip to Alberta, pick up the car and drive it home. I immediately contract COVID, get the sickest I've ever been in my life and am in bed for close to a month. There goes summer! I'm finally well and get to drive my new toy in September. The car is a dream to drive, so responsive and can pass anyone like they're standing still. I have fun driving it for about a month. But, because I live in the Yukon (#Whitehorse), I decide to park it for the winter when they start throwing gravel down on the roads. Fast forward to May (yes, our winters are that long) and I am finally able to drive her again. In the meantime, I've been looking at, and dreaming of, getting back into horses and riding. Problem is, I can't afford to have a horse while I'm making payments on the car. I take my little car for a (day) road trip and while it's awesome, I realize that I want the horse more. Problem is, although the sticker price was reasonable, all the extra fees the dealership added on, plus the full extended warranty I added means the car is a little over-priced to try and sell. Now, I've got ads on FB, Kijiji and Autotrader, but no bites. I've found a horse I want and lined up a place to board it, but can't get rid of the car. [TLDR: I bought a car and then realized I'd rather have a horse. I can't afford both and the car is too expensive to sell]


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2023.06.07 23:51 kim_jongjosh112 Queuing up for other people?

I've never been to a concert, and this may be a shitty thing to ask so I apologise if it is.
I have a friend that I'm going with who really wants to get to the front for the Finsbury Park show, so they're queuing up EXTREMELY early (like 3am). I'm not gonna be able to join them until like 7am, but at the same time I don't want to leave them alone to go to the show by themselves.
Do you guys think that I can transfer my ticket to my friend so that when they're queuing up, they can get both of our wristbands and I can join them later, or do you think they won't give them my wristband and this can't really happen?
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2023.06.07 23:51 Dreamseeker73 pulled my front bumper off in the first week of driving.

I got my driver's license late in life in January 2022 at age 38. But I haven't actually driven until I finally was able to save enough money to purchase a used vehicle. So it's only been a week that I've been driving my car. The biggest reason I didn't get my license when I was younger is because I've always had horrible anxiety and fear of driving and failing my road test.
Anyway so I was leaving work today during my lunch break to pick up some food. Upon returning to work I didn't park my car very well so I decided to back up and pull into the space again to straighten out my parking job. Well there was a curb in front of me and I pulled up too far and my bumper was on top of the curb. So I backed up and as I was backing up off the curb I pulled my front bumper off.
I completely panicked and called my older sister and told her what had happened. Fortunately she came rushing to my aid. When she meet me at work she said the damage wasn't as bad as I made it out it be. Luckily we were able to snap the bumper back into place securely. However there is a small crack on the bottom of the bumper. Small price to pay I guess considering it's a used 2008. Could have been worse.
The worse part is it's really shaken my confidence. I already have a lot of anxiety when I'm driving. I feel really foolish because it's only been a week since I've insured and registered my car. I need tips on how to ease my anxiety and boost my confidence.
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