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[Sell] [US] Lots of brand new and gently used products PM, ND, UD, Brushes, MAC, Melt, Perfumes, Huda, LUSH, Foundation etc

2023.05.14 08:05 chom_chom [Sell] [US] Lots of brand new and gently used products PM, ND, UD, Brushes, MAC, Melt, Perfumes, Huda, LUSH, Foundation etc

Hi everyone! I'm hoping to move soon and want to destash as much as I can. Everything is kept in a pet-free, smoke-free, humidity-free environment and will be shipped out in 24 hours.
Items are crossposted across different platforms and is first come first serve. I'll hold for an hour but will have to move on to the next person if I don't hear back. Please message me your zip code and I'll let you know how much shipping will cost. Payment via Paypal with G&S (goods & services.)
I'm open to offers but please don't low ball. I take care of my makeup and everything is either brand new, swatched, or gently used. Let me know if you have any questions! :)
Album 1
Album 2
Album 3

ND Star Palette swatched 1x - $125
ND Love Palette used 5x - $30
PM Palette used - $75
PM Subversive Palette used -$25
Huda New Nudes swatched - $45
TF Tutti Frutti - $5

PM Divine Rose used - $75
Lorac Blush Palette used - $5
Dominique Cosmetics Celestial Thunder Palette swatched - $5
Illemasqua - $10
MELT Indica, Harsh Stone White, Ganja, Bogart used- $5 EACH or $20 for all five

Various Blue Morphe Eyeshadow - $15

Various Eco Tools and BH Cosmetics brushes. Used and thoroughly cleaned $30

Various eye brushes from Real Techniques, BH cosmetics and E.L.F. Used and thoroughly cleaned- $50

PM lip gloss trio - Skin Show Warm BNIB x2 - $10 each
PM lip gloss trio - Skin Show Cool BNIB - $10
Pat McGrath Labs Dark Star 006 Ultra Suede Brown Eyeshadow Kit First Edition BNIB - $100

Pat McGrath Divine Rose I BNIB - $95

Pat McGrath Bronze Seduction BNIB - $95

Pat Mcgrath Mothership Rose Decadence Palette
Pat Mcgrath Mthrship Golden Opulence BNIB Sealed - $45

Urban Decay Eyeliner - $10 each or $75 for all 9
(L-R) Loaded, Mildew, Love Drug, Psychedelic, LSD, Vice, Viper, Electric Empire, Roxy

Natasha Denona Sunset Palette BNIB - $45

Glitter Dust Pretty Vulgar BNIB - $25

Violet Voss Olive your forever BNIB - $10
Flower Jungle Lights gently used 1x - $5
Flower Desert Lights BN Sealed - $10
Colourpop Super Shock Single Viola swatched - $3
Colourpop Super Shock Single Indio swatched - $3
The Balm Autobalm blush palette used - $5
Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to mesmerize star gold gently used 2-3x- $15
Loreal Lumi Bronzer Deep used 2x - $5
Jackie Aina Artist Couture highlighter LA Peach used - $10
Huda Desert Dusk gently used 3-5x- $30

Verification - I have multiples of each palette
Colourpop Blush Crush
Colourpop Nude Mood
Both BNIB $10 each or both for $15

Persona Lip Gloss - Toffee, hibiscus, Coral, Honey BNIB
MAC Lipstick - Creme in your coffee, CB 96, Fleshpot

Urban Decay Stoned Vibes Vault BNIB - $125
CoverFX blush in the shades Pink Dahlia, Sweet Mulberry, Spiced Cinnamon, Mohave Muave BNIB $10 each or $30 for all four. I have multiples of each shade Verification

Clinique Stay Matte Foundation, some are BNNB some have been used 1-2x - $10 each
CN10 Alabaster
01 Linen
04 Creamwhip
CN 40 Cream Chamois
CN 52 Neutral
15 Beige
24 Golden
WN 122 Clove
29 Sienna

Verification Verification
MAC Studio Fix Fluid some are BNNB some have been used 1-2x - $10 each

Verification - I have multiples of each palette
Nars palettes - BNIB $75 for all four
Ignited - $30
Star Scene Cheek Palette - $10
Afterglow - $30
Overlust - $30

Verification - I have multiples of each palette
Morphe BNIB $5 each

Verification - BNIB $5 each
Lipstick Queen - Candy Cane
NARS Velvet Lip Pencil
TF Melted Chocolate Matte Shadow in Warm & fudgy, chocolate wine, chocolate bunny ($5 each)
CP Hocus Pocus Lip Duo - I smell children
NYX Lingerie liquid lip - deep mesh
Colorpop lippie stix

Otherland Silk Pajamas Candle BNIB - $30

Nars extreme effects eyeshadow palette BNIB - $35

Revlon Hair Curler used - $10
Chi Detachable Hair Curler used - $10

Verification - BNIB
Lancome Trisor gift set - $50
Lancome Idole roller ball $10 each
Pacifica Island Vanilla - $5

Verification - BNIB
Armani Si Passione - $75
Juliette has a gun Miss Charming 3.3oz - $100
Juliette has a gun Note a Perfume 3.3oz - $100
Phlur Missing Person 1.7oz - $75
Clean Radiant Nectar 3.4oz- $95
Clinique Find Your Happy - $25
SOLD - YSL Mon Paris

Lippies 1 - gently used $30 for all 9 Verification
Lippies 1 the green dots are from when I used to work at Ulta. We had to get our makeup green dotted if we bought it and were going to bring it into the store to use Verification
UD Vice - $5
Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Plums up - $3
Clinique Graped up - $3
LA Girl Matte lipstick - $3
Buxom lip stick Triple threat -$5
Colourpop lippie stix Goal Digger - $3
Colourpop lippie stix Goldie - $3
Bareminerals Lipstick Mantra - $5
Bareminerals Lipstick Panko - $5

Lippies 2 - gently used $30 for all 10 Verification
Lippies 2 the green dots are from when I used to work at Ulta. We had to get our makeup green dotted if we bought it and were going to bring it into the store to use Verification
Nudestix lip glace - $5
Colourpop Ultra satin Frick Frack - $3
LA Girl - $3
Colourpop lux Take a bao - $3
Lancome gloss 272 - $5
NYX Powderpuff - $3
Nyx butter gloss Cranberry Pie- $3
Sephora lip crème 10 - $3
UD lipstick Love Drunk - $5
Akar lip resotration - $3

Lippies 3 - gently used $30 for all 10 Verification
Lippies 3 the green dots are from when I used to work at Ulta. We had to get our makeup green dotted if we bought it and were going to bring it into the store to use Verification
Revlon Colorstay matte lip crayon - $3
MAC lipstick Brick o La - $5
Soap and Glory pillow plum XXL - $3
Nude Stix magnetic color lippie mini - $3
Dior 858 Red Pansy 858 mini - $5
NYX lip liner - $3
NYX lip liner Urban Cafe - $3
Butter London Brave - $5
Butter London Charmed - $5
Butter London Strong - $5

Lush 2022 Advent Calendar - $300

Edit: I'm in the process of making some updates based on the comments.
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2023.05.03 19:47 Region-Formal What is this "Interested Party" list? What connection do those entities have to BBBY? And why is Ryan Cohen listed as one of these?

What is this

0. Preface

The fact that Ryan Cohen has appeared in one of the Chapter 11 dockets has caused quite some excitement! However, it seems to me that many are not understanding in what context his name is being listed, and what that could mean. In this post, let's go through what that filing is, and why Ryan Cohen and a number of others are listed as an "Interested Party".

1. Disclaimer: Use of MSM info

In this post, I am going to present some information gleaned from MainStream Media sources. There has been a very high level of skepticism and mistrust of these sources in the past, both within this sub and others related to (so called) "meme" stocks. However, for BBBY at least, it is difficult to deny that the articles publised in financial media sources have, generally speaking, proven to be correct. For example, when it was rumoured in early February that Hudson Bay is involved, and which was subsequently proven to be true the following month:
That may be because in BBBY's case, the company themselves could have been leaking information to these media firms. With other firms such as GameStop that is highly unlikely to also be the case, but at least for BBBY perhaps they were feeding information to journalists themselves? In any case, for the coverage of BBBY it appears to me that the media have been correct more often than not. Some of you reading this may still feel skeptical about using these media and publishers as "evidence", but in the absence of other types of information sources, that is what I am choosing to use for this post.

2. Where is this "Interested Parties" list from?

The list of "Interested Parties" stated above is in one of the documents (dockets) submitted yesterday, 2nd May, to BBBY's bankruptcy court. The full list of documents already submitted to the court, as a part of these proceedings, can be found here:
The specific document that most of the screenshots were shared from in this sub from docket number 179. This was submitted by David Braun of Gordon Brothers Group LLC. This is one of the firms that has been hired by BBBY to help them carry out the Chapter 11 restructuring of the company and its finances. The full list of companies that is assisting BBBY with these proceedings are:
- Gordon Brothers
- Hilo Merchant Resources
- Tiger Group
- B. Riley Merchant Solutions
You will see that these four companies have each submitted documents - dockets 178 to 181 - that each show an identical list of "Interested Parties". Therefore it is not only Gordon Brothers, but all four firms hired by BBBY to help with the Chapter 11, that are stating the same list of "Interested Parties" are involved. I assume that they have acted as a 'committee', coordinating to ensure that they are releasing the same information to both the bankruptcy court and the general public.

3. What is an "Interested Party"?

In the context of a Chapter 11 filing, it should be noted that there is no real fixed definition of who or what can be considered an "Interested Party". The actual legal definition within the Chapter 11 regulations is somewhat vague:
Therefore the use of the term "Interested Party" next to Ryan Cohen's and those others' names is unclear and undefined. Anyone who is saying it is definitely in the context of having an interest to purchase BBBY is incorrect, as we do not have solid evidence of that being the case. There has been some conjecture on the sub that his name is stated as an "Interested Party" due to lawsuits related to his 2022 investments in BBBY. So could that be the reason for his name being on the list?

4. Ryan Cohen's BBBY Lawsuits

There are two active lawsuits against Ryan Cohen, both of which are alleging he instigated a "pump-and-dump" of BBBY stock in 2022. These two litigation actions are being carried out between the following parties:
SI v. BED BATH & BEYOND CORPORATION et al 1:22-cv-02541 in District Of Columbia District Court under Judge Trevor N Mcfadden
IN RE BED BATH & BEYOND INC. SECTION 16(b) LITIGATION 1:22-cv-09327 in New York Southern District Court under Judge Paul G Gardephe
Cohen v. Cohen et al 1:22-cv-09733 in New York Southern District Court under Judge Paul G Gardephe
Across the three litigation cases, the defendants are the following:
- Bed Bath & Beyond
- JP Morgan Securities
- RC Ventures
- Ryan Cohen
What do you notice is the only common defendant in all three litigation cases? That is correct: RC Ventures LLC. Is that one of the "Interested Parties"?
JP Morgan appears to be there, in the form of their ticker "JPM". And you can also of course see Ryan Cohen listed there as well, but RC Ventures is absent from the list, along with BBBY. Now it may be the the case that BBBY is not there due to being the Debtor in the Chapter 11 proceedings, but why is RC Ventures not on this list if "Interested Parties" include those involved in a BBBY-related litigation case?
Additionally, if the "Interested Parties" list needs to include parties involved in litigation cases related to BBBY, then it should be noted that there are a number of other cases transpiring currently. These include the following:
- Former CEO Mark Tritton is suing BBBY for apparently failing to honour his severance payment (
- Former employee Michael Palmeri is suing BBBY for not giving advance notice of layoffs (
- BBBY themselves are suing the shipping line OOCL (
So if the "Interested Parties" section has to include litigation related individuals/entities, then why are these others missing? My conjecture here is that the presence of Ryan Cohen and JP Morgan on the "Interested Parties" list is not in connection with the pending lawsuits. For if that were the case, I think it is reasonable to expect RC Ventures to also be on this list, alongside parties involved in other BBBY-related litigation. What do you guys think about this?

5. Other "Interested Parties" connections to BBBY

In this section, I am going to go through the list of "Interested Parties" to see what MSM info is out there about potential connections to BBBY. There are 16 entities on this list, plus Ryan Cohen as the solitary individual, so let us go through them in turn to see what connections - if any - there are to BBBY.
Ares Management
Ares Management Corporation (NYSE: ARES) is a leading global alternative investment manager offering clients complementary primary and secondary investment solutions across the credit, private equity, real estate and infrastructure asset classes. We seek to provide flexible capital to support businesses and create value for our stakeholders and within our communities. By collaborating across our investment groups, we aim to deliver consistent and attractive investment returns throughout market cycles.
There are only two MSM article that make a connection between Ares Management and BBBY:
"A private equity or distressed fund will see value in breaking it apart, divesting buybuy Baby, and refocusing the business. It's hard to see how the company can continue without a major event," Gellert adds.
Of note: Private equity firms, including Ares Management and Carlyle Group, have aggressively raised funds earmarked for direct lending, as their buyout business shrivels up.
Set against this backdrop, brand-management firm WHP Global would seem to be a top-tier acquirer and Toys 'R' Us and Babies 'R' Us would be a "synergistic pairing" with Bed Bath & Beyond's Buybuy Baby subsidiary, Spieckerman said.
WHP Global already owns the Toys 'R' Us and Babies 'R' Us brands. "WHP would also offer a compelling opportunity to gobble up Bed Bath & Beyond whole rather than it being sold off for parts," she added. "Bed Bath & Beyond would present a nice category-expansion play that would diversify WHP's holdings and give it a foothold in the home category."
The brand-management giant recently received a $375 million equity investment from the private-equity group of Ares Management Corporation (ARES). The transaction, which values WHP Global at $1.6 billion, provides capital for future brand acquisitions.
TLDR: Ares is an alternative investments firm. Since last year, there was speculation in the media that Ares could provide funding to BBBY. Additionally, that they may be in a position to purchase BABY through WHP, owners of Babies 'R' Us [USA], and whom Ares has already given hundreds of millions additionally to make new acquisitions.
Cerberus Capital Management
Cerberus is a trusted partner to many of the world’s most respected investors in credit, private equity, and real estate. For more than three decades, we have provided capital solutions and operating expertise to help companies and properties around the world improve performance and drive value creation.
There are numerous media stories since last month about Cerberus being a potential buyer of BBBY, such as this one:
Bed Bath & Beyond Inc is fielding interest from potential buyers for its Buybuy Baby business following activist pressure to sell the unit, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday, citing people familiar with the matter. The suitors include private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management LP and Tailwind Acquisition Corp, a blank-check firm chaired by Casper Sleep Inc's former chief executive Philip Krim, the report said.
TLDR: Cerberus is a major private equity firm. There is heavy media conjecture that they will make a bid to purchase BBBY.
Putnam Investments
At the end of March 2023, Putnam Investments had $169 billion in assets under management. Mutual fund assets were $81 billion. Institutional assets were $88 billion.
There were no articles I could find that make a direct connection between Putnam and BBBY. However, through my searching I did find the following very interesting August 2021 article:
Toys “R” Us [Canada] and Babies “R” Us Canada are getting a new owner, who is already full of ideas for how to revamp the retailer. Putman Investments said Thursday that it will purchase the Vaughan Ont.-based brand and its 81 toy and children’s stores from affiliates of Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd.
TLDR: Putnam is an asset management firm. Not much in the way of direction connections to BBBY, but they do own Babies 'R' Us Canada. Hence there is a compelling reason for this firm to put in a bid to try and acquire BABY, in my opinion.
Sleep Country Canada
Sleep Country is Canada's leading omnichannel mattress and bedding retailer and the only specialty sleep products retailer with a national bricks and mortar footprint and an online presence. Our commitment to providing Canadians with a better night’s sleep is unparalleled in the industry. Founded in 1994 by Christine Magee, Stephen Gunn and Gordon Lownds in Vancouver, British Columbia, the chain has since grown to over 265 stores across Canada.
I could not find any media stories linking this firm to BBBY. However given the focus of their business, very difficult to think their presence in the "Interested Parties" list as being in anything other than an acquisition context?
Authentic Brands
Authentic owns a portfolio of iconic and world-renowned lifestyle, entertainment and media brands. Headquartered in New York City, with offices around the world, Authentic connects strong brands with best-in-class partners and a global network of operators, distributors and retailers to build long-term value in the marketplace.
There are numerous articles talking up Authentic as a potential buyer of BBBY e.g.:
Bed Bath & Beyond is entertaining potential buyers for its home goods store chain and its Buybuy Baby arm, according to a report in CNBC. The beleaguered retailer is also reportedly speaking with lenders to secure financing to sustain it during a potential bankruptcy filing. Potential buyers reportedly include Sycamore Partners, the owner Staples, Belk and Talbots, and Authentic Brands Group, the owner of Forever 21, Barneys New York, J.C. Penney and Reebok.
TLDR: Authentic Brands is a portfolio manager of many well known retail and apparel firms. There is a lot of news about them being in line to try and buy BBBY.
CSC Generation
We acquire overlooked store and catalogue based retailers and transform them into high performance, “digital first” brands through our proven omni-channel technology platform, operating expertise and scale.
Not much in the way of recent media stories linking to BBBY. However, this news from April 2020 below is well worth noting:
Home furnishings e-commerce company One Kings Lane confirmed an affiliate of CSC Generation has acquired the business from Bed, Bath & Beyond. CSC is a multi-brand technology platform and holding company and owner of Merrillville, Ind.-based DirectBuy and Z Gallerie, which have become the base for its home furnishings business. Bed Bath & Beyond CEO Mark Tritton announced the sale during an earnings conference call last week but did not disclose the price or the buyer.
TLDR: CSC Generation specialises in converting bricks-and-mortar retailers into eCommerce specialists. In 2020 they bought One Kings Lane from BBBY and, with that past history, it is highly likely their presence on the "Interested Parties" list is due to interest to buy all or some part of BBBY again.
Interweave is one of the nation’s foremost art and craft media companies with businesses in magazine and book publishing, interactive and social media, television and video programming, online education, live events, and online shopping. Interweave delivers best-in-market content to enthusiasts when, where, and how they want. Interweave was founded in 1975 by Linda Ligon.
I could not find any media articles linking this company to BBBY. Interweave is also not listed as a 'Trade' entity within the same docket, which is the list of BBBY's partners and suppliers. In that context, it is difficult to find a connection between these two firms other than Interweave being a potential bidder for all or some part of BBBY.
Michaels Stores,%2Dit%2Dyourself%20home%20decorators.
Michaels is the largest arts and crafts retail chain in North America. In addition to our retail outlets, The Michaels Companies also own multiple brands that allow us to collectively provide arts, crafts, framing, floral, home décor, and seasonal merchandise to hobbyists and do-it-yourself home decorators. We believe anyone can make, and we’re on a mission to inspire and encourage everyone to unleash his or her inner maker.
As with Interweave, I also could not find any media articles linking Michaels to BBBY. They too are not listed as a 'Trade' entity within the docket as a partner or supplier. Hence one again it is difficult to find a connection between these two firms other than Michaels also being a competitor that is now a potential buyer of BBBY.
Blue Torch Capital
Blue Torch Capital is a direct lender and investment manager that approaches US middle market companies as a solutions provider with the goal of providing financial and operational flexibility in order to build long-term value.
No media stories at all linking Blue Torch to BBBY. Any ideas on how they could be in the "Interested Parties" list, other than through being a potential bidder to buy the company?
Centerbridge Partners
Centerbridge brings together experience across investment disciplines—private equity, private credit and real estate—in an effort to find the most attractive opportunities for our investors and business partners. We are an active partner dedicated to employing an all-weather approach to identifying and executing investment opportunities. Our proven philosophy is predicated on generating enduring value through economic cycles.
Again, no media articles linking this private equity firm to BBBY. However I once more ask: how can they be in the "Interested Parties" list, except in the context of targeting BBBY for an acquisition?
MidCap Financial
MidCap Financial Investment Corporation (NASDAQ: MFIC) is an externally managed, publicly traded, Business Development Company, focused on providing senior debt solutions to middle market companies. We derive significant benefits from our affiliation with Apollo, a global high-growth alternative asset manager, and its unique partnership with MidCap Financial, a leading middle market lender. Through MFIC, shareholders can access institutional quality private credit at an industry-leading fee structure.
I could not find any news articles connecting MidCap directly to BBBY. However, as their profile shows above, they partner with Apollo Management for most of their operations. There was this interesting story that links Apollo and BBBY during the dark days of 2008:
Not long ago, when times were good, Leon D. Black spent $1.3 billion to buy Linens ’n Things, the home-furnishings chain. Now, as each day seems to bring more bad news for the economy, Mr. Black and his investment company, Apollo Management, are struggling to keep Linens ’n Things from unraveling.
Now debt is weighing on Linens ’n Things, the nation’s second-largest housewares retailer, behind Bed, Bath & Beyond. Apollo and two partners bought the company late in 2005, at the beginning of the recent buyout boom.
TLDR: MidCap is a debt provider, partnering heavily with Apollo Management. This firm was the owner of Linens 'n Things, and in the past were a major rival of BBBY. There are no media stories linking MidCap/Apollo to BBBY, but given they previously held Linens 'n Things, could MidCap and Apollo be interested to re-enter this area by acquiring BBBY?
Silver Point Capital
Silver Point Capital, L.P. is a registered investment adviser focused on credit and special situations investments.
I could not find any media articles linking this company to BBBY. As with other financial services firms on this list, difficult to think of them being an "Interested Party" other than as a potential acquirer of BBBY.
SB360 Capital Partners
Though we have never strayed from our original mission, transactions that span the globe have added depth of experience to our reputation as one of the more creative private merchant banking groups in existence today. Short- and long-term equity investments. Financial assistance. Commercial Real Estate investments. Asset recovery. Auctions. Liquidations. Event sales. New store opening projects. SB360 has grown since our founding, and our client services are more comprehensive than ever before.
No articles linking this private equity firm to BBBY either. But once more, not sure why they would be an "Interested Party" in BBBY, except as a potential bidder to but the company.
This just leaves two remaining corporate "Interested Parties":
- Citi
- JPM (JP Morgan)
It is difficult to say in what context Citi and JP Morgan make the list, given their role as Prime Brokers and with numerous business dealings with BBBY. However, by going through the other 14 entities on this list, it appears to me that they are pretty much ALL there due to being a potential bidder to acquire all or part of BBBY. Certainly, it is difficult to think of reasons why those firms would be there, except in that context. I am wondering what your thoughts are about that conjecture?

6. So why is Ryan Cohen an "Interested Party"?

I cannot say with certainty, as that is not possible to say definitively without more information. But what I can say is that it is unlikely he is on the list due to the ongoing litigation following last year's dealings with BBBY. His Cooperation Agreement with BBBY has also ended for some time now, so that is also unlikely to be the reason. Additionally he sold his position in BBBY stock last August, hence unless he has bought back in, then that also cannot be the reason.
Through the process of looking at the other "Interested Parties", it appears to me that - with the exception of the investment banks Citi and JP Morgan - they are all there due to showing an interest to make a bid for BBBY. The majority of those entities are Private Equity firms, many of them with media stories linking them to BBBY or having similar competing businesses in their portfolios already. Therefore except for Citi, JP Morgan and Ryan Cohen, I think it is highly likely all the others are on the list in the context of targeting BBBY for an acquisition.
So what does all that mean for Ryan Cohen's presence on the list? As I said, without additional information, there is simply no way to know for certain. However based on the available evidence, in my opinion the likeliest reason Ryan Cohen is listed is because he too is a potential bidder. Of course he may be an "Interested Party" for numerous other reasons, but on the balance of probabilities...that seems the most logical reason. What do you think?

7. Summary

  • In this post, I explore the "Interested Parties" list submitted by four firms assisting in Bed Bath & Beyond's Chapter 11 restructuring.
  • The legal term "Interested Party" has a very broad and vague meaning, so it is unclear under what context Ryan Cohen is in the list.
  • One possible explanation made by a few members of this sub is that he may be on there due to the ongoing lawsuits related to his previous dealings with BBBY.
  • However looking at who the defendants are on that lawsuit, and given the numerous other BBBY-related litigation cases that are also ongoing, it seems very unlikely that is the reason for Ryan Cohen to be present on the list.
  • Next, I went through in detail about why 14 of the other 17 "Interested Parties" are present, the vast majority being private equity firms, competitors or the owners of competitors.
  • It is very difficult to identify reasons for these firms to be on the list in a context other than as bidders to buy all of part of BBBY.
  • This just leaves the investment banks Citi and JP Morgan as the only other corporate "Interested Parties", and there are many potential reasons for their presence on the list, due to the nature of how they have interacted with BBBY in the past and currently.
  • With the vast majority of "Interested Parties" being listed due to probably expressing interest to purchase BBBY, I believe the most likely reason Ryan Cohen is also on the list is due to this same reason.
As with all my research posts, would very much like others to look at the information and evidence I am presenting here, and provide feedback and possible rebuttals.
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2023.04.27 11:59 Lifece1993 Shop by Color: Dusty Blue– CV Linens

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2023.04.25 15:48 Lifece1993 Satin Tablecloths - Table cloth for Wedding Event @ Wholesale Price– CV Linens

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2023.04.14 19:35 raisedbytacos Six weeks in India, Indonesia, Japan – my Ideal Packing List (Hindsight is 20/20)

Just got home from 6 weeks of travel in India, Indonesia, and Japan and I have some thoughts about what I packed!
Below is NOT what I actually packed for the trip, but my ideal packing list for this trip.
My struggle was that this trip was for everything:
It also spanned many climates:
Traveling for work meant I brought more blouses and pants and my Rothy’s loafers. I would have brought my Rothy’s loafers even if I was traveling just for myself, because I love them – they go with everything, they’re washable & packable, they are really comfortable too (although I opt for my running shoes for long walking days in the city). If I weren’t traveling partially for work, I would have brought much less clothing and tried for a 28/30L bag.
I also stayed in a variety of lodgings: bungalows, university guest houses, Airbnbs, hostels. This meant I sometimes had towels provided, sometimes not, needed shower shoes, had access to laundry, sometimes not, etc.
Also, in most of the places I visited, people dress more conservatively (i.e. long pants and long sleeves), even when it’s 90°F/33°C out. I wanted to be as respectful as possible and ‘blend in’ as much as I can as a Western-looking person in the area.
Below is my packing list and below that are my packing regrets and thoughts, plus my must-have items.

* is for items I wore on the plane

What I originally left out but wish I had brought:
– My Katmandu packable backpack. This would have been so nice to have for the day hikes and some days we were walking around the city.
– Binder clips. So small but would have been useful. I like to stock up on snacks on a travel day and these are compact chip clips.
– Fork + Spoon. So much plastic cutlery, I wish I’d originally brought these to try to avoid more of the plastic.
– An exfoliating glove. At home I use a loofa, and while traveling, I just felt like I needed something to suds up my face + body wash! An exfoliating glove might do the trick because I just see a loofa as too big and not quick-drying enough. Any thoughts on this – do you travel with a mini-loofa?

Things I could have gone without:
– Deck of cards. I didn’t use this once and even at the hostel we used the deck they had there.
– “Backup” charging cords. (iPhone charging + Micro USB). I originally brought a few extra changing cords that I just didn’t end up using. I guess it is important to have ‘just in case’ items and cords don’t take up much room, but I could have bought cords for cheaper in any of the places I was in.
– My small notebook + pencil pouch. While it is small, I just didn’t use it as much as I thought I would. It’s still on the above list, but I’m thinking next trip I might omit it and just use my notes app on my phone.
– Earplugs? Does anyone else have the issue that I think these just don’t actually block out any noise?
– A colorful patterned skirt + pants. I could make it work and I did wear these some, but in the future I'll stick to a neutral color so it will match with everything. The issue was a lot of my tops were patterned.
– I really didn't need the headlamp, but it's so small and cute! I'll leave it out next time and see what happens. In the past I've dealt with power outages in Indonesia so I thought it would be nice to have.
– Hair clips. Next time I'll stick with elastics only. Clips don't travel well and the 'teeth' on a few of mine broke off in transit.

What I’m so glad I had / would recommend bringing: (other than the obvious phone, power bank, etc.)
– I LOVE the Uniqlo Moon Bag. I completely understand why it ‘went viral’.
– Packable Tote bag. I just used this so much more than I thought I would, especially for carrying things like groceries and snacks, or if we went out shopping one day. (If I wanted to spend some more money and ‘invest’ in a packable tote, I might go for this one on Amazon because it has a crossbody longer shoulder strap that would be nice.)
– These “travel size refillable squeeze pouches”. I haven’t had them spill or burst, but I will say I do try to take care of them. I just find them great because they get smaller as you used up the product. I will say - when traveling in Mexico a while ago, I did get pulled out of security twice so they could see what they were. I think the material of the bottle doesn’t show up in the x-ray image, so it looks like too much liquid. I never had an issue with these in Asia though.
– A zipper pouch wallet. I use this in everyday life too. I just think it’s the easiest way to keep cash, coins, and cards in one place. This was especially nice in India and Japan where coins are everywhere.
– I like packing cubes and I bet most other people in this sub do too, but another little handy tip I found was that they can be used as pillows, especially on an airplane window seat. I used both mine to fill the gap between me and the wall of the plane and it was the best sleep I've ever had on a plane hahah
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2023.04.14 17:38 mayalcaulfield A Menswear Guide to Pregnancy Fashion

Note: Although I am approaching this guide through the lens of being transmasculine, I hope its usefulness can be applied to a wider range of people, including but not limited to: pregnant males/nonbinary people, people who wish to conceal their pregnancy for any number of reasons, or people who enjoy menswear and simply want the ability to continue dressing fashionably while expecting. This is a very niche guide, but if it can help one other person, I consider it worth it.

Why Does This Guide Exist?

One of the best parts of my day is getting dressed in the morning. Putting together outfits is like going through a buffet line of denim, corduroy, and linen, picking out all the pieces I feel hungry for. It sets the tone for the day and is an important part of my routine. However, when two-thirds of my wardrobe no longer fit on my strange, new body, the ritual was disrupted. I recognize that how you dress while expecting is low-priority for most. Amid a thousand bodily changes, you’re supposed to be working. Prepping for a newborn. Running between birthing courses, parenting classes, and doctor’s appointments. Understandably, what you’re dressed in is of least concern, if it even crosses your mind at all. This guide is simply designed for the fashion-obsessed among us who still want to feel excited about getting dressed during one of the greatest physical changes of our lives.
Admittedly, I am nervous about broaching this subject. I don’t write, I like to keep my personal life private, and I am by no means an authority on fashion. However, I have noticed a gap in the literature about dressing trans bodies, and a gaping void when it comes to dressing the bodies of pregnant men or nonbinary people. Until Rihanna, there was little written for anyone who wanted to wear more than whatever wrap top and yoga pants the en vogue “mommy brand” was pushing at the moment, made of course from the stretchiest, cheapest fabric on the market. Pregnancy is often classified as a liminal time, and the current landscape for maternity clothes presents fashion as a binary choice between style and comfort. I spent a good amount of both my pregnancies in pajamas, but consider this write-up to be my argument that you can still have it both ways. As I said, I’m no expert. These are simply my thoughts and notes as a transmasc who has been pregnant twice on how I maintained my personal menswear aesthetic through the second and third trimesters.

What I Wore From Weeks 20-38:

My Must-Have Closet Staples:

During pregnancy, if you bind your chest you will most likely be advised to stop for health and safety reasons. This presents a new challenge when choosing a top: how do you minimize the appearance of enlarged breasts and a growing midsection without discomfort? I opted for loose, boxy cuts and lots of layering.
As your pregnancy progresses, you will probably need to wear some sort of under-layer most of the time to prevent leakage (what I lovingly refer to as “pissing your shirt”). Whether that is a bra, half-tank, or control top camisole, is up to you. I found seamless bras provided slight compression and the most comfort overall.
I recommend looking at tops that are longer than you would usually opt for, as your growing belly will rapidly make shirt hems rise.
If you are trying to de-emphasize your belly, avoid thin knits , as they will cling to your body. You can somewhat counteract this by going with an oversized fit, but if worn alone, it is better to go with a thicker material to begin with. Many plus-size style guides advise against heavy fabrics as they add visual weight to your body, but in this case, I found that heavier, stiffer fabrics hid many fit issues and overall distortion from my bump. Along these same lines, darker colors are better for tops as they make the contrast and dimensions of your bump less visible and draw attention away from it.
This is the tricky bit. With bottoms, you have two rise options: above the belly like an old-fashioned oil tycoon, or below the belly like an early-naughts pop artist. In my experience, trying to fasten your pants at the crest of your stomach is not only uncomfortable but can lead to your pants slipping down as you walk. My solution to still be able to have a shirt break at any desired length, no matter where my actual waistline is, is to tuck my shirts in this specific way.
It can be a bit tricky to find, but the two pairs of pants I wore the most were jeans and trousers with extremely long rises. The average rise length for a pair of men’s pants is around 9”-11”. Use a measuring tape from the top of your bump to the bottom of your crotch to determine what minimum length should be able to go over your belly without looking strange or feeling uncomfortable. Thai Fisherman’s Pants are also ideal for this reason, in addition to their free-size, adjustable waist wrap, but I will be the first to admit they can be difficult to style.
In terms of accommodating your fluctuating waist measurement, elastic or drawstring waists is the obvious go-to. If you are opposed to the visual of a shirt tucked into a scrunched-up waistband, search for half-elastic pants or even fold over the top of your pants.
If this is your first pregnancy you may be surprised to learn that you can permanently go up a full shoe size as the ligaments in your feet loosen up. It happened to me, and I had to reluctantly part ways with most of my carefully curated shoe collection. Even if you’re among the lucky ones who won’t experience this unwelcome side effect, you will probably endure some level of swelling from the ankles down. Shoes that have comfortable insoles (or room for padding), low heels, and roomy widths will become your best friend. This is not the time to break in a new pair of boots!
Around the middle of the third trimester, you can kiss goodbye to bending over for socks and shoes. My wonderful partner humored me by lacing me into my New Balances well into my pregnancy, but it’s best to have options that keep you independent. The most ideal shoes are loafers , mules , or other slip-ons .
There are a few other odds and ends that can make a difference during pregnancy. A quality robe and slippers are a nice addition for the days when you really can’t be bothered to get dressed but want to go a step above whatever you slept in (and as a bonus, the slippers will soothe your swollen feet).
This is a good time to invest in a large bag . You may need to carry around extra items like snacks, water, pads, and wet wipes during this time, and you will certainly need to lug around a lot more after the baby arrives. Don’t overdo it and put undue strain on your body when you’re already carrying an oversized load, but a roomy bag that you can rely on will always come in handy.
Many people experience persistent dry eyes during pregnancy, so finding a pair of glasses you love in the early days can help make the transition from contacts to frames more exciting.

Working With the Wardrobe You Already Have:

Before you bust out your credit card to grab a whole new wardrobe for the next nine months, see if you can work around the clothes you already own. I’m a penny-pincher by nature (read: broke) so I only bought a handful of new items and tried to make those purchases while being conscious of what I would wear postpartum. Go through your closet and pick out anything oversized, any pants with elastic waistbands/drawstrings, long tops, and slip-on shoes.
As your pants start to shrink on your figure, there are still ways to keep them in rotation. If I was wearing a long shirt that went well past my waistline, I would sneakily wear my too-small Levi’s unzipped and belted. It looks and feels silly, but it gets the job done.
Some shirts may become too short as you grow, but you can always layer another, longer shirt or tank top underneath them, or wear a closed jacket on top.
If there are some clothes you truly can’t imagine parting with for a few months, you can talk to your tailor about potentially letting them out, but I don’t think this is worth the hassle.
You can also ask your partner, friends, or family for clothing to borrow!

Where to Shop:

I hope this guide has impressed the idea that you do not need to be limited to maternity clothes and can make clothes from just about anywhere suit your body, but these are a few brands that sell clothing that may specifically help you find the intersection between comfort and style.

The Best Silhouettes if You Wish to Hide Your Belly:

You can only de-emphasize your belly so much after a certain point, but I did manage to stealth mine quite far into my third trimester. These aren’t hard and fast rules, but rather general suggestions and guidelines for creating a masculine silhouette while pregnant. I drew out a few examples to help illustrate my points.
Guide #1: Choosing the right outerwear
Guide #2: Layering
Guide #3: Creating a full look from top to bottom

General Inspo Album:

And finally, a general inspo album for menswear outfits that would be accommodating throughout your pregnancy as well as specific clothing suggestions. All known sources are included in captions.
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2023.03.21 23:40 norafartman Colombia packing list and post-trip thoughts

The trip: one day in Bogotá, three days in Cartagena, four days in Medellín. Wide variety of temperatures and activities.
The person: I would love to be a minimalist but am absolutely not (trying). I buy most of my clothes secondhand on ThredUp but will sometimes buy new pieces if they’re quality and/or versatile. I’ve been carry-on only for six years, and am ready to start downsizing from 40 liters. I’m 27 years old and a photography enthusiast.
The list: an attempt at a completely exhaustive list which I am documenting on my plane ride home. Brands are noted if they are known. Photos of my clothing, some of my packed items, and some outfits are attached. Note: all items fit in my 40L pack, but I did bring a personal item for the sake of my camera which requires padded transport (if anyone has a way around this please tell me).
All clothing
Bottoms - Tan Athleta paper bag pants - Copper Quince silk skirt - Olive Athleta crop flare pants - Green cotton/linen pants
Tops - Black Athleta cropped bra top - White Banana Republic fitted crew neck - Black Marine Layer crew neck tshirt - Off-white Vetta long sleeve wrap top - Camel Quince sleeveless cashmere top - Olive reversible fitted sleeveless top
Dresses - Black wool& dress - White Universal Threads two piece dress
Underwea sleep/ swim - 5 white Darn Tough socks, 3 no show, 2 ankle - Red Aerie high waisted bikini - Sleeveless grey Icebreaker merino tank for sleep - Cotton sleep shorts - 8 thongs - 3 bras
Shoes - Brown Ecco Flowt sandals - White Vegas Kizik sneakers
Outer - Thin black Banana Republic wool sweater - Neutral Prana Othello Falls Trench
Bags/organization - Monos Metro Sling Bag, tan -Target purse (bought because it conveniently fits my camera) - Brevitē jumper backpack (personal item) - Osprey Fairview 55 without the daypack (40 liters) - White double sided packing cubes with compression - Bags for meds, makeup, toiletries, and sandals
Makeup - Travel eyelash curler - Bare minerals travel mascara - Elf camo concealer - Decanted L’Oréal BB cream - Foundation brush with the handle removed and inside silicone brush cover - NYX wonderstick - Aquaphor (instead of a lip gloss) - Rare Beauty liquid blush sample - Travel makeup mirror - Travel eyeshadow blush - Fenty Beauty snap shadow palette - Tweezers - Mini brow brush and angle brush
Toiletries - <1oz shampoo, conditioner, and Cetaphil decanted into silicone travel containers - Sunscreen, leave in conditioner, Eucerin, CeraVe PM moisturizer, Retinol, and makeup remover all decanted into 1.5 small size humangear Stax - Powder dry shampoo decanted into a small spice container (cinnamon might have been a better choice that cumin in terms of lingering scent. We live and we learn) - Q-tips - Four cotton rounds soaked in micellar water in tiny ziploc - Sample tiny Rx acne spot treatment - Dove travel spray deodorant - Folding toothbrush, toothpaste, 2 plastic flossers - Nail clippers - Sea to Summit pocket hand wash
Tech - Kindle - 2018 MacBook Air - Sony A7RIII - Sigma 24-70mm lens - Four SD cards - Mini SD card holder - Extra camera battery - Camera lens cleane duster - Lens cleaning paper - Lightning SD card reader - 6-in-1 charging cable - Garmin Fenix 6S - Garmin Fénix 6S charger - AirPod Pros
Medical (based on medical needs, clumsiness, and things I’ve needed in the past while traveling and had a hard time obtaining) - 2 epi pens - 10 days of prescriptions, decanted into mini 8-day Rx travel container - 10 days of disposable contact lenses - 3 each loperamide, cetirizine, ibuprofen, phenylephrine, pepto-bismol - Pataday eye drops - 2 antiseptic wipes, three sizes of bandaids (two each), foil pack of antibiotic ointment - Small travel aquaphor - Prescription glasses with small hard case
Important stuff: - Passport - Credit card, debit card, and drivers license in a Thread Wallet - Pack of gum - AirTag attached to wallet - Photocopy of my/my partners passports - Sunglasses
What I used most / was glad I packed: - The two piece dress was a little bulky but super versatile, I’ll be using two piece dresses more often but might look for one that packs smaller. - White Vegas Kiziks exceeded expectations. I have a wide foot and realized way too close to my trip that my white Allbird Pipers would be too hard to keep clean. The white Kiziks in a wide size didn’t need to be broken in, I just added my own insert because I have high arches. Loved not having to tie them and that they wiped clean. - Sephora makeup samples. They’re the perfect size for travel and they’re “free” with purchases. They make the slight up-charge at Sephora worth it for me.
What I regretted packing: - Green reversible sleeveless top. I did wear this item, but only once. It’s a versatile piece, but I packed too many tops. - Kindle. Used to be a Kindle person, am more of an audiobook person now. Felt optimistic I would read a book. Turns out I am not a different person on vacation. Shocking. - My laptop. I brought this primarily to backup my photos physically and digitally. I always pack my laptop and have never regretted it before. However, it turns out it takes a really long time to backup RAW photos when the WiFi is never faster than 30mbps.
edited to add a few forgotten items and fix some formatting.
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2023.03.06 15:57 Lifece1993 Polyester 120" Round Tablecloth - 120 Inch Banquet Tablecloths, Covers– CV Linens

Polyester 120 submitted by Lifece1993 to u/Lifece1993 [link] [comments]

2023.02.20 15:05 Lifece1993 Importance of Chair Covers in Your Next Event

Importance of Chair Covers in Your Next Event
When planning an event, there are many details to consider in order to make it a success. From choosing the perfect venue to selecting the menu, every decision can have a significant impact on the overall experience for guests. One often overlooked aspect of event planning is the importance of chair covers. Chair covers are an essential element that can transform any space and elevate the look of your event. In this article, we will discuss the importance of chair covers and how they can enhance your next event.
First and foremost, chair covers add an aesthetic appeal to any event. They come in a variety of colors, styles, and fabrics, allowing you to choose the perfect one to match the theme of your event. Chair covers can be used to create a uniform look for all the chairs, making them look more elegant and sophisticated. They can also be used to highlight certain chairs, such as the head table or VIP seating, by using a different color or fabric. By adding chair covers, you can create a more cohesive and stylish atmosphere for your guests.
Another advantage of using chair covers is that they can hide any imperfections or blemishes on the chairs. If your venue's chairs are old or damaged, chair covers can be used to cover them up and make them look new again. This is especially important for events such as weddings or corporate events where a professional look is crucial. Chair covers can also be used to protect chairs from spills or stains, ensuring that they remain in pristine condition throughout the event.
In addition to their aesthetic appeal, chair covers also provide practical benefits. They can be used to create a more comfortable seating experience for guests by adding a layer of padding to the chair. This is especially important for events that require guests to sit for long periods of time, such as a conference or seminar. Chair covers can also help to regulate temperature by providing an extra layer of insulation during colder months.
Finally, chair covers are a cost-effective way to enhance the look of your event without breaking the bank. They are a simple and affordable addition that can have a big impact on the overall ambiance of your event. By choosing the right chair covers, you can create a stunning and memorable event that guests will be talking about for years to come.
CV Linens is a highly recommended supplier of chair covers for any event. They offer a wide selection of chair covers in various colors, fabrics, and sizes to fit any style and budget. Their covers are made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and a perfect fit for any chair. CV Linens also provides chair sashes, tablecloths, and other event decor to help you achieve a cohesive look.
In conclusion, chair covers are an essential element of event planning that should not be overlooked. They can transform any space and elevate the look of your event, while also providing practical benefits for guests. Whether you're planning a wedding, corporate event, or any other type of gathering, adding chair covers is a simple and effective way to enhance the overall experience for everyone involved. So, the next time you're planning an event, don't forget to include chair covers in your budget and enjoy the many benefits they provide.
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2023.02.18 04:38 fixxall Spyderco Brouwer, REX 45 Lil' Native, Case bundle, ALL kinds of knife parts/accessories!

Hello Knife_Swap,
I hope you are all doing awesome tonight
Up for sale are some great knives, and a whole BUNCH of knife parts/accessories. All knives have been carried to some extent, most knife parts are new (everything will be labeled appropriately).
I accept PayPal and ship everything either USPS First Class or Priority (depending on speed differences) with tracking. I apologize, but U.S. buyers only at this time.
First up for sale is a Spyderco Lil' Native sprint run in CPM-REX 45 steel and burnt orange G10. This knife is no longer available through retailers. This knife has been carried, but is in fantastic condition. There is some minor pepper spotting near the thumb hole (visible in picture), but other than that, it is in perfect condition. The G10 scales are more or less new since I replaced them with custom scales the day I received the knife. Overall fit and finish on the knife is excellent! Great grind, with great center. Action is smooth, blade drops shut, and has no play. If you haven't tried REX 45 yet, you're in for a treat! Really great, really hard steel!
Comes with the knife, box, and paperwork.
I am asking $125 Shipped SOLD! for the Spyderco REX45 Lil' Native.
pic 1, pic 2, pic 3
Next up is a Spyderco Brouwer in CPM-S30V. This knife has been customized with a Flytanium carbon fiber liner-delete scale on the show side, blue titanium hardware from BladesWeLove, and a titanium, LynchNW deep carry clip. This knife also comes with the stock, green G10 scale, liner, and screws. This knife has been carried and used. There are some snail trails on the titanium on the lock-side, but the knife is in really great overall condition. Centering is great. Lockup is great. This is a really cool knife that is sadly no longer made. The cost of the knife and hardware all together is over $270!
Comes with the knife, box, stock hardware/scales/liner, BWL blue titanium hardware, Flytanium carbon fiber scale, and LynchNW deep carry clip.
I am asking $160 Shipped SOLD! for the Spyderco Brouwer and all accessories.
Pic 1, pic 2, pic 3
Next up is a two knife bundle from Case Knives. Both have been used/carried (obviously, lol), but are in fantastic condition. Both of these knives are discontinued, and use the now discontinued CV steel.
First up is a Case Mini CopperLock in CV steel and Smooth Natural Bone. This is one great looking knife! I personally think the patina is rather beautiful too! The grind and centering on this knife is great. In fact the overall fit and finish on both of these knives is easily on the better side of what I see coming from Case.
The second part of the bundle is a Case Copperhead in CV steel and Amber Peach Seed Jigged bone. This is another really great looking knife... With a really cool patina! Both blades are sharp (as is the blade on the Mini CopperLock), grind is good, centering great! Just like the Mini CopperLock, fit and finish on this knife is exceptional. :D
Both knives come with the boxes and paperwork. I would like to keep these two in a bundle if possible.
I am asking $80 Shipped SOLD! for the Case Mini CopperLock and Case Copperhead, both in CV steel.
pic 1, pic 2, pic 3
Now to the accessories/knife parts.
First up is a set of orange linen Micarta front-flipper scales for the Spyder Lil' Native. These scales cost $95 from Cuscadi when I had them made. These scales have been carried, but are in really great condition! The slightly lighter colored spot in the Micarta is from the pocket clip sitting there.
Comes with just the scales.
I am asking $60 Shipped SOLD! for the Cuscadi orange linen Micarta Lil' Native front flipper scales.
pic 1, video
Next up is a set of steel blue FRN scales from the KnifeJoy exclusive Spyderco Delica. These scales were removed as soon as I received the knife and have not been carried.
Comes with the scales and backspacer.
I am asking $20 shipped SOLD! for the steel blue FRN Spyderco Delica scales and backspacer.
pic 1
Next is a set of black FRN scales from a Spyderco Delica. These scales were removed from the knife as soon as I received it and have not been carried.
Comes with the scales and backspacer.
I am asking $15 shipped SOLD! for the black FRN Spyderco Delica scales and backspacer.
pic 1
Next up are a couple sets of black Grivory scales for the Benchmade Mini Griptilian. These scales were removed as soon as I received the knives and have not been carried. I have two sets of these.
Comes with one set of scales.
I am asking $15 shipped SOLD! for EACH set (one set sold) of black Grivory Benchmade Mini Griptilian scales.
pic 1
Next we have an S45VN blade from a Spartan Harsey Folder 3.25 and a blue anodized (anodizing done by Spartan Blades) thumbstud. This blade has been carried a couple of times, but has not cut anything.
Comes with the blade and thumbstud.
I am asking $70 Shipped SOLD! for the S45VN Spartan Harsey 3.25 blade and blue anodized thumbstud.
pic 1, pic 2
Next we have a Working Finish, titanium liner for a Hinderer Knives XM-18 3". This liner is needed to convert a titanium show-side XM-18 into a G10, Micarta, wood, or carbon fiber show-side knife. This knife was pulled directly off of a Hinderer XM-18 when I converted it to full titanium. This has been carried a few times, but is in perfect condition.
Comes with just the liner.
I am asking $20 Shipped SOLD! for the Hinderer XM-18 3" titanium liner.
pic 1
Next is a titanium show-side scale for a ZT 0450. This would be great for custom anodizing, or to replace a beat up scale. This scale has been carried a bit, but is in more or less perfect condition. This was pulled directly off a ZT 0450.
Comes with just the scale.
I am asking $25 Shipped SOLD! for the ZT 0450 titanium scale.
pic 1
Next is a set of black and blue G10 scales for a Benchmade 945 Mini Osborne. These scales have been carried a bit and have a couple very minor scuffs from the clip. These were pulled directly off of a Benchmade 945.
Comes with just the scales.
I am asking $25 Shipped for the black and blue G10 Benchmade 945 Mini Osborne Scales.
pic 1, pic 2
Last up is a set of black G10 scales for a Spyderco Native 5. These are for the old version with the steel liners. These have been carried a fair amount and show signs of use. These were pulled directly off of a Spyderco G10 Native 5.
Comes with just the scales.
I am asking $5 shipped (basically free, just pay shipping) SOLD! for the black G10 Spyderco Native 5 scales.
pic 1
Thanks for looking and have a great night!
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My now spouse got steam burned doing our linens for our wedding Friday evening and I just wanted to see if anyone could take a look and see how it's healing up after four days.
Unfortunately the blisters popped during our wedding Saturday, 12/3, on accident so we've been dealing with a huge open wound now but I've been taking care to wash my hands multiple times when changing their wrap.
It appears to be healing nicely and according to some wonderful Drs. here I've been told that it was looking good the last two posts so I'm just following up on how it's healing.
We're using hydrogel pads and changing once daily. We clean with water and soap, a nano silver spray, and then place the pad on, then a nonstick and then wrap with gauze.
My question right now is there's a few small gray spots towards the bottom. Is that normal? It wasn't there before. Also at the top part of the wound I've been noticing a little bit of pus but not a lot. There's no heat or weird look like an infection is spreading so we've just been taking extra care when cleaning but I'm wanting to be extra careful to prevent anything.
This is how it's looks as of last night as we change the dressing and cleaned it Dec 17.
This is what it looked like on Dec 6.
You can see what it looked like before here. There is some wound gel on, I forgot to take the picture before putting it on. This picture was on Dec 4th.
I appreciate any help.
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