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Cute Kuromi Wallpaper

2023.03.29 06:57 LittleNekoMoon Cute Kuromi Wallpaper

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2023.03.28 01:21 Keysgucci123 My Kuromi phone setup

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2023.01.03 17:13 Top_Yellow_815 cute clock faces?

I just got the fitbit versa 2 and I can't find any "cute" clock faces. Only one I found was a hello kitty one under sanrio and it's not letting me purchase it. I'd love sanrio or kirby ones... can we download 3rd party clock faces? I currently have a photograph clock face installed with a kuromi wallpaper. But just shows time and can't customize how the clock works or even where it appears.
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2022.10.29 00:28 sanxisdoki Kuromi October 2022 Calendar wallpaper

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2022.08.28 05:06 sersieus Missing phone and purse

Hello, I’m hoping this post reaches the Berkeley community. Yesterday at around 11pm I lost my phone at Cornerstone. It’s a white iPhone 11 with a black case with my credit card and clipper card in the back and a kuromi wallpaper. It’s dead so find my iPhone doesn’t work anymore but If you guys find or see anything please contact me on instagram @porohitomi
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2022.05.23 14:18 ThrowRA965 I am never feminine enough

When I was around 14, I thought I was a trans man. Didn't do anything 'drastic' like hormone therapy, didn't even come out to more than two people who both told me, by the way, that I didn't 'seem' trans, whatever that means. (They also told me I didn't 'seem' bisexual, which I still strongly identify as to this day.)
I cut my hair super short. I tried wearing baggier, more masculine clothes. I tried binding my chest. Some people told me they couldn't really tell if I was a boy or a girl. I'd never gotten that comment before. And at the time, it made me happy. I liked he/him pronouns. I thought me having mental breakdowns in front of a mirror at 3am couldn't be body dysmorphia. I thought I looked inhuman. Like a beast, a monster. But surely that couldn't have been BDD. I was actually ugly. I had corroboration on that. So it had to have been dysphoria.
But then at some point, before my hair had even finished growing back out, I realised I didn't want to be perceived as a man anymore. It's as if it happened overnight. I stopped buying masculine clothes, I let my hair grow out, I started allowing myself to like girly things again. I had a lot to catch up on, and I still have no idea how to apply decent makeup, but I was letting myself own stuff like that again, which was a start.
I am not in the slightest saying that being trans isn't real or trying to diminish actual trans experiences. I was part of a small minority of people who thought they were trans, when that was the wrong puzzle piece to complete the rest of the jigsaw. I was finally diagnosed with BDD. I slowly cut ties with my primary caregiver, who made me believe that me being hyperfeminine was somehow 'gross' and 'lame'. (For more reasons than just that though, obviously.) I learned that, being in an abusive family and not yet knowing the extent of how badly I was being abused, subconsciously made me desire more power and control. And unfortunately, being seen as a man was powerful to me. Making alterations to my own body under the guise of dysphoria seemed more justifiable to me. Less like a pig putting on lipstick.
I'm now 19. I have cute clothes. I have cute things. I have cute handwriting (when it isn't a frantic scrawl), I dyed half my head pink. I try to get my hands on anything Sanrio. Just like when I was a kid, before all this. I'm allowing myself to indulge in the things I am happiest surrounding myself with again. But it feels like something continues to lurk underneath the surface. What is it? I am very confident in my identity as a bi, cis woman. What could possibly have remained unresolved?
I love cute things. They make me happy. I love being around them. But the negative thoughts I have when I look at them? Those festered throughout my early childhood, popped like a bad cyst, and now, untreated, it remains a pus-covered mess. 'You're not cute enough to own that. It's embarrassing that an ugly, unfeminine girl like you owns that.' 'You're not cute enough to dye your hair, or to wear makeup.' I'm 19 years old, have had makeup products since I was 13, and never was I able to sit down and teach myself it without having a panic attack and crying because I'm 'too ugly' for it. You can't make an alien look human with some eyeliner and mascara, I thought. 'You've been binge-eating, and now your body, the only redeeming quality your sad, pathetic imitation of what a human being looks like had, is gone. You no longer have a 22-inch waist. You're disgusting, wearing something like that. People are laughing at you.' I love Harajuku fashion. When I leave the house in alt outfits, even in the conservative Asian country I live where some people don't tend to even look you in the eye, I get looks. Yeah, they're probably making fun of me behind my back. An ugly cow like me trying to act like one of those pretty girls.
I am never feminine enough. My voice is never cute enough. My boobs are always too big. My face always seems 'unpolished'. My terrible gamer posture is unbecoming of the girl I want to be. My Kuromi and My Melo wallpaper seems like a farce. All my cute things: my Little Twin Stars sling bag, my menhera tops, my thigh highs, fishnets, bat garters, legwarmers, platforms, they all feel fake. Like I'm trying to act like someone I shouldn't even think about trying to act like. I'm not pretty enough. I'm definitely, not pretty enough. And even though I don't want to be perceived as one anymore, everyone looks at me, and I'm sure they still see a man.
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2021.10.01 19:23 sanxisdoki Kuromi October 2021 Calendar wallpaper

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2021.09.01 16:37 sanxisdoki Kuromi September 2021 Calendar wallpaper

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2021.03.21 16:11 captainpurrtato Daftdance you make the best wallpapers *_* this fit so well with my kuromi twins and gudetama love!

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