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2023.06.01 23:22 seahorsecandy Should I skip my daily dose when drinking?

Hey I’m starting with Wellbutrin next week and I’ve heard that alcohol is a big no when taking it. I’m planning to drink on a party I’m going to and it’s just one time because I rarely drink or go out. I’m wondering if I can just skip my dose then and I’ll be fine? Or how does it work?
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2023.06.01 23:21 Artificial_Zen Balancing 1v1 Encounters

Sounds dangerous, I know, but let me give context:
I'm expecting the players to go up against a small organized force with a central commander. They are not terribly important to the story and the commander doesn't need to be particularly stronger than the other mobs.
Due to story reasons, the commander would want to offer a one on one duel between himself and a corresponding chosen champion from among the player group as a means of sparing his soldiers. Basically something like "There's no reason for us all to die here for this, let's duel and if you win, let my men leave in peace and if I win, please leave this place in peace."
The problem is that I'm still not an expert on encounter balance, so I don't know what level of challenge would feel good as a 1v1 duel. I would rather lean toward it being too easy than too hard, because I do want the players to succeed here and because the commander does not actually expect to win this and is just trying to die in place of his men (there are story reasons for this as well). Successful insight checks from the dueling player will reveal that the commander isn't giving it his all.
With all of that in mind, has anyone had success with 1v1 encounter balance or know of any formulas or tips that may help with this?
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2023.06.01 23:21 Danr6912 Quests dont even make sense anymore

Are any other veterans tired of doing the same boring quests with no real endgame or reward other than making the game harder and more time consuming than before?

i have played for at least four wipes and took a couple month break before starting this wipe, so im only level 20 now, but my god does it feel boring and time consuming doing almost virtually the same exact quests year after year. I have a friend who really wanted to try the game and so i helped him get to level 20 and showed him where to go and what he needs to keep or discards for quest(or what i remember), but I cant fight this strange feeling that im not having fun doing the same things over and over just to get rewards I already had.

I was hoping my small break from taarkov would help me find the love for the game again, but it seems it did the opposite. I cant help but think, everytime i do a quest or unlock something i always think " wait i already did this, why am i doing it again?" and even worse is when you are almost done about to extract with a quest item, only to get spawn camped by cheaters who can see your name and KD without even seeing where you are. it almost makes me ask myself:"why am i even playing this game anymore if its the same stale boring shit over and over? same quests to unlock useless barters or trades that you cant even use properly anymore.

Most of you will probably see this and think its just complaining, but if you agree with my general sentiment let me know! i hope I am not alone in feeling this way about the game. it just sucks seeing something you love fall by the wayside, but the absolute worst of all is the state of the cheaters in this game. i feel liike everything else i could forgive, but the combination of changes to progression(making it harder every wipe to level up and get the flea) and unchecked cheaters is ruining the fun of this game for me. and the question i am left asking myself is " am i even having fun? is this game fun anymore or is it like a job?" and if everyone else is asking themselves the same thing, i feel like we are just gonna get left with servers full of cheaters and RMTers

But im not writing just to complain. I want to know what keeps players here and coming back wipe after wipe, because right now i need some motivation to stay in the game because i just dont see an endgame anymore.
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2023.06.01 23:21 vertylondon Is it standard practice while attending a group sound bath session that the person who is hosting it gives a reading at the end of what they see during the session?

So I recently found a lady who does local sound baths in my area. I had done one previously somewhere else a long time ago, and it was in a group and we all layed down in a semi dim ligh setting while someone played gongs and singing bowls for about 45 mins. After it was done, we just all left all refreshed.
However the new one I have found is conducted differently. The lady who hosts the session says she is a Reki healer and has been doing so for about three years. Before the session starts she mentions she will see auras around us and gets messages from people on the other side, including our ancestors, spirt guides, angles and loved ones and at the end of the session she will share with the group what she sees. The sound bath goes for about 45 mins and then she openly goes around and shares what colour auras she sees and what messages she picked up.
The first time I did it I really enjoyed it, the gongs and bowls were very loud and I could feel the vibration go thru my whole body, a very relaxing experience. When she came to share what she saw with everyone, it was all really nice and positive. Until she came onto me. She nervously laughed and said that my aura was very intense with alot of energy, and she didn't see anyone with me but I had a nice protection circle. I wasn't too thrown off this, but it wasn't anything like all the other things she saw with others.
The second time I saw her which was yesterday she's completely thrown me off, to the point I'm alil embarrassed by what she said in the group and concerned. Again she went around the group saying what she saw, everyone's stuff was generally positive or she saw areas where people were struggling, but nothing that was like mine. When she got to me, she said again my aura was really intense, but this time red. She said she wasn't sure if I was feeling or enjoying the bath as she couldn't read me well..then she said she saw someone come over to me and she couldn't work out if they were good or bad but she said don't be afraid to tell them to fuck off (no idea who this person is!!) And that I should burn some Frankensencs. The she quickly went onto the next person with positive feedback.
For starters, is this normal practice for someone conducting sound baths to be giving readings like this after a session? I've always wanted to do sound baths as I like the sound of them, but didn't realise there was this aspect where they give a reading, because if it is I'm concerned by the feedback she gave me, it's left me worried about what she possibly saw, but again I had no idea this is what a sound bath was?! If someone could please let me know who has experience in this as during both these sessions I was fine and enjoyed them, I find what she saw to be distressing especially the second session. My girlfriend told me to chill and said it's all woo woo but I do believe in energy and stuff however I also wasn't expecting a reading during a sound bath!
Any opinions on the matter would be appreciated and would like to know if this is standard practice
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2023.06.01 23:21 Overall_Invite8568 How to fix Runescape's early game?

Recently the youtuber and twitch streamer Josh Strife Hayes posted a couple of short videos on a topic that should really be taken seriously.
The first of two things he says, albeit without going into a detail since it was a short, was that there are too many "quit moments" in the early to mid-game. I'm sure many of you will have seen his stream, so if he does go into more detail there please do share.
The second was his criticism of the tutorial, and how with mechanics like combat are not adequately explained to the player, specifically citing the need to explain and demonstrate to players what bleeds and stuns are. Personally though, I don't know how much of this observation applies to non-combat skills, but it certainly seems like a few of them would fit this category.
Let me know what your ideas on this topic are.
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2023.06.01 23:20 Mediocre_Ad6061 SIL in bridal party

To start off I'd like to say, she means well and shes nice. Shes just not my cup of tea. Months, ago when we were doing our wedding party we were uneven. Which my fiance and I were fine with. We would just have a extra groomsman with a bridesmaid. Then, one night of planning his mom mentioned that we should just have his sister be a bridesmaid. We told her that we would just keep it uneven. She seemed to be okay with it, (it is out wedding). Then about a month ago, my fiance asked me one night why I didnt want his sister to be in my bridal party. Main reason, I am not close with her, we dont have much in common. He started to go on about "tradition" and this n that. I starting crying from being so frustrated and I knew it wasnt him talking and it was his mother. The next day I got so upset that I just invited her into my bridal party out of guilt and just didnt want to deal with it and just to drop the subject. She does live far away - and will literally only be there for the pictures and will be the last in my line. A few of my bridesmaids know that background of her and they arent happy I caved, which I get it. But people bring it up to me often. Shes trying to change things in my bridal dresses I had picked out. Doesnt like the shoe color I wanted. (which is black....) Dresses are burgundy. I feel like I cant go back on me asking her to be a bridesmaid but its a weekly to daily thought I have that I regret it. I dont even know why I am writing on here, but I feel like I cant talk about it to many people as I dont want to hear; " I told you so.." or "its not that big of a deal". This is just me whining and completely stressed out.
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2023.06.01 23:20 rundown9 AI Drone Corps, What could go wrong?

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Hello friends, I am also someone going through an intense removal on big pieces in very painful areas. I’m a 27 year old woman, who’s a personal trainer. In my eyes I’ve ruined my body with these big stupid tattoos… it’s easy to isolate yourself, stare and read peoples stories on Reddit for hours on end… crying yourself to sleep every night wishing you weren’t so stupid. Getting resentful seeing people only needing to remove small tattoos that never show anyways. THIS IS A HARD F-CKING JOURNEY… I’ve been on it for 2.5 years… and am about to probably start another 3 year journey possibly removing a new coverup I just got… I obviously hadn’t learned my lesson.. but I have now…
It’s scary living in a body you feel like has been trashed but you all NEED to understand that THAT ISN’T TRUE FOR ANYONE ELSE IN YOUR LIFE! No one cares about your tattoos, or removals… anyone that does should not be in your life…
The intense emotions you are feeling going through this process is revealing deeply imbedded self neglect that have nothing to do with your tattoo.. even if your removal takes 10 years… the life lesson learned in all of this will be so worth it… use your experience to help others and humble yourself for the future. Use this experience to be extra kind to others when you struggle to be kind with yourself. Removal is possible and will work, it just takes ALOT of time, money and pain..
No tattoo is worth contemplating taking your own life. Live life for others instead of yourself, that’s atleast what works for me when I start to get really depressed and anxious.
Let yourself have emotional purges… cry and scream when you need to… it’s normal and okay to do so! But just know that you are so much more than what’s on your skin. We live in a time where tattoo removal is possible! Remember that with gratitude. Trust the process. Use this time to grow even if it’s only .01% everyday.
You are loved, you are cherished, you are important and you are beautiful.
I always tell myself, “Atleast I’m not in prison for 15 years to learn a life lesson from a permanent decision. I’m just taking 6 years to undo a silly decision. “
You’ve got this 💕 and you’re not alone 💕
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2023.06.01 23:20 melborn_1334 Tourist In Delhi Experience Day 1 + 2

Hello friends, Namaste *does prayer-bow*
I like your city: the buzzing, electric streets. The sweet, sweaty smell of hope. The pungent, off-milk smell of Paharganj. Aloo gobi, and Akshardham.
But my GOD. These touts are diabolical.
As a traveller, I would love to speak to locals, but it seems the only locals that want to speak to me are always. fucking. touts.
Every time. I might be at a restaurant, and then a guy will come and sit at the other end of the table. He will mind his own business for 20 mins, then establish a normal conversation.
I will begin to trust this man, I'll even tell him about the poor experience I have had with touts when trying to find the "Official" Government travel agency.
He will lie directly to my face, smiling at me, and then go and direct me to the "right" place where I will not be extorted. Because he "can tell I'm a good guy".
Guys, heres the thing. I WAS WILLING TO BE FRIENDS WITH THESE PEOPLE. I would have truly been friends with them, but they just wanted to use me. If they just said "bro btw I get a kick back from taking people in these stores, just wanted to let you know so u didn't feel like I was using you" it would be cool. But it misleading, deceiving, lying.
But then where do I actually meet local people? I have tried to strike up a conversation with some normal looking people (2 seperate couples) by asking directions. But it's like they can't get away from me fast enough, lol. For reference I am New Zealand, 30, Male. Look like a normal person. Wear normal clothes. I don't look like the elephant man.
TL;DR - India is a place of extremes. Extreme love, extreme despair. Touts friendly, but lying. Where to meet locals?
*Also guys before you say, I know google is a thing. I like to actually meet and talk to people rather than have my head in my phone all day, and also my data is patchy here.
**Yes I know Paharganj is dodgy. No I didn't stay there for nefarious reasons, I just didn't know any better. Kinda cool lane ways though na?
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2023.06.01 23:20 TheTimeTr4vler I'm terrified

Iay not show it or seem like it's even there but I'm terrified of my own anger. Sometimes I feel like it's a part of me thats just consuming me slowly. I've managed to get it somewhat under control in the past few years but it's still bad when it does come out. I'm afraid that's it's going to be the death of me. I've talked to my doctor and he recommended pills which I'm taking now. And a lot of the other times I just need someone to talk to but I don't really have people who are that close to me so I just bottle everything up and move on.
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2023.06.01 23:20 flurryskies Printing Shop for Wedding Signages

Currently helping out a friend with wedding signages for 2 events so she can save costs. Does anyone know about good printing shops we can go to to print wedding signages on foam core? The size is 24×36.
Idk if staples or Michael's does it or if I need to go to another store?
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2023.06.01 23:20 craigm1371 PDA

How long does it normally take to go from PDA to PFN?
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2023.06.01 23:20 Alternative_Dog_7166 How should I go about auditioning for my first Shakespeare show?

I have an opportunity to audition at a public theater for "A Midsummer Nights dream" but am unsure how to perform Shakespeare. I'm new to it, never auditioned nor performed Shakespeare (I have done other shows before). I'm currently looking into Nick Bottom. Does anyone have any input for a better character for me to go for or any advice for the auditioning process?
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2023.06.01 23:19 rysmbu Oracle Cloud IDLE Instance - 95the Percentile

I got an email 2 weeks back
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) will be reclaiming idle Always Free compute resources from Always Free customers only. Reclaiming idle resources allows OCI to efficiently provide services to Always Free customers. Your account has been identified as having one or more compute instances that have been idle for the past 7 days. These idle instances will be stopped 7 days from now. If your idle Always Free compute instance is stopped, you can restart it as long as the associated compute shape is available in your region. Your Boot and Block Volumes remain unchanged and available to you. You can keep idle compute instances from being stopped by converting your account to Pay As You Go (PAYG). With PAYG, you will not be charged as long as your usage for all OCI resources remains within the Always Free limits.

As per the Documentation
Reclamation of Idle Compute Instances
Idle Always Free compute instances may be reclaimed by Oracle. Oracle will deem virtual machine and bare metal compute instances as idle if, during a 7-day period, the following are true:
  1. What does 95th percentile is less than 15% mean ?
  2. If I have a job running that consumes more than 15% CPU / Memory, every hour, Will that satisfy the requirement ?
  3. Network Metrics shows graphs for - (1) Network Receive Bytes & (2) Network Transmit Bytes. How do I estimate my Network Utilization
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2023.06.01 23:19 Bradster- Can anyone with pc knowledge help me please?

My h150i has been having problems with the lcd and its been even going back to the gif i used before that one. i didn’t have problems until i switched to the nzxt usb hub. I’ve uninstalled icue multiple times and changed plugs it was using and it still does this. It makes a usb connecting and disconnecting sound every time it turns off. I turned the usb sound off because it’s constant.
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2023.06.01 23:19 Dramatic1998 AITA for accusing my husband's SIL for losing my shawl when it was with me all along?

My husband has 3 brothers A (married) H (recently married), M (single). We live in one big property that has small single story houses for all of the familes and a small common stting area with a kitchen where we all hang out. (Its weird, yes, but we love it)
A's wife (T) is a sweetheart and its always been easy with her but ever since H got married and his wife (Q) came into the picture its been weird.
For staters Q talks behind everyone's back. Whoever is not present atm she backbites about them and also makes up fake shit.
Q also has this weird sense of competition. Whatever i have she has to get it. If i get my hair cut she deffo needs a trim ... If i like coffee so does she .. i gave birth boom she is pregnant too..
All this was bearable but she started this weird thing where she would borrow something nd instead of returning it to me i would just find my stuff at random places. i once gave her socks I found them a week later one on the sofa of our common room the other in the garden slightly torn.
It was getting extremely annoying so when i got the chance to teach her a lesson i did.
Maybe im the AH here but i think i did right.
Q had to attend a fancy dinner and everyone coming was going to be wearing a shawl. Q owns no formal shawl so she asked for mine at first i was hesitant but my husband said it would be fine since she knows its expensive.
He was wrong tho.. A week later i see my shawl on the corner table of our common room. I think she thought that she can just put it there and i will collect it own my own... And thats just wrong. I kinda ignored it for another day and it was still there ... Taking matters in my hands i took the shawl and hid it. After another week passed i asked her if i could have my shawl back cz i need to go to this event and it will match my outfit and Q said and i quote "i gave you your shawl the very next day" .. i was shook and angry.. composing myself i calmy said that she never did. T was there when it happened and said she saw the shawl on the corner table of the common room a week ago. I acted oblivious to it and Q said "I put it there so you could take it how would i know its not you who took it i thought u took it since it wasnt there anymore". When i said that this is not how one returns borrowed things Q started throwing a fit saying she gave me the shawl and its my fault that the shawl is missing. I was about done with her spoiled attitude and told her to go find my shawl since it's not only something expensive but also something my mother owned and has been passed down from generations.
T fully supported me and so did my mother in law. All was going smoothly. Q did thorw tantrums and called a few maids thieves but she was finally starting to feel guilty and she still is but my husband found my shawl in my cupboard and asked me why i did what i did .. i told him but he thinks what i did was a bit extreme....
So aita?p
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2023.06.01 23:19 Keltyrr What does it take to get a human on the phone for tech support?

Yes, I know it's all the rage these days for companies to be maliciously disrespectful by making customers talk to a bot that has roughly the same conversational literacy as the four-year-old child of my cousin, but it doesn't work. The customers that end their call with the bot and don't follow through to get actual tech support, bet most of them do it because they can't stand the disrespect of talking to a checklist bot. Not because the problem is solved. Let's be real here. "turn it off and turn it on again" is so ingrained in our mockery of a tech support culture that it's the first step most 7-year-olds go to when their electronic toys don't work.
Then, the bot is so eager for an answer that it starts to ask me a question, gets two words in, then stops. Waits a couple of seconds, and then says my answer was invalid and asks me to repeat my answer. Answer to a question it never finished asking. Why did it stop? Because some gal walked past my apartment window shouting at her kids to get their toys out of the street, and the bot heard that and decided that was my reply. Won't repeat the question when asked either. Won't go backward in its numbskull script, only goes forwards. Won't accept that I have already completed all these steps independently either. Have to keep hanging up and calling back because it gets stuck at a dead end of its script and won't progress, or because it heard a noise like a yelling neighbor or me clearing my throat so it never actually finishes asking me a question but somehow I am supposed to answer that question it never actually asked.
Seriously, I just need help getting my internet fixed and I have likely spent 5 times as long dealing with this disrespectful idiot bot than it will take for someone to resolve the issue.
For the past two days I have had my internet going out repeatedly and frequently. Only a second or three at a time but does it OFTEN. It easily every minute or two. Speeds remain respectable for the most part and ping remains very good, unless I manage to run the speed test at the exact moment of one of those frequent hiccups. Then I can get pings that shoot from 20 to 2500, or the speed test just outright fails entirely. I am sitting here with a google sheet open and seeing the message of lost net several dozen times an hour.
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2023.06.01 23:19 TheJadedCrane If student loans were/are predatory does it not make sense to go after the universities and colleges who benefitted from these predatory loans?

Seizing their assets to pay off student loan holders seems like the natural solution to the issue. Doesn't make sense why the tax payer should foot the bill when universities and colleges have billions worth of assets that could be used instead.
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2023.06.01 23:19 Bradster- Yo can anyone with pc knowledge help?

My h150i has been having problems with the lcd and its been even going back to the gif i used before that one. i didn’t have problems until i switched to the nzxt usb hub. I’ve uninstalled icue multiple times and changed plugs it was using and it still does this. It makes a usb connecting and disconnecting sound every time it turns off. I turned the usb sound off because it’s constant.
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2023.06.01 23:19 the_small_one1826 Kidney???

Does anyone have good resources for understanding MCAT level kidney function? Jack westin is my go to but their explanation didn’t click for me on this topic unfortunately.
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2023.06.01 23:19 dogdogd0g Advice on how not to care

Hi! I have a stable job, and I started before the benefits packet was changed, so that the benefits that I am set to receive when I retire are no longer offered by the state. And they’re great. They are the definition of golden handcuffs. I am really reluctant to leave because I can’t take them with me.
I am good at my job. I am reliable and liked (I think) by those I work directly with. That said, my boss hates me. She only communicates with me when absolutely forced or when I have made a mistake. She’s an executive and I am not. I have been killing myself to make the unit work (I am salary), but have decided that I no longer wish to work 60+ hours a week because they refuse to hire me help.
There’s the context. The rub is that I can’t bring myself to not care. It’s like a reflex, I will work through lunch if needed. I will cover a task if no one else does. I get upset when she unfairly accuses me of mistakes that weren’t made.
I would like advice on how to not care. And please don’t tell me to go to therapy lol I do see a therapist but I’d like some outside perspective that isn’t “ have you thought about why you feel this way “ or “ take a vacation!”. Pls and thank you.
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2023.06.01 23:18 travanda Pelvis Pain - 2.5 years postpartum

I (F/33) gave birth 2.5 years ago, it was a vaginal birth that was very difficult. I was induced, it took 47 hours, the epidural didn’t work, I tore, I hemorrhaged. During the pregnancy I had intense lower back and pelvic pain. It was just a lot.
About 8 months after giving birth I finally started seeing a physical therapist after having nonstop debilitating back pain and intermittent pelvic pain. After months of pelvic floor PT and PT for my back not working - and most days ending in tears and unable to walk - I got imaging done and discovered I had herniated discs. This explained the back pain but apparently does not account for the pelvic pain.
It’s now been 2.5 years, I get injections that do help somewhat with my back pain but no doctor seems to know how to fix the pelvic pain and just recommends more pelvic floor PT. I’m unsure if this will help as I had 4 months of it and it never got better. It’s a pain basically between my vagina/anus and feels like a pinch? Almost like pressure radiating outward consistently below my tailbone. It’s difficult to walk and do anything requiring leg extensions. This pain is off and on and really only gets better by not moving. It happens more when sitting cross legged or on the floor or being active.
Has anyone had pain like this that was resolved by PT? PT was physically and emotionally draining and it would help me go back if I know someone else who had any success.
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