A christmas cookie catastrophe filming location

How The Dick Stole Christmas,Ashlyn Peaks Johnny the Kid Roxie Sinner,Bang Bros

2023.06.06 04:34 sed4718 How The Dick Stole Christmas,Ashlyn Peaks Johnny the Kid Roxie Sinner,Bang Bros

A horny twist of a classic tale. How The Dick Stole Christmas tells the story of a small town called “Hoeville” on Christmas Day. Living in Hoeville is an unfriendly bum who hates Christmas, they called him ‘The Dick’. When the Dick decides to try to score some extra cash by stealing peoples presents, Roxie and Ashlyn decide to show him the true meaning of Christmas, Hoeville style. Beginning with some powerful lesbian sex, turned into a holiday threesome that’ll have you beating your meat and nutting faster than baking a Christmas cookie. Happy holidays from Bang Bros."
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2023.06.06 04:29 PieceVarious Vincent Broadhead, R.I.P.

Couldn't hold myself back any longer. Vincent Broadhead acts as a kind of Parliamentary adjutant in the Brian Donlevy Hammer film, Enemy from Space. Donlevy's Professor Bernard Quatermass discovers that aliens are taking over in a small English locale, but intend to infest the entire world. He gets Broadhead to take him along on a government tour of an industrial plant Quatermass that suspects is being run by the aliens.
During the tour, Broadhead separates from the group and Quatermass goes looking for him. Eerie shots ensue of Quatermass searching the vast plant (filmed at a Shell Oil refinery) but fails locate Broadhead - until he hears an unearthly scream from one of the containment buildings and to his horror sees a slimy, blackened and steaming Broadhead stumbling down an access ladder.
"Don't touch me!" Broadhead yells as his hands leave a tarry, glutinous trail down the building's white paint. In mortal pain he explains to Quatermass that he was inspecting the "synthetic food" assembly line and fell into it. Its chief component is a gnawing acid compound of ammonia (which we later find is the prime element of the alien's native atmosphere). Quatermass gets a bit of the mess on his coat and later on cuts away the patch and submits the sample as evidence.
Broadhead dies and Quatermass makes his escape.
I watched this film on a local TV station after school when I was maybe 10 years old. The "burning Broadhead" scene terrified me and haunts me to this day - I still get a little squeamish whenever I re-watch it.
Its savagery is only matched later in the film when the aliens take a group of humans and use their bodies to block alien-toxic emissions from a pipe that feeds the pressure domes in which millions of aliens are living in a seething mass. Screams are heard, and soon blood is seen dripping from an overhead pipe. Quatermass mutters, "Gentlemen...that pipe has been blocked with a human pulp!"
That scene, too, has haunted me all these years as an example of extreme alien horror. May Quatermass and Hammer Films live in the hearts of all true aficionados of horror.
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2023.06.06 04:22 That_Permission5911 The "Boy" Scouts (and the Feminist takeover of it, it being somehow an "evil" and "misogynistic" institution) [RANT]

I'll jump right in and start from the beginning, but I think you already know where this is headed...

So, I grew up in Kansas, and although the state government grew increasingly republican, the county I lived in was all liberal democratic. At one time I was in the boy scouts. This was early 2010s or so. I personally never went far in it because it was hosted at a church that was far away, I was very socially awkward and never liked social interactions in general, and it was a cub scout group that did primarily boring things like tying the same knots over and over and also listening to hour long presentations about fire safety or whatever. I never really got to go outside but was there for the free food. I believe I was in second grade or maybe third grade, and only even got to go to like 10 meetings or so. My dad took drove me to them and after he left, for military service overseas, my mother just quit paying for it, and never approved of it anyway. She didn't like me hanging out with him.

In fifth grade I moved to another state, where I currently reside, where the government is completely liberal and democratic. The main motivation for the move, I was told, was my mother hated the Kansas Republicans cutting off educational programs and welfare benefits. But I believe the real reason was to keep me away from my father. He was in the same state after returning from service in both Afghanistan and Iraq, and by the time we moved into this state, he had already been assigned away. Fortunately, the reassignment was stonewalled by many completely unpredictable things. This was the year that NATO ISAF became NATO RSM, and OFS became OEF. I believe the changes were initiated by CJTF OIR, after pretending to be successful with UN SCR 2254, which was written as a response to a rising conflict in Syria that resulted from, among other things, al-Qaeda splitting from Daish. Remember that the CJTF is a mechanism for NATO to create operations and carry them out with non-NATO forces. NATO RSM led the effort in OEF, which is a counterterrorism campaign targeted against Daish. None of that matters anymore because a year or two ago, all NATO forces were withdrawn by the Doha agreement.

I suspect the non-NATO forces will be flocking to Syria in the coming months but honestly, I've never been able to keep track of what they've been up to. My mother said my father was away overseas constantly, in Germany, Israel, or someplace random, but I learned that none of it was true. He was at home, and she spun misinformation using the narcissistic technique of hounding him for information over the phone, making him guess about an unpredictable future, and then deliberately ignoring updates whenever a decision was actually made. He was in Hawaii on a cruise ship when I thought he was in Tehran.

The way women manipulate people like my mother did to me here is important for the story on this post. So, keep that in the back of your mind for now.

So as a kid I remember the giant fuss that feminists made over the boy scouts. They said that girls should be allowed to join, and the program should be renamed to just "the scouts". There where little carboard signs everywhere with this bullshit on them, as well as the effort being reported in the local news.

The girl scouts, apparently, is not as fun as the boy scouts. I suppose they don't go outside, go camping, or go on field trips. Instead, they sit around in a classroom and learn cooking and cleaning or whatever. I don't know, I was never a girl scout. It was the fact that boys have so much more fun that was considered misogynistic by the feminists.

So, in many troops now, girls can join. In the cub scouts that I was in, there weren't any girls, as far as I can remember, but the counselors themselves where girls, which I think was unusual, given that men usually do that.

I don't understand why the girl scouts can't just restructure their own program. Allow the girls to have the same fun stuff. There's no reason why they can't do that and stay completely on their own.

Of course, the girl scouts are run by women. These women are in charge and made it lame. They design the whole program, run the whole show, and believe that somehow, their failure is the fault of men and boys.

But it's not our fault. The fault is literally the women with the full power and responsibility over their own schedules. They could easily make any renovations to the girl scouts that they want.

Boys just know how to have more fun. We know how to get along and we're not afraid of actual life, and the great outdoors. But then the women want to infiltrate our group. And change it completely. My cub scouts experience was pretty lame, because these liberal women removed anything that was actually fun. They ruin the girl scouts and now want the same for the boy scouts.

We are not misogynist because we live our lives freely and have more fun. I think we never should have let the girls in, they are so miserable and whiny. The amount of narcissism they have is so insane and crazy to me. They have no right to barge in and change things according to a political agenda. What needs to be done is some self-introspection as to restructure the girl scouts. If they want to stop selling cookies and go camping or swimming or hunting or whatever, then why not let them do it? Why do they have to come over to the other side? We did not design the girl scouts. Women designed the girl scouts. Women ruined it and blamed all the men of the world as if we somehow had any control over what they do. I will not be made to believe that I have any responsibility at all for the fact that the women counselors ruined girl scouts all by themselves.

Also, women should not be in the military. I'm sorry, but it comes down to the biological fact that they are not naturally gifted in the areas that a good solider requires. Number one being the oath of honesty that the military enforces. If my father ever behaved like my mother, straight up lying about his location or his credentials, he would be court-martialed immediately.

Now that I think of it, isn't it strange that feminists have an obsession with tearing down any institution that stands for honor? As if men are not allowed to be honorable? Just a final thought...
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2023.06.06 04:16 MaesterInTraining 40/F/USA, Disney adult, hoarder of inks and fountain pens. Loves LOTR/SW/GOT. Wants to love hiking

Your gender? Don’t care! Age? Roughly same as mine (I’m 40) Location? Anywhere!
About me: I’m a cat mom. Lover of all things Disney, especially the parks. Finding a pen pal that also loves Disney would be fantastic.
I love inks and fountain pens. Books. Taylor Swift. Live music. Cruises.
I have lots of fun inks and I’d love to have someone to write letters with and use the inks. Bills are boring. Real mail is so much fun.
Also love movies (studied film for awhile). Fave is Everything Everywhere All At Once and 2005’s Pride and Prejudice.
I lived in England for awhile so it would be fun to have a pal there, or at least in that area. I speak very little French and Spanish (read even less) but would love to change that!
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2023.06.06 04:07 VegetaArcher New generation fanfic idea

Grown up Number 1 and Number 262 are married and have a little girl named Lilly. She's number 1000 and the leader of sector V. The other members include Number 5 and Number 2's son Ben, Number 3 and Number 4's twins Michael and Korra, and Cree's daughter Eliza. They fight against the Happiest Children From Down The Block. During one fight to get their birthday cookies, Lilly gets captured. She is taken to meet the DCFDTL and Father in an underground location in France. A robot replica is left to fool Sector V and her parents. The real Lilly is tortured and brainwashed to the point that she believes that Father is her guardian and forgets about her parents.
Sector V was fooled but not her parents, especially Number 1. He knew the robot wasn't his baby the moment he looked at her. Suffice to say, him, Number 262 and both sector Vs, the old and the new generation, go on a rampage of rescue and revenge.
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2023.06.06 03:44 antdude Experience Oppenheimer in IMAX 70mm Film at Select Locations for a Limited Time

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2023.06.06 03:44 Ok_Season2396 Help finding this horror movie

I've been trying to locate the title of this movie for the longest and unfortunately I've had no luck anywhere. I'm hoping someone will remember this film.
It starts with a unhappy woman who gets kidnapped. She wakes up in a room naked with other with naked people. They are locked in this room covered with some form of white powdery substance. They don't know why they all were kidnapped, as they at first have nothing in common.
Every so often people dressed in white looking hazmat suits would come in and spray them down with some form liquid. Turns out the white powder was flour. The liquid, I believe, was beer to "soften" their organs. And the room they were in was a large oven under a big restaurant.
They were all chosen because while they all were from different walks of life, they all had one thing in common. No one would go looking for them.
Help me find this title. I really wish to see this movie again.
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2023.06.06 03:44 Massive_Level_7127 How Do Wireless Bluetooth wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones Work?

How Do Wireless Bluetooth wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones Work?
I believe you also have the common experience that when we eat cookies, even if we cover our ears, we can hear the cracking sound of cookies. Or when we scratch our head, we hear the sound of fingers rubbing against our head. This is actually the most common example of bone conduction.The vibration of a cookie or the friction of the head is transmitted through the skull to our inner ear, which helps us to hear sound. This sound transmission method has also been cleverly applied by scientists to wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones, and in the past 2 years, they have become the most popular digital product.

So, what are wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones?

Wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones are headphones that are worn differently from traditional headphones. And their don’t need to tuck earbuds into ears like that common headphones to help sound transmit to the eardrum through the air in the ear canal. They are generally hung on the pinna, so that the sound unit is placed against the temple. And the mechanical vibration signal of the sound unit is transmitted to the auditory nerve of the inner ear through the skull, and finally the sound is heard.
Wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones are actually a new application of mature technology. Because of its high technical maturity, its performance is very stable, and its reliability has been widely recognized. This is also the reason why wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones can become popular so quickly and are recommended by many professionals.

How wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones work?

How can you hear the sound without putting headphones in your ears? Many people have such questions. To understand how wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones work, let’s first understand how humans recognize the sound.
You may think that humans hear sounds with their eardrums, but this is not accurate. The sound we normally hear is vibrations in the air entering the ear and hitting the eardrum causing it to vibrate. Humans perceive the vibration of the eardrum through the cochlea located deep in the ear and transmit this information in the form of sound to the brain to perceive sound. In other words, humans perceive sound through the cochlea. From this perspective, humans hear sound through the cochlea.
Wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones make good use of the above-mentioned mechanism of the cochlea to perceive sound. They apply vibration directly to the facial bones, and the facial bones transmit the vibrations to the cochlea, where the sound is perceived by the cochlea.
We can compare the difference between bone conduction and traditional sound transmission paths to understand more deeply how wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones work.

Bone conduction path: sound wave,cranium,bone labyrinth,inner ear lymph,Spiral organ,auditory nerve,cerebral cortex auditory center.
Traditional sound transmission path (i.e. air conduction path): sound wave,auricle,external auditory canal,eardrum,auditory ossicles,vestibular window,internal and external lymphatics,spiral organs,auditory nerve,cerebral cortex auditory center.
We can see that the sound transmission process of wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones does not need to pass through the eardrum, its sound transmission path is shorter, and it will not damage the eardrum.
So how to choose wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones? I think you need to pay attention to three key points: sound quality, sound leakage reduction and comfort.Here are some excellent headphones recommended to you.

1, Wissonly Hi Runner wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones

Reason for recommendation:
As a veteran electronic product fans, I can responsibly tell you that the Wissonly wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones are true bone conduction, which can protect hearing, so they are recommended by many otologists.
At the same time, Wissonly Hi Runner is also very good in terms of sound quality. It uses a 360 surround vibration unit, which can increase the vibration area by 35% compared with traditional wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones.They reduces the loss during bone conduction sound transmission, and which makes the sound more powerful.
Wissonly Hi Runner wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones are made of memory titanium that can be self-adjusted, which can ensure that the headphones have a good wearing experience and take into account more users.
In terms of functionality, as the flagship model of Wissonly Brand, Wissonly Hi Runner supports IPX8 waterproof level which is higher than the industry standard, and it can be worn in diving. It is equipped with 32G body memory, as well as the latest Bluetooth 5.0. Its product performance and experience have been comprehensively improved, truly making wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones suitable for more life scenarios.

2. Philips A6606 wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones

Reason for recommendation:
This Philips A6606 wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones, with its comfortable silicone surface, is comfortable to wear. It is ergonomically designed, so that it will not fall when it is firmly worn. Its IP67-level depth waterproof standard makes you easy while sweat during daily exercise. This model is equipped with a night run lamp device, and while running at night, it can make cyclists or vehicles notice you. This is a very thoughtful design. It is equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 technology, which has faster transmission distance and lower power consumption than 5.0, but this one can’t be used in swimming.

3.AfterShokz OPENRUN PRO wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones

Reason for recommendation:
Openrun PRO wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones do not need to be plugged into the ear when worn. With minimal impact on the ear canal, they will not harm the ear canal and eardrum. They are also equipped with the newly upgraded PremiumPitch 2.0+ technology, which has a high degree of sound restoration and better sound quality. They also use Bluetooth version 5.0, which improves the stability of Bluetooth connection and brings lower power consumption. But this one does not support MP3 mode.

4.Earsopen PEACE Bone Conduction Headphones

Reason for recommendation:
Earsopen PEACE is a bone conduction headphone with a novel wearing method. It adopts a clip-on design, which has a certain stability in wearing. It can be worn only by clipping it in the ear canal, and it also supports single ear wearing. IPX7 waterproof performance can also be easily competent for waterproof and sweat-proof work. With the charging case, it can complete the daily wear and use of electricity for nearly a week. The only disadvantage is that the price is slightly higher and the charging case area is a bit bulky. If you carry it in a sports field, you will feel a certain weight, and you will feel uncomfortable if you wear it for a long time.

5 Nank Runner CC3 wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones

Reason for recommendation:
Runner CC3 are equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.3 chip. They can achieve stable connection during exercise, and even when you are running in the mountains with poor signal, there will be no disconnection with them.
They are also equipped with MP3 mode with 4G built-in memory, which helps you to enjoy music when the phone is not with you. The Runner CC3 weight 28g, and is compact and very comfortable to wear.
Among the above five bone conduction headphones, Wissonly and Philips are the most worthy of purchase. Because they have the strongest technical accumulation in this field, the sound quality, reducing leakage and comfort of their products are very good. If you consider cost performance, we recommend you to choose Wissonly.
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2023.06.06 03:35 snobbletree6409 Keeping someone comfortable during whole brain radiation? (lung cancer metastatic to the brain)

Hi. My grandma, 65, fell very sick from early November to Christmas of 2022. By Dec 26, she was unable to walk or eat, with no independence whatsoever. That day, we took her to the ER and she was diagnosed with small-cell lung cancer (she smoked for over 50 years) that had metastasized to her liver and many other locations within her torso. She was in the hospital for a few weeks and then a rehab facility until February 1. Following that, she had 4 chemo treatments which ended around the 20th of April. Her health was seemingly fantastic, her personality was back, her hair was growing back, and she was really enjoying life.
Two weeks ago, she started stumbling and veering to the right when she walked. A couple days later, she said her right leg wouldn't work and her face was dropping to one side, paired with slurred speech. Another trip to the ER told us her lung cancer had spread to her brain, with many tumors on the left side of the brain.
Tomorrow, she starts whole brain radiation for 10 M-F days. She is very sick right now despite taking steroids twice a day, daily. She's fallen twice this week by trying to walk unassisted, and she has no energy.
I'm really worried about how the next few weeks will go. I live with my grandma and I have since I was 3 so she's basically been my second mom for 18 years. I really care about her comfort and wellbeing and this is extremely difficult. Does anyone have a similar experience they can share? Do you have tips for helping my grandma feel more comfortable during this situation?
We've never received a prognosis for how long she has left from the doctors during this process so we all feel really uncertain. We just want to make the rest of her life as enjoyable as possible because she has poured so much into us during our lives.
Thank you for reading and for any tips you might have to share.
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2023.06.06 03:29 hclpackaging Beautifully printed magnetic cosmetic gift box for lipstick perfume body care products

Beautifully printed magnetic cosmetic gift box for lipstick perfume body care products
We are custom Beautifully printed magnetic cosmetic gift box for lipstick perfume body care products suppliers and OEM company, Our products include: Wine box, Cosmetic box, Luxury gift box, Christmas gift box, Clothing box, Chocolate box, Watch box, Jewelry box, Clothing box, Folding box, etc. All you want can be customized.
The company is located in Pinghu, which has a rich cultural heritage and is well connected to transportation.
Empty gift box.
For mystery surprise gifts or birthday gift packaging, such as: shoes, cosmetics, flowers, wine, etc.
Material: 2mm thick cardboard. Rigid sturdy gift box with beautiful ribbon.The design features super magnetic buttons and a good seal, making the box easy to open and close repeatedly.
[Email:[email protected]](mailto:Email:[email protected])
Address:183 Jiulong Road, Caoqiao Street, Pinghu City, Zhejiang Province, China
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2023.06.06 03:27 Plane_Low9718 Affiliate Youtube Success – Paul Murphy

Link download: https://bestgraphicai.com/go/affiliate-youtube-success--paul-murphy

Here’s what you’ll get in Affiliate Youtube Success

Section 1
You may find some welcome movies explaining the course and what you will study here. In his videos, he discusses the influence of YouTube. He outlines how consumers conduct product searches in his speech on the "power of 3."
Another video on avoiding negative outcomes uses Richard Branson as an example. Additionally, he contrasts paid and free Facebook traffic as well as Google and Facebook traffic.
Section 2
This lesson walks you through the process of setting up your channel, prepares you mentally, and covers daily chores and objectives.
His discussion on selecting a niche is followed by a source (an already-existing website) with a list of potential niches. then explains where you may locate things on websites like CJ, Offerfault, and Clickbank.
Each of the seven videos lasts an average of five minutes. This information can be found online in a rather generic part.
Section 3
His "magic first page formula" is covered in Module 3, which is a sizable module. speaks about using the Tube Buddy plugin and keyword research in addition to further channel setup.
Other videos on another keyword tool and a discussion about the significance of providing something of worth. He concludes by talking about how to develop a "hook" and how to develop "stunning" thumbnails (using Canva.com). The majority of this information is available in other free tutorials on YouTube, but you will need to look for it.
Section 4
You will learn about funnels and how your customers will move from your YouTube video to an opt-in form, bridge page, affiliate product, and finally to your email sequence in this module.
Section 5
You may learn how to set up links on your videos here, whether it be through a direct link or a landing page, which is advised. He continues with a discussion on funnel integration, the different sorts of funnels to build and why, and how to set up the opt-in page and lead magnets.
How to set it up for maximum conversions is explained in a video on your bridge page. He also has email templates and sample sequences. Also visible are exit pop-ups.
Section 6
This module has 8 videos, the longest of which is under 13 minutes. A evaluation of your channel follows a discussion of your "money videos" in the first video. The topic of Youtube analytics is covered, and you'll learn how to interpret the data to figure out what the metrics are really telling you.
Following are more videos about link statistics & data. You'll discover how to improve your films by including tags and other elements.
PBNs are briefly covered, but he claims that he rarely uses them. Paul likes to keep things under the white hat. Just as a side note, PBNs are great for usage with videos, but you must know how to use them!
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2023.06.06 02:53 Destrae [Trip Report] March 8-24 (Tokyo/Yokohama/Kyoto). 16 day weeb dream vacation - Kingdom Hearts concert, JJK exhibit, so many arcades!

I wasn't going to do a trip write up at all, but I'm planning a return trip in the Fall and I realized some of the things I learned on my first trip might be useful for other people, so here we go! I don't often see post write ups from people who are specifically into rhythm games/ arcades/ anime stuff
Dates: March 8 - 24, 2023 Background: Planned this trip mostly for myself but one of my friends decided to tag along fairly last minute. I had planned to spend the whole trip in Tokyo but the one thing she wanted to do was Kyoto, so we added a side trip + a very pleasant day at a Ryokan. I used Wanderlog to plan (HIGHLY recommend, this site is amazing), and my basic daily itinerary was morning shrine > pick an area to explore and have 1-2 major things per day. The person I was travelling with ended up taking a long ass time to get ready each day, so most of my morning stuff got cut or rearranged. Costs: I will fully admit I did not budget for food/ shopping, 100% vibes. I simply do not acknowledge what I spent
Now on to the super detailed trip report! Here's the big album if you don't want to look through photos separated by day. Warning for flashing video
Day 1 (travel)
Day 2 (Akihabara, photos)
Day 3 (Shibuya & Harajuku, photos)
Day 4 (Asakusa, photos)
Day 5 (Shinjuku & Kabukicho, photos)
Day 6 (Ikebukero & Rippongi, photos)
Day 7 (Yokohama, photos)
Day 8 (Kyoto, photos)
Day 9 (Kyoto, photos)
Day 10 (Kyoto, photos)
Day 11 (Tokyo - Concert, photos)
Day 12 (Ginza & Sumida, photos)
Day 13 (Tokyo - JJK Exhibit, photos - flashing video warning)
Day 14 (Tokyo - TeamLabs Planets & SquareEnix Cafe, photos)
Day 15 (Shinjuku, photos)
Final thoughts (Misc, photos)
Edits for formatting
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2023.06.06 02:51 TomSzabo And It Utterly Broke My Heart

Valid theories as to why Nine Mile Hole was so very special to Forrest Fenn are out there, if one cares to look carefully enough. But nobody yet to my uncertain knowledge has pointed to hints in The Thrill of the Chase or other evidence that explain why Fenn might have been so emotional about his journey to the special place that he cryptically described in the poem. Yes, it was the place he wanted to die, and that alone would be a good enough reason for emotion. Yet the sort of sentimentality that Fenn betrayed about the place – for example when he read the poem out loud – suggests something even deeper and more sorrowful: a sense of loss that is larger than the man himself.
It so happens that there truly is a source of information that reveals why Nine Mile Hole was so sacred to Forrest Fenn: an emotional connection had been forged as a result of dual tragedies. It is contained in poetry masquerading as prose written by Ernest Schwiebert, an expert on flies and flyfishing, in his seminal Nymphs: Stoneflies, Caddisflies, and Other Important Insects including the lesser mayflies, Volume II (2007).
The existence of this text and its importance to the chase was originally revealed by Vertigo, who first shared it on The Hint of Riches forum. Later, Vertigo reposted the excerpt from the Schwiebert text on Medium here along with the other results of his excellent research. All the Vertigo entries are a must read if you want to try walking in the shoes of Forrest Fenn. I won’t repeat that portion of the Schwiebert text previously shared by Vertigo in its entirety although I will include a few of the most relevant excerpts to help tie everything together.
What I want to focus on here is the emotional and motivational parts of the tragic story that Schwiebert eloquently told in the paragraphs that Vertigo did not quote. This material is critical in my opinion to understanding the importance of Nine Mile Hole and what happened there to make it the place where Fenn wanted to die.
To summarize, the fires that devastated Yellowstone in 1988 were in part the result of government mismanagement of forest fires on Federal land, much of which was due to political games (e.g. to discredit members of the other political party). These fires created havoc and destruction in the Madison watershed and its fisheries that went largely unacknowledged by environmentalists and the public at large. Only those who had fished those flywaters in the decades before the fires could truly understand the extent of the negative impact on the river and its riparian ecosystem.
Among other casualties, the brown trout hideout at the famous Nine Mile Hole was spoiled, and the spring-fed pond secreted in the woods nearby was literally wiped off the map. Its crystal clear waters – a quarter mile up a cold rivulet from the legendary hole on the Madison – had once rewarded the most tenacious Brown with the perfect spot to spawn. Now there was only brown sludge in its place. To someone who had intimately known Nine Mile Hole, its matronly crystalline pond, or any other riverine wonder of the Madison watershed in Yellowstone, it was enough to utterly break their heart.
Forrest Fenn's feelings about the ordeal were very much in the same vein as those expressed by Ernest Schwiebert. The difference was that the latter man did not need to keep a secret and therefore could lay bare his emotional injuries.
Indeed, the 1988 fires must have devastated Fenn similarly if not more so. But this grand tragedy was not quite as catastrophic to him as being diagnosed with cancer and given slim odds of surviving it. The year 1988 was not particularly kind to the man.
Fortunately, the forests and rivers of Yellowstone always seem to recover from the worst tribulations that nature could manage to throw at them, and so did Fenn. But not without a profound impact. The battle for survival and the scars left behind had connected Fenn to his special place at a level so primal and emotionally raw that it was almost umbilical. How could there ever be another consideration when it came to the somber task of choosing the place to take his last breath?
And then came the FBI raids in 2009. The Feds had had a hand in destroying his Shangri-La in Yellowstone in 1988, and now it seemed they wanted to finish robbing him of treasure while desecrating his reputation and castle in Santa Fe.
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, he said to himself through sublime gritted teeth and with a resolve that only the gravely aggrieved can muster. I'm going to carry out my plan. In Yellowstone Park, damn the consequences!
The following is taken from Nymphs: Volume II, starting on page 237. Unless noted otherwise, boldface is mine for emphasis.
I note that Vertigo excluded an important portion of the first paragraph of the story so I will re-quote this paragraph in its entirety. He then faithfully reproduced the next 7 paragraphs, which I won't repeat but will highlight a few excerpts. See Vertigo's Medium post for the full text of the 7 paragraphs, or "DYODD" and buy the book.
Schwiebert's account contains several additonal paragraphs beyond the 7 quoted by Vertigo that are just as important in my opinion, plus there is a footnote that helps enormously to shed light on things. I quote these in their entirety as fair use in order to support the theory being advanced in this entry.
But the entire Yellowstone was ravaged by a series of wildfires in the drought of 1992, and one of the worst of these fires had crossed into the park from Bridger National Forest in Wyoming, just north of Grand Teton National Park.6 The great lodgepole forests of the Bechler and Firehole watersheds had become a tinderbox, and vast acreages of primeval timber were surrendered to the fire. Magnificent stands were transformed into fire-blackened cemeteries of snags. Entire mountainsides were utterly scorched as steep timber-filled ravines became incandescent chimneys filled with fire. Slopes of unstable volcanic soils were stripped of their trees and rendered vulnerable to the erosive impacts of winds, rains, and melting snowpacks. Frightening shrouds of talcum-fine soil and ash were carried aloft as storms worked across the Yellowstone Plateau. Gullies were quickly cut into unstable hillsides, and large alluvial fans of gritty clay and ash were formed at many places along the Madison, Gibbon, and Firehole. Such fans were visible immediately below Seven Mile Bridge on the Madison, and there was much worse damage at its famous Nine-Mile Hole, which had been the most popular pool.
Schwiebert makes an error here: the great drought and fires were actually in 1988 as he correctly states in Footnote 6; see near the end of this post.
The next 7 paragraphs are faithfully reproduced in full by Vertigo … I highlight a few key lines. Following this, I start to quote the paragraphs that are excluded from Vertigo's work.
Nine-Mile lay just below the highway, in a beautiful corridor of primeval lodgepoles and ponderosas …
It was a striking place with secrets. There was a crystalline springhead pond across the water, about a quarter mile beyond the river, and completely hidden behind a dense screen of intervening conifers.
Large brown trout were known to enter this minor lodgepole tributary in October to mate and lay their eggs …
I once caught a good fish in the little pond itself … a handsome five-pound hen that had apparently spawned and wintered, and then elected to stay.
The cold spillages of the crystalline creek entered the river in the uppermost shallows at Nine-Mile …
It was a spring-hole worth knowing. Large trout often gathered there in hot weather, basking in its cool temperatures where the ledge rock shelved off into a secret pocket. I could usually count on at least one good fish there, because most anglers simply fished the primary currents of Nine-Mile without covering the pocket below its aquatic weeds.
The fate of Nine-Mile, however, was a terrible surprise.
Compare to page 141 in TToTC with the following words bolded and in red: "Cancer is a terrible word." Boldfaced and redlined text is used within the memoir in only four places, twice in reference to cancer and twice to suggest a warning that something is scalding hot: "DO NOT TOUCH!". The reason for this editorial oddity should be obvious: red for fire, and the red boldface connects cancer to fire.
The fish-filled secret below the weeds was smothered with silt and trash, and the spring-hole itself was gone. I became curious about the fate of the forest pond, and forded the river to inspect it. Dour rivulets of slurry came spilling through the trees, and I was astonished when I reached the tarn.
Its crystalline shallows were completely filled with slurry and trash. A tiny paradise had been destroyed. The outlet was clogged with refuse and silt, and the barrage of trash had raised the water in the lake until its overflows were forced into several braided channels farther downstream. No trout could ascend such gritty rivulets to spawn, and no freshly hatched juveniles would use its spatterdock riches to reach smolting size. Nine-Mile itself had been irrevocably changed, and after dutifully suiting up, I found myself angry and unable to fish.
Compare to "There'll be no paddle up your creek, Just heavy loads and water high."
Consider why Schwiebert was "angry": the full extent of the devastation was perhaps preventable if Forest Service management had actually cared about the ecosystem within their purview instead of trying to score political points.
Schwiebert continues the story as follows, not quoted by Vertigo.
Some ecologists have argued that postfire impacts have largely proved beneficial because natural lightning-strike fires are obviously implicit in our natural forest ecosystems. The science of such truths remains clear. Lodgepole cones do not surrender their seeds without exposure to hot temperatures associated with natural fires, and the argument that ancestral fires have played a substantial role in the ecological history of such forests is sound.
Such apologists further contend that once-dangerous thickets of deadfalls and dry tinder in these lodgepole forests had healthily been purged, and argued that these Yellowstone fires had cleansed its historic forests. The new grasslands created were alleged to have improved bison and elk habitat because both are grazing species, but both bison and elk lacked major predators then and had become much too plentiful before the fires. The ecosystem did not need more bison and elk. Other apologists waxed poetic about the beneficial impacts of the fires on avifauna and their prey within the boundaries of the Yellowstone, but none mentioned their horrendous impact on the famous Yellowstone trout streams.
Some fishing writers have written pieces echoing the doubtful thesis that everything had been improved through the purging of the fires, and that the fishing had also been helped. One reported unusual numbers of larger fish in the Firehole. This was irresponsibly wishful conjecture on the part of observers who lacked a fifty-year perspective on the Yellowstone and its fisheries, and were not competent to pass such judgment. The truth is much less felicitous. Several key tributaries had become so choked with postfire sedimentation, ash, and charred debris that their fish, including large trout that had never seen anglers, had been displaced from their headwaters to find refuge in the Firehole itself.
Such fish were not a happy portent.
Compare the above paragraphs to Fenn on page 141 of TToTC where he follows up the redlined and bolded "Cancer is a terrible word" with "The disease it defines represents nature in its most repellent form."
Fires also ravaged the hillsides along the lower Gibbon. Steeper slopes had quickly eroded, forming labyrinthine networks of raw gullies and wounds leaving the narrow highway below Gibbon Falls buried under great alluvial fans of mud, gritty precipitates, and trash. Heavy equipment had cleared the right-of-way, leaving great windrows of marl in many places, and the Gibbon became choked with waist-deep strata of raw sediments and ash. The great beauty of the box canyon below the Gibbon Falls had been charred and scarified by fire, leaving a river littered with postfire trash and mud winding through cemeteries of charred lodgepoles. I did not attempt to fish, and decided to investigate the fire damage along the Firehole.
The fires had decimated its remarkable lodgepole forests in many places between the Cascades of the Firehole and the Fountain Flats above Nez Perce Creek. I turned south on the old freight road toward Ojo Caliente, and found more fire damage there, but worse burns had overwhelmed the shores of Goose Lake. Its trees had been killed in fires of such temperature and intensity that their fire-seared trunks looked like they had been coated with shiny black lacquer. Fire had smoldered in the great mattresses of dead needles that once carpeted the entire forest floor, and when I used a tire iron to root deep into the burned earth, I found that fire had festered into its thick mattresses of pine needles to depths of eight and ten inches. Goose Lake was now encircled with skeletal lodgepoles that had been killed and charred by fire, although damselflies were still emerging from its shallow margins, swimming ashore to climb the blackened deadfalls and split their nymphal skins.
The scars were much worse beyond the lake.
Compare to cancer as above and to the poem words "Tarry scant": the word tarry could also mean covered by tar in addition to its more common interpretation of delay.
I reached the river and simply sat in the car, staring at its crippled forests with tears in my eyes, remembering the circling seasons I had enjoyed in these uncommon meadows. There were decades of happy memories from this place. I had shared a number of wonderful picnics at Feather Lake with old friends like the late John Hemingway, the late John Daniel Callaghan, and Bud Lilly. I particularly remember awakening from a post-lunch nap on the lodgepole bench at Feather to find Hemingway looking upstream toward the geyser plumes at Midway.
"Know what's wrong with this place?" Hemingway said with a sigh.
"No," I confessed.
"We don't own it," he said.
The narrow trace and cul-de-sac were no longer sheltered in a theatrical corridor of lodgepoles and big ponderosas, and a place of remarkable beauty had been utterly sacrificed and lost. The Firehole still flowed under the fire-blackened bench, a glittering necklace of bright water, with great billows of steam still rising from the geyser basin upstream. I had shared this place with a long parade of people across more than fifty years, and the morning was filled with echoes. I left the car and was surprised by the silence. There were no birds, no brash camp robbers arrived to beg for table scraps, and no skittish chipmunks scuttled across the forest floor. There was nothing for buzzards to scavenge, and no voles to interest circling hawks. The pale September sky was empty. Wind stirred in the blackened snags, which groaned and creaked. The meadow had offered some remarkable sport over the years, and I had hoped to fish, but there was no thought of fishing now.
I drove slowly back along the washboard trace toward Ojo Caliente, through its fire-scarred mausoleum of trees, as a big storm was starting to gather and build along the Pitchstone Ridge. Its conifers had also been ravaged as the wildfires crossed into the Firehole watershed, leaving its summits a raw wasteland of charred earth and gritty ash. The sun had quickly surrendered to an ominous gunmetal sky, and as the storm finally broke along its battlements, immense clouds of loose soil and ash billowed high into the darkening gloom. Such spiraling squalls of silt and windmilling ash would eventually reach the little Firehole itself, and further despoil its hyaline currents. I suddenly understood how profoundly its watershed had been changed.
And it utterly broke my heart.
Footnote 6 on page 735 is revealing. It reads:
There is much credible evidence that these fires had begun outside Yellowstone Park, in the Absaroka headwaters of the Yellowstone in the Shoshone National Forest, and in the Teton National Forest north of Jackson Hole. The fires were fought on national forest tracts, but firefighters were withdrawn once the fires entered the national park itself. The fires were permitted to burn inside the national park for short-term political purposes, because 1988 was an election year. Our natural-fire policy had actually emerged under Presidents Nixon and Ford, and was based on sound forest science, but its application became a regional political issue when both Nathaniel Pryor Reed and Cecil Andrus refused to extinguish a number of controversial fires on federal land. Political opponents fought the Yellowstone fires aggressively outside the national park because the blazes had apparently begun in campfires and lightning strikes on the national forests. Firefighters had been deployed while these fires were still burning on tracts of commercial saw timber, but were stopped once the fires had crossed into Yellowstone. Some of the worst damage occurred on the Firehole and Thoroughfare, and these fires were not fought until they threatened park installations at Canyon and Fishing Bridge, and the historic art sauvage hotel located at Old Faithful. Andrus was no longer Secretary of the Interior when I met him, but during an interview in his office at Boise, I sought his opinion of the Yellowstone fires. Andrus still believed that the bipartisan natural-fire policy had been supported by good science, and pointed out that more than twenty petrified forests within park boundaries suggest that Yellowstone had survived worse destruction, although that perspective is little comfort to anglers who will never again enjoy the pristine Madison and Firehole of recent memory. He agreed that Yellowstone itself was not large enough to protect its aggregate ecosystem, and further conceded that a zealotry that had continued to advocate natural-fire policy in the worst drought summer in recorded history had perhaps been unwise. But he shook his head over the political tactics of appointees in the Forest Service, who had protected tracts of commercial saw timber while later permitting the Yellowstone itself to burn, and had further attempted to discredit the Carter Administration during the election of 1980.
From TToTC page 26: "One day my father gave me a spanking at school for running across some stupid desks, then that night he gave me a spanking at home because I got a spanking at school. The more I thought about that the more I felt put upon. When I explained to him that I'd been double jeopardized he told me that those things didn't count in a dictatorship. That's when I started to mistrust governments."
From TToTC page 147: "Now I feel that my father is sitting on the edge of a cloud somewhere watching. If he knows everything about me he's pretty busy lighting candles, some of them on both ends. But I hope he knows that I've been sometimes guilty only by innuendo, and that's why I wrote my epitaph with such profundity: I wish I could have lived to do, the things I was attributed to."
In 2009, the FBI raided Fenn and several other art dealers – and alleged looters – of Native American artifacts in the Southwest. The raid resulted in the confiscation of just four items from Fenn (none of which could be proven as having been obtained by him illicitly).
This was more than just a nuisance … Fenn's reputation had been impugned and two other dealers who were arrested after the raids committed suicide. These guys were likely people he knew or may have even been his friends. A third man arrested in the case also committed suicide; he was a government informant who essentially helped the federal agents entrap the Four Corners dealers.
Fenn was supposedly very angry and threatened Tony Dokoupil with legal action when the reporter spoke with old "pothunting" acquaintances and revealed some unsavory information about Fenn's artifact-collecting past, for example: "... Fenn wasn't just taking a treasure or two but returning to caves and stripping them clean …" In the end, the publicity of appearing in Newsweek magazine at such an early stage in the treasure hunt must have overridden Fenn's desire to keep some of those things that he "was attributed to" under wraps.
The FBI raids – based on purchases of artifacts by a government informant using government money to entice dealers to specifically sell him contraband, and which were conducted by multi-agency SWAT teams – were highly controversial for many locals. No doubt Fenn was pissed off at the Feds more than ever at that point. Despite the epitaph he wrote for himself, he certainly did not want to be remembered as "the old guy in Santa Fe raided by the FBI".
Less than a year later, he published his memoir with its treasure hunt poem. Little chance the timing was just a coincidence.
Finally, does anybody find it intriguing that Fenn rarely if ever talked about the 1988 fire in Yellowstone? It happened the same year he got cancer (or did it?), and he talked plenty about that personal ordeal. The fire and its aftereffects utterly destroyed some of his most cherished places where he had fished for trout and melded with nature since he was a young boy, including his (probably) favorite fishing hole at TOP SECRET "Nine-Mile" and not to mention the magical wood on the far bank of the river with its secluded crystal pond to which he would have gone alone and sat under pine trees, napping, daydreaming, watching wildlife, marveling at the mountain and river vistas, and writing poems or love notes to his wife. Yet not a peep from him about the conflagration that ravaged all of that? Curious.
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2023.06.06 02:50 demfrecklestho [2] June 5: Outaouais-Eastern Ontario (5 min timer)

Today's map: Outaouais-Eastern Ontario by Billi-Michaud (★★ / 1k+)

Link to the challenge here Deadline: June 7, 12.50 am UTC (June 6, 8.50 pm in Eastern Ontario and Outaouais)
Hello! Today I drew a regional map from Canada. It features an area at the border between Ontario and Québec: on one side, we have Eastern Ontario, the easternmost part of Canada's most populous province- the chunk of province where national capital Ottawa is located alongside cities such as Kingston and Pembroke; on the other side, Outaouais is the region of western Québec across the Ottawa River from the capital, centered on the city of Gatineau. No photospheres, good luck!
There were five perfect scores in yesterday's Madrid map- well done to daniblonds, fbrasseur, giorgeauws_, MDspaceman and solarsensei. With this result, the latter clinched the weekly classification and is now also the lone leader in the June rankings.
always remember to post your score in this thread if you want it to count towards the leaderboards!
Weekly leaderboard (May 29 - June 4)
solarsensei 5 1 0
giorgeauws_ 3 2 1
fbrasseur 3 1 0
MDspaceman 3 0 1
gobluetwo 2 1 1
Milyly 2 0 0
ParticularAirport217 1 1 1
exohugh 1 1 0
daniblonds 1 0 0
Davey1473 1 0 0
GeoFogg 1 0 0
rtlewis123 0 0 1
Monthly leaderboard (June)
solarsensei 3 0 0
giorgeauws_ 2 1 1
MDspaceman 2 0 0
Milyly 2 0 0
ParticularAirport217 1 1 1
fbrasseur 1 1 0
gobluetwo 1 1 0
daniblonds 1 0 0
Recent winners
May 29 South Carolina solarsensei 24312
May 30 Costa Coffee's Davey1473, fbrasseur, GeoFogg, giorgeauws_, gobluetwo, MDspaceman, solarsensei 25000
May 31 Japan Toyama 富山県 NIIKAWA 新川広域圏 exohugh, fbrasseur 25000
June 1 Province du Luxembourg [Belgique/Belgium] Milyly 25000
June 2 An Urban World Nick Edition giorgeauws_, gobluetwo, solarsensei 25000
June 3 American Horror Story Filming Locations MDspaceman, Milyly, ParticularAirport217, solarsensei 25000
June 4 Comunidad de Madrid daniblonds, fbrasseur, giorgeauws_, MDspaceman, solarsensei 25000
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2023.06.06 02:49 darkest-fluid [Online] [5e] [CDT] [LGBTQIA+] [18+] [RP-Heavy] 42 y/o NB Writer Seeks Friendly, Mature, Inclusive Campaign

Hello there! My name is Ariel. I’m 42, queepan and nonbinary (they/them,) and am seeking an older or mixed group that’s queer and trans friendly. I’m a writer with an academic background in film and media studies, so narrative storytelling is one of my great loves. I put a lot of work into designing my characters and making them feel like real, complex human beings (or human-adjacent, as the case may be.) Typically I will design them with an eye towards conceptual symbolism, because I love to play with subtext and semiotics.
As a player, I strive to be kind, thoughtful, respectful and engaged. I care a great deal about the boundaries and agency of my fellow players and DM, and would expect the same consideration in return. A campaign that uses safety tools, such as lines and veils or a consent checklist, is always a huge plus for me. I personally prefer darker and more serious campaigns where roleplay is prioritized and realistic choices (and consequences) are encouraged. I don’t have too many limits when it comes to content, but I do ask that my DM (and fellow players) be mindful of the manner in which things are portrayed. Sensitive topics can either add valuable nuance and catharsis to a story, or come off as cringy and offensive, depending on the subtext and skill with which they are handled.
I’ve been playing and DMing 5e pretty consistently for a couple of years now, and would consider myself comfortable with the system, though not yet an expert. I love to RP, and I love the process of gradually getting to know the other characters in the party. I love the way characters grow and change over time, revealing more and more of themselves through the course of the campaign. I love having a DM who makes space for RP and is just as enthusiastic about our characters as we are. I love being a part of a group that values cooperative storytelling; where everyone brings their own unique narrative thread to the campaign, but no one is trying to tell their story in isolation. Ideally, by engaging with and building off of each other, we would weave our stories together into a kind of living, breathing tapestry.
I’m located in CDT (GMT-5.) I currently DM a game of Call of the Netherdeep on Fridays, and Thursdays are a bit iffy for me, but every other evening is potentially available. An ideal session length for me would be 3-4 hours.
I am most interested in playing the following:
-Curse of Strahd (first choice)
-Rime of the Frostmaiden
-Waterdeep: Dragon Heist
-Journeys through the Radiant Citadel
-Tomb of Annihilation
-The Wild Beyond the Witchlight (I have DMed this previously)
-Narrative based Homebrew games (especially if they’re set in Exandria, Ravenloft or a well-developed homebrew setting.)
I understand that the odds are not in my favor in terms of finding a campaign this way, but I figured I’d give it a shot. I personally believe that no RP is better than bad RP, so I will only consider groups that genuinely feel like a good fit.
If you’re a DM who thinks I might be a good addition to your table, I’d love to hear from you! I’d be happy to fill out an application or answer any additional questions you might have.
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2023.06.06 02:34 emilyheartsyou53 29 [F4M] Baltimore Maryland - Saying hello!

29 [F4M] Baltimore Maryland - Saying hello!
Hi there I’m Emily. I’m 100% childfree past, present, and future! I’m looking for romantic connections in the Baltimore, Maryland, and possibly DC areas. That’s not to say I’d love to be friends first but I like people who are aware of and upfront about their dating intentions. In general, I have a goal of finding a compatible life partner but I’m in no hurry to rush things or settle!
A bit about me:
I live and work full-time in Baltimore and see myself here for the foreseeable future. I love Baltimore, the Charm City nickname is definitely well-earned! While I’m deeply independent and self-sufficient, I have a small support network of friends and family whom I love deeply. I’m a big visual art appreciator. I worked in art museums for a few years, I majored in Art History, I love being an art critic, and I have a tiny growing collection of all kinds of art from professional to custom to folk. An extension of that is I love having conversations about media analysis/criticism - film, books, internet culture, whatever. Like most, I love to travel and just spent three weeks all around Japan this May. I recently graduated with my Master's degree and the trip was a gift to myself. Portugal, Montenegro, and China (Chongqing!!) are all my top next destinations but nothing planned yet. One random thing about me that probably has significant bearing on finding a partner - I’m not an animal or pet person. I know the childfree community loves their pets and I appreciate their cuteness but by the same logic of valuing my money, free time, and spontaneity, I don’t see myself ever wanting a pet! I’m a nerd-culture toe dipper, I like anime and video games - always looking for recs. Lastly, to tick the social boxes: left-leaning, atheist, occasional drinker, and not a 420 user but rather a 1-2 times a year psychedelic user. I don’t make drugs/alc my personality - rather just enjoy rare special occasions to responsibly indulge and all the more fun to do it with a trusted partner.
What I’m looking for:
Kindness number one. Someone my age or older up to 37. Located in Baltimore or Maryland area. I’m not totally opposed to LDR but would only consider it if there’s a plausible pathway to eventual relocation on your end (e.g. you work remote, you’re already considering moving, etc.). What’s important to me is sharing world views and outlooks so that we have a common ground understanding of what an ideal and healthy partnership looks like. And I think finding that common ground comes with time and getting to know someone so I can’t make a checklist of what a healthy relationship is. But to me, a partnership is one where you can both emotionally support and feel supported by one another, have someone to bounce your crazy (and maybe even indulge in) life ideas off of, and have great physical intimacy with. I consider myself emotionally mature and a decent communicator and would hope for the same.
So message/chat me if any of this resonated with you! Thanks for reading and wishing all cf4cf users the best with finding what they’re looking for!




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2023.06.06 02:17 frank11979 Story Told to Me from Deceased Grandmother. Written as an email draft to send to Senator Gillibrand. SORRY FOR THE LONG READ.

To Whom it may concern, With the amount of disclosure and whistle blowing going on I feel compelled to share information as it was shared to be from my Grandmother before she passed away. NAME REMOVED (MJP) was my grandmother and served as a GS13 Civilian Employee with the Air Force at Wright Patterson Airforce Base. She referred to herself as The Author of the Air Force Inventory Control System. Her initials MJP appeared on every line of code that she either wrote or approved which was later discovered to be nearly 70% of all the COBOL code in the system. Her status and position within the Inventory Control System gave her access to many top secret details including Nuclear Arms Details, Aircraft Capabilities, Base Locations, etc... She once recounted a story during the Vietnam war about a plane that went missing that was carrying Nuclear Warheads. The entire pentagon (as she recalled) was worried because the plane was lost and they were worried that the technology could fall into the wrong hands. She was watching a nation news update on the war and they were reporting from a runway in Vietnam. The reporter was talking about how the rains had created so much mud that planes could no longer take off and they were stuck. In the background she noticed the tail number of the missing aircraft sitting there in a background shot of the camera and picked up the phone and called the Pentagon from her home phone. She was connected to the appropriate General and told him that she found thier missing plane and that the pilots were probably drunk somewhere not realizing that everyone is looking for them. (This is not the story I am wanting to share but rather an attempt to establish credibility and the status of my Grandmother within the Air Force). When I was 16 years old I spent a summer living with my grandmother. I lived there for just under 90 days, it was only the 2 of us. I spent many days board and besides trying to learn to play her organ and talking to my girlfriend long distance on the phone, I had lots of time to kill. While looking for movies I found a box of home recorded VCR tapes that were all about UFOs. I asked my Grandmother why she had all these recording and she told me that she was very interested in what people were reporting about UFO and she would try to record most of what she saw on TV on the topic. I asked her if there was anything interesting and she replied that she thought it was all interesting that's why she recorded it. I spent many hours watching through her box of recordings and eventually watched one about all the weird coincidences about Wright Patterson Airforce Base. Because I knew she worked there I asked her about it. Besides saying that there were always rumors that there were hidden "Layers" on the base and that she always remembered that tons of civilians worked on the base and that no one really knew what everyone doing (herself included). She recalled (just as the VCR Recording had just discussed) that there were rumors that companies were taking items off the base to research them. She talked about how her inventory had every asset the Air Force had and she had detailed information and that she struggled to see how people could remove items without her knowing, but she did know that there were secrets. She had some items in the inventory that had no additional information and just serial numbers. Those items most of the time would have locations associated with it, but they would move at times from base to base without proper transport information. When my uncle died many years later I went to her home for the funeral. During that time period I was asked to spend a day with her while everyone else worked out the funeral details. She was deep in thought as you can imagine after loosing a son and she began to tell me her life story. I'll skip to the Air Force Part. She started as a secretary but had very high eval scores and she would volunteer for any special project when they asked for her help. The first special project was to help standardize an inventory system for the punch cards that were being used in the mid 50s, shortly after they switched to magnetic reel and needed a new inventory system for that as well. Additionally they would receive computer updates on the telegraph machine. Not Morse Code but instead binary. They had an evaluation with the secretaries on accuracy of transferring the print outs of the telegraph binary into the computing machines. She was selected as one of the girls that would take the print outs and re input them into the computers. She realized that it was faster and more accurate to transfer the code if she read it like we read English and then just retype the English back into binary into the system. Worked like a charm. She was reading binary on a daily basis in the same way that anyone else would read the New York Times. Most of what she was reading was computer nonsense but the translation into letters made her very fast and accurate. She eventually became the head of computer storage inventory cataloguing all the reels and storing them in storage facilities. When the Air Force decided to turn their entire inventory into a digital system instead of a paper system she was selected with several other women to learn COBOL, a new computing language. After all the women were taught the new language her scores were the highest plus she already had experience in leading during the inventory management work she was already doing so they chose her to be the team lead. Her and that group of women would go on to write the first digital database for the Air Force. Their daily code would be sent out a night to 2 other bases (California and Virginia I believe) and those bases would build simultaneous software databases that later would receive nightly transmissions to keep them up to date with each other. She said that no one knew the Air Force inventory like her. She would be the one that pulled the data from the database and send it to the Pentagon for all the updates. She shared a funny story about how when Nixon was giving a State of the Union address he was giving an update about the Vietnam war and he started feeding false information. The Air Force losses were way higher then what he stated and she jumped up and started screaming and the TV that he was a lier, because she created the report for the president and she new what the real number were. Then after awhile she couldn't figure out who was lying. Was it the President? Or was it someone between her and the President? She went on to say that she new that there were secret bases and that there were item in inventory that someone was hiding what the items actually were. She couldn't understand that if she knew exactly how many nuclear bombs the Air Force had and exactly where they were located then what would they need to keep more secret then that. She suspected that it was aliens. There were rumors all over the base that the military had aliens and alien technology. That the loads of civilians on the base were working to crack the code on alien technology so that humans could use it, but she never had proof. On 2 different occasions she was asked to go to a private briefing room at Wright Patt. These were two different rooms in two different locations. The first time, the room had a wall filled with "Televisions" but they were the biggest Televisions she had ever seen. This was in the 60s and she had never experienced anything like it. They were also in Color. She noticed that the wall did not seem thick enough to hold all these TVs but that she was positive it was not a projector. Another time she went into a room and the briefing started on what can best be described as a white board. She said they often used chalk boards and she was very familiar with what a chalk board looked like. This one was different. For starters it wasn't the typical color of a chalk board and it didn't make the right noise when the person was writing. Later the instructor flipped over the board and said that they were going to watch a film. The other side of the board played a movie like she was at the theater. She looked around for a projector or at least the light of the lens and she couldn't find one. In the Late 90s when she got her first LCD TV she knew she had seem something like it before and couldn't believe that she now had alien technology in her house. While she was coding she had a routine. She would write code for 15 minutes then get up from her desk, light a cigarette and walk to the breakroom to refill her coffee. She would then take a lap and go back to her desk all of that took her about 10 minutes. She was in the breakroom so much that she got to know everyone in the building. She also told me that she was a lonely woman (her husband had died) and she secretly wished that one of the men would show interest in her, but she said no one did. This is the point of the story and I am missing a detail that I wish I remembered but I don't. One day she was in the breakroom one of her friends from the base was there and had a look on her face like something was terribly wrong. My Grandmother said that when you work for the government you learn to never ask questions, but the woman just looked offaul and maybe her mother had died or something and so my grandmother asked it she was okay. The Woman told my grandmother "Don't you know Jeanie (her nickname), The last one died today." My Grandmother said she kept on her poker face but had no idea what the woman was talking about. The woman continue "It's okay Jeanie we can talk about it. I know who you are, I know your clearance, I know that nothing happens here that you aren't aware of. The last alien died today. We have so much more that we want to learn." My Grandmother just sipped her coffee and said "I haden't heard." Then walked out the door. She went on to say that she was too scared to ever talk about it. She gave me the exact date of the conversation but I have sadly forgotten the date. She stated that after that she feared for her life. She didn't know how many more secrets she could keep. The government was constantly asking her to give them information and then doing coverups. This was during the Vietnam war and everything was very stressful. The stress was killing her and she started to develop ulcers. The ulcers eventually became chronic and she was forced into disability in 1976. She said that she learned to never trust what the government wants us to believe and that aliens are real. She also said she believed that companies were using alien technology to make all the advancements that we have now. She then pointed to items in her house like her TV and her laptop and said we couldn't have done all this without help. I know this is just a story but it's a true story from my life.
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2023.06.06 02:02 GorgeousCreamscicle Sometimes I don’t feel good enough

I (34F) have so many insecurities that I battle on a daily basis. My first high school boyfriend was very VERY emotionally and physically abusive towards me. Being so young and naive, I didn’t know any better- I thought “it’ll get better”, “I’ll act how he wants and I won’t be hit or I won’t be told I’m ugly”. I remember one day I helped his family string up Christmas lights and where his bedroom window was located, it was easy to get on the roof and put the lights. As he was directing me, he got angry that I wasn’t doing exactly what he wanted so he came up, out the window, grabbed and yanked me so hard that he sprained my wrist. Eventually with the help of my best friends, I got out and I’m better for it.
Fast forward yearssss later, I’m getting out of a marriage that made me so unhappy and I started seeing someone who is completely different in every way possible. The feelings are different, the connection and communication are different. We just click and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. He’s a wonderful man, inside and out. He’s hardworking, dedicated and I swear I question everyday why someone like him would ever in this real world want to be with me. I’m lucky to have such a thoughtful man in my life. So much so I’m scared to think of what life would be like without him.
Now I’ve known this man for 14 years, he’s been in my life all this time and I HATE that he was right there in front of me and I was too blind to see. Touching on my insecurities again, they are a battle which he’s helped me through tremendously. He doesn’t know everything about my past, including my first boyfriend. I’m grateful for him putting in the effort to help me feel good about myself mentally and physically but even while I’m with him, I just don’t feel good enough for him. I don’t feel deserving of a man like him and I don’t know how to get past that.
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2023.06.06 01:46 rrmdp 📢 CoinList is hiring a Senior Software Engineer!

Company: CoinList
Location: Afghanistan Albania Algeria American Samoa Andorra Angola Antarctica Armenia Australia Austria Azerbaijan Bahrain Bangladesh Belarus Belgium Benin Bhutan Bosnia and Herzegovina Botswana Bouvet Island British Indian Ocean Territory Brunei Darussalam Bulgaria Burkina Faso Burundi Cabo Verde Cambodia Cameroon Central African Republic Chad China Christmas Island Cocos (Keeling) Islands Comoros Congo Congo, The Democratic Republic of the Cook Islands Croatia Curaçao Cyprus Czechia Côte d'Ivoire Denmark Djibouti Egypt Equatorial Guinea Eritrea Estonia Eswatini Ethiopia Faroe Islands Fiji Finland France French Guiana French Polynesia French Southern Territories Gabon Gambia Georgia Germany Ghana Gibraltar Greece Greenland Guadeloupe Guam Guernsey Guinea Guinea-Bissau Heard Island and McDonald Islands Holy See (Vatican City State) Hong Kong Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Iran Iraq Ireland Isle of Man Israel Italy Japan Jersey Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya Kiribati Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Lao People's Democratic Republic Latvia Lebanon Lesotho Liberia Libya Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Macao Madagascar Malawi Malaysia Maldives Mali Malta Marshall Islands Martinique Mauritania Mauritius Mayotte Micronesia, Federated States of Moldova Monaco Mongolia Montenegro Morocco Mozambique Myanmar Namibia Nauru Nepal Netherlands New Caledonia New Zealand Niger Nigeria Niue Norfolk Island North Macedonia Northern Mariana Islands Norway Oman Pakistan Palau Palestine, State of Papua New Guinea Philippines Pitcairn Poland Portugal Qatar Romania Russian Federation Rwanda Réunion Saint Barthélemy Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Saint Martin (French part) Saint Pierre and Miquelon Samoa San Marino Sao Tome and Principe Saudi Arabia Senegal Serbia Seychelles Sierra Leone Singapore Sint Maarten (Dutch part) Slovakia Slovenia Solomon Islands Somalia South Africa South Korea South Sudan Spain Sri Lanka Sudan Svalbard and Jan Mayen Sweden Switzerland Syrian Arab Republic Taiwan Tajikistan Tanzania Thailand Timor-Leste Togo Tokelau Tonga Tunisia Turkey Turkmenistan Tuvalu Uganda Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States Minor Outlying Islands Uzbekistan Vanuatu Vietnam Wallis and Futuna Western Sahara Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe Åland Islands 📍
Date Posted: June 02, 2023 📅
Apply & Description 👉 https://jobboardsearch.com/redirect?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=bot&utm_id=jobboarsearch&utm_term=himalayas.app&rurl=aHR0cHM6Ly9oaW1hbGF5YXMuYXBwL2NvbXBhbmllcy9jb2lubGlzdC9qb2JzL3Nlbmlvci1zb2Z0d2FyZS1lbmdpbmVlci04NDg5NTY2NTA=
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2023.06.06 01:31 Dr_Amazaier Why does Nagash have a page on the spongebob Christmas wiki?

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2023.06.06 01:26 AngeloLunch I asked ChatGPT to pick a GTA character, a car, a location, and to help me write a short film. So of course it ended up with Queen Elizabeth II in an attack helicopter chasing Tommy Vercetti through Los Santos.

I asked ChatGPT to pick a GTA character, a car, a location, and to help me write a short film. So of course it ended up with Queen Elizabeth II in an attack helicopter chasing Tommy Vercetti through Los Santos. submitted by AngeloLunch to GTA [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 01:21 rodroar From Heartbreak to Infinite: How Marvel Snap Helped Me Find Solace and The Quest For the Golden Cassette

From Heartbreak to Infinite: How Marvel Snap Helped Me Find Solace and The Quest For the Golden Cassette
TLDR: Today I finally hit infinite for the first time. It has been a though 7 months since the Snap I started playing. The story of how I got here is a bit crazy, so I decided to share it with you all.

How Marvel Snap Helped Me Find Solace

I began playing Snap in November 2022 after coming across a positive review about a new Marvel-themed card game. As someone who loves board games, I decided to download it on my phone and give it a try. However, with my partner's birthday approaching, I didn't get a chance to fully dive into the game. She always wanted a piano, and we were able to afford a decent second-hand piano, so I wanted to surprise her by playing 'Happy Birthday' on it. So, I dedicated a lot of time to practice.
Later that month, after her birthday and during a work trip, my team attended a 1920s-themed party. Ironically, we all caught a horrible flu there. I quickly developed a cough, a fever and had problems staying awake.
A few days before Christmas, I was laying in the sofa having fever-dreams when my partner shook me awake and told me she was leaving me. I was devastated. I had been with her for 3 years and I loved her.
Feeling helpless and in immense emotional and physical pain, I desperately needed something to distract myself until I regained my health and my ex moved out. I tried immersing myself in work, taking care of household chores, and pursuing my hobbies, but my weakened state prevented me from doing much.
Just as I was starting to recover, I was hit with a second bout of the flu. Unable to do much besides lying on the sofa, I found myself bored and yearning for some form of entertainment. Since my ex still worked from home, I couldn't watch TV, play the piano, or video games due to the noise they made (even muted, she would complain about the clicky sound of the buttons/keys/mouse). Then it hit me: I could play Snap silently.
While I couldn't play consistently or smartly (god did fever-brain give cubes away like an ATM on pay-day), I found solace and excitement in the game. Snap became a much-needed escape from the darkness in my life. It helped me pass the time during those difficult days.
A couple of months later, my ex moved out, and my health gradually improved over the following month. Nowadays, I'm in a much better place, and I often play Snap while working out at the gym, enjoying the game as a source of entertainment and relaxation.

The Quest For the Golden Cassette

I had never attempted to reach Infinite before; I simply played Snap for fun, often experimenting with zany homebrew decks just for the laughs. Usually, I struggled to reach rank 60 for the variant, and my highest achievement was reaching 80.
However, this season turned out to be different. The stars aligned, and three factors converged to create the perfect storm:
  1. I had saved a lot of tokens.
  2. I got High Evolutionary, Colleen Wing, and Kang as new cards.
  3. The cardback for this season is a cassette tape, which reminded me of my favorite childhood toy, a robot cassette player. I had my heart set on obtaining it.
High Evolutionary opened up endless possibilities for deck-building, and I had a blast experimenting with him in various non-viable deck archetypes. Surprisingly, some of these decks turned out to be half-decent. I have to give a honorable mention to my location control deck with High Evolutionary, where Hulk replaced Destroyer. HE was so much fun that it carried me from rank 30 to 60.
However, once I reached rank 60, things started to become less enjoyable. I found myself facing numerous meta decks, with seemingly everyone running Luke Cage. Frustration set in until I had an epiphany: with my new Colleen Wing, I could finally try out the discard decks that I had never been able to build during the Modok Season.
Ironically, that was when my winning streak truly began. This deck was incredibly consistent, and I achieved my highest win rate ever. Before I knew it, yesterday, less than a week later, I reached rank 90 for the first time.
Then it dawned on me—I was so close to reaching Infinite that I could potentially achieve it and obtain that coveted golden cassette cardback. So, I decided to keep pushing forward.
Unfortunately, despite maintaining a high win rate, occasional losses of 4 or 8 cubes would set me back and halt my progress. I found myself stuck at rank 93 for a whole day.
As I faced numerous Galactus decks, I pondered building a deck specifically to counter them. It was then that I realized two things:
  1. There was a reason why Galactus was so prevalent in the 90s ranks.
  2. The best counter to Galactus was, in fact, Galactus himself.
If it weren't for the time pressure or my strong desire for the cardback, I might have pursued a different strategy. However, with less than 24 hours remaining, I chose to join the dark side and build a Galactus deck.
To my pleasant surprise, not only did I immediately start winning 8-cube victories, but in each match, I didn't even have to play Galactus. Let me tell you, people are seriously underestimating Kang. I genuinely believe that most ramp and "cheat-out-things" decks could benefit from including him.
I finally achieved the golden cassette cardback, and I couldn't be happier. Now that I've reached Infinite and no longer have to worry about losing cubes, I can unleash even crazier decks than ever before. Turn 7 Empty Board Orca Sentry, here I come!
Kid-me would have loved this
The Final Match
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