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Need help planning a large battle

2023.03.30 18:51 Pure_Gonzo Need help planning a large battle

Hey there, DMs and DM-adjacents. Need some help with ideas for an upcoming large encounter that will culminate the first arc of a campaign.
Essentially, the starting town the party has ingratiated themselves to is going to be attacked by a rogue military force from a nearby city who are actually cultists dedicated to a lost god. A tale as old as time. They know this attack is coming in roughly a week.
The battle itself will take place on a large battlemap near the center of the town, with the perimeter being the chaotic “fray” of battle as the enemy forces tear through the town. The party will face the leader, his personal guard and some other large mobs. The “fray” allows me to keep things contained and also add in mobs as needed. There will be various win states, including holding out long enough for a massive allied force to rescue the situation (think Gandalf at the Battle of Helm’s Deep). However, the longer the fight goes on, the greater the possibility of townsfolk or key NPCs falling in battle will be.
I am running the lead-up to this fight as a period of downtime-type activity, similar to Blades in the Dark if you’re familiar with that, where they can decide what type of preparations they want to do in order to be ready for this attack.
The options are pretty open, but the things I expect them to do are:
Those are just a few of the things that come to mind, but I need some ideas and help with other possibilities and/or how some of this could play out mechanically.
How would you run the potential recruitment of allies? What are the variations in aid they could provide? How would that play out in combat without being too cumbersome and slowing things down? What effect would the town having conscripts or traps have on the battle? What advantage could they gain from scouting the camp? What could I stock at the traveling merchant that could be useful? How can I, or even should I, limit what they can do in this downtime? Should there be a cost to limit them from getting all of the advantages?
Any thoughts, suggestions, help, advice, or encouragement is most welcome. Cheers and thanks!
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2023.03.30 18:49 TheArtOfBlossoming11 Tell us about your OC's: 'Lucky' Ricky Gee

• What is their name / nickname?
'Lucky' Ricky Gee. Not many know that he was born Riqui Giancola, grandson of the notorious mafia boss Cidro 'The Cigar' Giancola, who had dealings with Eddie Winter*. Young Ricky was taken from Boston and put into Vault 76 as witness protection.
• What job did they have in the vault?
He was given handyman jobs and sometimes security back-up. His main 'job' though was being a member of the vault orchestra (though he prefers rock 'n' roll). He helped to improve morale with his music and 'the Big O' had a soft spot for him.
• How old were they on Reclamation Day / when they stumbled, hungover, out of the vault?
• Do they have a favoured faction / factions?
The Unstoppables! Seriously though, he's a neutral ally of the Settlers, Raiders, Responders and Brotherhood of Steel. He just wants to chill and for everyone to get along or at least tolerate each other.
• What do they do for fun?
Music! It's his passion. He also heads the Appalachian Hubris Fan Club (AH, FC) and runs Live Roleplay sessions in his forbidden digsite shelter.
• Are they nomadic or a homebody (always or rarely moving their C.A.M.P.)?
He and Sofia have a permanent home near Charlston but Ricky builds bars, Raider-ish camps and is responsible for the Mistress of Mystery Museum (the MOMM) near Riverside Manor.
• Tell us a fact about them.
He has suffered from Mottephobia (fear of moths) since an incident in early childhood. Fellow 76ers have, with all good intentions, tried to cure him of this by exposing him to 'the big Purple Peepers guy' often, with little success.
['The Cigar' was a real life mafia boss but Cidro, Grandpappy, is my creation. Eddie Winter is an NPC from Fallout 4. The fanfic is called 'Hangovers' on Ao3 and is part of 'Vincent, Redefined']
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2023.03.30 18:44 Willow_Tree4010 My encounter with a skin-walker

I just want to preface this by saying, I absolutely love your videos, and I love listening to them while doing another task to help me focus, because I have ADHD, and all of your stories are wonderfully narrated, so thank you for all you do. Now on to the story, I live in California, and due it it’s vast deserts off-roading is a common past time for me, and my family. So one day, as usual I hop in my dad’s Sand Rail, and we take off with our friends to go for a ride in our off-road vehicles. I am just thankful that my dad always enforced the rule of never ride alone, because that day we decided to ride and explore the back roads of Big Bear. It’s a large mountain range only 30 or so minutes from our house, we had a lot of fun that day, up until the incident that is. We were deep into the hill side, a good 2-3 hour ride from any one, or anyone’s house, we were looking for a secret permanent camp spot of sorts. It was the kind of place that only a few people know about, and contribute to it as a hole is some way, wether that be building something or leaving something behind. There were rooms and small buildings built out of near by timber, a barbecue grill with propane tanks, and even a be-begun with shooting range out there. So we were driving around in the middle of nowhere, it was my dads first friends in there silver jeep, we will call them jeep one for simplicity. Followed by my dads friends in their Jeep, we will call them Jeep two, and me and my dad in our sand rail in last place. We were following Jeep one, who had a G.P.S., when Jeep one said over the radio that for some odd reason the G.P.S. wasn’t working like it should. So we were going to try and find the place by memory, we were close to it, so we weren’t worried about getting lost. So we were driving around talking back and forth between the three of us via radio, we were crossing the line of desert and forest. And we were heading towards a big wide turn, with sparse trees on our left, and a more compact forest on our right, with the dirt road separating the two. We stopped half way through the turn and were discussing how to get there, when I started feeling paranoid and anxious. I started looking around to see why I felt that way, when I noticed it was dead silent except for the taking on the radios. It was to quiet, even for the desert, there was no birds chirping, squirrels making calls, nothing. That’s when I noticed a god awful smell, both me and my dad figured it was a dead cow, because this side of the mountain was a free range cow range, despite the desert habitat. And we did see both a herd of cows, and a dead cow that got stuck in a watering hole that day, so we thought it was a unfortunate cow that got separated from the herd and died. While my dad was preoccupied with taking to Jeep one, and two, I was still looking around for whatever was making me internally freak out, I felt as tho there was a top predator looking at me, hunting me, and I couldn’t see it. I was scanning the thicker woods to my right, when I saw it just inside the line of trees, starring at me. Its right side of its body was standing in view, and it’s left side was behind the tree. It had its left clawed hand around the tree, while it’s right arm was dangling at its side. It looked like a emaciated deer, it’s skin was tight around its body, it had a massive pair of antlers on it’s head, tho they looked wrong, they were like two branches on its head. They spiked off in all different directions, and weren’t symmetrical like deers antlers should be. The skin around its face was old and weathered looking, it looked as if the skin around its mouth and nose became so old and brittle that it started to flake off, exposing the bone and muscle beneath. But the worst thing about it was the way it looked at me, just the pure hatred and loathing feeling that they glared at me. Like I am the bane of its existence, and to blame for every bad thing that happened to it. It stood there glaring at me, I sat there frozen in utter terror, I sat there staring at it, and it staring at me. I sat there trying to decided this this was real, or if I had heat stroke, just then my dad and the Jeep’s decided a route to take. The convoy started slowly moving again, the creature snorted and dropped down to all fours. It’s front legs were longer than the back, causing it to stand at a odd angle, and it didn’t help that it’s back legs bent backwards at the knees. It turned and walked deeper into the forest, glaring at me the whole time, as we started to turn the bend I got one las glance at it through the trees. It stood there back to me, but it’s head swiveled to look at me, it then lowered it head to the ground and let out a deep and loud scream, and then it was gone. I could no longer see it through the trees, I heard some chatter over the radio about what that was, or could be. I took the radio from its spot hanging from a bar above our heads, “it’s nothing guys, it’s just a injured rabbit” I said over the radio, my dad turned to me and said “there’s no way that was a rabbit” I replied with “they make those kind of sounds just before they die” “really?!” My dad asked me, “ya, it’s quite terrifying” I sad to my dad, he believed me because I am the animal nerd of the family, and I am going to college to become a exotic vet. I managed to convince the rest of the convoy that it was a rabbit and nothing more, I was worried that they would turn around to see what I was talking about, and have to come face to face with that thing again. We continued with our day, tho I could never fully relax, the whole day I fell anxious and on alert. I can only thank the stars above that Jeep one got his G.P.S. Fixed and we didn’t have to take that road back home, and to this day, I still refuse to ever go back to that place, and I can assure you I never will. If you do decide to share my story, I just want to say thanks, and I hope you have an amazing day
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2023.03.30 18:28 shortchica Feeling unsure about what I was told by the sales guy. Is this true?

Vivint was out in my neighborhood pitching last week. My husband has been wanting more of a security system than our self-monitored Ring cameras and we've also been considering a smart thermostat, so we heard the guy out. The pitch sounded pretty decent (no install or startup fees, $110/mo for 60 months, then $44/mo thereafter) but my husband recently started a new business and we told the sales guy we just don't have that kind of extra money right now. Business is already picking up and it's likely we'll be able to afford it in a few months, but definitely not right now. The guy said the fees are going to shoot up outside of this promotion, and he has personally had angry customers calling him upset that the price near doubled when they tried to call themselves a few months later. He assured us that he himself would cover the first month, and then we'd be able to call in to customer service and ask them to suspend service for 6 months, thus not having to pay anything at all this year. We asked if the system would still be operational during that time, or if we'd basically get to use it for a month before it disappears until we can better afford it - which in that case, I'd rather just not install it at all - and he said everything would be fully operational, but we just wouldn't have to pay for 6 months. Seemed a little strange to me, but he said it's something available to everyone, but they can't go around advertising it or no one would pay for their service.
We agreed to this, then came time to sign up. He was rushing us through the signatures, and informed us that a tech would be out to install the cameras that night. It was already almost 8pm. They arrived after 9 and didn't leave until midnight. We're night owls and this wasn't necessarily an issue, but we had absolutely no say in the matter so that kind of irked me a bit because it didn't give us a chance to even really think on this for a day or two before having stuff installed. Also, the sales guy absolutely did not inform us that a line of credit was being taken out, as the way he explained it was that it's just like buying a new cell phone, where you pay it off for the term outlined and then your phone bill goes down and the phone is yours. Except I'm coming to understand through the paperwork I was emailed that this is not the case, and we will instead be receiving two separate bills - one from Vivint and one from Fortiva, a credit company. That was a surprise.
Now that all of this has come to light, I'm a bit nervous about calling to suspend service. I have a sneaking suspicion that "service" will be suspended, aka the $44/mo Vivint charge, but we'll still be on the hook for the Fortiva payment that we can't afford right now either. I want to make sure I know what I'm talking about when I call, since the sales guy did an awful job of that. Anyone aware of this kind of arrangement and how to set it up?
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2023.03.30 17:54 RainbowsarePretty $7.37 must be the magical price point

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2023.03.30 17:53 AllylTeapot Tesla Supercharger now open in downtown

I feel like I blinked and suddenly the new Tesla supercharger has opened downtown. It is located on the top level of the parking deck on Church St. near Ponce (behind Parker’s, next to Side Chick). First 30 minutes of parking is still free, so if you need a quick battery boost, this could be a nice option!
For non-Tesla vehicles, it looks like the CCS/CHAdeMO fast charging options are the parking lot of Baby Kroger (God rest it’s soul) and in the Agnes Scott lot on S McDonough just north of Dougherty.
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2023.03.30 17:25 Purely_Objective Devlog: Settlement Outskirts & New Bags

Devlog: Settlement Outskirts & New Bags
Link to the original announcement:

Hello everyone!
The last couple of months our team has been working on lots of new content: the long-awaited Caravan, the previously highlighted rework of the Dungeon Generator, and dungeon and settlement modifiers that will be a part of the upcoming Contract System rework - speaking of which, today we’d like to elaborate on some of its elements, namely Outskirts locations.
Outskirts are a new type of Points of Interest that will be introduced to the game with the next major update, “Rags to Riches”. Located a few tiles away from settlements, they still act as their continuation of sorts
Their main purpose is to add more variety to the basic contract loop and facilitate early game exploration. Most Outskirts will usually offer you the following things:
  • A spot to save your progress.
  • Access to one or more traders and craftsmen who will sell vital consumables, fix your gear, etc.
  • A chance to interact with new NPCs who can offer you contracts or give rewards for their completion.
It’s fair to say that granting alternative access to contracts and rewards is perhaps the Outskirts’ most important function. After “Rags to Riches”, village Elders won’t be the only ones in the contract business, the following three new NPC types - Officials, Captains, and Couriers - will be able to participate as well.
Their main difference from Elders lies in the rewards they will offer:
- Captains won’t pay as much, instead providing extra Reputation with settlements you complete contracts for. - Officials will split the Reputation boost between all settlements of their faction (for instance, completing Osbrook contracts will slightly improve your standing with both Brynn and Mannshire). - Couriers won’t actually hand out quests, instead giving rewards for completing contracts that require you retrieving certain items. Bringing those directly to a Courier will earn you extra gold.
Additionally, contract rewards can be received from any of these NPCs regardless of your initial quest giver, thus breaking the routine of walking the same roads over and over again. So instead of having to stick to the “settlement-dungeon-settlement” route, you’ll be able to receive a contract in a village, clear out its dungeon, get your reward in a nearby Outskirt, grab a new contract there, sell your loot and replenish supplies (optionally), then head straight to the next dungeon.
All Outskirts can be roughly split between these three categories:
- Military Camps and Outposts. This is where you’ll find Captains and, most likely, someone to fix your gear and sell you medicine and ammunition. - Trade Posts and Production Sites. Their main role is selling special goods that can be transported to other settlements via the Caravan and sold at a profit. An example of such a site would be the Osbrook Mill or the Mannshire Winery, which many of you are already familiar with. This is where you may also encounter Officials, who are tasked with overseeing the production. - Homesteads and Roadside Inns. These locations will offer a hearty meal, a place to catch some shut-eye, and a chance to meet a Courier, should the need arise.
To better illustrate the system, here are some of the new Outskirts:
Osbrook - Roadside Tower
Not wanting to be caught off guard if the Council suddenly breaches the truce, the Magistrate took it upon themselves to restore the web of outposts and signal towers that now covers the entirety of the Brynn March.

Osbrook - Drunken Woodsman Inn
The Drunken Woodsman is a safe haven for any hunter whose trade brings them close to Osbrook.
Mannshire - New Orchard
The war gave the best cidery in Aldor little time to react: its previous owners couldn’t save neither themselves nor the flourishing gardens, taking the ancient recipe of their specialty beverage to the grave. But not all hope is lost: the new proprietors of the New Orchard are determined to do everything in their power to restore this place to its former glory.
Mannshire - Southern Outpost
This encampment was originally established by Duke di Berro during his brazen counterattack against the Council army. It’s not nearly as large as it used to be, but it still plays an important role in bringing order to the Magistrate-controlled lands.
It’s worth mentioning that the existence of Brynn contracts and dungeons is only temporary (in the future there’ll be an entirely new way of gaining city Reputation), so it won’t have Outskirts in the gameplay sense of the word. At the same time, you can expect a certain other location to receive its share of Outskirts POIs…

New Backpacks
Let’s move onto the next addition planned for “Rags to Riches” - a wide selection of new bags and their overall rework.
Right now the game features just one backpack type that offers as many slots as it occupies in the inventory - this was done to prevent exploits associated with carrying multiple backpacks.
In “Rags to Riches”, all bags and backpacks will become much more capacious. As a tradeoff, you’ll have to equip them first before storing any items, and they’ll have to be emptied before you can place them in the inventory. These combined tweaks allowed us to create a bunch of new backpack configurations:
Medium Backpack grew in capacity and received sizable side pouches.
Small Backpack isn’t particularly roomy, but it’ll be much easier to obtain than other bag types.
Field Surgeon Bandolier - a solid choice for anyone who wants to carry lots of meds and other consumables.
Herbalist Satchel allows you to not really worry about precious inventory space while transporting large amounts of potion flasks and other vessels or gathering important herbs.
Hunting Backpack is meant to easily fit a few pelts and can be used to comfortably carry a bedroll.
Treasure Seeker Backpack will greatly improve your carrying capacity, although its bulky frame will do no favors to your agility and finesse.
On top of all that, it will also be possible to store single cell treasure items in common Purses.
And finally, here’s a teaser for the much-anticipated Armor ability tree that we’re currently working on as well:
That’s all for now. Until next time!
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2023.03.30 17:16 SEKImod March 30, 2023 Updated Reopening Estimates for Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

Entrances to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks are closed due to impacts from flooding during recent and ongoing winter storms.
Damage assessments are still in progress, but so far include nearly 20 areas of significant damage along the Generals Highway connecting Sequoia and Kings Canyon. This damage has resulted in one-lane access for park personnel and residents, and it will impact traffic flow after the reopening to the public. The Mineral King Road has also sustained significant damage, both inside and outside the park boundary. Caltrans is reporting major road damage on sections of Highway 180 leading into Cedar Grove. Current conditions and repair estimates have informed the following reopening projections, with the understanding that many variables in all areas are still unknown.
The current projected reopening time frames are as follows:

Kings Canyon National Park

Grant Grove Access to giant sequoias, winter snowplay, camping, trails, and more
Cedar Grove Access to wilderness, camping, river, waterfalls, trails, and more

Sequoia National Park

The Foothills Area between the Sequoia entrance station and Hospital Rock Access to lower elevation camping, trails, wilderness, river, and more. No access to giant sequoias
Giant Forest/Wolverton Snowplay Area/Lodgepole/Wuksachi Areas Access to giant sequoias, the General Sherman Tree, winter snowplay, camping, wilderness, Moro Rock, Tunnel Log, and more
Crystal Cave
Mineral King
Park officials will be working with a team of Federal Highways Administration representatives and contractors in the coming weeks and expect an influx of information that may influence these timelines. We will post regular updates to the reopening dates, as well as other new information on this page.
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2023.03.30 17:13 Captain_Phelps Battle of Ascalon August12th 1099

Battle of Ascalon August12th 1099
The Battle of Ascalon (August 12th, 1099). Following the capture of Jerusalem from the Fatimids on July 15th, 1099, the leaders of the First Crusade began to divide the titles and spoils. Godfrey of Bouillon was named Defender of the Holy Sepulchre on July 22nd while Arnulf of Chocques became the Patriarch of Jerusalem on August 1st. Four days later, Arnulf discovered a relic of the True Cross. These appointments created some strife within the crusader camp as Raymond IV of Toulouse and Robert of Normandy were angered by Godfrey's election.
As the crusaders consolidated their hold on Jerusalem, word was received that a Fatimid army was en route from Egypt to retake the city. Led by Vizier al-Afdal Shahanshah, the army encamped just north of the port of Ascalon. On August 10th, Godfrey mobilized the crusader forces and moved towards the coast to meet the approaching enemy. He was accompanied by Arnulf who carried the True Cross and Raymond of Aguilers who bore a relic of the Holy Lance which had been captured at Antioch the previous year. Raymond and Robert remained in the city for a day until finally being convinced of the threat and joining Godfrey.
While advancing, Godfrey was further reinforced by troops under his brother Eustace, Count of Boulogne, and Tancred. Despite these additions, the crusader army remained outnumbered by as much as five-to-one. Pressing forward on August 11th, Godfrey halted for the night near the Sorec River. While there, his scouts spotted what was initially thought to be a large body of enemy troops. Investigating, it was soon found to be a great number of livestock which had been gathered to feed al-Afdal's army.
Some sources indicate that these animals were exposed by the Fatimids in the hope that the crusaders would disperse to pillage the countryside, while others suggest that al-Afdal was unaware of Godfrey's approach. Regardless, Godfrey held his men together and resumed the march the next morning with the animals in tow. Approaching Ascalon, Arnulf moved through the ranks with the True Cross blessing the men. Marching over the Plains of Ashdod near Ascalon, Godfrey formed his men for battle and took command of the army's left-wing.
The right-wing was led by Raymond, while the center was guided by Robert of Normandy, Robert of Flanders, Tancred, Eustace, and Gaston IV of Béarn. Near Ascalon, al-Afdal raced to prepare his men to meet the approaching crusaders. Though more numerous, the Fatimid army was poorly trained relative to those the crusaders had faced previously and was composed of a mix of ethnicities from throughout the caliphate. As Godfrey's men approached, the Fatimids became discouraged as the cloud of dust generated by the captured livestock suggested that the crusaders had been heavily reinforced.
Advancing with infantry in the lead, Godfrey's army exchanged arrows with the Fatimids until the two lines clashed. Striking hard and fast, the crusaders quickly overwhelmed the Fatimids on most parts of the battlefield. In the center, Robert of Normandy, leading the cavalry, shattered the Fatimid line. Nearby, a group of Ethiopians mounted a successful counterattack but were defeated when Godfrey assaulted their flank. Driving the Fatimids from the field, the crusaders soon moved into the enemy's camp. Fleeing, many of the Fatimids sought safety within the walls of Ascalon.
Precise casualties for the Battle of Ascalon are not known though some sources indicate that Fatimid losses were around 10,000 to 12,000. While the Fatimid army retreated to Egypt, the crusaders looted al-Afdal's camp before returning to Jerusalem on August 13th. A subsequent dispute between Godfrey and Raymond regarding the future of Ascalon led to its garrison refusing to surrender. As a result, the city remained in Fatimid hands and served as a springboard for future attacks into the Kingdom of Jerusalem. With the Holy City secure, many of the crusader knights, believing their duty done, returned home to Europe.
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2023.03.30 16:54 BasuKun 2 changes for many killers (WARNING: hot takes & probably dumb takes)

Missing killers are either because I find them completely fine, or I have no idea what to do with them lol. Goal is to go beyond just tweaking numbers, but to go crazy with the changes, because why not.
Feel free to suggest anything for missing killers.
Trapper: - Now starts with all his traps in his inventory - Now gains a 10% haste effect for 6 seconds after placing a trap Reason: So he doesn't need to sacrifice 3 gens just to make his initial setup, and get a mind-game tool for chases.
Hillbilly: - Now goes through pallets & breakable walls with his chainsaw by default, at the cost of only damaging the survivor on hit afterwards - Turn rate slightly increased from 32°/s to 38°/s Reason: So he doesn't get absolutely countered by every single little obstacle in the game.
Nurse: - Walls & obstacles now require twice as much charging to blink through - Can no longer perform a lunge attack after the second blink Reason: For obvious reasons.
Myers: - Can now always mori survivors on death hook during T3 - Tombstone now changed so you can mori survivors after first hook (down from anytime) Reason: Because Tombstone is almost a requirement for Myers to be viable, so let's give him a smaller version of it.
Hag: - Can no longer place traps close to hooked survivors - New Power (cooldown: 45s): Can now force any trap to trigger from a distance (without teleporting to it), which makes nearby survivors scream and become oblivious for 20s. For each survivor affected by this power, obtain a 2% haste effect for the same duration Reason: To stop the lame playstyle, and give her another tool in return
Doctor: - Illusionary doctors now always start outside of the affected survivor's view, then runs towards them and disappears after 10 seconds, or after faking an attack. At Madness 3, the illusion also has a red stain and triggers the chase music - Illusionary pallets are now basekit, which spawn every 40s (down from add-ons' times which are 30s / 20s) Reason: To make illusions more scary / seemingly real, and because almost every doctor is pretty much forced to run illusionary pallets add-ons.
Bubba: - Can no longer use his chainsaw near hooked survivors - Tantrum duration reduced by 35% Reason: To prevent camping, and because the tantrum lasts absurdly long for nothing.
Freddy: - Dream pallets are now basekit (alongside dream snares) - While chasing a survivor in the dream world, gain the ability to walk through walls and obstacles (at 35% movement speed) Reason: Freddy shouldn't need to choose between 2 abilities, and to make him more scary (+ fun to play) in the dream world.
Pig: - Changes stance (from walking to crouching / vice-versa) 25% faster - Now has 3 other traps she can swap from and to (same system as Clown's bottles). Those new traps take 3 seconds to install on a window or a pallet and can be seen by survivors. A survivor using the window or the pallet triggers the trap, which injures them. The trap deactivates, and the Pig can reactivate it (5s action). Survivor can also safely deactivate the trap (10s action). Reason: Give her more chasing tools.
Legion: - Hitting a survivor with Feral Slash now inflicts a new status effect to survivors called "Shallow wound", which increases mending & healing speed on that survivor by 50%. Status effect is removed after being healed, or hit by a normal attack - Can now put survivors into the dying state from a Feral Rush at the 4th hit (rather than the 5th hit). Legion's huffing audibly becomes more enraged after the 3rd hit Reason: So that Legion games stop being mending / healing fests, but give him an easier time downing survivors in return.
Ghost Face: - Now gets revealed properly by survivor looking at him even if more than half of his body is hidden - Marked survivors are now oblivious Reason: Pretty sure the first one is just a bug but whatever. Second one is to give him better mind games when chasing a marked survivor.
Deathslinger: - Spearing a survivor at the utmost limit of your range now makes them exposed while they remain speared - While aiming down sight, survivors in view are now slightly highlighted depending on their distance from you (white: within range, orange: range limit, no highlight: outside range) Reason: To make Deathslinger an actual sniper-oriented killer, and reward high risks plays.
Twins: - Switch between Charlotte & Victor twice as fast - After hitting a survivor with Victor, Charlotte now gains a 15% haste effect for 5 seconds Reason: For very obvious reasons.
Pinhead: - When a new box spawns, a random survivor that's -if possible- not in danger (in a chase / hooked / downed...) gets chosen to solve the box: an icon appears on top of their avatar, and sees & hears a heartbeat on the box's aura. The next box respawns 25% slower if solved by the chosen survivor, but respawns 25% faster if solved by anyone else - Chain Hunt's chains no longer interrupt actions (they still slow you down). Instead, if a survivor lets chains accumulate up to 6 chains, they all explode, making the survivor scream and injures them in the process Reason: Make Pinhead games less painful to play for solo queues, and for everyone else in general.
Sadako: - Hitting a survivor with a basic attack now adds 1 stack of Condemn to them, and to any survivor witnessing the event - Teleport out of a TV 40% faster while in a chase, and the chased survivor gets revealed by killer instinct for the next 5 seconds if within the TV's proximity Reason: To make Condemn actually somewhat useful, and make teleporting to TVs an actual mind-game during chases.
Skull Merchant: - Drones no longer detect / track survivors that are standing still (including working on a gen / healing...) - Raise her haste status effect by trackable survivors, from 3/5/6/7% to 4/6/8/9% Reason: To completely remove the 3-gen playstyle, but raise her chasing abilities in return.
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2023.03.30 16:46 AshleighBSB The Detention Adventure

The Detention Adventure
The Detention Adventure is an interactive Choose Your Own Path story. Each episode, readers vote for the path they would like to take. Together, we will follow the path with the most votes.
“It's not fair,” you mumble to yourself as you push the shelving cart down the aisle. Gabe started that fight, but Mrs. Vile, the evil librarian, gave you detention. He should be here, not you.
Passing a window, you glance outside. School has only been out for a few minutes. But you’ve been working for ages. Evil Librarian put you to work before the busses pulled out of the drive.
But now, you can see the parking lot. Though many of the cars are gone, many of your classmates are still around. Your friends are in their usual spot, gathered around Grayson’s minivan, laughing and smiling. You can imagine what they're saying.
"What do you want to do this afternoon?"
"Where should we go?"
And, of course, Avery would be asking, "Hey. Did anyone catch tonight's math homework?"
Your gaze drifts across the parking lot to trees on the far end. Gabe and his buddies are sitting on the curb, passing around their phones. Probably sharing the same viral video Gabe showed you during study hall. The one his buddy posted during lunch. The one that shows you tripping and falling face-first onto your tray of mashed potatoes. The one that doesn’t show Gabe sticking out his foot as you passed.
Your blood boils at the thought.
You turn at the voice. Mrs. Vile is standing at the head of the aisle, glaring at you over the glasses resting on the tip of her prominent nose. Though she says nothing, you hear her earlier words ringing loud and clear.
“You are not dismissed until every book is returned to its proper place.”
Saying nothing, you return to your cart and continue pushing it down the aisle. It isn't fair. Why does Gabe get to enjoy a sunny afternoon while you have to re-shelve library books in the darkest recesses of the library?
And why are these books even on the cart? It's not like anyone even reads them. You come here every day for study hall and you have never once seen a person holding a book. Students only come in here to use the computers.
With a sigh, you glance at the book you are still holding. The number on the spine says it belongs in 615. Where are you, anyway?
You glance at the books beside you. 249. Ugh. Where is 615?
Tossing the book back on the pile with a sigh, you push the cart to the end of the aisle, where the last call number is 252. Is it your imagination or is it getting darker the further you walk? A shiver runs down your spine and you pull out your phone. "I'm just checking the time," you tell yourself.
Yeah, right. You can't hide from yourself. Besides, it doesn’t help. The dim light doesn’t provide much comfort.
To distract yourself, you again glance at the books on your cart. Maybe you should have organized them before disappearing into the stacks. If you put them in order, you won't have to zigzag your way through the shelves. Maybe you'll even finish your detention with enough time to enjoy the afternoon sunshine.
Bolstered by this idea, you grab two books from your cart and examine the numbers on the spine. 432 definitely goes before 920. Placing the dictionary in front of the biography, you arrange them on the opposite side of the cart and pick up the next two books.
It takes hours to sort all the books, though your phone says it has been less than five minutes. Finally, you pick up the last two books. Both books, nearly identical, easily the two largest books on the cart. In fact, each one looks at least twice as large as the next largest books.
Curious, you glance at their spines. Fiction, with the same call number. NFR.
You frown. You’re no librarian, but your elementary school librarian had drilled the Dewey Decimal System into your head. Fiction books were arranged by author last names. What kind of name began NFR?
Intrigued, you turn over the books. Their fabric hardcovers have no illustrations. The only difference between the two books is their color and the gold words stamped on the front cover.
The title of one of them catches your attention. Which is it?
  • The book on your left, a contemporary adventure about camping.
  • The book on your right, a fantasy about dragons and elves.
The gold lettering on the black book in your right hand stands out clearly. Adventures In the Land of Dragons and Elves. Curious, you open the front cover.
The title is printed in large bold letters on the first page. But no author is listed. Instead, someone has scrawled across the page in large letters: Not For Reading!
You frown at the book. That’s stupid. Why would someone write a book that wasn’t meant to be read? Or maybe the person who scribbled the note didn’t want to read it.
But why not? What could be so bad? Reading the warning just makes you want to read the book that much more.
You turn the page.
But, it doesn’t turn. It’s stuck to the next page. And the one beneath that. You end up turning about fifty pages at once. They are glued together.
Wow! Someone really doesn’t want you to read this book. Now, of course, you can’t wait to read it.
You look at the page in front of you. You might be a couple of chapters in, but maybe you can still get an idea of what the story is about.
Except, it’s impossible to read the story. Not only are the rest of the pages glued together, someone cut out a large rectangle nearly the size of the book.
This is a hollow book! You’ve heard about these in books and movies. But you never knew they were real. This is so cool.
And the best part? It’s not empty. There’s something inside the hole.
You glance over your shoulder to make sure Evil Librarian isn’t watching you. She’s not. You’re all alone in the creepy windowless section of the library. Using the flashlight on your phone, you look at the object more carefully.
The yellowish white object takes up nearly the entire book. It is thick, almost round, but with a slight curve. The outer edge is smooth, but the inner edge is serrated like the blade of a saw. The points even look as sharp as a saw. Only, the teeth are very small and close together.
Teeth. Or rather, tooth. Could this object be a tooth? But what animal do you know has teeth that large? Or with a serrated edge?
You have never seen anything like this. You have so many questions. How heavy is it? Is it solid or hollow? Is it really a tooth? What kind of animal could have lost it?
You try to read through the text on the facing page, but you are literally trying to start reading a book from the middle. It makes no sense. Who is Olba and Keris? What is a Zayrot or Reiverrirth? And where were Zymmarth or Bryvicri?
Trying to read this book was like trying to learn a new language. Now you really wish those pages weren’t glued together. With a sigh, you turn back to the tooth. It’s got to be a tooth. What else could it be?
The front of the book said this is a book about dragons. This thing is probably supposed to be a dragon’s tooth. Obviously, it’s not a real dragon’s tooth, because there’s no such thing as dragons. It must be epoxy or something. So, it’s probably a lot flimsier than it looks.
Someone has bored a hole through the top of the object, wrapping a black cord around and through it to form a type of necklace. Yeah, it has to be fake.
You reach in to grab it, to confirm your suspicions, but you stop abruptly. Your gaze has landed on the words printed at the top of the page. The name of the book is printed in a small font. But someone has written something in the margin. Judging by the handwriting, it was probably the same person who wrote on the first page. But you could have sworn those words were not there a moment ago.
You shake your head to clear it. Obviously, your eyes are playing tricks on you. What does it say? You hold your phone a little closer.
Warning. Magical Item. Do Not Touch.
Biting your lip, you look around. How could a fake dragon tooth’s necklace be magical?
Maybe it changes color in the light? You shine your light closer, but it remains the same. Maybe it’s a little less yellow, but you don’t think it really changed color.
You glance between the warning and the necklace a few times.
Should you pick up the necklace?
  • You don’t believe in magic. You pick up the necklace.
  • It’s best to heed the warning. You leave the necklace where it is.
Continue the adventure
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2023.03.30 16:45 ByrgerTidesson Serial killers of Russia - Andrei Chikatilo (part 2)

Let me preempt this second post on Soviet serial killer Andrei Chikatilo by apologising for a lengthy gap between the previous part and this one. My future write-ups will probably only comprise a single part, but I'm still hoping to post them more regularly. Frankly I've been a little reluctant to cover this case since it's already well-known outside of Russia and there's plenty of information I've had to compile. I originally wanted to limit this story to two parts, but I’ve now decided to split it into three parts instead. The first one was about the investigation into the serial murders occurring in the Rostov region of Russia. This one is about Chikatilo’s early life and the development of his proclivities, as well as his second arrest. The last part will be about his interrogation, trial, and final years. I would recommend checking out the first part to get a better understanding of who exactly we are talking about today.
Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo was born on 16 October 1936 in a small village in the Sumy Oblast of Ukraine. When he was just four years old, the Soviet Union's so-called Great Patriotic War against Nazi Germany broke out and Chikatilo's father left to fight in it, leaving his mother to watch over both Andrei and his older brother Stepan. In late 1942 Chikatilo's village was taken over by the Germans who started carrying out public executions. Chikatilo almost became a victim of one such execution, though luckily he hit his head on a rock in the commotion and lost consciousness, while the Nazis left him among the bodies, believing him dead. That episode might have given Chikatilo brain damage in addition to diagnosed hydrocephalus, bedwetting, and myopia.
In 1943, Chikatilo's mother gave birth to a girl whom she named Tatiana. Considering her husband had left the village over two years prior, the identity of the father was unknown, though she had possibly been raped by a German soldier. The Chikatilo family was starving to such a point that Andrei had to subsist on grass and roots just to stay alive. Around the same time his brother Stepan disappeared and his fate, like the identity of his sister's father, is a mystery. Andrei's mother would tell him that Stepan was kidnapped by starving neighbours and cannibalised. Things went bad for Chikatilo's father as well - after being captured by Germans and sent to a concentration camp, where he developed tuberculosis, he was eventually freed by the Allies... only to be sentenced to a labour camp back at home as a suspected Nazi collaborator. Like many fellow soldiers, he managed to survive German camps but died in the Gulag.
In 1944, Andrei went to school, where he proved himself a poor pupil due to both his incredible shyness and short-sightedness. He was also mercilessly bullied by his classmates, both verbally and physically, but he was too timid to fight back. Years later, he would complain that all his life he had been "treated like a doormat." At the same time, Chikatilo developed an interest in politics and quickly became a veritable expert on Marxism-Leninism.
After graduating from school, he initially wanted to become a lawyer and applied to the Moscow State University but couldn't secure the position due to the highly competitive nature of the entrance exams. He pivoted to engineering but joined the military before finishing his studies. After his discharge, Chikatilo moved to the Rostov oblast in Russia, where he started working at a phone station and writing for local newspapers. He eventually married (more on that later) and decided to go back to studies, earning degrees in linguistics and teaching.
By 1970, he was teaching Russian language and literature at a boarding school in Novoshakhtinsk, which is when his sexual perversions first manifested. He would sit near female students, pretending to explain something, and grope them. In the evening he would wait until the girls started undressing before bedtime and barge into their room unexpectedly or, even worse, enter the room at night and molest the children, groping them and licking their genitals. Eventually he was forced to resign after groping a female student during a day out on the beach. Chikatilo took a second shot at teaching in 1978 (by then he and his family had relocated to the nearby Shakhty), but that stint was, too, cut short. Chikatilo, who was ridiculed by his students for occasionally touching his own genitals during classes, tried to grope a male pupil, which caused others to come to the boy’s rescue and beat Chikatilo up. He was fired from the school.
It’s worth noting that the very first time that Chikatilo experienced a sexual climax was not under normal circumstances either. One day when he was home alone, his sister’s female friend came to visit and the sight of the 13-year-old’s blue pantaloons excited Andrei so much that he wrestled the girl to the ground and got on top of her, which was enough to cause an ejaculation.
His later sexual life was an abject failure. Chikatilo was a tall, good-looking young man who received a lot of attention from local women, but his impotence precluded him from sexually performing (or even deriving any pleasure from intercourse) and sometimes became a source of mockery from his girlfriends. On more than one occasion, Chikatilo even attempted suicide because of the psychological and emotional frustration his impotence brought him.
However, he seemingly caught a lucky break when his sister introduced him to one of her friends called Feodosia. The two got married and while their sexual life was virtually non-existent (his wife later estimated that they had sex 25 times at best), Chikatilo barely managed to father two children, a girl and a boy. His sexual drive was strong, however, so in secret from Feodosia he bought a small wooden hut on the edge of Shakhty, which he used as a place for trysts with local prostitutes. Despite her husband’s impotence, Feodosia made peace with it because Andrei was a hard worker who didn’t drink or smoke, which was more than could be said about many other men.
Soon after he was fired from the Shakhty school in 1978, Chikatilo committed his first murder, luring 8-year-old Elena Zakotnova to the his secret hut, killing her, and throwing her body into the nearby river. I also talked about this crime in the first part.
“We entered the hut and immediately I threw myself on top of her. She started screaming. I gagged her but couldn’t engage in intercourse. Her screams excited me. I then grabbed a knife. After I realised I had killed the girl, I got up, got dressed, took the corpse to [river] Grushevka and submerged it in water. Her school bag followed.”
If you read my first post on Chikatilo, you may remember that the police managed to create a composite sketch of the murderer and the school’s principal confidently pointed to his former employee Andrei Chikatilo as the man in question. Unfortunately, Feodosia lied about her husband being at home at the time of the murder, thus giving him an alibi.
It was three years until Chikatilo claimed his second victim, a teenage prostitute, as he was afraid of getting caught. After Chikatilo solicited the girl’s services he tried to have sex with her, but his impotence got the better of him yet again. The girl apparently started mocking him, saying that his “apparatus” wasn’t working. That both embarrassed and infuriated Chikatilo, who proceeded to kill her. “I was achieving mental relief by hacking away without even looking,” he would later tell the detectives. Before the Rostov Ripper confessed to killing Zakotnova, that girl was considered his first victim.
One thing that in my opinion bears significance in the case of Chikatilo is that he never resorted to kidnapping his victims or threatening them with a knife. Every single woman and child who followed the killer to their demise did so of their own volition. The Rostov Ripper was extremely cunning and could always find a way to convince his victims to go with him willingly. He also managed to appear entirely harmless, presenting himself as a mild-mannered, soft-spoken older gentleman. He reportedly couldn’t even kill a chicken as it made him queasy.
However, once bloodlust overtook him, he would transform into a sadistic fiend, stabbing away at his victims, mutilating them, and even cannibalising some of their body parts. The sight of blood brought Chikatilo such excitement that his head would start spinning, blood pressure would go up, and he would lose all impulse control. The next half hour or so would be spent in a dazed, disoriented state, with him stabbing trees with a knife, walking in circles, or almost getting hit by passing cars. Confusion would soon turn into blissful relief, and Chikatilo admitted to sleeping like a baby after committing murders as if he was resting from unloading a freight car. It typically took two or three months before the “high” wore off and Chikatilo went out hunting again.
I should also note that Chikatilo, like fellow Soviet serial killers Alexander Berlizov and Gennady Mikhasevich, was part of a volunteer unit assisting the police in searching for the murderer and even had a document confirming it. That made it easier for him to avoid law enforcement as he had access to information that regular people didn’t.
In late 1984, by which point Chikatilo had murdered 32 people, he was arrested and the police found a very peculiar collection of things in his suitcase (the circumstances surrounding the arrest can also be found in the previous post). After only spending three months in jail for theft, Chikatilo and his family relocated to Novocherkassk. His job in logistics enabled him to travel around the Soviet Union, and as a result, several murders were committed hundreds of miles away from Rostov or Novocherkassk.
After his release from jail, Chikatilo killed two women (one of them all the way in Moscow suburbs) in 1985 and then decided to lay low for almost two years. When the Ripper resumed killing in May 1987, his victim preferences had changed somewhat, with him now targeting boys more often. One teenager had the misfortune of having a quick smoke in the hedgerow when he ran into the killer. Another was lured to Chikatilo's imaginary dacha under the pretence of forging a sick leave. Yet another kid agreed to the offer of celebrating his successful entrance exams. Like I said before, Chikatilo never had to coerce or threaten his victims into accompanying him. Because no new murders took place in the Rostov region between 1985 and 1988, some in the police even began thinking that the murderer had been arrested for unrelated charges or even committed suicide. In reality, he was simply killing away from Rostov.
Between May 1987 and November 1990, the killer claimed 19 more lives. Let us now return to the ending of my previous post and look at how Chikatilo was eventually apprehended. As you may remember, the Ripper’s last victim was a homeless woman named Svetlana Korostik whom he killed in the forest next to a way station on 6 November 1990. The woman put up a struggle, resulting in scratches to Chikatilo’s face, as well as leaves and small branches getting stuck on his suit. Upon exiting the forest, he was approached by sergeant Igor Rybakov, who took note of his dishevelled look and large duffel bag that seemed out of place in the woodland area (unbeknownst to the officer, the bag contained Svetlana Korostik’s severed breasts). While the sergeant had no valid reason to arrest the strange man, he jotted down his details in a report and sent it to the higher-ups. Eventually it reached the lead investigator on the case Issa Kostoyev, who instantly remembered that the name Chikatilo had already crossed his desk.
He quickly ordered to set up surveillance of Chikatilo, who remained none the wiser and continued approaching women and children in search for a new victim. Ten days later, on 20 November Chikatilo took leave from work to visit a doctor – his penultimate victim, a 16-year-old boy, had fought the killer hard and bitten his finger, which later got swollen. Chikatilo’s wife was still at work when he came home, so he grabbed a bite to eat and went out to buy some beer, carrying with him an empty three-litre can. It was a cool, cloudy autumn day. At the time, beer was quite difficult to get a hold of in Russia, so Chikatilo had a fairly long walk ahead of him.
All this time he was being followed by a surveillance team. After buying only 300 millilitres of beer (which struck the officers trailing him as odd considering he was carrying a three-litre can), he briefly went into a café. As he walked out and passed the cops, one of them asked, “What is your surname, citizen?” “Chikatilo,” he replied. “Citizen Chikatilo, you are under arrest.” He exhibited no reaction towards being arrested but, as the officers were taking him to the police car, he muttered, “here’s another proof you shouldn’t feud with the higher-ups.”
To be continued
My previous write-ups (feel free to give them a read as well):
Anatoly Slivko (part one)
Anatoly Slivko (part two)
Vladimir Ionesian
Alexander Berlizov
Gennady Mikhasevich
Vladimir Vinnichevsky
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2023.03.30 16:40 tonnie_taller Arizona woman found dead after falling 20 feet off a cliff

A woman died in Arizona earlier this week after she plummeted 20 feet off a cliff in the Coconino National Forest near Camp Verde, authorities said Wednesday. Search and rescuers responded to a call from a woman on Monday stating her friend had fallen from a cliff in an area known as “The Bluffs” and … Continue reading Arizona woman found dead after falling 20 feet off a cliff
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2023.03.30 16:30 Maygii [Math] Complete Lan Release Guide/Analysis

[Math] Complete Lan Release Guide/Analysis
Or should I say, Lanaylsis...! (ok ill stop)
Lan is here! So, does she save Flame? Let's do our typical analysis~

Video Version

[Math] Complete Lan Release Guide/Analysis


- Stronger than Fenrir... on the cactus, but weaker in practical situations due to a good amount of Lan's damage relying on enemies to be next to all 3 parasols, as well as Fenrir's superior resist shred in content with resist
- If you ignore Fenrir for a moment, Lan is quite powerful and brings a lot to Flame
- Despite only having a 2.5s taunt, you can keep aggro pretty well on Lan even as a standalone tank doing no damage (in the testing I did, anyway)


When hitting enemies with any basic or dodge attack, you generate Parasols near the target hit. You can generate up to three, lasting 20 seconds each, with a 1.5s cooldown between generating new Parasols. When an enemy is near at least one Parasol, they will receive the Corrosion effect, making them take more Flame and Charged Attack damage, and take two DOT effects - one is a static 4 second burn, and another is tick-based on consuming Feathers, which are gained passively when doing damage, and over time.
When using Lan's aerial hold attack, you can cause the Parasols to spin. When spinning, these will consume extra feathers per second, and do more damage according to a multiplier known as "Polyfeather Parasol", which is simply 1 + the amount of Parasols you have out - so, this would be 4 in most cases. When the feathers run out, this damage is still applied at the minimum amount. Don't ever use this aerial hold attack for DPS, though, it's not good. Similar to the DOT effect, it doesn't matter how many Parasols the enemies are standing next to for this passive damage - they only need to be close to one, as the damage for multiple does not stack.
Lan's skill will make her dash through all the Parasols, which is also an iframe. Each Parasol you pass through will deal damage, trigger Fiery Crash, an explosion for even more damage, and then start spinning each Parasol. You also gain damage reduction and hyperbody for 8 seconds after dashing.
Lan's discharge deals a large amount of damage and increases your Flame DMG 1.2%, multiplied by Polyfeather Parasol, for 20 seconds. As such, Lan is a fairly straightforward character for DPS - use her skill off cooldown to get your Parasols spinning for extra damage, and time your charge such that you can discharge on Lan for the bonus damage.
When using Lan on-field, you have two options for DPS; basic attacks, or aerial attacks. They're fairly close in DPS, but the aerial attack chain is faster and does around 10% more DPS, and also has the added benefit of not being subject to the red tether that many other aerial attacks have at range.

Combo DPS DPS (A6)
Ground Chain 283.23%/s 424.84%/s
Aerial Chain 319.33%/s1 478.99%/s
Lan's auto hold is a useful gap closer, as it dashes quite far and fast - heck, it's faster than normal sprinting.
Fortitude Resonance
When using Fortitude Resonance, any weapon skill you use will taunt enemies for 2.5 seconds. Additionally, when using her skill, a large AOE is created, giving teammates 20% damage reduction. This effect can be extended by using the aerial hold skill.
In practice, however, Lan holds aggro much better than you would think for a 2.5s taunt. Even with negligible damage and only camping Lan, I can hold aggro and provide constant damage reduction for teammates, and then use her convenient iframe skill to get myself out of danger when needed. Even as a standalone tank, she really does her job quite well!

Skill was used 10 seconds ago, and I am doing negligible damage, but I still hold aggro. (I did not ever swap to either of the other two weapons during this test)
Lan's trait reduces Flame and Frost damage taken by you and your allies inside the AOE barrier by 24%, while increasing final damage by 8%. It's a decent support trait that gives an extra offensive edge to Lan's support capability!
That's about it for her kit. Let's look into her advancements!


We'll examine Lan's advancements in three different teams - one with Lin Lan and Annabella, Lin Lan Ruby, and triple Fire (Ruby Lan Annabella).
Her A1 transfers 30% of the damage from Fiery Crash as well as detonations from the target to 3 units near it, including the target itself. It also multiplies the ammo usage of other weapons by Polyfeather Parasol, which is a fancy way of saying it makes Annabella shoot out 4 bullets at once, doing the damage, charge, and shatter of all 4 bullets worth. This advancement has considerable value in teams with Annabella, but not so much otherwise.
Her A3 makes all the Parasols explode for 30% of Fiery Crash's damage when using any discharge or shattering a target's shield. It also comes with additional utility of reducing the ATK of enemies near parasols by 15%, and instantly spawns 3 parasols when entering combat and dealing damage. This advancement isn't worth too much damage, as it's more for the utility.
Her A5 makes Fiery Crash and transferred damage ignore 60% of the target's Flame Resistance, and increases the Flame DMG up debuff from the Parasols slightly. Again, like with the previous advancements, Fiery Crash isn't too big of a portion of her total damage output, so the value of this isn't high, even if resistance is in play.
Finally, her A6 grants a huge +50% multiplier on her autoattack damage, making her a much more competitive main DPS - additionally, all the Polyfeather Parasol multipliers aside from the bullet consumption increase from 4 to 6, increasing buffs and damage by a considerable amount.
Below are the theoretical gains from each of the advancements. Note that this is not a comparison between these comps.

Advancement Lan Anna Lin Lan Ruby Lin Lan Anna Ruby
A0 100% 100% 100%
A1 112.38% 102.03% 116.91%
A3 116.01% 106.50% 120.91%
A5 120.43% 110.44% 125.65%
A6 137.90% 123.18% 139.00%

Next, let's take a look at her matrices, and compare them to other options!


Lan's 2-piece matrix increases Flame ATK by 6/7/8/9% and Flame DMG by 3.2/3.8/4.4/5% when you equip at least one Flame weapon, working in the offhand.
Her 4-piece set grants a 4/5/6/7% elemental damage % to the respective element per elemental weapon equipped (e.g. one Flame and one Frost will give +7% of each, and +0% to Volt or Physical), and a larger amount of final damage for each altered weapon. This also works in the offhand.
How strong are these compared to alternate options in Flame?
First, let's take a look at limited matrices.
Lan's matrix is one of the strongest options, about on par with Lin's matrix. Ruby and Anna's matrices are similar, but Anna is highly recommended over Ruby for usability purposes, as Ruby's matrix can be awkward to time and stack up.
When compared to standard matrices, generic DPS matrices are fairly lackluster due to the damage split in this team, but can be better in an Annabella main DPS team. The new Haboela and Scylla matrices are much better, reaching almost 75% of the power of limited matrices - so I'd definitely recommend farming for them as an alternative! Claudia matrices here have a very high ceiling, but note that to reach this ceiling, you'll need A6 Lin and you'll need to be hitting every cooldown reset (shouldn't be too hard with parasols ticking in the background) and not wasting any cooldown time on Annabella (this can be pretty impractical). Finally, Cobalt's matrices, when placed on Annabella, can be slightly better than standard DPS matrices.
Next, let's look at the rotations and teamcomps!

Rotations and Teamcomps

As always, instead of looking at this huge wall of text, I recommend looking at the video. Here's the timestamp for your convenience.

In a Lan team with Annabella, there are two distinct playstyles - one with Lan as main DPS, and one with Annabella as a main DPS. While Lan does significantly more DPS than Annabella even before 6*, main DPSing on Annabella has one huge benefit - that is, that you can use Annabella's trait for a huge +30% on-field increase, which benefits all the passive damage from Lin and Lan, bridging the gap of main DPS potential. However, when running Annabella main DPS, it's recommended to have Annabella's matrices, or else you won't have enough dodges to fill downtime - her bulletless dodges are still almost double the damage of her basic attacks or other combos.
Because the core of this rotation is very simple - that is, use Annabella's bullets off cooldown, and then do autos on Lan before switching to the third weapon and using the skill if applicable - you can substitute other weapons for Lin and use the same rotation essentially.

Let's first look at a rotation with Lan main DPS. Open with Lin's Moonlight Realm, followed by an auto attack on Lan to spawn her Parasols, then her skill. Switch to Annabella and dodge 3 times - yes, three - to compensate for lag and spaghetti code, 3 dodges, or even 4, would be safe to ensure all the bullets get used. Use Lan's discharge, then use autos as well as her skill, for up to total of around 8 seconds, where you then swap into Lin, use another Moonlight Realm, then go back into Annabella to use her bullets again. Repeat this from the Lan discharge.

The rotation is very similar with Annabella as a "main" DPS - just dodge on her 6 times per rotation instead of 3-4, and of course, use Annabella's trait over Samir or Fenrir's.

So, how do these different comps compare? Let's take a look in the next section!


DISCLAIMER! Remember to take theorycrafting with a grain of salt because it's just that - theory! It's not perfect, but it gives us a good idea of where things stand.

In terms of Flame teams, the strongest is the Lin Lan Annabella comp. Theoretically, Lin Lan Ruby isn't too far behind, but in practice, Ruby is much less consistent, because of her cube bouncing off to Africa, especially when you go in for Lan dashes. She can work as a copium support, but it's not ideal. Triple fire is also a bit scuffed because you have to give up Lan uptime to stack heat for Ruby, who, at the end of the day, provides less worthwhile buffs and damage compared to Lin, at a greater uptime cost.

Team Potential (out of Flame teams) Notes
Lan, Lin, Annabella 100% Strongest team
Lan, Lin, Ruby 90.65% It's impractical for this team to hit this theoretical ceiling as well, due how Ruby's cube will inevitably fly to Africa when you try to use Lan's skill.
Lan, Ruby, Annabella 95.57% Actual value may be lower depending on how efficient you are at stacking Ruby matrix. Ruby just doesn't do Lin's job as well, when used as a support.
Whether you do a Lan main DPS build with Fenrir trait or an Annabella semi main DPS build with Annabella trait, the theoretical damage % is similar. But, to keep things consistent with the other builds that just use a perfect 20% Samir trait, we'll use that for this comparison.
Lan pulls Flame out of the dumpster and offers more potential damage than Fenrir comps. Along with Annabella, she offers a significant amount of resistance shred, allowing her to do big damage in end-game content - however, in typical situations, where mobs move constantly, you can miss a good portion of your Fiery Crash and skill damage when mobs aren't standing in between your parasols. Lan's cactus damage is high, but in practical situations, she may still pale in comparison to Fenrir, who also benefits extremely in content with resist, as the clone has 0% resistance.
For dolphin comps, excluding the new World Boss matrices, the damage potential of a Lan team is close to that of Fenrir teams - that is, that Flame is relatively a bit weaker when not at max investment.
In F2P comps, with A1 and non-limited 0* matrices, Lan puts Flame in a very decent place, barring the anomaly that is the FenSaki team. Technically you don't even need A1 Annabella for this as it literally provides nothing for Lan. This makes Flame one of the most F2P friendly teams to play!

Closing Thoughts

Lan is a powerhouse for Flame. She provides a huge amount of passive damage - even more than an A6 Lin at A0 - while also providing debuffs and buffs for Flame. She has some awkward forced synergy with Annabella, but that isn't to say Annabella is mandatory to play Flame - Ruby can work as a suitable sub DPS if you already have her invested in. So, did she save Flame in the way people expected? While that's a bit unsure, at least she's super cute!
See you guys next time :3
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2023.03.30 16:25 ankur-verma Experience Thrilling Paragliding At Nandi Hills With Flying Clubs In Bangalore: All You Need To Know

Experience Thrilling Paragliding At Nandi Hills With Flying Clubs In Bangalore: All You Need To Know
If you are an adventure enthusiast, then Bangalore is the perfect destination for you. The city is home to several flying clubs that offer thrilling paragliding experiences to everyone, from beginners to experts. One of the most popular paragliding destinations in Bangalore is Nandi Hills in Karnataka. Let's dive into the details of flying clubs, the price of paragliding, and Nandi Hills.
Flying Clubs in Bangalore:
Bangalore has several flying clubs that offer paragliding lessons and experiences. These clubs have trained and experienced instructors who ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants. Some of the most popular flying clubs in Bangalore are Bangalore Aerosports, Temple Pilots, Fly Nirvana, and Wind Chasers.
Bangalore Aerosports is located in Jakkur and offers various aviation-related courses, including paragliding. The club has certified instructors and state-of-the-art equipment that ensures a safe and thrilling experience for everyone.
Temple Pilots is another popular flying club that offers paragliding courses for both beginners and experienced pilots. The club is located in Kamshet and is known for its picturesque location and experienced instructors.
Fly Nirvana is located in Kamshet and is known for its fun and adventurous paragliding experiences. The club has trained instructors who provide comprehensive training and ensure that the experience is safe and enjoyable.
Wind Chasers is located in Hoskote and is a great place for beginners to try paragliding. The club has experienced instructors who provide comprehensive training and ensure that the experience is safe and enjoyable.
Price of Paragliding:
The price of paragliding in Bangalore varies depending on the flying club and the level of experience of the participant. On average, the cost of a basic paragliding experience in Bangalore ranges from INR 2,500 to INR 5,000. This includes the cost of equipment, training, and the flight.
However, if you are looking for a more comprehensive package that includes accommodation and other activities, the cost will be higher. The price of paragliding at Nandi Hills, for example, ranges from INR 3,500 to INR 6,500, depending on the flying club and the package you choose.
Nandi Hills, Karnataka:
Nandi Hills karnataka bangalore is a popular paragliding destination in Bangalore, located about 60 km from the city. The hills offer a picturesque view and provide an ideal location for paragliding. The takeoff point for paragliding is near the Nandi Hills arch, which is at an altitude of 1,350 meters. The flight takes approximately 20-30 minutes, depending on the weather conditions.
In addition to paragliding, Nandi Hills offer other activities such as trekking, cycling, and camping. It is an excellent place to spend a weekend getaway with friends or family. The hills also have several resorts and homestays that offer accommodation.
Bangalore is a great place for adventure enthusiasts, and paragliding is a must-try experience. Flying clubs in Bangalore, such as Bangalore Aerosports, Temple Pilots, Fly Nirvana, and Wind Chasers, offer safe and enjoyable paragliding experiences to both beginners and experts. Nandi Hills, located about 60 km from Bangalore, is a popular paragliding destination that provides an ideal location for paragliding. The cost of paragliding in Bangalore ranges from INR 2,500 to INR 5,000, depending on the flying club and the level of experience of the participant. So, pack your bags, head to Bangalore, and experience the thrill of paragliding at Nandi Hills!
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2023.03.30 16:11 AuthorRKeene [The Primeval Apocalypse] - Chapter Eleven (collaboration with u/hydrael)

[The Primeval Apocalypse] - Chapter Eleven (collaboration with u/hydrael)

The Primeval Apocalypse by Robert Keene and Alex Raizman
Cover Image Robert's Published Books Hydrael's Published Books Robert's Patreon Hydrael's Patreon Get updates on Discord!
Start Here (Prologue) Previous Next
With the promise that we could work together to make my new friend a horrifying deity someday, a pact was struck. The Baby Baurusuchus became my first pet.
Making it my pet changed a lot. First of all, the lizard creature was added to my equipment, which gave me knowledge of its stats and abilities. I was also aware that the pet system included a growth system that would let me upgrade the pet as I wished in order to customize its stats and abilities.
Baby Baurusuchus [Set Nickname] Level 5 Pet (Beastmaster)
HP: 375/375 MP: 250/250 SP: 100/100
Attitude: Friendly Growth: 2/100
STR: 10 CON: 15 DEX: 13 AGI: 8 INT: 14 WIS: 12
[Class Abilities] Teamwork (Passive): When a pet or master uses an activated buff ability that affects only themself, the buff applies to the other as well, and 50% of its effect will be applied to all allies within 30 feet. Howl (120 second cooldown): With a fearsome roar, increases the DAM rating of all attacks by 50% for 30 seconds.
Bite: 20
Claw: 20
Dodge: 20
Detection: 20
Stealth: 20
Athletics: 20
Swim: 20
Survival: 20
[Growth Tree]
Juvenile Baurusuchus Physical Path Requirements: Beastmaster achievement “Sic ‘em II”, pet consumes 1x Savory Shank, Growth > 90 Ability Unlock: Kick Out (30 second cooldown): Affect a conal area with a bellowing blast. Knocks enemies back and reduces their DEF rating by 10% for 15 seconds. Enemies pushed into walls or other obstacles take physical damage on impact.
Apprentice Baurusuchus Magical Path Requirements: Beastmaster achievement “Best Friends”, Pet consumes 1x Peppered Steak, Growth > 100 Ability Unlock: Comet (120 second cooldown): Call down a magical strike from above. Deals magic damage in a circular area at range, and inflicts Irradiate for 90 seconds, dealing minor damage over time and reducing enemy DAM rating by 10%.
My original objective had been to go for a pet that was more powerful than me in order to carry me to greatness. Now it seemed that I had a pet weaker than me that needed my support to grow into something powerful. Its stats were mostly lower than mine, and it appeared that the pet didn’t have any achievements to shore up its abilities.
At the very least, it looked like it wouldn’t be long before I could make the creature into something powerful. Making my friend into a scaly little artillery piece or a fearsome area denial monster sounded like a lot of fun. It was just a shame that it was going to be a long-term goal instead of something I would benefit from now.
As usual, the system didn’t give me enough information. I didn’t know how to get those achievements, how to find or make those food items, or how the Growth mechanic worked. But, also as usual, I would figure it out. It might have been sampling bias, but I had adapted to all the weirdness the system had thrown at me so far. It would just take time for me to figure out this new stuff.
At the very least, the creature’s abilities were very promising. Affecting DEF and DAM ratings directly was tremendously powerful with the way the damage formula worked in this system. With Howl active, I might even be able to hack through the alpha’s thick hide. Not to mention the ability to share that buff with all my friends. And if I could grow it up to the next stage, cutting enemy DEF or DAM would make them significantly less effective combatants.
I felt a tickle of an urge to find new pets and see what options they would offer. Would an adult Aurochs have options for growth to develop its abilities? What abilities would it have? How about skills?
Without more Stable slots, I couldn’t investigate right now. But I was excited for the possibilities.
Either way, my Challenge was complete. There was a satisfying sensation as the system rewarded me for stealing my first pet from the Mandrill camp.
For its part, the critter puffed up with a little bit of pride. All the uncertainty drained from its demeanor, and discomfort that I hadn’t even noticed it was feeling towards me. It might have been just my imagination—or the censer’s vapor escaping the room and letting my senses get a more accurate read—but the reptile seemed stronger and healthier now. As if becoming my pet had made it more powerful than it had been before.
More than that, though, when it communicated with me, it was much clearer and more understandable. It was less of a vague series of sensations, and a lot more like speech, even if it wasn’t verbal.
Power, the Baurusuchus said. Much power. Satisfying.
“There’s more where that came from,” I said, taking a quick peek out of the narrowly open door towards the Mandrill town. No sign of any patrols yet, but even with the vapor thinned as it was, my Detection skill wasn’t working. “But we need to get out of here without being seen if we want to collect it.”
Fish? the critter asked.
I looked down in my arms to find that I was hugging the wooden case of smoked fish to my chest. I didn’t even remember picking it up.
“Listen, bud, we need this,” I said quickly. “Adding you to the town’s population might be a hard sell, and having a big box of food is going to go a long way towards getting James on our side of that fight.”
Not arguing, the reptile said, conveying a grin to me without actually changing its expression. Fish good.
“Stay close to me on the way out,” I instructed. “This might get a little spicy.”
Experimentally, I activated Hide In Plain Sight. There was a tingle as the Teamwork passive did what I hoped it would, applying the effect to the Baby Baurusuchus as well. Though to my perspective, it was a clearly-visible shaded outline, the Hide In Plain Sight effect would make it much easier to sneak out of here.
A part of me wanted to make off with the censer as well as the fish. It would prove a useful tool back in Jamestown. But I simply couldn’t justify the risk. So long as the room was shrouded from Detection skills, the alpha would never know its prize was missing. I could be all the way back home before the Mandrills even knew I was here. That was worth more than a little alchemy toy.
Also my hands were full of a big box of fish. Don’t judge me.
There was also the matter of the jugs of Masquerade Poison. I could smuggle one or two out and still have plenty of ability to carry the fish. But I didn’t know if it would work without the censer, and it was a lot of risk to find out. There was no telling when the alpha would return.
As soon as the Baurusuchus crept down the ramp, I slid the door closed behind it.
I was glad the creature had Stealth skill already, so that I didn’t need to carefully instruct it to tread carefully. At the far end of the pen, the docile Aurochs barely seemed to notice us. That was a good sign. I was afraid that they might react poorly to a big toothy predator in their pen. Obviously, though, they identified that the baby reptile was not a threat to their near-impenetrable hides.
I considered jumping the fence again, but discarded the idea quickly. My new pet was pretty large, meeting me at the hip with its shoulders, but it didn’t have any Climb skill, and its low-slung body would make the effort an absolute mess. The pen had a crude wooden gate to the south, though.
It seemed silly now that the entrance was facing out of town. Obviously the entrance being on the north side of the pen would allow more security, making it harder to steal away with their livestock. But I’d long since recognized the purpose during past raids.
Once upon a time I’d considered riling up the aurochs for a diversion once by driving them through the town on a stampede. The powerful beasts would reduce the Mandrill’s homes to matchsticks in seconds, and take hours—if not days—for the primates to control and recover. But the gate pointing out of town meant that unless I busted through the thick clay brick wall, the hard-shelled cattle would only stomp around in the woods for a little while until they blundered into one of the Mandrill farms, calming down once they ate a little.
Now, though, the tables were turned. I was able to open the simple latch on the wooden gate, open it just a few feet wide for my new friend to slip out, and we were as good as gone, circling around the nearest farm and heading on a straight shot south, moving nice and slow to avoid lighting up any guards’ Detection skill, and leaving as little trail as possible.
“Alright,” I said, once I was confident that the only thing around us were forest-dwelling vermin and the distant creatures in the forest canopy above. “I think we need to settle one thing first, before we go any farther.”
Settle? the critter asked, giving me a curious look.
“Yeah. This is possibly the most important decision of your life, too,” I added, “besides choosing to join me.”
Decision, the reptile said, conveying to me that it wanted to help. Tell problem. Make decision.
“There’s one surefire way to make sure that nobody has a problem with you,” I said, holding up a finger. “Trust me, this works one hundred percent of the time on humans. We get this right, and everyone in Jamestown will love you.”
I pulled up to a stop and knelt down to look the critter in the eye. It stopped as well, meeting my eyes in return. Without proper meaning, it conveyed preparedness. It was ready to handle any task, so long as it could continue to be fed and grow stronger.
“You need a name,” I said at last.
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2023.03.30 16:04 ApocalypseErik March 30th, 2020: Day 16

March 30th
I'm extremely sorry to report that First Platoon suffered its first casualty last night. We all knew it was bound to happen sooner or later, it's a dangerous game out here... But still, it's some shit. Not just that it happened, but how it happened. It was just a mistake, nobody's fault really. Shit happens, right? Molina and Williams had been on sentry duty last night. We figured it for a pretty safe gig- three of our sides were cleared, so we mostly just needed to keep eyes on the front. Maybe that safe feeling made them a little less sharp. I hate to say it, they're good soldiers, but nobody's perfect. Nobody's immune to complacency.
It was about 2 AM when it all went down. Molina says she had stepped away to use the powder room, so I guess with her occupied it was just Williams keeping an eye out. That's one stroke of bad luck. Somehow a Zack found its way to our camp. No idea how, it's an absolute ghost town out here. Maybe it followed a nocturnal critter, maybe it saw a light, maybe it heard a noise. Whatever it was, that's one more stroke of bad luck.
After stumbling this way, the zombie then managed to move undetected past Molina and Williams. Another stroke of bad luck- Zack don't tend to be quiet, you can hear that goddamned moan a mile off. How did the guy manage to sneak by two sentries? According to Dr. Greene, who looked the body over as part of the casualty report, this particular undead had had its lungs debilitated to a pretty brutal degree. Because of the lung trauma, she figures, the zombie likely wasn't able to elicit the tell-tale moan that most undead do. In fact, it's quite likely that the corpse was entirely mute That's real bad luck, a zombie's clumsiness and general noise level is one of our biggest advantages during night watch.
And so, quietly and under the cover of night, the zombie stumbled into our camp. It noticed Pfc. Johnson, who was sleeping near the front of the encampment, and headed his direction. It was as this point that, per Molina's recollection, her and Williams became aware of motion within the camp and, figuring it to be a soldier breaking curfew, quietly called out to confirm that hunch. Upon receiving no response, they shined their flashlights in time to see a creature stumbling towards, and then reaching down, to Johnson on the ground. Assuming at this point the creature to be undead, Williams sprinted over to handle the zombie while Molina quickly surveyed the area for any more signs of undead.
As Williams reached Johnson's bedroll, Johnson was awoken by the zombie manhandling him.
Johnson, like the rest of us, keeps his sidearm loaded and nearby during the night.

Waking in a panic and seeing an undead directly over him, Johnson grabbed his weapon and dispatched the creature with two shots to the head.
It was at this point that Johnson noticed another silhouette behind the first zombie and fired three more rounds.
Pfc. Williams died nearly instantly, receiving a gunshot to the skull and a second to the neck. The gunshots woke the entire camp and scrambled everyone into action, but the situation was already over.

Some damn way to go... Three unlikely strokes of bad luck and a mistake that any of us could have made. I guess that's all it takes sometimes.

It's gonna be a quiet day.

[Note: Two more posts for Day 16 are available on Patreon]
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2023.03.30 15:59 jasyinzoxl 😘👉👌 IF YOU TAP YOU WILL CUM 🍆💦





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“Get back down there,” Carol ordered. “Eat my pussy!” She rubbed the top of her mound and rotated her hips. His tongue slipped between her legs once more. “Oh yes, baby, lick me, so soft.” She looked down and his eyes, bright blue, looked back at her. He touched her clit once more. This novice, this rookie, was going to give her the greatest orgasm she'd ever had. “There, baby, there, lick my clit! Make me cum!” She felt it build from deep inside and held his face tight against her clenching pussy. She flooded his chin and relaxed as he wiped her pussy lips with his tongue. “Oh baby,” Carol moaned. She laid back on the bed and he crawled up next to her. One hand started playing with one of her tits. She could feel his stiff erection along her leg.
I peered at her, even more suspicious than ever. She'd said to too slowly, too deliberately. "All right..." I said, slowly.
“My bad!”
The next point was hard fought with a long rally, I could feel sweat trickling over my ribs, but I won. 40-30.
"Sweet! I'll be over in an hour babe, that ok?"
“I know he’s here. The fact that you have semen on your chin proves that there is someone with you and that he doesn’t have a car.”
"Honey, this is just for the sex, no romance, no strings attached, nothing but pure sex, just make me cum with this huge cock of yours and I will be happy. As long as I get off, that's all that really matters." Brenda told him as she ground her clit against his crotch.
"That's capitalism for you", said her dad, "charge what the market will bear."
"Really? This is to nice of a cock for it not to be used to fuck, or at least in someone's mouth.
This is my quest, to follow that star
The conversation went on like this until I started to get hornier and hornier with each answer she typed in. I had a woody and I couldn't hold back my curiosity.
Everyone burst out in laughter, except for Justin, who was apparently at the roots of the hilarity. “Shut up Ben, at least I had the balls to ask her.” Justin had the biggest crush on Josie since high school, hell, who wouldn’t? She was quite pretty, although not a part of the popular clique. But, she certainly had the biggest rack of the entire school, including the teacher with the implants.
“Did I make a mistake?” I asked. “Will this help you and Phil work out your differences?”
“Hey, Becky, what's up?” I asked.
“Ohh my god.” I said.
“I still can't believe Chris and Stephanie are fucking,” Rita said after we broke the kiss.
"you okay"i whispered looking at her. i saw her nervously glance at me. she didnt really say anything which i took as a sign that she was really scared.. "Sarah if it scares you that much lets go"i whispered.she didn't argue. i helped her up. she sorta leaned into me. she was alittle cold. and i guess i was warm. cause she didn't say anything to walking out basicly in my arms.
Melody giggled and sat on his bed while he went into the bathroom shutting the door behind him. Pedro came up to her and started pawing at her side. She held him and then lay back on Brandon’s bed. She saw his iPod sitting in the cradle and she picked it up an put the headphones on and started playing some music Brandon liked. She came across a bunch of music with no titles. She played one and she heard Brandon’s voice come on.
Mark smiled, and neither really thought much of this. They were friends, and half the time neither of them even acknowledged that they were a boy and a girl.
She stood over Will and crouched, lowering her vagina onto his fulling erect and leaking cock.
“Me” she said, smiling mischievously.
’Hmmmm ’ she said selecting an altogether more modest blue one that was nevertheless an attractive high cut pattern and holding it up to her. ‘I think I’ll take this one’ she said.
“Well I guess you’re not” I answered, “At least not when your all covered in sweat and cum!” Having said that I scooped her up in my arms and carried her off to the shower with her screaming all the way. I set her down just outside the shower and reached in and turned the water on. When it was ready, I looked at her and pointed to the shower. “Your bath awaits my lady” I smiled to her. She took my hand and stepped into the large stand up shower and I followed her. I soaped up her beautiful breasts and proceeded to clean every inch of her perfect frame. From the top of her head and her beautiful long black hair to her pretty little feet. I especially paid close attention to her tasty pussy and ass, they got my every attention and were clean as could be when I was done. She returned the favor and did me about the same way and I knew my dick was clean by the amount of rubbing and inspecting she did. When we were done, we dried each other and I carried her off to her bed.
Then out of nowhere she broke our kiss and started to moan loudly. Her pussy started to tighten its hold on my cock and then started to let out a clear fluid. She must be having an orgasm.
“Guess what I got in the mail today,” she said, quietly.
After getting dressed and turning off the video camera I changed DVDs. Then Sandy and I snuck out the back way and around to the living room windows. A couple of years ago Dad had planted some pretty big shrubs along the windows. I always wondered why since they had always liked the view. However it gave Sandy and I cover from the street so that we could become Peeping Toms. Then we saw our mothers in another sexual embrace totally naked as our fathers watched and took digital pictures of the two sisters making out. I raised my video camera and joined them. Then it dawned on me why Dad had planted the big shrubs and never trimmed them. Privacy!
"Hold on." I took a peek around. No staff was in the vicinity. I ducked into her dressing room. It had a seat and a hook. The door stood off the ground by two feet and the walls reached up to the ceiling. There were mirrors in the corners by which one could see completely around oneself. My sister was still wearing her black shirt which was getting a bit too tight. She had compensated these past few weeks by cutting the V portion of her neckline to give her a bit more room. It was her favorite shirt and she hated having to put it away, but she was learning that being pregnant came with some costs.
"Like the book bag thing, I did things that other people probably would have stopped
I was anxious to go but Mom said that the store had to be open a couple of hours for the girls to need a break. She was right of course. I hated the wait but she really was right.
Read 20154 times
Billie gasped, this was not what she was expecting. Her fingers combed through blond hair, sighing as her heart sped up even more. Her eyes never leaving the sight in front of her. The dick reappeared wet and shiny, then back again between Emblas meaty labia. She was dreaming it was her that got plowed by that huge cock.
“Tom,” I commanded my new slave, “fuck my ass.”
Kayla looked at her younger cousin for a long minute. “Candy, it’s hard to explain. If you like someone, I mean care for them, then it is wonderful. Girls are soft, and they go slow and unlike guys who fumble around, another girl just seems to know what you want and what to do to make you feel sexy . . . and well, just wonderful!”
“Oh, really? I want to see what kind of ideas you have in mind.”
She let out a muffled squeal before her lips locked around me, I slowly thrust up and down sliding my cock into her mouth over and over again going ever so slightly deeper each time. It wasn't long until I had gotten into a rhythm, her mouth was so wet and warm it felt incredible, easily the best blowjob i'd ever have, add the fact I was pretty much fucking her mouth made it that much better. I felt the tip pressing against her throat everytime I thrust down which resulted in no hint of her gagging whatsoever which made me wonder just how much she could take.
over her tongue and into her eager mouth.
They were lying on a blanket in Yellowstone National Park, having a picnic. They were up on a hill, hiding from the summer sun with the shade of the trees above them, looking out across green pastures with the forest and mountains on the other side.
Rachel had left The Cult’s head quarters and made a bee-line for the hospital. Lying to the front desk woman, she told them that Blane was her older cousin, and that she had just got to town with her parents. The woman at the desk had bought the lie, and told Rachel everything she wanted to know about the hospital, and more specifically, were to find Blane. And thanks to that, Rachel found Blane’s room easily.
“Gosh, you really think I am?” She asked. “I wasn’t so sure.”
“I’ve never kissed a boy before” she added quietly.
Finally, it came time to draw lots. We made four lines (I felt sorry for the queer kids, the shortness of their lines meant it had to be a lot more awkward for them, especially because they were standing next to potential partners).
I might be but he’s done running. Time to stare them down.
I gripped harder, prompting her to answer.
Detective Midnight found the kitchen phone underneath the table, and concluded that she had hidden there while she tried to call for help. It was broken. She must have dropped it… but why? The stranger must have startled her when he found her hiding there…
My eyes got as big as the sun. "What?!"
They found a pack of sheer black hold-ups with two pairs in, for £3.50. Sophie smiled as she paid for them.
“Quit being such a… teacher.” I jokingly complained. He didn’t laugh, giving me the silence I dreaded. “Nicole and I aren’t having sex anymore.”
Christie thought for a bit. “If he breaks up with you because you won’t have sex with him, then he isn’t the right guy.”
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“I don’t know. Let’s tell mom and dad, maybe they can buy his silence” Nick suggested.
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So overall it has some good potential. A few area's for improvement though. First is the formatting. Try separating the paragraphs out so that it is more readable. The second thing that could be improved is detail. For something like this, a little back-story could be a great help.
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var pager = {"objects":["

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you werent kidding when you said short. One of the basics in dialogue is to start a new paragraph when the speaker changes. This eliminates relying on literary intuition or repetative he said she said. not bad for a start. Look forward to seeing more. You obviously have a story to tell in your head and you want to get it out. i would recommend writing it out first and then release chapters only as you find them... complete. Also please forgive my lack of punctuation. I am using my kindle.<\/div>\n

anonymous readerReport<\/a> <\/span><\/h4>\n
2012-07-07 16:24:05<\/div>\n
you werent kidding when you said short. One of the basics in dialogue is to start a new paragraph when the speaker changes. This eliminates relying on literary intuition or repetative he said she said. not bad for a start. Look forward to seeing more. You obviously have a story to tell in your head and you want to get it out. i would recommend writing it out first and then release chapters only as you find them... complete. Also please forgive my lack of punctuation. I am using my kindle.<\/div>\n

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That last comment was mine btw :)<\/div>\n

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Hey Kitsune_Lord, thank you for your response. That is a very good point. Though there are ways how he could have put it away (hands tied in front of hi body), I completely forgot he was tied up xD. I do also agree that I am rushing this part a bit, but that is partially to get to what most people are here for... But thank you for your reply :) I will try to go more slowly from here and remember to reread my chapters before posting them :)<\/div>\n

anonymous readerReport<\/a> <\/span><\/h4>\n
2012-07-07 16:15:28<\/div>\n
Hey Kitsune_Lord, thank you for your response. That is a very good point. Though there are ways how he could have put it away (hands tied in front of hi body), I completely forgot he was tied up xD. I do also agree that I am rushing this part a bit, but that is partially to get to what most people are here for... But thank you for your reply :) I will try to go more slowly from here and remember to reread my chapters before posting them :)<\/div>\n

Kitsune_Lord<\/a>Report<\/a> <\/span><\/h4>\n
2012-07-07 16:10:30<\/div>\n
How did he put the amulet away if he was tied up? Who would accept that situation so fast? You are rushing through in your writing the story line sounds good but you are sticking everything way to close.<\/div>\n
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“I’m not getting mad, I just don’t know any other way to explain it,” I tried to explain myself.
“Though he was pretty damn hot.” She said wistfully taking off her sunglasses and squinting after Trent’s retreating figure.
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