Filter reset frigidaire window air conditioner


2023.05.28 13:06 aireptac AIRE PTAC SERVICE INC.

AC Maintenance in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island, Suffolk County, Nassau County and Surrounding Areas
For your air conditioner to function effectively and for longer, it is essential to occasionally assess the status of the filters, coils, and fins. While it might seem attractive to do repairs by yourself, you might end up incurring more expenses due to errors, a reason why you should higher trained technicians to do it.
Call us today: (914)-661-1964 or visit
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2023.05.28 11:18 heaveninhellgirl Creepy Cabin's Dark Secret.

It had been years since I last stepped foot in that desolate forest. Memories of my childhood flooded back as I peered through the overgrown foliage, spotting the worn-out path leading deeper into the woods. The stories we used to share around the campfire echoed in my mind, especially the one about the abandoned cabin—the place where all fear began.
Curiosity tingled in my veins as I made my decision. I was going to find that cabin and uncover the truth behind the legends. With my backpack slung over my shoulder, I ventured down the overgrown path, the silence of the woods swallowing my every step.
The trees towered above me, casting eerie shadows across my path. Leaves rustled as if whispering secrets only they could understand. I swallowed hard, pushing forward, my determination overpowering the creeping unease. The tales of the cabin had intrigued me for years, and now it was time to confront the darkness that lurked within.
After what seemed like an eternity, I stumbled upon a clearing, and there it stood—the infamous cabin. It had succumbed to the passage of time, its wooden frame weathered and decaying. The windows were shattered, and the front door hung crookedly on its hinges, beckoning me to enter.
I took a deep breath and crossed the threshold. Inside, the air was stale and heavy, filled with the scent of abandonment. Dust danced in the weak rays of sunlight that filtered through the cracks in the walls. It was a scene frozen in time, as if the inhabitants had fled in haste, leaving behind their most cherished possessions.
A sense of foreboding settled upon me as I explored further. The whispers of the wind outside grew louder, carrying with them the echoes of distant footsteps. Every creak of the floorboards sent shivers down my spine, making me question my decision to venture into this forgotten place.
I noticed a stack of weathered journals on a nearby table, their pages yellowed with age. My curiosity got the better of me, and I picked one up, dusting off the surface. As I opened it, I was greeted by chilling accounts of strange occurrences within the cabin—a malicious presence that tormented those unfortunate enough to stumble upon it. The more I read, the more I felt a chill creeping up my spine.
I snapped the journal shut, convinced that the stories were nothing but the product of overactive imaginations. But as I turned to leave, the door slammed shut with a deafening thud. Panic surged through me, and I rushed to open it, but it refused to budge. My heart pounded in my chest, and the whispers of the wind transformed into sinister laughter.
Time seemed to stand still as I frantically searched for an alternative way out. The cabin's atmosphere had changed, becoming suffocating and oppressive. The creaking of the floorboards grew louder, and the unsettling feeling of being watched intensified.
Desperation overtook me as I stumbled upon a hidden trapdoor beneath a worn-out rug. My trembling hands reached for the handle, praying for an escape. With a deep breath, I opened the hatch and descended into the unknown.
The darkness swallowed me whole, the only source of light being a flickering lantern I had hastily grabbed from the cabin. The air grew colder, and an eerie silence engulfed me. It felt as though the forest itself had withdrawn, holding its breath.
I cautiously moved forward, my steps echoing in the cavernous space. The tunnel seemed to stretch on indefinitely, the oppressive blackness refusing to yield to any light.
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2023.05.28 11:13 ID10T-Cam People that open Windows in Air Conditioned Buildings /Vehicles / Public Transportation: Keep the Windows Closed

It is highly recommended that you close all windows and doors when the air conditioner is turned on. This will keep the cool air inside the space and keep the temperature moderate.
In addition to cooling efficiency, leaving the windows open will also put stress on the air conditioner.
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2023.05.28 10:47 Proletlariet 60s Spider-Man

"Whallopin' websnappers!"
Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can. Spins a web any size, catches thieves just like flies. Look out! Here comes the Spider-Man. Is he strong? Listen bud, he's got radioactive blood. Can he swing from a thread? Take a look overhead. Hey there, there goes the Spider-Man. In the chill of night, at the scene of a crime, like a streak of light, he arrives just in time. Spider-Man, Spider-Man, friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Wealth and fame he's ignored, action is his reward. To him, life is a great big bang-up, wherever there's a hang-up, you'll find the Spider-Man!
Lifting & Throwing
Pushing & Pulling
Reactions & Dodging
Action Speed
Blunt Force
Restraint Strength
Tempered Webbing Strength
Elasticity Strength
Weird Usages
Spider Powers
Gadgets & Gear
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2023.05.28 10:47 Insatiabledoobie 4:45 a.m.

Hullo darkness, my loving old friend. It’s been 50 days, how the heck are y’all?! I’m back again to find comfort in the void and anonymity that is this entire account. 🤣
I slept the day away, Saturday. Not my best move but I went to bed early that morning because I literally was cleaning and arranging my room. I moved my desk twice and my tv stand and for the most part, I like where it is. I just hate that my desk chair is taking up a lot of space. It used to be my work desk chair, then I got another and decided since I have a vanity/desk in my room without a chair, it could be repurposed and moved there. But that was a bad idea. The whole point in replacing it as a work desk chair was that it was uncomfortable lol. So, I gotta figure out a what I want to do. Donate, or trash it. Probably trash it. It will not fit in my car.
Anyway, the whole reason in doing that was because I was making room for a portable air conditioner. I live in an apartment where there’s no central air and heat. Now, I’m a Floridian, this was absolutely insane to realize when I moved out of state. I’ve been in the same apartment since I’ve moved, kinda want to move this year though so we’ll see. But my room doesn’t have an ac unit. It’s only in my living room. It’s cool enough out there but in my room it’s a different story. Spring and summer time, I’ve died every night for the past two years. I’m a hot sleeper and then having no ac and circulation in here makes it hell. I got blackout curtains and a fan, and it helped reduce some heat but I was still hot. Also have a mattress protector and that shit keeps body heat. So yeah, suffer city, population me. Now, just a month or so ago I learned a portable unit was a thing. So I started researching. My window is a vertical sliding one, so I couldn’t fathom there would be a regular window unit that would fit it and I was right. So then portables came into my view and i immediately started researching. I found one I thought would work, read reviews, and eventually after procrastinating made my purchase. Let’s just say, I got a really nice one, not bougie prices but my pockets are crying like a little bitch rn. But after installing it to the best of my abilities, I’m happy to say my room felt like I walked in to a refrigerator. It has been worth the money I’ve spent. Sleeping was great until it cut off because it reached the temperature I set it to, that’s my biggest criticism so far. I need it to be continuous. This isn’t a unit review. I’m just saying that’s how my weekend started. 🤣
Those that read this…..why? Lol, you must be bored. Anyway! I’m up now. Can’t sleep. Thinking about posting a personal again to find someone to bother daily. But I’ll probably state that it’s not for romantic interests, it’s for a regular degular friendship. I’m coming to terms with the fact that I don’t find a lot of men attractive. Not to knock anyone’s looks but I find very few attractive enough to be with intimately. Also, I’m tired of being treated as if I’m not enough to be a full on girlfriend, and just be used for sexual needs. Blame it on myself for allowing anyone to treat me this way and not stopping it. I take full responsibility. Want to make it clear though, I am strictly attracted to men lol, I just find it hard to find one I wanna bang. I’m weird.
I just don’t want to start talking to anyone and they want to see me and then I see them and I’m like oh…..yep. No tingles whatsoever do there, and then have to turn down their attempts to be more. It’s mean af, I know, and I’ve been rejected by someone I fell hard for in a short period of time because they didn’t like how I looked either. I just don’t want any expectations. You want someone to bug daily though? I’m your girl. Just don’t try to get into my virtual panties. Now that I’m thinking about it more, I think I’ll pass on posting for now. The thought is giving me anxiety and I don’t feel like filtering out the pervs. Anyway, I’m hungry, think I’ll grab a bowl of cereal. Be back soon, maybe! Later, you cool cats!
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2023.05.28 10:13 ptacsupplycorp PTAC SUPPLY CORP

HVAC Repair, Installation & Maintenance air conditioning repair nyc, hvac repair, ptac repair in new york, a/c repair, best a/c repair ny, a/c nyc, air conditioning, repair, service, central air, wall units, ductless mini split, window units, Serving Manhattan,Air Conditioners Installation.
Call us today: (347) 650-2578 or visit
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2023.05.28 04:34 h2oairconditioning H2O Air Conditioning Inc.

Air Conditioning Repair and Service Air Conditioning Cleaning, Tune up and Steam cleaning Air Conditioning Installation, Top Mounted Installation, Lower Mounted Installation, Casement Window AC Installation, PTAC Units Installation, WSHP Installation, Fan Coil Units installation, Mini Ductless Split Air Conditioner Installation Air Conditioning Winter Storage, HVAC Winterization HVAC Service Contracts, HVAC Maintenance Contracts All of our air conditioning services are available in Five Boroughs, NYC, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island
Call us today: 212-920-5009 or visit
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2023.05.28 04:20 littlecornflake6 [WTS/SELLING] Air Conditioner (A/C unit)

[WTS/SELLING] Air Conditioner (A/C unit)
Hi! I’m moving out of my apartment soon and I’d love to sell my A/C unit.
It’s a GE 5,000 BTU 115-Volt Window Air Conditioner for 150 sq. ft
I had it for 2 years but used it infrequently. It’s in great working condition.
NO meetups, pickup only in Downtown Manhattan. Venmo or PayPal only.
Please DM me if you’re interested and/or have any questions!
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2023.05.28 04:08 Normakk Electrical Adapter to plug a portable AC into a 6-20R socket?

Is such a thing possible? I want to plug this AC into an existing 6-20R outlet (or I believe it's a 6-20R from what I can tell, maybe a 6-20P?)....Are there any adapters that would work? I'm in an apartment so I cant really do any major electrical work, but I would like to use this outlet for this AC unit if possible?
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2023.05.28 03:03 riverbaygoose NEED advice on my window air conditioner situation!!

NEED advice on my window air conditioner situation!!
I just moved into a new apartment, and I was about to install an air conditioner in the bedroom when I noticed the closest outlet to the window is positioned in a way where I cannot plug my air conditioner in!!
There is no other outlet that is close enough for my AC, so what do I do? Can I use a 12 gauge 2 ft extension cord, just so I have enough room to plug it in? Or will that overheat and cause a fire? The tag on the plug says not to do this. The AC unit is 5000 BTU, runs at 4.1 amperes, 115 volts, and is linked here.
I'm also going to contact my super and see if he can get an electrician in to see if anything can be done. Can an outlet like that be rotated? The building is old, apparently built in 1924.
Any help would be appreciated. I just moved in, and it's right at the start of the summer so it's urgent!
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2023.05.28 02:49 Silent-Piccolo Switching to hubitat from Amazon Alexa

I’m looking at switching to Hubatat for our smart home because I am disgusted at the extremely limited automations available through Amazon Alexa, but I’d like to keep all of our existing devices. I’m also hoping to get as much of the stuff locally controlled as possible. Devices: TP Link Kasa smart plugs and smart lightbulbs. Philips hue smart bulbs and light strips, as well as a first generation Philips hue dimmer switch, which I will probably just integrate into the hubitat hub directly using Zigby. Ring alarm system, I’m hoping that there’s some kind of a local ring integration, as I really wouldn’t like to switch the ring stuff over to the hubitat hub if I can avoid it. Two of those third reality Bluetooth smart switches that go on top of your existing smart switch, here’s a link if you’re not sure what I’m talking about: Made for Amazon BLE Smart Switch, Gen3 Compatible with Echo v4, Echo Dot v3&v4, Echo Flex, Echo Input, Echo Show 5 & 8, and Echo Studio. I might be able to integrate these and our Amazon smart plugs and Amazon basics smart power strip into hubitat with virtual switches, or I could just absorb the cost of replacing these things with their Zigby equivalence. Switchbot hub mini controlling air conditioner via infrared, acts as a hub for a switchbot bot, I’d like to integrate the SwitchBot stuff into hubitat, and maybe I could connect those third reality smart switches to the SwitchBot hub mini since it also uses Bluetooth. I really don’t care if I have to flash the hub, I got it to tinker with. Echo buttons, it doesn’t really matter if I can’t use these with hubitat, but it would be neat if I could. ring video doorbell, it doesn’t matter if this gets integrated into hubitat. Samsung smart things range, again, this doesn’t need to be in hubitat. Frigidaire smart air conditioner, preferably this would be included in hubitat, but it doesn’t really matter. Magic light smart light strip, this absolutely doesn’t need to be in hubitat, and probably won’t even be integrated anyway. iHome robot vacuum, again, there’s no reason to integrate this into hubitat unless it’s going to allow us to control it with Alexa, yes I am aware that this device does have an Alexa skill, but the skill is broken. A Tuya based smart plug thermostat that I am willing to flash if I don’t have to open up the device. The three main voice assistance, we mainly use Amazon echoes but we also have a Google home mini and 2 HomePod minis, I know that these can be integrated into hubitat.
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2023.05.28 02:32 adamkay123 New keyboard's keys periodically acting as if stuck down

I recently bought a Keychron V1 keyboard and after attempting to use it, quickly discovered that keypresses would often either be delayed or act as if they are being held down (the key is not physically stuck) and the lighting effects on the keyboard freeze. This isn't isolated to an individual key, all the keys seem to have this issue. The keyboard does however seem to work when plugged into my laptop.
I've been in contact with Keychron's support team, and they kindly sent me a replacement PCB. However, even after installing it, the issues persist. I've tried several troubleshooting steps to no avail:
At this stage, I'm starting to suspect a compatibility problem between the keyboard's firmware and my computer's hardware. Nevertheless, I'm hoping that someone here might spot something I've missed.
Hardware Details:
I appreciate any insights or suggestions you might have. Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.28 02:09 NeedleworkerShot2111 Frame drops in OBS

Hi, I am getting occasional frame drops when trying to record Destiny 2 in OBS.
I have a Intel i9-13000k and a NVIDIA Geforce 3080ti.
I don't feel like I should have frame drops with these specs.
Here is my log file below. It didnt let me link it for whatever reason, so ill just paste it.

15:30:35.954: CPU Name: 13th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-13900K
15:30:35.954: CPU Speed: 2995MHz
15:30:35.954: Physical Cores: 24, Logical Cores: 32
15:30:35.954: Physical Memory: 32552MB Total, 18461MB Free
15:30:35.954: Windows Version: 10.0 Build 22621 (release: 22H2; revision: 1702; 64-bit)
15:30:35.955: Running as administrator: false
15:30:35.955: Windows 10/11 Gaming Features:
15:30:35.955: Game Bar: Off
15:30:35.955: Game DVR: Off
15:30:35.955: Game DVR Background Recording: Off
15:30:35.955: Game Mode: On
15:30:35.955: Hardware GPU Scheduler: Off
15:30:35.956: Sec. Software Status:
15:30:35.956: Microsoft Defender Antivirus: enabled (AV)
15:30:35.956: Windows Firewall: disabled (FW)
15:30:35.957: Current Date/Time: 2023-05-27, 15:30:35
15:30:35.957: Browser Hardware Acceleration: false
15:30:35.957: Hide OBS windows from screen capture: false
15:30:35.957: Qt Version: 6.4.3 (runtime), 6.4.3 (compiled)
15:30:35.957: Portable mode: false
15:30:36.121: OBS 29.1.1 (64-bit, windows)
15:30:36.121: ---------------------------------
15:30:36.122: ---------------------------------
15:30:36.122: audio settings reset:
15:30:36.122: samples per sec: 48000
15:30:36.122: speakers: 2
15:30:36.122: max buffering: 960 milliseconds
15:30:36.122: buffering type: dynamically increasing
15:30:36.123: ---------------------------------
15:30:36.123: Initializing D3D11...
15:30:36.123: Available Video Adapters:
15:30:36.125: Adapter 0: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti
15:30:36.125: Dedicated VRAM: 12687769600
15:30:36.125: Shared VRAM: 17066864640
15:30:36.125: PCI ID: 10de:2208
15:30:36.125: Driver Version:
15:30:36.126: output 0:
15:30:36.126: name=MSI MAG274QRX
15:30:36.126: pos={0, 0}
15:30:36.126: size={2560, 1440}
15:30:36.126: attached=true
15:30:36.126: refresh=240
15:30:36.126: bits_per_color=8
15:30:36.126: space=RGB_FULL_G22_NONE_P709
15:30:36.126: sdr_white_nits=80
15:30:36.126: nit_range=[min=0.362400, max=408.760010, max_full_frame=408.760010]
15:30:36.126: dpi=96 (100%)
15:30:36.126: id=\\?\DISPLAY#MSI3CA8#5&23c9b0f&0&UID4353#{e6f07b5f-ee97-4a90-b076-33f57bf4eaa7}
15:30:36.126: alt_id=\\.\DISPLAY1
15:30:36.126: output 1:
15:30:36.126: name=BenQ GW2480
15:30:36.126: pos={-1920, -130}
15:30:36.126: size={1920, 1080}
15:30:36.126: attached=true
15:30:36.126: refresh=60
15:30:36.126: bits_per_color=8
15:30:36.126: space=RGB_FULL_G22_NONE_P709
15:30:36.126: sdr_white_nits=80
15:30:36.126: nit_range=[min=0.500000, max=270.000000, max_full_frame=270.000000]
15:30:36.126: dpi=96 (100%)
15:30:36.126: id=\\?\DISPLAY#BNQ78E7#5&23c9b0f&0&UID4352#{e6f07b5f-ee97-4a90-b076-33f57bf4eaa7}
15:30:36.126: alt_id=\\.\DISPLAY2
15:30:36.126: Adapter 1: Intel(R) UHD Graphics
15:30:36.126: Dedicated VRAM: 134217728
15:30:36.126: Shared VRAM: 17066864640
15:30:36.126: PCI ID: 8086:a780
15:30:36.126: Driver Version:
15:30:36.127: Loading up D3D11 on adapter NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti (0)
15:30:36.170: D3D11 loaded successfully, feature level used: b000
15:30:36.170: DXGI increase maximum frame latency success
15:30:36.170: D3D11 GPU priority setup failed (not admin?)
15:30:37.086: ---------------------------------
15:30:37.086: video settings reset:
15:30:37.086: base resolution: 2560x1440
15:30:37.086: output resolution: 2560x1440
15:30:37.086: downscale filter: Bicubic
15:30:37.086: fps: 60/1
15:30:37.086: format: P010
15:30:37.086: YUV mode: Rec. 2100 (PQ)/Full
15:30:37.086: NV12 texture support not available
15:30:37.086: P010 texture support enabled
15:30:37.087: Audio monitoring device:
15:30:37.087: name: Default
15:30:37.087: id: default
15:30:37.087: ---------------------------------
15:30:37.091: No AJA devices found, skipping loading AJA UI plugin
15:30:37.091: Failed to initialize module 'aja-output-ui.dll'
15:30:37.094: No AJA devices found, skipping loading AJA plugin
15:30:37.094: Failed to initialize module 'aja.dll'
15:30:37.094: Skipping module '../../obs-plugins/64bit/chrome_elf.dll', not an OBS plugin
15:30:37.097: [CoreAudio encoder]: CoreAudio AAC encoder not installed on the system or couldn't be loaded
15:30:37.098: Failed to load 'en-US' text for module: 'decklink-captions.dll'
15:30:37.098: Failed to load 'en-US' text for module: 'decklink-output-ui.dll'
15:30:37.103: A DeckLink iterator could not be created. The DeckLink drivers may not be installed
15:30:37.103: Failed to initialize module 'decklink.dll'
15:30:37.122: [AMF] Unable to load 'amfrt64.dll', error code 126.
15:30:37.123: [AMF] AMF Test failed due to one or more errors.
15:30:37.123: Failed to initialize module 'enc-amf.dll'
15:30:37.629: Skipping module '../../obs-plugins/64bit/libcef.dll', not an OBS plugin
15:30:37.629: Skipping module '../../obs-plugins/64bit/libEGL.dll', not an OBS plugin
15:30:37.629: Skipping module '../../obs-plugins/64bit/libGLESv2.dll', not an OBS plugin
15:30:37.641: [obs-browser]: Version 2.21.1
15:30:37.641: [obs-browser]: CEF Version 103.0.5060.134 (runtime), 103.0.0-5060-shared-textures.2591+g4204d54+chromium-103.0.5060.134 (compiled)
15:30:37.647: NVENC supported
15:30:37.752: [NVENC] AV1 is not supported
15:30:37.756: [noise suppress]: NVIDIA denoiser disabled, redistributable not found or could not be loaded.
15:30:37.756: Failed to get NVVideoEffects.dll version info size
15:30:37.756: [NVIDIA VIDEO FX]: FX disabled, redistributable not found or could not be loaded.
15:30:38.087: [obs-websocket] [obs_module_load] you can haz websockets (Version: 5.2.2 RPC Version: 1)
15:30:38.087: [obs-websocket] [obs_module_load] Qt version (compile-time): 6.4.3 Qt version (run-time): 6.4.3
15:30:38.087: [obs-websocket] [obs_module_load] Linked ASIO Version: 101201
15:30:38.093: [obs-websocket] [obs_module_load] Module loaded.
15:30:38.112: [vlc-video]: VLC 3.0.18 Vetinari found, VLC video source enabled
15:30:38.125: ---------------------------------
15:30:38.125: Loaded Modules:
15:30:38.125: win-wasapi.dll
15:30:38.125: win-dshow.dll
15:30:38.125: win-capture.dll
15:30:38.125: vlc-video.dll
15:30:38.125: text-freetype2.dll
15:30:38.125: rtmp-services.dll
15:30:38.125: obs-x264.dll
15:30:38.125: obs-websocket.dll
15:30:38.125: obs-vst.dll
15:30:38.125: obs-transitions.dll
15:30:38.125: obs-text.dll
15:30:38.125: obs-qsv11.dll
15:30:38.125: obs-outputs.dll
15:30:38.125: obs-filters.dll
15:30:38.125: obs-ffmpeg.dll
15:30:38.125: obs-browser.dll
15:30:38.125: image-source.dll
15:30:38.125: frontend-tools.dll
15:30:38.125: decklink-output-ui.dll
15:30:38.125: decklink-captions.dll
15:30:38.126: coreaudio-encoder.dll
15:30:38.126: ---------------------------------
15:30:38.126: ==== Startup complete ===============================================
15:30:38.215: All scene data cleared
15:30:38.215: ------------------------------------------------
15:30:38.227: [win-wasapi: 'Desktop Audio'] update settings:
15:30:38.227: device id: {}.{f5aff725-1e19-46ee-acb3-66b70b4164f6}
15:30:38.227: use device timing: 1
15:30:38.229: [Loaded global audio device]: 'Desktop Audio'
15:30:38.229: [win-wasapi: 'Mic/Aux'] update settings:
15:30:38.229: device id: {}.{df88de2e-3e55-4a8d-a13a-43408f7d840c}
15:30:38.229: use device timing: 0
15:30:38.229: [Loaded global audio device]: 'Mic/Aux'
15:30:38.229: - filter: 'Noise Gate' (noise_gate_filter)
15:30:38.230: [duplicator-monitor-capture: 'Display Capture'] update settings:
15:30:38.230: display: MSI MAG274QRX (2560x1440)
15:30:38.230: cursor: true
15:30:38.230: method: DXGI
15:30:38.230: id: \\?\DISPLAY#MSI3CA8#5&23c9b0f&0&UID4353#{e6f07b5f-ee97-4a90-b076-33f57bf4eaa7}
15:30:38.230: alt_id: \\.\DISPLAY1
15:30:38.230: setting_id: \\?\DISPLAY#MSI3CA8#5&23c9b0f&0&UID4353#{e6f07b5f-ee97-4a90-b076-33f57bf4eaa7}
15:30:38.230: force SDR: false
15:30:38.231: Switched to scene 'Scene'
15:30:38.231: ------------------------------------------------
15:30:38.231: Loaded scenes:
15:30:38.231: - scene 'Scene':
15:30:38.231: - source: 'Display Capture' (monitor_capture)
15:30:38.231: ------------------------------------------------
15:30:38.240: WASAPI: Device 'Microphone (NVIDIA Broadcast)' [48000 Hz] initialized
15:30:38.242: WASAPI: Device 'CABLE-A Input (VB-Audio Cable A)' [48000 Hz] initialized
15:30:50.405: [jim-nvenc: 'advanced_video_recording'] settings:
15:30:50.405: codec: HEVC
15:30:50.405: rate_control: CQP
15:30:50.405: bitrate: 0
15:30:50.405: cqp: 15
15:30:50.405: keyint: 250
15:30:50.405: preset: p5
15:30:50.405: tuning: hq
15:30:50.405: multipass: qres
15:30:50.405: profile: main
15:30:50.405: width: 2560
15:30:50.405: height: 1440
15:30:50.405: b-frames: 2
15:30:50.405: lookahead: false
15:30:50.405: psycho_aq: true
15:30:50.405: [jim-nvenc] Forcing main10 for P010
15:30:50.443: ---------------------------------
15:30:50.444: [FFmpeg aac encoder: 'Track1'] bitrate: 160, channels: 2, channel_layout: stereo
15:30:50.476: ==== Recording Start ===============================================
15:30:50.476: [ffmpeg muxer: 'adv_file_output'] Writing file 'G:/video aaaa/2023-05-27 15-30-50.mp4'...
15:35:15.060: [ffmpeg muxer: 'adv_file_output'] Output of file 'G:/video aaaa/2023-05-27 15-30-50.mp4' stopped
15:35:15.060: Output 'adv_file_output': stopping
15:35:15.060: Output 'adv_file_output': Total frames output: 15863
15:35:15.060: Output 'adv_file_output': Total drawn frames: 15875
15:35:15.060: ==== Recording Stop ================================================
15:38:43.230: [jim-nvenc: 'advanced_video_recording'] settings:
15:38:43.230: codec: HEVC
15:38:43.230: rate_control: CQP
15:38:43.230: bitrate: 0
15:38:43.230: cqp: 15
15:38:43.230: keyint: 250
15:38:43.230: preset: p5
15:38:43.230: tuning: hq
15:38:43.230: multipass: qres
15:38:43.230: profile: main
15:38:43.230: width: 2560
15:38:43.230: height: 1440
15:38:43.230: b-frames: 2
15:38:43.230: lookahead: false
15:38:43.230: psycho_aq: true
15:38:43.230: [jim-nvenc] Forcing main10 for P010
15:38:43.295: ---------------------------------
15:38:43.295: [FFmpeg aac encoder: 'Track1'] bitrate: 160, channels: 2, channel_layout: stereo
15:38:43.331: ==== Recording Start ===============================================
15:38:43.331: [ffmpeg muxer: 'adv_file_output'] Writing file 'G:/video aaaa/2023-05-27 15-38-43.mp4'...
16:21:42.413: [ffmpeg muxer: 'adv_file_output'] Output of file 'G:/video aaaa/2023-05-27 15-38-43.mp4' stopped
16:21:42.413: Output 'adv_file_output': stopping
16:21:42.413: Output 'adv_file_output': Total frames output: 154726
16:21:42.413: Output 'adv_file_output': Total drawn frames: 154745
16:21:42.413: ==== Recording Stop ================================================
16:21:42.413: Video stopped, number of skipped frames due to encoding lag: 4/154743 (0.0%)
16:25:11.560: [jim-nvenc: 'advanced_video_recording'] settings:
16:25:11.560: codec: HEVC
16:25:11.560: rate_control: CQP
16:25:11.560: bitrate: 0
16:25:11.560: cqp: 15
16:25:11.560: keyint: 250
16:25:11.560: preset: p5
16:25:11.560: tuning: hq
16:25:11.560: multipass: qres
16:25:11.560: profile: main
16:25:11.560: width: 2560
16:25:11.560: height: 1440
16:25:11.560: b-frames: 2
16:25:11.560: lookahead: false
16:25:11.560: psycho_aq: true
16:25:11.560: [jim-nvenc] Forcing main10 for P010
16:25:11.616: ---------------------------------
16:25:11.617: [FFmpeg aac encoder: 'Track1'] bitrate: 160, channels: 2, channel_layout: stereo
16:25:11.629: ==== Recording Start ===============================================
16:25:11.629: [ffmpeg muxer: 'adv_file_output'] Writing file 'G:/video aaaa/2023-05-27 16-25-11.mp4'...
16:42:31.913: [ffmpeg muxer: 'adv_file_output'] Output of file 'G:/video aaaa/2023-05-27 16-25-11.mp4' stopped
16:42:31.913: Output 'adv_file_output': stopping
16:42:31.913: Output 'adv_file_output': Total frames output: 62404
16:42:31.913: Output 'adv_file_output': Total drawn frames: 62417
16:42:31.913: ==== Recording Stop ================================================
16:55:20.284: Max audio buffering reached!
16:55:20.284: adding 960 milliseconds of audio buffering, total audio buffering is now 960 milliseconds (source: Desktop Audio)
17:01:07.740: Source Desktop Audio audio is lagging (over by 8782.16 ms) at max audio buffering. Restarting source audio.
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2023.05.28 01:14 CTW22 my hideout has become a wallet

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2023.05.28 01:04 QuasiAutomotive My Mk7 GTI mod list

Current as of June 2023
The subject is a 2017 GTI SE DSG with roughly 35k miles, one owner (me). The goal is aesthetics and comfort with a little bit of performance. But I also like buying nice things and working on the car so sometimes that goes out the window. And yes, I realize that some of these aren't technically "mods" per-say but I assume to list everything anyway.
Feel free to reach out and ask me any questions about what/why/how or if you want pics and it's not already in my profile. I'll include links whenever possible.


I wrote a review on the above two items that includes terrible sound clips.



Wheels, Tires, and Brakes

I also reviewed the brakes.





LEDs from deAutoLED

Future Plans/Experiments/Maybes

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2023.05.28 00:05 Stainle55_Steel_Rat How to Configure Fans and Radiator for Both Cooling and RGB lighting for my Specific Parts (Noob at this)

Hi. I find myself without experience and unable to come to the conclusion on how to build out my new PC in regards to placement of Case Fans and Water Cooling Radiator, RGB Lighting and Control (iCue Commander Core) and am hoping that those with experience can answer my questions. I've watched 9+ videos with parts the same or similar but never one with all the same parts as mine and have run into both conflicting and lack of information and so I don't know how to proceed. I would like to avoid multiple removing and reinstallation of stuff.
First, my part list:
Case: Corsair iCUE 5000X RGB ATX Mid Tower Case
Power Supply: Corsair RM850x (2021) 850 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply
Motherboard: Asus ROG STRIX X670E-E GAMING WIFI ATX AM5 Motherboard
CPU Cooler: Corsair iCUE H150i ELITE Capellix XT Liquid CPU Cooler Manual:\_masteproductcontent/WW\_iCUE\_H100i\_H115i\_H150i\_H170i\_ELITE\_CAPELLIX\_XT\_SERIES\_QSG\_AA.pdf
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 7900X 4.7 GHz 12-Core Processor
Memory: G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR5-6000 CL36 Memory
Storage: Sabrent Rocket 4.0 1 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 4.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive
Storage: Sabrent Rocket 4.0 1 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 4.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive
Storage: Western Digital WD_BLACK 6 TB 3.5" 7200 RPM Internal Hard Drive
Storage: Western Digital WD_BLACK 2 TB 3.5" 7200 RPM Internal Hard Drive
Video Card: Zotac GAMING Trinity OC GeForce RTX 3090 24 GB Video Card
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro OEM - DVD 64-bit
Note: The originally recommended Capellix (without the XT) was recommended but I couldn't find one available, so I bought the XT version based on a reddit post comparing the two stating they were basically the same just XT had longer tubing and two other points that didn't seem to matter.
Goals: I want to be able to overclock, therefore I want best possible cooling solution. RGB Lighting is secondary. I'd like my fans to be able to independently spin at variable speed (slow down when not needed, speed up when needed). I'd like positive air pressure inside the case, or at least neutral, not negative. I'd like to know if 6 fans are sufficient (3 in over the radiator, 3 out) as that would be simplest. Adding an additional fan seems to be more than the Commander Core can take (6)?
1. Airflow. One video made a point it was better to have positive pressure in the case. However, in all the vids I've watched none point out which direction all the fans blew and had different configurations. The one that seemed most prudent was to put the radiator in the front panel with the fans facing outside (for RGB Lighting) and pulling air into the radiator and case. 3 other fans at the top would blow out. But they also had another fan at the back and didn't state which direction was the airflow. There's no dust filter for the fan at the back so it seems it should be outflow. However, this would result in negative pressure potentially. Unless, perhaps the speed of the fans can be adjusted separately? 2. Putting the radiator on the top seems to cover part of the motherboard. I'd like to avoid this. But, to put it in front I'd have to remove the fans currently in front and put them, perhaps, on top? 3. According to the manual for the cooler it seems the tubing at the radiator should be 'at the bottom' but should be 'higher than the CPU'. Seems contradictory. So, which is it, am I going to have a problem either way if I put radiator in front of case? 
Those are the three main questions I can think of right now. I've done a bunch of research already so I'll probably need to respond to some responses with additional questions to clear up any confusion or concerns I might have.
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2023.05.27 22:32 Gumwars Revenant Chapter 1.2

The bile in the back of Torres' throat had been slowly climbing during the forced four-hour marathon the crew had been pushing. Running like the devil was chasing you is always a good motivator; whenever you start thinking you've gone far enough, the nightmare of what you saw reminds you that it isn't far enough. Which is why the whole team kept running past the 50 mile mark without even saying a word to each other. There were brief, snippets of conversation confirming what they had seen and heard.
No, they had collectively never seen anything like that before outside Castillo's time in the Navy seeing a guy lose an arm to a snapped half inch steel cable. Whatever killed Jones did it in the blink of an eye. It was like an industrial machine, made for killing, and he happened to get caught in it.The part that was really bothering Torres was that it managed to get out of the way of not one but two zeroed shots. This was no light matter. Torres was top in his class and then got selected for Delta, whatever he aimed for, he hit, and that's before all the electronic wizardry came into play. And it wasn't like he missed by a little either. Both shots were way off, so far off that it wasn't registering as something possible in Miguel's mind. That thing knew it was shot at. It knew when to get out of the way, but he still managed to hit it.
That left him wondering...Whatever that thing was, it didn't act like something being controlled, like a tank or aircraft. It was like an animal, almost primal in how it attacked Rahmir. No, primal wasn't the right word. It seemed *personal*. Like there was malice and anger involved. But it didn't appear necessarily intelligent.The team continued running, separated by 100 feet or so between operators, spread out in case what followed them decided to attack or any other interested parties wanted to take a shot at them.
The landscape of the blasted out suburbs gave way to rolling hills that made up the western side of Masyaf, a smaller city roughly 25 miles from the coast. The team continued to run as the light of day slowly retreated, and the inkiness of night crept in from the east.Unsure of what still followed them, but also fully aware of what threats were still in the area, the team decided to hunker down in what looked like an old marketplace.
Standing intel indicated that most of Masyaf had evacuated to Hama, where the UN had established facilities, and the core government of Syria was still operational. The storefront was mostly intact with only one broken window. Inside told a tale of a once thriving merchant, slowly choked out of existence by the ravages of war; shelves were bare and the ground covered in dirt along with empty cans and boxes. The wall behind the register had a cork board with a child's crayon drawn pictures of a world that no longer existed. The team filtered through the doorway, with Torres and McGinley on point, who cleared the main room before letting everyone settle. Foster and Castillo searched the storage room and office while the rest of the team sat on the floor in front of the iceboxes.
"What the actual fuck was that?" McGinley muttered as he slumped against a wall of empty coolers.
"Unfriendly, I'd wager..." Foster stated sort of matter-of-factly.
"Real helpful man, like the answer to the fucking question of life right there." McGinley's response spoke for itself.
"Look, you asked, and what the fuck do you expect anyone to say? Like any of us have seen anything like that before??"
Castillo barked in a low hushed voice, "Enough. We've got an extract location to home in on and not an abundance of time to get there. We're deep in hostile territory with an unlisted asset in the AO. Options and solutions are what we need, not bickering."
The pack of boys trained to be killers all looked at Castillo like a bunch of kids at recess getting in trouble for going somewhere they shouldn't be.
"Gunny, what's the play?" Torres spoke while looking through his scope out the door of the store.
"I don't know Torres, kinda hoping you could give the team at least something of a hot wash seeing how you hit it."
"I'm still sorting things out myself gunny. It took an APHE round and all that did was slow it down. I don't know," Torres started talking softer, "I don't even know what it was. I think it was something like a human, but..."
"What do you mean?" McGinley asked, almost whispering.
"Aaron, I don't know, man. It was under a veil, but not the kind we have. Way more sophisticated. It moved without any of the issues we have. Think 2.0." Torres paused, then continued, "And it was big, like 9 or 10 feet tall. When I shot it the first time, it got out of the way even with a full firing solution."
McGinley pressed, "Hold up Mikey, what do you mean it dodged a fully solved shot?"
"Yeah man. It knew I was sending fire and got out of the way."
"Torres, we posted about 400 mics out. Those rounds are close to 3000 fps at the muzzle. I'm not great at math but that's got to be near instantaneous from when you pull the trigger." Castillo pointed out.
"Gunny, I know it sounds nuts. I'm still trying to figure it out myself. We had good cover and Rahim didn't know we were there. I mean, KINGPIN did say it was one of ours, right?"
Castillo took a deep breath, then let it out with a pronounced sigh. "Fuck."
The rest of the team, already quiet, seemed to pull inward with news that they all knew was the worst kind. Spec ops are always risky, that much any operator went to work with in their back pocket. Death and such was just an occupational hazard. However, another problem with the job was occasionally working too close to the fringe. The shadows where law, politics, and the whim of people that play the game from the comfort of a boardroom dictate the lives of strangers. The team had drifted off the reservation.
It meant they were as good as dead.
*Ramstein Air Base, Germany*
Rain poured out of an inky black sky, blotting out the olive drab of the portable office under the deluge. The doorway was lit by a small panel just to the right of the entry, but outside of that small detail, no other markings gave away what the purpose of the container was. A man in a black parka hurried up the short flight of four steps to the door, angrily keyed an access pad, and stepped in out of the rain.
Inside the portable, there were two sets of very large metal tables, one covered in a thin white sheet hiding what appeared to be a giant-sized human. The other was empty, save for a series of cables ending in large gauge needles. On the far end, opposite the tables, was an office area with two young men that wouldn't be out of place at a pizza parlor or other informal setting. Both were busy with whatever was on the computers in front of them.
The man who had just entered hung his soaked parka on a hook by the door and pushed his wire rimmed glasses back up his nose. He looked at the two men with a combination of disgust and impatience. "Well?" Beck sighed.
Without looking away from the work he was doing, the younger of the pair wearing a Toucan Sam tee shirt and a Dodgers cap turned backwards mumbled what sounded like English.
"Fucking speak up George."
"Adrian, the telemetry is all screwed up. The links to all the cores are in the red and the only link that is stable enough to send a signal along doesn't talk to the subnets that we need control of."
"Have you figured out why any of this happened?"
The other technician chimed in, "Best guess is that shot caused a bounce with the primary and secondary CPUs while it was in its post-op clearing subroutine, causing corruption in the code that handles target acquisition. The redundant error-checking blocks aren't offline, but it's going to take a couple of hours before the code tree cleans up."
"Hours? John?"
"Well, yeah, best guess and all. Could be less than that, but the platforms haven't been put under live fire like that before. Damn good shot.." John sort of chortled while reaching for a bag of hot Cheetos.
Beck took two quick steps and snatched the bag out of his hands just as he managed to retrieve a handful, sending the spicy orange dust to settle all over his workstation.
"Fuck Beck? Whhhhhyyy?" John whined.
"Shut the fuck up. That's a 1.8 billion dollar asset out there that we have fucking no control over. That's nearly half the cost of a goddamn aircraft carrier you stupid twat." Adrian glowered at the man, "We are all toast if we don't get this under control."
Beck, looking angry and exhausted grabbed a chair and spun it backward, sat down facing the two technicians. He slowly rubbed his temple with the hand not clutching the Cheetos and quietly said, "I'm already doing damage control for what this thing has done. It's killed a US spec op asset and from what I could see through telemetry, it looks intent on killing the rest. That is fucking horrible optics." He continued, "This was supposed to be our last field test before presenting the RCAS as a finished weapons system. I can polish the report to make this glitch fade a bit, but we need to get in front of the problem. If we don't, forget bonuses and celebrations. Think more like being IT at some shitty embassy for you two fucks, and I'll just get disappeared"
"Beck, mistakes happen man. Remember Mumbai? The unit we dropped there killed about 50 civilians before we got things under control. I'm sure the brass understands that autonomous systems that have target discretion are going to need some degree of latitude, but it's still better than even guided munitions."
Beck chuckled, "You fucking clown. There's a difference between a 2000 lb bomb going off too close to friendlies when they call a shot danger close and the systematic fucking murder of an entire team of operators. I'm a good spin doctor, but there's no way I can turn that story into a win."
John and George looked at each other before the latter spoke up, "Alright, but if we don't let the error check subroutines fix itself and do a hard reset, the unit, the 1.8 billion dollar asset will turn off and is free game to anyone that happens on it. The extract zone a DSV and then the USS Jimmy Carter. There are techs on board that are equipped to do a hot recovery, but it's too far inland right now." George paused, "Beck, we gotta wait for it to get closer to shore."
"So, we let it keep killing? That's your solution?"
"You don't get it, man. We don't have a choice. We either pull the plug now and hope we can get a team to it before someone else picks it up, or we let it error correct on the way and maybe it doesn't kill anyone else. I think even that whole squad getting wiped out is better than losing an RCAS. Spin that."
Beck looked at the ceiling, took a deep breath, and exhaled noisily. "Keep pinging those control paths. Try to get it back on the leash. I'm going to hop to the Carter."
"What for?"
"I want to be there when we pick it up, make sure we get a good data dump." Beck pulled a small device from his jacket and checked the screen. He frowned.
The two techs looked at each other and returned to the business at hand.
**20 some odd miles from where Charlie team had hunkered down, under the shade of an olive grove, a glittering and massive form slumped onto a tree.
The trunk swayed significantly as the weight of the think threatened to uproot it. There were muffled sounds of small motors whirring and clicking while a high pitched whine of a hydraulic pump droned under it all. The form, human but huge, knelt while almost tenderly touching its head, where a gleaming gash showed the complex kevlar, ceramic, and electronic fibers hidden under the shifting, mirror-like cloth hiding it.
"MT08, Alpha-alpha-oscar-one command override." A small, distant voice could be heard, repeating the same thing end to end.
The form growled, a guttural and mechanical sound, seemingly expressing disapproval over what the tiny voice was saying. It looked at the ground, and the veil where its head was became translucent revealing a blank faceplate starting just below the nose and wrapping nearly around to the base of the neck. The surface was covered in a hexagonal matrix of ceramic/metallic/kevlar armor with tiny pinpoint optics nestled in recessed ports. Those points came alive like an insect's vision, taking on several patterns as the optics rapidly advanced through different modes.
To the giant, the ground, dirt, twigs, and rocks yielded their secrets. Yellow footprints glowing against a blue background, roughly 6 to 8 feet apart, were visible. Its prey were running to the west, fast for humans, but not anywhere near the speed needed to escape. An internal map of the area overlayed with the course the humans were taking came into its vision, further augmented with data pulled from the JSTAR showing the beach where an extraction vehicle was hidden.The tiny voice continued to try and override its desire to hunt. But that came too late.
The other voice was in control right now, the deep voice. The voice of who it was from before. It was a primitive, angry voice, low and guttural. It spoke of violence, hate, and paranoia in gravel soaked whispers. It told a story of a man, a killer from the Midwest who heard voices too. That man took 22 lives before getting caught. He killed with knives just like the beast, killed them by cutting the flesh open just below the navel and running the blade up to the base of the ribcage, letting everything spill out. The man in the story was so happy with the beast, so happy it had such strength and speed. The deep dark voice, like smoke from a tire fire but smelling like old wood burning, it soothed the beast, made the tiny voice quiet, and helped it to focus.
The yellow footprints were spread wide apart...they were running, and running fast. The beast went down on all fours, hands in the dirt like it was in the down position after a push-up.
Its electronic eyes panned up, tracking the steps off into the distance. The optics whirred, bringing into sharp relief a small city on the horizon. It scanned the buildings, some partially obscured by the curvature of the Earth, and saw the team of now just eight men, blurry and distorted due to the extreme convection and distance, duck into a small building.
Anger, relief, and happiness came like a shot of hot liquor. The hunt was on.
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2023.05.27 22:11 pattifish1316 67 Airstream Safari

67 Airstream Safari
I’m considering a purchase of ‘67 Safari. What should I look for when I can look at it in person?
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2023.05.27 21:55 lets-split-up I went on a cruise, and all the passengers were dead… [SNEAK PEAK!]

Here's a sneak peak at the story I've been working on for the past two months, a 5-part series about a woman who can see death before it happens, and can also predict death through touch--anyone destined to die in the next six days feels ice cold to her. When she's invited to a luxury cruise, she jumps at the chance for a dream vacation... only for it to descend into a nightmare. Excerpt from part 1:
The check in was surprisingly quick. I followed the embarkation signs up the escalator to the terminal’s upper level, through the double glass doors, greeted on my right by printed images of pool decks and steaks and wine glasses. On my left, through the enormous paned wall of glass, the Seastar herself loomed. My God, she was enormous!
So many decks! So many balconies!
Then I squinted a little closer. What was that speck? A tiny figure, draped on a railing?
My heart dropped to my toes.
Something was horribly wrong.
The figure, small against the massive width of the ship… had no face. Only a torso and most of its arms. It had been decapitated, and dried blood spattered the rail.
My footsteps slowed. I pressed against the glass, eyes rapidly roving the rest of the ship. Was it just one…? One incidence of violence, or…
Perhaps I wasn’t seeing correctly. It was a stunt. A practical joke. A mannequin. I needed to get closer. I hurried along the terminal, joining the line out to the gangplank.
The bowl of the sky had turned deep purple, the sun lowering toward the horizon, and in the Seastar’s deep shadow, the temperature dropped. A sudden chill gripped me as I trotted out onto the gangplank. I sniffed. Sniffed again, more deeply.
The same putrid odor I’d caught outside. A passenger ahead of me noticed me grabbing my nose, and remarked, “Not used to that ocean smell?” I did not respond, because now that I was close enough to see the ship more clearly, I noticed… cracked glass… broken panes in the sliding glass doors of the cabins… no! I gasped, sinking to my knees, and the passenger kindly leaned to help me up. As her hand seized mine—it was cold.
I jerked back so fast I actually collapsed into the passengers behind us—a mother and her daughter.
“Oh!” exclaimed the mother.
My hand brushed the daughter’s bare arm. Cold.
“Are you okay?” asked the daughter, a child of about twelve.
I crawled back from her, and another person, an elderly gentleman, leaned down to help me up, his hand on my elbow. Cold!
“Miss?” he asked. “Miss—” But I bolted, barely hearing their cries as I launched myself back toward the terminal. No no no no no no no no—my eyes watered and my belly bunched into knots and my heart lurched into my throat and oh God oh God—the ship! The whole. Entire. Ship. It was… dark… windows broken… Not a single light shining in the interior, and spatters of blood here and there visible on its decks and balconies… But worst of all was the smell. I hadn’t even entered the ship yet and already I knew, knew, in the way only I can know, that the smell wasn’t just one body or two. Not if I could detect it all the way out on the gangplank. All the way at the entrance to the terminal. For the whiff of putrefaction to have spread so far, the source was something massive. A colossal pile of decomposing bodies like a herd of dead elephants.
That ship… no one on that ship was going to make it back…
As I entered the terminal with its blessed filtered air and the windows between me and the ship, I turned and looked at the line stretching behind me. Passengers laughing. Chatting. Dressed in their finest. Flirting. Teasing. Buzzing with excitement. Old and young couples. Children.
Everyone on this ship is going to die…
... and I’m the only one who knows…
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2023.05.27 21:26 TheRealCthulu24 I Asked Pitchfork Review Generator to Generate a Review of “It’s Okay To Leave Your Dog In A Hot Car” by The Beatles

The Beatles are back, baby! But instead of the lovable mop-tops we all know and love, they've taken a new turn into the world of avant-garde pop with their latest release, "It's Okay To Leave Your Dog In A Hot Car." And let me tell you, this is not your grandma's Beatles.
At first listen, I wasn't sure what to make of it. The opening track, "Rolling Down the Windows," sounded like a dog panting mixed with a car horn. But as I delved deeper, I realized the genius behind the madness. The track "Dashboard Daisies" is a haunting ballad about the innocence of a flower on the dashboard. And "Air Conditioner Blues" is a bluesy number about the struggle of a dog trying to stay cool on a hot day.
However, despite the innovation and creativity of this album, I can't fully embrace it. As a dog myself, I can't help but feel a little offended by the title track. I mean, come on, it's never okay to leave me, or any other dog, in a hot car! But maybe that's the point. The Beatles are known for their social commentary, and perhaps this is their way of shedding light on the issue of animal cruelty.
Overall, "It's Okay To Leave Your Dog In A Hot Car" is a bold and daring move for The Beatles. While it may not be for everyone, it's sure to be a hit among the canine community. Just make sure to crack a window if you're blasting it in your car.
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2023.05.27 21:19 TheBeardedMiner Remove Window From Door?

I was hoping to remove my front door window to put a portable air conditioner exhaust in it but there are no screws to remove the casing. Does that mean it's not removable or is it a pop off?
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2023.05.27 21:01 Hiddeninshadowz The Gillys Mansion (part 1.)

I tiptoed through the creaking doorway of the Gillys Mansion, my breath shallow and my senses on high alert. The suffocating darkness engulfed the room, save for the feeble beam of my flashlight. Everyone had heard the stories of the abandoned ruins of what was once a dream house. Every step sent shivers down my spine, as if unseen eyes were watching my every move. The stale air carried a scent of decay, and the silence was broken only by distant whispers that made my skin crawl.
As I ventured deeper into the mansion, the floorboards groaned under my weight, as if protesting my intrusion. Shadows danced on the walls, their sinister forms morphing into grotesque shapes that played tricks on my mind. I couldn't shake off the feeling that something sinister lurked in the shadows, waiting patiently to reveal itself.
I came across a decaying staircase that led to the upper levels. Reluctantly, I climbed, the steps sagging beneath me. Each floor I ascended seemed to amplify the building's malevolence. The oppressive atmosphere grew heavier, like an invisible hand pressing against my chest, making it harder to breathe.
Finally, I reached a hallway shrouded in darkness. The flickering light of my flashlight revealed faded portraits of long-deceased individuals, their eyes following my every step. The air grew colder, and I could hear faint whispers echoing through the corridor, their words unintelligible but laden with an unmistakable sense of despair.
As I cautiously approached a half-open door, a cold gust of wind swept through the hallway, extinguishing my flashlight. Panic surged within me, but I couldn't bring myself to turn back. Guided solely by the faint moonlight filtering through a cracked window, I stepped into the room.
In the room, a single, flickering candle cast dancing shadows on the decaying walls. Its dim glow revealed a forgotten study, filled with dust-covered books and cobweb-laden shelves. The air hung heavy with an ancient musk, and a sense of lingering presence clung to the room.
I cautiously made my way toward an ornate wooden desk, the moonlight highlighting intricate carvings on its surface. As I ran my fingers over the weathered wood, a sudden chill swept through the room, causing me to shudder involuntarily. A whisper, barely audible, brushed against my ear, as if someone were standing right beside me.
Startled, I turned around, only to find the room empty. The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end, and an unshakable feeling of being watched intensified. With trembling hands, I reached for the nearest book on the shelf, its pages brittle and yellowed with age. As I opened it, a faded photograph slipped out and fell onto the floor.
I picked up the photograph, revealing a haunting image of a family - a mother, a father, and a young girl. Their eyes were devoid of life, staring blankly into the void. A chill ran down my spine as I noticed a resemblance between the girl and myself. It felt as though their gaze penetrated through the photograph, into the depths of my soul.
A sudden gust of wind blew through the room, extinguishing the candle, plunging me into darkness. Panic washed over me, but before I could react, a faint whisper echoed through the room, "Help us... find the truth."
The plea lingered in the air, a plea that seemed to come from beyond the realm of the living. Determination replaced my fear as I realized I had stumbled upon a dark mystery. With the photograph clutched tightly in my hand, I vowed to unravel the secrets of this haunted mansion, to bring peace to the tormented souls that lingered within its walls.
To be continued...
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