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2023.05.28 13:55 MarvDStrummer With ATSV coming and an apparently Spiderman Civil War Between Miles and Miguel, answer me, between these two who do you think have a more cool and interesting power set of powers that differs them from Peter and which one you wish you have?

With ATSV coming and an apparently Spiderman Civil War Between Miles and Miguel, answer me, between these two who do you think have a more cool and interesting power set of powers that differs them from Peter and which one you wish you have?
I pick Miguel because his powers are mostly equal to Peter in terms of functionality and to make a hell of a toe a toe fight against Peter, yes, he doesn't have a spider sense, but, by the fact his other senses are much more amplified than other Spidermans, you kinda have "a spider sense that is activated all the time".(and by that i can see in the dark!)
And of course, i wouldn't have to worry on being out of webs because I can produce organic ones from my body, i have claws on my fingers from hand and toes and two arm bladed claws on my arms, which grants me more attack potency than Peter has on his usual punch and kicks, Miguel can straight up punch the living shit out of you or slice you in a Wolverine fashion.
The poisonous fangs are the hit kill on that aspect due the fact that while Miguel is not nearly impressive strong in strength feats like Peter, HE SURE is faster than him, so fast to be able to make a decoy/blurred shadow of himself when he runs faster, to approach a foe with Miguel is more EZGG on bitting the person and make them paralyzed so in that opportunity I can rip their heads with my claws.
And the age retardment thing while not useful, is something pretty damn good in my vision because, Miguel may age to like, a 80ys old Dude, but still looking like a 60ys old man that is very healthy and kept for its age(Daddy Material, Ladies!)
I wouldn't pick Miles Powers for two reasons
1° Yes, they're ridiculous OP and i don't like that Insomniac make them way more op than they already are(The Venom Powers to be more exactly), but, Miles relies too much on that abilities that his basic power set of being Spiderman is pretty mediocre, he's not nearly strong or fast as Peter and his spider sense is pretty lame in comparison, and if Miles uses too much of the venom powers, he losts stamina and energy way too quick.
2° How the fuck invisibility can be useful against a Spiderman that has his other senses amplified to his limits? Miguel can fucking hear you approach him even when invisible and can be fast enough to stop you to charge your Venom through your body on going for the neck to either stab with his claws or just straight up paralyzed you with a ground slam 💀
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2023.05.28 13:50 Wannabe-Wizard-1007 An a human world and retaining elements of fantasy ancestries

Hello. I have been working on a world building project on and off for several years now. It is mostly used for TTRPG campaigns I run. My nerdy high school self loving stuff like Tolkien, Baldur's Gate, & Elder Scrolls meant that world started out as generic. However as time has gone on I have go through multiple rounds of resetting the world and rebuilding. Since I study things like comparative politics, public policy, international relations, political economics, and religious history in college I tend to do these restarts whenever I finished a major semester or year. Right now I am in the middle of another round of rebuilding and had some questions . Sorry for the long setup, I tend to be overly verbose when it comes to stuff that I can care about like worldbuilding.
So the setting I am working on is right now called Mundis. Over time I have shrunken the "known world" down. Decided that it was not really worth adding in all these more outside cultures into a setting for vague ideas of diversity if I wasn't going to be able to give these other cultures their due justice. On of these shrinking efforts resulted in me making it so their were no other ancestries other than humans. After all if I am basing a culture on the Minoan Greeks it kinda feels weird to then make them all nonhuman elves or whatever. Plus other ancestries tend to result in different life spans which makes a historic timeline of the setting more annoying to make or you have to start asking questions about who can breed with who. All and all it is a real headache.
However, I do still like some aesthetic elements associated with ancestries. So I have thought about adding aspects back in, but still making them just minor differences in what are humans. For example have thought about making it so the ancient Celtic like people of my world had elf like ears (again don't know why just always liked that look). Nowadays such a trait is usually only found among the people of the Island Kingdom of Caliden (the primary setting for most of my campaigns). I also wanted to make it so more wolf like peoples live in the northern highlands of Caliden. Cause in the past I made it so the ancient culture of the land thought werewolves were a sacred blessing from Cernun the Slayer & God of the Hunt. Thus in the highlands, where people are more resistant to the missionary efforts of the Church of Magna Matrona, there is still a practice of clan chiefs and their close kin purposely becoming werewolves. Such traditions have made it so the peoples of the highlands clans commonly are more hairy and have sharper teeth. However, they are still normal humans at the end of the day and if it wasn't for people going out of their way to be werewolves then have kids then these traits would go away after a few generations. Then in the north I wanted to give my Finno-Ugric inspired peoples tusk-like teeth, don't have a fully fleshed out reason why, but I already had them using saber tooth tigers as mounts and hunting mammoths, so have some ideas about connecting this to some religious or cultural rites (perhaps some kind of magic blood baptism. That using these more toothy animals blood affects people in way that makes them take on that aspect of these beasts.) Then the last one I thought of was having an cultural group in my ancient Greek inspired island region called the Men-of-Taros. These would be a more traditional, militant, and Minoan inspired people who are also known for having horns on their head. Again don't have a fully fleshed out reason for this.
When it comes to this stuff I am not worried so much if these ideas are bad. I am just worried I am trying to have my cake and eat it too when it comes to having an all human world but keeping aspects of many traditional fantasy ancestries. Not to mention I don't want to seem like I am trying to purposely paint one culture as more "savage" (my goal would be to portrayed something like werewolves in a nuanced way to try to avoid that.) So do you all think I am trying to have it both ways too much and should just bite the bullet, go all normal humans or go back to having some fantasy ancestries again. Again sorry if I my over writing is an annoyance.
Edit: Dang it just saw that I didn't correct the grammar of the title :(
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2023.05.28 13:48 Cryhavok101 Yet Another Pile of My Bad Decisions - Vulcan Theme Build

The theme of this build is to bring out the feel of a Vulcan Command Fleet ship. From what I could tell, they used sci ships as the workhorses of their fleet, the traditional place of cruisers. So I wanted to basically use one of the vulcan themed sci ships in as cruiser-like a role as I could get it... while still acting like a sci ship.
I decided that that was going to involve drawing aggro, and handling having that aggro. I hesitate to label this a tank, because I have no intention of actually running any content with it that actually needs a tank. I don't usually inflict my theme builds on groups attempting elite content. So this is more of a "keep the PUG alive" style of tank, than anything you'd ever find in a DPS race HSE run.
Essentially this is a plasma-based DEWsci ship, with a threat and survival theme. The build makes quite a few off-meta choices, like the decision to use embassy sci consoles for their threat generating abilities, rather than the more traditional research station consoles that could boost my exotic and ctrlx stats much better.
Highly Specialized and the Research Lab Scientist Doffs help mitigate the lack of stat-boosting consoles. And Precision Multitargetting does a lot better than I thought it would at making up for the small number of Tac boff slots, by letting me use the subsystem targeting abilities native to all sci ships in order to have access to FAW while using my tac slots for other things.
Overall it's not perfect by any means, and has plenty of room for improvement, even keeping to my theme. Especially in the personal traits, where eventually I would like to add Boilmer to improve the cooldown situation. Inspiring Leadership and psychological warfare to further improve the ship's epg and ctrlx stats. Menacing and Enlightened would be pretty perfect for the ship. And maybe Fulcrum Shift, Fragment of AI Tech, and/or Cyclic Power Capacitors could all benefit this ship quite a lot more than what I have now.
I'm also planning on replacing the 3 fleet dranuur dual beam banks with something else. Right now I've got an internal debate on just normal [ctrd] focused ones or crafted [over] ones for fun. The dranur proc, like all procs, just doesn't do much, so despite being fine for the theme, I can replace it with something more interesting without feeling bad at all.

Captain Details

Captain Name  Arora   
Captain Career  Engineering   
Captain Faction  Starfleet   
Captain Race  Vulcan   
Primary Specialization  Intelligence   
Secondary Specialization  Strategist   

Space Skill Tree

Rank  Engineering    Science    Tactical   
Lieutenant      Improved Shield Restoration  Advanced Shield Capacity  Advanced Energy Weapon Training   
Lt. Commander  Improved Electro-Plasma System Flow  Advanced Impulse Expertise  Improved Control Expertise  Improved Drain Expertise  Advanced Targeting Expertise   
  Full Impulse Energy Shunt    Control Amplification  Drain Infection     
Commander        Shield Hardness  Advanced Weapon Amplification  Advanced Weapon Specialization 
Captain      Advanced Exotic Particle Generator  Advanced Long Range Targeting Sensors  Advanced Hull Penetration  Shield Weakening 
Admiral    Engineering Readiness    Scientific Readiness  Coordination Protocols  Tactical Readiness 
          Defensive Coordination   
          Offensive Coordination   
0 Points Left    19    20   

Space Skill Unlocks

Purchases  Engineering  Science  Tactical 
Emergency Power to Shields III  Engineering Team III  Directed Energy Modulation III 
Battery Expertise  Sector Space Travel Speed  Threat Control 
Emergency Power to Engines III  Auxiliary Power to the Emergency Battery III  Eject Warp Plasma III 
10    Maximum Shield Capacity  Projectile Critical Chance 
12    Auxiliary Power to Structural Integrity Field III  Boarding Parties III 
15    Starship Perception  Energy Critical Chance 
17    Auxiliary Power to Inertial Dampers III  Aceton Beam III 
20      Accuracy 

Ship Loadout: Sh'vhal Temporal Science Spearhead

Slot  Item 
Fore Weapon 1  Advanced Piezo-Plasma Beam Array  
Fore Weapon 2  Advanced Fleet Dual Plasma Beam Bank 
Fore Weapon 3  Advanced Fleet Dual Plasma Beam Bank 
Fore Weapon 4  Advanced Fleet Dual Plasma Beam Bank 
Aft Weapon 1  Omni-Directional Plasma Beam Array  
Aft Weapon 2  Plasmatic Biomatter Auto-Turret 
Aft Weapon 3  Altamid Modified Plasma Omni 
Deflector  [Elite Fleet Intervention Protomatter Deflector Array ]() Mk XV [ColCrit][CtrlX]x2[EPG][Sh/HullCap] Epic 
Secondary Deflector  Deteriorating Secondary Deflector Mk XV [+Chance][CtrlX][EPG/ShdHeal][EPG][ProjDmg] Epic 
Impulse Engines  [Prevailing Fortified Impulse Engines ]() Mk XV [Spd] Ultra Rare 
Warp Core  Revolutionary Warp Core Mk XV [A->W][ACap][EPS] Epic 
Shields  [Revolutionary Covariant Shield Array ]() Mk XV [Cap]x3[Cp/Rg][Reg] Epic 
Devices  Red Matter Capacitor 
  Kobyashi Maru Transponder 
  Deuterium Surplus 
  Reactive Armor Catalyst 
3 Engineering Consoles  Altamid Modified Swarm Processor Mk XV Epic 
  Console - Zero-Point Energy Conduit Mk XV Epic 
  Console - Universal - Hull Image Refractors Epic 
4 Science Consoles  Console - Universal - Piezo-Electric Focuser Mk XV Ultra Rare 
  Console - Science - Plasma-Generating Weapon Signature Amplifier Mk XV Ultra Rare 
  Console - Science - Plasma-Generating Weapon Signature Amplifier Mk XV Ultra Rare 
  Console - Science - Plasma-Generating Weapon Signature Amplifier Mk XV Epic 
4 Tactical Consoles  Console - Tactical - Energetic Protomatter Matrix Infuser Mk XV Epic 
  Console - Tactical - Energetic Protomatter Matrix Infuser Mk XV Epic 
  Console - Tactical - Energetic Protomatter Matrix Infuser Mk XV Epic 
  Console - Tactical - Energetic Protomatter Matrix Infuser Mk XV Epic 
T6-X Universal Console  Console - Tactical - Fek'ihri Torment Engine Mk XV Epic 

Officer Details

Bridge Officers  Power 
Commander Science-Temporal Operative  Entropic Redistribution I  
Engineered Soldier (Space)  Chronometric Inversion Field I  
  Very Cold in Space III  
  Gravity Well III  
Lt. Commander Universal-Command  Emergency Power to Shields I  
Engineered Soldier (Space)  Auxiliary to Structural I  
  Call Emergency Artillery I  
Lt. Commander Tactical  Best Served Cold I  
Leadership + Superior Space Warfare Specialist  Attack Pattern Beta I  
  Kemocite-Laced Weaponry III  
Lieutenant Science  Tractor Beam I  
Astrophysicist  Photonic Officer I  
Ensign Engineering  Emergency Power to Weapons I  

Traits & Duty Officers

Trait  Name  Description 
Personal Traits  Accurate  Space Trait. Improves the accuracy of space weapons. 
  Automated Rerouting  Chance to receive a Shield Heal when activating any Bridge Officer ability. 
  Beam Barrage  Gain Beam Damage when activating Beam skills 
  Beam Training  Increases Damage from your [[Beam Weapon
  EPS Manifold Efficiency  Space Trait. When you use Emergency Power to Auxiliary, Emergency Power to Engines, Emergency Power to Shields, or Emergency Power to Weapons, this trait causes all of your other power levels to gain a moderate subsystem boost. When you use any Battery, this trait causes all of your other power levels to gain a large subsystem boost. 
  Grace Under Fire  Space Trait. If you take more than 20% of your hitpoints in damage within a 5 second period, the cooldown on [[Ability: Miraculous Repairs
  Operative  Increases Critical Chance and Critical Severity. 
  Particle Manipulator  Improved Criticals for Exotic Damage, based on Particle Generators 
  Warp Theorist  Space Trait. Improves your Warp Core Potential skill, which increases all power levels of your ship. Also improves Electro-Plasma Systems, which improve power transfer and regeneration rates aboard your ship. 
Starship Traits  Digital Compilation  - While this trait is slotted, whenever an enemy of Frigate rank or higher is defeated after receiving [Exotic Damage] from you, they will be transformed into a Digitizer Probe which will chase nearby enemies, dealing Plasma Damage to any that they are near. You may have up to 5 Digitizer Probes active at a time from this Trait. Enermies digitized by this Trait will not Warp Core Breach. 
  Emergency Weapon Cycle  - While this starship trait is active, using Emergency Power to Weapons will also reduce weapon power cost and increase your weapon fire rate moderately. 
  Highly Specialized  - Game Description: Make the most of your bridge officer specialists! Each time one of their abilities is activated, it will cause all other specialist bridge officer abilities to recharge more quickly, allowing them all to be used more frequently. In addition, you will gain a boost to Starship Hull Repair, Starship Weapon Specialization and Starship Particle Generators skills. This skill buff stacks up to 5 times. 
  Improved Gravity Well  - Your Gravity Well anomalies last twice as long, and recharge much faster. Additionally, the primary foe targeted by your Gravity Well activation will have their damage resistance rating reduced for the duration of the anomaly. 
  Precision Multi-Targeting  Activating any Subsystem Targeting ability will additionally grant you Fire at Will I and +100 Accuracy Rating for 10 seconds. 
  Totally Lost All Control  While your ship is above 80% Shield Capacity, activating a Shield Healing Bridge Officer Ability will redirect a portion of the expended restorative energy and temporarily overclock your starship weapons, granting them a significant boost to both Critical Chance and Critical Severity for a few seconds. This effect can only be triggered once every several seconds. 
Space Reputation Traits  Energy Refrequencer  Heals Hull when Dealing Damage 
  Precision  Increases your Critical Hit Chance in space combat. 
  Chrono-Capacitor Array  Reduces Bridge Officer Recharge Times 
  Advanced Targeting Systems  Slightly increases critical severity in space combat. 
  Auxiliary Power Configuration - Defense  In space combat you gain a bonus to Maximum Hull HP, Maximum Shield HP, Kinetic Damage Resistance Rating and Energy Damage Resistance Rating that scales based on your Auxiliary Power Level. 
Duty Officers  Shield Distribution Officer  [SP] Attack Pattern Beta restores hull when firing 
  Armory Officer  [SP] Chance to set a random second subsystem offline when using Subsystem Targeting attacks 
  Gravimetric Scientist  [SP] Chance to create an aftershock Gravity Well 
  Research Lab Scientist  [SP] Increased Skills from using Ensign Bridge Officer Abilities 
  Research Lab Scientist  [SP] Increased Skills from using Lieutenant Bridge Officer Abilities 
  Research Lab Scientist  [SP] Increased Skills from using Lt Commander Bridge Officer Abilities 
  Research Lab Scientist  [SP] Increased Skills from using Lt Commander Bridge Officer Abilities 
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2023.05.28 13:47 Destava Hosting frontend and backend on same domain

Hi there, sorry if this is not the right place to ask, but I'm looking for some advice.
I've made an application with Express as the backend and Nextjs as the frontend. I would like to run both of them on the same server (with concurrently) with different ports.
I want incoming traffic on my domain to always come to the frontend, unless /api is in the URL. In this case, I want it to hit the backend (on a different port).
What's the best way to go about this? Both are running on different ports. Should I add a simple proxy server to split the requests that way, or is there a better way of doing it?
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2023.05.28 13:46 iwaspoisoned-com Stouffer, Walmart - Herkimer, New York - I’ve made Stouffers before but we had the lasagna for lunch today and a bit later my 4 year old is puking my 7 yr old has the runs and I have an upset stomach. #stouffer #walmart #stouffers

Stouffer, Walmart - Herkimer, New York - I’ve made Stouffers before but we had the lasagna for lunch today and a bit later my 4 year old is puking my 7 yr old has the runs and I have an upset stomach. #stouffer #walmart #stouffers
I’ve made Stouffers before but we had the lasagna for lunch today and a bit later my 4 year old is puking my 7 yr old has the runs and I have an upset stomach.
Read full report here
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2023.05.28 13:45 crembz Is the UDM SE limited to 3.5g when transferring between the sfp+ ports?

I am planning to uplift my network to 10G for certain devices. Before going all in I decided to hook two systems up to the sfp+ ports of the UDM SE and I changed the WAN config to reflect. I have my internet in on the 2.5g WAN port and I've assigned WAN2 to one of the 1g ports.
I'm running iperf between the machines and in both directions I'm hitting 3.2ish gpbs. I've confirmed that the ports have negotiated at 10g. I'm using 10g DAC cables.
I know that there is a note on the ubiquiti product page stating that there is a limit of 3.5g on the UDM however I thought that would be limited to routing. In this case both machines are on the same subnet.
Is the UDM SE limited to 3.5g when using the SFPs in this way?
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2023.05.28 13:45 ChelseaFC260502 Anyone else feel like some games there team just become useless

I was on my best run then I hit about 7 games where I couldn’t pass the ball and my team were just running like headless chicken, just makes me think what’s the point in trying hard as the rewards are all luck based
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2023.05.28 13:42 IronStrangler Ghosts of the deep solo flaw warlock advice

It embarasses me to say that, but I was at second encounter around 7h and just have no success at all. I am lost and just don't understand how to complete it as a warlock. I've tried sunbraces well with arbalest + crafted cataclysmic, but this boss just constantly moving or creating a barricade. The best of my tries was one try where I've set through 3 phases and done around 5mil damage, which was around 4th of his health. I've run voidlock with glaive/karnshtein build and have no issues at all during prep phase, but on DPS I am doing around 1.7mil damage the most with nova/arbalest/retroescapade with 2 surge, 4th time the charm and the mod to hit crit and improve damage. And the most problem is that I can't survive and constantly dagame the boss - there are too many ads plus he's throwing supression nades and blasting with his boomer, and rift lasts not so long. I have to either throw away remaining of the dmg phase or just outright die.
I understand that this is "git gut" issue but I am almost loosing it. If this boss takes 13 or so cycles, I am afraid to even imagine the hell I will experience at last boss. What could I do there? I've heard there is Acrius, but funny enough it is the only exotic from ciosc I don't have. Is there anything to do or I just must brace and enjoy 4-5h run while trying not to die once?
In comparison to this spire and prophecy are complete jokes, and even laggy duality was not so bad as this as long as you get the rythm of the mechanics
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2023.05.28 13:41 teller_of_tall_tales The legend of the frost guard.

Kalvin yawned and stretched in the comfy turret seat. Rubbing his eyes he checked the video feed and froze. Unable to process the image on the screen.
A force easily ten thousand strong of various species lay keeled over and dead in the snow less than a thousand yards away from the walled dome. Their armored vehicles shattered to bits as though they'd been frozen then hit with a sledgehammer. Kalvin panned the turret across the quiet battlefield, eventually his vision landed on a single combatant that was still alive. Shivering not from cold it appeared, but fear of the statue wrought from ice before him.
Without a second thought, kalvin triggered the alarm.
Gretch sat in the blessedly warm interrogation room. Unable to forget the terrifying sequence of events from last night.
The human interrogator sat across from the small Goblin-like alien, making them flinch. The interrogator curiously looked at the alien before asking her main question.
"What happened last night, your entire force was obliterated without us hearing or seeing anything."
Gretch looked at the human woman in horror. Then the lone soldier in the corner that noone else seemed to acknowledge.
Gretch pointed at the human soldier, who grinned menacingly.
"Him! He took us all out! I swear he isn't human!! HE HAD A FUCKING DRAGON AT HIS SIDE! GET HIM AWAY FROM ME!"
The memories came rushing back, that humble, terrifying grin, the rifle that never seemed to run empty nor make any sound. How bullets and lasers simply passed through the lone human as he kept advancing.
The human interrogator turned to look at the indicated corner, seeing nothing and no one. Perhaps the subject across from her may not be mentally sound.
Frowning, the interrogator asked.
"Can you start from the beginning? Tell me what happened from the point you arrived until we brought you in."
Gretch took a deep breath, trying to ignore the spectre in the corner.
"Okay... Okay... we were hired by the Gravlostic mining company to run you off the planet..."
Gretch marched at the front of the formation, in lockstep with his brothers and sisters of the Smashgrab mercenary company. The domed wall of the town "frostguardia" lay glittering about ten thousand yards ahead of them.
The wind blew, kicking up a flurry of snow that obscured their vision of the wall for a moment. When the wind settled, a lone human stood guard halfway between them and the wall. Gretch raised a fist, bringing the company to a halt. Looking up at the turrets atop the outer wall, he noticed that all of them were still inactive. A message from the company commander buzzed in through his earpiece.
"What's the hold up gretch?"
Gretch watched in confusion as a furred creature bolted through the hard light barrier that marked the city's gate and came to the lone human's side.
Clearing his throat, gretch keyed his mic.
"There's a human and their dog... Or something... Standing in our way, I've got a bad feeling about this boss. Turrets aren't even active."
Raucous laughter assailed Gretch's ears as his commanding officer clearly didn't see how suspicious this was. However, Gretch's commander's laughter stopped abruptly as the wind picked up again.
"Tuuuuuuuurrrrrrnnnnnn baaaaacckkkk"
The ghostly words were as quiet as a whisper, yet they were heard loud and clear by everyone. Gretch heard his earpiece click and his commander's voice came through with a bit of a waver to it.
"You heard that too right?"
"Yessir... Should we turn back?"
A pause that stretched on far too long.
"No... No... Continue with the mission, there's a lot of credits on the line here."
Gretch nodded and waved the forces forward.
The lone soldier sighed, placing a hand on the furred creature's head before unslinging the rifle on their back. The wind howled as it blew with a renewed fury. The words carried within, a shout.


A roar split the heavens as the furred creature suddenly started to grow, and grow, and grow. the creaking of stretching bone and skin reaching the now advancing forces. The Beasts fur went from a light brown to pure ice white as massive wings unfurled from the beast's body. Shouts of surprise and apprehension rose from the mercenary company.
One merc who had an atgm launcher, knelt down and took aim at the massive furred beast as it began to charge towards them. Oblivious to the lone human who'd raised their rifle.
There wasn't a single crack, pop or bang as the back of the merc's head flowered open, the soldier behind them ripped in half with a scream being the only sound accompanying the carnage. Gretch felt his legs go limp and crumpled, just as the massive beast tore through their ranks, a razor sharp claw passing inches from his pointed ears.
Viscera flew, tanks and APCs were frozen solid by a beam of blue energy from the beast's mouth, before being shattered with a casual swipe of it's claws.
The lone human advanced a step and fired. The only sound from the discharge being the damage it caused. Each silent shot sending body parts flying and turning blood into a fine mist. Screams and shouts of terror erupting around Gretch's prone form.
After only a few minutes, it grew quiet. Gretch dared not move in case whatever this frost guard thing was, wasn't done yet.
After a few minutes, gretch uncovered his eyes and sat up. Looking at the carnage of what had once been a proud mercenary company. Then he turned around.
And screamed like a little human girl as he saw the statue of ice in front of him. Depicting that softly smiling, Silently shooting soldier. He stayed there until he was cuffed and brought into the city for interrogation.
The interrogator looked at the Goblin-like alien in front of her, eyes wide with genuine terror. Just now noticing the sound of claws scratching at the interrogation room's door.
Pressing a button the door swooshed open. Letting In the beige colored furred dragon.
Gretch took one look at the German shepherd sized beast before his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he passed out. The interrogator's brow furrowed, then she looked down at the town's local mascot, Fuzzy the furred dragon, And gasped.
Burn marks seared the furred dragons nigh indestructible fur. Pulling a small piece of dried meat from her treat pouch, she fed it to the good boy saying.
"That goblin seems to be really afraid of you boy."
The furred dragon's tale wagged as it chewed on the treat. Unbeknownst to the interrogator, commander Slate rubbed his best and longest friend's head making kissy noises and giving him praise. Speaking aloud despite the fact no one but the dragon would hear him.
"She doesn't know the half of it, isn't that right boy?"
The furred dragon gave a soft woof in agreeance. He liked being in his adult form instead of this limiting juvenile one, he had freezy breath as an adult! Slate chuckled, rubbing the furred dragons cheeks.
"I gotta get back to my post buddy, keep an eye on everyone for me."
And with a good bye pat between Fuzzy's ears he walked through the wall. The snowy winds no longer nipping at his skin as he existed within each and every one. Slinging his rifle back over his shoulder, he smiled as he saw the reaper approaching.
This time he didn't keep up the act.
"Commander Slate shall I-"
"Nope, I'm good, come see me when both me and my friend can go."
The grim reaper paused, jaw agape. Then, with a chuckle the reaper's face transformed into that of a young boy.
"Very well frost guardian. I'll see you then."
And with a gust of wind, the reaper was gone. Leaving a smiling, ghostly guardian to watch over the city.
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2023.05.28 13:38 Destava Hosting frontend and backend on same domain

Hi there, sorry if this is not the right place to ask, but I'm looking for some advice.
I've made an application with Express as the backend and Nextjs as the frontend. I would like to run both of them on the same server (with concurrently) with different ports.
I want incoming traffic on my domain to always come to the frontend, unless /api is in the URL. In this case, I want it to hit the backend (on a different port).
What's the best way to go about this? Both are running on different ports. Should I add a simple proxy server to split the requests that way, or is there a better way of doing it?
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2023.05.28 13:37 WolfEmblem Bent staff of aggression

Used by the yetis of the north as they play on the ice, hitting small pucks around and bumping into one another quite violently. This staff give a +3 on all melee attacks and activates the users inner rage when doing so, however it gives disadvantage on close quarters combat.
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2023.05.28 13:32 zdeepthrowaway A testimony and history

I'm a 36 HLM married to a 36 LLF
This is a complex issue and story.
Some background: I’m American. My wife is European. We met in 2014. We met in Europe and have moved all around the world in the years we’ve been together. North America, Asia, Europe, again. The night I met my wife I fell head over heels in love with her and to this day I still am.
But there were signs early on that we might not be a perfect match, if such a thing even exists. At the start of our relationship we had sex often, not near as much as I’d like, a few times a week at most. And it was good for me. Not mind blowing or near kinky enough for me but she really seemed to enjoy it, going as far as to tell her friends it was the best sex she’d ever had. And emotionally it really brought us close together.
And at the start of our relationship she made it quite clear that even though she loved me, she never wanted to marry and never wanted kids. She had her career and she was happy with it. But since we’re in very similar fields, a field which can pay very well but doesn’t pay steadily, she eventually joined me in working together. This brought us to a point where if we wanted to be together, especially internationally, it was best to actually get married.
When I brought up the whole “you don’t ever want to get married” thing to her she said this was a different situation and that she loved me and besides we were already working together.I asked her to marry me and she agreed. We were busy traveling around the world and working so the sex slowed but it did happen. On our wedding night we were both so tired from partying with our friends and family we passed out and the idea of sex didn’t even pop up. Sex at this point in our relationship had slowed but emotionally we were still very intimate and open with one another about our feelings.
Because work was drying up we ended up spending a year after we married living at my parents. That was the worst for her. She was somewhere she didn’t want to be, stuck, and eventually fell into a deep depression. Some of the work we were doing together really fell apart – not because of her – but because of some of the other people we were working with. That only worsened her depression. Safe to say we hadn’t had much sex since we’d gotten married.
Eventually I found a great more steady job but it required us to move around the world again to a great place in Asia. My wife loved living in Asia, but I was working TONS. And because we’d both been so traumatized from the previous year of our hard working falling apart and staying with my parents I was beyond reluctant to not put in the extra hours every night and on the weekends to make sure we never ended up having to go back to my parents. And sexually during this time we maybe had sex about 5 times in 2 or 3 years.
But I still love her.
After a few years of this I burned out and fell into a functional depression. No one at work could tell. But I’d come home and be swarmed with so much anxiety I couldn’t even get off the couch. I gained weight. And worse, some older injuries from college started to flare up and physically I was in a lot of pain daily. My wife handled all the household chores and while she had some time to do her own work she held off on traveling like she wanted to, wanting to wait for me to feel like it, which I never did. Plus we were still doing side project work together, which in my state, was probably very tough for her to do.
Some background on me and my own baggage: I grew up quite poor to young parents who eventually moved us from a rather poor lifestyle to a nicer middle class life as I got older. My father was gone for work quite a lot as he worked multiple jobs to get us out of poverty. I’m terrified of being a poor and hungry child again. This fear is never helped by my chosen profession which can be sporadic but well paying when I have it.
One day while living in Asia my wife said something which really blew my mind: she wanted us to have a baby. I asked her if she was sure, because she’d made it clear at the start of our relationship she never wanted to get married and never wanted children. She said that this new home of ours had made her change her mind. Deep down in my gut I knew something was off, but, she reassured me, and I have to admit a very immature part of me was excited that we’d be having lots of sex as tried to conceive.
We had sex one time during this point and BAM she was pregnant on our first shot.
That same immature part was totally psyched. First shot. Way to go. But also: damn, there goes all that sex.
Her entire pregnancy was very difficult emotionally – she would cry entire days for her whole pregnancy -- and toward the end it got very dangerous, with her facing a few life threatening complications that quite frankly scared the shit out of me. Somehow she handled those much better than I did.
We had a beautiful baby and soon we were both doing the whole new parent thing. No sleep. Definitely no sex. It was difficult with no support network on our side of the globe. She was tired and more distant then ever to me sexually – for good reason – but also emotionally. When we spoke about this she said she was giving everything she had to the baby. And I could see this so I was okay with this. I wouldn’t push it.
This is where I think I have to get into my wife and her emotional issues which didn’t really present themselves in full until we had the baby. Long story short: you could say at best my wife’s parents were emotionally absent, if not actually emotionally abusive, to her since she was born. And while she did a great job making up for this subconsciously when she was in a good place in life, when she’s stressed she becomes completely emotionless and crosses the line into being emotionally abusive, verbally berating and criticizing everything and everyone around her. So if you weren’t the baby, you were either being complained about or criticized behind your back or in my case to my face.
And if something ever went wrong, the water boiled over on the stove, anything, she would literally collapse into sobs on the floor and be unable to get up.
This didn’t help things on my end and my work depression spiraled into suicidal thoughts and eventually attempts. After one in public, we both had a few moments of clarity. Something had to change.
When another unique work opportunity presented itself for us to move somewhere my wife has always wanted to live I quit my job and we prepared to move. Work visas, moving logistics, my wife wanted to handle almost all of it. We packed our lives into a container bound for this new country and prepared for our flight 2 days later.
But a day before our flights, with covid starting to rage out of control our flights were canceled and even with our visas in hand we were told we’d not be allowed to move to the country we were supposed to be moving to.
In a state of limbo both of us took the stress as bravely as we could for the sake of our baby but eventually the job I’d taken vanished from underneath us because of covid and we soon found ourselves moving back to Europe until we could figure out what to do.
When we came to Europe, lockdowns were in full effect. Moving had been relatively easy since most of our stuff was already in a container but we weren't going to see anything in there for another 6 months.
We both spiraled even more and barely held it together for our baby. I started sleeping on the couch every night – I still do. We argued and yelled constantly. One night after an argument I literally collapsed shaking uncontrollably to the floor. Then my wife caught me once attempting another suicide attempt and stopped me.
Our bodies both started rejecting the situation. Her skin broke out in horrible psoriasis. My testicle swelled uncontrollably from a mysterious infection. Mind you at this point we’d not had actual sex for longer than about 30 seconds without crying and arguing. We honestly should’ve been committed to a facility at this point.
Knowing my baby was growing into a toddler I knew I needed help. So I asked my wife if she wanted to join me in talking to a therapist. She said no so I booked a time and started seeing a therapist regularly by myself.
Overall my therapist was helpful, but also harmful in certain ways. She helped me see things outside of my distorted mind view. She cared for me when it felt like no else did. But she also pushed a lot of conservative christian husband/wife dynamics that I quite frankly find outdated, I don’t believe in, and more importantly I know my wife and I didn’t ever agree to when we first got married. The night my therapist told me my wife needs to attend to her wifely duties to sex and for me to demand it and “be the man” and show her how it should be, I quit and never spoke to her again.
My wife, seeing the changes in me, started her own investigation into her own emotional issues and has started a long road of self-help which has genuinely changed her. We talk regularly about our own issues and how we can change.
For the past 1.5-2 years we’ve come a very long way in getting better individually and how we interact with one another.We can talk. We aren’t depressed anymore. I’ve lost over 20 pounds. I try and be proactive around the house and help with the daily routine as much as I can as I work from home now. I’m on the upper end of getting out of my porn addiction. We can work together again, mostly. Our child just started school and is happy. We’re good parents and partners. But the more some things get better it just highlights what’s still wrong. Namely our own connection.
My wife and I have had serious talks about our life and come to the conclusion that when we can we should try to live apart. She feels, rightly so, that she’s left behind her own career in following me around the world for mine, and found herself a wife and mother, identities she says she has problems with reconciling since she once swore she’d be neither. Not to mention all the emotional issues that have been brought up with her own parents and background.
She says she can’t imagine not being a wife and mother to our child now, but she regrets leaving behind all she did, and more so, not being true to her old self that swore those things off. She recognizes the duality in those feelings but still all the same they exist. She ultimately wants space to build herself again without me forcing the labels of wife on her, but she doesn’t want to divorce. I told her I’m okay with that. I like having my own space too. Whatever arrangement we come to housing-wise we’ll each have our own space in very very close proximity and we’ll raise our child in a cohesive way like we are now.
But we are in no position to do this financially right now.
I still love my wife. And even though we’re in a better place now, she’s quite cold to me. She touches me literally, maybe once every few days. When I try to touch her she recoils. On the much rarer occasions she does become stressed she can be quite mean and emotionally abusive to me. Never to our child. Only to me. This is something I’ve started standing up to and being quite clear about how it is unacceptable to me and she’s show great attention at stopping that behavior. But it still slips through every now and again.
We’ve had serious discussions about sex and our relationship: how it’s something very important for me and that I can’t go the rest of my life without. She tells me she doesn’t feel ANYTHING sexual at all for anything or anyone and she doesn’t see herself feeling that way in the future. She refuses to see a couples therapist, a sex therapist, or any therapist.
We spoke briefly about having an open relationship, one where I could sleep with other women but only when it was clear that I wanted to stay devoted to my family. My wife seemed to handle the idea of this well on the surface, but I could tell it deeply upset her. She then agreed to try and be more physically intimate but the few times we ever attempted it again have ended in a disaster of tears and anger.
Eventually I just told her that our relationship no longer encompasses sex.Things since then between us seem to have gone well as she said sexual expectations really make her anxious. Sex not being part of the relationship seems to have helped us achieve a stability between one another.
I’m trying to get better every day. She’s on her own self-help journey and I can’t say it’s not helping because it is.
But on my own end, I yearn and ache for real sexual companionship and connection. I need that kind of passion in my life or I feel like a large chunk of life is missing. I don’t think I’ll get suicidal again over it but c’mon. No one says on their deathbed they wish they didn’t have so much sex.
I knew getting into a relationship my wife wasn’t as high libido has I was, I knew she wasn’t as kinky as I was. But she is so unique and so good in many other ways I just couldn’t leave her. I love her.
The past few months I’ve been able to minimize my porn addiction. Emotionally, I find it very healthy for me. But, again, it just highlights now how much I don’t have sex and how unfulfilled I feel emotionally.
I’ve entertained having a sexual affair without telling her. Something purely physical. I think such a thing could exist but I couldn’t guarantee it and if I caught feelings for an affair partner, I’d be so fucked. And honestly, I don’t have the time. Between working from home, working together with my wife, being a father, and helping run the house, how could I ever start a fling even if I tried? It's tempting path, but one I think I'll try and avoid.
The other day my wife and I talked late at night, it was nice and friendly, but I noticed she how she avoided touching me. Before she left the room I asked her if she still loved me. She looked at me and told me she loves me, but she’s no longer in love with me.
She told me that she has no passion anymore for anything. I told her that anything I could do to help her regain a passion for anything, her own work, if she needed time by herself, anything I could do to help her, to give her space or time, I would do it.
She declined and she left and went to her own bed.
That really, really hurt me.
Deeper than I think she’ll ever know.
And it’s really marked a turning point for me.
Something has to change.
But what?
We’ve come so far yet we’re in some ways further apart than we’ve ever been. Anyway, this is more a testimony to my feelings more than anything. I can’t talk to anyone I know about this. So here I am.
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2023.05.28 13:29 Muted-Ad-7867 Looking for some advice from those who have experienced similar.

So, this story starts 10 years ago when I was a teenager. I passed out, bystanders thought it was a seizure. Blood tests and CT scan confirmed it was likely a vasovagal faint and to go on with life as per usual. So after a few years of anxiety and worry, I did move past it.
A week ago, I was out on a run and noticed blurred vision (not uncommon), so I pushed through it and continued running. Last thing I remember was a colourful migraine style floater appearing in my vision. Then I passed out.
Same story, people passing by assumed it was a seizure. I woke disoriented but managed to recognise the situation and give some emergency contact details over. I was pretty coherent in 10 minutes.
I was taken to hospital. Bloods taken, CT scan done and nothing particularly extraordinary to report. The blood showed I was somewhat dehydrated (I'd drank a litre and a half in a few hours leading up to the run), and that I was low on phosphorus (so I took a supplement). Now the CT scan came back looking normal, but I've been advised against driving until I've had an appointment with a neurologist, much to my disgruntlement. This is the same process that was followed last time and nothing came up.
It's worth noting, I did over the past 10 years occasionally feel faint, but never actually fainted. I chalked it up to anxiety and told myself to grow up. Now, however, I fear it may be more recurrent than I'd hoped. I'm worried it'll impact my life. I'm worried that if I push my body too hard it'll happen again. I'm worried to deep dive into tests etc with a doctor incase they take my driving license.
I'm feeling all around down. I'd spent years getting over the initial incident, telling myself it was a one off. Only to have it happen again.
Has anyone had anything similar? How do I deal with this in my head to overcome anxieties? How do I proceed from a medical standpoint?
Lifestyle: - M 26 - Healthy and active. Gym 4/5 times a week weight training. Running and HIT sessions 3 times a week. - Probably somewhat overweight. Bit of a belly and more muscle mass than most people my age. - Alcohol would be my biggest vice, I'm a social drinker and sometimes that can be 4/5 times a week for a few beers with friends.
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2023.05.28 13:24 indictmentofhumanity Lady thought she could get away with a hit and run!

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2023.05.28 13:24 Perkelton Weekly Crowdfunding Roundup: May 28 2023 30 ending soon (incl. Monster Hunter World Iceborne: The Board Game, Botany) & 21 new this week (incl. Carson City Big Box, Age of Steam Deluxe Expansion Volume IV + Acrylic Track Tiles)

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I live in Belize/Canada/Nicaragua/USA, why are you posting on a Saturday?!
Because I'm writing this from Europe in the future where it's already Sunday. Timezones be crazy.
Why are there a bunch of non-board games in the board game list?
Because the Tabletop games category on Kickstarter includes anything remotely related to board games and sometimes things slip through my filters.
Why is this future award winning board game and literal saviour of humanity missing from your list?
Sometimes my filters get a bit overzealous and discard actually valid projects. If you feel something is missing for this reason, leave a comment and I'll add it (maybe).
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Indeed, this fine piece of code runs purely on meatballs and schnapps, so anything can happen. Leave a comment and I'll see what I can do.

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BOTANY: Flower Hunting in the Victorian Era Experience the thrill of the hunt in Botany: the ultimate Victorian flower collecting game for 1 to 5 botanists. 11148 $780,234.00 (15605%) in 26 days 2023-06-01 Kickstarter 2‑5 players age 10+ 45-90 min. 🎉💰🔥🌱 BGG
Monster Hunter World Iceborne: The Board Game Hunt massive monsters with giant weapons in this co-op boss battler board game! ⚔️ Based on the hit video game. 9199 £1,326,230.00 (884%) in 10 days 2023-06-01 Kickstarter 1‑4 players age 14+ 🎉💰🔥🌳 BGG
Dead Cells: The Rogue-Lite Board Game Explore the ever-changing island of Dead Cells in this ruthless co-op metroidvania dungeon crawler. Explore. Kill. Die. Mutate. Repeat. 8222 CA$1,003,754.98 (2008%) in 12 days 2023-06-02 Kickstarter 1‑4 players age 14+ 45 min. 🎉💰🔥🌱 BGG
Leviathan Wilds A solo & co-op, boss-battling board game about climbing massive creatures. From the designer of Imperial Assault. 3227 $163,972.50 (1640%) in 19 days 2023-06-01 Kickstarter 1‑4 players age 10+ 45-90 min. 🎉💰 BGG
Raising Robots Gear up for an expert level, engine-building game with simultaneous play and adorable robot companions. 2509 $168,802.00 (844%) in 19 days 2023-06-02 Kickstarter 1‑6 players age 14+ 60-90 min. 🎉💰🌳 BGG
Axe-A-Lot-L A quick, chaotic card game for people who love axolotls. And also axes. 2073 $34,193.50 (263%) in 25 days 2023-06-02 Kickstarter 2‑4 players age 7+ 15-25 min. 💰 BGG
Detective: Saints and Sinners Detective: Saints and Sinners is the newest expansion for Detective: City of Angels, which is an epic narrative-driven board game set in the dark and violent world of 1940's Los Angeles. Most players will step into the shoes of LAPD Homicide detectives that will do whatever it takes to solve the cas… 1436 $93,705.15 (469%) in 12 days 2023-06-03 Gamefound 1‑5 players 120 min. Cooperative 💰
Wishland: Dreams from America Expand your own theme park in this tableau building, worker placement & point salad eurogame for 1 to 5 players. 1264 €69,681.00 (465%) in 26 days 2023-06-02 Kickstarter 1‑5 players age 12+ 60-120 min. 🎉💰 BGG
Cities of Venus A Euro Board Game where players establish floating cities in the clouds of Venus before contact is lost with Earth 1048 CA$112,269.59 (561%) in 26 days 2023-05-31 Kickstarter 2‑6 players age 8+ 45-90 min. 💰🌳 BGG
Warzone Eternal An officially-licensed skirmish miniatures game set in the techno-fantasy Mutant Chronicles universe. 727 $140,963.00 (201%) in 26 days 2023-06-01 Kickstarter 2 players age 12+ 💰 BGG
Chiefdom: a Worker Placement Roll & Write Game A single sheet, 3 dice, much fun 702 €2,307.00 (2307%) in 13 days 2023-05-31 Kickstarter 1‑6 players age 8+ 30 min. 💰🌱 BGG
disrupt Become Silicon Valley's new Unicorn Startup! A fully asymmetric economic board game with worker placement and card-driven mechanics! 547 €19,384.00 (242%) in 12 days 2023-06-02 Kickstarter 1‑4 players age 14+ 50-90 min. 🎉💰🌱 BGG
Gettysburg 1863 Volume IV in Worthington's Civil War Brigade Series. Refight the battle of Gettysburg on the largest mounted board we have ever made. 468 $53,665.00 (2881%) in 13 days 2023-06-03 Kickstarter 1‑2 players age 13+ 120-600 min. 💰🌳 BGG
Holy Guacamole A church game for party people. 462 $28,974.00 (232%) in 26 days 2023-06-01 Kickstarter 💰
Roll and Control Conquer the land in this roll and write game. Area control board game in print and play format. 422 €2,893.00 (1447%) in 20 days 2023-05-29 Kickstarter 1‑4 players age 10+ 20-45 min. 💰 BGG
Unhappy Campers: Camping has never been so miserable! A strategic and sarcastic camping-themed card game where players race to build campsites and roast other campers! 386 $14,327.00 (260%) in 40 days 2023-06-02 Kickstarter 2‑6 players age 12+ 30-60 min. 💰🌱 BGG
Drakerion TCG Dark Fantasy Trading Card Game - Join us on Discord https://discord.gg/EhSCqCfvcC 335 €137,191.00 (343%) in 30 days ⚠️ 2023-05-28 Kickstarter 💰🌱
One Page Space Print one page at home and start the game. You have to defeat the alien armada that has invaded the Earth colonies 322 $2,318.90 (232%) in 24 days 2023-06-02 Kickstarter 1 player age 8+ 15-40 min. 💰 BGG
18Rhl-Rhineland Cross the Rhine with railway lines and run the Rheingolg-Express for maximum profit! 289 €22,053.00 (88%) in 15 days 2023-06-02 Kickstarter 3‑6 players age 14+ 240 min. BGG
Lindyhop the Card Game A cooperative card game for two people about swing dancing. 252 NZ$11,079.42 (170%) in 30 days ⚠️ 2023-05-28 Kickstarter 💰🌱
Personal Preference - Updated Edition An update on the wildly popular 1980's 'how well do you really know each other?' party game, by original creator Don Carlston 228 $27,339.00 (109%) in 28 days 2023-06-01 Kickstarter 2‑16 players 40 min. 💰🌱 BGG
Premium Card Sleeves Premium card sleeves for your board games with the best price. Each pack per 1 euro, easy! 203 €11,339.00 (756%) in 33 days 2023-06-02 Kickstarter 💰🌱
Havoc! The Combat Card Game A fast-paced cards-and-dice game of medieval combat. 202 $20,372.71 (204%) in 26 days 2023-06-01 Kickstarter 1‑10 players age 14+ 20-120 min. 💰 BGG
Al Chile-Balconea a tus amigos El juego perfecto para balconear a tus amigos y saber que piensan en realidad de ti. 198 MX$218,896.80 (116%) in 33 days 2023-06-03 Kickstarter 💰🌱
"RustBots - The Robot Building Card Game" "RustBots" is a turn-based strategy card game for 2 to 6 players. Compete against your friends to become the ultimate engineer! 192 $15,680.00 (105%) in 26 days 2023-06-01 Kickstarter 2‑6 players age 8+ 30-60 min. 💰🌱 BGG
Which Craft? - A fast-paced game of deduction and bluffing. Players must capture an evil Witch before she can gather enough potions to unleash a terrible curse upon the village! 157 $7,912.00 (132%) in 26 days 2023-06-01 Kickstarter 4‑7 players age 10+ 10-30 min. 💰🌱 BGG
ORAO - Oint Generation Be the leader of the new mankind in this 1vs1 card game. Manage resources on a checkered gamefield to survive. Your choices are crucial 155 €11,038.69 (1104%) in 39 days 2023-05-31 Kickstarter 💰
Tablut | ancient Norse board game + 4 more historic games A classic Viking game of siege and escape and 4 other "large-format" Peg Pastimes games. 129 $10,146.00 (254%) in 23 days 2023-06-04 Kickstarter 2 players age 8+ 45 min. 💰 BGG
KINGS of ROME Lead Rome to its eternal glory in this historical boardgame 121 €7,809.00 (156%) in 24 days 2023-06-03 Kickstarter 1‑4 players age 10+ 180-360 min. 💰 BGG
9th Circle: a Diabolical 2-5p game of Take-That Area Control Take your place as a Demon Lord vying for the favor of Malacoda while you fight for control of the realms! 86 $4,560.00 (152%) in 12 days 2023-06-02 Kickstarter 2‑5 players age 14+ 60 min. 🎉💰 BGG

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Carson City Big Box The Carson City Big Box edition is a complete collection of everything that Carson City ever offered, all expansions and an all new solo mode are included. 1359 €121,782.00 (304%) in 5 days 2023-06-14 Gamefound 1‑6 players 120 min. Area Control 💰🔥🌱
Age of Steam Deluxe Expansion Volume IV + Acrylic Track Tiles A fourth Expansion Volume for Age of Steam Deluxe plus accessory Acrylic Track tiles. 1121 $123,242.73 (548%) in 3 days 2023-06-09 Gamefound 1‑6 players 120 min. 🎉💰🔥
The Medusa Report A thrilling tabletop puzzle adventure about a missing spy, a nuclear physicist and Cold War family secrets. 687 €47,014.00 (392%) in 5 days 2023-06-20 Kickstarter 1‑5 players age 14+ 100-240 min. 🎉💰 BGG
RUSE - INSTINCTS OF THE DEN Fox-themed Euro-style strategy game. Unique design with worker placement, territories exploration, resource and dice management. 566 CA$58,273.29 (216%) in 5 days 2023-06-15 Kickstarter 2‑4 players age 12+ 50-100 min. 💰🌱 BGG
Murder on the Moon: An immersive puzzle adventure. Escape room in a box that combines puzzles, technology and a thrilling story to help you solve a murder... ON THE MOON!! 479 £30,639.00 (306%) in 6 days 2023-06-22 Kickstarter 8‑24 players age 18+ 💰🌳 BGG
McBaron - Bravery in the Sky An action-packed solo Print and Play Wargame. Fly over the battlefield, accomplish missions, and prove your bravery! 432 €1,827.00 (1827%) in 6 days 2023-06-09 Kickstarter 1‑2 players age 12+ 20-30 min. 💰 BGG
SlackJack - A Pirate Game of Bluffing and Deception A 10-minute game of blackjack and social deduction for 4-8 players! 362 $8,961.00 (179%) in 5 days 2023-06-10 Kickstarter 4‑8 players age 10+ 10-20 min. 🎉💰🌳 BGG
El Burro: A La Granja Game El Burro is a new standalone game where you are developing your farm but have to move your goods to the port of Palma. The game uses multi-purpose cards and dice-drafting like La Granja. 281 €22,743.00 (91%) in 2 days 2023-06-11 Gamefound 1‑4 players age 12+ 75-150 min. Card Game Dice Game BGG
『ゾンビサイド2.0』 日本語版 現代版ゾンビサイドの第2版が、日本語版になってついに登場! 高品質のフィギュアと、遊びやすくなったルールを、拡張セットと共にお届けします New Japanese Edition. This project is only available in Japan. 259 ¥11,939,509 (1194%) in 6 days 2023-06-07 Kickstarter 🎉💰🌱
Thunder Rolls: The Garage Expansion More mayhem, cars and fun for the Thunder Rolls game by Richard Launius 214 $14,770.00 (369%) in 5 days 2023-06-07 Kickstarter 1‑8 players age 8+ 20-60 min. 💰🌳 BGG
Loam Loam is a set-matching strategy game about building healthy soils. You are a plant, who for obvious reasons is into that sort of thing. You also have a lot more power and agency over your environment than humans often give you credit for. Sculpt the soil’s weird and wonderful biodiversity to assembl… 162 $8,288.77 (83%) in 5 days 2023-07-01 Gamefound 1‑4 players age 12+ 15-40 min. Card Game BGG
Go Ahead Punk! A One-vs-All hidden movement board game inspired by classic 70s cop cinema. 152 £10,406.00 (110%) in 5 days 2023-06-22 Kickstarter 1‑4 players age 12+ 60-90 min. 💰🌱 BGG
Rainbow Puppy Poopy Party The game that gets you talking, laughing, moving–in a different way every time you play. 143 $7,603.00 (152%) in 5 days 2023-06-22 Kickstarter 💰🌱
Overlords: In Training Survive, outlast, and outwit your enemies long enough to take on the Boss and become the next Overlord! 131 $9,097.00 (45%) in 5 days 2023-06-27 Kickstarter 🌱
A new collection of 3 Print and Play games A new great collection of 3 Print and Play, Roll and Write games 115 €817.00 (817%) in 3 days 2023-06-20 Kickstarter 💰🌳
Realms Of Enchantment Experience the epic battle in a solo, co-op, or competitive combat adventure with a series of challenges to defeat the dark force. 114 €10,122.00 (228%) in 5 days 2023-06-22 Kickstarter 1‑6 players age 13+ 60-180 min. 💰🌱 BGG
Hard Level From the computer screen to roll and write gaming experience 107 €864.00 (864%) in 6 days 2023-06-12 Kickstarter 1 player age 10+ 15-30 min. 💰 BGG
Escape Family Box Experience the real-time, frantic board game in this Anniversary Edition! 74 €6,126.00 (123%) in 4 days 2023-06-03 Kickstarter 1‑5 players age 8+ 10 min. 💰🌳 BGG
Blank Me. An outlandish and easy to play party game! Fill in the blanks for your friends, then perform a monologue filled in for you! 17+ 72 CA$4,774.29 (48%) in 4 days 2023-06-15 Kickstarter 4‑99 players age 17+ 10 min. 🌱 BGG
Anima Mundi - A Fantasy Board Game of Magic and War Strategy, simplified. 23 $3,987.00 (30%) in 1 days 2023-06-26 Kickstarter 2‑4 players age 12+ 30-120 min. BGG

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Knave RPG: Second Edition The Questing Beast toolkit for creating and running sandbox campaigns packed into a lean, beautiful hardback. 9308 $558,985.20 (5590%) in 26 days 2023-06-01 Kickstarter 💰🔥
Tales of the Valiant RPG: Launching Black Flag Roleplaying The heart of 5th Edition: core rules for high fantasy games, including a Monster Vault and a Player's Guide to power your campaign! 6125 $749,202.00 (749%) in 5 days 2023-06-24 Kickstarter 💰🔥🌳
Shuffle Up & Play: Season 2 Help us bring Shuffle Up & Play to the next level! 2927 $241,539.69 (372%) in 3 days 2023-06-23 Kickstarter 💰🔥
Kinks and Cantrips A 5e source book focused on exploring yourself and learning about kink. 2545 $44,006.00 (8801%) in 58 days 2023-05-30 Kickstarter 💰🌱
The Last Spell - The Board Game Fight shoulder to shoulder with your friends in this exciting and innovative coop 1-4 player rogue-like RPG with a tower defense twist! 1987 €249,387.85 (249%) in 4 days 2023-06-16 Kickstarter 1‑4 players age 14+ 120-150 min. 🎉💰🔥🌳
The Ultimate Game Master Screen: Customizable & Affordable The fully customizable, magnetic, portable and affordable game master screen for TTRPGs 1496 $264,483.05 (2645%) in 3 days 2023-06-24 Kickstarter 💰🔥🌱
The Emporium of Wonders 5E Surprise and delight your players with 400 new magic items for the world's favorite roleplaying game! 1263 A$40,270.32 (2237%) in 26 days 2023-06-01 Kickstarter 💰
The Mystery Flesh Pit National Park RPG The official tabletop RPG of the MFPNP website. 1070 $55,067.00 (367%) in 26 days 2023-06-01 Kickstarter 💰🌱
FILLER - Storage System for Pocket Board Games Elevate your gaming experience with a perfectly organized collection, created by gamers and designers 1067 €79,820.00 (798%) in 5 days 2023-06-22 Kickstarter 💰🔥🌱
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2023.05.28 13:24 Wide-Veterinarian-63 sage powers

how do you even use sidon's power effectively? i've already done the four regional quests but i can't find a good use for sidon's ability. a one hit shield that has a timer and requires me to run over to sidon and talk to him seems pretty useless. the water splash has little range and less damage. am i just using it wrong? elp
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2023.05.28 13:19 ResponsibleAthlete4 My ranking of Weapons and Boons, how "correct" is it?

I am nearing 80h of Hades and going strong. I have not discussed this game with anyone and have never been on this sub. Obviously I have my preferences on what are the most OP but I have no idea how they compare to how most people would "objectively" rank them. It would be interesting to know if I have totally over-/underrated anything.
I would also like to say that I think everything is at least "good", there's nothing I feel is bad. It's just in comparison. Here's my ranking (and some comments):
Weapons: 1. Exagryph - The range and speed of the shots combined with the bomb makes it easier not to get hit. Also you can Attack and Special at the same time basically. Aspect of Eris is my favorite. Not the most fun weapon for me, but the best one. 2. Shield of Chaos - This is with the Aspect of Beowulf. The "standard" shield is pretty weak imo, but this one has powerful hits and the Dragon Rush is OP. 3. Heart-Seeking Bow - Same as Exagryph the Range makes it easier not to get hit, but it's not higher because I think the special is kind of weak unless you use the Aspect of Rama. That or the Aspect of Hera is my favorites here. 4. Stygius - I always take relatively much damage with this weapon. Aspect of Arthus is my favorite which improves the defense/HP while having powerful hits. 5. Eternal Spear - It has decent range, and the dash-strike is my savior in this weapon. I mainly use the Aspect of Hades but I feel this one has the weakest Aspects of the weapons and the special is pretty "meh" I feel. 6. Twin Fists - By all means not bad. Being forced to get up close for me means taking more damage and I can struggle because of that, and don't think it does enough damage for it to be "worth it". The Aspect of Talos is my favorite here.
Boons/Gods: 1. Zeus - The chain-lightning with Jolted and bouncing between lots of foes is unbeatable for me. Once I managed to get the Legendary boon with Electric Bolts. 2. Artemis - I might be clouded by the fact this is my favorite one, but still if you can get several crit-bonuses + Marked I feel this can be maybe the strongest one. 3. Ares - This is for the damage Doom can inflict which can be brutal. Not the biggest fan of the Blade Rifts but still one of the best ones for me. 4. Poseidon - At first I thought this was one of the weaker ones, but now I love it. Good damage, I enjoy the cast, it has Rupture, can smash people into the walls. 5. Demeter - Chill is not my favorite status effect, but the "Chill Dash" is probably my favorite Dash-Boon and can be effective. It would probably be lower if not for the Rare Crop Boon. The cast can be ok. 6. Athena - I almost only want to use this for Divine Dash but when I get by hands on attack/special Boon that can deflect I still fins it useful, but I will almost always prioritize more damage so not my favorite but still servicable. 7. Dionysus - Not much to say. I think the Hangover-effect is good and can deal decent damage, and can spread with some other boobs. I think the Festive Fog is powerful. I rarely "choose" this god if I have a choice. 8. Aphrodite - Can still have very good runs with this God but I just feel it's kind of boring and I feel it doesn't give me as much as the other ones. Weak can be decent, the Cast has pretty bad range. I never feel OP with this, but can be good ofc.
So there it is. Would absolutely love to get some response on how right/wrong I am or what other people think. I totally get that it's a strong possibility that I maybe haven't realize how good something can be.
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2023.05.28 13:14 Special_Bullfrog2301 Croatia Prepaid Travel SIM Cards

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2023.05.28 13:10 AutoModerator [Get] Ryan Lee – 48 Hour Continuity Download

[Get] Ryan Lee – 48 Hour Continuity Download
Download : https://imcourse.one/get-ryan-lee-48-hour-continuity-download

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The teaching job was fun and challenging, but the commute was brutal. Plus the Hunts Point neighborhood was pretty rough. My car was broken into at least once every two weeks and a student was sliced in a knife fight right in front of me.
My wife and I wanted to start a family – and I dreamed of working from home to spend unlimited time with my kids, coach their sports as they grow and vacation anytime we wanted.
Again, up to that point, my online business was hit or miss.
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The first thing I did was study everything I could about recurring revenue from people like Terry Dean and Monique Harris (there were very few people teaching this in the early days of the Internet).
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2023.05.28 13:08 dsitum [TOMT] [PC GAME] 2D space shooter/gravity game from end of 1990s

There is a game very similar to 1986 "Thrust" game.
But this one is from the end of 1990s. Graphics is still pixelated. You had a choice between 3 ships. First one was the lightest, and affected by gravity the least. The third one was the heaviest and affected by gravity the most. Second one was in between.
You were somewhere in the space, and you had to descend to attach the ball to your ship and rise with your ship and the ball. You had to avoid hitting the walls or enemy fire. You could also shoot to kill enemies.
Your ship was affected by gravity and you had to use thrust to keep in in place or to fly higher.
Ship fuel supplies were limited and displayed in some form of progress bar somewhere on the screen. When your ship runs out of fuel, it would start descending and crash to the ground, as you couldn't oppose the gravity.
What's the name of that game?
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2023.05.28 13:06 alex_n_t [Question/Enhancement request] Is there a valid reason why we're not allowed to cancel certain buy/sell orders for stations?

If a station uses an item as production input, you cannot cancel its buy order or set it to 0.
If a station produces an item, you cannot cancel its sell order or set it to 0.
Is there some kind of a game logic limitation that requires having this constraint? If not, can it please be changed?
As it exists currently, it causes multiple problems, fircing stations to search for resources which they don't need / shouldn't be looking for / will not be able to find. Here are 2 typical scenarios:
Scenario #1: I have a shipyard/warf that's working fine. No shortages, no idle time, etc. I go and purchase som Terran blueprints -- and the whole thing grinds to a halt. Reason? Station manager assigned the entire station's fleet to shop for Terran resources. The station is deep in Commonwealth space and so they cannot find any and remain idle forever. I don't intend to produce Terran tech on this station, but I cannot cancel the orders, and now have to go through the ugly workaround of setting buy irders to 1 and manually stocking them.
Scenario #2: I have a manufacturing complex, producing multiple items. It takes in raw materials and outputs ship tech. I do not stock intermediates from outside, the complex is self-sufficient. Now running dry on any of the intermediates, again, paralyzes the entire teading fleet of the station, as now they are all shopping for that intermediate resource (and failing). I do not want to buy that resource, and I should be able to set the station to that effect, and not go through the dumb ritual of setting every intermediate ware to "buy 1", and still run the risk of temporary paralysis whenever it hits exactly 0.
Scenario #3 (variant of #2): I'm adding another production chain to an already operational station. The entire station is now paralyzed until the new production chain picks up pace and fills stocks of all intermediate wares to non-zero levels. If you rely on trading fleet to supply building materials to the new construction (which works pretty well otherwise) -- that gets paralyzed too, possibly indefinitely, since the new production chain is then never finished.
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2023.05.28 13:03 SinfulAbsorption Best RAM For Gaming in USA Available on Amazon

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