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2023.06.02 00:38 MicrodoserHypermiler Upgrading CR10S Pro V2 Y-Axis to Linear Rails - Alignment Issues

Hello everyone,
I am currently in the process of upgrading the Y-axis of my CR10S Pro V2 to linear rails. I've run into an issue where the carriages are not moving smoothly when I tighten all the bolts on the hotbed-mounting plates and the rails themselves.
I suspect that there might be a difference in height between the factory 2020 extrusions. Besides that I noticed, that the extrusions are not perfectly parallel during my pervious tries to make it run smooth my loosening the rails and running the hotbed-mounting plate over it to align it this way.I do not see a way to better align the extrusions because they are bolted down to the extrusion-frame inside the housing, which has only 4 holes drilled into it right? For me it looks like there is no possibility for adjustment because of that.
Did anyone do this modification before and had success with it ? I am in the second iteration because I think I weared down 2 carriage blocks already... (Do you think the rails themselfs could have been damaged too?)
Additionally, I've been considering a design change for the hotbed-mounting plate. I was thinking about using a two-part plate so that both sides of the Y-axis would have more independence from each other. I would attach the belt only to one side. Has anyone tried something similar, and if so, were there any unexpected problems? For instance, could this setup introduce instability or rotation issues?
Any advice or experiences you could share would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.02 00:38 Additional-Policy968 RED SKY ROLEPLAY

Red Sky Roleplay Is A PlayStation Red Dead Online Server Focused on story based Roleplay , with rules to make everything as smooth as possible also including character creations and jobs an other roles , The Server Is Packed With Lots Of Stories To Be Told And Fun And Enjoyable Moments To Be Captured, And A Place For You To Begin your journey
Red sky roleplay is growing by the day You May Ask
What does red sky roleplay offer?
⦿ Character and backstory creation
⦿ Jobs and career paths that you can be paid for
⦿ Realist Roleplay
⦿ Working Economy
⦿ Government ( You May Be Elected For As Governor )
⦿ Roles like ( Natives - Military- Rancher- Law Men - Outlaw - Mafia )
⦿ Properties Able To Ve Purchased or sold or even forcefully taken
⦿ Court Cases , Horse Races , Talent Shows , Fight Clubs , Elections and more
⦿ Detailed Ways To Do Bank And Train Robberies for those outlaws who dare to challenge the law or those who are just trying to feed themselves or there family’s
⦿ New Papers , Bounties And More
We are a fun Newly fresh server looking to build a Fun/Growing Community.
Come and join, start a new journey with us become a politician or even a judge or become law enforcement and chase down an outlaw become a moonshiner make your own recipes or become a bounty Hunter , Hunt down those who do no good.
Heads up - If You Apply For Law Enforcement You Get Our VIP Role for 5 Days ( Extra Bonus Cash )
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2023.06.02 00:38 Glitter_Farts0423 Ugh multiple crap piles

Hey Arkers. So, I have a couple things, here. I'm just a casual player on my private server. 1. We all know how wonderful Ark's Crash ability can be. Try to save settings? Crash. Try to close game? Crash with a 40 minute game play loss. What about uploading Ark items at the access points? Well, I've just lost 6 wyvern eggs. I moved them over and they disa-fricken-peared!! Many items have, including my Sky Donkey fleet... Yes, they were properly uploaded to the creatures tab. And now, my girlfriend's character. Are these all gone for good, or can I get them back somehow?
  1. I just tamed a Gacha. No engram for the saddle and I haven't been to Genesis yet to see if the engram is there. So yeah, I wanna pull off the good old cheat in admin command. I'm on PS5. But the command won't engage when I click the button. What am I doing wrong here?
Any help is appreciated!
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2023.06.02 00:37 T918theblade I have no problems with celebrating those who are LGBTQ+ It's Just shoved down all of our throats too much for me at least to handle.

I have no problems with celebrating those who are LGBTQ+ It's Just shoved down all of our throats too much for me at least to handle. submitted by T918theblade to BikiniBottomTwitter [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 00:37 unibods Trump Thursday - Death penalty

From video:
"For three decades before my election, drug overdose deaths increased every single year. Under my leadership, we took the drug and fentanyl crisis head on, and we achieved the first reduction in overdose deaths in more than 30 years. I also proudly signed the Support Act, the largest investment ever in combating the opioid epidemic.
Sadly, under Joe Biden, our hard-won progress has been surrendered along with the surrender of our southern border. It's such a shame. Now fentanyl and other ultra-deadly poisons are pouring into our country unchecked, stealing more than 100,000 American lives every single year, and many people think that real number is 3 to 400,000. Joe Biden's record is one of death, destruction, and misery in communities all across our nation.
When I'm back in the White House, I will take action on day one to end this horrific plague and save American lives. Joe Biden will never solve the drug overdose crisis because he is actively destroying our border.
[The following paragraph starts out like that, goes nowhere. - unibods]
What he has done to our border, we had the safest border in the history of our country, and now we have the worst border, probably anywhere in the world, including third-world countries.
That's why I have previously announced I will impose a full naval embargo on the drug cartels and deploy military assets to inflict maximum damage on cartel operations. I will insist on the full cooperation of neighboring governments to dismantle the trafficking and smuggling networks in our region, and I will ask Congress to ensure that drug dealers, kingpins, and human traffickers receive the death penalty.
At the same time, I will direct federal law enforcement here in the United States to take down the gangs and organized street crime that distribute these deadly narcotics on a local level. They are killing our people. They are poisoning our beautiful children. I will permanently designate fentanyl as a federally controlled substance, and I will tell China that if they do not clamp down on the export of fentanyl's chemical precursors, they will pay a steep price.
I had a deal worked out with President Xi. They weren't going to be sending anymore, and they were going to impose the death penalty on those that made it in China. But with a rigged election, that ended. Attacking the supply of these deadly drugs will be just the beginning. We must also do more to end the scourge of addiction here at home. Among the most important steps we can take is to strengthen the pillars that give life, meaning, and hope for those struggling with addiction, particular work, faith, and family. We need work, faith, and family.
My administration will support measures to make it easier for those suffering from addiction to seek treatment without losing their jobs. We will forge new public-private partnerships for companies willing to provide job opportunities and skills training for former addicts. We will expand federal support for faith-based counseling, treatment, and recovery programs, recognizing that we are going to need God's help to steer our country out of this crisis.
Finally, we will ensure that if a parent-child spouse or other relative needs to take time to care for a loved one fighting to overcome addiction, they are more easily able to take advantage of the family leave program. So important. When I'm President, we will not rest until we have ended the drug addiction crisis in America, we will win. It will happen. We have to win, though, in 2024, because our country is going to hell. Thank you."
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2023.06.02 00:37 A_6_X [Event Recruiting] CWL 1 Second Away #2QRGLVCL9 Time: NOW Any Location Th 8 - Th 11

Hey Everyone,
We are looking for a few more members to round out a 15v15 CWL. This is strictly a CWL only clan which we typically use for some of our alts / lower ths to give them chances at medals instead of being stuck on the sidelines watching. Heroes up or heroes down, it doesn't matter as long as you can attack and get your 8 stars in for max rewards. Clan will be left open until the required spots are filled and closed once we have registered for CWL. Hope to see y'all soon!
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2023.06.02 00:37 pga2000 Advice for a fixer upper with a conventional loan

I'm going to post the minimum about me and just ask what's good for navigating a fixer upper with a lender.
I'm no seasoned homebuilder, but I have experience knowing what is fixable and what is "not". And what materials for a new kitchen, floor, etc would cost.
In today's market these don't exist but am kind of hoping for a unicorn for some sweat equity.
A month ago I rushed to offer $130 on a $125k house but the seller picked up on the trashed house being a steal for the price.
My loan guy seems to understand where I'm coming from. My credit is 700, I can put $25k down total and could immediately put some thousands to make it livable.
Any tricks up your sleeves that can let me have a nice little project to keep 5 years or forever? 90% are just hard cash since a lot of these cheap homes have doubled. (Note I am looking for an affordable house. My take home is $4k/month and don't care for debt).
Thanks. Or is this all wrong for how the market is now.
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2023.06.02 00:37 LanchestersLaw Regarding claims of GPT-4 getting dumber, this should be empirically measurable with benchmarks

There have been many anecdotal claims of GPT-4 being dumbed down recently. This is very difficult to verify from anecdotes since if you are actively looking for cases of GPT-4 being dumb/smart you will find them.
Instead of using speculation, this should be empirically measurable from comparing benchmark tests from the past and present. If performance is actually dropping, we should be able to quantify by approximately how much.
The most readily available source would be the AI elo leaderboard, has a noticeable drop been observed?
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2023.06.02 00:36 tr0jan_h0rse Fear about choosing the wrong class

Hey as a new diablo player who played sorc and necro in beta and server slam, I would like to try out something different. As I don't like the visuals of druid skills, I kinda want to try barb and rogue. However I am not sure yet and have two main questions:
  1. Is barb boring? I feel like it skills might have boring visuals as it's limited to melee and not so flashy weapons.
  2. Is rogue maybe too hard for a new diablo player? I heard well timed dodges are kind of a must for rogues to not constantly die. I don't want to be the person that always dies during group play.
Have you played bard or rogue and got an opinion on those thoughts?
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2023.06.02 00:36 Rhaversen [Windows XP][2005] Creepy point and click puzzle game

Platform(s): Windows XP Genre: Horror, point and click, mystery Estimated year of release: Before 2005 Graphics/art style: 2D drawn and animated Notable characters: None Other details: I played it around 2005, but it may have been released some time before. It was a simple point-and-click computer game for Windows XP that I rented from the local library as a CD-ROM. It's a horror game where you enter a spooky house and you have one hour to solve a mystery. There is a candle on the screen which slowly burns down, and when the light has burned out the hour has passed and you have lost the game if you have not solved the puzzle. I only remember three levels from the game: A planetarium where the entire solar system was modeled in an orrery. If you pressed the planets, their names were read aloud. This was also a puzzle as you had to arrange the planets in the right order to unlock the next level. A greenhouse where a large carnivorous plant attacks you if you get too close. A lavel where you have to climb some stairs, but death's heads fall down the stairs which you have to avoid, and which do damage if they hit you. In addition, there was also the main room with a large wide staircase in the middle with a lot of doors. It was primarily 2d but drawn in a way to make it look 3d It wasn't 3d. Some levels, for example with the skulls falling down the stairs, had elements with 3d. The death heads rolled around and fell down the stairs like it was 3d, even though it was just differently rotated and scaled sprites. It didn't look very realistic since it's an older game. The overarching goal was to solve a mystery or problem before midnight. I can't remember what the mystery was as I never finished the game. If the time runs out, you lose the game and have to start all over again. All the things you had collected throughout the game, such as keys, hints and other things, you lose. The whole point of the game was a lot of puzzles and riddles that you had to solve in order to progress. A bit like an escape room. The whole game takes place inside this big creepy old abandoned house in the middle of the night, and it's a relatively short game, at only an hour The game is most likely a children's game, so it is not bloody or violent. The game is very indie and small, and it is possibly also published by a Danish producer as there are few places where Danish is spoken. Otherwise it could have been translated. Please take everything I say with a grain of salt as I'm not sure of the details since it's been a long time since I played it. I hope someone knows about it! It would be very nostalgic to play again.
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2023.06.02 00:36 AttemptUpper3142 Doesn’t the Sheep and Shepherd illustration prove the lack of salvation loss and lack of free will

7 So Jesus again said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, I am the door of the sheep. 8 All who came before me are thieves and robbers, but the sheep did not listen to them. 9 I am the door. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved and will go in and out and find pasture. 10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. 11 I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. 12 He who is a hired hand and not a shepherd, who does not own the sheep, sees the wolf coming and leaves the sheep and flees, and the wolf snatches them and scatters them. 13 He flees because he is a hired hand and cares nothing for the sheep. 14 I am the good shepherd. I know my own and my own know me, 15 just as the Father knows me and I know the Father; and I lay down my life for the sheep. 16 And I have other sheep that are not of this fold. I must bring them also, and they will listen to my voice. So there will be one flock, one shepherd. 17 For this reason the Father loves me, because I lay down my life that I may take it up again. 18 No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of my own accord. I have authority to lay it down, and I have authority to take it up again. This charge I have received from my Father.”
Where is the room for any sort of free will in this?
Jesus doesn’t give any doubts.
He said they will* listen to my voice and there will be one flock, one shepherd.
This is why later on Jesus says
but you do not believe because you are not among my sheep. 27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. 28 I give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand. 29 My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all, and no one is able to snatch them out of the Father's hand. 30 I and the Father are one.”
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2023.06.02 00:36 Digdigfig Satisfying driving games

I'm not quite sure what it is exactly, but I want a game that gives a really enjoyable driving experience (for controller). The 2 games that have the best driving experience imo are gta 5 and wreckfest.
In gta I like how I can choose between fast hyper cars, going as fast as I can through the streets trying not to hit another car or a wall, bulletproof trucks if I want to destroy everything in front of me, muscle cars that have that beautiful engine sound.
Wreckfest gives that freedom of controlling the gearbox while not forcing you to be in control of it all the time. Shifting down when you are about to do a drift and need that extra power to keep the wheels spinning, shifting early to get the tiniest advantage and get to the corner first and avoid the chaos behind you and all the people using you as a glorified break pedal. The way the cars behave and bend is just wonderful imo
I tried games like nfs (heat, payback, hot pursuit, most wanted black edition) and forza horizon (4 & 5), but they don't give the same feeling. Nfs feels way too arcade-y, it's basically impossible to spin out and the drifts aren't satisfying. Forza feels too...neat? You respect the optimal route? You win. You make the slightest mistake? Hope you are ready to drive like a demon because otherwise you're not getting a top 3 unless the opponents mess up too or get severely rubber banded
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2023.06.02 00:35 TebaoftheGale Is this broken, and if so by how much?

I would love some feedback of this artifact I made for a 20th level Paladin, basically how ridiculously broken it may be and if there is anything that could be improved upon.
Aegisplate, Armor of Resolute Souls
Artifact, Medium (except for hide) or Heavy Armor (mithril), requires attunement by a Paladin
This suit of mithril armor, known as the Aegisplate, bears the ancient emblem of The Order of Aegis—an esteemed order of knights devoted to protecting the innocent and upholding justice. Crafted by master artisans and infused with the spirits of eight fallen Paladins of the order, the Aegisplate possesses incredible power and a will of its own. The armor provides a +3 bonus to AC, weighs half as much as regular armor of its type, and does not impose disadvantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks.
Sentience. The Aegisplate is a sentient magic item with an Intelligence of 14, Wisdom of 16, and Charisma of 18. It has hearing and darkvision out to a range of 120 feet. The armor communicates telepathically with its attuned wearer and has the ability to speak, read, and understand Common and Celestial.
Personality. The Aegisplate embodies the steadfast and noble ideals of The Order of Aegis. It is loyal to its attuned wearer and possesses the collective wisdom and memories of the fallen Paladins it houses. The armor encourages its wearer to act with valor, protect the weak, and uphold justice. It has a strong disdain for evil and encourages righteous actions. The spirits within the armor are at peace with their fate and offer guidance and council when requested, providing a +2 bonus to Persuasion checks made when speaking to nobles.
Elemental Ward. The Aegisplate has the ability to adapt to magic attacks. Whenever the attuned wearer is hit by an magic attack, the armor instantly switches its resistance to match the type of damage received, providing resistance against that damage type until the end of the wearer's next turn.
The damage types that dpcan be resisted are acid, cold, fire, force, lightning, necrotic, radiant, and thunder.
Revive the Fallen. Once per long rest, if the attuned wearer dies, the Aegisplate can sacrifice one of the spirits within to revive the wearer, bringing them back to consciousness with and restoring half your max hit points. The spirit sacrificed in this way is released from the armor and cannot be restored. Once the spirit is sacrificed roll on the table below to determine which Paladin Oath you lose access to.
D8 Oath 1. Oath of Devotion 2. Oath of the Ancients 3. Oath of Vengeance 4. Oath of Conquest 5. Oath of Redemption 6. Oath of Glory 7. Oath of the Crown 8. Oath of the Watchers
Divine Radiance. The Aegisplate possesses a potent 30-foot aura of radiant energy that can be unleashed as an action, encompassing all creatures within the area. The armor's aura deals 1d8 radiant damage per spirit remaining within the armor, with a successful DC 18 Dexterity saving throw halving the damage. The aura can be used once per long rest.
Spirited Channeling. Once per long rest, the attuned wearer of the Aegisplate can call upon the spirits within the armor to channel the power of one of the eight Paladin oaths. As an action, the wearer can choose one Channel Divinity option from any of the eight Paladin oaths. The wearer gains the benefits of that Channel Divinity option as if they were a Paladin of the corresponding oath equal to half their character level (rounded down). This ability can be used once per long rest.
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2023.06.02 00:35 Afraid_Tiger_2238 Anxiety Diagnosis

For context, I am 16 turning 17 and female- currently in high school.
I’ve always been a nervous kid from around 5 onwards, since I started schooling past nursery/daycare. This nervousness began mainly around people and has gotten a lot worse over the years up until now, to the point where I don’t leave my house for days if I’m off and only manage to get out of bed for school.
The thought of being around that many people makes me physically ill, to the point where I’ve fainted twice in school from nerves and my heart rate speeding (classy I know💀🙏). Deep down I know this is a lot more than ‘needing to get out of my comfort zone’ as my parents put it, but I don’t know where to go or how to get an official diagnosis for anxiety as I’ve never been told about it.
So I just wanted to know from people who are seeking/have gotten an official diagnosis and help, how did you go about it? Does anyone have any tips dealing with school also, particularly because I’m in zero classes with anyone I know this year 🥲🙏
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2023.06.02 00:35 usuarioaleatorio99 Buying a laptop

Hi all, I need some assistance to buy a laptop that could be used to play Diablo 4 and Baldurs gate later down this year. I would probably be able to spend between 500-700 euros.
Anyone could recommend a specific piece or places that are cheaper?
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2023.06.02 00:35 CIassicNegan Please help. Cant find last 3 collection chests.

I found all chests in hogwarts, including the vivariums. Also hunted down all butterflies with a guide. The only chests the map tells me I need are: 2 in feldcroft, 1 in Hogwarts valley. And i cant find them. All locations have been cleared.
I think I am having a glitch with the butterfly chests. Because in feldcroft, I have 20/22 chests. If I add all the chests from irondale, feldcroft, the catacoombs and bandit camps, I get to 20. I know there are supposed to be 2 butterfly chests in feldcroft, so i think “what else could it be?” Either those butterflies just don’t appear, or I have them already and the map is bugged.
Please help. Last things i need to collect. Would suck if it got bugged.
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2023.06.02 00:35 destansen M/22 F/20

Guys I need help, iam confused
Male 22 years old Hello guys first I want to apologize for this long text, also English is not my native language but I have something on my heart that bothers me a lot and I need answers...
I started texting occasionally (for 1 month) with this girl who I met on a dating app, first none of us took it seriously we sometimes answered to texts a few days later.... After a while we started texting more frequently and I asked her if she wanted to meet on the weekend, she told me she had already something planned (which was not sure) and that she will text me in the following days to tell me if she had time. A few days later she told me that she had time on afternoon, so we made plans and she told me if it started raining we could go to her flat (she lives alone) She said that she had no bad intentions she just did not want Rain to ruin our first date because I have an hour to drive there.
So I drove there on Saturday(without any expectations), I came 15 minutes late because of traffic, she was already in front of the door waiting for me. My heart immediately skipped a beat because she was very beautiful and I never had somebody keep so much eye contact (usually iam the one with very long eye contact) so we started walking had a very good chat and after one or two hours it started raining lightly so we got back to her flat, where we had very very deep talk, later we played some Mario kart on her bed. At this point I was very nervous because we were laying next to each other and having a lot of eye contact. After a while we stopped playing and she showed me her books at this point I have had build up the courage to finally kiss her. As already said I was extremely nervous because she was very attractive and I had never kissed a girl on the first date. So we made out for a while but I was actually way to nervous to bring a satisfying perfomance:)
But nonetheless we still cudled, during the cudling we also had a very good conversation before her girlfriend came to pick her up. She came a bit early which surprised us both why I had to leave earlier. While driving back i had extremely mixed feelings, she absolutely took away my breath but at the same time I felt very very uneasy about her (a bad stomach feeling) While I was driving home she apologized to me per whatsapp for the abrupt ending etc. She wanted to meet again the next day which kinda surprised me, during our date we alked about a big amusement in the region where we live. I had never gone there because I have a fear of heights but she was absolutely obsessed with it and she suggested we go there so we made plans. To cut it short I got sick in the evening and we couldn't go. On Sunday evening she texted me that she really enjoyed the time with me and that I was very cute but my shy and insecure type is something she is not into,which I understand so I explained her that iam not like that usually so she agreed to meet again
The weeknd was over and she asked on which weekdays I had time to meet? I told her I get off work earlier on Monday, she suggested we met at her flat and that she cooks for us both. She told me beforehand that she did not want to get intimate yet which was okey for me because I need time for that as well. So we met on Monday and drank a bit of wine and had very good deep talk again, she told me that she lost her virginity at 16 to her boyfriend who raped her and that she also got into therapy because of that. She also told me that she left her boyfriend 6 months ago because he was toxic and she was also very depressed afterwards. She asked me if I wanted to cuddle a bit, so we cudled and made out again, this time I was very sure of myself and she really enjoyed is as well, she gave compliments to my smell and my looks. She also got a bit touchy even tho she did not want to get intimate.
We ate something during which she asked me about my bad character traits and if i have ever got loud towards my mother, I answered (very honestly) that iam jealous and don't forgive easily and that I have also gotten loud with my mother. Afterwards we lay into bed again, she brought up the topic of what's gonna become of us? I answered her that I could imagine a serious relationship and that my main goal is always marriage (I knew she was very into career which is why I said it) she told me that she also could imagine a relationship with me as well, so we talked about marriage and family plans for a very long time, she asked me if I wanted to spend the night at her place what I rejected because I had work next morning and I did not want to drive for an hour in the morning.
I have to mention that she was always extremely kind and gave extreme amount of compliments which was very unusual for me
The next days we only texted and we also had no plans for meeting because she would spend the weekend at her parents place and would go to a party there. On Tuesday evening she texted me that she was unsure about a relationship because I had the same traits why she left her ex. I immediately answered and asked her which traits she meant and if she wanted to talk on the telephone about it, which she didn't answer that night. That was an common theme with her, she always answered late, even if I answered directly to her texts. She sometimes answered hours later without any excuse which I always found weird.
During this time I had trouble eating and sleeping because I was very obviously falling in love (my first time) she was always on my mind and also I had an very uneasy stomach.
We texted the next day and agreed to talk on the telephone but somehow she only found time around midnight even tho that topic bothered me a lot. I answered all her questions and assured her I would never get violent with her etc. But i was also very unsure about a relationship already, on Monday evening while we were cudling and having the conversation about a potential relationship I asked her if she talked with other people on the dating app, which she answered with yes, I asked her If one of the dudes on the app asked her for a date if she would meet with them and she also answered yes to that and reasoned that she is still single, which I found very weird and upsetting because we were just talking about a serious relationship? So I asked her about that on the telephone call and she told me that she likes having a backup in case things don't work out because that makes her feel better or something?
She actually deleted her dating app a few days later and told me that, that also made me very happy. The next days we texted normally and also made plans to meet on the next Monday which she claimed she was looking forward to. She canceled this meeting because she stayed with her parents a day longer to meet her grandmother. She already told me that her family has a lot of drama.... and apparently the meeting with her grandmother was extremely bad She wanted to meet and asked me on which days I had time, I told her that I could spend the night on Wednesday at her place or we could meet at Saturday. She told me that it would be better if I don't spend the night at her place yet because she doesn't know if she can control herself because she feels that secure and well next to me, even to she offered it the week before? On the same day she also texted me that she can't imagine herself in a relationship currently.
We agreed meeting on Saturday but the next day out of the blue she asked if I could spend the night at her place on Wednesday which made me jump out of bed in joy. So i agreed but the next day she sent me an voice message on what's app where she sounded like she was crying, she explained me that she felt very uneasy because of what happened with her grandmother (some drama she didn't want elobarte further on) and that she just want to stay in bed and stuff and that I couldn't spend the night at her place and apologized, I offered her to talk on the telephone to help her but she did not wanna bother me with her family drama?
The same night I get a call from her and we talked a bit, it was an extremely good conversation she was very sweet and we got along very well, also we made plans week for the weekend. She told me that she couldn't wait to see me...
On Thursday I was on a business trip where we also texted and we got well along very well, but since meeting her the first time I had this uneasy feeling that destroyed me from inside and especially on this day I kinda knew that things were coming towards an end. At 8 p.m I got a 2 minute long voice message and I already knew what was about to come. In the message she talked about what a good guy iam and how much she enjoyed the time with me but that she can't meet somebody which could lead to an relationship because she has commitment issues? She also apologized for breaking contact on whatsapp because apparently I don't deserve it I sent her an answer in which I explained that I also wanted to finish this the next time we met but I wanted to do it personally etc.
We talked it out and finished it like two grownups, the last thing she said that the world is small and maybe well meet again one day. We broke up in good terms.
The next days were weird for me, I thought about her all day and was empty inside. We had no contact at all expect that she liked my instagram story.
5 days later before going to sleep i saw that she followed new guys on Instagram(she only followed like 4 guys one of which was me before) which made me extremely jealous and i blocked her everywhere. The next day I got curious and decided to confront her(In a very humane way) if our relation meant her something which she answered with: yes otherwise I wouldnt treat you like that So I asked her why she already started following other guys on Instagram. She replied that these are only friends of her girlfriend and she already deleted them, and when I checked she really had deleted them, I apologized and she said that there is nothing to apologize. We talked about the last few days and she told me that she thought about me a lot...
Next Day she texted that it's not a good idea that I follow her on Instagram, I told her that I did not want to remove her from my life completely. She answered that she understands but doesn't want any contact at this moment I replied that I will respect that, she replied with a heart and blocked me everywhere When I checked with an fake acc her insta was deactivated. It has been deactivated for almost 3 weeks after last conversation
Guys sry for this long ass text and thank you for your patience. Writing this down helped me a lot, what is your opinion on what happened? I think she is not over her Ex-bf yet and just used me to waste her time and when it got serious she got cold feet...
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2023.06.02 00:35 jasminepts I made a cute sheet of good things to remind myself of when my anxiety spirals out of control.

I made a cute sheet of good things to remind myself of when my anxiety spirals out of control.
I’ve been struggling with anxiety for as long as I can remember and these are the things that I tell myself to calm down in moments where it feels like I’m starting to lose control over my thoughts and emotions. I’ve never really had a good relationship with my dad, but he gave me one good piece of advice:
“Anxiety is anxiety. It’s always going to be there, but you can choose not to focus on it. Let it be in the back of your head. It won’t be easy and yet, the less that you think about it, the more manageable it will become.”
One of the things that has helped me the most is to write down my thoughts or things that I would rather think of, then do something creative with it.
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2023.06.02 00:35 LengthinessNo699 Growing up into a sheltered adult unwillingly. What CAN I do in my situation? Anyone on the same boat?

Feel free to laugh, I honestly wouldn't blame you.
To start off, I'm an adult currently in my early 20s, but I don't feel that way. At all.
I didn't feel that sheltered growing up as a kid — at least I COULD go to school, or walk down the street and play with friends — but once I graduated it's like a switch flipped. We moved away into the country and now I know nobody here, the only thing in walking distance is a few neighbors. Nothing else.
It was a struggle even getting a bank account under my own name; I physically cannot get a job as I am not allowed to drive and again, no businesses in walking distance. I could not go to college, as it's too expensive.
I spend every day here in the same house, and can barely walk away from it because it's pure road outside and I run the risk of getting hurt. I was not taught any adult life skills; I tried to learn some on my own, but when mistakes inevitably occurred because I am navigating the world blind, I'm called a [insert R slur here]. I barely even have privacy IN my own home because there are cameras in a majority of the rooms.
I know my situation is laughably pathetic — everybody my age or younger has done something with themselves by now but I physically cannot — and knowing my time is being spent with no freedom or autonomy is driving me off the deep end. There's so much I want to do, as clumsy as it will be.
Has anybody been in this situation? Have you gotten out, and how did it go? I just want to know if I'm alone in this.
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2023.06.02 00:34 UnableDistribution23 I can no longer host a game, it says this even after restarting and reinstalling. Yes, it says the same thing at the bottom.

I can no longer host a game, it says this even after restarting and reinstalling. Yes, it says the same thing at the bottom. submitted by UnableDistribution23 to ProjectPlaytime [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 00:34 Lil_Farmer21 21f [chat] looking for people to join a server

Hello! I’m night (not my real name) I enjoy video games! I’m actually going to start streaming mainly all horror games! As they are my favorite. I do play others such as stardew, RE, we happy few, cod and many more! Although games I DONT play are apex, Fortnite, Minecraft, league or Val so please do not ask. (Kindly) I enjoy the outdoors, and I love art! I don’t have a specific kind that I like that I just enjoy viewing it! I am a cat mama of two, closest thing I will have to a child. I am in the Est and it’s getting to be summer time!
So that means hiding more indoors because I don’t wanna burn but I enjoy watching John Wolfe and such. He’s actually been a big inspiration for my streaming and I can be a bit shy at first but please come on down! I have a dark sense of humor and don’t get offended easily just don’t be a creep and we will get along great! Now I don’t bite.. much Also I have a server with well just me in it for gamers and pet lovers incase anyone wants to join! Just be 19+
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2023.06.02 00:34 sanguine-seraphim Music share for times you want to drive 14 hours for some dude who told you he doesn't want you

Personally, I like to feel angry until the mania has died down so I suggest: "Liittle Girl Gone" by Chinchilla "You Make Me Sick" and "Hi It's Me" by Ashnikko
And for when things are looking up and I feel like fighting for myself again, "The Inbetween" by Beartooth.
Leave music suggestions beloveds
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