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2023.06.07 22:16 VitaeSummaBrevis Preparing for OMCS next year. Advice?

I have a physics BS and I became really interested in machine learning. I have very basic knowledge of R, Python and C. But not nearly at the level for an OMCS. I would also like to be able to gain employment as a SWE or at least have that option open to me.
I don’t think I’m ready, obviously, for the OMCS program, but I could be ready for it next year. In the meantime I’ve already been taking upper division statistics courses at my undergrad Uni to learn the theoretical basis of ML. Unfortunately that stuff is rather advanced and I will have to take another course to even get to multivariate regression in depth.
I’m wondering what courses I should look into taking from now to next year to prepare? I think I work better when I have a strong foundation in a subject so I’m thinking of taking 2 courses in C/C++ covering things like pointers, memory etc then one of the data structures and algorithms course in C++. These courses are going to be expensive, like $700 each
Is that a good idea? And what other courses should I look into taking? I noticed they require knowledge of Object oriented programming - so does this mean I should just take a class or 2 in Java fundamentals?
I imagine for discrete math I’ll just buy a textbook and go through the important sections.
I don’t think the MOOCs or coursera or whatever stuff will help me, as I need the pressure of deadlines and letter grades badly.
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2023.06.07 22:16 NoSafe4971 People who want "security" in relationships want to be lied to.

It seems that people who desire "security" in relationships are actually seeking to be deceived. This applies particularly to women. Let's face it: we can never know if we'll die tomorrow from a car accident, a bullet, or a stabbing. The possibilities are endless, and it's truly remarkable if we make it through each day unharmed. People die, lose interest, and change their values all the time. How can I be sure that you won't leave me next week for any reason? The truth is, I can't. We live on a rock, protected only by a thin layer, hurtling through space at almost 6,000 km/h. So please, don't expect me or anyone else to provide a sense of "security" because it doesn't exist, and it never will. Instead, let's cherish the time we have together for as long as it lasts, recognizing that it could all come to an end tomorrow.
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2023.06.07 22:16 almenjr [ McLaren Senna ] Had this pull up next to me near John Wayne airport.

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2023.06.07 22:16 theyreplayingyou Half or full face respirator for younger children?

Hello all,
I’m hoping you fine folks can give me some advice. I am looking for a half or full face respirator for elementary school aged children. I carry a 3m half face respirator with 60926 cartridges in the car bag in case of wildfires, chemical spills and the like (I am NOT trying to outfit full CBRN suits, I understand the futility of that) but I get the opportunity to play school bus for my children and would like to get something for them as well. I know that 3m does not make an XS size in their respirators, and I am aware of the options from places like mira such as this one and this one, but to be honest, I’m not a huge mira fan and I don’t want to deal with trying to source legit 40m filter cartridges. I’d much rather be able to slap on some known sealed 60926’s or similar.
Does anyone know of a product that would fill this need?
If not, does anyone have any experience with the SMALL 3m half/full respirators? I’m doubtful they’d be small enough, but I havent actually seen that size myself.
Any ideas on “other options” I may not be thinking of/have found?
Finally, any thoughts on ways to “adapt” a small 3m mask or similar to an even smaller face? Some sort of seal/bushing/interface to complete the seal?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions/advice!
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2023.06.07 22:16 IcyHot42 Possible demonic activity/hell on earth

I think I quite literally went to hell on earth and back
So back story, I suffer from schizoeffective disorder caused by a brief stint my senior year of highschool of 2020 where I got into acid really heavy, March of 2020 I took four tabs of acid I ordered off the deeper and had one of the scariest nights of my life, was so bad I started screaming for help as if I was dying and I really thought I was, I saw myself commit in the most brutal of ways, I experienced all the ways I could've died in NY life mainly due to drugs, saw the road I was going down would lead to heroin and I saw judgement via a blue gavel slamming down, this was all basically one long "cutscene" I have no other word for it, I was passed out on acid and it was like the most vivid dream I ever experienced. Once I came too I started screaming.
My parents came up to see what the commotion was and I thought they were demons when I looked into their eyes I saw rage and anger, they called 911 and I was thrown to the floor by the police officers that came. I woke up in the hospital still having visual hallucinations the next day. The next two and a half years was a psychological hell, I had no idea whether I had died or not no idea where would've gone had I did die that night since I was an agnostic before I took the acid. Anyway the next couple years felt like everything was a test, I wouldn't even hit a vape without saying "god if this is a sin don't let me do this". I felt like everything I did was kept track of like everything I did was a matter of life and death. I wouldn't let myself relax either I thought if I were to relax the rug would be pulled out from under me and I'd be swept away like in my acid trip, I thought I'd die if I relaxed. I went down a rabbit hole looking for the answer to life whether it be Islam, Judaism, or Christianity. I settled on Christianity. I was being psychologically tortured it seemed like everything I did was wrong and that everyone in my life was an actor. That was until I met my best friend. She was my saving grace she helped me too relax, to trust in the good again and she saved me from actually committing. One night after work I had a really bad day, and I said "friend can I lean Mt head on your shoulder?" And she said yes and as I rested my head on her shoulder this amazing beautiful warm feeling washed over me, it was almost like the mdma I had experienced years prior. This felt natural though I had no idea this feeling even existed. I called it love. I had no idea love could be a feeling. I sat there for a while probably a half hour and after that I went home, on my drive home I screamed in my car "hallelujah!!!!" That was the moment I realized God hadn't totally abandoned me. Weeks go by and my mental state gets bad again, and I go to a facility. This place was the psychical sensations I'd imagine to be in hell, basically and quite literally the exact opposite of how normal feelings and emotions feel. I felt numb....less than numb, and there were times I felt zingy and like electricity was being sent through me. I had thoughts in my head telling me blasphemous things like Jesus was Roman and moved to Nazareth to trip on shrooms that were outlawed in Rome, that I was the adopted son of Jesus and when things got seriously bad I would see a pentagram in the air and I would smell decay, death, feces, urine, and sulfur. I ended up getting my body and life back from the forces while I was going through it I learned to just not let them talk through you or over you. In my mind and this is the part I'm most ashamed of I (in my mind) tortured the devil, instead of turning the other cheek I tortured him, by doing heinous things, something only a demon could think of. I feel awful about it and it worries me sometimes that it'll come back to me one day basically submerging him in lava and destroying him till there was nothing left. It wasn't until I got out of that facility I realized none of that was me.
After I got out though I felt relaxed, at peace, and carefree, like how I used to feel before the acid. I felt like life was real again and I personally believed I walked straight through hell on earth, and while I was there in my mind I was still doing good things, like resurrecting passed loved ones for others and giving people their dreams come true in the best of ways, I thought I brought heaven to earth. But none of it actually happened, now looking back I don't believe any of that stuff was happening but I do believe the pentagram and smells and feelings I felt were 100% genuinely caused by demonic forces. Thanks for reading
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2023.06.07 22:16 Gloriousllama92 Advice on My Home Buying Plans

First time poster here. A bit of background: I'm looking to buy a home around December of this year and would like extra sets of eyes on the plans I have put together so far and any advice you all might have would be appreciated.
For starters here is my current budget:
I currently rent a 3 bed/2 bath and I'll be the first to admit I have an a great price for rent. However, the place has its issues. The insulation is poor and the windows are old leading to very high electric bills in the summer months. The $220 listed in my current budget is the 12 month average, but this can hit $400 in the hottest month. It also takes my landlord a very long time to fix things around here and more often I have to do it myself and charge it back to him so it gets done. The area I live in (West Houston) has tremendously gone downhill this year with major crimes happening very close to where I live and I'd like to move further west into quieter suburbs. As rent prices have skyrocketed around here renting somewhere else is out of the question.
So that leads to me to planned scenario:
I am looking to purchase a $250k home further west outside of Houston (Katy, Cypress, etc.). I am currently assuming a 6% interest rate in hopes they drop by the end of the year and considering I have an 800+ credit score. By the end of the year I will have $35k saved for the purchase. I'm budgeting a $10k down payment, less than 20% down I know, and $13k for closing costs. This will leave me with a $12k buffer once its all done. In December, I'll have roughly 24 months left of payments on my car (2022). Until that is done, I'm worried maybe I'll be stretched a bit too thin but I've seen 20% leftover after all bills is a pretty good financial marker.
The most likely scenario to happen is this:
I have been in discussion to receive roughly a $5k raise at some point this year and awaiting approval. If this is the case that will obviously lighten the burden and put me in a good spot especially once my car is paid off in 2024. Of course, I could take my savings and pay off my car this year and then save up the cost I spent. This would take roughly 6 months so adjust my buying time to this time in 2023. This decision will be largely led by what the housing market looks like later this year.
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2023.06.07 22:16 throwaway_my_s0ul Husband Will Not Accept Me Leaving

Cross-posted from marriage
Hey guys, I'm 30+ days into asking a divorce from my husband. He hasn't been taking it well, hes been going back and forth.
I had a consultation with a lawyer and proposed an uncontested divorce with him, we talked through a few things those first few days.
He went ahead and took out a HELOC, I know, I know... stupid, to buy me out of the house. He had been asking me about houses, finding houses for me and stuff, helping a bit..
Today I had another consultation with a lawyer because reddit told me I may be responsible for the HELOC and may have to pay my cut back.
I messaged my husband today and said we needed to sit down and talk and go ahead and look into getting the paperwork started since it takes 6-10 weeks. He then changes the subject and asked if I found a place. I told him I've found a few but don't want to get a mortgage until he signs paperwork saying I'm not responsible for that loan, even though he took it out only in his name. He said I can go ahead and get a mortgage, I said no.
He was making a big deal about signing the paperwork which worries me. We've been super amicable about everything even though he's constantly tried to get me to change my mind. I already have my cut in a separate account.
I said "well I'm sure you'd like to get my name off the deed of the house" and he says "I want you to keep your name on it". Whyy??
Last week we were just having issues and he said "well you're about to not have to worry about it since you'll be leaving me" and he asked to have one last family vacation to which I agreed. The trip went well and it was nice but as soon as regular life started again, I was left to doing everything again as usual.
For 4 years I've told him the main reason I want a divorce is chores. Today he goes "Seriously is it just chores? is there someone else? You cant want to hurt our kids over a few chores." Its a lot of things but contributing to the household and me feeling like we are a team is very important to me.
That includes more than dishes, thats when we had a major kitchen leak and I was on my hands and knees drying the carpet while he watched TV, its when our door has been rotting off for 7 years and we finally got termites that he blames me for wanting a divorce is why he can't get it fixed.
How he wanted a dog for when we leave, but yet I'm stuck caring for the dog 90% of the time because he's always at work. Selfishness. The dog has been digging holes and ripping off the door trim even more.
It's feeling like I'm the only one who cares about this house, which I'm having to leave because he's too selfish and would rather the kids and I find a place.
I know I can't force someone to accept something, but this back and forth makes me feel crazy. This reasoning has BEEN established for years and hes talked like he has accepted it for a month now, then throws that curveball today like I hadn't been serious.
And trivializing it every time "a few chores, what about the time I emotionally supported you through college or when I worked all those years? did my financial support mean anything?"
I said that he would just yell at the kids when I was taking an online test as his way of "helping" because he was stuck on his videogames. How he got into a fight with me right before a big exam because he was begging for race tires for his car when I was cramming for a test. How he admitted to being jealous of me making more and starting a career but he has never made more than the minimum effort at any job he's ever had, never tried to go to college or anything. I got my bachelors.
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2023.06.07 22:16 _Raspootin_ Why can't women just SAY what they want? (short term/casual/hookups).

Trying to figure out what they want reminds me of trying to buy a car, all this unnecessary back and forth bullshit to come up with the actual number. I'm too old for playing games.
A lot of ladies who have "short term fun" on their profiles, you'd think this would be a hookup or a one night stand, and usually it is, if you literally google the definition of it in terms of OLD.
But to some ladies, this could mean "dating without commitment", which means much less emphasis on physical intimacy. Literally just going out a few times to eat, maybe making out, and then that's it.
But here is where things start to fall apart. Let's say a girl wants to actually a date a few times before jumping into bed, and another girl literally wants to hookup. But you have NO IDEA.
So if you go at the first girl with more serious intentions, it runs her off, and if you play it safer with the second, she won't feel like your interested.
But girls seem to think YOU KNOW THIS. You know their entire plan with you. Why?

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2023.06.07 22:16 paxy737 Bruh

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2023.06.07 22:16 SeriousTitan Anger on Vision Pro's price doesn't make sense

I have no infatuation or love for Apple as a company and I don't buy anything from them that's either out of budget or unnecessary for me.Why does anyone care it's overpriced? It's not like anybody's obliged to buy it or is being forced to buy the product?
For all intents and purposes it's genuinely interesting tech but not something I can utilise fully or even afford so I won't buy it.I don't get why people on the internet get so angry or pressed when Apple announces their products or prices. If it isn't something that suits them then why not move on and let people who have this money to burn go ahead and do it?Not like it hampers your quality of life to see others wear overpriced tech.
There's a reason why nobody gives a shit about the price when Ferrari makes some new expensive car because it simply isn't for a vast majority of people.It's even sillier when people buy this kind of apple product only to complain about how expensive it is when the solution to any such problem is very easily to just not buy into it. Lost dollars mean a lot more than whining to these types of companies.
The anger over the price would very well be justified if it doesn't perform as promised or there are errors in it's functioning but again the complaints don't make sense before release. Let people who are willing to gamble on it do it.
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2023.06.07 22:15 Legitimate_Rough_920 B58 swap in 135i E88

Hello. Bought my gf 2011135i with dct a while back. Nice car, fun car but n55 is a bit problematic. Plus it feels a bit slow after my c63. Many people told me that high hp n55s don't live that long. B58's on the other hand are close deck, reliable and hold higher hp so the decision was made to start a swap. I want to do everything with stock bmw parts so no aftermarket ecu's or extra wiring. Things that I am not certain of: 1. Will it be easier to just buy engine with gearbox (from 240i for example) 2. Will I be able to retain stock speedo 3. What can I do to beef up the rear end as the diff is making noises already and it only makes 350 wheel)
She loves this car and so do I. Any info you might help me with will be appreciated.
P.s. sorry for my rough english
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2023.06.07 22:15 theiryan Pain under right rib goes after gas

Currently in the midst of being diagnosed for IBS but my doctor told me IBS is most likely and tests are just ruling out unlikely outliers.
Main pain location more recently has been in the upper right under my ribs.
There’s a focal spot near the middle and a feeling of discomfort and tenderness to the touch overall.
However, this feeling often seems to fade after passing gas. Any idea what this may be? I’ve had a friend mention it could be gas trapped in the corner of the large intestine.
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2023.06.07 22:15 xafaxarcos Alarm and dashboard lights go off, car won't start

Hello. I drive a 2005 hyundai sonata. Today I tried to use it, but when I put the key in the ignition, the anti theft alarm went off and all the dashboard lights turned on too. Eventually the alarm stopped, but I rotated the key, it started again (along with the lights). At all times the car doesn't start (the motor doesn't make a sound). Does anyone know what might be happening? I won't be able to get it jump started until tomorrow (my buddy is helping me and he's out of town), so I just want some general idea of what might be at play here. The car has had issues with the battery before and I had it replaced last summer. Thanks!
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2023.06.07 22:15 lonelyartist10 I am so glad I whiteknuckled my depression and suicidal ideations to get into the Air Force and then left with veteran benefits

If I "got help" and "did all the right things" according to what a depressed person is supposed to do, like if I was honest to some shrink about my suicidal ideations and got locked into 72 hour hold and was prescribed meds, I would never have been able to join the air force. If I "got help", I would've been a victim to the system and be passed around from institution to institution. I would've still been stuck in a bumfucknowhere with no serious job prospects, struggled to maintain a shit job because nobody else would hire me, stayed homeless because I was abandoned by my family, stayed in a crack house with 5 federal convicts because that's the best I can do, sink into medical debt from the involuntary hold even though I had no insurance and was too poor to get regular medical help on my own - who the hell wouldn't want to off themselves in that situation? And if I decided to brighten my future and go to school, I would've been in serious debt to pay for it and I am not that bright either to navigate the college system. Fuck all that.
I was too poor to see an actual therapist or doctor, so I had no medical records. I kept my mouth shut about my real thoughts and joined.
I was less depressed during my service, it felt like I had a pre-established group of friends and I was less likely to just fall through the cracks or float away because someone somewhere would notice if they didn't hear from me for a couple days and bring me back into the fold. I worked on a degree during my service because I had stability for once in my life. Now that I am out again, at least now I am depressed in a nice house with my own car parked out in the garage, depressed with some savings in the bank instead of nothing, and sitting here being depressed with my homework while having the GI bill pay for my master's degree and also giving me money to go to school. It's definitely better to be miserable inside a nice warm house and something to keep me busy instead of being miserable while jobless and sitting under a bridge or inside a crack house with like 5 federal convicts.
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2023.06.07 22:15 Low_Coat608 Need some advice or opinions on trying to be social active or introducing social aspects into my life

I'm M 23 in Utah. I have been a (very) big background character to the world and every social experience I've been in since my early youth. I feel like I get a pure anxiety rush when I try to socialize or have side conversations with absolutely anyone and everyone. I have social media but only have at most a small handful of people I wish I could call friends, but in honesty they are just people that side in my friends list and never talk or interact with me. I have trust issues with my own family and I feel like an outcast within an outcast family. I am no where near the mental aptitude to comprehend to social norms or slang vocabulary. I have lived by the Golden Rule norm with modified self life rules I follow formyself. Use to be Mormon when I was in my youth and left the church when I was 16 due to how the church was treating my family and myself. Due to all the bullying from members and kids(around my age group) in the church and other students in schools. I felt the eager need around when I was 15-16 years old to leave the church and take care of purely myself from that point forward in life. Never asking for help or advice along the way. Join the military when I was 17 ( split ops program) and was uncategorized discharged when I was 19 due to implications I will not go into. I have always been a sit in the back corner of the room and listening to everything around me. I have tried dating apps, going to bars, clubs, small resorts, and other plossible interactive social gathering styled places. I feel so much exclusion for some reason when I do try to change, and in the sad result I feel shut down or out casted from everyone I have ever met. I have tried small talk, long talks, talk when necessary and being positive with my actions to show enjoyment with other people. Sadly at the end of everyday I always get removed from any social media from people and in a in person situations as well. Should I seek a therapist for proper counseling? My health and emotional position have fallen to a very dangerous position that I feel like could go down hill at any moment on either. I have spoken to multiple doctors to try and get a non bias opinion on what I should do. The annoying part is I have gotten so many opinions from all the doctors, and I have a completely mixed position of action to take. My Financials have been horrible because cobid and loosing a healthy job and loosing the position of continuing college due to Financials and social awkwardness and self doubt on my own knowledge of most topics (mostly due to the fact people press it in my face that I don't know anything or that my knowledge on any subjects are incorrect even when I only speak about topics that I have valid facts to back my own knowledge on the topics I speak about) so in the end result I don't talk almost if not at all sadly when I am with people. I have no contacts of people I can try and speak to freely on any of this and I am in no financial position for a therapist and can't upkeep on trying to see doctors about my dody functions failing.
If you have read all of what was above I am most sorry that it was probably painful to read and possibly understand, but please I am asking for advice and opinions to do in this matter of time before I make a bad decision that could ruin my life. If DMing me makes it easier or something by all means go for it. If not I will try and attempt to reply to any comments. This post took me 3 days to write and mentally allow my self to ask for real help but sadly in a bad way and no going directly to a therapist or a professional.
Thank you again for reading all of this and I wait for any advice.
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2023.06.07 22:15 hhkhkhkhk Just started Guafacine and am EXHUASTED and emotionally stunted

Hello all!
My doc recently perscribed me Guanfacine (Intuniv) to help with the the crashes I get after Concerta (Particularly bad days I cry and get over emotional).
I've been on it for nearly a week and my moods have been great. It's really evened things out in terms of the ups and downs I would have on Concerta. But, I'm exhausted! Like, getting up and moving makes me feel like I'm going to faint exhausted.
This is troubling because I do regular weight lifting and I felt so dizzy/lightheated that I had to quit in the middle of a session. I've got a lot of focus but I also feel that my emotions are blunted a bit. I'm a naturally bubbly, energetic person and while I enjoy the calm...this makes me feel as if I can't even laugh some days?
So...will this pass or do I need to try something else?
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2023.06.07 22:14 samtaher My wagon needs some deep cleaning

My wagon needs some deep cleaning
I want to wash it but almost every week we are somewhere crazy. I have three week long camping trips arranged for this summer and can’t wait drive this awesome car there.
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2023.06.07 22:14 Advanced-Spinach1190 GRAND REOPENING DIY SWAP EVENT

Thanks to this wonderful group of people here I am launching the grand reopening of the DIY Swap Event! I know many of you love these events and I’m happy to announce that this one will be the biggest and best one yet! Some of you are aware of recent events that caused me to almost go out of business so I have implemented new rules. Please read and understand all rules before requesting to come! I can’t wait to see you all and I have free gift bag goodies for each guest to celebrate! (Limit 3 per guest)
How it works: this is a DIY/recipe learning exchange event. You bring your duplicate DIY or recipe cards you have in your storage and drop them as donations at the designated donation areas. You then enter the community learning area where the streets are lined with DIY cards. You learn anything you need and leave the ones you know. I replace the ones you learned with the ones you donated to keep the event going. This is a free event. Please read all rules below:
  1. Upon arrival you MUST drop your donations FIRST before heading to the community learning area. To the left of the airport is a beach. You can leave them there and on the boardwalk. A second location for donations is on the beach to the right of the airport. I will be collecting them as they are donated to make more room. DO NOT pick up, learn or pocket any donations cards on the beaches.
  2. No pole vaults or exploring areas that are barricaded. I have added blocks to keep and guide players into designated areas. Please do not attempt to escape to different areas .
3 do not enter any other beach other than the beach’s designated for donation near the airport. If it’s barricaded it’s off limits
  1. After you have donated please make your way to the gift section and take 3 grab bag gifts home with you. Do not open and then drop them again. They are all a variety of cookies, sweets, shakes, cakes or pies.
  2. Do not under any circumstances learn more cards than you donate. I use your donations to restock the cards so I can keep a good stock for the next visitor
  3. You must learn the cards on the spot. There is absolutely no pocketing of cards and taking them home. You pick it up and learn it and move on to the next. If you already know it then please drop it back in its place
  4. If you see ANY suspicious behavior or people not following rules please report it to me via messenger on Reddit. I will be taking note of who is who so they can be reported if they break rules
  5. Have fun!
I will be taking 3 guests at a time. Most visits last 10 minutes. Please comment if you want to join HERE in this post so I can assign you a number. I go in order. I try to let someone know if they are up next. If you don’t respond I have to give your place to someone else I’m sorry. You can still join later.
I will be very busy organizing donations and restocking so please keep an eye out for me and respect my island and rules :)
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2023.06.07 22:14 tesla-is-trash How many times have you been nearly hit by a car as a pedestrian or cyclist?

Personally I've lost count. I was just walking to the post office and was nearly creamed by a Suburban on their way to Taco Bell and was wondering what other's experiences have been.
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2023.06.07 22:14 OwnDragonfruit8932 Seeking help again)

Hi everyone. I’m going through a pretty tough time right now since my car is still in the shop. I was just looking for $15-$20 to give for gas money so I can go to work. My neighbor is kind enough to take me but she needs compensated.
I am not sure when I get paid but it’s project based so I’m assuming it’s at the end.
I’ve tried before but there was no response. If you can help with even $1 I’d really appreciate it! My cashapp is in my profile
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2023.06.07 22:13 adrinugt gas money advice?

so last year my parents got a car for me, my sister and my boyfriend to share, (me and my sister just got our licenses so my boyfriend would drive us to work and school) and they used to mainly help us with gas since it was mostly just my boyfriend helping take my sister to school and she would also ask for gas money. i’m now currently living with my boyfriend, sister and grandmother and my sister drives constantly every single day and has been really stressing about the gas situation. my boyfriend and i are homebodies and really only leave the house to go to work or get groceries but on the other hand she will be out for hours. we run through a full tank in less than a week and i’m just feeling really hopeless about the whole thing. i don’t have any authority over the car since it was a gift to all of us and i’ve been trying to come up with a fair plan for gas between everyone because me and my bf can’t afford to keep giving her 10-15 dollars every week when we barely go anywhere (my bfs job is not even five minutes away and my job is less than 10 and we’re both part time), she has mostly paying for gas but that’s only because how much she uses and we always offer to help pay and we give her money when asked but i feel like she’s been obsessing over it. i cant even leave the car running parked for five minutes without her telling me to turn it off to conserve gas and gets upset when i oppose her. does anyone have advice on a fair weekly spending plan? i don’t want anyone to feel like they’re the only one who pays and i feel like she’s maybe feeling that way but she doesn’t realize how little everyone else drives.
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2023.06.07 22:13 JuiceJuiceBread Moving to NJ: Qestion about license and car registration

Hi all! I’m going to be moving to NJ late this month from Mass. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice regarding licensure transfers and vehicle registrations. Please let me know if this isn’t the right subreddit. I’ve made several attempts to contact the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission several times, but I’ve been transferred to a different department each time because no one seems to have a clear answer.
The current car I drive is registered under my mother. She intended on letting me use it when I move to NJ. I’m currently under my parents’ insurance as a driver. I was wondering if I needed to get my own insurance or if my mother needs to be the primary insurance holder (I believe the primary holder is my dad). Or could I just show proof that I’m on the car insurance plan?
Additionally, I’m going to have to transfer my license. I have an appointment to do that the same day as my appointment for the car registration. Would it be alright to bring a passport as identification for the car registration if I don’t have my NJ license yet?
Thank you!
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