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2023.05.30 22:16 Garfield_and_Simon One of the most evil acts Walt commits that is often overlooked...

Walt obviously does many heinous things in BrBa but I often find fans miss this one.
Specifically, this happens in the train robbery episode. Obviously the murder of Drew Sharp is horrible (although part of the blame does rest on his parents for letting him drive a dangerous motor vehicle alone in the desert), but I think the brutality of this act causes another horrible thing Walt accomplishes in the episode to go overlooked.
When Walt and the gang steal the Methylamine their plan is that the 4% loss will be blamed on the Chinese chemical provider for selling "watered-down" product rather than any kind of robbery. This is a very unethical and terrible act because:
  1. The reputation of the Chinese chemical provider will be damaged on a global scale. This will cause them to lose contracts with other business and ultimately hurt their stock prices (we live in a capitalist society where this is considered a very heinous crime). This could also cause executives of the company to commit suicide due to shame in a typical Asian fashion.
  2. Giving the Chinese company the reputation of being "scammers" feeds into negative stereotypes about Chinese businesses and people. This could ultimately lead to more Asian hate and acts of violence throughout the United States.
Overall, Drew is far from the only victim in this episode and I think if the fan base left our euro-centric white bubble for a second we would realize this better.
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2023.05.30 22:15 Ambitious-Customer63 MOST customizable wedding websites?

Looking at Zola, The Knot, and WithJoy. The templates are nice but I’m not satisfied with their customizations.
I’m leaning towards Zola but hate that we have to use the “bride and groom” name fields on the first page. I have a design background and do calligraphy and would like to replace that with my own image.
Other things I’d like is to choose any colors, fonts, and icons. What platform is best for this?
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2023.05.30 22:15 wthringheights Disappointed in how things are kept from the audience in a way that is not typical of film and tv (spoilers for end of s2)

So in a lot of shows, you are often privy to an amount of information so that there's a sense that a bomb is about to go off. you dont know when, you dont know how characters will react, you dont know what will happen if it doesnt. that said - PLEASE please please correct me if im wrong - but did we ever see or hear Jessica confess to Misty that she worked for Tai? It totally felt lazy to have misty suddenly have that information if we never saw it confessed on screen.
It wouldve been great to have Misty have this distrust of Tai for all of s2. It wouldve been great if Jessica was used better, or perhaps wasnt dead (since apparently like.. the cops didnt find it suspicious at all??????). like maybe i did miss her gathering this info - but regardless, why does the show build Zero suspense about Tai investigating all of them. when its revealed its like no one even gives a damn anymore. which like.. is fair! cuz like many things in the show it has literally zero consequences LOL
oh also - Ive had this problem since s1 (which i loved in MANY ways) the stakes of anyone finding out "what they did" in the woods is so whatever to me. they ate each other. plain and simple. maybe they had a weird religion. who cares! in the real world they would attract the attention of true crime heads and men who wanna marry killer women etc, but aside from that and the shame/guilt, its not like theyll get arrested for doing what they needed to survive so what does it matter...?
stakes. what are the stakes. this question haunts me with this show cuz it truly feels like they arent there. all that said. i loved s1 and wish we could have a better written show about crazy women .. i will still be watching s3 regardless.
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2023.05.30 22:15 Rekix_YT Why do i feel like this at age 14

Hi, I'm 14 years old and my perception of the world I would say doesn't fit my Age. My life at the fucking age of 14 is boring, unfunny, full of suffering and stereotypes. Every day is the same, I have no experiences, I walk around in the same clothes for months and listening to my brother's experiences doesn't really help.I have ADHD which wouldn't be so bad but when you add depression, anxiety and I don't know what other disorders I have it's unmanageable. It's starting to affect me everywhere.I used to be able to hide it now I'm fed up. At school I'm all the time with no energy and no smile.Luckily I'm invisible to others so at least that's it.What pisses me off the most is that my anger and pain gets bottled up inside me and sometimes I can't hold it in and I unleash it on my dad who I love the most in the world and then I suffer even more. It's a never ending process and cycle of suffering.
I know you say "at this age?" "It gets worse."
That's what scares me. Life is easy at my age compared to adulthood and if I'm suffering like this at 14 I'm going to put a bullet in my head by 21
My father is the only one who knows that I'm probably mentally ill.Sometimes he hides his fears behind sarcastic remarks like "you're afraid of people(meaning my social anxiety)" or sometimes he tells me I'm suffering from depression so sarcastically. Sometimes when my dad gets drunk he tells me things but the only one that sticks in my head is "You're only going to suffer when you grow up" which just confirms what I've been thinking for so long
I'm tired of it and i think i don't have enough energy to live to next year
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2023.05.30 22:15 CDTyphol_ Just thought of an alternative ending for the Nuka World DLC'S Main questline.

So, it would require the lore of the game be changed quite a bit. Mr. House and Bradberton were both in an arrangement, where Bradberton would give Mr. House access to the MK II version of whatever that pod thing Vradberton uses, and in return Mr. House gives him a few hundred securitrons. Now after the Cappy in a Haystack quest is completed and you keep Bradberton alive, he will tell you that there is a part of the vault with the securitrons in there. In the little server room there will be a locked door that Bradberton gives you a key to, and after going through a dungeon of enemies, you finally get to the Main generator that you turn on, activating the army. Now, go to the slave doctor and start the Open Season quest, and you get a notification saying "Activate Securitron army? (WARNING: Turns all raider gangs hostile)", which if you say yes to, about 20 securitrons exit through Bradberton's office, and everytime one of them dies another comes out, until all the raiders are dead. (OR, you can do a classic Mr. House move and get the three gangs to agree to the annexation, just like Mr. House and the three families) After that, you complete Open Season regularly and return to Bradberton. Then, he tasks you with getting the rest of the park operational, which you have to do the park quests regularly, and after that you get a notification "Secure Nuka World?" Which will bring securitrons all over Nuka World, retaking areas such as the Hubologist Camp and the Bradberton Town. Also, some of the Galactic Zone robots aid the securitrons if you didnt kill them all, and securitrons patrol all over Nuka World. Returning to Bradberton, he tells you that he is setting his sights on Commonwealth, which then you pretty much do the Raider Raiding settlements except with securitrons. Thank you for reading all this. I know it'll never happen, but it was a cool little idea I thought of.
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2023.05.30 22:15 eanderson914 Cambia Case Manager

Anyone ever work for them? I just got offered a fully remote job in Washington and the supervisor seemed really awesome in the interview but I was just curious if anyone else has done it? If so, what did your day look like? They said they don’t micromanage it’s just task completing focused but I’m curious if it’s one of those things you can typically get done in under 8 hours. Thanks!
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2023.05.30 22:15 Alive-Cow-6914 Maury as the host

Shauna is terrible host, we need someone like Maury or dr phill to host the tell all at this point. So people like Kris can get told shit for the way she acts and same thing with danielle. It’s annoying how jeymi was presented as a villain and Kris was the innocent victim when we know dam right Kris is a drug addict and she should of been called out for her lies & bs.
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2023.05.30 22:15 KinhWheat Print not working

I don't know why but in a certain area of my code, I've tried printing a variable, which is definitely defined as I have used it numerous other times in my code without defining it, both before and after this particular section, but it won't work. And, the first letter of the print below it will be missing, it will print out any ordinary non-variable string, but not this particular variable, and when I do other variables they will print but the first letter of said variable wont. And if I print this variable anywhere else in the code, it works fine,. Its a problem with the code, not any software I'm using, as I have tried it in PyCharm and I will put the code in below, although there are lots of lines.
I've been working on this code for ages (if anyone's wondering I'm doing a replit 100 days of code course, (it'd about in the middle of the code, you'll know it when you see it)
colorama.init() print("\33[31m" "⚔️ WHEATLEYS DOMAIN ⚔️") time.sleep(2.5)
def DiceRoll(sides): Roll = random.randint(1, sides) return Roll
def Health(): Roll6 = DiceRoll(6) Roll12 = DiceRoll(12) HP = ((Roll6 * Roll12) / 2) + 10 return HP
OpHealthStat = Health()
def Attack(): Roll6 = DiceRoll(6) Roll8 = DiceRoll(8) ATK = ((Roll6 * Roll8) / 2) + 12 return ATK
OpAttackStat = Attack() print(OpAttackStat) def UserSel(part): while True: AttackStat = Attack() HealthStat = Health() if part == 2: return AttackStat elif part == 3: return HealthStat Name = input("\33[35m" "Name Your mighty Hero!:\n" "\033[36m")
 while True: if part == 1: print("\33[35m" "What shall thy hero's race be? (Human, Dragonborn, Ork, or Satyr)") Race = input("Choose wisely!:\n" "\033[36m") Race = Race.lower() if Race == "human" or Race == "dragonborn" or Race == "ork" or Race == "satyr": break else: print("\33[35m" "Sorry, you have to be one of the races above, try again!:\n") time.sleep(3) os.system("cls") time.sleep(2) if Race != "ork": print("\33[35m" "Ah, a", Race, "named", Name, "Just perfect!") else: print("\33[35m" "Ah, an", Race, "named", Name, "Just perfect!") print("Oh also, your hp is") time.sleep(3) print("🎲 roll 🎲") time.sleep(4) print("\33[36m", HealthStat) time.sleep(3) print("\33[35m" "and your strength is", ) time.sleep(3) print("🎲 roll 🎲") time.sleep(4) print("\33[36m", AttackStat) time.sleep(3) Ques = input("\33[35m" "Are you contempt with this fine hero; Yes, or No?:\n" "\33[36m") print("\33[35m") Ques = Ques.lower() if Ques == "yes": print("Spectacular, we may now embark on our new adventure,", Name) time.sleep(3) break elif Ques == "no": print("AW, thats a petty, I was quite fond of", Name, "very well then") time.sleep(3) os.system("cls") continue else: print("Ah, sorry traveller, but i will only accept a simple yes or no answer, you will just have to make do with this one if you are incapable of such a futile task") time.sleep(7.5) break return Name 
Name = UserSel(1) AttackStat = UserSel(2) HealthStat = UserSel(3)
print("Now then, did you actually think that your character was going to live a peaceful life!") time.sleep(5)
print("Pufaw,") time.sleep(3) print(Name, "Will fight to the death, with a random character --- Now, we may embark on our new adventure!") time.sleep(5)
def RandNameSel(): FirstName = random.randint(1, 10) if FirstName >= 1 and FirstName <= 5: Male = True elif FirstName > 5 and FirstName <= 10: Male = False
if FirstName == 1: FirstName = "Alexander " elif FirstName == 2: FirstName = "Paul " elif FirstName == 3: FirstName = "Harold " elif FirstName == 4: FirstName = "Martin " elif FirstName == 5: FirstName = "Charlse " elif FirstName == 6: FirstName = "Maria " elif FirstName == 7: FirstName = "Victoria " elif FirstName == 8: FirstName = "Serena " elif FirstName == 9: FirstName = "Cynthia " elif FirstName == 10: FirstName = "Teresa " PreName = random.randint(1, 8) if Male == True: if PreName == 1: PreName = "King " elif PreName == 2: PreName = "Sir " elif PreName == 3: PreName = "Mr " elif PreName == 4: PreName = "Seargent " elif PreName == 5: PreName = "Lord " elif PreName == 6: PreName = "Officer " else: PreName = "" elif Male == False: if PreName == 1: PreName = "Queen " elif PreName == 2: PreName = "Madame " elif PreName == 3: PreName = "Miss " elif PreName == 4: PreName = "Seargent " elif PreName == 5: PreName = "Lord " elif PreName == 6: PreName = "Officer " else: PreName = "" PostName = random.randint(1, 7) if PostName == 1: PostName = "The Great" elif PostName == 2: PostName = "The Destroyer" elif PostName == 3: PostName = "Of Wheatland" elif PostName == 4: PostName = "III" elif PostName == 5: PostName = "Eater Of Wheatabix" else: PostName = "" Opponent = str(PreName) + str(FirstName) + str(PostName) return Opponent 
Opponent = RandNameSel() print("And you will be battling against!") time.sleep(3) print("\33[1;33m") print(Opponent) print("\33[0;35m" "Also, there health is") time.sleep(3) print("🎲 roll 🎲") time.sleep(4) print("\33[1;33m", OpHealthStat) time.sleep(3) print("\33[0;35m" "and there strength is", ) time.sleep(3) print("🎲 roll 🎲") time.sleep(4)
----- print("\33[1;33", OpAttackStat) <------- (this I's the buggy part, it just comes up with a blank couple of lines)
time.sleep(1) print("It's time...") time.sleep(3) os.system("cls") time.sleep(3) print("\33[0;31m" "⚔️It's battle time!⚔️" "\33[35m") time.sleep(5)
while True: UserRoll = DiceRoll(6) OpRoll = DiceRoll(6)
print("You roll your dice, and get") time.sleep(1.5) print("🎲 roll 🎲") time.sleep(1.5) print("\33[36m", UserRoll, "\33[35m") time.sleep(1.5) print(Opponent, "rolls there dice, and gets") time.sleep(1.5) print("🎲 roll 🎲") time.sleep(1.5) print("\33[1;33m", OpRoll, "\33[0;35m") time.sleep(3) if UserRoll > OpRoll: move = random.randint(1, 10) print("You get the higher roll!") time.sleep(3) print("\33[0;36m") if move == 1: print("You deal a cunning uppercut to", Opponent, "Crushing there teeth into there tongue!") elif move == 2: print(Opponent, "tries to punch you in the nose, but you grab there hand and throw them onto the floor!") elif move == 3: print("You give", Opponent, "the roundhouse kick of a lifetime!") elif move == 4: print("You jab", Opponent, "in the solar plexus!") elif move == 5: print("You grab", Opponent, "in the head and knee then in the skull!") elif move == 6: print("You kick", Opponent, "where it hurts!") elif move == 7: print("You grab", Opponent, "and give them a CLEAN one inch punch in the nose!") elif move == 8: print("You mention a deep traumatic experience that", Opponent, "experienced long ago, scarring them for life!") elif move == 9: print("You barge into", Opponent, "at full force, knocking them over into the ground!") elif move == 10: print("You karate chop", Opponent, "in the shoulder-blade!") Damage = (OpAttackStat - AttackStat) time.sleep(5) if Damage <= 0: Damage = 1 Damage = Damage + (AttackStat // 4) + (move / 2) time.sleep(3) print("You did", Damage, "damage, well done!") time.sleep(3) OpHealthStat = OpHealthStat - Damage if OpHealthStat > 0: print("\33[1;33m", Opponent, "now has", OpHealthStat, "health" "\33[0;35m") else: print("\33[1;33m", Opponent, "now has 0 health" "\33[0;35m") time.sleep(3) if OpHealthStat <= 0: print("Well done, you win!") break else: print("Well done, next turn!") time.sleep(3) os.system("cls") continue if UserRoll < OpRoll: move = random.randint(1, 10) print(Opponent, "gets the higher roll!") time.sleep(3) print("\33[1;33m") if move == 1: print(Opponent, "deals you a cunning uppercut, crushing your teeth into there tongue!") elif move == 2: print("You try to punch", Opponent, "in the nose, but they grab your hand and throw you onto the floor!") elif move == 3: print(Opponent, "gives you the roundhouse kick of a lifetime!") elif move == 4: print(Opponent, "jabs you in the solar plexus!") elif move == 5: print(Opponent, "grabs you in the head and knees you in the skull!") elif move == 6: print(Opponent, "kicks you where it hurts!") elif move == 7: print(Opponent, "grabs you and gives you a CLEAN one inch punch in the nose!") elif move == 8: print(Opponent, "mentions a deep traumatic experience that you experienced long ago, scarring you for life!") elif move == 9: print(Opponent, "barges into you at full force, knocking you over into the ground!") elif move == 10: print(Opponent, "karate chops you in the shoulder-blade!") Damage = (AttackStat - OpAttackStat) time.sleep(5) if Damage <= 0: Damage = 1 Damage = Damage + (OpAttackStat // 4) + (move / 2) time.sleep(3) print(Opponent, "did", Damage, "damage, well done", Opponent, end="") print("!") time.sleep(3) HealthStat = HealthStat - Damage if HealthStat > 0: print("\33[0;35m" "you now have", HealthStat, "health" "\33[35m") else: print("\33[0;35m" "you now have 0 health" "\33[35m") time.sleep(3) if HealthStat <= 0: print("Too bad, you lose!") break else: print("Better luck next time, next turn!") time.sleep(3) os.system("cls") continue elif UserRoll == OpRoll: print("\33[0;35m" "You both got the same roll!") move = random.randint(1, 5) time.sleep(3) if move == 1: print("\33[36m" "You were about to punch ", Opponent, "when you felt a sudden rush of sympathy, and froze") if move == 2: print("\33[36m" "As you were about to tornado kick", Opponent, "they ducked out the way") if move == 3: print("\33[35m" "Mum made lasagna, you are both too busy eating to fight") if move == 4: print("\33[1;33m", Opponent, "was about to punch you when they felt a sudden rush of sympathy, and froze") if move == 5: print("\33[1;33m" "As", Opponent, "was about to tornado kick you, you ducked out the way") time.sleep(3) os.system("cls") continue 
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2023.05.30 22:15 killuminati-savage That smell

I'm a pretty normal guy in almost every other aspect of my life, and this is something I would never dare admit to anyone IRL. I guess it first started right after we moved here (sorry). We were driving for a hike and suddenly my wife is like "Oh my god, what is that horrible smell?" and my nose was just filled with this rich, thick meaty almost stew-like smell. I just said "Hmmmm, are you talking about the food smell? It's making me hungry!" And she looked at me like I was crazy and told me it smelled like dog food. I was pretty confused, because I have smelled many dog foods before and never had this sort of reaction, but sure enough, as we approached and the plant, the smell subsequently grew into a beautiful olfactory experience and filled my entire headspace with that heavy meaty smell. As the factory disappeared in my rear view, to my dismay, the smell slowly faded to a pleasant memory as my wife said "Thank god we're passed it." I said nothing and we went on our hike.
That entire hike I was thinking about that smell. I was a little upset because I trying to reconcile the pleasures I felt with the reality that I was essentially huffing the scent of dog food slurry, what I assume is probably various pig and poultry guts mixed in with some sort of grain or oat-like substance. It doesn't sound like something that humans should find appealing. The hike was fine, I don't really remember much to be honest because I was thinking so hard about how excited I was about passing by the heavenly smell-cloud on our way back. And it was just as awesome as I remembered. Seeing the Purina factory tower materialize ahead of us was like watching a waiter slowly approach you with a sizzling smoking plate after you've waited two hours for your fajitas. I took deep, meditative breaths, trying not to give any outward signs of pleasure as my wife held her nose. A little moan may have escaped, I cannot be sure.
I noticed then that it is not merely a dog-food manufactory, but also a cat food plant. My heart began to beat a little faster. We have four cats at home, and no shortage of cat food. As we went home and the smell regretfully faded, I got it into my head to do a little home-huffing to see if I could get my fix there. I've never really been attracted to cat food, so I wasn't really convinced, and sure enough, I stuck my head deep into the 50-pound cat-food sack, took a deep breath, and nearly gagged. It just wasn't it. The taste was rather poor as well, and left a horrible almost poisonous after-taste that lasted for hours. "Hmmm," I thought, "maybe it's just the fact that we have Fancy Feast, and my beloved smell was purina." So I went out and bought three different purina brands - friskies, Purina One, and Cat Chow- which all smelled like shit and tasted ever worse. Same with the wet foods, which were some of the worst things I have ever put into my body. I have always held my nose in the past while giving my cats wet food, and huffing it and sampling it just reminded me exactly why I did that. It just made no sense to me, at all.
Then I found this article that explains the source of the purina plant scent is as follows: "Dry ingredients are mixed with wet ingredients to form a dough that is then cooked and shaped in an extruder before being dried in large dryers." Cooking! I have smelled many things that were appealing to me in the cooking process but woefully disappointing at mealtime. Maybe the secret was cooking it! So I poured out some Purina into an oven tray and roasted it for a few minutes. A smell began to waft out... a good smell, reminiscent of my beloved odor but just a liiiiitle bit off. I think it was because the Purina plant bakes cat and dog food on a gigantic industrial scale, and nothing that mere mortals try at home will ever get close to that sort of overwhelming power. I didn't really get a chance to enjoy it because my wife came over and was like "what is that awful smell? What the hell are you cooking?" and I told her "I put some cat food in the oven because I read on the internet that cats like it heated up." Not entirely a lie because I HAVE read this. And she laughed and said "No, that only works for wet food dude, get that shit out of there and open a window." And thus my experiment came to an abrupt and regretful end.
I'm not sure how to tell her because the longer I wait, the weirder it's going to be that I keep this a secret. It's actually been a really good thing for us because we are hiking so much, getting so much exercise and quality time together, and I get my little dog-food-smell fix each time that just hits the spot. For now, I'm content with passing by the Purina Plant every weekend as we go for our hikes, greeting it like an old and beloved friend while I take desperately deep breathes through my nose. I see the plant tower and each time I am in a state of awe at its elegance and stateliness. To me, the plant looks every bit as beautiful as a medieval cathedral, and the rejuvenation I feel from its stench filling me up is like how I assume religious people feel when they go to church.
But I'm worried. The last time we passed it, I lost control and rolled my window down a bit. My wife looked at me and was like "What are you doing? It's going to smell so bad!" And I said, "I farted, sorry, gotta air it out" and she was just like "no, no, it's just going to smell like dog food and fart" and started waving her hands at me to roll the window up and I was just like "what? What? I can't hear you!" as I rolled the window all the way down and let the winds fill up the car with dog-food-slurry. I am ashamed of this action and regret it today.
Has anyone else here experienced anything similar to this?
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2023.05.30 22:15 Longjumping_Tell_110 Keeping Up with Head Covering Conviction

Hello all,
Over the past few weeks, I have been attempting to practice head covering during my personal devotions/praying time. I must confess I was solid on it for 1 almost 2 weeks, and then I slacked big time. I have doubts whether or not God really appreciates it, but then I feel convinced by the passage I need not name, that it is relevant and important. How can I make it meaningful? And keep up on it? Anyone else ever experienced burnout of doing the same thing over and over??
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2023.05.30 22:15 Electrical_Debate193 Weird form of mental ED?

Been struggling with ed for around a year now but I feel like it's some kind of focus/concentration/mental issue, like I need really specific things to get me hard for example my girl being loving and telling me she loves me and being really cuddly gets me hard as fuck, but then like kissing before sex I get nervous and start thinking about it, or il be going down on her and get hard then start fucking her and then il just think some weird shit like it's gonna go soft again and boom it goes soft, even when I'm on my own I have to really try concentrate on like a sexual memory and think about like some really good sex I had sometime in the past before I get properly hard and even then it won't always stay 100 percent, sometimes though I will get a random one that is like a fucking metal bar 110 percent and it will stay for fucking like 15-20 minutes and il think why are you doing this now 😑 also I wake up with solid ones every morning but they good pretty fast once I'm up and moving about, I do masturbate quite alot maybe like once a day if not once every 2 days although I'm trying not to as much, and I smoke joints which I'm also trying to stop, I know this is mental though because I've smashed multiple rounds before when I've not been thinking about it, wtf do I do 😕 sorry if this is typed in a rambling way
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2023.05.30 22:14 umphased-banshee Stonewalling and Staring in Silence

Does anybody else's narc do this? Never give any feedback that they listened to you, not even a grunt, anything, just staring at you with a complacent smug like you are crazy, or have two heads or "who are you even"?
Complete dismissivnes regarding everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. Trying to make small talk? That look. Asking a question? That look. Expressing your vulnerabilities? That look. And nothing, absolutely nothing in return. And if you push you feel the anger boiling under the surface while they deny everything and they lie to your face saying that they were indeed talking. (????)
Nothing is ever resolved. It's a battle of egos and I just want to talk. About anything. Our day, things, whatever. But I can't, only he can and if I don't engage with him the way he wants to is a big no no, he gets angry and gives me the silent treatment.
I live with this silent treatment 24/7 and he acts like I'm difficult because this is driving me crazy? I'm not a needy person. I like my space too. But he makes me feel like a fragile little puppet that can be put away or taken out its box as he wishes.
He doesn't talk much, doesn't really yell or fight only when I insist on a conversation about our relationship and then hell breaks loose because he becomes even more cynical, condescending and evil and blames me for everything. It's my tone, it's my depression, I am abusive, I am insufferable.
If presented with facts then it becomes a pity party. He just can't be better, I deserve better, something is wrong with him, he'll just leave, he's tired, he will never be what I want, he is depressed, etc.
I know he is a covert/malignant narc perhaps with some histrionic characteristics but I never encountered someone just like him before. He has a very... incelish way of being, Idk how else to explain.
And what really drives me insane is when he finally "gives in" he says yeah, we should talk, he sits in front of me and STARES AT ME AGAIN. He never talks. He expects ME to talk again? And according to him this is him making an effort?!
Then he goes into our room, lies down on the bed facing the wall and just stays there. After a few hours he acts like nothing ever happened and acts like I'm crazy for expecting some resolution. I can't deal with this anymore and I can't leave him just yet due to financial issues.
Edit: oh, and he plays dumb for everything. Acts like an innocent well meaning pure little boy whom just got here. AAAAAAAAAAAAA
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2023.05.30 22:14 MADMAXV2 25 looking to make new friends. I love nerd stuff too!

Hi i'm 25 years old. I'm into all kinds of things.
I like manga and anime. Huge fan of evangelion and lain, especially trigun, spirit away is another one of my fav anime movies.
I'm very much geek type of person as I enjoy playing games and play magic the gathering a lot, magic the gathering is my passion and somthing I been playing for long time now, maybe like 4 years now? I'm just very into it, I play all kinds of games. Sometime fortnite to waste time or try new games, recently got into v rising, extremely fun playing as vampire 🧛‍♂️
I love movies and music, fav movies being like donnie darko, shutter Island, fight club, la la land. I'm open to all movies, sometimes the bad ones just for a laugh, music taste is also all type genre but I like listening to bands like fur, Parcels, muse, etc.
I recently started going to gym and it's been my everyday routine after work, doing gym everyday makes me extremely hungry haha.
I'm very open type of person. I enjoy good company and talk and also have good laugh, I would say my humor is pretty much almost kinds. Bones if you like memes!.
Feel free to messege and get to know each other!
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2023.05.30 22:14 Mikecich IT Capstone Written Project – C769 --- Passed

Hey everyone, as title goes, I passed the IT capstone.
To many, writing a capstone could be quite a daunting task, but don't let the paper spook you, it really isn't bad at all.
The Capstone is 3 Tasks, I will break it down into how much time it took me to complete each task.
Task 1 (1 hour): You just propose what your idea is and submit it to your course instructor, wait for signature, submit.
Task 2 (18 hours, 1 hour revision): This is what you will do to implement your project idea (Future tense). You should have received an additional link from your CI which goes through each tasks and what they want to see on your paper. There are sections A - I (I think), don't go through it in alphabetical order, the link you receive tells you the best order to complete to help flesh out the paper, doing the order as per the link gives you more ideas as you write making the process easier. I submitted Task 2 twice, I needed to revise 2 sections (which took me an hour) and after that passed. THIS TASK IS THE MOST TIME CONSUMING PART
Task 3 (8 hours): This section is almost a copy paste, but changing from future tense to past tense, with a little extra things added and removed. If you passed task 2 with no problem, this task won't be an issue at all, just constantly refer to the link for task 3 of what the evaluators are looking for, and just watch your grammar and make sure the paper is in a form as if the project HAS ALREADY HAPPENED.

I finished this capstone in less than a week, started Tuesday, finished it on a Monday, and that was taking a day or so break in the middle, so it took me 6 days to complete, but that was me hauling ass to complete it before the semester ended. All in all, don't let it intimidate you, it really isn't that bad.
Important note: The paper will make it seem like you are a broken record and you repeat yourself a lot. That is fine, just follow the rubric, example paper, and what the link that lays out task 1-3 is looking for. Each task does have a template you can use which is 100% acceptable to use, it will make your life easier - use it.

Good luck, everyone!
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2023.05.30 22:13 Bruhmangoddman Could the thing between Dane Gustavia and Isaac Dover be resolved?

I've been scrolling past multiple Ace Attorney game boards on GameSpot, and I came across an AAI2 thread that mentioned the Dover - Gustavia feud.

Two comments here, yeah
These messages bring up interesting points, but IMO, fail to account for these things:
1) Isaac Dover whacked Dane Gustavia pretty hard on the head. If we dismiss the possible damage to his cranium and ergo psyche, we can still assume Gustavia was just pushed over the edge.
2) Isaac Dover was implied to be enough a douche he'd never give Dane the recipe. He was just a greedy, unhinged douche.

But do you think they could've resolved it in a civilized way? Anyhow?
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2023.05.30 22:13 futuremrssomething How to make a yearly trip more bachelor(ette)-y

Our friends usually rent a lake house/cabin for a long weekend in the summer. We’d like to use this as a way of celebrating with friends because our wedding will have lots of family and kids around. (though may have a small get together to go bar hopping or something - our friends have some plans). If we go ahead and book the cabin, how would you recommend we make it more of an event. We usually do cabin things (swimming, boating, drinks and fireside time) so how do we make this a little different? We’ll have about 12-16 of us.
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2023.05.30 22:13 LunieToonzie ODG REBIRTH

=============================ODG Rebirth=============================
Why should you join us? We are planning to be different from any server out there, and yes, there are thousands, so on on server, we tend to be more creative and listen to the people as we build this new level of roleplay and fun for you to enjoy! Yes, we are currently in beta, so things can change, but most of our in-game stuff is already set up and ready for you to experience something new and creative as we go and build a new level of Rp.
We currently give in-game features such as custom drugs and custom clothing, with whitelisted jobs such as SAST, LSPD, FIRE, EMS, BSCO, mechanic services, and more to come.
Come Join Us [Discord]^Info
o ~ New Server o ~ Egirl Friendly o ~ Own mlos or Make a custom job o ~ Allowed to Create a Gang o ~ Staff Aplications Open
We Do Have.. o ~ Working Mechanic o ~ Active Leo, Fire, and Ems o ~ Custom Clothes o ~ Active Admnin o ~ Custom Cars
Banner - Banner -
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2023.05.30 22:13 Vethalos Is there a future for physical existence that isn't reactionary?

I just read an essay that the idea that may define now and the near future, in term of culture, is the complete decoupling of physical space from abstract/conceptual space.
Some may say it is a bad thing, and a sign of alienation facilitated by declining societal prospects and the culture where everything could be marketed, sold and consumed, but some say that it is the only view of the future that we have now that is exciting and not haunted by the past, like how 20th century modernity was filled with competing ideas. It is the culture where our primary place of meaning is becoming more digital - identities are defined by labels and aesthetics. The physical body is simply a vessel to be changed and altered to fit within the abstract ideals of the mind, and pose no inherent meaning. The artificiality is to be celebrated and not feared as it is the nature of the world integrated to the digital space.
But of course, there can't be only one idea. In some way, I haven't been a fan of this digital gnosticism as the future. However, I understand that we cannot return to the past either. The technologies we made are here to stay, we'll be online in some way in some way. Most proponents of physical spaces are usually reactionaries, with the desire to return to the traditionalist past, and usually are ineffective because the material condition now can't give rise to something as exact as the past. So we have to go forward, but I can believe that the path is forked.
Is there a place for an idea where the physicality matter without being reactionary? Can the ietas about not identifying with specific labels get around in these days and age? And I'm not even talking about wokeness even, It's more about creating a rigidly defined conceptual identity to live out rather leaving it unclear and understated, that's something right wings people are subjected too.
I've got some ideas but it's probably too regarded, I want to hear people here first.
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2023.05.30 22:13 badgerSNR Hey guys. Complete overclocking noob. Is this good?

As said in title, not really experienced in overclocking at all. Just watched a quick video and decided to change things with MSI afterburner and apply and test in game. Is this any good? I've been playing New World for hours and the temperatures seem fine, no artificing, crashes or anything like that.
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2023.05.30 22:13 PeaceNo8863 What does adding the skull ☠️/💀emoji after a text mean?

So many people I text do this, I don’t know what it means. For example,
“Sorry mate, I can’t make it today ☠️.”
“Sorry I didn’t get the cal 💀.”
I don’t get it.
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2023.05.30 22:13 ZippyWoodchuck How do enjoy life when everything is stacked against you?

I'm rapidly descending into a life dominated by bitterness, resentfulness, anger, and a lack of hope. I can't get excited for anything. I'm shunning friends and not investing in relationships. Faced with a world that holds no social contract and is fueled by hate and corporate greed, it's no longer possible for me to see a path towards achieving the next phase of my life. My dream has fizzled.
But I want to fight this. Even a little light can destroy significant darkness. So, fellow struggling adults, I ask you: what little things are you doing to enjoy your life? What are some ways you are practicing mindfulness and gratitude?
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2023.05.30 22:13 angiealoha How Much do Recreational Drugs Impact Liver Enzymes and Function vs. Alcohol? How Does Being Overweight Impact the Liver?

Hi Docs!
38F/Canada here. Recently found out my liver enzymes are elevated after having a blood test done, likely due to weekend binge-drinking and being overweight (5'5 and ~200 lbs). My ferritin is also a bit high (by about 10 points past the recommended high). My doctor is encouraging me to stop drinking for a month (I'm 3 weeks in so far and doing great) and then test again to see how much that impacts my enzyme levels.
My longterm goal is to greatly cut down on drinking and to clean up my diet, along with regular exercise. One thing I was too scared to tell my doctor is that I do occasionally (1-2 times a month) partake in recreational drug use (mushrooms, mdma, cocaine). I have also stopped using these as well.
My question is: how much do those substances impact liver enzymes and liver function vs. alcohol? And how much of an impact does being overweight have?
Thank you so much for your thoughts/responses!
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