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2023.03.29 11:14 taxthrowaway7_v2 Does this plan make sense? Child Tax Credit and Roth Conversion

I recently moved abroad. All my income going forward will be from overseas in a high-tax country. But as a US citizen I still need to file US tax returns.
I have roughly $80k in a US-based rollover IRA (Traditional). The tax rules in my new country treat foreign retirement accounts as taxable brokerage accounts, so I'll be taxed on capital gains, dividends, and interest each year. This largely eliminates the tax advantage, so I want to get the money out as cheaply as I can. I'm thinking Roth conversions followed by a withdrawal of each contribution after 5 years.
I should be able to eliminate most if not all of my US income tax liability through the Foreign Tax Credit. My wife and I have 3 children and a fourth on the way, so unless the law changes we should qualify for an $8,000 Child Tax Credit. However, my understanding is the tax credit is non-refundable, so it does me no good if my tax liability is zero.
But if I make Roth conversions from the IRA, those count as taxable income in the US. So I'm thinking I could use Roth conversions to intentionally raise my taxable income to where I get the full benefit of the Child Tax Credit, while keeping actual tax liability at or near zero.
Does that plan make sense or am I missing something? It seems too easy.
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2023.03.29 11:14 choro195 help finding tennis racket

Hello, a store near me is selling a Head racket and they didnt specify what model it is, can someone identify it by the picture. Its around 120 euros.
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2023.03.29 11:13 Travel_planner271 Top 10 Hotels Near Me With Cheap Weekly Rates $199

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2023.03.29 11:13 arufu_06 I messed up

Nabuntis ko parin siya tho I never penetrated the most riskiest I did was doing it near her ano(month ago na yon halos) nagperiod pa nga siya 10days ago, ngayon lng exactly namin nalaman(wed) kasi nagsusuka na nga siya and nagpacheck up siya. 17 palang kami pano na, legal ba dto sa pilipinas ang abortion? I'm worried kasi parang ayaw ng Lola niya(religious pa nmn Siya at tlgang malaking kasalanan Ang abortion). wala pang ibang nakakaalam. Worse is I just broke up with her few days ago. Do I work after senior high? Grade 11 palang ako. Insult me if you want but I really need help. I really f'ed up
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2023.03.29 11:13 Sorry-Ruin-62 story time #1 in my hogwarts dr !!

hello everyone! since a lot of you have been asking me for a storytime of sorts, i figured why not make a post. i haven't shifted to my dr for like a week (like 5 days) now, so this is gonna be about my day in my dr before i shifted back. :)
i'll try making it as detailed as possible! (i kind of suck at storytelling so bear with me here.)

so, the last i was in my dr, it was nearing a full moon and rem was... not in the best condition to say the least. i usually hate shifting back before full moons because i always want to be there for him when it happens but with all the stress that had been going i wanted to take a break(?). he always gets all twitchy and sensitive to a lot of things when a full moon's approaching, and no matter how many times i've lived through that experience with him, it still breaks my heart to see him like that. :(
i'm also afraid of "the prank" (i don't know how many of you guys know what that is) happening, even though i could probably script it out. but the fear is so deep in my heart that i'm afraid i'll subconsciously end up shifting to a timeline where it does happen. (kind of how i never scripted wolfstar to happen but it did, WHICH IS ADORABLE, they're literal soulmates.)
we had breakfast, and i had transfiguration. but since we had already completed our transfiguration owl (WHICH WENT SO WELL, I WAS SO RELIEVED) we had a substitute class. basically how that works is, when you complete a subject's owl, that subject is essentially "dropped" until your next year. (as long as your score is on par with the professor's requirement score, of course.)
anyways, i had potions as the substitute subject. and god, do i hate potions. listen, it's nothing against professor slughorn (although he does get kind of annoying sometimes, with his endless invites to his slug club parties, which i've heard enough about from moony to a 100% not wanna go.) he's honestly a fine teacher, and he teaches very well. it's just that i SUCK at it. i don't get why. the theory part i can do it's pretty easy to just memorize the potions and their ingredients + effects blah blah. but we usually have practical aspects that we need to pass in order to reach the o level of owls. my next shift i have one lined up and i'm genuinely stressed about it.
practical work (for potions) works like this, you usually have the professor hand you a paper in which he states the name of the potion to be brewed. they're always short-term brewing potions since it's mandatory to complete them during the hour of the class. and once you were done with the potion, you would leave and wait for your results the next day. if you wanted an o on your owl's, your potion had to be perfect because if your potion sucked ass but you did really well in the paper, you would still only get an e. it's extra annoying because slughorn never gives us a concrete list of potions he might ask us to brew. we just have to assume! (it's a very long list of assumptions.)
anyways i got too technical sorry, i finished potions class and i had history of magic next. i don't hate history of magic but it really isn't a thrilling subject AT ALL. it gets boring very fast. the only upside is being seated next to pads. (even though he never lets me take notes, like EVER.)
i'm not gonna lie, most of the day was spent either in classes or in the library. the library is FILLED these days because of owl's. i've started just studying in my dorm because the library is just too noisy. ( doesn't matter how many shh's madam pince lets out lmao.)
nothing too special happened in any of the classes to be honest. we started our topic on bowtruckles and they're ADORABLE. i could make an entirely different post about them. (better than porlocks for sure.)
i spent a lot of time with rem, in the guise of "studying". (i just really wanted to check up on him, but he hates getting "babied", his words not mine.)
one of the things i hate seeing about rem is how determined he gets about not missing classes (even though he literally has a permission slip from poppy to do so whenever he pleases. if i was him i would ABUSE the hell out of it not gonna lie.) he's always up early, gets to every class early LIKE WHY. the only time he rests is the day of the full moon. he always looks like he's been through hell and back until he finally lets himself rest. sometimes i wish i could just stupefy him and strap him to the bed. (i won't lie i've tried it before, my stupefying skills aren't very good.)
quidditch practice was cancelled. AS DEPRESSING AS IT WAS, i get it. frank (who's our captain) has been so stressed that alice keeps teasing him about already growing grey hair LMAO. they have their newt's right now and i've never seen frank more stressed in my life. (not even when we almost lost to ravenclaw during that one match.) i hope we get more practice soon. i love waking up at ass o clock in the morning just to practice.
anyways, after dinner i went over some more potions coursework with lily, (she's insanely good at potions, and since rem was too tired to help me out, i asked her for help.)
me and pete dropped moony off at the hospital wing (poppy was fretting so much over him, which validated me very much.) and we got back to our dorms.
that's kind of all to be honest. i'm pushing back on shifting back because as i've said before, potions practical work is nearing and i'm DREADING it. so.
feel free to ask any questions! :) i hope this was a fun read.
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2023.03.29 11:13 Easy-Temporary8993 Can I let a shop when I have 1,5 years old default in my credit file?

Question is clear. A phone contract payments didn’t go thru from my account when I was abroad during covid and I had a default worth £300. Although it’s cleared and paid off later, it’s there and won’t going anywhere for four years more.
I’m planning to open a shop. I’ve got enough capital. Money is not the issue, can pay 6 months upfront.
Will my default mean it’s impossible for me to let it?
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2023.03.29 11:12 Shooter913 My mom gave up her career for my brother and me. Now I want to help her fulfill her dream of coming back to the SWE industry.

I'm not a frequent poster on Reddit, but this is very important to me. My mom is one of the smartest people I know. Before I talk about her, I'll share a bit about myself. I was born in India but grew up in the United States. I've always loved computers, and hence computer science, thanks to my mom. I'm finishing my MS in CS and will be joining a FAANG+ company this summer. My brother was also born in India and raised in the US; he's a talented 10th grader with many more achievements than I had at that age. My brother and I owe a lot of our success to our mom. She sacrificed her career to become a full-time stay-at-home mom and always put our education first. She instilled in us a love for learning and computer science, which has led to our academic and professional achievements. Without her guidance and support, we wouldn't be where we are today. I want to help my mom achieve her dream of working in the computer science industry.
Mom was born and raised in India. For education, she earned a bachelor's degree in Physics (1987), a master's degree in Computer Science (1990), and worked on her Ph.D. in compiler design (1999). She was also a lecturer at a university in India. When she was trying to have kids, there were a lot of complications, and she had to move a lot for medical reasons to have me. By the time she had me, she had already lost so much that she was determined to always be there for me. So she quit her job and became a full-time stay-at-home mom. She had planned on going back to the industry, as she had a job lined up at IBM before having me, but circumstances kept changing, and it kept getting delayed. We moved to the US in 2010 through my dad's work (also a software engineer), and due to H4 limitations, she couldn't really work. So she spent her time taking care of the house, praying, and learning whatever she could in CS. This overflow of energy is how, when I was in 4th grade, she randomly taught me fundamentals in C, jumpstarting my own love for CS. Now fast forward to my sophomore year in college, I'm grinding LeetCode for interviews, and she sees me and asks me what I'm doing. After my explanation, she asks if she could try, so I gave her the link. Recently, when I went back, I learned that she's been grinding LeetCode so hard, doing four problems a day because she has nothing better to do. She has also done random training courses and internships here and there but nothing substantial.
Now she has a green card EAD but still doesn't know how to get into the industry. She keeps talking about it and wondering what she could do in the industry. Most entry-level jobs require a "Class of 2023 Graduate" or something similar. She's one of the most hardworking, passionate, and smart people I know, and I'm confident she'd ace any interviews thrown her way. I really want to help her. She's nearing 50, and I'm just not sure what to do. She has been there for the ups and downs of our family and always stood by us helping us in whatever way she can. If anyone has similar experiences or any suggestions, I'm all ears! Pay isn't really an issue, she just wants to work and solve problems.
TLDR - My mom gave up her career and passions for my brother and my success and I want to help her fulfill her dream: get back into the industry as a software engineer.

Sorry for the longer post just wanted to get it all out :')
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2023.03.29 11:12 DocumentDelicious177 Lucid Dream asking others where my phone is prompts weird event in a factory

I had a dream I was at a concert, then I somehow end up in a factory with “friends”.The only issue is it’s a huge building empty except for a small conveyor belt with the metal box being where the salmon comes from. I have to catch it then throw it in a box. It gets overwhelming and I can’t keep up. Everyone around me is ignoring it but I start to feel like it’s off.
Next teddy bears start popping out of the box onto the conveyor belt. And fall to the floor
When I notice something is wrong Everyone goes from chatting to starring at me. At this point I’ve been recalling what’s going on. I never have my phone in dreams ever. But it’s always on me irl. I look up and ask has anyone seen it?
I look down and the teddy bears fall down and go flat? Like paper. I don’t remember anyones face in the dream but one person approached me who I just “feel” is my sister, the other my best friend. They grab my hand, each takes one.
Then I woke up. I should add that there’s a building which Is dark brown and looks abandoned near my town and I just felt deja vu passing it. The dream I had I’ve had before, the factory in my dream is a frequent setting
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2023.03.29 11:12 Cokewhorecunt Feeling emotional, Grandfather may be the best song of the album🥹

I love the melody and how her voice crescendos when singing the title, the vibe to me feels hopeful and melancholic, I love the lyric “God if you’re near me send me 3 white butterflies…” she truly ate and I peacefully cry🥹
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2023.03.29 11:11 Riifty East avenue crime rating

Hi all, I am looking for housing in the Rochester and Brighton areas of new york and I came across a nice apartment on the edge of Brighton and Rochester. I looked up the area (called East Avenue) and found on one website that it has a high rate of crime, especially property crime as well as some violent crime. On a different website, the crime rating was higher, meaning that website’s data determined that the area’s crime isn’t actually that bad. I’m not sure what to think of this data so I wanted to ask if someone could give me a personal opinion on the area. Obviously, you should be living in or near the area. Thank you in advance.
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2023.03.29 11:09 Commercial-Kick-8184 Should I trust him?

Waking up, I had an off feeling about my future plans with him. Going to a local shopping center to enjoy a meal…potentially shopping for some cute clothes, it sounded appealing. This was until I had a realization.
To answer a very likely question running through your head, who exactly is “him”. Well, “him” is a friends boyfriend in which they met through a dating app. Since knowing “him” (which has only been for a month or so), there hasn’t been too much red flags. Of course, everyone has their own idea of what a red flag could be, so maybe he does have a few, but I wont waste you’re time with what I consider to be red flags.
I’m not sure if its my overthinking or intuition telling me to not meet up with “him”, but I feel as if I can’t trust an ultimate stranger, especially off a dating app too quickly.
I don’t know exactly who he is.
Yes, my friend(s) may trust “him”, but their trust doesn’t reflect my trust in him. I read stories of people having terrible experiences with trusting individuals off dating apps, because who they showed themselves as wasn’t who they became, or in reality, truly where. To add emphasis to why I have a hard time trusting folks from online platforms is also from personal things I have experienced, along with friends sharing negative stories as well.
I have a strange feeling of this exact outing, with us being alone in his vehicle. I have to trust him to drive me safely from my house and back. I wasn’t scared until now, when I realized my safety (and life) can be in the hands of someone I don’t trust.
Yknow that off feeling you experience right before something bad happens?
Thats me right now.
Anxiously deciding if I should put my trust into “him”, or if I should go with my gut and cancel.
Advice is appreciated, im not looking for a direct answer as truly it is my ultimate decision. What are your thoughts?
EDIT/clarification: I am a woman while the man and friend involved in the story are a gay couple
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2023.03.29 11:09 Subsidence82 Anyone else love the 14.5” lamps?

Ive been a lava head since the early 1990s and appreciate all lava brand lamps. I have to say, the newer 14.5” lamps have really grown on me in the last couple years. The size is nearly perfect for easy displaying. The wattages are lower and the flows seem to be excellent. So many varieties at low cost. Anyone else appreciate these and why?
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2023.03.29 11:08 SeaworthinessTrue711 Amazon Clone App

Amazon Clone App
This article will discuss the Amazon phenomenon, including its history, ability to draw in millions of customers, and how to make an Amazon clone. So you'll find some useful information here if you're planning to enter new markets and launch an online multicart platform.
However, its main focus is on eCommerce, specifically the Amazon online market, a platform for online shopping where buyers and sellers can interact. Jeff Bezos, who is still the company's CEO, founded Amazon in 1994. Originally an online bookstore, they later branched out into other markets and began selling electronics, clothing, and other goods.
Nearly any physical and digital goods and services are now available to customers on this shopping platform. The biggest multichannel shopping platform by revenue is Amazon, which also has the biggest e-commerce market in the entire world. Businessmen launch their own multichannel solutions in an effort to replicate Amazon's success. And a lot of them start off by asking how to make an Amazon clone.
An effective way to empower e-commerce businesses is with an Amazon clone's feature-rich platform. Omninos offers you "CliqBuy," an Amazon clone app that has all the features you need to streamline the process. Now stand out by using this well-known Amazon clone app platform!
In the digital age, effortless shopping is a method of attracting attention. All age groups now favor convenience when selecting products wherever and whenever. They shop online the majority of the time.
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2023.03.29 11:08 Hyperfin_ Limiting city states with barbarian clans mode on

Does limiting the city states prevent barbarians from creating new city states?
So I wanted to ensure that a few city states do spawn and I limit them to the minimum of 12/12. Did this now prevent other barbarians to ever turn into city states? I did have one near me that just wouldn’t turn into one. I tried protecting it but in the end the another civ killed them. I haven’t seen any other city states so far. Besides my 12 picks
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2023.03.29 11:07 Heynowwouldyoulook What to look out for in aluminium extrusion rigs

I have recently splurged on a fancy direct drive wheel (SC OSW 20NM) which has been great fun. However my very janky wooden rig which I cobbled together over the last year is very much not up to the task of containing the forces this wheel puts out.
I've looked around for racing rigs and decided to get an aluiminium extrusion rig since that gives me the most flexibility when it comes to upgrading in the future.
However, there are so many and the prices vary wildly.
I can find rigs which go for well above 1000€ like the one Heusinkveld offers on the one end and then there are comparatively cheap ones like this lokal offering.
I assume there is something which explaines the differences in prices, my question is basically how big the differences in quality will be.
Is a cheap rig going to move around a bunch more than an expensive one or is the price because of the "features" the more expensive ones offer?
Also are there differences in the quality of the aluminium itself?
I don't want to overspend on the rig on one hand but I fear that the cheap ones will be just wobbly enough that I wan't to upgrade again in the future which I would like to avoid.
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2023.03.29 11:07 moonstone_staffy WIBTA if i tried to get my neighbour's bike taken away?

First off, i live in a block if council houses, at the top floor. Neighbour, lets call her H lives at the top floor also. Each flat has both an indoor and outdoor shed.
It is worth mentioning that stuff isnt allowed in our communal hallway because has he be kept clear in case emergency services ever need to come through
H buys a brand new expensive bike and chains it up in the middle of the communal hallway/stairs area which in our building are not big. I tell H that her bike is making it hard to get my shopping to my house and when i take the bins out, the binbag catches and rips on the bike's handlebar. H says she just needs to clear out her indoor shed so she can put it there.
A few months pass. H has not even unlocked her bicycle to use it, let alone put it away. I ask H again if she can put the bike in her house. She tells me that her bike is broken and is in the hallway just while she arranges for her friend to come and fix it.
More months pass. Council sends everybody a letter to inform them that items blocking the hallway are considered a safety hazard and any large items will be removed by the council.
Its now been over a year. The council did NOTHING apart from threaten a fine they never followed through. The bike has been stationary and in the way for more than a year. The tyres are flat and parts are corroding because of being left by an open window. Huge waste of a new bike if only she put it in her shed. It still getting my way every effing day.
Our block has a new housing officer and she seems more attentive than the last one. If i have a concern she actually tries to help. She takes health and safety seriously and i think if i complained about H's bike to her she may be able to get it removed.
Should i try to get the bike taken away or would thatbe an asshole move?
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2023.03.29 11:06 Sushain_clinic Ayurvedic Doctor Near Me, Just a Click Away

Ayurvedic doctors are now easily accessible through online consultation. This has made it easier for people to seek treatment without having to travel to a physical clinic. Online consultations allow people to consult with a qualified Ayurvedic doctor from the comfort of their home. They can discuss their health concerns and get personalized treatment plans that are tailored to their individual needs.
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2023.03.29 11:06 Militys Creep at Arby's

This is a memory that has been seared into my brain and I do not think that I could forget it even if I wanted to. This happened many years ago and I have a rather shite long term memory so the fact it sticks is telling.
Growing up my father was very protective of me and always made sure I knew what to do in case I was ever held at gunpoint or someone tried to abduct me. He had me in Tai Kwon Do classes and watched me like a hawk until I got a little older. I was around thirteen years old when this event happened and had stopped worrying about being abducted because in my mind, "Nobody abducts teenage boys."
At the time we lived in a small border town with most of the inhabitants being retirees and soldiers from the base. The crime rate was low and the town was very quiet and peaceful which also helped to aide my assurance that nothing would ever happen to me. It was just before Halloween and my mother had left town to go back to our home state and left my dad with the instructions to buy me a Halloween costume.
On this Saturday we were relaxing around the house as we normally did when my mother left, likely watching movies or television or playing video games too loud with no one to complain about the noise. We eventually got hungry and left for Arby's for lunch before heading to Spirit Halloween to costume shop. At this point in my life I had lived a relatively quiet life aside from some racist encounters and minor bullying so I was used to the lack of conflict.
Upon entering Arby's I immediately noticed an older man with tanned skin. His hair was salt and pepper and thinning at the top. His face was clean shaven and he had sort of generic brown eyes. His presence was off putting immediately as he stared deeply at me never once looking away. His stare was intense and made me very uncomfortable, my first assumption was that he was a racist and was upset over us being there.
We set our stuff down at a table with the old man still glaring at me. My father and brother got up to fill their drinks and left me alone at the table. His eyes did not move from me when they left and stayed permanently affixed to me. I knew at this point it likely was not a race thing and my stomach churned at the thought of being oggled by a pedophile. He never once ate while watching me and just sat silently at his table by himself, I do not even recall food being in front of him. I was horried. Lunch was miserable and completely ruined by this man and I was too frightened to say anything to my dad.
We left for Spirit and I asked them if they noticed anything off or weird about the man in the restaurant with us. Neither of them had noticed anything off about him so I neglected to press further. The entire time while shopping for a costume I could not stop thinking about being in Arby's and ended up just picking out a mask that I had a passing interest in.
The memory plagued my mind for the remainder of the day and had ruined my night too. My bedroom was on the second floor of the house but the paranoia was deeply set. I closed my window for fear of him somehow having followed us and crawling into my room while I slept. That entire week I had a rather miserable time trying to sleep, lying awake in bed thinking about the dark feeling that that man put off. It would not be for years until I was able to sleep with my window open again all from this one encounter.
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2023.03.29 11:05 Maleficent-Cap-6773 Dhani Scamming customers with their 70 days return policy on returns

I ordered the Rivela Lite Sunscreen from Dhani which I received on 20th March. The sunscreen will expire in May 2023. But, only the month and year of manufacturing are mentioned on the packaging. Dhani is claiming that the product will expire on 31/05/2023 just because it is in accordance with their 70 days policy as per which the product isn't eligible for a return. I'm skeptical about using a sunscreen which is nearing its expiry date and I would like to have the product replaced/returned. Please share your thoughts on this with me.
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2023.03.29 11:05 yunggeovanj San Francisco to Merced Section

I’m I the only one not understanding why they are not pushing to start construction on this section if it is environmental cleared. I believe for the best chance for the entire of phase 1 to be completed with the opposition to this project, the interim service line to Bakersfield will not be enough. I don’t know if I’m naïve or not but I’m pretty sure that major work on this section isn’t being done because the construction funds are not available. If the authority can’t find this section now how will they be able to find it in the future? Have a near or completed SF to Merced section will greatly increase the likelihood that the more expensive Bakersfield to LA section is funded. It seems to me that this project was set up to fail for the beginning by only funding the Central Valley section.
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2023.03.29 11:05 treeyellow My *24F) bf (22M) was catching up with an ex and hid it from me.

My boyfriend and I have been together for nearly two years. We had a mutual agreement not to talk to exes or people of the opposite gender who weren't mutual friends of our SO's.

I had been using my boyfriends computer, and had wanted to watch Netflix. The browser was already open to his emails, and I saw an email from Snapchat about a recent login. I thought this was weird because neither of us have Snapchat anymore, and when we did it was exclusively for each other.

Last year my boyfriend had told me about an ex that he had, Jessica, who he stopped talking to in 2018. They had been friends for years, and had met over social media. They both lived in different countries and had only dated briefly long distance, and have never met in person. She ended up getting pregnant with her boyfriend, and has two kids now. I honestly never gave her a second thought.

I downloaded the app on my phone, changed his password using his email and was able to login. Lo and behold, there was a message thread from Jessica. There were saved photos of her kids from August, and a message he had sent her a couple days ago along with a picture that I couldn't access as it had already been sent.

I confronted him about it and he told me that he had messaged her in August because he felt like he needed a friend outside of me to talk to, and thought she was the safe choice because she has kids, is in a relationship, and lives in another country. Apparently all they did was "catch up". I had messaged the girl on Instagram and she confirmed that. However, he never mentioned to her that he had a girlfriend. We had just moved in together too. He told me he messaged her a few days ago because he was still mad at me and unhappy with me over a lot of unrelated fighting we had been doing the month prior, and needed advice from her.

The funny thing is, he was very quick to tell me I wasn't allowed to talk to male coworkers and if I did that was cheating, or that I couldn't talk to my childhood male friend who was now married and if I did that was cheating.

He has a samsung and was hiding the snapchat app in his secure folder, unbeknowst to me. The thing that hurts is within that six month period I had asked about her once, and he lied to my face and told me they hadn't talked since 2018.
He had done something similar in June, where he picked up a phone call from an unknown number and it ended up being a girl that he had been friends with for years, and who was obsessed with him and had wanted to date him. They had been talking about hooking up before we started dating. He had "caught up" with her and didn't mention he had a girlfriend then either, and had also hid it from me then too.

He maintains that he didn't emotionally cheat, and that he just needed a friend to talk to. I don't like the fact that he was so good at lying, it was so easy for him, and he still maintains he didn't cheat. I also don't like the fact that he didn't tell her he had a girlfriend. What would you do in this situation? How can I move past this?

tl;dr: bf was talking to an ex and hid it from me for six months, and now wants a second chance.
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2023.03.29 11:05 Jesse14all Ransom Strips

Ransom Strips
‘Tiny bits of land that developers hold onto after they’ve sold all the houses’ creating No Through Access blockages in otherwise well connected suburbs
Below is an example of two housing estates in the U.K. built side by side, with a 1 metre ransom strip in between, close to shops, and a school that accepts children from all over the area. If you’re unlucky enough to live on the ‘other side’ you have to walk all the way around on the main road
According to local gossip, this ransom began over 10yrs ago with the first developer building the main through road on his new estate. When the second local developer built their estate next door they counted on residents being able to travel through, and use that main road. This annoyed the first, who appealed, but the council upheld the right for the benefit of everyone living there. The developer retaliated by activating his ransom strip, located between the two estates, refusing to allow anyone to cross over it. You could argue that it was justified, and there are always two sides to every dispute. It may inadvertently reduce vehicle traffic, which is never a bad thing. Please remember I do not have access to all the facts, and exact details of discussions held behind official doors. But I lived here. Its widely known that this developer has made millions of pounds of company and personal profit from these expensive, and often low build quality homes, and has moved on. The main road has been ‘adopted’ by the council, who are now responsible for all maintenance and upgrade costs in the future. But the developer still won’t sell the ransom strip for a price the council can afford and the barriers remain, reinforced when anyone attempts to squeeze through on foot, with something outrageous, like a pram or a shopping bag
There are thousands of ransom strips all over the country, you probably have one near your home or workplace. It might look like an overgrown grass verge, or might not be visible at all, a virtual space like the air we breathe, only identifiable on land registry documents
These strips can take decades to resolve, and remain a huge barrier to the creation of walkable neighbourhoods. They are sometimes considered a bargaining tool, as leverage to gain permission on future developments, or even a pension investment, only becoming available after the owners death when all the assets of the estate are sold off. There are lawyers who specialise in the sale and purchase of ransom strips, so anyone can play Robin Hood, or Sheriff of Nottingham, depending on your point of view
Ransom strips are holding up projects all over the country. If you’ve ever wondered why the council won’t build that amazing new cycle highway, or even a simple gate next to a school, it could be because of a landowner, sitting comfortably on their pension fund ransom strip, miles away from the problem, keeping a low profile until the time, and price are ‘right up their alley’
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