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Show off the paint and decals on your ship!

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A place for Elite:Dangerous CMDRs to get feedback and help on their ship loadout.

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Subreddit created for supporters of Edmund Mahon, Prime Minister of the Alliance of Independent Systems in the online space simulator Elite: Dangerous.

2023.03.30 06:10 Shatterstar23 Question on deducting shipping costs of goods sent yo me for resale.

Where do I account for the cost of shipping for product that was shipped to me that I resold. ?
Is it included in inventory or on one of the other lines?
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2023.03.30 06:00 pelicano234 [mini] “UP” House 43217 - 82 spots at $1/ea

CashApp and Gpay payments should have NO COMMENTS. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS PLEASE PM ME. Comments will result in a permanent ban
Item Name Set Number: “UP” House 43217
Lego Price/Justification: $63 retail w/tax
Shipping: $19 (17x12x5, 3lb, ups ground 53186 to 98597)
Raffle Total/Spots: $82= 82 @ $1
Call spots: Yes
Spot limit per person: No
Duration of spot limit: N/A
Location(Country): WI
Will ship international: No sorry/Hawaii/Alaska pay cost above listed quote.
Timestamp pics: (https://imgur.com/a/WBG4kPH)
Description: Pre release!
Payment required w/in 10 minutes of raffle filling. 5 min for drama
CashApp and Gpay payments should have NO COMMENTS. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS PLEASE PM ME. Comments will result in a permanent ban
PM me for Gpay NO PAYPAL

PayPal Info: NO PP, PM For Gpay
Cash App Info: https://cash.app

Tip BlobAndHisBoy
Number of vacant slots: 0
Number of unpaid users: 2
Number of unpaid slots: 7
This slot list is created and updated by The EDC Raffle Tool by BlobAndHisBoy.
1 TeddyLea PAID
2 nik0nguy601 PAID
3 mrxscarface PAID
4 rafikiwock PAID
5 rafikiwock PAID
6 BB-Atemylunch PAID
7 rafikiwock PAID
8 rafikiwock PAID
9 rafikiwock PAID
10 rafikiwock PAID
11 mrxscarface PAID
12 m_cabss
14 rafikiwock PAID
15 jasonmoon20 PAID
16 TeddyLea PAID
17 CoCagRa PAID
18 TeddyLea PAID
19 mrxscarface PAID
20 m_cabss
21 jasonmoon20 PAID
22 CoCagRa PAID
23 CoCagRa PAID
24 twosock360
25 TeddyLea PAID
26 CoCagRa PAID
27 rafikiwock PAID
28 mrxscarface PAID
29 BB-Atemylunch PAID
30 m_cabss
32 yo-Marie-yo PAID
33 yo-Marie-yo PAID
35 mrxscarface PAID
36 rafikiwock PAID
37 TeddyLea PAID
38 CoCagRa PAID
39 TeddyLea PAID
40 rafikiwock PAID
42 BB-Atemylunch PAID
43 m_cabss
44 jasonmoon20 PAID
45 m_cabss
46 TeddyLea PAID
47 rafikiwock PAID
48 BB-Atemylunch PAID
49 BB-Atemylunch PAID
50 BB-Atemylunch PAID
51 nik0nguy601 PAID
52 TeddyLea PAID
53 twosock360
54 rafikiwock PAID
56 CoCagRa PAID
57 rafikiwock PAID
58 TeddyLea PAID
59 rafikiwock PAID
60 rafikiwock PAID
61 jasonmoon20 PAID
62 rafikiwock PAID
63 TeddyLea PAID
64 TeddyLea PAID
65 rafikiwock PAID
66 BB-Atemylunch PAID
67 rafikiwock PAID
68 BB-Atemylunch PAID
69 yo-Marie-yo PAID
70 rafikiwock PAID
71 rafikiwock PAID
72 jasonmoon20 PAID
73 rafikiwock PAID
74 rafikiwock PAID
75 rafikiwock PAID
76 rafikiwock PAID
78 CoCagRa PAID
79 rafikiwock PAID

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2023.03.30 05:51 Massive_Level_7127 What is the advantage and disadvantage of bone conduction headphones?

What is the advantage and disadvantage of bone conduction headphones?
Did you know that a new type of headphones is popular among young people now? They are bone conduction headphones. They’re pretty cool, and a different type of headphone than all the ones that came before it. If you haven’t know it, follow my article to find out.

What are bone conduction headphones?

Bluetooth bone conduction headphones are headphones in which the sound generating unit is attached to temples. Their vocal units convert sound into mechanical vibrations, which cause bone vibrations, and transmit the sound to the auditory nerve.

They are vastly different from common headphones. Ordinary headphones are air conduction, while the sound unit of them is a horn. When you play music, their horns convert the sound into sound waves, which travel through the air in your ear to your eardrum, causing the eardrum to vibrate and then send the sound to the auditory nerve, where it is finally heard by your ear. Bone conduction headphones convert sound into mechanical vibration when making sound, and directly transmit the vibration to the auditory nerve of the inner ear through the bone without passing through the air and tympanic membrane.
Because of this difference, the way Bluetooth bone conduction headphones are worn is also different. They don’t need to be plugged into the ear, but hang on the pinna so that the sound unit is pressed against the temple. Of course, there is another type of clip-on bone conduction headphones, which are clipped to the ear when worn, and then the sound unit will stick to your auricle. But the vocalization and delivery of the sound is the same for both.
The unique wearing method of Bluetooth bone conduction headphones also brings many advantages. The most important thing is that they are very safe

What is the advantage of bone conduction headphones?

The way bone conduction headphones are worn without earbuds brings tangible benefits:
Safer: It does not block your ears when wearing it, allowing you to maintain awareness of the surrounding environment, making outdoor sports safer;

Healthier: it uses bones to transmit sound, and the sound is directly transmitted to the auditory nerve, avoiding damage to the eardrum, and can protect hearing well;
More hygienic: Bone conduction headphones do not need to be worn in the ear, even if worn for a long time, they can keep the ear canal fresh and avoid otitis media, otitis media and other diseases caused by blocked ear canal;

More comfortable: They are very light, and there is no sense of weight when worn. The surface of many bone conduction headphones is made of skin-friendly soft material, which is very comfortable to wear;
Unique appearance: wearing bone conduction headphones with unique design can help you attract more people’s attention;
When keeping in touch with the outside world, you can communicate with friends or colleagues while listening to music, and you will not neglect them because of listening to music.
There are two sides to the coin, bone conduction headphones have many advantages, but it also has some disadvantages.

What is the disadvantage of bone conduction headphones?

While bone conduction headphones are popular, they’re not perfect. They also have some disadvantages, summed up in three:
Disadvantage 1 : sound quality
Because of the design characteristics of bone conduction headphones, their anti-interference effect is not ideal when wearing them for shopping, subway, car and other noisy environments. And the sound quality is not as good as traditional headphones, because they transmit sound through the skin, skull and then to the ear ossicles, so the degree of music reproduction is not as good as traditional in-ear headphones.
Disadvantage 2 : sound leakage

The sound is transmitted through the vibration of the vibrator, so part of the sound is also transmitted through the vibration of the air, and sound leakage cannot be completely avoided. It’s just that some headphones invest more research and design in reducing sound leakage, and solve most of the sound leakage problems. For example, the Wissonly Hi runner bone conduction headphones I own are excellent representatives among them.
Disadvantage 3 the price is slightly higher
The technology of bone conduction headphones is more complicated than that of traditional headphones, the materials are better than traditional headphones, and the manufacturing process is more complicated, which ultimately makes the price of them a little higher. But this year, with the rapid popularity of them, their prices have dropped significantly after the production has increased significantly.
Of course, in the past two years, the technology in the field of bone conduction headphones has made great progress, and some of the disadvantages mentioned above have been greatly improved, such as the sound quality and the reduction of sound leakage.Now I will recommend some good bone conduction headphones.

1 Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphones

Reason for recommendation:
Wissonly is one of the few bone conduction headphone brands that have mastered bone conduction vibrator technology, and one of the few brands in the industry that have sustained experience in using bone conduction technology to protect hearing. Wissonly Hi Runner advocate a healthy way to listen. They perfectly combine the principles of healthy hearing and bone conduction sound transmission, to create a non-in-ear and non-ear-damaging bone conduction headphone which can effectively protect hearing.
Due to the particularity of the technical principle, sound quality of bone conduction headphones is more difficult to be improved . To this end, Wissonly Hi Runner subverts the traditional sound quality scheme, makes a breakthrough to use the large-size bone conduction vibrator. Through structural optimization, the effective vibration area of the vibrator is increased by 35%, thereby improving the vibrator sound efficiency, making the sound more powerful.It also optimizing the direction of sound transmission, reducing sound loss during sound transmission, and making the sound more concentrated.
The skin-friendly silicone material of the Wissonly Hi Runner body is a product that can be in contact with the skin for a long time. It is naturally a better choice and feels good to the touch. Because the entire headphone is made of skin-friendly material, it is very comfortable to wear. Even if you wear glasses, you can still hang it firmly on your ears. The headphone frame uses memory titanium, which has the advantage of being stretchable and lightweight.

2. Philips A6606 bone conduction headphones

Reason for recommendation:
Philips A6606 adopts the latest generation of exterior design, which strengthens water resistance and slip resistance during sports for a more stable fit. The surface of its body uses skin-friendly materials, which will be more comfortable to wear. The body is also relatively light, and there is no sense of weight when wearing. It also has a night running indicator to ensure that the cyclist or vehicle behind you can see you during night running, thus you can avoid danger. From a configuration point of view, the configuration of this product may not be very high, but Philips’ quality is trustworthy. The price may be slightly expensive.

3.AfterShokz OPENRUN PRO bone conduction headphones

Reason for recommendation:
This headphones focuses on the direction of the Bluetooth headheadphones, and the ergonomically designed ear-attached rear suspension helps consumers to do large-scale movements such as running and jumping without worrying about the headphones being dumped. Openrun Pro’s bone conduction unit is designed with a 30-degree tilt technology, coupled with Aeropex suspension damping technology, which can effectively reduce the vibration generated during exercise and bring a more comfortable hearing experience. The waterproof level of openpro has reached IP67 level. If you sweat and rain during exercise, don’t worry about it slipping or affecting the sound quality. The intelligent control button on the right side of the headset can realize blind exercise with one hand, easy song cutting and other functions only by raising your hand.

4.Earsopen peace tw-1 bone conduction headphones

Reason for recommendation:
The wearing style of Peace TW-1 bone conduction headphones is very unique. It adopts a clip-on wearing method, has a certain stability in wearing, even if in strenuous exercise it can be stably clamped on the auricle. The weight of the body is 9g, during the wearing process, it will not feel heavy. IP67 waterproof rating helps it to be worn outdoors in rainy days easily, and daily sweating is not a problem at all to it, but it can not be used in swimming.
The disadvantage is that its clip-on wearing method may cause discomfort after wearing it for a long time.

5.Nank Runner CC3 bone conduction headphones

Reason for recommendation:
Runner CC2 is an entry-level bone conduction headset, but its overall performance is very good. The headphone body is made of aviation grade material, which has good flexibility and is not easy to be damaged. The weight of the body is only 28g, combined with skin-friendly food-grade silica gel as the surface material, which brings a skin-friendly and comfortable wearing experience. Its waterproof grade reaches IPX6 level, which can meet the basic life-class waterproof.
Consider three key points of sound quality, sound leakage reduction and comfort,wissonly and Aftershokz are the best of the above five bone conduction headphones. If product parameters and cost performance are considered, Wissonly performs better.
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2023.03.30 05:47 779910pv [H]Starwars legion armies [W] PayPal [Loc]US

Looking to offload my stuff as I’m getting into a new game and I’d rather give it to someone who enjoys it so here it is I also will be paying shipping within the US and Canada international would cost more. This does come with cards and dice and tokens if you would like them and measurement tools aswell
Clone army-180$
Half the star wars core set clone side
501st legion battle force
Anakin Skywalker character pack
Upgrade card packs 1+2
Droid army- 180$
Droid half of starter set
1 set of b2 battle droids
3 sets of commando droid
Darth maul character pack
Cad bane character pack
Super tactical droid character pack
I will sell both armies for 340 I’ll pay shipping it does come with all tokens and measuring tools.
Proof: https://imgur.io/a/p8CG6Qs
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2023.03.30 05:46 shrikrishnastore1 Shrinath Ji Metal Painted (Black, 4 Inch)

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2023.03.30 05:35 aikasa_ HSL POP Up Store Online Is Live on Medicos!! How to buy these JPN exclusive merchandise from overseas. [tutorial]

HSL POP Up Store Online Is Live on Medicos!! How to buy these JPN exclusive merchandise from overseas. [tutorial]

Hello, and welcome to the tutorial of how to order HSL merch sold on Medicos Online Shop. This tutorial will tell you how to use a proxy shopping service to make a purchase of Japan exclusive HSL merch. This is my first time posting a tutorial on reddit so please let me know if you find any points of confusion. English is not my first language so you may find some grammar errors. I apologize in advance for my poor English. All links in this post are not affiliate links.

Do i need to know Japanese??


List of items
Note: US$ price shown on this table is calculated as ¥100 = US$ 0.75 -Rate will differ.

Name -Translate Name -Japanese Price -Sales Tax included note Does this product use new artwork? URL
BIG acrylic stand ① Matsuzaka Sato 「ハッピーシュガーライフ」描き下ろしBIGアクリルスタンド①松坂さとう ¥1,650 (US$12.38) Yes https://medicos-e-shop.net/products/detail/16351
BIG acrylic stand ② Kobe Shio 「ハッピーシュガーライフ」描き下ろしBIGアクリルスタンド②神戸しお ¥1,650 (US$12.38) Yes https://medicos-e-shop.net/products/detail/16352
Acrylic key holder ① Matsuzaka Sato 「ハッピーシュガーライフ」アクリルキーホルダー①松坂さとう ¥880 (US$6.60) No https://medicos-e-shop.net/products/detail/16353
Acrylic key holder ② Kobe Shio 「ハッピーシュガーライフ」アクリルキーホルダー②神戸しお ¥880 (US$6.60) No https://medicos-e-shop.net/products/detail/16354
Tin badge bundle 「ハッピーシュガーライフ」缶バッジセット ¥1,100 (US$8.25) A bundle of two badges with a glitter finish. No https://medicos-e-shop.net/products/detail/16362
Clear plastic file folder bundle 「ハッピーシュガーライフ」クリアファイルセット ¥990 (US$8.25) A bundle of two A4 size file folders. No https://medicos-e-shop.net/products/detail/16355
B2 Sized tapestry 「ハッピーシュガーライフ」描き下ろしB2タペストリー ¥3850 (US$28.88) Yes https://medicos-e-shop.net/products/detail/16347
Diorama style acrylic stand 「ハッピーシュガーライフ」描き下ろしアクリルジオラマ ¥3850 (US$28.88) Yes https://medicos-e-shop.net/products/detail/16350
T-shirt 「ハッピーシュガーライフ」Tシャツ ¥2,750 (US$20.62) Made out of cotton. Japanese L size. No https://medicos-e-shop.net/products/detail/16363
Life to size tapestry ① Matsuzaka Sato ハッピーシュガーライフ」描き下ろし等身大タペストリー①松坂さとう ¥7,700 (US$57.75) Yes https://medicos-e-shop.net/products/detail/16345
Life to size tapestry Kobe Shio 「ハッピーシュガーライフ」描き下ろし等身大タペストリー②神戸しお ¥7,700 (US$57.75) Yes https://medicos-e-shop.net/products/detail/16346

100 Yen = 0.75USD (2023/03/29 11:50 UTC)

#1 Make an account on OneMap (a.k.a. FromJapan)

Medicos Online store does not handle sell products to foreign customers. Therefore, proxy shopping websites has to be used. Proxy websites will buy the item and ship to your oversea address in exchange of a handling fee.
I use OneMap out of many proxy services because they are what medicos online recommends you to use. Also, many proxy websites do not have medicos online in there coverage.
  1. Go to SIGN UP PAGE and make an account. OneMap's website is in English so shouldn't be hard.
  2. Once your account is set up, go to OneMap website. Click the Hamburger Icon on the top right. Then open the "Change account information" drawer.
  3. Choose "Change Account Details".
  4. Make sure your personal information is correct, the address tied to your account will be where your item is getting shipped.

#2 Payment Settings

  1. Go to Peyment Settings. Add your credit card or debit card number. You can alternatively use Paypal if your credit card is not compatible.

#3 Buy

  1. Go to [LINK] and choose the product you want. Or open the URL listed in the table at the top of this post.
  1. Click "ORDER from overseas PURCHASE through FJ!" Banner.

  1. Chose "Order Now!".

  1. Make sure that the URL is correct then click "Go to Order Page". The textbox may become empty if you use a internet browser like Firefox.

  1. Enter the Item name in English. Filling out the size, color, Model Number, and picture is optional but I always do it to make easier to manage my orders.

I added the following comment for receiving the purchase bonus. There is no guarantee to receive the bonus however. Feel free to use it as an template.
もし可能なら、メディコスオンラインストアのご注文手続き画面の「お問い合せ」欄以下の文章を入力して下さい。ありがとうございます。(購入特典カードの為です。) ①1枚 ④1枚 ⑤1枚t
Can you please enter the following text at the Purchase Procedure section if possible? Thank you. (It is for the purchase bonus card.)
①1枚 ④1枚 ⑤1枚
Also here are the rules for the purchase bonus.

  1. Click Request a price quote after filling out the forum.
  2. Complete!! You will get an price quote email in 1-2 days.


Repeat #3 if you are going to buy multiple items.

Optional: I recommend you to proceed to Order list then bookmark your shopping Service List.

#4 Charge #1 Payment

  1. You'll get a price quote within 2 business days. (3 hours for myself.) Access your Order List. Click "Change 1 payment is pending >" .
  1. Click Proceed to Checkout.

  1. Click Place Order.

That's all for now! You will later receive a email for international shipping. I hope this guide helped you get

HSL merch will be shipped to the distribution center in May. Once arrived, you will receive a email for the international shipping options. You can combine orders that arrived to the distribution center.

Optional: I recommend you to proceed to Order list then bookmark your shopping Service List.
↓This is what your order page will look like.↓

Image of the product won't be present if you didn't upload a picture at #3 step 5.


Q. Can I order multiple items? What happens to shipping?

A. Repeat #3 for each items. Items will be combined at the Japan distribution center before international shipping.

Q. Am I getting charged extra cost?

A. Yes. 300 yen service fee + international shipping +custom fee depends on where you live. International shipping has got expensive since December of last year. Be careful with your spending. [Service Fees] [International Shipping Fee Calculator]
You do not pay custom fees unless you go sicko mode and make a $1600 purchase.(if you live in USA)

Q. When am I getting charged?

A. Charge1 happens after the price quote. Charge1 is the price of the product. Charge 2 happens before international shipping. Charge2 is the international shipping fee, handling fee, and custom.

Q. When is the deadline for buying these items?

A. The pre-order ends on April 11th, Tuesday. Limited stocks will be available after the 11th.

Q. Should I wait for an western release or a re-print?

A. Western localization and re-prints of the entire roaster will likely not happen. Buy it while you can!! I advise you to not buy re-sales on ebay/ mercari because they are either overpriced or fake.

Q. Am I getting the purchase bonus?

A. We don't know... Proxy services do not guarantee pre-order / purchase bonuses.

Q. Okay, I just bought it!! When will my loot arrive on my porch?

A. Planned to be shipped out to the OneMap distribution center on May. Then it'll go on international shipping.

Q. Should I buy this?

A. Yes.
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2023.03.30 05:33 custommedalspins How To Order Custom Enamel Pins

How To Order Custom Enamel Pins
Enamel pins are made of enamel, a type of metal that is resistant to weathering and corrosion. Custom enamel pins are popularly used as promotional items and fashion accessories. In this article, we will discuss how to order custom enamel pins from Custom Medals And Pins, a leading pin manufacturer.

Deciding On The Design

When ordering custom enamel pins, the first step is to decide on the design. There are many design options to choose from, such as the size, shape, colors, and materials used. Additionally, you can also choose a logo or text to be included on the pin.
Once you have decided on the design, you can contact Custom Medals And Pins for a quote. They will require some basic information such as the size, shape, colors, and materials used for the pin. The pin manufacturer can also provide you with a range of options for the logo and text to be included on the pin.

Placing Your Order

After you have received a quote, you can proceed to place your order. Custom Medals And Pins will require a deposit before they can begin production. The deposit will be applied to the total cost of the pins and is typically non-refundable.
Once you have placed your order and paid the deposit, Custom Medals And Pins will begin production. The production process involves creating a mold of the design, which will then be used to create the pins. This process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the complexity of the design.
After the pins have been produced, Custom Medals And Pins will ship them to you. Depending on the size of your order, the pins can be shipped via air, sea, or land. Shipping costs will vary depending on the shipping method and the size of the order.

Receiving And Using The Pins

When you receive your custom enamel pins, you can then begin using them. Enamel pins are popularly used as promotional items and fashion accessories. They can be used to promote a business, brand, or organization, or to express a personal style.
The production process can take a few days to a few weeks, depending on the complexity of the design. Finally, the pins will be shipped to you and you can begin using them.
Custom enamel pins are a great way to promote your business, brand, or organization. They can also be used to express a personal style and make a fashion statement. With Custom Medals And Pins, you can create custom pins that are unique and eye-catching.
They also offer a range of logo and text options to be included on the pin. Additionally, they provide a fast turnaround time and competitive prices.
When ordering custom enamel pins from Custom Medals And Pins, you can expect excellent customer service. They will help you throughout the process, from the initial design to the final product. They will also provide you with a tracking number so you can track the progress of your order.
Custom Medals And Pins is a trusted pin manufacturer with years of experience in the industry. They have a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing the best quality products and services. With their help, you can create custom enamel pins that will make a lasting impression.
Custom enamel pins are a great way to promote your business, brand, or organization. They can also be used to express a personal style and make a fashion statement. With Custom Medals And Pins, you can create custom pins that are unique and eye-catching. So, if you are looking for a reliable pin manufacturer, look no further than Custom Medals And Pins.
In summary, ordering custom enamel pins from Custom Medals And Pins is a straightforward process. You start by deciding on the design of the pin. Once you have received a quote, you can proceed to place your order and pay the deposit.
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2023.03.30 05:30 Duo007 [WTS] Beretta 92FS Brigadier Elite Gen 1 4.7 Inox Barrel

Selling a new 4.7 inox barrel (no crown) pulled from a brigadier elite. Barrel is in awesome condition with slight wear near the muzzle end under the front sight (not visible unless slide is to rear). Asking $160 shipped and insured via PayPal F&F.
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2023.03.30 05:28 Covered_in_Weasels Tips and tricks about frequently misunderstood mechanics

Now that 1.0 is here, I think it would be nice to put together a list of tips and tricks regarding frequently overlooked or misunderstood game mechanics. Here are a few of mine:
If an NPC sees you stealing things from a station and calls security, you can defuse the situation by dropping the item you stole. The guards will confiscate the item and leave you alone with nothing more than a relationship hit. You can even keep any other stolen goods on your person; as long as nobody sees you take it, you're good.
Broad spectrum antibiotics (ABX) are a cheap way to fight husk infections. When active, it slows infection growth rate and reduces severity as long as the infection hasn't passed 75%. Early application of ABX will neutralize husk infections at a fraction of calyxanide's cost. If it's running when you're bit by a husk, it may have enough juice to cure the infection before you even notice you're infected; this is why some people say it "prevents" husk infection.
Railgun shells can be filled with items to enhance their effect. This may seem obvious to veterans, but it's surprising how many new players miss this. Anything that goes "boom" will help: C-4, compound N, EMP grenades (great against ships). Volatile compound N will do the same damage as regular compound N, and fuel rods will not do anything. Bike horns will do nothing when fired in a rail gun shell, but it will keep these weapons of terror away from troublemakers.
Depth charges can be placed on ammo racks. There's no need to have that nuclear warhead rattling around on the floor. That stuff can be stored properly.
Artie Doolittle will not steal your ethanol and drink it for no reason.
Do any of you have more things to add?
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2023.03.30 05:24 IClubSealCubs [NZ] [H] Bias TKL [W] Paypal

Hi all,
I have a R2 Bias TKL I'd like to sell.
It comes with everything mentioned here, as well as an extra daughterboard/PCB.
Note, this board is A-stock, not B-stock - I am just giving the link to list what the board comes with.
I am not looking to make money on this board - purely just looking to cover purchase/customs cost.
As such, I am looking for 1400NZD (870USD) + shipping.
PM me with any questions/offers.
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2023.03.30 05:18 abc293sucks [US-CA] [H] Moonkey Hand-Painted Koi Artisan Wrist Rest, Glorious Padded Keyboard Wrist Rest - Stealth Edition [W] Paypal


More information about these items below this table
If you would like to buy all 3, then I can discount for a total of $85 shipped.
Item Availability Price
Moonkey Hand-Painted Koi Artisan Wrist Rest Yes $70 shipped
Glorious Padded Keyboard Wrist Rest - Stealth Edition (Compact) Yes $20 shipped (or both Glorious wrist pads for $30 shipped)
Glorious Padded Keyboard Wrist Rest - Stealth Edition (TKL) Yes $20 shipped (or both Glorious wrist pads for $30 shipped)

Moonkey Hand-Painted Koi Artisan Wrist Rest

Glorious Padded Keyboard Wrist Rest - Stealth Edition

Glorious Padded Keyboard Wrist Rest - Stealth Edition
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2023.03.30 05:13 rooplstilskin I've been away for awhile, but have some new toys...

I am one of those people that played for years and put an embarrassing amount of hours in. From Raxxla research, to game file digging, to defending pilots from trolls in Open ( I took down several big name people that clouted their prismatic shields and big ships preying on the smallemore weekender type pilots), and helped to defend both exploration trips from the community. I have done most of the thargoid things, and the mysterious 3rd race activities, and have engineering in a place that is pretty much all level 5, with a few ships with guardian tech, a few thargoid fighters, and all of the big ones. Most of my money was made from Exploration or mining. Am pretty close to elite in all 4 areas, with just a couple levels to go in CQ and combat.
I have a carrier, that I got when they came out, and sat out in the black to be a fuel/rearm/data stop for those that were thousands of LYs away from the bubble. I came back for a short stint when Odyssey came out, but haven't played much since then.
Now my carrier is running low on funds, and I was looking to jump back in. So hopefully this awesome community can point me in the right direction:
I see that the Bio exploration is the key credit gain system now, so I'll go get my Krait-2 (Muir) to start doing that, to feed the funds for the carrier (just flew it back to the bubble), but besides the thargoid war, and wing stacking, whats a good fun way to make decent credits?
I also play flight sims, and have gone through several hotas, I am now on the Warthog, since they are one of the easier one's to modify to my needs in other games (easy to soldeadd circuitry to it, change out parts, etc), anyone else use the warthog stuff that have a good mapping?
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2023.03.30 05:12 wrightscoins [WTS] Classic Commems, Few Morgans and some Canadian 80%

Thanks for looking shipping is 4/9 for USPS fc/priority. Payment preference is Zelle or Venmo. Crypto is accepted @ +4%. Items will ship same or next business day. Insurance available at cost. Proof
**Numismatic (**grades are an opinion, either mine, NGC's or PCGS) More pics of commems 2,
1882 GSA CC Morgan MS64 $460
1893 Isabella Quarter MS65 $1,025 really clean surfaces could very well be a 66
1900 Lafayette Dollar XF $440
1893 Morgan VF $400
1898 O Morgan MS65 (toned) $190
1847 HawaiiCent $510 AU
1915 S Panama Pacific Half Dollar -AU 55 -cleaning- $360
1938 New Rochelle Half Dollar-MS65 $290
1936 S Columbia SC Half Dollar MS65 $260
1918 Illinois Half Dollar MS64 $235
1920 Maine Half Dollar MS65 $355
1926 S Oregon Trail Half Dollar MS62 $210

Canada 80%
BU 17.75 X face $48.50 available or $837 shipped for all
Circulated 17 X Face $31.40 available or $523 shipped for all
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2023.03.30 05:09 Snowsunbunny Ordering tret to Germany: experiences/recommendations in 2023?

Hi guys! To anyone living in Germany or central EU, do you have any good recommendations where to got quality tretinoin not too expensive delivered safely to Germany?
Had some luck with farmacia enandorra but they are quite pricey imo wanting 20€ for a 30mg tube plus shipping costs. Any better deals?
Appreciate it!
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2023.03.30 05:08 wrightscoins [WTS] Canada 80%, Few morgans, Few Classic Commemoratives

Thanks for looking shipping is 4/9 for USPS fc/priority. Payment preference is Zelle or Venmo. Crypto is accepted @ +4%. Items will ship same or next business day. Insurance available at cost. Proof
80% Canada
BU 17.75 X face $48.50 available or $837 shipped for all
Circulated 17 X Face $31.40 available or $523 shipped for all
Numismatic (grades are an opinion, either mine, NGC's or PCGS) More pics of commems 2, 3
1882 GSA CC Morgan MS64 $460
1893 Isabella Quarter MS65 $1,025
1900 Lafayette Dollar XF $440
1893 Morgan VF $400
1898 O Morgan MS65 (toned) $190
1847 HawaiiCent $510 AU
1915 S Panama Pacific Half Dollar $360
1938 New Rochelle Half Dollar $290
1936 S Columbia SC Half Dollar MS65 $260
1918 Illinois Half Dollar MS64 $235
1920 Maine Half Dollar MS65 $355
1926 S Oregon Trail Half Dollar MS62 $210
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2023.03.30 05:08 Blursed-Penguin No Rest for the Wicked 21



At some point during the journey aboard the RCX Yekaterinburg, someone had set up a display in the commons showing the names of all the militaries assembling on Omen, in order to boost the morale of the incoming Russians. Of course, the US’s forces were first on the list, being first to arrive, but then came the Bundeswehr, and then, curiously enough, the French Foreign Extraplanetaries. ANZAC, the Royal Marines, and the JSDF came next, followed closely behind by the remainder of Unified Combat Command. It was an impressive show of force, but it would be a nightmare to coordinate. Svetlana just hoped the people in charge of this whole operation hadn’t slept through their foreign language classes.

The Yekaterinburg dropped out of warp within visual range of the USS Montana, which provided yet another boost to morale. During the Contact Wars, the Montana had driven back a previous attempt to invade New Vancouver near-singlehandedly, routing an Intruder fleet with a mixture of genius maneuver and overwhelming firepower and achieving the highest kill count of any human spacecraft before or since. The sight of the hulking missile battleship and its veteran crew was a welcome sight. It would remain in orbit, raining kinetic impactors on anything impervious to regular bombing.

However, not all was well. When they were still a day out, word had made it to the Russians that the same fleet that had carried out the devastation of New Vancouver had arrived in-system, having more than recouped their losses in the engagement with Admiral Kuznetsov. Instead of a task force of six, it was a flotilla of more than two dozen, with more to arrive in the coming days. Already, there were nicknames for its enigmatic leader, some more vulgar than others, but the most popular of them was “The Cornered Fox of the Void,” the story being that they had escaped destruction by the Nikitovna by showing unbelievable aggression, driving them aside with threats of a ramming maneuver before using their own ships as shields to cover their retreat and evacuation of a further ten thousand captives.

Still, that wasn’t relevant to now. Svetlana couldn’t afford to distract herself with “what-ifs” and whatnot. Determining everything that could go wrong in a war was a one-way ticket to an asylum.

The Yekaterinburg quivered as though alive as it broke through Omen’s aerospatial boundary. Blinding orange light shone through every porthole, and the craft left a trail of white condensation behind it. Svetlana braced herself in her chair, clenching her body when the ship began to decelerate. Someone always braced a little too late and lost bowel control in these descents, and Svetlana was determined not to be the unlucky one.

The G-force let up after a minute or so and the ship settled into a gentle float about a kilometer in the air, its ventral guns scanning the ground below. A moment later, a general alert went over the intercom, instructing all ground forces to prepare for disembarkation. Svetlana stood, grabbing her cap and jogging from the commons to the shuttle bay. Along the way, she passed an embarrassed-looking maintenance tech, who hastily darted into a bathroom.

The shuttle bay was nothing if not hectic, but it was especially frenzied now. Exosuited technicians scurried around, arming and refueling the shuttles. Most of the aircraft were the common dual-engine variant, but there were also a few haulers, with an engine nacelle on each corner of the fuselage instead of wings. Those would be used to offload the various vehicles and heavy machines of their forces.

“Fall in!” their commander shouted. Svetlana and the rest of the officer corps rushed to their places in formation, the enlisted following shortly behind. The shuttle bay was just barely large enough to harbor the men, the shuttles, and the support staff.

Admiral Kuznetsov turned to face his charges, lips pursed and brows furrowed. His uniform was untidy, which was quite unlike him, and there were great big bags under his eyes. He looked like he had aged ten years in a few days.

“Today, men, you are doing what the Russian military has never done: you are landing on a real, not simulated, enemy planet. The backbone of this world’s force is broken, but they are far from pacified, and with the Cornered Fox in our orbit, it is likely they will be receiving reinforcements soon. USSAC is already gathering a fleet to intercept them, but it’s unlikely they’ll be able to decisively engage them before they bring themselves to bear upon us.

“I expect you not to buckle under their assaults, no matter how withering. You will perform to the best of your ability, and you will show these degenerates,” Svetlana cringed at the sheer vitriol in the word. “why Russia was feared and hated for so long. And you will show them that we are still to be feared today. Am I clear?”

“Sir, yes sir!” everyone called simultaneously.

“Good. Dismissed,” Georgy bowed his head and let them proceed to their shuttles. Svetlana, however, took a brief detour to him.

“Hey, are you feeling alright?” Svetlana asked.

“Oh, I’m fine. I’m… I’m just tired. I don’t think I’ve slept in a few days.” Georgy said. He was in his mid-sixties, and it was in these moments that Svetlana was reminded of his age. He seemed smaller and frailer than normal. He had already served long enough to earn his pension, but Svetlana suspected that he wouldn’t have anything left to live for if not for the military, so he remained diligent as ever.

“Why, what’s wrong?”

Georgy frowned, considering whether or not to tell her. Then, he smiled half-heartedly. “It’s nothing you need to worry about, Svetka. Just admiralty things.”

It was a flat-faced lie, but Svetlana understood why he told it. “Okay then. Just… tell me if you need me, okay? You can’t just go on working yourself to death.”

“Well, either I work myself to the bone out here or you do in a mine somewhere in the orgy of imperialism they call a state. Just…” Georgy teared up for a moment. Svetlana couldn’t bear to see the invincible officer cry, so she grabbed him in a powerful bear hug, choking back her own sobs. Georgy soon reciprocated the gesture, wetting her shoulder as he rested his head on her.

“You’re the only thing I have left, Svetka. Don’t let them catch you. Don’t let them take you and turn you against everything we stand for. Please.” Georgy whimpered. In this moment, he was just a fragile, pitiful old man, completely vulnerable, a war hero no longer. This was just too much.

I promise! I promise, I promise, I promise.” Svetlana cried, bursting into tears. For a few minutes, they stood like this, propping each other up, trying not to let the horror of this situation overwhelm them completely. As Svetlana regained her bearing, a fell anger gripped her.

“War should be a curse word.” she spat.

Georgy looked up at her with a similar fire in his eyes. “In-fucking-deed.”

“Everyone unpack your weapons quickly! Los, los, los!” the 467th’s commander yelled as the first of the shuttles touched down on what would soon become Fort von Richthofen. As the loading doors of the hauler unsealed and descended, Hersch turned on the Leopard’s engine and eased it down the ramp and towards the rally point.

A Sternjager in a spacesuit waved them in the correct direction, his special-forces insignia glinting in the harsh blue sunlight. Johann couldn’t imagine what it felt like to be dropped straight from orbit and practically crash-landed into enemy territory. Hersch maneuvered the tank into its designated spot and switched it off, the crew dismounting.

Oberst-leutnant Weiss, Hauptmann Hess and crew reporting for assignment, sir!” Johann saluted the 467th’s commander. Weiss returned the salute.

“Speak with Hauptmann Myers; he’s the Panzergruppen’s leader, he might have something for you to do.” Weiss ordered. Johann nodded, mouthing a quick “yes sir” before running to the outskirts of the camp.

The Panzergruppen were so named for their ultra-heavy suits of powered armor, treading the delicate line between exosuit and war stomper. Just barely short of three meters tall, their armor marked with tallies, an iron cross displayed prominently on each shoulder in metallic paint, they were nothing if not imposing. Johann and his crew were just lucky they weren’t armed at the moment, instead busying themselves carrying two-ton reinforced barriers to the outer boundaries, two men to a wall segment.

Captain Myers saw the three as they approached, no emotion visible from behind his composite-armored gas mask. “Captain Hess reporting for duty, sir.” Johann nodded.

“And I assume these two are under your command?” Myers’ voice was distorted and harsh; he must’ve “forgotten” to maintain his vocoder in order to sound more intimidating.

“Yes, sir.”

Myers grunted in acknowledgement. “String out the razor wire and set up the MG emplacements.”

“Yes, sir.”

The work was long and dangerous, even with cut-resistant gloves. Thankfully, none of them sustained more than a few nicks, along with a few bruises when Hiedrich accidentally dropped an M2 on Johann while they were bringing it to its place in the defenses. A few hours later, they, along with many other tank crews, had succeeded in setting up the beginnings of the perimeter. With luck, the engineers would handle the trench-digging, heavy emplacements, and other heavy lifting tasks of the construction.

With his work done, Johann was on his way back to the base when Svetlana appeared seemingly out of the blue.

“Did they really name this place after the Red Baron?” she asked.

“Gah!” Johann yelped, jumping back. “Don’t do that!”

Svetlana put her hand over her mouth, apparently a habit of hers. “Oh, did I startle you?”

Johann, flustered, tried to play it down. “You just caught me off guard. It’s okay, and, yes, they did name the base after him.”

“Wouldn’t it be a better name for an airfield?”

“Probably, but I wasn’t there to name it.”

Svetlana nodded pensively. “We’ve set up camp about a kilometer to the west. It means we’ll have plenty of time to get to know each other, eh?”

A rush of worry flooded through Johann. “Svetlana, you can’t just say that in public.”


“Well, you outrank me, and if people find out about us, they’re going to ask if it’s consensual, if you pulled rank to force me into it…” Johann put two fingers to his lips, collecting his thoughts.

“Even if I say everything’s fine, they might not believe me. I don’t want you endangering your job, Svetlana.”

Svetlana’s eyes widened. “I didn’t even think of that.”

“It’ll probably be fine, but we need to be careful. Just watch who’s around when you’re talking, okay?”

“Alright, then.” Svetlana nodded. They walked in silence from then on.

“Where are we going, anyway?” Johann asked. By this point, they had covered half of the camp.

“I was just taking a tour of the accommodations and thought you would make a good walking partner.” Svetlana shrugged.

“Fair enough.” Johann responded. Just at that moment, a transport ship steamed overhead, a blue-and-purple flag hastily stenciled on one side. It banked a few degrees to the right, then fired its main engines and flew north.

“Who was that?” Johann pointed at the outgoing craft.

“They call them the Free Poslush Army. Turncoats, basically.” Svetlana explained.

“They aren’t all brainwashed?”

“Apparently, they only do that for the people old enough to remember life before their conquests. Must be too expensive to brainwash every one of however many billions they have.”

“Even then, why would the Poslushi fight their own government?”

“Their culture puts a lot of value on mental and emotional abuse; it’s something about expunging hesitation and cultivating loyalty. It’s been this way for centuries, but I guess some people are just meant not to accept it.”

Johann pursed his lips and looked down. “Interesting.”


The bulbous, ovoid craft of the 1st Bombardier Legion were the first to reinforce the 1447th after Wakizashi put in a call for reinforcements, followed shortly after by the sleek, bird-like ships of the Aralu Janissaries and the bright iron-colored ships of Her Dominance’s Twelfth Judicial Guard. Rapier may have had his preconceptions about the Viceroy, but she sure had contacts.

“What do you know of the conquests of our great founder Sunsword, Captain-General?” Wakizashi asked from atop her throne.

“I’ve read every annal of her exploits that I could find, Viceroy.” Rapier replied semi-passively.

“Do you know of the Battle of Jhoda?”

“Yes, Viceroy; it’s the most famous of the Venerable Ancestor’s victories.”

“So you remember her heroic charge uphill to defeat the forces of the Tenth Warlord?”

Whatever divine exists, please no, Rapier thought. “Yes; her courage under fire won the day there.”

“There are two encampments of the enemy located on a ridge our forces can easily access. We can show that our great founder’s strategy remains sound to this day!”

Rapier went into crisis mode. Sunsword won a battle against greater numbers, charging uphill, but that was in the day of swords and spears, when her elite bowmen could devastate the front lines of the Tenth Warlord’s defenses and allow her shock troops to press the advantage. Now, the human forces could bombard the incoming forces with artillery and their odd, tracked vehicles before they could get close enough to start shooting. It would be a massacre, and Rapier knew Wakizashi would, as all Broodmatrons excelled at doing, find a way to make it her subordinates’ fault. He would start storing evidence to give to the Dynastic Commissariat if need be, but now he was undergoing damage control.

“Viceroy, perhaps you should consider what should occur if–and this is a small possibility–we were to lose this battle. Should it not go as you planned, we could besmirch the good name of the Venerable Ancestor, and surely you would not wish to do that?”

Wakizashi straightened her antennae pensively. “You make a good point, but what alternate strategy do you have?”

Rapier racked his mind for information on the ridge Wakizashi was speaking of. Then he found it. “Viceroy, if we could utilize the airmen of the Judicial Guard, we could suppress their forces with aerial and artillery bombardment and use the Janissaries to encircle them. Then our regular infantry and armor could wipe out their fortresses with impunity.”

“Ah, quite the tactic indeed. We will save the actions of the Venerable Ancestor for a later date, then.”

Rapier saluted, then silently went back to work. He may have ha–he stopped himself again, reminding himself that it was unsafe to even think such things. He tried to force himself to believe the opposite, that Wakizashi was his rightful and wise liege, who only occasionally required guidance to avoid being taken on flights of fancy. After all, it would be presumptuous to imagine that she was dependent on him in any major way. It was not his place to question, only to shape the occasionally-optimistic ideas of his liege in more pragmatic directions.

As he told himself this, he just couldn’t accept it. Not to say that he doubted his loyalties, as he never did, but perhaps Khopesh could’ve selected a Viceroy of greater pedigree. There had to be a reason behind her appointment, but Rapier wished he could have less reasons and more rationality.

Still, there was no point wishing for anything one could not work for, and any measure of control over his liege, or her liege, or hers, was soundly out of his reach. The best he could do was fitting the tradition of males of his kind, keeping his head down and bearing pain without complaint.

After all, in a world based upon his inborn inferiority, what else was there to do?


(AN: I have a wiki! I'm a big boy writer now! Once again, subplots cooking up quite nice. Some live, some die, some tell their stories. All's fair in love and war, but that doesn't mean people won't still judge.

Love 'ya!)
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2023.03.30 05:00 drewless4 Would this be a red light or is it not a big problem?

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2023.03.30 04:58 Low-Ad-1414 Can someone help me with foreign print pricing?

I've recently picked up a couple great cards for very low prices but didn't know they were Portuguese when I got them even though they were clearly listed as such and say in English from PSA as such. Does anyone know a rough value of a PSA 9 1st Ed lob ragaeki and a PSA 8 1st Ed lob tri horned dragon, both Portuguese? With shipping both cards cost me roughly $100 USD total, I know I did well but I can't find any reliable prices online
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2023.03.30 04:58 Righteous_Fury224 Sympathy for a Succubus - Meridiana’s Story. Part 4

Greetings once more my lovely readers!
Yes it is I, the marvellous, maleficent Meridiana, your scintillating spectacularly sexy Succubus here yet again to regale your with my tale of adventure in the modern world.
I know you’re excited, so am I!
Now then… right… here we go.
“This will do nicely,” I said with conviction because it was true.
No summoner had ever treated me this well before, well not without me charming and dominating their mind so utterly that they became my helpless worshipful slaves but that’s another thousand or so stories which are, quickly frankly, boring. I mean really, who wants to hear about a slave that is always wanting to kiss your ass all the time? What? Plenty do apparently? (My Magus is in the office at the moment and can hear me speak aloud as I type – he thinks it is most amusing) Ahem…
I shall have to investigate Fetish-Dommy-Mommy.com and perhaps create an account to make even more money. How wonderful!
“I am glad you are satisfied Meridiana. This saves us a lot of time. Later you can go shopping and buy whatever you wish but for now, you will have to make do with these clothes. Now I’ll quickly show you how the shower works and operation of the toilet.”
The Magus took a step back from the walk-in wardrobe and gestured back to the ensuite bathroom that my sumptuous bedroom contained.
I followed him as I needed to learn everything about my new home.
Inside the bathroom was a large glass cubicle to the right with a metallic spigot set high up on the marble tiled wall. There was an enormous triple mirror above a marble topped bench that had a wash basin cut into the centre of the bench with yet another metal spigot coming up and out of the bench. To either side of the main mirror were cabinets behind the smaller mirrors and cupboards under the bench.
“This is the shower. You pull that level there and water will come from the shower head above. Turn the level to the left and the water will get hot and to the right, cold. Shampoo and soap etc all there for you. Same with the wash basin tap. More things are inside the cabinets and cupboards for your use.”
The entire bathroom was covered in tiles making it look like a Roman bathhouse. Well sort of, as this was actually clean and most Roman baths, even at the height of the empire, were filthy places. You didn’t go there to get clean… well not really. You went there to get sex, food (often bad) and do business with either your patrons or clients, depending on who you were on the social ladder. Some bathhouses were better than others but meh… the Romans may have perfected the Aqueduct and running fresh water but they zero concept of keeping the bathwater clean and fresh.
“This is the toilet,” he said pointed to the porcelain seat with a lid next to the marble bench. “You operate it by pushing the metal button on the top of the cistern. See the roll of paper there next to it?”
I nodded.
“Clean yourself up with that then dump it into the pan and flush it all away. We don’t use Tersoriums anymore but there are wet wipes if you need them. Put the lid down first before you flush as germs spray everywhere when you flush.”
“No rough sponges to scrap my nethers clean? I used to like that Magus,” I said with a teasing smirk.
He shook his head slowly, rolled his eyes and carried on.
“Inside the cabinets are perfumes and lotions that you can indulge yourself in as well as teeth cleaning brushes, mouth washes and toothpaste.”
The Magus opened a cabinet revealing a vast array of perfume bottles of varying shapes, sizes and colours. My heightened senses inhaled the heady mix of powerful scented oils and fragrances. There were also make up products that I could see, a cornucopia of beauty in creams, pastes and shades, all would be worth a fortune back in the day.
“How utterly delightful,” I murmured, taking in what would be worth tens of thousands of Solidus (gold) back in Constantinople in perfumes alone, just sitting there inside a bathroom cabinet. He closed the cabinet.
“Behind you is the heated towel rail with towels, obviously, for you to dry yourself with.”
“Ahh… I know of these. Some of the Emperors’ nobles had copper pipes that performed a similar function in their bath houses, piping hot running water through them.”
I examined the towels which appeared to be of the same high quality cotton as my white soft robe that I was still wearing.
“Alright. I suppose you’ll be wanting a shower to clean up then?” he said with a flat tone.
“Will you be joining me Magus?” I said as I let my robe drop to the floor, smiling coquettishly at him.
He took a step back.
“No. Let me be absolutely clear: you are epitome of perfection of the female form. That is evident and indisputable. I cannot and will not have sex with you Meridiana. I know of your needs… for seminal fluid as it is one of your main sources of nourishment. That will be provided to you. Simply put, I know you will use my lust as a means of controlling me. I just can’t let that happen. Too much is at stake and I have worked too fucking hard to let my little head rule the big one. I’m not going to risk my plans for a quick knee trembler, no matter how tempting it is. I shall stick to raping the right hand for my needs. Now have a wash because you reek of sulphur.”
My jaw dropped in shock once more. I was lost for words at this point.
I was extremely and deathly affronted.
If I were not bound to him, forbidden to harm him I would have torn out his heart and shat inside his gaping chest wound for those grievous insults!
I narrowed my eyes, the infernal light flaring up but held my rage tightly within.
He watched me, almost bemused, with folded arms.
“You’ve never been rejected before have you?”
“No! How dare you refuse me like that? And saying that I smell!?! Intolerable!”
I folded my arms back over my heaving bosoms, as I was almost panting with frustration, barely holing my fury in check. Never before have I been spoken to like that, and had the offender been able to walk away still breathing.
“You do stink Meridiana. The stench of hell is on you. That needs to go. I am sorry if this insults you but remember, I said I was always be truthful with you, even if it is a painful truth.”
Now that made me pause.
I had never considered my odour in the past because everyone stank.
The Magus didn’t.
He was also extremely clean, free from lice, fleas and other unsavoury parasites and pests, unlike most of the people from Gerbert’s time. In fact he had a pleasant aroma of some scented oils, Sandal Wood, Lavender and Bergamot maybe? The scent emanating from him was faint but my enhanced senses could easily detect it now that I focused on it. He was also correct. I would most definitely tried to enslave him with sex as all males in the end are ruled by their cocks and balls. In addition, he was very well informed as to a Succubus’ needs. Normally we have absolutely no trouble in getting a man to “donate” his life giving juice to us. We do not need it everyday yet after a week or so in the universe, the hunger becomes powerful. Yet that was never a problem… until now.
“You are correct Magus. I do have the foul reek of hell on me and yes, I will require the fluid of life to survive here,” I said in cold clipped tones back to him.
“And you will get it from me, in a specimen jar, as and when it is necessary.”
“You take all the romance out it,” I muttered tersely, pouting and scowling at him.
“That’s the point Meridiana. You are not here to be my lover or replace my dead wife. I will appreciate your company as it does get lonely but I’m also used to that too. I want to learn from you, not fuck you. I can get that from any woman for the cost of a mere small sum of cash. It just does not interest me at all. What does interest me is all you have experienced and learned. That I find interesting. And of course, get you to flay and eviscerate the evil fucks who truly deserve it. Now, please, have a shower. Use the shampoos and soaps, you will feel better for it. Then find something to wear and join me back out in the lounge as I want to show you how the TV works.”
“TV? Huh?”
“The Television. Words are now often abbreviated into simple letters to save time in speech. Much like the Romans did with their inscriptions.”
“Oh… I see… hmmph! Well since you do not wish to embrace the unearthly delights my body would bestow upon you, I bid you begone from my bathing chamber!” I said pointing out, demanding he leave forthwith. I was not going to tolerate his presence any longer.
“As you wish,” he said with a dry ghost of a smirk on his lips as he backed away closing the double wooden doors as he left.
Now I was alone inside the bathing chamber, I leaned up against the cool tiled wall and let out a long exhalation. A few moments later I could hear music coming from the “lounge” room as he called it. It was gentle and honestly, relaxing. I listened for a minute, letting the notes and melody wash over me as the window next to the porcelain seat or toilet was partially open. My mood calmed as I suspect was his intent.
My admiration and dare I say it, respect for my Magus grew exponentially. Such self-control and discipline! Again, this was worthy of a Demon Prince such his control over his base urges. No male, or for that matter female, had ever resisted my allure. Often I had no need for employing my demonic powers of Charm and Suggestion as the humans would be almost begging me for my touch. No matter, I had time and he was male. Somewhere down the road of this… ‘partnership’, he would succumb to my charms, be begging on his knees to enter me and when that happened, he would be mine!
With a small sigh I picked up my discarded robe, it was far too valuable to leave laying on the floor even though the tiles were incredibly clean. There were hooks on the back of the double doors which I hung it upon then opened up the glass door to the ‘shower and stepped in.
The lever that activated the shower was in front of me, in the central position.
Pull it I suppose?
I screamed!
Cold water blasted into my face and body.
A cold laugh emanated from the lounge room.
“YOU FUCKING BASTARD!” I screamed back at the Magus as he chuckled to himself.
Then the water began to warm and became extremely pleasant to my senses.
He knew this would happen and didn’t warn me! Oh how delightfully, devilishly, and charmingly devious is my Magus. A harmless prank but also a lesson for me. Ask more questions! I admit I am supremely arrogant. After all I am an extremely powerful demon possessed with powers beyond human imagination, well that is not true as your kind have a vast imagination and have already worked out what we can do in a game of all things! Ahem. My point is that I must be much more humble and considerate of my new world. I have no desire at all to be returned to hell. I would butcher tens of millions of humans and demons to stay here if need be.
I stood in the shower, letting the warm clean water cascade over me in a very pleasing and powerful way. It was… bliss. Turning, I examined the various plastic bottles of soaps and shampoos, opened a few and sniffed the contents. Taking one that suited my senses, I proceeded to wash my hair with it. It was glorious dear reader. Nothing like this was present during Gerbert’s time. Yes there were scented oils, unguents and balms but nothing came close to this splendid liquid that nourished my hair, making it feel even silkier than before.
I stayed in the shower for a long while, playing with the heat and also the shower head as I discovered it could be adjected to differing levels of spray. Finally I had had enough so I depressed the lever and stepped out of the shower, reaching for my lovely warm fluffy towel. Despite the Magus being who he was, he was trying to make my new life comfortable. That was a small mark in his favour but he had a mountain to climb for those insults he gave to my self-esteem and dignity. I would find a way to make him pay or demand more in the way of homage and tribute for him to overcome those insults!
I took my time in selecting make up, lotions and balms plus testing all the perfumes that obviously once belonged to his wife. She had quite a range of beauty products as I later discovered they were called. Yet strangely, they were hardly used? Interesting.
Satisfied that my make up was alluring but not sluttish and wearing a few discreet dabs a scent called Issey Miyaki which was wonderfully fragrant, I left my bathing chamber and walked nude to my wardrobe to select something to wear.
The light was still on as I examined the hanging row of gowns, dresses and other clothing. One nearest the door caught me eye. I gently took it off the hanger, feeling the incredibly soft plushily wonderous material in my hands. It was a long dress, simply cut to allow the arms to be almost fully exposed while at the same time extended well past the knees, just stopped a few inches above the ankles. The colour of it was like red wine splashed on white linen (the Magus told me it’s called Burgundy) and it had a most intricate and repeating pattern or motif upon it to the likes I had never seen before. I had to wear this!
Adjusting my body size to be slimmer and a few inches taller, I eventually fit the dress perfectly. I made sure though that my tits still fully filled the bust region of the dress and my hips swollen just wide enough to still draw the eye. I saw many pairs of shoes and sandals on racks upon the floor. I selected an elegant but simple design of sandal and came out back into the lounge area.
I was again stunned but this time so was my Magus.
The reason for my surprise was that the ‘television’ was on. I could see moving pictures all lit up in incredible colour and fidelity and sound coming from the massive black metal and glass device. It was mesmerising!
The Magus however was shocked at seeing me in the burgundy dress. He closed his eyes as a flash of pain washed over his face. He drew in a shuddering breath, focused his towering will and recovered. I could feel it! Even I was taken aback by what he just felt within himself. It was such utter sorrow and anguish. While normally I would relish that in my victims, this time I did not as the bond between Magus and I allowed pain, of any kind it seemed, to flow between us. He finally spoke,
“Perhaps I should have gotten rid of that dress,” he said in a hollow low voice.
“Why Magus? It’s simply a dress?”
“It was one of the first ones my wife bought for herself when we were initially courting. She always looked so lovely in it,” he sighed as he stood up and sadly regarded me. “And now you do too.”
I blinked.
I had always been told that I was beautiful, a paragon of female perfection yet I knew that was often flattery or the results of my charms and suggestions or domination. The Magus would never lie to me. He meant everything he said. It made me feel…strange.
He sighed deeply once more, pinched the bridge of his nose while he gathered himself.
“I thought I was past this… but obviously not. No matter, it is a good lesson for me. I must not give in to it. I am the master of my own reality, I am free to choose whatever state of being I desire, I do not desire feeling s of loss and sadness,” he mostly to himself before continuing, “Now… since you took your sweet god dam time in the bathroom, a trait that seems to extend to female demons, we now have no time for me to show you how the TV works. Instead, we will go for a drive. I am going to show you what the wider world looks like Meridiana. How long is it since you saw the ocean?”
Now that was a question I did not expect.
“Unnhh… centuries?” I shrugged, mystified yet intensely curious now as I was aware of what he meant by a ‘drive’. We would be going out in his metal and glass box, also known as a car or automobile or vehicle.
“I am glad you are ready to go. Just a few things Meridiana, some rules you need to follow. One – we do not shit where we eat – that means no killing in this city unless it is absolutely, I truly mean absolutely, necessary. We need to stay hidden, especially you. As I said earlier, there are demons who have made Earth their home. Your presence has not been noted yet but once we start our campaign, you will draw attention from others of your kind to yourself. So no going out and draining stupid young men just because you feel like a bit of fun. Do you understand? I want the chant of three to know you fully comprehend!”
His Sea Green eyes flashed with power.
My eyes widened as I felt the force of his will, held in check, just barely brushing against my mind.
“I accept, I accept, I accept,” I said hastily. His sorrow had been morphed into anger. Not at me as such, at the world in general but it wouldn’t take much for me to be the brunt of his ire. This is common amongst Demon Lords and Princes, those used to wielding power and have supreme control over their mind and will.
“Next – there are a few people I still call friends. They may visit me from time to time and even meet us out in the wider world. As such, you will be my new partner for the sakes of appearances. They will see this as me having finally moved on and accepting the loss of my wife. We will have to concoct a suitable narrative that will bare up to scrutiny so that you will pass as a normal human woman who has gained my affection. None of these people are to be harmed and if they are ever under threat, you will help them as best you can. Don’t think you can use them against me either as I will know and I will break you worse than your lord ever did. Do you understand?”
“I accept, I accept, I accept,” I repeated in a meek voice. He would hurt me in way that my lord could not even imagine. This I knew instinctively and once he had broken me, would cast me back into hell to be tormented for eternity. He’s so dreamy!
“Oh, one final thing for now, we don’t wear shoes inside the house. I know I have mine on but that’s because I was in the garage and it’s a dirty place and I forgot to take them off once we came upstairs. This is not something you need to be bound to by oath by the way, just it’s better and cleaner for us both plus it makes it easier to keep the floor clean.” He paused for a moment, considering his next words. I was puzzled by that request but saw the logic of it so what do as he asked. He then spoke on,
“You are going to be… stunned for want of a better description in a few minutes once we get going. Just remember who you are, what you used to do, how to blend in and observe. I think that you will enjoy this Meridiana. Now, come on, lets go and have a look at the beach. I think it will do us both the world of good. Follow me please,” he said as he gestured towards the stairs. I nodded and quietly followed him down the staircase back to the basement garage.
He stopped briefly back at the kitchen bench to retrieve a.. hat? Of the likes I’d not seen before which contained a leather wallet (I now knew what somethings were) sunglass and a set of keys. He also handed me a pair of sunglasses and took off a bright red, wide brimmed floppy hat from a hook that was behind the door that lead down to the basement stairs. I took the items wordlessly from him, mildly amused by it all. We descended the short flight of stairs.
The summoning circle was still there, the blood now fully congealed.
“Magus…as question if I may?”
“How was it possible to you to have used so much of your blood in making the circle of summoning and binding and not be dead?”
He laughed and smiled, them walked over to what I now knew was a refrigerator and opened the double doors.
“Phlebotomy my dear Succubus!” he grinned with a devilish smile and harsh glint in his eyes.
I could now see a plastic bag, full of blood, hanging inside the fridge.
“I have a dear trusted friend, who is a medical doctor, that for the past couple of months has taken my blood and we stored it here inside the cold fridge. She thinks it’s because I might need an operation, a medical procedure. Once I had enough, I rested and rebuilt my power and strength and voila! You are here and bound to me. Science and magic, an unbeatable combination!,” he broadly grinned as I gaped in astonishment at him.
I could now see a container next to the fridge that had at least half a dozen of the soft plastic bags with the residue of his blood still within them.
What genius!
No wonder he wanted to fully bind me and he worked out why none of the previous summoners had ever truly succeeded in fully binding a demon to it’s summoner. The ENTIRE circle had to made of their blood. And no one in the past had ever had the method in which they could safely store and preserve their blood for such a use.
“I had to have a few infusions of blood to replace what I lost as well as it’s unsafe to give out so much in a short time. Lucky for me Victoria is a very caring, understanding, and above all, discrete person. I think you’ll like her. She’s probably one of the nicest people you will ever meet. And again I stress, she is inviolate, untouchable. You might be surprised at making a friend you know?”
I nodded, not wanting to argue with him. And he might actually have a point. I might need allies beyond the Magus. It never hurts to have a backup plan.
He stepped back over to the car, opened a front door and gestured that I take a seat within.
I did so, carefully so as not to bump my head on the vehicles roof. I stared around the cars interior.
“Ahh, if I may? I need you to put your seatbelt on Meridiana. Here, I’ll do it for you this time. You take this buckle on the belt,” he said as he showed me what he was speaking of, “and insert the buckle into the clasp next to the right side of your waist, just there,” he said as he leant partially over me and placed the buckle in the clasp with a little click. “Now you are safe and secure.”
“Why would I need to be retrained in such a fashion Magus?”
“Good question Meridiana. Basically it is for your own safety as we will be on the road with other cars and drivers and sometimes, humans being the idiots they are, fail to drive properly and thus become a danger to others as well as themselves. The seatbelt will stop you from flying out of the car if we are impacted by another vehicle.”
My eyes widened then narrowed.
“I would not be harmed by such an event. You should know this.”
“Oh but I do. I know only an enchanted or blessed weapon or magical attacks will harm you however, the local laws demand that all who travel in vehicles must wear seatbelts and I do not wish to attract the attention of the local police if they spot you not wearing one just because of your demonic invulnerability.”
“Ahh… I see. Prudent. I respect you thinking of outcomes and possibilities Magus. It is… refreshing.”
He gave me a brief nod then closed my door, walking around to the other side that had the wheel in front of the seat he was going to sit in. He got in, buckled his belt and inserted the keys into the base of the column that the wheel rested upon. Pressed a small button, the massive metal wall that was in front of us suddenly began to open much to my surprise.
“I used a remote to open the garage door Meridiana,” he said with another dry smirk at seeing my reaction.
I sniffed and turned away, trying to pretend not to be impressed. It didn’t work.
Starting the engine, a little roar of life came from the front of the car. He reached down to his left and pulled a small lever, shifting into a setting that read D. The vehicle suddenly began to move, slowly at first. The Magus carefully eased the car out of the garage and I now saw that it opened into a large paved laneway that was lined with houses, all adjoined to one another.
Simply astonishing!
My eyes were wide once more as I gaped at the marvellous building acumen in front of me.
The Magus turned the wheel that he held in his hands which in turn guided the car in the direction he wished it to go. Now I can fly, when in my true form, but this was just so nice. Sitting comfortably in a soft seat, having cool air gently blow on you from small vents in the front of the dashboard as I later learned it was called… just bliss. Flying is hard work by the way. Ever run up a hill? That’s what it’s like. You can do it and once you’re at a certain level, you can glide along easily but getting into the air… not so much fun to be honest. Yes I know, I’m a demon and lies are second nature for us but in the case of flying, this is true. It’s a thing I don’t need to lie about.
The Magus had us sedately travel down the laneway till we came to a junction where he turned right. All the while I was staring up and around the buildings about us and then I caught a glimpse of the bright blue sky above us. No matter who long I have lived, that sight never failed to move me. You humans always seem to ignore the wonder that is around you. Ahh well.
My eyes grew even wider once we turned into the main tree lined street as I saw even bigger buildings ahead of us.
“Those are apartment blocks, or what the Romans would have called Insulae,” said the Magus casually as we drove past them.
“Some things don’t change do they?” I said in idle fascination as we continued.
“I suppose not,” he replied as we now came to a stop in front of a number of coloured lights mounted in a sequence upon yellow metal poles. The lights were red at the moment.
“Red mean stop, green means you can go and amber means go very fast,” he remarked as he saw me staring at the lights in some confusion.
“Oh… I see..” Not really but I sort of understood.
The light changed to green and we moved off once more, this time traveling a speed faster than a galloping horse. I was in complete awe as we effortless travelled down the well paved, black road, seeing other cars driving alongside us and in the opposite direction. Trees were everywhere as were hundreds of buildings. I could see people waling along the side of the road on a paved path, leading dogs on a rope?.. I couldn’t quite tell. I saw a man on a very slim, two wheeled device, his legs pumping away on some small peddles that his feet seemed to be attached to.
“That’s a bicycle,” said the Magus. I nodded once more as it was almost overwhelming.
“Where are the city walls?” I asked in a small voice as we must have travel a few miles by now.
“We have none.”
“We have no need for such things. This city has over two and a half million people who live in an area than spans probably about seventy miles north to south and about thirty or so from the coast to the hills in the east. This is the lucky country Meridiana. Our shores have never been invaded, well they were once by my ancestors, taking it from the indigenous peoples who had lived here for probably sixty thousand years of more? Non one is really sure or perhaps you might be?”
“Terra Australis?”
“The Romans know of it? Incredible!”
“They heard of rumours of it from traders from the far eastern Spice Islands. The only people who bothered to head that way were divers for the rare shells of creatures that lived in the reefs there.”
“Ahh Troccus Shell of course. Makes complete sense. Indonesians must have been sailing from their islands down here for thousands of years but simple fishermen don’t write historical journals for later generations to read now do they?”
“No, they don’t. I found fishermen to be a mostly rough, ready, usually rude and definitely ignorant bunch of sea lice infested peasants. Literacy and leaning and the preservation of knowledge was never high on their list of priorities,” I replied with a smirk.
The Magus nodded with his own smile. I could see that these little snippets of my experience were intriguing for him as he mentioned that he is a historian, a scholar of learning. A person who was almost on my level of intellect.
We carried on down the wide open road in comfortable silence for now as I sat and admired the incredible vista sweeping by us.
Soon we crested a hill after a few more stops and starts at various intersections contained the coloured lights on poles.
I couldn’t help but let out a gasp of delight as I suddenly saw the magnificent blue ocean before me.
Far off in the distance I could see massive ships?... just sitting there in the ocean. There was an island on the horizon that was clearly visible as it was a perfectly clear late afternoon.
We drove down the descending hill and turned onto a very busy road that was full of cars and people.
“Aha! We are in luck Meridiana!”
“We are?” I had no idea what he was talking about.
“We got a parking spot right there. People pray for these you know?” he said as he guided the car into the free space between two other cars.
“They do? Who do they pray to? Do they offer sacrifice for such eventualities?” I wondered as he parked the car.
“Maybe? My best friend calls upon a goddess he named Pamelia, goddess of Parking, invoking her name in praise when he finds a free parking spot in a good location.”
I shook my head with amusement and disbelief but I knew the Magus wasn’t lying. It was just so ridiculous that it had to be true.
“Praise Pamelia then?” I said hesitantly.
“Indeed,” he replied as he switched off the car’s engine. “Just press the red button on your clasp and that will release your belt. The door handle is just there,” he said as he pointed to it.
I did as he said and was out and standing on concrete pavers that formed a neat and well-constructed pathway that led past busy tavernas, shops and eateries, all full of people enjoying themselves.
“Come this way Meridiana. I’m going to buy you a Gelato. I think you will enjoy it. Oh, put on your hat and sunglasses, you’ll feel better and blend in more,” he suggested.
I did so and what surprised me even more was that he offered his left arm for me to hold.
“We have to look normal Meridiana, although most people are going to take one look at you and think what the hell is that gorgeous woman doing with that pudgy, middled aged old fart then?”
I let loose a genuine laugh.
“True but they don’t know who you or I are,” I said with a demure smile back at him.
“And that’s the point. Always leave the proles guessing.”
And with that we walked down the path, with many furtively looking at me. I notice that I drew the glances of women more than men as women always compare themselves to others, they simply can’t help it. It pleased me greatly and I ignored the stares and longing looks from both sexes, keeping a serene smile on my sensual lips as I lightly held the Magus’s left arm between my hands.
We soon came up to a busy food venue that had a large lit up sign saying “Gelato!”.
We made our way into the venue with little fuss, just briefly waiting to be served as the people working behind the counter were quick and efficient.
“Hmm… I think I’ll get you a Rum and Raisin double scoop to start with,” said the Magus.
I shrugged, not knowing what that was but knowing what Rum and raisins were.
“One Rum and Raisin and one Vanilla double scoop in waffle cones please,” he requested. The server nodded and I was again astounded as the Magus just took out his phone and tapped it to a device that the server held out. That was a financial transaction!
We got our Gelatos, walked out, crossed the busy road, found an empty bench, sat down and I tried Gelato for the first time. Dozens of people just walked by us with little regard.
I closed my eyes as I sampled the ice cold substance.
Nirvana in food form!
This must be just like living in Paradise.
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2023.03.30 04:53 dmnf ZT0392s, Eklipse Scale, HW

Will ship Fedex within 48h, included in price. PPFF, Venmo or Zelle. Not sure why I can’t embed by Imgur links.
pics and TS: https://imgur.com/a/D1drvDU
0560/1 stuff: https://imgur.com/a/oDzEedh
ZT0392wc - 650$ I had the scales DLC coated. Knife was/is brand new condition otherwise. Less fingerprints, far more durable than the Type 2 ano that comes factory. Original HW including the Steel Flame copper filler. I reassembled (painstakingly) with taco ceramic bearings/washers which are a Hume improvement on action, dont rattle and protect the Ti. Comes with original bearings, packaging, cert.
ZY0392bwbrz - 600$ Not messed with. I installed taco bearings. LNIB condition as it came to me. Not carried or used by first owner, I put it in the pocket of my scrubs one day but didn’t leave the house. Never used. Comes with bearings, all original stuff.
Eklipse scale, SW, textured Ti - 200$ Mounted once. Never carried. Pristine with superficial bearing sign at race contact point.
Eklipse HW set, SW blue Ti - 80& Brand new never left bag.
ZT0560/1 Ti HW set/SW 13 piece + Ti scale, brushed + milled Ti clip textured - 150$ HW and clip from MXG. Scale from dnty. Mounted once. Only marks are very faint snails on scale. Hard to see. Turns the 0560/1 into an absolute beast. Retail cost over 3 hundo
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2023.03.30 04:51 vanderjud [USA-NJ] [H] PayPal [W] Bluetooth enabled Xbox controller

Looking for a Bluetooth enabled Xbox controller. I have a few of the old gen that require the wireless adapter.
No real preference in color as long as it’s functional (including no stick drift).
Budget is ~$25-$30 for Xbox One/S/X controller, ~$70-$85 for Elite series 2 depending on included accessories and condition.
Shipping to 08540, please comment before messaging.
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