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2009.08.05 23:30 lencioni Microscopy

In science class, you always wished you could play with the microscope a little bit longer. Now that you are an adult, you actually can. Cooler and with more bang for your buck than telescopes, microscopy lets you do real science!

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2023.06.03 14:37 ChildishMufasa ADHD - Always Doing How Do?

On a recent thread here someone likened ADHD to being chained to the laziest version of yourself. And it got me thinking about how I would describe my relationship with it. Even before I was diagnosed, I would explain to people how it felt like I had to always throw a bone to my mind. In the sense that, whatever I was doing, I would have to toss a problem or idea or transcript of a conversation I'd had 4 years before to my brain to chew on in the background that invariable invaded the foreground.
I was diagnosed in the middle of last year at the age of 32. The catalyst for even considering ADHD came about after reading this post by David Cain on his exceptional blog Raptitude,
(if you haven’t seen his stuff already, immediately quit reading this bumbling mess and check out his work. You won’t regret it).
His site was one of those rare corners of the internet that I took great value from and really resonated with. And to see that his perspectives were, in hindsight, in some way influenced by ADHD got me thinking about my own proclivity for certain behaviours.
So many things from my life made sense through this newfound and unexpected lens. How my degree was built on desperate writing sessions, often starting at 11pm the night before the deadline right through to dawn, where I would camp out in the library eating raw instant coffee and haribo. How, without fail, before every task I’d have to find means of upping my dopamine levels so that the water line was high enough to get started. And how even after that work could feel almost weirdly painful at times. The fact that every message I sent normally begins with 'I'm so sorry it's taken so long to reply'. How everything must have a place, not because I am in any way organised, but because if it doesn’t then that belonging will disappear into some kind of temporal abyss. How, many years ago when I was once under a lot of pressure at work, I instead spent hours writing a 2000-word satirical academic dissection of the song ‘Shake Ya Ass’ by Mystikal for no one in particular.
Of all the gifts that it offers (spontaneous hip-hop literature aside), today I found myself somewhat lamenting the way I am. I’m sure you can relate. Fed up with that ever-present tension of your mind’s engine revving like nobody’s business but being unable to actual put it in gear. Depleted due to the navigation of your thoughts feeling like playing Tetris on the hardest difficulty, desperately trying to compile a chaotic onslaught of hues into some kind of workable form. The contradiction of incessant activity paired with persistent stagnation. Which is to say, how I came to the ham-fisted acronym / cry for help in the post title. Always Doing, How Do?
I think Reddit is so appealing, at least for me, because of those buried nuggets of wisdom that you can stumble upon within all the noise. These fleeting discoveries make me come back again and again, because maybe if I keep looking I will find 'the answer". The quote or wisdom that will propel me into who I am and who I want to be, truly. Like for all of us, that clarity can spontaneously unfurl organically too, like swathes of morning light over a new day. I can only liken that feeling to that moment when you're riding coach when the plane breaks through the clouds. And you’re above the weather that colours your days and connected to something bigger. The sky. And that feeling is bloody addictive. I don't know about you, but I chase it. I went to a coffee shop on the banks of a lake by my house the other week and, through magic or unintentional design, I was greeted by that light. And so today I went back again today, hoping it would shine again. And it didn't. And that's okay.
One habit that (surprise surprise) I struggle to maintain is using FocusWriter to freeform journal. This clickity-clack of vowels and coffee cups often take a familiar shape. I start off deep within the apathy or funk that is currently enveloping me. As I write I slowly gain subtle glimmers of lucidity and by the end I normally reach an optimistic reframing of my life & worth to walk forward with. I hoped as I wrote this that the above format would fall into place with this post. But this time, unfortunately, all I can offer is my experience. Of not being at a beginning or an end but rather somewhere in between.
If you were to try and fish a theme from this muddled heap like one of those claw machines at the fair, the prize you would retrieve would be solidarity. With the challenges you face on the day to day and the frustrations you may have at that unalignment between who you are, how you behave and all the multitudes in-between.
I don’t really know why I’m posting this. But I guess it’s to try and put some good into the world to counteract the negativity that has temporarily enveloped mine. To say to you to have faith that things will be better, even if they don't feel like it now. That you will meet answers on your journey, not from Reddit, but within and from yourself. That our ability to transform 'doing’ to ‘do’ isn't a measurement of our innate value to this world but rather a skill we can refine and misplace and begin anew. At least, that's what I hope for myself.
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2023.06.03 14:34 mastergriggy What actions can I take against an airlines for repeatedly delaying/changing flight times?

Hello, long story short in America.
The airline in questions delayed one flight multiple hours, causing me to miss a connection. Then they offered an alternative flight at 12 Am that was delayed by two hours because the pilots didn't have access to Uber (literally the on flight announcement).
Then today, as I am far away from my destination supposed to be catching a connecting flight, they have delayed this one three hours.
Is there any legal recourse I have?
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2023.06.03 14:29 DavidGraybeard 30 days

Well I went to dinner last night with friends and had too much wine, so now I have a headache. Nevertheless today is 30 days weed free!
The same part of my brain that wanted to keep socializing last night and drinking wine is the part that used to crave weed all hours of the day. And then forget why. Recently diagnosed with ADHD and still processing that. Posting on here and talking to others has been the most helpful thing in my journey.
I’m going to treat myself today. And write a reminder on my hand to take it easy, esp on the alcohol. I’m at a conference and it is soooo easy for me to get carried away.
Also had a dream that I smoked. I’m seeing it as a reminder to be careful.
Kudos to everyone on your journey. “It gets easier but it never gets easy” as Isbell says. My symptoms have lessened, I still experience others (depression mainly) and I’m on my way.
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2023.06.03 14:28 AmateurMinipainter My Capsule Endoscopy- how it went yesterday in case anyone is needing to know

My Capsule Endoscopy- how it went yesterday in case anyone is needing to know
Warning: Your own experience may vary.
  • Day before procedure I drank 1 litre of water mixed with 1 large & small sachet of Moviprep at 5pm-nothing happened for 4 hours
  • 8am in hospital, a special belt was put around my stomach which was attached to a small tablet.
  • I then had to take a little anti-nausea medicine & another made for babies that breaks up tiny gas bubbles so it means the camera takes clearer pictures
  • Given the capsule which is metal and has a bit of tech inside that takes photos as it moves through my body, swallowed it without issue
  • Told I can drink water 2 hours later, and can eat a small lunch 2 hours after that but mustn't contain anything red-beetroot, colouring etc
  • Went home until I had to return to hospital about 8 hours later, where they took off the belt and tablet and was told to expect results in 1-2 weeks
  • Today-been pooping non stop for the past hour, not sure if i've passed the capsule camera but I feel awful. I'm guessing it's a mix of Moviprep still being in my body and perhaps the capsule being an irritant?
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2023.06.03 14:26 EdJFoulds New Carer Job - Day 3

Another good morning. Another wonderful person to shadow and teach me. I've connected well with all 3 of the people I have followed. We've had excellent, deep conversations. Especially today's guy. He was another creative, and I felt a great bond with him very quickly.
I got on well with everyone we visited this morning. People from all walks of life, and in unique situations and requiring different routines and care. The first guy training me said at the end of the day that I had an advantage because I'm British. Which I can understand to a degree, but I think it's the warmth and compassion that is really winning people over.
Patient, compassionate and kind throughout. I feel like I connected well with everyone I've met over the past 3 days. The guy I shadowed was kind enough to suggest I covered breakfast and lunch today. He said this before we met in person, and reiterated it when he found out my hours over the past few days and lack of sleep.
Thursday was over 15 hours before I got home. Friday was 14, but several breaks. Today was over 5. Now, all of this would feel better if I wasn't running on 9 hours sleep across 2 nights.
If I don't get 7-8 hours a night I feel genuinely ill. Anxiety, head fog and aches and pains ramp up. But I've done well over the past few days, and I only have a morning to shadow on Monday. I believe I should be starting my solo rounds from Tuesday of next week.
I'm glad work has been understanding, and the carers i've met has either spoken of, or shown me there needs to be a balance between work and free time.
Learning the routines of my clients will take some time, but each person I've shadowed said I can call if ever I have a question.
Fairly busy day tomorrow. So today I think I will vegetate. Maybe a nap later. But my brain is still in new job mode, and it simply won't shut down when I try and sleep. I'm just bombarded with thoughts and mind's eye images. I'll keep my wake up time constant, and simply allow whatever needs to acclimate to eventually settle down.
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2023.06.03 14:26 Suitable-Scientist68 This seemed to help

Hey kings. So this seemed to help today when I had the urge. I wrote down multiple things I could be doing besides masturbating to porn. You can do it on a piece of paper or the notes app on your phone. I still masturbated but it was pretty quick and I didn’t waste 2 hours edging which is a win in my book. Hope this helps! Here’s mine:
C’mon you got this… Workout! Clean and listen to a podcast/book Play with your cat Take a walk Read a book (be careful if on ipad) Go on your balcony and enjoy the view Have a snack (a healthy one preferably) If you need that release, leave your phone in the drawer, or in a different room.
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2023.06.03 14:26 Nearby_Advance7443 The Delusions of the Marilyn Manson Sub

So I grew up a Marilyn Manson superfan. Still am of his music (if he ever releases new shit I won’t be paying for it). Back in 2017 I read about Evan Rachel Wood’s anonymous allegations, and because I’ve been following his career since I was fifteen I immediately believed her (I thought of the now infamous interview where he talked about his “fantasies” of Wood and how he called her house and cut himself every time she didn’t answer that I watched as they released). I got reclusively depressed for like two weeks over that. All that being said, I still follow the Marilyn Manson sub. Although they’re almost as deluded over there as JusticeforJohnny people, occasionally they’ll have a talk purely about the music that I’ll partake in.
The last day I’ve seen the most funny attitude pop up twice in a span of 24 hours. I almost trolled it, but am trying to do that less as I get older. Stansons are starting to notice the unsavory nature of some of Manson’s support, and their instinct is, “They’re trying to make themselves look better by supporting Manson!” First, with Fox News and Daily Wire reporting on the loss of custody thing. And today I see them notice how Colonel Kurtz just seems to defend any famous men accused of sexual assault, and has been leaching off Manson.
Like, the obvious “Oh, so garbage people are supporting a garbage person” notion is invisible to them. No Occam’s Razor. Just backwards rationalizations lololol.
Disclaimer: While I think Evan Rachel Wood and others are mostly likely telling the truth, I don’t like Evan Rachel Wood.
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2023.06.03 14:20 faerieW15B Best advice for shedding unwanted pounds please?

I just had a pretty nasty wake up call by stepping on a scale for the first time in months.
I've had body image issues for as long as I can remember- I remember being devastated to step on the scale and see I weighed 10st. Looking back I was a size 10-12 (UK) when I first started thinking I was fat. What I wouldn't give to be that size again.
Well, like most people, lockdown caused some significant weight gain. I began to notice fat rolls where I'd never had them before; I'd turn around and feel a huge roll on my side, or I'd yawn and feel a wad of double chin that was brand new, etc. Clothes I'd owned for years suddenly didn't fit any more. And no matter what I've tried since then- diets, restrictions, exercises, vitamins, weight loss apps, fat burning creams- I just keep piling on the pounds.
Today, I went for a run for the first time in a while- out of all the exercises, running is my downfall and always has been. I barely made it 2 minutes before I was gasping like a fish out of water and an hour later I'm still coughing. I got back inside, stripped down and stood on a scale.
I'm currently 14st 7lbs.
I'm officially at my heaviest weight. I have size 16 clothes that are getting tight on me. Sometimes sizes XXL are too snug. It's getting me down so badly. Please, what can I do to shed some of this weight? It's making me feel truly disgusting. I can't afford paid programs like WW or those apps that keep diet & exercise plans behind a paywall, and I can't currently get myself to a gym (no drivers license yet), but are there any exercises or free apps or diet plans that have worked for you guys? I'll try anything at this point.
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2023.06.03 14:20 zzz_Macaroon_7983 AITA for telling my friend that I didn't like her wedding dress?

3 months ago I (26F) attended (27F)'s wedding.
Her wedding was a destination wedding at a beach venue.
When she arrived, she was wearing a poofy bright red dress, the kind you'll see celebrities wearing at the met gala. It was very unique and she stood out beautifully, but in my opinion, the dress didn't flatter her, nor the venue and I personally didn't like it, but I wasn't gonna be the person to tell her that on her wedding day and ruin the night for her, so the rest of the day was very fun and I had an incredible time with her and all of our other friends.
My opinion of her dress I kept to myself because I dislike talking behind people's backs and it isn't my place to tell her what she shouldn't have worn, after all, it was her wedding day and she should wear something she feels amazing in, and I noticed that she had an amazing confident aura wearing that dress and I felt amazing for her.
Yesterday, she came to my house to watch a movie with me, before we started watching she talked about how her parents told her that her wedding dress didn't look good and that she should've worn a white simple dress (they are a very traditional type). Then she asked me what I honestly thought about her wedding dress, and most respectfully, I told her that while I thought that the dress made her stand out amazingly and it was very unique, in my personal opinion, I wasn't very fond of it and that it did not flatter her. She was quiet for a second then she got up and left, even though I tried explaining to her that I didn't mean to offend or insult her, she left in the end. I tried messaging her but I got no response.
Today her husband messaged me saying that she cried for hours after I met with her, that I was very disrespectful, and that I had no place to criticise her dress. One of her best friends sent me a long message about how while he agrees with me, I didn't have to tell her that because it isn't our place and that I came across as jealous and pathetic.
I don't know what to do or say and I'm having trouble even contemplating whether I was wrong, so what do you think, AITA?
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2023.06.03 14:19 SevenHeavy your thoughts on Black hair and Cosmetology schools?

Hi there! I am a newer Cosmetology instructor at a small school in the midwest and I am a white woman. I started teaching early this year after owning my own studio where I was lucky to serve people with all sorts of textures. The student body is diverse but has a lot of young white students from small surrounding towns, this includes the student I will be talking about. I am seeking thoughts/advice/perspective on a concern I have at my new workplace with this very long post. There’s a TLDR! Lol
Yesterday, a Black woman was on the schedule for a detangling service. It’s not a service that’s listed on the menu but more of a special note on a “wash and style” service stating that the client is dealing with some extreme tangling or matting of some kind. She came in and I joined her and the student (white) for the consultation where we learned that she did have some moderate matting due to depression. She mentioned that she is a regular and comes in relatively often for the same thing - I just hadn’t met her yet. So I give the student tips on caring for her today and let them get started. The student is nervous as she’s never done a detangling service and I think the client was noticing because when I’m working around the clinic floor helping others, I see the client take the brush from her a few times and brush her own hair a bit. I can tell by the student turning red at the cheeks that she’s feeling embarrassed or upset so I come over and help her finish detangling and it goes pretty smoothly. The client is very quiet and seems irritated so I check in but she doesn’t share any complaints or anything with me. She decides she would like a silk press (something this student also hasn’t done on a paying client yet) so I get her what she needs, give her a run down of the steps and let them get started.
An important note: I went to get another student started on a haircut and this student says “the woman with other student was really rude to me when I did her hair. Hope it’s going better today.” and I said it’s going fine and I’m sorry that happened.
I check in and the student seemed to struggle so I step in and help more. At this point I notice that the client seems to stop talking when I come by so I check in and make sure she’s doing okay and all that. We finish the service together because it’s been a few hours at this point and this woman has been getting a lot of work calls so I felt bad. We chat a bit while I help and it was pleasant. She asked about another student (who is Black) who was doing a different service across the floor and said she wants to see her next time. I could see the student I was helping slightly flinch at the comment and I, admittedly, didn’t know what to say. We finish and it looks nice so I sign them off and go take my lunch.
When I come back, the student approached me and said she was unhappy about that service. When asked why, she explained “that lady didn’t like me because I’m white” which I’ve heard a couple students say before and my reply is “did they SAY that?” (and the answer is usually “well…no”) but in this case the answer was yes. She said that any time I walked away, the client would say that I don’t know what I’m doing and that none of the instructors here know what they’re doing and she is only happy when she’s a Black student but when she calls and asks to see one, the front desk won’t do it. (which is true - we won’t book people based on requests like that) I am very sensitive so this made me pretty sad but the student was angry. It was clear this had an impact on her and she expressed that she doesn’t want to do a service like that again. I did my best to assure her that this was a person dealing with a lot and that this is not what she should expect in the future but she didn’t seem receptive. After discussing with a coworker, I learn that this type of thing is “going to happen a lot” - Black clients being upset with white students out loud and white students becoming disinterested in learning more. I also learn that this particular client took a walk around the clinic floor and asked a couple Black students about doing services for her in the future. These students were confused/uncomfortable.
I am feeling very stressed about this as I am really passionate about my new career teaching and I am excited about having a positive influence over new stylists. An aspect of this making sure students that I teach can and will welcome anyone into their future chairs. I am also passionate about anti-racism and respecting Black people’s wishes for their own hair. Does anyone have any thoughts or advice on how I can make both work? These students are students and they all have different skills and learn at different rates but they ALL need to practice. Silk presses aren’t the only imperfect service being done. Us instructors are always having to fix cuts and troubleshoot color because the clinic floor exists as a practice space. I feel like people sometimes forget that and I am afraid it’s going to lead to more racist behavior in these new hairstylists. But as I type that out, I feel like I’m blaming disappointed Black people for racism which is insane. Ugh. If anyone made it this far, thank you so much and I’d welcome any thoughts.
TLDR: students struggle with learning to perform most services properly but there is an extra level of tension between a white student doing a mediocre job on a Black person’s hair -a Black client is very outspokenly disappointed that she is with a white student and the white student is angry. I feel that it’s the responsibility of Cosmetology schools to fix the divide in the hair industry but I, personally, feel ill-equipped.
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2023.06.03 14:19 Aye07Zee Wow I need this support

23 year smoker here. I'm 45 in a few weeks and started smoking in college while playing football. Ironically I would smoke during the season but not on the off season and that's followed me all the way up until now. I've been struggling, stopping, starting, etc, and just recently decided to cut my long term friends, two best friends, due to other reasons but they also smoke. As a single guy not taking life seriously I managed ok. Finally graduated college at 35 and always had a mid to lower tier career, made decent money, but I ALWAYS felt like weed as my cryptonite. I've had advancement opportunities but the shame in knowing I'm a loser to some degree, have loser friends mostly, really shot my confidence to move into management, especially when I had the opportunity in my 20s. In my 30s I did well again, but the fact that I still entertained weed made me feel somewhat like an imposter. I was married with no kids at that time. Now, I'm a new homeowner, had two kids (2 and 6 mos), and have been running my own business for about 9 months. The last two months I went down hard smoking everyday and generally being a loser. I stopped about a solid week ago, had a conversation with my wife last night (she has not been happy about all this since we moved in together 10 years ago) and she introduced me to this forum. We've been reading atomic habits and trying to find ways to curtail this behavior of mine. It's Saturday morning. I'm about to play basketball at 24 hour gym. This is Prime smoking time for me. I'll be fine today but I love smoking and balling. It increases lung capacity, slows the game down, helps you focus, and generally makes me feel like superman. Afterwards, of course, it knocks you out and helps you sleep, which for me, helps my recovery, especially as I'm aging. I'm trying to live in a world where coffee and weed are non existent so tell me how strong I am, and how much it's hindered my professional development, and how much it will impede my business. Give it to me raw like a coach on the field. Don't pull any punches. Go! I need this!
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2023.06.03 14:17 Starbaeb Am I being a brat or is this okay?

I've never played a TTRPG until this one and my campaign just started. I'm a PC and I'm having a lot of fun so far but there is one other person who has been chronically missing/late to our sessions and it's really frustrating having to stop and brief them on what happened the last 3 hours or have a part where we need their character and they aren't there so now we have to cut the session short and wait until next week. I probably sound like a brat lol but I feel like if you applied for this game and knew it was every week at the same time, then you should be able to stick to that commitment. Everyone else in our groups seems dedicated and shows up regularly and on time. Since this is my first time playing these types of games I'm not really sure how to take this. A few times here and there is totally understandable but the campaign just started, we've only had 4 sessions, today is our 5th and she just said she can't make it again after being absent or late for every other session. Is this normal? Am I tripping? Should I tell my DM/GM how I'm feeling? I just needed to vent because last week we cut our session short because we needed her character for something and now she just said she's not participating today and now idk how our sessions going to look.
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2023.06.03 14:17 Dangerous_Return1469 Java moss not green?

Java moss not green?
So my java moss arrived today, I ordered online and it took a week for it to be delivered, But I noticed that the moss is not green, I also attached it to my driftwood and its been 2 hours since I did, there are some spots where its green but I’m wondering if all the moss will turn green or will it die and just have new ones grow
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2023.06.03 14:16 halfgoose Depression after Autistic Burnout?

I think I just wanna vent for a sec. Today it really hit home that my brain truly isn’t like the neurotypical brain. My processing is completely different from NT’s. I didn’t wholeheartedly realise how fundamentally different I am and feel.
In short, what triggered this was learning how to open & close at my workplace (retail). I myself understand how I process information and need time to conceptualise and “ground” the task/issue before I can physically begin “solving” it, if that makes sense. I need to tether the problem/task to reality (in my brain) and see how it functions as a cohesive, almost living thing. For example, I didn’t understand maths well until I had a tutor that fully hashed out why an algorithm or theorem even came about, how it can be applied in x,y,z circumstance, what the consequences are, how does said problem affect other areas of math, the whole nine yards. That “grounds” it for me. Anyway, after attempting to learn closing in a rushed manner with no real time to process anything, I felt myself becoming non-verbal and panicked. We managed to close whilst maintaining my mask, but as soon as I got home I felt this overwhelming feeling of apathy, isolation and numbness. Like nothing matters, and that I will always feel forever alone. Usually I can self-soothe by doing something I like, or being alone for a few hours, but nothing can offer me comfort, and if I truly think about it, nothing does. Is this autistic burnout? Does anyone else feel like the only person on this planet? I feel doomed to a life of emptiness. Sorry to be a bummer, but no one gets this.
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2023.06.03 14:16 Charlie_redmoon people of genius

Maybe not about any specific events in this post but I'm just interested in people like Bob Dylan or John E Mack (Harvard psychiatrist and Pulitzer winning author. These people are capable of working long hours and getting fantastic results. Dylan himself said some of his early hits were almost magically written-suggesting a mystical paranormal connection. Today we hear about children with super minds who get advanced degrees at an early age.
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2023.06.03 14:16 Cryingintomysushi I feel dumb

Hey y'all I got ghosted recently(:. I was talking to this guy for a little over two months. He responded SO quick (like within 5 minutes of every text pretty much) and we got along super well. He lives 3 hours away from me so I blocked off this weekend (today) to go see him. I took off of work and everything. He's been radio silent for a bit now and honestly I'm really not sure why, he's been flirting his little ass off since april, and now I'm in a wonderful anxiety spiral remembering everything that I've ever done wrong!!
Anyways I'm clearly not going to go see him, but he has a picture of me that I really don't trust him with. It isn't a nude but it's me at a music festival wearing next to nothing, and if that gets back to my boss or honestly just anyone with negative intentions it could be very very very bad. Would it be a bad idea to contact him?
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2023.06.03 14:14 FlameFlame1420 Defensive much? Would you continue to work with this person?2 images

Defensive much? Would you continue to work with this person?2 images
I started a new job and on my fourth day I had a seizure. I don't typically like to share that information. I also don't typically go to the hospital for a seizure, but because of my job hospital visits are all they understand. Does your boss tell people about your emergencies and would you continue to work for this person? Or am I in the wrong here?
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2023.06.03 14:11 ApexpuLse Ruined this guys Crescendo

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2023.06.03 14:11 Due-Examination-9406 1. $148 million network-wide in the last 24 hours 2. The Fear & Greed Index is 54 today, and the level is still greed 3. Over $31 million in fee revenue on the #ETH chain in the last 24 hours 4. Data: The number of addresses holding more than 1 #ETH reached 1,750,726, a one-month high 5

1. $148 million network-wide in the last 24 hours 2. The Fear & Greed Index is 54 today, and the level is still greed 3. Over $31 million in fee revenue on the #ETH chain in the last 24 hours 4. Data: The number of addresses holding more than 1 #ETH reached 1,750,726, a one-month high 5 submitted by Due-Examination-9406 to u/Due-Examination-9406 [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 14:06 Naidoxius #6 Bastion

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2023.06.03 14:06 aaron0288 Speed twin running temps? Excessive fan use…

So I’ve just bought a second hand 2019 Speed Twin. 7000 miles. 1 owner from new. Just serviced. First ride out on it today in the UK and it’s a barmy 21 degrees celsius, so nothing silly. The fan is on ALOT! More than any bike I’ve had before, on and off all the time in traffic, even a good 10 minutes after getting out of said traffic, gentle 40mph country roads, I can still hear it kicking in every so often.
Is this typical for the big 1200’s? Has triumph set the fan to come on at ridiculously low temps? I’ve heard the fan come on more times in the last hour than I think I have my 899 Panigale in 5 years!
The only mod it has btw are the Vance and Hines pipes. What are others experiences of this? Is this normal? There are no engine temp warning lights, bike is running beautifully, just rather hot for not that high of an ambient temperature.
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2023.06.03 14:05 auridas330 Jagex wants me to use jagex account, but it would stop my steam numbers going up(probs my friend would think I died too)

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