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stick and pokes!

2012.01.29 05:54 stick and pokes!

The do-it-yourself, machine-free tattoo community dedicated to educating and participating in the art of stick’n’poke tattoos. They may not be good looking, but they are also not well done. And that’s fine.

2015.05.19 07:22 Sketch My Tattoo

A place to have your idea for a tattoo sketched so that you have a stronger idea of what you want when you take it to your tattoo artist.

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This is a subreddit where users can post promo codes, ask about them and also point out the expired ones. Users can also post their own promo codes if they have an account with Uber for first time users to use. If you feel someone's promo code is not as advertised, deceiving, spam, or other please message futtbucker1113 for further investigation. Thank you!

2023.03.26 14:11 NoContextVent We are trapped and I have been backed into a corner

Hey people of reddit, I hope everyone has had a wonderful day/night! So I(21) am not really good at getting my thoughts on paper while still making sense, so please bear with me!
I have known my SO (20) since she was born, we were great childhood friends and did everything together whenever we could. Skip a few school years due to our parents moving to different sides of the city, while we stayed in touch as best as we could. We started to stop talking im guessing because "out of sight out of mind " but eventually our parents had a little get together decided to share a house and then moved in with us. It was great apart from my rapist sibling who sexually assaulted my SO from the age of 6 until she was 12, and myself from 5-10, we never spoke about what he was doing to us, we didn't know that we were both being assaulted. While that was happening my MIL was using my mother to look after her while she went off being an escort and doing drugs, and not even using that money to look after her child and somehow always being behind or skipping a month's rent (using my mum to pay more than her share). After a while my mum gave up and told her to move out, then my MIL decided to distance herself from us because my mum "abandoned her in a time of need" (lived together for over 1.6 years)
And again we stopped talking until I went to the same school as her(I moved nearby).
So when we finally realised that we had very strong feelings for each other, and decided to start seeing each other when we were 18 and 19, we decided since we already knew pretty much everything about each other's life (or so we thought) I decided to stay at her house (closer to my work) and help with her relationship with her mother as they were arguing and fighting a lot. Over the last 2 years things have gone from AMAZING to depression.
In my mind it is mainly because of her mum, when we started dating (MIL had way too many pets, we constantly stressed how bad this living situation is but she said 'at least cats don't stab you in the back!?' Like what the fuck?!) So her house always smells of shit and piss because she barely cleaned up after them and was embarrassed about it.. saying that it's never like this and she's going to get on top of it and keep it clean, well that lasted about 2 months until she gave up on cleaning and herself. MIL started drinking more and going back into party drugs slowly leaving more and more responsibility on us, and just when we thought things were getting better she "sheltered" fucking 3 pregnant stray cats when she already had 5 cats and other pets, to help with her motherly urge to protect and nurture things. In the long run her motivation to clean, look after kittens, and work was just too much for her and found comfort in a partner. Since finding this amazing person she has slowly left that motherly urge to protect, love and care for her daughter and pets to revert back into her highschooler self leaving us with all the responsibility and stress, no money, no help and no sympathy or empathy for us at all. Because as she lives ten blocks away from her own house (us) with her new partner she pretends that everything is fine and still has the nerve to pretend that nothing happened and invite us to dinner at his house because we can no longer use our kitchen because of the animals over running it.
So I believe that it is wired into her brain that she can do whatever she wants and if you don't like it, it's your fault and you have no right being mad at her cause her life was a lot worse. (She's gone through her own past traumas).
What's even worse is because of all this my partner is too anxious and depressed to get a job so we are trapped here until she starts to feel better, and also that her mum is the only family my SO has so my partner is really wanting to keep her friendship with her mum..(and that is completely understandable) but she has mentioned to her mum multiple times that we are not happy and really need help, but it never arrives so that's why I had a bit of a snap and wrote quite an emotional message for her.. and here it is....
Sorry for all the backstory let's hope this makes sense now. This was a message that I was very close to pressing send I just thought it might add some insight on how our life is going!😁
Hey _____
This is going to be shocking, arrogant and just straight up rude but i have had it, i am sick of playing pretend about our life being all happy and shit. I really dont know how to say it apart from this....
Just first these are my thoughts and a little of my partners she defends you to the ends of the earth but the truth is in my eyes you really do not deserve it.
How can a 40yr old woman treat her kid and myself like we are house maids for a irresponsible pet owner that has abandoned ship to go live with a great person so her life doesn't feel as shitty..
I dont want to say this but what makes you think that you can just give up on your responsibilities as a parent and animal owner leave us day in and day out to clean after stray animals you brought into the house on top of YOUR original pets (5) which is too many to begin with..
Making your daughter and myself either clean a whole house daily to avoid the smell of shit and piss(WHICH WE DONT HAVE ENOUGH MONEY OR WILLPOWER TO DO EVERYDAY!) And when we do clean it takes 12hours to get back to how it was or sit in the matchbox of a room and try to not to go crazy while listening to constant animal noises and the house falling apart
Just how do you stay there 10 blocks away doing coke and drinking alcohol like you are 18.. with no responsibility
Instead of being a adult and fixing your problems you decided to shift them onto kids with no money and if this continues no fucking future
How do you expect us to be happy ____ please I really want to know what you have been telling yourself to help you sleep at night because if you thinks this is ok... YOU NEED FUCKING THERAPY AND A LOT OF IT
How can we live and learn to love life if we are trapped in this fucking hell hole of house
Which I can say is doing absolute wonders for your daughters and my relationship
I really dont know why I posted this maybe so she sees this, maybe because I really need advice on how to keep our relationships because as you can hopefully tell by the "message" I am about to go ballistic and need another view on this😅
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2023.03.26 14:11 CaterpillarWaste5069 Which sport / competition for the Ruger American Rimfire Rifle ?

Hi everyone !
I bought an RAR years ago, and did not use it since at least 8 years (the closest shooting range to my house closed and I did not take the time to try again the hobby after years).
Now that I have a shooting range available near me, I would like to shoot again with it.
I used to shoot for competition with 22Lr pistols back then, and would like to use my RAR in a formal way so that I can use it in official competitions or at least train with it. 22lr pistols / rifles are designed way differently than typical pistols or rifles such as the RAR, thus I was wondering if there was a type of sport or official competition were such a rifle could compete. I am based in Europe, and there we have competitions with vanilla military weapons, but I am not sure the RAR would fit.
Do you have any idea of a recognized sport involving typical 22lr bolt action rifles, with or without a scope or bipod ?
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2023.03.26 14:10 AutoModerator [Get] Justin Welsh – The Content Operating System!

get the course here:
[Get] Justin Welsh – The Content Operating System
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Build a system for creating 10+ pieces of content everyday. Learn to separate your content production strategy into 4 parts to produce consistent, predictable & high-quality results. This is the exact production method I use daily. Drive Incredible Engagement by Using Human Psychology Mix and match the top 4 human emotions to strengthen the impact of your content. The more you understand human psychology, the more you’ll succeed. Leverage technology to steal like an artist. If something has worked for others, it’s highly likely to work for you. Learn how to find and curate the best styles, structures, and formats online. Build Proven Templates to Accelerate Growth Learn my “secret ingredient” for producing content that shines every single day. The most skilled creators have mastered this
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2023.03.26 14:10 Sobble-547 Can you type someone with superpower WYRs?

When I meet someone new, some point into the conversation I tend to ask them which they'd prefer: invisibility or teleportation? Aside from just being a really handy icebreaker, the main reason I use it so much is that it gives me an idea of what they're like as a person: invisibility-choosers usually tend to be more people oriented, and teleportation-choosers tend to be more on the practical side.
I'm wondering if a similar method can be used to get a good idea of someone's MBTI type. Obviously you can't figure out their entire type 5 minutes into a conversation, but it could give you an idea at least.
So any questions that could be used to distinguish between types? Or even preferred cognitive functions?
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This 10- nanosecond- fix easy oven-roasted funk hams form will make SUPER crisp ignited funk legs that turn out impeccably every time! It’s the only companion for how to roast funk legs you will ever need.

This roasted funk hams form couldn’t be easier! Occasionally simple is stylish, and when it comes to roaster ignited funk legs, that couldn’t be more true. They’re incredibly crisp, delicious, and succulent, but they only take 10 twinkles to fix. I’m agitated to show you how to cook funk hams using my favourite system, my tips and tricks for cooking funk legs in the roaster, what to serve with them, and more. This post has everything you need to know!

WHY YOU’ LL LOVE THIS crisp Ignited funk LEGS form

Super crisp skin on the outside, juicy on the inside

delicious and straightforward spices for seasoning

Just a many twinkles active fix time

No need to stay for a condiment( there isn’t one!)

Healthy protein-packed funk regale

plate of oven-roasted funk legs

constituents YOU’LL NEED

This section explains how to choose the stylish constituents for ignited funk hams, what each one does in the form, and negotiation options. For measures, see the form card below.

This crisp roaster ignited funk legs form is seasoned. You’ll need

Chicken Hams – Bone- heft and skin- on, of course. Try to choose bones that are invariant in size to cook at the same rate.

Adulation: Not only does this help make them crisper on the outside and juicy on the inside, but it also helps the seasonings stick. Adulation has a lower bank point, so I don’t generally use it for riding, but I love the flavour that it gives this form and haven’t set up any issues with it. However, feel free to use ghee, or an olive oil painting, If you’re concerned about it. Scattering with cooking spray would also work, but I prefer to avoid the chemicals.

Smoked Paprika: Adds a succulent hoarse flavour, as well as colour. Feel free to change it to regular paprika if that’s what you have on hand.

Garlic Greasepaint: We’re using garlic greasepaint instead of fresh garlic, as the ultimate would burn. However, it’s stylish to put it in an emulsion adulation underneath the skin, as I do with air-range funk hams, If you want to use fresh garlic.

Sea Salt & Black Pepper

SEASONING VARIATIONS Want to change up the introductory funk hams form? Try replacing the seasonings with Italian seasoning or bomb pepper seasoning, or add them to the above. However, reduce or forget the swab added independently, If your seasonings contain swab. You can also make complementary additions to the below seasonings, like oregano, onion greasepaint, cayenne pepper, or diced fresh sauces.

HOW TO MAKE Ignited funk LEGS IN THE Roaster

This section shows how to cook funk legs in the roaster, with step-by-step prints and details about the fashion. For complete instructions, see the form card below.

I’ve 3 simple but essential tips to ensure your crisp baked funk legs turn out impeccably each time.

Sot the hams. This helps get the skin crisp.

Use a baking rack. This allows the hot air to circulate the funk.

Rally at high heat. The stylish ignited funk legs oven temperature is relatively high( 425 degrees F), which helps crisp the skin. Plus, advanced temperatures are less prone to drying out the meat.


Your fix for oven-roasted funk legs is centred around encouraging air rotation to get them crisp.

Prep the roaster and visage. Preheat the roaster. Line a baking distance with antipode( for easy clean-up!) and place a safe roaster rack over the distance visage. ( I like this set – it’s non-stick, so easy to clean.) I prefer antipode over diploma paper for lining underneath the rack because it catches the authorities more fluently.

TIP The roaster rack helps circulate the hot air around funk for the stylish ignited funk hams that are nice and crisp!

Sot the funk. Pat the hams with a paper scarf, which will help relieve any redundant humidity and make them nice and crisp.


Encounter with adulation. Encounter the funk legs on all sides with melted adulation, or mizzle with olive oil painting or avocado oil painting if you prefer.

Season the hams. Sprinkle on the smoked paprika, garlic grease paint, ocean swab, and black pepper.

TIP You can season in the funk in a giant coliseum if you prefer. Pour the melted adulation over the funk in the coliseum, add the seasonings, and toss into fleece.

funk hams from seasoned on a rack


Singe. Cuisine funk legs at high heat will get them crisp, how we want them.

TIP For stylish results, flip the funk legs halfway through baking, which will help them crisp over more and cook more unevenly.

Rest. Let the ignited funk hams rest for 5 twinkles before serving, which helps seal in the authorities and ensure they stay wettish on the inside.

crisp ignited funk legs on a rack


I recommend a chef time of 35- 45 twinkles at 425 degrees for average-sized hams, flipping halfway through. The exact time will vary a bit due to varying oven temperatures and forelimb size.

Whether cooking funk legs in the roaster or using just about any other system, they should reach an internal temperature of 165 degrees F; some prefer 170 degrees F for other tender meat. Either way then’s the meat thermometer I use and recommend.


The entire nutrition word is below, but these answers to common questions about this form.

ARE Ignited funk Hams HEALTHY?

Yes, quickly ignited funk legs in a roaster is a healthy way to cook hams. They’re a great source of essential amino acids and several vitamins and minerals. Being advanced in fat, hams are an excellent choice for a keto life.

HOW numerous CALORIES IN A Ignited funk LEG?

An ignited funk leg using this form has 236 calories, including the adoration we brush on top. The calorie count will vary grounded on size.


An average funk leg has 22 grams of protein, but it’ll vary a bit depending on its size.


Store this easy funk forelimb form in the fridge for over 5 days.

CAN YOU indurate RAW Hams?

Absolutely! You can indurate raw funk for over 9- 12 months for stylish results. Lay the hams on a diploma-lined distance visage in a single subcaste and place them in the freezer. Once solid, you can move them to a freezer bag for a different compact storehouse.

TIP If you like, you can brush with adulation and season the funk legs before indurating. That way, there’s nearly no fix before incinerating latterly.

CAN YOU indurate Ignited funk Hams?

Yes, you can indurate this oven-roasted funk legs form after incinerating if you like. It’ll last several months. Still, the form is so quick and easy that you don’t save much time by indurating. I’d conclude with indurating the raw hams instead and making them fresh when demanded.


Reheat leftover funk in a 350-degree F roaster for stylish results. The roaster-ignited funk legs will be crispy and better if you roast them to overheat them but can also be microwaved in a pinch.

TIP If the skin isn’t crisp after reheating, you can place it under the toaster for a nanosecond or two until crisp. Watch nearly, so they don’t burn.

To overheat frozen hams, let thaw in the refrigerator overnight( or for many hours) and reheat in a 350-degree F roaster for stylish results.

What is the difference between Botox and Fillers?

Anti-aging products and treatments are a huge part of health and beauty assiduity. When it comes to cosmetic results, Botox and dermal paddings are the most common procedures that suffer to achieve a different immature look. Though these two kinds of treatments are injectable paddings generally administered in the same way and produce similar goods, the more you examine both Botox and dermal paddings, the more you’ll find that they have a lot of differences in their approach and their results. Then’s some must-have information about the difference between Botox and paddings, and eventually, what’s better?

what is botox

What’s Botox?

First Out, Botox is a brand name, but like other particulars, similar to Hoover, it has come to be used as the general term. Botox was the first similar injection. Other brand names are Dysport and Xeomin.

Botox is an injection of a commodity called botulinum poison made from the Clostridium botulinum bacterium. It can relax the muscles in your face to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines. Further technically, the poison blocks signals from the jitters to the muscles meaning the force can not contract. Hence they stay tense and tight.

Botox injections are generally used to address crow’s bases around the eyes, forepart wrinkles, and smile lines( around the corners of the mouth) and give good results.

What are dermal paddings?

Dermal paddings are another procedure by injection. A result grounded on hyaluronic acid is introduced to rotund facial lines to produce a further immature appearance. Dermal injections differ from a Botox injection in that rather than furnishing any muscle relaxation, and they work to fill the wrinkles and lines under the skin, adding volume to the cheeks, forepart, or lips.

Paddings vs. Botox – What lasts longer?


0Commodity essential to know about the long-term goods of Botox and paddings, and before considering either of these procedures, is that neither offers a lasting result to wrinkles and fine lines. On average, a Botox treatment lasts between three and four months, but this can be shorter or longer depending on each case. First-time Botox druggies may find that their alternate round of treatment lasts longer than their initial treatment.

dermal paddings

Dermal paddings

Dermal paddings have the eventuality to last for a far lesser period than Botox, but it’s important to note that they aren’t a one-time, endless fix. Depending on the type of padding you elect and the position on your face in which it’s fitted, high-grade dermal paddings can last anywhere from six to eighteen months.

Are paddings more precious than Botox?

When comparing the two treatments, what’s clear to see is that dermal paddings are much more precious than Botox across the board.


Some of the most typical Botox treatments and their average prices are as follows

Forepart lines –$ 300

moue lines and the area between the eyebrows –$ 250

Crow’s bases and around the eyes –$ 200

Dermal paddings

More Precious, typical dermal padding treatments will bring cases, on average.

Cheeks –$ 1000 per impertinence

Lips –$ 800

Nasolabial crowds –$ 750

As you may have assumed from the former section on lasting power, dermal paddings command an advanced price because they last a lot longer than the average Botox treatment. Botox is frequently seen as a beauty governance treatment that can be regularly outgunned, while dermal paddings are a further occasional extravagance and eventually a temporary result.

What age should you get it?

While there’s no legal age limit on getting Botox or dermal paddings, there are several guidelines that cosmetic surgery professionals will follow to determine whether a case is suitable for the treatment.


While there’s no age limit for Botox mandated by law, in general, it isn’t recommended for anyone under eighteen. There is presently a way to reasonably ban the use of ornamental injectable substances for all people under the age of eighteen.

The appearance of wrinkles isn’t a commodity every person shares-wise. Some people might witness crow’s bases in their thirties, while others will go all their way into their fifties with no fine lines.

Some cases start Botox injections before their mid-twenties, while others stay until decades after. Commodity to consider then’s that the before you start, the further regularly you’ll have to eclipse up your treatment, leading to a much more significant expenditure throughout a continuance.

Dermal paddings

For dermal paddings, the minimal, respectable age for similar treatment twenty- one time old.

In general, utmost people will begin to notice a loss of volume in their face in the medial to late thirties. Still, it’s also common to see bags under the eyes, known as tear troughs, at a youngish age. This is substantially due to the skin on that area of the face being so thin and lacking collagen.

While Botox treatments are given to people in their twenties more regularly, druggies of dermal paddings tend to be in their mid-thirties and aged.

Where to get cosmetic injections?

Depending on your country, the vacuity of cosmetic injection procedures can vary greatly. In Canada and a rich megacity like Toronto, several options exist for prospective cases. When looking for a top-quality Botox clinic in Toronto, there are several different effects you can do

Hear to and pay attention to word of mouth. Ask around your social circles for particular witnesses of Botox or dermal padding injections that they might have had done. Another positive of getting specific feedback from real people is seeing the results near and exact.

Exploration of which conventions in your area have the stylish online character, which can include effects like assiduity awards, along with the resumes and experience of the ornamental professional working there.

A Canadian nonsupervisory body should accredit the clinic you choose. These include the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Aesthetic Society.
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2023.03.26 14:10 SnooDrawings3850 Facebook ads implementation

Hello guys today we are reviewing on Facebook ads implementation course:it is a course that trains you as a beginner on how to grow your online business effectively using Facebook ads to do it. Facebook ads course solve 95% of your problem in terms of getting effectively audience,effectively buyer to you with this course it make work easy for you to start. Click this link to get started> With this course you will stop struggling to attract new customers and start bringing them in automatically,it will teach you how to get in front of the exert people who buys what you sell Click the link to get the course> You also learn on how to run the most effective Facebook ad campaign strategy.with this course you can know exactly how much ROI you'll get from facebook. Many people has had testimonies about this course don't miss out to get this course to get started making your own money today. Kindly click the link to get started
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2023.03.26 14:10 goseephoto A resident of the street 'The Block' is filming in this year is blogging the process. They received this in the mail.

A resident of the street 'The Block' is filming in this year is blogging the process. They received this in the mail. submitted by goseephoto to TheBlock [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 14:09 RoyFireplex An analysis of the story from the Modern Warfare 2019 campaign

I was originally going to do the entire game and realized that it would take too long, so instead here is a draft I made for the first cutscene since it has taken me quite a while to type up, and it's only this small part of the game. If you want to see more, let me know
Notes before reading:
  1. Do I even need to say this? Spoilers for CoD MW 2019 ahead.
  2. This is not an analysis of the gameplay
  3. This is not an analysis of the whole series
  4. I may get things wrong, but please remember I'm only human
  5. Everything I say does not represent my allegiance or preference towards any political, governmental, or national party or entity. This is purely my takeaway from the campaign and its story.
  6. If you have your own interpretations or thoughts about certain things I mention or if you disagree with what I say, please mention it in the comments, I'd love to hear it.
  7. Lastly, remember, this is entirely based on MY interpretations. That means I may not use scenes, dialogue, actions, etc, that you believe should be here, but it is what I feel the game is conveying.
With that said, let me get into the analysis.
Cutscene: Beginning of the mission "Fog of War" The cutscene begins with Omar "The Wolf" Sulaman and Jamal "The Butcher" Rahal talking in a video on a mobile phone about Al-Qatala's cause, watched by (presumably) an Al-Qatala fighter in a van. The other fighters are seen cocking their rifles and passing a cigarette. All of these set the tone of the story while keeping the characters mysterious and unrevealing. The cigarette suggests the fighters are nervous and getting ready for an unknown mission. This is followed by the noise of the van's doors opening and the camera slowly moves toward a fighter with a bomb strapped to him. The camera stops as we see the fighters stepping out with the suicide bomber in the middle of the frame, holding a detonator as his fellow fighters spread out of the frame. A mother and child as well as a businessman notice the bomber and the mother holds her child in a shielding-like way. Screaming ensues and as tension builds up, the scene cuts to black with the text "Modern Warfare".
My thoughts on the scene:
This scene is a powerful opening and a reminder of what modern combat looks like. It's a sad moment of realization that in the world we live in, this is what, as the title suggests, modern warfare is like. Long gone are the days of armies marching towards their enemies, now we throw away lives, and hold innocent people hostage, and at gunpoint for the sake of just seeing the other country on its knees. Long gone too are the days when world superpowers can remove countries and launch international combat missions at the snap of a finger. Modern warfare calls for the bravest to understand the situation and get their hands dirty without asking too many questions, yet without a doubt, the underlying message here is that this, no matter how "cancelable" it may look, this, is what modern warfare looks like. Men and women give their life for a flash of success in the name of their country, and yet it only puts another stain on that country as is evidently seen later on.
I hope this was good, I'm not usually one for analyzing in this sense.
Just a reminder to read the notes I wrote above if you have thoughts you would like to share.
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2023.03.26 14:09 Noxturnum2 Stinky SMP [Modded] [SMP] {No Resets} {1.19.2} {Java} {Origins} {No Whitelist} {No Chat Reports}

Hey there! We are a relatively large but tight-knit community of 600. This server has one main goal: Be as stable as a singleplayer world. What does this mean? Well, this means that you will never suffer a reset or catastrophic loss in the safe zone. Your progress is COMPLETELY safe unless you break the rules (we don't have any ambiguous rules like "use common sense" and only ban for rules stated in our very short and understandable rules list!) and protected by many contingencies, you could play here until the day I die!
Now onto other things,
0 LAG!
Our vanilla+ modpack with many performance optimisers ensures you wont have any client-side lag. Server-side, we have 16 gigs of ram + dedicated processor cores up to 4.8 GHz and featuring 4 vCores of a Ryzen 9 5950X CPU.
We have a never-before-seen system of a Safezone and Borderland; there's an (expanding once full with builds) 3k block radius around spawn where stealing, griefing and murder are not allowed. Outside, they are. There are incentives to go into the borderlands, such as more structures, more unmanned ores and (coming soon) special effects in the borderlands!
We have a very special mod, the Origins mod! Along with the 9 base origins, we have roughly 80 custom origins, all carefully reviewed so that we can make sure each one is balanced, unique and well designed! You can even suggest custom origins, but due to the fact we want you and everyone else to have fun with their origin, it'll have to be quite high quality. Whenever you get bored, just pick another origin and maybe run away somewhere far with no items to get a fresh experience! Of course, if you don't like this mod, or don't like your current origin, you can always pick Human or use your free two changes/craft an origin change.

Here's the server invite!:

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2023.03.26 14:08 Noxturnum2 Stinky SMP, an Origins server

Hey there! We are a relatively large but tight-knit community of 600. This server has one main goal: Be as stable as a singleplayer world. What does this mean? Well, this means that you will never suffer a reset or catastrophic loss in the safe zone. Your progress is COMPLETELY safe unless you break the rules (we don't have any ambiguous rules like "use common sense" and only ban for rules stated in our very short and understandable rules list!) and protected by many contingencies, you could play here until the day I die!
Now onto other things,
0 LAG!
Our vanilla+ modpack with many performance optimisers ensures you wont have any client-side lag. Server-side, we have 16 gigs of ram + dedicated processor cores up to 4.8 GHz and featuring 4 vCores of a Ryzen 9 5950X CPU.
We have a never-before-seen system of a Safezone and Borderland; there's an (expanding once full with builds) 3k block radius around spawn where stealing, griefing and murder are not allowed. Outside, they are. There are incentives to go into the borderlands, such as more structures, more unmanned ores and (coming soon) special effects in the borderlands!
We have a very special mod, the Origins mod! Along with the 9 base origins, we have roughly 80 custom origins, all carefully reviewed so that we can make sure each one is balanced, unique and well designed! You can even suggest custom origins, but due to the fact we want you and everyone else to have fun with their origin, it'll have to be quite high quality. Whenever you get bored, just pick another origin and maybe run away somewhere far with no items to get a fresh experience! Of course, if you don't like this mod, or don't like your current origin, you can always pick Human or use your free two changes/craft an origin change.

Here's the server invite!:

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2023.03.26 14:08 Mishasta PSA: Stop diagnosis shitty women with BPD

Okay, so I noticed this is a trend here for some reason, but it clearly shows that you have no idea about what borderline is. I would advise you to do some reading and research before you use disorders like that like buzz words all around.
Imagine that shitty and abusive people don't have to have any mental illness/disorders. They can just be shitty people. Stop your armchair diagnosis if you don't understand a disorder you are throwing around.
Thank you.
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2023.03.26 14:08 NetworkNerd_ Are You Using AI-Based Tools for Editing or Transcripts / Show Notes and Are They Valuable?

I specifically have used Audacity for podcast editing for a while now and keep hearing about AI-based tools that can save time and effort. Yesterday I found a pretty good article that reviewed a number of tools out there that I thought I would share here -
My question is...are folks here using any of these tools for editing or show notes, and if you are, did using the tools actually save you time? I did try Descript a while back. I liked it, but I found the filler word detection and removal might make a really rough edit to the audio (or may cut off part of the previous / next word). There was also a weird thing with auto-normalization where my files sounded distorted.
I've had friends tell me I should be looking at some of these tools to make it easier to edit and do show notes, but I'd really be curious how many here are using these kinds of tools and if you feel they provide enough value right now to move away from something that is free. And did these tools provide a better wholistic and consistent audio leveling?
Any and all feedback is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.26 14:08 taking_bullet How do you guys describe post release state?

For me it's simply like having your soul sucked out of you. You are now a zombie-like shell of your former self. Music that used to move you will now do nothing. Friends who you used to have tons of fun with are now a burden. One of the worst moments of my life was looking at a beautiful beach sunset and just not being able to enjoy it. I just couldn’t take it in. Your brain is just broken. Happiness just doesn’t…happen. This might be hard to imagine, but all of the “color” is sucked out of life (obviously not literally)
What else can I say…You just feel dead. That’s not even mentioning the fatigue. The loss of energy. You will be exhausted all the time. It’s a loss of physical energy, mental energy, emotional energy, creative energy, social energy, sexual energy, everything. Just depleted. Devoid of any kind of energy. Your brain won’t work well and you’re just kind of slow.
Something people often don’t mention is the loss of mental function. It’s like a loss of processing power. If you’ve ever used an outdated computer with very little RAM/CPU, it’s like that, but in your brain. Very easily overloaded by mental input. Sometimes it’s slow, sometimes it freezes, and some processes it just can’t handle, and you just can’t run them. The difficulty will affect things ranging from basic math to higher, more complex decision making.
You know that feeling when you try to lift a weight, but it’s too heavy? Imagine that feeling, but in your mind. The thing to remember is, though, that in this situation, it’s not necessarily that the weight is particularly heavy, but that you are unable to lift it. It’s like mental muscle atrophy.
I don’t like having to use such abstract descriptors such as these, and I’m not subscribing to the corresponding belief systems by doing so, it’s just that sometimes they’re the best way to do it. I would describe it as a loss of “life force” or “vital energy”. What the Chinese mean when they talk about “qi”.
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2023.03.26 14:08 HEFTYFee70 Epilepsy and Catching a Buzz

Howdy, was diagnosed officially about 6 months ago despite having auras or “panic attacks” as the doctor used to call it. I officially have “acquired TFE” most likely cause by my football career. It’s been a somewhat simple change. More sleep, medications, the usual… long story short I know I can keep smoking pot, but we sat by the pool yesterday, it was 80 degrees, neighbors came over, sun was shining, everyone had wine or a beer and I had my La Croix haha…. Wanted to see if anyone knew anything about our conditions and psilocybin (shrooms) and epilepsy. They’re really popular now and people are dosing them accurately to where you don’t freak out like we used to in the early 2000s… if anyone has any info or links that would be great!
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2023.03.26 14:08 online_int1208 How to feed your Cat so It Doesn’t Beg and Then Start losing weight Cats, Nutrition

Cats receiving a sufficient amount of calories a day will feel thirsty (in natural environments, it is customary to search for food even if you have enough calories). Therefore, feeding cats until they are full is almost always excessive unless it’s an active kitten less than eight months old.

Naturally, cats eat several smaller meals throughout the day by hunting and eating whatever they find. The presence of a dry food bowl available provides multiple meals that provide high caloric food with little effort from the Cat’s side. This can lead to a weight increase.

Domestic cats keep their wild Foods.
Cats fed are less calorific-hungry per day than cats who need to search for food, catch it and consume it to live. As they age, cats see a dramatic decrease in their metabolic rate and activity with no loss of appetite. This makes maintaining a healthy weight difficult with the course.

Your Cat may have trained you to feed it.
The feeding process is a way to train the feeder and the Cat. Cats are often enthralled by the behaviour and actions that indicate when they can feed them and then try to convince the feeder to take part in these. An excellent example is feeding your Cat when you first leave bed early in the day. Cats will often try to get the person to get up in the morning to ensure they can eat earlier…

Another instance is your Cat wandering through the kitchen when your fridge opens because they know where you can store canned food.

A Hungry Cat Often Looks for Mischief
Another aspect to take into consideration is that a hungry cat is a cat which is busy, usually looking for food, being grumpy or stalking other cats (who they blame for eating food that isn’t in the house) and causing trouble to the other cats who live in the home or engaging in other harmful behaviour.

Being active is beneficial because it can make the Cat more active, which aids in burning calories; however, the nature of this activity is not always loved by everyone else in the family. One of the most challenging tasks is to allow a cat to be hungry and not reward the behaviours that go with it. If a cat is fed when triggered, it is arousing for the Cat to behave this way.

Choosing Between Dry Food or canned food, or Both
In general, it is best not to give multiple flavours or textures to your Cat. They’re adept at teaching their owners how to introduce additional ingredients to the mix when the Cat is hesitant to eat the food offered. If the Cat’s doing well, a decision to refuse to eat the food provided could be regular or even a test conducted on the animal to determine what else is coming to up. Very few cats require any incentive to take food. It is the opposite objective.

Canned food for cats is the best Option for Healthy Cats.
Canned food can be more beneficial than dry food for various reasons. However, it’s more costly and messier to feed. Since they are fresh-kill hunters, wild cats consume most of their water and fresh prey. They do not possess a strong urge to drink in addition to eating. I believe that most dry food cats consume water which puts stress on their kidneys and excessively concentrated urine. Canned food is similar to the amount of water they drink from their prey found in the wild. This results in less dilute urine, which can less likely trigger kidney and bladder issues over time.

Canned food is also known to be less carb-based when compared with dry food (you cannot make dry food without flour) and, consequently, more protein-rich. Some deem protein-rich, low-carb diets less likely to result in overweight in cats. However, this is not the case in feeding studies; the consumption of total calories is the most crucial. Cats require about 4 to 5 ounces of canned food daily, which is indisputable. Pate-style Canned Food is generally calorific than varieties closely resembling human food, including gravies and chunks. This is a good thing in determining the calories consumed daily.

Dry Food: A Cost-effective But Not as Healthful
Dry food is extremely calorific dense. It is devoid of water, which is a factor in the volume of the food. Due to this, feeding only dry food is a sign that your Cat will be hungry in the event that they are getting a sufficient amount of calories from the food because of the less volume of food available. In this regard, the fact that free dry food or a version with fewer calories is not going to stop weight growth.

How to control your Cat’s weight when on a dry Food Diet
Separating dry food into small quantities that can be controlled throughout the day is the most efficient. This way, your Cat will never be hungry and is never really starving. For most cats, eating less than 1/3-1/2 teaspoon of dried food every 24 hours will leave them hungry, even if sufficient calories are consumed. The exact amount needed by a particular cat is unique to the specific Cat and is likely to alter (decrease) with the time the pet gets older.

Canned green beans can provide a lot of bulk to help cats feel full. It is not recommended to do this for cats with a background of crystals in the urinary tract (FLUTD), as green beans increase the pH of the urine, which can trigger crystal formation.

Beware of Feeding Your Cat both dry and canned food.
The most efficient way to gain and keep a cat overweight is to feed it dry and canned food. Even if a cat consumes a large amount of dry food, it will be able to eat all canned food available (or the reverse). It isn’t easy to control the quantity of each kind of food, ensuring that cats receive the right amount of calories.

Feeding Recommendations from Your Veterinarian
Canned food is my preferred option. For a cat of adult age, Start with 1/2 of a 5.5 1 oz. Bottle (Friskies/9 size can) two times a day and no other food. This is the beginning base and will likely have to be adjusted downward.

For kittens and small cats, a portion of a 3 oz. Container (Fancy size can) twice a day could be better. The amount of food is cat-specific and usually requires adjustment up or down. Food that is canned appears to be the ideal balance of energy and feeling satisfied, and it also seems to keep the Cat going longer than a dry food dish.

Recommendations for Owners with dry food
Dry food is a good option for feeding; however, it must be done by carefully weighing the portions, eating specific meals, and not eating snacks. Modern-day food has more nutritious ingredients, resulting in more consumed calories for each cup, which means there is less need compared to the Little Friskies of 30 years earlier.

Dry food is served for a specific period, and any leftover food is discarded until the subsequent food distribution. Feeding multiple times a day is helpful, but it could be a source of tension because the Cat will try to get provided during the interval between meals. Food bowls that are not open must be accessible. Sometimes, picking the bowls out and removing any warning of the absence of food can help reduce the amount of beggarly behaviour.

Make sure to measure the Food your Cat is eating to prevent them from overfeeding.
The best way to do this is to calculate the one-day’s (24 hours) food rations in the morning. Then, take food out of the container to ensure that you have enough food throughout the day. When the container is complete, no food is available until the following day. This lets multiple people take part in feeding and avoid being tricked into providing more food as the Cat believes that someone didn’t feed them and they’re close to dying of starvation.

Using a kitchen scale to measure dry food weight is far more precise and reliable than the volume measure, which means that the measurement is more reliable between days and from person to person. The weight measurement can make it possible to adjust much fewer daily food portions that can be measured using volume measurements (a 10% change in the quarter cup is virtually impossible to measure accurately using a volume measurement). A quality food scale is available at around $50 from Target, Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

You can weigh your Cat to ensure that your Cat has a healthy weight-loss rate.
Whatever the diet, restricting access to food is crucial. Also, a scale for precisely weighing the Cat is proper. The scales of people can be used to consider the person holding the pet. Weights for the month in the exact moment suffice.

Weight loss is difficult for cats, and no quick solutions are available, requiring an active effort. A sudden weight loss in a cat may cause serious health problems. We’re looking for approximately a pound every month in weight loss but not more.

As humans have a bespoke program for each Cat, coping with the behavioural effects of a hungry cat could be among the most challenging problems. One of the most difficult things for people is that a hungry cat is healthy and normal and does not need repair despite what the Cat might believe.
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2023.03.26 14:08 AutoModerator [Get] Aaron Young – Google Ads Bootcamp Instant Delivery

[Get] Aaron Young – Google Ads Bootcamp Instant Delivery
Get the course here:
[Get] Aaron Young – Google Ads Bootcamp Instant Delivery

Description of Google Ads Bootcamp

Google Ads in an Incredible Marketing Tool to Grow Your Business
I know because I’ve used it to build two successful businesses of my own, as well as countless others for clients whose businesses – and lives – have been transformed by Google Ads campaigns that sell their products and services for a profit day after day, month after month, and year after year.
However, Google Ads can quickly become overwhelming and confusing with many different optimization options. Then you have to learn the language of Google Ads with terms like search impression share, CTR, cost per click, and so on. Furthermore, many courses and certifications teach the “why” and “what” of Google Ads but overlook the most crucial step—the how!
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2023.03.26 14:07 Masspoint In case you're wondering if you want to do cruyff or rivaldo

For reference I'm an avid fifa player that's been playing fifa since the first fifa and I get about 51 points in fut champs.
I don't get cruyff every year, there's not always a chance to (he's expensive) and he doesn't always cater my playstyle perfectly either.
Still cruyff is one of the top icons for a reason. Not having much strength and the frame he has, does not only make him very agile, he also is extremely good in close to the feet dribbling, he's pretty much king in small spaces. He's better in that regard than pelé.
But when I got him in the past, that wasn't necessarily why I got him, it was more for the combination of workrates, his ability to set up a pass or long finesse shot with his dribbling, and the 5 star weak foot.
I didn't nessessarily got him for skills, allthough I am going to use 5 star skills when a player does have the ability.
Still when I got the prime this year in an icon pack around newyear (don't downvote me for this, I never get this lucky, and the mid has a similar playstyle) I didn't really knew what to do with him exactly, I wasn't using a cam, and long finesse shots aren't really a thing this year.
Sure I can use him for runs, and he's good for that, but not 4 million good. So in the beginning he was just in my team a bit like a glorified butragueno but as time went on, more and more I tried to get the gist of this player in this fifa.
and I found it , he's now as a lone striker in a 433 ish type of setup, dribbling in close spaces, and scoring with ground balls, he sometimes still scores from a run and a hard shot, or I do a rebona coming from the side, but his strenght really lies in those small spaces.
So trying a loan player may not give you an right idea of the strength of this player, frankly advanced players won't even give this choice a second thought, they will choose cruyff, and it's also why it's rumored that rivaldo is overpriced, but you don't even have to be a skiller, by just using r1/rb this player will already outmatch rivaldo in many ways.
Still that doesn't mean you don't have to consider rivaldo, I've seen rivaldo play in the past, a friend of me described it very well, everything in 3 feet of him is his territory.
Fifa also depicted him really well in this regard (I play with him every year), he's pretty tall, but it's not like this player feels sluggish, frankly he's smoother than zidane, that doesn't mean he's a better dribbler than zidane, he just has a leaner frame with more agility and balance.
Don't feel offended by this comparison, rivaldo is a ballon d'or winner for a reason, the year after zidane got it, and R9 pretty much played all year then as well.
While he does have 2 star weak foot by nature, that foot is probably the strongest foot in football history, and this card has 5 star weak foot. He also has pace that is more usable in attacking position.
You might be put off by tall players, rivaldo isn't going to play like cantona, but more like a cr7 with more balance and a leaner frame, while still being quite strong, he is a unique player and certainly worth considering.
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2023.03.26 14:07 7asas Phone charger guy

This story happened about 2 hours ago, but I will give you a bit of a backstory.
I work at video game shop, we also have a computer class. There is a guy who have visited our shop just to charge his phone for about 6 times already, he is about 30 years old, seems like a kind of person who likes a drink. Well, the problem is he never buys anything from us, and never uses our services, and there is no service of phone charging, so we just kind of did it for free, because some times people need help you know.. But this time, again, he comes in already with his phone wire in hand and before he even opens his mouth I am pissed off at him. So I said:
Me: sir, you can't keep comming here just to charge your phone, we do not have such service, so I won't charge your phone anymore
He: but look, how selfish people are, I didn't even ask for it and you already say this to me! Maybe I didn't even need that.
Me: sir, you are already holding your charger.. But ok, I am sorry, what did you need?
He: you work at the shop, you shouldn't be this rude... How much does it cost to use a pc?
Me(with hopes he didn't want to charge his damn phone) : oh! It costs 1 euro for an hour, and 50cents for half an hour.. (happy voice)
He: when do you close?
Me: we close after 2 hours.
He: ok... Good bye.
And he just left! After that I face palm myself, he wanted to charge his phone for sure. I just hope he won't be back, because he is kind of rude to my co worker, who refuses to charge his phone, after that she just charges it. I will definetly tell her to stop charging it, so he won't be comming any more. One time he asked me to charge his phone, I was in a good mood so I said alright... He gives me a phone, I put it on charge, it says 100%, he gives me another one, I put it on charge and it says 100%. He gives me third one, I put it on charge and guess what? It says 100%.. Then I have a " what the fuck" look in my face and he says, ok thanks and leaves. Can someone tell me what the damn deal with this is?
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2023.03.26 14:07 TheBackpacker2 Tattoo places in Hanoi / Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, you can recommend/vouch for?

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2023.03.26 14:07 Watermelon-ina-sanga Short gel x nails. I love doing my nails but unfortunately for school I can’t have them long. I struggle with nail biting and having fake nails on helps so I did these and that way I can stop biting my nails, get to wear cute nail designs, and it’s ok for school. Added pic of inspo from @joonie1111

Short gel x nails. I love doing my nails but unfortunately for school I can’t have them long. I struggle with nail biting and having fake nails on helps so I did these and that way I can stop biting my nails, get to wear cute nail designs, and it’s ok for school. Added pic of inspo from @joonie1111 submitted by Watermelon-ina-sanga to Nails [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 14:07 gentlemannatjuven Hardware sends and inserts in Cubasis 3?

I’m considering purchasing Cubasis 3 as I’ve transitioned from Macbook to iPad recently for ease of use and to save space in my limited ”studio” (i.e. my desk). When reading up on the software there’s one basic but important question that I can’t seem to find a straight answer to; can I do hardware sends and inserts using my outboard effects? The manual only goes over the built in effects and Audio Units. Obviously I have an audio interface with multiple ins and outs. I would expect that you can but don’t wanna presume, so does anyone here know?
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2023.03.26 14:07 Outside_Ad_9691 [Astral Sorcery 1.12] Can you add Traits to Collector Crystals?

I know that you can use Faint Constellations to add Traits to attuned Rock Crystals/Celestial Crystals. And I know that you need Attuned Rock Crystals/Celestial Crystals to make Collector Crystals/Celestial Collector Crystals. But...can you do both? Like, can you add a Trait to a Rock Crystal/Celestial Crystal before you use it to craft a Collector Crystal, thus allowing the Collector Crystal to have a Trait as well? And if so, does it actually do anything?
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