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2023.05.30 23:57 giegiegiedra Help needed for my itchy red scalp rash (no dandruff) after I got my hair dyed

Help needed for my itchy red scalp rash (no dandruff) after I got my hair dyed
Hey guys,
Would anyone know what this weird scalp rash could be? It's itchy and a bit sore, pink in random places around the scalp, but I don't get any dandruff or anything... (hope you can see the picture attached)
l've been to doctors, they mentioned it might be fungal. Took 2 × 150g of Fluconazole tablets, used nizoral shampoo for 6 weeks and some anti fungal cream on some very itchy places, but it is still not going away.
I'm not loosing any hair (maybe it's now extra dry from nizoral), it's definitively not head lice and it started happening after I got my hair professionally coloured (to dark brown, but the test patch didn't show any issues)
I am not sure what to do anymore and just wondering if anyone else had to deal with this before? Thanks!
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2023.05.30 23:56 leopo313 Mold test results someone help

Mold test results someone help
I don't know what any of this means. Good or bad? I've had symptoms that are closely related to what I believe to be from mold allergies or toxic mold can someone help me with these results and could it be causing illness thank you!
Image shows exterior air test
Master bedroom and spare bedroom
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2023.05.30 23:56 Particular_March5766 anxiety! help!

Im on lo loestrin fe, i havent missed any pills at all and have taken them on time. i had sex almost 4 full weeks ago, he didnt finish at all but i know there is precum. A week after sex I got my scheduled withdrawal bleed, it was light and was heavier on day 2 with clots like usual and went back to red/brown the last 2 days. Is there any chance I could still be pregnant? Im having weird small cramps that pass on my lower left side and some lower back pain. My next withdrawal is scheduled to come in about 12 days. Im meeting with my gyno tomorrow to discuss changing birth control so they will probably test me but im so anxious.
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2023.05.30 23:56 Apprehensive_Tap6082 need help please

Can someone help me please, basically in December 2020, my flatmate in uni caught covid, he never told me (they got reported countless times for breaking covid rules). I lived in uni accommodation from September 2020 to December 2020, and have accommodation fees of £1900 to pay.
The problem is the uni knew and did nothing about my flatmates constantly breaking covid rules when i have a seriously weak immune system, i ended up taking a test after seeing on their snapchat story they have covid and I ended up being positive. The uni still didn't do anything after I showed them the chat logs of my flatmates being rude about me just asking why you guys didnt tell me directly, i had to find out from their snapchat stories which i dont see if i dont open snapchat..
I've had a debt collector company contact me asking me to pay the £1900, for about a year now. however 2 months ago, I got in contact with the OIA who are doing their own investigations into this and haven't come up with a conclusion yet.
I just got an email from the debt collectors saying to come up with a payment plan/pay it all off, or else legal action will be taken and the uni told them that this is what they want them to do as they said "We have sought our clients instructions and their position remains the same."
In my uni's communications with the OIA which are like uni accommodation ombudsmen, they are really sympathic with me since my mum passed away, but are being relentless in trying to get the money, the uni said i cant complain since it's been too long, but are still able to ask me for money even though it's been so long..
Not to mention the normal service the uni provides are appalling the normal services like washing machine room doesn't work, no security at all, random people can just walk into campus at any time, they had covid tests in our campus as well and justified it by saying it was very far back of the campus.
I'm wondering if I have a case here? The uni i went to is Greenwich, I'm in contact with the OIA and the debt collectors are Judge & Priestley.
I'm aiming for at least 50% off the full fee because of all this, do I have a case here or not? or do you guys need more information? this has stressed me out for so long along with the loss of my mum, i'd really appreciate some advice from you guys
I'm a UK citizen if that means anything.
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2023.05.30 23:55 Dunkl3zahn Passed Az-104... Some thoughts.

In this past week I both initiated and completed my studies for the Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate certification culminating in sitting for the Az-104 exam.
I came across this subreddit and used the highly recommended resources of both John Saville's azure masterclass and Scot Duffy's udemy course. I believe both of these resources managed to adequately (and in Saville's case, exceptionally) cover the concepts required. I feel like I completed them with the understanding of what everything was, what it was used for, and how to, broadly speaking, implement it (i set up an azure account and set up/tore down resources along with what i was learning about, but some things werent really feasible). However, when it came down to take the practice exams (scott duffy's and tutorial dojo's both) i found that the exam didnt really test on that knowledge. The vast majority of questions came down to gotcha style questions of "did you memorize that you need a standard sku public ip for a standard sku load balancer" type things. in effect, it felt like a lot of the tested material was "did you memorize this easily looked up knowledge" as opposed to "do you have a core understanding of the principles involved". i cannot imagine in any real scenario involving infrastructure planning that an individual is require to know, off hand, these minute nitpicking details. and even if they did, id still want them double checked?
i suppose my point is, i feel the test isnt really a good measure of understanding the material, and im a bit disappointed. has anyone else had this experience/feeling?

(as an aside, the case study questions seemed to be more in line with this expectation and i was pleased with)
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2023.05.30 23:54 Overall-Check4282 How good does your Korean need to be to interview with a Korean company?

I want to one day be able to work for a specific Korean company hopefully doing English-language comms or global PR (that's what my background is in). They have a lot of job postings for this, but the site says all their job interviews are done in Korean.
I haven't officially taken the TOPIK yet but I've taken a lot of practice tests - I easily pass 2 and am working towards 3 (I think I'm pretty close). I've heard that some companies, if they're interviewing a foreigner, will be forgiving of imperfect language skills. I am assuming my Korean is not good enough to do well in a job interview yet, but I am wondering what level I should be aiming for before I could start applying for these jobs. Do I need to be at a point where I am fully fluent, or could I potentially pass an interview with a higher-intermediate level (like 4 or 5)?
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2023.05.30 23:54 RabidGirl22 Is it still possible to gain a Pass 1?

I am stressed out with uni. I study Business and Management Practice as an apprentice. I am in my second year so these are the modules that count. I am just about to submit my EMA for my module and I am likely to get a pass 3, potential for a pass 2, for the whole module. Does that make it impossible to get a pass 1 overall? Thanks.
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2023.05.30 23:54 Vrod21 Need advice

Going to the GI doctor tomorrow and want to make sure I ask the right question and get the answetests I need.
My story. Quit drinking in February due to my anxiety and it helped initially. I had a lot of work and family stress just after I stopped drinking for the next 2 months. In early May I was awoken by stomach pain and heart burn/reflux a few nights in a row. The pain became apparent during the day over the next week and my appetite disappeared. Appetite loss was partly due to my anxiety coming back and me search Dr Google for my systoms. Lost about 5-7lbs because i wasn't eating...
Went to the MD about a week and half ago and had blood tests/abdominal ultrasound. All checked out clear. MD told me to take Omeprazole 20mgs in the morning and 20 mgs at night for a month then let them know how I feel. The Omeprazole has not had much impact other than helping with the daytime pain and leveling my weight loss. I have started with the bland diet but my night time pain is still there most nights (still learning trigger foods).
My main symptoms are still upper left/center abdominal pain, gwaning hunger pains, nausea and loss of appetite. In the middle of the night add some abdominal burning to that symptom list.
Just wanted some advice on what to ask at the GI MD tomorrow.
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2023.05.30 23:53 Redfox2014 Things to do (May 30th - June 6th)

The SD Reader's "Picks of the week"
Also: "The SD Readers list of "Fun Things to Do"
As well as, the "Best of List"
If you're visiting on certain dates You can plug in your dates at the San Diego Reader and see what pops for events that might be of interest to your family.
Another "cheap or free" page from the local news station
For those that are thinking of going down to Tijuana Mexico
A list of 69 things to do in Tijuana
Thank You, u/Matingas for this link <_ Brother Moderator of Tijuana :)
Of course, there's the regular weekly stuff:
Saturday's u/ thedaymayne organizes a semi-regularly about a flag football game Saturday at 11a at Jefferson Elementary (turf field). There's a solid core of 6-8 people and were always looking for new people to join. No ones D-1 athletes and we don't allow blocking to keep it clean and injury free. PM for more info.
u/lightwolv Suggests:
https://www.meetup.com/Casual-Socce Heads up for soccer players. We run a free meet-up every Tuesday and Thursday from 5 - 7. It's outdoor with big goals, cones and co-ed. If you wanna get outside and active, sign up. All skil All skill levels welcome, for those who played in college and stuff, it's competitive and it's a good work out.
Every Sunday at 2pm-3pm, free organ concert at Spreckles Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park.
Every Sunday Farmers Market at the Hillcrest DMV
Free yoga classes All around San Diego (Coastal) :
A good list of classes all over the city, Solana Beach
Sunset Cliffs, USS Midway Museum
Yoga on the Bay Every Saturday 10:30 am
There's a Sunday live video streaming of the classes in PB 10-11:30 am
u/YmcaAdultSports suggests: If you are interested in joining an Adult Sports League, come check out what the Dan McKinney Family YMCA has to offer (La Jolla)
IF there's something that you think is important or needs to have tickets purchased in advance... please post in the comments. IF there's a link that's needed, please try to not make it part of some text but the full URL string So I can just copy and paste it. (It'll make things easier) I'll try to retain these in the following week until the date of the event.
Please don't post events that are several months in advance. Try to limit it to 30 days or so - unless there's a real need for advance notice well in advance for ticket purchases.
Stuff from Last Weeks post: N/A
Monthly Yoga class at the South Embarcadero Rady Shell
The MsMargo activity section (welcome back!)
Free Guitar-Based Classic Rock Jam
Mondays, 6:50 pm-9:00 pm Our Savior's Lutheran Church 4011 Ohio Street San Diego, 92104 Age Limit: 18+ All levels welcome. Bring your own guitar, mandolin, flute, etc. or just sing along. Song chords and words are displayed via projector to a large screen. No practice required.
Gilbert Castellanos Presents: Young Lions And The Wednesday Jam Session - FREE!
Panama 66 restaurant, Balboa Park
"Every Wednesday Panama 66 at The San Diego Museum of Art comes to life with the sounds of jazz. San Diego jazz hero Gilbert Castellanos showcases young music prodigies with The Young Lions Series (7:00–7:50 p.m.) followed by the Wednesday Jazz Jam (8:00–10:30 p.m.) that transforms the James S. Copley Auditorium into a swinging speak-easy. Order a craft cocktail or draft beer, take in the view of the Museum’s Sculpture Court and Garden, and enjoy an evening of music from San Diego’s finest jazz musicians.
Visit the Panama 66 Instagram page for updates on performances, closures, and schedule changes.
FREE event. Drinks and food available for purchase."
FREE Jazz at the The Conrad Prebys Performing Arts Center
Friday, June 2 · 4:30-5:30 PM - Gates open at 4 PM
Wu Tsai QRT.yrd, The Conrad Prebys Performing Arts Center, La Jolla
Besos Jazz Trio
"The Wu Tsai QRT.yrd Concert Series continues with Besos Jazz Trio as part of the First Friday La Jolla Art Walk.
Enjoy live swinging jazz and music from around the world with Besos Jazz Trio, featuring tap artist and percussionist Claudia Gomez, guitarist Beston Barnett, and bassist Evona Wascinski."
If there's something you think others will want to be know about happening the same week as the dates for this post OE in the near future (1-2 weeks out) please feel free to include it in the comments, Any future/reoccurring events will be added to the list in the next weekly TTD post.
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2023.05.30 23:53 Throwawheyyeye Battery question

I have a 2010 ford escape that sat for 2 months without ever getting cranked. It does and I got a jump and drove around for an hour and then went to advanced auto parts to get the battery tested. They said it was a little under the minimum voltage to crank the car. I decided to go to autozone and was told the battery was perfectly fine.
I’ve had my car die and needed a jump in the past and it ran just fine and cranked back up after going to work and back. I’m being told I should just replace the battery but i wouldn’t be able to do that until my next payday. It’s running well and I’ve tuned it off a few times and it’s cranked right back up. Basically my question is how reliable are the battery testers at these auto parts stores? If my car sat for that long dead will it affect the battery? Should I just replace it or keep driving until an issue arises. I’ve never had battery issues with this car. Just on one or two occasions leaving lights on.
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2023.05.30 23:52 decaffccino Career and interview advice

For some background I used to work in Agritech; worked there for about 4 3/4 years and burnt out miserably. During that time I worked in python for about 3 of the years and a combo of java and python for the first 1 year 9 months or so. By the end I was a backend tech lead for one of their new products, built sprints, PIs, worked with both stakeholders and product owner etc. No immediate urgency from a £ pov so took a sabbatical for a year; got to work on personal projects and hobbies and learnt a lot more on infra using aws cdk; took time to look into best practices, I actually really liked doing this. I'm always for devops as a culture. Was asked by a previous colleague if I wanted to work with them on an agri project; I said yes because I could work with some people I had worked with before and we worked really well together. There were a number of red flags I should not have ignored. It ended up becoming a blockchain company with the promise of being on the cusp of signing an agricultural contract; this just didn't happen. Built all of the infrastructure from scratch using AWS CDK in python, built all of the automated deployments using docker and gitlab ci yaml, used reusable templates etc. Built and architected up all of the backend using FastAPI, alembic, sqlalchemy, lambdas, dynamodb and postgres (different projects), deployed all of this up using AWS CDK stacks and eventually burnt out again and the company ran out of money.
Blockchain was a godawful industry 0/10 would not recommend. Employment looks like: Agri company - 4 years 9 months (it always gets shortened to 4 years so let's say 4 years) Unemployment Gap - 1 year Blockchain company - 1 year Currently unemployed from end of Jan; spent til April trying to figure out what to do. Started looking around May for jobs. I am having issues technical interview stage. I did not realise to what extent leetcode was essential, I expected to be given a blank slate where I could demonstrate how I'd write tests, document and be able to ask questions about the problem, but they set it all up for you so that becomes a none option. Quite big employment gaps plus blockchain. Should I modify my blockchain experience to not mention blockchain? This way I can at least explain it via a call.
I also realise my python is quite rusty and I don't believe I write in a very pythonic way, on top of that a lot of my previous history was spent doing many other things and not just writing python so I feel like I don't have much depth to my actual coding experience. How do I get better at writing python more pythonically? I failed a python basic skills verification test on hackerrank, which passed the tests and was what I considered clean, and it was a little disheartening...
I have paused my job search so I can spend a few weeks grinding leetcode and to also give myself a chance to read "designing data intensive applications". There are a fair few resources I've found trawling reddit around leetcode grinding. e.g. pramp, hackerrank, neetcode Should I also look at doing a personal project on the side? Back to, my python being quite rusty. How do I also market myself towards more mid level roles? I honestly don't consider myself to be senior grade if I'm being judged purely on my ability to write python. Is it worth removing the Senior from my titles on my CV?
I have considered the platform/cloud engineering route because it was an area I honestly had a lot of fun learning and doing, but unsure of path? I will need to modify CV yes. Is it realistic to go for a mid level role? Or do I start from junior?
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2023.05.30 23:50 Possible_Ad6126 Are you able to reasonably estimate my iq? If so, I'd be happy to see your responses.

Firstly I'm gonna give an overwiev of my abilities and then test results. I'm a 16 years old male. I personally think my best side is verbal reasoning but it can't be tested because I'm not a native English speaker. I'm 16 and ever since I've been talented in foreign languages, I can learn them with no effort, especially apply complicated for example German grammar rules quickly and correctly with almost no practice. I'm good at decoding word meanings. I solved few problems from the middle level international linguistic olympiad. Fyi I'm a Polish native speaker. I have very good memory in my opinion, especially to words, I can learn vocab quickly. My math and science skills: if I take some time to practice, I can learn high school extended maths to get a B or sometimes A. According to tests I have a good spatial ability.
Test results: Mensa Denmark : 124 IQ Mensa Hungary : 125 IQ
CAIT subtests: general knowledge :19 SS even though I'm not a native English speaker. Visual puzzles :17 SS Figure weights: 11 SS digital span: 14 SS symbol search: 16 SS can't take the verbal vocab CAIT for obvious reasons
Open psychometrics: Spatial iq: 134 Memory IQ 123, but when it comes to my memory I remember random facts which I found somwhere in the internet, and was able to learn 150 new pieces of german vocab in an hour and then make no mistakes a day later at the school test.
Thats all I got, thanks in advance
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2023.05.30 23:48 Yuraer_ Seeking for Headset advice

Hi everyone! I want to make myself a present on my birthday and want to buy a first VR headset, however, it is incredibly difficult to choose one, as the more I read, the more opinions differ. I have a ROG Laptop (specs lower) and I think I will use helmet to ONLY play PCVR. So I was reading really ( I mean really) a lot of threads, and the more I read – the more opinions vary.
Rtx 3060 mobile,
Ryzen 7 4800H,
16gb RAM 3200,
Router “cbn” (looks default, my provider gave me for free, but it seems to have 5 GHz)
So far I was thinking about:
· Pico 4 (the most preferable option so far)
· Hp Reverb G2 (just as more expensive alternative)
· Pico 3 Neo Link (as alternative with DP, but older and specs are worse)
· And Oculus Link 2.
Want to play:
· Half-life Alyx
· Boneworks
· Fallout VR
· Pavlov VR
· HL2 VR
And probably more shooters/open world games.
So, what I know is that only 2/4 headsets would less likely have connection issues, as they have DP. Pico 4 is good, but requires very powerful pc, router etc… and my main fear is that my laptop wouldn`t be enough to play games in higher resolution(just tested Steam VR and it says more that my specs are more than needed). Also, as I live in Germany, there might be come issues with changing router, and honestly, I don`t want to spend extra 50-70€ for it. I don`t know if mine is good, as it has Wifi-5 and 5 ghz. Hp seems a normal one, but it has lower specs then pico 4 and the cost is 200€ more. Pico 3 also has low specs and Oculus Quest 2… IDK it looks like just a bit worse (technically) Pico 4 with better library(don`t care at all).
So, guys, which option will be the best, considering my specs? Is Pico 4 worth it, or DP headsets are better.
I would like to hear opinion and experience (especially Pico 4 wired experience), as believe me, I`ve read too much and probably know all pros and cons. Appreciate any help and wish you all the best!
P.S. I`ve heard that Pico Streaming Assistant has got some improvements. If you have tested – let me know about it.
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2023.05.30 23:48 maxkho [TRIP REPORT] I had the most insane trip you will likely have ever heard of. I have no explanation for how it's even possible.

Before I get into the trip itself, I will just preface it by saying I'll only give you the general overview of the trip since, if I were to describe the specifics (which, to be honest with you, are pretty substantially more insane than the general overview), it would just take way too long. Anyway, here it is:
So I was seeing a good friend that I hadn't seen in a while, and we were planning to do a light dose since I had a rated chess game the following day. So he gave me a tab which he said was 60mg because the package said 300mg and he had 5 tabs... except, as I learnt almost immediately after I took the tab, 300mg was the dosage of a single tab. Anyway, the first part of the trip actually went amazingly well, but somehow, things took a sudden turn at some point and I became convinced that my friend and his girlfriend were going to take me to their basement and torture me. For around 2 hours, I was pretty much just freaking out with not much else happening, UNTIL... Okay, I'm going to have omit quite a few details here, but the short version is (yes, that's the short version lol): reality started morphing around me as I became increasingly sober until, when I sobered up completely, I found myself on an alien planet thousands of years more advanced than Earth. Everything was completely photorealistic and completely indistinguishable from reality in all the human senses - no trippy visuals, no altered state of consciousness, nothing; I was just there on an alien planet with my friend and his girlfriend. He explained that my entire life was a trip/simulation hand-crafted by him to teach me valuable life lessons, and that in true reality, the world is a utopia in which everything is possible through the power of fully immersive digital simulation. I got to explore the planet for a bit, seeing the alien wildlife, the insane tech, some of the surreal nature, etc, before he told me I'd get to live out my life in this utopia if I passed one final test that proved I had learnt all of his lessons. He proceeded to take complete control over my body and start triggering various uncomfortable sensations that I had experienced all throughout my life, if not making me straight-up relive whole episodes of my life (e.g. being choked in a judo competition when I was 10, experiencing incredibly unfair treatment from close friends, losing a heartbreaking chess tournament, etc) and my job was to remain perfectly calm. Once I passed the first round, I died, got resurrected, and then had to do the same thing except with sensations and memories from another version of me that had lived his whole life on this alien planet; naturally, the sensations got more intense and surreal. I had to go through FIFTEEN rounds of this, with each round featuring a significantly crazier and more sophisticated life than the last. Effectively, I got to live through fifteen separate lives, each in a different dimension. And then finally, after I passed the last round, extremely overwhelmed and exhausted... guess what? That fucker started torturing me lol. Basically, I have an endoscopy trauma, so he put me on a loop of undergoing the most painful endoscopy you can imagine, bleeding out and dying, and then going through the exact same thing again. I must have gone through at least 30 such loops before it dawned on me... I was going to be here FOREVER. Not for a month. Not for a year. Not even for a century. For ETERNITY. Can you imagine that realisation? I didn't know how to even begin to handle that. Anyway, a key detail is that every time I died, I got resurrected in a different simulated reality. Eventually, I got spawned back in my home reality and was able to break out of the loop. For a good day, I thought what I had gone through was totally real - that the simulation hypothesis was true, and that I got to meet the simulation's creators. Everything was so insanely real, and their explanations so superhumanly convincing, that there literally was just no other way. Of course, having had more time to critically evaluate the possibilities, it was obviously just a trip, but what a fucking trip it was lol. And like I said, I left out some of the most insane bits of this for the sake of brevity. So this description is just the tip of the iceberg.
I honestly have no idea how any of this is even possible. If I google "nociceptory illusions" - i.e. hallucinated pain - nothing comes up. Similarly, I have never heard of psychedelics manufacturing perfectly realistic universes from thin air. I have heard a lot about being transported to different dimensions, but these dimensions are usually very different from reality. In my case, though, if I literally physically travelled to an alien planet or got tortured using endoscopy, it would just feel the exact same as what I felt during my trip. I have never heard of anything like that, and I would be that last person that I'd expect this to happen to given that my visualisation ability is usually very weak, and my dreams have never come close to realism.
If anyone can explain any of this, please do. I'm still just as puzzled by this as I was a few months ago when this trip took place.
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2023.05.30 23:48 gzs4000 Frontend Engineer w/ 1 YOE. 150+ Applications out with no interviews. Please help!

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2023.05.30 23:48 HenriqueAlves1910 [Help] Trollstore iOS 14.8.1 A11 SSH Ramdisk Installation Error

[Help] Trollstore iOS 14.8.1 A11 SSH Ramdisk Installation Error
Help to resolve this error, IPhone X iOS 14.8.1 (I know I can install it using checkra1n, but even after installing it, restoring the system using checkra1n and according to some cleaning tutorials, the apps continue to detect the jailbreak, and that's why I'm trying this Trollstore installation method)
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2023.05.30 23:47 KG_Snoo [New Feature] Events Manager is now available!

[New Feature] Events Manager is now available!
Events Manager is a centralized solution where advertisers can view, manage, test and troubleshoot conversion data being passed to Reddit. It’s ideal for those of who have integrated the Reddit Pixel or Conversions API, and want to verify your integration is properly setup, test conversion events in real time, and troubleshoot any issues that arise.
Events Manager consists of four components:
  • Conversion Events: Get overview of conversion event data, with a table and graph to quickly and easily monitor conversion activity.
  • Event Testing: Verify and QA pixel events in real time, and debug any issues that arise.
  • Diagnostics: Uncover issues post implementation, with guidance on how to fix them.
  • Attribution Settings: Select or edit the attribution type and window.
Dive into Events Manager or head to our Help Center for more information.

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2023.05.30 23:47 AndyAPEX How to increase your MCAT score by 10+ points in 2 weeks

I keep seeing a lot of posts asking how to improve within XXX amount of time before the exam. There are some good responses but I feel like a lot of them aren't relatable. I am by NO MEANS a genius because I'm just your average Joe "work hard, study hard" kind of guy. But I feel like I can give some proper advice since I went from a 501 to 516 on the FLs in 2 weeks.
Timeline: I had about 6 months of studying. 3 months were "fake" studying and the other 3 months were real studying. What I'm about to disclose is an accurate timeline of what I did in order.
Content Review (3 months): I spent 3 months doing on-and-off content review using Jack Sparrow's ANKI deck. There's about 6000+ cards and I memorized about 70% of them. If I actually tried, I probably could've done this within 1.5 months. But you know what? I'm human and I get lazy.
uWorld (2 months): Another 2 months of on-and-off practice questions. There will be days where I do about 80 questions and days where I do none. I used uWorld because they have hard af passages and they require you to remember even low yield topics. uWorld was essentially used to find out what my weaknesses were and a way to learn how to approach hard passages.
Tldr; uWorld was basically lube for bumhole when I take the AAMC FLs.
AAMC FL1: This is where I tested my current knowledge and you know what I got? A motherfuckin' wake up call because I got a 501. I was completely stressed tf out because I was gunning for a 510+ at least. Instead of being a weenie and getting depressed, I looked at the bright side. The only reason why my score was low was because of CARS and low yield questions. The content review I did was solid. So it was time to formulate a game plan.
AAMC Section Bank and CARS QPack (1 month): After getting gangbanged by uWorld and AAMC FL1, I decided to switch over to AAMC for my final month of studying. And let me tell you, nothing really changed. Section bank and CARS Qpack ripped my butthole a new one but I wasn't going to give up. The more I progressed with the questions, the more I realize how I should be approaching these questions. Like I said, it wasn't my content review that was lacking but my test taking strategies. When people told me to "understand AAMC logic", I did not know wtf they were talking about. But as I did more practice questions and REALLY ANALYZE why I got the question wrong and why I chose the wrong answer... I understood.
AAMC FL2 (2 weeks left before test date): This is where I had my breakthrough. I got a 513.
AAMC FL5 (1 week left before test date): After taking FL2, I reviewed the content I missed on that and did more AAMC practice questions. Then I decided to take FL5 because it's the most representative out of all the FLs. I got a 516 (although lowkey I could've gotten a 520 if I didn't suck ass on CARS). Now I have about 4 days before my test date on 06/03/23.
I'm going to keep at it until I feel confident and try my best to get that 520+.

Okay, that was my story so here's what I did to study!
C/P: Dimensional analysis (unit manipulation), or known as DA, is all you need to answer every question regarding to calculations. Sure, you'll need to memorize a few equations here and there but DA is the way to go. Also learn all your CONVERSIONS. For the chemistry/orgo part of this section, I suggest you learn ALL IMPORTANT CHEMICAL STRUCTURE CHARACTERISTICS that you always see being asked in the practice questions and FLs. What do I mean by that? I mean polarity, bonds, periodic table trends, etc. But what about learning theories? Man, FUCK learning all those theories because you know why? If you know the relationships between each variable in the equations you memorized, YOU DO NOT NEED TO LEARN ANY THEORIES. Because essentially, theories are a more in-depth explanation as to why variable Y is dependent on X.
CARS: Bro, IDK what to say but just practice. If you're bad at CARS like me... Then all you can do is just practice. I just did 3-5 passages a day TIMED. I don't do that untimed BS because then I'll just get used to being slow. Learn how to improve your techniques in a timely manner. Because on the real exam, you are not going to have 20 minutes to finally understand a passage and do questions.
B/B: Do a lot of content review. You cannot skip out on B/B. There is no cheese. Learn everything the best you can. For biochemistry, all you gotta know is the 20 amino acids and its characteristics, enzyme kinematics/inhibition, all metabolic pathways forward and in reverse, all experimental techniques, and protein/lipid types. What about biology? Don't know where to start? Well, let me shamelessly plug in my 19 PAGE MCAT BIOLOGY SUMMARY (doesn't include DNA replication, transcription, or translation so pls review that on your own lol): https://www.reddit.com/Mcat/comments/13th8ax/mcat_biology_notes_only_19_pages_short_version/
P/S: All you need is this 86 page doc and learn how to interpret studies and its results. Read it, memorize it, love it, and get you that 132. Here's the link for it: https://www.reddit.com/Mcat/comments/64um9s/ka_ps_the_lazy_ocd_86_pg_version/

Well that's all to it! Good luck guys! Here's some miscellaneous stuff from me:
Section Bank Percentages: C/P (62%) B/B (68%) P/S (62%)
AAMC FL1 (05/14/23): 501 - 126/121/127/127
AAMC FL2 (05/21/23): 513 - 129/128/129/127
AAMC FL5 (05/29/23): 516 - 131/124/129/132
Test Date: June 3, 2023
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2023.05.30 23:47 BeeeRick Users with T-Mobile/Mint/Metro PCS unable to get through Cisco IVR Options

I work for an enterprise with about 600 users. I am still new to our phone system and work with a vendor for major support issues. For almost 2 years now, we have been having issues where wireless callers from T-Mobile/Mint/Metro PCS and all of their MVNOs, have the inability to get through our IVR system and into the queues for our call center. They will push options in our main auto attendant IVR and it will not register anything. Sometimes it will take 10+ calls before finally, they are able to transmit tones. I am able to duplicate this issue on my T-Mobile test line. Wifi calling disabled, strong LTE or 5G signal. Issue happens all over our City, and some of the surrounding cities. Iphone 14 pro max, all the latest iOS and Carrier updates. Our support vendor for Cisco and SIP carrier advise the issue is on T-Mobile's side. I have been working with T-Mobile support the past several weeks, and they tried to blame the issue on iPhone, stating that ever since iOS 13, the DTMF Long tones are no longer a thing, and to verify that our system can handle short tones. I don't buy the DTMF thing, because why would Verizon and AT&T iphones not have any issues with our IVR. They have now proceeded to kick the can down the road and told me to have our patients reach directly out to their support. Ok, we have done that, for 6+ months, and it go us nowhere, except 100s of angry patients with T-Mobile. What is that even going to show them?

I am literally at my wits end with this issue. Does anyone else out there with a Cisco phone system have a similar experience or issue? If you did and solved it, please tell me what you did so I can have our vendor implement it as well.

We are Cisco CM Version 12.5.1
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2023.05.30 23:46 Skatejobz Need help

Need help
I’ve tried everything I can find on the internet and nothing seems to fix this. This is the farthest I’ve gotten usually says Network:failed Internet: blocked Xbox live: blocked
Idk what to do it connects to the internet with the Ethernet cord but doesn’t want to work with the Wi-Fi
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2023.05.30 23:46 audrey_2222 Strange bloodwork 🤔

Wondering if anyone may have some insight....
I have long suspected poor thyroid function (chronic fatigue, anemia, extremely dry skin, difficulty keeping weight down despite calorie restriction, cold all the time, muscle pain, depression, super slow heart rate).
I recently did bloodwork indicating that my TSH has gone from 1.92 to 2.32 since it was last tested a couple years ago but is within normal range still. I have low alkaline phosphatase, low red blood cell count, high mean cell volume (MCV) and high mean cell hemoglobin (MCH). My free T4 and T3 are also normal.
Is there any way this is indicative of hypothyroidism? Will be discussing the results with my doctor in two weeks but am wondering in the meantime if this is definitive proof that my thyroid is fine, or there's a chance that I still could have a thyroid issue.
Thanks in advance for your help.
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2023.05.30 23:45 athleticavenue BRCA2 positive news has floored me

IDC HR PR+, stage 1, grade 2, multi focal, no lymph node involvement. It's been really up and down getting to this point, have had two surgeries in the past two months and just now getting genetic testing done. Not sure why my surgeon didn't order this before the lumpectomy but trying not to focus on that. Anyway, just found out I'm BRCA2 positive, and the recommendation is DMX and remove my ovaries. Both of these seem like absolute worse case, absolutely do not want scenarios for me. I really love my breasts, they are a pretty big piece of my identity. I also really enjoy my period and I LOVE ovulating. This result has now triggered a whole new round of appointments at 2 more hospitals, and I feel completely overwhelmed. This news is way worse for me than the original diagnosis. Anyone BRCA positive and chosen not to have surgery? Any advice or things that I should think about? Thanks in advance.
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