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Coven Watching Your Tantrum On The Kitchen Floor

2011.07.20 12:21 Coven Watching Your Tantrum On The Kitchen Floor

You might have heard that /MensRights is a moderate MRA hub. They’re just advocating for the rights of men, right? What’s so bad about that? But all is not as it seems. Underneath the face lie toxic misogyny, GSMphobia, racism, and worse. The subreddit, and the movement itself, runs on hatred. We are here to expose the hatred and bring it to light.

2012.10.07 18:40 Pretty Older Women

A place for images and videos of mature celebrity.

2014.06.03 05:46 bsutansalt TRP: Off Topic

This sub is meant for threads not specifically belonging to any other sub in the TRP network. This is to allow us to focus on the primary mission of /theredpill, which is the discussion of sexual strategy in a culture increasingly lacking a positive identity for men.

2023.05.31 00:02 donald-duck23 Muncy is back in the lineup today!

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2023.05.31 00:00 acid-bathtub AITA in this situation?

This is my first time ever posting on reddit so please forgive me if i do this wrong but i watch all those tik toks on Reddit and i just want some advice from people who aren’t close to me and have no side they lean to, so I F18 have been seeing a guy since i was 15 years old and at first we started off as best friends we told each other everything and my strict family even let him stay at our house i was never attracted to him but his endless pursuits finally won me over fast forward a year we start dating a few red flags came up but as a teen hopelessly in love i ignored them one of these being an ex of his who he refused to cut off and if he said he would he’d lie about it, i stay with him through all of that for him to go to Jail last year during my most important moments like graduation and prom, and i stayed with him after finding out he was addicted to pills and while he was in Jail he got mad at me for going to my prom with my friend who is another female. While he was in Jail for distributing pharmaceuticals to the public i told him he needed to really turn his life around when he got out and when he did get out on house arrest he was doing good for a few months and then i fell pregnant i decided i didn’t want a baby with this man and i decided to get an abortion. He tells me he kept finishing inside of me bc he thought i couldn’t get pregnant so he put me through that for no reason and at this time i was curious so i look up his ex who he just can’t leave alone to see she was having a baby i was like good maybe he’ll stop trying to contact her and she will stop contacting him since she’s with the babies kid well let’s hold that thought for a min in April i get a text from a spam account on instagram saying this girl has my bfs nudes and wants money typical spammer i ask him why because he doesn’t have a phone turns out he hid having an IPAD from me which i wouldn’t have cared about if he wasn’t using it to cheat, he BLAMES IT ON ME saying i stress him out with everything that’s going on like he doesn’t think i’m stressed at all?? Anyway getting to the good part this month out of the blue he picks a fight with me which he hasn’t done in a while because he usually does that when he’s cheating as i’ve come to find out then he’s like maybe we should talk to someone and i’m like ok i’m open to therapy seeing as you clearly need a damn therapist and he’s like no like i wanna talk to someone and i’m like ok who? and this motherfucker says oh you don’t like her she has a kid and gets mad at me when it doesn’t immediately click he was talking about his ex and he wouldn’t take no for an answer so he made a facebook just to talk to this girl and put in his bio that we are engaged *so i’ll feel more comfortable * and everytime i asked if she texted him back he said no the only reason i let him do it was because i thought it would give him closure to see she’s very clearly moved on with a whole family (also this bitch has lived out of state this whole story and he’s seen her in person all of twice MAYBE anyway he keeps telling me no an makes other friends on facebook i ask him to delete it because of his history of cheating and he yells and tells me i don’t allow him to have any friends which he has multiple of on his game and discord and idc i’m just scared of him having social media given his past anyway he ofc guilted me into letting him keep it and i constantly see him on there and have been catching him in multiple lies and i never thought it would be possible because of how much i really loved him but i’m starting to fall out of love and i feel like it’s right but i wanna get him back so bad for wasting years of my life keeping me under his wing to use me whenever it please him so i’ve been talking to other guys and a part of me feels bad for it but if he had no problem doing it to me why shouldn’t i do it back i do plan on leaving him but i feel like i need to kickstart his karma what should i do
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2023.05.30 23:58 SpecialistJicama6149 [USA-CA][H]Gamecube Games, iQue Player, Pokémon Gameboy Boxes, Sealed DSi XL[W] PayPal, Local Cash

2 x Pokémon red boxes available $180 for both or $100 each
iQue Player, tested and working, does not come w/ av/power cable $250 obo
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Frogger Beyond - Cib $18
Sonic adventure dx - case, no manual $35
Custom robo - case, no manual $50
Kirby air ride - cib $75
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Spyro enter the dragonfly - cib $15
Sonic heroes w/ reg card - case, no manual $25
Soul Calibur Ii -Cib $25
Marvel nemesis - cib $15
Super monkey ball 2 - case, no manual $20
Mario power tennis - case, no manual $30
Dragon ball z Budokai 2 - case, no manual $45
Super Smash Bros. Melee - case, no manual $55
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Godzilla destroy all monsters melee - no manual $30
Zoids - case, no manual $60
Last but not least, I also have a sealed Nintendo DSi XL Midnight Blue Launch Edition. $450 obo
For PayPal I can do G&S for trusted folks w/ vouches and stuff, otherwise it’s F&F
Also open to cash aswell I’m in the 92106 Zip code area, I can drive up the 100 miles in the area :)
Have done a few transactions w/ other members in this group, and can post vouches if requested :)
I also have the following coming in within the next week:
Brand new factory sealed pearl blue ags 101 Gameboy advance sp
Minty copy of Pokémon emerald
Wii U w/ all cables and game pad
Pokémon Ultra Sun cgc graded 9.4 A++
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2023.05.30 23:57 joe-exotic26 Getting way better! Scored a 90 and 88 on back to back days both on courses I’ve never played before. Handicap dropped to 11.7 🔥 Shuswap National and revelstoke golf club 🇨🇦 both beauty courses

Getting way better! Scored a 90 and 88 on back to back days both on courses I’ve never played before. Handicap dropped to 11.7 🔥 Shuswap National and revelstoke golf club 🇨🇦 both beauty courses submitted by joe-exotic26 to golf [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 23:55 MoneyCaregiver3157 I love this sub

Reddit is mostly filled with depressed and negative losers who are most likely old American rednecks who are blue pilled to the core and not honest about anything.
Apart from this sub everyone here is actually honest and blackpilled or bluepilled. I’ve been in this sub for a month now and I was active af but now its kind off dying down.
Also rest in peace to emoji man and swagmedley they were funny af but now they left.
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2023.05.30 23:54 kmg1016 5-Round 16-Team Dynasty + IDP Draft

There isn’t a lot of dynasty IDP content out there - much less draft tiers including both offensive and IDP players - so hopefully this is helpful to some of you.
I’ve been in this league since 2007. Some league details: 45 player rosters plus 5-man taxi squads. Each week we start a typical 1 QB fantasy offense plus 11 IDPs (any conceivable formation) and a kicker and punter. That’s all reflected here…
  1. Robinson, Bijan ATL RB (R)
  2. Gibbs, Jahmyr DET RB (R) (Q)
  3. Richardson, Anthony IND QB (R)
  4. Young, Bryce CAR QB (R)
  5. Smith-Njigba, Jaxon SEA WR (R)
  6. Addison, Jordan MIN WR (R) (Q)
  7. Anderson, Will HOU DE (R)
  8. Johnston, Quentin LAC WR (R)
  9. Flowers, Zay BAL WR (R)
  10. Campbell, Jack DET LB (R)
  11. Stroud, C.J. HOU QB (R)
  12. Kincaid, Dalton BUF TE (R)
  13. Achane, Devon MIA RB (R)
  14. Mayer, Michael LVR TE (R)
  15. Miller, Kendre NOS RB (R) (Q)
  16. Charbonnet, Zach SEA RB (R)
  17. Levis, Will TEN QB (R)
  18. Mingo, Jonathan CAR WR (R)
  19. Rice, Rashee KCC WR (R)
  20. Hooker, Hendon DET QB (R) (Q)
  21. LaPorta, Sam DET TE (R)
  22. Sanders, Drew DEN LB (R)
  23. Bigsby, Tank JAC RB (R)
  24. Hyatt, Jalin NYG WR (R)
  25. Henley, Daiyan LAC LB (R)
  26. Johnson, Roschon CHI RB (R)
  27. Carter, Jalen PHI DT (R)
  28. Simpson, Trenton BAL LB (R)
  29. Tillman, Cedric CLE WR (R)
  30. Wilson, Tyree LVR DE (R) (Q)
  31. Schoonmaker, Luke DAL TE (R)
  32. Musgrave, Luke GBP TE (R)
  33. Brown, Chase CIN RB (R)
  34. Spears, Tyjae TEN RB (R)
  35. Smith, Nolan PHI DE (R)
  36. Williams, Dorian BUF LB (R)
  37. Reed, Jayden GBP WR (R)
  38. Van Ness, Lukas GBP DE (R)
  39. Branch, Brian DET S (R)
  40. Washington, Darnell PIT TE (R) (Q)
  41. Abanikanda, Israel NYJ RB (R)
  42. Evans, Zach LAR RB (R)
  43. Downs, Josh IND WR (R) (Q)
  44. Mims, Marvin DEN WR (R)
  45. Witherspoon, Devon SEA CB (R)
  46. Kancey, Calijah TBB DT (R)
  47. Murphy, Myles CIN DE (R)
  48. Wilson, Michael ARI WR (R)
  49. Porter Jr., Joey PIT CB (R)
  50. Whyle, Josh TEN TE (R)
  51. Boutte, Kayshon NEP WR (R)
  52. McDonald, Will NYJ DE (R)
  53. Overshown, DeMarvion DAL LB (R)
  54. Banks, Deonte NYG CB (R)
  55. Brown, Sydney PHI S (R)
  56. Martin, Jartavius WAS S (R)
  57. Bresee, Bryan NOS DT (R)
  58. Forbes, Emmanuel WAS CB (R)
  59. Moody, Jake SFO PK (R)
  60. Dell, Nathaniel HOU WR (R)
  61. Bennett, Stetson LAR QB (R)
  62. Battle, Jordan CIN S (R)
  63. Gonzalez, Christian NEP CB (R)
  64. Anudike-Uzomah, Felix KCC DE (R) (Q)
  65. Baringer, Bryce NEP PN (R)
  66. Kraft, Tucker GBP TE (R)
  67. Gray, Eric NYG RB (R)
  68. Kuntz, Zack NYJ TE (R)
  69. Ryland, Chad NEP PK (R)
  70. Mapu, Marte NEP S (R) (Q)
  71. Haener, Jake NOS QB (R)
  72. Young, Byron LAR DE (R)
  73. To'oTo'o, Henry HOU LB (R)
  74. Dexter, Gervon CHI DT (R)
  75. Brents, Julius IND CB (R)
  76. Foskey, Isaiah NOS DE (R)
  77. Herbig, Nick PIT DE (R)
  78. Vaughn, Deuce DAL RB (R)
  79. O'Connell, Aidan LVR QB (R)
  80. Tucker, Sean TBB RB (R)
  81. Nacua, Puka LAR WR (R)
  82. Ojulari, BJ ARI DE (R)
  83. Hall, Derick SEA DE (R)
  84. Smith, Mazi DAL DT (R)
  85. Shorter, Justin BUF WR (R)
  86. Clifford, Sean GBP QB (R)
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2023.05.30 23:53 ecliptyk MAL Virus?

MAL Virus? submitted by ecliptyk to MyAnimeList [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 23:53 arlito19 👀

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2023.05.30 23:48 gzs4000 Frontend Engineer w/ 1 YOE. 150+ Applications out with no interviews. Please help!

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2023.05.30 23:45 BloomingVidaliaOnion Four years of this. Losing hope.

I’m 43 and my husband is 44, married for 6 years, together for 12. We’ve been in a dead bedroom situation for about 4 years.
I had health issues for a while and we were open about everything (it was very painful for me, LL, etc.) and I thought we had our communication down but I finally got my medical issues under control and my L soared only to find his took a nosedive.
He got blue pills and we tried them exactly once but he hasn’t even wanted to try again since. I’ve attempted to initiate and nothing. He sleeps on the couch. When we’re watching tv or whatever he sits on the other end of the couch.
The reason I’m turning to strangers on the internet for help now is this weekend I made a full on attempt and was completely shot down and I don’t know what to do anymore. I feel ugly and undesirable and just so sad. I’ve approached him about therapy and he seems receptive but ends up bowing out, couples and solo. I don’t know what to do. I love him but we’re roommates.
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2023.05.30 23:39 xpalemoon666 I weigh 232 pounds and I want to lose 50 or so pounds. At work I walk around 20k steps a day. I usually eat 2-3 cliff bars a day I work between 8-10 hours and have two pb&j’s during lunch. Is there anything healthier I can replace the cliff bars with that’ll keep me just as full during the day?

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2023.05.30 23:31 radicalraindeer Why is The Happiest Days of Our Lives not available? Does anyone else have this issue?

Why is The Happiest Days of Our Lives not available? Does anyone else have this issue? submitted by radicalraindeer to truespotify [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 23:31 DirkHirbanger Today, in playing outside of Europe

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2023.05.30 23:30 Mussarelinhagames The last ship of Humanity - Chapter 8 - A single ship

Terran year 5201 - 12th of September.
First / Previous
Species: Grogs - Emperor Reith the Third.
I'm currently going to the Galactic Federation Center, we will arrive there in 1 day, and although the Grog Empire has already assembled its fleets, and I'm being escorted by one of them...
In the last few days, the Human factories have been working nonstop to assemble their ships, the majority of them weren't ready when I was last informed, they didn't let me see them sadly, but I was also occupied preparing our economy to the war, so it wasn't like I had the time to contemplate the human ships...
In 1 and a half Galactic Day, the Cleyk Empire will declare war upon us and Humanity, and the worst of all? 8 galactic days ago, our sensors have already detected a war fleet going in direction of Nyrda.
I'm really worried, the fleet is gigantic, the Grog empire doesn't have the time to get there to avoid the conflict, I can only hope that the statement made by the commander Harry, that their first carrier would be ready by tomorrow, and in his words, "we can handle it, don't worry"...
1.4 Galactic Day time skip - 1 Terran hour before the declaration of war.
I was quick to exit my shuttle as soon as it landed. I was anxious and worried, the last war was 70 Galactic Cycles ago... I was not even an egg, yet, here I was, about to be declared war upon....
Everyone glared at me when I entered as usual, I quickly went to the discussion position, where the Cleyk ambassador was already waiting me...
"Well, tomorrow we enter war, how do you feel about that, Reith the Third?" - He asked in a mocking tone
" To be honest, you are making a big mistake..." - I said while looking down...
"The Cleyk Federation does not commit mistakes, also, I summoned this meeting to make a voting of the other species on the war, if they are against it or in favor, or neutral, well then, members of the Galactic Community, you can vote!" - He said in a happy one.
I watched as the big majority voted to stay neutral, some voted against, some in favor, but out of the 1029 members, 938 voted to stay neutral, as if they knew that two titans were about to fight in a fierce battle.
It took a few dozen stricks for the result to be declared, and the Cleyk clearly didn't expect that many to stay neutral..
"Well then, Reith, your empire has chosen the war path, expect us to destroy any military ship of your kind to be destroyed, that's all I have to say, you are all dismissed! - He said with a happy tone...
I really wished they knew what they were about to fight with.....
_____________ UNCS Brazil is ready, war fleet detected, engaging interception maneuvering.... ____________
The War is declared, the 2th Cleyk Attack and Raid Fleet approaches the system of Nyrda (Plok for Terrans).
Species: Cleyk - commander Yuok - commanding the 2th attack and raid fleet, aboard the CFCS Hutylid.
I was anxious for the start of the conflict, it would be a massacre, I didn't expect much resistance from these so called humans, they are greatly weakened.
"Sir! Our long range sensors have detected an Unknown vessel on our path, we will arrive in communication range in 15 galactic time units!" - My Sensor observation officer said.
"Prepare the weapons and arm the shields" - I responded.
I ordered him to arm the shields, something is wrong, no species would send one single ship to intercept a war fleet...
My suspicions were confirmed when we got in visual range, the Vessel that we detected was gigantic, 3 times the length of our carriers, I was impressed, and so was my crew, we were speechless...
"Sir! They are hailing us! Should we let them through?" - My communication officer said.
"Let them through, I want to see what these humans look like."
A few galactic time units later, our translation software finished the translation, and the screen lit up. A pinkish creature, with white and gray hair on the top of his braincase and face, using a suit of green color, with yellow and blue stripes, on the left side of his body, a name, which was translated to 'Fernando da Silva Magalhães', he was clearly tired, a lot wrinkles around his eyes and mouth,2 eyes, 2 appendages for manipulation, bipedal, very different from us, as it's common for species to have 4 eyes...
Then, it spoke in a coarse, low voice, I expected it though, as this individual was clearly old...
"My name is Fernando da Silva Magalhães, commander of the UNCS Brazil, Is this the fleet that's supposed to kill humanity? - he asked.
"Greetings, human, my name is Yuok, commander of this fleet, I offer you a deal, surrender immediately and I promise that your extinction will be quick and you will not suffer with pain." - I said with a serious voice.
Then, something that I wasn't expecting happened, the human started to tear up...
"This is so heart wrenching, kid, you are clearly so young, yet, your leader sent you and dozens of other individuals of your species on a conflict that could be avoided all together, and solved with diplomacy, may I ask you, do you have a family back home, waiting for you?" - He spoke, with more tears forming on his eyes...
"...yes..." - I answered hesitantly.
I then noticed that my had crew stopped what they were doing to listen to him...
"I'm giving you one last chance, kid, please, spare your life and the lives of your crew, I've seen what my species is capable of, I've killed many in the past as part of my job, and it hurts to know that I killed people that had a family, that had someone waiting for them back home, please, if you want to see your family again, go home, don't start a war that isn't needed..." - He asked, almost begging me, while whipping his tears from his face...
I was confused, it was the first time that I thought about it, however, I knew that my family would suffer great consequences if I refused to fight..
"I'm sorry sir, but retreat is not an option for my species." - I spoke
He sighted.
"I'm extremely sorry for what is going to happen now, may the best fleet win."
Then he cut contact
"Sir, we are detecting a big energy surge coming from the enemy! - one of my crew yelled."
When I looked back, I could see thousands of Magnetic cannons charging up and 26 fighters detaching from the vessel, then, the cannons fired.
Our ships broke formation, we managed to dodge the majority of the rounds, but some of our ships still got hit, luckily, our shields held up.
Our fighters were struggling to keep their fighters away from us to, I was starting to get worried
"Shields at 50% sir! we can't afford another hit-" my Shield Controller said, before she got interrupted by the computer.
"Multiple nuclear warheads inbound"
They are going nuclear already? damnit!
"Redirect engine power to shield and weapon systems, engage EMP Machines!" - I ordered.
However, it was too late, some of the warheads got destroyed, but the majority of them managed to hit, depleting the shields of the majority of the fleet.
"We lost the CFCS Huoloiyd sir! Our Ships's FTL Core has been damaged! Engines compromised! 2 of our destroyers Reactors detonated! Our anti Projectile defense is crippled!" - One of my crew said, panicking.
I was thinking, how could a single ship dish out so much firepower? But before I could order the remaining ships to rearrange, another alarm appeared...
"Multiple Anti-matter torpedoes inbound, heading for the battleships and the Bridge of the CFCS Hutylid, engage evasive maneuvering, anti projectile defense system offline."
"ENGAGE EVASIVE MANEUVERING, ORDER THE BATTLESHIPS TO FLANK WEST AND EAST, GET OUT OF THE WAY OF THOSE TORPEDOS, IF THEY HIT, WE WILL LOSE THEM!" - I yelled as I started to panic, that's when I failed to realize, that a torpedo was in the direction of our bridge...
When I realized, I just stood there, I knew it was too late to save our ship, I then did something that the Fleyk Federation hadn't done in Hundreds of Galactic Cycles...
Me and my crew ran through the smoke and fire on the halls to the escape pods, suddenly, the entire ship jerked violently, as the anti matter torpedo collided with us, we fell but quickly resumed running after getting up, I could feel as the atmosphere started to vent out of the hull breach where the torpedo had hit, I failed to notice the glass shard on my arm and the serious bleeding..
When we got the pods, we ejected, knowing that we would probably be killed as well, but,,
We didn't get hit.
I watched as our fleet got destroyed, ship by ship, the enemy vessel, not even a visible dent or scratch on its hull...
I didn't take long for some of the other ships to get abandoned as well, hundreds of escape pods floating as the main ships got destroyed...
Sadly, many didn't make it to their pods before their ships exploded or got destroyed...
Then, the 23 remaining fighters started to collect our pods, I knew that we would get slaved, at least it was what I thought..
Then I faded due to the loss of blood....
When I woke up, I noticed I was in a white room, in a bed, connected to some machines, a weird black blob stuck in my arm, and a weird thing on one of my ears...
I tried to get out of bed, but then, I heard a voice, speaking in perfect Cleikdian...
"You might want to stay in bed, let the nanomachines repair your wound." - A female human in white clothing with a red '+' in his arm said from a chair in the same room, while reading something in a type of data pad, while another, heavily armed human sat besides her, with a type of kinetic weapon on his lap.
"Where am I? - I asked, looking at them
"You are aboard the UNCS Brazil, in the infirmary section, your crew is being treated for their wounds, all of you are now prisoners of war, you will be given a room with a bathroom, 3 meals a day according to the types of food you can consume, and a television with human programs and movies." - the armed human said.
I sighted in relief when he told me that humanity wouldn't turn us into slaves, I guess that they have laws of war, but I still had so many questions...

This was long, hope you guys like it
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2023.05.30 23:27 Competition-Dapper These are a buck twenty five at Dollar Tree, and less at Walmart, gee…I wonder where they came up with the price?

These are a buck twenty five at Dollar Tree, and less at Walmart, gee…I wonder where they came up with the price?
Sorry bastards. Literally the entire store, every item is priced off of the first LISTING on eBay…
Only they don’t offer returns and it’s all AS IS.
I’ve been tempted lately to buy depends, shit in them, tape up the box, donate it and see it for the same price as eBay plus shipping for a box of HUMAN SHIT!!!!
Because that’s basically what they are selling now.
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2023.05.30 23:20 brokenspirit8946 Gardevoir Ex M2 V-Union

Gardevoir Ex M2 V-Union
Any help would be appreciated!
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2023.05.30 23:19 letstalkaboutbras [SELL][US] Destashing intensifies! More new items from drugstore to high end makeup, skincare, & brushes 👀

Hello again!
Payment via PayPal G&S. Shipping starts at $4.50 for a small item depending on zip and increases with weight (USPS). Shipping from the East Coast. $10 min before shipping preferred. All item conditions are noted and pictured best as I can. Most are brand new.
Please don't ghost. It's okay if you change your mind. NIL based on timestamps. Note that I have some of these items listed on other platforms as well and will adjust the availability accordingly.
I'm very careful to keep my makeup clean and protected, keeping original packaging where I can. Smoke- and pet-free home. Always masking. See this wonderful feedback from previous buyer 1, 2 and 3 as references 😊
  Please comment below before sending a Reddit chat since I can't see those on mobile.  
New only: Dior beige mitzah, Rose Montaigne or Pink Corolle mono eyeshadows. Trestique Summer Glow & Go set from Boxy. Try me on Sephora Lipstories balms (I already have shades 07 and 08 and a couple others), must be sealed.
Mascara - $10 $9 for all  
Lips - New
Lips - Swatched or Gentle Use
Fragrance & Body
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2023.05.30 23:18 Pa_Dabbing_Dad Blue Garlic (Blueberry x Garlic) live rosin by Leiffa

Blue Garlic (Blueberry x Garlic) live rosin by Leiffa
Sour, citrusy, and garlicky, it’s just what you’d expect from a strain with these parents. Nice hybrid effects, smooth dabs, really happy with this pickup. Since I started pressing my own, I rarely by rosin from the dispo now.
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2023.05.30 23:12 Beautiful-Bath9508 Dosage question

Hello all. Recently thinking of using blue chew to change things up. I have been about an 8 year user of generic ED meds. Tried all 3, ver, sil, and tad.
My question is how do you understand the mg dosages from regular pills to blue chew? For example i take 70mg sildenafil generic pills… but blue chew thats not offered. So what dosage do people use? Is there an equation for the other ones too? Thanks!
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