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2023.03.26 14:16 Johnny_Charisma Bowie album ranking

None of these are bad, some are just better than others
  1. Hours: Just isn't for me, the songs are ok, but not something I really enjoy (fav track: Something in the Air)
  2. Black Tie White Noise: A really good album, great work by Reeves Gabrels, but not very memorable for me (fav track: You've Been Around)
  3. Buddha in Suburbia: The instrumental parts of the album were amazing, but the other stuff was not very memorable (fav track: Ian Fish UK Heir)
  4. Let's Dance: The title track is a bit unoriginal and China Girl was better as an Iggy Pop song, otherwise a great album (fav track: Cat People (Putting Out Fire))
  5. Tonight: Most songs are amazing, but it was a very similar to Let's Dance (fav track: Blue Jean)
  6. Reality: A fine album, but i find some tracks to be a bit cringe and then I realise it's Bowie (fav track: Fly)
  7. Heathen: An amazing album, it's nice to see Bowie be more like he was at the start, but it's not as good as his later albums (fav track: Everyone Says Hi)
  8. Never Let Me Down: Great album, Japanese version is awesome, the songs have really interesting titles, but it has the same problem as Heathen (fav track: Zeroes)
  9. 1 Outside: Some tracks are not very memorable, however, some tracks are better than most of his other songs (fav track: Hallo Spaceboy)
  10. Young Americans: Amazing album, however, it's too american for me (fav track: Fame)
  11. Heroes: Awesome album, the instrumental pieces are amazing, the title track is a bit overrated, though (fav track: Beauty and the Beast)
  12. Pinups: Such an underrated album, most of the covers are really good and I appreciate him doing an album full of covers, and Bowie is the only person who can cover Syd Barrett perfectly (fav track: See Emily Play)
  13. Lodger: An amazing album, every song is really good, but nothing special (fav track: D.J.)
  14. The Man Who Sold the World: Awesome album, I think a movie could be made based on just those songs (fav track: The Supermen)
  15. Earthling: I love this album, it has some amazing songs on it and the cover is amazing (fav track: Battle for Britain (The Letter)
  16. David Bowie (1967): The most underrated album ever, those songs are awesome, an amazing start if you ask me (fav track: Uncle Arthur)
  17. Blackstar: Perfect farewell, but to sad for me (fav track: 'Tis a Pity She Was a Whore)
  18. Space Oddity: Great album, some songs are not perfect, but then we have some that are more than perfect (fav track: Space Oddity)
  19. Aladdin Sane: Awesome album, love the more psychedelic title track, reminds me a lot of Pink Floyd (fav track: Aladdin Sane)
  20. Hunky Dory: Some tracks are perfect and I love watching him perform them, one of the three albums where I can't decide on my favorite song (fav tracks: Oh! You Pretty Things and Life on Mars?)
  21. The Next Day: The title track is perfect, has an amazing music video and Valentine's Day got me into two amazing artists (Boomtown Rats and Declan McKenna) so there's that and I love the extra tracks too.
  22. Diamond Dogs: awesome album, got me to read 1984 (fav track: Diamond Dogs)
  23. Station to Station: Such an amazing album, reminds me a lot of Pink Floyd (fav track: Station to Station)
  24. The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars: Nearly perfect album, every track is awesome and so influential (fav tracks: Starman and Moonage Daydream)
  25. Low: I agree with Paul Weller, it's perfect, love the instrumental parts and the vocals, every song is pire art, however still not the best album (fav tracks: What in the World and Sound and Vision)
  26. Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps): Every song is perfect, the cover art is amazing, the music videos are perfect, the Kingdom Come cover got me into Tom Verlaine's music (RIP) and Major Tom returns, this album got me into Bowie and was my first vinyl (fav track: Ashes to Ashes)
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2023.03.26 14:15 JhalMoody25 Living your best life is the best revenge.

Hey Ladies, I have been seeing surge in the post about men marrying a woman through AM immediately after ending long-term relationships and what can be done about it. As someone, who went through same ordeal two years ago, here are my two cents:
Background: Let's call my ex "POS" ( idea stolen from a sub member) & his/our mutual friend is "Loser".
So, two years ago, my ex decided to call it off with me and get married to a girl in AM, day after our breakup. He was looking for AM the entire time and kept me blindsided. We have discussed marriage but had our disagreements regarding when to have children and MIL living situation. Once his probation period ended, he told me he wants to visit home in India (we live abroad) as he misses his family. I help him buy presents for his entire family, lend him my cabin bag and off he goes. 6 days later, he calls me at night and asks me, if I want to marry him. I tell him, i am not sure yet because we still have alot of discussions left and he says, i have to say yes or no. In a fit of rage, I say no, and he says okay, i will look for someone else then (i ignored this, as I thought we both are angry) and disconnected the call. He called me next morning and told me he is getting "engaged" day after and we are done. Few months later, he let it slip to a friend that he actually got married, not engaged, as he had to file his wife's family reunion visa and that friend told me. I have supported this man through his dad's death in covid and unemployment phase. I don't want to recollect the next six months of my life. I stopped using social media, went NC and even avoided the mutual friends who could tell me about him.
Current story: Now, I am dating my incredible bf for nearly an year and I am in a very healthy space. I got a promotion recently, my L1 visa for usa is raised and I will shift by the end of the year, if everything goes well. My side hustle is also doing extremely well, as I stumbled on some very rich clients and I got my dream car last year. My now bf also encouraged me to go to gym and hooked me up with a dietician. In short, I am thriving in my life rn.
Few weeks ago: So, i went to a grad school friends gathering few weeks ago, for the very first time in two years. On the topic of dating/relationships, i told them i am dating my current bf. I also showed them some our pics from the greece vacation we took on my bday. My current bf is a doctor ( literally in top 50 in NEET UG in first attempt), has a great body (gym enthusiast), a smokeshow and comes from generational wealth. He is also younger than me. He has basically everthing my ex is insecure about.
A week ago: Loser from that gathering went and tattled about it to POS. Now, POS is back from woodworks and he asked loser if i can talk to him. I unblock POS and he starts messaging me. After few pleasantries, he congratulates me for achieving everything, we had dreamt together (working in usa and side hustle+car). I ask him about his wife and he goes on a rant that how she has not been able to find a job yet and he will have to now invests in her masters. He lamented how I was the anchor of his life and he feels so lost now. If i could refer him to my company as his job is dicey at his company ( he was work student at my company but couldn't convert to FTE). How he was cornered by her mom and sisters into the wedding. How I have moved on from him now. I am ngl, i actually revelled in his misery. I let him speak alittle bit more. Then he asked me, if I ever missed him or thought about him? I replied with a "No, i didn't". Then he asks me, when did i become so heartless? (lol). I just tell him that thank you for ending our relationship else I would have settled for a -2 when I deserved a 10. With this, i cut the call and block him again. Now loser calls me again next day and tells me that I have been cruel to POS and punching him down in his hard time. I ask loser to STFU and block him too.
My ex made a very calculated move to get into AM. He married someone who worked in IT, as he was banking on the fact that she will get a job quickly ( In our work country, it's easier for IT) and will also subjugate to his insane fam. But his wife used to work in dotnet which is an outdated technology and with current job market, its really hard to get a job. He thought, i will be lost in life and will not get anyone because I was turning 28 soon. Now his own job is on line due to the current market and wife is also unemployed. He comes from a lower middle class background, so I know this is hurting him.
TLDMoral of the story: Best revenge is to go live your best life. The woman he married is not better than you. She is just like you, another victim. At worst, she puts up with his ridiculous misogynistic demands and patriarchal family. This is the best thing that happened to you as it saved your from years of abuse and toxicity. DON'T WASTE EVEN A SECOND MORE OF YOUR LIFE OVER THE POS. Work on yourself, go to gym, work on your career, get into therapy, keep your friends close, travel. When you are healed and have worked on yourself to observe toxic patterns, you will attract the right kind of man in your life.
My ex would show up to even my professional meetings with seniors because he was insecure. My current bf told me i can decide if I want to talk to my ex or not. He doesn't cares about it and trusts me. Trust me, you will upgrade. When you find that man, you will not even care about the mumma's boy who didn't have enough spine to fight for you.
Men like these are insecure momma's boys who will go and live in the womb again, if possible. As soon as they see the ex getting a new man and thriving, they come crawling back to try to ruin her life again. The only person i feel bad about is the poor wife. She deserves better. It's not your fault, it never was your fault. It's not her fault either, it was never her fault either. A man will always have the audacity, if nothing else.
Just wanted to share a positive story post break up because i see so many heartbroken sistas here recently. Don't forget the queen you are. You made him your world but have you heard, you can always reclaim the land💃
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2023.03.26 14:15 Organic-Composer-921 how to tell my dad he is a slob when he’s with me

not sure if this is the right sub for this but i couldn’t find one for fathers specifically.
anyways my 23f father 50m is a complete slob when he stays at my house. i live in a 1/1 with my dog & he comes over to stay for the weekend s every once in a while.
however, when he does stay with me he leaves the toilet seat up & pee droplets all over the bathroom. doesn’t do his dishes, like purposely will make coffee in the morning & leave it there till i get up. doesn’t even wash the fork he eats with. leaves coffee ground all over the kitchen.
now i’m not saying i expect him to clean when he hear because this is my home & he’s my guest. but i don’t know how to tell him that it bothers me that he’s like that. oh i should also point out i accidentally left my vibrator out in the shower one time & he pointed it out by saying “i found a duck in the shower” instead of just simply ignoring it. i would’ve put it away the next time i went to the bathroom.
i am very OCD & slightly on the autism spectrum so he knows how i am.
can anyone help?
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2023.03.26 14:15 Gyerannn Fetching from ESP32 in React

I've set up a webserver on my esp32 that returns a json with the orientation of a gyroscope connected to it uppon receiving a request. Im trying to fetch data from this server (running on locally on ) inside react (which runs on localhost:3000). Here is the function that should fetch these values:
const fetchData = async () => { try { const response = await fetch(url); const text = await response.text(); const parser = new DOMParser(); const doc = parser.parseFromString(text, 'text/html'); const bodyText = doc.body.textContent; const json = JSON.parse(bodyText); setData(url); } catch (err) { setError(err); } };
Trying to solve the problem I've noticed that it actually tries to reach http://localhost:3000/ instead of and gets a placeholder as a response. I have no idea why it does so as im not a react guy, could someone please explain this to me? Any directions to resources on the matter would be welcome as well.
Excuse me if this is not the correct sub to ask
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2023.03.26 14:14 Fit_Pie_3453 My cat story

Hey I was just listening to the episode one paw in the grave and it reminded me of my cat’s story. So it was August 4th one year August 4th is my birthday I was woken up by my sisters and I was happy as a small child I loved birthdays now just another day but anyway I was danm near immediately crying as my dad was weeping over my 19 year old cat meowing weakly unable to move her body fast forward about an hour and she lets out a sort of howl and slumps over my mum and dad have to call whoever and cancel putting her down and we buried her in the back yard worst part I still had to go to school
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2023.03.26 14:13 TheSweet_Science7956 Warning to fellow Aspies - ChatGTP could be a serious problem for us...or it could be our savior...

Correct me if I am wrong but I associate my crazy high level of curiosity with being on the spectrum. I have been playing with ChatGTP a little bit and the ability to get answers about anything so quickly and efficiently feels like a dream come true. But I could also see how it could become as addictive as hard drugs to NTs.
Anyone else experience this at all?
On the other hand I can't help but feel like this could help us too in immense ways. I feel like that has to be able to be used to help us simulate conversations or improve our communications in some way.. if not not in the near future.
Anyone know of any other good threads discussing this here?
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2023.03.26 14:13 justname321 Pls give me karma I want to post something in a sub reddit!!!

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2023.03.26 14:12 Alextricity how do you know someone’s a carnist? don’t worry, they’ll let you know.

i’ve had similar rants on this sub before, but for background: i work produce in a grocery store. four years ago a single employee caught on that i’m against animal abuse because they saw my lunch. since then, that single employee has told who-even-knows how many others my extreme beliefs despite me being completely mum about it in person. anyway, my rant for today:
them: “how're you today"
me: “i’m okay. you?”
“……..well i'm doing great. i went to a local farm and got like a whole cow with prices going up it's actually the same price or cheaper it's better meat and the store they have oh my god they have everything we got like 40 pounds of chickeeeeeen and really we only need to grocery shop for produce now"
that’s a really nice story. they always go on tangents about their animal consumption completely unprovoked. i dont look at them. i don't talk to them. i openly ignore them. other people do the same thing, and it amazes me how many people’s sole personality trait is how they enjoy using animals. if it’s not meat, it’s dairy. or horse riding. or the zoo. shit man, who even GOES to the zoo in 2023?
and for real, again, what possesses a carnist to have a needless conversation about meat to someone who they know doesnt eat it? and when the person they do it to doesn’t engage or give any reaction (until they vent on reddit, of course).
i noticed this almost exclusively happens the day after i have an off day — like they spend a whole day talking about me and it spills over to the next morning. i can’t tell if it’s an obsession with me or the fact they’re hugely insecure or if their lives are so miserable they have nothing else to concern themselves with.
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2023.03.26 14:12 NationalDelivery1438 Can borrowing capacity for renovations/extensions be calculated prospectively (rough good estimate)

Please direct me to a more suitable sub if needed.
TLDR: Want to start to plan renovation design based on what the bank is likely to allow me to borrow/equity use/refinance in 3 years. Is this possible?
When calculating borrowing power for a renovation, are you limited to only using your available equity, or can you use some useable equity, AND also increase your total loan amount from your original mortgage? I don't know if i'm making sense. Also, do banks ever take into account the prospective value, once renovations/extensions are complete, when calculating usable equity, or is equity only ever calculated on the actual house value as it stands on that given day?
If wanting to know how much I could spend (ie loan) for a renovation, say for in 3 years time, is there a way that can be calculated so that I can start planning designs, and maybe canvas building companies for availabilty? I don't want to have ideas in my head for what might suit our family best, then find out the bank won't have a bar of it, so I want a better idea of borrowing power ahead of time to plan accordingly, if that's even possible?
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2023.03.26 14:11 S1RLUN5 Putting out feelers trying to figure out what to do with this stuff.

So I first got into raw denim around ten to twelve years ago and started with naked and famous. I now wear basically none of those pairs I accumulated but have some really rare and cool stuff in my collection. I want to get rid of the stuff I will never wear so I figured I'd start here before eBay or Poshmark. Biggest issue is they're all size 28 and that's super small.
But anyways, I don't know if original runs of older naked and famous stuff would be considered vintage yet but I suppose to the right collector they would be desirable. I have a lot. I wear none of these. If anyone would be interested shoot me a DM and we can figure it out.
*OG first run Naked and Famous 15oz Rigid Deep indigo Selvedge in Skinny Guy fit sz. 28 (completely unworn, no creases at all or fading. Kept folded in totes.)
*OG first run Naked and Famous 13oz. Indigo Broken Twill selvedge Skinny Guy fit sz. 28 (worn a handful of times but have minimal fading. Pretty cool pair with blank rivets and buttons from before they put their branding on the hardware)
*2015 Super Skinny Guy 11oz indigo stretch selvedge sz 28. No fades still nearly new. Only worn a few times. Hemmed to a 31" inseam.
*2011-12ish Unbranded 301 straight fit 14.5oz indigo sz. 28 from the urban outfitter days, so I'd guess it was very early in unbranded brand's life. New with all the tags never worn. Had a deeper and richer saturation and tone of indigo on these 01 UB jeans back then. Before they even had a 401 tight fit.
*2011-2012 Unbranded UB 101 skinny fit. Sz 28 worn several times and washed once but very minimal wear and fading and still tons of life left.
*Naked and Famous Elephant 4 sz. 27 Skinny Guy fit. New and unworn tags were removed but I still have all the tags and pocket flasher and would include them. These are very rare and hard to come by now. Especially new and unworn with tags. Chainstitch hemmed by tate and yoko to a 33" inseam and still have the hems in mint condition stored in the back pocket of the jeans all these years.
Let me know if there's any interest in any of this stuff.
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2023.03.26 14:11 AGARAN24 Discussion on Time relativity near black holes

So let's say for example , I find a spacecraft, which can hold itself together a bit closer to the black hole without being disintegrated into it. So as time relativity, my time should decelerate or accelerate in earth time. They say 1 second near a black hole is 100000 years for people on earth. So say for example I somehow can live for 10000 years near the black hole,, so then is it safe to say that 1,000,000,000 years have passed on earth? Lets change the calculation accordingly, to last 100 trillion years on earth, scientists say the big freeze or the death of the universe will occur in 100 trillion years, so If I could somehow find a black hole that can decelerate my time even higher, technically, I could be there 24 hrs and the universe could end?
So then wth is time, isn't the black hole just 24 hrs younger then? While the earth is much more. How do we even define time now? It's all relative to earth time then? Just like countries have individual time, we have time for each black holes then. I guess it's just fascinating to think of it. Do give me your insights and opinions.
To think of it, could it be that some organisms perceive time much faster which can survive even on the black hole, lived for one minute and the universe ended? So we could technically find a planet with the least density to slow down time to live longer.
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2023.03.26 14:11 CaterpillarWaste5069 Which sport / competition for the Ruger American Rimfire Rifle ?

Hi everyone !
I bought an RAR years ago, and did not use it since at least 8 years (the closest shooting range to my house closed and I did not take the time to try again the hobby after years).
Now that I have a shooting range available near me, I would like to shoot again with it.
I used to shoot for competition with 22Lr pistols back then, and would like to use my RAR in a formal way so that I can use it in official competitions or at least train with it. 22lr pistols / rifles are designed way differently than typical pistols or rifles such as the RAR, thus I was wondering if there was a type of sport or official competition were such a rifle could compete. I am based in Europe, and there we have competitions with vanilla military weapons, but I am not sure the RAR would fit.
Do you have any idea of a recognized sport involving typical 22lr bolt action rifles, with or without a scope or bipod ?
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2023.03.26 14:10 budshedz55 Looking for help

I had an open hernia repair done with mesh on Feb . 11th , 2023 for a recurrent umbilical hernia. This is my 7th week post op and I was feeling good other then a few days of soreness from the initial operation and then the mesh settling into place.
About a week ago I got the stomach flu and it was relentless. I am not sure i’ve ever puked that hard in my life. While I was being sick for hours on end my abdominal muscles were contracting and spasm’ing very hard placing a lot of pressure on the site of incision. It definitely hurt at the time but I was more concentrated on getting through the flu.
The day after, I started having pain near the incision that mimics a hernia and is much worse then the pain that I felt before the repair. I am fearful that I opened or tore the repair and now the hernia has returned. I have a feeling of movement in the area, thumping or pulsation, nausea, debilitating pain and intense burning. For context I lived with my first hernia before repair for about a year, and 6-7 months with the second one that was just fixed. I feel confident enough that I know the difference between hernia pain and me just tearing or upsetting some scar tissue.
I am wondering if anyone else has had a torn repair or recurrence this early after repair due to something similar?
I am fortunate that I see the surgeon for a check up in a few days but I am looking for info from anyone that may have had something similar happen.
I plan to tell the surgeon about all of this, but is there anything that I should request of him? Maybe an imaging test to rule out a recurrence? Thank you
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2023.03.26 14:10 vanny_hqqq I (13F) am terrified of my dad (46M)

I'm so scared of my dad. He's a very heavy drinker but never gets hungover, and he always remembers what happens the night he drinks. He's the type to get very angry when he drinks, and he overreacts at the slightest things. The other day I got in trouble for head-butting the microwave since my hands were full. It's silly, but I do it because I usually get a laugh out of my mum, and I'd do anything to make her happy. Hearing her laugh is such a good feeling since I know she's enjoying herself. My mum is the absolute sweetest to me and I love her so much. Anyway, when I head butted the microwave, Mt dad looked at me, and yelled. "Did you just headbut the fucking microwave?" He said, pausing the show he was watching. He put his beer down and sat up. I looked over at him and just said yes, laughing as my mum did. He yelled at me, and I hate yelling. I'm a very emotional person and I hate being yelled at. I nearly cried. He then finished, so I went back to playing a game with my boyfriend. He and I were on a call on snapchat, so I think he heard the whole argument. My dad then called me back out to him, and we argued as he kept spitting nonsense. He's the worst to argue with. If you did something he didn't like, he would always threaten you and never listen to you. He told me to grab my phone, and I didn't get to hang my phone up. He told me "do you want me to headbutt your phone? I'll hardly hit it". My dad is very strong, and when he says that, he always pretends to destroy my stuff to get a reaction out of me. He then stole my phone and said I can't go into my room, so I hid in my mums room. I cried. I can't stand being yelled at. I tried staying quiet, and my mum came to comfort me. I know I'm probably just being dramatic, but I hate yelling. Even if it's my friends who only yell at me when they're being playful, I still get scared. I hate it. I'm so scared of loud voices.
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2023.03.26 14:09 online_int1208 Hailey Bieber’s Trick for the Juiciest Skin Ever Is 100% Free

All skin is good skin, which is why good skin care is further of a trip than a destination. We all love a one-off trip, but at Byrdie, we’re more interested in how our skin evolves. The Product we have used for a decade, the component blend that made us glow, the step we noway skip, and all the advice in between. This is the stuff that makes a real difference. With What I Put on My Face, we’re bringing you the rituals, recommendations, and failed trials(we’ve all had them) straight from celebrities, authors, and influencers who’ve gone through it themselves.

There are thousands of quests on Google for “glazed doughnut skin.” And with just as numerous quests for Hailey Bieber’s skincare routine, the model–turned–brand author honored there was a need she could fill in the assiduity. But not without times of exploration. Through the epidemic, Hailey Bieber set up solace in skincare and honored that others followed suit. While a lot of the forenamed gleam is inheritable, it’s also a product of skin care education. I’ve come to understand that conscientiousness steers Hailey’s business opinions as much as it makes her beauty choices. She likes routine and stability and tries to avoid stress and vexation in her life and skin in equal measure.

You see, Hailey Bieber is a lot of effects all at formerly. She’s a celebrity with over 45 million Instagram followers, the face of iconic brands like Levi’s, Guess, and Tommy Hilfiger, and a YouTube channel with over1.7 a million subscribers. She runs in a veritably notorious circle. Those effects feel veritably out of reach for the average person. That said, I( and countless millions of others) feel deeply connected to how she presents herself through apparel, makeup, and of course, “glazed doughnut” skin.

It’s the skin thing that brought us together in person this time around. Hailey is launching Rhode, an affordable, curated collection of three skincare must-plutocrats, and I wanted to ask all the dewy-eyed, glowy, and lustrous questions. Along with a full breakdown of her products, I asked Hailey to run us through her entire skincare trip, from how she got into skincare to what products she uses daily. Below, find a complete companion to what Hailey Bieber puts on her face.

Hailey Bieber’s glowing skin


About Her Skin

My skin is susceptible, and it’s further on the dry side. My end with my skin is to keep it super doused. I indeed still struggle with flights. I am in the phase of my skincare trip where I want to start incorporating a little bit of Tretinoin. It’s solid, but most people say you must deal with the” purifying” phase.

For me, the thing is always to keep my skin healthy. I get perioral dermatitis occasionally, which technically goes down, but it can get touched off from vexation or stress.1. These bumps nearly look like short flights around my mouth and under my eyes. So, I’m always reaching for calming, simple products that don’t have a heavy scent. I surely break out a lot further when I am PMSing. That PMS week for me is hell. That — or when I’m traveling a lot and feeling exhausted is when I struggle the most with my skin.

But I’ve set up my routine and meter to keep my skin as balanced as possible. And I try to be conscious of what I put into my body. However, I see a big difference in my skin if I eat a bunch of crap daily. Overall, my skin’s just really sensitive.

How She Got Into Skincare

I have always adored skincare but took a deep dive during the epidemic. I had a lot of exchanges with experts and explored to understand my favorite skincare constituents, including why I love them and why they are so beneficial for the skin. I wanted to produce unique formulas that were affordable. So I took a lot of time to start that process. The absolute morality with Rhode is “making one of everything perfect.” It’s the same way I curate my closet the perfect brace of jeans, that one perfect T-shirt, that one good blazer — whatever it may be. It’s the same thing with skincare. Rhode is one excellent moisturizer, lip product, and so forth. I also love being creative. So bringing a relaxed, sharp, editorial vibe to a beauty brand was a commodity I wanted to do while also delivering a great product.

Hailey Bieber with flower


Her Morning Versus Nighttime Routine

I do not generally wash my face in the morning. I like to clean with warm water, which I’ve set up and has helped me retain humidity in my skin. The products I slept in the night ahead are friendly and soaked in, so I don’t want to strip anything out. I follow up with Environ’s Skin EssentiA Botanical Infused Toner, a vitamin C serum, Rhode’s Peptide Glazing Fluid, and SPF. I finish my morning routine with Rhode’s Peptide Lip Treatment.

In the evening, I twice cleanse with an oil painting cleaner first, followed by another cleaner. Also, I moreover use Skin EssentiA Botanical Infused Toner again or a light slipping color. So it depends on the day. Also, I follow up with Peptide Glazing Fluid, Rhode’s hedge Restore Cream, and a miniature oil painting on top because I like facial canvases. Not everybody does, but I am dehydrated, so I enjoy them. I’ll occasionally slug my skin at night with Vaseline or Aquaphor, but that can get messy.

How Her Routine Changed Over Time

As my skincare enterprises have changed over time, so has my routine. I am 25 now, so I’m starting to get into anti-aging. For me, the biggest thing is keeping my face out of the sun. At the once time, I wouldn’t have worn a chapeau in the sun. I would put on a little sunscreen and keep my face baking in the sun. That is a commodity I try my stylist to avoid now.

I also use a ton of peptides to soften any fine lines. It’s each about forestallment for me right now. When I was 17, I focused more on flights and chancing, a routine that worked for me. And indeed, at 21, my skincare enterprises were different than they’re now. You have to pay attention to your skin and how it’s changing.

The constituents That Make the Biggest Difference

I’ve two peptides and niacinamide. I adore niacinamide and have seen a massive difference in my skin using skincare products with both constituents.

Rhode skincare products


The Stylish Skincare Advice She’s Ever entered

When I started double sanctification, that was such a game-changer for me. It breaks down SPF and makeup. And when I began applying products on damp skin rather than drying off my skin and using the products, that made a huge difference.

Her Skincare Pet Peeve

Over-exfoliating! If I strip my skin accidentally, I am like,” Argh!!!”

Her Most- Used Product

My most-used Product is Rhode’s Peptide Glazing Fluid. I am really about that.

The Product That has Been in Her Routine the Longest

An oil painting cleaner has been in my routine constantly for the longest time. And Rhode’s hedge Restore Cream. We reformulated it 16 times to get it to the perfect place, and I have used it since the first slice.

Hailey Bieber’s glowing skin

Her Favorite New Product

We’re in the testing phase of a delightful vitamin C serum right now. I just got the samples from the labs! I am loving it and have it one moment.

The Skincare Step She noway Skips.

I would skip sanctification in the evening — I’ve no way gone to sleep with makeup on. I’m not joking! If I were drunk, if I were nearly where I did not have access to my skincare, I would make sure I went into the restroom and got as important off as I conceivably could. I can confidently say that.

Her Skincare Prep Before a Big Event

Before a big red carpet, I will generally get a facial. That’s the biggest fix of all. Also, the products you use to fix your skin under the makeup are essential. I’ll do an excellent hydrating distance mask, eye masks, a hydrating mist, Rhode’s Peptide Glazing Fluid, and hedge Restore Cream. In creating Rhode, I wanted to ensure the products worked well under makeup and that the finish of the makeup and the effects go beautifully together. I always use Rhode products to fix my skin under makeup.
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2023.03.26 14:09 yonikita quelles opinions avez-vous changé ?

Je sais pas si mon titre est clair, je reformule ici :
Avez-vous eu par le passé, un avis/une opinion auquel vous croyiez fermement et que vous avez changé aujourd'hui tout en vous disant "mais comment j'ai pu pensé comme ça ?" Ou même des opinions passées dont vous avez honte aujourd'hui en y repensant ?
Le mien, celui qui m'a fait pensé à ce sub, remonte à l'époque où j'étais au collège (6e). J'aimais bien l'humour noir et j'avais déjà vu ma mère au Gabon faire cette "blague" et je l'ai reproduite en France. Je suis sortie d'un magasin, j'ai vu un asiat et j'ai fait "ching chan chong chin chan chin chin chong". Je ne sais pas si l'asiat m'a entendu car il venait de passer avant que je commence. Mais quand même. Bref, Je l'ai dit à une amie tout en étant morte de rire, qui m'a dit que c'était pas drôle et raciste. Sur le moment, je me suis dit que c'était débile de confondre humour noir et racisme surtout que je suis métisse et que je peux pas être raciste. Je la trouvais un peu débile et trop à cheval sur le politiquement correct. Aujourd'hui j'ai si honte quand j'y repense. Si honte. C'est tellement raciste et pas du tout, du tout de l'humour noir. J'aimerais remonter dans le temps et me gifler.
Autre opinions divers : je pensais réellement que tous ceux qui avait réussi dans la vie c'était grâce à leur travail acharné et qu'ils le méritaient et qu'ils avaient reçu aucune aide et que le milieu social ne jouait pas. (Je viens d'un milieu extrêmement pauvre). Je croyais fermement que "quand on veut on peut" et que le petit gamin de cité qui veut aller à la Sorbonne le pourra.
Aujourd'hui je ne crois plus à cette idée de méritocratie, même si les gens ont réellement travaillé dur pour réussir. Dans le sens où, si pour un emploi chez Microsoft il n'y avait qu'une place pour 10 candidats et que parmi ces 10 candidats 6 ont le même CV exemplaire, ils devront faire un choix presque hasardeux ou sur presque rien pour embaucher leur nouvel employé. Les 5 autres avec le CV exemplaire ne sont pas moins méritants.
Voilà ! Et vous du coup ? Quelles opinions/avis ou même actions avez-vous changé et qui vous insupporte ou dont vous avez honte ?
Pas de jugement s'il vous plait :)
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2023.03.26 14:08 AggravatingFinish751 Dark fantasy tattoo

Hello! I am looking for an artist, who is willing to design a dark fantasy tattoo for me. In exchange of money of course.
Are there any artists in this sub for this kind of job?
Best, Oliver
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2023.03.26 14:08 Punchy_Knight A very long post talking about King Knight

Tumblr link (It has extra colors!~) :P
There are no amount of words that can describe how much I love/hate King Knight
Both in KoC & SoH.
Because like, I love this bastard, but I also absolutely hate him.
This is going to be a long post, so kick back, relax, and get cozy. Because I'm going to talk about King Knight a lot here.
He's a narcissistic, egotistical, egocentric, selfish, greedy, douchebag. To the point that even the people he works with also hate him. He is such a bastard that even The Order of No Quarter hates him.
Specter? Hates his guts, to the core. Plaguey? Would rather laugh at his face than ever take him seriously. Mole? Probably thinks he's a lazybones slacker. Treasure? Thinks he's an idiot for wearing his gold. Everyone else? Probably thinks he's an idiot.
But he's just... such a well-written character, at least I think so.
He's not on Specter's level of angst, no one can even come close to Specter's tragedy. But King Knight's story isn't about him having the saddest backstory ever, it's more focused on "The Downfall we all saw coming."
Because right, throughout King of Cards, we're playing as King Knight. We're seeing how much this guy is such a charismatic & charming character, his rise to making an actual empire, actual friends who care about him... right? Right?
Pridemoor, Trouple Acolyte, and Birder with a voice, kept saying "We'll work together to take you down Enchantress!" but they... don't really help King Knight. In any way. At least during the fight against The Enchantress.
Sure Pridemoor gave him armor & Trouple King gave him Ichors, but besides that, they're just chilling back in the airship. King Knight has to do all the dirty work himself. It's... really hard to call them friends if they're more like co-workers to you.
But not impossible...
Because before the betrayal. King Knight pauses to really think about it. When everyone was begging for help, and while The Enchantress was bribing him to join her cause. King Knight hesitates and seriously thinks about it. Sure, they may seem just like co-workers, but maybe he starts to grow conscious. He starts thinking about if they're really just some "Lowly peasants who must bow down to the king" or... actual friends. I mean, without them & the heirlooms they gave him, he wouldn't make it this far right? Maybe King Knight-


Oooohhh.... yeah....
Soooo... I don't really know what else to say besiiiides, that being kind of a low blow? Or like, not really a smart mooooove.... Like, I get that Pridemoor tried to convince King Knight to save them, and he was actually considering it... But it doesn't really feel like the right move to bring up his mom in the life or death situatiooooon....
Hearing that, from King Pridemoor of all people, must've struck a nerve in him. So he chooses to let them fall.
Maybe he would've saved them if Pridemoor kept his mouth shut. Maybe he would've let them fall regardless. The Enchantress' benefits are really appealing to King Knight. After all, all he ever wanted was a kingdom to rule, right?
Well... Yeah.
But I feel like he wants something else as well, but he just doesn't realize it.
During Shovel Knight: Showdown, a... sorta(?) canon... spin-off? (Side game?) Side game. Each of the main cast is playable, even some common enemies, and they all have their own endings.
In King K.'s ending specifically, he wakes up to find out that nobody in TOoNQ came to his banquet after inviting them over.
Now, and maybe this is just me over-analyzing this side story's content, but it makes me think that King Knight wanted some "Cooler friends" to hang out with. I mean... After all, Showdown takes place after KoC/(everything except the ending of)SOT & definitely before SoH/PoS. So by this point The Order must've assembled. Which makes me believe that King Knight was finally a part of the "Cool Kids Club."
So... King Knight betrayed his old friends and got some new "friends" big deal, what does that have to do with anything?
Wellllll.... I don't really know. This is starting to get very headcanon-based, but goddamnit I can't get this golden jerk out of my head.
He is such... a deeper character than most people think he is. He's a case of "Missed potential". Imagine if King Knight wasn't such an egotistical dumbass, listened to King Pridemoor (and everyone else), and kept all their heirlooms. Bro would've been the strongest knight in the whole gaddamn land!
...Okay maybe that's a bit of an overexaggeration, but still! You get my point.
King Knight had so much potential, but he just... threw it all away for a false title. HIS KINGLY TITLE WAS BUILT ON LIES AND BETRAYAL!
Him getting his ass kicked in Shovel of Hope (and Plague of Shadows too ig) is just karma. Though, I don't think Shovel Knight came immediately after the "The End", perhaps some time has passed since then.
In both endings of SoH & PoS, King Knight's seen scrubbing the floor. Sure, a pretty satisfying ending. Seeing this regal asshole getting what he deserves, but I think he got off on the easy end. I mean think about it for a bit.
King Knight literally betrayed King Pridemoor at the end of KoC. Shouldn't he be... y'know, banished?
Like, if some dude I was sorta friends willingly chose to let me fall to my death, and when I live & get back home I see him on my couch thinking he own the place, and I ask someone with a Shovel to kick his ass, I wouldn't want to see him near me or my family ever again. Not make him my personal maid.
But King Pridemoor's a better man than me.
Maybe he still sees some good and/or potential in King Knight. Like, even after aaaaalll that's happened in King of Cards, he still wants to "forgive" King Knight. But, y'know, forgiveness can't be given all willy-nilly. Maybe that's why Pridemoor chose to make him scrub the floor instead of banishing him to never return.
I really think King Pridemoor still sees the King Knight during the majority of KoC.
This experience better humble this dickwad. I want to see him grow as a person.
Or who knows, maybe he really is a one-dimensional greedy jackass who only fits being a villain, and the beauty of him is his simplicity as an antagonist.
Oh yeah and before any of you guys think I forgot, no I didn't forget King Knight's mom. But I feel like I've said a lot so I'll try to keep this brief.
King Knight is a mama's boy, he loves him mom more than anything. Even more than being a king or ruling a kingdom. In his Showdown win dialog he keeps mentioning his mom, asking if she's impressed that her son won a match. But alas, his mom isn't around to hear or see King Knight.
Also she doesn't call him her Pumpkin Pauldroun Prince anymore in the ending, and calls him King Knight instead. So that's depressing if you've been paying attention to the smaller details in King of Cards.
Anyways, in conclusion... Uh.... King Knight is an asshole.
So... What do you guys think of King Knight? Is he actually a deep character or was this really not that deep and this whole post was pointless?
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2023.03.26 14:07 Rp9009 [M4F] I didn’t think I’d find love at work especially in this industry

Fresh from university I thought working as a support care nurse would be a boring job but it had lots of perks and payed really well. I sighed up with an agency and got a job nearly right away.
That’s when I saw your papered and was first shocked by your age. Only early 20s. Hmm okay well I guess we will have some things in common.
We actually had very little in common. You were part of a rich family. You had an expensive private education and always had everything you wanted. Stubborn and demanding. Unfortunately without much contact with your parents you had also become extremely stubborn. Well things changed a little after a horrible car accident had left you in a wheelchair and pretty dependent on others particularly given you refused to help yourself.
I arrived at your huge family home for my first day and nocked unsure what to expect.
Shoot me a message and let me know what you think. Very few limits and happy to hear your ideas.
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2023.03.26 14:07 SHU-Galaxy al mazrah weapons cases, the easy way

after extracting what is probably a hundred weapons cases from al mazrah for rewards, faction missions, or to invite pvp), ive figured out the easiest ways to get the al mazrah weapons case in all three locations, given the juggernaut hasn’t been aggroed and pulled to a different area (had him chase me all the way to the middle of akhdar from al sharim pass once)
zaya observatory: the easiest weapons case spawn, approach the observatory from the northwest, and climb onto the radio tower as silently as you can and make your way to the second level. the juggernaut spawns on the highest railing of the dome in the center of the POI. shoot him with a sniper, preferably with a friend or two or five, but when alone you may need to bring a munitions box depending on your aim and sniper of choice. sometimes he’ll flinch and get stuck in the dome, but not to worry, headshots will get you through. it’s also the easiest exfil because of the automatic high ground, a squad member can fly off to another exfil, which will probably be in parachute range, call it, and then you can pick up the weapons case (to delay the alert) when the chopper arrives, and fly to the exfil with no interference.
zarqwa hydroelectric: similar strategy, arrive from the northeast and climb onto the radio tower. juggernaut spawns on the back end of the island in the middle. if you look between the two buildings on the island, he’ll be standing in the open side of the left building, near the pool of water. once dead, parachute down, grab the case, dive into the pool of water and get to the river. head northeast or southwest from there (depending on closest exfil) and you can swim to the bridge and get out with less resistance. in a perfect world, exfil would be close by, but because of the lack of high ground, escape from hydro tends to be a little harder. easiest when done early in the game while everyone is near the outer edge of the map.
al sharim pass: approach from the northwest, and climb up the tower in the center of the POI. there will be ai around but it tends to be tier 1s so make quick work of them and get up the tower. the juggernaut is a bit harder to spot, but he spawns at the top of the POI. kill some of the tier 3 ai, and he’ll eventually poke his head out and stand near the tree at the courtyard at the highest point. clear out as much tier 3 ai as you can before killing the jugg, since they can be a struggle when parachuting down to pick up the case. like observatory, high ground lets a squad member parachute early to call an exfil before the case is picked up, to reduce player interference.
side notes: you can tell the weapons case is in play before it is picked up by looking the map periodically and checking to see if the weapons case circle has disappeared yet, and the case icon appeared. if a team engages you with the weapons case, feel free to drop the case, no need for them to be able to see where you are at all times.
hope this helps anyone wanting to extract the case for rewards or faction missions, and feel free to ask me to help extract cases as a squadmate, will gladly accept a 302 key in exchange
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2023.03.26 14:06 -PepeArown- It was my birthday yesterday, so I decided to listen to all of her music to celebrate.

I know what you’re probably all thinking. That’s it?
I mean, no doubt my birthday this year was a little underwhelming. I spent most of it studying and doing laundry.
But, I made specific plans today to listen to all of Ella’s music. Recently, I’ve fallen hard for her… unfortunately. I realized I like her and her music way more than I once thought I did. Yes, I have a crush on her, but I think it’s more of a personality thing. I don’t know.
I was a little nervous, though. It’s gotten so bad to where I feel like I need to be mentally prepared to listen to her music. I was procrastinating listening to her for like an hour and a half yesterday. I went ahead and goofed off listening to songs by other artists, going on a long phone call with my mother, etc. It’s weird. I’ll gladly press play on bad or mediocre songs, but, for Ella, it’s the exact opposite. I seem to like her songs so much that listening to her can be a very nerve racking act.
The first song I pressed play on was Dominoes, and it was that way because it’s technically my least favorite song from her, and I wanted to listen in order of my least favorite to favorite. But, even having the courage to press play on Dominoes was rough for me.
But, eventually, I did it. I spent the rest of my 19th birthday… alone. Initially, I listened to her in the comforts of my dark dorm room, with all of my lights turned off. My roommate thankfully left to go see their friend until midnight.
Honestly, even that was so… therapeutic, to me. I relistened to some songs I didn’t remember liking as much like The Man With The Axe, and it just felt like a whole new experience. So, I made my bed while listening to a couple of her songs, just kind of staying there in my room while listening to a couple more of her songs, and then decided to finish up my playlist on a walk around my campus.
It was about 10:00 PM at this time. It was about 50°F that night, but it was quite windy. But, it was partly cloudy, so I saw most of the stars and the moon just fine.
Listening to Ella while walking around at night truly was an experience. Barely anyone roaming around my campus besides myself to judge or bother me. Heavy gusts of wind and leaves flying through the air to add to me totally getting lost in Ella’s music. The stars, too. My campus even has little “emergency help” poles marked off with… green lights. I need to calm down.
Yes, I even loved listening to Solar Power in this environment, as contrarian as it may seem. The quality of most of Jack’s production on the album is… debatable, but Ella’s just such a strong and beautiful vocalist on so many of the songs. I had to take a step back when Mood Ring queued up. I love that song’s intro so much. Beautiful!
There were so many unique connections with her songs that night. I almost felt like crying when Buzzcut Season came on, and I feel like that would’ve never happened in the past. And, I happened to be walking into one of the darkest parts of my campus (around our soccer field) when I was listening to Supercut. That really helped me soak in that outro. It’s surprisingly deep for just being one repeated sentence.
I’d get too wordy if I listed them all, though. Ribs and A World Alone hit extra hard, though. I guess I don’t have any strong, meaningful friendships, even if I do technically have some with my classmates now. I don’t want to call myself friendless, but I definitely feel disconnected from everyone a lot of the time. And, the fact that a lot of AWA seems to emphasize friendships being made only for advancement of self interest, and lack of accountability for friends that might betray you. Oh well. I’m nowhere near close to knowing her personally, but at least I have Ella and her music.
Funnily enough, I also got chest pains/cramps right around when Ribs came on. I guess I was just walking long enough. But, I persisted.
I don’t really want to share my insights while listening to Liability, though. I think they’re valid, but they might steer a little off course from what the lyrics are truly about. And, besides, I think it may be a bit too personal for others to understand.
I ended off the night with my three ultimate favorite songs by her. I won’t bother saying what they are if you’re all just going to call me weird or basic for my picks, so I won’t. But, my favorite song by her? Oh my goodness. It doesn’t even sound like a song made for you to cry, but I almost did when it came on.
I walked back to my dorm just about 2 minutes before midnight. I was basically thrilled inside, even if a lot of my listening session was “depressing”. I’m so much more grateful for Ella’s music than I ever have been. Some of you may not be able to understand it, but this was probably one of the best birthday presents I could give to myself, at least in my current mental form.
People have told me that Ella’s music isn’t really that “girly”, but I definitely feel like it has this special “cute” feminine quality that music made by men just can’t compare to at all. I don’t know. Maybe I’m causing too much trouble for myself by even beginning to explain it. But, that’s a huge reason why I find myself adoring it so much.
This was a long post, but, when most of my 19th birthday was basically a nothing day before this, I hope you all understand why I valued this so much. Again, I am essentially friendless beyond the point of some mostly superficial connections. But, at least I have music like Ella’s to guide me.
I woke up this morning, and my mind is overwhelmed with thoughts of her music and lyrics. It’s definitely very hard hitting, indeed. Not sure if I want to stop these thoughts, or just let myself keep thinking of them.
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2023.03.26 14:05 No_Entertainer_3145 22m from Italy with various interests looking for people to talk with

Heyo, I'm going to try posting a longer post (again). So, I'm a 22 year old guy living in Italy and I was looking forward to meet and talk with people from this sub.
What could I tell you about myself?
  1. I like gaming, I do play multiple kinds of games (both off and online). I have played games like League of Legends, Elden Ring, Red Dead Redemption 2, a bunch of other RPGs and idk, feel free to ask.
  2. I enjoy watching series/movies (even though not really frequently). I have absolutely loved Breaking Bad, I also have watched Peaky Blinders and some other series, I don't watch that many movies but I've been watching the Harry Potter saga lately (finished it, too).
  3. I enjoy learning different stuff or skills that may or may not be helpful to me
  4. I enjoy music a lot, I listen to a lot of music during my day, mostly in the background while I'm studying/working on something and I enjoy rap/hip hop a lot, also like pop but I do enjoy a lot of different genres. I like listening to instrumentals too at times and I absolutely love pianos (was even looking forward to learning how to play it one day, who knows)
  5. I like water.
That's pretty much it, thank you for reading all of this.
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