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2010.12.21 00:02 Fred_Flintstone Mansformation

This sub is for men who want to have more success with women. Due to low activity here we strongly encourage all new members to sub to datingadviceformen

2012.06.28 03:58 Erinmore Good Value Products

Not necessarily the cheapest or best quality but the **best value for money** /GoodValue -- The child that resulted after /buyitforlife and /frugal hooked up one night and didn't practice safe cross posting. deal hunter, save money, spend less, discount, good deal, reduction, value, buy, closeout, giveaway, steal, budget price, on a budget, good buy, low price, markdown, nominal price, thrifty, cost of living

2014.05.24 05:26 Motha_Effin_Kitty_Yo Reflexes only fathers have.

A place to post about Dads reflexing/reacting to stuff, good or bad.

2023.03.25 11:55 onwardupward3 Looking for recommendations 🤞

Guys, I've been doing the Uber thing for over 4 years... In that time it's fluctuated anywhere from 4.89 to 4.95, I had nearly given up hope on how to make my rides when I would provide bottled water for my riders and get less or just as much tips when I wasn't giving them water. I always try to connect with them if they are feeling up to it though and try to get to know my riders during the trip. I had some ideas about charging small tip fees for things like song requests or for me to be their "Uber therapist" for the ride or tell certain jokes, etc but I have a feeling that would only go so far. Aside from that, I really don't know how to get tips or better ratings... What do you all recommend? I'm not looking for something that might give me those things, just things you've done that have got you good ratings and tips.
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2023.03.25 11:55 alec_eiffel_ Greece Charter Advice Sought

Hi, I charter every year with some friends. My family are Croatian and so for the last 8 years or so we have gone to Croatia and pretty much covered the coast from Pula to Dubrovnik. As DINKs we aren't restricted to school holidays and typically go in early September.
We're starting to catch some flack at work for going on holiday exactly as everyone else returns from holiday so we're thinking about going in early October this year. We're concerned that Croatia will be getting a bit chilly that time of year so we're considering Greece instead.
We're thinking about the Ionian Islands as Shipwreck Beach and the Marathonisi Caves look amazing. Anything else we should consider?
Does anyone have suggestions for itineraries? Good ports to charter from? We typically spend a few days after the charter in the area to decompress before travelling home, so a nice town with good hotels is ideal
We're pretty dialed in on Croatia, are there any key differences in the charter culture we should be aware of?
Thanks in advance for any tips you can provide!
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2023.03.25 11:55 jspamtr What are the best ‘patient’ games to play on Steam Deck ?

Hi guys. After several months of hesitation, I have finally decided to bought a Steam Deck (thanks to Steam sales…) to help me with my backlog. I just received it this week and I was wondering what are some classics (or other gems) I have to test on it. There are some games (Xenogears, Chrono Triggers, FFT or Mother 3) I started multiple times but never completed and Steam Deck seems to be the perfect device to reduce my backlog. I would try some other / more recent games like Disco Elysium or Dragon’s Dogma : Dark Arisen, maybe Doom Eternal if controls are ok to play it. I would take the opportunity to replay some Zelda games (Link to the Past and Wind Waker), FF7 or the good old Dark Souls, but I’m curious to hear your opinions about what to try. Do you have any recommandations (from any genre) that fit well on a Deck ? Thanks for your help !
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2023.03.25 11:55 bigt8409 Pleasing hour of rugby.

Thought we were pretty good in the main for an hour. (By our standards) Yes Zebre we’re t good and missed kicks, but the maul looked good and we seemed to work well.
Need to improve again before Sale next week though.
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2023.03.25 11:55 AutoModerator [Get] Smart Earners Academy – Special Bootcamp Course Download Only on

[Get] Smart Earners Academy – Special Bootcamp Course Download Only on
Get the course here:
Smart Earners Academy – Special Bootcamp Course

Smart Earners Academy – Special Bootcamp Course



Learn how to maximize your profit with less than 1% risk and profit target is more that 50% in one trade only.


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2023.03.25 11:55 Responsible-Alps8477 Looking for long/short term rp partner who can learn/lead me how to play.

Hi I'm Aloe/Owl, I am 16 and looking for roleplay fun. I like anime, going to the gym(don't expect me to be buff, i only started going 2 months ago) and i love music.
before we start I will have to say that i am new to roleplaying, this would be my first time. The only type of roleplay i have ever done is DND which I really really enjoyed. Its been a big inspiration and actually really helped me with my mental health for some reason.

I found out about roleplay because of DND. I have played in multiple campaigns and have been running my own as of right now. Which has made me creative if i have something to build on. As of for my campaign i like talking about it a lot cause it has been great, it went from 7h of improv to an actual campaign.

I am looking for anything to be honest could be zombies(which would be very interesting), could be just a regular roleplay of whatever. Just wanna have some good fun hehe. I love making OC's and will try to do my best to make it unique.

for the rest if u wanna contact me about this my discord is : 𝓐𝓵𝓸𝓮𝓼𝓮𝓻#5953 (if it doesn't work u can always send me your discord in the comments.)
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2023.03.25 11:54 -4E- Home Networking component suggestions

I am building a new home and took Cat6 cable (inside conduit) to more than 30 locations around the house, plus another 10 locations for exterior PoE security cameras.
I am planning to hardwire PCs, TVs, game console and everything else stationary that has an ethernet port, and then also have a few (4-5) PoE WiFi access points. I like TP Link's wall and ceiling access points, but I can consider alternatives.
All the wires come to one central location where I want to have a clean, minimal setup , which is easy to manage. I want a result which is as much "set it and forget it" as possible.
My ISP will provide a WiFi router at no additional cost. I will not be using its WiFi, but I am planning to keep the router part which will then connect to my own switch(es).
Apart from good performance within the network, I also want to have as seamless WiFi roaming as possible. In terms of security I don't think I need anything beyond "standard", but if I can have something better without additional complexity it would be welcomed.
What networking components would you suggest?
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2023.03.25 11:54 Radikaal I’ve reached the magic 90 days

M46. Been smoking daily for about 25 years. I had a 3 year period where I only smoked socially, twice a month roughly, from 2015-2018. But I drank instead, a lot.
So about two years ago I ditched the bottle for good. Quite a challenge heh, literally everyone in my country drinks, many way too much. But I was using weed as a crutch. Couldn’t cope with being all sober.
Last year the anxiety started creeping up on me. My brain was going in negative thought patterns every time I smoked. I started toying with the idea of quitting. After stopping drinking, I kinda realized I’m an all or nothing dude, so fuck moderation.
I had planned a 4 week trip to Brazil, and saw this as a perfect situation for leaving Mary Jane. Getting away from the everyday life, not worrying about sleep or work.
I really recommend this, for those who have the privilege. Travelling alone is a trip in itself, all the new impressions, people, nature and so on got me naturally tired. Yeah I had crazy ass nightmares and my emotions were volatile sometimes. I was offered a joint on new years eve, and had no problem declining.
When I got home, it was super weird not to smoke while watching tv, producing beats or gaming. But it was hella easy to wake up early. I started waking up at 6 to exercize before work. So much easier than dragging my ass out around 7pm.
I’m still trying to figure out who I am without this constant bubble. It’s back to factory settings, and that’s ok. The world is strange and wonderful without that filter. My cognitive functions have improved and I’m really happy about that. Conversations, memory, learning, mood.. it’s all slowly rewiring. So even though I still have moderate depression I’m overall positive about this.
To infinity, and beyond!!!
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2023.03.25 11:54 mattkz21 Lg 27gl850 eye strain

Hello. Ive been using Lg 27gl850 for a year or two, I just realise whenever using it for 2-3 hours makes me headache and eye strain. I thought because of long hours use, but last week i try regular monitor with TN panel (office monitor), it is doing fine.
Been googling, the eye strain because of nano IPS.
Anyone has the same problem? Should I use VA or regular IPS panel, any good recommendation monitor?
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2023.03.25 11:54 A-Cow Recommendations for animation where dubs and subs are fairly consistent

I'm currently looking for more immersion material and thought I'd try some anime as I'd heard good things about German dubs of some popular Netflix series.
I'm still at the level where having (german) subtitles is fairly necessary to help me follow what's happening / look up words that seem particularly key as I go. Unfortunately, I've found that the series I've tried - including Jojo's Bizarre adventure and Castlevania - had quite a lot of deviation between the dub and sub, particularly in terms of sentence order. Unfortunately at my level this was a bit too much to deal with.
So I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for series (ideally similar to those mentioned but I'll happily take all recommendations) where the subtitles and audible speech were fairly consistent? I've had a look through the pinned FAQ but didn't see any mention of this aspect specifically.
As an aside I'm also curious if this is just sort of an accepted thing in German dubs? I've never noticed it to the same degree with English subs (I'm one of those weird people who always has english subs on even as a native speaker).
Many thanks!
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2023.03.25 11:54 elusiveloquence Storytime

Any good recommendations for children’s books I can read to my newborn? Signed him up for his own library card the other day and my husband and I arbitrarily chose a bunch…but some of them are just disturbing? I loved Babar as a child and I totally didn’t clue into the fact Babar married his cousin in the book series…anyways some of the books seem to be trying to explain heavy topics of death/grief, depression etc. I understand stories always have a moral/lesson but he’s brand new to the world not trying to paint a grim picture right out the gate. Any recommendations for some lighthearted, sensory stimulating books? Thanks in advance 🙏
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2023.03.25 11:54 Jake3232323 Photos copied to flashdrive lose quality

Hello, I just got back from vacation and made an album in my gallery with the photos from the trip. I then plugged in my Samsung flashdrive and copied the album there. Many of the photos were taken in 108mp mode and now they look worse than the default mode. Is their a way to make it so that they retain their full quality and look as good as they do on my phone now? Thank you for the help!
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2023.03.25 11:54 Away-Ambition-3763 [H] ★ Shadow Daggers Marble Fade FN 0.0325 [W] Knifes/ Skins around the same price

Looking to trade my knife for good offers

Willing to offer other items within my inventory such as the Hyper beast and golden coil once it's off trade cooldown

B/O: Slight overpay on the knives due to the current market demands.

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2023.03.25 11:53 Jazzlike_Garbage1673 Cringe aa lil man

What does aa stand for here, i cant Stop saying it. Would be good to know what it means. Google doesnt know
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2023.03.25 11:53 throwaway112358n I moved out, and it’s been revolutionary

My partner and I have been struggling with DB for a long while. I had built a narrative in my head that it was just DB, and everything else was good.
My partner has been in therapy and making great strides in terms of introspection and communication. We had a conversation which simply wouldn’t have been possible a year ago. One where we both admitted a soul-deep sense of ennui has crept into our lives, and we feel completely stagnant. I expressed how I woke up one day and realised I didn’t recognise myself, where had the girl with unending curiosity and lust for life gone. He admitted he hasn’t had a clue how to tackle the DB situation and feels entirely stuck in our dull suburban existence. That’s he’s lost his love of the simple minutiae of life and everything is just stale. We FINALLY admitted to ourselves, and each other, that our DB is a symptom of a greater disillusionment.
So, we came up with the rather extreme idea.. I move out and rent my own little house. And wow. Has it been revolutionary! We’ve started dating again. Going out to dinner and asking each other questions about who we are and what we love, things we took for granted that we still knew. Turns out, people change a lot in seven years, sometimes it’s just so incremental you don’t notice. We’re getting to know each other all over again, and we’re falling in love all over again. And what a beautiful feeling.
In the wake of this change our sex life has blossomed. We’re having the kind of sex which feels it could conjure magic, just so connected and so pleasurable. We’re exploring kinks and enjoying the kind of unselfconsciousness only experienced with someone you trust so deeply.
Will it last? I certainly hope so. Is this new found appreciation of each other something we can carry with us when we live together again? I have faith. But if not, we are still going to soak up every moment of this. Things don’t have to last forever to be meaningful.
As Esther Perel says, “Most people are going to have two or three marriages or committed relationships in their adult life. Some of us will have them with the same person.” - I understand what she means now.
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2023.03.25 11:53 Zoooosss7 8 years of Folliculitis and what has helped me manage my condition

Hello everyone, i was a member of this subreddit once before exactly 2 years ago before leaving it for personal reasons. Mainly to improve and work on my mental health.
I've been struggling with scalp folliculitis for a total of 8 years now. I've went and got treatment by more dermatologists than i can count and naturally i have tried everything roaming around this sub as well.
The list would go on and on. In short. Nothing worked. BP and IP have given temporary relief but have terribly dried out my skin leading to more issues such as increased itchiness and dandruff.
After suffering one my desperation attacks I've decided to stop all treatment and accept my fate. The Dermatologists have admitted that they have no ideas left.
But stopping all treatments is what has helped me the most! For the past 2 years i went on "No poo" (means no shampoo usage but only water to clean scalp/hair) and it was a miracle. In just the first 3 months it has brought me improvements and relief I've never experienced before. Now 2 years later the itchiness is 95% gone same for the bumps. I still have folliculitis though unfortunately. Here and there i feel a small pimpel that's slightly itchy but i guess that's better than not being able to sleep and scratching your head into a bloody mess.
Due to my increased balding (MPB) i had it easy because I have a buzz cut anyways but stopping any type of shampoo was really the deal breaker to me. I have experimented a lot but every time i use Shampoo again doesn't matter what it is Eucerin, Neutrogena, BP, selesin etc, i suffer under terrible breakouts that only go away after going on no Shampoo again.
The doctors can't explain it. They guess that the constant stripping of oils and sebum prevents my skin from self-healing and this may cause increased breakouts.
Whatever it is. It works and i can live this short life again. I get absolutely no breakouts from dairy or sugar if that's interests someone but i actually did when i was still using treatments, weird right ?
I am NOT folliculitis free nor have i cured it but at least it's manageable. Maybe there's a soul out there that gets help from this.
Good luck and don't give up. I'll probably leave the sub again because constantly thinking about this topic is not good for mental health.
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2023.03.25 11:53 FluidPropensity That was fast

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2023.03.25 11:53 Lavenderhazeeeed 19 [F4F] Lf taft/makati fun😔🫶🏻

Hello title says it all HAHA never been kissed/touched by a a girly out? Looking for fun times since it's a saturday so why not😭
About me:
-5'1 - slim thicc girly (more on the thicc side tho) - Gemini sun, scorpio moon, cancer rising 🤩 -huge tits -FEMMEE but sometimes ppl say i look pogi cuz i have shorter hair -def a sub😔 -amoy vanilla -shy at first😭😭
About you:
-pref taller than me or my height! - any body type's pretty good for me! -knows their boundaries!! -20 years old and above !! -has a place, i cant cuz i have a roommate HAHA -mabango???
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2023.03.25 11:53 DeepTissueMassage_ This looks good!: Massage of the Day : Head Massage & Best Deep Tissue Massage For Recovery

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2023.03.25 11:52 Turtle_Trucker Introduction to the platform

Good Day, to all of you guys here on Reddit. I'm just starting on this platform, and would like for you guys to guide me in the right direction on the do's and don't's of how to build my platform.
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2023.03.25 11:52 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Top Stories] - Plymouth tree felling 'really good' for city, council official says BBC

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2023.03.25 11:52 GiborDesign The worst part about not having a unranked mode is that there actually is one

I understand the thought process of why a unranked mode has a lot of problems (dividing the playerbase and make Bots more common, going against the fundamental principal of snapping). On the other hand, one of the best things in Marvel Snap is getting to play around with new cards you aquire, trying things out. But on the ladder this is just too punishing. I read about a Deadpool-Nimrod deck here and I really wanted to give those cards some play, so I tried it out. Didn't work. I lost 5 ranks in the process.
Now I know, that people give the advice, to simply not care about rank. But if you made it up to 97, it is hard not to care about that last bit of the way.
The big unfair part though is, that there actually is a unranked mode. It's called Infinite. There you can try out stuff all you want, without giving any care. After I went as low down as 88, I decided to switch to the stupid Shuri-Zero deck and guess what, I made it to Infinite in less than 2 days. I did that, because now I can enjoy unranked mode (that's far more important to me than the deck background btw) and try out new decks to see, how well (or bad) they're doing and also can give some cards I like but rarely used some play.
I think it's a good thing, that Infinite is floored (especially with the coming change of not playing against people below Infinite anymore). I just think there should be a) some kind of gain in climbing after Infinite (make it 300 credits every 10 ranks or whatever) and especially b) some way for users who haven't reached Infinite to try out decks without the constant fear of loosing ranks you worked hard to climb wether it's with floors on the ladder before Infinite or with a seperate game mode.
TL/DR: It's not a good idea to have one of the most asked for because best experiences exclusivly for Infinite players, by giving them basically what unranked would be.
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