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2023.06.07 10:47 geetanjalicommercial Everything You Need to Know About M3M Atrium 57 Gurgaon By GeetanjaliHomestate

Everything You Need to Know About M3M Atrium 57 Gurgaon By GeetanjaliHomestate

M3M Atrium 57 is a new commercial project by M3M Group in Sushant Lok 3, Sector 57, Gurgaon. The project is spread over 1.4 acres and offers a variety of commercial spaces, including retail shops, restaurants, and food courts.
M3M Atrium 57 is located in Sushant Lok 3, Sector 57, Gurgaon. This is a prime location in Gurgaon, close to Golf Course Extension Road, Sohna Road, and the NH8 highway. The project is also close to several schools, hospitals, and malls.
M3M Atrium 57 offers a host of amenities to its residents, including:
  • 24x7 security
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Power backup
  • Water supply
  • Drainage system
  • Lifts
  • Common areas
  • Wi-Fi
The prices of commercial spaces at M3M Atrium 57 start at ₹50 lakhs. The prices vary depending on the size and location of the space.
The booking for M3M Atrium 57 is now open. You can book your space by paying a booking amount of ₹5 lakhs.
Why Invest in M3M Atrium 57?
There are many reasons to invest in M3M Atrium 57. Here are a few of them:
  • Prime location: The project is located in a prime location in Gurgaon, close to several schools, hospitals, and malls.
  • Amenities: The project offers a host of amenities to its residents, including 24x7 security, CCTV surveillance, power backup, water supply, drainage system, lifts, common areas, and Wi-Fi.
  • Developer track record: M3M Group is a well-respected developer with a good track record of delivering projects on time and within budget.
  • Future potential: Gurgaon is one of the fastest-growing cities in India, and the demand for commercial space in the city is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.
If you are looking for a profitable investment opportunity in Gurgaon, then M3M Atrium 57 is a good option to consider.
For more information, please visit the M3M Atrium 57 website or contact the sales team 9009009728
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2023.06.07 10:47 Remarkable_Expert146 How can i slim Down again but lost 10lbs already but bigger

M33) 6ft tall ectomorph
Used to be way slimmer
32’ pants were baggy on me at 161lbs at aged 30
But now I’m 10lbs less:
Waist is the same
Body is the same as hoodies fit the exact same
Head/face is bigger
Legs are way bigger
Mainly the calves
Sedentary lifestyle since lockdown?
**Photo of one of my calves*
Edit: I noticed 5 months in to lockdown 2020 I started getting bigger sligtly then it escalated a little more over time since
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2023.06.07 10:47 vonGustrow Trying to access/interact with a .jsf website and getting runtime error 462

Hello everyone, Foa: I'm on mobile so please excuse the bad formatting, I will try my best.
So I need to access a .jsf website, enter a part number, select the part, and download the file. However, I always get runtime error 462: Remote Server machine not found, even when I'm just trying to set a variable as the site's HTML document.
My code is currently as follows (it changed throughout the last week obv, but always had the error when I tried to actually do anything on the website):
Sub Test2()
Dim appIE As Object, UserN As Object, GetIE As Object
Set GetIE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")
Set appIE = GetIE appIE.navigate ("https://[redacted].jsf") appIE.Visible = True
Application.Wait (Now + TimeValue("00:00:05")) 'I've tried a DoWhile-Loop, didn't work
Set UserN = appIE.document 'This is where the error occurs
appIE.document.forms("dsgvoHinweis").elements("dsgvoHinweis:dsgvoHinweisSchliessen").Click 'Every time one opens the page a window pops up that needs to be closed before interacting any further
End Sub
appIE.document is, according to the watch window, a Variant/Integer Type and has the error value, I.e. Remote Server...
If I run the exact same code but with Wikipedia instead of the .jsf site, and searching for e.g. "Runtime Error 462" it works perfectly. I am therefore not sure if this actually is an issue with .jsf or if I just missed something. Any help is greatly appreciated as this things has been driving me mad the last week, I literally cannot sleep :(
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2023.06.07 10:46 SelamatPagi-Yukko I'm confused

I don't think I could give much explanation but I've been confused for a long time now. When I was a kid I used to cry very easily, not in a common way I guess because I used to shout that I wasn't happy with myself at 5 years old and that it would have been better if I wasn't alive. I have little memories of anything that serious throughout my entire life and now I just know that I'm uncapable of feeling like I think I should. For example I can't cry anymore, just sometimes that I'm extremely sad but tears just stop coming out after the first two or three. The last time I cried a lot was almost a month ago asking myself why I self harmed (haven't done it since). I talked about it with someone I trusted and I didn't get any help, I think I should be mad, or even annoyed by many other things but I'm just in a neutral state most of the time. Also dealing with feeling that my body isn't mine or that my environment isn't real at all. But I don't think this is about crying not being socially accepted because there is no tabú about crying in my environment. Nothing of this interrupts my routine, I've got people I can call friends to and I'm learning how to express my feelings without feeling like shit. So I just wonder what's this that I've been feeling my whole life.
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2023.06.07 10:46 Ok_Tomatillo4110 Suffering with this strange period pain for years, no one has ever been able to diagnose it.

28F Since about 15 I have suffered with this pain which starts about a week before my period.
I don’t get normal period pains anymore (normal meaning the cramps in your abdomen) I used to get these but they have gradually gone as the other pain has gotten worse.
The pain is literally all over the right side of my body, from my right foot all the way to my right eyeball. I have it a very low level all the time now but it gets way worse on my period. It’s this intense aching and tightness which can come with a horrible headache behind the right eyeball and even ear ache in my right ear. My hip hurts and my right calf feels soo tight and so I’m forever flexing and bending my right foot for relief. The tightness in my right leg has actually gotten to the point where it’s there all the time now but again just gets worse when I’m PMSing.
Just for context, my periods were always very regular and are still pretty good. Since I reached 25 I think I tend to miss a period around once a year.
This pain has become the thing that drags my day down. I got married 2 years ago and tried to prepare myself for my wedding day by getting the strongest pain killers I could and having massages etc.
I have been to the GP a few times about this over the years, once when I was 17, I went for something totally unrelated and this doctor actually said “do you get back pain?” I obviously said yes and described all the other pain and he started offering me massages to help fix it. But I was stupid at 17 and stopped going, because the pain wasn’t as bad and felt a bit uncomfortable about this male doctor massaging me.
I didn’t go again until I was 23, the dr said it was a migraine offered me strong pain killers and sent me on my way.
The last time I went I was 26, the doctor said if I’ve been suffering with it this long it can’t be that bad or I would be dead by now. Told me it was a migraine and period pains again and offered me strong pain killers.
Now I’m not one to complain and I rarely go to the doctors because I hate that I have to try and prove how much pain I feel, but I don’t think they are listening. How can they listen when I only get 5 mins.
It’s also worth mentioning that since 25ish sex has gotten a bit painful, I have a pretty high sex drive and never had any issues before. But sometimes it hurts now, especially in positions that allow for deeper penetration, which I never had an issue with before. I can’t help but think everything is connected back to my uterus?
I’ve considered the possibility of PCOS my niece was just diagnosed with it but her symptoms were pretty bad, she missed loads of periods. She was also very emotional but so am I, before my period I feel like a whole different person, a dark cloud looms over me and I find myself having to say “you only feel like this because you’re nearly on”. Emotional isn’t the word it’s just waves of up and down.
I don’t think have any normal symptoms of PCOS, endometriosis etc, but it’s the closest I’ve gotten to for an answer.
I have thought about unaliving myself if it gets worse, because no one (except my family) believes how bad this is and won’t do any further investigation into it.
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2023.06.07 10:46 Noldro [Online][5e][EST][GMT+1] Player looking for a group that loves roleplay more than stats

Hey, My name is Gabe (He/Him), I'm 25 and from germany. I want to say thank you for reading this first, and I hope you have an amazing time Playing whatever you are playing :)
About me: I have played DnD for a few years now, and have been both a game master and a player. In both roles I try to make everybody feel included in the game and just have a good time. I'm not a powerplayer and generally don't like making characters that are really good or powerful, I'd rather make a nice thematic character that can work together with others.
I also have a good mic, camera and know how to use Foundry and Roll20
I am a decent human that likes all other humans too, i dont care who you love, what you identfy as, or what you believe in, just also be decent please.
Other fun things about me, I have an amazing wife, a dog, a pigeon and three Guinea pigs. I love everything Warhammer, Mass effect and spend most of my time playing video games when I'm not working.
What I'm looking for: the best would be a nice roleplay heavy group with more emphasis on the story and the characters themselves than running from one combat encounter to the next. I mind if it's a module or a Homebrew campaign and is open for everything. Best would be if the game happens sometime after 6:00pm GMT+1 during the week, since the weekends are busy for me.
I'm looking forward to talking with you more! just write me here, send a DM or write me on Discord: Noldro#0135
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2023.06.07 10:46 blastactionhero Depth App not starting

Its finally time to swim in lakes again!

But: My depth app ist not automatically starting, even if it should - according to the the settings.
A couple of times it did, when I held the arm under water, in a depth of around 30cm.
But now that does not work even deeper.
At which depth should the app normally start?
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2023.06.07 10:46 DrGooseDanger Days of play ps membership help!

Hi all,
I was thinking about downgrading to extra and as there’s a sale on at the moment I figured now was a good time to do it, however the extra price is not listed as 25% off. Anyone have any advice re: the best way to navigate this?
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2023.06.07 10:46 -Norcaine Game is consistently freezing

Hey guys, i started having this problem with FFXIV recently and i'm wondering if it's just me and if you possibly have any fix.So i resubbed to the game about a month ago and I started having this issue with game freezing occasionally (sometimes every 10 minutes, sometimes every 30 etc.) The freeze can last anywhere from 10 seconds to like 2 minutes. During the freeze I can't do anything in game or see anything (aside from the one frozen frame) but everything outside of the FFXIV.exe is fine, meaning I can browse internet, watch twitch streams while the game is frozen and everything is perfectly responsive. It can happen when in any location in game. I have played this game for like 2 years and only now i started having this problem. It only happens with FFXIV. This pretty much prevents me from doing any harder content. I have just done a roulette leveling dungeon and my game froze on 2 bosses causing my group to wipe and waste their time.Any advice appreciated
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2023.06.07 10:46 No_Body_djojo My female teacher is harassing me

Sorry for the long text but i needed to put you in the image so you understand this one needs explaining, she not really harassing me, but she makes me uncomfortable, ok here's the backstory I'm a student at an engineering school i sacrificed alot to get in as you know ''classes prepas'' not really a walk in park easy, and the entrance exams are stressful and they took a toll on me, plus those two years where fucking hell, i was just studying, up all night in physics and maths, eating and repeating the very next day, i barely got into this engineering school, and I'm still half way but got better and got used to it, anyways, a female teacher and head of department, i thought she was just friendly at first, but times goes i felt weird about the way she treats me, if i ever bumped into her she always keeps talking to me about range of stuff like studies and i thought Ok this is okay, a got a good relationship with the teacher witch can give me a boost she can have my back whenever i needed her, but recently i get uncomfortable even walkin in my School, i asked around and everyone told me she's cold and distance and never had anything outside 2mins talk with them , what broke the camels back and really made me think is when she once offered to have lunch with me, i joked around saying that i will have lunch with my classmates and they probably hate me cause i they won't be comfortable around a teacher but she's welcome witch she replied with a laugh and told me okay next time, i once again was taking a coffee from a distributer and she told me that's not real coffee and invited me to a classy coffee shop and told that'll be on her and we can take her car, i joked as I'm shocked to the core and said will you explain that to the professor X (because i had a class and i was just in a break x is just to not use he's real name) witch she replied don't worry i can explain to you what ever he teaches you, but realised that was not what she supposed to say and recoved by saying yeah maybe next time, the next wasn't very long until i met her just by accident in a weekend and told me that she needs 10 mins of my time, we went to a coffee shop then asked about what do i need to do to kick start my career and how she can help and she always felt like I'm unique student even that I'm that smart and i need to put so much work in the simplest subjects, as I'm known in my class that I'm dumbest one and i agree because it was just pure luck how i got in to continue my studies, and i have terrible memory witch required me to di 10 times more effort to just keep up i ask some friends on how to deal with this but i don't have any evidence of this misconduct, even WhatsApp conversation is pure professional emails too even calls from her are super professional but face to face is not so much. a friend of mine told me to get with her until i finished my studies but i still have 2 years ahead of me and she can really fuck me up, she's not as hot or even beautiful, if we got a relationship I can't have a girlfriend, since she can really get me kicked out and you need to know that I can't just get to another school plus I'm not super rich and i bearly make it to the end of every month, I'm very confused and I feel like the next weeks something terrible will happen, idk just a feeling, a relationship is not what i want, plus that woman is known for being strict, she has the ower to kick anybody of the school and they will not be accepted in state schools ever again, the only option is private witch as i said I can't afford, and can't just stop now and comeback later for my studies since this is a 6 years diplomat that can't be intorupted I'm sorry this was long , but please what can i do?
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2023.06.07 10:46 Drakolf Dragon Rising- 21. Ultimatum:

Rakdo held out a phone to me, I took it and held it up to my ear.
"This is Imperator Ruuk Stingtail speaking." I stated.
"You had to make this difficult for us." A male voice spoke. "Are you aware what you have just done?"
"Completely and utterly shifted the paradigm of the entire world out of anger and spite?" I guessed flippantly.
"That's a concise way to put it." Came the reply. "Verify the prisoners are still alive."
I walked over to the Humans, still tied up, after the video was recorded, we'd allowed them to have their mouths uncovered, as long as they didn't do anything annoying or reckless.
"I'm standing in front of the prisoners." I stated. "We're currently recording as we speak, if I were in your shoes, I'd kill them, make it look like we killed them out of spite or hatred. Understand, if they die due to any machinations on your part, you seal the fate of your species."
There was a long pause. "Have them speak."
"One at a time." I said. "I will point to you, and you will say your name and rank."
I pointed at each one, they all spoke their name and rank, some tried to beg for help, but a spark from Prestidigitation shut them up.
"What was that sound?" The voice asked.
"Magic." I said. "A reminder that their well-being is in our hands. They understand that wasting your time and mine isn't going to work out for them."
"What do you expect will happen, if we comply to your demands?" He asked. "What is assuring us that you won't seek retaliation?"
"Eons ago, my God made an enemy of another God. This was before his ascension to Divinity, said God destroyed him and his people, and when the Gods were angry, he simply claimed it was a joke."
"Does this little story of yours relate to the question?" He asked.
"Yes." I replied. "For eons, after my God ascended, his divinity little more than recompense, he waged a war of genocide against that God's children. Just yesterday, at my urging, he chose compromise. They are no less enemies than they were before, but the fact of the matter was, we convinced that God to leave us be, rather than try to exterminate us on the behest of your soldiers."
"So, this is compromise? Holding my soldiers hostage, killing countless people?"
"I want you to understand something, Human." I stated coldly. "What your kind has done to us within the past six months was inhumane and cruel. Evil. Your soldiers' actions, the actions of the companies that denied us basic Human rights, who marched in on our home and shot at us... We are already at war, I am choosing compromise, so that the dead who are here may be the only dead." I paused. "And maybe, in time, if there is lasting peace, we can bring them back."
I heard a soft gasp. "Yes, Human, while it is a goal we have yet to achieve, we have the potential to resurrect the dead. There are many of us who have died, from a collapsed mine that we worked tirelessly to save many more, from the bullets your soldiers fired at us... We have loved ones who have died, just as your soldiers have loved ones they left behind."
"I cannot advocate for your success, Stingtail." He stated. "Nor will I. You represent an existential threat to our way of life."
"I represent the true face of the universe." I stated. "The Gods we lived with are lies, or convenient tools of other Gods. And right now, four Gods have been verified to have been on this planet in recent years."
"Whom?" He asked.
"Tiamat, Goddess of Evil Dragons, whose machinations led to my people becoming what we are. Kurtulmak, God of Kobolds, whose exile to this world did not stop him from ensuring we kept our sanity, where Tiamat would have rendered us unthinkingly savage beasts. Bahamut, Dragon God of Justice, whose miracles granted my people enough water to survive the shutdown, whose Clerics continue to serve as a moral anchor for my Empire. And Garl Glittergold, with whom my God made compromise with."
"You are implying something." He stated.
"Tiamat currently moves unopposed." I stated. "Bahamut is hunting her down, to mitigate the damage she can do."
"Why demand to be acknowledged as a sovereign nation?" He asked.
"Because being a citizen of yours led to our near extermination." I stated. "Do not ask such a stupid question again, our demands are non-negotiable, and I have given you a generous amount of time to consider your options."
"Our options being to negotiate with hostile creatures?" He asked.
"This is not about salvaging a bad situation, this is not about saving face. You will comply, or there will be war." I stated. "Do not twist my words for your own benefit, you have been the aggressor in this situation. We are simply fighting back."
I ended the call there and turned off the phone.
"Turn off all phones." I stated. "If they wish to communicate, it will be face to face, not over the phone. I want this wall secured, and this outpost manned. Moreover, all weaponry belongs to the Empire now. Gather the remains, those who are still intact will be put into coffins, those who are not, we will piece together. We don't need every piece, a hand, a head, anything will do. Ensure you gather the dog tags, in the event we need a True Resurrection."
My warriors got on it immediately. I faced our prisoners. "Prisoners." I said. "Until such a time that your freedom is negotiated or you are to be executed, you will be provided food, water, and clothing. Even if we don't recognize the Geneva Convention at this time, we will operate under the assumption that jus cogens applies." I regarded them. "If you ever address me, you will address me as Imperator. I will point to each of you, and you will acknowledge."
Each one replied with, "Yes, Imperator."
"Good." I smiled. "In the interests of ensuring you retain your Humanity, such that your leaders can consider you safe, sane, and unharmed, you will be held outside of the range of the Gate. Attempts to escape will be met with lethal force. If you wish to defect, you will be required to state such on video, Otherwise, we will keep you alive. Is this understood."
"Yes, Imperator."
"Good." I looked for a pen and paper and wrote out my orders, then I had one of my warriors run it into the city. By evening, the holding cells were built, which our prisoners were led to.
The cells were the size of an average Human bedroom, with a bed, a toilet pot, a pot with sawdust, and a roll of toilet paper provided from our newly acquired base.
None of us really missed modern amenities all that much, we got used to what we had to make due with, so even though going on the internet was just as easy as riding a bike, I felt no particular draw toward the time-wasting activities of trawling through social media.
As I walked through the streets, my subjects celebrating, my father, a Ranger, approached me. He was one of the Beast Masters, those who formed an almost supernatural bond with our loyal pets.
"Imperator." He said, saluting me.
"Is there something you need, Baruk?" I asked.
"No, but Brutus does."
I smiled. I hadn't seen much of Brutus since I finally opened myself up to the Warren. Though he was still as big and friendly as he was back then, there was a glint in his eye, a wildness that hadn't been there before.
"I'm sorry for not visiting." I said. "Between the water crisis, the Gods making themselves known, everything else..."
"Ruuk." He said, the use of my name was deliberate, he was probably one of the few people I'd allow to address me so informally. "You've been working your hardest to keep us all alive." He hugged me, Brutus nuzzled his way between us. "I am proud of everything you have done for our Warren."
"Thank you." I said softly.
He let go and we walked together. "I take it you've been staying in the Rangers' Lodge?" I asked.
"For the most part, yes. Adena- that's what your mother calls herself now- has been spending her days in the nursery, taking care of the Warrens' eggs. She was always at her best, taking care of you hatchlings." He paused for a moment, then shook his head. "Of course, we spend our time together as often as we can."
"I'm glad she has something she can do." I remarked, smiling.
"She's a Cleric, you know." I raised my brow ridge. "You didn't know?" I shook my head. "She joined Bahamut's Temple shortly after you did, I could have sworn you'd seen her."
"I didn't spend that much time at the Temple." I said. "Did she-? Was she-?"
"Ruuk, your mother never once thought of you as a traitor." My father looked me in the eye as he said this. "She knows you better than that. Hell, the Temple excommunicated her because she refused to think of you as anything less."
"I had no idea." I said.
"For what it's worth, they did welcome her back, though I think that was mostly Tallyn's efforts."
"Do you often talk with Tallyn?" I asked.
"He often comes to me." He said. "For a while, he was just so angry, he yelled at your mother. Now, I rarely spanked you and him as kids, only when you did dangerously stupid things in spite of our best efforts to get you to stop. You bet your ass I bent him over my knee and made certain he regretted his words."
I nodded. "Dad... Does it ever bother you, knowing I've had to kill people?"
"Son, I've killed my fair share of people as well." He replied. "When the soldiers got close to the nursery, your mother and I gave them hell."
I smiled. "Please let her know I'm proud of her." I said. "And let her know she's welcome to drop by at any time. So are you, for that matter."
He nodded. I gave Brutus one more hug and head pats before heading back for the Fortress City.
It was going to be a long year, if we were lucky.

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2023.06.07 10:46 SpiceAllThingsNice My sister’s boyfriend has walked out on her and their young children. Now he wants to take the children from her.

Hello all, thank you in advance for your help. This is a burner account as I know her boyfriend uses Reddit.
For background, my sister is 24f and her partner is 29m, they have two kids ages 1 and 2. The father quit work after the birth of their first child and has not had a job since, they rent a property that my sister pays for solely. She pays for the bills, including his leisure, they have universal credit and she earns £23k yearly before tax. His name is on the birth certificates as he is biological father of both children. She also pays for a car that costs her about £290 finance monthly that she was coerced to agree to joint finance with him (for the betterment of the kids) as she can’t drive and he couldn’t get the finance agreement alone.
The brief story is he has now walked out on the family, he said he “deserves a break” from being a full time father and so he upped and left, forcing my family to take holidays and such to cover childcare. She already gets 15 free hours for her 2 year old but she works full time from the office.
He now, after a week, has demanded the children are his responsibility as he wants to live in a council property as their main parent. He has not applied or been accepted for this and is fully able to work. He is fairly abusive to my sister, a manipulator for certain, and she is now taking sick days in the fear he will do something rash.
My questions are, if she was to want her children full time and still work does she have options? (Childcare assistance from family is not a long term option.)
If she quite work to be a full time mother, does she have options until they are of school age?
How can she look to get rid of her car responsibilities? She pays, does not drive and the HP is only 3 months in.
Happy to answer any questions I’ve missed!
Edit: they live in England.
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2023.06.07 10:45 MoldyBread98 Are any of you getting this issue?

Okay, so.. I've been chatting with a certain bot for some time and I've sent about 200~ msg to it. But now.. everytime I try to send it another msg, the entire site just..freezes for absolutely no reason. Is there a fix to this?
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2023.06.07 10:45 Front-Beyond-1875 a chunk of my red hair from when i was 16 compared to my faded with time hair now that I'm 27

a chunk of my red hair from when i was 16 compared to my faded with time hair now that I'm 27 submitted by Front-Beyond-1875 to u/Front-Beyond-1875 [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 10:45 VinnieDawgg Builder base 2.0 Honoust opinion

Builder base 2.0 Honoust opinion
Builder base 2 has been here for a few weeks now, so now we can actually have an accurate opinion instead of shitting on an update within 24 hours.
Personally, there are some pros and cons.
Pros- I really love the new concept, the lesser troops but more epic troops, it was really fun that supercell switched things up a bit.
The loot system is very nice as well, I remember a few years back when we had to wait every single day to gain some freaking loot sheeshh. I think this is my top pro about this update.
The idea of 2 bases with lesser attack time is a great one too, makes you think twice about where to place troops or when to use their ability.
The new leagues are very neat as well, very nice add-on.
Unfortunatly im gonna have more cons than pros..
-Cons Troops are not balanced correctly, many troops are way too OP, like the Pekka, or some not even worth it to use since they became completely trash, like the Balloon for example.
The trophy system is not working properly, I have been in the top 50 of my country for a very very long time but since bb2 it feels way harder to gain some actual trophies. (This may be because there were a shitload of gemmers who instantly had everything maxed out, which is also a big problem, Supercell pushing the pay-to-progress idea)
Building upgrades are super expensive and take way too much time to upgrade in comparison to the previous upgrades.
Xbow is useless since if its on air, they attack with ground and when its in ground they go with air attacks. Nice to have an xbow if it actually made a difference.
The obstaceles in stage 2 are way top expensive compaired to the elixer gaining. Like 80k for a stupid root? Forrealll?
The battlecopter is just not it, the dps is so low I could literally cry. This is a freaking hero after all..
After all, I love that supercell finally did something with builderbase since me and many others were maxed out for years already but honoustly I am not enjoying it like I used too and I wont be playing it as much as I used to. I’ll be doing my attacks every day to get maxed out again and i’ll leave it for what it is..


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2023.06.07 10:45 Pesce_Magico 〜ても in non-adversative contexts. No matter where I look or who I ask I can't find a singular explanation for the added meanings of this very basic conjunction

Hello LearnJapanese. long time commenter first time poster. I've been studying japanese for some time now and running into grammar that seems incomprehensible at first but then gradually coming to understand it is not a new experience for me. That said, no matter how much I improve, there seems to be one grammar mystery that haunts me like some sort of curse: Why is it so common to see ~ても being used to connect two sentences that do not contradict eachother in any way?
Native sources tell me that ても Introduces a clause with a meaning opposite from the one you may expect basing yourself on the previous clause "逆接とは、前件から予想されるのとは反対のことが、 後件に来るということです。"
Imabi tells me that て and も come together to mean something like "even if", and yet, so many sentences with temo do not have this "even if" aspect at all, on the contrary, they have a "precisely because" aspect to them
Here are some of the ても sentences i've pestered tutours, HiNative users and Daily Thread frequenters, as well as my own self for the past year or so:
(1) 外見の悪さを差し引いても性能は評価出来る Even If (?) you make allowances for its bad appearance, its ability can be appreciated
What's "even if" about this? No matter how i look at it, and indeed, no matter who i ask, natives and students alike, the sentence is saying that it's precisely Because you're making allowances for the objects apparance that you can appreciate its value, not in spite of it!
When i asked about this question on a daily thread several months ago, a kind user suggested that in this context the 差し引いても all together means something kile だけれど, making it an idiomatic expression, but i dont know where that leaves me
(2) 物事の表面的、一面的知識で納得している限り、自分の世界を狭くすることはあっても、物事の本当の姿を知る事は出来ない (full context here) As long as you content yourself with superficial, one-sided knowlege of things, Even if (?) you make your world narrower, you'll never know the true state of things
Even If? Why? Both things "making your world narrower" and "not being able to know the true appearance of things" are basically in accordance with eachother. The author is writing two bad things about stopping at the surface level of things, what is temo about this? A kind user on yesterday's daily thread suggested that in this context, あっても has a meaning comparable to あるだけで, however these two are not universally interchangable
(3)部下に厳しく言いすぎると、嫌われることはあっても、尊敬されることはない If you speak to harshly to your subordinates, Even If (?) you'll be disliked, you won't be respected
I don't even think i need to elaborate on this one. Nothing is "even if" about this. "although you'll be hated, you won't be liked" just doesn't make sense. As in, it makes no sense to me to make a redundant sentence like this.
This is not me attacking the japanese language, it's me admitting that there's clearly some fuller meaning to ても that i have failed to grasp
If anyone can help me overcome this i'll be extremely grateful
edit: formatting
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2023.06.07 10:45 qwertydoors POCO X5 PRO vs SAMSUNG A54

First of all, both are at the same price right now in my country (Mexico), the Samsung 8gb Ram / 128gb and the Xiaomi 8gb ram / but with 256gb.
I'm a Redmi Note 8 pro user. My last two phones have been Xiaomi phones and overall I've been happy with them. But after almost 4 years with the 8 pro the software no longer works well, it has bugs and errors and I hate that. Maybe going back to Samsung after a long time might be a good idea for longevity?
I do use wired headphones basically every day so I really like that the X5 PRO has a 3.5mm jack. I also love that it has 67w fast charging capabilities, I'm sure I'm gonna find that very useful on a regular basis. It's chip also seems to be a bit better, and I always fill up my memory so the 256gb are a big deal for me.
On the other hand, I would love just a clean experience with a phone at this point, I love my Xiaomi phones at first but they end up becoming really buggy and I always break them. The camera of the A54 is also a bit better from what I've read. But most importantly, it will have updates for longer (I'm curious to know how much slower that would make the phone over time), which seems great since I don't buy new phones often. Also, its components and materials look to be of better quality and more durable, so that seems great for longevity.
Which phone do you think I should go for?
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2023.06.07 10:45 StoryStash How do I (31M) dial down the feelings for my situationship (30F) so we can continue doing this?

TLDR: met a girl in another country. It’s the definition of a situationship, but I caught feelings, which makes me uninterested in dating other women. However I don’t want to pause my dating life for a situationship that is gonna lead nowhere, especially not because it’s long distance and we only see each other for a week every 3-4 months. How can I dial down my feelings for her, so I can continue this situationship, while I also can keep dating other girls? This is my first (long distance) situationship and I need some advice with handling feelings. I (31m) met Elza (30f) in her country about a year ago. We had a one night stand, and the day after she sent me incredibly long messages about how she was 6 months out of a toxic relationship and was in therapy to learn to love herself again, and that I made her feel the most beautiful version of herself since very long time. Wonderful messages to receive of course and for me the sex was really amazing, which led to us meeting for another time two days later before I had to fly back. Afterwards we kept in touch, but it was very casual. No daily messages or video calls like most long distance “couples”. We met up in person twice, once I flew to her and once she came to me. When she came to me, I even got an hotel in another city, to really show this was 100% casual. We basically only left the hotel room to get lunch and dinner. Then after a few days we admitted we wanted to see each other again fast. She invited me over and so I flew back, but this week felt less casual than our times together before. She had to work some days, so it felt like a normal relationship at some times. She introduced me to her parents and some friends. We bought gifts for each other: I gave her a sex toy she always wanted, and she gave me an expensive bracelet, to show the difference. Car rides were filled with deeper, more personal talks, like about countries we would like to live in and if we (not together) would like to have children in the future. Not all these subjects came from her, I also started thinking more and more if this could lead anywhere serious, so I was getting more and more curious in her future plans. However, we never really talked about us. Nobody asked “so what are we?“. We didn’t even talk about going exclusive. I kept dating other girls, and while we did not talk about it, I assumed she did see other guys as well. However after the last time we met, I noticed I was finding it more and more difficult to date other girls. Both from a moral view (it felt like cheating, even tho it wasn’t), but I also unfairly kept comparing my dates to Elza. So yeah, safe to say I caught feelings. She visited me once more, and while we both had to work some days, it was pure magic. I was falling in love hard. Then two weeks ago I was about to go on a three week solo roadtrip with my motorcycle, and the night before I left we had another video call. It was fun as usual, but at some point she tells me to make sure to bring enough condoms with me on the trip. We made comments like that before, especially in the beginning, to focus on how casual our situationship is. I thought it was a good moment to talk about "our future". She admitted she thought about it a lot too. For her it basically boiled down to: if I was born in her country, we were probably already engaged by now. But as I’m not, she doesn’t feel it can ever be serious. Her family doesn’t talk English, she could never move to another country, she saw a lot of hurdles, which are valid. To be really honest, I saw these hurdles too but I could already imagine me living in her apartment, doing my daily duolingo lessons to learn her language. She didn’t see any reason to make our situationship exclusive, but she said she hasn’t been dating after the second time I visited her, because she doesn’t need it. She did meet another guy recently who was perfect on paper, but she also kept comparing him to me, so she wasn't really attracted to him. But as it is now, it feels like our situationship will go on until she meets or I meet another person that we would actually want to go exclusive with. And as I don’t feel the need to date other girls, it’s basically me waiting until she tells me it’s over, which I’m not comfortable with at all. So I went on my roadtrip, and got a few dates, but it still didn’t feel right. So, for me it comes down to: I don’t want to pause my (dating) life for a situationship that will lead to nowhere. However, the only solution I see is breaking up with Elza, go through a period of grief but then afterwards I can start dating other people again. That would hurt like shit, and it feels like an overly dramatic choice. Is there a way for me to again become less invested in Elza, so I can actually date other people while I keep in contact with her and see her in person every few months and we have an amazing time?
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2023.06.07 10:45 proedross Should r/VintageMobilePhones take part in the blackout?

Hello everyone,
As you might have already heard/read, there is a blackout happening between June 12-14 and many reddit communities are joining. We would like to hear from you if you want us to take part in the protest as well.

What's happening exactly?

A recent reddit policy change threatens to kill many beloved third-party mobile apps, making a great many quality-of-life features not seen in the official mobile app permanently inaccessible to users.
On May 31, 2023, reddit announced they were raising the price to make calls to their API from being free to a level that will kill every third-party app on reddit, from Apollo to Reddit is Fun to Narwhal to BaconReader and, my personal favourite, Sync for Reddit.
Even if you're not a mobile user and don't use any of those apps, this is a step toward killing other ways of customizing reddit, such as Reddit Enhancement Suite or the use of the old.reddit.com desktop interface. This move by reddit is the wrong way of addressing the shortcomings of its own apps and cuts off important functionality for communities:

How can we do about it?

Since the aforementioned changes would fundamentally change the way a lot of users interact with reddit, a blackout is being organised and a lot of communities are taking part.
Specifically, on June 12th, many subreddits will be going dark to protest this policy. Some will return after 48 hours, others will go away permanently unless the issue is adequately addressed, since many moderators aren't able to put in the work they do with the poor tools available through the official app. This isn't something any of us do lightly: we do what we do because we love reddit, and we truly believe this change will make it impossible to keep doing what we love.
The two-day blackout isn't the goal, and it isn't the end. Should things reach the 14th with no sign of reddit choosing to fix what they've broken, the buzz built between then and now will be utilised as a tool for further action.
The blackout can take the form of a sub going private for 48 hours, or getting locked so no new content can be posted while still being viewable. Personally, I like way mealtimevideos is planning to protest, with the sub staying locked and only one new post getting posted which will inform about the ongoing protest. Such posts, coming from bigger subs, will definitely hit the front page and spread the message quite effectively I think – better than the sub going private and only posts from subs not participating in the blackout showing up in peoples' feeds. Regarding /VintageMobilePhones, we might be a small sub but I still think we should voice our opinion by taking part in the blackout!

What should our community do?

So, what do you guys think, should VintageMobilePhones take part in the blackout as well and, if yes, what form should the protest take? We want to hear your thoughts on the matter.

My personal thoughts

Speaking solely for myself, I'm fully in support of the blackout. Reddit's changes are poised to disrupt my reddit experience drastically and for the worst, both as a user and as a mod. However, I must recognise that reddit has some legitimate reasons for charging for API access. First and foremost being the fact that LLMs (Large Language Models) such as ChatGPT are being trained for free by using our communities’ content. So, putting a price on API access is justified. What is not justified is the way this transition is happening. Reddit is giving almost zero time to devs to adapt to the new terms. Furthermore, the pricing model seems disingenuous to me, as for most (all?) third-party app devs it would be impossible to afford. It looks to me that they are pricing the competition out in order to drive users to the official channels, where it would probably be easier to monetize those users. This has already been happening, with reddit, for some time now, making new features not available through its API (so 3rd party-apps cannot offer them in any way) and the “old” reddit layout steadily being left behind. The latest step feels like another step towards the same direction.
Anyway, excuse my rambling and please do share your thoughts on the matter in the comments and vote in the attached poll.
Peace, u/proedross, VintageMobilePhones fan and mod :)
View Poll
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2023.06.07 10:45 alternaterelativity How to properly steer a truck? (Or maybe any other vehicle)

Hi all!
Im currently expanding my driver's license in Germany and simultaneously milling down the nerves of my driving instructor.
The problem is that in years passed I obviously got used to steer with only one hand (car and tractor). And now that Im trying to steer this 12to monster with a trailer there are a few things a can't seem to get right:
-Do drive too far to there right side (Maybe gets better over time) -When turning I don't get the corners right because I'm mostly steering too late/too lessor too much and to rapidly and therefore almost every time cutting some corners or other lanes.
My instructor says it's most like because I don't "give on" the steering wheel in my hand but I bloody hell have no idea what he means by this and how to do it properly (even though I asked and he tried to explain)
The big problem is that I get so caught up with focusing on steering and even holding my lane that I make other mistakes like speed signs or not properly watch when turning.
The point is that I feel like steering/turning and following the lane straight and around obstacle should be something that happens mostly subconscious so I can focus on the streets.
So my question is if anyone was in a similar situation or regularly drives trucks and could give me some advice I d how to do it right?
Thanks in advance!
P.S. I know if you drive your truck for years it's hard to explain how you handle the steering wheel or how far you drive but even if you try explaining it by using a clock or similar I would be happy for the slightest try!
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2023.06.07 10:45 Junior-Bed-7837 Fear of eyes falling out of head/eye sockets (HELP PLS)

I, 21 F, have had the same, horrific fear for.. god I think now it’s been 11 years of my eyes falling out of my head/their sockets. I don’t remember how or why it started, though my mom did watch a lot of crime and hospital shows in the same room as me, so maybe there was something really awful with eyes that I saw.
It’s taken a toll on me all these years and has never gotten better. Even as I write this I’m making sure to rub my eyes every few seconds to ‘make sure they don’t fall out.’
When I’m trying to go to sleep, I like to lay on my side or somewhat on my stomach. Now, that is also proving to be difficult for me, as if there is ANY hint of pressure on my face where my eyes are located from my pillow, it freaks me out and I have to rub my eyes a bunch of times. That has always been my way of ‘making sure they don’t fall out.’ I can’t rub them one at a time, it has to be both at once with both my hands.
Now, it’s probably pretty obvious from reading this that I have mental illnesses. I have BPD, anxiety, OCD, Tourettes Syndrome (which is hell because one of my tics is squeezing my eyes shut), you get the picture.
I’m no expert, but I feel like this is more than just a phobia of eyes. I don’t really know what it is. I have therapy next week so I’m definitely gonna talk to my therapist about it, I’ve honestly never brought it up. It’s something I’ve lived with for such a long time.
So, Reddit, please help me with any advice or guidance. I will of course be discussing with my therapist, but.. what do y’all think?
I’m a talker, so, thank you so much if you read all this.
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2023.06.07 10:45 notamouse418 How to automate my HDMI laptop fix?

First I have to say I love this project!
I've been working to convert an old Alienware 13 r3 laptop (i7-7700HQ, GPU: integrated INTEL HD 630 paired with Nvidia GTX 1060) with to a batocera machine running batocera 36 but ran into the dreaded laptop hdmi outputtroubles. I finally found a fix, but it involves sshing into the machine from another computer, and I wanted to see if there's a way for me to have the computer do that automatically. I also wanted to share the success I've found so far since it seems like it's a fairly common issue and any working solutions seem rare.
Here's what I've done so far:
- the built-in switchers to hdmi result in a black screen
- I edited the boot config file to set nvidia-driver=true and nvidia-prime=true which seems to help, but did not fix the issue. I also set max resolution in the config file to be 1080p, though that did not prevent batocera from outputting in 4k when I did connect it.
- I used batocera-resolution setOutput from ssh to switch to hdmi. This resulted in the screen being smushed to the top-left quarter, basically running the 1080p designed emulation station on my 4k display. this was also super slow.
- What has finally worked is using ssh to run this command:
export DISPLAY=:0.0 xrandr --output HDMI-1-0 --mode 1920x1080 --rate 60 
Now what I'd like to do is edit the right boot file so that whenever batocera loads, it automatically runs this command and connects to hdmi. I tried creating a "/userdata/system/custom-es-config" file with these commands listed and saved it with "batocera-save-overlay" but that hasn't worked.
How might I get batocera to run this code without me having to log in to it externally every time I start it? Any help is super appreciated. Thanks!
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