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2023.06.05 15:15 Shankdaddy_ [WTS] Hk45c threaded barrel, McRae Jungle Boots (10W), ECWCS Lvl VII Parka, DCU M65 field jacket, FILBE Waterproof Bags (56 and 65 liter),DK-5 Riot Faceshield, MLOK 9-slot Rail, Tan/Coyote 1603 MOLLE Pack Frame

Boots - McRae black jungle boots, size 10W (I am an 11 regular in new balance if that helps, these boots fit me well), worn around the house a few times otherwise brand new - $130 + shipping
HK45c threaded barrel - used, I’ve had maybe 50 rounds through it, still in perfect shape, $235 shipped
Paulson DK-5 riot faceshield - fits PASGT helmets, new, $63 shipped
Midwest Industries mlok rail, 9 slot rail for an mlok handguard, mounted once, $18 shipped
Waterproof FILBE bag - new and in unused condition, 65L and 56L, $45 shipped each
Gen III Ecwcs level VII parka - Lightly used but still in great shape, size large regular - $160 shipped
M65 DCU jacket - Nearly new USGI Large field jacket in Large, no liner, $58 shipped
Pack Frame - Never used, no idea why I have it, no cracks, Tan/Coyote Brown color, $35 shipped
Pm me if you’re interested but comment as well for a flair check, PayPal F&F only, NO NOTES PLEASE!
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2023.06.05 15:12 Mindless_Landscape_7 My plan for first time, suggestions?

Hello everyone, I'm planning to take lsd for the first time in a week. I have a 75μg tab, is it okay as a first time dose? It will be me and two friends, close ones, and one guy who I have never seen who has tried acid many many times though and my friends told me he's the best person you would want around because he knows how to handle any situations, so I'm quite chill about him being with us even if I don't know him.
The set will be a valley full of lakes on the mountains, quite a nice spot. My plan was to go camping. So reaching the valley by car, set up the tent, preparare a meal, eat and start walking. I'll take with me a backpack with a bluetooth speaker, at least 2L of water, fruits and a power bank. As we start to walk, we'll take the tab.
The walk isn't that long, luckily is a circle of 6km and it passes next to 100 lakes. it's going to take us 2/3 hours max. This means that the peak will happen when we'll be back to our tent where we'll have the already prepared food.
We'll peak at the tent. In front of it there's a very nice lake. I was wondering if it is safe to take acids near water. I really love to swim so I might come up with the idea of taking a swim. Do you suggest me to stay in the tent or do you think I'm capable of swimming under LSD effect? I think it would be sick to swim under acid but since I've never tried I don't know if it could be dangerous.
then, we'll stay and trip near the lake until sunset and we'll eventually stargaze if the sky is clear. It is one of my wishes because I want to trip whilst watching at the stars. then, when we'll want to, we'll go sleep in the tent.
I'm just concerned that I'll trip my shit out thinking we are surrounded by bears. I mean on the mountains there are bears, wolves, snakes.... So there's always a chance to encounter them. Do you think it would be dumb to trip on the mountains with the possibility of bear encounter?
I would really appreciate any other suggestion from you guys, I was thinking about taking some weed with me too. Is lsd + weed a good combination? I smoke weed almost everyday, sometimes though it makes me paranoid, not in nature too, it depends by where I Smoke it...
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2023.06.05 15:12 KatieNaviSG TW: SA and s*****e

I'm so sorry if this is triggering to some of you but I didn't know where else to post this and I can't keep trauma dumping on my friends and partner and I'm awaiting my trauma therapy to start up...
I told my mum eventually about the SA that happened between me and my grandfather when I was 4. (I don't know why I bothered with how she is, I guess I wanted her to finally see me and love me as a person who has suffered too and to be a mother in that moment). She looked shocked and informed me that the same thing happened to her when she was younger by the same man (her father) and instantly started asking me for specific details which I didn't feel at all ready to talk about, nor did I expect her to go straight in like that when I had just been directed to the crysis team for planning the long sleep. I was shocked and didn't know how to process it at the time but felt bad for her and ended up comforting her.
She also told my younger sister (we are half sisters but closer than anything) about what had happened even though I never said that was ok or that I was ready for people to know. In fact I specifically asked her not to. Plus my sister is only 16 and about to sit her own exams and I didn't want to stress her out with my trauma, it wasn't hers to have to worry about. (Also my grandfather had been dead for many years before my sister was born so it wasn't an event that would've affected her). When I confronted my mum about it she said "don't worry she's family, she can be strong for both of us" like no? She's 16! Stop using your children as emotional support and therapists and deciding they're mature enough to deal with this crap! It isn't fair!
She's always been entirely inappropriate. She used to make me answer the door to the baliffs as a manipulation technique and to say she wasn't in. She asked me advice on whether she should have a termination when I was get the idea....there is ALOT more but this is already a really long post.
I've had some time to think now and all I can think could she leave me knowingly with him when she had this experience herself? She actively chose to leave me in a potentially unsafe situation frequently whilst her and my nan went out shopping. I'm feeling really empty and confused as to why she couldn't protect me. I'm also sick of having to constantly parent her, most of my trauma comes from having to drag her through life (cooking, cleaning, food shopping) from the age of 8 (I'm now nearly 30). I've left home and barely have a relationship with her. She's impossible to confront too, she starts crying and screaming and asking me why "I'd say all this to her when she knows how much she's going through" and that she's "tried her best" (even thought she spent my childhood on drugs and belittling me in front of her friends to make them laugh.) Then she calls me a bully when I call her out.
I get scared to even answer the phone to her because it will either be a) she needs help with something or getting somewhere (it's easier to say yes or she constantly harasses me or family members at all times of the night) or b) phones me up clearly drunk and over happy and trying to talk to me like we have a good relationship? I'm just waiting for her to die now, sounds awful I know but it's the only way I feel I will ever truly be free of her. It makes me feel like a monster to say this, I try my best to have compassion for others due to my experiences in life myself but she was meant to be my mum and I feel so alone.
Sorry I know this is all over the place and chaotic, I typed it out during my lunch break just to get everything down and hopefully making more sense! I just knew if anyone would understand it would be you guys in this group 💞
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2023.06.05 15:11 haroldkebba I Think My Village Was Haunted By God... [Part 1]

I hope this is the right place and someone can tell me what may have been going on in my village. I moved here a few weeks ago. It's a small village in the heart of Russia and my parents and I came here because things start to get really bad in Moscow and my father lost his job. I don't know why we had to move to this isolated village, so far away from civilization. Maybe my parents wanted peace and quiet? To escape the things in that city, the poisoned minds?
The houses here had all been far below average in price. Almost everyone who lives here has moved here recently.
But, there are crazy rumors about this village that people tell each other. It was found abandoned in the mid-nineties. Where everyone went, no one knows. They say that no signs of people were found at all, nothing. But... everywhere in and around the village… strange patches of earth had been discovered, circular and smooth. Not only in the forest or on the road, but also in the dilapidated wooden houses. At our new neighbors' house, one of the mysterious spots had supposedly been found right in the living room floor, where the floorboards had been just cut away.
These rumors scare me. I am afraid of this village. But yesterday... I was redoing the floor in my room with my father and there... I found a notebook under the old boards. I hid it from my father, I don't know why... Someone must have left it there.
Last night... that's when I read it. I read it and now I'm incredibly afraid of this house and this village. Of the fields and the woods that surround me. The notebook apparently belonged to someone called Ilya Vasiliev. I have tried to translate what he wrote, hoping that someone here can help me find an explanation for the rumors. For this uneasy feeling that I have since I moved here...
I am fine. I want that to be clear from the beginning. My story is strange and in huge parts troubling, but I am still in the best state of mental health.
I am fine!
My story begins seven months ago, in December 1979, when deep winter was upon our village. We were preparing for Christmas, the first Christmas to be celebrated publicly throughout the village, after years of having to practice our faith in secret because the Soviet government did not allow religions. Only in the last few years did the Reds' view loosen and they allowed small islands of faith. One of them was my village, which finally dared to celebrate and praise the Lord.
I have been a believer all twenty years of my life, an exemplary Christian, just like my parents. Faith had kept our family line alive in times of terror and misery. Death had always been close to us, as the fields where most of the population of our village had worked for generations had once brought the end of hundreds of people. Many years ago, on those fields, atrocities had occurred that had finally given them their present name: The Fields of Death.
I myself had not been born back then, not by a long shot, but my grandparents had spent their childhood there, a childhood full of hunger and depravity. My grandfather Fomenko often told me and my sister the stories he had experienced and how faith had saved everyone. There had been a long, cold winter and the grain had been confiscated by the government to be taken to the cities for distribution. After all, the grain belonged to all the people, not just those on the farms who planted it, tended to it, and harvested it. And so, the only food of that time left my grandfather's village and never came back. Some of his neighbors had once tried to hold back some grain, to hide some sacks, but when they were caught, a hail of bullets determined their fate. People lived in fear, not daring to stop working, not daring to keep for themselves the food that was destined for the common good. In those days, horrors happened in my village that I cannot truly picture today, not even when I hear my grandfather's usually clear voice begin to tremble. When I see in his eyes that he would rather forget, in order to experience a peaceful sleep once again… someday.
He told us about those horrors to warn us of how quickly life can plunge from safety into infinite terror. Winter had reigned. The grain was being hauled away. They still shot all those who tried to keep back pieces of it, be it a sack or some husks that had fallen from a cart. In time, hunger began to drive people in our village insane. Parents locked up their children so they wouldn't be taken by neighbors to feed their hunger. Friends turned their backs on each other and killed each other in fights for the last livestock that was still breathing. The streets reeked of decay and death, of misery and suffering. One day, my grandfather told us, he had hidden in the back room of his house while his parents dragged themselves, emaciated, to the fields to pick the last scraps of grain from the furrows with their dirty, half-frozen fingers. He had come across a book there, a book that had saved his life.
The word of God. An old Bible.
My grandfather had learned to read at an early age, one of the sad advantages of living in the Soviet Union.
It was in the room I now live in that Grandfather Fomenko had found the dusty book. Actually, he had been looking for something to eat, the days before he had found some sawdust. But despite his hunger and the grumbling in his stomach, eating the book was out of the question. Books were sacred, and no book as sacred as this one. He had begun to read and learned about the greatness of the Lord. Of the miracles his Son had performed. And of the magic of faith. His stomach had growled, but he had ignored it. The words gave him comfort.
The next day he immersed himself in the book again, disappearing into better worlds and times, hearing wisdom and encouragement. But around noon there was a knock at the door. My grandfather emphasized each time that he had not been afraid, that he had known that the Lord would protect him, when the old neighbor gained entrance to our house armed with a cleaver. It was clear what he wanted: Meat. My grandfather told us each time about how the neighbor had looked more undead than human, stinking and with sunken eyes, smelling like death from his mouth, the cleaver trembling in his hand.
"I'm sorry, boy," was all the man could get out.
My grandfather tried to mimic this poor man’s voice at the end of his wits, to express his pain through words so that we understood that poor fellow a little.
The Lord's words had given courage to my grandfather in his most terrible moments. He had stood up and firmly said:
"Away with you, the Lord protects the inhabitants of this house!"
But the intruder did not care, coming closer. And so, my grandfather again sought comfort and prayed. He prayed for mercy and peace and for his life. He would serve the Lord for the rest of his days. Trust Him blindly.
Suddenly, like a gruesome miracle, the famished intruder let out an inhuman groan and collapsed, lifeless and debilitated. There had been no hunger for my grandfather and his family for a week after that. My grandfather had been praying to the Lord since that day, thanking Him for His mercy. The story spread around the village and out of desperation or hope, in the next few days everyone secretly knelt in front of small wooden crosses they had made themselves and prayed to the Lord. A week later, like a miracle, the long-awaited delivery of grain arrived, along with spring. There had not been another bad time since then.
These events are the reason for the faith in our village... and our family. The psalm my grandfather had prayed as the hungry neighbor attacked had become the guiding psalm of our faith. All these years we had not been able to celebrate Christmas with the other families, but since the restrictions on faith communities had been relaxed, we had all finally decided to celebrate the holy festival in the village square. And so, we started the preparations.
There, in those evening hours, my part of the story begins. I and my younger sister Zarina, together with other youths and young adults, were fetching wood for the fire that was to burn in the center of our village. So, we went out into the night, dressed with thick pelts, to fetch logs from the edge of the fields that some men had prepared.
My breath could be seen as an icy breeze in the dawning darkness and I was already looking forward to dancing around the fire with everyone later, drinking good drinks and eating sumptuously. I was glad that we didn't have to walk across the fields themselves, but could stroll along their edge to get the logs.
You can feel death when it has hit a place. I was glad that I didn't have to work the fields myself, and had learned the carpentry trade. Therefore, I was spared from having to wander around there every day, among the echoes of past atrocities and sadness.
We were all in good spirits, strolling over the muddy ground, when all at once Zarina pointed up and into the clear night sky.
"Look, an angel is descending!" she exclaimed excitedly.
We all looked to where her outstretched hand pointed. A round light glowed in the night sky, glaring yellowish and shining strangely cold.
"It's singing! At Christmas! The Lord puts our feast under his sign!" Zarina cried.
We stopped and listened into the silence of the night. At first, I could hear nothing, at first, everything remained quiet, and only the distant beating of axes and the rustling of the wind in the treetops were audible.
But then, there in the wind, I could hear it, briefly but clearly. It was a kind of melodic whisper, joyful, yet also strange and otherworldly. It was heard only very briefly, and soon died away as the glow flew out of sight and disappeared somewhere far away.
"Let's go find the angel! Let's..." Zarina cried, continuing excitedly, but I interrupted her.
"We have to get the wood. We can report back to the village later, if it hasn't already been noticed there too," I said.
"You heard the singing! Surely that was an angel. Shall we leave it there? It may have gotten hurt, it must have hit something!" Sasha murmured.
Sasha was my oldest friend and one of the boys who worked on the fields. He had always been very caring and had always tried to help where he could. His parents were long dead and the old lady who had raised him was no longer around, either. So, he struggled along, working the fields, but the rest of us looked out for him.
"Shouldn't we go and look for it, Ilya?", Sasha continued to urge me anxiously.
We thought about it for a long time but decided to leave the decision to the others in the village. Trusting the Lord to guide our actions, we quickly moved on in the direction of the woodcutters to complete our task.
We were not the only ones who had seen the glow. When we returned to the village square loaded with logs, everyone was in great excitement and full of joy that the Lord had sent us this sign of His greatness. Not everyone agreed whether it was an angel or a return of the poinsettia that had been witnessed, but everyone was sure that the Lord had sent us encouragement. So, we celebrated our first Christmas full of joy and pleasure, with good food, dancing and singing, full of happiness and under the protection of the Almighty Lord. I will always think back to those days, always keep in my heart how I glimpsed a part of the Lord in the sky.
We all talked about the event and even the older people were fascinated and inspired. Even my grandfather and the others who had witnessed the worst death and misery in the world seemed to slowly find a spiritual peace they would never have dreamed of otherwise. They were happy and strengthened in their faith. However, we were not sure if it had really been an angel who had come down and so we hesitated to go and look for the creature of God.
But in the night, after the light had shone in the sky, I was awakened by Zarina crying in her sleep. I straightened up and slowly paced over to her bed, where in the semi-darkness she began to squirm, shaken by spasms.
"No, no, no..." she moaned painfully.
I began to shake her to wake her up. Zarina did not respond to me. Her face was like a distorted mask hiding something bad underneath. Her breathing became shallow, and she began to whimper. I was terrified and began to pray. The Lord had to save her, He just had to save her!
Zarina twitched more and more, started coughing and whimpering louder and louder. Slowly, the rest of the family woke up and my parents and grandfather huddled tightly around her, praying for her to open her eyes.
"Please, don't take our child! She has only been in your world for fourteen years..." my father cried, as panicked and desperate as I had ever seen before.
His thick, black mustache trembled with fear.
Then, abruptly, Zarina stopped convulsing.
For a terrible moment she just lay there, her hair disheveled, her face pale in the glow of the candle my mother held over her.
"Mom, Dad, Ilya, Grandpa... what's wrong?" she suddenly asked sleepily.
For a moment it was as if nothing had happened, as if I hadn't just seen my sister almost die, but then she began to cry.
"What's wrong, dear?" my father asked, just as pale in the face as Zarina.
It took a while before she found some calm and was able to talk to us.
Finally, she croaked:
"I saw the angel. I was with him."
A revelation? Had the Lord touched my sister?
We all said another prayer and finally, filled with awe, I asked:
"Where did you see the angel? Is it here? With us?"
She looked at me briefly, seemed to hesitate for a little moment, and then reported:
"I was with it… in a dream. It was in a white village, a village made of angel dust. I saw it. It didn't have wings and that's why at first I wasn't sure if it was an angel. However, soon it spoke to me."
"What did it say, Zarina?", I asked tensely.
"It said it was not God, but 'the Witness'. It sounded like a man and a woman and a child and a baby and... It felt peaceful. Calm and carefree. Then I woke up."
"An angel. Angels are the witnesses of God, that's how it must be!" my father said enthusiastically.
Suddenly, everyone seemed to be talking at once.
No one knew what Zarina's words meant, but we were sure that they contained something incomprehensible that we, as ordinary people, could not understand. But everyone was delighted. Everyone was caught in a beautiful dream.
The next day, the adults sat together in the large barn near the edge of the village, which was used for community events. Most of them found seats on the lined up wooden benches and the rest stood crowded against the old walls, some of which were already rotten. Dimitri, probably the closest thing to a mayor, sat at a heavy pine table at the end of the room, staring at the crowd, while my parents and Zarina sat on old chairs in front of him. Tensely, the crowd looked at them, waiting for someone to say something. Finally, Dimitri cleared his throat thoughtfully.
"You... all saw or heard about the falling star. It was brighter than the others that keep crossing our sky and much more... melodic. Some even heard the singing. Whoever still doubted that the Lord sent us his messenger... doubts are now useless. Zarina has received a vision. She has seen how the angel, who was sent by God, walked on our earth, and visited a village and consecrated it with its grace. She has seen the angel marching to spread holiness in these lands..."
"Are we sure?"
Mary, the dressmaker, had stood up. She was still young, my age and Sasha's, and she always wore her blond hair carefully braided, her dresses self-made, blood red and flashy, with silver embroidery. As always, she wore makeup - a luxury not many could afford. In other places she would have been considered a lady, but she was also a skeptical person, and I had not liked her very much since childhood, because she often made insinuations that seemed to go against the Lord. Also, she had never played with us outside and had always thought of herself as someone… better. I was shocked that she now so obviously doubted the Lord's actions.
"Mary. Zarina has seen a vision. The Lord spoke to her through her dreams! An angel has joined us. How can you deny it?" my father asked coldly.
"I'm not denying it, I'm just saying, what if there is something dark that the angel was sent to fight? What if it is going into battle against some unknown evil? The angel may be spreading sanctities, but we have no idea if it is trying to redeem us or defend us..."
"It said it was a witness of God," I noted.
"That's what Zarina said when she woke up."
"Then it is benevolent to us! We must find it!" someone shouted from one of the back rows.
An excited murmur began to spread through the room.
"Silence!" Dimitri thundered.
His face looked hard but determined.
"We have to get to it! If it is a message from heaven that the angel wants to bring us, we must hear it! How many can we spare? Who would even want to voluntarily leave the village? We don't know how long the journey will be, and you yourselves know how dangerous this area can be..."
A loud commotion broke out. Everyone shouted at once and volunteered. I also jumped up and loudly offered to go out to look for it.
The angel. The Witness of the Lord.
I imagined meeting it in a clearing, under a full moon. Hearing its bright voice, gaze in awe at its graceful form, and fall to my knees in prayer before it.
"SILENCE!" Dimitri shouted.
"You can't all go. The kids wouldn't make it in the deadly cold out there. Let seven go. Seven is the Lord's number, there must be seven! Seven workers from the fields! We can't spare any more!"
"You can't be serious!" I cried out.
Cold anger boiled up inside me.
"I want to go, too. We all want to. You can't just stand there and make a decision like that!"
Others joined in.
"SILENCE," Alexeij now thundered, the master blacksmith.
"We need you! Daniil, Ilya, Nikita, you have a job to do! We can't get by without you! You can't go, be reasonable!"
"But if the Lord wills it, he will make sure that everything here will work out. That nothing will happen!", I tried to argue, still boiling with anger.
"No. Winter is tugging at our huts, we need you," my father said slowly.
"So do the others. Without you, it's going to be tight. The fields lie under the snow, but everything else will be weakened by time and storms. We can only spare the field hands. Besides, they're the ones most likely to withstand the cold and the wilderness; after all, they're constantly out on the Fields of Death, toiling in the wind and rain. They'll all make the trip!"
I tried to change his mind, and several came to my aid, all those who were also forced to stay.
"You can manage without a dressmaker! I want to go too!" Mary cried defiantly, her cheeks red with anger, her nose wrinkled.
This young woman really believed she deserved the sight of the angel! She really believed her hypocrisies would deceive the Lord, despite her obvious doubts about His divinity!
Others also complained, young and old, many who didn't deserve to go and even those who did.
But it didn't help.
Dimitri was in charge. Everyone knew that. If we started to contradict him, our village would soon end up in chaos. And deep down I knew that I had to stay. That I had to take care of my sister, who would not survive a trip in the snow. That I had to repair the huts that the storms would eat away at.
Sasha was a field worker, he was allowed to go. Sasha and Sofia, Anatoly and old Igor, Ivan and Yulia and Mikhail. When the decision was made, a decision many of us accepted only with heavy hearts and which brought out deep envy in several faces, some of the chosen ones began to cry. They were happy, fulfilled... satisfied. They would see the messenger of the Lord, hear its melodious voice, sing its hymns.
Why wasn't I allowed to go? Why was the world so unfair? I had always believed in the Lord, prayed to Him, been subject to Him and lived according to His will. Why hadn't he chosen me to see his messenger? I had been so proud back when I had been allowed to learn the carpenter's trade and thus had not to go to the Fields of Death to toil there. At that time, I had felt like someone better when I saw Sasha and Sofia setting out early in the morning with all the other workers, with their old-fashioned plows and thick, shabby clothes.
Was this the punishment for my arrogance?
The Lord knew everything. He had seen what repulsive thoughts I had had, how superior I had felt to the others. Perhaps it was my punishment that I was not allowed to go. Perhaps the Lord was no longer favorable to me and I would have to prove myself to Him.
The next day, the seven set out north. They were seen off with singing and dancing; they were the center of the village’s attention. Envy threatened to drown me.
Why not me? Why wasn't I allowed to go? Why did I have to stay here?
And I knew: it was because of these thoughts. I wasn't pure enough. I had to get better, work on myself.
As the others disappeared from sight, as the small group seemed to be swallowed up by a patch of forest between distant trees, an icy chill ran down my spine.
What if they really did encounter evil? What if Mary had been right?
I prayed to the Lord that they would return home safely: Even the darkness will not be dark to you; the night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to you.
He would bring them home safely, our pilgrims. I did not begrudge them their happiness. I was not a selfish person, was not complacent like Mary or some others in the village. I lived by the word of the Lord and I would not begrudge them.
They would all return home safely.
I continued to stare into the distance for a long time as my suppressed envy sought to consume me. But I was winning.
For darkness is as light to you.
Even though the days and weeks passed, I never forgot to think of all those who had set out to witness the glory of the Lord. The cold winter had passed and frost and cold left the land, so that soon we could begin to prepare the fields for sowing. Since the sighting of the angel had caused us to let some of the farm workers leave, and they stayed away longer than we had expected, I had to join others in helping to plow the Fields of Death. The work was exhausting and made me physically very tired, since I still had to work in the carpenter's shop as well. We could not afford tractors, so we still had to resort to older tools. So, it happened that one day I was driving one of the hand plows through the dirty ground and was lost in my thoughts and full of sweat.
I was quite far away from the village, as the nearby surroundings had been worked shortly after the beginning of the thaw. The fields were extensive, partly reaching further than the eye could see. Only in one direction the dense forest extended, which introduced the beginning of a dark hilly landscape, that finally merged northward into high, alien mountains, whose white peaks rose high into the sky and, like once the tower of Babel, blasphemously tried to penetrate the heavens. But next to these distant giants there was only the plain, the vast plain that had to be tilled.
I hated the field work. And I hated the fields.
Every time I even thought about this piece of hell that had become reality long ago, my stomach turned. All the events that clung to this dark place, all the human lives and suffering that had sown the ground with death and blood here many years ago....
It was even worse when you stood in the fields yourself, truly being there on your own. It was as if I could smell it in the air, the rot of the starving and the hot blood that had watered the soil. It was as if I could still hear in the air the cries and wailing of the people who had met their end here, who had pleaded for their lives and the lives of their children and friends. It was as if I could see them in the early morning fog banks that lay on the Fields of Death, the shadows of people past, crawling and cowering, weak and starved. I had to pull myself together and look away, into the forest. A place does not forget, a place always remembers the days gone by and the cries that had been.
The plow pulled through the ground, ripping a furrow behind it. It was almost a bit comforting to imagine I was gutting this place of horror with my labor, inflicting deep wounds. Hypnotized, I stared down over and over again, watching the ground swirl to one side, smelling the fresh earth being pushed to the surface. But never could I escape my terrible feelings and the forebodings, never could I forget what kind of place I was at.
The few times I looked to the forest beside me, my thoughts wandered enviously to all those who had set out to find the angel. Had they reached it yet? Had they already learned from it what needed to be done for God's power on earth to be strengthened so that false prophets and promises could be swept away? How to drown the selfishness of the state? What needed to be done to serve the Lord?
Oh, how I would have loved to be there! How I would have loved to go with them, but I also understood the decision not to send everyone, and I understood my family's objections. I was needed here. I could serve the Lord here by tilling the fields and taking care of the soil and the sowing. I had to care for my sister.
I had already made several furrows when noon came. The sun was almost not visible, just a murky spot behind the clouds, and the fog had not lifted either. The world looked pale and apathetic. But amongst all the desolation I could suddenly hear something, something that seemed to come out of the forest.
It was at first just like a rustling in the wind that sounded a bit too regular, such that it triggered a natural uneasiness in me. I looked into the forest, but could hardly make out anything through the dense plants and the still lingering fog. That is why it was left to my own thoughts to imagine what was there, what was producing this strange noise.
I could not remember any animal that made similar sounds, was at a loss.
Suddenly, a bang echoed through the forest, accompanied by a panicked scream that broke inhumanly from the trees and spread across the fields.
Then, something new joined the sounds in the air.
The trees and bushes rustled, almost seemed to be torn apart.
Something was running through the forest, something seemed to be... coming right at me.
Was it perhaps a startled bear, an elk, or a wild boar?
Had one of the hunters from the village accidentally startled an animal, scared it in the wrong direction and now wanted to warn us with their cry? But then, why this panicked sound...?
I paused, took my hands off the rusty handles of the plow, and turned toward the forest. Still, I could only see fog, I could only hear rustling, but slowly I could also make out grunts and groans coming to me from the fog. It sounded heavy and panic-stricken.
Was I in danger? I began to pray to the Lord and ask him for assistance. I was not a fighter and so I had to hope that nothing would reach me from the depths between the trees that could easily tear me apart.
Even the darkness will not be dark to you; the night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to you.
My baptismal motto gave me courage. The Lord saw me, even in my darkness, and would be with me.
For darkness is as light to you.
Then, someone burst out of the bushes and the fog and rushed toward me.
It was Sasha.
I almost didn't recognize him. His skin was pale, almost snow-white. His black hair stuck to his sweaty face. His pants and jacket were almost completely torn, so I could see his dirty shirt and his cut and bruised legs through the holes. There were also some small cuts on his face that worried me. Sasha's eyes twitched searchingly, panicked, and in his hand, he held the rifle that he had taken with him when he had once set out. Apparently, he had run through brush and thorns, had gotten scrapes and wounds from stones and branches.
When he saw me and looked at me with his big, panic-filled eyes, I became horridly afraid.
It was as if… behind his eyes there was no Sasha anymore, but only an animal. As if instinct had taken over his thoughts when an unnamable terror had entered his world. An animal inside him, which had enabled him to escape from... something.
Sasha staggered out of the forest, it was almost as if all strength left him now that he was back home. The rifle fell from his hand and dug into the mud beneath his feet. He limped slowly toward me, not taking his eyes off me. Then, suddenly, he wheeled around and looked back into the forest and the mist.
Only for a moment.
Again, he let out a shrill scream and sprinted the last few meters. When I looked into the forest myself, I saw nothing, only the fog.
But, didn't I feel a presence there, in the bushes? Between the trees?
I didn't see anything.
Sasha had reached me and collapsed. I quickly knelt down next to him and called for help. But the other field workers had already rushed over, obviously attracted by the rifle shot. I was in a trance, seeing only Sasha lying there, supporting his head. His eyes were still twitching around and despite my proximity he didn't seem to recognize me. He looked at me, confused.
"Sasha, what happened?", I asked, feeling his forehead.
Despite his paleness, he was uncomfortably hot.
A fever raged in his body. Who knew how long he had been running around there among the trees, his protective, warming jacket torn? With wounds that had not been tended and some of which were still bleeding?
Then another horrible thought occurred to me.
"Sasha, where are the others? Sasha, where are the others?"
This question apparently brought back some clarity that his gaze had not possessed before.
"They... they took them. Took all of them... All of them. All our brothers, all our sisters... all of them," he gurgled.
So, this is the first part of what I found. I will hurry to translate the rest! But I will definitely stay out of the woods for now... They are still as creepy as described by Ilya in this document and fog ist still around every morning... Also, I don't know what to make of Ilya himself as well, is he just a religious nut and that is the explanation? I just don't know...
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2023.06.05 15:11 RealDocJames No Front Seat Riders

Am I the only one?
After nearly 10 years driving on the platform I had a safety incident/false claim with a rider that cost me over a week worth of earnings while Uber "investigated."
Naturally I was exonerated and reinstated. Like most of these things, was total b.s.
For safety and security reasons, as an independent contractor, I made the executive decisions to revert to pandemic era rules in MY car as a precautionary measure.
Thankfully 98% of my rides are 1 or two people.
Note: Running a dashcam is absolutely mandatory, and while helpful, will not eliminate 100% of the foolishness.
Also be sure to archive footage. If a false report is filed a week later and you already recorded over the footage, you're screwed.
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2023.06.05 15:10 Koda_20 Garage Bases

This wipe I got a camper + engine + cockpit with engine and I drive around super fast and super safe with an extra kit in my camper and a respawn in there. I drive the roads looking for people farming. When I see someone, I try to run them over. If I miss I circle back. If I hit them I stop and jump out with heavy armor plate and thompson and mow them down. It's a solo only server with 150 pop.
I have angered some people. The ones who scare me are the ones on horses with roadsign horse armor and m249's. when they see me rollin' they chase me down and disable my engine, kill me, and then proceed to destroy the whole vehicle. I am fairly helpless against these horselords with insane health. Takes a full 20 shots from a thompson apparently to down them, but my heavy plate gives me like 7 shots from their ak. But they are just better players I'm still bad.
I have 2 garages now spread along the map, and 2 campers. One gets taken out, no problem, I hop in the other one and go salvage what I can, fix it if possible, or find a new 4 slot module if need be. Doesn't take long to get a new car up and running when you're already in a camper with the materials you need and can circle the map fast af.
I drive with heavy plate, thompson, syringes, flash bang, and hazmat. IF I don't wanna run slow I toss hazmat on but I usually drive with full plate while hunting for quick attacks.
The camper is so useful for other things. Trips to outpost. Farming nodes even, if they are near the road or on flat terrain. Thanks for reading.
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2023.06.05 15:09 Ploontie [FH4] First Eliminator win!

[FH4] First Eliminator win!
According to the statistics, I've played Eliminator 52 times, and this is my first ever win in FH4's Eliminator!
First ever victory... in a Ferrari FF. The car that's supposedly the worst of its class.
Do note that the lack of players in the match is due to playing late in the afternoon, usually there's at least 20-30ish players.
the finale was between me in a lv.8 Ferrari FF vs some guy in a lv.9 Lamborghini Aventador, he had the early lead of being closer to the destination, but he chose to follow the GPS route, which weren't the brightest idea, as I took the motorway, hopped off near the destination, and drove carefully to the finish line with the opponent being nowhere in sight.
Now, with the "Last Car Standing" Achievement complete, I have zero idea how to complete other Eliminator achievements such as "Heads Up" (winning a game without car drops) or the "Underdog" (beat someone 5 levels higher).
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2023.06.05 15:08 vxplore21 Are PPC Packages The Right Investment For Your Business?

Are PPC Packages The Right Investment For Your Business?
Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a popular digital marketing method that can potentially drive targeted traffic to your website and increase conversions. However, managing PPC campaigns can be time-consuming and complicated, so many businesses turn to PPC Packages offered by any PPC Management Company In India. But are PPC Packages the right investment for your business?
First, that depends on your choice of PPC Management Company In India. You must only contact the Best PPC Company In India to ensure the best returns. Vxplore Technologies is the choice of many businesses and is regarded as the Best PPC Company In India. This is due to the ROI we provide to our clients and the professionalism of our experts.
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2023.06.05 15:08 confusedbrokegirl__ 19 F, Can’t lose weight.

Age: 19 F
Weight: 149 pounds
Height: 157 cms (5’2)
Hi there, as the title suggests, over the past few months; ive been trying to lose weight but im unable too, instead ive gained a couple pounds. In january my weight was 134 pounds.
Lately, i have not been feeling good about how my body has started to look, and i want to improve and prevent before it gets out of hand, and turn into something much worse.
In 2020, ive suffered from an eating disorder which caused me to lose nearly 65 pounds in just 3-4 months, and the least i have weighed was 90 pounds, which wasn’t healthy at all.
I cannot go to the gym as of now, so i would prefer at home workouts without weights. I cannot do heavy workouts as i have dislocated my knee in the past. If, youve any suggestions or ways you can help me out through to reach my goal, it would be really helpful.
My desired weight is 105 pounds (48 kgs).
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2023.06.05 15:08 winterORgethen Thoughts on Wayfarer novels

Hey there! Reading this series with a friend. We both loved the first and I'm getting near the end of book two. Feeling a little underwhelmed by the story (though the characters and premise are super well developed).
I was surprised how the second book was such a jump from the first. I think it could be argued it's just another book in the universe more so than a sequel? Anyway, curious what others thought of the full series without spoilies plz! FWIW I discovered Chambers when a friend lent me To be taught if fortunate and have adored everything else. I'm gonna keep reading regardless- just curious to hear some discussion on the series from this community.
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2023.06.05 15:08 OddDuckZ My favorite spell cast in the movies

I rewatched all the movies again a couple months ago and one spell cast hit me more than ever before and it is so quick you could miss it. I've been thinking about it for months and I'm curious if anyone else had a similar reaction.
The spell cast I'm referring to is after Goyle casts Fiendfyre in the Room of Requirement and the golden trio is escaping. When they are backed into a corner and the fire is about to reach them, Harry instinctively casts a water barrier to block the Fiendfyre. I think this is the coolest spell cast in the entire franchise.
First of all, Fiendfyre is supposed to be near impossible to put out, and while I know it is just a quick barrier and doesnt put out the fire, it does stop a raging flame from affecting any of them. In order to do this, it would have to be an insanely strong spell and Harry casts it just instinctively to protect his friends.
But, most importantly, everytime I see this scene I think of how it parallels Dumbledore's duel with Voldemort in the Ministry. Voldemort attacks with a flame serpent and Dumbledore blocks it, then encases Voldemort in water.
Also, what tipped me off to the similarity at first is the deafening affect that the water has in both scenes. In both scenes there is a lot of chaos and noise, but when the water is summoned, the noise subsides for a second and is replaced by a dull water sound.
I just think the parallels between these scenes and also, what seems to me as, the representation that this has shifted from Dumbledore being the only one powerful enough to defeat Voldemort and using his "good" magic, water, to defeat Voldemort's "evil" magic, fire. (I know it wasnt Voldemort who cast it in the Room of Requirement, but they were working on his orders)
In summary, I think the best spell cast in the movies was when Harry blocked the Fiendfyre in the Room of Requirement, due to how I perceive this scene paralleling Dumbledore's fight against Voldemort in the Ministry. And I think the sound design of both scenes is what makes this the coolest spell for me.
Do you agree? If not, what do you think is the coolest spell cast in the movies?
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2023.06.05 15:08 teethen 18 [F4R] Texas/Anywhere Animal lover looking for fellow animal lovers! (Voice calls are encouraged)

Hey howdy hey! I’m Ambs, I absolutely adore wildlife of all kinds, reptiles, birds, insects, fish and most mammals (Humans can be horrifying creatures /hj) I would love to make a job out of caring for animals but you don’t have to have the same goals as me to message, you could be a hobbyist or even an admirer from afar! I’d honestly just love to talk to some new people with similar interests. Let’s note some things about me before I move on to boundaries/requirements so you (dear reader) know what you’re getting yourself into.
Things to note about me:
• I’m no where near all knowing about animals/animal care- I just have an urge to learn about it while making new friends. If I have a question I’ll simply just ask or look into it myself!
• if I notice you are mistreating your animals (assuming you have them) I will politely let you know what the issue is and why it’s an issue- it’s not going to be a argument and definitely not a dealbreaker as long as it wasn’t on purpose. (Most people who do so are doing so accidentally)
• I’m most knowledgeable on reptiles because they are my favorite, but again no where near all knowing.
• I have some experience doing volunteer work with animals, but that’s as far as it goes at the moment. I’d equally appreciate a friend with less or more experience than me. Doesn’t matter to me in the slightest, only the willingness to learn more.
• sending pictures of your animals/animals in general is more than appreciated!!
• If you don’t have animals and want them in the future, I’d be happy to listen to you talk all about it. But if you do have animals and want to talk about them I’d also be happy to listen.
• Off of the animals topic and onto me, I personally really enjoy voice calls and prefer it over texting. I voice call on discord only.
Moving on to requirements:
• Please have a discord account.
• follow this subreddit’s guidelines and be 18+ (no upper age limit)
• I’m looking for friends, not flings. Don’t contact me looking for anything of the sort- it’s not happening.
That’s everything I can think of at the moment!! I appreciate you reading through this, thank you so much! I hope you have a wonderful day regardless of if you decide to reach out or not. 💕
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2023.06.05 15:08 pauliej345 Overrated Bourbons

Figured I'd do another post of overrated bourbons to hopefully help some fellow whiskey enthusiasts from making mistakes and letting FOMO get the heat of them. My list of some of the overrated bourbons I've had. Might be some feelings hurt.
  1. William LaRue - To be fair I've only had the 2022 version which wasn't received as a great batch but honestly I was so disappointed it has to make my list. There are so many bourbons better I'll never feel bad for not owning this.
2.GTS - Dont get me wrong it's good but obviously it's not worth anywhere close to secondary. I used to pass on it at $500 by me. It's good but it's not that far off other well aged, full proof bourbons. Eagle Rare 17 gets a lot of dislike but honestly I liked it better but both are very close. Yet people say ER17 shouldn't exist and GTS is juice from God. The truth is both are good and very close in quality. Neither are worth more than $250 in today's market
3.1792 - All there products get hype for some reason and I don't get it. The best bottles are the store pick full proof but even they are ok and only worth $50 give or take. They drink very hot and flavor is ok. Problem with most of 1792 for me is the flavors all seem turned down a lot. Like someone lowered the volume. I never chase these and quite frankly don't buy them. There Small Batch for instance there's I'd rather have so many other bottles in same or lower price range.
4.High West Rendezvous Rye - newer stock from last several years is awful. Drinks like a $20 hot mess. There Double Rye is better but there's also alpt of better ryes on the market then either of these.
5.Henry Mckenna 10yr SIb - Dont listen to whiskey awards. There a lot of Barrel variation and it's simply $30-$40 whiskey.
6.EC Toasted - Beem said on here a million times but has to be on list. Stop tapering this bottle. It's over priced even at MSRP.
7.Buffalo Trace Products - Too many to list but they all belong here for one reason or another. They are all wayyy overhyped. Idk why everyone feels like THEY HAVE too buy buffalo trace. Most of there products are good but that's it, there just good and prob worth near msrp.
8.Angels Envy - Overpriced and not that good. There Rye almost certainly has additives for flavoring to it too. Just pass all of it.
9.Four Gate Products - I don't care gow good there barrels are there whiskey is not worth $200 a bottle. They have some good bottles but should prob be priced between $80-$120 at most. But let's not forget there bottles aren't all hitters. They got there fair share of flops and these ones prob worth like $40-$60 at most.
10.Michters - now I actually like there products but the price on all of it is wayy too high. There products over $100 should be cut in half. The Toasted series should be lower by $10-15 but I can live with these but your prob paying secondary for them.
11.Craft Distillery Whiskey under 4yrs old- You always here it's good for a 2 year old whiskey. Hmm well I expect 2yr old whiskeybto taste like crap so this is slightly better crap. I'm all for supporting craft Distillers but the 2yr-3yr old whiskey hype got to stop. It ain't good. Hell even alot of 4yr craft whiskey isnt that good. Try it at a bar or the distillery but don't buy a bottle blindly. Especially when there selling it for $50-$80.
There's plenty more to list but hopefully this help some of you fellow whiskey nerds fight FOMO that we all deal with.
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2023.06.05 15:07 bxthxnymxrxxh Boyfriend wont take kitten’s ringworm seriously. Am I really psychotic?

Last week we took in a nearly 6 m/o kitten. I wanted to keep kitten in the bathroom until medically cleared by the vet, especially bc I have a senior resident cat. He would only be in the bathroom for 4 days. My bf badgered & guilt tripped me into letting the kitten explore supervised. He said it was cruel of me to keep him locked in the bathroom. He made me feel awful & wouldn’t leave me alone about it, so I caved.
Fast forward a few days, kitten visits the vet and it is discovered he has ringworm. Culture is still pending, but his hairless patches lit up under a blacklight. The vet advised me to treat it as if it is ringworm and informed me on what precautions I should take.
My bf insists ringworm is not a big deal at all. He was a wrestler and said he had it many times. Nevertheless, I am not okay with catching it. I am not okay with having my resident cat catch it. I want this done and over with as quickly as possible. I do not want to raise the kitten in quarantine longer than I have to.
I obviously was very upset as I am now needing to decontaminate my entire home including unfinished hardwood floors. I was told I will most likely need to throw away the expensive cat tower I got for my resident cat’s 10th birthday (not even a year ago.) I decided that my resident cat needed to quarantine as well until I could disinfect the floors.
He thinks all of the precautions I am taking are “stupid and a waste of time.” He thinks I am “crazy” and “no one else would ever go to the extent that I am in order to combat this fungus.”
Despite his criticism, I spent the entire weekend working my tail off to go in the proper order disinfecting the floors. My order of cleaning the floors was: vacuum, swiffer wet-jet, sanitize with Zep fungicide & rinse with Castile soap to protect the cats respiratory health.
I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, so this entire process has resulted in my body taking a massive beating. I have been struggling with mild/moderate contamination OCD ever since my mother passed away nearly a year ago. With that being said, ringworm has been quite distressing, but I am doing better than I thought I would to think and cope with wise mind.
Yesterday, he exited the infected area and walked on the decontaminated area as I was about to do the final step of rinsing with Castile soap. At this point my body is in excruciating pain. The thought of having to disinfect again pushed me beyond my tolerance threshold. I admittedly snapped. I flipped the bucket of Castile soap water and just screamed. I broke down crying in defeat. I worked SO hard all weekend. I received little to no help in cleaning. In fact, he has only made more work for me as I tried staying on top of him to not cross contaminate the parts of the house I already disinfected. I had to beg him to change his clothes, wear gloves, keep his phone out of the contaminated area, etc.
Me breaking down resulted in him screaming at me and breaking the o’cedar mop. He said he refuses to “follow my rules” and “he’s not going to live like this.” I am making him “miserable.” He kept repeating “it’s (ringworm) not real” and I am “absolutely psychotic.”
Am I really psychotic? Am I overdoing this? Any feedback would be appreciated. I don’t have anyone I can talk to about this, so if you read all of this: thank you.
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2023.06.05 15:07 Sensitive-Trifle2664 Feedback on Story Concept?

Hey guys, writing a very, very short novella for a competition (max word limit, only 5k) that's worth some money (6k) as its top prize. This is the first novella I'm writing, so I really need to see the general perception with some writers. To those willing to read the entire chunk, really love you guys!
Humans are characters resulted from a film production studio in a 121 dimensional world (11 dimensions of our universe2) universe is essentially the worldbuilding from their POV. However, since these beings are advanced in nature, they don't really control the character every second, but rather build their circumstances/situations along with their character itself. Once the character is built it has free will in it's own . Conflict only comes if their thoughts collide with situations, which why people IRL are never happy all the time. The studio works in a hierarchical structure; the head (known as the Author), regional heads (labelled by the galaxies, systems followed by the planets etc.) and finally the actual authors an architect like you see in Inception. Of course this studio is like an MNC (of a cinematic universe), churning out programs/shows/films/featurettes of nearly all interesting characters (usually heroic arcs, heartwarming stories, friendly and positive in general). After crafting the show, it goes through general editing and post production before being released. Regarding time, it's not a factor in this universe as the concept is only present in this cinematic universe, hence despite the interactions with a certain architect's characters with the others arisen from the situations, it's not relevant and in fact recommended for the dramatic appeal (daily lives we face are dramatic lol).
I have a lot to explain regarding the worldbuilding and characterization, unfortunately exposure to the stops at where the bold text ends.
Would the bold text be intriguing enough for the reader to read, without asking too many questions?
In addition, here's my synopsis. Tell me if it's too cliché/ or Shyamalan-like (especially the twist)
The current author is facing a crisis in his company Esoteria when ratings drop, till one of his regional (guess, from Earth. Fashion is what you would see in a Wes Anderson film lmao.) intervenes with a possible new plot as a focus ahead of their cinematic universe. In the past they focused on popular coming-of-hero arcs(again, dramatic effect) but why not a normal struggling individual, something the author is looking for. Hence, they veer further into a story of a student (below, 2nd Para). However, for the first time in ages, he intends to use the Rultrappa (a passage that transports into the simulated world) to understand the character better (at least what the reader and the others around him thought). However he's tired of positive arcs overall. He just wants that universe burn, in a desperate attempt to bring his company back to the top.
A student with dyspraxia (he doesn't know though) is unable to fit into his school, as he faces challenges with peers and his confidence that he's just incapable. After a horror event when presenting his project on stage, he feels overwhelmed and goes missing (to his friends and family). However we follow the student where he rests on his favourite spot where he finds a mysterious sphere known as the Malfrost. The explosion of the Malfrost leads him to an isolated cottage where he encounters the Author. To escape (without consequences), he has to pass the test. However, the situation becomes real enough when a suprise twist comes in.
>! His best friend, in a twist of fate who goes in search of him knowing the spot he likes, gets killed after protagonist exits !<
I know it's some weird ass blend of Truman Show/Matrix/Some random Shyamalan film, comments?
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2023.06.05 15:07 fit-ness BF told me daughter is going to be here a lot now with school ending. I live in HIS house so I feel it isn't my place to voice my concerns..

Bf and I live together 2 year relationship and have been living together the majority of that time. He has a 13f daughter. 50/50 custody but she tends to be here more often than at BM's as BM works M-F 9-5, and lives in a bad part of the city, so if daughter is going to be alone for the day BF makes her stay here and BM is fine with it. (BM is also HCBM and refuses to take daughter more than the minimum.. I know, sad).
To paint the full picture -
(I posted semi frequently last few days so if this sounds familiar - hi again, new problem!).
This AM bf did "warn" me that, considering her softball season is over, and summer vacation coming up anyway, I need to expect that she is going to be here a lot more often. (During softball she would stay at bf's mom's house virtually all of the time because she lived right by where they did softball and such- ugh it was so nice I hate to say LOL).
Bf told me "I just want to make sure you're ok with it and don't feel like a babysitter or something as you might have her a lot more often considering I usually work nights now".
To be 100% honest I would've said something along the lines of "Actually, it's not ok, she is very annoying when you're not here especially to keep her in line, you know I don't discipline her, so I prefer she isn't alone with me"
However, I didn't say this. Because I feel so guilt-ridden given, again, this is not MY home - and if I weren't in the picture daughter would be here alone anyway when BF is at work. So I feel like I have to deal with it or move out. BF has more than enough on his plate.
But I did tell him he has to streamline the grocery shopping situation and having her dinners planned as that is a huge annoyance to me when she comes to me and asks me what's for dinner after I get home from work. Bf said thats fine. But I still feel dread over the summer approaching... this happened last yr too but she wound up going to FL with her mom for a month to see extended family, so it wasn't for nearly as long a time.
Do I put up with it? Since this isn't my house?? Or make bf make other arrangements? Idk what the other arrangements would be - go to bf's mom's house (which I do not want her to do, I feel bad "dumping" her there for bf's mom to handle, she has helped more than enough) or BM but that is very unlikely and likely to stir drama.
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2023.06.05 15:06 Glittering_Multitude Rehabbing Wild Baby Rat

Hello wonderful rat people! I volunteer as an animal rescuer in New York City and was given a baby “squirrel” that turned out to be a bay rat (approximately 1 to 2 weeks old, eyes still closed). The wildlife rehab center near me does not take baby rats, so I am trying to find a rat rehabber, but in the meantime, what should I be doing for it?
I’m keeping the rat in a pet carrier with a heating pad on the low setting, and I’m syringe feeding him every three hours with Similac formula. I’ve been doing post-feeding stimulation and he seems to be peeing and pooping ok. I’ve ordered multi-pet formula that will arrive tomorrow and am trying to schedule a vet appointment with an exotic vet for an evaluation, but I’m not sure what else I should be doing or the rats chances of being released back into the wild. Should I be holding him to socialize him with the expectation that he is nonreleasable or should I minimize contact to try to keep him wild? Does anyone know a rat rehabber in New York City or the nearby suburbs?
Thank you for any advice!
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2023.06.05 15:06 itsfreere Tenant not paying or responding

Hi all, new landlord here so I apologize in advance for what may be a stupid question. I have my current property (in Upstate NY) rented out for the first time and the current tenant has been living there for 7 months as of June 1st. I live in NYC so I manage it remotely, but still get upstate fairly often. I ran into an issue where I noticed rent wasn’t coming in, so I reached out to him and for months he would tell me it was “issues with his bank” or he “tried to make payments and they failed” but continued to assure me that he would rectify it and that they would be made.
Now I tried to be patient and understanding by letting him know it’s okay for now but just to make sure they go through, I continued reminding him etc. Being on the younger side, I may not have been nearly as firm with him as I should have been and after the first month of him not paying I should have put my foot down but I clearly did not, so I take full responsibility for that part. But part of the issue is that he has not responded to a text in over a month at this point, so I haven’t heard from him at all.
My question is essentially what are my options? Obviously eviction is the first thing that has come to mind, but he owes me a decent amount of money, so I was wondering what are the in terms of getting him to pay? Is this something I should be suing him for, and if so can you sue someone for payments in arrears? I apologize if this is long winded or doesn’t make sense, I’m just very lost and a little frustrated so I’m looking for some kind of advice on what to do.
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2023.06.05 15:06 C4ESIUM Strategy Tips for Dune (General and for each factions)

This post is a compilations of tips I saw on BoardGameGeek, Jack Reda's Youtube videos, and personal experience. Feel free to comment your own tips so I can add them to the list. I only cover the base game and first extension (in advance game mode), but I might add the other factions later if I ever have the opportunity to play with them. English is not my native language, so pardon my French if I made mistakes.

General tips

Shipping, resurrecting, fighting is expensive (unless you play Fremen). Dune is a game of opportunity, you have to be ready to attack at the right moment, and recognize these moments (from experience, and with the help of this tips).Each faction advantage is very strong, so you should abuse them at every moments. Choose your traitor wisely : Picking the strongest might give you more spice, but player are usually less likely to use them all the time because of the traitor risk. But bluffing/double bluffing your traitor choice will also depend on the table, who are the players, how often do you play with them... Avoid keeping an Atreides traitor, because once the KH is out, it might be a dead card. Choose your alliance by looking at the board for a quick win if you see that you might be 1 stronghold away from victory with someone. Or choose your alliance by combining fancy powers for the long game. Also look at who owns what tech tokens, you might want to avoid allying with someone who has some when you have some as well.


You are like the Zergs is SC2, you come with a massive number of forces, and even if someone destroy you, you can still come back. Often underestimated, use the overconfidence of the players to your advantage. You might lose lots of battle due to the lack of combat abilities, but you can win the war (the game) with your ability to recover very easily. In order to make your enemies commit to you to lose resources, you must be annoying, all over the place (thanks to your 2-territory movement).
SETUP: Start with 5 in Sietch Tabyr (because it's a stronghold, you should already occupy it) and 5 in False Wall South (because you can't really deploy in this side of the map so it's always good to have some options here). No need to split more.If you play with tech token, then you also have an interesting thing to do after the first storm: Bribe someone for 2 or 3 spice. No matter what it is for, you will get this right after the CHOAM Charity. Try buying a card at the beginning, before everyone gets too much spice, and after some have spent their starting spice. You don't need to keep any spice to deploy or fight so all your spice can be spent into treachery cards.
INCOME: Harvest Spice ! This is your best source of income. And with spice harvest comes the worm riding possibility. This is where the Atreides come to be helpful. If you manage to get a deal with the Atreides player, in order to know when he sees his first sand worm in the spice deck, you will have multiple information at once: As long at the Atreides does not see any sandworm : only the second spice blow per turn can have a worm, so focusing on this location give you more chances to get to ride it. Plus, if a sand worm does appear, you can move your troops to the location of the first spice blow of the turn. This mechanic makes you focus on only half of the spice blow, so you might still want to harvest both spice blows per turn if you can. You can also pretend to make a deal with another faction to let them the first spice blow in exchange for bribes. But in the end, if you control the spice blows, and don't let anything to Atreides/Harkonnen/Ixians, you have the advantage and weaken them. Last way to gain spice if by selling information. Same as everyone, you could know safe leaders, of cards in hand, but you also have the storm deck, and that can be valuable especially to Harkonnen and Atreides who might also be trying to harvest spice. Once your hand is full, you don't need spice anymore, so use it to bribe players.
COMBAT: You can bring large amount of troops, and make them fight full strength, at no cost, so you are a force of nature. You also have the strongest leaders if they are not killed in battle. Keep your best ones for when you have defense cards, but also be careful: Stilgard is 7 spice to whoever have the Traitor card corresponding, he is almost never put aside if a player draws him.
ALLIANCE: Gain spice harvesting control with Atreides, or Ixians (More secure income, and less obstacles for spice harvesting, good card knowledge that can be leveraged in combat).Gain the ability to become a never-ending wave of troops with Emperor or Bene Tleilaxu revival bonus (Better income, can heal lots of troops). Gain combat supremacy with Harkonnens traitors or card knowledge, or with Bene Gesserit's voice (low income, but still great in combat). Or play the long game and prevent others from winning with the guild (good income, but not very beneficial for the Fremen)
BONUS: Using a Karama card to bring a worm to an enemy army is devastating. Using it to reposition your own army could also be worth it, but be careful not to go too far or you won't be able to reinforce. You can also use your ability to only lose half your troops in storm to cancel a victory when a stronghold is inside the storm. Once the game is at turn 9-10, start to think about your alternative win condition, with the help of you ally.


You are the scholars, the Littlefinger of this game. If you keep your notes clean, you won't even need prescience in combat, because at some point, you can know the entire hand of every player. Your factions advantages are great, but not always easy to take advantage of. Atreides are social, you can manage good relations with players by selling information, but don't give too much or your advantages will be worthless.
SETUP: Start by finding both kinds of attack and/ or defense, buy the right treachery cards in order to better use your prescience. If you have both options for killing a leader or protection yours, you can start battling. Going for spice in the first turn is great for either... getting spice or battling others for it and losing the 7 troops needed for KH.
INCOME: Sell Intel! People going for spice blows want to know about the next, people buying treachery cards want to know what they are bidding on, people going into battle want to know if they have a safe leader. You also want to harvest spice, and win battle, but you have economic faction in the game so they are your main market for selling intel. You can make deals with some players where I wink to them if a specific card they ask is on the auction, but make sure that the bribe is worded in a way you can keep information from them, or high enough so you can have a steady income.
COMBAT: Once you have both kind or weapon or defense, you can kill enemy leader or protect your own. But if you keep track of what cards each opponent have, you might know that some players don't have both kind, and that using prescience to see their weapon/defense is useless. This is when you can ask for the numbers they put in combat and minimize the troops you will lose. You can also step up in other players combat before they reveal to sell valuable information about the opponent hand of treachery cards, and even make the opponent pay you more to not give the information. Knowledge is power.
ALLIANCE: Gain the ultimate combat power with Bene Gesserit (Voice + hand knowledge of you opponent is the most powerful ability in the game), but I would advise not to make this alliance, not because it's not strong, it's obviously the strongest, but because it's less fun for opponents as every battle you play take away their control on the game, and this can be VERY frustrating for the other 4 players. Gain the perfect card knowledge with Harkonnen or Ixian (They will know what cards are not seen by your prescience).Gain the market control with Emperor (buying all the good cards, leaving the others to the poor ones).Gain the spice blow monopoly with the Fremen (and be sure to let none to other factions).Other alliances might not be very beneficial to you.
BONUS: Use Karama cards for disabling other powers, because your cunning effect is not that useful once you have a clean note on hand knowledge. I would mostly keep a Karama to instantly buy a powerful card I can't afford since I know I won't waste it. Because the bidding phase is your moment to shine, you can influence other players to spend more or less on a card, by bidding yourself. The player before you just bid 4 and you know it's worthless, bet 6 so the next think it's worth it. You see a great card and bid second, pass this time and hope the bid make another round to make people think this is worthless. Making players spend spice on bad cards is how you get the good ones.


You are the mean antagonist, the space Orcs, and your abilities make players afraid to lose a battle against you, or even fight you at all. You might not have a lot of spice income, but once you can spend a little on treachery cards, you become a killing machine. This faction is train that is harder and harder to stop once it gains speed, but very hard to put back on rails if stopped once (I find this faction to be the most unforgiving)
SETUP: Stay in Carthag with your troops until you have enough resources to fight. If a spice blow is near, you can take a small number of troops to harvest it. But if you leave it with too little troops, you might lose it. Buy 1 or 2 cards on the first auction, so your hand is almost full, you will have options, or at least make people afraid of fighting you.
INCOME: Win battles! If you win battle, you harvest the spice of the killed leaders. And if you don't capture a leader, you send it to the tanks for 2 spice. So winning your battles is your way of gaining a lot of spice, as well as suppressing lot of enemy leaders. You don't even need spice to get your leaders back if you capture some of your enemies. You can also look for spice blows, but splitting your army is risky because without army to win battles, you lack income, and without income, you can't heal/deploy your army back. Every victory is a heavy loss for your opponent if you capture a good leader, so you can also receive bribes to not fight them. You can also sell information on your traitor hand, but that might make you lose power.
COMBAT: You don't have combat ability, so you must bring lot of forces in order to be sure to win. Try attacking players that played before you in storm order so they can't run away from you. Focus on faction with traitors you own, for an easy fight without sacrifice. You don't choose your traitors, but you can bluff enemy players on how to make them pick the leader you want. If you have a low strength traitor, harass this player to make him think you have a traitor of him, so he might avoid using his high strength leaders. If you have a high strength traitor, you can bait this player into attacking you, but be careful to have enough forces to make him use the high strength leader in question. Sometimes you might not call traitor (if you win anyway, if you lose but only 1-2 troops) in order to make the player think his leader is safe against you... but you might not get the chance to call it again, so be careful with this bluff.If you have the Cheap Hero traitor card : Ally with Bene Gesserit for some funny wins (since BG can use the voice to force your opponent or their opponent to use a Cheap Hero card)Without using traitors, you still have lot of treachery cards to assassinate and protect. And Atreides can't really sell info on them to help your opponent.
ALLIANCE: Gain all the money you need to fight with Emperor and Guild (Getting Treachery cards even when you got destroyed can really help you get back on track, it's your golden parachute).Gain the ultimate card knowledge with Atreides, but an even stronger alliance is with Ixians and their ability to setup the best card on the top of the deck for you to get when you buy any card. Gain the Traitor monopole with Bene Theilaxu (up to 7 leaders out of 20, that's a third of you opponents leaders that they "can't" play, this is very frightening), and it's also an economic faction that will help you. Gain some help in battle with the Bene Gesserit, but unless you have the Cheap Hero traitor card, it's not the best choice, you will lack income. On the other hand, having the voice in battle is always helpful. I don't see any reason to have an alliance with Fremen.
BONUS: You can use a Karama card to force a treachery card exchange, this can be used in 2 ways : Exchange worthless cards with your Bene Gesserit ally, or exchange your worthless cards with an enemy (except BG) that is not in an alliance with Atreides, in order to mess with the note of the later. Once the Atreides player has 2-3 unknown cards (in addition to your bonus cards), your hand is a mystery to him, and you can really surprise him. You can also simply use a Karama to steal a Poison blade or a Shield Snooper from another player in order to win even more combats. And if using a Karama card gets you a free card during bidding for someone, for you this is 2 free cards, so it’s worth it.


You are not the enemy people see in battle, but you are the puppet master pulling the strings. Your lack of fancy abilities is why you pay players to do the dirty job for you. Use your large amount of spice to bribe the game in your favor in order to strike when you really need to. Patience is your second-best ally, the first one being money.
SETUP: Don't do much at the beginning. You don't have to be on the planet, you don't have to combat early, you can take Habbanya Ridge Sietch if you like but don't need at first.
INCOME: Make the bids go high ! Your income may be passive, you should be active during the bidding phase. Try to never have your hand full, in order to be able to bid, and raise the price a little higher. If only one player can bid, it's only 1 spice for you, so be the other buyer that tries to steal that card. And if you pay the Atreides to know the card, it's even more realistic if you try to have the card and it will make the opponent want it even more. Remember that the spice you spend is even more spice you don't get. Once in an alliance, you can have the help of your ally to influence the auction. And if your hand is full but have a cards can be used instantly (Ghola, Truthtrance,...) you can use it to free a hand slot and manipulate the auction again. Keeping the other players poor is your way to victory.
COMBAT: You have the advantage in battle, your Sardaukars, and your spice. You can "doomstack" on a territory and be sure to win even with your leader killed (and if you dial high enough to win like that, don't put your best leader in battle, it would be a shame to lose it for nothing). But your best option is to make players kill each other’s by bribing them, and then get the strongholds once their remaining forces are low. Just because you are rich, does not mean you should waste your spice.One last thing people often forget about spacing guild, is that you can ship from Dune to Dune, this can be an opportunity for you to get 2 stronghold with 10 forces each on 1 turn, and at the end of every players round, ship 9 of them to a 3rd stronghold for the win on an easy target.
ALLIANCE: Gain the fancy power you don't have with any faction that is not economic and allow them to shine with your spice. Or you could even ally with another economic faction and crush the other players with your wealth, but that's not always the best strategy. In general, players will ask YOU for an alliance so pick the one you prefeis in best position for the win.
BONUS: You can use a Karama card to get troops back (or a Leader but that's less valuable), that is only useful if you failed something (or got a traitor card played on you) and need to get back on your feet, but it's even more impactful if you prevent a fancy combat ability to bring others to your level and beat them with spice.


You are the French policeman of this game, you maintain order and prevent players from taking too much power, but if you like you can shoot their eyes and explode their hands to take the win for yourself. Your control of the turn order makes you able to slow down some players that might win. This is a very valuable power but also your only (besides, of course, being rich).
SETUP: With only 5 forces in Tuek’s Sietch, you might want to reinforce, but you can also wait and see if someone tries to attack you. With only 5 spice at the beginning, it can be difficult to have a lot of treachery cards, but after turn 1 you might have more to spend.
INCOME: Make them fight! You don't have a lot of control over your main source of income, since if you attack someone to make him ship reinforcement, you also lose spice in the process, you can't really take advantage or your own combats with such a low revival rate. But influencing players into fighting each other’s (by bribing or just convincing them) is great for busyness.
COMBAT: You have the lowest strength leaders, you must "doomstack" if you want to win, by bringing lot of forces and paying them with your spice, so even if you don't kill the opponent leader you still win. On the bright side, your leaders are so bad and you are so underestimated that they might never be a traitor (except if Harkonnen drew some, or if they are facedancers).
ALLIANCE: Gain the fancy power you don't have with any faction that is not economic and allow them to shine with your spice. Or you could even ally with another economic faction and crush the other players with your wealth, but that's not always the best strategy (unless maybe Bene Tleilaxu, that can help other players to get back more troops to ship and benefit you both, but no need to be allies for him to do so). In general, player will ask YOU for an alliance so pick the one you prefeis in best position for the win. One alliance is particularly great in order to win with your alternative victory condition: Bene Gesserit. You can use your ability to go first to put 1 troop against someone in a stronghold, so no one else can attack him, in order to "protect" him against someone that might want to win this turn. The Bene Gesserit can also do the same by flipping an advisor. Together you can hold some strongholds in stasis in order to stall until the end of turn 10.
BONUS: Your cunning effect of a Karama card is one of the best! Preventing a player from shipping this turn can turn a perfect winning plan into a waste of spice if they all in elsewhere. But like the emperor, you can prevent a fancy combat ability to bring others to your level and beat them with spice.


You are the ninja of this game, staying in the shadow until you want to strike, and Leto II knows you strike very hard. The hardest faction to play, and the strongest (judging by its win rate). You have lots of very fancy abilities that can really turn a game in your favor, but in beginners’ hand they might not get you anywhere. These tips are the hardest to write because there are so many things to be said about this faction, and yet not a single easy receipt for victory.
SETUP: With 1 advisor wherever you want, you might want to target a stronghold, and maybe one where there will be lot of shipping (Carthag or Arakeen for example). At turn 1, you don't really care about keeping spice for shipping or fighting, don't think about it until turn 3. You are 5+2 spice at the first round, and you want weapons and defenses to kill leaders with your voice. You begin as the 4th most fortunate player, so buying a card can be crucial in turn 1, because after some spice harvesting and battles, you might end up the poorest. And since no card is really worthless to you, you risk nothing by bidding blindly during auction.
INCOME: It's complicated! 2 spice per turn with CHOAM Charity can't be your only source, you need alternative ways of earning spice. First and most obvious, is combat, because the voice can make you 100% sure to kill the opponent leader, and if you also win, you get the spice from it. But there is also another way to use your abilities for money: You can threaten a player and expect spice for not executing the threat. For example, you can say to a player "I could flip my 5 advisors for the movement phase, and then you will have to fight me and spend a lot of spice into this combat, or you can bribe me a little less so I won't do it this turn". Or make players pay for your services, with the opposite mechanic "if you pay me 5 spice I flip this advisor to a warrior and leave the territory at the end of my turn, so the [insert a faction playing before you] cannot attack you here". This can be quite complicated to pull, but you may find a lot of creative ways to make spice out of your powers. If you manage to take Carthag or Arakeen, this also could be your solution for your lack of spice and mobility.
COMBAT: Your best field is the battlefield. If you manage to get even 1 weapon, you become a killing machine, and if you have a poison blade or a shield snooper, you are the ultimate killing machine (and don't even need Atreides to be sure to kill the opponent leader without losing yours). If you manage to remember some cards played in previous battles, you can be very creative with your voice, by making them play worthless cards in order to choose between playing a weapon or a defense, or making them play a worthless hero so you only have to protect your leader. You can also bluff (especially at the beginning of the game) to make players thing you can kill their leaders ("don't play a poison defense") when you don't even have a weapon, in order to make them play a low strength leader and have a chance to win anyway. But don't prevent an enemy from playing a type of defense, if you have a high strength traitor of your opponent, because if they know their leader is going to die, they will sacrifice a low strength one. Speaking of traitor, the cheap hero traitor card is a great pick if you have it in your starting hand, this can lead to very funny battles against armies if you manage to know who has a cheap hero treachery card. Sometimes, if you are sure to win a fight and know some cards if you opponent’s hand, you might force them to play a specific card you can counter (like a projectile weapon) in order to make them lose it.
ALLIANCE: Gain the ultimate combat power with Atreides (Voice + hand knowledge of your opponent is the most powerful ability in the game), but I would advise not to make this alliance, not because it's not strong, it's obviously the strongest, but because it's less fun for opponents as every battle you play take away their control on the game, and this can be VERY frustrating for the other 4 players. Gain the leader eraser alliance with the Harkonnen (that can remove 2 leaders per combat with the right treachery cards).The rest of the alliances might not benefit you very much, but since you have the best alliance power, player will ask YOU for an alliance so pick the one you prefeis in best position for the win.
BONUS: You have a very funny alternative victory condition, that I will try to give tips about. Ixians, Atreides, Harkonnen and Fremen can have an early win (turn 3-5) since they start with strongholds and have great combat abilities. Guilde, Emperor, Bene Thleilaxu on the other hand, may not win before turn 5. As for the rest, it's more about the players than the factions. Aim for the most experimented, and on a not too early turn. Once you set your prediction, you have two ways: 1. Wait for an alliance (that's why you don't set it too early, once in an alliance you have twice more chances of successful prediction on the faction), focus the alliance you prediction is not in, and hope the faction you predicted come out on top after your battles. For this to happen, you can influence a bit in its favor the same way the Guild can prevent a player from winning: you can protect the stronghold they own by flipping an advisor and leaving after your turn. 2. Ally with the faction you predicted (my favorite strategy, but not the easiest), and try to win normally but on your predicted turn, so you can steal the victory away from you ally and win 1v5 mouhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha If you play against a Bene Gesserit player, that can be fun to ask them if the faction they are in an alliance with is part of their winning condition. If they answer yes, their ally may become paranoid if they are about to win, and if they say no, their ally might lose trust.But your prediction is not only useful to steal a victory, but also to prevent a victory with a good bluff. You see someone going for the win this turn and can’t really win one of the battle ? If it’s not the last battle, you can say “I don’t use the voice” and never say why, the player might think that’s you let him win in order to fulfill your prediction, and might throw this battle or the next one just in case.About shipping advisors, it’s better to not go all overs the board, focus only on 2-3 strongholds because if you even have 2 advisors on each, it’s already half your army that is split.Your ability to avoid combat when another faction enters a territory you are in makes you the best at keeping tech tokens, so going tech token hunting during the game can be an excellent strategy.


You are spider that waits for its web to trigger, you are patience, you are scary, you are Bene Tleilaxu. Your face dancers presence makes every fight dangerous.
SETUP: Wait. You don’t need to rush anything; you can wait until you have good treachery cards. Some people try to force combat at the beginning to make enemies lose troop and start your economy, but you might lose your tech token, so I won’t advise it unless you are sure to win the combat.
INCOME: Make them fight! Same as the Guild, you win more spice if the other players fight each other’s. But you can also increase the number of troops your enemies can revive, and allow them to revive their leaders early, and you can make them pay for it. Leverage this favor for spice, or information. Your face dancers are another source of information that can be sold, these are “safe” leaders from traitors, and you can see a lot of them during the game. Keep track of them and if you see a high strength leader, you might want to keep it.
COMBAT: You can wait until a face dancer is revealed, or you can put troops yourself. Zoal is a tricky leader to use, but his simple presence in your roaster will make your enemies paranoid when fighting you. Bluff about your hand, your ability to kill your enemy leader and make them think you will play Zoal, and they might use a low strength leader against you to minimize the spice you will gain. If you manage the early leader revivals of your enemies well, they might only have good strength leader to put into battle. Since you don’t have fancy combat abilities, make your stronghold difficult to take by reinforcing them with lot of troops. You can always use them to replace another army after a face dancer reveal, if needed.
ALLIANCE: Gain the Traitor monopole with Harkonnen (up to 7 leaders out of 20, that's a third of your opponents’ leaders that they "can't" play, this is very frightening). Moreover, you can offer to early revive opponent leader that are you ally traitors for even more treacheries. An alliance with the Bene Gesserit could be good if you have the Cheap Hero Traitor card, but other than that there is not much synergy here (It’s always nice to have the voice in combat, but will you combat often ?) Or you could even ally with another economic faction and crush the other players with your wealth, but that's not always the best strategy (unless maybe the Guild, since you can help other players to get back more troops to ship and benefit you both, and the more troops you allow to be back on the planet, the longer the game last). In general, players will ask YOU for an alliance so pick the one you prefeis in best position for the win.
BONUS: You can use a Karama card to prevent a player from doing revival can be strong against the Emperor (and their alliance), but in the end it’s your source of income, and that might not change a lot.If you draw a face dancer from your faction, or the cheap hero, you will want to discard them at the mantat phase. But keep this information, it might become useful for you. Once you reveal a face dancer, this leader is in the tanks and on the next turn, you can revive it (if you have less than 5 leaders) to enjoy a safe leader on your side.


You are the rich kid that has all the fancy toys before everyone else in middle school. You start hard and need to focus on staying at the top before other factions get their moment to shine. You can’t take notes like the Atreides, so you must focus to remember the cards you see, and the cards played by other players, in order to take advantage of your starting card (or in case you even get in an alliance with the Atreides to complete his notes in order to know the full hand of everybody).
SETUP: Out of the 6 cards you will see, you can look for a couple of them that might be the most helpful. The poison blade and the shield-snooper are the best attack/defense of the treachery deck. But a simple projectile weapon can be as deadly if there are no shields in the other 5 cards. So even if there are no special treachery cards, you can try to maximize your efficiency in combat by keeping track of the potential defenses from your cards. And at every auction, you can put away one of the cards that might cause you trouble. Keeping this “monopoly” on what can counter you is the best way to keep your starting advantage long enough to win. A weapon “monopoly” is better than a defense “monopoly” for you. Then you place your Hidden Mobile Stronghold (IMS), away from Carthag and Arakeen so no one can ship there, steal Ornithopters and get into your IMS. The first key to keep it is to make it expensive to get into. One of your first target might be the Fremen, to steal their tech token, and since they have so little spice, they might not get a lot or treachery cards to defends themselves against you at first.
INCOME: Vacuum it hard! Your IMS is the main source of spice for your faction, but sometimes you will have to get some alternative income since you won’t always be 3 territories away from remaining spice. You could make deals with other spice harvesters, but they might not let you. Protecting your IMS is crucial to keep your spice income. This is where killing heroes come handy and having great treachery cards is a nice advantage.
COMBAT: If you get the right set of cards in the starting 6 and can put aside the right one on the first auction, your combat will be easy since you can kill enemy leader for sure (because you know that you can waste less troop in dial if you don’t have to worry about the enemy leader). You also have the Cyborg/suboid mechanic to reduce the cost of battles. To make it simple, use your cyborg only in battle, but ship 1 suboid for each cyborg you put in battle to absorb the loss. So, to fight with 8, you ship 4 cyborg and 4 suboid, pay 4 spice for the cyborg, and only lose 4 suboid if you lose. The first turn is difficult for everyone because they have so little spice to dial high, you won’t need that many cyborgs.
ALLIANCE: Gain some overwhelming cyborg revivals (3) with the Fremen faction (and together you can share the spice blows each turn in order to maintain control over spice income). Or ally with the emperor to make him pay to resurrect 3 more cyborgs, or the Tleilax to only pay them half price.Gain the perfect card knowledge with Atreides, or on the opposite, because the perfect counter to Atreides by allying with the Harkonnens (giving them the best cards on the top of the deck).Gain a better advantage in battle with Bene Gesserit, if you don’t fear being broke. Gain some economic support from the Guild, but you might both be better with someone else.
BONUS: You can use a Karama card to move your IMS, but it's even more impactful if you prevent a fancy combat ability to bring others to your level and beat them with better treachery cards.
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Found out the truth
In my last post I talked about how my rat Bean is dragging his leg(s) can’t tell if it’s one or both he barley moves around and I thought it was cause he’s just old but no I found out there were a bunch of kids over while I was at work and one of those kids absolute sweet heart we’ll call her Rose and the other kid that’s a trouble maker we’ll just call him Adam. My mother gave permission for rose to go into my room and pet the cat but she didn’t realize Adam asked if he could go with rose into my room and also pet the cat. So both kids went into my room to pet the cat and Adam kept telling Rose to open the rat cage,(now these are both foster kids) assuming Adam knew what he was doing since he was around longer than Rose she opened the cage and Adam stuck his hand in going to grab Bean.
Bean comes from an abusive background he will bite any skin that gets near his mouth besides mine since I been working with him and even then he still nips me sometimes. You guys can see where this is going already.
Bean bit Adam there was blood drawn. And Bean bites hard as hell so of course pulling his hand away trying to escape the rats grasp flinged bean onto the ground. At first nobody told me this happened knowing I’d obviously be furious.
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2023.06.05 15:06 medicinalusername The Daily Check-In for Monday June 5 2023: Just for today, I am NOT doing Cocaine


We may be anonymous strangers on the internet, but we have one thing in common. We may be a world apart, but we're here together!
Welcome to the 24 hour pledge!
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Maybe you're new to stopdoingcocaine and have a hard time deciding what to do next. Maybe you're like me and feel you need a daily commitment or maybe you've been sober for a long time and want to inspire others.
It doesn't matter if you're still hung over recovering from a three day bender or been sober for years, if you just woke up or have already completed a sober day. For the next 24 hours, let's not do cocaine!
This pledge is a statement of intent. Today we don't set out trying not to do cocaine, we make a conscious decision not to do cocaine. It sounds simple, but all of us know it can be hard and sometimes impossible. The group can support and inspire us, yet only one person can decide if we do not do cocaine today. Give that person the right mindset!
What happens if we can't keep to our pledge? We give up or try again. And since we're here in stopdoingcocaine, we're not ready to give up.
What this is: A simple thread where we commit to not doing cocaine for the next 24 hours, posting to show others that they're not alone and making a pledge to ourselves. Anybody can join and participate at any time, you do not have to be a regular at stopdoingococaine or have followed the pledges from the beginning.
What this isn't: A good place for a detailed introduction of yourself, directly seek advice or share lengthy stories. You'll get a more personal response in your own thread.
This post goes up at:
A link to the current Daily Check-In post can always be found near the top of the sidebar.
Sending you all lots of love this Monday and IWNDCWYT! ❤️💕 ____
Lets begin a new day of glory! Welcome to it!
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