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2012.07.15 17:11 sexyama The Joe Rogan Experience

The Joe Rogan Experience

2023.05.30 01:13 sllhotd discussion: Reddit vs Youtube celeb beef -- why do some of these e-celebs get into beef with their reddits? do they not see this is a recipe for disaster (Nojumper, AD, brendan schaub, khayla et al)

i feel like this is the right community to get into this discussion cuz there is probably just the right amount of crossover. why do you think some of these comedians, podcasters, youtubers go head to head with reddit when there is obviously no winning with any kind of interaction between a public figure and online discourse. cant they see that simple fact? is it narcissism? self sabotage? are they just idiots? so many possible reasons
we've seen it with brendan schaub and tfatk, whoevers familiar with khalayla from tigerbelly same thing. and now nojumper and the adjacent podcasts esp the one with AD, cuhmuninty is imploding with reddit playing a significant role. i feel like this is an interesting discussion
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2023.05.26 05:49 Seaweed-Remarkable The state of Bapas YouTube right now is blogbusser. Features self aggrandizing titles and content from over 2yairs ago based around people who dont want inything to do with him in iny facet. As well as incriminating evidence that Brine has actually hung out with Chris more than once. The views are 🎲

The state of Bapas YouTube right now is blogbusser. Features self aggrandizing titles and content from over 2yairs ago based around people who dont want inything to do with him in iny facet. As well as incriminating evidence that Brine has actually hung out with Chris more than once. The views are 🎲 submitted by Seaweed-Remarkable to thefighterandthekid [link] [comments]

2023.04.16 07:57 sol_flair ‘YouTube YouTube YouTube’

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2023.04.14 04:56 akawilliamj13 Dan Soder shouting out P.F. Chang’s and homeless cats

Dan Soder shouting out P.F. Chang’s and homeless cats
Dan Soder explains the tfatk sub Reddit to Bobby Kelly on You Know What Dude
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2023.03.23 22:32 DoctorTacoMD Choose the right marg.

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2023.03.23 00:10 Superb-Lie6915 You cant make this shit up.

Sometimes in life you feel like you tune into something at just the right moment. This subreddit has to be one of the more memorable ones for me. I think I’ve been in here for a while? I don’t know, I rarely use Reddit, but I’ve listened, used to listen joe for a long time, listened to tfatk for a lot of years, been into the comedian podcast sphere for as long as I can remember. I think I stopped listening to tfatk in like, 2019. It just lost me, I don’t remember why. But I’ve been listening to other comedians still, it doesn’t matter, why am I qualifying myself, anyway, you’d be hard pressed to try to make up a story like this out of the blue. Bobby vs Brenda, estranged friendship with joe? Diggjuice, BGL, brines who knows what sex shit, king and the sting resorting to Eric fucking griffin as a replacement? Brenda getting a swamp monster bj from Annie? Addys? Actually naming anything thicc? I don’t get it. My point is I started to read this subreddit pretty frequently a bit before bgl left the show, never liked him, I mean obviously. But then I kept getting hit by these Reddit notifications for the sub, bgl leaves, “is this guy actually ok, no way dude just look at him” brenda truth, now he’s deadlifting his European wife’s car and having her arrested. The producers of this alien reality tv show we live in are so much better than we can ever dream to be. Thanks for the consistent entertainment. You are all doing great work.
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2023.03.15 02:23 Skyhi92 Lets be real, Adam didnt start mentioning Reddit until he Interviewed Brendan Schaub. Brendan has the biggest hate reddit online TFATK n thats how he makes his $ cause he sucks at comedy, I joined @ under 40,000members like 2yrs ago, shits over 115,000 now. Adam is making this a hate page cause of $

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2023.03.02 21:24 murderalaska I logged every episode on the TFATK youtube channel into a spreadsheet and this is what I discovered. Balls deep to say the least.

This image is the TL;DR of this insane week long journey I took to the bottom of the TFATK youtube channel:
I posted nine days ago about noticing that 70% of views had been gadooshed since the D'Elia me too incident in the summer of 2020 and that post was well received and there were a lot of funny and genuinely interesting comments in the thread.
This, of course, caused me to go on my own version of a tropical fish buying bender and I went balls deep into the numbas, b. Some might call me a numbas guy. Maybe the numbery-ist. Really, I'm just a redact and had some time to plug data into a google sheet while I was listening to random garbage online. First of all, I had planned on logging all of the data for all of the youtube videos on the TFATK channel. I quickly discovered that this was going to take forever and be a logistical pain in the ass with the best of the week vids and all of the little clip videos they did a few years back. So I have the last few years of all of the vids logged, but going back farther than that, I just logged the main episodes of TFATK.
Let me just say that this was a pretty big undertaking and one of my big takeaways is that the crew behind TFATK is lazy and all over the place. Also the show is obviously dying. This was pretty well-established in my previous post. This sloppiness probably has a lot to do with Bryan and Brendan and their managment of the venture. Many episodes are uploaded out of sequence, the titling of the episodes is not uniform, and I discovered as I got to the end of the youtube channel that the early episodes were uploaded to the UFC on Fox channel. The episodes only go back to 161 on the TFATK channel.
The other thing that really jumped out at me was that the show almost always did better if it didn't have a title or a guest. The majority of episodes would just be titled with a number like episode 765 or whatever. Again, fits with the theme of lazy. But if there was any kind of guest on, actor, MMA guy, washed up sex pests, the views would drop like Bapa's pants at a urinal. However, if the guest was one of a mangled handful of comics, basically just D'Elia, Bobby Lee and Theo Von, the numbers would go through the roof. Also, female guests are basically an instant no go for the TFATK audience. There were only I believe 4 and all of them got terrible views based on episodes of the same era.
I took notes as I went along, so here's my running commentary. I basically powered through most recent few years going back to around 2020 and then I started taking notes in a google doc as I came across items of intredasting.
I didn’t know that Brenda really called Callen Wrinks and goofed on how old he was. Thought that was from sub. TFATK is very obviously Brendan's deal and Bryan is along for the ride. The episode descriptions are always slanted in a way to shit on Bryan and praise Bapa.
It seems like there was also a dip when Callen left in 2020 after the accusations. The formula for better or worse for the show to succeed is Brendan and Bryan together.
Titles are all over the place. No set format and most don’t have a title just a number.
In the 630s to around 700 during Shapel and Malik era, the numbers are very consistent at always around 150k. A good guest will bump it. I really would like to get someone with some real math skills involved to look into stuff like Benford's Law ( to see if there are anomalous numbas for the show and if they are buying views. I also had no idea that the "Brendan and two black dudes" era lasted so long. It was probably over a year and then Callen came back and the two brothers were quickly gadooshed.
Labeling of videos is shit. Copy paste error in the best of for 11/15/2020. They repeated the date from the week prior. All the non-main episode videos like best ofs or the one-off cartoon episode do terribly. All less than 20k.
Wow. September of 2020 during Brenda solo era the numbers noticeably crater. #602 with Mark Sanchez with 85k and 603 w Josh Wolf 105k are the lowest in forever.
Lots of Josh Wolf eps around 600 and they are getting around 100k or 50k off the approximate average at the time. 597 w 96k Wolf again.
539 with Maron was relatively low for views. Probably not a big crossover in audiences.
Just thinking about how the only reference to covid I saw skimming through the shows was that Brendan got it. Super odd. Maybe they avoided because of monetization or I missed it but even during the first few months I didn't see any as I scanned through. I’m just in January 2020 now.
I didn’t realize that Bobby Lee was their big get for ep 500. It’s wild that Brenda cucked Bobby. Bobby and the big comics basically donated their audiences to TFATK. It's not like Bobby got any new subs by doing the show. He was one of their best guests by far.
450 w Call Her Daddy and Santino - short of shocking considering their guests these days. Also it’s really lucky Wrinks wasn’t in studio for this one as it would be creepy to see him hitting on chicks in their 20s. Also I believe this is the first female guest I’ve seen. It did just under 650k views, but with the Daddy chicks and Santino they should've done twice that easily.
Beginning of 2019 and it’s fucking me up that it was 4 years ago. 2019 seems like 1950 and also yesterday. Time is a fat circle - Bapa, probably.
It looks like they skipped eps 422 and 421 and instead did best of episodes for D’Elia and Theo Von. I have never really watched TFATK other than clips. And same for D’Elia. I find both to be really offputting and tryhard. So I’m starting with the best of D’Elia clip from late 2018. Gritting my teeth.
D’Elia is annoying like spelling his last name on a keyboard. Dane Cook on coke vibes. Like a bad improv performer. Improv in general is trash.
I hate Bryan Callen’s voice. He sounds like the male version of woman upspeak vocal fry. Bryan and Chris together on the clip and they are basically talking past each other in really long dueling monologues that go nowhere. It's basically all set up with no punchlines. Or maybe all punchlines. It’s just meaningless jibberish.
Numerous clips for guest of the year in 2018. Seemed like there was actually some pizzazz back then. The subtext of everything in 2023 TFATK is the subreddit. Even though the show tries its best to ignore the sub, they are so artless at it that the sub, through simple reverse psychology, can drive the show like one of those insects that burrows into the brain of another critter and drives it like a go cart.
Aries Spears is another guest that is outside the wheelhouse of the normal TFATK guest and it gets not good numbers. 166k. Seems like the show’s numbers are very guest dependent. If you get a popular comic, it’ll easily two or 3x the normal number, but a bad guest depresses the number.
409 with 95k with a urologist guest. Wow. Cratered numbers. Also, homoerotic energy big time with Callen and Chris D'Elia. Dr. Ashley Winter is the 2nd female guest and the numbers are always trash for women. She’s a hot doc it’s bizarre. Maybe this show is really for the gays.
Really creepy segment about 20mins into the best of D’elia pod where Bryan is reading a certificate Chris gave him making him an official “Elder” of “the Babies”. Hits a little different for me because I was just reading about Jehova’s Witnesses and they use the term Elder for leaders like pastors in their church. But the certificate from D’Elia is part of his cult stuff and is supposed to come off as goofy and funny I guess but this is a classic cult conditioning technique. Creating in and out groups and concentric circles of in groups with different levels of privilege. In NXIVM they used bizarre sashes for example. Or all the interconnected Orgs in Scientology. Cults always have their own jargon and ranks.
“With the consent of Daddy (Chris D’Elia), you are hereby given the rank of Elder”. D’Elia says there are 12 total Elders (same as Jesus’ apostles...) Apparently Elders spread “babyshit” in pursuit of the ultimate goal of hedonism. D'Elia says Elders will wear white linen.
They never do anything special it seems like for milestones like 400 or 500. Lazy. No title for ep 400.
I should’ve been recording what they were wearing in each episode. It seems like Brendan never wears the same shit twice.
Another non-regular guest, Kevin Christy in 383 cratered again to 94k.
Bryan looks way different back in 2018. Hair looks a lot darker but also like he’s using just for men soy sauce. He’s had a lot of work done but still looks ten years older now than he did 5 years ago. His spirit is withering from being close to such a toxic influence.
Lengthy bit about a racist starbucks that’s in D’Elia’s giant mansion in the best of clip I'm hate-watching. Just way too long and goes nowhere.
376 w Erik Griffin - Erik looks so different now. He’s dressing a lot more hip these days to compensate for looking a lot older. He looks like a fat, swarthy Harpo Marx with the glasses and schnoz and the polo shirt. Just a terrible look back then.
I would also add the time of the eps along with clothing and add a column to track the hosts if I was going to go whole hog on the spreadsheet. Length of pods fluctuates a lot. From just over an hour to over two.
Wow. Ep 365 w documentary filmmaker Chris Bell gets nothing. 84k. This show shits the bed with any sort of different guest. Again with Wes Chatham 363 just 101k. About half or so of a normal ep.
346 again w Aubrey Marcus. Anyone that’s not a comedian is a hard sell.
But not every comic. Maniscalco only gets 148k in ep 342
Big Brown Breakdown used to be on the same TFATK channel. A lot more short clips on the channel 5 years ago
330 and 331 are flipped around in order of upload.
Ep 323 is for guest of the year. I wonder if they even do these anymore. I think not maybe because they don’t want to highlight how shitty their guests are these days. Also, Bryan has really aged in dog years. He looks so much better back in early 2018. All of the stress must be wearing on him in quantum time like when Picard’s hand gets into the quantum filament in that one ep of TNG and his fingernails grow out in two seconds. Bryan is really Nosferatu.
321 is another best of ep, this one’s for 2017. They really mail it in with naming eps, thumbnails, and just the branding in general. It’s very lazy and never evolves or gets better. Static.
Intros are always loud. Usually it's Bryan yelling about it being Monday or whatever. There seems to be a general misperception on the show that louder is funnier.
Ep 318 with Bobby Lee and Andy Dick is one of those things from late 2017 that would never happen today. It’s wild how the paths have diverged for TFATK, Bobby and Andy.
310 w Wheeler Walker Jr. only gets 127k. Maybe a little under the average for this era. Wild because Walker is a favorite on other pods like YMH.
305 says it was reuploaded because of processing issues. Only has 76k
It looks like 302 is missing although there are a couple of shorter clips still up. Guest was Jay Larson. The clips did terrible numbers, like 5k, so maybe the ep sucked.
300 and again no special commemoration
D’Elia and Theo Von carry this pod so hard. Anytime either is on they’re practically guaranteed to get a milli. Between them and Rogan, this pod is basically charity to two douches.
293 w Ari - I don’t think he’s been on since. It would be interesting to check the last time for guests like Ari and D’Elia. It’s been so long since I’ve been logging the recent shows, but it feels like the quality of guests has really shit the bed over the years. Wonder who their booker is.
290 Skylar Astin 116k and 290 Tarak Killam w 121k are below average. Lower than untitled eps with these kind of comics. It’s strange they kept booking some guests when they tank the numbers,
Loog Thomas on BBB 39 w 138k. Wild to see it.
There’s a handful of really creepy, homoerotic thumbnails where Bry guy and Brenda are wrestling or engaging in some good old fashioned horse play like Jerry Sandusky style. 286 is a perfect example. Bryan’s probably too brittle these days to engage in the same roughhousing.
Holy shinto. Natasha Leggero is on 277 and her ep gets 74k. Lowest number I’ve seen since the recent stuff. She also looks a lot juicer back in July 2017 than she does now. I saw her on a tv at the gym in some new horseshit game show recently and she looks worse for the wear. This audience fucking hates bitches. Also 3rd female guest after the urologist and Call Me Daddy sluts.
Again in 275 w Michael McDonald from MADtv. With Bryan no Brendan and 92k views. Guest hosts are not great unless it’s one of a small stable. 273 w Freddie Prinze and Josh Wolf gets 117k. Less than no title eps. 271 w Aubrey Marcus gets 75k.
Hinchcliffe also not a needle mover. 270 has 128k
Judd Apatow 269 w 94k. Amazing. I hate Apatow and think he is aggressively lame but I am still surprised at how much this audience hates everyone that’s not the Diddler. It would make more sense if the guest didn’t give the podcast a bump, but TFATK’s audience vanishes if it’s not exactly the douche bro formula. They’re like a fussy baby.
Diddler in 265 looks like he’s 20 years younger than he is now. No shitty neck tat, clean shaven, Jesus hair that appears to have been washed recently.
They get a decent number for Phil Heath the bodybuilder in 263. 176k. So there are meatheads in the audience for sure.
260 w Andy Stumpf. One of the only people from this era that still does the show. It’s like all the popular or entertaining people around the show eventually either become too successful to further sully themselves or are just part of the Oort cloud of planetary bodies in the orbit of TFATK universe. Stumpf actually got a decent pop from the audience with 205k but the same tired horseshit last week in ep 800 something got like 70k. Amazing they even have that many people watching. This show is shit.
Ooof. John Brenkus 258 is the lowest yet w 59k. He’s a sports science guy apparently but he sounds like someone from a Dr. Steve Brule sketch.
Wes Chatham 256 had 66k.
Our new low, figuratively and literally, is 252 with the Sklar Brothers. 52k redacted idiots watched this. Filmed at the Onnit headquarters in Austin. Everything about this podcast is the drizzling shits.
248 w Kevin Smith is a bizarre clash of worlds but the ep does ok with 147k. Actually above average for this period. I’ll be very interested to see the entire graph, but the show did seem to be steadily building over a sustained period and now is rotting in reverse. Kevin looks fat as shit in this episode and Bryan and Brenda look so much healthier back then than now. They look like sallow walking botox zombies now compared to then.
246 w Brad Williams does an average number of 91k despite the fact that Brad looks like a dwarfier version of Bryan sitting criss cross applesauce on the couch.
One thing you have to concede, especially after scrolling through their giant library of videos, is that these guys showed up consistently. Good lord. Having to listen to this entire run of shows would be mind bendingly terrible I can only imagine the personal hell of Chin who I think was onboard for most of the TFATK run.
Yup, Chin walks past the camera in 242 w Jim Norton. Wild seeing Jimmy here with these zilches. I really miss the O&A subreddit.
236 w Sam Tripoli is another shitty guest turd. 67k, about half the normal, because of Tripoli’s coke head antics. I’m insanely biased because I cannot stand the guy, so I’m surprised there was anyone who cared to watch this garbage white noise.
234 w Jeremy Piven does a respectable 117k. There are quite a few eps of this show where two out of three people on the show have been me too’d. This is one of those eps, I think anyway. Didn’t Piven get gadooshed? For some reason I have a vague memory of watching PCU with Piven a billion years ago so I just watched a trailer. I think it kinda holds up and Piven has always been balding. Also, college was way cooler back in the 1990s. And Piven has some real screen presence and is a perfect oily douchebag. Fuck what am I doing with my life. I just felt wistful for an earlier time like I am an old lady at a bus stop.
228 w Bobby Lee again pops a huge number with 2.1 mil.
Back here in the early 200s there is a black girl cutie pie who appears to have been the Cat of her era. At least I saw her in the opening of a couple eps. They used to do production elements like that where they would show people walking in and play some hip hop. Nowadays everything seems static and lazy. This is a deep cut, but they’ve reached the level of laziness of the modern day AVGN where he duct tapes his cameras on a tripod on the ceiling because no time to set up and breakdown equipment so it’s always the same static shot. Shout out CinnemassacreTruth
The 220 Christmas Special gets shit numbas at 65k. It’s like a best of episode it looks like but not a clips show. They just talk about best gifts and holiday tunes. Yuck. They are also doing chintzy screen dissolves in the intro to the episodes like something from video toaster in the 1990s.
219 - is this the first and last appearance of Tommy Bunz? I know he hasn’t been on since. I really don’t know why someone like Tom Segura or Chris D’Elia would bother to do TFATK. The pod in this era was only getting around 100k on average and it would get 5 or 10x for D’Elia or Tom. It’s not like they would be picking up a bunch of new fans from TFATK but maybe I’m missing something. It’s just so gross seeing how Callen and Schaub said they didn’t know D’Elia or hang with him when the Diddler got outed when he was their best and probably most frequent guest who did more than anyone to make their show work. If anything D’Elia was sending his teenybopper fans to TFATK than the other way around. I can only guess that D’Elia wanted to get closer to Rogan through these guys or something. Isn’t comedy magic, kids?
Also, the producers of TFATK are asleep at the wheel. They release 219 with Segura and 218 on the same day and the Segura one gets 420k and the no title 218 gets 88k. Just odd planning and marggeting, b.
216 with Pete Holmes gets 70k in yet another example of guests driving the show. Also, their camera angle is wildly unflattering to the guest especially. It seems like it was specifically designed to emphasize Pete Holmes’ gut. Just awful.
God this show is so hard to catalog. I started with the best of weekly wrap ups and other clips but it just was going too slowly. Here at 217, the ep is labeled as BBB #2 but the clips are labeled as 217 w Tito Ortiz. Just a mess.
211 is 1st in new studio with fake wood background and “TF&TK” brown lettering. Still way better looking than the older studio which is a camera shot looking at an awkward downward angle on a wrinkly dark gray curtain.
208 w Will Sasso. Starts with a Trump impression. Trump had just been elected and it was the anniversary of the JFK assassination. Take from that what you will.
207 w David Koechner. A pretty famous comic actor and it gets 74k. It’s a really consistent phenomenon. Also, this is the first ep I’ve noticed the Fox Sports logo on the desk. And there was a camera malfunction that made it so they couldn’t shoot the fan Qs. The camera angle again is odd. The frame is too tight and the mic is covering the guest’s face.
205 is bizarre. No Bryan because he’s on the set of the Goldbergs. There’s a hot broad on a cellphone sitting in the guest seat, but Brendan does not introduce her at all and she is on her cellphone. Brendan opens the ep by talking about the election of Trump. Dana Gould, a writer for the Simpsons, finally comes on 32 minutes in. This is also a contender for least watched at 57k. Yikes.
204 has the same set up as 205 with the same hot chick with ripped jeans doing shit on her phone. No Bryan. Solo Brenda show. Gets 124k. Only difference is no guest on this one, just two hours of yammering by Brenda to a girl he never acknowledges but who giggles awkwardly at Brenda’s… jokes? Statements? It’s a wild look.
Oh my god. 203 is the John McGinley ep with the super cringe redact talk. This one only gets a few more thousand views, 58k, than 205. What a weird fucking show.
201 with uncle Chael. The camera work on this show is fucking enraging. You can see someone zooming out the shot a tiny bit in the beginning, but they leave it so that 25% of Chael and Bapa are cut off on the edges of the frame.
200 again no title and nothing special planned for the milestone and the camera shot for this one is even more fucked. It’s zoomed in on Brenda and Bryan at the Fox Sports desk, but the desk is not level with the shot. It’s listing like 20 degrees off plumb. And there’s about twice as much headroom as there should be. Marggg! How’s cameras?
199 Margg Magggrath from Sugar Ray. 58k. Should be 0.
196 with ghost hunter Chad Calek is another contender with 53k. This one looks like radioactive grade cringe. “Chad” is decidedly un-chad-like and looks like a fatter version of Fred Durst with his backwards red ball cap.
We have a new leader in the clubhouse for least viewed with 45k for Jay Ellis in 194. Who is Jay Ellis? Apparently an actor on an HBO show. Great guy never meddem.
It’s almost like this show is run like an infomercial because on the same day, 10/5/16, TFATK publishes another show, 193 with Aubrey Marcus, the Onnit douche, and it’s another all time stinker with 52k. Why do they fuck with guests other than the 3 guys who pop a good number? You’re telling half or more of your audience to hit the bricks when you book Aubrey Marcus or Jay Ellis.
This has been such a journey. Again 190 and 191 are mixed up and uploaded in reverse order. Bob Saget gets a decent number 123k, but Dr. Drew, interviewed in the Carolla studio, does only 71k.
Sasso on 183 has a clip where he talks about CM Punk and what he, as a WWE fan, thinks of Punk in the UFC. This is the first TFATK clip I have thought was unironically interesting and it’s all because of Sasso. He’s a funny guy but I’ve only ever known him for MADtv which I’m not a fan of.
Gawld dawg. The eps go from 172 to 169 to 168 so no 171 or 170. Wonder what happened there. The gap from 172 to 169 is 8/2 to 7/20, so a solid couple weeks so it appears that those eps were deleted for some reason. Oooh I just googled it and they are on the UFC on Fox channel still. I’m going to leave them off the list for now because they are on a different channel. Both episodes don’t have a guest so no obvious reason why they would be gadooshed.
Wow. 169 only has 25k. Maybe this has something to do with the eps being posted on the Fox youtube as well. Yeah the numbers really take a shit around this range. The numbers are down to around 20k for some episodes so I can only assume there was some duplication on youtube, 164 with Ian Edwards is the first one I’ve seen fail to break 10k.
162 with shark attack survivor Paul de Gelder gets 4744 views. This is insane. Wow. So 161 with Jo Koy is the first vid on the channel. What a ride. I’m sure this can be filled in with more info, but it feels like quite a ride even though I was thinking I still had 160 more episodes to document. Whew. Give it a few days and I might be up for collaborating with some homeless cats on finishing this spreadsheet and filling it out. Let me know if any numbas guys are interested.
EDIT: I'm adding a link to the spreadsheet here so people can take a look and mess around with the numbers, b. Note there are 3 tabs at the bottom, one is the spreadsheet for the main show, one is for other shows and one is the chart which is a scatter plot graph:
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2023.01.22 09:40 Different_Musician73 When we’re the golden yairs?

-2021 why are there so many extra people sitting around doing nothing? Lol (stopped watching) - 2023, only here because of the Reddit.
Same anybody? What’s ur TFATk summary timeline?
Back to the old frying stations.
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2023.01.22 04:23 MandosCulture THIS is Officially the No Jumper Reddit Other One Got Over Ran By Bitches (Adam22 and Josh The Gilligan's)

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2023.01.22 04:20 MandosCulture Oh Josh and Adam removed the post.

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2022.10.25 13:24 Face_first Brendon Walsh did a whole podcast on the bapa with the “10min of schaub” guy.

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2022.09.17 02:02 Abrahamleencoln Why?

Why would Khalyla just throw away her bright future by being this backstabbing, lying, and manipulating? It almost makes no sense to me. Didn’t she know that by playing games behind Bobby’s back and bashing TFATK podcast on Reddit that she was eventually going to get caught? All she had to do was play her part and cruise to victory. What a waste of time writing all those stupid poems that are actually quite embarrassing to read. #selfsabotage
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2022.08.27 02:05 Poon_tangclan Tb’s mods response to me asking why I was banned . They proceeded to say this sub was “one of the most racist, misogynist(ic**) hateful subs on Reddit”

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2022.08.23 19:42 Peter_Pans_Prostate Steel Toe Aaron Is Terrified Of TFATK Reddit

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2022.08.15 03:57 james_jbk What happened?

Idk if it's everyone here or the loud minority but this sub reddit has been turning into some bitch ass complaining. Every post is chatting shit about some minor detail of the podcast. People complaining that his ego has got to his head or that the boys are cucking out. He's brought Al and marky on cam, he includes dove and the other lads in the show. He still gets roasted by all the other boys on a regular basis. Dude has been number two on BI for years, he ain't trying to silence the other guys, he's been empowering them. If you sick of every week there being a guest, this makes sense, sometimes we want a boys only so we can sit back and enjoy the bants. But can't have a go at him for bringing Louis ck on the pod or ksi or whoever. They tryna grow this bitch. This ain't the tfatk subreddit. We don't hate watch the podcast. If that's who you are then keep that shit quiet because you sounding like a bunch of bitches. Schulzy out here flying and he's taking his boys up with him. He could easily replace everyone and do a podcast with another more famous comedian but he ain't selling out. He's kept the people he came up with and hired more people he grew up with. If he has famous ppl on then he's doing it because he thinks we'll enjoy the convo and it'll do bits for him. Stop your whining!
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2022.07.27 14:47 AnonymouslySerious trans stuff

Hey guys, I'm a relatively casual new listener of this particular pod, and I wanted to know what's up with all the trans talk every ep? I've been listening the past few weeks and notice they somehow edge in trans/real men rants somewhere within the ep. Is this like an inside joke? Why every week are there long drawn out rants. Sometimes, I pause the pod and listen to another because its honestly too exhausting to listen to every week.

EDIT: To the people saying don't be offended. This commentary isn't offensive to me in anyway. I'm just tired of tuning in and hearing the same trans commentary, or a spin of the same commentary they've been doing for weeks, if not, longer.
2nd EDIT: So, all reddit communities that involve west/east coast comics are psychos that have joke slang? 😭 Thought it was just TigerBelly and TFATK
3rd EDIT: Didn't expect so much discourse just wanted to know why they focus on it and find a way to fit it in every conversation lol.
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2022.07.09 19:36 NewtToThePunch223 Please stop.

Going on other subs and promoting this one or making mention. Getting a Reddit ban is funny yes, but I’m seeing slowly this cesspool of people from TFATK, Joe Rogan, Tiger Belly(most sensitive nut riders imo) etc. Making their way to this sub with rtrd takes beyond comprehension of the definition of rtrd. I don’t wanna see this sub go away.
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2022.06.24 15:49 dtdisapointingresult This sub really got the New Reddit treatment, huh?

I used to frequent this sub a few years ago, and I remember it as a great place full of diverse posts about everything from sports to nutrition to comedy and to a much lesser extent politics. It was mostly lighter-hearted subjects. Checked out again recently, and damn, the negativity.
What's wrong with not agreeing with Joe? Nothing. The issue is that this sub has a big presence from people who hate Joe Rogan and his podcast and yet spend their time here posting political hot takes and establishment-approved articles. If a regular Joe Rogan listener was posting this stuff occasionally on some things he disagrees with Joe with, that's fine, we had the occasional posts/comments like that a few years back, and it made for interesting discussion. But that's not what the current sub is like.
There's never ANY positive content from these people, not towards Joe, not towards people on this sub who like him, not towards anything that could even remotely pass as non-establishment aligned belief. You can cut the hatred with a knife.
I clicked the usernames of some of the most negative posters on a hunch and sure enough their histories are just political warfare.
  1. Many /politics posters, an echochamber almost certainly run by an organization rather than real people
  2. a few posters who created an alt ONLY to post political stuff on this sub or shit on Joe Rogan. I view this group as same as #1, just a bit smarter about hiding what they are.
  3. in fairness there were a couple who seemed like normal people who post about other stuff than politics. Group #2, take a hint and perhaps start posting inane stuff on sports subs you don't care about, so people can't make you out by glancing 10 seconds at your history. Not that it really matters.
We're crossing that line that TFATK did a long time ago where it went from a place to humorously mock Schaub to a place where awful people get in their 2 minutes of hate in a really aggressive way and just throw in a "know what I'm talmbout, B?" at the end as if that transition wasn't jarring.
I don't know if the mods can do anything to stop the rot. Perhaps institute 2 consecutive days per week where political content is not allowed. This would allow normal people to have more representation on this sub and dilute the negativity. I stopped using reddit years ago except for education, this is just advice for the old school mods in case they're wondering how to bring back some of the old spirit of the sub, assuming that's even possible in Current Year on Current Site.
Sorry for the wall of text.
TLDR: old man yells at cloud, hates free speech
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2022.06.24 00:17 Coochiesmoochie00 Just out of curiosity

I’m just curious if there are any over lap fans of the tfatk Reddit up in here
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2022.06.12 23:07 Murklar I’ve bean hate wachin bapa for so long I actually like it now…

I’ve watched this man’s specials at least 3 times each, I’m a massive gringo papi boy and I’ve bought his gringo papi Merch for myself, my wife, and three of my friends… (all from non Brenda sites) every day I browse this sub and lol at the stupid shit buba says.
That being said I have never payed for Merch form any other comedian, I’ve never watched another comics full special (because stand up is gee and boring) and I don’t view anyone else’s sub reddit like I do tfatk, so I think I’m ready to say in a huge fan of Brenda…
People like bapa, Tom Myers, Carlos Mencia, Whitney cumin and other shit comedians make me laugh way harder then comedians I actually appreciate who are talented at stand up. This man has brought more joy to my life then any pro colmidian er could.
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    3. DePhilia calls out Schlob for tawlkin with a full mouth. Braindum was mad bee (2829 points, 397 comments)
    4. In Da Trugg (new meowsic) (2513 points, 302 comments)
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    9. Arrow Dasani launches another drone strike on BaPa, says nobody knows who yare, cawmedy career is failing BaPa. Gadoosh (1872 points, 236 comments)
    10. Rinks tries two infiltrate PF Changs (1783 points, 169 comments)
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    1. Schlob's interrupts tons, mostly with incorrect info about the TMNT. Theo hits his breaking point and non-comically yells at Braindumb. Good luck with the Patreon together! (1428 points, 314 comments)
    2. "What made you go and be like alright I'm gonna go do standup comedy and bomb forever" (1329 points, 163 comments)
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    6. Bapa gets called out on his post and ghost claim. (981 points, 290 comments)
    7. The comic book in his Mom's closet lie. (927 points, 285 comments)
    8. Sclob is having to reassure potential tigget buyers that his shows will contain zairo Gringo Papi material. (898 points, 234 comments)
    9. Fixed - Here's Cerrone asking Sclob to do a joke, etc. (896 points, 229 comments)
    10. The turns get tabled on Brenda as he gets over-talked and ignored. (874 points, 218 comments)
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    1. Brine and Shuh-pell having the time of their lives without Brenda controlling the room. (1167 points, 200 comments)
    2. Are we being fugged with? This is satire, right? (1161 points, 366 comments)
    3. I’m pretty sure Joe is tawlking about Brenda and Bobby hair, B... (1107 points, 152 comments)
    4. Nearly got it, Bapa. (1026 points, 107 comments)
    5. Brenda interrupts Brine to drop some 'knowledge' about a film location, Brine for once acts accordingly. (1021 points, 174 comments)
    6. Wrinks finally calls Brenda out on his redacted smile and has no time for his Rogan boot licking. (945 points, 263 comments)
    7. SATISFYING WATCH: Brenda gets absolutely roasted by iiiiveryone in the room and for once gets called out on his prettiness/stubbornness. Ends with him sulking like a scorned child. (943 points, 304 comments)
    8. Well this was fucking awkward, B... (830 points, 558 comments)
    9. The nerve of this guy, B... (824 points, 169 comments)
    10. Unreal 🤣 (818 points, 279 comments)
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    2. Beast of a mod over there at KingandtheSting... (1303 points, 130 comments)
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  7. 13429 points, 10 submissions: svensexa
    1. We might be homeless, but this sub is like a home to me. Cheers to 70000, you beautiful kitty cats. (2006 points, 130 comments)
    2. I was bored and started to edit an old random episode. I realized that no matter what episode you watch, there's gonna be redactedness in it. This might be bloggbussa and a cold dish, but one day I might find a forgotten gem. If I ever do this again, that is. Probably not. (1849 points, 215 comments)
    3. I don't have Brandon's skillset so I make these stupid videos instead (1792 points, 149 comments)
    4. Just discovered this amazing establishment and decided I was gonna grab an apron and make a little contribution. My plan was to go through the full special but not even halfway I thought to myself "watem I dune hair" and stopped. Sorry if it's shit, it's my first day on the job, still learning, B. (1573 points, 167 comments)
    5. You should know what's coming by now (1291 points, 81 comments)
    6. I thought it was funnier to watch the Troubled Trio's faces instead of the trailer itself. Shirley they must have thought it was shown on fullscreen for the viewers? (1219 points, 214 comments)
    7. Naming The Waters (1140 points, 84 comments)
    8. Guys, what do you think about this eating technique? And before you answer, let me just tell you what I think, cause that's the whole reason I even ask the question (1010 points, 165 comments)
    9. Got inspired by the Uncle Jesse video someone posted here so decided to make another one, and now the song is stuck in my head AGAIN, thanks (795 points, 46 comments)
    10. Two different ways of asking someone a question - a comparison. From MK today and an old classic. (754 points, 58 comments)
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    2. Just a Reminder of How We Got Here Today. (1514 points, 79 comments)
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    3. Nairahtive (1364 points, 255 comments)
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    5. Bradley Martin (whoever that is) gave up tickets to UFC 264 to do a podcast with Brenda (883 points, 122 comments)
    6. Dice (860 points, 91 comments)
    7. . (808 points, 75 comments)
    8. Fat Tuesday (772 points, 46 comments)
    9. (747 points, 15 comments)

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  8. 1117 points: deleted's comment in On Wednesday Brenda and Shuhpell are going to race for $1000. Brenda is unbelievabley confident because he's an athlete and is still living in 2007. He Shuhpell has him shook.
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  10. 1079 points: SmarticusRex's comment in Brengaloid says not joining the military is one of the biggest regrets in his life. He can not stop lying.
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