Big hero 6 tadashi and hiro

Big Hero 6

2013.10.09 03:55 BatmansVSSuperman Big Hero 6

Set in a fictional metropolis called San Fransokyo, Big Hero 6 is centered on a young prodigy named Hiro Hamada and his self-created robot Baymax, along with the rest of his team - Wasabi-No-Ginger, Honey Lemon, GoGo Tomago, and Fred.

2013.09.25 21:21 ManWithoutModem High Quality Gifs

They ain't yo mama's gifs

2013.08.10 08:11 Hey_Man_Slow_Down Zootopia

Zootopia is a 2016 Academy Award-winning animated film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios.

2023.06.06 18:33 Olivesplace Crock Pot Peppers

Crock Pot Peppers
2 pounds ground turkey (or a combination of turkey and beef)
4 large green peppers
1 large onion
2 carrots
4 cloves of garlic
1/2 head of cauliflower
6 ounce can of tomato paste
1 tablespoon dry oregano
1 tablespoon dry or fresh tarragon
Salt and pepper to taste
Cut the tops of the peppers and clean the seeds out.
Arrange peppers in the Crock-Pot standing up and make sure they fit securely.
Grate onion, carrots, garlic and cauliflower in the food processor.
You can also just chop them into small pieces with a knife if you don’t have a food processor.
In a big bowl, combine ground turkey, shredded vegetables, seasonings and tomato paste.
Add salt and pepper to taste. Stuff the peppers with the mixture and arrange leftover meat between the peppers.
Add half a cup of water, cover and cook on low for 8-10 hours.
If you don’t have a slow-cooker, the dish can be cooked in the oven, covered, for 1-2 hours.
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2023.06.06 18:32 ermagerditssuperman Trip report - 5 nights in Mexico

Trip report - 5 nights in Mexico
Recently did 5 nights at an all-inclusive resort in Riviera Maya. First time going all-inclusive, needed a relaxation-focused trip.
I used a Cotopaxi Tasra 16, and the Bellroy System work bag (16L). This was the first trip using the Tasra, I'd bought it literally days before at the REI members sale. I love it! Perfect for my 16" torso length. (In background - fiance used my Tom Bihn Makers Bag and Peak Design 45 travel bag. I've got enough of a bag collection for both of us now!). This is the first time I've used the Bellroy in ages, I honestly don't like it for EDC or work... But it worked OK as a travel bag, just a bit too big and cumbersome.
Shout-out to the couple in front of me in security at Cancun airport, with whom I exchanged compliments on their Cotopaxi fanny packs and they on my Cotopaxi backpack. Also, I did notice one of you had a Topo Designs backpack, and I wish I'd asked which one it was cause it looked great!
Read below for TMI on what I packed, and proof that I probably shop at REI too much.
Photo 2 is everything liquid - I have a lot of cosmetic allergies so I don't rely on finding what I need at my destination (NYM conditioner, NYM shampoo, deodorant isn't liquid and is in this photo by accident, bacitracin because I'm allergic to neosporin and every hotel first aid kit uses that, lotion with aloe, aloe gel, itch cream, nivea face cream [didn't use], concealer [didn't use], aquaphor lip treatment, face sunscreen).
Photo 3 is dry toiletries (assorted hair accessories, compostable floss, laundry soap, one tub of pills/vitamins, one of TUMS chewables [didn't use], travel toothbrush, anti chub-rub stick, deodorant, spf chapstick, solid sunscreen, solid bug-deterrant stick, body soap)
Photo 4 are the toiletries my fiance packed that I used - toothpaste, face cleanser stick, his comb because I forgot mine.
Photo 5 is tops (lilly pulitzer long blouse, spare bra, yellow REI running tee, blue Outdoor Afro tee, Prana black tank, REI trailmade pullover tees in both green and tropical print [LOVE these so much], a coverup wrap my mom got in Cancun 20 yrs ago)
Photo 6 is swimwear (old speedo one piece, Athleta rashguard, Athleta bottoms [one of few brands I found with styles that cover my WHOLE butt], sports-bra-style top from Wild Isles [highly recommend for my fellow busty friends, this is their size 4 and I'm a 32FF. I was fully secure and fully covered at all times]). I wished I had a short sleeve rashguard, because the long one got hot but I also like to keep my shoulders protected as I burn easily.
Photo 7 - a packable grocery tote we used at the beach, and a wetbag that we used to keep phones & books dry during tropical rains, and then used to hold damp swimsuits when flying home.
Photo 8 - more clothes (REI trailmade amphib shorts, prana shorts, prana dress [I forgot that I would a) not have my usual under-dress skimmy shorts and b) would be eating a ton because all-inclusive, so a clingy dress was a bad idea. Wore it only once])
9- xero sandals, this was the first time they've had significant usage and they were GREAT. Packed these, and wore Feelgrounds canvas sneakers on the plane and at dinner restaurants.
10- i got this little bag when I ordered Bombas Gripper Slippers, I have now used it on 4 trips to pack my shoes in! They fit perfectly and keep shoes isolated from my clothes.
11- all the non-clothing stuff. Bellroy classic pouch had the dry toiletries, Tom Bihn 3D OC had the liquids. Persona pouch is my Nintendo 3DS bag, didn't end up playing it though. Blue TB ghost whale pouch had chargers and earbuds (samsung galaxy buds plus), then my Bellroy Travel Wallet (the only one that can fit both my passports, dual citizen). Otter at the top is a pencil case jam packed with coloring pens, then my Owalla bottle (the hype is true, these are fantastic), hydroflask tumbler (the waiters at the pool and beach will gladly put your drinks in your own tumblers, so you can enjoy your mega Mango Tango in the sun while keeping it insulated), a Nomadix packable picnic blanket (except I accidentally packed the mini which is way too small for two people to lounge on) and lastly, the stash of books I brought. Wedding planning book, wedding planning planner, an Isaac Asmiov novel that I read a bunch at the swim-up bar, my personal notebook, and a coloring book. I colored at the beach several times and it was fantastically relaxing.
12- bellroy all packed up
13- clothes I wore on the plane (REI sahara long-sleeve [I don't know how but this kept me warm enough on the plane, yet cool enough in the hot humid weather in Mexico. May be my new favorite travel top?], Molke racerback bra in uni-verse pattern, REI trailmade pants (also LOVE, this new trailmade collection is honestly fantastic)
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2023.06.06 18:31 moondogmike200 Tag Teams that should've happened

  1. I.R.S. and the Repo Man (The Collectors)
  2. Big Dick Dudley and Balls Mahoney (Big Dick and Balls)
  3. Orange Cassidy and Juice Robinson (Orange Juice)
  4. Giant Haystacks and Hillbilly Jim (Farm boys)
  5. British Bulldog and Junkyard Dog (The Pound)
  6. Big Boss Man and Diesel (The Protection Agency)
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2023.06.06 18:31 Djordje_M91 Mario party

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2023.06.06 18:29 Lukeskywalker899 Now that the game is out, how do people feel about the Bounty Hunter's implementation?

Most of the posts I have read about the BH are from when the game was in early access and he was just re-added into the game. But now that the game has been out for a bit, what does everyone think of implementation now?
I personally am not a fan of it, as the Bounty Hunter was my favorite character in DD1; so not being able to have him on my team from start to finish is a big letdown. I personally wish that we could have him from the start of a run. If they still want to have him be a mercenary then just deduct the candles cost up front rather than having to replace a hero halfway through. I think it would be a good balance to him, as it still technically has a cost to use him, but he doesn't temporarily replace a hero and also gets to benefit from the relations system.
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2023.06.06 18:28 Gatt__ Why I’m going long on TTWO

Obligatory not a financial advisor.
Take Two Interactive is the company behind the nba 2k games as well as a few other smaller studios, but notably they own Rockstar Games, the creator of the grand theft auto and red dead series.
In an investors news wire take two announced that they have “several big projects planned for release in q4”
With recent gaming leaks, all signs point to that release being the long awaited GTA 6.
Whenever rockstar releases a game it sends waves throughout the industry, to the point that GTA V’s online multiplayer is still active a decade after release and making money, and RDR2 is regarded as one of the best video games of all time.
In all likelihood the release of GTA 6 could cause a massive boost to TTWO.
In the short term GTA V is releasing another update which could generate interest in the company, but I’m holding for roughly a year to see if it jumps.
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2023.06.06 18:28 Old-Entrepreneur3591 22 [F4A] let's wait for sunrise!

Hi, Reddit peeps!
I just couldn't sleep, and I wanna wait for the sun to rise. Would you be down to talk via call til the sun rises at around 6:35? Idk. I might be wrong with the time. I did not check the forecast but perhaps you're another soul who just needs company at this time?
To start a conversation, tell me what have you considered a win so far? (This is subjective so any win for you is surely a win itself so don't feel pressured thinking of big wins)
See ya!
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2023.06.06 18:27 dkremser Tigers FT/FS

Tigers FT/FS
Pc Braves (esp Acuna and Strider), Freeman, Miggy, Pujols, Arenado, and gold rookies from flagship
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2023.06.06 18:26 ElliotJames92 I am consumed by the thought of binging like a Labrador. HELP.

Ok here’s the facts;
My cravings have been nonexistent up until the last few days, but now I just think about buying a tonne of naughty deliciously bad for me foods and chowing down. I can’t because I know the guilt will hit me so hard after but I still cannot stop thinking about doing it. If I give in, it won’t be just once, I’ll just want to keep doing it.
Is it the low carb? Is it being on the 20/4? Is my body craving something? What is it and why now?
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2023.06.06 18:25 anaxmii [M4M] { Discord, doubling up ✅ } KAVETHAM

Hello everyone, my name is Nao! She/her pronouns and my timezone is JST ( UTC+8 ). I'm looking for people who are as obsessed with me with Kavetham from Genshin Impact <3 Please do not come at me with low effort response AND no password (hidden in this post), or I will ignore you.
My requirements are simple, I only need you to be:
NOT requirements but are heavily preferred
I've been wanting to do a plot where Kaveh doesn't have enough money to pay Alhaitham back and would have to make it up somehow! ( You know where this is going c; ) I prefer Alhaitham being the bottom and Kaveh being the top, but I honestly so not mind as much as I see them both as switches.
That said, I would like it if I were to play the "submissive" of the relationship, otherwise known as the one who takes the d. I know this is a huge deal breaker for some people, but I promise to try and compensate by delivering great quality writing the best of my abilities and offer steamy hot scenarios on the way as well! I only really top when I am in the mood or if I'm comfortable enough with people, so I'd say I'm a submissive-leaning switch! I am also willing to do some story building and have side-ships.. but I mainly want Kavetham to be the focus on this one. I am open to doubling up for your ship of course!
I think I'm more experienced playing Kaveh than I am with Alhaitham ( his big words scare me 🥶 ) but I am open to playing the latter based from your preference. Despite how genuinely intimidating Alhaitham is to roleplay, I'll definitely be more than wiling to play him against Kaveh!
I'm honestly open to most things! I am open to problematic scenarios as well if you have one. My kinks mostly consist of rough and mean things as I am a huge masochist! That said, my only limits are inflation, heavy gore ( I'm okay with amputee ), feet, musk, armpits, toilet stuff, and others related to that matter. Please dm me if you're uncertain about your kink!
My kinks ( Caps are my favorites <3 )
POWER BOTTOMING, MULTIPLE ROUNDS, TOYS, HEAVY DEGRADATION, MANHANDLING, NON-CON, SADOMASOCHISM, PUBLIC SEX ( especially in the library ;) ), brat-taming, misgendering, mind break, spanking/choking/biting/marking etc, voyeurism, slight bdsm, praising, cockwarming, spitting in mouth, clothed sex, humiliation, double penetration, somnophilia, piss ( kinda ), objectification, cunt boys ( preferably haitham <3 but if we do go down with this narrative then I'd like to be Alhaitham 🥺 ) and honestly a lot more! Don't be afraid to ask! ( The password is Strawberry Kaveh <3 )
OTHERS I ONLY roleplay on discord and please approach me with an example of your writing style, your name/pronouns/timezone, your kinks, what you can offer. Longer and detailed introductions, the better! <3
The ships I'm willing to double up on are:
Cynonari, Kaeluc, Xingyun, Zhongven, Tartali, Zhongxiao, Venxiao, Kasuscara, Aether x ( any male character, really. )
Hope to see you soon!!! <3
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2023.06.06 18:25 Annual-Story-816 My sad and painful hackintosh journey

Hey hackintosh! This is my first post here, but honestly, I've spent the better of a couple months right here, at this subreddit. I've just started typing out my kinda disappointing hackintoshing journey and I can honestly already tell this could be a long one, feel free to scroll or click off if you wanna do something better than listening a cringy 17 year old ranting about how his computer won't work lmao.
This all started around 6 months ago, when I really looked into macos, I used to be part of the group that stays happy with their cute little linux install and customised the hell out of it. Then one day, I decided out of nowhere that I'm gonna somehow install macos. With an 8th gen i3 acer laptop with integrated graphics, that didn't seem way out of the question, sadly the laptop wasn't well known at the time, nor did it have extra slots for other drives, so it was just me and my linux drive, that's when I came across the MacOS docker project. With a lot, lot of troubleshooting, I could get it running - for 10 minutes, when it crashed, it obviously wasn't made for my system to handle on a VM.
I felt... really sad? but not in a "I failed a test and idk what to do sad", more like, "I lost at the 8th mario bros world sad". Even though I failed at it, it ignited a flame... to try to run and daily drive macos, or at least... try to, as a student, I couldn't get a new machine at the time, and just had to make do with what I have. That was, until a week ago.
I, out of nowhere, was given a Thinkpad t440p, I was honestly extremely happy, I knew this i7 4th gen machine could easily handle macos, also being a T series thinkpad, it's extremely well documented... oh the install would go so smoothly... They say people grow daily, sometimes, you look down upon or cringe at the version of yourself that did some stupid things a week, or sometimes even a day ago, I'm still feeling that writing this.
I had a hard drive, for data and an SSD with my windows install inside my machine, just thinking of trying it out, I thought of trying to installing it on the hard drive. A quick google search showed me an extremely well documented guide for hackintoshing thinkpad t440p, I was quite content, the instructions were clear and nice, installed macos big sur via the command prompt, pasted the efi file, modified some values and boom, in no time, I had an apple recovery booted up, clicked on diskpart and- what? the hard drive shows up, but it just doesn't format, every possible (but very limited) search result.... did nothing, "Hey! Maybe it's a big sur problem", after around 30 mins, I had a file with catalina! The formatting still didn't work. I was out of luck, so I thought...
I managed to find an old SSD, hey! that could work, I put it in the machine, and it formats first try! Brilliant! I click on the inviting "Install MacOS Catalina" button, and broke the apple TOS (sorry tim), and got to the "2 hour and 30 min remaining" welp, this will take a while, but it seems worth it... 4 hours later? it's stuck on the installer, 1/3rd of the way, saying 1 minute remaining.... Kinda irritating, reddit says to just wait overnight... sure I can do that I wake up, and first thing I see is the one minute remaining screen. sighs "maybe time works differently in apple world" I rebooted, and 3 hours later, we're still at the one minute remaining mark.
"Hey! Maybe it's a catalina problem" I spent 30 mins, changing up files and switching them up for big sur, loaded in 4 hours later.... it still says 1 minute remaining... alright, this is getting kinda irritating now...
With an extra bit of research, I managed to find another project for t440p hackintoshes only big sur this time, fine.. It doesn't have the wifi card support
I tried all these configurations with flashing my ssd with different file formats and.. Wait what!? the Catalina install finally finished properly!? It just has to reboot... There was no boot through disk option on clover... just noname.dmg
well, this is just great... I didn't get lucky enough to do that another time. I tried switching on the flag for unsupported drives, and nope, still the same problem Earlier today, I tried installing big sur and catalina with just one stick of ram and my windows drive out since that sometimes apparently helps? I personally had no luck.
Now... I personally think I've hit the grand roadblock, and I'm extremely sure it's probably just one little, stupid mistake causing it all. I've scoured through reddit and github, even followed yt tutorials step by step, but honestly, no luck, maybe if you lose in mario bros enough times... you do end up rage quitting.
Wow, can't believe you made to the end of this rant/ shitpost, I'm sorry if I sound annoying or weird but I really needed to vent this entire process out somewhere lmao, I probably won't touch trying to install macos anyime soon, but knowing myself, I'll honestly come around it. Thanks for reading :) For the big brain troubleshooters out here raging at me only mentioning generic names of my stuff, here's the exact configuration of my thinkpad and my config.plist :) Device name: Thinkpad t440p Processor: Intel i7-4710MQ Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4600 SSD: Zebronics ZEB-SD13 128 gb RAM: 8GB DDR3 Wifi and bluetooth: Intel Wireless-N 7260 Link to config.plist
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2023.06.06 18:24 Kattilakannu Rehab as a nonbinary person and I'm afraid

I checked myself to rehab today. I'm supposed to be here for about 6 weeks. We have a rather small community within this big rehab centre, and everyone here are cis males.
The thing is, there is one nazi (he has very detailed and big nazi tattoo on himself) and I have been listening their converstations from my own room, and the whole group seems to be pretty racist.
I'm super uncomfortable with all of this, how am I supposed to heal in this kind of enviroment?
Idk I just need to vent, I'm pretty uncomrotable with these people.
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2023.06.06 18:24 Dreadmaker Frontlining Strength-based skill monkey?

Hey folks. So I'm looking to build a character that functions as the front-lining tank/melee-big-guy of the group, but rather than being a traditional PAM/GWM damage-machine fighter, I'm kinda interested in making something that feels more a traditional skill-monkey - has huge bonuses to all the things, is pretty self sufficient, and can help to take care of the party not in terms of healing or anything, but in terms of just getting stuff done in the dungeon.
I'm talking about a character that can climb around, jump around, run faster than most, can grapple enemies easily, can lift/push/drag/carry whatever is necessary, and can take a bunch of damage, and ideally can be stealthy while doing it.
We're currently at level 7, but may be 8 by the time this character becomes relevant.
The rest of the party is relatively frail characters for the most part - a gloomstalker rangerogue multiclass, a bladesinger wizard, and a lore bard - all of which have 8 strength. So, we're definitely in need of a "traditional frontline".
My first thought/first draft was a tabaxi path of the beast barbarian, which actually solves a lot of these problems out of the gate - but was also considering the idea of multiclassing it to either a rogue or ranger for athletics expertise, and in the case of the ranger, a fighting style. Tabaxi can climb automatically, they can double their movespeed on demand (which for a barb at 5+ is already 40 feet, so that's 80 pretty regularly). Beast barbs at 6+ can become water-breathing swimmers or extreme jumpers every rest (or climbers, but we already have that to some extent). Barbs get a lot of proficiencies with Tasha's, too.
That was just my first idea, but I'd love to hear yours! What sorts of things does a "frontlining strength-based skill monkey" make you think? How would you build this character?
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2023.06.06 18:20 Book_Golem Battle Report (Soulblight vs Kharadron)

Well, I've finally played a whole five turn game of Age of Sigmar, with the latest General's Handbook and everything! I want to get into the habit of writing up battle reports, so here goes.
The Armies
My 1000pt list was the following:
Bloodline: Vyrkos
Leaders Wight King on Skeletal Steed (Warlord) ++General (Hunter's Snare)
Necromancer (Warlord) ++Waste Away ++Ulfenkarni Phylactery
Vampire Lord (Warlord) ++Spirit Gale ++Vial of Manticore Venom (bonus from Battalion)
Battleline 20 Skeletons (Galletian Veterans)
10 Skeletons (Galletian Veterans)
10 Grave Guard (Galletian Veterans) ++Greatblades
Other 5 Black Knights (Warlord)
3 Vyrkos Blood-born (Warlord)
Grand Strategy: Empire of Corpses
Total Points: 975
This is the list I used in my last game, with the intent that I don't need to learn any new units this way. I still don't have any Dire Wolves, so that's an aspect of Vyrkos I won't be able to take advantage of.
My opponent was running Kharadron Overlords. As I recall, it was something like this:
Sky-Port: Barak Murder-you-on-the-charge
Leaders Admiral ++Arcane Tome
Aether Khemist ++ Spell in a bottle (Purple Sun)
Aetheric Navigator
Battleline (I assume) 3 Skywardens
3 Skywardens
3 Endrinriggers
Behemoths Frigate ++Cannon ++Flagship
Grand Strategy: Keep the Frigate Alive (and also kill all enemy flying units)
It's sort of the opposite of my list - everything is fast and small units, while mine's slow and large.
Mission and Deployment
The mission ended up being Jaws of Gallet, the one where each round after the first the player going second can nominate an objective to be removed. I set up the table as a ruined city, with quite a lot of small pieces of ruins terrain laid out on a mat covered in cobbled roads. I'd intended for this to be a way to get the terrain out of the box prior to my opponent arriving, but he was happy with the layout (and naturally got to pick territory). Plus it's nice to play on a map that makes cohesive sense!
I deployed somewhat conservatively - the small unit of skeletons hanging back to hold my home objective, Black Knights and the Wight King on the left flank to run up and take the Northwest objective on turn one, the Necromancer and large Skeleton unit on the right flank to push for the Southeast objective, and the Vampire Lord and Blood-born taking the centre. The Grave Guard went into the grave, having been too slow to really help in previous games.
My opponent put his Navigator and Frigate on his back objective (Northeast), and everything else in the boat. I immediately worried about how I was ever going to catch these jerks.
Round 1
My opponent got priority, and gave me the first turn. I immediately advanced on both flanks and up the centre, taking four Objectives and scoring the Cunning Manoeuvre Battle Tactic (for getting my Necromancer onto the Southeast objective, which was in both our territories). Spirit Gale and Mystic Shield both failed to cast, heralding a depressingly familiar start to my spellcasting for the game.
I jumped the Grave Guard out 9" away from my opponent's Navigator, hoping for a long charge to take him out early. Alas, a 7 rerolled into a 7, and they sat around in front of the entire enemy army looking very vulnerable instead.
My opponent got things rolling on his turn, disembarking the Admiral and Khemist and moving them towards the centre objective, taking it from me (as the Admiral counts as 2 models, and either not all of my vampires were quite in range or we miscounted). Meanwhile, the Frigate itself advanced on my Necromancer's contingent, blasting away some of his defensive Skeletons. The Navigator sat on the Northeast point, and started slowing/damaging my units and giving a movement boost to the Frigate like a jerk. Also, the Khemist killed some of my Grave Guard and dropped the Purple Sun on my Blood-born.
The frigate charged my Skeleton Horde (with some of them reassembling in front of it), and both units of Skywardens piled out. Here I made another mistake, forgetting that the Necromancer can offload wounds onto nearby Summonable units, and one unit of Skywardens decided that they weren't having any of that 5+ Ward nonsense and murdered him. Ah well, he wasn't much of a minion anyway. The Skeletons held out though, and put a wound on each of the Skywarden units.
Round 2
My opponent won priority and decided to go for the double turn. Oof.
The Navigator chipped a few more wounds off the Blood-born and the Grave Guard, the Khemist likewise fumigating my wights. The Frigate remained in combat, though one unit of Skywardens peeled off to deal with my backline Skeleton unit. The Admiral charged my Blood-born, killing them outright but straying into pile-in territory of my Vampire Lord, who proceeded to beat him around the head with a mace for a little bit. The Skeleton Horde remained "strong", recovering plenty of models in the combat phase and then being reduced to a single unit champion remaining. This could have gone a lot worse. (Good thing that conniving Necromancer was dead, I might have lost the Skeletons if he'd been offloading wounds onto them!)
On my turn, I removed the objective my opponent's Navigator was sitting on. That'll tech him! I also used the Genera's Handbook Heroic Action Strike At The Opening to fight in the Hero Phase with my Vampire Lord, dealing a little more damage to the enemy Admiral. That guy is very durable! More skeletons regenerated, though tragically my Grave Guard weren't close enough to my Vampire Lord to recover any models. I also managed to actually cast Spirit Gale this time, chipping wounds off every enemy and slaying one Skywarden from each unit thanks to previous damage.
My cavalry swept in from the left, taking back the centre control point and giving me more lovely victory points. I had the Wight King hang back an inch or two to continue contesting the Northwest objective too. In the combat phase, many Skeletons reassembled, and my Vampire Lord weathered a beating but finally finished off the Admiral (immediately recovering damage taken thanks to The Hunger), scoring me The Choicest Vintage. Also, the sole surviving Grave Guard charged the Khemist, though failed to do anything of note.
Round 3
I won priority. Time for a counter double turn!
This turn I forgot to pick a Battle Tactic. My opponent was kind enough to let me pick one randomly when I remembered at the start of the combat phase, but there was no chance of completing This One's Mine by then.
A few key things happened this turn. First, I was reminded that Objectives in Age of Sigmar are sticky, and you don't have to leave units on them. Second, my opponent removed my backline (Southwest) objective, freeing up my Skeletons to move even if it wasn't sticky. Thirdly, my opponent got fed up of the Purple Sun and dispelled it - it was sitting in the centre of the board and making it risky for him to move his troops nearby, while I was basically ignoring it. (I failed to cast anything so his Navigator had a dispel left.)
I began moving my Skeletons towards the centre, while the Skeleton Horde continued to regenerate itself (and also move to retake the Southeast objective, now that it had enough models again). My Black Knights continued to sweep eastward, flattening the Khemist with 7 Mortal Wounds on the charge, and my Vampire Lord charged back South to deal with the separated unit of Skywardens, wiping them out in a single round.
My opponent Flew High with the Frigate, transporting the remaining unit of Skywardens and the Endrinriggers close to the Northwest objective. His Navigator slowed my cavalry contingent to a crawl, and plinked the last Wound off the Grave Guard in the Hero phase - I responded by immediately re-summoning them at the end of the Movement phase to contest the Northwest objective (and to distract from everything shooting my Wight King).
The Grave Guard ate a lot of fire, though not enough to save the mounted Wight King from taking enough fire to kill him too. That hurt, I needed units that can actually do damage. There wasn't much (or any?) combat this turn, just a lot of my important units getting shot. Ouch.
Round 4
I won priority, and so we didn't have a double turn this time!
On the other hand, my opponent removed the Southeast objective, leaving my Skeleton Horde hanging around a big hole in the ground rather than delicious loot. This turn, with thin pickings for Battle Tactics, I chose Endless Nightmare - unfortunately, my big unit of Skeletons was up to 14 models by this point; I'd need to revive four in the Hero Phase and then pass the 25% chance to reassemble the other two in the Combat Phase.
I pushed my forces towards the centre of the battlefield, my Vampire Lord flying 11" to catch up with the two units of skeletons, and my Wight King popping back out of the grave to get even more control on the central point. The Black Knights attempted a long charge at the Frigate, hoping to wipe out one of the units inside with a good set of Mortals, but even with a reroll they couldn't make it in. To make matters worse, I only revived one Skeleton in the combat phase, failing my Battle Tactic. All in all, I scored only a single point this turn, and things started to look grim.
In my opponent's turn, he chipped wounds off my cavalry with the Navigator again, shot the Black Knights off the table, and disembarked the Skywardens to take the central Objective. There was also a bunch of shooting at my Wight King, but in cover and with Finest Hour up he weathered the storm this time.
Round 5
My opponent won priority again, leading to the most double turns I've seen in a single game of AoS. I also completely forgot to remove an objective this round, leading to extra points scored for my opponent - whoops.
The Skywardens went Northwest to contest that objective against emerging Black Knights - my opponent had to choose between running (and preventing my Knights from taking the objective from him if they emerged on his turn by contesting it) or not running (and hoping that their ranged weapons would be enough to sweep the Knights if they showed up this turn). He chose not to run, resulting in only a single Skywarden being within 6" of the Objective. As it was, the Black Knights did not emerge this turn (I rolled for it though, which was probably a mistake).
The Frigate and the Endrinriggers then charged Wight King and both units of Skeletons. With everything together, (and a series of unlucky saves) the Wight King died again, leaving my opponent in control of both objectives. It was going to come down to the Vampire Lord to save the day.
On my turn I selected Eye for an Eye as the only Battle Tactic I really had a hope of completing. I needed to kill either the Frigate (unlikely, but wins me the game at this point) or the Endrinriggers (much more likely, but I wasn't sure it'd be enough), while also getting enough skeletons onto the central point to take it and getting my Black Knights back to take the Northwest objective. Yikes.
I started strong by casting Grinding Teeth of Gallet on the central Objective, catching the Frigate, Endrinriggers, and my Skeletons (oh no, not the skeletons). And then I flubbed all the rolls, resulting in no Mortal Wounds to anybody. Total effective spells cast this game: 1.
Next up, I moved the Vampire Lord into position for a 3" charge into the Frigate and successfully brought back the Black Knights! That's the Northwest Objective taken care of, along with my Grand Strategy.
Finally, the combat phase. The Vampire Lord made his charge, and immediately rolled five misses for his attacks. Oof. So much for taking out the Frigate. Due to poor positioning on my part, both units of skeletons had to split attacks between the Frigate and the Endrinriggers, though the Horde did manage to pile in close enough to the objective to take that for me too. It came down to the wire, but with Crimson Feast and All Out Attack active, the Horde also managed to kill off the last two Endrinriggers, scoring my last grasp of points!
Final result: 22 - 22, Draw
I definitely made mistakes this game, but so did my opponent. I'm happy with the result - there were a lot of things that happened that could have swung it one way or the other, and in the end a draw honestly feels like a hard-fought victory!
Learning points
Battle Tactics are a really fiddly part of the game. I don't even have the six Vampire ones memorised, never mind the eight other options! That's definitely going to be a sticking point for me learning this game properly.
I really like the Vampire Lord, though I can definitely see why people like taking Legion of Blood for them - extra casting ability and more attacks would both have been very useful in this game. They're also not quite as damaging in combat as I keep thinking they are, which is something I'll have to keep in mind.
On the topic of casting: oof. One successful spell over the course of the game is not what I'd been hoping to see. Granted, some of those were dispelled by the Navigator, but I think I missed casting well over half of them in the first place - and losing the Necromancer early on didn't help with that. I feel like I'd like to be the magically dominant faction in most matchups (outside Tzeentch or Lizardmen), so more wizards might be the way to go. Or at least the Arcane Tome on the Wight King.
Vyrkos really didn't do much for me this game, though what it did do may have kept me in it. The 5+ Ward on the Skeleton Horde helped out on turn one, when the most damage was incoming; while the Wight King counting as seven models forced my opponent to make some riskier plays to take the central objective from me. I never managed to chain activate heroes and units, and as mentioned earlier I don't have the models for summoned wolves yet. I think I'll try out Legion of Blood next time for better Vampires.
I almost completely wasted the Grave Guard this game. A unit of ten Skeletons would have done better in their position. I think I need to keep them in the grave a little longer - if I'd brought them out a turn later they could have easily deleted the Navigator for me. (They were still useful for taking fire, but I'd rather not spend 140pts to do that when 85 would suffice!)
Kharadron Overlords are frustrating to fight against, but also Skeletons seem to be a great counter to them - coming back in the Combat phase means you can regenerate a lot of the damage that they do with shooting.
The Navigator is an incredible utility piece too - moving ships, dealing Mortal Wounds, and most annoyingly halving the speed of my units to stop them getting where I needed them to go. I know it's only based on rolls of one and six, but with a reroll each turn (from a command, I think? Or possibly an artefact.) he was able to get both effects off every round damaging multiple units.
The Frigate was cool, if infuriating. My opponent attempted to drop bombs with it in the movement phase exactly once, and came to the same conclusion I did about moving across enemy units: it's basically impossible. Doubtless there's some professional strategy for doing it consistently, but it looks to me like you'd have to start 3" away and fly over no more than 1" of model to get the frigate to fly over a unit given its base size.
We completed the game in somewhere over three hours. Not bad given that I'm still learning all the rules, but definitely something to work on.
Anyway, thanks for reading, and I hope this was enjoyable. I'm always open to advice - I know I've got a lot to learn about how the army works!
Next step: paint all the skeletons!
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2023.06.06 18:18 shirakumosgirl Dream experts HELP

Ok I’m writing this down quickly so I don’t forget, so forgive me if there are any typos. These last few nights I’ve had some strange dreams. The night before last night I had a dream that I was being guided through a forest by a tall lady with purple hair. She took me to an apartment complex that looked like the one I stayed at when I was a kid. Then she took me to my old school, and it looked abandoned but there was one light on upstairs. I remember grabbing her arm because I was scared and She then turned to me and said “don’t be scared, we’ve gone through this forest many times.” All of the sudden, I was trapped in a small room. I tried to turn on the lights, but they wouldn’t turn on. The only light that turned on was a super dim red light.. and then POW! A super big flash of light! And then I woke up. Now here’s the weird part, I felt the presence of my deceased cats (I lost them 6 months ago as of now) but I never actually saw them. I just couldn’t shake the feeling that they were here. It was such a strong feeling that I woke up crying. Dream #2 probably won’t be as detailed because I kinda forgot most of it already.. but this one is directly about Santisima. I was dreaming that I was changing the water on her altar, something I do every day, but this time the water was super cloudy and bubbly. It looked like watered down milk. While I was changing the water, the fire alarm in my house began to go off. I started to panic. But a few seconds later, the alarm shut off. I refilled her water and placed it on her altar and it began bubbling like crazy!! Almost as if it was boiling, but without heat. I remember trying to walk out of my room but I tripped over a metal ladder..? Of all things?? But yeah the dream ended there. I strongly feel like these two dreams might have meanings. All help is appreciated. :)
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2023.06.06 18:17 According-Stage1492 Sometimes your real family isn't blood

For a little background info, I am 18, and my best friend is 32. I spend almost all of my spare time at her house, with her, her fiance, and her 5 kids. Before anyone comes at me for the age gap, just know that this is one of those rare instances where it actually doesn't matter. Some more background info would be that my family is full of very Christian people, particularly my mom. My mom tends to use Christianity as a shield for her toxic behavior.
My mom often asks me why I never talk to her, never want to be around her, why I seem to choose my friends over her, why I'm always at their house, etc. Here's ONLY NINE examples of things that I've said to her and my friends, and the vast difference in their responses.
  1. Me: "I really like this show"
Mom's response: "That is disgusting trash, and of the world"
Friends: "Nice, here's my Netflix password so you can watch it on your phone"
  1. Me: cusses
Mom's response: "That is not the way a good Christian girl should speak"
Friends: couldn't care less
  1. Me: has a vastly different opinion on something
Mom's response: "that is Satan trying to influence you"
Friends: "cool, wanna tell us more about it?"
  1. Me: tells something confidential
Mom's response: tells entire church group what I said and to pray for me
Friends: "Your secret is safe with us"
  1. Me: is in a bad mood
Mom's response: "you need to ask God to change that attitude, you are being so disrespectful"
Friends: "what's wrong?"
  1. Me: "I don't want kids"
Mom's response: "So, what you're telling me is that if God's plan is for you to have kids, you're just going to ignore that because YOU don't want kids? You're so selfish, you're just saying this to hurt me. Where did I go wrong with you?"
Friends: "good, don't. They are a pain in the ass"
7: Me: makes a big accomplishment
Mom's response: "good job! You better thank God for giving you the strength and ability to do that!"
Friends: "Good job! You worked so hard!"
8: Me: is angry at someone for doing something horrible
Mom's response: "you need to forgive, and love your enemy"
Friends: "fuck them, make em pay."
TW 9: Me: has disordered eating issues
Mom's response: "We'll pray about it, and you need to pray about it too. If you don't put that faith in God to get better, you're going to end up thrown into a mental facility and drugged up"
Friends: "Let's start by eating at least one meal a day. It can be your meal of choice, as a compromise!"
Just a reminder that sometimes, just because someone is blood related to you doesn't mean they're automatically entitled to be chosen over friends.
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2023.06.06 18:15 monclersavage 25 [m4m] #sanjose- you host, let’s stroke together

Hey guys, I’m 25, white, 6’1, average-fit body, big 8” cock. Im straight curious, I am looking for a bro who wants to jerk together today or suck me off, I’m trying to experiment with a bro and jerk together, maybe swap head, just general Jo fun, I’m clean, chill, and just wanna cum with another dude, married dl guys are a plus, I’m dl and cannot host so please be able to host today if you’re down! Hmu!
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2023.06.06 18:15 bleachingliliesblack How to help our estimator?

Hi yall! First post here with a quick question. We have an estimator that has been with us well over a year (1.5) and we keep seeing mistakes in measurements, low bid jobs that eat into our margins, lack of customer communication, lack of pictures, time management, etc.
He's a good guy and works hard but all of these issues are always present in different severity. The GM and I (office admin) have been trying to coach him, give him attainable goals to reach, give him extra time to complete estimates and review his estimates daily with him. We've tried it all. None of it sticks. If we begin to conquer an issue, after a week another issues flairs up.
He's OT every week. Last week none of his estimates were completed. We have rework that's costing us money due to incorrect measurements or plans of action.
I would like to salvage this situation if possible but it just feels like he's too young mentally to handle this roll at this time.
I've been the office admin for 6 months and have taken over customer contact, sending out estimates, scheduling jobs. I only ask him to respond to customers if it's something I can't answer. We all get the same emails in our inbox but he never opens them.
What can we do? What is he struggling with? How can the GM and I support him? This is his first big "sales" job but he wants this field to be his career and I don't see that being possible with how he manages things right now.
We're talking about sending him to a sales training seminar. Would that help?
Thank you in advance for the advice!
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2023.06.06 18:15 boinabbc 23 New Data Science, Data Engineering and Machine Learning jobs

Job Title Company Location Country Skills
Machine Learning Engineer Norac Raleigh United States Machine Learning
Data Engineer BI S&P Global Gurgaon India Business Intelligence, Scala, ETL
NLP Machine Learning Engineer MORSE Corp Cambridge United States Machine Learning, NLP
Data Engineer Chiselon Technologies Pvt Ltd Hyderabad India Python, Pandas
Data Engineer Zobility Dearborn United States Python
Data Engineer Nike Boston United States ETL
Interesting Job Opportunity: ManageSenior Manage... HuQuo Gurugram India Python, ETL, Deep Learning
Azure Data Engineer- Insights & Data, Stockholm Capgemini Stockholm Sweden AWS
Sr Data Engineer Nike Beaverton Remote SQL, AWS, Scala
Data Engineer - 1387983 RightWorks Fort Worth United States SQL
[Data Analyst Full-time (Remote)]( Better Agency Jimboomba Australia
Data Analyst Seacoast Bank Georgia United States SQL
Data Analyst Seacoast Bank Florida United States SQL
Senior Data Engineer (m/f/d) Friendsurance Berlin Germany SQL, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence
Data Engineer 7-Eleven Australia Melbourne Australia SQL
Experienced Machine Learning Engineer dataroots Brussels Metropolitan Area Belgium Machine Learning
Data Engineer / ingénieur informatique Data AI - P... Free-Work (ex Freelance-info Carriere-info)-jobs) Greater Brest Area France Spark
[Data Engineer (m w d) 100% remote]( Switzerland
Data Engineer Volta Charging San Francisco United States SQL, ETL, AWS
Big Data Engineer (w/m/d) MaibornWolff GmbH Berlin Germany SQL
Data Analyst - Performance - H/F ADEO Services Hauts-de-France France Looker
Data Engineer - Big Data - Banque & Finance Sopra Steria Bordeaux France Scala, Spark
Lead Big Data Engineer GREAT EASTERN Singapore Singapore Business Intelligence
Hi guys, here are 23 New Data Science, Data Engineering and Machine Learning jobs.
For more, check our Google sheet with more opportunities in Data Science and Machine Learning (updated each week) here
If you want to take some Data and ML courses, click here
Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers!
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2023.06.06 18:14 Lord_Guyis Season 2 Episode 22 Anime and Manga Differences

Alright, here are the differences and comparisons between the anime and manga for season 2 episode 22. Standard disclaimers: 1. this is pretty much spoiler-free, I will only talk about the portion of content from the manga that was covered in the episode. 2. a difference one way or the other is not inherently a good or bad thing. I'll probably dislike the anime's changes, but those are my judgements, you have yours. 3. I am comparing the official english versions of the material that I have easily available to me, as such I'm comparing 2 different translations, I'm aware the two JP versions almost certainly have identical wording in most parts (and that Netflix is just using the manga lines, for the most part). With that said, let us begin.
This episode covers all of chapter 96 (including the cover page), all of 97 (though the order of it is mixed around), and the cover page for 98. Totaling 58 pages.
And that ends this one. Quite a solid episode though I, of course, have my gripes. Not a big fan of all the flashes of past events, like I said, I remember, and I appreciate the manga just trusting me to do so. Before you argue that it's been so long since season 1, it had been a similar amount of time (if not longer) between the chapters coming out in the manga. 40+ chapters between the end of the prologue and these chapters, at the least that's right around 4 years (and again the "you have no enemies" was already brought back up earlier THIS season). Aside from that I also really don't care for the art style of whatever animator was in charge of the big scene with Canute and then Einar yelling at him. They are clearly very skilled, but it just looks really ugly to me. Otherwise I did feel that all the important moments did land as they should have, so it was overall very solid.
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2023.06.06 18:13 DangerRacoon Think I'm going to be stuck as a traditional artist for a while now, So i may as well ask how do I make my drawings look better on paper or my camera?

Been dealing with something me and my parents for a while now, Basically we had a relative of ours who had helped us out on getting a drawing tablet, Because for some reason my parents refuse to buy anything physical online, Anyways, It reached my country and everything it was on my relative's house, Good news, And everything, I was supposed to get it the day after it got shipped to my country, But my mom was busy, So I had to wait like 4 days, Alright, Mom finally's done, And I was told the thing would come today, Asked mom again, And its tomorrow, And I feel like this is going to be scattered in endless delays, So I may as well forget about the drawing tablet in general, It got here and everything, But whats the point.
This is a plea for help, As I'm starting to hate, Drawing on paper, I'm starting to despise it, I just feel its inferior in every way possible, I just can't bare to touch pencil, And I don't want that to happen, I didn't begin hate drawing, I just began to hate drawing on paper, Oh I wanna share it to anyone? my picture quality looks freaking horrible, I planned to train myself on my drawing tablet, And start doing decent enough art to do commissions and design stuff, Not for an actual job, But more like a side gig, A summer job at best.
Yes, Everything seems genuine, It got there, And what not, But these delays are making me lose it, I'm beginning to give up on this, And just continue on drawing on paper, Do people commision other people who draw on paper? Why would I show my desktop, It looks ugly, I'm not showing anything that isn't my paper, I care about my privacy in real life.
I'll be damned, If I have actually seen someone who actually got commissioned who draws on pencil and paper, With semi bad camera quality, And black and white, I'd literally like to meet them and tell them that they are my hero.
Not to mention how I feel so restricted on drawing on paper, I have so much big ideas to draw on my head, Yet I refuse too because I can't fit them on paper, And they are going to look freaking terrible if anything on paper unlike digital, Most people prefer things digitally, Its like sprinkles, And other stuff that appeals to anyone, Its like make up to your drawings.
I'm sorry but its been stressing me for a while, And I just need help figuring out how to make things way better with drawing on paper, I have been doing nothing but drawing animals on paper, And thats it, Just animals, Ferrets, Whatever on paper, Do they look good? Yes, But if I took a picture of it, The quality would look horrible, Those are only meant for my drawing training, Do I enjoy drawing animals on paper? Yes, But I'm getting tired, I wanna draw things that I want, Not animals.
I'm so sorry for all of this but like, I'm just done with this, And I think its about time I deal with me and paper. And try to turn things into the better instead. Since this is going nowhere anyways. So help a pal out.
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2023.06.06 18:07 Guyrannosaurus The Dragon Knight (AI generated build)

I just discovered something wonderful, you can use AI to build the basis of your builds based off an idea. I have made a few so far, but I was so excited about this that I made a reddit account after lurking for years in order to share with y'all my favorite / the one I intend to play in my next game. I have also included the prompts I used. Let me know what you think!
Prompt: "Using elements from fallout 4 and full creative liberty, write a detailed pre-war and post-war character backstory as well as armor and weapon ideas based on the following prompt: Upon escaping vault 111 and finding the world destroyed, he loses his mind and thinks he is a fantasy hero called "The Dragon Knight" who has to avenge his wife and save his son from an evil order of mages."
Nate was always a nerdy kid who loved comics, especially Grognak the Barbarian. He even created his own tabletop RPG character based on the comic, a brutal warrior named the Dragon Knight, who wielded a sword and a shield and wore a dragon-shaped helmet.
Nate grew up in a turbulent time, as the United States was engaged in a long and brutal war with China over natural resources. He felt a sense of duty and patriotism, and he decided to join the military when he was 18. He enlisted in the 2nd Battalion, 108th Infantry Regiment of the U.S. Army, and he proved to be an excellent soldier. He was trained in using power armor, which gave him an edge on the battlefield. He fought bravely in several battles against the Chinese forces, earning medals and commendations for his valor.
His unit nicknamed him "The Dragon Knight" after his tabletop RPG character, because of how effective he was in power armor and because Nate often joked that he was fighting dragons instead of communists, and that he was looking for his princess in the wasteland. At times he could be brutal, being the soldier his country needed him to be. His bravery and conviction lead him to be merciless yet effective in the heat of battle. He had a dark side buried under his joyful and nerdy exterior, one that only his enemies ever saw.
After the war Nate met Nora, a young lawyer from Boston, at a comic book convention. They instantly hit it off, sharing their love for comics and RPGs. They got married soon after, and moved to Sanctuary Hills, a peaceful suburb near Concord. They had a son, Shaun, who was born in 2077. Nate was overjoyed to be a father, and he hoped to pass on his love for comics and RPGs to his son. Nora even surprised him by programming their personal Mister Handy, Codsworth, to call him "Mr. Dragon Knight" as a prank.
On October 23rd, 2077, Nate was preparing for an event at the Veteran's Hall in Concord, where he was supposed to give a speech about his war experiences. He was nervous but excited, and he hoped to inspire others with his story. However, his plans were cut short when a Vault-Tec representative visited his family to inform them that they had pre-approved admittance into Vault 111, a nearby underground shelter. Moments later, a news bulletin warned them of an imminent nuclear attack, which forced Nate, Nora and Shaun to rush to the vault, leaving Codsworth behind.
After entering the vault, they were placed in cryo-sleep by the Vault-Tec scientists, under the guise of decontamination. Nate had no idea that he would be frozen for over two centuries.
In 2227, he was disturbed from his cryogenic sleep by Conrad Kellogg and two unknown Institute scientists, whose intention was to acquire Shaun; as his DNA was the 'purest' source available to the Institute for their experiments. Nate watched helplessly as Kellogg shot Nora dead and took Shaun away. He tried to break free from his pod, but he was too weak and fell unconscious.
He woke up again in 2287, when his pod malfunctioned due to a power outage. He found himself alone in the vault, surrounded by dead bodies. He managed to escape from the vault and returned to Sanctuary Hills, where he found Codsworth still functioning.
Codsworth greeted him with joy and called him "Mr. Dragon Knight" as usual. However, this triggered something in Nate's mind. The trauma of losing his wife and son, combined with the shock of seeing the post-apocalyptic world, had shattered his sanity. He could not cope with reality anymore.
He started to believe that he was actually The Dragon Knight, his tabletop RPG character. He thought that he had been transported to a new unknown land. He thought that Nora was his Queen who had been assassinated, and that Shaun was his heir who had been taken away. Both crimes committed by a secret dark order of mages and their army of undead abominations. He thought that Codsworth was his loyal pet dragon, and that his power armor was his dragon armor.
He decided to embark on a quest to find and rescue his family. He would stop at nothing, and once again became the warrior he needed to be, becoming equally as savage and brutal as the new realm he found himself in. He also hoped to find other heroes who would join him in his quest. Such as Grognak the Barbarian, who gives Nate his trusty axe as a sign of their brotherhood.
"Thank you, now create a standard build for that character using starting perk point allocation, and important perks. I would like it to be vats centered due to using Grognaks axe. Make it viable for survival mode."
Starting SPECIAL:
Strength: 9 Perception: 1 Endurance: 3 Charisma: 1 Intelligence: 6 Agility: 3 Luck: 5
Important Perks:
Strength: Big Leagues, Blacksmith, Rooted Perception: None Endurance: Toughness, Lifegiver Charisma: None Intelligence: Science!, Nuclear Physicist, Armorer Agility: Action Boy/Girl Luck: Bloody Mess, Idiot Savant, Better Criticals, Critical Banker
Build Explanation:
Strength is still the most important stat for this build, as it increases melee damage and allows access to perks like Big Leagues, Blacksmith, and Rooted.
Perception is still not important for this build, as you will be relying on V.A.T.S. to hit your targets and not aiming manually. Endurance is still moderately important, as it gives you more health and allows access to perks like Toughness and Lifegiver.
Charisma is still not important for this build, as you will not be using it for dialogue or settlement building. Instead, you will use Idiot Savant to gain more experience despite your low Charisma. Agility is less important for this build, as you will have less Action Points due to your high Strength and Intelligence. However, you still want to have some Agility to access perks like Action Boy/Girl, which increases your Action Point regeneration.
Luck is also less important for this build, as you will have less critical hit chance due to your low Luck. However, you still want to have some Luck to access perks like Bloody Mess, which gives you more damage and a chance to make enemies explode, Better Criticals, which makes your critical hits do more damage, and Critical Banker, which lets you store up to four critical hits for later use.
Intelligence is significant for this build, as it gives you access to perks that enhance your power armor performance. Science! lets you modify your power armor with better effects such as jetpacks and stealth fields. Nuclear Physicist makes your fusion cores last longer and lets you eject them as powerful explosives. Armorer lets you improve your power armor’s defense and resistance.
This build is viable for survival mode, as it can deal massive damage with melee weapons and survive a lot of punishment with power armor. However, it may struggle with enemies that attack from a distance or have high armor. You may want to carry a backup ranged weapon for emergencies.
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