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2023.06.05 14:27 wombatTriggered Gonna try again

The nurse I usually see said "back for withdrawal " i said no lung problems but few days after hard drinking on Thursday she rushed me in I said sorry I can't help it she made sure I was okay I was waiting for the addiction clinic that morning so I wouldn't be a problem for emerg people who need it but my dad convinced me.
I been through a lot kicked out in -40 weather to walk 9 blocks to My aunts molested by someone been blind for 2 months iso 4 months alone met t bays stall brother wasn't able to walk in wheel chair lost my mind twice not cause I'm mental but medically saved 7 people from addiction 2 from trying to off themselves lost my old best friend who did something to My old gf die not the same time still was fucked up cut off contact to everyone who I care about just a shell now
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2023.06.05 14:27 Eevielutions_ I (16F) have a crush on this girl (17F) and I don’t know how to approach her

So I (16F) have a crush on a girl, let’s call her Sia (17F). We go to the same school and share 2 classes together and occasionally (very rare) in those classes. In the past, I’ve definitely thought that she was really cool and that I would love to be her friend but I think how I thought of her back then has developed into my crush on her now. She is actually so pretty and she’s in a band and I am 95% sure that she is queer.
As I’ve said, I have 2 classes with her and I’ve spoken to her a few times in those classes. For example, in art once she was going around and looking at everyone’s paintings and said to me “woah that’s sick, sorry I’m looking at everyone’s paintings cause I don’t wanna do mine” (I was the first persons painting she looked at before she continued to look at the paintings of everyone else). And sometimes we’d make eye contact and guys, my heart, omg she’s so pretty and I’m so socially awkward I swear my face goes red every time.
I follow her on instagram and like her posts and she also follows me on instagram. I just have no idea how to start a conversation with her without being like a weirdo. I feel like it would be really out of the blue and weird if one day I just dm’ed her, especially since we’re not friends and we’ve never talked outside the occasional comment in class. I just thinking just liking her stories and adding her to my close friends on Insta? But then I wouldn’t know where to go from there. Would it be better to wait till after school so I don’t make a mistake and make it weird? Please help!!
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2023.06.05 14:27 greyape_x Should I be suspicious or worried if the company that has just offered me a job, has emailed me to tell me not to hand my resignation just yet?

I've hated my job for as long as I can remember. I started the job almost 10 years ago, working my way from the bottom of the pile to senior management.
I started looking for a new job at the end of April, a few interviews and call backs here and there, but the one I was pursuing was with a software company just 5 minutes drive up the road from me (my current job is Monday to Friday 8-6 and Saturdays 8-1, and 35 minute drive away)
After 2 Zoom interviews and 2 in person interviews, I was offered the job over the phone last Thursday.
Today I had another call with the Director to discuss my final salary, annual leave and other benefits. All sounded great and she asked if I could join them on July 3rd, which would work perfectly for my 4 week notice period.
I hung up the phone, awaiting the formal job offer by email.
Instead, I've received a text message (?) which just reads;
Thanks for your time again earlier, I'm just waiting for final confirmation from the guys and will be in touch. Until then, don't hand in your resignation.
This has left me feeling quite deflated and it seems that I haven't actually got a job offer then, as it wasn't confirmed?
Or am I reading into it too much? I haven't applied for a job in a decade, so it's quite new to me again
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2023.06.05 14:26 MooMooTheDummy The classic autism moment of it being 5 in the morning at a sleepover and wanting to go home

Like I do feel bad right now because I’ve been friends with this person for years and have been over to the house countless times and this is like 5th sleepover so I’m very familiar with their house. (I know where the trashes are and feel comfortable going downstairs alone to get water and I know where the light switches are in the dark in the bathrooms and I know her brother and mom very well)
It’s just like I have a I’m not home limit that seems to expire during sleepovers. Like I accidentally wake up too early and just wanna go home and take a shower and take a nap and get reacquainted with my bed and all my stuff at home.
I can’t explain it I just get uncomfortable because I can’t fully just idk.
I probably won’t wait for her to wake up. I usually don’t because she sleeps in like until noon. My house is seriously a one minute walk away I’ll probably wait until 8.
Anyone wanna just chat?
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2023.06.05 14:24 HSV_Guy Passengers: Short line and long line as one?

I have a passenger line that has 8 stations with 'Station 1' being a 'Central/Hub' station for multiple (at the moment only 2) passenger lines and station 8 being the end of the line. At the moment I have a few hundred people waiting at stations 1 to 4 and not many at stations 5 to 8.

I initially thought that if I setup a new line covering just stations 1 to 4 and move some of the trains from the longer line to this shorter line it would work. However, unsurprisingly this doesn't work as I assume once a passenger is waiting for a train on a particular line they will stick to that line (unless it is deleted) and aren't smart enough to go, 'hey, here's a new line that will get me to where I want to go much quicker'. Obviously over time having two separate lines would even out but I feel like this would still likely lead to less than ideal results.

One thing I thought of doing was to change the stops from being stations 1 (through) to 8 (through) to 1 again would be to go from 1 to 8 to 1 to 4 to 1 (and repeat) which would result in twice as many trains stopping at stations 1 to 4. But in this case, will passengers wanting to go to stations 5 to 8 get off at station 4 (if the next stop is station 3) and wait for a 1-8 leg train or will they stay on the train (eg and go from whichever 1 to 3 station they got on at, to 4, back to 1 and then through to whatever 5-8 station they were going to)?
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2023.06.05 14:23 Pikachyuuuuu A revision of the first two WN prologue chapters. What do you think?

Hello everyone!
Recently I've been reading the WN of TsukiMichi, and while I do think the translations are passable, I don't think they could be considered all that good, especially from the perspective of a native English speaker.
I will iterate though, that I respect Reigokai for everything he has done, and I am quite grateful to even be able to experience the web novel in any form or fashion.
Carrying onto the main point of this post, whilst I do enjoy the web novel, I was curious what it may look like if the translations were a bit more natural and free flowing.
I am no writer, but I decided to try my hand at reviewing and revising a couple chapters at the beginning of the WN just to see how much of a difference it might make.
I should mention that the revisions were simply made to the material provided by Reigokai, I built upon whatever he had translated, and did not refer to the original work. I can't read enough Japanese to be able to directly translate after all. I simply tried to infer the meaning from what was already presented in the web novel, and make it a little more clear.
I would love to get others opinions on my revisions and what you think in comparison to the original.Any form of constructive criticism would be welcome!
For example, did I take too much creative liberty in redescribing some situations, did I fluff it up too much, are there any changes you think were unnecessary or detract away from the experience?
On top of that do you think I should continue? It's honestly quite time consuming to do this, so I don't know if I will, but it was enjoyable for what it's worth so I may if I feel like it!
While reading you may find a couple of grammatical errors and such, I hope you won't mind!

TL;DR: I revised two chapters of the TsukiMichi WN and would appreciate constructive feedback.

Prologue: This is the beginning of the autumn sky
I woke up, made breakfast, and in the meantime prepared my lunchbox.
I left for school, then went to club for morning practice.
Finishing up my club’s morning practice, I headed to class.
Once that was finished, I once again went back to club in the afternoon.
After hanging out with my friends in club, I went back home.
I took a bath, and then I changed.
I enjoyed some time with my family, and then I rested.
In the late nights of autumn, I read books, played games, and surfed the web.
Finally, I slept.
That’s all I did.
There might have been something in between the lines, but that’s not particularly important.
“That’s why it’s strange... Why I am not asleep in the comforts of my own home!?”
That’s right... without a doubt... I’m somewhere else.
I don’t exactly know where, but here I am.
In a square room that looks as if stars were printed on the walls and floor.
In order to better assess my situation, I went around inspecting the room.
I was concerned by the fact that there was no obvious exit present.
On top of that, ever since I got here, I haven’t felt the presence of anything or anyone else.
Currently, I am entrusting my back to a corner of the room, while I ponder my situation.
“You are extremely calm considering your circumstances, huh.”
A voice...
There’s definitely nothing present in this room, yet I’m certain I heard a loud voice.
Looking around, I saw that nothing in the room had visibly changed.
The voice continued.
“Once I projected my voice, you immediately began searching your surroundings attempting to comprehend the current state of affairs. Simultaneously, you remained vigilant as you endeavored to organize your thoughts, huh?”
“Who are you?”
If all I could hear was a voice, it seemed my best option was to attempt to communicate with it.
“If I said I was a god, would you believe me?”
“Absolutely not.”
Does this voice have a screw loose?
“That is quite unfortunate.”
“Well, I will now transport you to a REALLY good parallel world. I should mention, it is a one way trip so you will not be able to return to your original world.”
“Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait!”
What kind of nonsense is this thing spewing so nonchalantly?!
“In regards to what you will be tasked to do, you should ask the one who is in charge of that place when you arrive.
“With that now explained, I am sorry but I need you to sign off on this.”
“Like hell I’m going to do that!”
As I anticipated, my voice became violent. I mean, It’s a given! it’s obvious! Who would just accept this situation like that?!
“Oh? You don’t want to? That’s weird... I was told you would be going.”
The voice seemed troubled.
There’s a limit to jokes! I have in absolutely no way, heard about this beforehand!
“I’m not lying! I haven’t been told a thing about this! Okay? Moreover, what kind of idiot would just willingly accept the concept of another world?! The fact that we’re even talking about this is just plain weird!”
I attempted to explain my side of the story with all my available might.
“Huh, it seems as if it truly was not you. I apologize, I seem to have made a mistake.”
I breath a sigh of relief.
“I appreciate your apology, but are you going to bring me back home?!”
I still have yet to return to my original tone of voice.
My current tone may not be threatening, but it’s definitely not polite either.
I mean, who’s going to blame me? This is a completely ridiculous situation. It’s definitely not my fault.
“Of course I will.”
That’s what the voice said.
With that, I breathe another sigh of relief.
I’m so glad. It’s a ‘voice’ that can be reasoned with.
Usually, in a standard template scenario like this, this is the part where the voice would say ‘I’m sorry’, ‘it’s impossible’, or ‘oh well, try your best’ and would simply toss you out to fend for yourself.
Maybe you’d even be given the guy who tells you ‘You’re already dead’ and, without hearing any complaints, throws you out to fend for yourself in another world.
That’s what I thought would happen but...
I’m saved ~
“Well, I am extremely sorry… if that is truly the case, then as an alternative it must be either your younger or older sister.”
I retract everything I just said. This guy just said something that can’t be passed off as a joke.
It said it in a nonchalant way, but those were words I absolutely cannot let slip by.
Hey... could you repeat yourself one more time?”
“Hm? If you are not the one to be chosen, that means one of your sisters must be. ”
“Don’t give me that shit!”
“If you touch my sisters, I’ll make sure you live to regret it!”
They’re out there, living their own lives to the fullest!
There’s no way they’d be able to just accept this situation!
The audacity! Without even an ounce of care in its voice, this thing says it’ll just whisk one of the two away!
Don’t mess with me!
“For the sake of confirming, you are indeed the Misumi family’s eldest son, Misumi Makoto-kun, correct?”
Why does it know my name?
“The kids of the Misumi household should have already been told of this matter. At least, that is what I was told. Is this not correct?”
The voice seemed even more troubled now then it did before.
I was a bit surprised by this. Although it kidnapped me out of nowhere, it still tried its best to respect my will.
Everything being considered…
“Well, for the time being, could you at least tell me your name?”
That’s right. I’m still somehow managing not to fall into a complete panic, but it’s not as if I’m extremely calm either.
The best way to put it would be, I’m composed. I have to settle down a bit.
Even now, I still don’t even know the identity of the voice.
“?? Oh yeah of course, you are quite right. I apologize for not having introduced myself sooner. I am called Tsukuyomi.”
“I see, Tsukuyomi. Tsukuyomi… Tsukuyomi?!”
“Oh? Do you know of me? I see you are quite knowledgeable.”
“You don’t mean, Tsukuyomi of the three Shinto gods, do you? That Tsukuyomi no Mikoto?!”
“Oooh, yes, that would indeed be correct. Although, compared to the other two, I am nothing but a minor character.”
I mean, that’s true. Even considering that though, he’s still a big shot.
I like myths and history (though only a bit), henceforth why I know of him.
If what the voice is saying is true, then he is quite the character.
“Why is it that the Tsukuyomi-sama knows of me?”
Let’s begin with the thing I understand the least. I don’t understand why I was chosen to travel to another world.
“I see, you really don’t know anything. Alright, I will tell you.”
Everything I was told from that point on, I honestly couldn’t get a grasp on it.
I was in a pretty fortunate position compared to those who are suddenly called to another world, get lost, or get reincarnated—or at least that’s what I had thought.
Prologue 2: The farewell gift is a secret
To summarize what Tsukuyomi-sama said to me, it goes something like this.
The reason for the transportation and procedure had all been explained to me.
Basically, my parents themselves were originally residents of this aforementioned other world.
When I was young, I was told that my grandparents had already died and that we didn’t have connections with any of our other relatives but… to think that this was the reason why.
In order to come to our current world, for one reason or another, they made an agreement with the god of that other world.
That’s what seems to have triggered my current situation.
That’s to say, the condition the god gave them was ‘one day, I will take that which is most important from you’.
Is that guy the devil?!
It seems my parents agreed to that condition.
Now that I think about it all three children of my family (myself include) were taught how to do domestic chores, as well as made to learn some sort of martial art.
To think that that was preparation for this of all things! All for the purpose of possibly being shipped off to another world at any time!
No no no, don’t joke around. My parents never told me anything about another world!
Well, to be fair, even if they had told me, I’d probably look at them as if they were a bunch of crazy people.
My father is a writer that specializes in making fantasy novels that are oddly realistic and hold a lot of presence.
Though, to think that that was because he had actually experienced the real thing is a little mind boggling.
In one of his works, he intricately detailed the flavors of a dragon steak, and the comforts of sleeping in a stable, both of which were especially moving moments.
The world that I’m going to now is that same magic filled fantasy world.
It seems that I’m going to be sent to that world with power that surpasses that of my peers. Due to various reasons, the people that are transferred over from my world are all incredibly strong.
In a sense, it’ll be as if I’ve been released from extremely heavy clothing.
It’s not like I’ll be given immortality though, so I can still suffer fatal wounds. At least, I’ve been warned of such.
Judging by what Tsukuyomi-sama has said, it seems that even just living in my world is a feat in and of itself.
Not only is there practically no magical power, the Gods’ divine protection can barely reach anyone there. It’s a harsh world in comparison to others. That’s the kind of place I’ve been living in up until now, at least, according to Tsukuyomi-sama.
Even though all I’ve done is live my life normally...
How convenient for me.
“I’m extremely sorry for shouting at you. It seems you’ve also had it rough Tsukuyomi-sama.” (Makoto)
Moreover, thinking about the hardships Tsukuyomi-sama must have faced due to being the middle child nestled between the two extraordinary beings that are his elder sister and younger brother...
I felt a flood of emotions when considering his situation. Even now, when he simply tried to do his job, he was shouted at by a person he barely knows.
He’s definitely had it rough so far.
“Well, well, to think your understanding of my own circumstance would be so intricate! How long has it been since I have felt such a blissful feeling? Though, if we are to talk about having it rough, Makoto-dono has it plenty rough himself.” (Tsukuyomi)
To think he even understands my feelings of being the only man wedged in between two sisters! I never thought the day would come, when somebody could sympathize with me so!
Now that I’ve been enlightened to his greatness, if there was ever a Tsukuyomi Mikoto religion, I’d enter it in a heart beat!
Hooray Tsukuyomi-sama!
“Nonetheless, my sisters and I have lived a normal life up until now. We’re way too late in the game to suddenly be told we’ve essentially been living in a wasteland all our lives.” (Makoto)
“Out of all the other worlds out there, yours is certainly the harshest. In the eyes of an otherworlder, it would be like live in the depths of the ocean or living in a sea of lava.” (Tsukuyomi)
“On a separate note, she really is taking her time.” (Tsukuyomi)
We’ve been waiting for the goddess of the other world to come and retrieve me but…
Considering how long she’s taking, it doesn’t seem like that goddess will be coming anytime soon.
It seems that world is a pretty popular place, inhabited by a Goddess and spirits alike.
In what way does that make it popular? I honestly have no clue.
By the way, I’ve already signed whatever it is Tsukuyomi-sama gave me. Of course, only after thoroughly reviewing the conditions and being convinced about it, okay?
After all, if I don’t go, either my older or younger sister would have to go in my place.
I’m extremely troubled by this, you know? Very troubled.
I mean, for one, I won’t be able to play games anymore. In a world where machines don’t exist, I won’t even be able to play something as simple as a mobile game!
I also have to bid farewell to all my manga and novels.
Furthermore, on my computer, there may or may not be a number of things that are 18+. If those get discovered, I have no clue how I would even begin to explain that to my family.
I’m a growing young man! It’s perfectly understandable! Right?!
That’s why I told Tsuki-sama about it, and requested the he clean it up in a covert manner so that my family wouldn’t notice.
This might not come off very well, but aside from my family, I honestly could care less if anyone else knows about it.
Now that I have been cornered, I understand just how tiny I truly am. Though, that’s how I really feel.
However, that isn’t any good.
That’s why I decided to stop being so self-centered. How do I say it? I’m honestly surprised at how much I prioritize myself!
Although, I still wanted to do something about my dark history.
While he did say I can’t return…
If my family who I won’t be able to see again, if they find the materials linked to my inner man…
“I can’t believe our kid had these kinds of hobbies!”(Makoto’s father)
“Even if he’s our child, how unrefined of him!”(Makoto’s mother)
“Onii-chan*, you’re disgusting!” (Makoto’s younger sister) [*Big brother]
“I can’t believe my little brother! Could it be?! Did he look at me with such a lascivious gaze as well?!”(Makoto’s older sister)
There’s absolutely no way I could take that! Even just imagining it is enough to make me want to kill myself!
“Do not worry young Mikoto.” (Tsukuyomi)
Tsuki-sama was different. While I was writhing due to the madness found within my heart, and was about to be engulfed by the accumulating negative feelings, he said this to me.
“Everything you have that contains contents of men’s dreams, books, and software, as well as the contents your hard drive; I will make sure to take responsibility of wiping them all from the face of the planet!” (Tsukuyomi)
Tsuki-sama said while nodding reassuringly.
He understood everything... absolutely everything about it...
He truly is a God! He truly is divine! Even if in the eyes of others, he is simply a minor character, he is definitely number one in my heart! You have become the greatest of Gods! The Chief God!
I am impressed by the fact that he knew of advanced technological devices such hard drives.
Honestly though, I’m not thinking too much about stuff like that. I’m just grateful that my potential nightmare has disappeared.
Tsuki-sama and I decided to kill time while waiting for the goddess. We talked about this and that. We talked about things such as society while drinking tea that was pulled out of who knows where.
“By the way, to my understanding in the new world I will have immense physical and magical power but…” (Makoto)
“Yes?” (Tsukuyomi)
“Will I receive something like a special ability? For example, an impenetrable barrier, the demon eye of truth, a Rose Logia, or a heavenly phase?” (Makoto)
I mean, if I have an incredible amount of magic power, there might not be any need. Even so, it’s the dream of any young man to have powers like that.
Normally, there are a lot of people that are given overpowered abilities when they arrive in another world, you know? That’s why I want it too, you know?
I mean, I guess that’s only in fiction though...
From what I’ve heard, there are demi-humans, and even beastkin so even if I’m a little abnormal I shouldn’t be discriminated against.
All that considered, it would be nice if I had one, at least that’s what I thought.
“Of course you will!” (Tsukuyomi)
“Seriously?! What kind? What kind will I get?” (Makoto)
I honestly didn’t think my request could be fulfilled~. You’ll only know if you ask, huh.
“I do not know. I am sorry, but it will be a surprise for when you arrive there. I myself can only go there once, and after that I will be incapable of communicating with you, so I am only going to give you a hint, okay?” (Tsukuyomi)
“Ooh~ I hope it’s something like a blank skill that lets you make any power you want!” (Makoto)
“Nope, that is not the case. I am sorry, but although I am divine, even I have limits imposed upon myself.” (Tsukuyomi)
“??” (Makoto)
“It is said that I am the one who governs the night and the moon, but my real attribute is quite ambiguous. In fact, it may be similar to what you speak of, a ‘blank skill’ of sorts.” (Tsukuyomi)
“That is why I will give you as much of my power as I can. Although, I do not know how it will bud, and what kind of fruit it shall bare. It may even become something you do not desire. For that, I am sorry.” (Tsukuyomi)
Having said that, Tsuki-sama beckons me to come closer.
Following his instructions, I sat beside him. He then placed his hand on me.
I felt something beginning to flow into me. That something went through my spine and then began to circulate throughout my whole body. It then went around to my chest, and began to gather there. Finally it calmed itself.
Is this the blessing he said he would give me?
“I feel something accumulating withing me. Is this what you would call the point of origin?” (Makoto)
“That’s right, you learn fast.”(Tsukuyomi)
“There should be no problems with the perception of your surroundings. When you imagine yourself letting the power out, it should active.” (Tsukuyomi)
“The feeling of releasing the power in the palm of your hands is probably the easiest to understand.” (Tsukuyomi)
“I should mention, it is currently impossible. This place is still technically located in your original world after all.” (Tsukuyomi)
I wanted to give it a try, but Tsuki-sama stopped me while laughing.
“This may be slightly tangential, Makoto-dono, but I should mention even if it is stated in your contract, the goddess of the other world should similarly give you an ability of some sort.
You will be abandoning your current world, of not particularly your own volition, so giving you side-benefits is of course a given.” (Tsukuyomi)
Once again, Tsuki-sama bows his head with an apologetic expression.
“No way, Tsukuyomi-sama! I am nothing but grateful to you. Maybe, just maybe, if I had been sent away without any explanation after rejecting you, and then, the next day, one of my sisters were to disappear, I would’ve regretted it for the rest of my life.” (Makoto)
“Makoto-dono is truly kind… it seems she has finally come.” (Tsukuyomi)
“Finally, huh. We’ve been talking for quite a while. No, more like her tardiness allowed us to do so.” (Makoto)
“You know, if you wanted, I could record all our conversations in a dream pillow. Is this really enough for you?” (Tsukuyomi)
In Tsuki-sama’s hand, there were two letters.
When I asked Tsuki-sama if I could leave anything behind for my family, he gave me a lot of different ways to give them a message in a heartbroken manner. In the end, I decided to go with letters. One was addressed to my parents, and the other to my sisters.
My parents, having come from there, would understand if I told them about the other world, but using that kind of explanation for my sisters would be hard. Therefore, I made two of them. I’ll let my parents decide whether or not to tell my sisters the truth of the matter.
Conversely, I asked if it was possible for me to take anything with me. In response, I was told that he could make some accommodations for it.
I chose various books and writing utensils (ball-pens and mechanical pencils were a no go, so I had to make due with a pencil). I wanted to bring a bit of food too, but for some reason I was denied that privilege as well. There’s are probably numerous laws for the management of worlds. I assume in this case, the preservation of what’s already there, huh.
“Yes, I don’t mind- huh?!” (Makoto)
My body is going transparent? I double checked just to be sure, but half my body has gone transparent?!
“What?! She plans to take you away without even giving me any notice?! What is she thinking, that stupid woman!” (Tsukuyomi)
Tsuki-sama was also panicking. It wasn’t like I was going to die though. I was just being taken away after all, so I felt a bit relieved.
“Makoto-dono, I am sorry! The Goddess that you are about to meet, is quite problematic and troublesome character. It is a given if you are unable to hide your displeasure. But, if you can find it somewhere in your heart, please, overlook her actions.” (Tsukuyomi)
Tsuki-sama is a wise person. He’s probably come into contact with a good number of people in his lifetime.
I smiled while nodding.
I was able to harden my resolve to travel to another world thanks to him, and he managed to make me accept the situation I was given. He chatted with me and helped calm myself.
Those were the words he gave me as I departed, the words from that Tsukuyomi Mikoto.
Even if the Goddess I’m about to meet in this parallel world has a troublesome personality, I will do my best to accept her for Tsukuyomi-sama’s sake.
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2023.06.05 14:22 ttoastandttea Please help me - Samsung Galaxy S20 5g - Need to unlock or hard factory reset

I need to access my phone after multiple failed attempts at trying the password and have a couple of very specific questions that I need help on.
I am currently at a timed lock out of 4 hours after repeatedly getting my password wrong and that timer resets every time I turn off/restart phone.
The method I found of hard factory resetting does not appear to work and I think this is the only way I can gain access to my phone. I don’t care about any of the data, I just need to be able to have a phone again.
I read that after 10 failed password attempts the phone will factory reset. I am currently at a point where the amount of time I have left to wait to be able to attempt the password again is 4 hours. How many more times am I going to have to try the password before it factory resets and how long will this take?
Please help an internet stranger!
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2023.06.05 14:22 finangle2023 50 [M4F] #NYC - I’ll just come right out and say it: I’m married, I’m frustrated and I’d just really love some great sex…

I guess this is embarrassing to admit around these promiscuous parts, but I can’t even remember when I last enjoyed a good time in bed. Marriage can be like that…
You see, I’ve been married a long time and my wife simply isn't interested in sex any more. I still love my wife and have no interest and no intention of leaving her. But I'm not going to lie, I love sex, and I miss it. A lot.
So that’s got my mind wandering. I’m sure you can guess where... I’m in this sub after all! I’m toying with the idea of breaking my drought, maybe you know someone who might be interested in helping? (But just so you know… nothing is ever expected or taken for granted)
Although I’m 50, I’m in good shape: I’m about 6 foot tall, greying hair, a decent dad bod and a nice, thick cock (I can send pics of my face, my body, my cock… just ask!) Plus, I’m fun, and I can hold a conversation!
Great if you have a sense of humour and a sense of fun about you... I like that. Age isn’t a concern, but please don’t be a teenager… not interested in being a dirty old man!
I won’t write an essay that won’t be read, anything you want to know you should just ask; I’m friendly. Can’t wait to hear from you!
Edit: I’m not interested in men, hookers or teenagers. Thanks!
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2023.06.05 14:22 Phalanax137 Confused on forms

Hey everybody. I cant seem to find definate answers online so if this is the wrong place i appologise.
My wife and I currently live in australia with our daughter. My daughter and I are us citizens and my wife is australian. We were hoping to move back to the us so we filed the i130 to begin her green card process.
Are there any other forms to fill out as well to be able to move back as soon as possible? Are we able to all move over on another visa and await the decision there?
Im seeing wait times from 2 months to 3 years so im assuming the wait time is witchcraft.
Really im just looking for someone to point me in the right direction.
Thanks for the help
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2023.06.05 14:21 _RageSide Company has told everyone we will be laid off unless we relocate to one centralized location.

My company has recently told all employees who are living all over the country that they have to pick up and move to one specific city, or expect to be laid off before the end of the year.
All employees being laid off will be offered a 6 month severance package.
I likely won't be able to even afford to move to this city so I'll be starting to look for a new job.
My big question is... How do I make my plans for timing an unknown future layoff date that will give me a good severance, with getting hired at a new job?
I've heard from many people I work with that not taking the severance would be stupid, but I also can't figure out how I'm supposed to wait around for severance package and also make sure I have a new job lined up.
Should I wait for severance package then start looking for jobs? Should I just say screw the severance and find a new job and quit my current job in order to have guaranteed continuous employment?
The ideal situation seems to be getting the severance and also being hired within a short period of time at a new company. Am I wrong about that?
I have a decent emergency savings that will last me at least 4 or 5 months but I'm pretty worried about taking money out of that and would prefer if I didn't have to. I also support my stay at home wife and our new baby so I can't exactly just take some time off to "find myself" or whatever, lol.
Looking for some advice on how to tackle this situation.
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2023.06.05 14:20 NotInferno045 Can’t drive my new car

I leased my own car after about 35 hours of lessons with an instructor, he said I’m test ready and that it would be advisable to buy my own car over summer to stay refreshed while I wait for my test (7th august). I have 2 realistic options for who can accompany me while driving.
My dad, who lives 45 mins walk away from my grandmas (where I live while at university), where I park the car.
And my grandma.
The problem is, I’ve been using my dad for the past few drives now and every single time he moans at me and shouts at me. I’ll name a few occasions
1) He has bad hearing so when I put on my music he wants me to put it very loud so he can hear it, to the point where it becomes distracting for me. I told him this but he thinks I put it low on purpose.
2) Whenever I pull off the pavement and make my way down the street to the give way line he always tells me to put it in 2nd every single time (I’ll just end up switching back to 1st after 2 seconds anyways), when I’m just trying to keep the car under control while going past parked cars either side and the give way line is a closed junction anyways so I need to be in 1st gear to creep out and see anyways.
3) Approaching roundabouts or junctions that I have already checked are clear he moans at me saying I haven’t checked them and to slow down. Every time I approach a junction he tells me to slow down even though I know to. I know that in the test that if you hesitate and slow down at a roundabout or junction that is clear you will fail.
4) Approaching a roundabout and taking an exit at roughly 1 o’clock, I was taught by my instructor as a general rule of thumb that all exits past 12 o’clock you go in the right lane if there’s two lanes. I did this and my dad shouted at me so much that I couldn’t bear it and dropped him off home and walked back to my grandmas. I haven’t talked to him since.
Also since my dads fall he has become even more physically disabled so he can’t drive his car and he had to sell it. And just because I put him on my insurance doesn’t automatically mean that I want him to drive my car. Apparently it does to him. I know he can’t drive it because he still can’t even do basic things like go to the toilet or use a pen.
My grandma on the other hand doesn’t trust me driving with her in the passenger until I’ve passed my test, even though I’m probably a better driver than her anyways. She got my hopes up twice about letting me because I’ve told her how frustrating and distracting it is having my dad in the other seat, then she just changes her mind. I’m 19 years old and she still treats me like a child.
My extended family are all too busy for me to drive with them, and my mum can’t drive. I don’t have friends that are old enough to supervise and I don’t have siblings. I’m practically fucked. I’m not paying for an instructor as I don’t need to learn anything and I want to learn in my own car that I’m paying for.
I’m sick of my dad and his attitude and him also expecting me to drive him around and do all his chores when it’s supposed to be time for me to be driving. He is also disabled, so everything is 2x slower, him getting ready to drive, him getting in and out the car, etc. It’s almost as if no one wants me to succeed. I’m depending heavily on passing this test in August to be ready for my second year of university and progressing myself.
I don’t expect anyone to come up with a solution however I just needed to get this off my chest.
TL;DR: My dad is too aggressive and distracting to be a suitable supervisor when driving. My grandma won’t let me drive with her as she doesn’t “trust” me.
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2023.06.05 14:20 Eivan-el a sighting of wild Furen Lustario in 2.5 Dimensional Seduction manga

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2023.06.05 14:17 Mockingjay_S451 74 Days and Counting

I sadly could not play in the tech test (PS5), but it hasn’t stopped me from being completely obsessed with all things TCM. I haven’t been this excited for a games release in a very, very long time.
I am trying to fill my days by watching as many YT videos I can find, and also by finding Twitch vods of streamers I didn’t watch while the test was live.
Gonna be a long wait, but I can’t see my enthusiasm dying away. I’m assuming I am not the only one who is this excited. 😁
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2023.06.05 14:17 NefariousnessParty41 only pain

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2023.06.05 14:16 jade0912 After how long did you guys meet up? F21 M19

Hey everyone, I hope you are well :)
So like I said, I was wondering after how much time you guys were planning on meeting up. My guy and I have been talking for a bit more than 2 months and I'd usually think that's such a short time but I'm sure you guys know how long it seems when you talk everyday for hours.
I'm thinking of maybe going there during the summer of 2024, a plane ticket to the USA is super expensive and if there's a risk that we stop talking until then, I don't wanna risk throwing away thousands of euros 😅 but a part of me is like 'he's the one, go see him sooner!!'.
Sooo yeah, I need you guys' advice and experiences. How long did it take you guys to meet up? Was it awkward? And how long did you stay? Did you stay with them or did you get a separate place to stay at?
Also, little detail here, we're both virgins... it's not that we waited for marriage, it just didn't happen yet. We both want to do it together. I saw in another post that lots of you had sex the day you met and I'm really happy for you guys... but how does it work for us? 😅 Do we wait a little? Do we just see how it goes when we're there? Do we plan it in advance? I'm overthinking everything, help 🙃
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2023.06.05 14:15 UberMakeitSense The dark side of TooGoodToGo

I reserved a pick-up at a certain time and the restaurant changed it by 3 hours so I cancelled it because I won’t be able to pick-up at the new updated time by the restaurant. Now it takes almost 14 days to get a refund 😑. TooGoodToGo should have a credit system so customers can use TooGoodToGo credits to buy at another restaurant immediately after a cancellation before the hour pick-up time starts. Why should customers have wait two weeks. That is crazy. I never seen a refund take soo long to reflect on my bank account😂.
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2023.06.05 14:15 SLEG48 Analyzing Team Size and Dynamics in Total Drama + Which is Better?

One thing I’ve noticed while watching the show is how much the size of a team can affect its dynamics and the game overall.
In your larger 11-person teams like in Total Drama Island, the teams most notably either took a merit-based or social-based approach to eliminations:
The Screaming Gophers primarily eliminated members who cost their team the challenge or was hindering them. This is how unpleasant or loner contestants like Heather and Gwen with subpar social games survived Gopher eliminations. It’s also how more likable or sociable contestants were pinpointed as obstacles and liabilities to their team and strategically kicked off, using logic over emotions when deciding who to boot: heartthrob Justin, harmless but incapacitated Cody, and cursed sweetheart Beth come to mind.
The Killer Bass, in contrast, voted off members not primarily due to challenge performance (although it was a factor), but due to poor social game. It was very obvious that a prevalent clique was forming on the Bass team. Unruly leader Duncan with his posse of Geoff and DJ, and their girlfriends/love interests Bridgette and Courtney. These five players controlled the Bass votes easily. If you weren’t in the clique or were disliked, it didn’t matter how well you did in a challenge or how much one of the clique members screwed up: you were going home. Almost all Bass eliminations were due to this: Ezekiel (disliked for sexism despite jumping), Eva (lasted long in sleep challenge but went crazy and rubbed everyone the wrong way), Katie and Sadie (annoyed their teammates and angered Courtney despite mediocre to good challenge performance), Tyler (Courtney didn’t face her fear but Tyler didn’t fit in), and Harold (lost the mudslide challenge and was bullied by the clique’s guys).
And although romance and friendship were important for alliances, they rarely saved any contestants in large teams since you were only guaranteed not being voted by a few people. Like how Katie and Sadie were besties but they had nowhere near the majority on their 11-person team. Or how Owen and Izzy’s romance couldn’t stop the Gophers from booting her.
In stark contrast, the later seasons had much more close-knit dynamics and merit-based eliminations. Like a small town, everybody knew everyone. In these 6- and 7-person teams, indirect alliances formed through being buddies or boyfriend-girlfriend essentially secured you a spot to the merge or at least late pre-merger. Every smaller team basically operated like the Gophers, because that’s essentially the only way you could operate in such small teams.
I was a little shocked at Trent and Gwen’s Action eliminations. With past Gopher friendships (Leshawna-Gwen, Trent-Owen) and their generally likable and chill personalities, it was a shift in dynamics that rather than give them grace and choose a more disliked teammate to pick off (unpredictable Izzy or cruel Heather), they immediately boot Trent and Gwen for costing their team a challenge by throwing it.
I think that’s why Scott’s strategy of framing a fellow member on the Toxic Rats for costing their team the challenge worked so well. With only 5 people on the team, they probably asked themselves, “do we keep meathead Lightning who, although brash and arrogant, is super athletic and can help us win? Or do we boot B who is mellow and liked for his intelligence, but royally screwed up this one time and can jeopardize us again?”
Same with the Heroic Hamsters: “Yeah, Courtney is pretty bossy and isn’t as friendly as Lindsay, but at least she didn’t steer the cart in the wrong direction or forget how to push.” And even Team Kinosewak on Pahkitew Island: “does this rude, super annoying supervillain wannabe Max go or this sweet and shy but delusional, dimwitted Rodney who can’t answer a simple truth or dare question and lost us the challenge? At least Max has an ally in Scarlett so it’ll be a lot harder to vote him off in a 6-person team. Hmm…”
Understandably, this thought process in smaller teams forms from an almost claustrophobic fear: “Oh, geez. There’s less and less people on this team to hide behind or align with. Wait what??? There’s only 4-5 people left on this team? Better to vote the nice guy who lost us the challenge since I can’t afford to keep coming to elimination.”
Also a smaller observation of the merges, but the larger teams more or less stuck in the cliques and alliances they formed in their old team. The Leshawna-Gwen alliance lasts until the Final 5, the Bass boys last until the Final 8, and Heather-Lindsay-Izzy (a former teammate) lasts until the Final 9. In an interesting twist, the smaller teams did the same! In Action, the Beth-Lindsay-Justin alliance rides until the Final 7. The ROTI trio (Mike, Cameron, and Zoey) sticks it out until the Final 6 and 7 in ROTI and All Stars. Even Max and Scarlett continue allying until The Final 6.
Overall, I noticed a more strategic, challenge-based aspect to eliminations and contestants’ worth that had more weight than their social game. You either had to perform not-the-worst in challenges (Lightning) or make a good, threatening alliance to survive in your small team (Mike, Cam, Zoey). The smaller teams brought out more strategy and tension amongst players but the larger teams facilitated more relaxed dynamics, blending in, and surviving with the “in” crowd regardless of your single screw up.
How do you all feel about the larger-team and smaller-team dynamics? And what would your main strategy be for either or both of those team sizes to stay until the merge?
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2023.06.05 14:15 Visible_Ad2749 AITA for calling the police on my best friend

AITA for calling the cops on my best friend? I (24)F and my best friend Alyssa (25)F have been friends since kindergarten. Last year October my best friend stopped talking to me after I called the cops on her. Here’s what unfolded: I work midnights and one night when I was at work I got a call from Alyssa’s mother. Her mother asked if I was with her which I replied I wasn’t I was working. I then asked what was going on. She says Alyssa and her husband got into a big altercation and she took their baby in her car and drove off while she was intoxicated. I asked if anyone called the police and she responded no. I then called Alyssa’s phone after getting off the phone with her mother to which she did not respond. I then called her husband. He told me Alyssa physically hit him because she thought he was cheating on her again (her husband cheated a lot, before they got married and after). He sent me a picture of his face and he had a bloody and swollen lip from her. I asked him how much she drank and he said at least 2 drinks and a few shots. At the point I hung up the phone with him & attempted to call her at least 5x. I waited 10 minutes for her to call me back. She never did. So me being worried about her safety and the baby’s safety I called the police. They took down all the info and said they would let the surrounding towns know to keep an eye out for the vehicle. About an hr later I get a call from Alyssas mom that she found where she was. She was at a friends house a few blocks away. I called that friend and Alyssa answered. Here’s where I might be the asshole. When she answered I said what the hell are you doing driving drunk with your daughter? The police have been called. And she just says bye (my name). And that was the last time I heard from her. I texted her after that telling her the police would meet her at the friends house. Since then she hasn’t spoke to me and when I texted her to wish her a happy birthday she wasn’t going to respond till she accidentally sent me a message that was suppose to go to someone else. She then says sorry wrong person. Thank you. & still hasn’t talked to me since. So AITA?
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2023.06.05 14:14 GivemePawoui Mites? update!

My budgie Whitney had terrible sneezing this week and by Saturday she was wheezing when breathing through her nostrils. So I moved her into the sickcage in another room and moved the air purifier with her. I called the emergency vet and ask what options I had. It would cost a lot to have them come and open the clinic for me and take a look at her. So I opted to wait. Sunday rolls around and she is no longer sneezing or having problems with her breathing.
Now Monday and I called again and they didn't have a time for me so they gave me the number to another vet. I called him and he gave me a time today. I put poor Whitney in the travelcage and walked the 15 min to his clinic. She was really amped up during his exam. Climbed all over her cage and flapped her wings in his face. Understandably upset.
He belives it to be ectoparasite, a type of mites as I understand it. He says its in her nostrils? So he would look into medication and give me a call later with instructions and write out a proscription. I will be cleaning the cages top to bottom, including food bowls and such after giving the medicine. Repeat after a few days to kill of any hatchlings.
Whitney is now in her caged sitting on her foodbowl. I gave her some millet but she doesn't seem interested. She has had a rough day :( Im gonna leave her be today and let her recover.
Do you have any experience with ectoparasites?
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