Little girl hairstyles braids

Is it right?? A girl left me because I do not belong to well established (financially) family background. Although i am doing decent on my own earning decent have a decent family. My father doesn't live with us anymore and i am on my own have a little sister too whose education is my responsibility.

2023.06.08 01:31 Adventurous_Draft_53 Is it right?? A girl left me because I do not belong to well established (financially) family background. Although i am doing decent on my own earning decent have a decent family. My father doesn't live with us anymore and i am on my own have a little sister too whose education is my responsibility.

So my question is i would have provided everything she could ask for and yet she is not ready to fight for us or me. Is it right what she did? Because from her perspective her family comes first, she cannot go against them and even if she decide to join me she has to struggle her whole life with me. Where as she is getting offers from guys who are well settled. So please help me with your thoughts so that i can get a clarity for myself coz i am tired of talking to myself about it!!
P.s we were in a relationship for 3 years
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2023.06.08 01:30 iquotestats Unglamorous OE

A little about me; 20s F, in the nonprofit/ public health field, MPH student, I just started my first big girl job(s) 3 weeks ago.
J1 - Main full time J that I'm actually passionate about (I know that's a no no in these streets) because I believe in the mission. Position involves writing proposals for funding, networking with bigger organizations to partner with, at least 1-2 meetings a day, fully remote
J2 - Part time contract position doing literature reviews and summaries for a hospital's public health division. I meet with the rest of the team once a week and otherwise I'm left to my own devices
J3 - Did this for 2 weeks then quit because it's one of those huge companies where you have to be on zoom all day. I was only able to get away with it because the first 2 weeks were training
Some days have been overwhelming trying to meet deadlines AND do my school work but I've managed to remain afloat. My J2 contract probably ends in September by which point I hope to have something else lined up
I know my experience isn't as glamorous as everything else posted on here. I'm not in tech and I don't even know if I qualify as OE considering one of the Js is part-time. But I still wanted to share since there's few other people in my personal life I can tell
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2023.06.08 01:28 shesmywitch_ Our Jetty Spaghetti and her bestie Boo

Our Jetty Spaghetti and her bestie Boo
Polar opposites but best friends. Believe it or not it's the little guy that terrorises the big girl.
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2023.06.08 01:27 PeaceSim I attended my high school’s ten-year reunion. There’s something terribly wrong with the rest of my graduating class.

There’s a saying in my hometown: “Nobody leaves Copper Hill for good.”
For years, I’d mostly managed to defy it. In the decade that followed my graduation from Copper Hill High School, I hardly set foot in its vicinity.
Instead, I absorbed myself in my studies at an out-of-state university and, eventually, my career. I spent the little free time I had with my girlfriend, who I’d met as a sophomore in a chemistry lab, and her friends. When we eventually broke up, I lost not only her, but also what little social life I had.
It was in this state of loneliness that I found a letter from my old high school in the mail. This surprised me, as I hadn’t realized that anyone there even knew my current mailing address.
I opened the envelope to find an invitation inside. Its design was fancier than I’d expected, complete with gold-colored glitter, a royal blue background, and a finely-drawn silver border. It read, in cursive letters: Cheers for 10 Years! Zachary R. ___, Please Join Us for the CHHS Class of 2012 Official Reunion. It went on to list a start time and the school’s address.
On its back, it even contained a personalized handwritten note: I know you live far away, Zach, but it would mean so much to me if you can make the trip. Paul and I will be there, and Arthur may fly in as well. I’d love to catch up! Hope to see you soon – Vince K___, Co-Chair, CHHS Reunion Planning Committee.
Vince had been one of my best friends, once. You see, Copper Hill is one of those rare small towns where you can easily graduate from high school alongside the same friends you first made in kindergarten – in my case, my buddies Arthur, Paul, and Vince.
I’d spent most of my youth with them. The four of us were in the same scout troop, played on the same sports teams, and took mostly the same classes. On weekends – and on weeknights, when we felt like sneaking out without permission – we often stayed up late together playing video games and drinking whatever cheap beer we managed to keep hidden from our parents.
We’d meant so much to each other once. So why, since graduation, had I neglected them so badly? I couldn’t even remember the last time I’d talked to any of them.
Perhaps this reunion could serve as an opportunity for me to reignite friendships I’d let fade. At a minimum, I knew that spending time – even just one evening – with my old pals would do me a lot of good, especially considering how lonely I’d been lately. Accordingly, I resolved to attend.
By the time I reached Copper Hill, I was an hour behind schedule due to congestion caused by an accident. As I approached town, I observed amidst the fading evening light that it appeared even quieter and more deserted than I remembered. Bars that had reliably drawn decent crowds on a Friday night ranged from boarded-up to barely occupied. Meanwhile, the few other cars on the street drove lethargically at speeds far below the limit, and I spotted no pedestrians.
In my memory, the school was only a short distance from the courthouse, city hall, and post office that formed most of ‘downtown,’ but my GPS took me down a long, unfamiliar route bordered on both sides by tall cornfields. I was about to pull over and double-check the address I’d entered when, sure enough, my headlights illuminated a sign in the school’s distinct black and red colors that stated: CHHS: Home of the Patriots.
The brick building that loomed behind it was just as I remembered, from its tall, towering middle section to the two narrower wings that stretched out to the left and right. Through the rectangular windows that lined the main building, I made out indistinct, shadowy figures milling about inside.
A banner displaying Welcome – 10 Years – CHHS Reunion stretched over the stairs that led to the main entrance. Underneath it, a familiar figure scurried towards the main entrance. “Arthur,” I said to myself with a smile.
Seeing Arthur improved my mood. He was the only other member of our class to leave town after graduation, and I suspected that he might share somewhat of an outsider status with me.
It’ll be just like old times, I reassured myself as I approached the building. Strangely, though, it still didn’t feel that way.
For one, the air had a staleness to it that was difficult to describe. It felt artificial and thin such that, as I climbed the front steps, I found myself needing to breathe in more of it than usual to avoid getting winded.
Plus, the school’s location still seemed off somehow. It didn’t make any sense – it’s not like a building this large could have been relocated. But, amidst the eerily quiet surrounding countryside, everything felt more isolated and remote than I remembered it being.
I tried to stop worrying. After all, with any luck, I’d soon be laughing and reminiscing with old friends who’d be happy to see me.
Inside, balloon garlands, multicolored streamers, triangle flags, and small banners welcoming attendees decorated the main corridor. I observed tables stocked with snacks, pamphlets, and information about fundraisers.
The only noise came from the intercom, which planned an era-appropriate Calvin Harris song. Everything necessary for a reunion was there, with only one notable exception: the people.
As I approached an unmanned table marked “Check In,” I wondered where everybody had gone. Perhaps the event had moved to a different room? I was late, after all.
As I added my signature to a sign-in sheet, my eyes scanned the list of other attendees who were marked as having already arrived. I recognized many names on it.
Like Alice, who’d shared a stand with me in orchestra. Our conductor was a hard-ass, a real disciplinarian who snapped at us constantly, and Alice was one of the many students he’d driven to tears on a semi-regular basis.
I’d had this petty fantasy of comforting her after class, and then mustering the courage to ask her out. But I never did it. It was Vince, actually, who’d ended up with her.
That had always annoyed me. I’d confided in Vince about how I felt about Alice and, soon after, the two of them were together. It felt as frustrating as it sounds. But, oh well, that’s what I get for hesitating for as long as I did.
Drifting down the hallway, my eyes caught the words “Reception” displayed over double-doors that led to the gymnasium. It made sense as the main location for the event – that’s where homecoming, prom, and plenty of major sports events were held, after all.
I could hear chatter, laughter, and the loud thump of dance music just beyond the gym doors. I approached it excitedly.
But, when I stepped inside, all the noise instantly cut out, leaving me in an eerie silence. Even more perplexingly, the room before me, like the entrance corridor, was entirely devoid of people.
A party had just been here, no doubt. I spotted a makeshift bar stocked with a standard assortment of liquor, tables holding half-finished drinks and refreshments, and an area cleared for a dance floor in the room’s center, but there were no people around. Had I missed everyone again? Where had they gone?
“Hello?” I called out, to no avail, as I drifted around the room in a state of bewilderment.
As I did so, I came across the entrance to the boy’s locker room. Just a whiff of the musty, sweaty smell emanating from it unlocked long-buried memories of the time I’d spent in there.
I remembered one occasion, in particular, where Paul had gotten pissed at me. Paul was usually a pretty low-key guy, but when he lost it, he went wild. On that particular occasion, he’d been angry with me, hadn’t he? But why?
I recalled his hot breath as he got in my face and screamed at me. When I gently nudged him away, he responded by slamming a locker door into my head.
My memories from that moment forward were hazy. There was a growing pool of blood, the pain of his fist against my cheek, and the cheering of the classmates who had encircled us. They were egging us on to continue the ‘fight,’ as if my beating could be called that.
I hadn’t thought about this event in years. How could I have forgotten something like that? My mind churned in confusion. Feeling dizzy, I took a seat on a bench that appeared to be part of a crude photobooth setup as my mind continued to replay this repressed memory.
As Paul had continued to pummel me, I’d spotted Vince among the gathered crowd. I’d begged for him to intervene. But neither he, nor our strangely absent instructor, had done anything to help me. It was only when Arthur got between us that Paul had reluctantly cooled off.
It had taken weeks for those bruises to heal. Had Paul ever been punished for it, or even apologized? Surely he must have. We’d remained friends, after all.
A strange pressure around my shoulder and a sudden bright light jolted me back to the present. The flash on the camera facing the bench I was sitting on had…gone off, somehow, even with nobody around to operate it. How was that possible? Maybe it was automated to go off every so often?
It didn’t make sense, just like so much else that was happening. Where was everybody, and whose voices had I been hearing? I’d seen people from the road, and I’d even watched Arthur come inside, but, as far as I could tell, the event was deserted.
I texted Arthur asking if he’d found anyone. For all I knew, he could have changed his number in the many years that had gone by since I’d last used it, but I figured it was worth a shot. To my relief, he responded right away.
Hey man, long time no see! Paul just called me. He says everyone’s up on the third floor, in Mr. Minelli’s old room. I’m on my way there now. Meet you there soon.
I couldn’t fathom why the entire event would relocate from the area clearly designated for it to the third floor. There wasn’t much up there, after all, aside from classrooms and a few administrative officers.
Nonetheless, I resolved to head up there. Arthur was there, after all, and hopefully the rest of my friends would be as well.
Navigating off my memory of the building’s layout, I hopped up a small set of steps that connected the gym to the second floor. From there, it would just be a short walk past a few classrooms before I’d arrive at the central staircase, which would take me to my destination.
I’d never seen the school quite this gloomy before. Each footstep echoed through the halls. The classrooms were weirdly empty, too, bereft of any decorations or other signs of use.
I recognized one as my calculus classroom. I remembered how, after class had ended one day, I’d come across a group of students congregating in the hallway.
Mary, Michelle, and Abby, like so many of my classmates, had grown up with me, and I’d always gotten along with them. But that day, they were harassing a shy girl – Morgan, I think. Calling her all sorts of names – ‘slut,’ ‘whore,’ ‘bitch’. She was trying to get away from them, but they wouldn’t let her leave. Their taunting of her became a regular thing, and it often left Morgan in tears.
What ever happened to Morgan? Like most of my friends, I’d known her since I was a little kid. She was quiet, but she was perfectly nice.
Then, one day, gossip about her started to spread. The type of nasty, embellished rumors that often make their way through high schools, full of sexist undertones and double standards. Her former friends shunned her, and she’d been subjected to taunting and ridicule as she walked to class and sat alone at lunch. And, one day, she was just…gone. I’d always assumed that her family had moved away, but was that true?
Growing up, Mary, Michelle, and Abby had always been sweet girls. I’d never seen them treat another person the way they’d treated Morgan. But Copper Hill High School had a way of bringing out the worst in people. There was just something about this building, this place, that ate away at their – at our – souls.
Had I bullied Morgan, too? Maybe not, but, once her mistreatment started, it’s not like I’d made an effort to be kind to her, or ever invited her to sit with me and my friends in the cafeteria. I could have done more.
I reached the central staircase. With each step that I took up towards the third floor, a feeling of dread ran through me. I’d seen something terrible happen up here, hadn’t I?
It was Paul and Vince. Arthur had done something to offend them. It could have been the rumors spreading about his reasons for never having a girlfriend, his diminutive size, or the way he’d reacted when Paul had beaten me half to death.
Whatever the reason, Paul and Vince – without my knowledge – had decided to subject Arthur to a cruel prank. After school one day, they’d lured Arthur up to the third floor, where they’d taken hold of him and tried to wedge him into his own locker.
Now, there’s a reason this sort of thing occurs primarily on 90s sitcoms: most people simply can’t fit inside of a locker. Arthur, as short and skinny as he was, turned out to be no exception, but this only made things worse for him.
As Arthur later related to me, Paul and Vince laughed rowdily as they slammed him repeatedly into the metal frame. By the time they finally relented, Arthur had bruises all over his body.
There were other horrible acts, too. Other victims, other beatings. It dawned on me that this place had been an absolute hellhole. It’s no wonder I – and Arthur, too – had gotten as far away from it as we could at the first opportunity.
The peculiar thing was that, in the years that had passed, I’d somehow forgotten all of this until just now. Instead, my recollections of high school were all happy, all positive. Had false memories of camaraderie and friendship drawn Arthur back as well?
Finally, I reached the third level. The overhead fluorescent light fixtures flickered sporadically, revealing, in brief spurts, dilapidated lockers, litter, and layers of dust and dirt that coated the floor.
I approached Mr. Minelli’s classroom. Through the shaded hallway window, I could discern the outlines of roughly a dozen figures inside. I heard a voice, too. It was muffled and indistinct, but I could tell that the speaker was giving some kind of speech. She stopped, and a loud round of applause followed.
I reached for the door handle, unsure of what to expect. Hopefully, it would just be the people I’d driven four hours to see. But, after the events thus far, I half-expected the room to be empty. If so, I was jumping ship and going home.
To my surprise, just before I made contact with it, the door slowly opened on its own. The brightly-lit room before me was filled not with people, at least in the general understanding of the word. Rather, the still, bony forms before me resembled the kind of props a biology teacher might use to teach human anatomy.
The skeletons that stood silently throughout the room – that stood posed with drinks, that sat at desks, and that had assembled around a speaker - had to be props, right? Even though Mr. Minelli was a history teacher?
My mind searched desperately for some kind of explanation. This had to be an elaborate prank, right? Had Vince and Paul lured me, and maybe Arthur, too, out here just to freak us the fuck out? I wouldn’t put it past them – it’s precisely the kind of thing they’d do, even if the whole set-up, complete with an array of prop skeletons, was a bit extreme.
But, then, who was making all the noises I’d been hearing? Was that part of the prank, too?
Fuck it, I thought. If this was a big gag at my expense, then I’d just have to deal with the embarrassment later. I was getting out of there.
Zach,” called a strained voice in the hallway.
“If this a joke, then it’s not-”
The voice interrupted me. “Zach, help me, please!” It was Arthur’s voice, and it was coming from the hallway nearby.
He sounded like he was in serious trouble, so I hurried after him. Eventually, I found myself in a corner of the hallway – one where, if I remembered correctly, he and I used to have lockers. But, once again, I found myself alone.
I yelled out his name several times: “Arthur! Arthur!” It was no use. I appeared to be at a dead end.
That’s when the locker next to me shook. I jumped back, surprised.
It was shut, but not locked. I gripped the handle and pulled it open.
Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw inside: it was Arthur’s torso. The rest of his body was gone, and something was dragging what was left of him further away, further back into a dark abyss where the wall should have been.
Blood gurgled out of his mouth as he gasped my name one last time. He reached out a blood-covered hand. Hoping to somehow pull him out, I tried to take it, only for whatever unseen force had taken hold of him to pull him away, leaving behind a wide hole in the back of the locker. More blood gushed through it, leaking onto the hallway floor.
So glad you could make it,” said a monotone voice behind me. I whirled around to see two fleshy arms emerge from another locker across from me. The skinless figure left wet, red stains on the white surface as she got to her feet and stepped towards me. “Don’t you recognize your old crush? Surely ten years haven’t been that rough on me.”
“A-alice?” I stuttered, stepping backwards.
Lockers all around me started opening, each accompanied by a new pair of bloody, seemingly boneless arms of figures that slowly crawled outwards.
My survival instincts kicked in. I sprinted away, my legs frantically carrying me towards the main staircase. All around me, figures emerged, reaching out to me as I passed by. Through an open door, I noticed that another classroom was filled with skeletons, just as Mr. Minelli’s had been.
When I reached the main staircase, it was guarded by a tall, fleshy figure. “Don’t you want to be with us?” it asked in a familiar, deep voice that I knew to be Paul’s. “We can be complete. A full class. All of us, together again. Like old times.”
He lurched for me. Just barely, I managed to dodge him, but I lost balance in the process. Before I knew it, I was tumbling down the stairs. Pain shot through me as I collided with step after step.
Finally, I landed on a level surface. Dizzily, I climbed to my feet and did my best to ignore the soreness that spread throughout my body.
A quick glance upwards confirmed that the bloody figures – the ones that somehow resembled my old classmates – were, indeed, heading towards me.
Meanwhile, the temperature inside was rising noticeably, and the walls around me were steadily changing in color from a dull gray to a deep red.
As I scrambled down the rest of the stairs and across the main corridor on the first floor, an intense tremor ran through the building, sending me sprawling to the ground. Despite a sharp pain that spread through my ankle, I hobbled as quickly as I could to the exit.
I didn’t look back as I made my way across the parking lot to my car. I started the ignition, backed out, and headed towards the long road I’d used to get there.
In my rearview mirror, I chanced a glance back at the school. It was shaking violently, like it was being struck by an earthquake.
My car lurched in different directions as the ground underneath me also started to rumble. In an effort to avoid my car being sent off the road and into the neighboring fields, I frantically steered it to the center, between the lanes heading into and out of town.
When I looked back again, the school was, somehow, even closer to me than it had been before. How was that possible? Was it following me?
I floored the accelerator. Row after row of cornfield flew by me as I drove at the fastest speed of my life.
I was on the edge of town, close to the nearest interstate ramp, when local police pulled me over.
As the officer approached me, I stared into the rear view mirror. At the first glimpse of whatever it was that had chased after me, I’d hit the road again, law enforcement be damned. In truth, I hadn’t seen my pursuer since I’d exited the cornfield a few minutes ago, but I hardly felt safe.
“Clocked you going nearly a hundred, son,” said the officer.
I stayed silent. My baffled self was unsure of how to best handle the situation.
The officer gave me a quizzical look as he examined my ID and registration. “You’re Don and Fran’s son, aren’t you? The one who left town?”
I nodded.
“Why’d you come back?”
“There was, uh, a ten-year reunion. For my graduating class.”
He shook his head. “I doubt that.” He looked down, then at my perplexed face. “Where, exactly, was this ‘reunion’?”
“At the school,” I said. I struggled to understand his reaction. What about my story didn’t make sense? And, regardless, was I about to be booked for driving fifty miles over the speed limit? Is that something they throw you in jail for?
“Wait here,” barked the officer. He went to his car where he proceeded to have a long conversation over his radio. After a few minutes, he returned to me. “Get out of here, son. Leave, and don’t come back. Don’t do something like this again. You hear me?”
“Yeah, yeah, that’s fine,” I said, astonished.
“Then scram,” he ordered.
I obliged and began the long journey home.
~ I had no idea what to make of what occurred. I can hardly find anything at all online about Copper Hill High, or any of my classmates who went there, and I’m not exactly eager to reach out to any of them.
I can’t make much sense of what happened, but I am sure of one thing: that I barely made it out of that situation, and that I shouldn’t press my luck much further.
My ankle needs some more time to heal. Once it does, I’m going to try joining a social club and making new friends. After what happened to me in Copper Hill, I decided that the past is not a place where I need to dwell any longer.
Two weeks have passed since the reunion. Today, an envelope with no return address arrived with my mail. It contained a single photograph on glossy paper with a short note written underneath.
The photo featured me on the bench in the photo booth. Sitting to my side, with his arm over my shoulders, was Vince. He wore a blue collared shirt and looked…normal. No missing skin, no bloody imprints on the surface around him.
Paul crouched behind us, a dopey grin on his face. He, too, looked just as I’d imagined he would in his late twenties. To Paul’s right, Abby, Morgan, and Michelle posed together with their arms around each other.
It was…a perfectly ordinary image - the exact kind of photo you’d expect to be taken at an event like that.
The handwritten caption underneath read, “Although your visit was briefer than we preferred, we all had a splendid time catching up with you, Zach! Please feel free to come by anytime! Nobody truly leaves Copper Hill, after all. – Vince K___, Co-Chair, CHHS Reunion Planning Committee.
P.S., the note continued, We are delighted that Arthur has finally joined us. Maybe you will, too, at our 20th.
The writing up to this point was cursive font in traditional black ink. The last few words, however, were larger in size, messily scrawled, and colored a deep shade of red: See you then, buddy, if not sooner.
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2023.06.08 01:27 Routine_Mongoose_504 I ate my neighbour and his daughter

Like the title said, I don't think I have to explain myself. In December, some new people moved in, a single widower man and his oblivious daughter moved in.
The little girl was lovely but forgot about her mum and was oblivious to her death, the man was done with grief but a little hung on.
As you can imagine, by January 2023, they were happy. As a neighbour I greeted them and made friends, whilst the father, Karl worked I babysit the girl, April!
Me and Karl were 32 and April was 7! We got along well me and April, we girl gossiped, painted, and played video games ( my little pony games and peppa pig)
When April started going to school again, Karl started to invite me over and it got to one point when we had a couple of "moments"
And couple weeks later, we got married, April the flowergirl with a couple of family friends.
Now since you know their story, here is mine.. I was abounded at 1 day old, my mum was 36 and a druggie and so was my dad or so I was told. I lived in a orphanage and never got chosen as I always hid.
I've never had anyone to love not even any friends and he was my first. So as you can imgaine this was wonderful. Especially feeling Karl's sweet liquid inside of me...
One night, I was drunk but drunk enough to still be in control, I came home from work, spraying perfume to hide the alcohol scent.
I was horny, so was Karl and April was asleep in the basement hiding from the shadows in her room.
Me and Karl had sex. I don't know what made me think of this, me in general or the drinks I've had.I wanted to eat Karl...Not his...yk...I wanted his flesh but I told him and next minute I was gagging on him...
We kept knives in our room to scrap wood from the wooden desk when it got spikey, so pretending to bend over so my hands were close to the desk where they were, he funked me
I reached for em and slashed hin open, devouring his blood, admiring it all... I think the screams alerted April, as her small tippy feet in slipper made tiny tapping nosies.
"Dad, mum?"
I loved her to so I edged her closer covering Karl.
I covered her mouth so I could only hear the muffled crying and whimpers as I sliced her stomach open.
I'm still hungry, I've ate them to the bone, and I'm not throwing them up as I purely liked typing this thinking...I ate my neighbour and his daughter
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2023.06.08 01:26 seattleandfrank Anyone recognize this little girl pittie down by Starlight Theatre/KC zoo, Swope park?

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2023.06.08 01:26 otherworldly_mirror I hate how I keep getting pulled towards girls with daddy issues.

Girls with these issues usually get the backlash for having them which I find a little unfair when for guys like me, who find pleasure and meaning in being needed, also exist. I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only guy who feels this way. I sometimes feel like I’m inherently wired to finding value in how needed I am.
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2023.06.08 01:25 MollieEquestrian A lot of me working with this girl is just finding out what she knows. It’s entirely possible and likely that she has been ridden before, so groundwork training is hard because I have no clue what she knows. Clearly she’s been handled, just… badly.

A lot of me working with this girl is just finding out what she knows. It’s entirely possible and likely that she has been ridden before, so groundwork training is hard because I have no clue what she knows. Clearly she’s been handled, just… badly.
She came in with 4 other horses, 3 of which we know have been ridden before. So it’s likely that she was also ridden. They rode a 2-3 year old mare, a skinny and muscle-less 20 year old gelding, and another young mare and I believe barrel raced her. So I see no reason why they also wouldn’t have ridden this girl. Obviously I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t have ridden any of them, but clearly the condition these horses came to us in shows us they didn’t really care about their well being.
For the past few months I’ve literally just been getting to know her. Only now are we actually starting the training. She knows how to do everything I’ve thrown at her so far, but badly. It clearly hasn’t been done in a while and was also trained in a choppy rushed manner. If you really wanted to I’m sure you could throw a saddle on her and ride in a day, but you’d probably hit the ground and traumatize her while your at it. And that’s probably exactly what happened in her past. All they cared about was riding these horses, so they rushed through all the groundwork training, got it just good enough that they could do it somewhat okay, and hopped on. I think she’s waiting for me to do the same. Obviously I’d love to ride her, but I want to do it in the most comfortable way for her. I’m going to get groundwork done as best I can, pick up all four feet, pick them out, comfortably stand behind her, be able to climb a fence and be above her, jump around her, etc etc. And even her first ride by me is probably going to be bitless and bareback just so it’s as simple and easy as possible.
Yesterday I took her on her second walk down the driveway. I mean, our second walk. People might have taken her on walks before I knew her (she’s been with the ranch for a little over a year now, I’ve been there for 10 months.) but I’m not sure. Our first walk went alright, it was a little stressful, and she did try to trot past me a few times on the way back but it was easily corrected. Our second walk yesterday was a million times better. Her pen mate has separation anxiety and even while she was whinnying extremely loud to her the entire time, she acted like she couldn’t hear her. We went up to the barn, the hose being dragged on the ground was a little bit spooky but a little flinch is all she gave it. Even walking past the pen of 30 horses she’s never met before she just looked at them and continued on. Then we hung out on the lawn for a few minutes and grazed. Last time I took her to the lawn she was so stressed she refused to graze and just walked in circles around me. On the walk back yesterday she didn’t trot past me or even think about it, and even stopped to poop in the driveway 😂 which I had to clean up after!!
Before our walk I decided to pick out her feet. I’ve worked on picking her feet up, but I’ve never taken a hoofpick to them and actually picked them out. She did pretty good!! She doesn’t like holding her feet up for a long time, like 30 seconds at most, but she’s not rude about it, she just pulls her hoof out of my hand. She’s also had her hooves picked before, because she has had farrier work done a bit obviously. I have only tried to pick up her back feet once so far, so I obviously didn’t pick them out yesterday. She was a little dramatic about picking up one of her front feet once yesterday, as shone at the end of the video but nothing big lol. A lot of the work with her is just going to be repetitive and boring until she just gets used to it.
P.S I might also be starting to work with another mare. An untouchable mustang. She has been touched and saddled before but she’s been left untouched for years and reverted back to a wild mustang. She’s got a bad knee that we need to take care of and we also would like to get her handleable so in the future we don’t have to tranq her and all this stuff just to fulfill her basic needs like hoof care, dewormer, vaccinations etc. So, be on the lookout for some posts about her in the near future hopefully! My work with her will only be groundwork. She’s 20 years old and as mentioned she has an issue with her front left knee that we need to sort out. It’s possible she will be sound for riding once we take care of that but she’s older so it’s really not worth it to train her to ride. She’ll probably be living out the rest of her life at the ranch anyways, so we will just be leaving her basically retired.
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2023.06.08 01:22 Aussieshepdoge 35 [M4F] #Cincinnati, Ohio - Daddy looking for a good little girl, non bratty, eager to please.

Hello there! I am a 35 year old daddy dom. I am 6'1", mostly grey hair that I keep pretty short/shaved. Blue eyes and a bushy beard that is red and greying fast. I do have a “Dad bod” (slightly overweight and a bit of a gut.) but I am working on it. I enjoy listening to heavy metal, and progressive metal. Devin Townsend is one of my absolute favorite artists at the moment. I do a lot of PC gaming and I have a switch that I don’t use very often. I also enjoy tabletop board games quite a bit, though that is hard to plan for. I am a pretty big homebody, but I would like to start being more outdoorsy, camping and things like that. I am pretty laid back and do have some quirks. Socially I am lacking a bit, I don’t do well with hints and some social cues may escape me altogether. I also have a really bad tendency to take what people say at face value. Now, not to come off as boring, I am quite funny and I like to think that people enjoy my company quite a bit. I am totally an open book and happy to answer any and all questions.
What I'm primarily looking for is someone who wants to be taken care of in a sense. I want to cook for you, dress/undress you for the day/night while also picking out what you wear, bathe you, shave and groom you. I have a lot of kinks, though I don't consider a majority of them to be "mandatory." I am a dedicated and loyal person, I want to be a foundation you can build upon and explore your little side with zero judgement, someone you can feel safe with and excited to try new things with. I want the same amount of effort I put into a relationship to be reciprocated.
I want someone who would look up to me, let me help them express themselves to the fullest extent they want without judgment or criticism. I want my girl to be obedient but not to the point of allowing herself to be taken advantage of, I would never want her to put herself into an uncomfortable situation just to make me happy. I want someone who is clingyish about 80% of the time. I want her to be able to have fun with friends or go out and enjoy things from time to time and allow me to do the same. I want someone who is comfortable around me and just enjoys my company. I want my girl to be herself, and help me build a relationship with her that we can both enjoy and explore together.
I'm looking for a cisgender girl that is somewhere in the petite to average body type range. (healthy weight and proportionate.) I prefer girls that are shorter than myself, but not a deal breaker. I am only interested in monogamous relationships. I have no interested in having children at all.
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2023.06.08 01:22 shesmywitch_ Patterdale vs Belgian malinois

Patterdale vs Belgian malinois
They play like this for hours. The little guy gives 100% and the big old girl gives about 20% of what she's capable of as she knows he's only a baby. One full force Malinois shake and he'd be launched over the fence.
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2023.06.08 01:20 LettieIsTaken I just got an IUD and...

...I have no idea how I'm going to remember to get this thing removed TEN YEARS from now. They gave me a little card with the insertion date on it and I almost laughed directly in that girl's face. Where could I possibly put that card that I will happen to notice it in TEN YEARS?!?! For this reason alone I'm convinced I made a mistake. (Also I am angry about marking this with a flair, how am I supposed to know what I'm doing right now?! I am stressed.)
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2023.06.08 01:19 tothemoonandback33 [TOMT] [Tiktok/Instagram reel] Girl trying out book kisses with her boyfriend.

Please help.
The girl was answering the comments (so there was that little tiktok box on the screen) telling her what kisses/book scenes she should try, I know I saw at least two: 1. when he smiles into a kiss 2. something about when she tries to run away and he catches her hand
I know the comments said something about the guy looking like a love-child of Andrew Garfield and Joe Kerry, I don't know if that will help.
Thank you!
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2023.06.08 01:19 Spxczyy Anyone have any advice for me? Everyones opinion is valid.

So last night i had this crazy freestyle sessions, ive been watching all of juice wrlds freestyles and analizing every sentence and adding that value to my freestyles right, and on soundcloud ive been freestyling on juice wrld beats (all girls are the same) (lucid dreams) aswell as making covers on songs such as (bandit) (robbery). I make the thumbnails as my juice merch next to some posters i have as juice near my vinyls of all of the juice albums and i think it looks pretty cool. But when i go to sleep thinking about jarad higgins i lay down into my juice wrld bed sheets on my death race for love pillow and my juice wrld body pillow then covering my body with my fighting demons juice wrld blanket then looking at my jarad higgins sticker on the top of my celing, then i start to think of some epic rymes for my songs, i put on a little juice wrld type beat with my phone that has a juice wrld phonecase and a custom juice wrld glass back on my iphone and start to freestyle a little bit, i write down my epic juice wrld type rymes and start to doze off into a lucid dream. But during that lucid dream i become friends with juice wrld and he gives me $1m and i spend it with juice wrld at complex and i go over his amount only $1 beating him as having the most spent, then ally walks in and we all have a good time (making music) he then adds me as a feature to one of his songs and i absolutly carry juice on that song and he had to redo his verse lol, but then i wake up in the middle of the night and start thinking about my cat that i lost a few months before and start to get teary eyed. How can I move on and grieve my cat in the most healthy way that will help me control my sad feelings about mr whiskers :( Any help is good help! :)
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2023.06.08 01:18 SashaPlum The cutest, most wholesome 9th grade reason for being off task

Today one of my 9th grade girls came up while they were working on their final projects (yes, we are still in school and have another week to go!) and asked if I had a ziplock she could have. I didn't, she went to her seat, and I assumed was working on her project with her partner.
Later when I walked by them on a circuit of the room, I noticed they weren't working on their project but looking at a YouTube video. It turns out they were watching a video on how to make origami paper bags out of a piece of copier paper. They each made a cute little bag and drew pictures of ice cream cones and popsicles on the front.
I asked them why and they said they had cleaned out their backpacks and found all the loose change and made the baggies to hold it so they could get popsicles from the ice cream truck on the way home.
I teach in a semi rough neighborhood and these two girls with their little decorated bags for popsicle money just made my day.
It's moments like this that brought me back to the classroom from an office job.
What were your wholesome moments this year?
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2023.06.08 01:17 UhOhAbbo I’m scared to show people my art because of how repetitive it is

So, that may sound goofy, but, hear me out. I’m 21F and I have rather juvenile or immature art habits. What I mean by that, is I like to express myself through drawing characters that I make up. So what most people call OCs, but I don’t like to call them that, because if I do, I worry it won’t be taken seriously as art, or people will roll their eyes at me. But the truth is, I just really like designing characters and creating stories for them even if I don’t ever actually turn it into comics or written stories. I just draw my characters that I have in my brain and have fun with it. But the weird part is, is some of these characters I made 7 or so years ago. And sometimes I still draw them and daydream plots to comics with them. Obviously, I have multiple characters that fade in and out of my art as I grow and change, but the central idea of who they are stays pretty much the same. I draw them over and over, doing different things, in different styles, but it just doesn’t get old. I love love love telling people about the comics ideas I have, and sometimes I do actually make them a reality. But they think it’s weird because I’ve been working with versions of these characters as far back as 8th grade. I’ve made new characters since then, dropped some since then, but a couple of them just stayed in my interest. My parents and friends and others close to me question me about the repetitiveness of my art, and tell me to do other things. The thing is, I do actually do other kinds of art, I do realism paintings of fish and other animals, I crochet, and sometimes do graphite sketches and other art studies to better understand art as a whole. (Right now my focus is trying to learn to do trees better and other nature related objects). But, my central passion or favorite kind of art to do or whatever, remains with my fun little characters, old and new. But I’m ashamed of it. People judge me for drawing the same subject matter for so so long, think it’s childish or weird. Should I be ashamed of the fact that I like drawing my characters the most out of all of my art, even though I’m not a little girl anymore?
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2023.06.08 01:14 carcinooGeneticistt bought my ex gifts and made him a painting as an apology

my ex partner and i went thru a really rough breakup. i did shitty things that werent okay. i was manipulative and toxic and thought i have changed since the breakup, it still haunts me and makes me feel super guilty for what ive done. of course that does not in any way make it right. i have been no contact with him for about a month now and havent been able to apologize throughly. however he is coming over on friday to pick up the rest of her things from my apartment. i had things set up to give her as an apology gift for a while. shes said that she likes getting gifts as an apology because it makes her feel like love and thought was put into what was gotten. what i got her was a bath bomb, a squishy star, a squishmallow lobster, two ceramic mugs i made for him along with a shark i made. a tv girl painting i made her of the night in question album, a studded belt, blue sunglass things that he said he wanted. a spiderman comic and her favorite perfume from bath and body works. i also wrote her letters that im throwing in with it. i know this wont at all make up for all the shitty things i did to hurt him but i hope it helps with the pain a little.
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2023.06.08 01:13 Relevant-Rooster2935 8 Healthy Scalp Tips

8 Healthy Scalp Tips
Scalp care is equally, if not more, important than hair care. Your hair grows healthy and strong from a healthy scalp, so try and establish a regular scalp care routine. You can speak to a dermatologist about any concerns and follow some tips.

Minimize Pulling at Your Hair Follicles

Hairstyles that pull the hair too tightly or long can lead to traction alopecia and damaged hair follicles. Be gentle when pulling your hair back for braids, ponytails, cornrows, or military buns. Don’t overbrush your hair; gently manage tangles with a wide-tooth comb and a moisturizing conditioner. When you wash your hair, squeeze the water from your hair with a towel and dry your scalp with a blow dryer in a medium or cold setting.

Prevent Your Scalp From Drying Out

Shampooing with hot water can strip your scalp’s natural oils, causing it to become dry. You can keep the natural oils in your scalp and stop it from drying by only washing your hair with lukewarm water. A good moisturizer like Jojoba oil is excellent for your hair and helps maintain a healthy and moisturized scalp.

Choose the Right Shampoo

Everyone has different scalp needs and hair types, so shampoos that work for your friend might not work for you. Keep the following in mind when searching for a new shampoo:
  • Find an oily shampoo if your scalp and hair tend to be oily.
  • Find a regular shampoo if your scalp and hair are in between dry and oily.
  • Find a dry shampoo if you chemically treat your hair or use heated styling tools regularly.
  • Use clarifying shampoos about once a week; if you use styling products like hair spray, gels, and mousse often. This will help remove any build-up on your scalp and hair.
  • If you have an itchy or irritated scalp, try a medicated shampoo for your hair type. You can follow up with a separate conditioner to repair any dry hair. You can find a few medicated shampoos at your nearest drugstore, but you can consult a dermatologist if you need something different.

Give Yourself a Regular Scalp Massage

Scalp massages have a surprising number of benefits. Giving yourself a scalp massage can promote blood flow to the area, encourage hair growth, soothe your nerves, and relax the muscles in the brain. Try this technique by Dr. William Gaunitz: How to Massage Your Scalp.

Minimize Chemical Treatments

  • Permanent dye products can cause dermatitis, chemical burns, and scarring alopecia. Consider a semi-permanent dye that lasts 10-15 shampoos instead of a permanent dye.
  • Wait at least 12 weeks between chemical hair straightening treatments. Avoid permanent hair dyes or bleaching products on chemically straightened hair. If you want to apply a semi-permanent dye, wait at least 15 days after your straightening treatment.
  • Use caution when using medicated shampoo with chemically treated hair.

Lower Your Stress Levels

Most people know that stress is a driving factor in many illnesses. The stress hormone Cortisol affects the function and regulation of hair follicles. Too much Cortisol disrupts the hair follicle cycle and results in hair loss. Chronic stress is also known to cause oxidative stress, increasing the risk of skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and atopic dermatitis. Here are a few tips to reduce stress: Eight Ways to Reduce Stress.

Prevent Sun Damage

UV exposure affects your scalp health and leads to hair damage. Prevent sun damage by outdoors covering your head with a cap, hat, scarf, or umbrella. You can also use sunscreen for the scalp to ensure all-around sun protection.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

A lack of nutrients in your diet can mean your scalp isn’t receiving the nutrients it needs to thrive. Try eating more foods with these nutrients to ensure a healthy scalp:
  • Omega-3 or fish oil supplements
  • Antioxidants
  • Probiotics
  • Protein

We are Scalp Experts!

SMP INK is located in Las Vegas, Nevada and Scottsdale, Arizona! They offer an amazing hair loss treatment option called scalp micropigmentation that revives confidence and recreates hairlines! If you have a healthy scalp and want a new look, book a free consultation today!
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2023.06.08 01:12 ICANTTALKTOPPLHLP Idk what to text this girl

A girl gave me her number earlier but idk what to text her. Idk if I should wait a little bit before sending anything or not or what I should say I'M FREAKING OUT IDK HOW TO TALK TO PEOPLE
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2023.06.08 01:10 minor-feelings Are you doing okay?

I’ve only just realized that you were displaying so many signs of having an avoidant attachment style during our breakup. It was really hard for me to see when we were together. The first three months, in particular, were bursting with so much love and care. You went out of your way for me. It was so fun giving back what you gave me. I loved being yours.
It was so shocking to have you pull away from me completely another three months later, all in one night, all of a sudden. You cried in front of me as I played with your hair, which I know you always loved, and I asked if you were sad. Maybe I was seeing the little you in that moment. The little boy that you’ve locked away. The one who’s scared. Who always keeps the girl he loves at a distance.
You were so upset leaving me. You seemed confused, not confident, and really regretful. You told me you’d miss so many things about me and I believe you. The last 2 months without you have been such a journey. Waking up without you the next day felt like waking up in the hospital after an accident. I couldn’t believe what had happened. I kept waiting for you to come back and explain. You never did. A part of me wishes you would, even though another part of me worries that with each passing day, it’ll be too late.
I wish you’d let me in or at the very least, I wish you’d let yourself feel everything. You loved me. I know you did. And I loved you, too, even though I doubt sometimes that I ever fully got to know the real you.
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2023.06.08 01:10 SonicBurstX Cl4rity

[pronounced "clarity"]
A young female in her mid-twenties is walking through a corridor, heading to places unknown. She was in a Ladybug-esque costume, although instead of a dotted black and red, it was entirely pale blue, with her dress being the only thing having white dots, while underneath, the tights were a pale blue with white heels. Of course, she wore a domino mask of the same pale blue-white color. Finally, her hair was a lighter blue than the original Ladybug's and instead of pigtails, her hair was free.
The woman then reached a room, as she touched it with her hand, causing a blue light to open the door. She walked forward before she stood still, standing in front of a blue mirror. She touched it, as instead of her reflection, it suddenly showed a blue-white swirl.
"Welcome back, Marinette...or would you prefer Purity?" A voice spoke from the swirl.
"Either works," She smiled. "We have known us for long now."
"As the lady of creation wishes," The voice replied, although it was in a casual tone. "Have we found what we are looking for?"
"It seems so. This is undeniably the universe you have spirited this Wyvern wielder to." Purity replied.
"Perfect. I...sense a lot of negativity throughout the miraculouses. It seems as if there are more wielders using their gift for their own gain, or some antagonistic goal. It entirely ignores their original purpose." The voice pondered, a little bit of disdain in the last sentence. "Regardless, it might just be what we are looking for."
The girl giggled. "Negativity never comes without consequence now, does it?"
"Evidently." The swirl replied.
Purity wondered, tilting her head. "So...what do you want me to do?"
"...Keep an eye on the Wyvern. I sense that she has gotten an ally by now."
"And if I meet any negative wielder?"
"...If they do not heed the warnings you would give them, then you may inact the purification process."
"I will," Purity smiled, before speaking to herself. "Tikki, spots off."
Tikki looked entirely normal - and without the costume, one could indeed mistake Purity for Marinette. The only thing that seperated her from her was the free hair and different clothing.
"Go on, then. I count on you, mistress of creation." The voice concluded, before it faded out, the swirl disappearing.
Marinette gave a nod before she walked off, a typically happy Tikki flying next to her.
"So, this is the universe that caused this weird spike in power. Being in here makes it even...odder. I feel an overwhelming amount of kwami presence in this city." Tikki explained. "We should be careful, Marinette."
"We will be," Marinette replied. "Though, now that I think about it, I should get some help going..."
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2023.06.08 01:09 Blacksmith-Dazzling I need advice

So recently, the person who I was/am together with was looking at half naked videos of girls on tiktok. I wasn’t that mad about it initially. We talked about it and he said he wouldn’t do it anymore. I caught him doing it again. I’m not sure if I should be as upset as I was at the time. I got really angry because I felt disrespected after we had talked about it. I told him, I wouldn’t mind if you looked at like famous people or porn stars or something. I didn’t look through all of the videos this time, but the first time I just noticed it was girls you can see at target or at the gym. It wasn’t like models or whatever. For some reason, this just bothered me.
So fast forward. I wasn’t super upset, i was a little upset. But i think I got my point across that if it was models or celebrities i would’ve been more comfortable with it. Anyway. I got more upset when I found out he was messaging a girl he followed on Instagram and sending her heart eyes on her pictures and trying to hang out with her. That’s what I got really upset at. So, I found out he was still watching these videos after I found out he was messaging a girl. So I feel like I got even more upset when I found he didn’t keep his promise if not watching girls on tiktok. He even said basically it’s not like he’s doing anything. But his watch page was literally just filled with those types of videos. Idk. Am I being overly jealous?
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2023.06.08 01:08 DoctorOoctober Was fired from my job under some strange circumstances, do I have any grounds to sue?

This weekend, I was fired from my job at a local fish store over "customer complaints" but the entire situation was sus and tbh I feel like I was just bullied out of that place. Starting from the beginning, this is probably gonna be a jumbled mess with lots of typos, get ready.
I started working there in late January, and started noticing some things were off with the company, a mom and pop pet shop with a few locations in my state. The first sign was during the interview, when after I confessed to having social anxiety, the manager seemed annoyed and said that although I got the job, he was going to be paying an extra close eye on me to make sure I'm greeting all the customers, and if he sees me miss anyone, I'll be let go. I was intimidated of course, but because I really wanted this job, I told myself to be extra careful to greet everyone and forgot about it. Cut to the first day, not much actual training, I get shown the fish room and am briefly told how to close, but not really actually shown how to do it. Later, my first night closing, i'm working with one other person that night, i'll call him Joe. Joe usually closes by himself. Time to close hits, and I can't fucking find joe anywhere. I freak out, because I've never closed before, was only briefly explained how to do so, and if I fuck it up, I could flood the entire store. No pressure. I calm down, do my best to close on my own, than I find a manager and say that idk where joe is, but I need somebody to check and make sure I did everything right, because I'll be damned if I'm flooding this place my first night. Manager doesn't seem bothered at all by the fact that joe left me to close like that, and must not have ever said anything to him, because he did it again the next night, though I had gotten the hang of closing by then so it wasn't really an issue. Few weeks go by, I get called into the managers office and told that im not meeting expectations, I don't seem to know what to do, if i don't change they're gonna let me go, that sorta thing. In my head, all I can think is "well duh, I was barely trained! Silly! Thats why I don't know what I'm doing!" But of course, I keep my mouth shut, and promise I'll do better. The next day, I ask the manager if I can train with somebody else, because I don't really think its working with joe. I don't elaborate further. Manager says ok and I start training with another guy, frank. Frank does kinda train me, but still not really. This becomes a reoccurring problem at the job, I'll be told to do things with little or no explanation on how to do it, then be scolded for not doing it correctly, or fast enough, etc. On top of this, I get the growing feeling that im not wanted in this store. None of my coworkers, save for one girl who works Saturdays only, would ever really try to talk to me, unless of course they were telling me to do something. Furthermore, some people would even seem irritated by me just simply existing, even people in other departments who barely see me. As I said in the beginning, I have social anxiety, so although I found it unsettling, I ignored it, because I'm here to work, not make friends, right? I should add that I'm a trans man, so its definitely possible that they could have simply not liked me for that but idk, because the company itself supports the lgbt, sells pride merchandise, etc. Anyway, slowly but surely, it reaches a point where I feel isolated from my coworkers, because almost none of them talk to me, some seem to straight up dislike me, so I become miserable and anxious at work, even though the job itself i loved. Meanwhile, every little mistake i make i get in trouble for, nothing is too small. I was once written up for not sweeping under the tanks, even though i originally was until a coworker told me not to because I was gonna make the bugs comes out from under. I'm criticized for not keeping busy, despite the fact that I literally fucking do not stop working until time to go, and 15 feet away from me, my coworkers are fucking around, socializing, or nowhere to be found. They rarely greet customers, only when the customer greets them first, meanwhile I'm running around doing shit and still managing to greet everyone. There was also a lot of miscommunication, a coworker would tell me a fish wasn't for sale because it was sick, then another would get mad at me for refusing to sell it to somebody because it was healthy. Shit was infuriating to say the least. Finally, the Saturday before last comes, I get pulled into the office and written up, because apparently I forgot to greet a customer, and they complained to management. I'm angry but I sign and go back to working. Next Saturday comes, and while cleaning betta tanks, my manager comes and says that because its been slow, im free to leave early, but I have to talk to him in his office first. He fires me, because I forgot to greet a 2nd customer, and they complained. I ask if they can show me the complaints and he says no because they were verbal complaints so there's no record of them. No exit interview, no papers to sign, I get told to come back in 2 days and get my check. Two days go by so I stop to get it, and the manager gets piseed at me for coming because he already mailed it to my address. Ok whatever asshole. My check comes, and it could not have been more obvious that it was a check on the outside. I was a little annoyed by that since it could easily have been stolen, but whatever, what really bugs me, is that my fucking address was misspelled, so it could easily have been sent to the wrong address on top of already being obviously a check. Honestly I'm surprised it even made it. How fucking lazy and careless do you gotta be to send it like that tho? Come on. Honestly really wanted that job and I'm sad to go, but God damn wtf? Do I have any ground to stand on if I try to sue?
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