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2023.06.06 04:49 Virtual-Primary8100 Mother thinks shes not responsible for anyones feelings. Right or wrong?

My mother has personality traits that are offensive to some people and hurtful. She refuses to apologize or accept that she is being hurtful by saying that people are too sensitive and shes not responsible for their feelings. Does she have a point or is she wrong?
One example from my own experience with her is she wont listen when Im talking to her on the phone. Ill be telling her something important and she will be doing things around the house and not actually listening at all. When I tell her its hurtfull she doesnt care and gaslights me telling me she is infact listening(shes not). If I continue to bring it up she will snap and go on the attack , attacking me telling me how ive judged her and critisized her her entire life etc.
She doesnt care that Im hurt by any of it. She will never ever ever change her behaviour and actually try to listen on the phone. She will always spin it like its my own personal issue and has nothing to do with her.

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2023.06.06 04:49 Becccam19 3 day post op success story!

Hey everyone! 30 F
I just want to provide an update on my gallbladder journey as transparently as I can be- to help anyone else who needs it.
Back in November (At this time I weighed 125 pounds and am 5’4).I had my first gallbladder attack and ended up in the ER. I had sharp chest pain, right shoulder pain and insane heart palpitations. I actually thought I was having a heart attack.
The doctor working emerge had told me almost automatically it was gallbladder. An ultrasound confirmed stones. I remember thinking “ what the hell”, how could this pain be my gallbladder.
Anyways, I get sent home with 30 T3’s and told to follow up with my family doctor.
My second attack was the next night. Sent me right back to emerge where luckily my family doctor was working.
After being told there was little they could do besides put me on a pre-op list, I went home back in pain with my t3’s.
From November to end of May I constantly struggled with eating. It got to the point I was just eating soup, salads, smoothies and protein drinks. In hindsight I think I was more scared of trying different types of food in fear I’d have another attack. Hense I had lost 35 pounds over the course of 6 months.
Now- I have never had health anxiety. I’ve had an emergency c-section -awake and that didn’t give me anxiety. For some reason this gave me all sorts of health anxiety! I’m not sure if it was the thought of being under general anesthesia and losing control in that moment or what.
June 2nd was my surgery date. The morning of I was crying. I kissed my daughter goodbye and in I went. The health team was honestly great!
When I got into the operating room they were being briefed with my name and age. The nurse was talking to me and next thing I knew, I was out.
Waking up in the recovery room was honestly an amazing feeling. To be honest when I woke up I was in zero pain.
About 30 mins after waking up, I was discharged. The first night at home I was nauseous. I however, had no throat pain and my incisions were sore but not painful.
Day 2, I had a low grade fever but was moving around the house just fine. I had my first solid bm followed by diarrhea.
Day 3, check up with my doctor. Everything is healing nicely and my gauze has been removed. My low grade fever is gone and I ate a burrito. And guess what! I could stomach it. Now I just need to work on gaining the weight back I had lost.
From here on out I am so excited to start my recovery process. After speaking with family members, I was informed 3 of my aunts on my dads side had their gall bladder removed as well!
For anyone experiencing any anxiety due to their gallbladder issues, you’re not alone. It will get better for you 💕
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2023.06.06 04:49 Infamous-Dahlia Husband held me down trying to force an apology

I’m f42 and husband is 38. Married for 10 years in Sept and we have 2 kids together. Last week I left the sunroom windows open and the basement door unlocked when I left to go eat with my family for Memorial Day. All other doors/windows were locked. I recently caught someone trying to break into my neighbors house so I have been trying to be careful about locking up when I go anywhere. Our 2 big dogs were in the backyard and the sunroom windows are like 20ft high. Anyways, when we got home my husband had to make a big deal about it like he always does so I said sorry and that I would do better like 3 times. Apparently, that wasn’t good enough so he pinned me down on the bed telling me to look him in the eyes and tell him I’m sorry. He was getting a kick out of this and laughing but I was NOT! I spit on him, tried biting him, and absolutely refused to apologize any further. He was tickling me too thinking he was funny, but I was cussing him and everything else telling him to let go bc I am not going to apologize more. This went on for about 10 minutes until he finally gave up. Then he tried to pull me to him to cuddle and watch a TV show and I told him to fuck off. I just feel like this is slightly abusive on his part. It’s not the first time he has held me in place trying to force an apology and it’s giving me anxiety about my marriage. The next morning he tried to force me to kiss him in the kitchen and I told him NO bc he needs to stop trying to force me to do the things he wants. He then told me to “get over it”. I have barely spoken to him since, haven’t cuddled with him, and most nights I wake up and have to remove his wandering hands off of me. He seems so oblivious as to why I’m still angry with him. Should I just “get over it”?
TL;DR husband will hold me down for an apology, but I think it’s abusive. Am I right to be angry?
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2023.06.06 04:49 WeeklyHeretic Cost Basis Calculation Issues

I trade with Schwab and I've been a bit frustrated with the way they calculate (or miscalculate) cost basis on options. I'm wondering what other platforms show or what other Schwab users have seen with their accounts.
  1. Cost basis on assigned short puts. I sell a cash covered put, the price drops and I get assigned. Most of the time the cost basis shows up as "Cost of Shares - Premium received for the Put". But not all of the time. Sometimes the cost basis shows up strictly as the Cost of Shares. I believe the correct method for tax purposes is the first one. Is this selectable for some brokerage houses? For my retirement accounts where cost basis isn't tax relevant, I'd like to just use the Cost of Shares since I track premium income separately from capital gains.
  2. Cost basis on rollouts. I've seen this on both puts and calls. I sold an OTM Call on CHPT for $0.11 a share and then the price went up so it was ATM. When the price was ATM, I rolled out to the next week at a higher strike for a net gain of $.05 share. I would expect the cost basis to be roughly .16 per share. Instead Schwab shows the cost basis as $.61 per share. This was the Sell-to-Open part of my rollout. (BTC was .56, STO was .61 for a net premium of .05 per share). This seems like a miscalculation to me without any purpose.
What are others experiences with Schwab or other brokers?
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2023.06.06 04:47 Huge-Lychee4553 Flowering Shrub or Small Flowering Tree Recommendations

We recently bought a house in Brooklyn, NY (zone 7B) and next to the garage is a 2’x3’ patch of soil where an overgrown rose bush used to be. We had to dig it out for fear of the kids getting hurt on it when running around in the yard. I’d love to plant something else in its place as the patch is barren at this point and just growing weeds. It’s in a very sunny spot that gets about 10+ hours of direct sunlight. The soil is terrible though - thick, sticky clay. I’m planning to dig out about 2 feet of it and then mix in store bought humus and compost and then amend it annually with compost I can make around the garden.
Would love any recommendations for flowering shrubs or small flowering trees that can help bring pollinators to the garden.
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2023.06.06 04:47 Flat_Ad_484 My boyfriend (37M) isn’t a cat or indoor pet person, and I (26F) need suggestions

My boyfriend isn’t a cat or indoor pet person
My boyfriend R (37M) and I (26F) have been dating for a year now, and we’ve started talking about what our plans are for eventually getting engaged and moving in together. One thing we do keep struggling with is the fact that I have a cat (15lb chonky fluffy boy named P). It’s frustrating me that P has become a sore topic between us.
R likes P, he plays with him well, and will feed him and clean his litter occasionally if I have to leave town for work alone. R is very adamant that he wants me to keep P and that he is not telling me to get rid of him at all, but needs me to make changes and compromises if we are going to live together.
His issue is mainly the pet hair, but also the cat smell. He grew up in a house where they had a dog but the dog wasn’t allowed inside. He’s also a very clean person. Like spotless house all the time. I’m averagely clean, bordering on messy if I get busy, but I have been working on not over scheduling myself to that point. I have ADHD as well, and I mention that just to say that being clean seems to take more effort for me, and I have been making a lot more effort to be organized and clean just as a CBT strategy for my ADHD and anxiety. On top of that, I do clean more when he is staying over, especially since we’ve talked about this.
The pet hair just doesn’t bother me, Ive accepted it as part of having a pet and it’s worth it for having my cat around. We snuggle a lot, and I’m always full of hair after, but I barely notice or care. I just go about my day. But R is very hesitant about the idea of living together because if P. He says he wants to in theory, but whenever we talk about it logistically, my cat feels like the main hurdle.
I get frustrated because it feels like my relationship with my cat is changing as my relationship with R grows. It makes me doubt myself and ask if I am being true to myself or if I’m giving up too much of myself and P for my relationship. But I love R and we have so many hobbies and other lifestyle things in common besides this. This issue has been particularly difficult for me to not be defensive about. I feel myself shut down and it’s difficult to talk about it without becoming frustrated and resentful. R makes a face or a noise when P yawns and has stinky breath, or when P licks my face, it makes me really annoyed. It used to P and I snuggling and home alot together for so long when I was single. We used to sleep together every night. R doesn’t like P in the bed, and if we sit on the coach, he’s clearly uncomfortable with P so close if he comes over to snuggle me and R. R is a very warm and affectionate at home and with PDA most of the time, unless P is around bc he doesn’t want to be too close to him. It makes me feel like I have to pick between my boyfriend and my cat. When I explain that to him, it makes him upset because he feels like it’s me and P against him and he’s intruding in our life.
The compromises we’ve come up with are: 1. get a good quality robot vacuum 2. I bought multiple XL throw blankets to keep covering the couch. I wash them and rotate them every night that R is over. 3. P doesn’t get on or in the bed 4. Get rid of cat smell 5. Clean more
Things he suggested that I really do not like and will not do: 6. if we live together then P has his own area of the house, or he has a place for him to sleep inside where he can go in and out freely from, but doesn’t have access to the rest of the house, so the hair stays in one zone
The compromises I think are good in theory but are unrealistic 7. clean P whenever P comes back inside
It still feels like all of that still isn’t clean enough. 4 and 5 are too vague that it’s just stressful to think about and make me feel like I’m not doing a good enough job with everything I’m already doing. I told him that if the house still isn’t clean enough then he needs to do more cleaning with me.
It feels like we have the same tense differences every time we discuss what needs to happen before we can move in together. Can you give me suggestions on anything that could help? Different compromises, tips on cat smell, tips on pet hair, tips when someone is a cat person and the other isn’t, different boundaries when moving in together?
TLDR: my boyfriend likes my cat but can’t stand pet hair or smell, it’s an issue between us living together that has become a tense topic.
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2023.06.06 04:47 daredassdude Woman eats a cookie, cuts to different family, no relation between the two clips, Schlage ad

Woman eats a cookie, cuts to different family, no relation between the two clips, Schlage ad
Saw this on Twitch (There should be a flair for Ads on Twitch) Woman locks herself in the bathroom to eat a cookie from a secret jar to have time alone to herself. Then it abrupt jumpcuts to a different family entering a new house through unlocking their Schlage keyless lock. How is the first part anyway connected to the 2nd part? Seems like marketing decided, "Alright, let's have two parts to this 30 second commercial and make both completely unrelated to each other! Perfect marketing idea!"
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2023.06.06 04:47 rethcir_ Very first night as Fosterparents, total failure

Hi everyone,
I've been long time lurker waiting for our family's approval to be completed; and today our SW came to bring us our first placement.
It was 2 children under 4 who were suffering from extreme neglect. We had explicitly and repeatedly said we only wanted to foster older children (13+). But we succumbed to the guilt and pressure to take these 2 kids. Big mistake.
Well. That went awfully. We have a bio-child of our own, who is only 1 and is only just crawling. So while our house is baby proofed to some extent, it is definitely not baby proof.
These kids climbed everything, wouldn't respond to their own names, actively tried to break windows with their bare hands. No playpen, baby gate or crib we had could hold them.
It did not help that the only room we had for them had a built in full length mirror -- which the children promptly tried to smash with their bare hands.
My wife works with special needs children professionally. She has a decade+ of all the training, hands on experience, and certifications to deal with "wild" children.
It was not safe for these kids to stay with us. We could not keep them safe. (Also, one of them could open "child proof" door knobs)
So we called the emergency on-call SW, explained everything in as much detail as we could. Who promptly tried to convince us that buying an extra babygate and delivering it to us would enable us to keep them safely.
Hell no!
So I insisted that, for their own safety, they be removed from our care to a place that can handle them.
Now, my wife and I are decompressing. Our first night as foster parents.
We feel like such failures We feel like the SW are going to blacklist us from fostering entirely. We feel like we blew it.
Sorry I just needed to vent
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2023.06.06 04:47 California__girl Looking to rent a freeze dryer

Looking to rent a freeze dryer
Google has failed me. This fall I would like to rent a freeze dryer, either at a fixed location like a commerical kitchen, or bring it to my house. I would be doing fruits and veggies from my own garden. No meat or dairy (but if allowed, and I had space/time, I might experiment with cheese). Basically I expect a ton of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, melons, and green beans.
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2023.06.06 04:46 Mevensen Monetary gifts from MIL

I no longer interested in receiving monetary gifts from parents/mil or fil. Is it okay to politely ask them that it is no longer needed? Instead maybe ask to come over for dinner or something like that?
I'm 37 my wife is 36. 2 Kids. House. Stable jobs with decent income. So the money is appreciated but not necessary.
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2023.06.06 04:46 DocumentExpress9895 Uninsured and stuck with medical bills...

Hello. I am a 37 years old nyc resident. I had my first panic attack dec/21/2022 while I was at my sister's house in Connecticut for the holiday. Never had a panic attack before and I thought I was having some sort of serious heart issue, my sister rushed me to the hospital knowing I did not have a medical insuarance. I was discharged pretty fast because it was just a panic attack. Withinin 2 months, I received two separate bills from the hospital and teamhealth. One from hospital is 2600 and 1700 from teamhealth. The hospital bill shows the bill was reduced from 5200 to 2600 because I was uninsured and bill from teamhealth offered me 400 dollar discount if I pay a entire amount at once. I called both hospital and teamhealth hoping they would give me an additional discount but instead gave me a 2 year installment plan. I have an emergency fund enough to pay for those bills but it seems ridiculous to be charged such an amount for the little treatment I recevied at the hospital. Is there any way I can negotiate with them to reduce my medical bills? BTW, I applied for nys medicaid and got approved and have a medical coverage since May/1. Any tips to negotiate is greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.06 04:46 poooiuui I AM SO DOWN BAD FOR YORU

I am so fucking down terrible, down horrendous, down abyssal, down chaotic, down to fucking hell and back for Yoru. Everyday I check 100 times just to see if a single new Yoru fanart has been posted. The moment I see those elegant ringed eyes and her beautiful black hair I feel like my heart would rip my ribcage open. I would jump into a industrial paper shredder so that there's a chance that my body is recycled into toilet paper that she might use, and if she use a bidet instead of toilet paper. I would dissolve myself in acid near her house. Hope some of my melted self gets in the water pipe. I even would drag my face through a mile of broken glass and nail just to have the chance to hear she laugh through a walkie talkie. I even had a dream where I was on my death bed and Yoru was comforting me she patted me after she finished her speech about why I am important to her.
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2023.06.06 04:46 having_lived Heads of House?

I just wondered if we knew or if I missed who the heads of house are? I would assume Gryffindor and Hufflepuff are obvious (Weasley and Garlik) but are we to assume Ronan is Ravenclaw and Sharp is Slytherin? Could also be Hecat for Ravenclaw. I don’t see another option for Slytherin other than Sharp.
Didn’t see any answer on the Wiki so thought I’d ask!
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2023.06.06 04:46 Visual-Emphasis-9065 Almost two months in Canada as an International Student. Thoughts and reflection. From developer to cleaner.

Hello All!
Halos 2 months na ako dito sa Canada as an International Student and just sharing my thoughts baka maka help din sa mga nagbabalak na mag student route. For context, Software Developer po ako sa Pinas, 5 years of experience pero mediocre dev lang din earning 60K per month sa pinas. Alam ko na talaga noon pa na gusto ko mag Canada eh kaya pinush ko talaga to even if mag start ako from scratch and I now work as a cleaner! hehe. Still applying for dev roles pero mahirap kasi makahanap ng employer na willing to kumuha ng student na may limit na 20 hrs/week.
Here are some things that you should probably consider when coming here sa Canada taking the International Student route:
Yun lang unsolicited thoughts ko po, I am grateful na nandito na ako sa Canada but di talaga madali dito pag di ka sanay sa hirap. Do I regret coming here? Nope. Ganda ng quality of life po dito. I do miss my job in the PH, hopefully makakahanap din ako ng Dev role kahit di ako bayad basta may experience pa rin. I hope this post helps and sorry medyo magulo.
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2023.06.06 04:46 imabadsisterorwhat I feel that my sister only wants me for the good times and her bad times.

First of all, sorry, English is not my main language.
Account disposable for privacy.
I (30F) feel that my sister (29F) only wants me for the good times and her bad times.
First to say that my sister and I have a complicated relationship, we have grown up practically alone since our grandmother died when I was 15 and she was 14, she was always the mature one and the one who did things, it was hard for me to understand social situations and open up to new people so I was always more closed in on myself.
So, the problem.
I came to live in a foreign country a year and a half ago where I don't speak the language, I came because my sister has been living here for five years and I thought it would be a good opportunity, that I could learn the language quickly and integrate easily but nothing out of reality, I have not learned the language (I have been depressed for ten years and it is often difficult for me to start new things) and I have not been able to integrate, even so I want to stay here, to try.
The problem, as I don't know the language there are times when I need help, recently they had to admit me to hospital because of problems with my liver and gall bladder, they need to operate and do tests and they asked me to bring someone who speaks the language here. I asked her if she could accompany me to the test as they are going to put me to sleep (and the last time I was anaesthetised I woke up with a panic attack surrounded by unknown people who didn't speak my language), she told me she was busy (it's in two months), then I had a problem where I have to go to the work centre for a debt that came to me where there are signs saying that if I don't speak the language to go with someone who speaks it, she doesn't want to come, she says to use the translator on the phone.
I know she doesn't owe me anything, that I should learn the language myself but it's always been like that, when she's in bad times I have to be there for her because I can't help but think that she'll feel sad if I'm not by her side, that you may think that you did something wrong or similar; When she was admitted to a clinic for suicide prevention, I was driving every few days for two hours to be able to spend a little time with her, so she wouldn't think that people forgot about her and get her out of that environment that she didn't like, I was taking care of her for two years of his five pets when he went to live in this country because first he had to settle down (honestly, I'm not a fan of pets), I sold my house to be able to pay him a debt he had due to a bad decision (although it's true that I lived in his house for two years without paying rent, it was supposed to be a payment to take care of his five pets (which did not come out to accounts) paying for everything related to the house, vet, trainer, animal food, etc.)
I don't know if I'm an idiot for expecting her to help me a bit, I'm not good at knowing what to do in every social situation so I always follow the rule of doing what I want others to do for me and I'm only disappointed.
Sometimes I would like to end the relationship but I can't, I know I'll feel guilty and worried if I do.
Anyway, I guess she just wanted to vent a little bit.
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2023.06.06 04:46 Clear-Bodybuilder-82 my friend is dating someone 3 times her age

I have known this girl for about two years now. She told me she had a boyfriend, but never shared the details, and I always wondered why. We became very close and naturally I wanted to know more about him. She would make up lies about him such as his age, college, what he does for a living, etc. This week, when I tried to find out more about him, I found out he is a 52-year-old man, and they met when she was 17 and he was in his 50s. Her justification for dating him is that the legal age of consent in her state is 17. At that time, he was her boss. She had always told me he was mid-20s, but refused to show me pictures of him and never let me meet him. Now I know why. It's clear to me and some of my close friends the sheer imbalance of power in this relationship and how this man is taking full advantage of her baggage and vulnerability. He is grooming her whether or whether not it's legal. When he comes to town he comes unannounced and rents out an airbnb for the two of them. He is the only person she has ever been with, and I am deeply saddened that she will never listen to me about how wrong this relationship is. Her parents are also frustrated and have tried to stop their relationship, but they cannot take any legal action due to the age of consent. As a concerned friend, I don't know how to approach this situation, and I could really use some advice.
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2023.06.06 04:45 TopRock7967 Brother is neglecting a dog and it's crying all the time due to an infected ear what to do?

The dog is in a kinda bad state the cage has no walls so he gets wet every night he is chained to the cage both outside the ear has a long gash at the tip and its badly infected and the dog is constantly scratching his ear and crying every night.
If I say give me the dog I will take care of it, his petty wife uneducated person btw real cursing low life vagabond type of woman who wanted to kill the dog when it was a puppy, will accuse me of trying to take away her kids "pet" and ask me why I don't get my own dog.
If I call the authority and they get charged she will almost certainly come to my place of work and make a scene or try to get me fired etc it will be a LOT of problems that I am not willing to go through.
I went in the back yard to pee about 10 PM and heard something crying was hard to see their house is 100 feet away walked up to the dog saw him with his feet scratching his ears smell was bad he has not gotten a bath in months. They have a can of the purple spray for preventing worms in the cut so I spray it in the wound but the dog keeps rubbing his ears in the dirt cause it's itching and making it worse.
It's a shed he make with pallet wood and it has nails poking out and when the dog shakes his head due to ears scratching it gets gashed on the nails. When I tell them take the dog to the vet, build a better cage his response is that dog is a pot hound it doesn't need anything.
I threatened to report them to the authority but that caused more bacchanal
I usually go every night to give him some food and pet him when they are not looking cause he is also always hungry lack of food. He is such a good doggo, but I have made the decision to no longer go to see him and told my mother don't give me any food to give him again I can't bear to see him suffer like that, all I can do now is hope he dies so he will be put out of his misery.
To sleep at night I tell myself all over the world dogs are in worse conditions, millions of them in China dog farms, fur farms, mexican underground dog fighting rings etc.
I guess such is life and this is what it is.
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2023.06.06 04:45 bright-Holiday-4878 I hate that i'm a derivative author, a plagiarist and that none of my ideas is original

For years i said that my best trait was creativity, however, it's all i lie i tell myself to not fell bad.
I'm a thief, that's what i do.
I never had a single.idea that i can say it's original. Everything i have is derivative, plagiarized or stolen.
I hate that my main story is a harry Potter rip off, a fanfiction with original names so i don't have to stick to canon or resamble the original character. Some people will say "that there's nothing new under the Sun" or "that every Idea was already written ", but there's no excuse for me. Dark lord, magical School, houses (I'm not even British, i literary took these from harry Potter), there's nothing on this story beyond that, just some ideas that o can't write. A magical grimoire? Boring? A story where this character is stuck on a time loop on her magical school and is killed by the dark lord every day? There's already a game like that! (Okay. I didn't even know about grim grimoire, but still, it's a very common Idea, a time loop)
It was worse before, with blood purity, wizards vs non wizards, werewolfs rebelion. I disregarded most of this, but the story become shallow, It only remains the school and houses, a dark lord i can't fit on my story, and scenes, but without a plot because i can't create one.
I hate that my super heroes are unoriginal, i literary took my main one, crimson Bomber, from a design by Chris malgrain. most of names from my heroes (sound Striker,Steel sentinel, electro and gravity) were created by Claude instant, Althara, my alien Princess, has the predator mandibles (i won't lie, i really like those mandibles and the way they open), and was taken from a cartoon of the March 1941 issue of the pulp magazine fantastic adventures.
My first experience with super heroes o created a cinematic universe with old and forgotten, public domain super heroes (and some not in public domain), they don't even resamble the original character, i just took the name and design so i can be lazy and not create one myself, and do whatever i want.
I do thar a lot. I'm not original enough to create myself. I look at deviantart and artstation, my ideas are all loking at images and characters design that other people did. I keep loking at images i saved to write because it's from there that i took my characters, ideas, plots and scenarios.
The houses of my magical school (boyestick, wisenfath, Fabwen and Magwenton) are takeb from the bothwell larpg
Back when i was young i created a story with haunted animatronics (fnaf) and with anthropomorphic Animals on a sci fi setting (TMNT and Max steel).
I keep creating scenarios where my works were published way before i was born or wheb o was a kid, and they replace what inspired them (such as my super heroes being published since the 60s) just because i know that they are cheap knock offs that will never be liked, because there's nothing to like on them. Literary, my magical school story can not even be published, it would be sued in half an hour.
I 'm a thief, i plagiarizer, that's what i do, i stole OCs, i get inspired by what other people do. I never created anything original in my life and o hate myself as an author for this.
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2023.06.06 04:45 imamalasada Meddling MIL and insufferable SIL - Can she meet my baby?

Long time lurker, first time poster! After typing this out for a different sub I thought, wow I mentioned MIL TOOOO many times for this to not be a post about her and not in this sub lol. I'm having trouble finding the vocabulary to tell off my MIL in a respectful way for her meddling and gossiping! My husband is sick of me talking about this and I would truly love and appreciate an outside perspective because I feel like I'm losing my mind.
When my (34f) husband (35m) first got together, his mom did not like me. Early on I had met my SIL once and it seemed like we'd get along great, but by the next time I saw her, I would receive the cold-shoulder that has managed to last the last 11yrs. Eventually I ended up reconciling with my MIL, by this time my husband and I have been together for ~4yrs. Her and I aired everything out between us, and discovered during this time that the reason why my MIL and SIL didn't like me was because my husband was ranting/complaining about me and our issues within our relationship - to his mother, who would then go back and tell SIL. So they weren't getting a good image of me. He said I was nagging him, pushy, and confrontational. But not without reason of course!
I do want to touch on these issues a bit because they could come across ambiguous: we were 24 and 26 when bf and I got together. There was infidelity on his part and times when I held him accountable for his actions and behaviors. He didn't like this and would go back and whine to his mom about it. Before you jump down my throat - yes, he has learned through extensive couples/individual therapy that sharing with his mother like this was NOT ok, and does not do this anymore. In his defense, he didn't have boundaries with his mother, and thought he could trust her to give good advice, and to not put his business on front street!
We're great now relationship-wise. We were young when we got together, but we've gone on to build a terrific life together.
MIL begins to gently push us to reconcile with SIL. This started up soon after MIL and I made up, and I wanted to make the effort for my husband and his mom. To show that I was trying to 'be apart of the family.' I was apprehensive at first but she said it was important to her, and she didn't like her kids fighting. At the time I wanted very much for MIL to like me, to accept me and I felt like I was responsible for it somehow, so I gave in.
For a period of about 18mos we tried time after time to make up with SIL, I sent her messages on social media and never got a response. Relayed messages through MIL to her. My husband asked her for all of us to sit down and work out our issues, and got no response.Whenever I saw her, I was met with complete indifference. She would go out of her way to ignore me, act as if I didn't exist, wouldn't even look me in the eye or acknowledge me. Many of my efforts were shut down in front of their family members and my SIL would tell them - in front of me - that she didn't like me.
It was rude and embarrassing. I want to be super clear about this part - at this point, I had no expectations of having a real relationship with SIL. My personal opinion of it all was that we didn't have to like each other, or even talk much but that we'd have some sort of mutual respect for each other, and not treat me the way she does. I felt we should have been able to just say "hello" and keep it moving!! Literally, that's it.
I asked MIL whhyyyy she thought SIL was so resistant to making up and she looked at me and said: "Don't worry about it honey, she's a bigot anyway." My boyfriends family is white. I am black & Filipino. By all accounts, I present black, but have defining Asian features. I'm not sure why my MIL would tell me this unless it was a gentle way of telling me SIL didn't like me because of the color of my skin. My husband also confirmed this bit of information as well.
After some time, husband and I decide that we've made our effort, said our peace - its not us, it was her. We made the effort, and she didn't want that so we respected it and backed off. We let MIL know that we tried, but the ball was in her court and it was now up to her if she wanted any sort of relationship with us. My boyfriend said that we "wouldn't close the door" if she wanted to reach out at anytime.
But I did close the door. All this time later, I don't want anything to do with her.
I had time during those 18mo of basically groveling, to realize that I didn't even have anything to apologize for. I racked my brain for a million hours trying to figure out what I did. I never spoke to her after I saw her the first time, so what did I do wrong? She heard about (one sided) problems in my relationship and chose to hate me for that? Why was my MIL so insistent on ME apologizing?
Boyfriend and I decide to move away, out of state. A couple years later at the top of 2021, my boyfriend turns into a fiance, to a husband, to a dad and I get pregnant! I gave birth to our precious baby in September. Throughout my pregnancy MIL started to insist again on me and husband to reach out to SIL. This is put made me put MIL on ice kinda because she knows what we went through and she repeatedly asks us to make up with her. We got shut down and we accepted it. We told her we would no longer be extending any olive branch to her.
She will not stop bringing up SIL, ATP I'm not sure how to say it nicely anymore, me or my husband. I strongly believe that it's because SIL wants to meet our baby. MIL said in passing during a visist that SIL has the right to meet her nephew and if she had to apologize to do it, she would. Ohhhh so you wouldn't apologize before, but now that we have a baby and you feel left out....we should accommodate you? Because you've been SO accommodating to me.
SIL had been notified by family members of us getting engaged, married and now having a baby and she never once made an effort to extend HER olive branch to make up, and we're supposed to reach out to her?! NO!
I'm sorry, if you aren't cool with US, the parents of the child at the very least, why do you think you can see our baby? Because you're my husbands sister? She isn't anymore an aunt to my child than she is a sister to my husband. Someone whom she only reaches out to when SHE wants something. SIL has shown time and time again that she doesn't like me, doesn't respect me, and doesn't respect her brother.
And, for the cherry on top - why would I let a BIGOT even touch my child?! Why would I want me and my child, (both brown people) anywhere near near someone like her!? I really feel like they're playing in my face!!
My MIL wants us to stay with her at her house, shes being overly generous by offering her house and her car to us so we don't have to spend any money and only pay for our flights. She is so insistent on this, reminding us every time we talk that "we'll stay with her, right?" Money is not an issue, and because of how busy my husband is at work this will be our first visit home/vacation since the pandemic so "spending money" is no big deal if it means we're comfortable and have a good time. She also brings up SIL every call as well. Stop trying to make her happen! Its not going to happen.
Its all so triggering and frustrating, even in writing this my MIL is so involved as well and it freaks me out! Even my own mother is not this invested. I suspect that MIL feels guilty for painting me in a bad light to SIL so she's trying to force a reconciliation between us, but in doing so and trying to justify SIL's behavior has painted SIL in a bad light to me, completing the circle.
I feel like shes doing it again, I'm not even sure if she knows she's doing it or not.
I guess my question is:
Should I stand my ground about SIL not meeting my baby and stipulating that she needs to create a relationship with US the parents? How can I be firm and respectful (do I at this point??) and get my point across? Am I being difficult if I don't want to accept SIL's fake, half assed apology? If my husband wants a relationship with them, that's fine, that's his family, but I'd just realllllly like to be left alone to raise my baby with my husband in peace, and with literally NO interference from his mom/family.
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2023.06.06 04:45 XBonexMasterX Edmonton French Quarter

So i'm looking for places to rent and I found one I might potentially go see. It's in the Edmonton French Quarter, right near the university. I just want some peoples honest opinions on what the area is like and if it'd be a nice area to live.
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2023.06.06 04:45 WoodpeckerOk160 Could I get pregnant?

am a 26F. I am healthy, no medical or reproductive health problems. I am 112 pounds, so I am not obese, which can hinder becoming pregnant. Before birth control my periods were perfectly regular every 28 days for 5 days with minimal cramps.
2 months and 3 weeks ago I started taking the genetic Mylan brand birth control that did not have estrogen. I switched from Tri-Low because it was making me sick. But between December-February I was not on any birth control.
The first month on Mylan, March, my period was eight days late. The second month, April, my period was 9 days late. I have not had a third period yet while taking this pill. The two periods I have had while on this pill were still a normal 5 days and the same amount of blood as I used to get. Now, my blood is just darker and I have cramped harder.
Usually I take my birth control in the morning. But if I am being honest, sometimes its 8am, 9am, 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm. Last Wednesday I think I took my pill somewhere around 10am. The next day, Thursday, I forgot my pill and didnt take it till sometime between 4pm and 5pm. My nurse friend said birth control does not have to actually be taken at the same exact time everyday, just around the same time.
Friday I had a friend over that I have crushed on every since I met him. We had sex unprotected twice. The second time he came fully inside me a lot. I was still leaking it even after washing myself off down there hours later.
He left around 4:30pm, a few minutes after the sex. As soon as he left I took my birth control pill for that day. Because I had forgot it again because he could only come see me immediately and I was busy making the bedroom and house look nice before he came over.
An hour later between 5:30/6pm I took a Plan B to be on the safe side. I had a horrible headache immediately for the next day and a half.
What is the likelihood that I am going to become pregnant? Has any other woman here became pregnant while on the Mylan Progesterone Only pill?
And lastly, when he came inside me, my period tracker app says I was in my fertility window for a high chance to get pregnant. But my app does not take into account my birth control pills.
I have used Plan B, three times this year so far. Is it possible to become immune? I took it twice in February of this year.
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2023.06.06 04:45 Affectionate_Local14 To Get Her Back

Long Story To try and give a basic summary while including details, last year in April of 2022 I went on a school trip to a European country and had a crush on a girl that was going on the trip. I talked to her a little bit in the beginning, but it was a lot of small talk stuff. Then in the last 4 days of the trip we really hit it off in a huge way. We started spending down time together at the hotel and throughout the cities we were visiting. We explored the hotels together and walked around the small towns we were staying in. It was like a dream come true, I couldn't believe she wanted to spend time with me. Then on the very last day of the trip everyone got random seat selections on the 6 hour plane ride back to the United States east coast, and I managed to get a seat right next to her! I am a big Beatles fan and we watched the movie, "Yesterday" together and then listed to some Beatles music with my Airpods and we cuddled and she put her head on my shoulder.
When we got back home she acted a little odd to me for a few days, but then we started talking to each other again, even more seriously. After about 2 weeks we hung out and she came up with the idea to go see a movie, so we did. In the movie we cuddled and ended up making out, both of our first kiss. Then we went to get ice cream after, and finally I dropped her off at one of her friends house. It was an amazing day. We continued to talk at school everyday and facetime at night until 1 day, about 2 weeks later. I called her in the afternoon on a Friday after school to ask if she wanted to do something this weekend, but she basically broke up with me on the phone. I was completely caught by surprise by this, I still have no idea why it happened. Sometimes people say they have no clue what they may have done to cause the relationship to come to an end, but I truly have absolutely no idea what happened to cause this.I haven't talked to her much since that day. Only little stuff messaging about an AP class that we're both in, but I don't talk to her in that class.
This whole break up happened just barely over a year ago now, and I still really want her back. I have tried going for other girls, but all I do is compare them to her and nobody is enough.
My school year ends in about 2.5 weeks and I was thinking about asking her to go get ice cream at a local place and try and make friends back with her again and see what I can do. One of her friends also told me that she heard that the girl I like would be interested in having a relationship with someone during the summer because she would be less busy with school and such.
Any advice on what I could do to try and get her back? I think there is a possibility that she may be interested in me if I play my cards right. My main idea right now is to ask her to go to ice cream and then take her for a ride on my parents boat on the lake we live on, afterwards.
(Hopefully she doesn't see this or that would be so fucking embarrassing)
Thanks, I'll take any ideas you have.
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