Meals on wheels staten island

Made in Staten Island on MTV

2019.01.08 00:43 LittleEmmy Made in Staten Island on MTV

Eight young men and women were made in Staten Island -- and even though they call the New York borough home, they're trying to break away from the temptations of the criminal lifestyle they were born into. They were "born to win" -- and they're chronicling their journey on MTV.

2012.01.27 04:51 evildeadxsp Make.SI - The Makerspace of Staten Island


2010.06.18 03:02 coned88 The Bronx


2023.03.29 13:02 OnePunchKnockout Three babies were born on my island this morning. One is the 100th birth, and one is the very first Gen 4 baby!

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2023.03.29 13:00 Particular-Winter648 “How I wish that somewhere there existed an island for those who are wise and of good will.”

“How I wish that somewhere there existed an island for those who are wise and of good will.”
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2023.03.29 13:00 tyreselect_oman Choosing the Right Tyre for Your 4WD in Oman: All-Terrain, Highway, or Mud?

Choosing the Right Tyre for Your 4WD in Oman: All-Terrain, Highway, or Mud?
Choosing the Right Tyre for Your 4WD
When it comes to owning a 4WD in Oman, choosing the right tyre is essential. Tyres are the most critical component of a 4WD, and choosing the right one can make a significant difference in your vehicle's performance and handling.

What is 4WD Tyres?

4WD tires refer to tires designed specifically for use on vehicles with four-wheel drive (4WD) systems, which distribute power and torque to all four wheels for improved traction and handling on various terrains.
These tires are typically designed with features such as deeper treads, larger tread blocks, and stronger construction to provide better grip and handling in challenging driving conditions such as mud, snow, sand, and rocky terrain.
Some 4WD tires are also designed to be more versatile and suitable for both on-road and off-road use, while others are designed primarily for off-road use. It is important to select the appropriate 4WD tires based on your driving needs and the terrain you will be traversing.

Types of 4WD Tyres

There are three primary types of 4WD tyres - all-terrain, highway, and mud tyres. In this blog, we will explore each type of tyre and the pros and cons of each to help you make the right decision for your vehicle.
  1. All-Terrain TyresAll-terrain tyres are designed to provide a balance of on-road and off-road performance. They are suitable for a range of conditions, making them a popular choice for 4WD enthusiasts in Oman. They are generally quieter and more comfortable on the road than mud tyres, making them ideal for longer trips. All-terrain tyres also have a more robust sidewall than highway tyres, making them more resistant to punctures and cuts on rocky or rough terrain. Some of the well-known patterns for All Terrain Tyres are BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A K02, Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015, Apollo Apterra AT2 and many more.
  • Suitable for a range of conditions
  • Good on-road performance
  • More robust sidewall than highway tyres
  • Better puncture resistance than highway tyres
  • Not as good in mud or sand as mud tyres
  • Not as good on rocky terrain as mud tyres
  • May wear out faster than highway tyres due to their more aggressive tread pattern
2. Highway TyresHighway tyres are designed for on-road driving and are ideal for long-distance driving on paved roads. They have a more relaxed tread pattern than all-terrain or mud tyres, providing a quieter, more comfortable ride on smooth surfaces. They also have a longer lifespan than other types of tyres, making them a cost-effective option for drivers who primarily use their 4WD for highway driving. Some of the well-known patterns for Highway Tyres are Yokohama Geolandar H/T G056, Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 and many more.
  • Best for long-distance driving on paved roads
  • Quieter and more comfortable than all-terrain or mud tyres
  • Longer lifespan than all-terrain or mud tyres
  • Not suitable for off-road driving
  • Less grip in wet or slippery conditions than all-terrain or mud tyres
  • Not suitable for rough or rocky terrain
3. Mud TyresMud tyres are designed for off-road driving in challenging conditions, such as muddy or sandy terrain. They have an aggressive tread pattern and large, deep lugs that provide maximum traction in slippery conditions. Mud tyres also have a more substantial sidewall, which helps to protect the tyre from punctures and cuts on rocky terrain. Some of the well-known patterns for Mud Tyres are BFGoodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM3 and many more.
  • Best for off-road driving in challenging conditions
  • Provides maximum traction in mud, sand, and other slippery surfaces
  • Robust sidewall for protection on rocky terrain
  • Noisier and less comfortable than all-terrain or highway tyres
  • Shorter lifespan than all-terrain or highway tyres
  • Less grip on paved roads than all-terrain or highway tyres


In conclusion, choosing the right 4WD Car Tyre in Oman depends on the type of driving you will be doing. All-terrain tyres are a good all-around option, while highway tyres are ideal for long-distance driving on paved roads. Mud tyres are the best choice for off-road driving in challenging conditions but may not be suitable for everyday driving. Consider the pros and cons of each type of tyre and your driving needs when choosing the right tyre for your 4WD. TyreSelect provides a wide range of selection of Car Tyres best suitable for your 4WD. You can also consult with our tyre specialist to ensure you get the best possible tyre for your vehicle.
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2023.03.29 13:00 Exciting-Risk9078 Claiming PIP and difficult partner on current joint UC claim (England) - who gets PIP payment?

Situation/Question in brief : I have a joint claim UC, partner receives the payments into her bank account.
Q - If I claim PIP in the next week or two, will that PIP payment come directly to me or will my partner pocket all that too?
I have a "benefit advisor" in the general sense that my outpatients group put me in touch with but they don't know definitively if the PIP payment is a personal thing or if it will only be paid to the UC designated bank account holder. She advised asking here as she said you people are awesome :)
I have a joint claim with my partner, or possibly, my soon-to-be ex-partner. She manages all the finances and gets the UC payments but won't let me see what the money is spent on at all.
I haven't seen a penny of any UC since the claim started in June or July last year. (I moved in with her a couple of months earlier when I gave up my rented bungalow)
We don't have a joint account so I can't see what she spends the UC on, but when challenging her to justify the "there's nothing left after the bills and food are paid" I just get an angry tirade about "trust".
As I'm classed as LCWRA (and that will not change with a serious degenerating condition) there's an additional 350 quid or so a month that appears to be "magically dissapearing" somehwere.
Enough moaning: I've been advised to claim PIP as according to my work/benefits advisor (from a charity - relating to my health conditions) I should "sail through" at higher rate daily and lower mobility rates
I'm pretty ill and have GP, specialist, CPN and support worker who are all encouraging me to claim PIP and have categorically stated they will write in support of my claim. I think they have been in touch with each other regarding the PIP as I was very reluctant initially as the health process for the LCWRA was absolutely horrendous
I scored 0 on my UC50 review - been very ill and in Support Group/ESA for almost a decade, condition only worsens and got much worse lately. So as you would expect I scored a big fat zero at mandatory reconsideration too, then scored 40+ points on appeal and scored max on 2 of the "important 15 pointers" as my benefits advisor puts it. I'm currently bedridden as I type this but hopefully only temporarily, I'm "gently mobile" around the house for 3/4 of the year on average unless I have a setback. Stairlift, carer for meals/meds if partner is not around (she's jobsearching so out 3+ days a week jumping UC hoops) , carer with car to go out, that sort of level.
So, last month or so I have been researching the whole PIP thing and I am finally going to go for it.
My mental health has taken a huge dive with the whole LCWRA thing and also the mysterious missing UC money/partner situation, so a few months of PIP saved up and I should be able to look to moving out of this awful financial arrangement.
I could maybe afford to live alone if I get PIP, but if I ask the UC to pay me direct my half of the UC partner will boot me out - which she confirmed last night in another blazing row. She doesn't know I'm going to apply for PIP. I'm in no physical position to move anywhere so status quo as all I can manage for now - it's already caused one full-on mental breakdown so I don't want to risk another until I have an exit strategy.
FML lol
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2023.03.29 13:00 mawcopolow Best things to see/do around Ao Nang

I've already gotten down the 7 island tour with bioluminescent plankton (though, any advice on where to book is welcome) The Emerald pool and hot spings
Also, where's the best place to take a rainforest trail ?
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2023.03.29 12:57 Neeralazra Hired NPCs now have additional skills!

Saw mine give Radar and an enemy "medic" do splash heals.
Aside from attracting players via Loot now even NPCs are end game assets
EDIT: Just saw it get mentioned in the Stickied thread which just posted AFTER i found about it
SPECIALIST CHARACTERS Just in case you need a little help during battle, eight Specialist Characters have dropped on the Island and are ready for hire! There are four different types of Specialists, each one with a different role to play:
Scout Specialist: Scouts can pick off foes from afar with a Sniper, and can ping nearby enemies and Chests.
Heavy Specialist: With their explosive inventory, Heavies specializes in making things go BOOM! Heavies can also take more damage than other Specialists.
Supply Specialist: Supply Specialists drop ammo and mats for you to pick up (Note: Supply Specialists won’t drop mats in Zero Build.)
Medical Specialist: Hired Medics heal you with Chug Splashes to restore your Health and Shield.
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2023.03.29 12:57 Big_Ad3982 I'm super concerned about my triggers at the moment and I have no idea what to do

I have been in recovery for bulimia for about 3 years at this point, no significant worries or anything for a while and I felt content.
Recently my younger sister who is naturally thin, has lost some weight after she started eating healthier (not mcdonalds every meal) and my entire family is talking to me about worries that she has an ED.
I am not too worried that she has one as she has assured me she doesn't after a few long chats where I asked a bunch of questions (she also always asks me for money for food so I know shes doing alright), we have always been open to eachother and I know the only unhealthy relationship with food she has is not being able to identify what foods are unhealthy as she doesn't get any significant weight gain from eating stuff that would make most people gain a lot.
The problem here is that I'm just experiencing the envy again, and its really triggering me with the fact that people notice something that may be serious only when someone is thin. I have never been thin like she is, I'm curvier and more muscular so even at my lowest I wasnt looking unhealthy.
I've struggled with food since I was a child, 11-15 was the worst for me. I was sleeping minimal hours and doing high intensity swim/waterpolo training for 6 hours a week in addition to long walks and land training. I wasn't healthy, at all. Reaching out when I would get bad symptoms and getting shut down instantly by family because I wasnt skinny enough for it to be real destroyed me, I never thought I had dysmorphia until now. I tried finding photos of my healthy progress to prove to myself I've been doing amazing, but there are no photos of me at any point where I looked as big as I thought I did.
At my thinnest I looked sick, my family probably didnt say anything because they probably preferred it. At my biggest I didn't notice until I got off birthcontrol and I was convinced I was huge. I didnt fall back into the unhealthy habits and have been working to actively get thin in a healthy way. But I really don't know what to do right now, I've been doing so well and now a bunch of thoughts are coming back because it hit me hard that noone cares unless... you know.
I don't like it, I havent relapsed but I dont know how much longer I can go to be honest. Everything above is basically everything running through my head and making it so hard to focus on anything else.
I just think I need reassurance, I dont trust my friends or my partner with this. Its really tough and any advice from anyone is whole heartedly appreciated.
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2023.03.29 12:56 gagarinthespacecat Bingus sits on ur meal

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2023.03.29 12:56 MIRNN1997 Audeze Penrose reset not working...

I have had a pair of audeze penrose (playstation/blue version) since late 2020, and despite me loving the audio quality they have always been a bit jank. It freezes up; no buttons work including powerbutton, volume wheel etc. That all goes away if i reset the headset by pressing multifunction button and both volume wheels down at the same time. However today that also did not work. I have tried everything from holding them down for 30 seconds etc. Anyone got a clue on what to do?
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2023.03.29 12:55 Nothing_Rhymed Helping a partner with UC

Hi lovely people, I just found this sub and was wondering if you lot could help me along a bit.
I live together with my partner, who is diagnosed with UC (has been diagnosed for almost 10 years now and undergoes treatment). He struggles a lot with food and eating, as well as fatigue, especially when he has bad days/weeks. He doesn't feel hungry or like eating, and doesn't eat much when he does eat. If I'm at work he will live on coffee and maybe a bowl of cereal until dinner if I don't prepare anything for him beforehand.
He does really wanna go up in weight and feel more healthy, and get enough energy to start working out a lil again (he was pretty trained before he got this condition and I can see it frustrates him that he isn't "like before" anymore), but the "eating enough" is definitely stopping that.
So I was wondering, what are your tricks for getting food and nutrients inside of you? What are some easy meals that I can make for him when he's doing shit? I know this is pretty personal and everyone has different trigger foods, but when I ask him what he would like to eat I never get good feedback (think "I don't have any appetite" or "I don't know, just some food I guess"). I know what ingredients to avoid, but I'd like to make things as easy for him as possible, and do my best to keep him as healthy as I can at home. Even if it's just like a bone broth or something like that, just keeping him fed without making him sicker is the goal.
Will appreciate any and all insights 🥰
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2023.03.29 12:55 QuietMemory6602 Looking for a second car, £6-£9k

I'm currently testing the waters to see if it's worth buying a second car.
I was looking at getting one around December time but a lot of agg, I wanted to see whether or not my current one would pass its MOT. It's a Honda Civic Type SI 2009. Passed its MOT with juts advisories on the tyres
Whilst it is insanely reliable it DOES have a lot of cosmetic damage, and the gearbox is f*cked. I was quoted like £800 for bodywork repair which seemed high but that was just a regular garage so not sure if a specialist would be cheaper. They didn't really seem interested in doing it to be honest, the garages I went to. But today I did the car some more damage in a multi storey car park, very narrow turning with a conrete pavement and the side hit it. Part of the side pannel between the wheels is loose. Probably can go easily back on but still.
However I know with ULEZ used cars are in even more demand than they were before, and also I'll be spending half of 2023 at university without my car.
I'm just wondering if its worth repairing the current car, i won't get the gearbox done, i'll probably get the tyres done because that is a safety issue just need to find a place.
What cars in the £6-£9k range would you recommend.
I'm looking for
- Petrol
- 1-1.6L
- 2013 MINIMUM.
- Ideally not a city/coupe type car like an i10 or fiesta or something like that, I'm used to a bigger car and prefer them. Something like a c'eed, civic, astra gtc
If I continued to save and say in the £7-£10.5K range what more could I get. I also need to factor in insurance etc
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2023.03.29 12:55 tonnie_taller WATCH: Sharks swarm offshore of popular tourist beach as beachgoers keep distance

Sharks have returned in full numbers to a popular destination in Thailand, creating a difficult situation for an area looking to revive its tourism attraction. Video of Maya Bay, located on the island of Ko Phi Phi Leh off the southwest of Thailand in the Andaman Sea, shows a heavy volume of beach-goers on the … Continue reading WATCH: Sharks swarm offshore of popular tourist beach as beachgoers keep distance
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2023.03.29 12:54 Not_theScrumPolice [HM] Bobbin Bonnet - Trader not Thief

It was a rainy Wednesday morning when Bobbin Bonnet traded his Fiat for a MINI Cooper Sport. It was a nice model; metallic blue with a panoramic roof. Once he had managed to pry the door open, he also discovered it had air-conditioning, an excellent sound system, and colored interior lighting set to blue -- to match the paint.
Excited about his upgrade, Bobbin had gotten into his new car and reversed it out of the driveway. He turned right, to take the quick route to the highway and it was then his trouble began. Try as he may, his foot refused to press down on the gas pedal.
"Come on, Bonnet," he scolded himself, making sure to add a stern look in the rearview mirror. "Not this again. Just press down on the gas pedal and get out of here."
Bobbin's foot did not move. He tried forcing it into action by pressing down on his knees with both hands. And, when that didn't work, he stomped his foot with the other one. That jolted the car forward a bit, but he doubted that driving on the highway in little jolts would do him much good, although it would probably give the cops a good laugh.
Frustrated, he slammed both his hands down on the steering wheel as hard as he could, and promptly hit the car horn. The loud honk that followed startled him so much, that he almost shot out of his seat and through the glass panels of the panoramic roof.
"Great", he said to himself. "Now you're a sitting duck in a stolen car in broad daylight and you've drawn attention to yourself. Good job Bonnet." He punctuated those last words with short taps on the horn. Might as well, he figured -- he was already screwed. Come to think of it, his occupation was probably one better carried out at night.
At the last short honk, his head snapped to the side. He heard a door squeak and squeal -- it was quite the dramatic sound for a door to make -- and an old couple stepped out of their home. Stay calm, he thought. They're probably just going out to do groceries.
When the old lady settled her glare on him, however, Bobbin shuddered visibly. She looked quite menacing for someone her age. Her hair was cut in a short, spiky style and she wore faded jeans and a black t-shirt. It probably wasn't so much the look in itself, but more the way it punctuated her 'I will fuck you up' stare that made him shudder.
Her husband wasn't any better. He was the skinhead-looking type, with a shiny, bald head and a leather jacket. Somehow, he had forgotten to wrinkle as he aged and thus, looked somewhat like a retired baby. Which would've been funny, if it hadn't been for the dangerous twinkle in his beady eyes.
"Come on, Bonnet," Bobbin grunted as he strained with the effort of moving his foot, which remained unmoving and stubborn. The swirling feeling in the pit of his stomach told him he would not be able to make this trade; it wasn't a fair one. He would have to throw in at least a flat-screen TV and a gaming system to make up for the discrepancy in value and -- seeing as the pensioners were moving towards him -- he truly didn't have the time to arrange for that.
A sharp knock on the passenger seat window interrupted Bobbin's train of thought. "Excuse me," said the spike-haired menace -- she was even more terrifying up close. "What are you doing with my neighbor's car?" Behind her, he could see the woman's husband get in his car.
Think Bonnet, think! The cops are going to have a field day if they catch you again.
Bobbin put on his best smile and rolled down the window. "Morning ma'am," he said cheerfully. "I'm Bobbin from the garage. You know the one, Bobbin's Bonnets..." he had to stop to swallow as the searing skeptical glare that came his way took the moisture straight out of his mouth. The fact that her husband was backing out of their driveway to block Bobbin's new car, didn't help either.
"Erm, as I was saying. Bobbin's Bonnets. Your neighbor asked us to pick up her car for servicing, there's a problem with the gas pedal."
In a moment of brilliance, Bobbin thought to demonstrate the issue. He stomped on his foot with his other one and jolted forward. "See, it's going to be a long ride to the garage. Would've gotten the tow truck but it's out of commission due to an intern-related mishap."
The woman turned to the side, addressing her husband as he got out of his car, his task to block Bobbin now complete. "Says he's from the garage," she started as she walked out of earshot to explain the situation to the man. He could see her punctuate her story with fierce hand movements which made her look like she was conducting an invisible orchestra.
The husband nodded as he rubbed his chin. He asked a few questions to his wife and then -- having decided his course of action -- approached Bobbin with a resoluteness to his step that said he was a man on a mission.
"You're never going to get to the garage like this," the man remarked, his low voice a rumble. "You can use our car to tow this one to your shop and once you're there do some maintenance on ours as well. The tires need replacing so it seems like a win-win."
Bobbin's mouth hung ajar as he tried to process what the man had just offered him. He looked at the car that was blocking his -- a decent SEAT Leon, red, no panoramic roof but no damage either -- and nodded thoughtfully.
"Are you sure, sir?" he asked, trying to hide his excitement. The husband nodded and tossed Bobbin a set of car keys through the open window.
"She's a good neighbor," he replied. "Wouldn't want her to be inconvenienced because you couldn't get her car to the garage. There's a tow rope in the back."
Bobbin got out of the MINI Cooper and got to work. He grabbed the tow rope from the back of the SEAT and knelt in front of his previous new car. As he sunk to his knees to start tying the vehicles together he made sure to make a show of inspecting both cars to make it look like he knew what he was doing. He really didn't.
He flexed his muscles as he pulled on the loose knots, pretending to test how strong they were and if they would hold when towing. He knew they wouldn't, they were looser than a drunkard's tongue. The husband and his wife watched him work with interest, but they didn't comment.
When he was done, he walked over to the Fiat he'd left and grabbed the keys from the dashboard where he'd left them. He handed them over to the old couple. "Loaner car," he said. "You folks are going to have to share it with your neighbor, but she said on the phone that she wasn't planning on going anywhere for a few days."
They both nodded and thanked him and the husband walked with him over to his car to hold the door open for him. "She's a bit finicky on the transmission but she'll get over it once she's warmed up," he said before slamming the door shut.
Bobbin looked around. This car also had air-conditioning, but the sound system was a standard edition and there were no fancy lights either. This would be a fair enough trade. Just a bit better than his previous car, but not too much.
Satisfied, and the swirling feeling in his stomach gone, he turned the key in the ignition and fastened his seat belt. Then, he gave a friendly wave to the old couple -- they had been quite helpful, after all -- and pressed down on the gas. The car came free with a quick snap and he sped away, ignoring the screams and the frantic motions of the people in his rearview mirror.
This had been a good deal, he thought. He was Bobbin Bonnet; a trader, not a thief.
******* This story was inspired by a conversation on the WP discord server. We wondered what would happen if Robin Hood had been a fae who had to compulsively trade instead of steal but didn't know it. I wrote a silly story to explore the idea and Bobbin Bonnet was born. It was written quite quickly so it might be a bit rough, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!
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2023.03.29 12:52 The_Iceman2288 Finally, a massive upgrade to the Characters menu

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2023.03.29 12:50 Economy_Device126 Guy on motorcycle kicks guy riding a one wheel board

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2023.03.29 12:48 Then-Arm-6684 (QC) Rolex Yacht Master 126622 Rhodium

(QC) Rolex Yacht Master 126622 Rhodium
Dealer name: TheOneWatches
Factory name: Clean
Model name (& version number): Rolex - Yacht-Master 126622
Price paid: $498
Album Links:
Index alignment: I have doubt on the symmetry of 12 and 2.
Dial Printing: Looks good.
Date Wheel alignment/printing: Looks good.
Hand Alignment: Looks good.
Bezel/Case: Looks good.
Solid End Links (SELs): Looks good.
Timegrapher numbers: Good
Anything else you notice: Nothing is jumping out.
Maybe I’m just paying too much attention. Overall it looks good to me.
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2023.03.29 12:46 KirtiND23 5 Myths About Treating Baldness

Modern men and women are increasingly concerned about premature hair loss. A recent trichologist study has emphasized the causes of baldness in young adults. They contend that factors such as stress, pollution, unhealthy eating habits, hormone imbalances, and vices are to blame for earlier hair loss. Although male pattern baldness is quite common, it also affects women. Premature hair loss can negatively affect your confidence and personality.
5 Myths About Treating Baldness
Myth #1: Only males are prone to hair thinning.
It is an outdated belief that hair loss exclusively affects males; have you ever heard ladies complain about hair loss? Hair thinning or failure does not discriminate based on gender. The primary reason for hair loss in women is hormonal fluctuations or thyroid disorders. It might also result from common concerns about combining housework and work life. Women’s stressful schedules cause them to eat less or miss meals, contributing to hair baldness.
Myth #2: Permanent hair loss is caused by stress.
It is primarily a myth. In most instances, stress can cause more significant short-term hair loss or thinning, yet it typically passes unnoticed. It is because you have more hairs on your head than is usually accounted for, and it is natural to shed 50-100 strands of hair daily. However, in extreme cases, stress may cause telogen effluvium, which causes hair follicles to enter a resting phase that will subside once the stressful event has passed, or alopecia areata, a type of autoimmune response that attacks hair follicles, resulting in non-scarring hair loss with a lifetime incidence rate of only 2.1% in those who suffer from this condition.
Myth #3: Bald men have higher testosterone levels.
The relationship between testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the hormone most commonly associated with thinning hair and male pattern baldness, is undeniably true. Still, the existence of elevated testosterone in men suffering hair loss is a little more complicated. DHT is not the sole cause of hair loss. Instead, hair loss happens in those whose hair follicles are vulnerable to DHT due to heredity. So, while there may appear to be a link between testosterone and baldness, testosterone is not a cause of hair loss. Even people with low testosterone levels yet susceptible hair follicles to DHT may have baldness. (For those with higher testosterone levels, there is some good news: the hormone may delay several common signs of ageing.)
Myth #4: Shaving your head causes it to grow back thicker.
While it’s appealing to believe that there is an easy remedy to hair loss, shaving does not encourage hair growth. Shaving eliminates damaged hair, so if you care for your new hair better, it will seem healthier. However, it does not affect the hair follicle or what is beneath the skin. Hair develops from the inside and is greatly influenced by heredity and hormones.
Myth #5: Hair loss results from hair gels and sprays..
In India, hair oils are revered and held in the greatest regard, but hair gels and sprays are thought to contribute to hair loss. Although hair oil benefits the hair, most individuals prefer to use hair gels to style their hair because they are less greasy. Overuse of mechanical tools like curling irons and hair straighteners is the issue. Your hair may become damaged if you use these hair-styling items frequently. Therefore, using hair gels and sprays is safe because they won’t result in hair loss.
Baldness is becoming a more prevalent and significant issue today, which is concerning. We frequently acquire misconceptions based on incorrect ideas about baldness, yet this is only a fantasy. While the myths we believe in are distant from the truth.
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2023.03.29 12:45 _Constellations_ Just a thematic little idea for Forbidden series enjoyers.

In case you have more than one of the Forbidden games (Forbidden Island / Desert / Sky / (upcoming) Jungle) and you enjoy the somewhat well known "series play" as you progress through one game to another with whatever vehicle you need to survive (each game's starting tile is a crashlanded vehicle from the previous game connecting Island-Desert-Sky-Jungle in this order), you could create character boards for a playthrough.
Really it's just a piece of artwork and fluff backstory, that's it. But then you have to choose a profession from each game (or pick one randomly) in advance before you go on the big journey.
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2023.03.29 12:44 damnbruhmanfr (24 M)Want to make it in life yet I do nothing

I’ve seen every self help video/ book, listened to every guru, tried changing environments. Got diagnosed with ADHD and medicated. I’m pretty sure I’ve got depression and anxiety (I don’t want to get checked out for these) specially the anxiety part, don’t leave my house for weeks on end haven’t spoken to someone irl for more than 10secs in the last 6 months.
The usual advice take small steps never work on me because I try that for one day then go back to bad habits.
Typical day: Wake up, Watch porn because of morning wood, go on internet for the rest of the day and cook a meal late at night like 2 am
Very accustomed to failure in my life, very close to giving up.
Edit: strangely I was not emotional writing this post at all, I’ve just accepted that’s my reality currently.
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2023.03.29 12:44 whatabringdown Best method to pull an all-nighter. (assuming you have a roommate)

All-nighters are generally a bad idea. You should definitely just study a little bit every day instead of all at once the week of.
But, I am a master of procrastination, so I end up spending the few nights before my chem exams up all night cramming, and it works out decently for me, so I thought I would share my method for staying up 24+ hours studying and still staying comfortable and learning the content.
First - plan for the time you'll be up. Make sure to pack all the books, journals, devices, and chargers you might need. Bring all your writing utensils and painkillers for a headache too. Be certain to bring a bottle that you can refill at the bottle-filling water fountains, and pick a place with said fountains and bathrooms easily available. My favorite spots are the 6th floor of the PCL or the Sanger Learning Center after the tutoring sessions have ended.
Second - bring sustenance. J2 close at 9 and don't reopen until 7 on weekdays. My advice is this; eat dinner right before the dining hall closes. Stay in your room studying and snacking until your roommate is about to go to bed. Pack enough food for a small meal (be sure not to wait too long before eating anything containing meat, eggs, or dairy) and bring a thermos of coffee with you when you leave. For the food you pack, make sure it's a balanced meal. Take something with carbs, protein, and dairy, don't just bring a bag of donuts and call it. My pick is usually a chicken caprice sandwich or some cooked sushi from the Jester Market. Wait until 2-3 in the morning, suck down your coffee and eat your sandwich or whatever, and then get back to it. You can also rinse out the thermos and use it as your water bottle if you want to save space. Whatever you do, be sure to stay fed and hydrated. You can't study if you're starving or dehydrated.
Third - stay focused. It won't help if you get distracted and stay up all night just to spend that time watching Better Call Saul or something. I have done that by accident and predictably did not do well on the exam.
Fourth - be sure to take brain breaks every few hours. I used to not believe this really helped until I started doing it myself. Every 2-3 hours, watch an episode of a show or doodle for 20 minutes or get up and walk around, just do something non-academic.
Finally - don't let yourself be too fatigued for the exam. If you are feeling exhausted and you know you will not be in a decent state to take your exam, take a nap. Don't let yourself sleep longer than you absolutely need to until after the exam, leave enough time to review what you already know. Whatever you do, DO NOT SLEEP THROUGH YOUR EXAM. When I was cramming for a bio exam last semester, I had completed a successful all-nighter and decided to take a 2 hour long nap before the exam. Unfortunately, I neglected to realize that my phone was on 1 percent. I woke up to my roommate shaking me an hour into the exam and sprinted to the testing room. Luckily, they still let me take it and I managed to finish on time, but I was fortunate.
If anyone has any tips or better ideas to offer, please let me know.
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2023.03.29 12:42 LegalUKCarThrowaway Troubles with bought used car from dealership on finance

Hi there, I'm looking for some advice as to what I can do here. I'll keep it as brief as possible. Not that I think it should make much difference for this specific question(?), but I'm based in Scotland
Now that the history is out of the way, fast forward to today: I will be making a trip from Scotland to England this weekend, and before any long trip I get my car looked at for a health check to make sure it is in good condition for the journey.
The garage that looked my car over today has advised that there is unusually more wear on my front passenger tyre than the rest, and after investigating it they had found that the alloy wheel is quite badly buckled.
Ensue the usual questions: Did I hit a big pothole at high speed, etc. Which I haven't.
But it did make sense that there was a buckle, as I had noticed a minor vibration when driving the car on dual carriageways since I got it, and had even mentioned that to the dealership. But, their checklist showed that they inspected everything. I'm not a mechanic, who am I to argue with their checklist?
Tl;dr: Bought a car on finance from a reputable dealership in January 2023, I have had no end of issues with the anti-theft alarm, the break pads had to be replaced just over a month after driving the car away and now I've been informed that one of my alloy wheels is quite badly buckled, and I am more than 100% certain that it was not of my doing.
Obviously, I'll speak to the dealership again, but I have a feeling that they will avoid doing anything for this issue. So where does this leave me legal advice wise? I'm becoming exhausted with these endless problems.
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2023.03.29 12:41 _lowe_and_behold_ Tips for Sleep and General Care

Now that my second child is 10 weeks old and started sleeping through the night I feel like we might be doing something right. I could just have to beautiful unicorn children or maybe there is something here that can help someone else get some sleep so here we go and good luck finding the time to read it all 😅 1. Feed feed feed that baby.. the first 2 months esp is just survival so it's hard to have the baby on any kind of schedule but we found by 10 weeks it was easy to adapt them to a sleep/feed schedule. Anyway babies are constantly hungry at first and if you see those clenched fists or the baby chewing on their hand they want more food! I breast fed, combo fed and formula fed both my kids. Fed is best! My kids eat more than what is typical for their age group but I just keep on feeding until the hands came unclenched and they pushed it away. We call this tanking up because they need to eat a certain amount of calories a day and you want them to tank up during the day and not need that middle of the night feeding. Burp often and spitting up doesn't mean right away that they are done. Don't let baby fall asleep while eating. Make little kissing/ clicky noises, rub their cheeks or get them naked because if they fall asleep while eating they'll just graze all day instead of finishing a meal. Be sure to feed every 2.5-3 hours. 2. Sleep schedule is a must. Wake windows are super important (you can Google some common schedules/wake windows). Your baby may need a lot of help to get down but it's worth it. Overtired and undertired are both bad for sleep. We used huckleberry app for both kids and it was a great tracker. We tracked everything with our first for a long time and it helped us keep an eye on wake windows. Sleep schedule does mean I wake up my sleeping baby. I know it sounds insane but hey like I said both kids started sleeping through the night around 10 weeks. My first is 2.5 she is a fantastic sleeper who still naps every day for 2 hours. My youngest is always all smiles when I wake him in the morning at 7 am. 3. Right from birth- Baby naps in a room with light, normal noise around and no sleep sack. Bed time routine with diaper change, sleep sack, sound machine, dark room and sleeping alone in crib/bassinet will help baby learn day and night. This is maybe incidental but we did not swaddle either child. They both slept with their arms above their heads. This is how we knew when they are really asleep. Also, get baby used to crib right away. We would sometimes have them sleep in the crib instead of the bassinet and we took them out of the bassinet very early since they were massive kids anyway. Contact naps are fine but from birth try to transfer baby to bed once they fall asleep. This gets baby used to transferring and it's super important that from birth they aren't just sleeping on you all the time. 4. We used pacifiers for both kids. They definitely help calm the baby down when needed. There was a study that said walking a baby around for 5 min, sitting for 5-8 min and then transfering can help them stay asleep. We also shush and rock the baby. I hold baby really close and squeeze a bit so they feel that big hug. Sometimes I will really rub babies face or hair. 5. Transfering- keep baby as close to you as possible and lower your body into the crib. Slowly place feet first and last the head. This is supposed to help prevent morrow reflex. The baby will move a bit but you can place your hand on their belly and rock them gently and shush. If baby starts wigging a ton and making lots of noise chances are it's a burp stuck in there. You can give them a minute to see if they settle but, you may have to burp baby and start the process over. 6. Gas- important for sleep too. Upper wigging is typically a burp. If you see baby pulling legs up, turning red, bearing down and more lower wiggling it's lower gas/poop. I recommend googling best ways to burp a baby and also some massages/exercises that help with lower gas/poop. There are also gas drops, probotics and special bottles (like Dr brown's) that help with gas. Be sure to let a shaken formula bottle sit for a bit to let bubbles out before feeding. (Side note: if baby is super fussy always verify any allergies. Both my kids had cow milk protein and egg. They can develop at anytime.) 7. Once a baby is old enough to sleep through the night, if they wake up off schedule be sure to try everything else before feeding. Sooth back down, diaper change, burp, check for anything else that could be causing discomfort. When all else falls they are probably hungry. 8. Google baby sleeping cues. Red eyebrows and looking away from you are just 2 I can think of but every baby is different. 9. Pay attention for reflux symptoms: hold baby upright for 20 min after feeding if needed. Also, talk to doc about symptoms, baby may need medicine or to thicken bottles (gelmix works great). Paced bottle feeding can help if you are bottle feeding.
I did get a lot of this info from taking Cara babies and various other apps/google and their doctor. I don't recommend purchasing taking Cara babies as you can just Google pretty much all of it.
If you have done all this and your baby just sucks at sleeping I am sorry. No sleep is very serious and really messes with your mental health. There is a reason sleep deprivation is used as a form of torcher. I felt more depressed and dissociated when I did not sleep in the first few weeks. Parents deserve more help and I wish you all the best of luck.
Bonus tip- Oprah had a lady that decoded babies cries. Sounds like horse ish but I really try to pay attention and I can sometimes really tell the sound and it helps me figure out what's wrong. You have to listen to the sound examples not just read the words. They are really sound the same. 🤣
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