Jack sparrow wanted poster

from Nokia c2-00 user

2023.05.28 14:42 forgotten_milk from Nokia c2-00 user

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2023.05.28 14:41 TheIndianBunny Suburb suggestions for a first home buyer in Melbourne?

Hi Melburnians,
Long time follower, first time poster. Love the Melbourne subreddit.
So I am on the hunt for my first home in Melbourne and finding it extremely difficult to narrow down my search. I have lived in Clayton South and currently living in Rosanna so am familiar with both these sides of Melbourne but can't afford anything in or around these areas. I have a limited budget of 725k and would want a decent townhouse or a house for that price. Since my partner and I both work from office twice a week in and near the city, we don't want to move too far from it. I know there are compromises to be made but which compromises are worth it in your opinion. A house in newish suburbs further north or west or townhouses in other suburbs. Is one investment too bad over another. This won't be our forever home but would want a nice roomy place in a decent area for kids. What I can find on RE, Domain in my budget are:
Townhouses in Croydon, Ferntree Gully, Reservoir and surrounding areas.
Houses in South Morang, Epping, Point Cook and surrounding areas.
Considering all this, which areas would you suggest and why?
Thanks in advance.
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2023.05.28 14:40 Haiqal_Zabidi19208 Wanted poster

Wanted poster
Imagine if this what Micah do to Dutch's wanted poster
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2023.05.28 14:31 grilledchikennuggets Vintage (90s) MIEs v Modern MIEs quality?

Hey everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster here. I'm looking for a pair of 1461 oxfords and have found a barely-worn vintage pair from the 90s that were Made in England for sale online. The only issue is that the sole (which is one of those old commando style ones from pre-2003) isn't a platform. I've been really lusting after the Bex 1461s with the toe cap from their modern MIE line but I'm not sure how well modern MIEs hold up to vintage MIEs. If there's a significant difference in quality then I'll go for the vintage ones, but I'm really leaning towards that sexy sexy Bex sole. Price isn't a big factor in my decision as I'm mostly concerned about quality - I want these to still hold up 4-5 years down the line. I'm pretty light on my shoes and take care of the leather, if that makes a difference at all.
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2023.05.28 14:31 BiasMushroom The Exterminators RELOADED! Episode 2

Part 2 of “The Exterminators RELOADED!”
A Fanfic of u/SpacePaladin15’s work “The nature of Predators” Thank you for the story!
Memory transcription subject: Henry, Venlil Primary School Student
Sylvan’s dad gestured for us to get the show set up while he walked into the kitchen. I couldn’t bring myself to sit still as the sound of popcorn in the microwave bounced through the house. Sylvan threw himself next to me as the annoyingly long series of logos started to parade through the screen.
“C’mon Dad! It’s starting!” We both held our arms up and caught a bag of popcorn as Mr. Smith copied Sylvan and threw himself on the couch. As Sylvan started to juggle the burning hot bag I started to mockingly mimic him. “Oh shut up! You and your built-in oven mitts!”
I batted Sylvan in the face who didn’t hesitate to try and hold off my attacks by smooshing me down into the chair. We both stopped when the Deep heavy beat of the Exterminators RELOADED started to play. This time though the beat didn’t stop as the opening sequence ended. Instead it played dully in the background like we were hearing it through a wall.
Friotetzali stepped into the scene and sauntered his way through an alley. He stopped and looked at a poster hanging on the wall. It showed a picture of a carrot and tomato with forward facing eyes and silly little stick arms cowering in fear of a ravenous looking Venlil. Plastered above it was the episode's title! “THE HERBIVOROUS BEASTS FROM BEYOND THE STARS!!!”
Frio let out a light chuckle as his tail curled in delight. “Oh that looks hilarious. Gotta remember to go see that.” He gently shook his head as he continued to walk and drop into an indifferent attitude as he approached a lone Mazic by a door. The two stared at each other for a moment before the Mazic slowly turned and opened the door.
With a slow and droning voice he addressed our head investigator. “He’s waiting for you by the dance floor. Doubt you’ll miss him. Welcome back Frio. Try not to burn the place down.” As the door opened the tune picked back up and was almost deafening. Frio walked down the dark staircase and eventually into a room filled with neon signs decorating the walls, strobe lights, lasers, and dozens of people dancing everywhere.
Our Harchen Hero cut through the crowd and haze like a fish through water before finally sitting down at a table with a rather… sleazy looking Gojid. “FRIO! MY OLD PAL! Have a seat! Let me get ya a drink!” The greased back fur of the Gojid just looked out of place as he waved for the servers to bring colorful beverages with little umbrellas over.
I honestly couldn’t make out any words that came out of the Gojid’s mouth after that. The dude just seemed to talk and not say any words. But eventually Frio took a slow sip from his drink and turned his head to stare down the greasy porcupine who’s quills extended in a little bit of fear.
“Cut the crap Genseng. I want to know why by Inatala’s tits you’d think it's a good idea to smuggle terran animals here!” He slammed a pawfull of photos on the table. Each one showed the greasy Gojid buying and selling small animals like rabbits and chickens.
Genseng sputtered and pouted “COME ON! I haven’t done anything that puts anyone at risk! I just sell human’s xeno-safe pets! A bunny never ate a Dossur! Don’t you want humans to take care of the petting addiction on things that want to be pet?” Despite my body telling me this guy was bad news, I couldn’t help but agree. I’ve been ‘pet’ more times than I would like by strange humans… and a few Venlil… and one Kolshian… and I ran away from the Mazic.
Frio sat back in his chair and huffed. “Then WHY have I found NO civilians with one of your pets?” This time he slapped down a paper list of names and places that clearly documented each and every business he sold animals to.
The scumbag sat there with a look of shock on his face and started to sputter out several noncommittal and contradictory statements. ALl the while Frio stared at his “friend” with more and more disgust. Eventually Genseng just sighed, stood up, and shouted. "GUN! HES GOT A GUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!” and bolted for the back door as screaming began to fill the room
Frio just casually stood up and watched that douchebag flee! He pulled out his badge and announced to the crowd. “FALSE ALARM! FALSE ALARM! OFFICER FRIOTETZALI, HERE ON OFFICIAL BUSINESS OF THE AVALON CITY POLICE! REMAIN CALM YOU ARE IN NO DANGER!”
I couldn’t understand why he was just standing there as the bad guy ran away! The camera cut to Genseng who was sprinting full force down a narrow hall dodging all manner of obstacles like it was an action movie only for it to cut back to Frio slowly taking a sip of his drink!
Again it cut back Genseng huffing and wheezing as he sprinted through his own shipping operation. The only pauses he took were to open up cages causing a small whirlwind of feathers and bunnies to start in the warehouse. Yet Frio started to casually talk to the people in the room. He just slowly went around reassuring everyone that everything was fine and why he was here.
As I sat there in disbelief that he’d just let the bastard run away Genseng rounded a corner to see his getaway truck. Only to step around the corner and get punched squarely in the gut by Iloralia who was hiding there.
“Come on Genseng? Couldn’t you do something original? This is starting to get boring!” Ilo extended a cattle prod and let the end buzz with electricity as an Extermination Officer van pulled up behind her.
The Gojid let out raspy breaths. “Should have- … figured- … he’d send his- … BITCH! To wait in the alley!” The sleazy man sucked that insult back in when Ilo pressed the business end of her cattle prod to his throat.
“Shut the fuck up. You have the right to remain silent, but for your sake… I hope you’re smart enough to use it!” Ilo’s tail waved behind her with delight as Sephon climbed out of the van with a Gojid arrestor vest to cover Genseng’s quills and bind his arms.
I jumped as the video smash-cut to Sephon slamming down piece after piece of evidence on an interrogation room table in front of a nervous Gojid and his exhausted human lawyer. The angelic Tasamine sat on her perch gently drinking some tea as our perturbed Venlil explained each and every paper and photo that he threw on the table.
“Finally we have you on felony tax evasion. You do know you have to declare ALL sources of income right?” Genseng sheepishly looked to his lawyer, who just sat there with a defeated look on his face. “You are looking at forty years behind bars for this Genseng! FORTY!”
Tasamine let her voice coo out over her cup of tea. “We aren’t going to do you any favours over the tax stuff. The IRS is over our jurisdiction on that, BUT we are prepared to drop the rest of the charges.”
Genseng’s lawyer appeared to wake up in an instant and elbowed his client before he could open his filthy mouth. “So what do you want from my client in return for dropping the charges you have against him?”
Tas let out a little smile that set butterflies to flight in my stomach. “We want everyone that Tas sold animals to. And we do mean EVERYONE.”
Sephon started to pace back and forth as the Gojid and lawyer talked amongst themselves. Eventually Genseng relented and turned to our heroes. “Ok… SO I technically never really sold to a person per say… BUT I kept really good papers on all the businesses I did sell to!”
The conversation started to dull out as the camera began to pan back and into the observation room with Frio, Ilo, and a rather small Mazic. Frio stood stoically silent, his paw held gently under his jaw, lost in thought. Ilo was typing away on the computer crosschecking every business Genseng sold out.
The Mazic took a step forward. His badge now clearly showing that he was the Chief of the Avalon City Police. “I know those businesses… Why would he be selling pets to…” The Chief huffed and stormed out of the observation room leaving Frio and Ilo slightly confused only to watch with an ounce of shock as the Police Chief walked into the interrogation room.
Genseng’s lawyer slowly looked to his client with a look of anger and despair plastered on his face. The sleazy man just kinda shrugged. “I didn’t make them buy it!”
“HEY! I’VE GOT A GUY WHO TAKES THEM IN! I MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS HUMANE AND SAFE FOR CONSUMPTION AND ANYTHING UNWANTED GO TO THAT GUY! OK? NO MONEY TRANSACTION! … I think he ships them back to Earth or something. No unethical stuff… except maybe selling Once-live as Cloned… but that isn’t that bad! Humans only just considered Rabbits to be on par with dogs!”
The Chief of Police just stood there menacingly as the ever beautiful Tas asked a question. “Who is this man you give the animals to?”
Genseng slowly walked back to his seat. “I don’t have a name. Just some dude wearing the old face hiding masks and a Pleather trench coat. Kinda creepy and usually lets the fat Venlil do the talking, but they scratch my back I scratch thier’s.”
The screen faded to black before coming back to their conference room and joined by the Chief of Police. “So you think this individual is the same one behind the Sheep Operation?”
Ilo sat up in her chair. “It seems to meet up with his M.O. of undermining food production.”
Tas brought a pair of population maps up on their projector. “Just looking at the before and after, the invasive rabbit population was miniscule at best. We had been doing a great job of catching them faster than they could repopulate. At least until their population unpredictably exploded into the hundreds of thousands.”
She swapped out the maps for a single one that showed several areas circled in red. “DNA testing on the rabbits has shown that they aren’t spreading naturally. One population has no genetic relation to the others even though their areas overlap. It has to be someone introducing rabbits in waves to different locals.”
The Chief slowly shook his head. “Do we have any clues as to where the masked man is?”
Frio’s tail curled in delight. “Why yes! Yes we do! He has a meetup with my good buddy Genseng who desperately doesn’t want to spend the next forty years in jail.”
The small Mazic let out a low and insidious laugh “OH! I think I know where you are going with this. You have my support. Let's get this sting operation set up!”
In an instant the day flew by and night rose over the docks of Avalon City. Genseng drove down the roads and pulled around the corner of a large warehouse situated nearby. The sleazy man looked oddly calm. I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t his first time ratting.
Overlooking the docks from the warehouse was our team of heroes. Tas had set up a network of monitors and was observing the operation. Several disguised vans were parked nearby filled with Extermination Officers all biting to get a hold of their quarry.
Frio walked over and placed a paw on Tasamine’s wing, before speaking into a recorder. “Looking good Gen. Looks like I misplaced the paperwork on those charges. Get through this and I won’t have time to go looking for it!”
Gen let out a small chuckle. “Hey Frio… Do you miss when we were kids? Getting into trouble. Scraping enough money together to buy lunch when our parents couldn’t afford to feed us?”
Frio took a step back from the monitors. “You said that in a really weird way… but yeah. Just the two of us. Sometimes we were delinquents scamming someone out of five credits and sometimes we were the heroes helping people out. Guess we took different paths…”
The greasy Gojid leaned back in the driver seat of his van. “I- … I am kinda tired of living Frio… It’s just… One deal after another with barely enough money to get from one job to the next… Do- … Do you think I could get a job working with you guys?”
It almost looked like Frio was going to cry as his eyes watered up. “Well… we are a man down at the moment, but my team only hires experienced individuals. It would be hard work, but if you joined as an apprentice and applied yourself… I think you could make it.”
Genseng sat and fiddled with his paws for a few moments. “Even with my arrest record?”
“We are the Exterminators not the City Police. I doubt there isn’t a single one of us that hasn't done something that would get us blacklisted by them!”
Gen let out a light laugh. “Ah good point! They hired you! Well I’d- Wait. He's here.”
A long black limousine pulled up around the corner. Slowly and silently stopping beside them. Frio took a step back. “Alright everyone. It's go time. Gen, get ready to duck down if they open fire.”
With almost perfect unison every unmarked van and cruiser lit up with Yellow and Orange lights and started to race towards the Limo. But with a heart stopping ‘BWOOOOOM’ the Limo exploded into an inferno, sending metal flying through the docks at high speeds.
Gen’s voice screamed over the radio for a brief moment before falling silent.
The next sounds we heard were of a heart monitor. Frio sat at the bedside of what I assumed to be Genseng. His body was covered entirely in bandages, with tubes running into his head and arms. Wires tracked his vital signs and, while steady, didn’t look like they broadcasted good news.
Frio looked up to see Ilo leaning in the doorway. “The limo was automated. No one on board. Mask either knew it was a setup or intended to end Genseng one way or the other.” She slowly walked over to Frio and nuzzled the side of his head. “I talked with the Doctors. They think he’ll make it. Might be a few years, and he will have to learn how to do most things, but he will live.”
Ilo forced her way into awkwardly cuddling Frio. After a small moment of resisting he accepted the embrace and leaned back. “How are we on tracking down the leads?”
She somehow managed to wrap herself around Frio as she quietly responded. “The limo was a dead end. Everything was bought from scrap and assembled off-grid. Camera networks were wiped clean enough that even Tas couldn’t scrape something off of the hard drives. DNA results on the rabbits gave us enough to work with Earth and track down the suppliers on that side, but they were using Genseng as a scapegoat and intermediary for all of it. I don’t think he even realized that the man he was ‘giving’ rabbits to was the man that arranged for him to be able to buy them in the first place.”
Frio wrapped his arms around her. “So this whole operation was basically a money laundering scam with rabbits. They scarred him for life just to- to-” Tears ran down his cheeks as the pair embraced each other. The credits started to roll over the sounds of a heart monitor slowly pinging on. Gentle sobbing slowly faded away as the sound of claws on tile echoed through the speakers.
A rather portly Venlil was flanked on both sides by massive looking dogs. Sylvan’s Dad pointed out those where Karelian Bear Dogs. Bred to actually hunt one of Earth’s apex predators. The Fat Venlil, or Chublil as Sylvan said, walked into an immaculate office, where a man with a silvered mask and brown trench coat sat.
“Sir? Operation Clean House is over. The results are one Gojid launderer hospitalized. He is expected to recover in a few years. When the exterminators watching him clear out an agent will enter with an air-filled syringe and fake death by heart-attack. As you expected the last meetup was a sting operation. Police remain slightly aware of your presence.”
A robotic voice came from the man. “Good work Gavreg. Did you enjoy your trip to Earth?”
“Yessir. You were right. Bear meat is simply divine when prepared correctly.”
“Glad to hear it. As for the Gojid, I think he’s gotten the message on what happens to people who cross us. Send him a normal fruit basket when he regains consciousness. Have it say… Sorry you got fired! Take a siesta!”
“Very well sir. Just to be clear, hold off on permanently silencing him?”
“Hrm… Yes. He was always amusing to work with.”
“Very well sir. If there is nothing else, I shall take my leave.”
The Fat Venlil turned and walked out of the room. Ending the episode and leaving the three of us sitting on the couch.
“You know Loural is going to throw a fit if she finds out we let both Sylvan and Henry watch this!”
I wasn’t proud but at least the humans screamed louder than I did.
Special thanks to u/Dinomannick for the prompt
"I got a few ideas for the show. How about a few episodes have them dealing with invasive earth species on alien worlds, brought there for zoos, rich blokes pet, criminals, whatever. They have either catch or kill all of them before their establishing breeding populations and have the cane toad/rabbit problem like down-under. Think it might be interesting enough for future space TV?"
I hope this lived up to your expectations, and the bunny boom won't be relegated to just this episode either.
Links are still broken cause reddit is more like brokeit... Will get around to fixing them soon, real life has been kinda hectic

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2023.05.28 14:30 NoodlezFBF Audio help pls

I was trying to see if there was a better alternative to my thought process, I was thinking Razer Kraken V3 Pro HyperSense for streaming and Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones for music since I want to have audio for both professions. I have sensitive ears so if possible something that wont make my ears bleed at max volume would be preferred. My budget is $200-$300 and I’m going to plug them into a 3.5 mm headphone jack in my Goxlr Audio mixed, Ideally a middle ground gaming/streaming/music production. My friend suggested going for companies like Sennheiser, akg, Audio-technicha,shure. I’ve only dealt with razer and steelseries beforehand so this is all new to me what do you guys think?
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2023.05.28 14:28 godsibi So many iconic characters we had this season! Who's next?

So many iconic characters we had this season! Who's next?
My predictions: -Ken Masters or Zangief (new street fighter game coming in June) -Optimus Prime (new Transformers coming in June) -King Kong (Skull Island anime coming in June. Also fitting with tropical theme) -Jack Sparrow (Disney releasing an unexpected collab like Indiana Jones last summer. Also fitting with the tropical theme) -Cloud Strife (new Final Fantasy coming in June)
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2023.05.28 14:10 TwoOk5569 In my best DJ Khalid: AND ANOTHA ONE! How many ailments can one junkie have 🤦🏼‍♀️

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2023.05.28 14:00 AutoModerator Looking for Additional Moderators!

Just over four years ago, as we were getting close to 10,000 members, we put out the call for new moderators. Since then, we've had some folks stay, some folks go, but here we are at over 60,000 members, and we haven't really expanded our coverage in a couple of years.
It's time.

What We're Looking For

There are a couple of qualifications you should have under your belt. This is a quick rundown:
There are a few other things we'll be looking at as well. We want active members who are actually interested in helping others get over some of the hurdles stepparenting brings. We want people who are capable of engaging in reasonable discourse, even when dealing with a poster you may not be particularly fond of. And most importantly, we want mature posters who aren't afraid of being heckled.

The Daily Life of a Stepparent Mod

The mod team uses discord currently for communication. Most of what happens here doesn't require immediate attention, but when it does, it's usually a Really Big Deal. And while we respect the autonomy of mods to make their own calls, we do tend to discuss the big issues that come up. If you've been around for a bit, you've seen the brigading, and there are days when the cleanup takes a lot of coordination.

What's In It For You

Glory and fame. To be perfectly honest, while being able to say "I'm a moderator on a parenting subreddit," is nifty at cocktail parties, there really isn't anything else in it for you. There's no compensation, sometimes you can get burned out, and sometimes things can get stressful. Targeting and harassment by trolls is not unheard of.
The upside? There's a feeling of satisfaction knowing that you are helping others through things you yourself have experienced, and there's a lot of satisfaction in helping grow a community to be a place of comfort for thousands. And there's also the developing friendships between mods that brings its own sense of belonging and community.

How to Apply

We're going to leave the application open for a few weeks. If you are selected, you will get a 4 week trial run. This gives you time to see if you actually like moderating this sub and it gives us time to get a sense of your style moderation and making sure it's a good fit. We'll be adding several people, so you'll have other newbies to work with. We expect you to keep lines of communication open, and be open to letting the older mods guide you. It is absolutely critical that we all have a good rapport and can work together.
We look forward to seeing your responses on the application and will review them all as a team. If you have trouble accessing the form, please reach out via modmail and we'll see if we can find an alternative means for you.
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2023.05.28 13:54 BEANBOOZZLE Dialogue not matching the chapter/lore?

My camp members keep saying stuff that dont match the story, like well into chapter 3 and after talking to Sadie nearly everyday and treating her like a gang member, Arthur suddenly called her Mrs Adler and promised to give her horse back, and in her sad, scared chapter one voice, she told him to kill it. like they’re treating her like a friend one day, then the next just not registering her as part of the gang (if that makes sense). Another example is Abigail telling Arthur to go and save Jack from Bronte, and Arthur promising he will…while Jack stands a few feet away excitedly looking out the window and had just spoke loudly to arthur about wanting to explore.
There’s a lot more, like Arthur accepting Kieran as part of the gang, then later talking to him like they’d just untied him, or Arthur walking up to other campmembers and talking about a mission like they’d just done it, even though it was absolutely ages ago.
Is this a glitch everyone has?
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2023.05.28 13:49 packetrat73 I'm curious about something

I'm looking to start an open and honest discussion. Seriously. Some people will think i'm mean or being an asshole. I'm not trying to be, honestly, I'm just curious about the community's opinion and views.
I see a lot of people post variations on "what monster should my PCs fight", "what should my backstory be", "what character should I make", "what spells should my [insert class] take".
Very often, these posts include no options being considered by the poster. It's almost like "I have no opinion" or "I have no imagination".
Now, I understand the options can be overwhelming, especially for new players. And some people don't want to "do the wrong thing" or want to "win at D&D".
But, be honest experienced players and DMs, how do you feel about these posts? Are the posters nervous, inexperienced, have "writer's block", lazy?
I'm ready and willing to help my fellows, really. But instead of posting "who is my PC, what's their backstory and why are they doing what they do", wouldn't it be more helpful to post "my [race and/or class] PC is in a [genre/setting] campaign. Which spells from this list would be most useful to [do whatever thing]?"
Again, I honestly don't mean to offend. I'm just trying to understand where people are coming from with such open questions. I've got a feeling I might get roasted, but I hope people understand where I'm coming from instead.
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2023.05.28 13:47 legend509 I swallowed the title

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2023.05.28 13:42 Successful_Bat_8677 In response to hiding 80,000 negative reviews of War Thunder, gamers are preparing a counterattack

In response to hiding 80,000 negative reviews of War Thunder, gamers are preparing a counterattack

At its core, online games are radically different from other industries - one update is often enough to turn diehard fans against their favorite developers. The solution to such crises depends only on the reaction of the developers, and in the case of the Gaijin Entertainment studio, we got a clear demonstration of what annoys the players the most.
War Thunder is a military MMO that has continued to attract more and more players since its release in 2013. The game received an update this month that introduced significant changes to the game's economy that most players didn't like
The developers quickly responded to the dissatisfaction of the community, trying to clarify the situation. In their statement, they even promised to make changes as soon as possible. For players who already voiced their concerns when the new system was first announced, the promise of improvements, the plea for understanding, and the link to the survey weren't enough.
Since the last update, the game has started racking up thousands of new ratings on Steam, the vast majority of which have been negative.
At some point, the monthly counter of new reviews showed about 99.8 thousand. However, everything changed when the majority (as many as 80,000) of these comments were hidden.
It can be assumed that Valve's systems considered the wave of criticism unreasonable "review bombing", that is, a massive deliberate decrease in the game's rating. In accepting this explanation, Steam suppressed all reviews posted at the same time, deeming them unhelpful or irrelevant.
Ignoring initial complaints and hidden feedback on Steam are some of the factors that eventually forced the War Thunder community to take more drastic steps.
The players, mostly grouped around the Reddit dedicated to War Thunder, decided to unite and planned a massive boycott of the game. The action will take place on May 26, i.е. Today.
The response has been overwhelming, with information reaching many corners of the internet and spawning hundreds of truly revolutionary posters or videos urging people to stop playing.


At this stage, the action has become much more important than simply disagreeing with the update. User Ic3b3rgS explains in his post:
This year is decisive for the game. This year has been a year of growth for War Thunder. Since 2022, there has been a steady growth in the player base, and all the company can see in these moments is future profits. Even after the game has become increasingly complex over the years, the player base is growing. Surely that means everyone is happy? All they can think about is seizing the moment and earning even more. More premium, more grind, more money. The game base needs to show this, if taken too far, all that growth can be easily lost. Gaijin is not going to go bankrupt anytime soon. The only language they speak is earnings charts and growth charts. Their first decision in the event of a riot would be to control the damage. Delay and waiting. The Gaijin are scared, but they won't give up so easily. Senior management must come to the conclusion that in the long run it is more profitable to improve the economy and maintain growth than to alienate the players and risk the stable growth that we have been on. If we fail and this game rises to the top of this economy, there will be no going back. There won't be another chance. Countless players have already come forward to protest. They think we've done enough already. That somehow we've already won. Nothing has changed and most likely won't change in the near future. A snail can eat and earn money, but she needs to be shown where the limit is. Whatever happens in the next few weeks will determine the game we will be playing in 2, 3, 5 years. Predatory monetization will not stop so easily. And it will affect everyone from f2p players to whales who have invested five figures in the game. Everyone will suffer if the economy stays the same or worsens. Stay active. If you can, don't play this game on the 26th. Log in if you don't want to end the streak. But don't play a single match. Get out of it as soon as possible. Even if it's 5%, it's still a drop. This will demonstrate that we can show our dissatisfaction and not "keep it only in the forums" as they would like. Don't delete negative reviews at the first cute message from Snails. This is what they expect from us, what we have always done. And look what it led to.
As a free-to-play game, War Thunder has relied on specific monetization models for years, which have always caused some dissatisfaction. However, in this case, this measure has exhausted itself.
Representatives from Gaijin Entertainment did not respond to these specific allegations, but they issued an additional apology on the game's official website 2 days ago.
From the accompanying information, we can learn that fixing the economic system is currently a priority for the developers, and they plan to publish a detailed plan of their actions before June 14th.
However, users noticed that at the same time, a suspicious, easily perceptible change took place on the War Thunder website. The Steam logo has disappeared from the graphic that is immediately visible upon entering their site - indicating the platforms on which the game is available.
However, the game itself is still available on the Valve platform. It can be assumed that the developers decided to take this step in the face of incoming unfavorable feedback. However, this would be another form of avoidance of responsibility.
This minor detail also got its own thread on Reddit, where, in summary, players found this behavior shameful.
The end of this issue is still very far away - it will come after the boycott ends and the developers start trying to fix the system. However, this is one of the most impressive examples of how players unite to fight for the future of their favorite game.
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2023.05.28 13:37 Jaded-Flower-6435 Help

Hi, first time poster and long time listener. I am a 38 year old AMAB who has been struggling with my identity for the last year.
I am making this post as I am terrified I am an imposter, maybe I’m looking for reassurance or validation? Feel free to be honest.
I had a eye opener when a close friend came out as trans and I started reading about it. There was a lot of things that resonated with me. After a year in therapy and reading lots of posts on here and other articles online I think Non-Binary really seems better suited for me.
I don’t hate all my male features but there are some I wish and dream were more feminine. I have always gravitated towards hanging out with women, never saw myself fit in the “dude” corner. I definitely have gender envy for women But I don’t want to transition to a woman I don’t see myself at this moment as wearing dresses or skirts but I do love some woman’s clothing I love the idea of being androgynous I miss being mistaken as a girl like when I was a teen and early 20s At 38 I am starting to get more defined male features that is causing major body dysphoria
And the big thing is why didn’t I realize this earlier? It’s so complicated and difficult being older, I wish this had been something discussed more when I was younger.
Sorry for the rant, everyone on here is amazing and I admire your bravery to be who you want to be. I want to be there too.
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2023.05.28 13:33 dasnessie [Offer] Escapism in an envelope [WW]

Want to leave this whole sh*tshow behind? Ages ago, I made cards from the Nasa space travel posters. Which one is your favorite? I'll leave this open for a bit and then select five people at random and pm you for your address - please respond within a day, or the card will go to someone else.
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2023.05.28 13:19 PixelatumGenitallus Recover Seed Phrase Without Ledger Live, Possible?

Let's say i want to avoid using Ledger Live completely but i still want to use my Nano S. My plan is to use Sparrow with my Nano S but i don't want to use the Ledger generated seed phrase. I want to enter my own randomly generated seed and use it with Sparrow. Can i enter the seeds into my Nano S directly without using Ledger Live?
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2023.05.28 13:18 model-slater [Press Release] Labour to Support Flag Change

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2023.05.28 13:01 Pr1nc30fP3rs1a Still blown away at how easy it is to work on

Driving around, saw that I was low on gas. Filled up, and lost an 1/8th of a tank in less than 3 miles in my 323ti. I smelled gas. Pulled over, and looked under the car. It was POURING fuel from the filter.
I jacked up the car, and it was just a small rubber hose connecting the fuel pump line to the fuel filter. Cut off the end, reattached with a hose clamp, and the leak was gone. Took 15 minutes.
No skid tray, no bullshit electronic codes, no nonsense. The only easier sports car to work on was my NB Miata. Really one of the most underrated cars, and I want to keep it that way. Don’t want the secondhand car market prices to start hitting e36’s any time soon, I want my parts cars easily accessible lmfao
Anyone else have stories like this, about a massive problem that was easy as hell to fix?
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2023.05.28 12:59 SDM_X Best broadband provider in Ireland?

Hi guys,
Longtime follower first time poster.
We’re currently looking for a new internet provider and thought this would be a good place to start, we’re currently based in the Naas/Sallins area in Co.Kildare. The two of us moved here two years ago and so far we’ve been with both Vodafone and Sky (Vodafone €45 per month on 1GB fibre and Sky 1GB + TV for €75), both have offered great coverage in our area and we’re simply evaluating our options as we no longer have use for the TV package and our contact is about to end. We’ve looked at Eir but they only offer 1GB on a 2 year contract and we don’t want to be tied down for that long, Virgin doesn’t have the best coverage in some areas from what we’ve heard and Three offers a 4G to 5G cellular technology instead which they claim to be faster than fibre, however we’re not sure to what extent that can be true and we only get 4G coverage in our area. Highest speeds are essential since I mostly work from home and we’re constantly streaming Netflix and playing video games simultaneously on our days off.
We would really appreciate if anyone has any suggestions or personal experiences they can share with us.
Happy sunny Sunday!
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2023.05.28 12:57 EnemiesAllAround Migration from Ops - Front Office

Hi all,
First time poster. I'm director level within a BB IB currently. I'm looking to transition to the front office as opposed to staying within operations where I currently sit.
There is occasional mobility options and the firm is supportive of people moving if they want to.
My question is, when's the best time to do so? Conscious if I make it to VP in my area now, that it'll be because I'm valued here at that level. If I move into a VP level role there, I'll be new and it'll be a learning curve for me so to speak. On top of that I'll go from being a top performer at my level to just average as I'm new.
Is it better to make the move early if the opportunity arises, or take a deduction in seniority, perhaps? Anyone who's made the jump I'd be keen to hear from.
Also looking for good advice on transitioning over to the FO in general
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2023.05.28 12:56 ClaireOfRuralia Does it all become worth it in the end?

Sorry if the title is a little odd.
I'm scared. For my future, my interpersonal relationships, and myself. It feels like I'll be giving up so much just to be happy with myself. I'm not exactly well established on my own (at least I have a car now so I have a Plan Z if I ever get kicked out) and I'm somewhat dependent on my family both financially and emotionally, and I know that, baseline, 2/3s of them are probably not going to accept me as me when I do come out. Thinking about their potential reactions has me depressed as hell, and all it's doing is adding on to the depression I have towards myself and my body. I know that people say that covenant is thicker than blood but it's not exactly as easy as disconnecting a cord that says "interpersonal relationship" on it between me and, say, my grandparents.
I know that HRT can be magic, but I'm scared that it will do jack shit for me. As much as I'm scared that I'll be an ugly woman, I'm even more scared that I just straight up won't look like one at all. It feels like every day I don't take action is time that I could be spending as a girl slipping through my fingers, that I spend becoming more masculinized, and that I spend feeling worse about myself. I want to get a therapist so badly but taking that first step is so scary and requires energy that I mentally do not have anymore, I do not know where to look for the life of me, and, since I work night shift, it makes it hard for me to return calls/emails in a timely manner.
My depression has gotten to the point where I've realized that trying to put this away for a couple more years is straight up impossible because it would fuck me up beyond repair. I refuse to spend another 2 years sinking and spiraling deeper and deeper into despair, shutting myself away from my friends, and having zero motivation to do anything. But if I do transition, I'm risking losing so much, I'm putting my life, my family, and my future opportunities on the line and even then I might not even get an outcome that I desire bodywise.
So I guess that leads me to my question; Is it worth it to transition? Will I ever be happy with my body? Is it worth for me to potentially give up everything I've ever known to see if the grass is greener on the other side? How the hell do I even come out to other people about this anyway? I'm just so overwhelmed right now, and I do not know what to do
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2023.05.28 12:55 gsa1985 Haunted Mansion Poster

Haunted Mansion Poster
I live about 1 1/2 hours from Charlotte and this is the current status of my haunted mansion poster, Why would it go from WI > Ga > NC > NH? I just want my poster, not to mention it was suppose to be delivered Saturday 5/27
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