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2023.06.07 13:36 Atellierstudiosllp What is realistic character animation in 3D animation?

Realistic character animation in 3D animation refers to the process of creating and animating digital characters that closely resemble real-life human beings or creatures. It involves using various techniques and tools to make the characters move, emote, and behave in a lifelike manner.
In the context of product animation, realistic character animation can be employed to showcase products in a more engaging and interactive way. By incorporating realistic characters into product animations, companies can create compelling narratives and scenarios that help demonstrate the features, benefits, and usage of their products.
To achieve realistic character animation, several elements need to be considered:
Anatomy and Movement: Understanding the human anatomy is crucial for creating convincing character animations. Animators need to grasp how muscles, joints, and bones work together to produce natural movements. Observing real-life references and studying motion capture data can assist in achieving authenticity.
Facial Expressions and Emotions: The face plays a significant role in conveying emotions. Animators focus on capturing subtle facial movements, such as eye blinks, eyebrow raises, and lip movements, to bring characters to life. This attention to detail helps make the characters relatable and enhances the viewer's connection.
Body Mechanics: Characters must move in a way that feels physically accurate. Animators consider weight, balance, and momentum to ensure that movements, such as walking, running, or jumping, are realistically portrayed. Proper posing and timing are essential to maintain the illusion of weight and gravity.
Acting and Performance: Character animation is not just about technical execution but also about storytelling and performance. Animators need to understand the character's personality, motivations, and goals to create believable performances. This involves studying acting techniques and incorporating them into the animation process.
Attention to Detail: Realistic character animation involves paying attention to smaller details, such as subtle gestures, breathing patterns, and secondary motion. These nuances contribute to the overall realism and authenticity of the character's performance.
When applying realistic character animation to product animation, the aim is to create engaging narratives where the characters interact with the products in a natural and convincing manner. This approach can help viewers better understand the product's features, functionality, and benefits, making the animation more relatable and effective as a marketing tool.
By combining realistic character animation with product animation, companies can create visually appealing and informative content that showcases their products in a compelling and memorable way.
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2023.06.07 13:35 acnebbygrl Swimming without goggles

For vanity reasons, I’ve decided to swim without goggles (I’m just a recreational/fitness swimmer). Tried for the first time today. How do people do it?
I think it’s mostly psychological, but I felt as though I couldn’t hold my breath underwater for as long, something to do with the bubbles coming from the nose and being near the eye? Im not sure.
Of course the vision was blurred but that wasn’t such an issue, and I didn’t experienced much irritation either. Just this feeling of not being able to hold my breath or swim at a deep level. Constantly needing to come back up…psychological only? Should I just keep at it?
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2023.06.07 13:35 exodia275 how to deal with an opponent that waits to parry your jumpin

A big problem that I have been dealing with while trying to cover space with dudley is that some people are always ready to parry and punish my jumpin while turtling on their side of the screen. How do I deal with that?
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2023.06.07 13:35 Lolzaas 25 [R4F] England/Online - Nonbinary animal loving, beginner gymrat, fantasy book loving nerd

Hey hey! I'm Anthony(experimenting with Sydney, as I’m somewhat new to being NB :D)! Getting right into it, things I'm interested in are stuff like;
When I talk about myself my brain kinda shuts downs (lack of object permanence) so bear with me :p
I'm a big nerd for most things, gaming, tv, movies, books, dnd, warhammer, and a slew of other things :D
I'm a 6'4, heavyset person, I'm like one of those huge teddy bears that you really want to buy but have no idea how you'd get it home, except I'm free and can just follow you around like a lost puppy, also I'm not as hairy as a bear. But I'm also losing weight and getting fitter! Currently down 50lbs from where I started :) I’m really loving the gym
For gaming I play pretty much anything! The games I'm currently playing are Total War: Warhammer 2, Deep Rock Galactic, MHrise, Euro truck sim 2, Stardew Valley. I have a ton of different games, so if you want to play something else, just ask! My favourites are RPG's and co-op games though.
I'm also in the process of getting diagnosed for ADHD (UK waiting lists are absurd, I've been waiting for about 2 years now, just to talk to a doctor about it) because I'm almost completely sure that I have it, so just a heads up.
What I'm looking for in a partner;
I'm looking for something serious, and can handle possible long distance, but ofc would prefer within the UK or Europe.
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2023.06.07 13:35 Ancient-Web7144 31 [M4R] want to make a best friend

Hey there!
I’m a 31 married guy that lives in the southeastern US. I’m in the eastern time zone. I don’t really care what time zone you’re in but would prefer it to be close to my schedule.
I’m looking for someone that I can message all day and night. Some that will share happy moments and sad moments with me. Someone that will just send me stupid memes and or crazy selfies. Send me songs that you’re listening to.
I really would like to move off of Reddit chat eventually since it is terrible. I'm on telegram and snapchat. Also if please bring your A game conversation.
About me: I’m into tattoos, just got a big one day this weekend, I have piercings and stretched ears. I love music. I play guitar and make my own music. Going to shows is really important to me. I go to a lot of local shows as well as big name shows. I love horror movies, and movies in general. I enjoy reading and I really like graphic novels. I love Star Wars and lord of the rings. I love skateboarding.
If this sounds what you’re looking for send me a message.
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2023.06.07 13:35 boobnoob12 Is this normal?

I apologize in advance if this is stupid, I have minimal experience with surface piercings, but I got my bridge pierced four days ago and I'm not sure if this is normal. I've heard that some surface piercings can bruise, but when I got my eyebrow pierced some odd years ago I didn't experience any. Could it be a placement thing, or is this something I should worry about? The pictures i''ve looked at also show black eyes without bruising around the actual piercing bar... I'm doing my best to follow proper after care to a T (I've missed a washing once due to work), and I'm being careful about not sleeping weird with it by using a travel pillow. My piercer did have to use a longer bar than he normally would have due to my anatomy (as he explained it), is that something that could be affecting it?
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2023.06.07 13:34 alexXx9_ Is it doing some Kegels enough to last longer if I only suffer from time to time with PE or I just want to improve from 5 min to 15 mins?

Hey, I don't technically have PE, I suffered from it when I was anxious about my performance, like after having sex for the first time after weeks or months of hard trials with my gf or ex-gf, most of the times tho, I can last longer, I would say 90% of the times around 5 honest minutes, but still I would like to improve because I don't enjoy sex as much as I would like to...
for example I can not do certain positions (her on top of me thrusting), and I can not be vigorous, which is something I really like, I don't really have control over my orgasm or ejaculation and often I feel dissatisfied with myself.
I remember a couple of instances where I ejaculated with a soft dick
I was looking for kegels exercises because I have seen people claiming they can help, as well as meditation and breathing techniques, since it is a concern, but not too big to invest hours every day (I already know I won't be consistent), I was thinking of implementing kegels because I know you can do it whenever you want wherever you wan, even when you are sitting at your computer on in your bed...
From time to time I can manage to last longer like 15-20 minutes but it is rare... I would like to have more control.
The strange thing is that I noticed that often even at the second attempt I don't last much longer so sometimes it seems like it is not only tied to my arousal.
Also, masturbation before having sex is not optimal since masturbation kind of kills my sex drive and my erection is not that good either and moreover I noticed it didn't help much. I sometimes smoke weed and the last time I smoked weed I had sex for 30 minutes and the feeling was fantastic, I felt like I could go vigorous and thrust as strong as I want in every positions and it really changes the experience of sex! I think it is possible to at least improve and have some sort of control and at least last 10-15 minutes. I don't want to be disrespectful for who suffer from PE since I couldn't say I do suffer from it and it may look disrespectful to post here , I have pe (under 1 mjnute) only from time to time, and it is traumatic, I had also bad reactions from my gf the first time... but I still want to improve and this looked like a good subreddit for this
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2023.06.07 13:34 SoybeanCola1933 Homeless people and mental illness/substance abuse?

In the city centre there are many homeless people, wearing old tattered clothing, sleeping rough etc. Some are ‘regular’ folks who’ve fallen on a rough patch and then the second group are others who seem to be affected more seriously.
I don’t want to sound condescending when I say ‘regular’ but I mean able bodied, mentally stable people.
What has always struck me amongst the second group is their behaviour. Talking to themselves, unable to maintain eye contact, slurred speech, erratic bodily movements etc
Is this usually a result of substance abuse or mental/physical illness or a mixture?
For a large number could these issues could be entirely neurological/psychiatric and managed with high levels of medical treatment?
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2023.06.07 13:34 Bart_OHemlock Head Poly Morph + EFM, HELP

How do I get “High Poly Head” and “Expressive Facegen Morph” to work with each other? They are glitch my eyes out.
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2023.06.07 13:34 BaseballSeveral1107 I HATE WINTER

It's cold. But when it's winter it must be cold. And that's the problem. You either have to pay for heat or get tired with getting coal or wood, starting the fire and checking it doesn't spread. Going out is a torture. You have to put in a dozen layers of clothes. Underwear, pants, short-sleeved shirt, long-sleeved shirt, sweatshirt, boots, neck warmer, hat, gloves. To go out to a shop that is on the ground level or just around the corner, you need all this wearing and getting tired. Winter clothes are heavy, limit motions, sometimes even visibility, and are hard to put on and put off. So buying those is hard and even if you do, then they're hard to walk in. Summer and spring don't have those problems, because you can put on clothes for outdoors and indoors, just change boots and you're alright.
And winter is such a great time to get sick. And the worst thing is having a stuffed nose and have to breathe with your mouth, with this cold air. Throat damage guaranteed, plus this pain in the face from the cold air blowing in your direction. Summer and spring don't have such problems. And winter has the highest amount of deaths of all the seasons. I literally got a frostbite because I touched snow with my bare hands because I didn't have gloves on them. And if you're healthy and put on the clothes, there's another problem.
Getting around. Most of us are rich and have a car and can drive wherever they want. But if you can't, you have to use public transit. I don't have anything about just using it or the fact of the existence of public transit, but the quality of those in Poland, where I live, leaves much to be desired. You have to wait, in cold. In a city this isn't a problem as big as in the rural areas where buses function. These are often coming only in early mornings and in early afternoon, but even if they come more often, they often are late. And no matter the location, you often have to stand, and even if you find a seat, you can sometimes smell people who don't shower very often. Trams, trains, metros and buses are often heated, like most indoor places, we'll get to that later, and people coming there in winter are usually in jackets and sweat in those vehicles, especially considering how crowded they often get and how warm those crowded people are. You'll sweat like a construction worker after 8 hours of work during a heatwave. And driving doesn't save you from the effects of winter. You have to scrape snow from your car, the engine can not start or the visibility is low and roads are blocked or icy, you can skid easily and crash into another car, a pedestrian, a pole or a tree. Walking does neither. If snow falls, it's crushed by people walking, melts and freezes again, and or forms ice on the sidewalk. And you can slip on it and either break something or die. Each time I walk on it, I think I'm gonna die. Either i slip on it and land on a spiked fence, I land on the sidewalk and break something, or I land on the street and get run over by a semi truck or a car. If you manage to get to your destination, there's another problem.
All the buildings are heated, so if you're in winter clothes, you're going to sweat like a construction worker after 8 hours of work during a heatwave.
It's dark half the day. You go to work or school, dark, you go back, dark. And the other half it's cloudy and grey. And the whole world dies. No leaves, no grass, no flowers, some animals hibernate, just grey, cloudy skies and white brown combination of snow, soil, water and mud. No sun. Sure, there are Christmas lights but let's face it, they are only to hide the grey and dark.
It's a hard time for students. The semester ends. You have to pass everything. They throw a lot of tests and quizzes at you. You will tire yourself to death.
Winter sports and games. Snowballs. I hate snowballs. Even if the person who throws one is someone I like. Usually, I take it easy, but in my mind, I hate it. Ice skating. I can't do that because the nearest lake or skating rink is too far away to walk. I could afford that, but I would need to wear all those clothes, get on the bus, ask my parents for approval, get back. No way. Skiing. I live in a city surrounded by forests and farm fields. No way. Sledding. Those are easier because I have some hills in my neighborhood, but going out, taking the sled, going back. Nope. Snowman. Going out. No.
And there are, CHRISTMAS IN WINTER. I'm fed up with them. Literally a few days after Halloween and All Saints Day, all the shops and malls are decorated, and Christmas songs are playing on the radio and Christmas commercials on TV. "Last Christmas, I gave you my heart...":“Christmas promotion! Bone carp, only 21.37 per package or a withered Christmas tree, 69.69 each plus delivery for 3.21. Holidays for Christmas, Old Zealand, 666.66 both ways. Christmas loans, only in Pierogi Bank Polski." Don't take Christmas loans, that's the stupidest thing you can do in that time of the year. They're still up everywhere, wherever I go, whatever I look at. Until the day finally arrives, December 24, when you are completely fed up with it. And it's not like I hate Christmas. Christmas in their current shape and theme are asking for dislike. You want to get up, leave, and come back when all this madness is over. But it's nice that we have time off and we get presents and meet our family. In the summer we have more free time, and on birthdays and name days we also get gifts and meet our family. But always something. And then there's another holiday.
New Year's Eve and New Year, when humans celebrate Earth going around the Sun once again, while nothing besides it happens in nature and humanity on those two days. You can do whatever you want on that day, and in my case, it'll be sitting on the couch in pajamas, watching TV and eating some unhealthy snacks like chips. Most people will spend it partying with friends and family and doing stuff together. And then, they will count from 10 to 1 like if a rocket was starting, and then fireworks explore, and dogs are scared. Afterwards, people will start to go home. And then you can't sleep the whole night because some idiots have too much fireworks and firecrackers, which is also a problem the whole winter.
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2023.06.07 13:33 tatumbuddyscout Dream well.. nightmare!

I had a dream last night well maybe a nightmare & I should take a break from reading this page because I had a dream that I went swimming and met up with Oscar and I knew he was recently single and we kinda just started talking and instantly clicked lol. He asks me to go out for Chinese after swimming and somehow when I said yes and gave him a hug in the pool someone snapped a picture and sent it to Kyra. Kyra shows up to the pool and I head to the locker room to change and she started yelling at Oscar. I left the pool and texted him since he got my number at that point already and he said he would be coming, Kyra was pissed to say the least and was crying. Oscar said we just met and we’re friends it wasn’t a big deal and she flipped. Then I woke up. 😂
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2023.06.07 13:33 jsveyfjc Both traditional and crypto companies should not be allowed to run wild on fractional reserves but if one is allowed then everyone else should be allowed too.

That is very annoying whenever traditional institutions attack crypto especially when in comes to operating on fractional reserves. Who do they think they are?! Entire financial system is fundamentally a scam and crypto is nothing but a slightly improved, decentralized version of it. I don't tolerate when a bigger thug criticizes a smaller thug.
When it comes to crime, those two are not even a comparison. Also when it comes to crime currency, nothing compares to dollar. Yet they keep spitting angrily on crypto looking like a cartoon villain. It's so dumb, but what's even more discouraging there are many, even theoretically educated humans that agree with them. So annoying.

Many argue that traditional institutions are more regulated thus allowed such dubious behavior. It's nonsense. So that's why they are regulated? To be allowed to gamble even more? Somehow regulations didn't help them with recent collapses. And your funds are insured only to a specific limit. If you're very wealthy you can loose almost all you have (unless you or one of your friends own such an institution). And even when it comes to those who get their funds back its' the citizens of the country who cover the cost.
And what are those regulations anyway? To hold a few percent of the cash and gamble the rest of customers funds?

There is literally no reason to have sense of safety by holding your funds in traditional institutions right know. It can be gone just like in a crypto company. I would rather keep wealth in crypto in self custody.
I think once it become common knowledge that financial institutions are running on fractional reserves (don't know why it's not yet) and how deceptive it is maybe citizens would force govs to do something about that. If you have anything to add write comment.
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2023.06.07 13:33 Lolzaas 25 [NB4F] or [NB4T] England/Online - Animal loving, beginner gymrat, fantasy book loving nerd

Hey hey! I'm Anthony(experimenting with Sydney, as I’m somewhat new to being NB :D)! Getting right into it, things I'm interested in are stuff like;
When I talk about myself my brain kinda shuts downs (lack of object permanence) so bear with me :p
I'm a big nerd for most things, gaming, tv, movies, books, dnd, warhammer, and a slew of other things :D
I'm a 6'4, heavyset person, I'm like one of those huge teddy bears that you really want to buy but have no idea how you'd get it home, except I'm free and can just follow you around like a lost puppy, also I'm not as hairy as a bear. But I'm also losing weight and getting fitter! Currently down 50lbs from where I started :) I’m really loving the gym
For gaming I play pretty much anything! The games I'm currently playing are Total War: Warhammer 2, Deep Rock Galactic, MHrise, Euro truck sim 2, Stardew Valley. I have a ton of different games, so if you want to play something else, just ask! My favourites are RPG's and co-op games though.
I'm also in the process of getting diagnosed for ADHD (UK waiting lists are absurd, I've been waiting for about 2 years now, just to talk to a doctor about it) because I'm almost completely sure that I have it, so just a heads up.
What I'm looking for in a partner;
I'm looking for something serious, and can handle possible long distance, but ofc would prefer within the UK or Europe.
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2023.06.07 13:33 Intern_Lucifer Downgrade to wiondows 10 for better gaming performance?

Hey! Im facing some issues, with running games even such as GTA V or CS:GO. The performance isnt terrible, but not upto the mark of my laptop specs:
RAM: 2*8 GB 3200 MHz
CPU: i7-11800H
GPU: RTX 3060 Laptop GPU

A friend has suggested to downgrade to windows 10, quoting his experience of doing so helped him gain quite a bit of extra frames. Is windows 11 really that unoptimized? should i downgrade since the trouble of a fresh install and then reinstalling everything is quite big.
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2023.06.07 13:33 Saroo7866 Nebula Request Mac Features

Hi Ben using the Xreal with my Macbook since it was released and have some feature request and questions please hoping the community and the Support stuff here can and Support stuff here, can assist.
Question - the update for the glasses this month to support the 120hz refresh will this work for the Mac display and will it work for the PS5?
Features -
Change display orientation to have displays Stacked horizontal
Ability to have 2x2 grid
Ability to have the current 2/3 display looked curved
Ability to have one big curved display wrap around you
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2023.06.07 13:33 katie_elizabeth_2 Diablo 4 Feedback on Visual Accessibility and Inventory Management

Diablo 4 is an excellent game. I want to commend the Blizzard team for making such a high polished game for all of us to enjoy. After playing a Sorc to level 60, I just wanted to give some feedback about inventory management and accessibility to make Diablo 4 even better.
I want to make it known that I am blind in 1 eye and I do not have perfect vision in my other good eye, so some of this feedback will not apply to everyone but I want to contribute it anyway. Perhaps some of these solutions that would help me would also be useful to players who have much better vision too.
Minimap - Town Service Icons
I find it difficult to see the various town services on the minimap (healer, blacksmith, etc.) because they all use white icons. I have to squint to make out the shape of the icon and then memorize the location of each service just to avoid squinting. One potential solution for this is to colour-code each type of service on the minimap - red for healer, gray for blacksmith, brown for stablemaster, etc. - so that I can simply look at the color of the icon instead of the shape.
Minimap - Waypoints
I rely on the minimap to show waypoints to my next destination a lot. Because I only have one eye, I find myself starring at the minimap constantly and ignoring the actual environment in the gameworld. I cannot pay attention to both at the same time. Is it possible to draw the line in the environment instead of the minimap so I can pay attention to the enviroment and not the minimap?
Fire Enchanted Elite Monster Cues
Like the Molten elite packs in Diablo 3 at launch, I'm having a really hard time noticing Fire Enchanted elites and other deadly affixes. This was later fixed in Diablo 3 with new visuals, and I never had a problem with Molten elite packs since that change was made. However, I am always dying to Fire Enchanted elites after I kill them - I just don't expect it. The icons on the elite packs are too small for me to make out during combat, and the battles are too frantic with many effects. One potential solution is to simply have a narrator call out the deadly elite packs - "Fire Enchanted incoming!" It sounds silly, but this would actually help me a lot without affecting the balance of the game. My vision is not the best, but my hearing is great. Another possible solution is to make these effects stand out more, like you did with Diablo 3. I also think the sound effect for Molten was very obvious in Diablo 3 too. I could clearly hear the Molten effect without even looking at it, which was great.
Also, Fire Enchanted effects or the Poison pools do not show up behind walls. I've lost count how many times I went through a door only to die to these effects just because the wall was covering them up. One possible solution is to simply unhide the wall or make the wall transparent if these effects are active. That way if I kill enemies behind a door and walk through it, I know what to expect.
Inventory Management - Loot Filter
Since I entered World Tier 3, my inventory is filling up a lot more frequently than it did before. I play on console and it's just easier for me to pick up everything on the ground than it is for me to squint and read everything. One possibly solution is to provide a loot filter. Is there any way to hide white items, blue items, non-sacred rare items, low-level gems, etc.? I'm also noticing that the game tends to crash on loading screens, so less trips to town means less crashes in the middle of a dungeon too. I've had to redo dungeons about 5-6 times so far from these crashes, usually near the boss too :(
Inventory Management - Gems
I think another possible solution to inventory management issues in World Tier 3 is to add a separate inventory tab for Gems. Each time I do a dungeon, I'm getting a lot of different gems of 3 levels of quality. It is not that uncommon to have 10 or more gems taking up main inventory slots instead of gear. This means each time I go back to town, I not only have to visit the blacksmith, but I also have to travel in the opposite direction to my stash to store the gems. Just having a separate gem tab in my inventory would save a lot of time and add a lot more fluidity to these trips back to town since I wouldn't have to visit the stash nearly as often. Another potential solution is to discontinue dropping crude and chipped gems in WT3 - that would help too.
Again, I want to stress that Diablo 4 is an incredible game. Thank you so much for making it and I look forward to future updates!
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2023.06.07 13:32 JuneFernan The Monologue of Sir Andrian Mikhail Dazdraperma

Scene 1
Near midnight in a Midwestern downtown hotel. A lone front desk worker enters to answer a ringing phone. A voice is heard, speaking in a heavy Russian accent.
Hello? Who am I speaking with? June? Hello June, this is Mr. Dazdraperma. I’m sure you know who I am, or your manager does. And we’ve had a good working relationship for over twenty years, okay? I’ve stayed at that hotel every time I come downtown. I’ve brought you clientele from all over the world. And I’m friends with Governor Pritzker—or his father’s brother, who I had a working relationship with many years ago, the late Jay Pritzker. You know who I’m talking about, right? He helped me get this business started, and it’s not a huge company, but I’m proud of it, okay? And listen, you have the crew arriving soon right? Who is the captain of the crew? He’s coming in just a few minutes now, maybe even while I’m still on the phone with you. I have it written here. I don’t know if I can say this. Captain Alfonzo-Romano, or however you say it. He’s gonna arrive with his crew. And listen, June, in my thirty years of running this business, I never have ever heard one of my drivers say someone call him a mudda’ fucka’. Never, June. And today, my driver calling me while they’re in the cab. He told me this crew member call him a mudda’ fucka’. And he doesn’t even know why the guy is mad at him. Okay? So who are these HiFly guys that think they can talk to my driver that way? Does that man’s captain know he’s talking to my driver like that? You know I could call the police on these guys. They get in my cab again and call my driver a mudda’ fucka’, I’m calling the police and having them arrested for harassment. And then these guys are not going to have a shuttle to the airport. Okay? So I’m taking this seriously. You tell them I’m going to pursue every path I can to get my justice for this, because in my thirty years, no one ever call my driver a mudda’ fucka’. I don’t know why he even thinks he can say that to my driver. Is it because the driver is African American? I don’t know. He’s got anger problem. These HiFly guys were rude yesterday too. I saw it myself at the airport. And I go and tell the captain, and he’s just laughing. But now they’re calling my driver a mudda’ fucka’, and that’s gonna be the end of it, okay? So, listen to me. This is not your problem, June. I know you have plenty of your own problems to worry about. I know, because I’ve been there. You guys are a big hotel. I stayed there just two years ago, or just before the pandemic. It’s very nice, and I always have a good stay with you guys. And you don’t need to tell your manager about this, because I’m going to handle it. You just talk to the captain when he comes in, okay? You tell him, as soon as he comes in, to call me, because I wanna talk to him, and I wanna know who call my driver a mudda’ fucka’. It was not on this ride coming in, but it was the crew that flew out today, and that’s the same airline coming in now, so that captain has to talk to me before I shuttle them ever again. And you tell him I’m friends with the Governor, and I’m not letting this go easily, okay? And you tell him I never, in my thirty years in this business, ever heard someone call my driver a mudda' fucka'. So he’s gonna have to talk to me, or I’m calling the police, and they’re not going to the airport tomorrow. Thank you so much, June. Have a good night.
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2023.06.07 13:32 LankyMouthfu Gang boss 'gets teeth in Turkey' after 'straightener' brawl in Dubai with friend of 'Mr Big' Paul Massey

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2023.06.07 13:32 eddie_arnott Button up shirt fit issues

Hi! I've been trying my hand at patterning a shirt for my partner, and for a first try I'm pretty pleased with the result. However, I'm struggling to figure out how to solve this mess of folds at the back armscye.
Pictures are of the first finished I made and my attempts with a muslin after to diagnose the issue to no avail. It somehow looks like it's both too big and too small to me - does anyone know what I'm looking at here?
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2023.06.07 13:32 readingrachelx Housewife highlights/Daily shit talk - June 7th, 2023

Links to this week's episode discussion posts:
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2023.06.07 13:32 OtakuPi Job jumping vent

I've posted here before about my difficulty finding a job and got a dm asking why I don't jump from one to another until I find my fit.
I have and I use to be a job jumper the year after college. I jumped from one place to another in a few months time I was at 4 different places. I did social media management web development and digital content creation.
The first time I did social media management and content creation (never gained training) I was employed about a month and 2 weeks, I got covid 2 weeks after starting (big fuckin bird flipped my way after 2 years) took 2 weeks to recover in that time I was still working just from home. Got paid only for the weeks I was on site, had a meeting with hr and management, got fired, got walked off the premises.
The second position I worked in was 2 months of social media management and content creation again at a small company, less pay but much mich less traffic. I "worked" (assisting my manager with day to day things) for about 3 weeks before I finally got my first training session or shown how things work there for content creators and social media managers. Then was given a big project that I told them I wasn't ready for and didn't know what to do. I was solo for the first time doing something I've never done alnone and after asking for some help from my manager she set up a meeting, it took anohther week before she got back to me, I said that I didn't get enough training then my manager let me go with this as her reason "you are strugling because you didn't pay any attention to your training and could not be bothered enough to listen to me.". After 3 weeks of following her around like her own personal lap dog I didn't learn a single thing because she didn't give me shit to do other than writing down crap you shouldn't make physical notes of and being her own personal techie fixing shit I had no place fixing. I got paid that's all that mattered to me tho and I moved on
The third and time I was employed in web development. This was a massive break and I could finally start what I loved. I worked 3 days before I broke.
I worked for a guy, think chief wigam from the Simpsons from look to intelligence. Heck ex cop even
I missed all the red flags from my interview. Wasn't allowed to see the office area Was told "you're hired see you tomorrow" after interview "Family environment" BASED OUT OF THEIR GARAGE I got 0 training And they would push employees to personaly pay for things like photoshop, hosting, and the printer paper and ink
I looked over all the red flags I was just so excited to finally start working in what I worked so hard to break into back then and didn't consider why they had that position on and off so much.
I worked 3 days Day1: got given a project to finish, worked all day got it almost finished. Showed the boss he liked it Day 2: continued to work on design improving abd fixing everything. Showed boss abd he told me I should be done (was given a week before I would have had to have a launch ready site) Day 3: boss harps on my conduct (refused to work at home after 5, calls me dirty(had some dog hairs on me) and shits on my design skill calling me a child I quit half way through day 3 and as I left 2 others followed
I job jumped because of the toxicity and limitations employees are forced to work under only to realize entry level and graduate positions are just there to get inexperienced workers to accept inhumane pay for the possibility of a better job next year
Edit: fourth place was just labor pay was shit but management and team were cool I was just a part timer for 2 months
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2023.06.07 13:32 Green_Nomad $950 - Sunny, Airy 11X16 private room in Oakland

Great, large (11X16) sunny upstairs bedroom available in a three-bedroom house. Large closet and six windows! I live downstairs with my little dog. I am in my 50s, queer, genderqueer Jewish, Russian and an all around interesting person :-). Rent is either $1050 or $950 plus some regular, basic cleaning (ask me about the details). My preference would be to find a housemate where we don't just pass each other in the kitchen, but act in a more connected and friendly way, maybe share occasional meals, talk, etc.
I take COVID-19 seriously and so must you if you choose to live here. Must show proof of vaccination and booster(s), wear mask when appropriate, and show general concern for keeping us all safe.
- Shared kitchen and bathroom
- Small, backyard -- pretty neglected, but if you are an enterprising gardener, have at it!
- Washer / dryer and extra storage room on the premises.
- There is a flat $40/month for electricity (which is solar) and PG&E is split between the two of us. I pay the other utilities and internet.
- 62 and 14 buses stop across the street. 62 gets you to Fruitvale BART in about 5 minutes.
- Street parking.
- Living room mostly not shared (ask me for more info) but upstairs room is big enough to have a hangout space.
Pets are negotiable with pet references and vaccinations (ask me about the fine print).
-$1350 security deposit.
-No smoking in or around the house.
-Visitors must be vaccinated and boosted for COVID-19.
-Overnight visitors limited to 1 visitor no more than 2/week. All exceptions negotiated with me.
Email or call 510-four-three-four-1782 (this is a land line and doesn't take text messages).
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