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Support and knowledge about breastfeeding

2009.11.30 07:50 Support and knowledge about breastfeeding

**This is a community to encourage, support, and educate parents nursing babies/children through their breastfeeding journey. Partners seeking advice and support are also welcome here.**

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Call of Duty: Black Ops III is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game, developed by Treyarch and published by Activision. It is the twelfth entry in the Call of Duty series and the sequel to the 2012 video game Call of Duty: Black Ops II. This is the Subreddit for Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

2023.06.02 00:06 MIZSTLDEN Opinion on Border Collie Ziggy

Hi everyone, I need some advice on what to do with my border collie, Ziggy.
Ziggy is a high energy border collie with an intense work drive. He has been more aggressive recently so we took him to the vet to see if it is being caused by medical issues. The vet tested his back leg and found when he pushes one of his back legs up, ziggy does not put it back down on the ground correctly. The other leg is fine. The vet said no exercise and medicine for 2 weeks. Fast forward 2 weeks and we are recommended to a specialist since the behavior is still the same. This appointment is set for 6 weeks out. My questions are below:
Ziggy was not showing signs of any pain before and there is really no indication of his pain aside from the tests that the doctor did and the aggression. He would go sprint in the backyard for 3 hours today if I let him and nobody would guess he is injured. Is it in his best interest to not exercise at all for 2+ months? Wouldn't that feed in to other aggression issues? I feel like depending on results from the specialists assessment he could be out of commission for a long time!
Even if it's technically the right thing to do medically, should I take his quality of life in to account here? What if I let him exercise up until the specialist appointment?
To reiterate, Ziggy was only showing signs of pain when the vet was pushing one of his back legs up, and it was only a panting and looking back at the vet. No whining or yelping. I just want to do what's best for him and I know he's miserable right now.
Species: Border Collie
Age: 3
Sex/Neuter status: Male
Breed: Border Collie
Body weight: 57 lbs
History: Aggression, bad poops, allergic to chicken
Clinical signs:
Duration: Unsure
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2023.06.02 00:06 Individual_Board9608 Formula in breast milk

For our bedtime bottle my son takes 4oz breast milk and 1oz formula mixed in. How long before feeding can I prep this bottle and leave it in the fridge? Is the rule the 24 hrs prepped formula is good for? Thanks for the help!
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2023.06.02 00:05 iCrazyBlaze "not interested" never works

I hate being recommended 5 view lets plays that I have zero interest in. I can never get them out of my feed! I've had issues with recommendations before where youtubers who I enjoy watching get lost because youtube has seen that once upon a time I searched for a specific thing (usually emulator settings tutorials) and now thinks that's all I ever want to watch in my life, forcing me to search manually for someone like Ethoslab amidst the ever growing mountain of steam deck emulator benchmarks with 10 views each... but this? this is even worse! How do I get youtube to recommend me things I'm actually interested in??
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2023.06.02 00:05 SE_to_NW A new “reshoring” trend is set to upend global supply chains as firms look to source products — such as clothes and computer chips — closer to home, turning away from manufacturing powerhouses like mainland China

A new “reshoring” trend is set to upend global supply chains as firms look to source products — such as clothes and computer chips — closer to home, turning away from manufacturing powerhouses like mainland China submitted by SE_to_NW to China_Debate [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 00:05 kosuna Enel was a slave in Mary Geoise

He was a slave to Celestial Dragons, they made him believe that he is from an inferior race and CD's are the superior people. He developed an inferiority complex and self hatred, he whished he was like the Gods. They were bragging to him how they descended from the place called Fairy Vearth - the Moon. Celestial Dragons feed their slaves Devil Fruits for fun and that how he got his powers. Later he was freed amongst the other slaves by Fisher Tiger and came back to Skypiea. It seems like Skypiea was relatively uneventfull and stable place untill suddenly Enel emerged. He tore his wings to not be reminded that he is a part of "subhuman" race. He started to imitate Celestial Dragons and looked down on everyone during his rule and destroyed his island because of his inferiority complex and self hatred. He made himself believe that he is special, he is like a God, a Celestial Dragon, he is above the Skypiean savages and he wants to visit their legendary homeland the Fairy Vearth.
His slave tatto is on his head, that's why he wears the stupid hat all the time.
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2023.06.02 00:04 UhOhSpadoodios Stray cat help? OAS not responding.

I’ve been feeding a stray cat that’s been coming around my house and I am trying to figure out how best to help him. I don’t know if he’s stray (and possibly adoptable), or feral and should be TNR’ed. At the very least, I would like to see about getting him in to see a vet to get scanned, fixed, and checked out, but he’s pretty skittish so I don’t think it’s possible for me to pick him up and get him in a carrier.
I’ve left two messages with Oakland Animal Services over the past few weeks and have not heard back. I wanted to speak with someone to help me determine what to do and figure out next steps.
If anyone knows of a way to get ahold of OAS, knows of other organizations that can help, or has any tips, I would appreciate hearing from you. Thank you!
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2023.06.02 00:04 Intelbunny 3 years of them being in the same house, this might be the best interaction so far.

3 years of them being in the same house, this might be the best interaction so far.
We have done separate rooms for them and and slowly feeding them first through closed doors then open doors then in the same room but myuch smaller cat still goes after my larger one.
We have her on anxiety meds, advice of our vet, this has helped bounds and leaps over the last year and a half.
Tried calming collars, sprays to help them both calm down medicated plug ins by feliway we had no luck.
More information on each cat.
Neutered male age 14 large breed Bengal mix 16-20lbs -has medication lotions for skin issues
Spayed female age 9 Turkish angora mix 7-8lbs -on anxiety meds
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2023.06.02 00:03 BeenThereDundas Litter seperation with young mama.

Litter seperation with young mama.
I rescued Bella at 10months old from a neglectful owner and upon taking her to the vet to get vaccinated (the previous owner didn't bother getting the 2 boosters so im having to start at step 1) I learned she was pregnant; and half way through her term already at that. She had never been outside, had 2 ear infections, never had her nails cut, and even though she is a smooth short-haired cockapoo her coat was matted with who-knows-what. The male had freedom of the house and Bella was left to live in her own shit. When I went and saved Bella the male was neutered and with her being so young it wouldn't have even crossed my mind she was preggo.
Thankfully I got her in for an xray just 16 hours before she went into labor (we thought we had roughly 2 weeks still) as the vet thought she was carrying 6 but it turned out to be 4. I would have been horribly anxious if I didn't know how many pups were coming. My wife and I had no experience birthing puppies. Thankfully everything went smoothly and we haven't had any complications since.
With Bella being so young it hasn't been a typical mom/pup relationship. She has always been gentle and caring but she is most definitely a teen mom. Other than feeding and helping them pee/defecate she has more or less did her own thing. Now that the pups are weaned Bella has finally been able to be a puppy. She never had a chance with the previous owners. She has formed a very close bond with the pups. I call her their sister-mom. I'm worried that when I seperate the pups from her next week that she will take it pretty hard. When I spoke to my vet about it earlier she said that by week 9 Bella would be getting fed up with them and be happy to see them go. I don't think that will ever happen.
What steps can I take to make the transition easier for her? And for the pups?
I plan on buying a bunch of stuffed animals and getting the pups and bellas scent on them. I'll send off one with each pup to the new owner and keep a couple here for Bella. Is there anything else I can do?
Tldr- I rescued a young preggo dog and the relationship with her puppies is not typical. She's more like a sister to them now. I'm worried about her getting depressed or anxious when the pups leave. What can I do to help her? & What can I do for the pups to ease their transition to their new homes?
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2023.06.02 00:03 Reptile199 Found this cool looking plant in an alley! (Eastern Washington)

Found this cool looking plant in an alley! (Eastern Washington)
I found this huge leafy plant in an alley a few days ago. The cutting I took died off and is now being used to feed a springtail colony, but I’m still very interested in the plant itself because of what happens when it dies in the winter. The red hollow tubes it leaves behind seem perfect for my snake’s enclosure, but I don’t know if the plant itself would be poisonous or not. Please help!!
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2023.06.02 00:03 Charliewarliewoo Does anyone know any meat free, simple recipes?

My girl, 6, has never been to fond of meat. She would eat it maybe twice a week.
She's asked me recently if I could make more veggie dishes that taste delicious (her words, haha.)
My problem is, I always find 1000 step recipes with veggies that I have never heard off. Google just isn't helping me.
I don't want to hide the meat, as my family members have told me to do.
It just seems unnecessary to me. She doesn't like the taste of it so I don't want to, for lack of a better word, betray her by feeding her something she doesn't want to eat.
We live in Scotland. I've been trying to find dishes that are healthy, nutritious and tasty. I'm coming up with a loss though.
Any help would be very much appreciated.
A working mum that does everything in the house including childcare then goes to work.
P.S - even the most simple and basic recipes are appreciated. I just want to make my daughter happy.
Thank you in advance.
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2023.06.02 00:01 BetaChunks Was looking into a stupid conspiracy theory about Einstein, and somehow got to LinkedIn. It's the first result on Google when you search "Did Einstein steal Theory Of Relativity"

Was looking into a stupid conspiracy theory about Einstein, and somehow got to LinkedIn. It's the first result on Google when you search submitted by BetaChunks to u/BetaChunks [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 00:00 newPhoenixz MS teams is the WORST. I'm amazed at how bad it is and don't understand why anyone uses MS software

So I'm using MS teams now for a new job, and its their default communications platform. I've used teams in the past with "very poor" results to put it mildly and politely but up until now I have always been able to avoid it. Now I no longer can so I started using it and dear god, why is anyone using this? More generically, why is anyone using microsoft software at all? Its beyond bad. Mind you: All the issues described below do NOT happen with the competition (google meet, zoom, etc), its all teams crap only.
So where to start? * In the the overall video quality compared between meet, zoom and teams, meet would be #1, zoom a close 2nd, and teams dangling somewhere at the bottom. Half the time I can barely recognise people * When trying to have a direct conversation on teams with people, click the link and... we end up in different chat rooms or something because we don't see each other. Both click again and now it works. * When opening a chat, teams redirects the link to a generic URL so a reload of the page (which is required on more than one occasion as teams @#*$ up) gets me back in the teams chat and I lost the call * I continuously get "Are you still there?!?!" popups that only go away if I click okay. It then reloads the page because microsoft. I lost whatever I had there because f you. * when in a group video call, teams goes full "I was dropped as a baby" and comes up with these weird divisions. In a 5 person call, I sometimes see 4 big squares, the next person on the next page. There is no way to get them all in one screen. Zoom and meet.... Simply do this. Then teams tries to reconfigure the video divisions continuously. It goes from 4 big squares to 2 big squares and 2 rectangles and back. Then, because of how it crops the videos, I continuously only see chins or foreheads. I can never see people normally on teams. I can never see everybody on one screen, though there is some weird mode where I see their faces hovering above chairs. This really weirds the crap out of me and it doesn't show things around them that sometimes is important so I don't use that either. * Screen sharing is F- in quality. Teams wastes all the available space with blackness and then shows a tiny screen and I can never read the text that is being shared. Now I need to separately select "Focus on content" that removes the video feeds that I want to see as well, and that could be shown in medium size on the side (meet, no problem) but nope, those tiny thumbnails at the top gotta go to make the shared screen marginally larger. Now its barely readable, so I guess I'll just go with that. * Timezones are messed up, though this seems to be just a global microsoft issue. For some reason it doesn't pick up the right timezone automatically, I have to configure it so okay, I'll do that. I select the correct timezone and.. Times are still incorrect, I have to specify the wrong timezone to get the right times displayed. Awesome microsoft software in action here! * Missed calls are displayed only with a tiny bubble without a number so I missed a couple of calls and never called back because I didn't know I had missed them. * When trying to open files in the files section, different extensions respond differently to the mouse. A CTRL click SHOULD open the file in a new tab, that sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. Right on par with how microsoft works, sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. For reasons. * Teams loads SSSLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW. A google meet page load takes a fraction of the time to load. Google drive too btw, in comparison with the files section on teams or sharepoint nonsense, hell, even nextcloud flies circles around MS for this. * Every time I get into a meeting, the first minute consists of me trying to signal to people that I'll be there in a second because I can't hear them because EVERY time (hey, at least some consistency!) teams will select the wrong audio device for listening and the wrong microphone * Teams will randomly mute me. I try to talk and people are laughing "You're muted!" and I know I didn't mute. * Teams will randomly disable the camera. * Teams will randomly say my camera is gone even though its right there and this crap never happens with zoom or meet. The only solution is to reload the page which will then kick me back to chat because teams for some reason updates the URL for each meeting to a generic URL that is the same everywhere. - Sometimes teams pages load to a white page of death, I'll have to reload. - And while I'm ranting: whilst trying to change the timezone I got asked 3 times (every time I click somewhere) WAS IT SATISFYING?!? DO YOU LOVE ME?!? PLEASE GIVE ME VALIDATION?! as if I'm dealing with an 18 year old tiktok girl. - When looking for solutions, I see pages YEARS ago where these problems already existed, and they have never once been resolved. Because of course, its microsoft we're talking about.
All this is from just a few hours in a few days of using this trash software.
Seriously, why do people use this? I don't get it. Windows is the same hellish experiences, and every new version that gets pushed down people's throats just makes it worse and people pay for licenses. Its amazing.
Half the issues described are just plain stupidity that I could solve myself if I would work at microsoft (Thank god I don't) this is just microsoft not caring, as per usual.
I get people forced to use it for their job, but does anybody actually like team over the other available products? If so.. WHY!? I don't get it, why do you put up with this half baked nonsense.
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2023.06.02 00:00 ogreatgames NCAA Football 08: Remarkable College Football Experience - PS2 Game

![video](fitp9dy75b591 " The time is now to find your team and make your mark on college football. Visit to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#playstation2 #football #sports --
NCAA Football 08 for Sony PlayStation 2. Experience the college football world like never before with NCAA Football 08. Become the quarterback, wide receiver, and more of past college NCAA teams and lead them to victory. Experience the highs and lows of the college gridiron with the some of the most intense gameplay to date. Play through dynasty mode and aim for extreme victory. Hear the roar of the crowd and aim to win with touch down after touch down in the marvelous NCAA Football 08. --
Hey check out similar videos here:
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2023.06.02 00:00 Jamcam007 How I would modernize Michael Myers power, tell me your thoughts.

How I would modernize Michael Myers power, tell me your thoughts. submitted by Jamcam007 to deadbydaylight [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 23:59 BadIDK I’m interested in playing, but hoping for some guidance

I’m a huge Star Wars nerd and I’ve been seeing posts on this subreddit come up in my feed and it 100% looks interesting. I have an Xbox Series X and I see both KOTOR 1 and 2 are available but not this. So I have 2 questions: are either of those games rpgs or are they worth playing? And my second is how can I get into the old republic specifically
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2023.06.01 23:59 coffeeandcommunism Please do not protest Sunday

Please do not protest Sunday
Attached is a statement from a local non profit
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2023.06.01 23:59 kinkykiwi7 The Brotherhood of Steel [Steel Division]

Hello Wastelanders, I’m Senior Knight Johnson with the Brotherhood of Steel, [Steel Division]. We are a PC based Roleplay/Lite Milsim group. Our goal is to try to create the best Brotherhood experience possible on PC. We have extensive lore and backstory for our chapter. We also have writers that keep our story going, and we plan to have our own YouTube TV show in the future. Join today for the true brotherhood experience! Ad Victorium!
About BOS
💢 New Player Friendly (PC) [18+] (MIC)
💢 Helpful/ Friendly Players
💢 Fun Weekly Activities
💢 Serious Roleplay
💢 Ranking System/Perks
💢BOS Emergency Supplies (ACCESS)
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2023.06.01 23:58 Proof-Requirement-86 Looking to catfish and feed dad bods or muscular guy as this bimbo. Open with your ASL and let’s get to it. Kik: JordynTF2002

Looking to catfish and feed dad bods or muscular guy as this bimbo. Open with your ASL and let’s get to it. Kik: JordynTF2002 submitted by Proof-Requirement-86 to CatfishMePlease2 [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 23:58 iAmMikeJ_92 Having Trouble Identifying What Fitting to Use

Having Trouble Identifying What Fitting to Use
Hello! So, I need to run some 1/2” Liquidtite flexible PVC conduit from this disco box to the motor housed within the assembly. The motor is fed by a 208V 3Ø delta supply. It’s a tiny 0.75-horsepower motor so it doesn’t pull many amps and number 12 wire will be sufficient.
Anyhow, I—for the life of me—cannot figure out what fitting I need to grab so that the conduit will pass through a 7/8” hole I will drill in the metal that would be considered the correct way and the fitting would be used as designed. I believe it needs to be watertight. I imagine it would be some sort of bushing or grommet or something. But I can’t seem to find it with a Google search. Must be using the wrong terminology.
Does anyone know what it’s called? I’m not looking for a quick fix. I’d like to know the correct hardware to use in this case. I really appreciate the responses and helpful info in advance!!
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2023.06.01 23:57 Ecstatic-Two-6752 Tree sprouts growing under artificial turf

Tree sprouts growing under artificial turf
I'm at my wits end with this project... 8 months ago, ripped up all the trees, grass, and an old fence....wanted a nice dog run and area for the animals to do their business. Here were my steps. 1. Ripped out all old trees, roots and grass. 2. grade ground to slope to French drains. 3. Sprayed vegetation killer 4. Single layer of vegetation barrier fabric. 5. Laid 1" of decomposed grained and compacted. 6. Another layer of plastic vegetation barrier. 7. Laid artificial turf 8. Sand compound infill
Now I have spaghetti growing out from underneath. Making mounds in the turf. I thought thru all those layers, surely no weed or plant will make it thru. I was wrong I suppose. It's relatively easy to pull out, but it's everywhere. I've had to back pull the turf so I can get to these areas. I've resulted to using Gasoline. Since it kills grass and weeds fairly quickly. Nothing else will work. There isn't any other vegetation in the area and i literally wanna toxify the ground as much as possible. It's in the back alley area, so the gas won't leech into water supply. Don't think it would for the small amount I'm using, anyways. Any one ever seen or heard of this before? Cause I'm seriously tired of this project.
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2023.06.01 23:56 E_Snap When we plug external embedding solutions like ImageBind into LLMs like LLaMA, how exactly is that done?

I’m currently working my way through Karpathy’s “Let’s build GPT from scratch”. In doing that, I’m trying to teach myself how the structures of multimodal models like MiniGPT-4 and PandaGPT have been modified to allow information from external encoders like ImageBind and CLIP to interact with the LLaMA-based LLMs. The high-level description of “You freeze the LLM and vision encoders and then use a single feed-forward layer to align them” doesn’t exactly help me understand how the two models have been connected.
Would somebody be down to give me a non-data-scientist’s-level description of how these two models are interfaced? I feel like I’m understanding the Karpathy video pretty well so far, so you can get that complicated if it helps.
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