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2023.06.08 01:24 overlord-33 Forced to Sign a Cheque in the presence of police

So my father had an NBW issued on him because he wasn’t able to appear in court one time cause his lawyer showed negligence and said that he had submitted the application of non appearance but he didn’t (that doesn’t matter but what happened next was totally unlawful), So the police arrested my father from his home (around 1 PM on 6th) , and put him in Police station, and this is what happened after that. So few of the police officers was in touch with a local businessman (let’s call him R) who had enmity with my father and was trying to extort money from him saying that my father owed him money, he used to be his business partner at some point in time, and my father owed absolutely nothing to him and he doesn’t even have any evidence to prove that my father owed any money to him. So these officers most likely took some bribe from R and started putting pressure on my father that they will put all his family behind bars and put a case of anti national on his sons (me and my brother) etc and in the middle of the night around 11-12 o’clock they most likely started torturing my father in the presence of R in the police station and started asking him to make phone calls from his number asked him to call us and bring cheque so that he could make a “settlement” with R, please note that R hasn’t filed any formal complaint with police and police is acting on his behalf. So my father made multiple calls on my number and my brothers number from the police station asking us to being cheque as “he want to reconcile with R and has discussed everything with him and agreed to pay a cheque of 37 lakh to him”, they were constantly torturing him and around 2AM in the night of 7 june we went to the police station with cheque (my mother got scared and was worried about safety of my father so she asked us to bring cheque to him) where R made my father sign two cheques of 25 Lakh each amounting to 50 Lakh rupees in total and made him sign a reconciliation paper saying that “my father has made settlement under no pressure and now the matter is settled etc”, once the paper was signed these police officers and R left (I saw them meet behind the police station to probably take bribe from R) the police station and we were asked to leave and my father was presented to the court in the noon of 7th june, where we changed the lawyer and got him bail. Now this action by police of arranging the settlement was totally unlawful and my father was totally under pressure as once he was released he told us the truth that they were torturing him (in a way that left no marks on his body), what action can I take against these police officers and R, I have video evidence of all the conversations when my father called on my number from the police station, and i have video evidence where i have clarified what they are asking us to do and have showed the blank cheques that were used. I have the photo of document that made my father sign and in that document they have mentioned the location of settlement as police station.
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2023.06.08 01:24 Constant-Ad6804 [Routine Help] Looking for daily care routine to heal recurring Angular Chalitis

Though I never really got Angular Chalitis for the vast majority of my life, in the last 1.5+ years I've been getting occasional breakouts, the most recent which was nearly certainly due to an annual dentist checkup and the saliva build up from that.
I was prescribed a combo of antifungal and hydrocortizone creams but I don't seem to find it helping much. Admittedly I do use (sterile) fingernail clippers to lightly cut off some of the dead / crusty skin (the pretense of which makes opening my mouth a lot more painful than after those bits are trimmed), and usually if I do it carefully enough it doesn't make me bleed or anything, if anything it makes my mouth opening/closing easier.
But the main issue seems to be that it can't heal as a normal cut with, say, a bandaid because the mouth is always opening and closing and that "gap" doesn't seem to fill in. Anecdotally the best relief I've found is from small acne patches that I can leave on for hours overnight, but during the day due to work and eating I can't really have them on, and they tend to re-crust even when healing.
It's honestly been like 2 months already since the last time and I don't see significant progression. It's pretty unnoticeable to others but it just really messes with my internal well-being and mood because of the pain and sensitivity opening my mouth . :(
Anyone who has dealt with this and has some helpful tips, I'd be infinitely appreciative!!
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2023.06.08 01:24 ChocolateTypical8935 Opinion: MLS teams should no longer play in the Canadian Championship

Hear me out. It's pretty clear that MLS teams will (and should) win every Canadian Championship due to access to more money and better resources than the CPL teams.
That being said, I don't think they should be able to play in the Canadian Championship due to there advantage. The Welsh teams that play in the English league no longer contest the Welsh Cup and Wellington Phoenix of the A-league don't play in New Zealand's cup. If the Welsh teams still played in the Welsh cup, they would win it every year for the same reasons the Canadian MLS teams always win. Same goes for the Phoenix. It would only be fair that the Canadian MLS teams play in the U.S. Open Cup rather then the Canadian Championship given they are members of United States top flight league.
The Canadian MLS teams now have multiple pathways to qualify for the CONCACAF champions cup (MLS Regular season play, Winning MLS cup, top 3 spots in the leagues cup) they no longer need the Canadian Championship to qualify for CONCACAF competition and if they played in the US open cup, that would be another opportunity to qualify for CONCACAF.
I know this probably won't happen given the fact that the Canadian MLS teams probably love the prospect of having a 1/3 chance of lifting a trophy every season. But this shouldn't be out of the question
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2023.06.08 01:24 gorgeously_me4ever For anyone here who’s considering studying at NEU, please read xoxo

If you’re trapped like me, studying at NEU will feel suffocating. We can’t deny the beauty of the school physically or the image they project outside like free from fraternities, peaceful inside, no rallies etc. but here are some of the things that’s actually happening inside the school that’ll probably help you picking the best school.
  1. NEU is boring asf. Fun events only comes once in a blue moon like NEU fair but the rest of the school year will be like you watching cars pass by.
  2. Homophobic professors are everywhere. If you don’t wanna get PTSD because you’re still in the closet, go find a more open university.
  3. They say they don’t force non-inc members to join the cult, but from what I’ve experienced, one of my class was cancelled and my prof at that subject brought the whole class to AVR to listen to their bullshit doctrines (this even happened twice in a day, and even tho we said we already attended, they just said that its okay because it will be a different lesson lol), a friend told me that their prof asked her to secretly told the class that if they attend pamamahayag, they will be exempted for final exam.
  4. Expect that INC will be brought up by the professors during lesson (maybe in a way they boast the image of the cult or share some of the mind blowing doctrines about homophobia)
  5. Bunch of plastics everywhere. For an instance, a lady at the cashier was yelling at us for not lining up properly, then she said to her co-staffs that they should pray first. What an angel<33. And even the profs, after they said something bad about the green school in front (most of them hate this school, one even claimed that they are devil there), or traumatized the whole class, they will pray. As if God will hear you.
  6. Professors who are actually good are rare to find. Some are just lazy fat fucks who likes to give their responsibility to teach to the students in a mask of reporting.
  7. Education system is also fucked up. Ever wonder why NEU has low passing rate (at least in our department)?
  8. You will encounter A LOT of BEM(Bachelor of Evangelical Ministry) students. 50% of what you’ll encounter are pussy hungry freaks so always be careful from their sexualizing looks.
  9. “Are you non-inc? Okay I’ll give you 1.5 grades for the midterm. Be sure to attend the pamamahayag, okay?” “Did you attend the pamamahayag? No? Okay your grades is 3.0, better luck next time”
  10. Discrimination between INC and non INC students are sooo fucking real. They give better treatment if you’re INC but if you’re not, meh.
  11. Their system is slow. A lot of students are complaining about their slow processing specially the paper works, but nothing has changed! They don’t usually update the students with the school’s official fanpage so there are times that we are so clueless (ofc they don’t forget to post anything related to INC. slayy)
  12. Professors has grudge against the big four schools. They just say mean things about the school in general as well as the students and profs there. Like most of those are intelligent people but one requirement to be the devil is to be intelligent therefore they are, profs there teach students to be activist, they join rallies, they allow fraternities which is against the law of human rights—30 universal declaration (funny bcs afaik we rendered are rights to the lord so we don’t have any??), they produce NPA’s who fight the government, etc.
You guys can add more if you have personal experiences inside this school. Help the young people avoid this school in a best way they can. Xoxo
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2023.06.08 01:23 madmako_ New to military dating with no support system :/

Hi guys, I am feeling at a lost. I'm (24F) new to this military dating and my bf (24M) who is in the navy recently left for deployment. I have no support system back home bc of where I'm from so I'm hoping this thread can ease my overthinking self. This is going to be a long one, so sorry in advanced! :(
Some background, my bf and I met online. He's based in Japan and I'm from Singapore so we’re doing long distance! A few days before his deployment, we managed to meet up in Japan since I was also there for holiday. It was as if fate brought us together with that little time we had before he gets shipped off haha!
We've only been talking for about 1.5 months & when we met irl, we made it official together (we move fast lol!) I really like him & we both share the same vibe and jokes, which is why it was easy for me to say yes to be his gf lol. Before his deployment, he also made an effort to facetime me almost daily bc he said he wanted to spend as much time online and irl before he sails off & that made me fall for him more! I even gave him a tshirt and a card as a gift and he brought the card with him to the ship :')
Coming from Singapore, I have zero knowledge on the US military dating or lifestyle. I was never exposed to it growing up. So when I got together with him, my friends and people around me didn't get it either. It's like I have no support system once I'm back home.. :(
Before I met him, I didn't even know what deployment is and all that. I've been reading reddit posts, blog articles & videos on how to deal with navy deployment and what to expect... But I just can't help but feel so sad, scared and helpless? I feel so stupid saying this bc he’s only been gone for like a few weeks lol.
This is only coming to 2 months of us talking and I don't know if I'm being too emotional or overthink too much. What I am afraid of is him losing interest or getting bored of me while he's out at sea :( He hasn't given any signs or cold emails to show that he is, so this might be my overthinking self talking!
I am also well aware that I should expect nothing when it comes to communication. He gave me his military email & we have been emailing at least once a day. But sometimes he takes a few more days to reply, is this normal?
There was one time after I replied to his email, I’ve not heard from him for a couple of days. I started overthinking but turns out he didnt get my email! Thankfully he reached out to me first just to check in but I didn’t know email could get lost tbh
He's on ship, not a sub so communication might be a little easier? Correct me if I'm wrong because I really want to learn more! If you guys have any knowledge, wisdom or tips to share, I would really appreciate that :) Thanks for reading my long rant if you made it here lol!
Some questions I have:
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2023.06.08 01:23 LarissaMartinez Alien love bite twin flame?

Several months ago, I was put onto this alleged "twin flame journey". Everything felt slightly forced and orchestrated, it brought me tons of anxiety and depression and an obsession with this SP that felt almost out of my control.
I typically have never felt this type of way with anyone and it is pretty unusual for me to be diving deep into spirituality. This person resembles characteristics of mine, we have some similarities and I've had some freaky experiences feeling this persons prescence, and dreams. We almost look a bit similar and are the opposite sex. We have similar family dynamics and are of the same ethnicity, They are overall very kind but I've been forcing no contact on my part. This person is unaware of what I am going through. I'm pretty sure they see the same repeating numbers at the same time as I do. 1:11 2:11, 3:11, 4:11, and it goes on.
I saw all the signs and syncronicities, but around this time that the "twin flame journey" started my emotional and mental health started to dramatically decline. I started feeling random urges to hurt myself, lash out, do drugs, compulsively have sex, and I've felt possessed. I deal with tons of anxiety and feel like there are spirits or beings that are watching me, bullying me and are attached to me. I physically feel like I am always on edge, my nervous system feels very weird and I feel just freaking watched all the time.
I am able to understand logically this sounds insane.. However I can't help but to think that this is forced. Like I dealt with the chakra activation and alleged "kundalini" but I feel like I'm getting taken advantage of and sucked out of by something.
Before this, I was happy calm and normal. I was able to do more things, I would go outside more and talk to people more. Now, I feel like I am observing myself at a 3rd person point of view. Before this I had felt like something big was coming. energetically I felt a massive shift and couldn't understand what was going on. But I want to escape this because it's terrifying. It's been one sided. I am depressed. I am losing hope that I will be able to feel normal and like one autonomous person again, I am bombarded with mental reminders of this bullshit.
I want to go back to normal. I wonder if this person is a true TF but I want it to stop. I don't text them or anything and I can't do it. I have been very spirituality vulnerable and have been a lonely conspiracy theorist since forever but I was more logical and earthbound. I need help and I'm wondering if there is any type of people who actually invest into things like this? Like remove spirits?
For reference I am a young female. I have considered if I am psychotic but I feel like that wouldn't answer any of the coincidences and events that have happened with me and this person. It's like we go through the same things and feel similar emotions at the same time. I notice when I'm down and depressed he also is too. When I look in the mirror sometimes I see his face. Yet this feels entrapping.
When I was about fifteen I would occasionally deal with sleep paralysis of being abducted at night by little alien greys. I remember telling my therapist about it. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with this but yeah. I need help to get out of this entrapment and potential psychosis. Feel free to message me because I need some guidance on what is going on.
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2023.06.08 01:23 junglisnark Lying to the HOA about the Bronco

Disclaimer - none of this is meant to be a defense of HOAs
Angela was well aware of her HOA's rule against storing cars that don't run in the driveway. She knew the Bronco was coming, she knew it didn't run, she knew she wasn't allowed to store it outside, and she knew she didn't have room to store it in her garage. She came up with the plan to turn cleaning up her garage into content. That's why she said when she started the garage project that she had to finish it in 1 week. She horribly underestimated the garage project and then basically gave up on the 1 week goal altogether when she realized she wasn't going to finish it in time. She got the Bronco and left it in her driveway until either she finished the garage or the HOA got on her case about it. Turns out the HOA got on her case about it before the garage was finished so she had it towed away.
She proudly lied to the HOA to stall for time. She seems to think she was clever by asking the kind neighbor who tipped her off what the issue was with the car. She played dumb at first and acted like she thought the concern was that the car was old. She then lied and said that the car drives. She rationalized the lie as the car "drives" but doesn't "run". She doubled down on her lie when the HOA person saw the car being towed and confronted her about it. She then proceeded to brag about her lie to an audience of 1.5M strangers. I feel like that behavior speaks volumes about her character.
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2023.06.08 01:23 LionhearthOutfitters Fixing the "Flexible Series Drop" issue

So apparently the current Flexible series drop is the first stage in a change that is being made to card acquisition that is supposedly going to be for the better of the players (not my words, this is what SD has told content creators in their private discord, at least according to KMBest's most recent video). Which has my wheels spinning thinking of what could they be working on that could even POSSIBLY fix the shitshow that is the current shift (you know its bad because I've been a SD apologist, saying they had our best interest at heart since the beginning and even I am sitting here saying to myself "this is a craven cash grab...")
On one hand we don't want all new cards to be like High Evo, who upon release so many people were excited to get him that basically no one could judge how good he was because he was only being played into other decks that were also High Evo decks... as much as it might "feel good" to just get new content for free right when it was coming out, we would be flooded with massive Meta shifts, a lack of time to understand a deck fully before something else drastically shifted things... it would be interesting sure but if it were all the time it would get old quick; Not to mention having something you are working towards is actually one of the fun things in a game where "Collecting" is an aspect. Not everyone gets the same joy out of collecting but I think most enjoy the moment they get something new that they worked towards. So how do they fix it... here are my thoughts:
The one thing they could implement that I think could make these flexible series drops work would be a "Trial Month" system. In this system every player (who is at least in Series 3) is put into one of 4 groups and each week of the month each group gets access to 1 of the new card releases for 1 week for free. At the end of that week the card goes away and is replaced by 1 of the other new releases and so on until the end of the month. At any point during the month you could buy the card as a Series 5 or Series 4 card respectively (maybe even a small discount if you buy the one that is your free trial that week?).
Example: This season group A. gets free access to Silk for week 1, Group B. Spiderham Group C. get a free trial of Ghost Spider, and Group D. get 2099. Anyone can choose to buy any of the cards in the token shop provided they come up (again maybe a discount if you buy the one you are currently getting for free so as to incentivize spur of the moment purchases). Week 2 Group A gets Spiderham, Group B Ghost Spider Group C 2099. Group D Silk. and it would change up every week until the end of the month when all cards then go into the Shop and drop in the "flexible drop" system that is currently implemented. Okay so why this works: This gives people time to play with the card and see how valuable it is to them, but also takes into account the "High Evo" of it all. This would make each month's new cards a big meta shake up but would have players playing the new cards into each other rather than into themselves. Additionally it would give the players a good handle on how good a card is after that point. Then if things are staying in S5 we as a community know its because it actually has that value and so we spend the tokens (jumping on the discount quickly because everyone sees that Silk is worth 5k tokens and act accordingly), if no one is buying Snowgaurd after their trial well then SD has the info needed to say "this product should be reworked OR highly discounted."
So thats my thoughts... How about you? what change outside of "everything should just be free" do you think they should implement? maybe something in the collection caches? i know that i have a 1/400 chance of getting a S5 card but sitting at CL4903 and never having hit a free S5 might be why keeping cards artificially high feels so bad...
Lastly i just want to remind people that we vote with our dollars. Money is the only language that companies understand, and so while I do think that ultimately Second Dinner do want to make a great game, I also understand fully that they are a business and they need our dollars to keep making a great game. If you don't like whats happening i encourage you to not spend money on the game but i also encourage you to not only do that but to do it together! we live in the internet age, and if 25% of their playerbase all say "on X date we are all going to start a spending strike" well collective action speaks a lot louder than just choosing to be done with a game... I for one am still having fun with the game despite its flaws, and the only reason all of this makes me angry is specifically because I DO ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT THE GAME AND WANT IT TO SUCCEED!
okay Fixes over, Rant Over, i'd love to hear your thoughts now.
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2023.06.08 01:22 Pale-Reality What’s the best Nat 1 that ever happened to you

What it says on the tin. Inspired by a recent post about a nat 1 that saved the party, have you ever had a nat 1 that really did some cool things to the story you were telling?
I can think of two off the top of my head, one on each side of the screen so to speak. As a DM of an Eberron campaign, I had a player roll a Nat 1 while crossing the dead gray mists into the Mournland. Usually this means the party gets hopelessly lost, but our Thri-kreen ranger (who got picked for this trip cause it is immune to “get lost magic” to put it simply) prepped super well and it and two other party members rolled nat 20s I didn’t want to negate that. We’d already established that the mournland was doing weird things to the boundary between life and death so I gave the Nat 1 character an extremely vivid past life vision with a few of his worst fears baked in. Me and the player were honestly super grateful for that Nat 1 cause it let them introduce some backstory stuff and let me establish the fact that this was a horror campaign!
As a player in another Eberron campaign, I rolled a Nat 1 on an attack roll as a bard. Yes, you read that right. In my defense, my only other experience playing DnD was as a DPS cleric. Don’t worry, getting bitchslapped across a swamp set me and the character straight quick. As a bonus, the bard was a warforged with a built in instruments, so he spent the entire rest of the session making sad accordion noises wherever he stepped, which was funny.
So what about y’all? Any really bad rolls that turned out really good in the long run?
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2023.06.08 01:22 lostlife27 27M, no degree, no driver license, never had a girlfriend (virgin), longest job been bagging groceries and pushing carts for the past 4 and a half years. I feel stuck and just feel my life flying by, losing time.

I feel like a complete failure, not just as a man, but as a human being. In fact, I don’t really feel like a traditionally masculine male anyway, I’m some freak who’s into femdom stuff, most women expect men to dominate them.
I’m also not very good looking apparently, so it’s even more important that I make more money to make up for that and give women more of a chance to want to be with me (good looking or not, who wants to be with someone who can’t afford rent and bills? No one wants to be at constant risk of ending up on the streets).
I’m not saying all women are gold diggers, (I do live in the US, the western world, I’ll leave it at that, and yes I’m a white American, so don’t assume I’m from elsewhere, people can complain about their own country too) but really, I don’t think anyone wants to deal with constant financial insecurity. It doesn’t just cause stress and arguments, but genuine risk of ending up homeless, or (if lucky) back to living with family dependent on them. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a blessing to have, but it doesn’t feel great to HAVE to have.
I don’t hate my family, and it’s not terrible hell living with my parents. I do pay a little (while making NOT EVEN $400 a week) but barely save any money anymore and constant credit card debt, often taking the entire next paycheck and therefore relying on the credit card that week again.
I don’t feel I should be asking my parents to let me pay less (usually $300-$400, more or less, depends on the bill which varies, I pay $100 rent and two utility bills) especially at my age.
I rely on health insurance (which sent 26 I have to get from my own age, US law allows you to stay on your parents health insurance until 26) to afford my multiple prescription medications that will have terrible withdrawal if I suddenly stopped, even slow gradual reducing the dose can be very dangerous and shocking to the nervous system and brain and body) so less hours could mean losing health insurance. GoodRX would discount meds, but not the doctors visits to refill them, nor the blood tests or other potential procedures, ER visit I probably just wouldn’t even pay……
I take UbeLyft a lot, live pretty close to the job, usually less than $10 a ride, sometimes less than $8. My parents also often give me a ride so I’m kind of cheating I guess.
Besides the fact that I couldn’t afford a car anyway, I stopped trying to drive because of rage and panic attacks (mostly from loud sudden noises, even after getting on MORE medication for worsening uncontrollable explosive rage, which fortunately did help a lot) and constant intrusive thoughts.
The intrusive thoughts sometimes get overwhelming and stick around for some weeks or months, sometimes they fade away, it’s strange. I also have OCD so that probably makes it worse.
I have a million different ideas, just wish I could instantly bring into existence. The closest thing to that now is AI generating, but it’s not perfect yet and it’s also oversaturated with so many people already using it. It cannot however generate say, fully animated videos or fully automate video editing, definitely can’t create video games.
I spend too much time playing video games and watching YouTube, because I feel I have no better use of my time anyway, and it provides short-term pleasure I can’t otherwise have. I can’t just, instantly create a successful business or launch myself into a successful career. I can’t just instantly have a girlfriend (AI doesn’t count, I don’t do that either) or even visit a sex worker because THAT’S illegal in nearly all of the US. It wouldn’t really SOLVE any problem anyway.
I feel like time is moving faster and faster (this perception of time acceleration is actually supported by science) and I’m just losing more and more of my life.
I was a loser in my teens, AND my 20s. I’d at least like to be able to save my 30s, and if possible the last few years of my 20s.
I’d like to not be a 30 year old virgin who’s never had a girlfriend, but that’s not even the NUMBER 1 priority anymore. It’s actually supposed to just be a normal byproduct of life, but I’m not normal and haven’t had a normal life…..
I have been let go from jobs and told how they’re “SO SORRY” because I “TRIED SO HARD” but I just wasn’t cutting it. Like what, am I retarded or something? They certainly wouldn’t say that, because then I could sue them with proof of discrimination.
I’ve also only worked in retail/grocery though. Without being able to drive (I’m not sure I ever will drive now) or a degree (stopped going back to school because I was unsure of my major, [and now AI is automating a lot of it too], and I knew transferring to a university after 2 years meant either having to commute to downtown or somehow moving to live there).
I know this is wrong, but I have legitimately thought about trying to scam people. But even that requires hard work, probably better to put that work into something legit and legal instead.
It feels like everything has too much competition, and only the BEST OF THE BEST can be successful and even make a living wage.
I do not see myself becoming the next Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos. But many regular jobs won’t pay any of their employees enough to afford rent and bills (including billion dollar corporations!). I also have to actually be good at something, of course.
I’m almost 30 and have no idea what to do.
I don’t identify with the typical “incel” community, but I’ll just say this, I’m not virgin or celibate because I want to be.
Too many thoughts, can’t focus on anything, don’t even know what would lead to success. I’m already 30, is it even possible to change these things (too broke to support myself, single virgin) before I’m 30? Before I’m 35? Things take time, right? I already lost a lot of my time, it just feels wasted.
You could sieve your ENTIRE LIFE at a job and it never pays good or has any opportunities to progress, plenty of people RETIRE from these jobs only because they get donations from a GoFundMe……
I don’t ever want kids now, but I really want to be with a woman romantically and sexually…..
I also got kind of an addiction to virgin humiliation JOI now, like, EXTRA MEAN femdom, lots of censored porn “for betas”, but feels pretty bad after finishing….
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2023.06.08 01:22 Aussieshepdoge 35 [M4F] #Cincinnati, Ohio - Daddy looking for a good little girl, non bratty, eager to please.

Hello there! I am a 35 year old daddy dom. I am 6'1", mostly grey hair that I keep pretty short/shaved. Blue eyes and a bushy beard that is red and greying fast. I do have a “Dad bod” (slightly overweight and a bit of a gut.) but I am working on it. I enjoy listening to heavy metal, and progressive metal. Devin Townsend is one of my absolute favorite artists at the moment. I do a lot of PC gaming and I have a switch that I don’t use very often. I also enjoy tabletop board games quite a bit, though that is hard to plan for. I am a pretty big homebody, but I would like to start being more outdoorsy, camping and things like that. I am pretty laid back and do have some quirks. Socially I am lacking a bit, I don’t do well with hints and some social cues may escape me altogether. I also have a really bad tendency to take what people say at face value. Now, not to come off as boring, I am quite funny and I like to think that people enjoy my company quite a bit. I am totally an open book and happy to answer any and all questions.
What I'm primarily looking for is someone who wants to be taken care of in a sense. I want to cook for you, dress/undress you for the day/night while also picking out what you wear, bathe you, shave and groom you. I have a lot of kinks, though I don't consider a majority of them to be "mandatory." I am a dedicated and loyal person, I want to be a foundation you can build upon and explore your little side with zero judgement, someone you can feel safe with and excited to try new things with. I want the same amount of effort I put into a relationship to be reciprocated.
I want someone who would look up to me, let me help them express themselves to the fullest extent they want without judgment or criticism. I want my girl to be obedient but not to the point of allowing herself to be taken advantage of, I would never want her to put herself into an uncomfortable situation just to make me happy. I want someone who is clingyish about 80% of the time. I want her to be able to have fun with friends or go out and enjoy things from time to time and allow me to do the same. I want someone who is comfortable around me and just enjoys my company. I want my girl to be herself, and help me build a relationship with her that we can both enjoy and explore together.
I'm looking for a cisgender girl that is somewhere in the petite to average body type range. (healthy weight and proportionate.) I prefer girls that are shorter than myself, but not a deal breaker. I am only interested in monogamous relationships. I have no interested in having children at all.
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2023.06.08 01:22 Long_Knee_30 Get the * out of my game!

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2023.06.08 01:22 DPGamez123 Wednesday Season 2 Episode 2- Woe Thy Enemy.

Wednesday Season 2
Episode 2- Woe Thy Enemy
Wednesday and Xavier are now reacting to the results of her vision, he looks scared
"Uh… well maybe this is one of those misdirection visions you sometimes get?"
She looks confused
"I just don't know… I… I need to get back to the school. You should too… it is getting late.
Xavier smirks
"Is the stone cold Addams looking out for me?"
She glares
"Do not test me…"
Wednesday exits the shed and walks into the darkening forest. The next day, Wednesday is at The Quad and sitting at a bench with Enid and Yoko. Yoko is drinking her cup of blood, Enid is trying on some hats, and Wednesday is packing a bag. Wednesday looks at Yoko
"What is your preferred blood type?"
Yoko stops sipping and responds
"O Positive is good, AB Negative has a nice punch to it."
Wednesday thinks
"B Positive leaves a pleasant coating in your throat… It is quite refreshing."
Enid pushes her drink away
"I… didn't wanna drink fruit punch anyway…"
Wednesday zips up more of her pack
"Relax Enid, no need to vomit here."
Enid's current boyfriend, Ajax, approaches the table with another student with him. Enid looks excited
"Hi babe! You're looking cutesy today…"
Ajax looks at his outfit
"But I wear this every day?"
"Oh I know… the point still stands."
Wednesday rolls her eyes at their over the top PDA. Ajax looks to his friend.
"Girls, this is one of my new buds, Trevor. One of the other Gorgons here."
He smiles at the girls and introduces himself
"Hi, nice to meet you guys."
Wednesday looks alarmed a bit
"You haven't met any of us before?"
Ajax interjects
"Trevor transferred here this semester after a stoning incident."
Trevor explains
"Wasn't anything crazy… someone broke my favorite coffee mug… and I got angry. I… didn't mean to hurt anyone but it happened. They lived though."
Enid looks surprised
"You stoned someone over a coffee mug?"
Yoko sips again and smacks her lips
"Some coffee mugs can be priceless, like the one of mine you broke last year? Divina gave me that one…"
Enid cringes
"Right… I swear that wasp was glaring at me. So I swatted it"
Ajax starts talking again
"Anyway, I'm kinda showing him around here. Thought I'd bring him up to me and X's room later."
They walk off and Enid notices Wednesday's judgmental look
"Why so judgy? He seems nice."
Wednesday Stands up
"Everyone is a suspect… that stalker is out there somewhere…"
Yoko drinks more
"But Ajax said he was a newbie. How could it be him?"
Enid notices her all packed up
"Uhm… where are you going?"
Wednesday reluctantly answers
"Jericho… I have a few missions to do."
Enid looks surprised
"Jericho!? Why? You don't wanna get evolved with normies again, right?"
Wednesday looks angered
"What I do on my own time is my decision. Come on Thing…"
Thing comes from messing with one if Enid's hats to Wednesday's bag
Just outside the gates to Nevermore, Wednesday hears someone calling her name
"Wednesday! Wait up.*
It's Eugene, he's got his backpack again
"What do you want, Eugene? I've got somewhere to be."
He straightens his glasses
"Where too? I don't want you out there alone Wednesday."
Wednesday stares at him and responds
"I wasn't the one who nearly died in the woods last semester… you need to stay here. I will be back later."
He frowns as she walks away
"But Hummers stick together…"
She sighs and rolls her eyes and turns around
"Fine… you may come along. But you follow my lead, and listen to me, got it?"
He smiles and runs up next to her
"Thank you Wednesday. So, where are we going?"
Wednesday and Eugene are seen walking to Jericho as she monologue
"Returning to Jericho brings back some strange feelings. Perhaps Enid is right, I shouldn't get involved with anyone here. But there are some shady things going on at Nevermore. And I may need help"
She walks in the town and is filled with a dreadful feeling. Especially when she goes to the entrance of a familiar restaurant, The Weathervane. Eugene notices
"You ok? You look… scared?"
She groans
"I am not… scared… it's just strange, Ok. I… I had my first kiss here. And it hasn't sat right with me ever since. It's the moment where I went from feeling victorious… to feeling like I was a failure as a detective."
Eugene puts a hand on her shoulder
"You're not a failure, you're a hero."
She scoffs
"Please… don't call me that. Heroes are boring. I prefer the ones stuck in the middle."
Eugene giggles as they open the door. She walks inside and at the counter is no longer a tall, curly haired two faced monster. Just a normal Barista. She looks at Wednesday when she gets to the counter
"Hello young lady, can I get you anything?"
She nods
"I will take my usual."
The Barista looks confused
"You're a reg? I don't seem to remember you?"
Wednesday sighs
"We are Nevermore Students. School has been out of session for several weeks. But since this place has clearly no respect for its patrons, I will take a Quad Over Ice… "
She punches in the order
"And you, young man?"
He smiles
"A hot chocolate, please."
She punches in his
Eugene goes first
"Addams. Wednesday Addams."
She looks surprised
"W-w-wednesday Addams? As in the Wednesday who stopped that monster on the loose who was also our former barista?"
Wednesday shrugs
"That is my name…"
The Barista smiles
"Then for your Valor, you may drink free here whenever you'd like. On the house."
Wednesday nods okay, and takes a seat with Eugene at a booth. Soon, a familiar person walks inside.
*Wednesday turns to look, it's Lucas Walker."
Eugene seems happy
"Hey Lucas."
Lucas waves and talks to Wednesday.
"Look, I want to thank you Wednesday."
She's confused
"Thank me?"
He nods
"For putting the woman who killed my father behind bars."
She nods, understanding
"I see. I don't usually say this about everyone, but your father was a good man. He deserved a better fate."
Eugene interjects
"She means she's sorry…"
She eyes him
"Well, thank you. Guess I'll be seeing you around for the Nevermore Reopening Event next week?"
She's confused
"What event?"
He continues
"At the park next week. The mayor is planning a party of sorts for the returning students. Oh and uh… sorry about Tyler."
Now she looks upset
"Don't… let's just not talk about him. I know you two used to be friends. But after last semester… things are different."
Lucas goes up to the counter as Eugene talks to Wednesday.
"So, what else are we doing here besides getting drinks?"
She clarifies
"I need to talk to someone."
The scene then cuts to The Police Station. Eugene is now confused
"The police station?"
She nods
"I need to ask some questions. My stalker for one. Perhaps they can help me piece things together."
Eugene nods
"Makes sense. Let's go!"
She Grabs his shoulder
"Wait… you wait at the bench outside. I need to talk alone. Okay?"
He sulks
She walks inside and the lady at the desk sees her
"Hello Miss. Can I help…"
She's interrupted by someone else
Sheriff Galpin exits his office and has his normal stern look
"Sheriff Galpin…"
He walks slowly towards her
"What do you want, kid? You aren't causing trouble again, are you?"
She maintains her current facial expression
"That depends on what you mean about trouble. Anyway, I have come here to talk…"
He begrudgingly agrees
"I see, come on inside."
They enter his office and sit. He starts the conversation
"Okay… what have we now? Another monster. A zombie? What?"
She retorts
"I can tell you're mocking me. I too like to poke at people…"
He taps his desk
"Well… what do you got?"
She pulls out her phone
"Before I left Nevermore last semester… I started getting these pictures sent to me saying to watch out. Threats. I think it's a stalker."
Galpin looks at the pictures. The ones of her and Xavier. Her and Enid's room. And the one that strikes him the most, one of his son
"One of these is of… my son. That I can tell you is not him. He's still at the rehabilitation center for monsters."
She starts to talk
"That I know… Is he still turning into the Hyde?"
Galpin glares
"That is none of your concern. What matters is he ain't here."
She nods
"I understand. So, what do you recommend I do?"
He looks at his paperwork
"I can file a report to look out for suspicious activity online in the area. But it isn't a guaranteed method."
She nods okay
"It is a start I suppose. And… about… Tyler. I… I'm s… ss… sorry about him getting taken away."
He sighs and looks sad
"Appreciate it… and please don't mention him. It has been… difficult to say the least."
Wednesday Stands up
"Alright then. I should get going. Appreciate the help."
He retorts
"Don't get involved with any police business this time… I mean it this time."
She walks out the door
"I don't believe that helped much, Thing."
He signs that it's better than nothing. She feels a vibration in her pocket
"What now…"
She looks at her phone, it's her stalker
You think the cops can save you?
They send a picture of Eugene on the bench
"Shit… Eugene!"
She runs outside and he's just poking at bees on the bushes
He looks at her
"What!? Everything okay!?"
She calms down
"Yes… it's nothing… I suppose."
He looks concerned
"Are you sure? You never get scared?"
She's insulted
"Scared? No, I was just… seeing if you were alright. Look at this."
He looks at the photo, he seems startled too
"Whoa… that's me! But… who is it? There's nobody here…"
She shoves it in her pocket
"That's what always happens. He or she just sends a picture and shows no signs of their occurrence. So far Me, you, Xavier, Enid… and even Tyler have been in the photos."
He walks with her
"So does that mean it's someone else?"
She nods no
"Possibly, but that doesn't mean there aren't multiple. Like Tyler and Thornhill."
He seems disappointed
"You think I'm involved?"
She keeps walking
"Not necessarily… I want to believe you, and Enid and Xavier. But I trusted and distrusted the wrong people last time. I don't want to rule anyone out."
He understands
"We should get back to Nevermore. Classes start in a half hour."
The two make it back. Wednesday arrives at Fencing class. She zips up her suit and walks to Kent
"Is Xavier late? He should be here."
He nods no
"Xavier didn't take fencing this time. He took another art class instead."
Divina interjects
"I think he's just afraid to lose to you."
The twins giggle
"That he should be. As should the two of you…"
Bianca walks out with her mask at her hip
"Wednesday Addams…"
She glances
"Bianca Barclay…"
She stands next to Wednesday
"Ready to be bested again? By the superior duelist?"
Wednesday seems confident
"Only if you are ready to be beaten quicker."
Ajax looks at them
"You two really gotta chill… there's more to this than beating each other."
Bianca looks at him
"It's just pre-game banter, Ajax. It isn't serious."
Wednesday interrupts
"I never said that…"
Everyone gives her their usually worried look as the coach speaks
"First round… Ajax against Trevor!"
The two Stoners look at each other and Mask up as the coach talks more
"En Garde…"
They take their stances. Enid looks happy
"You got this Ajax!"
He winks at her as he and Trevor touch blades and they start dueling. It's quite even until they pick up the pace as Trevor scores a hit on Ajax's lower arm
"Point to Trevor!"
Some of them applaud while Enid frowns. Ajax recuperates
"Ah… damn. Nice hit."
They form up again
"En garde…"
They mask up again and start to duel they're in a lock when Trevor takes Ajax by surprise as he strikes his knee
"Game… Trevor."
Ajax and Trevor shake hands and return to the stands. Yoko elbows Enid lightly to get her attention
"Your man needs some practice…"
Enid sticks her tongue out at her, annoyed. Ajax stands next to her
"Don't sweat it babe, we all have our bad days."
A few matches go bye. Yoko against Kent, Divina against Enid. And more. Finally Wednesday and Bianca are up. Bianca speaks up
"Finally some real players are up."
Some of the others scoff at her banter as They square up. Wednesday talks
"Do not get overconfident. I prefer a good even match."
Bianca gives her a playful cocktail grin
"We'll see Addams…"
They step back
"En garde…"
They mask up and immediately they start to strike and do spins and ducks. Wednesday doing side flips and the like. Bianca gets the upper hand and swings at Wednesday's arm.
"Point… Bianca!"
The others applaud at their match. Enid whistles
"That was amazing! You got the next round Wednesday!'
Wednesday gives her a confirming nod as they square up again. The Coach speaks
"En garde…"
They start dueling again, Wednesday does a flip over Bianca and swings behind her, disarming Bianca and promptly pokes her chest
The others Roar with applause as Bianca smiles
"Point… Wednesday"
"That was some good shit right there… let's see what you got on round three…"
They get ready once more
"En garde!"
They start dueling and as Wednesday clashes with Bianca her head jerks back and she falls hard. Bianca looks concerned
"Wednesday? You okay!?"
Enid and Thing run up
"She's having a vision, shit… now what…"
Wednesday is seeing a vision again. In its, she sees Bianca getting clonked from behind and knocked out. She wakes up out of breath. Trevor is confused
"What… what happened?"
Ajax explains
"Wednesday is a psychic… She has random visions of the future sometimes. It's some creepy shit dude."
Enid is at her side
"Hey? You okay? What'd you see?"
She holds her head and sits up, as she points at Bianca
She nods as she stands up
"You were knocked out… hit from behind by something…"
She looks at Divina worried
She tries to recollect
"It was hard to tell… but it was night time…"
Divina thinks of something
"I'd say we implement a buddy system?"
Wednesday looks confused
"What is that?"
She continues
"Nobody should travel anywhere alone. If you go somewhere… especially at night… have a buddy with you."
Enid nods
"That could work… why can't we just have a normal school year?"
Wednesday gestures to Thing
"Fortunately, I always have someone with me."
Kent looks at him
"But he's just a hand?"
Wednesday looks at him
"A hand that knocked you out, remember?"
He crossed his arms and pouts
"Don't wanna talk about that…"
Divina rolls her eyes
"Oh get over it…"
Enid checks the time
"Shit… it's 11:27. We gotta be at next class in 3 minutes. We should get going."
Bianca pats Wednesday's shoulder
"Good game Wednesday, you earned that one."
Wednesday is confused
"What? I didn't beat you?"
Bianca smiles
"I'll give you the win on this one. Just because that fall you took."
Wednesday nods
"I respect it, but next time be ready."
Bianca nods as she goes into a different direction.
"Whatever you say, Addams…"
Later in the day, Wednesday passes Principal Fairbanks and he talks to her
"Afternoon, Wednesday. I heard of your vision in Fencing. Everything alright?"
She nods
"It happens from time to time. I have been through worse."
He chuckles
"I'm sure you have. You take it easy, Addams."
Wednesday arrives in Herbology again and takes a seat, she looks to her right. No Xavier. Now she's suspicious. She takes out her phone and texts him
Hey, I have not seen you around since last night. I want answers. Soon.
She puts her phone away as she hears a voice
"Want an in person answer?"
Xavier sits down. Wednesday looks at him
"The question still stands. You have been strangely absent today…"
He looks kinda offended
"What? Am I not allowed to have a social life outside of you? I thought you wanted it that way?"
She looks like she made a mistake
"It's just that things have been happening more now. More messages, more visions. More suspects."
He exhales a bit angered
"Alright. I see that. And let me guess… I'm at the top of your list again!?"
She backs down a bit.
"Xavier I… I didn't mean it that way… forgive my overstep."
He sighs
"Okay… I'll have you know I was actually talking with some girl in my 3D art class. We actually made plans for a date next week."
Wednesday looks strangely taken back by the revelation
"That sounds… good for you. I suppose."
He's confused
"What? Aren't you happy? You don't gotta worry about me and you being awkward anymore. I thought you'd like that news?"
She breaths
"I don't know what to think right now. A lot has come up today. And if I came out harsh, it was not meant that way. I shouldn't have sent that text."
He nods, not fully believing her
"Whatever… we should just get going on our assignments."
She goes to text Enid
Me and you need to speak later.
Oh yeah? Everything OK?
After school, Wednesday and Enid meet in their dorm room. Enid is pacing
"Okay… so why did you even text him? If you are just friends and you don't want to be together?"
Wednesday is at her Typewriter
"He was the only person who I haven't seen today until Herbology. My inner detective got into my head I suppose."
She looks at Wednesday
"There are more students outside of us and the Nightshades. You know that right?"
She looks annoyed
"I am not stupid Enid. Obviously I have considered that."
Enid stops pacing
"I heard about him and Jenna Thompson getting together. Not… exactly what I had in mind though. She's another psychic. What do you think?"
She looks confused
"Why should I have anything to think about it?"
Enid smiles a bit
"Because he's your friend? A friend who used to have a super crush on you? That doesn't change anything?"
She nods no
"The only thing it changes is that he has someone else to gawk at."
Enid giggles
"You're gonna miss it. Just you wait…"
She sighs and shakes her head when a knock is heard at the door. Enid answers it
"Hi Xavier! We were just talking about you. What's up?"
He looks at Wednesday
"I wanna talk with her."
She looks worried
"Wait... you came alone?"
He's confused
"Yeah? Why? It's just across the campus?"
Wednesday talks to him
"He wasn't there, remember?"
She cringes
"Right... anyway we should have a buddy system with this weirdo stalking Wednesday."
He nods
"I'll keep that in mind. Maybe I'll bring Ajax next time.
Enid let's him in
"Look Wednesday… I just wanna say… I'm sorry for blowing up earlier. It's just that I thought you'd be happy with me moving on."
She nods
"That is fine. I actually commend you for standing up for yourself…."
Wednesday gets a text again… the stalker
Number 1…
He sends a photo of Trevor on the roof at Xavier's apartment. The three look at it. Xavier looks alarmed
"What the f*ck!? That's my room!"
Enid looks worried
"Why's he watching Trevor?"
Another text is sent…. It's of the same roof, but no Trevor. Wednesday looks
"Where is he?"
Outside they hear sirens towards Xavier's dorm hall. He looks out the window
"Oh shit… come on."
They run out the door as the scene ends
To Be Continued…
Wednesday Addams- Jenna Ortega
Xavier Thorpe- Percy Hynes White
Enid Sinclair- Emma Myers
Bianca Barclay- Joy Sunday
Eugene Ottinger- Moosa Mostafa
Ajax Petropolus- Georgie Farmer
Naomi J. Ogawa- Yoko Tanaka
Divina Waters- Johnna Dias-Watson
Kent Waters- Oliver Watson
Morticia Addams- Catherine Zeta-Jones
Gomez Addams- Luiz Guzmàn
Sheriff Galpin- Jamie McShane
And Thing Portrayed By- Victor Dorobantu
Supporting Cast-
Lucas Walker- Iman Marson
Principal Fairbanks-
Trevor Shwartz-
Coach Vlad- Cezar Grumazescu
Police Assistant-
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2023.06.08 01:22 NextKing2972 [SPOILERS] Things I'm learning about ASTV from interviews

  1. Spider-Man India was gonna be a lot more different (I'm guessing more like his comics counterpart) but Indian-American and Indian-Canadian animators of ASTV got on a call with Lord & Miller and effectively molded Pavitr Prabhakar to the one we see now. Shout out to them.
  2. ASTV and BSTV were going to be one movie. They were writing it shortly after ISTV, and it was going to be released 1 year earlier than current ASTV (so 2022) but Lord & Miller realized early on that they were fitting two movies in one script and asked Sony for a trilogy instead of a duology. Sony weren't happy but supported their vision nonetheless.
  3. Fans of Pemberton should already know he loves incorporating inanimate/non-instrumental objects in his scores and ASTV is no different. When Miles draws, marker scrubs are in the score. When cars crash, their sound is in the score. Pemberton describes his favourite musical moment in ASTV being the goose chase scene in the car wash because they actually used real goose sounds in the score for that.
  4. Phil Lord credits Christopher Miller for a lot of the comedy in the film, which makes sense since I personally thought this film had his signature snappy successive humour seen in his projects like Afterparty and The Lego Movie. Namely, Miller made the jokes of the "ATM machine", "chai means tea" and all the Jeapordy prompts when Miles guest hosts.
  5. Avi Arad, who's worked on literally every movie or TV show with Spider-Man attached to it, pitched the idea of Spot being the central villain of ASTV to Lord & Miller. They thought it was silly at first but were more inclined the further the idea was developed.
  6. There are 280 (that's the last number they counted) Spider-People in this film, 95 of which are pre established characters that have existed before the film.
  7. The most recent addition to the film happened 2 months before release. It was 3 minutes of new content and from inception of idea to voicing to animating (they skipped storyboarding) to completion, took only 8 weeks to create which in animation studio terms is bewildering. Lord says this process was nowhere sustainable, so it's miraculous they were able to do this. The scene is not confirmed, but from Lord's description, it was a scene where the characters are in harmony and getting along. If I had to guess, maybe it's the Rio and Miles scene at the Captain Jefferson party, but I can't say for sure.
  8. Metro Boomin provided much of the temp music for the film, which is music used temporarily in unfinished scenes for syncing movement and melody. Some of the temp music even made the final cut of the film.
  9. Spider-Punk almost didn't make the cut according to Phil Lord, but Lord thought Hobie Brown felt perfect as a character who at first appears like an antagonist, one who has opposing world views to Miguel, but ends up becoming an ally in the end.
  10. Mumbattan (a combination of Mumbai and Manhattan) was made colorful and vibrant and bustling compared to Miles' world to emulate the Wizard of Oz scene of Dorothy opening the door to Oz and going from black and white to color film.
I have tons more but they're miscellaneous to be honest.
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2023.06.08 01:22 discosoc HDR Calibration Sucks. Here's what worked for me:

First, this is on console (PS5) with an LG C9 OLED. Your mileage will vary but the overall concept should still apply no matter what your TV.
Ok, like most game devs, Blizzard doesn't seem to really know how to handle HDR calibration. Their instructions are to adjust the black point until you can see all the details in shadow, adjust the white point until you can see all the details in highlights, and "adjust brightness as necessary." If you follow those instructions, you'll likely end up with a drab gray experience with very few deep shadows and your TV might frequently auto-dim because. Instead, you want to tweak the brightness setting before touching anything else, but I'll explain each below in the proper order:
Hopefully this helps someone.
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2023.06.08 01:22 lemonsunhat Mom is dying because she won't care for herself

I need help from a medical point of view with my mom, please.
My (30f) mom (53f) is slowly dying because she won't stop drinking soda, eating processed/fried foods or stop smoking cigarettes.
She has Heart disease (required an emergency pace maker a year ago!), chronic pancreantitis, chronic kidney disease, liver inflamation, cysts, blood clots. She's also been addicted to pain meds and pops other meds like candy.
She is severely malnourished and BONE thin. She went from 200lbs to 130 in 6 months. She can't do ANYTHING.
She's never been able to hold a job due to pain medicine addiction. We've tried to get her mental health help but she doesn't follow through on anything.
She's has had YEARS to change her lifestyle. Before her pacemaker, she was fainting and busting her head open, they said to STOP SMOKING!!!!
53 years young.
All I do is listen to her complain and moan in pain, and then pop a soda and cig. I've talked to her over and over. Nothing will change. I'm trying to surrender to this heartbreak but idk how I can do it.
She keeps saying why can't the doctors find out what's wrong. Umm hello! Your organs are fighting for life and you keep poisoning yourself.
My step dad enables her and is gaining weight because he's drained caring for her. He's the one who tried to change lifestyle habits YEARS ago. But she wouldn't.
It's hard to be around her and I fucking hate the thoughts I'm having and I feel crazy. They snap at me saying it's not easy and you can't just quit. Well duh!!!!!
Tldr: Mom doesn't care for herself, always complains, says doctors can't do anything, my step dad enables her and she ignores my pleas for her to help herself. I'm drained and terrified she's going to die soon. Idk how ill get through this.
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2023.06.08 01:22 sarmsamerica_ S23: Know the Benefits of This Powerful and Well-Tolerated SARM

S-23 is a potent SARM that can help you to pack on muscle quickly. It selectively targets androgen receptors in the muscle tissue, which helps to stimulate muscle growth. Not only is S-23 effective, but it’s also safe and has been shown to have minimal side effects. This article will look closely at s23, including its benefits and dosage.
What Are The Benefits?
The s23 sarm reaches a long list of excellent benefits. While many people focus mainly on the ones that couple to their fitness goals, the fact is that this sarm also offers advantages that may go past a person's fitness goals. In addition to childbirth control, this sarm is helpful in the following ways:
Boosting Bone Mineral Density
Testosterone and estrogen are essential for fit bones. Unfortunately, sex hormones can drop for various reasons, e.g., poor lifestyle, aging, certain medications, and some chronic conditions. As the hormones decrease, your bones are susceptible to conditions such as osteoporosis.
The sarm also improves muscle mass and strength; as multiple studies report, these products result in more powerful bones.
Increasing Lean Muscle Mass
Building lean muscle mass is one of the critical reasons for sarms popularity in the bodybuilding world. These medications target androgen receptors in the muscle tissues with a comparable result as testosterone. They increase nitrogen retention and protein synthesis resulting in more extensive and quicker muscle development.
Promoting Fat Loss
S23 promotes fat loss in several modes. Boosting muscle development puts your body in a positive anabolic state. This increases your metabolic rate and, by stretching, the study of fatty acids in other body parts.
This particular androgen receptor modulator's ability to induce fat loss has made it a perfect choice for athletes who want to burn the excess fat covering their muscles. In simpler words, it allows them to get the much-desired shredded look. And unlike a regular fat burner, the sarm will add a few pounds of lean during the process.
Enhancing Sex Drive in Women
One of the fascinating observances in the studies involving S23 is its impact on women's libido.The studies show S23 can treat hypoactive sexual desire disorder without severely risking users. In this test, the SARM was helped in postmenopausal rats, and the investigators observed a positive impact in regulating female libido. Additionally, the drugs did not change the uterine lining and the size of the uterus. These results are good, but women are encouraged to discuss the efficacy of buy s23 for libido enhancement and potential alternatives with a licensed physician before taking medicine.
Improving Recovery
Sarms are famous for speeding recovery after intensive workout sessions. This eventually raises the number of hours you can spend in the gym, boosting your overall fitness. Additionally, faster healing makes it more comfortable to keep a healthy balance between your fitness and professional life if bodybuilding is not your direct lifestyle. In other words, it allows you to prepare all you want and have enough energy and motivation to clock in at your day job and have fun with your family.
S23 for sale is a highly beneficial particular androgen receptor modulator. Its potency in enhancing muscle growth and fat loss has been compared to anabolic steroids, but it has a safer profile. If you are using it, watch your dosage closely and support it with the correct diet and training routine for the best outcome.
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2023.06.08 01:21 throwawaynoisyneighs What to do about noisy neighbors in unofficial "boarding house" next door?

tl;dr: I'm looking for some advice about how to deal with noisy neighbors who don't speak English and where the noise is a product of the number of people living there more than anything.
We have new neighbors in our quiet residential suburb. It's a single-family home with two dwellings on one lot: a 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath home in the front and a smaller 1 bed, 1 bath dwelling in the back. The property is now being rented out, and the tenants are predominantly single men between the ages of 15 and 40. It seems that there are usually 6-14 people living there at any given time, with some staying longer than others, but no one stays very long, and none speak English. Initially, everything was fine, and the neighbors were respectful and quiet. However, things have taken a turn for the worse. We can now hear sounds from their property even when our windows and doors are closed tightly. The number of cars on the lot has increased significantly, with 8-10 vehicles parked there at once, and the driveway is right next to our bedroom window. Every morning between 4 am and 7:30 am, the cars leave the property, causing disturbances with their noise. We have experienced situations where a large truck would idle outside our bedroom window at 5 am, followed by the sound of tires squealing as it speeds off. On one occasion, there was a car playing loud music while several men chatted around it at 5:30 am. Throughout the day, there are frequent instances of cars blasting music or revving their engines. In addition to the vehicle noise, the neighbors also play loud music with heavy bass in the afternoons and evenings. The bass is so intense that it can be heard inside our house. As a result, we have resorted to using earplugs and noise machines to sleep, and noise-canceling headphones during the day. We attempted to address the issue by speaking to the neighbors once when they were playing music loudly outside. However, the individuals we encountered were intoxicated and did not speak English well enough to understand our request. They refused to turn the music down, and since then, we have not approached them again. The problem seems to stem from two main factors: the high number of people living on the property and the language barrier that prevents effective communication. Due to the constant coming and going of tenants, the noise situation has worsened exponentially. Moreover, as no one seems to stay for long and none of them speak English, we have been unable to find someone to talk to or negotiate a compromise. We believe that the noise levels consistently exceed the limits set by our local noise ordinance. However, in order to make a formal noise complaint, we would need to hire a measurement company to obtain concrete evidence, or start calling the police every time it happens in the hopes they come fast enough to hear and see it themselves. The homeownelandlord has shown no interest in resolving the issue and has essentially advised us to handle it ourselves. We sought assistance from our local dispute resolution organization, but they reached out and then informed us that the neighbors are unwilling to participate in mediation. We are now uncertain about the next steps to take. Should we make further efforts to find a translator, hoping that the neighbors may be willing to compromise if they understand our concerns? Is it advisable to start measuring the noise and gather data for a formal complaint? Should we consider reporting the issue as a code violation to the fire department? Are there other, less nuclear avenues we can pursue? We genuinely want to resolve the situation without causing unnecessary trouble for anyone involved. However, it has become increasingly challenging to feel comfortable in our own home amidst the constant noise disturbances. Any advice on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated, but please understand that suggestions to "get over it" will not be considered. If you have any questions for more info, please put in the comments and I will provide!
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2023.06.08 01:21 helpImStuckInYaMama Has anyone used a giant canopy to camp?

Trying to find a creative solution here. 3 dudes who need to camp on 1 plot with a 16' × 6' vehicle. So 35' length - 10' canopy - 16' car only leaves a 9×10 space for a tent, and most tents of a decent size to comfortably fit 3 ppl seem to be 14×10.
Would something like this do the trick?
10×30, can cover the whole car and have about 5' left in the plot for grill, chairs to chill, etc. The walls are removablewe would get a bunch of interlocking tile floorboards too.
Don't really want to put the car in overflow, as I'd like to lock valuables in there...but not totally against as a last resort.
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2023.06.08 01:20 East-Faithlessness19 Google search[ns]

Google search[ns]
So I am not sure if this was posted before but I just wanted to see what they looked like since I’m about 45 episodes in. How did the Glenn Closes’ get mixed up? Can someone please explain??
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2023.06.08 01:20 KittyPity30 [18F] Looking for someone who will roleplay SCP with me

Hi I'm looking for someone whose into SCP roleplay it can be longterm or short.
I'm also looking for friendship outside of the roleplay.
I roleplay as Class D so I'm looking for someone who can fill another role.
1 on 1 roleplay only I'm not looking for any roleplay groups at the moment.
I mainly speak English
I'm not crazy about the age requirements but please don't be 16 or under it just feels awkward!
(Also open to medieval roleplay)
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2023.06.08 01:20 Sergey_Taboritsky Gridlock in the House of Lords

The evening of November 21nd, 1926
The House of Lords was set yet again to vote on a new king. Their own confidence in forming a simple majority was rather low, gridlock had set in for years, but they had to go through the process of voting for a King, as it was their duty.
As usual, the frontrunners were the former King and Osterian Kaiser, Franz II Habicht-Lotichren. His primary rival was Duke Vasily of the old ruling house of Kardos. Other candidates such as Heinrich Hermann, also of the house of Kardos, or the King of Blauro-Silvakia, Viliam I Láska, also made modest showings. Two lords of the reformist camp who were stuck with the job voted to abolish the monarchy.
However one man, decided to nominate a new candidate. Surprisingly it garnered the attention of the House, as it wasn’t often a new contender was given the time of day.
“I nominate Regent Farkas Arany.”
The House was dead silent, but it was yet unsure whether it was of considered or shock.
Just then another man barged in, wearing the brightly coloured traditional clothing of the Zebruans.
Through a thick accent and broken Vuldavian, the room could make out, “King of Zebrua” and a number of grandiose fictional titles. He stumbled about somewhat, seeming to greet the lords he came across.
One of the liberal abolitionists rose to say, “Clearly this man is the most qualified man for the job, represents the values and majesty of the Vuldavian monarchy. I throw my support behind him.”
“As do I!” The other said, as that brightly dressed man was dragged out by the sergeant at arms.
The Results of That Night’s Session
Former King Franz II Habicht-Lotichren: 12 Reactionaries, 12 Moderates, 2 reformists, 7 Holy Orthodox Church
Duke Vasily of house Kardos: 13 Reactionaries, 10 Moderates, 5 Holy Orthodox Church
Heinrich Adam Hermann of house Kardos 2 Moderates, 8 Reformists
King Viliam I Láska of Blauro-Silvakia: 4 moderates, 3 reformists
2 Reformists voted to abolish the monarchy, but quickly threw their vote to the newcomer.
1 moderate, for Regent Farkas Arany
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