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2022.07.14 16:58 Thin_Beyond_4278 r/njtech

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2022.06.30 19:34 _Nalro_ Transferring from Essex County College with AS in Computer Science advice!

Hey guys, I came on this sub to get some advice from other people that have transferred from Essex County College to NJIT with a A.S in Computer Science. I wanted to know if the CS courses at Essex actually prepare you properly for what you'll get into at NJIT? I saw this post here and u/rfrankr made a comment on how the CS courses at Essex will not prepare you at all for the CS classes that will rape you at NJIT like 280 and 288, and that instead you should switch to a math major to get most of the math courses out of the way at Essex and then once you get to NJIT switch to a CS Major so you can start from the beginning at CS100 and work your way up. I'm wondering what other people's opinions on this are or if anyone else was in a similar situation as me and can provide some advice, all inputs are welcome, thanks!
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2022.05.23 22:04 Pr0xGaM3z New Submission

{ "id": 0, "name": "New Jersey Institute of Technology", "description": "A small acronym for New Jersey Institute of Technology made by various NJTech, Discord, and Alliance of New York Institutions users. It was covered up, alongside the other New York Institution logos and Steven's Institute of Technology acronym, in the final hours of place by Unicornio.", "links": { "website": [ "https://njit.edu" ], "subreddit": [ "NJTech" ] }, "path": { "105-164": [ [ 1010, 227 ], [ 1016, 227 ], [ 1015, 246 ], [ 1011, 246 ], [ 1010, 227 ], [ 1016, 227 ], [ 1016, 227 ] ] }, "center": { "105-164": [ 1013, 230 ] } } 
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2022.03.29 19:44 ab2253 Student Senate 2022-23 Elections

Hello NJTech! The Student Senate is looking for the next 2022-2023 E-board and Senators to recognize you all and fight for the changes you all want to see. This sub is filled with passionate people wanting to see change and those are the exact people who should be running for these positions. Our elections are coming up in the next week or so and the deadline to declare your candidacy is April 3rd at 11:45pm!
Senators organize events, collect feedback from students, meet with administrators, and participate on Student Senate committees which tackle everything from GDS and club finances to academic integrity and physical campus infrastructure. The Executive Board also sits on various committees from Pandemic Recovery to Board of Trustees meetings and have an influential voice on any and all NJIT matters.
If you're interested, fill out the form below on Highlander Hub by 11:45pm on April 3rd! Feel free to hit me up with any questions in the comments or at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). Hope to see many of you run!
Rules and more information for the election can be found below:
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2021.11.18 22:03 R2bEEaton_ Ladies and gentlemen... we got 'em! (kinda)

Hello everyone, it's Ryan Eaton back with the probably much-awaited update. I know I was certainly waiting for it! If you're going to read it, please read this entire post without skimming, I have some important things to note.
My hearing went well, all things considered. I felt pretty good about it and was able to make a fairly compelling case for, if not my innocence, at least that the punishment was not at a level deserving of the crime. The Conduct Board Members, comprising of two faculty members and two students, very kindly decided to uphold my "not responsible" plea and removed the Dangerous Conditions charge. However, the board decided to maintain that I had Disrupted the normal administrative functions of the university.
Now, wait, I have something to say to that. I think that's fair. Yes, I really do. Should the incident have been handled differently? Certainly, yes. Was suspension warranted? No, and the Conduct Board agreed. But did my extension break the Code of Student Conduct on the charge of Disruption? I am beginning to see now that it may have. Whether the Health Pledge is a good and worthwhile institutional function is a conversation we can have at another time, but unfortunately, it was irrelevant to my case. The university is the standard for what is right and wrong in their eyes, It would be like arguing against a theft charge by claiming that theft is okay. It just doesn't work that way. Whatever the case, the law of the land (university) was that the Health Pledge is important to them.
Furthermore, the board upheld the 50 hours of community service which is fine, I'm doing those, either way, teaching at the NPL Springfield Branch. They removed the probation! This is great because now I believe this incident qualifies for record expungement. Beforehand, it did not, which was very troubling to me. In addition to the 50 hours, I will be writing a 500 word essay regarding software ethics, which is an important topic in this, our digital age.


And now I would like to thank the people that helped me. I won't name names, but I at least want to put it out there that I was definitely not alone in this. I had tremendous support and I want to take the time to underscore it. Without the support from friends, family, and even faculty, I would have given up long ago.
  1. My roommate - For providing encouragement, helping me revise my written statements, and connecting me with your friend group on-campus. Without you, I would have had no connections and very few friends, especially early on.
  2. Faculty Member & NJIT Alumnus - For going out of your way to serve as a witness in my hearing and providing a compelling defense of me as a well-meaning and promising person, not a faceless student. Thank you so very much. Your experience and encouragement were invaluable.
  3. Two Additional Friends - Thank you both for helping revise my arguments for my hearing!
  4. Friends - Thank you for being friends with me (both here and at home) and offering help such as talking to your professors or sharing my story. Your encouragement and prayers meant the world to me.
  5. All the random people that recognized me in person - This was literally so incredible. To be recognized like that was unnerving but also very kind. It was very rare that I met someone that didn't already know about my situation. You know who you are!
  6. NJTech - Basically, anyone reading this that doesn't fit one of the above categories. All the people that graciously shared this story around and talked about it that I don't even know about. I hear stories of people talking about me in club meetings, friend groups, fraternities, and more. If that's you, I really appreciate it.


I just want to let you all know that I am at peace with the Conduct Board's decision. If you care what I think, then please agree that it was fair, even if you don't feel like it is. Let's remember this as a funny story for later - just like I'll probably use it for interviews later down the line. We can continue to have discussions about the Health Pledge moving forward, but it is no longer connected to me or my case - it is over.
In light of this continued discussion, I would like to direct you to check out this post if you'd like. I don't know the author, but I just checked and asked if it was okay for me to post it. It addresses some inconsistencies regarding the university's positions on COVID-19. I think the author has some important observations that should be at least acknowledged.
I'll be here next semester. This situation has understandably been very discouraging to me, not just about NJIT, but about college in general. From my second week, I have had thoughts of dropping out and going to work - as I probably could. But I've decided I'm going to stick it out at least the next semester, where I can hopefully enjoy my time without the possibility of suspension and life-altering punishments looming over my head.
Thank you all!
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2021.10.22 22:41 ThinkingWithPortal [GUIDE] How To Quickly Make Your Own Google Chrome Extension

Hi, A month ago I made a silly extension just to see how easy it was to do. https://old.reddit.com/NJTech/comments/prvgzk/looks_like_njit_updated_the_health_pledge/
Theoretically, if you wanted to make such a thing to... oh I don't know, modify a web page, you could start by downloading a sample code for it from a blog like this one: https://9to5google.com/2015/06/14/how-to-make-a-chrome-extensions/
Then if you were so inclined... you can follow it up by editing the content.js file to say something like this:
check = "Foo Bar" var elements = document.getElementsByTagName('li'); if ( (document.documentElement.textContent document.documentElement.innerText).indexOf(check) > -1) { insert = document.createElement('b') insert.textContent = "" //This is where the funny goes clone = elements[0] clone.textContent = "" clone.appendChild(insert) elements[0].parentNode.prepend(clone) } 
In this example, this script will only fire if the web page says "Foo Bar" somewhere on it, but you can make it look for anything else on the webpage. For Example, "Google", or "Facebook" or "NJIT Health Pledge" *cough* :)
Then all one would have to do is upload it to your local PC using the instructions from the blog... and you should be set!

This is a shit post, not financial ethical advice. I am a shit poster.

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2021.09.28 18:36 rod608 Found my headset

Found my Corsair HS70 Pro thanks to u/hoo2doo in this post. Didn't know the library had a lost and found!
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2021.08.25 15:00 techkid6 Welcome Back! Some Fall 2021 Reminders

Good morning, /NJTech!
The fall semester is rapidly approaching and I wanted to take a minute to give a few important reminders. First, a few important dates:
For a more complete list of dates, see the Fall 2021 Academic Calendar
Now, onto a few things to keep in mind:
I've said this a lot since March 2020, but this is going to be a weird semester, even as we return to "normal." It's definitely going to be an adjustment and please don't feel bad if it takes you longer to get back into "the swing of it" than you would have expected. If ever you need support due to this or for any reason, reach out to C-CAPS, the university's counseling center. I know they occasionally have booking issues, but I still think it's worth a try if you need it or even just think it might be helpful.
For new students and students who started at NJIT during the pandemic and are seeing campus for the very first time, welcome! This is a place full of opportunities and I hope you take every opportunity that you find interesting.
For students who have been here for a while, look out for each other. I know a lot of us are the types to stay in our dorms or whatever, but if you see someone who needs help, do what you can. It doesn't take a long time and it can make an immeasurable difference to someone.
As always, take care and enjoy your fall semester. Don't forget to drink water!
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2021.04.14 17:12 JBeeds Why you should care about Student Senate elections

I'm sure that everyone here has had at least one ancient GroupMe chat spammed by Student Senate candidates in the past week which means that it's election season! I want to see great turnout this year, and with NJTech being the vocal group that it is, I figured I'd share why you should care (yes this is similar to my post from last year). You can vote at the link below.
tl;dr Senate impacts you in some way regardless of whether you want it to, so you might as well have a say in how it operates. Your vote makes it more representative of our diverse student body.
You pay $110/year for Senate to exist
Every full-time undergrad pays a $55 Student Activity Fee each semester that goes directly to Senate. Multiply that $110 by ~8000 students and you get $880,000 managed by Senate annually. The people on Senate determine how this money (along with a fairly large reserve fund from previous surpluses) is spent. Even if you don't wanna join Senate, there's probably a student organization that you like, and I'll almost guarantee that their budget is covered by Senate. Apart from clubs, we also fund a bunch of large events (think the A Boogie concert), physical campus improvements to student spaces, and donations to student scholarships and the Highlander Student Emergency fund.
Senate is your voice to the people who make the final decisions
I'll give one easy example here. I was the student representative on the group that made the pass/fail decision for the past two semesters. If you'd elected someone who didn't listen to and advocate for student needs, then pass/fail wouldn't have happened because I can assure you that the faculty were against it. Getting the right students into these meetings makes your life easier, even if you don't always see it publicly.
Elections are never uncontested
It's my dream that one day we'd have multiple candidates running for every single position. It's unfortunate that there's not more interest in getting involved, but that's not my point. You always have the option to vote No Confidence or to write in a candidate that you think would do a better job. If you read through the platforms for candidates and are dissatisfied, show that with your vote.
I've got a bunch of work that I should be doing which means that I'll be actively responding to comments in this thread as a way to procrastinate.
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2021.04.13 19:30 techkid6 The Second Annual r/njtech Student Senate Presidential Exit Poll

Continuing in the tradition started last year, it's time for the Second Annual Exit Poll!
Essentially, just pick the option that aligns with who you voted for. It's completely anonymous and gives the community a bit of insight into who NJTech is voting for.
Note: The ballot below is a direct reflection of the official Student Senate ballot. It does not include unrecognized or "write-in" candidates, as any student may write themselves in.
Additional note: Our posting of this Exit Poll is not an endorsement of any candidate for any position.
A third note: The results of this exit poll are not a guaranteed reflection of the results of the Student Senate election. They serve merely as a reflection of the NJTech subreddit's collective vote.
(P.S. Njitbus19, I sincerely considered titling this the Second Inaugural!)
View Poll
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2021.04.13 03:15 camsakgua Hi, my name is Cameron Guanlao and I'm running to be your Senior Class President!

Hi, my name is Cameron Guanlao and I'm running to be your Senior Class President!
Hello, NJTech!
My name is Cameron Guanlao, and I am a junior Mathematical Sciences major currently serving my 2nd semester on the Senate, and it would be my honor to serve as your Senior Class President next year!
Throughout my 3 years at NJIT, I have been involved in various roles and initiatives, including:
  1. VP of Internal Relations of NJIT Green (2019-2020)
  2. Sustainability Chair of NJIT RHA's Regional Business Conference Committee (2019-2020)
  3. Recruitment Chair for NJIT's chapter of Alpha Phi Omega (Spring 2020)
I talk more specifically about what I did in these roles below, but I believe that the most important thing about taking a leadership role is the lessons you learn; I have learned a lot about what it takes to be a good leader, and I believe that with my experience and my work ethic, I have what it takes to lead and represent you.
As Senior Class President, I want to make you proud that you attended NJIT, and with a new (in-person) school year just around the corner, I'm ready to get to work to make that happen. Here are my goals for the upcoming year:
  1. Bringing Back a Sense of Community to the Senior Class: Thanks to the pandemic, I have found that our sense of community as a student body has been fractured, but not broken. I plan to mend this by going beyond Senior Week and Formal, working in conjunction with the Office of Student Life and student organizations to plan and host events throughout the Fall and Spring semesters, such as monthly Senior Socials, competitions, and more.
  2. Expanding Networking Opportunities for Seniors: I want you to leave NJIT knowing the vast amount of connections you can make. I want to work with not only Career Development Services but also the Alumni Association and the Graduate Student Association to host networking events and guest speakers throughout the year. I also plan to create a Discord for incoming seniors, alumni, and other students so that students can freely network with each other, even after graduating.
  3. Increasing Awareness for Post-Graduate Education: I want to work with the Graduate Student Association and with the Office of Graduate Studies to host events and talks for students to learn more about pursuing graduate degrees, as well as the BS/MS programs offered by NJIT.
  4. Expanding Senior Outreach to the Newark Community: From collaborations with other organizations to hosting fundraisers for a good cause, I want you to be given the opportunity to give back to the community outside of the NJIT campus.
If you would like to learn more about my platform or my goals, feel free to drop a comment! I've got a lot of ideas on how we could revitalize our community amidst the pandemic, and I'd love to hear what ideas you may have as well!
Keep in mind voting starts tomorrow (April 13) at 10 AM! I'd be honored to receive your support, and I hope that you come out and vote!
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2021.04.04 05:37 JBeeds Student Senate Elections!

Hello NJTech! I know that this sub is full of people who recognize issues at NJIT and want to see change, and those are the exact people who could make a difference as part of the NJIT Student Senate. Our elections are coming up in the next week or so and the deadline to declare your candidacy is TOMORROW!
Senators organize events, collect feedback from students, meet with administrators, and participate on Student Senate committees which tackle everything from GDS and club finances to academic integrity and physical campus infrastructure.
If you're interested, fill out the form below on HighlanderHub by 11:45pm tomorrow night! Feel free to hit me up with any questions in the comments or at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). Hope to see many of you run!
Rules for the election can be found below:
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2021.03.29 22:00 techkid6 Student Senate Candidates - PLEASE READ!

Hi all!
Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, most campaigning for Student Senate elections will be taking place online this year.
Last year, the subreddit saw a considerable amount of participation by candidates and students alike. In order to better facilitate campaigns this year, we wanted to lay out a few ground rules.
  1. All posts by or endorsing any candidate, if posted before 10:00AM on Thursday, April 8, 2021 will be removed without question. According to Article III of the Election Packet, this is the start of campaigning, so we will abide by that.
  2. Any candidate wishing to post their platform or any other campaign advertisement must verify their identity prior to posting. In order to verify, please click here to fill out the form.
  3. People wishing to endorse a candidate do not need to be verified, but it is expected that you follow the guidelines about Slandering, Libeling, and Mudsligning found in Article IV, Section 7 of the Election Packet.
  4. In the event of a dispute regarding a campaign advertisement on the subreddit, please utilize the Formal Complaint process outlined in Article IV, Section 8 of the Election Packet. If the complaint is deemed valid by the Senate Elections Committee, the moderation team of the subreddit will take the appropriate actions.
  5. As all "write-in" candidates are required to follow the Election Packet per Article II, Section 5, Point C, it is expected that they follow these guidelines as well and verify their identity. That said, only officially recognized candidates will be present on the Subreddit Exit Poll.
Let's have a safe and fun election season this year, /njtech!
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2021.03.29 21:12 Notafatfuk Who is ready for r/NJTech to be consumed by Student Senate Politics?

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2021.02.19 10:50 tsannnnnana Concerns about ProctorU

Hey guys! As you all have probably realised, we have to take the HPAT with ProctorU proctoring us..... Now after having done my research about this program i have several concerns with privacy and also the reliability of this program.. Does anyone else share my concerns? What do you guys think?
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2021.01.09 20:17 njittransfersucks Is the WEC / Fitness Center Open?

Title says all. Ignore body.
Your submission in /NJTech was automatically removed. /NJTech has detected that your post does not meet minimum body length requirements.
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2020.11.15 04:05 Shad27753 Rate my Professor chrome ext for NJIT schedule builder

has created a chrome extension that displays professor rating information directly on the NJIT schedule builder, and also links you directly to their "RateMyProfessor" page. This will save you the precious seconds of having to look up every professor manually. Here is a link to the extension:
Here is a link to his code:
Credit to u/IndianOcean
old post: https://www.reddit.com/NJTech/comments/ilnqq9/rate_my_professor_chrome_ext_for_njit_schedule/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
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2020.10.21 22:15 Stevens2023 Looking to transfer from Stevens to NJIT

I am a CS major at Stevens and currently not having a great experience. I just wanted to know how is the NJIT CS program? What are some good things, what are some bad things?
Edit: looking for CS programs reviews.
Edit2: It seems like NJTech has a rule where I can't instantly comment so here:
I thought Stevens was a great school (that is why I first went here), but now after spending about 2 and a half semesters here, I am not liking it much. The debt is a heavy burden and I feel the opportunities from Stevens is heavily lacking. Some of the professors are just so shitty that in few of my classes, I didn't learn anything. I really want value from my education. Not a piece of paper at the end of my four years. I felt like I judged a book by its cover, you know what I mean?
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2020.10.18 15:07 CropperCrapper Graduates - What are you doing & How much are you making?

It is very important that current students know what to expect for starting/mid-career salaries, and the best people to ask are people who went to the same school! The salary data NJIT provides is confusing and contradictory.

What was your major, and GPA? When did you graduate? What is your salary? Are you employed within your field? Are there a lot of openings?
Salary posts throughout the years :


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2020.09.23 02:25 techkid6 Bulletin - Wastewater Testing Update

NJIT Community Members,
Last week, we announced that our wastewater testing program yielded a positive result for trace amounts of COVID-19 in the sample taken from Cypress Hall. After receiving that result, NJIT immediately notified all residents of that facility, converted them to remote-only coursework, and instructed them to quarantine in place. NJIT conducted 266 individual COVID-19 swab tests on Cypress Hall residents the next day. No cases of COVID-19 have been discovered in the 263 results that have been received by the university to date. Additionally, we have received 17 negative test results from students who went home rather than quarantine in Cypress Hall. We still are awaiting results for two students who required re-testing due to their original test samples leaking, as well as results from another 15 students who went home to quarantine and complete their required testing. Those students chose not to quarantine in residence, as we requested, and will not be permitted on campus until a negative test result is provided to NJIT. In addition, the two students who were re-tested and are awaiting results remain in isolation. The remainder of the residents of Cypress Hall are no longer required to quarantine.
It is important to note that the positive wastewater testing result for the residence hall may have been triggered by a student who is a Cypress Hall resident but was identified as positive through our individual testing program and began quarantine before the wastewater result was received. That student has since tested negative.
Our expectation always has been that some NJIT community members will test positive for COVID-19, so the goal of our multi-pronged testing program is to identify and isolate those who may be asymptomatic, as quickly as possible, thereby reducing the chance of exposure to others on campus. NJIT’s comprehensive COVID testing strategy includes tests for individuals prior to their return to campus, ongoing surveillance testing of those on campus, surface testing, air testing, and wastewater testing. This approach gives us the best opportunity to quickly detect the virus within our campus community and prevent its spread. So, while we would prefer no cases of COVID on our campus, we are pleased to see that, thus far, our testing program has been successful in meeting the goal of identifying cases before the virus spreads on campus.
Our most critical priority continues to be the health and wellness of NJIT’s community members, and we remain confident in the safety of our facilities for students, faculty, and staff. For additional information about NJIT’s pandemic protocols and the latest results of our testing efforts, please visit NJIT.edu/pandemicrecovery.
Thank you and stay well.
Andrew P. Christ, PE
Senior Vice President
Real Estate Development and Capital Operations
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2020.08.01 08:42 clouds123a Required COVID -19 Testing FAQ

There seems to be some confusion about the required COVID-19 testing, so here's a post to clear things up?
All info can be found here (highly recommend to read both of these):

Who is required to be tested?
Only students who have in-person classes and/or living in the residence halls need to be tested.
All students need to submit proof of a negative COVID 19 Test Result, within 21 days before to attending in-person classes and moving into the residence halls.
You cannot return to campus until you provide medical evidence of a negative COVID test.

What if I'm returning from another country?
The test must be conducted in the USA.

Which test do I take?
NJIT suggests to take the nasopharyngeal Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test (nasal swab method). However, other FDA-approved tests will also be accepted.

What if I can't get a test done in time before moving in?

-What do I need to do after getting the test?

What if the test turns out positive?
If your test is positive, you cannot come to campus until you have quarantined for 14 days and received a negative test result. You'll start off your classes online until you can submit proof that you tested negative of COVID.

Is NJIT offering COVID testing to students?
There will be free drive-in/walk in COVID-19 testing for students on August 11 at 4pm-6pm. It will be held at Bleeker Street from Lock Street to Lot 7 as the entrance to the testing center, with testing being performed in Lot 7. Only 300-400 appointments will be available.

What if I test positive for COVID-19 after the start of the semester?
If you're a commuter, you have to leave campus immediately to quarantine. You'll continue classes online.
If you're a resident, you will be provided space to quarantine and you'll continue your courses online.

Hope that helps, if I missed any important info please let me know
EDIT: I previously stated that NJIT only accepts the PCR test (at the time of writing this post, the NJIT health services page only mentioned the PCR test to be required). In an email sent to all current NJIT students, NJIT will also accept other FDA-approved tests.)
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2020.05.13 12:31 shtoogieman8 Famous rogue professor back at it again! (Video Proof... again)

(last months post: https://www.reddit.com/NJTech/comments/fuetio/njit_professor_demands_students_buy_a_mirror_and/ )

Dionissios (Dennis) Karvelas after having disappeared on the day of the scheduled final exam, argues with the students regarding the rescheduling of the exam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Stp21a4clxE
Shady grading process and refusal to send email to students of that grading policy. Later goes on to show every student's grade on his excel sheet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwXWBgWgL1s&t=120s

At this point, the DEAN and the CHAIR haven't done anything about this guy so I am looking to take suggestions on what to do next.
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