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2023.06.08 01:15 IAmTheMagicMoose Locally Available Build

Good evening everyone. I was able to put together the following list exclusively with parts available in store at my nearest Best Buy (I don't have a microcenter near me) for $1150.33 USD. The list from pcpartpicker with all the same items totaled $1039.94, but I'm willing to eat a $110 convenience fee to play Diablo IV on something better than my potato sooner rather than later if its not egregiously bad.
I'm new to building PCs so I was wondering if this is actually a good value or not, or if there is significant room for improvement anywhere. Ideally I would want to do 1440p gaming at at least 60fps, and I only intend to carry over using my keyboard, mouse, and monitor. This seems to met those criteria in my lurking research of this subreddit, but if I've learned anything here, it's that y'all can make it better. What do you think?
[PCPartPicker Part List](
**CPU** [AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 3.8 GHz 8-Core Processor]( $208.99 @ Amazon
**CPU Cooler** [Cooler Master Hyper 212 Halo 51.88 CFM CPU Cooler]( $48.90 @ Amazon
**Motherboard** [MSI MAG B550 TOMAHAWK MAX WIFI ATX AM4 Motherboard]( $179.99 @ Amazon
**Memory** [Corsair Vengeance LPX 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3600 CL18 Memory]( $89.99 @ Amazon
**Storage** [Western Digital Blue SN570 1 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 3.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive]( $47.99 @ Amazon
**Video Card** [XFX Speedster SWFT 309 Radeon RX 6700 10 GB Video Card]( $279.14 @ Amazon
**Case** [NZXT H7 Flow ATX Mid Tower Case]( $129.99 @ Amazon
**Power Supply** [Thermaltake Smart 700 W 80+ Certified ATX Power Supply]( $54.95 @ B&H
*Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts*
**Total** **$1039.94**
Generated by [PCPartPicker]( 2023-06-07 19:02 EDT-0400
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2023.06.08 01:11 is-now-wayne Laundry service damaged my shirt and refused to pay for damages.

Nalagyan ng parang Zonrox or bleach na smudge yung sleeve. It's a black longsleeve polo. It's branded and has a sentimental value to me, so I'm super upset. I requested a settlement of ₱1,000 as per current price range of the brand's shirts in online shops.
Hinahanapan ako resibo nung damit, but I countered na they can't realistically expect their customers to keep receipts of every single piece of clothing that they launder. Then, they offered to pay, but we have to give them the shirt in return, which I refused kasi parang binenta ko yung damit sa kanila.
Later, may sinasabi sila na they're not held liable for damages based on their terms sa laundry receipt, but I honestly don't have a copy of the previous laundry receipts anymore. Parang ang bullshit naman kasi nun as a consumer?
Mamaya kakausapin ko yung may-ari to discuss this again, kasi apparently I have been given the runaround kung sino ba tunay na may-ari, despite multiple requests from me na yung may-ari ng store ang gusto ko makausap. It felt like the staff were trying their best na wag makarating sa may-ari yung nangyari.
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2023.06.08 01:08 noideajustnoidea I'm worthless at work

To begin with, yes, I do have super low self-esteem. Generally, it's hard for me to learn. Following an online course is nearly impossible because I lose focus after appx. 5min and I don't have the self-discipline to continue. I''m stuck most of the time at work, but still afraid of asking questions... I get a bug to solve and I'm paralyzed to start. I feel stupid & anxious when I work with people (my colleagues have their shit together, they work fast, are responsive, and don't avoid messages like me). I try to escape the office and get home just to ask my bf to help me solve problems so that I can lie to myself and my colleagues that 'I achieved' something. Most of the day I don't know how, but I don't do anything at work, and then the sprint is poof magically gone and I haven't delivered anything. I'm a junior, got the job since I'm a woman with immigrant background and I work in a well known tech company. I feel like I occupy the spot that a skilled young person deserves and not a lazy person who can't achieve anything. When summer interns come to work, believe me, they know so much more than me. I really do not know how and why I got the job. I came straight from the university and they never checked my technical skills. In the meetings I can't process what people talk about, so I just nod but at the same time I'm anxious that I don't understand what they say. Then I get questions from other teammates about updates from the meeting and I black out. Morning meetings are a struggle as well, it's when we're supposed give an update about our current tasks and I never know what to say (or forget what I'm supposed to say even if I have some notes written down). I feel like a failure and it's nice that I can share it at least here.
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2023.06.08 01:08 btvenom [WTS] Microtech Sale, LUDT Green/Black, Socom Alpha Mini Warcom Carbon Fiber and Stonewashed

Hello again Knife Swap!I have a few knives for you guys, I would like to get these gone by FRIDAY at the latest, I'm shipping USPS in the morning. If price seems too high PLEASE CHAT ME OR MAKE REASONABLE OFFER!! (I can't always find comparable pricing...) NO TRADES at this time.Thank you!
Timestamps if you would like different pics, please chat > PM > post.All items are BNIB condition including papers, etc, sent from retailers.Please read rules below, feel free to OP YOLO or IN > Chat > Post > PM. NO TRADES at this time. NO COMMENTS IN PAYPAL FF. If you have flair, I will take Zelle, Venmo, or Cash app.
Microtech 135-1OD L.U.D.T - Green Handle - Black Blade BNIB stored in safe, never cut, never carried, this thing is a sweet knife, it just doesn't make my edc rotation. SV 240
Microtech 93M-1DLCCFS Socom Alpha Mini Warcom - Carbon Fiber - Black DLC Blade - Signature Series BNIB stored in safe, never cut, never carried, this thing is a sweet knife, utili clip included, it just doesn't make my edc rotation. SV 370
Microtech 93M-10 Socom Alpha Mini Warcom- Black G-10 - Stonewashed Blade BNIB stored in safe, never cut, never carried, this thing is a sweet knife, small blemish on sheath shown in pics, utili clip included, it just doesn't make my edc rotation. SV 250
NO TRADES at this time. NO COMMENTS IN PAYPAL FF or I'll be forced to refund your money. SOME SERVICES BAN USERS FOR KNIFE MENTIONS.OP YOLOs instantly trump Chats/PMs.
Items are still available if not crossed out or marked as "SPF" (Sold Pending Funds).Please pay within one hour unless we make an arrangement, or the next person will get priority. I try to always be fair, but ultimately I reserve the right to sell to whomever I choose.Prices include tracked shipping to US only, ASAP Mon - Fri. All sales ship USPS, tracking provided in advance.
By dealing with me, you are stating you are of legal age to purchase & possess the item(s), & that the particular type(s) are legal to own in your locality. For transactions $100+ I prefer user flair minimum of 1, but decided at my discretion. Thanks!
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2023.06.08 01:07 palanp Things To Do in CR This Week (6/8–6/14)

« Previous (Sorry, missed a couple weeks there… Hope you still found some fun!)
Signature Events/Fundraisers
Thursday, June 8
Friday, June 9
Saturday, June 10
Sunday, June 11
Tuesday, June 13
Wednesday, June 14
***Highly subjective
Post what I've missed below!
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2023.06.08 01:03 PokingDogSnouts 32 [M4F] New Jersey/New York — Where have all the flowers gone?

I'd like to find somebody thoughtful, someone who isn't superficial. Somebody who appreciates the rich vastness of our shared multicultural past, and freely follows her curiosity in exploring it. Somebody who is trying her best to adhere to the guidance of her inner moral compass, and isn't so easily fooled by the distractions and illusions of the world.
One such illusion, that must immediately be mentioned (this is important, because it's led to a break for me, in the past): religion. Religion is man-made, and not of any higher authority. The Bible and the Quran all permit slavery—in addition to countless other horrid and divisive ideas—while claiming to be eternal wisdom, and that is indefensible. I still like to believe in the idea of some permeating higher morality, that imbues us with our general sense for justice, fairness, and empathy...but, I know that without outright proof, even my holding of such a notion can be deemed a flight of fancy, a residual remnant of a system so entrenched. However, it seems to me that life is often more than just what's on the surface. Um, but now, then—back to the person I wish to know...
I'd also love it if she were artistic. Singing, sketching, painting, writing, composing, creating. Someone who is trying to nurture their talents and passions. I know it can be difficult...
As for me, well... I adore music. Mostly voices from the past (the 1960s would have to be my favorite), because I find them to be humbler and more from the heart, at least in popular music. I’ll just give an example of something I’ve looked into, and this is nowhere near representative of my wider taste, but if you go back to early 1920s country music... (Here's an aside: a lot of what people think of as "country" today is a long cry from what the genre is actually like, historically. If you are into folk music—Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan—it is indelibly linked to "country", and if you'd like a popular example of a song that originated within the genre, look no further than the universally recognized "You Are My Sunshine", from 1939!)
Anyway. If you go back to that early period, where undiscovered niches of music were still sought out and first put to tape... a lot of those artists had no idea about anything to do with recording—no ego, no attempt to sound "cool". What came through instead was a bare expression of the life that had been lived—the inner beauty of their own personhood, and I love hearing that. It's so honest. A vulnerable and piercing expression.
So if you're into history or the beautiful music of decades (and centuries) past, if you have any aspirations for creating as a method of changing the world for the better, if you'd like to play games and watch movies together, if you'd like an accountability partner—or all of the above...please message me. I don't mind the chat function, either—in fact, it's probably easier. Also, to get this out of the way: this is what I look like.
I love beautiful things. Nature, music that tugs at your heartstrings or is so honest you're enraptured, experiences that heal. More specifically, here are some of my current interests:
To close... I suppose I should say I've been afflicted with long-COVID for over two years. It'd be very nice to keep each other company, especially if we share any of the interests up above—we could watch favorite films, have shared listening sessions on Spotify, and it'd be a godsend to find somebody up to play on PS4 and Switch! Donkey Kong Country 2 and 3 on the secret hard modes, maybe? Or sculpting our own world from scratch in Minecraft? Or maybe we could act out Ocarina of Time's storyline using all the options available on Smash Ultimate!
I'd really like to know an intelligent person with a unique identity...who puts forth effort—though at the same time, no pressure on reaching out. If you are this type of person, but can currently only muster up a few words because, hey! Life is tough, and grueling, and we don't always have a ready-made letter in us to flip out of our pockets—don't be scared away by my tower of words. I absolutely know, firsthand, what it's like to want to communicate, yet not currently have the energy or the mindpower for it. Life can really sink you... I promise I will not judge. Please send me a chat message, if you're at all interested in chatting.
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2023.06.08 01:03 Nan0Fighter Guard Duty [F4M] [Fantasy] [Vampire] [Biting] [Playful Speaker]

Summary: King's men finally catch the vampire that has been killing citizens night after night. They put her in a cell and tie her arms and legs. Commander goes to King's palace to report while listener is assigned to guard duty
Usage: You are free to use this script wherever you like as long as you credit me. I would love to listen the finished audio, please don't forget to send a link
(Metal door opens and listener enters the cell. He closes the door and locks it with the key)
So, you are my next companion. Good, the last one wasn't so chatty. I can use a good company.
I seriously wonder, does the king pay you to be silent?
(Listener shakes his head)
Oh my god! You shook your head. I can't believe such a reaction like that.
I think you and I are going to be best friends. The last guard didn't even flinch despite all my efforts. Say, would you like to know me? Would you like to get close to me?
Hey, c'mon now. There's no need to be rude. Didn't your mother teach you any manners? You don't speak to a lady with an attitude like that.
Excuse me! I am not a lady! What am I then?
A blood sucking monster. That's harsh but it's the truth. Yes, I am a monster but I didn't choose to be a monster. I didn't born like this you know. I was once normal, like you. Everything started...
Hey, are you even listening? Don't you want to know what happened to me? How a beautiful woman like me turned into a monster?
Let's make a deal. Let me tell you this story and then I'll shut up. Otherwise I'm going to keep talking and talking and talking...
Really? That's great. Now listen closely and make sure you have a napkin ready because at the end of it I'm sure you are going to cry. I was born and raised in a poor family. We lived on the outskirts. Our lives were worthless. Your precious king didn't even visit the poeple living there once. There were no guards, no protection... If we had trouble we had to handle every situation ourselves.
You are not interested in my childhood. But you promised to listen. Man, you really are not a good listener. Okay, fine. Let me fast forward a bit.
Remember the wedding night of the prince. I guess it was five years ago, I don't exactly remember. King himself made a speech a day before the ceremony and said that everyone was invited. So, I went to see the ceremony, I always wanted to see the inside of the palace. When I arrived there, guards didn't let me in because apparently I wasn't worthy to enter there. I guess king forgot to say everyone who is rich and has social status. I was so furious that I didn't know what to do. I started crying and went to the tavern. I started drinking. Hours passed, lots of people came by, got drunk and left. I was still drinking. At one point a mysterious man came to my table. He was kind. Bought me a drink. He had a great accent and his sense of fashion was top notch. He said he was looking for a companion to spend the rest of the night. I was drunk and couldn't think rationally. He wanted to go. I got up but I was too drunk to walk. He grabbed me and started carrying me. That was the first time someone carried me. Being in the arms of a strong and handsome man was incredible. I didn't want it to end. After arriving at his home, he carried me to his bed. He took off his clothes and came close to me. He grabbed me by my throat and started squeezing. I couldn't breathe, I thought I was going to die. He opened his mouth and I saw his sharp teeth... and then darkness.
I woke up next day laying on top of a garbage pile. My clothes were ripped and I had a bite mark on my neck. He must have thought I died and to get rid of me he threw my body to the garbage. And that's how I turned into a vampire. It's tragic, right? Do you pity me now?
You do? Oh, I wasn't expecting that. Guess, you have a heart afterall. A very powerful heart I have to say. I can hear it from here. It beats healthily. Let's not forget the smell of your blood. It is very intoxicating. I would love to leave my mark on you.
You should have seen your face. I am just joking. You need to relax. Have you ever seen the mark of a vampire before?
No! Do you want to see it? You can come close and look at my neck.
Man, you really have trust issues. I'm trying to develop a bond between us and you downright treat me like an animal. I can't even move, how am I supposed to attack you? Look!
(Vampire struggles and tries to move)
See! If you still don't trust me, you can get behind me. You can still see the bite from there.
Hey, what are you doing?
(Listener pulls his sword out)
You really are hard to convince, huh? Fine, have it your way.
(Listener gets behind the vampire)
Look at the left side of my neck. Do you see it?
Isn't it beautiful? You can touch it if you want.
(Listener goes back to his post and sheaths his sword)
Leaving a mark on your prey, permenantly scarring them is a beautiful feeling. I didn't choose this life but now I am embracing it. There are posters with my face all around the town. Everyone should know me. I lived my whole life as a shadow, right now I literally live in the shadows but I have a reputation now. I would have preferred if everyone loved me but, you know what they say... If you can't make them love you, make them fear you. And after tonight every single living thing will start shaking when the sun goes down.
(Listener starts laughing)
Why are you laughing? You think, the king is going to kill me tonight. No, no, no... he isn't going to kill me you simple minded idiot. He needs me. Why do you think he ordered his guards to capture me alive. Your king, he is getting old and he is afraid. Every king, ruler, emperor wants one thing and one thing only. To rule forever, to be immortal and live like a god. To do that he needs my blood. Just my blood isn't enough of course. I also have to bite him.
You think your king would not let himself turn into a vampire. Oh honey, look how naive you are. he plans to do that. Don't worry though, I won't turn him into a vampire because I'm going to kill him and hang his corpse on the town square.
Your heart rate is increasing. Are you shook up... are you nervous? Do I make you nervous? I tried to kill the king before. I sneaked into the palace but that place is crawling with guards even at night. Nearly every three step there is a guard. I love challenging hunts but that's just suicide. Then I learned that king wants me alive. It was a golden opportunity for me. I let myself captured by you simpletons. And now he's coming right to me. I wonder how will his blood taste like?
Are you afraid?
Yes, be afraid! Be very afraid because you haven't seen anything yet.
(Vampire gathers her strength and destroys the ropes that are holding her captive)
Now, that's much better.
(Listener pulls out his sword)
Do you really think you can stop me with that sword? My fangs aren't the only sharp thing I've got honey. Have you seen my nails?
I can rip your intestines with one single move. Don't trust that rusty and old armor you are wearing. It won't protect you. You kept me company all night so I am offering you a choice. Drop down your sword and let me bite you and I'll let you live or try to fight me and die.
Do you have a family?
Don't you want to go to them? Do you really want to die here?
(Listener drops his sword)
Good. Now get on your knees.
(Listener hesitates)
(Listener gets on his knees. Vampire comes closer and grabs his throat)
I love seeing men like you tremble before me. It makes me feel powerful. Now hold still.
(Vampire bites the listener and he passes out)
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2023.06.08 00:59 asirememberit Deadwood Leather Rose Torpedo

Deadwood Leather Rose Torpedo
My initial reaction is that it smelled like the sketchy video rental store for my childhood. Then the scent reminded me of those chocolate oranges that you get around Christmas. Then a mouthful of white sugar. That flavor continued till the very end for me. Every puff I keep hoping it would dissipate, it did not. Beautiful construction, great draw, but tasted like a Fun Dip. I'm calling this a "better Backwoods". I purposely didn't buy a Jane, not sure if I'm looking forward to Betty.
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2023.06.08 00:58 queenofthescreen [Thank You] ​​I’ve bean thinking of y'all a latte. Words can't espresso how much y'all bean to me. A sad cup of coffee? Depresso. How did Henry VIII like his coffee? Decap. Why was the barista fired?Kept showing up in a tea-shirt. How did the hipster burn his tongue? Drank the coffee b4 it was cool.

u/Moose-Maleficent x 2 Thank you so much for the super creative handmade Pi Day card! I adore your heart & am honestly not surprised you wouldn’t exact revenge against Bridezilla hahaha! Yessss I thought of “The Help” too lol!!! I’m also bananas for the insanely awesome Hot Cross Buns card - it’s sooooo my smile & makes me so happy when I look at it!!!! It’s heartbreakingly cute. I’m so happy to have met you & to remember you forevermore as my first recipient (or hopefully soon) of international mail - that’s the most excitement I’ve had in years hahaha!!!!
u/thecaledonianrose x 2 OMG this cuuuute kitty birthday card is so sweet!!! I was especially touched by your beautiful words wishing me so many amazing things! What a kind soul you are - THANK YOU so much!!! I also love the fun stickers, the neat-o washi stamp style stickers, the mini thank-you, & the delicious passion flower tea!!! Thank you so much for the super precious Easter card of the bunny & the birds!! This bunny is just a sweetheart with that dreamy expression & smile! I just love the colors & the positive vibes jumping out at me from the card & your sweet thoughts! Yesssss, I’m really happy we sorta have a spring in my state - sadly it doesn’t last long. But I’m so grateful it’s not a billion degrees yet! Thank you also for the ****cuuuuute**** bunny & Easter stickers, the Perfect Peach tea (I’m so jazzed to try it - how perfect is that flavor for Spring?!?!?) & the pretty Flowers Bingo card with the too cute floral bingo mini placemarkers!!! Wishing you the sweetest Spring full of fanciful flowers!
u/fightshrubb Thank you so much for the adorable handmade aliens-themed Pi Day card - soooo cute!!! I love your energy!! Also love that you used different fun & bright colors of ink to write! I so hear you with the endless array of craft supplies lol!! To answer your question…I love watercolor!!! I have zero skills & was trying to learn when I happily stumbled upon RAoC so watercolor took a backseat to carding. ;) Hope you had an awesome Pi Day full of pizza discounts haha! ;)
u/emptyparkinglot Thanks for the Gauguin postcard with your hilarious observation, “Paul Gauguin was honestly a creep in his personal life but he sure did know how to use color.” Hahaha, right?!? I loved your thoughts on art & appreciate them especially because I have a deep desire to learn more about art & how to articulate artistic concepts. You did that so beautifully with your analysis of Gauguin’s work! Wishing you lots of bliss as you create your own works of art! =)
u/o0oiwio0o Thank you for the awesome sassy slanderous card of the Bernadine Bridge over the Vilnia!!! Your handwriting - oh my GORGEOUS!!! It’s so classy! And I have NEVER seen more fun & vibrant punctuation marks!!! I love your style! And the slander about the National Stadium is truly hilarious. I love how you turned the slander into a motivational gem hahaha!!!! I just loved your creative prompt & felt so fortunate to be a recipient of such fresh, fancy slander LOL! I also love the adorable elephant sticker you included. Thank you. =) Wishing you infinite saucy slanderous thoughts because they are so fun & phenomenal!!! =)
u/travel4me22 x 2 Thank you for WHAAAAT?!?!? This incredible, gorgeous postcard you upcycled from a Van Gogh paper bag!!!! So creative - I absolutely loooove it!!!! I appreciate your resourcefulness & creativity so much! Thank you for the *beautiful* illustrated card of the strong, powerful women!! The colors are so fun. This card & your kind affirmations are just brimming with so many positive vibes!! I’m also excited you share my thoughts on Helen Keller. Thank you for spreading awesome cheer on International Women’s Day & beyond!
u/onlycompletely Thanks for the adorable “Espresso Yourself” postcard!!
u/drivingogre Thank you so much for the cute bear doodle postcard with all the fun facts about Disney actors & cats! You have such sweet vibes!!
u/TigerLady13 x 4 Thanks for the adorable bunny & flower Easter card! LOVE the stamp embellishments you included & the cute way you decorated the inside of the card with the cut out words. Thanks also for the hug in the mail “nothing new” card with the awesome passion clouds worksheet & delicious recipe - I’ll definitely try it. :) Thank you for the hilarious 100% organic gangster card! Loved hearing your BFF was about to visit. Hope y’all had a fabulous time together and that y’all will meet up again soon! You asked about my BFF. Thank you - we met at the University of Texas when she was a transfer student & I was a freshman. She boldly came right up to me as I was having lunch alone to ask if she could join me. It was so cool of her to be so brave! She lives hundreds of miles away & the pandemic has made it a pain to get together but we keep in touch. Wishing you a beautiful spring, beautiful friend!
u/YuletideWitch Thank you for the adorable vintage Disney World postcard! I’m so sad you shot yourself in the head…I shouldn’t have given that to you as an option for the Macarena prompt. But I shall remember your bravery in the face of dance adversity forevermore! Haha, thank you for indulging me with the silly prompt :)
u/royalewithtees Thanks for the awesome “Breaking Bad” postcard - I didn’t know that cool fact about the 62nd element…so awesome!!! Happy to have met someone who has awesome taste in shows like me hahahaha!!! And I LOVE the cool BB decorative stamp!!! Thank you!!
u/mickey_is_bored Thank you so much to you & your sweet friends for cheering on complete strangers!!! I wish that back in college, I had the type of friend you & your pals are for carding crafternoons! So precious. Thinking of you & your friend & sending lots of healing vibes. Thanks for spreading cheer :)
u/hato_mailing Thank you for the sweet wax seals on the lovely barnacle goose postcard - love the Denmark bird stamp embellishment!
u/elliearbus Thank you so much for this AWESOME handmade watercolor card - you are so insanely talented!!! I love it!!!!! I’m a sucker for not only watercolor art, but illustrations of craft supplies so this card is absolutely a terrific treasure for me. It’s just adorable & brimming with energy! Thanks again. Wishing you endless joy as you create your wondrous watercolor work!!
u/gillbhai x 2 I’m so happy & relieved I finally found you, my mystery sender! Thank you so much for both of the gorgeous floral cards in my favorite bright colors! The pinks, oranges, & blues are just so cheery & happy! I also love the book rec & the Sharif poetry you wonderfully shared with me. I’ll have to read & re-read it to truly understand all the layers as you & Sharif are so amazingly deep! I would highly recommend the historical fiction book “A Gentleman in Moscow” by Amor Towles. It’s the best book I’ve read in many years. Wishing you joyous reads & a peaceful rest of 2023. Thank you so much for brightening my day with your lovely thoughts & beautiful cards!!
u/RoxanneBarton Thanks for the beautifully-illustrated pen & pencils “Snail Mail Club” postcard - I’m obsessed with illustrated cards & love it so much!!! I have to catch up with SG films too. LOVE your pretty handwriting! =) Wishing you fragrant bouquets of lilacs this spring, sweet friend.
u/purpleteasoul x 2 Thanks for the sweet purple floral thank you card - it was my pleasure to send you birthday mail! Thanks also “Welcome book lover…” postcard! Hahaha yes you’re right, I read your postcard from my little nook at the library! Wishing you the best of reads!!
u/littlehoneybeebuzz Thanks for the romantic Paris postcard! I love to read in dreary weather. Wishing you sunny skies this spring! =)
u/brittybear94 x 2 How cute you are is so apparent from your extraordinarily cute mail!! Thanks so much for the fun RAoC b-day wishes!! I’m madly in LOVE with the cuuuutest little Peanuts “Nuts About You” card, the adorable Cookie Monster sticker, & the incredibly festive colorful RAoC personalized rainbow mail sticker…SO SO cuuute!! Even the envelope was decorated in one thing - CUTE. Thanks for gracing my mailbox with such pretty things!!! =) Wishing you the crunchiest & chewiest of chocolate chip cookies, my cute friend!!!
u/Jane_Q Thanks for the lovely illustrated postcard of the Field Tulips in Holland! Even lovelier - how much you wrote on the back of the postcard! OMG my southern sensibilities woulda been smacked too had I gone through the nonsense you described! WTH?!? As Jerry Maguire would say, “These fish have manners.” Seriously whack!! But I was so happy you shared, thank you! Wishing you zero car issues so you never have to deal with mannerless buffoons ever again hahaha!
u/OkayFlan Thanks for the sweet “I am Grateful” postcard - I sure am grateful to have met you here & hope you’re having tons of fun with all your cool new card tech supplies!
u/falloutboy01 Thank you for the awesome handmade Easter card - the cutout with the hidden lime green layer is sooooo creative & pretty!!! I’m guessing you used Cricut - wow. The effect is amazing.The colors you used complement each other so well, especially for spring! Thanks also for the adorable stickers. Wishing you a splendid spring, kind friend!!
u/sunfireninety9 - Thank you for the beautiful Asian art illustration postcard! I LOVE all the neat stamps you used on the card. Wow, that is so neat about the 1991 vintage rose stamp! I’m so sorry to learn the glue tasted icky - but you made so many people happy (including me) with your kind happy mail lol! Wishing you tastier stamps next time haha, maybe cupcake flavored ones? ;)
u/feellikebeingajerk x 4 Thanks for the sweet handmade St. Patrick’s Day wishes & the cool President’s Day postcard of Monticello! It’s cool to appreciate our history & I’m glad you’re able to see historical figures through multiple lenses. I’m crazy about the pretty spring-y washi tape you used. Wishing you lots of pretty weather & sunny smiles this spring! THANKS a million for the awesome raspberry pie card & the throwback Holly Hobbie beauty (apologies no pics of these 2 sweeties - they’re elsewhere at the time I’m submitting this) - both of these sweeeeet cards made my day!!!!
u/Soleiletta Thank you for the fabulous card from Wednesday Addams - you totally channeled her so awesomely! You should write for the show!! =) I loved the cute Tarot stickers you used to decorate the card. And that handwriting - it’s just glorious!!! It’s somehow both modern & vintage too?!?? Just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your fun prompt creativity with me. =)
u/1398_days Thank you for the pretty pastel thank you card!!! It was my absolute pleasure to think of you on your birthday & I’m so touched it cheered you up! Your kind thank you card lifted my spirits & made me feel super happy! It’s so bright & colorful - just my fave color palette! I sure hope you’ve been having cheerful days since your birthday & that you will remind me when it’s your big day next year for more birthday greetings!! =)
u/somedrawer Thanks for the adorable doggie Easter card! Such fun stamps & washi decorations on the card - the baked confectionaries washi is sooo delicious! Love the positive affirmation you wrote: “I am capable of creating positive change in the world.” So uplifting! Here’s one for you: “I am a creator. I create my reality.”
u/its_top_secret x 2 Thank you for the sweet Seigensha postcard! And I love your spirit - you wanting to dance no matter what is so inspiring! I also love your willingness to be brave & embellish when no one is watching hahaha! Thank you for the vintage-y shrine postcard with your beautiful handwriting! Love how you would have searched for legendary figures if you had the chance to time travel. =) Wishing you a happy future & past too if you dare to explore haha!
u/aepeyc Thank you for the sweet Saint Patrick’s Day greetings with the pretty feather! Wishing you lots of luck not just on the 17th of each year, but each day as well. :)
u/missnettiemoore Thank you so much for this GORGEOUS cartoon Saint Patrick’s Day card!!! The sweet smiling critters are so charming!!! I also love the fun fact you wrote: “The odds in finding a 4-leaf clover are about 1 in 10,000.” I had no idea - that’s so mindblowing!!! Thank you for brightening my day with your sweet card. Wishing you a breezy, beautiful spring & that you chance across those rare 4 leaf clovers for lots of luck! =)
u/FollowingTheBeat You had me at the exquisite envelope decorated with your precious handmade cherry blossom tree! So pretty. I’m terrible at drawing trees so I’m especially excited by your talent. But that was just the appetizer. I’m in love with this gorgeous pink-themed floral feast of a card!!! Thank you! This card instantly makes me happy with all the bright colors & the pretty sticker you used to decorate it. This card is soooo beautiful, & so are you for including such sweet spring wishes for so many lovely things, including “beauty”! What an awesome wish. Wishing you a spring full of the same love & beautiful birds that serenade you & make you smile!
u/RayneKitten Thank you so much for the beautiful postcard to color - it’ll be a joy! I also love the quote. I appreciate your kindness! Wishing you lots of masterpieces!
u/PM_me_oak_trees Thank you for the *hilarious* April Fool’s Day card - the teaching English quip is priceless hahaha!!! I also love the awesome motivational quotes & funny jokes you wrote. OMG “I was going to write a time-travel joke, but you did not like it” - rahahahahahahaha! I’m so stealing that one! I really appreciated your creativity in sending “junk mail” - what a neato thing to do! Hope you had a beautiful April Fool’s Day - thanks for making mine special!
u/FancyBeadedPlacemat Thank you so much for the potato postcard! I was laughing when I received it because I only tagged potato pals & didn’t request one since merely *looking* at potatoes makes me gain weight LOL! But I was so glad you sent it to me because I had no idea about the fun history fact!!! That’s so cool that Marie Antoinette would wear potato blossoms in her hair!!! So thank you for sharing that awesome historical gem with me!!!
u/wabisabi_sf Thank you so much for this perfect postcard TREAT of Julia Child along with the fun facts about her life! It’s just a postcard dream as far as postcards go. I’m nuts for fun illustrations so this is a real treasure. I also love the fun vintage stamps you used. Thanks so much for thinking of me with your wonderful offer & for making me giddy by picking me to receive this scrumptious postcard!! =)
u/orangewolpertinger x 2 Thank you for the absolutely precious homemade cards!!!! The cuuuute pink kawaii candy themed card just made me melt!!! I love the combo of black & pink colors along with the pink & red themed scrapbook paper! The fox Saint Patrick’s Day card is soooo adorable too! Love the fun stickers you used to decorate the card! I also love & appreciate the kind stamps you included. You’re also so cute to take that Squishmallow personality quiz hahaha! So you’re Hans the Hedgehog? Although I agree that Hans is cute, he doesn’t hold up a cute candle compared to you & your endless card love!!! Thank you so much for these sweet treats!!! Wishing you lots of love & joy!
u/Bowies-solid-speech x 2 I’m so happy I found you, my fabulous obituary mystery sender!!!! I even tried looking for you with a search for “obituary” on Reddit but didn’t find any relevant hits…Reddit is so goofy. I loved your creative, thoughtful obituary so much! You have such a fun brain - thank you for brightening my day with the fake obit hahaha! Your creativity is so very charming!!! I also admired how eager you were to write in depth! I also LOVE the adorable postcard of the critter looking at himself in the mirror. Thank you! The pastel colors & illustration are awesome! I was drawn to it because of one of my favorite Kabir quotes: “But if a mirror ever makes you sad, you should know that it does not know you.” Wishing you lots of joy as you check your beautiful self out in the mirror!!
u/Slavkan12 THANK you so much for this gorgeous handmade “Dream Space” postcard that’s so bright & bouncy with the gorgeous array of blooming plants!!! It’s so pretty & makes me ache to have my own “Dream Space”!!! I love how you upcycled the calendar to create it. So cool & creative. But the front of the card isn’t where the magic ends - WOW!! I was **blown away** by your amazing illustration inside the card with the stunning self-portrait & the pretty pink & green plant!!! Your art skills are sublime! I love all the colors you used (such pretty pink hair & I love the color of your shirt). I wish so much I could draw like you but am grateful that even though I can’t, I’m a lucky recipient of this super cool gift!!!! I also love all the festive stickers you included & how you decorated the envelope with the unique bird/owl stickers. =) Thank you so much for this magnificent, magical mail! Wishing you lots of success in your art & beyond, kind friend!
u/jules_abroad How did you do it? Never before your gorgeous card would I have ever thought I would have called a card with toilet paper & poop on it “gorgeous”. But that’s what you did with your INSANE TALENT & ADORABLE poop & tp handmade wacky wonderful card!!! I’m honestly in awe even though poop & tp usually make me wanna throw up! I LOVE IT SO SO MUCH hahaha! Thank you for brightening my day with poop of all things! I’m including a highlighted picture of it with the link above. ;) I wish I could draw & watercolor like you do…this is so going in a frame in my future dream home bathroom!! =) Wishing you the softest, squishiest, most cloud-like tp ever, sweet friend!
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2023.06.08 00:57 bogorchid i found the perfect fabric!

it's a beautiful wool tweed with complexity, limited in number, almost sold out, and i want to sew a princess-seamed coat with it. it will be my biggest sewing project yet!
i just finished making my pattern from scratch, and because i want to test it out before buying the fabric (to make sure the yardage is correct), i asked the seller if they could reserve a rather large amount of what's remaining for me. i normally have bad luck with that kind of thing, so i didn't expect it when they said they'd be happy to, and that they'll also give me a good sized swatch so i can know for certain that it's a perfect fit.
i couldn't find this exact colour & texture in any other woven wool fabric, on the net or in local stores, so i got lucky here. i'm just so excited to get sewing.
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2023.06.08 00:57 throeawayxyz 27 [M4F] #Orlando/North America Submissive guy seeking Dominant connection

Hi there,
I'm a 27-year-old guy from just outside Orlando, Florida and I am seeking a real connection with a dominant woman who knows what she wants, and how to get it. Feel free to reach out if this stands out to you, I'd love to talk. I live alone and have been described by close friends as silly and compassionate, inclusion is one of the most important things in my life. I'm seeking a female-led relationship, the type of dynamic I am looking for is a life partner who is firmly in control, to what extent we can determine what works best for us. I would be more than happy to be your life partner who defers to you on the bigger decisions though I would love for you to have me in mind when making them. I recognize you are a real person so a constant dynamic isn't always realistic.
About me:
Basic stuff: I work a full-time job but also have a side hustle writing, I promise this is not nearly as exciting as it sounds but it is an increasingly lucrative thing that I'm looking to make my full-time focus sooner than later, still figuring out when sooner is though. I'm 5'7, about 140 lbs, here's a recent picture of me for reference. And as I recognize this is important to some people, I do not drive, my eyesight is very poor and as a result, I cannot legally drive, this, however, does not stop me from living an entirely independent life, most people don't actually know/can't tell until I tell them that I cannot drive.
Personal Interests: I love hanging out with friends and doing who knows what, I will admit that I am a bit of a homebody but my greatest joys in life are typically with other people, doing pretty much whatever. I am sober as in I do not drink or smoke but totally cool if you do as long as it is responsibly. I love going to thrift stores, eating great food, and really just exploring. I'm pretty nerdy in that I would say my single favorite thing to do is learn be that via YouTube videos, Reading or just getting out and trying something new, Psychology however is what interests me most and I could spend hours and hours talking about the weird ways people act and why. I also really enjoy movies and would love to know your favorite, I love anything funny or scary, and the Shrek series has a special place in my heart. Also love staying active, recently got back into going to the gym and an avid NBA followefan.
Fun Stuff
I am relatively inexperienced but I am someone who learns quickly and has done a thorough amount of research, enough that I feel that I can confidently serve a woman, the biggest part of all of this to me is the sense of belonging, the feeling of being owned by someone who wants the best for me and thus inspires me to want to be the best possible version of myself for them. I do not take this role lightly and it would be a privilege to be yours.
The Person I'm looking for:
I'm looking for a dominant woman either In Orlando or located somewhere in North America with the intention of this becoming an in person thing, I'm very open to relocating for the right situation and while I do like Orlando there isn't anything keeping me here. My ideal partner would be someone emotionally intelligent and capable of communicating in a healthy, consistent way, nothing excites me more than knowing exactly where I stand with you, for better or worse. (So I can improve to better serve.) Body type is unimportant to me as all women are beautiful in their own unique ways, as long as you take care of yourself you are my type. Age and your experience level are mostly unimportant to me as long as you're 20+ and know what it is you're looking for. Just to reiterate the connection is what is most important to me, knowing that someone has my best interest at heart and I have theirs, knowing that while I am still very much a person with real feelings but I want to be yours, completely.
Thank you for taking the time to check this out, I look forward to speaking to you soon.
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2023.06.08 00:56 Tricky_Pattern_2175 AITA for not hosting my sister’s dog and impacting our plans?

My sister (28f) and I (27f) began discussing a few months ago her and her family (partner, kids 5m, 4f) seeing me, my partner, and my son (2m) this summer. We've had pretty limited contact the past ~6 years, but I thought it would be great for our kids to bond as I’ve met her kids a few times (baby shower, birthdays) but they haven’t met my son yet (we live ~5hrs away). We agreed they would visit in July.
For context, my partner and I have become well off and recently purchased a sizable house in a beautiful neighborhood near a tourist area. 5 bedroom (hoping to expand the family!), pool, backyard, finished basement, etc. I'd love to share our home, but this week my sister surprised me by mentioning she plans to bring her dog along, who I wasn't even aware was still alive.
When we lived together almost a decade ago, her at the time puppy was very aggressive towards my elderly dog. My sister would watch and not intervene. She never helped separate them or warn me if I was in another room. I couldn't trust her to stop him, despite my pleas, leading to property damage and major anxiety in my dog.
During that time, my dog became alarmingly skinny. I believed it was due to old age, but expressed concern to my family including her, and was met with puzzlement. Then I witnessed, my presence unknown to her, my sister letting her puppy eat my dog's food (my dog snacks throughout the day) leaving it empty, and leaving without refilling the bowl or ever telling me to. This caused great conflict and distress. Following this, I policed my dogs bowl as she refused to shoo her dog, refill it, or inform me, and would open doors if I tried to keep her bowl sectioned off.
After I moved out, my dog regained the weight and seemed years younger. I couldn't forgive my sister for knowingly letting an animal go hungry to the point of medical concern. I made it clear that I don't want him in my living space or to dogsit him when I still lived nearby.
Now that I have a young cat, a child, and my own place, I don't want anyone mistreated. I suggested she leave her dog with her in-laws, get a hotel, or a dog sitter, but she refused due to financial struggles/in-laws said no. I suggested taking a trip elsewhere but she accused me of looking down on her and thinking her less than my neighborhood. She informed me that she would bring her dog anywhere we travel.
I've considered letting her bring the dog and keep him in the basement, but I struggle to trust that she will not let him wander unsupervised. It is possible that her dog has calmed down with age (not sure, she is claiming he was never aggressive). Even so, I want to enjoy the visit, not be reminded of past mistreatment.
However, my sister and her partner have already taken time off work. I feel guilty for potentially ruining their limited time off. Also, I worry this might prevent my son from having a relationship with his only cousins, which I greatly want. So, AITA for not wanting to host my sister's dog and impacting our plans?
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2023.06.08 00:56 is-now-wayne Laundry service damaged my shirt and refused to pay for damages. What are my options?

Nalagyan ng parang Zonrox or bleach na smudge yung sleeve. It's a black longsleeve polo. It's branded and has a sentimental value to me, so I'm super upset. I requested a settlement of ₱1,000 as per current price range of the brand's shirts in online shops.
Hinahanapan ako resibo nung damit, but I countered na they can't realistically expect their customers to keep receipts of every single piece of clothing that they launder. Then, they offered to pay, but we have to give them the shirt in return, which I refused kasi parang binenta ko yung damit sa kanila.
Later, may sinasabi sila na they're not held liable for damages based on their terms sa laundry receipt, but I honestly don't have a copy of the previous laundry receipts anymore. Is this true, though? Parang ang bullshit naman kasi nun as a consumer.
Mamaya kakausapin ko yung may-ari to discuss this again, kasi apparently I have been given the runaround kung sino ba tunay na may-ari, despite multiple requests from me na yung may-ari ng store ang gusto ko makausap. It felt like the staff were trying their best na wag makarating sa may-ari yung nangyari.
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2023.06.08 00:51 TempusFugit1834 I’ve been looking for a discontinued OP36 with sunburst blue 369 dial which I dreamed of for a long time, and then I tried this new 36mm Explorer at my local AD… I need your help!

I’ve been looking for a discontinued OP36 with sunburst blue 369 dial which I dreamed of for a long time, and then I tried this new 36mm Explorer at my local AD… I need your help!
I’ve decided to buy my very first luxury watch, and have been in awe of the blue sunburst dial of the 116000 for a few years. I found a full set one near me in very good condition from a private seller I visited this week, very nice. He himself bought it from a grey dealer in 2020, but it is from 2013 and is « only » 1K€ less than a brand new 124270…
I think I’m still stuck on the blue 369 dial because I always thought it would be my very first Rolex. But I went to try the Explorer twice now and it feels just so perfect on my wrist, its size, hands, newer movement and bracelet, the fact its a brand new watch etc. (and according to my AD I could get it in a few weeks / couple of months).
I also think the Explorer dial is more balanced, the 369 116000 is beautifully simple but too much negative space I feel. It seems « weirder » than the more balanced Air King 114200 with the same dial (but its 34mm is too small for my taste).
I think I would not be interested in the 116000 if it was not sunburst blue. I’m also looking for a watch I can wear daily and for any occasion. I can’t choose right now… Can you please give me some advice?
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2023.06.08 00:47 Domo6805 Need help with next steps in selling an inheritance

I'd love some help on next steps and should start by saying this is my first reddit posting, so if I've done something wrong/could do it better, I'll take that feedback!
My wife's uncle recently passed away and they found these collection of comic books in binders. Each is in a simple plastic bag in the binder and stored in a cedar chest. The family doesn't have a lot of emotional attachment to the comics and are interested in selling them, and I've taken the task of doing next steps.
Here's the problem--I don't know next steps!
As you can see from the pictures (again, sorry for not having the actual issues), some of these seem fairly valuable like the first three original Silver Surfers, the first 8 Invincible Iron Mans, and issues 4-7 of The Amazing Spider-Man.
These seem to be in fine condition--I wouldn't say mint by any means, but no massive yellowing of paper nor major folds/bends.
Two questions I need help with:
1) What are the next steps we can take to sell these? I live near Denver, Colorado and the comics and the family are in Casa Grande, Arizona. I don't know if it's best to get them graded, just go to a comic book shop, post them on eBay, or what. I want to help them but am afraid they might get ripped off.
2) Which comics, assuming they are all in good condition, should I tell them are the most valuable?
Thanks for the help!
PS A friend recommended this reddit page but as I look at the rules, it's possible this breaks rule 7 about speculation or value--if so, please give me the feedback so I can follow the rules!
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2023.06.08 00:47 ThrowRA-Spiderbrows How do I (m43) tell my gf (f41) of five years that her eyebrows are too dark?

Her eyebrows have always been a little heavy handed, but she’s had jet black hair and it looked ok so it didn’t really bother me. I’m not sure of the process, but she spends about half her time doing makeup working on her eyebrows. I also know that her natural brows are very thin and hard to see and that bothers her. Which is why she spends so much time on them. I assume. Just recently she dyed it a little lighter and has also started increasing the size of her brows. It looks ridiculous. I feel like a dick even saying that, because I feel like it shouldn’t matter. It looks like she stamped them on. I want to maybe ask if she could lighten the color up a bit to at least match it with her hair, but I really do wish it looked a little more natural. I don’t see her that often because I have kids and a crazy work schedule. I don’t want to ruin our time together and I don’t want to do it over text or phone. I’m just nervous about it. I struggle with conflict due to some childhood trauma and this kind of thing stresses me out. Can you offer any help on how to do this as gently as possible?
Edit: Just for clarity. This isn’t a make or break thing. I don’t care if she keeps them. I still love her and think she’s beautiful. I was just thinking she may want to know that I noticed. Maybe she doesn’t realize because it’s a habit and it’s how she’s always done it. She has a lot of opinions about me that she has no issue saying. What’s different about her is that she can just tell me something and not make it a big deal, whereas my issue is not knowing how to not make it a big deal.
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2023.06.08 00:42 HaZalaf Kevin's Last Lie

Author's Note: This story is long. I'm sorry. It really deserves to be told exactly as it happened and therefore, I am forced into murdering brevity. I hope that in time you'll forgive me.
I'm going to tell y'all another stupid story. I should warn you that this one isn't really a comedy, despite being set in a RadioShack.
A few months after Cocaine-Kevin took off for Brazil in pursuit of true love, we got a new transfer employee. We came to call him 'Aikedo-Kevin' (I'm adding the -Kevin because this is a subreddit about Kevins.)
We called him 'Aikedo' because we met him before the final act of the following chain of events took place and afterwards we just didn't have the motivation to attach anything else to him.
When I replay what happened in my head, it astounds me that this took place at all. I mean, we had our fair share of Kevins at RadioShack. There was Cocaine-Kevin, (whom you've previously met.) Crazy-Kevin, 'TP' Kevin, Kevin the Customer, and Kevin the Destroyer. Every one of these people occupy space in my brain for various reasons, but out of all these Kevins, Aikedo-Kevin is the most memorable. And not for the reason you'd most expect.
As if he represented the cosmic opposite to the Kevin he was replacing, this new Kevin came across as competent. He was older and well-kept. He didn't smell at all like sun-dried squirrel and rather than being cartoonishly fat, he was worryingly thin. He looked surprisingly normal for a RadioShack employee; completely trustworthy, certainly like the guy you'd confidently go to to get your Questions Answered.
Looking at him, I would never have believed in a million years that he would be the most profligate serial liar that I've ever had the misfortune to meet.
I know that I should start this tale at the beginning; with the story of how he got his name, but I really don't have the space, so instead we'll just rollercoaster through this cascade of events much like I did originally.
Almost from the moment Kevin showed up, things got real weird, real fast. He lasted for about six months with us, but they were unforgettable. It started with Kevin telling us that he was a 'triple-stripe; dragon-class' black belt in aikedo. Then he told us that he met Kiss back in the 70's and they invited him back to their hotel to party. Then the lies got egregious. He was late because there was a riot at Publix. Someone else ate the food that I had clearly marked and labelled in the back fridge. His dad was in the CIA and helped plan Vietnam with Henry Kissinger. He didn't know why the drawer was short $5.34. He was allergic to fruit. The list was long and got progressively weirder as the weeks went by, but it was generally innocuous; innocent.
But then he fucked up. He told a lie about NASA. Guys, this was a RadioShack. We were all nerds of various stripes, with varying areas of scientific interest and knowledge. There was NO possibility in any universe that one could just traipse into my RadioShack and successfully lie about NASA. Especially this particular lie. There was even less of a possibility that upon hearing such a lie spoken, any of us RadioShack employees would let it go unchallenged.
Ok, now that all the foreshadowing is out of the way, let me get down to the meat. I mean, that's why you're still here, right?
This chain of events spanned three days and it began in the way these things always do; somewhat accidentally.
It was a normal Florida afternoon for everyone who didn't work at my store. As usual, I came in on second (closing) shift. I was taking over from Kevin, who'd just returned from his vacation. The drawer was missing $5.34. Again? Wtf? He 'fixed' it while I was in the back re-counting it. Okay. $5.34? This is so weird. I have to report this shit.
While waiting for his wife to pick him up, Kevin told me that he and his family had had a blast in Cape Canaveral. That he was able to take his son into the 'anti-gravity chamber' at NASA. He went into great detail about how they 'flew around in the tunnel.'
Now, y'all... I'm not an idiot. I very well know how NASA trains their astronauts in Zero-G. Fuck it, I'll bite.
"Uh, Kevin, they use planes to simulate zero-gravity. What are you talking about?"
He shook his head conspiratorially and said, "No, they have secret pods. There's two. One in Huntsville, Alabama, and one at Cape Canaveral. It's top-secret. I have a friend."
I stood there transfixed as Kevin embellished his experiences at NASA a bit more, making sure I knew how cool it was that his kids got to meet all the astronauts and how big the pod really was (almost as big as the Pentagon) until his wife finally showed up and they left.
I think I took a minute before going back inside. I had to call Frank (our store manager) to report the drawer discrepancy. And if I'm being honest, I also wanted to inform him of NASA's Pentagon-sized secret. We were all getting sick of Kevin's fibs, but nobody had really said anything to him yet and I knew Frank was a huge NASA fan. Repeating to him what Kevin had said was tantamount to lighting off firecrackers at a funeral, and at that age, I just wanted to watch the world burn.
Frank answered on the first ring, as I knew he would if the store was calling him.
"Heeeyyyyy, Frank. So. My drawer was short $5.34 again. Kevin somehow fixed it. He also went to the, uh, secret anti-gravity pod at NASA while he was at Cape Canaveral."
Frank laughed. There was a long pause. Then he snarled.
"What? Your drawer was short?! I'm DONE with this!" Frank hung up. I looked down at the phone. Dang. Frank is a terrible force for truth in the universe. I knew this from painful personal experience.
I got a call at 5 am to come in early; that Kevin couldn't open. Whatever. More money for me. I rolled out of bed.
When I got there, Frank was behind the counter pacing and literally purple. I've never seen a human being that color before. He looked like an engorged eggplant preparing for a Kanly duel.
I was putting my stuff away in the back when Frank stomped in behind me. He was hollering about gravity and idiots and I realized immediately that Kevin was in major, major trouble.
A frission tickled its way through my central nervous system. Fear or anticipation? Uncertain. Frank could be terrifying. Alternately, Frank could be compassionate. Frank was a real street-dude; a living tragedy-to-triumph, rags-to-riches kind of guy. He was also a VERY understanding boss. He basically only had three rules: 'Don't fuckin' steal,' 'Don't bring your personal fuckery to the store,' and, most importantly, 'Don't EVER fuckin' LIE to me.'
Those are exact quotes and he lived up to them. I know this. And now you all know this too. Kevin should have known this, but Kevin lived life on the edge.
In the backroom, I squared my shoulders and pretended to be uninterested while watching Frank's face pulse with incandescent rage.
"What's up?" I ventured, trying to hide my curiosity.
Frank exploded like something you shouldn't microwave. His purple face rippled as he tried to roll his eyes and snort simultaneously. He looked for all the world like an indignant water buffalo. Which is funny really. See, big game hunters will tell you that despite looking slow and stupid, the water buffalo is one of the most dangerous animals on Earth. African buffalo will lay traps. They will actually double back to lie in wait to hunt their hunter. And, much like the animal he resembled, Frank too was dangerous and known for his traps.
He smiled at me ferally.
"Kevin called out this morning. Apparently his cousin the St. Petersburg cop got shot last night in a drug raid."
"What does that have to do with NASA?" I said stupidly.
Frank stared at me like I was the only Red Gal in the Blue Man Group.
"I busted Kevin last night for theft." Frank said slowly, with that owlish look he saved for especially thick customers.
Okaaaay "But, what does tha-" I stopped, the light bulb over my head starting to flicker.
"Oh." I said.
Frank was still staring at me, perhaps waiting for my brain to finish its loading sequence. Accurately concluding that I was operating somewhat below dial-up speed, he sighed impatiently and continued.
"My wife called the hospital just now. They don't have anyone by the name of (Kevin's cousin's name) on file there. She called two other hospitals just to be sure."
I just looked at him blankly. "Waaaait. what?!" My mental bulb finally snapped on and flared brightly. Oh shiiit. My brain is furiously connecting dots. Did he lie to get un-caught for thieving? Is that a even a thing? Wtf?
Frank nodded grimly and picked up the phone. He dialed Kevin's number.
Unfortunately for this story, I had a customer walk in right then and therefore didn't hear what was said. Customers can be the most annoying things in the world sometimes. This one probably wasn't, but I don't remember because all I could think about was Kevin's career suicide. It seemed like an eternity passed before I was able to rejoin Frank in his investigation.
In the time I was away, Frank had learned two things: the first thing being that no cops had been shot according to the news, (which Kevin countered by claiming that the news wouldn't report a cop being shot in an on-going investigation,) and the second thing being that no hospital in the tri-county area had admitted anyone matching his cousin's name, (which Kevin dismissed by saying that secrecy was standard operating procedure in a 'Full Blackout' situation and that it's all put in place to protect a wounded cop's identity.
It was a testament to Frank's determination that he was able to do all this so quickly. Especially since this all happened back in the 90's before the sum of human knowledge was only a smartphone click away.
This inanity went on for my entire shift. Frank sending his wife to check out hospitals while he alternately called the local newspapers, TV stations, and Kevin.
Frank was terrifying in his pursuit of truth and I have to admit, it was a thing of beauty to watch him put his case together. Perry Mason be damned; Frank was on an investigative roll. But no matter what he learned, when he called Kevin, Kevin had an answer to it. A detailed answer. He went into specifics about how the bullet (9mm) hit his cousin's vest and richocheted off of a rib. He explained how it was a 'cartel case,' and everything has to be kept hush-hush. It was quite entertaining, if schadenfreude is your thing. It's not mine. I can't really explain how uncomfortable the whole thing made me feel. Like chewing on cotton. There's no way Kevin keeps his job. Kevin has the survival skills of a suicide bomber and the critical thinking skills of a cabbage. It was plain as day that Kevin was a drowning man grasping desperately for an anchor.
Finally, my shift ended and I went home mentally exhausted on Kevin's behalf.
As I left, I could see Frank behind the counter, still on the phone, hyper-focused, and absolutely intent upon some mission objective that I apparently wasn't cleared for. He told me just to be ready to close the next day.
I woke up haunted with the strange certain knowledge that disaster was nigh. Maybe it was the same instinct that allows animals to sense an earthquake before it strikes. I really don't know. I felt both uncomfortable and giddy as I readied myself for work.
When I pulled into the RadioShack, I saw that Frank's Jeep was there. So was Frank's wife's SUV. Kevin's car was nowhere to be seen.
Oh boy... this was not a good sign. I parked and went in. Immediately I could see Frank, his wife, and the employee who had opened huddled furtively together behind the counter. No customers in sight.
Excellent, I thought. Maybe I'll finally get some Answers. This IS a RadioShack, after all, right?
As I counted in my drawer, the preliminary results of Frank's investigation poured out: allegedly Kevin had been taking money from the drawer to get McDonalds for lunch. The amount ($5.34) matched perfectly with the meal Kevin was observed eating each day that he worked. No one knew why he did this. He very obviously brought his lunch in from home every morning.
Frank was a-twitter with anticipatory fury as he spoke. After the conversation he'd had with Frank the previous night, Kevin had slyly switched shifts with another employee to avoid having to open and therefore face Frank. Which, of course, had jacked Frank's temper over from red to plaid. Kevin daring to dodge him like this was simply the last straw, and he had decided he was going to fire Kevin. ...Except, despite trying all morning, he hadn't managed to actually reach Kevin to give him the news.
Frank being Frank, this had in no way deterred him. He had simply looked in Kevin's employee file and called the emergency contact. By the time I walked in, the proverbial shit had hit the fan and was well on its ballistic arc towards us in the form of Kevin's wife.
Yall. It's really important for this story that you have a mental picture of Kevin's wife. Essential, even.
Do y'all remember that 90's song 'All Star' by that band Smashmouth? Remember the lead singer? If you don't, it's okay. Just picture Guy Fieri instead. Now picture Guy Fieri/the Smashmouth dude dressed up as Xena: Warrior Princess. That's what she looked like. She was enormous. Not necessarily fat, but big. I bet she could crush a watermelon with her thighs, easy. (That's really a thing, by the way. You should probably Google it. Fuck it, here ya go )
Anyway, 'Xena' was surprised to hear that Kevin wasn't at work. She was even more stunned by what Frank had to say.
At roughly the same time this phone conversation was taking place at the RadioShack, another, weirder conversation was taking place in person across town. Out of exasperation, and to out-manuever Kevin completely, Frank had finally just sent his wife down to the police station...
...which went something like this: she walked in, and asked if any cops had been shot recently. I imagine there was a pregnant pause at the reception desk while it was hurriedly determined whether or not she was a threat or a crazy person. She asked again and was told that no, no one had been shot recently. She then asked to speak with Officer (Kevin's Cousin's Name) and lo and behold! he happened to be walking by at that exact moment, un-wounded, ambulatory, and utterly confused as to why anybody thought he'd been shot in the first place.
Perched behind the counter in the RadioShack, listening to Frank and his wife list the steps they had taken and the results of taking said steps, I actually felt kind of bad for Kevin. I mean, why would he do this?
Why would anyone make up such a ridiculous lie? What did he have to gain? And most mysteriously, why was he stealing to buy lunch when he brought his own lunch in? The whole thing was steeped in bizarre absurdity and I was beginning to lose perspective of the situation when the door-chime dinged and Kevin walked contritely into the store, followed by his strapping virago of a wife.
Y'all. Holy shit. I don't think that I will be able to properly describe what followed but I will do my best.
When I was a kid, there was a cartoon I saw once. Maybe it was part of a Disney movie, maybe a Bugs Bunny short, I don't really remember. But in it, a ginormous nanny-type woman drags a teensy man into a room by his ear to force him to apologize for something.
That's almost exactly what happened. Xena frog-marched Kevin into the RadioShack and made him apologize for stealing. She literally made him hand over an envelope with $600 in it. (The amount Frank calculated Kevin had stolen over six months.) And then she berated him for breaking the diet she had set for him.
I'm going to say that again. He broke the diet she had set for him. This ... veritable Amazon of a woman had set a caloric limit for this dude who was already so skinny that he could likely crawl through the holes in a chain-link fence. All of a sudden, it all made sense. All of it. Kevin was emasculated, hence the lies. Kevin was desperate and fucking starving, so he stole to feed himself. I was wrestling with my new-found understanding of all things Kevin when she told us the envelope was all of his 'allowance' money. At this point, I was entirely speechless. I could only gape witlessly at her.
Stealing a glance back at Frank, I could tell he was going through the very same emotional turmoil as I was.
In the uncomfortable silence, Kevin handed over his keys and mumbled something about it being great working with us and then they left.
With the possible exception of the first time I saw the cemetary scene in Steel Magnolias, I have never gone from one emotional extreme to the other so quickly. Where I had been affronted by his actions only minutes earlier, now I felt unimaginable regret and I could tell Frank felt the same way. Frank had held back from revealing that he'd had his wife visit the police station and he never even brought it up. He looked deflated; all the energy and momentum of the chase gone, replaced by utter shock and remorse.
Y'all, I bet you thought this story was going to have a happy ending. Or at least a funny one. I'm sorry to disappoint you. No happy ending here, just a cloudy moral lesson.
Kevin was fired and we never saw him again, though I insisted that Frank's wife go back down to the police station and tell Kevin's cousin everything we'd seen and heard. I felt that I owed him that much, being responsible for the initial phone call that had set everything in motion.
Yes, Frank and I learned much and more that day. That experience changed something in me. I'd like to think I'm a better person now.
Oh, I still laugh at Kevins, but I don't assume anything anymore. Oh, no. I've learned that everyone has a truth to tell, even if it comes swaddled in lies.
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2023.06.08 00:42 lesbr Searching for Caitlin

My Vet is recommending Caitlin, a dog trainer, who lives near Tractor Supply in Windsor. Do you know Caitlin? Can you give me an email or phone number? I need to start training in August. Thanks
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2023.06.08 00:40 bbbbbbbbrrrrrr AITA for bringing my dog to the grocery store?

There is a grocery store near me that I bring my (non-service) dog into sometimes.
Originally, I would not bring her in; either me or my partner would stay outside with the dog. Or I would just go without the dog entirely. But then we saw several people going in and out with dogs, and figured it was allowed.
I talked with two different managers on different occasions, one on the phone and one in person. They both said dogs were allowed. Whenever we go in, some of the employees say hi to my dog. My dog is well-behaved; she doesn’t jump up or bark or anything like that. If she is misbehaving that day, I just will skip out on the store entirely.
Today, another customer told me off for bringing my dog into the store. She wasn’t doing anything naughty, just sitting on the floor next to me while I chose deli meat. The customer asked whether she was a service dog because non-service dogs are not allowed in the store. I said she wasn’t, but the managers had told me it was okay to bring my dog in. He said that it was still wrong to do because some people are allergic to dogs. I asked if he was allergic. He said he wasn’t, but that I still shouldn’t bring my dog in because other people are allergic. I told him again that the managers said I was allowed to.
No one got hysterical or angry, but I could tell this guy was not happy. I am ambivalent about this interaction: I get that lots of places are not appropriate for dogs, and that you don’t need to be allergic not to want a dog in the store. If the staff had told me not to bring my dog, I wouldn’t. But the people who run the place told me it was alright.
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2023.06.08 00:35 FantasticShoulders A little bit of special interest frustration

I really hate going into “defensive” mode (even just internally) when it comes to hyperfixations or special interests.
For instance, fairy tales seem to be the special interest that stuck around after childhood. When I was little, I would spend hours watching Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Princess and the Pauper…and then even more time modeling my behavior after my favorite princesses (Aurora’s been the biggest influence). People have called me a real life Disney Princess on multiple occasions, and I know it’s because that modeled behavior became my actual mannerisms and shaped my personality/fashion sense.
Ballet falls under the umbrella, too, due to the Barbie versions of Swan Lake/the Nutcrackethe 12 Dancing Princesses (and Sleeping Beauty as a non-Barbie influence). I don’t know how much of my toe-walking is a sensory thing and how much is a remnant of copying ballerinas. I never took professional ballet classes, but not for a lack of wishing and wanting (there weren’t studios near me).
Now, having gained/discovered a special interest in media analysis (I can’t just say “this could have represented X”, I have to basically write a whole essay on it), I understand fairy tales better. It’s worth noting that Disney’s versions of fairy tales weren’t ever my special interest; it’s fairy tales as a whole. The huge, main thing I’ve come to understand is that we don’t really have “original” versions of tales that weren’t literary ones.
Stories like The Nutcracker, The Little Mermaid, Alice in Wonderland, and the Wizard of Oz are all literary fairy tales: created by an author using a variety of different inspirations. Other fairy tales, like Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty, don’t have originals. What they do have is earliest known examples of their tale type: a number and name given to tales that share tropes according to the Aarne-Thompson Index.
Where my frustration comes in is how I get so ticked off when people say things like “the original Sleeping Beauty included (insert horrific thing), Disney sanitized it!”
I feel compelled to correct them, and when I do it feels like I come off as a jerk (not normal for me) and a pretentious know-it-all. My instant response is “actually, Disney’s version of Sleeping Beauty was based off of the ballet, which was based off of the version of Sleeping Beauty written down by Charles Perrault. The oldest examples of the tale type are horrific, yes, but they’re under the same umbrella…not the same story. Perrault’s version doesn’t even include a kiss; the prince falls to his knees when he discovers the princess and she wakes up after that, asking him if he’s the one she’s been dreaming of.”
I also get super frustrated about “dark” versions of fairy tales that get their lore from movie adaptations. I can’t express how much I hate the Maleficent movies (can you tell I have a special affinity for Sleeping Beauty yet?). I’ve also got a special, specific distaste for Wicked because of how badly it butchers the original Oz books (which the Oz film also butchered in places—specifically the handling of “you’ve all have had the power within you all along” for the Scarecrow/Tin Man/Lion, who got massively flanderized). It further adds to this cycle of misunderstandings regarding how fairy tales work and how Disney has created a pseudo-canon of fairy tales in general.
Snow White figures typically don’t get kissed (usually something happens that causes them to cough up the apple), Sleeping Beauties don’t always prick their fingers on a spinning wheel (it’s usually the case that a piece of flax gets stuck under their fingernail), and it’s not always the shoe that causes the Prince to recognize Cinderella (in some cases it’s her eyes, which is so sweet).
But I can’t go into detail about this stuff every time it comes up, because I don’t want to be seen as a walking, pretentious fairy tale encyclopedia. I don’t want to ruin anyone else’s enjoyment, and I just don’t like the feeling of realizing I’ve been defensive/protective of my interests after I’ve unknowingly spoken an analytical essay’s worth of information to someone.
I wish I could enjoy movies that draw from fairytale stereotypes/Disney’s versions of fairy tales (or at least discuss them with friends) without feeling insulted/attacked. I also wish I had the option to not attract too much attention while still dressing how I like and acting like myself.
At the same time, though, my passion has given me opportunities I never thought I would get. So it’s not all bad, not at all. Just frustrating to deal with sometimes.
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2023.06.08 00:35 AlexTMichas Four Vans

Four Vans

Four Vans

I’ve had four vans in my life. A green 1978 bus, a white 1968 bus, a blue 1990 Vanagon, and a white 1990 Vanagon, which I drive today. Despite modern van options, my connection to VW buses and van continues to last. Now in my 40s, and with each year passing, my relationship with vans is an evolution filled with memories all of which are inspired by outdoor adventure and the curve of a road less traveled. As I begin this series of posts regarding my relationship to vans, I wanted to start with an overview of these four vans.
Van #1. Europe
When I was just about four years old, my parents decided to move to Europe with us three kids, and a teenage babysitter, who ended up more like a fourth child than the intended caregiver they had planned for. We spent two years there, much of the time in a van, (technically consider a “bus”) traveling across land, visiting relatives along the way.
The bus was shipped back from German to the United States where after a few years my dad sold it to a good friend in Sacramento.l, CA. Nearly 30 years later that same friend called me to ask if I wanted the bus - it was in perfect shape, having been stored in a garage for all those years. I had to decline… I just didn’t have the space and ability to keep it.
Here’s my dad in the late 70’s - I suspect this photo was taken near Lake Tahoe.
Van #2. High school
In high school, I purchased this 1968 air cooled bus… I think I purchased it for about $1500, and drove it about for a few years - no doubt playing Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin and Cat Stevens on a crappy aftermarket stereo. When I tired my hand at rewiring some electrical which led to a catastrophic electrical problem, or seeing one of my wheels roll past me at a neighborhood stop sign shortly after I changed a flat tired, I realized my time as mechanic was short lived.
Van #3. Blueberry
Living in south Berkeley, CA in 2005, I was walking past the Berkeley Bowl, a popular grocery store when I saw a blue Vanagon. Without much thought, my soon-to-be-wife and I purchased what we later named Blueberry, a 1990 Multivan - the roomy van version that sleeps four, seats 7 with belts, but without a kitchen.
On a trip with my dog Cleo, here’s Blueberry, near Mono Lake and the hills along Highway 395.
In La Paz, Mexico, we settled up next to this dilapidated palapa (a traditional Mexican shelter roofed with palm leaves) for several nights, eating fresh fish and snorkeling. You can see our kitchen at the back of the van, and shower bag draped above.
A cold night in Yosemite with good friend. The following morning we fished in the lake just beyond.
Trip to Idaho with our pup Cleo. One of our longer trips for friend’s wedding in Sun Valley.
Kiddos in the loft pop top
Russian Gulch State Park outside Mendocino
Van #4: Luna
When I realized I no longer wanted to go longer distances and Blueberry due to lack of air conditioning and limited power in the hills, I started looking for a van replacement. So at the end of 2021, we purchased another 1990 Multivan in white named Luna. Swapping some of the good stuff from Blueberry, Luna can do everything. It has a rebuilt turbo engine - nearly doubling the power, a propane heater for cold nights, a rebuilt manual transmission, and so many other upgrades - it was just easier to purchase the van I wanted rather than spend the money, hassle, and time upgrading Blueberry.
In Tilden Park
A visit to the light house on Point Reyes in Marin
Muir Beach and a stop at the Pelican Inn in Marin
North of Santa Cruz in Pescadero for a hot chocolate break
I could have spent more on a bigger, more modern van, but I decided to stick with what I know. Simply…. there is nothing like driving a Vanagon.
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2023.06.08 00:35 The-Grand-Potatoe Knife Questionnaire

I’m overwhelmed in the world of Japanese knife makers… please help

  1. What budget, currency, and region are you based in/can purchase from? -
    1. Idealing i’m looking for something in the $100 - $150 range, but can go over that for the right knife, USD, I’m in the Seattle Area of the United States
  2. What length, handle type, and profile are you looking for? -
    1. I’m looking for a paring knife or small Petti (90mm -130mm), Ideally a Japanese Octagonal handle, but open to a western style.
  3. Intended use case of the knife? Be as specific as possible -
    1. Primarily used for cutting fruit (no stone fruit) and decorative cutting. Example scoring bread or cutting fruit to decorate baked goods.
  4. Do you prefer a high performance knife with a thin, fragile edge or a knife that trades off cutting performance for a more durable and forgiving edge? -
    1. Looking to prioritize cutting performance over durability
  5. Do you require a stainless knife? -
    1. No, I’d actually prefer a high-carbon knife that will patina over time.
  6. What knives have you owned? What do you like/dislike about them? -
    1. Zwilling Bob Kramer Carbon Steel 2.0 10 inch chef's knife. I love this knife, the patena is beautiful, the edge retention is better than anything else I have, and I like the weight of it.
    2. Shun Kanso Asian Utility Knife. This was my first eastern style knife. I love the flat profile, this is my workhorse for most veggi prep. I really like the shape and look of this knife. Down sides, it’s a little heavy and thick, it has a tendency to wedge a bit. Its edge retention is also sub-par for what I expected from Shun… I will likely replace this knife with a thinner, higher performance knife in the future.
    3. Victorinox Rosewood Santoku Knife, 7-Inch. I bought this for my wife so she wouldn’t touch my other knives. I needed something that she could leave in the sink without making me cringe. That said, I actually use this knife a lot… I love how light it is, how thin the blade is, and the edge retention is great. It just doesn’t look very nice…
  7. What knives are you considering? What knives from the flowcharts interest you? Provide links where possible.
    1. I’m a little out of my depth here… hence why I’ve come to this group for help. Here are a few that i’ve found that I’m initially drawn to.
    2. Takamura Knives Chromax Steel Hammered Petty-Utility Japanese Knife 130mm Brown Pakka Wood Handle
      1. I don’t know much about Chromax steel… But I really like the hammered look and the “rustic” handle. Although I would prefer a dark wood octagonal handle
    3. Kikusumi BLACK GHOST 5″ Petty Knife
      1. This is well above my stated budget, but the size and style are perfect. I also don’t know much about G3 steel in comparison to high-carbon steels.
    4. Tsunehisa AS Kurouchi Petty 80mm
      1. This would be great if I could find one.
  8. Any other additional context that you would like to give? (finishes, special requests, specific materials, height requirements, etc.)
    1. I prefer darker handles. I don’t like Damascus finish, but I do like a hammered finish.
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