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2020.04.23 10:06 UrbanEDC_Jeff UrbanEDC

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2023.03.30 19:27 fjoani Hi, does anybody know what color is this? Is it light brown or kinda blonde and would it look good on fair cool tone skin?

Hi, does anybody know what color is this? Is it light brown or kinda blonde and would it look good on fair cool tone skin? submitted by fjoani to Hair [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 19:27 StepwiseUndrape574 As the technology used in game development continues to advance

As the technology used in game development continues to advance, fans are hoping that GTA 6 will push the boundaries of what is possible in terms of graphics and visual fidelity. From realistic lighting and physics to lifelike character models and environments, fans are eager to see just how stunning the game's visuals can be.
GTA 5 Modder 👑 Buy gta 5 accounts http://Furymodz.com // Fortnite // GTA 5 Accounts, Mods 💎 Creator on Patreon: http://patreon.com/furymodz 🎪
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2023.03.30 19:27 bratty_vick Ferrari maniac 🚘

TL;Dr: Chiseled business banker takes me on 80 mph red Ferrari ninja 🥷 turtle race home. Rescued by the Tracy the circle k clerk 😈✨🤌🏼.
This all started with a random message from a man claiming he had seen me in high school offering me some harmless Dutch. I agreed thinking it would be a casual night with Dutch and laughs. To my surprise he took me to Dutch acted like a gentle men, even serenaded me with a guitar 💀💀 on a warehouse top. All this sounds dandy right things move on to touching my legs and he try’s to go for it I explain that the first date is not the time. He instantly changes moods pull his black stinky jacket 🤮 up to his eyeballs and starts driving 80 mph to get me home 💀💀💀💀💀 and at this point I’m like ima die 🥹🥹🥹🥹 however he stops at the light and I say let me out and hop out 🫡🫡🫡. The circle k is right there I meet the nicest attendant name Tracy while I order my Lyft home 🥹🥹🥹
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2023.03.30 19:26 ariflash6 Question: Meds are too expensive for me

Hi everyone! Hope y’all are doing great 🌻
As the title suggests, my meds are too expensive for me and idk what to do. I am on prescription (Brintellix 20mg) and my latest purchase was RM504 for 4 boxes of 28 tabs each which is waaaaayyyy too pricey huwaaa
What can I do ya? I tried to go on a few days (2) without meds and it ain’t good brev 💀 sorry just tryna keep the tone light here, have a good day ahead everyone!
Your help/advice would be mucho appreciated :) thanks!
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2023.03.30 19:26 mar2882 Redefining friendship

After a friendship fallout I had over a year ago, I pretty much kept to myself and spent many days pondering how and when things went sideways. Came to a couple of conclusions, a major one being that I my expectations of what a friendship is was either out of date or just not accurate. Then an old buddy reached out to me who I hadn’t seen or heard of for about 5 years. I caught myself already looking forward to meeting up and hanging out when he asked if was free sometime the following week. I thought, “let me think this through before this turns out to be another waste of time,” I couldn’t really come up with anything we have in common and I also had to tread lightly with my views on the world because it’s not everyone’s cup of tea sort to speak. So what will hanging out with this guy look like?? Just me sitting there listening to him talk? This thought made reassess how I was coping with the friendship fallout that happened last year with my former best friend. And idk, in a way, I don’t feel as bad as I used to. I still crave to some extent having some form of a social life outside of just my family but how? Where? Should I take up a hobby like disc golf or bowling? What should I do?
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2023.03.30 19:25 GoBestfriend- 00’ Nissan Maxima, Caliper Replacement Brake Bleed Problems

I met a local mobile mechanic service, I’ve dealt with this gentlemen a few times it was a weekend job, Which is why i. choose him as i needed my car for work. my brake caliper driver side froze up, Luckily right when i got to work, i called him up. And he came while i was at work. And allowed me to “front” or “borrow” the labor cost. Until payday which was today, after the repair (3 Days ago) i called him after work and told him my brakes were still spongy and going to the floor. The guy informed me about (air displacement in the brake line) telling me that a repeated pump off the brakes would eventually get the rest of the air out of the brakes, i took his advice, so fast forward. To this morning. maybe 30-40mph. Going threw a green light. The car in front of me slammed there brakes hard of course they had 100% braking power, so i react naturally as a lot of other humans and slammed my brakes. Will i still have air in my brake line if working on “Air displacement“ so i didnt have 0.1 seconds to pump my brake to stop a stop. my brake pedal went straight to the floor. And i tapped the back of the car as light as a feather. Thank god no extra damage occur just scratches on my front and his back, police seen it happen made the report etc… we went on about our days
as i receive my direct deposit a few minutes after that happens i stop and think about what just happened i owe this guy $100 for a caliper replacement and what i thought a brake bleed,
this accident was super super minor. . But what happens when im driving 60 mph. and another car, slams brakes at a yellow light, or what happens when im going 50 mph. And someone pulls out in front of me. Or what happens when im going 80mph and someone merges in front of me. What happens when a child or dog. runs into the street and 1000 more Scenarios. I could type , i should have 100% brake power.

I don’t feel like i should pay this guy ANYTHING, but after fighting with my better side. At the minimum. I would pay for labor for the caliper change. ,
what do you guys think? Please give me a answer while in my shoes. And also the mechanics shoes.
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2023.03.30 19:25 Mrs_SapphireFire help with centerpieces ideas

Hello! We are getting married in October : )
I love the lilac&gold lings collection, and I plan to pick up some items to decorate the ceremony area.
I suspect this collection might be more intended for spring weddings, but I just love the color purple lol and so does my fiance. So our plan is to use shades of lavender, deep purples, white and gold as our wedding colors. We'll likely lean into the deep purples more for other decor so it's not too springy feeling.
If I can make it work, I'd really love to have fresh flowers for the centerpieces.
I noticed the lilac&gold lings collection uses more sage/light green leafs for the foliage, so I'm thinking maybe fresh eucalyptus for the reception centerpieces?
I can find some nice vases, order bulk fresh eucalyptus online and create simple centerpieces that have some height and shape using a handful of eucalyptus branches for each one. Maybe tie some purple ribbons around the vase to bring in the purpley theme. And it won't be too much DIY work on the day of to set up.
Anybody have other ideas?
I also think lavender roses and deep purple listhanthus would compliment the flowers in the lings collection beautifully. But idk the real lavender roses seem more pink when I look at options to order bulk flowers online. A lot of the lavender flowers seem more pinky online.
We don't want to be anywhere near pinks. We want to stay in the purple zone : )
We do plan on stopping by the Pavilions near our venue to inquire about their floral services too. But I figure they will need more detail and instruction than florists that do weddings all the time - so I want to be prepared with ideas and types of flowers to ask about.
We are also open to ordering bulk online but if we go that route I want to keep it simple - like just doing eucalyptus branches - so we don't have too much work to set up on the day of the wedding.
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2023.03.30 19:24 Financial_Ad3693 How do y'all feel about Brooke's recent comments about Michael?

In the last couple of months, Brooke Shields has been doing some interviews with multiple media outlets in the lead up to her new documentary. As we all know, Michael and Brooke were friends for a long time during the 80s and some of the 90s. It was long believed that they also dated.
However, Brooke's coming out now and starting to speak her side and....it's lighting up certain sections of the fan community. A few months ago, in an interview, there was mention of Michael being included in the documentary. As many have said, Brooke described Michael as childlike and she said she loved to goof off and have fun. She also clarified that they never had a romantic relationship.
In a newer interview with the Sunday Times, she repeats this, as well as clarifying that she was in an actual relationship with someone else at the time. She also says that she called Michael up and called him pathetic for saying that they were dating. She said she just now trying to live a normal life and didn't like him dragging her into "crazy town". She says she never thought of him in that way, but did think he was "kind of cute" before things "shifted".
There's more, which is her giving her view about the allegations.
If you want to find the interview, it's up on the Sunday Times site, you just have to be subscribed to read the whole thing. The info from it about Michael has been circulating on many media outlets online though, so that's there.
Again, I'm kinda unsure what to think of all of this. At first, I questioned whether this was just tabloid shit, but this seems to be an official interview. It also lines up with what Brooke has been saying for the past few months. Many are really turning on Brooke and are criticizing her, in their view, turning her back on Michael
What do yall think?
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2023.03.30 19:23 Jellibird Mom bullying cat to an early grave

"Early" is maybe not accurate because he's 19. It's a family pet, so mainly hers and he has a medical issue. One of the vets we took him to inaccurately assumed a list of inapplicable symptoms he was not experiencing and since then my mother has been stressing the cat to see if he actually is experiencing them.
He's already old and not doing great, she should be trying to care for him but instead she's withholding his normal food and water in favor of fad diets, which is heartbreaking because he's looking for his normal food and water but can't find it because she's also moving his stuff around. At night when the entire house is dark I'll get up and find she has left a bright light on directly over him when he's trying to sleep so he can't even rest. She said it's so he can see and walk at night, except she could use a dimmer light or one that isn't directly on top of him and he has never tripped or fallen in the dark before. It's exhausting trying to get in front of her and mitigate the harm she's doing or even to confront her for stressing out the cat. And this has been going on for days now. I'm upset because if you have the choice to nurse the cat or stress him, it just seems like she's trying to kill him faster or get him so haggard that euthanasia is the obvious answer, maybe because she's afraid to fail at nursing him? She has a very pro-euthanasia viewpoint. I'm pretty sure she suffocated my sister's bird in a paper bag too. It's downright psychopathic sometimes.
She'd rather spare them pain than help them when they're sick but she does it in ways that harm them. If she really wanted to kill them she should do it outright instead of playing around.
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2023.03.30 19:23 J_Kul Hi, new here with some questions and also some insight on my journey that may help others!

Hi everyone,
Firstly, I will get the questions out of the way in hopes of some helpful answers:
  1. PTU or Methimazole? has anyone been on both and preferred one over the other, why?
  2. Going Gluten-free, have you noticed any differences?
About my journey:
I am 27 and female. I have had Graves disease/ Hyperthyroidism since May 2022 and diagnosed in November 2022.
I had my son in February 2022, great pregnancy, amazing delivery, and postpartum was 'easy' and I felt amazing. fast forward to three months postpartum (May 2022) I remember sitting on the floor with my baby and all of a sudden I felt "ill", I had weird uncomfortableness in my stomach and just felt over all unwell, and could not eat. ever since that day.. nothing has been the same!
My symptoms progressed to: joint pain (mainly in my knees), constant stomach uneasiness, heart palpitations, dizziness, light headedness, brain fog, heat and cold intolerance, weakness, forgetfulness, always feeling in a daze, trouble eating meals, skin sensitivity, aches, intolerance to alcohol (a few sips and I would feel the effects and would cause rapid heart rate at night), lots of hair loss, and rapid weight loss, hand tremors, extreme anxiety and nervousness which has brought on health anxiety, irregular and very painful periods, trouble sleeping.. jeez that is a lot of symptoms!
I genuinely thought I was dealing with postpartum, and being overdramatic. I had blood work done around June and all came back 'normal'. I decided in October, nothing was resolving so I did a complete panel on all my levels and turns out... Hyperthyroidism. I finally saw an Endocrinologist in November 2022 who diagnosed me with Graves Disease after blood work and an ultrasound.
I started on 5mg of methimazole once a day, which after about two months has seemed to help quite a bit, I still have some slight hand tremor, and my anxiety can be a hit or miss especially around that time of the month. I got on 10mg of Lexapro to hopefully combat the anxiety, which has seemed to help some but I think I need to increase the dosage now after 6 weeks.
I would like to start trying again for another baby soon (it took almost two years the first time), but wondering if I switch to PTU now, it will help get adjusted.

I can't wait to one day feel close to 'normal' again.
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2023.03.30 19:23 Coca-colonization But I’ve NEVER seen anyone use it!!

Another post reminded me of this experience from my childhood. My dad was a big sports fan, tall, and decently athletic. He bought a nice basketball goal for our driveway. It had a fairly particular set of qualities—it was adjustable, full-sized, not built in, but stable enough that you could dunk on it. My dad would try to relive his glory days by lowering it slightly and showing us he could dunk. He was a big kid and played basketball with us kids frequently.
My dad was off of work one morning for some reason and standing outside. A man drove up our driveway and told my dad that he would take the goal “off his hands.” My dad told him we were happy with it and tried to get the guy to leave. The guy went on and on about how it was exactly what he’d been searching for. My dad said he was happy to share the brand and model as well as where he bought it. The guy insisted he wanted ours. My dad said firmly he was neither giving it away nor selling it. The guy was indignant and said, “I drive by every day and I’ve never seen anyone use it!”
In addition to my basketball-loving dad, there were 5 kids in my family. And we were the house that neighborhood kids and school friends hung out at. That goal saw tons of use for horse and pickup games. My oldest brother went on to be a decent high school player and since childhood was literally practicing on that goal every single day that the weather allowed. Like even when he was in a wheelchair with a broken leg in 7th grade, he would go out there and shoot after school.
But because there was never anybody playing on it when this guy’s commute sent him by our house—which based on the time he showed up was mid morning—we clearly were never using it. It couldn’t be that kids have school and adults have work during the day. We were neglecting the poor, sad goal. Since we were not using this goal 24/7/365, this dude was entitled to “take it off (our) hands.”
My dad left the lights on in the driveway for a while to make sure no one stole the goal. My older brother actually lives there now and still has the same goal. And he and his 3 kids still use it every damn day. Well, every evening after school/work! The poor goal does still spend most mornings alone.
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2023.03.30 19:23 -skill-issue Boat ka Downfall shuru

Boat ka Downfall shuru submitted by -skill-issue to IndianDankMemes [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 19:23 torricodiego Operation: Queen Slayer (Prologue)

Operation: Queen Slayer (Prologue)
Hoxxes IV
Crystalline Caverns
Current Mining Zone
EST 02:28

"This is bloody hard work!" groans the Engineer bathed in crystalline light "mining is not my favourite task, not by a long shot, rather be shooting bugs"
"Quit yer whining, ya big baby!" shouts Gunner above the deafening roar of his minigun unloading two thousand rounds of depleted uranium on the Glyphids dumb enough to come after them. "Yeah, Engi, come on, you don't see me complaining about your crap platform placing eh," Scout says as he uses his grappling gun to zip through the air to a Plastcrete MKII platform with barely a ledge to stand on, hanging at least ten stories high above solid rock ground. As he begins to mine the Nitra there, the wall shuffles, and a tunnel gives way to the Driller standing in sight. He says, "Might have taken a wrong turn down there somewhere," after a moment of silence the Scout and Driller both burst out laughing. The ground starts trembling. "I'm not the one doing that this time," Driller comments to Scout. Scout looks below and shouts at Engi and Gunner, "You guys feel that down there!?"

When suddenly the walls start to crumble, the glowing crystals vibrate faster and faster until they start shattering, plunging the cave and the dwarves into darkness while the ceiling begins to crack and fall on them. "Oh hell, it's an earthquake! Hang on, everybody!" shouts Driller, but it's too late and the destruction too sudden. Driller sees Engi getting covered by the collapsing cave-in and jumps with his hand drills already activated to try and drill him out; that's the last time Scout sees either of them as the earth cracks and falls unto itself. What he does see is a zipline appearing from the moving earth. "Gunner!" Scout grapples and jumps, evading falling debris and opening chasms, running on ground that disappeared with each step, finally with Gunner in sight scout zips onto the zipline. "Gunner!" shouts Scout, glad to find his friend and a bit of stability on the zipline in the sea of clashing dirt.

"Scout, what the hell happened? Where's Engi and Driller? I can't find them on the ping system," Gunner asks. "I think they're gone, Gunn..." Scout is interrupted as the zipline loses its grounding, dropping them onto the ground. Both of them brace for the impact of the quake and debris, but there is none. "The quakes stopped," Scout realizes. "Yeah, but listen, Scout… now it's too quiet… and too dark," Gunner says, feeling something off. "Right, I'll light it up," Scout says. Before he can fire his flare gun, Gunner gives in to his instincts and deploys his shield bubble while thinking, "If I'm wrong, then I'll only be a nervous fool for a short while, but if I'm right… I hope I'm not."

As the shield activates emanating its green translucent light alongside Scout firing his flare towards the ceiling, the darkness is pushed away if only for them both to realize, as they follow the solitary lit trail of light that the flare is leaving behind flying towards the ceiling, that it is now traveling alongside a mountain, a mountain that wasn't there before – a black, scaly, sharp, protruding mountain.

Gunner's and Scout's stomachs sink, "Had their eyes not adjusted yet, this couldn't be a Glyphid right, not even Oppressors nor Hiveguard Dreadnaughts could grow this big," Scout thought to himself, but whatever other thoughts he might have had were lost by the shouting of Gunner and the roaring of his minigun as it amps up to its maximum speed and starts unloading on the creature. "Aaaaaarrrgggh!"Gunner roars alongside his minigun, Scout joins in the shout. He doesn't know why he's shouting, but it feels goddamn right. "This must be what the rumors said about what wanders in the dark depths of Hoxxes IV, the bloody Glyphid queen!" Gunner shouts to scout above all the firepower being deployed, wishing they had taken it more seriously than just a tale to scare the green-beards.

![img](5huhxm23uwqa1 " Awesome drawing of the Glphyid Queen done by u/VariousQuestion ")

Yet no matter how much they try, the armor of this mountainous beast isn't being damaged by their attacks. It actually seems as if the creature might not have even noticed the dwarves being there, could be she is just on her way. But the creature had noticed them and understood them more than they thought, as she was waiting patiently for the shield to die out, as would the dwarves alongside it. As the shield flickered signifying its end, the queen makes her move. She unhinges her jaw breaking away into four parts to reveal rows and rows of teeth, all circulating, sharp as a pickaxe, with Glyphids running in and out of her mouth as well in between the rows of teeth. Her armor begins to rattle, creaking and shaking as it opens up to expose tunnels of flesh where eggs are being dropped out amongst venomous, poisonous green goo bile that starts to flood the cave, being held back only by the shield bubble. The eggs hatch, giving birth to all manners of Glyphids while full-grown Glyphids are coming out of her orifices. "Gross," says Scout as the shield runs out of energy when the queen suddenly lunges forward violently and with more speed than her massive body should be able to have ripping and tearing the ground where Scout and Gunner had stood but moments ago.

"By the beard, Gunner, you got to lay off the sandwiches," Scout says, with the grappling hook wearing and screeching due to having been overloaded to manage and be able to take Gunner and himself out of the hellish beast's path. "Never!" replies Gunner holding on to Scout for safety, something he never thought would happen. Before Gunner can add to that the grappling hook snaps and they slam down onto the cave's floor. In the pitch-black darkness, Gunner is disoriented and can't find his footing. "Scout? Scout?" Gunner throws a flare and sees Scout lying on the ground injured. He runs to him, only to realize his leg is also badly hurt. "Aargh," he almost falls to the floor but manages to support himself using the minigun as a crutch. Gunner limps towards Scout, saying, "Hey Scout, I promise I'll leave the sandwiches alone... but only if we drink double the beer."

As Gunner crouches next to Scout, Scout turns with a bloody face and says, "You better be paying, then." As Scout is helped to his feet by Gunner, the rumbling starts again, and multiple cave tunnels open around them, unleashing a swarm of Glyphids. The dark cave is lit up not by flares but by all the firepower being unleashed on the Glyphids. Gunner and Scout stand shoulder to shoulder against the unyielding swarm. It wasn't necessary to say it, they were both thinking the same, that if this is to be the end then we better make it a bloody good one, as they shout "FOR ROCK AND STONE!!!" in unison. The Glyphid bodies begin to pile up even managing to clog up some of the tunnels, the dwarves' weapons glowing red nearing their melting points from the non-stop use. "Could we actually make it?" thought Gunner" Command we have made contact with the Glyphid Queen and need immediate extraction, Command do you copy we have made contact with the Glyphid Queen, need immediate extraction" when the ground they are standing on begins to tremble to crack and open beneath them, swallowing them both whole, into the darkness.

The ground shakes as the Glyphid queen crawls out of the giant sinkhole where Scout and Gunner held their ground against all odds. The earth trembles while the Glyphid queen continues on her trail of death and destruction in the darkness of Hoxxes IV.

End of Prologue

Hello, fellow dwarves if you've made it this far first and foremost Rock and Stone! Now please let me know what you liked, disliked, and if you would like to see the continuation. I would like to share something personal and that is that I have or used to have huge trouble understanding tone over text mixed with anxiety which means I mostly used to play solo games or multiplayer games solo as talking online induced my anxiety, and that was until I met Deep Rock Galactic. At first, it was, as usual, playing solo but the more I played the more I saw the community for what awesome understanding dwarves they are and that allowed me to interact with people, finally being able to chat over text and carry conversations and jokes making friends and memories. which leads me to this because the community is so awesome it has given me the confidence to post this, hopefully, you liked it fellow miners.
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2023.03.30 19:23 Ralfop LED Light Makeup Mirror Sale! Sale! Sale! Don’t miss out on adding this LED Light Makeup Mirror to your accessories! It’s listed at our lowest price EVER! Our mirror totally illuminates the face while makeup, contact lenses, or any other treatment is being applied. The mirror is very easy to sue

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2023.03.30 19:23 Taysen_ PC doesn't recognize my tablet

I got my huion (NEW 1060+ 8192) for a while and haven't had a problem with it since i got it back from a friend.
Now my laptop doesn't make a sound when i plug/unplug it, the cable works fine and the usb port as well. The tablet also lights up when i push it's buttons and use the pen so it gets powered.
The driver also doesn't recognize the tablet. And nowhere on my computer can i find a trace of the device connected.
I've tried to uninstall and reinstall the driver that coresponds. If it helps i'm on windows (i use an msi) and the friend i lend it to used a mac (btw they took care of it so i don't think it's a fault on their part)
Is there any way this could be fixed ?? I would really appreciate the help
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2023.03.30 19:22 TomatilloLoud1263 Valérie build help TSS KK SD

Hello all,
I am new to Kingmaker, but I want to run through multi classing for Valerie
I like the idea of the tower shield so I want to push in that way yet I also want some more damage, as well as to add some dipping in Stalwart defender
So, I was thinking of some thing like that :
TSS 9, kk 8 air, SD 3 or TSS 9 and kk 11 air
TSS 9 for the feats, the BAB, tss defense
Sd 3 for defensive stance and uncanny dodge
Kk 8 air to level up the damage (electricity to hit on touch AC), and some interesting feats such as lighting reflex and enveloping winds
In the end, I don’t want to run unfair, I just want a fun tank who can endure and do some damages
Is this build ok ?
Or maybe I should just forget it and dip in rogue for the feats and sneak attacks ?
May any of you help me, please?
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2023.03.30 19:22 CynnFelt011718 Feeling Scared but Hopeful

This is my very first parlay stack done on my own. I always come here to see how bold everyone is and I wanted to start light. I'm not saying it's perfect, but as I continue to learn, research and bet so will my picks. Happy betting yall, and welcome back to baseball.
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2023.03.30 19:22 GoodOmens182 Here's possibly a dumb question, but has anyone here ever used sugar for a light coating of snow on a base? If so, what were the results? I'm debating trying this as a cheaper basing material.

Trying to get a snow coating done for bases and movement trays for my Starks but I don't want to pay 15 bucks or more for essentially just white powder in a basing kit. I have some GW Valhallan Blizzard texture paint but I've already started using dirt and grass for the other details so I worry that won't look right. Any help is appreciated!
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2023.03.30 19:21 shylittledoll let’s talk about our imagination!!

I had seen a post in this group talking about how depressing it has become here and such, I’ve never been to good at paying attention to things so I never really realized 😅 but if that has become the case here, then I thought I would make my own little post meant for something more light and fun!!
one thing infps are more known for is our imagination, and that is definitely a big part of me, something I can stay well consistent with.
so I want us to talk about our imaginations in our talent!! the things your mind comes up with that you could make or do. and hopefully seeing others thoughts might encourage others to pursue those thoughts!!
I will go first, I actually kind of have a plan for my future with this~
so some of my bigger things is I am a photographer and a writer, I also like to make thing- mostly out of resin. I want to start with making money with my photography, even making cool edits to them so there is more to the pictures then just what was taken, I love photography because it stops everything within a picture forever while everything also still keeps going, and then you could also change those moments from a lone, dark woods- to “there is something with us” or a pretty garden into a place swarming with fairies and it all comes to life but stays still!! I also want to make jewelry and things out of resin, I have always like to make scenes that are frozen so I want to make and sell things like that!!
I am actually something I call “the bone tree” now, I have been working on it for a bit though and am moving slowly on it, but it consists of all these bones and things I found around my land to make a kind of junk yard centering a metal tree with bones for leaves.
then my books, I come up with all these ideas of what I want to do with my life, but things that are harder for me to reach or scared off from so I remake them as stories in my head, one of them I kind of plan to make a sort of reality in the future- one of these stories takes place in a dystopian future with a lesbian girl, her girlfriend, her dog and friends traveling the world in a bus they renovated when they find themselves running from some bad things they should not have discovered.
I won’t get to into detail because I could honestly ramble on about my books but if you have any questions about any of them or anything else feel free to ask!!
I want to take all these things and ideas of mine and eventually sell and make lots of money off of them so I could renovate building and places to make them into really cool museums and places for people to go to and see, one of the places I want to renovate I also plan to make a books about!!
so now your guys turn, tell me about your artistic thoughts?? I wanna hear al of it and I would love for you guys to have an outlet to express your ideas here!!
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2023.03.30 19:21 _ff5 Is this mold in book or not?

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2023.03.30 19:20 AutoModerator [Get] Walter Peters – Small Account Big Profits with Upsell

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  • Week 1: Broker Risk
  • Week 2: The Three Keys
  • Week 3: You Decide The Risk/Reward
  • Week 4: Losing Streaks
  • Week 5: Trading Psychology
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2023.03.30 19:20 Adam-best 360 DEGREE PANORAMIC CAMERA LIGHT BULB

The camera can be discreetly hidden in a light bulb and attached to its fixture. From the outside, it looks like a regular light bulb, but it tracks everyone’s movements. These lightbulbs come with 360-degree fisheye lenses that can provide you with a panoramic view of the room.

If you want to be able to monitor your own home and protect it from intruders, there’s a no better option than this 360 Degree Panoramic Fisheye IP Spycam Light Bulb. This makes it the perfect security gadget that can be used to protect your property.
Why Buy This 360 Degree Panoramic Camera Light Bulb? - Records 960p videos with a 360-degree complete view of the room. This light bulb camera provides a wide-angle 360-degree fisheye view of the entire room. As such, you can see what’s happening in the entire room all the time, no blind spots. - The inbuilt ultra-responsive 2-way microphone allows you to communicate with the people in the room with the camera. - The app gives you 7 different viewing modes such as Zooming, Playback, etc. When motion is detected, an alert is sent to your phone along with some snapshots. Loop Recording is available so if the SD card runs out of space, the latest footage is written over the oldest one. - Better yet, using fisheye home security cameras can also reduce your cost on security camera accessories such as protective skins, wirings, power cables, etc., and save you the installation time as well as follow-up maintenance. - Can accommodate up to a 128GB micro SD card. Loop Recording is available so new footage is written over old ones. - The infrared night vision lens allows you a 49 feet field of vision in the dark. - Can be used to detect activities in a large area, like a crossroad, a house front yard, a home back yard, a dining room, a living room, an office, a retail store, warehouses, parking lots, stadiums, museums, concert halls, and ports. - As a single outdoor panoramic surveillance camera can do effective monitoring of large areas, you don’t need to pay more money installing multiple IP cameras.
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