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2023.06.07 22:13 theindependentonline Prosecutors ready to ask for Trump indictment on obstruction and Espionage Act charges

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2023.06.07 22:13 InterestingRegret348 How do I stop feeding a Tulpa my own energy?

I created this tulpa totally by accident, she doesn't have any personal traits, at first I tought it was a spirit, then a demon, then a parasite, well is a parasite tulpa now, or a baby tulpa, it can perfectly obey my orders ( if i tell to tickle my feet, she does ) but she is here with me permanently, feeding off my forehead like a child do with his mother's breasts, I don't want to kill it and I don't even want to find a way of doing it, one night I cried and he was there for me, are there any chances for me to educate it?
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2023.06.07 22:13 JealousArmadillo1883 Just dropping by to say What’s up? I’m ready to see the new faces under the lights in blue!! Really excited about this draft class!!!

Specifically Eric Gray and Bryce Ford Wheaton. I heard Eric shows a high football IQ with great discipline and Bryce apparently won the WR combine this year hoping once he gets settled in we can utilize his skill set!!
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2023.06.07 22:13 xxkrulcifereinfolkxx How would taiwan and anyone want to help taiwan deal with food in a war with china ?

when war happen ofcouse china with all their stockpile of long range rocket artillery , land base missile , navy ship/aircraft/submarine that can fire missile
will not want to see any port , airfield , landing zone show up on the island surface
without proper port for ship , proper airfield for aircraft
how the hell ~25 milions people of taiwan gonna feed ? how much cost a massive allied airdrop supply/food gonna be ?
specially when they need to drop it on taiwan right inside china airdefense zone , navy/submarine/sea mine/airforce/J-20/J-35 stealth jet combat operation range ?
can taiwan friends afford or even want to pay such massive cost ? if taiwan semi conductor industry and facility no longer exist under chinese missile rain ?
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2023.06.07 22:12 whitelotus72 How to break the cycle of dating abusers

As someone who dated two abusers and left them both, I started to worry that dating abusive men was part of a pattern I could not override. But I have overcome it, and this is how you can navigate healthy relationships going forward. 1. Do your research- there is a myriad of literature and educational material out there all about abuse, what it looks like, and how the cycle pulls you in. If you know what abuse looks like, you will recognize it when you see it long before it gets serious. Educate yourself! 2. You teach others how to treat you- if someone is not treating you how you believe you should be treated, hold them accountable and demand better. If you don’t you are showing other people that they don’t have to treat you right because you don’t expect them to. You may even be delivering the message that they are treating you well and that you are satisfied with how things are. 3. If something feels off, run or proceed with severe caution. Trust yourself. You wouldn’t feel that way for no reason. 4. Establish firm but reasonable boundaries with a new partner. If you are made to feel like your boundaries are selfish or your new partner threatens to move on if you don’t do what they want, let them go. They don’t want to take the time or energy to compromise and respect you. 5. Don’t move on until you are healed and ready. Do it for yourself and that other person. You can’t focus on a new romance if you are lost in trauma from the old one. 6. Involve outside perspectives- what do other people say about your new partner? Good or bad listen to them. They might see something you don’t and they are looking out for you. 7. Hang on to your independence- don’t put yourself in a situation where you become codependent and can’t manage on your own. If you own your life and are in control, abusers will look elsewhere. They want helplessness and damage. Build yourself up, and abusers will stay away on their own.
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2023.06.07 22:11 queenkatie101 Sexy Rockstar gal takes a seat on the bar and is ready to meet her adoring fans

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2023.06.07 22:11 NewMaintenance7096 Anxious about returning to work

I was laid off in March this year and have been a stay at home mom since while I have been looking for work. It’s SO hard to find something that now ticks all of the boxes and is worth being away from my child for.
I have found being home with my 18 month old way more exhausting than when I was working and juggling everything but I also LOVE it and feel like I have a much stronger bond with her than I ever did before. I actually would prefer to stay home and try and set up a small business (probably a pipe dream) but life is expensive and I feel bad leaving my husband to support us, especially when we live in Southern California where cost of living is very high.
I have an interview for a job that ticks most of the boxes after months of being ghosted by recruiters, and this position sounds promising but I just feel a sense of dread about leaving my daughter. The thought of having to rush her to get ready in the morning and whisking her off to daycare before racing to work is daunting to me now.
Not sure where I’m going with this, just a vent I guess. I just wish I could be home with her more and be more of a present parent, I just feel more and more frustrated at our way of life sometimes and wish things could be a little more simple.
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2023.06.07 22:11 Repyorg2 Critique appreciated: Tiny Clown vs Goth girl - 3k

Something stirred in the trashcan.
It was night. Deep night.
The trashcan swayed to and fro.
This was not the first time the can had moved that night. A few hours ago, when the grounds were covered by the darkness of the end of twilight rather than the darkness of the deep night, a young woman wearing a black t-shirt and black pants had walked out of her house to deposit a tied garbage bag into the can. She was around 25 years old and was unnaturally pale due to the use of makeup. Her hair was black, and she had bangs. An annoyed frown was on her face, as if stepping outside into suburbia was a disgusting experience. After depositing the trash in the trashcan, she had turned and walked back into the house – not noticing the way the can had given a little shake the moment she'd turned her back.
Now, under a starry sky, the can swayed to and fro.
“HIIA!!!” came a shout from within, and the trashcan toppled to the ground. Its contents – garbage bags, compost, and a little clown – spilled all over the place.
The little clown stood on its feet. It was small, only a few inches tall from top to bottom. This little clown was bald and covered in white face paint – or was that his skin color? He had tiny ear holes where his ears would go and big floppy shoes that were at least as big as the rest of his body. On his back was a backpack. He had been eating garbage, but at that moment, his nose had come off.
“EEK!” the clown shouted, pointing at his red nose, which was bouncing merely towards the house. He ran after it, but the was faster, and it bounced through a little cat door and left its owner stumbling in the dark. Yet the clown did not see it vanish into the cat door, as the grass between him and the nose was tall as a forest of trees from his perspective. All he could do was follow the red paint marks on the ground from where his nose had bounced.
The little clown sat there on the sidewalk, rubbing his rump. He then sprung to his feet (shoes making a little squishy sound as this happened) and began walking away from the spilled trash. He soon found himself walking in the green grass of the house's yard. The grass almost came up to his head. He strolled through the grass, his feet making little squishy sounds with every step he took. He eventually found himself feeling very uncomfortable in the tall grass. Anything could come and ambush him here. So instead, he turned around and walked back to the sidewalk. For several long, agonizing moments, he panicked, wondering if he was even going the right direction to get back on the sidewalk or whether he was going deeper and deeper into the grass. Because of the thickness of the grass (to him) he couldn't see very far ahead of him; he would hardly know if he was going in the right direction if not for the red paint left behind by his obstinate nose.
Whew! Close one, that.
Now he was back on the sidewalk, facing the gigantic garbage mountain and tipped over trashcan. He gazed in trepidation at the gigantic pile of trash. He would have to walk around it.
This didn't take too long, just a few moments. Traveling was easier when one could see where they were going! The tiny clown soon found himself on the other side of the pile of trash – and found himself facing a gigantic creature.
Raccoon. This he knew from the markings and the general size of the creature. Raccoons were dangerous.
“EYYEYAAA!!!” The clown gave a little shriek and dived into the trash. The raccoon snarled and jumped in after him.
Rather than emerging from the other side, the clown climbed the mountain of trash, and, when he had reached the top – used his giant shoes to jump off the trash pile onto the other side where he'd encountered the raccoon. Then he ran as fast as he could on the sidewalk, putting as much distance as possible between him and the raccoon. He didn't stop running until he had found himself face to face with the giant door leading into the human house. At the bottom of the door was a flap twice as tall as the clown. The clown pushed against the flap, and it swung open! His mind still on the raccoon, he stepped through, allowing the flap to close behind him.
Now the clown stood inside a dark room. To him, it was like a castle, a castle of darkness. Luckily, his clown eyes saw better in the dark than they did in the light. Red paint marks veered off to the left, but the clown was curious and decided he would explore this place before trying to find his nose.
Moving across the floor, the clown took off his backpack and took a grappling hook out. Swinging it like an expert, he threw it towards the counter way above him. Clink!
Like a pro, the little clown climbed up the rope and hoisted himself onto the counter. He lay there, panting a bit. He righted himself and made his way across the counter. There was a bright white light attached to the wall – a nightlight for the humans to see. Putting his arms up to block the intense light, he crossed this area and soon found himself perched at the edge of a fruit bowl. The fruit bowl was close to a window that overlooked the backyard. Suffice to say he had a nice little feast for himself taking a bite out of everything – though finishing nothing. By the end, he was burping in contentment, his burps coming out of him in little green clouds shaped like hippos that danced in the air as they floated to other parts of the house. Two of these green clouds floated up to its each other, and, standing on their hind legs, began to waltz happily through the air. Bathed in starlight coming in from the window by the fruit bowl, the clown watched them with a big smile stretching from ear to ear. Slowly, the smile vanished, and tears started to flow from his eyes. He looked away, unwilling to watch anymore.
Instead, he gazed out the window, into the backyard, where he could gaze up at the starry sky and in the distance could see the neon sign which read Clown Park. His home. The place hidden in the human world, which they could not see – not yet. Humans did not know that his kind existed, and if they did, who knows how they would react? He had to return to his home. It would take so long to walk the distance. But he needed his nose...
Setting his face into a hard line, the clown forced himself onto his feet and wobbled over (eating so much had visibly made him almost round like a ball) to the grappling hook still attached to the counter. He unattached it and stuffed it back into his backpack. Then, his shoes still making their squishy sounds, he walked back past the nightlight and further on in the direction he hadn't been yet. He searched for his nose, following the paint.
He used his grappling hook to go from counter to counter, and he searched every square inch. He knew it was here somewhere. He eventually left the kitchen and made his way down a hallway, his squishy shoes making him wince as he walked down it. He took a right into a room where almost everything was the color of cream, and which was smaller than the kitchen. The bathroom. This place he searched as well, but found no balloon, nor anything else of his save for one of the burp hippos sitting at the edge of the toilet and using it, apparently. He left the bathroom and made his way at last into the room he feared most: the bedroom. This room was the darkest of all. No nightlight. Windows, yes, but they were covered by black curtains. Of course, it was not the darkness of the room that bother him, but rather the giant who occupied the gigantic bed. She was the human who owned this house. She was a scary one, even among the humans, often listening to terrifying music that spoke words of suffering and spiders. It was her music that had caused him to topple from his balloon as he was surveying the human town. He had run and hid and had been lurking around the yard and house ever since then. He had landed on his nose, which had triggered the nose into an angry fit, and now the nose had run away. He needed it to return. This was the only room he had never checked. Now the object of his terror lay before him, on her side, sleeping. Her pajamas, black like every other piece of clothing she wore. It was a buttoned pajama shirt with a pocket in the front over her chest. And his nose was situated on the tip of her shoulder.
Trying not to scream in alarm, the clown wagged his finger at his nose and pointed to his face pleadingly. His nose blew angrily at him, sounding like a raspberry. Then, to his horror, it bounced into the woman's front pj pocket, vanishing from view. He glanced at a nightstand in the far end of the room and noticed a baseball bat leaning against it. How strange. The tiny clown did not know much about humans, but he did know about baseball, and something told him this woman wasn't a baseball player. Plus, why did it have spikes sticking out of it?
The clown hoped with hope against hope with all the hope in his little clown body that his noce would see reason and bounce out of the human's pocket before she woke. But nothing happened.
Dread filled his little heart.
No, that couldn't be true. It was too terrible to be true. Deep down, he knew it was useless to keep pretending that he wouldn't have to put himself in the human's pocket and risk waking her. Humans didn't believe in tiny clowns, they were so arrogant they thought they were the only sapient race. What would this human do if she found proof against her worldview inside her pj pocket?
The little clown tossed his grappling hook across the air. It fell to the ground. Arms shaking in fear, he wheeled it back in and and tossed it again, this time leaning at the very edge of the nightstand with the tips of his toes. Click!
He climbed the line towards the bed, like a trapeze walker. Eventually he came to the edge of the bed and navigated through it.
His feet sank into the mattress. He hated it. It felt like quicksand. This was the least of his worries. When at last he was level with the sleeping giant, he carefully, carefully began to climb up her body holding tightly to the fabric of her buttoned pajama shirt to climb. At last, he was level with the pocket. He reached inside...and leaned so far he fell inside.
“OOF!” he called out as he hit his head on the key.
The giant must have felt this somehow. She tossed in her sleep, and the clown was sent flying – bouncing to and fro inside her pj shirt pocket.
Things went worse from there. The waltzing hippo burps had slowly waltzed their way into the room and waltzed themselves right into the woman's nostrils, even as his nose resisted his grasp and blew pink snot into a piece of cloth in the human's pocket, her hanky.
The woman twitched in discomfort in her sleep. The clown was sent flying again, and this time his squishy shoes pressed against her chest. He reached out and pressed the nose into his face, forcing it back on. He reached out and grabbed onto something – the hanky, the only thing inside the pocket that was actually meant to be there.
The woman, already starting to wake, rolled over onto her side – landing on the sharp grappling hook at the edge of her mattress.
“Oomph!” she grunted and woke. Desperate, the clown tried to crawl out of the pocket, but the woman was already sitting up. If he did this, he would be caught.
“Huh?” the woman said, feeling the grappling hook with her fingers. She squinted down at it. Her eyes not yet fully adjusted to the dark, she flipped on the switch to turn the lantern by her bed on. "What the hell are you?" she asked. Then, squinting down it again and looking at her ribs, her eyes widened in alarm as she realized it had cut into her pj's and had made a little bloody cut in her skin.
Glancing in all directions, she reached into her pocket for her hanky to pull it out... and ended up holding the tiny clown instead.
Her eyes widened in alarm as she stared at the clown and he stared back at her. “Am I dreaming?” She cocked her head to the side. She squinted at the clown, and the clown thought to himself it was a kind of angry, disgusted squint. “What the hell is this?” she asked, and her voice had a mean edge to it.
She screamed in pain as the clowns sharp fangs were sunk into her finger. The clown used the woman's wrist as a springboard to bounce off – directed perfectly so he flew towards her nightstand with the key outstretched.
The woman clutched her smashed finger to her chest, cursing and screaming in pain and anger – just as the tiny clown unlocked the container and took his deflated balloon out. He snatched the grappling hook and put it in his backpack and jumped off the nightstand.
“LITTLE FUCK!!!” the woman shouted in rage, running towards the clown with her non-bleeding hand outstretched. Seeming to think better of this plan, she reached out grabbed the baseball bat that had been leaning against the wall.
So that was what that baseball bat had been for.
The tiny clown ran across the hallway as fast as his little legs could carry him. With every squishy little step, he inhaled into the balloon.
The Goth girl smashed the baseball bat hard into the ground, missing the poor guy by literally less than half an inch. She had swung it just a LITTLE too far ahead of him.
Unfortunately, he was going so fast that he smacked right into it.
Literal stars flew around as his head as he toppled over onto his back. Immediately, he played dead, sticking his tongue out of his open mouth and closing his eyes. The woman was bending down to look at him, he knew this through squinting out of his eyes. In his left hand was the string of the balloon – a balloon which was slowly coming to life with all the air he'd blown into it...
“Are you the demon that came for me because I played with Ouija board?” muttered the Goth. She made as if to reach down and pick him up, but, thinking of her injured hand, hoisted the bat above her head. One more hit just to be sure...
“HIIA!!!” the tiny clown shouted, and the balloon went flying into the air with him attached. He bounced off the nose of the woman (“BOOP!” cried the clown) and flew towards the cat door.
The Goth gave chase. She collided with a bunch of dancing hippos. She doubled over, gagging, her eyes an expression of shock at what she was seeing. A clown's gag is a powerful smell for humans, not easily described.
The clown soared through the cat door, flew over the trash pile (which was now crawling with at least three raccoons and flew upwards towards the sky.
In the distance, Clown Park awaited. Hundreds, no thousands of other clowns ready to hear his adventure. He could already see the gigantic face in the sky which was the entrance to Clown Park, gigantic, with a red nose and a jester's hat.
It winked at him as he approached.
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2023.06.07 22:11 Glum_Currency_1604 I need help

My beardie has not been eating his veggies and this hasnt been an issue until today. His beard has gotten darker and he pooped a ton. Once i noticed I tried feeding him veggies but he wont eat them and starts to get stressed. What should I do?
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2023.06.07 22:11 BigDixy Launching the game failed error. Please help :(

I've been having a crisis trying to DESPERATELY fiddle with my RLcraft reimagined world and I got a RTP mod and am ready to hop in and fix one of my fuckups in world(unrelated tragedy) until I suddenly got an error. I have no idea what it means or what it's saying (I'm stupid) and I would really like some help... :(
Unable to extract native files. Error details: Minizip error while extracting: -111 Filename on disk: lwjgl-3.2.2-natives-windows.jar Path: C:\Users\caboo\curseforge\minecraft\Install\libraries\org\lwjgl\lwjgl\3.2.2\lwjgl-3.2.2-natives-windows.jar Exists: File
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2023.06.07 22:10 HPD88 Calf Twitching y

Evening all,
I’ve posted on the muscle twitch group not so long back but feel this may be a better place to discuss.
I have constant calf twitching in both left and right, although left is worse, I don’t even feel it half the time but can see it twitching away constantly.
I do get twitches elsewhere although they are more like a spasm here and there rather than the small twitches that are constant in my calves.
I had prior to twitching a lot of burning/stabbing pain in hands, arms, legs, feed which does seem to have calmed down massively but replaced by the twitching. I also experience buzzing/vibrating in my feet and Achilles sometimes but that isn’t too bad in comparison.
Seen Nuero in Feb, no weakness etc etc and said that they’d go away most likely on their own. They haven’t so have another appt next week.
I do not have any weakness I am aware of but I do think my left calf has atrophied slightly. I’m only a skinny lad anyway but it’s just something I’ve noticed and now fixated. It’s definitley smaller but appears to go inward slightly when not flexed and just hanging. It’s a lot less muscular than my right calf and is noticeable when not flexed.
I can stand on tiptoes no problem, even on each foot individually as well as heel walking etc. No issues with walking or climbing stairs, although I could trick myself into thinking so with my anxiety. (Brought on by having a 2yr old daughter!)
Calf twitches are a lot worse now since Feb hence another appointment where I think I’ll be referred for an EMG and MRI of cervical spine. The symptoms have given me terrible health anxiety so much to the point I need to see someone to make me less anxious.I’ve seen similar twitching to mine elsewhere thats made me very worried!
Have a great evening and thanks for reading :)
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2023.06.07 22:10 CallGenova Prosecutors ready to ask for Trump indictment on obstruction and Espionage Act charges

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2023.06.07 22:10 Kppsych Higher education feels like a scam

Listening to the new episode, I felt so triggered when they were talking about college lol! It really does feel like a giant scam we’ve been feed our whole lives.
I went from my undergrad straight into my masters degree. Worked my ass off, developed an anxiety disorder, and shed many tears for TWO masters degrees simultaneously….
Only to be somehow over and under qualified for jobs at the same time. Cause silly me, I went for my masters degree instead of getting job experience that needed a master degree to begin with, so now I have the masters degree but no “real” experience. But to get “real” experience I need a masters degree…It was so infuriating.
Higher education feels like a scam…and listening to the guys talk about it, made me realize how angry I am about it lol.
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2023.06.07 22:09 Educational-Bat-7227 Unexpected pregnancy

Looking for advice on what to do about my job. Long story short. (I’ve posted a little bit before) I had my first baby end of September. In my annual review in February my boss brought up how it was “inconvenient” I was gone….Me being gone was 6 weeks for maternity leave after having an emergency C-section. I was back in the office week 7. And he kinda was hinting around for me to tell him just how many kids we were planning on having.. at the time we were not planning on having another kid for a year or so…so I kinda just brushed it off. Well, just my luck I’m pregnant again… and now don’t even know how to bring it up. When he hired me he wanted me to be there long term…well I’ve been here 7 years so far. We don’t have contracts but it’s a very “loyal” atmosphere….We work long hours. (Trucking company that worked in construction) I don’t think I can realistically continue to work at this pace once a 2nd baby comes as I do most of the night time feedings/changes. And my husband makes a better salary then me + plus the cost of childcare for 2 kids is looking to be over half of what I earn in a year. I’ve been looking for a different job and tell them about job/second pregnancy then. Any advice on how to exit in the best way possible? Or would love any insight in general! TIA
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2023.06.07 22:09 ohkaori Help me on this

It’s me again.
I had sexy time with my partner. We mostly just did orals and grinding. There was a moment he wore a condom and he accidentally inserted but backed off immediately the second i said stop. I wasnt ready for penetration so he respected that. After that, we went back to making out mostly, cuddling and gave him a bj. Agter that we rested. Now,There was another moment where he was trying to go inside my anus without a condom, but he accidentally went for the wrong hole.but he did not fully go inside. Not even the whole tip went in. I’m really scared on this one. For most of the grinding, i made sure to cover my vagina with my hand and that he was dry.
After this cuddle timr again and gave him a bj. But hr couldn’t cum. What are the chances on this one?? I’m freaking out
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2023.06.07 22:09 Salt_External_6799 Here is why I think numbers are dropping…

So this past weekend I made a family trip to Tennessee, and saw some relatives. I haven’t seen in a while. One of them actually has a pretty decent TikTok following with 15,000 followers, and the other is growing fast on YouTube, having gained 2000 more followers just in the last 30 days.
What I thought was interesting is that both of them already knew about the influencer program. Now, neither of them really knew what to do with it, but both were already signed up and ready to start making videos.
To be honest, I thought that I was going to share this program with them and introduced him to something brand. New, I was a bit surprised that both of them not already just knew about it, but had already joined and been approved.
I say of that, just to say that I think that we are seeing a heavy influx of new users joining the program and utilizing it. Think about this, if you are the only video on an item, you have 100% of the potential views. But just one more video Can split that number, and split it quite drastically if you are no longer in the first position.
So now imagine 4 other videos getting added. Not only does your rates drastically decrease, but the positioning of your video might mean that your rate essentially goes to zero, despite at one point having been the primary video.
And it’s also possible that earnings are dropping, if high earning items are being spread too thin.
For example, last year, I had a giant bump in my website traffic thanks to just one article which went berserk. When that article stopped ranking, my entire website traffic plummeted. However, it wasn’t the fault of the website. Overall, it’s just the impact from that one article which had previously been so successful was now no longer. Big impacts can make the program feel as if it isn’t working, however, I could very well just be a matter of one or two higher earning items that have lost their positioning.
Sorry for the rambling, just sitting here thinking about the program and a lot of the post as of late. That visit to see my relatives really open my eyes a bit. Also, sorry for any misspellings, auto correct hates me.
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2023.06.07 22:09 bilb0baggns The Most Appetizing Food in KKC

There seems to be plenty of food and drink described in KKC
In the Waystone Kvothe has stew ready to go, he provides pie, sausages, hard cheeses, apples etc... Kvothe describes the food he eats on the road from Tarbean to Imre, the food in the mess hall at the University, the food he splits with Auri, the food at Ankers, the trout Elxa Dal eats, sweet cakes stolen from Simmon, and so much more..food is mentioned a lot.
In The Wise Mans Fear, Kvothe describes getting into Ankers late. Anker left him a squash with a generous dollop of butter. For some reason I always crave that when I read it, I do not know why, I don't even really like squash.
What KKC food do you want to eat after you read about it?
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2023.06.07 22:09 LogicalGoal9 Prosecutors ready to ask for Trump indictment on obstruction and Espionage Act charges

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2023.06.07 22:09 These-Yak9531 Guys . We need Wiki for our subreddit with common questions and informations that should be put to clarify

Hello there ,
I mean if you have studied Type theory as a school of thought , it shouldn't surprise that so many of the ideas here that doubt the validity of the type theory is wrong . People can't even differenciate their arguments against Type theory and quizes with limited narrow ideas and steriotypes and they those shallow passive aggression to score points .
We need a Wiki and We also need more articles to feed our Ti and Ti of many people in this subreddit to see the depths of the theory and help people see potential in thier Type .
Many people don't even know their type and they are stuck in thier loop and they don't even know how to find a way out , some are in their grip , some are not even INTP and they this site because it feeds their loop .
Just saying , We are comfortable here culture can be a collective loop that ignores change and new ideas and possibility which makes us Fe not helpful for people . It would be good , if we think in a new way how to change this
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2023.06.07 22:09 GingerBoochie My parents vehemently hate trans people

To preface this I am not a trans person. Nonetheless, the hate my parent harbor for trans people really bothers me.
My mother has a very narrow view of the world. She lives on a chair in my family's living room and only leaves the house for doctor's appointments. Everything she knows about the world comes from her Tik Tok feed and Youtube feed. My dad isn't much better but he has a job so he actually has to leave the house sometimes. He gets his information from Facebook which is about the same as Tik Tok and Youtube. Both of them hold each other in this echo chamber of hate against transgender people and frequently talk about how awful they are.
Their reasoning is that trans people are indoctrinating kids to be LGBT. While a very small portion of the population may be crazy enough to do something like that I don't know how they come to the conclusion that it accurately represents an entire population's behavior or values. Even if they are trying to turn kids gay, I don't know what makes them think they are succeeding because we can't even turn gay people straight.
Every time I hear them talking about how trans people are degenerates ruining the world I can't help but step in. I'm not even a huge LGBT ally or anything. It just bothers me that the people who created me lack basic empathy and compassion and that they are dumb enough to believe information shouted by the most deplorable and stupid people in society. It has always made me feel like I live in a judgemental family. None of my siblings are truly themselves. They try to fit within the box my parents created that deems whether or not their lifestyle or values are acceptable. They still think they are accepting parents but to be an accepting parent you first need to be an accepting person in general and when I explain that to them they treat it like an incomprehensible piece of alien information that they'll never be able to wrap their brains around.
They also project their hate and maladjusted principles onto me. If I disagree with them they bring up a point in time I did agree with them, even if it was when I was 13 and a blank canvas for them to paint their beliefs onto.
It's hard for me to understand the hate they have. It's not like transgender people are this organized militia with the goal of destroying society and getting every elementary schooler on hormone blockers.
I guess I just needed to get this out of me. I know I won't be able to change their minds but it still deeply frustrates me and changes the way I look at them when I think about it.
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2023.06.07 22:09 webookflight How to Plan Your First Solo Travel Experience

How to Plan Your First Solo Travel Experience
Solo travel is when you go on a trip by yourself. It can be an exciting and fun experience where you can explore new places and meet new people on your own terms. However, if it's your first time traveling alone, planning can seem daunting, so follow these steps:
Step 1: Define your travel goals, such as why you want to travel alone, what kind of experienc...
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2023.06.07 22:08 Zarthebeast Sometimes waiting will lead you to the right person

Sometimes waiting will lead you to the right person
Share ko lang, naranasan niyo na ba maging sobrang saya para sa isang kaibigan? Sobrang saya ng puso ko para sa best friend ko. She went through a lot sa relationship - toxic and heartbreaking.
After 7 years na single, binigay ni God yung taong deserve niya. Nagtry ako mag reto sakanya pero wala talaga siya interest nuon. Until may isang guy na willing maghintay sakanya. Hinintay talaga siya na maging ready ulit.
How ironic kasi kuya pa ng friend/former colleague namin. Ang tagal na naming kaibigan yun, pero this year lang sila nagkakilala nung kuya niy.
Nasabi kong right person kasi super kilala namin yung kapatid niya na friend din namin. Super bait nun, na masasabi mong napalaki ng tama.
Kaya don't lose hope, minsan talaga kailangan mo lang maghintay para sa tamang tao.
BTW: Maam tawag ko sakanya out of respect kasi naging senior ko siya sa dating work namin for 3 years.
Edit: Had to delete and repost kasi di natakpan ng maigi yung name and photo..
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