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2023.03.26 15:09 fhhhsgsuije12 First time owner, breed help

Hi all, I’m looking to get a dog for myself and my grandma. I need advice for choosing a suitable companion. Im quite active (M25) and I’m home 4/7 days a week, she’s at home all 7 but she is quite weak and inactive (F80), we’re hoping a dog will get her moving more and walking about. We don’t really want a tiny dog, a small/medium sized one would be perfect we think but I’m having trouble figuring out which is best. My main concerns are the dog pulling too much when she’s walking with it and overpowering her. I don’t mind it being energetic in the house but don’t want her to be strained too much if she were to take it to the park (I’m aware good training will be a big part of that). I’ll be doing the day to day mainly and training too, but she’ll be alone with the dog for a fair part of the week. Do you have advice on any particular breeds that satisfy? Happy to also consider smaller dogs. Thank you!
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2023.03.26 15:09 atlantichost what would you do?

i have a small business repairing vacuums and small appliances (lamps dehumidifiers anything you can bring in that plugs in the wall.) ive been in operation for almost a year. i might get one or two items a week. so basically i might make 50 to 100 dollars a week. im well ranked on google i have a nice website. i have good reviews. what would you do to expand? go into central vac repairs at home? advertise more? i spend about 30 dollars a week advertizing on google. i have a sign on my vehicle. move on to another product or service? should i just wait maybe word of mouth takes a long time to get around? any random tips?
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2023.03.26 15:08 libehog556 Why Buying a Home Is a Sound Decision

If you’re thinking about buying a home, you want to know the decision will be a good one. And for many, that means thinking about what home prices are projected to do in the coming years and how that could impact your investment.
This year, we aren’t seeing home prices fall dramatically. As the year goes on, however, some markets may go up in value while others may lose value. That’s why it’s helpful to keep the long-term view in mind. Experts project a return to a steadier rate of price appreciation in the years that follow.
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2023.03.26 15:08 TheMarcusFenix Chronic iron deficiency anemia - can it be permanently treated?

Age ~24
Sex: female
Height ~168 cm ~ 5'5
Weight: ~80 kg ~176 pounds
Race: White
Duration of complaint: 10 years
Location: outside USA
Any existing relevant medical issues: mostly regular but painful periods, heavy periods occasionally, has myoclonic jerks but is not epileptic, mild ADHD
Current medications: Atomoxetine

I have a question regarding an acquaintance of mine who has been struggling with iron deficiency anemia since around 2013.
The main question I would like to ask is whether her iron deficiency anemia can be permanently treated or if she has to continue taking IV iron for the rest of her life. Below are the details.
She is in her mid-20's, a bit overweight, but NOT diabetic. She does have GERD since around 2021. Her period is mostly regular but she describes it as being occasionally heavy and very painful (dysmenorrhea). For that she saw a gynecologist and found some small fibroids and took some treatment for them but didn't follow up.
Other info: She does not smoke, drink, or use recreational drugs. She is white but not in the USA.
She does not like red meats so her dietary iron is probably not great, but even when she has tried to take dietary iron regularly, it has not helped much.
She is hoping to get married soon and is worried about her health and the health of her child because of her iron deficiency.
Her hemoglobin is always between 8-9.5
She collapses multiple times a year and has to be taken to the hospital to take IV fluids. She is not diabetic or epileptic, though she does have myoclonic jerks. The cause of the collapse is usually poor hydration/nutritition/anemia - it has not been given a diagnosis but she just receives treatment and goes home.
She takes IV iron every now and then because she feels she can not tolerate oral iron supplements.
Here are some results from a lab test done August 2022: lab tests Aug 2022
She has undergone both endoscopy and colonoscopy back in August 2021 for both IDA and GERD, but did not follow up with the physician: endoscopy/colonoscopy report
upper GIT: "normal esophageal mucosa, antral nodularity biopsies taken, random biopsies taken from small intestine, rule out malabsorption"
lower GIT: "suboptimal preparation, normal colonic mucosa up to cecum, terminal ileum nodular mucosa biopsies taken[?] to rule out any pathology [?]
no gross colonic pathology"
at the time, these were the lab results in Aug 2021: lab test Aug 2021
the result of the biopsies was as follows: biopsy results
She was diagnosed with H pylori infection and was prescribed some medications, but she did not follow up for h pylori eradication:

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2023.03.26 15:08 ExiledDude What do you do when your life's in shambles?

Hey sub. Im 20m infp/enfp-t who recently moved to new apartment from his parents and "started a new life". One thing about it is that this new life doesn't go as expected. I feel myself trapped in this adult world where all you do is run errands and work which is half bad - that work is also terrible, though the people are good there and Im having nice time with them, the boss is an awful corporate, the type of person I would with all my understanding of other bad people despise completely. Im a self-taught software developer and though I dont need to always work in office, he insists to. With that Im going to work 5 days a week, losing 10 hours there without rest and coming home soaked without life. Plus to that: I dont feel my work makes any sense and I can actually compare myself to a poor robot without a purpose. For sure this is not how I imagined my dream work. As I hope something would change in the future (i want to ask to work part time or will switch jobs at an opportunity), can you please recommend me something to recover from this awful state of nothingness? Thanks for your time 💜
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2023.03.26 15:07 plutokann Windows .vbs Script for Public Use

I posted this on sysadmin but they suggested me writing it here. Is my first time posting here too so I don't know if this is the right way.
I am trying to set up a PC for public use. Specifically, for an interactive art installation. What I am going to present is a "trojan" (not malicious) written in .vbs language that takes control of the system and displays visual content from directories as if it were a movie. The thing is that since I want to maintain the interactivity, being a public space, I need to isolate somehow the system and restrict unwanted activity (and avoiding having to go to repair it continuously).
I had thought about Microsoft's Kiosk mode, but I have Windows Home and I can't use it. With this, I thought of virtualizing a machine, but if the software crashes I don't know how I could automate the execution. Finally, I thought of using an isolated user and through UAC limit its range of action, but I don't know. On the other post users suggested Deep Freeze software and a Raspberry (I need to run a Windows tho)
What do you think? I can't find the solution.
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2023.03.26 15:07 gerrarg I'm so lonely

I'm 40 years old and had a total life breakdown in my early 30's i lost my job and home and had to move back in with my dad who's in his late 80's.
I have asthma and other mobility issues and received an autistic diagnosis a few years ago. Bit by bit i've lost contact with friends, struggled to hold down a job, no longer go out, can't cook for my self anymore and am crying in bed at 2pm because my mother disagrees with me over covid and trans people.
I'm pathetic and can't see a way forward. I need help.
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2023.03.26 15:07 evolverisenow Daily accountability calls 5

Listen up, let me tell you a tale, Of a forest that gives and never fails. A place where life thrives, strong and tall, A sustainable ecosystem, standing proud and gallant. Now think of yourself, a mighty oak, With the potential to reach great heights and provoke, But it starts with a seed, that you must sow, And give more of yourself, with each step you'll grow. You see, just like the forest, you too can thrive, With habits that expand, your future will come alive. From daily exercise, to healthy meals to eat, To mindfulness practices, your life will be complete. So rise and conquer, it's time to be bold, With our daily accountability call, your success will unfold. From the comfort of your own home, we'll be there, To help you expand, and achieve beyond compare. So let's get after it, no excuses, no fear, Join us every morning, and hold yourself accountable year after year, For in the end, success will be yours to claim, With our daily accountability call, and your habits of change. So let's get after it, no excuses, no fear, Join us every morning, and hold yourself accountable year after year, For in the end, success will be yours to claim, With our daily accountability call, and your habits of change.
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2023.03.26 15:07 Revolutionary_Dog769 Inside a $218 million private island in Palm Beach — Florida’s most expensive home for sale

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2023.03.26 15:07 Yiddish_Gambino87 COnfused with multi-room setup and what to buy

Hey all! ive done a little research and im still confused.
I have attached a picture of my floorplan for after my renovation. I currently have speaker wire ran to the red circles (roughly). I am confused as to what I need exactly to purchase and if there were any other recommendations to my ideas/purchases.
  1. I have the living room with a Klipsch Tower Speaker sound system (2 atmos floor speakers, center, rears, sub, onkyo receiver)
    1. I am unsure how to integrate the 4 in-ceiling speakers into this setup. Do I not wire the klipsch atmos (built in to tower, but utilize a seperate wiring)?
  2. I would like to have the ability to stream music to the 2 speakers in the kitchen while also utilizing the speakers in the living room either seperate from the Klipsch system or together.
    1. My original thoughts were to have the Klipsch system be used for tv/gaming/movies and the in-ceiling for music but unsure now
  3. I am looking at purchasing the
    1. AudioSource AMP1200VS - buying 12 channel for growth, but fully open to cheapesame quality options
    2. Polk Audio RC80i
    3. How many sonos ports (or another product like songbird) do I need?
    4. These were all recommended by Crutchfield, who I most likely will be purchasing from unless someone has a deal somewhere.
  4. I am desiring all of the in-ceiling to be able to be voice controlled from those rooms as well. They will be integrated (hopefully) into my home assistant home automation program.
  5. Am i making this more complicated? haha
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2023.03.26 15:06 mustbeaoup People who give no thought to having children or who they’re having children with are the worst.

A friend of a friend’s sister had a baby. She was living in a foreign country due to her partners job. So she didn’t have friends or family close by, nor did she speak the language. She had expressed wanting to go back to her home country to give birth but he insisted they’d get the best health care and hire a day and night nurse to help.
Well she ended up having a c-section and two days after she came home from the hospital they argued about the fact there was none of the home help he’d promised and he wasn’t taking any time off work to help her.
Guess what he did? Left. Packed up and left the house, the job and the country! The woman had no one, no money, no nothing!! Her family had to pool money to pay her rent while she recovered and then the costs of flights and shipping to get her out of the country. Trying to get the father to sign a document to get the babies passport delayed the whole process by 6 months because he just would not respond to her. Only when her mother physically drove to his parents house in their home country and begged them to get him to comply did he suddenly start responding.
His parents had no idea about the baby!
The kid is nearly 4 and he has has never reached out or paid a penny for his kid.
The irony of this whole thing? The woman has a 15 year old daughter that she herself abandoned when she was a toddler to be raised by her sister.
Not only that but the guy had two children from his previous marriage that he’d also casually abandoned to start the relationship with this woman. So what did she think was going to happen to her?
She posts Facebook rants on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day about how her (youngest) daughters father is a deadbeat etc. but no one ever mentions the daughter she abandoned.
I find it so strange. There is a sick part of me that enjoy the drama but I feel awful for the children involved.
These people should never be allowed to have children.
I don’t want children but I don’t hate children. These people just go through life casually creating children without a thought for the consequences and then walk away because it doesn’t fit with their life anymore. It’s truly abhorrent.
The story is completely true and I think it happens way more than people realise.
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2023.03.26 15:06 WhyBeRealistic I'm lost and alone in a dark ocean

My (30M) girlfriend (30F) and planned to be wife wants to separate. We've been together for close to 6 years, engaged for over 2. I was her first everything - boyfriend, relationship, love.. that always scared me as i feared she would want to see what's out there or her inexperience will lead her to naive conclusions. Over a year ago we bought an apartment and fixed it up. Our relationship has always been loving and caring yet wild in the bedroom. I did notice slight periods of her feeling further away from me, but that would pass and she never really said anything was wrong or not something that a little talk would put to ease. Around a month ago I felt this pain in my chest that something was wrong with us an I confronted her. We ended up talking and crying for days while she said she doesnt see a future with me and i'm not the person meant for her. Yet she still loves me. After those days we agreed to work on these problems. For over a month a tried everything i could think of and everything we discussed to show her I can be her person as I still loved her with my entire being. Ever since we started I planned that this is the woman i can see myself growing old with.. Now after a month of doing whatever I could I raised this topic again as i felt the same pain in my chest. We reached the same discussion as while she still loves me she doesnt see the future with me anymore and this is not working. We agreed that there is nothing i can do and that probably separation is what lays in our future. Agreed not to just move out but to still stay together for a while until we process what is happening. She has these doubts growing inside for over a year but being a people pleaser she never shared them and I'm an anxious person and always have been so getting this basically dropped on me is just too much to handle. So now we sleep together, we talk, we comfort eachother when panic sets in but this is crazy. I dont want to leave our home and neither does she. It makes more sense for me to leave as she has noone in our city and her family lives elsewhere while mine live in the same city. Yet i cant leave.. this is my home.. my person.. my rock.. I think i'll end up moving out cuz i still love her and want the best for her but my logical side says bullshit as well.. why do I have to leave if she wants this relationship over.. Another tought keeps haunting me - she's inexperienced in relatiomships and is imagining a fairy tale life with someone and that's why this is happening. I keep imagining her understanding that she's being foolish and that our life together is worth fighting for.. from all our friends everyone says our relationship always looks the best and it's clear that we love each other.. i still believe she loves me.. So i'm a total anxious mess right now with contradicting thoughts.. what to do with her, with our apartment, our obligations, our jobs, what the future holds.. I can't imagine myself with anyone else.. she is my person.. i tied my entire being to her.. planned our lives together.. she was the calm inside the constand storm in my head.. the beacon in a dark ocean.. and now i feel alone.. aline in a dark ocean.. i don't know if i can swin out again..
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2023.03.26 15:05 Ok_Gear_7448 the seven categories of Loyalist music

*put this in History cause IDK where else to put it*
so I've been listening to Loyalist music a lot for the past four years, I've done a lot of research into Loyalism, its history and its culture which has intern lead me to listen to a lot and I do mean a lot of Loyalist music. here are what I recon the seven categories are.
the seven categories:
the famous and the old. this comprises about 5% of all Loyalist music, consisting of songs like the sash and the Protestant boys. it generally dates before partition and in many cases pre Catholic emancipation, it usually has been covered by several artists and may feature on albums from the south as a token Orange song. generally the only ones to be actually professionally recorded and known by anyone outside of the British isles.
the famous by Irish standards. this comprises about 10 to 15% of Loyalist music, songs like the Billy Boys and NO1 platoon go here. this generally originates from the post partition period. usually been covered by several artists though usually never done by the south. these are generally known within the isles and sung at football matches in the modern day.
the old. this comprises about 7 to 10% of Loyalist music. dating from pre partition Ireland they are usually a mix of folk music such as the battle of Garvagh, Dolly's Brae and the Auld Orange flute. the quality is usually ok, they are usually recorded by either Sam Carson or Willie Rodgers and maybe Howlst Yer Whilst. they are known almost exclusively in Ireland, they may have received a cover from one or two southern artists.
the WW1 music. this comprises about 10% of Loyalist music. dating from WW1 and the home rule crisis they are a strange mix of the most beautiful songs you've ever heard, the attempts at that and stuff that sounds like Nationalist music. usually done by several artists though none are usually credited. some example songs are: Danny Boy; Londonderry on the Foyle; here lies a soldier; Shankhill to the Somme; Englishman's command; and the Armagh Brigade. these vary from globally known to known pretty much only by Loyalists.
the troubles music. this comprises about 30% of Loyalist music, dating from the troubles they are generally Paisley levels of Loyalist being heavily anti IRA/Catholic. they usually feature more modern instruments and techno. there are so many songs that fit here that I can't name them all so enjoy five. the suicide battalion of the UVF; Ardoyne (IDK what the name is, that's just what its titled on Youtube); the UDR4; Father's advice; and build my gallows. they are basically just Balkan Nationalist music but set in Northern Ireland and in English, that's the best way of describing them. most usually have been recorded in a bar or crummy recording room, the quality varies from surprisingly high to ok. most have no named artist. they are known exclusively by Loyalists in Scotland and Ulster.
the football songs. this comprises about 10% ish of Loyalist music. generally chants put to music, pretty much all of the other categories music will be sung at football matches, the football songs are essentially the songs that could only be sung at football matches. this is generally because they are either focused on a team (usually the Glasgow rangers) or are deliberately outrageously offensive. the instruments if they are present are usually drums or synthesisers. these are basically only known in Scotland Ulster. they are by far the most offensive songs, examples include no pope of Rome and King Billy's on the wall.
the bog music. this comprises 10% of Loyalist music. most of it is probably from the troubles, usually ultra Loyalist though this is going off what the description or the comments say the lyrics are. its rarely known even within Northern Ireland, rarely featured on playlists just put on by Loyalist music channels as a stop gap post. the quality is so terrible that you cant figure out what words they are saying, its basically just distorted noise. it was probably recorded in a crumbling pro paramilitary pub with a damaged microphone back in 1974, the tape was then accidently dumped in a bog and left there for thirty years before being dredged out by some obscure Loyalist youtuber with five hundred and six subscribers and uploaded in 2009, they haven't uploaded for seven years. this audio was then taken down but managing to be passed about being deep-fried as it migrated from channel to channel avoiding Youtube censorship before I had the unfortunate displeasure of listening to it. somehow these all have like thirty comments. these comprise of a strange mix: of drunk Loyalists just putting six Loyalist slogans together and calling it a comment; some Irish Nationalist and Loyalist spamming tri colours and Union Jacks back and forth; drunk Loyalists using it for party music; and some presumably disturbed Loyalist using this as improv funeral music for one of their deceased comrades.
IDK if anyone else cares about this, but if it brought you a laugh, yer welcome.
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2023.03.26 15:05 Gg_gG_10_10 Update

Home cleaning… my apartment is over packed and lived in… but very clean… :) and I am not having any problems starting and finishing any cleaning tasks of any kind!
Which is fantastic…
My boyfriend is always doing something in the home… I can not and at first it kinda hurt … like man I can’t keep up… and that really doesn’t happen to often with me, but I am able to tell him when it’s too much and I need a break and not feel terrible about myself if he keeps going.
It takes so much energy for me to complete daily tasks… showering… cleaning… cooking… and there are so many waves of emotions I have to manage it is tiring… and I am starting to see and accept that as ok.
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2023.03.26 15:05 CagedMechanic My partner addressed me as “My Gorgeous Girl”❤️❤️❤️

My partner got home late last night from her shift, a very normal Saturday night for us. I greeted her at the door as usual, but this time I was still dressed and still had my makeup done (opposed to being in a comfy hoodie and joggers or leggings, and face all clean) Well doesn’t she look up at me and say “hi, my gorgeous girl” ❤️ something she hadn’t ever done before now. She really is so supportive. I was her bearded, tattooed, tough guy for years, before I started transitioning in December. She loves me for who I am, and not what I look like. She is something so special ❤️. I had to share so that some of you can see that there is hope for your relationship during your transition❤️
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2023.03.26 15:04 Laxativelog Can you get shadow banned in this game?

For about a month I'd come home from work hop on and play two or more games with randoms.
I have not been able to find a single game at any time of day since last Friday.
Not in spiritual assault or regular while matching for all four difficulties.
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2023.03.26 15:04 Head-Freedom-9730 My (23F) bf (29M) likes to bring me to his family gathering but most of the time I don’t like to be there

My bf likes to bring me to his family gathering but most of the time I don’t like to be there.
I have been with my bf (James), almost 4 years. The first year that we were together we decided to keep our relationship a secret from our family because his family and my family know each other and we avoid getting them having expectations (like marriage) from us right away. After the first year we start to let them know we’re together so when they have any gathering they would ask him to bring me too. At first, my mom didn’t allow me to go along with him (my family is tradition) and would tell me to make excuses not to join them. I felt bad about it because James was so excited to be open about our relationship to his family but I was always reject the invitations. After convinced my mom many times she finally let me go with James to his family and friends gathering.
When I go to his friends gathering it was good, they all nice to me and are welcoming. I had good experience with them. But when I go to his family gathering, he tend to go around so long and many times which leave me all alone. I don’t like it. On top of that I only know a few of his relatives and I’m a super introvert person I find it hard to socialize with them because most of them are so much older than me (aunties and grandmas). most importantly his relatives are so judgmental and they so quick to spread rumors which I’m always aware of (that’s why the first year together James and I decided not to tell them about us). There are some times that I had fun with his family too but as an introvert my energy drain so fast.
So in most case, I don’t like to be at James relatives gathering and I notice that he has so much fun socialize with his family. I am okay with him go there alone but each time I cannot make it to the party or gathering he would tell me that everyone asked for me and it would be nice if I could join him. There was a time we were at a party and I told him I’m going home first, he looks a little sad and I asked him if he want me to stay? He told me I can go if I want to but then he keep asking me if I was okay? I know that he likes to bring me along but I feel like he would have more fun if I’m not there with him. If I’m not there he would not have to worry about me being alone (he said his mom used to tell him that she likes his stepdad more than his dad because when she went to party with James dad he would leave her alone, while his stepdad would stay with her the whole time). After that one time that I left early, he told me to text him if I need him and cannot see him, and tell him when I feel uncomfortable or when I need him to stay with me. But the problem is whenever he’s with me he keeps looking at other people and looks like he can’t wait to join them but don’t want to leave me (that make me feel bad).
I don’t know what to do because when I’m going with him, if I stay with him until the end then I’m not happy. If I left early and he is not happy. If I choose not to go that would make him more unhappy.
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2023.03.26 15:04 accountthrowaway8362 Embers with a potential to start a wildfire.

Sarah, I’m honestly not quite sure how I’m going to muster the words that I want to give to you before you go. But this is my best shot. Be it too little, or too late, I believe I owe it to you. Because it’s been eating me alive not being able to express myself in the time we have left.
I hope this letter allows us both to have a little closure. I want you to know that not a day, nor an hour that goes by where you don’t cross my mind. I’d hardly call it “crossing”, it’s definitely more of a ponder. A recollection, one with a beginning, middle and an end. Except it’s not one of those happy endings that an audience holds out for. But sometimes I guess a cliché ending doesn’t fit every narrative.
I see you in everything I do, every time I play games now, I remember how much you would love to be playing with us. Or whenever I find a cute or a funny video, how you’d give me some kind of silly reaction, that would absolutely make my day. Better yet, every time I pop one of my pimples, I miss the way your hands felt on my skin. I’ve never appreciated brown eyes as much as I had when I looked at yours. I remember eating our lunch after we shopped for my kitchen, atop _____, and the sun hit your eyes so perfectly it was one of the most beautiful shades of golden brown I had ever seen. Though my tears are mere kaleidoscopes, I can still see them more vividly than ever in your absence.
To say “adjusting” to life without you has been hard would be an understatement. It’s 9:06pm right now, normally I’d be laughing away on the phone to you, wishing you the best sleep. It’s a Sunday, I don’t want to sleep, because the days pass too slowly to justify an early bedtime. Weekends now a drag without plans, like the world’s come to close. I’m now discovering that my playlist of sad songs is still not long enough to ease a lonesome heart. By the time the last song ends, it’s like the last piece of the puzzle just won’t fit. Like a monumental effort ends unsatisfied. Unfinished, to be shelved longing for a layer of dust.
It hits home that everything we talked about, excelling in our careers, a beautiful home, and 4 children to call a family, and maybe a fluffy companion. Unpacking my boxes in my first home, finding your gifts, photos, memories like the start to one of those beautiful love stories. The ones with the cliché endings. Call it rose tinted glasses if you will, but every smile was beyond real.
I think my favourite thing about you that I will miss the most is your laugh, all of them, even the pity laugh I’d get for taking a joke way too far. Your ambition and self-discipline are truly admirable. Your energy, had to be your absolute best quality. When you walked into a room, no matter how big, you best believe that every person in that room knew, Sarah had arrived. To go anywhere with you, Maria’s Christmas games, Lucy’s wedding, Jordan’s barbeque, both of our 21st, not only was I humbled and blessed, but now realise how lucky I was to call you mine and me, yours.
Your family will be impossible not to miss, every single person in your family is so intelligent, gentle, so put together, and so welcoming to someone like me. I never knew family like I do now until after I met you. No family is perfect, but yours was nothing but perfect to me. I am forever grateful for the roof your mother gave me, the job your father gave me, the gifts your sisters gave me, and the memories the rest of your family gave me. What was once a flame that burnt so strong, from that moment at the _, the 11th of December to the 12th of March, with everything in the years between. Getting me home in an Uber after I told you I loved you. Staying up late Christmas Eve playing Secret Hitler. Texting you happy New Years. To our trip to _. To our first ____ trip. To meeting your mum and sisters for dinner. To meeting your dad down the coast. To meeting my best friend over our new favourite place to eat. Surprising you at 5am with roses on valentines. To my house flooding and spending our first week living together at ____ whilst we watched everything go down-hill, everything was still perfect with you. To our trip to _, our first holiday. To celebrating my 21st birthday. To seeing my first musical. To our trip to _, a once in a lifetime opportunity. To celebrating your 21st. To our trip to ____. To spending Christmas night with your family. And every date, movie night, game night, breakfast, lunch, dinner in-between. Now like a flame at sunrise, reduced to embers and coals, still warm, awaiting to be ignited once more, with a potential for a wildfire.
Walking away from everything I knew the last nearly 5 years, has felt like running away from home. Like a moth to flame, my actions and thoughts intangible, longing for permanence and security. Your memory weaves its way into every crevice in my brain, forever reminding me of what I wish for. Now our paths draw parallel. Open to opportunity and new adventures, I’m not sure how, or when I’ll come to terms with that, but I know you would want me to try.
I’ll miss having someone who showed me unconditional love, in the darkest of nights. In my hardest moments, in my lowest times, you still thought I was fucking awesome, and nothing has ever picked me up quite like you. No one ever looked at me the way you did, nor do I believe with any part of me that anyone ever will again. I will cherish every single one of those moments in the depths of my heart forever. I will never part with our photos or memories; they will forever serve as a reminder of how special our time was together. Now our relationship reaching a transient close, I can only reminisce with warmth, having been touched by the brightest of stars in the darkest of nights.
If I could go back a few years, knowing my heart would be twice as broken, I would do it all over again. Words will never do my heart justice. All the better words escape me. You will achieve momentous things in the coming years, your passion and your drive will take you around the world, everything you touch turning to gold. You are beautiful, strong, selfless, you were mine. But you will spread your wings, and I will forever be here, should you ever need me.
Yours always, Louis.
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2023.03.26 15:04 luxbestreviews The best buy wifi router March 2023 - Reviews

The best buy wifi router March 2023 - Reviews In today's digital age, a reliable and fast internet connection is essential in every household. A good wifi router ensures your online experience is smooth and uninterrupted. Here are the top 5 Best Buy WiFi router you should consider for your home. #WifiRouter #wirelessnetwork #InternetConnection #homenetworking #techaccessories #internetspeed #NetworkSecurity #homeoffice #smarthome
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2023.03.26 15:03 beardown_bot This Week's Upcoming Events (Week of March 26, 2023)

Below are the upcoming events at The University of Arizona this week.
Are you a club or organization wanting to add your events to the calendar? All events are pulled from the official UofA calendar. Add your own events to the calendar using this link.
Rule #5 still applies for any comments in this thread

Upcoming Events

Sunday, March 26
Campus Arboretum Walking Tour: 'Edible Landscapes' 9:30am
Planetarium Show: 'Black Holes' 11am
Arizona Softball vs. Washington (Away) noon
Planetarium Show: 'We Are Stars' 12:30pm
League of Legends and Venture Valley Tournament 2pm - 5pm
Planetarium Show: 'Touring the Solar System' 3:30pm
Arizona Baseball vs. ASU (Away) 4pm
Monday, March 27
Webinar: 'Heritage Healing Practices: Vision Therapy' 10am - 11am
Graduate Center Writing Efficiency Sessions 11am - 1pm
Webinar: 'Stress Management: Making It Work For You' 1pm - 1:45pm
UArizona Fulbright Week: International Education Administrators Award Information Session 3pm - 4pm
UArizona Fulbright Week: Program Student Advising 3pm - 3pm
Arizona FORGE: Support + Share for Student Entrepreneurs 4pm - 5pm
Webinar: 'Reflections on the Understanding, Appreciation and Authentication of Ōbaku Zen Calligraphy' 4pm - 5pm
Mindful Mondays – In Person and Online 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Tuesday, March 28
Graduate Center Writing Efficiency Sessions 8:30am - 10:30am
UArizona Fulbright Week: 1:1 Meetings with Scholar Liaison for Faculty & Staff 9am - noon
Webinar: Funding for Students at the Dissertation Stage 9:30am - 10:30am
Study Abroad on the Mall 11am - 2pm
UArizona Fulbright Week: Program Information Session 11am - noon
Grad Student Drop-In Career Consultations via Zoom noon - 2pm
Webinar: 'Birth to 5 Years Old: Fostering Emotional Intelligence ' noon - 1pm
Workshop: Dissertation Forms and Formatting 1pm - 2pm
UArizona Staff Council Meeting 2pm - 3:30pm
Planetarium Show: 'Black Holes' 2pm
'Notice. Care. Help.' Strategies for Supporting Others and Yourself 3pm - 4pm
Discussion: 'Mapzgun: Indigenous Land Reclamation and Language Revitalization in Wall Mapu, Chile' 3pm - 4:30pm
Planetarium Show: 'Touring the Solar System' 3:30pm
Jose Antonio Vargas: Common Reading Presentation and Book Signing 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Arizona Baseball vs. GCU (Home) 6pm
Wednesday, March 29
Faculty Information Session: Pay One Price 9am - 9:30am
QPR Gatekeeper Training (Managers/Supervisors) 10am - 11:30am
Panel Discussion: Creating a Resilient Future with Arizona Institute for Resilience 10:30am - 11:45am
UArizona Fulbright Week: U.S. Scholar Information Session 11am - noon
Graduate Center Writing Efficiency Sessions noon - 2pm
WSIP Online Writing Room noon - 2pm
Genetics GIDP Thesis Defense: Heather Lenk noon - 1pm
Planetarium Show: 'From Earth to the Universe' 3:30pm
UArizona Fulbright Week: Panel Presentation and Reception 4pm - 6pm
The 8-Track Experience at The Linda McCartney Retrospective: Karima Walker 5:30pm
Grad Chat – Networking Days 6pm - 7:30pm
Thursday, March 30
Workshop: 'Driving Strategic Communication withith Manufacturing' 8am - 4pm
March Cereal Entrepreneurs 9am - 10am
UArizona Fulbright Week: Specialist Information Session 10am - 11am
Let's PAWS & Pet-A-Pup 11am - 1pm
UArizona Fulbright Week: 1:1 Meetings with Scholar Liaison for Faculty & Staff 1pm - 4pm
Planetarium Show: 'BUGS! A Rainforest Adventure' 2pm
Planetarium Show: 'Tucson Sky & Beyond' 2pm
Grad Slam Final Round 5pm
Pitt Family Foundation Speaker Series: 'Juneteenth and the Paradox of American Democracy' 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Linda McCartney Retrospective Lecture Series: Daniella Zalcman and Verónica Sanchis Bencomo 5:30pm
Fronteridades Lecture Series: 'Stories of Migration' – Dr. Irasema Coronado 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Friday, March 31
Grad Student Drop-In Career Consultations via Zoom 9am - 11am
Seminar: 'Individualized Format Readability: The Messy Research Processes of Educational Technologies' 10am - 11am
Graduate Center Writing Efficiency Sessions noon - 2pm
Lecture: 'Marginalized Edge Effect: Ecology, Urban Waterfront and Landscapes' noon - 12:50pm
Southwest Center Series: 'Collaborative Conservation in a Polarized West' noon
Webinar: 'Creating a Care Plan' noon - 12:45pm
2023 MEZCOPH Public Health Poster Forum 1pm - 5pm
Planetarium Show: 'Forward to the Moon' 2pm
Planetarium Show: 'NASA's Journey to Mars' + Live Star Talk 3:30pm
Arizona Softball vs. Georgetown (Home) 4pm
Arizona Softball vs. San Diego (Home) 6pm
Arizona Baseball vs. Oregon (Home) 6pm
Saturday, April 1
Worlds of Words Center: 'Bridges Across the World: Explore Outstanding New Global Books' 10am - noon
Aging and the Arts Creative Encounters in Awe Walking: Color 10:30am - noon
Meet Taco Dragon At Story Time 10:30am
Planetarium Show: 'Perfect Little Planet' 12:30pm
Arizona Softball vs. San Diego (Home) 1pm
Planetarium Show: 'Black Holes' 2pm
Meet Taco Dragon At Story Time 2pm
Dance Marathon for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals 3pm - 9pm
Arizona Softball vs. Georgetown (Home) 3pm
Planetariu Show: 'Tucson Sky & Beyond' 3:30pm
Arizona Baseball vs. Oregon (Home) 6pm
Planetarium Laser Light Music Show: 'Laser Taylor Swift' 7pm
Planetarium Laser Light Music Show: 'Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon' 8:30pm
Planetarium Show: 'NASA's Journey to Mars' + Live Star Talk 11pm
Ongoing Events
Ancient-Modern: Continuity and Innovation in Southwest Native Jewelry Feb. 4, 2023 - Oct. 28, 2023
Online Exhibition: 'The Legacy of Yinyuan Longqi (Ingen Ryūki) and the Art of Ōbaku' Aug. 31, 2022 - Aug. 31, 2023
'Inspired by Plants: The Art and Science of the Campus Arboretum Florilegium' Feb. 13, 2023 - Aug. 31, 2023
Restored: The Return of 'Woman-Ochre' Oct. 8, 2022 - May. 20, 2023
Our Stories: High School Artists 2023 Feb. 25, 2023 - May. 20, 2023
'The Whole World on One Page: International Wimmelbooks' Jan. 11, 2023 - May. 12, 2023
Graduate Writing Tutors Jan. 11, 2023 - May. 11, 2023
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2023.03.26 15:03 FatHeadDave96 Housing Minister Darragh O’Brien in ‘ethics’ row for defying planning regulator and approving site for homes

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2023.03.26 15:03 lilnoodle10 Found my Hydro 2019 programme. Loving the classified ads at the back.

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