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Cyberpong is a digital landscape based on a hyper-realised future version of the notorious Bangkok red-light district known as Patpong. At the same time, it is a virtual gateway to present-day real places, people, and pleasures of the flesh. Through Cyberpong, anyone in the world can come online and jack into this playground, like Neo going back into the Matrix.

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For all things Tolkien, Lord of The Rings, and The Hobbit ...

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A subreddit all about the popular manga, anime, and light novel That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken). Season 2 Part 2 of the Anime is completed! Enjoy the movie that's now released! This community is primarily English speaking, please use it so that everyone can understand!

2023.06.03 14:31 MarketingIntelligent Diablo 4 FPS drops end in crashing

HI all,

Some fix that did the trick for me:

I also had these FPS drops and crashes, playing now for 4 hours without problems.

The fix for me was:
Disable Nvidia low latency
and most importantly (I know it sounds crazy) disabling light effects on peripherals.

I have a K100 from Corsair (keyboard) and it seems that the light effects that access it (keyboard turns completely red) cause problems. I have in the Corsair ICUE forbidden diablo to access the software but this did NOTHING, only when disabling in game it ran fine.

Also: If you have wallpaper engine I recommend you to turn off for your game sessions.

Hope this helps some people and you have a happy time in hell!

My system:
RTX 3080
Ryzen 5600x
32 GB Ram
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2023.06.03 14:31 pickle_surf Snare drum id

Snare drum id
Hi everyone, just wanting to buy a snare off a guy, it’s a sonor special edition. Not sure when it’s from or even what type of wood it is. Cant seem to find anything online either. The guy selling it to me has no idea as well. If anyone could help that would be great.
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2023.06.03 14:30 scondigital00 How much does it cost to learn AutoCAD?

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Cherry Institute's introductory course costs Rs.5000 and the intermediate course Rs.7000/-. The Rs 13000/-. advanced course costs the most. If you want to take all three courses, Cherry Institute offers a bundle deal for Rs 15000/-.cherry institute is one of the best AutoCAD course fee is resalable cost best offers is going on like 30% off.
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If you want to develop in architecture, engineering, or construction, learning AutoCAD at Cherry Institute is worth it. Though expensive, these courses can improve your employment prospects and compensation.
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[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

#autocad #d #architecture #design #sketchup #revit
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2023.06.03 14:30 Ok_Hunter8941 Curiosity

I have recently started playing this game, thinking that I would enjoy it like STALKER but online. So far, so good. Played with some friends, had some very fun and memorable experiences, the story is not bad, some sidequests are absolutely hilarious (such as selling drugs to squads), others are interesting as hell (the swamp mad scientist one)... And the areas are pretty cool and somewhat reminiscent of the original game, with some lovely additions. I consider myself an experienced STALKER player (played all of them, knew them through and through, played STALKER Anomaly too, modded it heavily...), and Stalcraft catches the feel of STALKER quite well.
However, my qualms -which are starting to mess up with my enjoyment- are the following:
-Artifacts suck. They sell for very little so far (I have recently reached the Bathe Forest). There is this activity at the Bar where you can farm mutant spirit thingies for TONS of rubles. And these things sell roughly for the price of one artifact from the previous zones. The difference is that you can farm these things quite easily, whereas artifacts A) are a lot harder to find than in STALKER and B) are a lot cheaper and less useful. Thinking it may be like STALKER, I have investigated basically every anomaly cluster in the Swamp, the Cordon and the Dark Valley, and half of those in the Dump, only to find nothing (or only one, seldom). And I did this right after emissions, and I made sure to be able to access the danger zones with a scientific suit, and that nobody else came after me nor arrived there before me. I must say that I was extremely lucky at the beginning, when the very first mission of picking an artifact (the electric one for the loners), because I found outside the hideout three different artifacts all together. But this hasn't happened since. Instead of finding them where they most commonly should be, I find them lying around the zone, and picking them ups is not even that worth it. Also, I have only found about 5-6 different types, repeated over and over again. So the novelty dies quickly. Does this improve later on? I have seen artifact builds and they sound cool as hell, but given how weird their spawn rate is, I am thinking that maybe it is an early-area thing.
-Incentives to advance: I understand that it follows a typical MMO progression, but advancing just for the grind is quickly becoming tedious and boring. The story is interesting but not so much. For now, my desire is to get to Duty and join them, and get some sick Duty gear. Would joining Duty lock me out of Freedom or Loner traders, missions and areas? Anyway, yeah, grind is not good enough. Does anything interesting or exciting happen down the line?
-Ugly bar: up to the bar, the game looked great and more or less stalker-ish. Sometimes I could see the Minecraft textures, but most of the time it was subtle and nice. The Bar? Man, it is ugly as hell! Absolutely hideous, and the areas around it are just vaguely resembling the OG ones. I understand that the game tries to distance itself from STALKER so as to not be a simple 1-to-1 copy, and so that veteran players such as myself can find novelty, but... Are the next areas good looking? Or do they follow the Bar's aspect?
-Pvp: it kinda sucks. I have killed players and I have been killed by players. Most of the time it was fair and square, and if I lost it was due to my own fault, and if I won, it was thanks to tactics, luck, ambushes, etc. Typical STALKER. However, sometimes it's just that a high level mofoca appears with the best gear and just shoots 6-10 rounds in my head and melts me and my whole squad like its nothing. I understand that this is part of the survival aspect, but wtf. It is annoying as hell, and he doesn't even get anything out of it. But in order to get there, the grind is absolutely absurd. And to grind that, I must face increasingly worse enemies, while I very very slowly trek that difficult road to purple items. I don't have that time and dedication. I like the STALKER aspect, not the grinding one. For example, I was farming stuff on the Loner side of the Bar, with a NPC patrol, and suddenly a bandit appears, thanks every single hit, he hardly loses health (even though I headshot him with the M16A1 and the sawed off shottie), and kills everyone (I somehow managed to escape and run for my life). I get that the constant player threat is part of the PVPVE style (pretty much like Sea of Thieves), but there it is a matter of skill and awareness only. Here, it is a matter of absurd gear and camping. Two very different approaches. Does this get better?
-The weapon variety kinda sucks. I see no point in using submachine guns or sniper rifles or machine guns when shotguns can deal with muties and assault rifles with npcs and players. And apparently the SAIGA has been nerfed, so bye-bye shotties for me. The only serious decision seems to be whether to go AK or NATO line. Besides, the attachments seem to be kinda messed up. Tons of scopes and magazines but only a bunch of lasers, grips and silencers/muzzles? I have seen posts about cool Tarkov-like weapon loadouts, but from what I can see in the crafting/bartering panel, it seems awfully limited. I tried modding an AK74 and there are tons of empty slots that I can't seem to fill. I look through all of the categories and I can't find different stocks, for example (off the top of my head).
The game does have some pros:
-The auction system is amazing -The metal detector is hilarious (the very first day I used it, the very first item was an aluminum wire bundle. The second day, first item I get is that thing again. The third day I move to the dumps, and the first item I get is the copper bundle. I have also had luck selling/transforming roots and seeds) -Contrary to the weapon variety, the Armor variety is awesome. It is more important to develop them, and you also get some armors that do not have prerequisites, in case you don't wanna run all the way back to the starting areas. Plus, they look gorgeous. It would be cool to be able to combine suits with masks, though. Or to modify them like in Call of Pripyat. Can that be done? To that level? -Survival aspect is pretty good, actually. The vast majority of times that I died (bar getting stuck once, or being killed by said Pvp grinders) it was entirely my fault. The feeling of carrying tons of loot and barter items and having to run two whole maps back to base is thrilling. I even organised an escort mission with two friends, because we had to pick one of them from the bunker at the Dump, so me and the other one rushed to him and then escaped through the Dark Valley. Another time, I was overburdened under the westernmost bridge at the Cordon, with the TOZ, waiting for my squad mate to get to me from Cordon to relieve my burden, while I was covering him and paying attention to any movement. I have also had fun encounters and ephemeral alliances with random players. It's fun and it catches the spirit of STALKER (if it were multiplayer). Does this beautiful experience continue further on? Or does it become a pvp nightmare?
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2023.06.03 14:30 bodybath كود خصم مترو برازيل هند

كود خصم مترو برازيل هند
كوبونات خصم مترو برازيل استمتع بخصومات 50% كود الخصم : AF59MA
كود خصم مترو برازيل هند كود خصم مترو برازيل مترو برازيل انستقرام مشد مترو برازيل تجارب مشد مترو برازيل انستقرام مترو برازيل بروتين متجر مترو برازيل
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2023.06.03 14:29 dadealman [Amazon] EUREKA ERGONOMIC Music Sensing RGB LED Lights Glass Gaming Standing Desk, Smart Dual Motor Electric Height Adjustable 47 Inch GTG w USB Ports, APP Control, with 15% off, for $579.99

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2023.06.03 14:29 badfan Should I bring my plants inside?

I live off grid so I generally plant outdoors because running a grow light inside takes a fair amount of power. For the past couple of weeks we have been enjoying 70-80 °F weather, but over the next week it's going to be in the 50s (and dropping to the high 30s at night).
Should I leave my plants outside in the mini greenhouse I have, or should I bring them inside where it's in the 60s and just run my generator to power the grow light?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Note: all of my plants have just entered vegetative state, so they are all about 5 inches tall and have about 4-6 leaves.
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2023.06.03 14:29 ThornOfTheDowns "I saw then, a great steed gallop across the waves" - Andrea Morgan, son of Castor

“Life is like the ocean, it goes up and down.“
Name: Andrea Morgan Date of Birth: 7th of July
Age: 16 Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual Nationality: American
Race: White Fatal Flaw: Recklessness
Demigod Conundrums: ADHD, Dyslexia Hometown: Skaneateles, New York


Member Name Relationship
Mother Sandra Morgan They get along rather well, though she tends to be busy. Andrea doesn't really bicker with her and hates making her upset.
Father Castor Essentially none, given that he's never met his father before. He'd heard stories from his mother and his brother and he's keen on meeting with the god, but he's also never really felt his absence.
Brother Beckett Morgan Andrea's best friend and the person he confided in most. He was young, when Beckett died, and the experience still haunts him. The older boy was also a demigod, and one who attended camp at that.
Stepfather Dominic Morgan-Peters Andrea's second best friend. A kind and understanding man, he often took out his stepson on fishing trips.


Name Type Description
Horse Affinity Domain A trait where horses are naturally friendly.
Superior Athleticism Domain A trait where one displays athletic and physical capabilities above the average for half-bloods. Their skill is on par with Olympic athletes.
Escape Artist Proficiency Domain A trait where one is adept at escaping traps, kidnappings, dire situations, and awkward conversations.
Water Manipulation (Hydrokinesis) Minor The ability to control water to a degree.
Climbing Proficiency Minor A trait where one is naturally adept at scaling surfaces.
??? Minor ???
Hydrogenesis Major The ability to generate water, up to 1 gallon at a time. He can only do this once per post and overuse of this ability leaves him dehydrated and light-headed. Additionally, the water he manifests must come from somewhere - the moisture in the air, his own sweat, from the ground or from seashells.

Favorite Things:

  • Foods: PB&Js, pickled banana peppers, pork ribs, omelettes. Can't handle anything more spicy than the banana peppers, but otherwise he isn't a particularly picky eater.
  • Drinks: Orange juice, Coca Cola and especially slushies.
  • Hobbies: From a very young age, Andrea has loved wrestling. His imposing frame and enhanced strength made him great at it too, and he's gotten a few medals for it. Though his dyslexia makes it hard to read, he still really likes books, though listening to them as audiobooks is obviously easier.

Items and Equipment:

Type Name Age Description
Spear None ??? A celestial bronze, double pronged fishing spear


Faceclaim Voiceclaim Height Weight Hair color Eye color
NA NA 6'2 187 lbs. Dark Brown Sea Blue


Loyal to a fault, calm and usually relaxed, Andrea has a strong will and once he sets his mind on something, he almost always accomplishes it. While not particularly bright, he's smarter than most give him credit for and is able to think on his feet fairly well. He's a fairly cheerful person, though the topic of his brother is a very sore spot still.


  • A big fantasy nerd, surprisingly, as it's his favorite genre of books and games.
  • Regularly goes to the gym, but mostly for fun and as a way to relax.
  • Loves water and any sports or activities relating to it. It wasn't much of a surprise then when he learned he could control it.
  • Horses have always been his favorite animal, ever since he got to see one in person.
  • Wears sleeveless shirts and hoodies to show off his toned arms. Despite what this might imply, he's not very confident in his body.
  • While he's never tried, he's always wanted to paint his nails.


All in all, Andrea led a relatively normal life for a time. He got along great with his mother and stepfather, had a fair few friends and a strong bond with his older brother Beckett. His world was shaken when Beckett died. He was only twelve when it happened and he didn't know how or why he'd died. While they were never too good to begin with, his grades in school plummeted after the tragedy, and he became more reserved. This was when he discovered his demigod powers and only shortly before his divine parent claimed him with the burning symbol of the constellation Gemini.
Beckett was a son of Castor, just like Andrea, and he had attended Camp Half-Blood, which both of their parents knew. After his passing, Sandra refused to send her other son to the camp, believeling it too dangerous. When monsters finally began to attack, she was forced to confront the harsh truth that, for him, there wasn't any other safe option. So, with sadness and guilt in her heart, she sent the now 1y year old demigod on his way, packing his things and arranging for his travel.

Present Day:

Looking down from the top of Half-Blood Hill, Andrea sighed. This was it huh? He wasn't scared, no. But he was still a bit unsure. This camp was what took his brother's life, wasn't it? He supposed it wasn't nearly as brutal as the young son of Castor had expected.
He carefully made his way down, entering through the camp's gates, and was struck by how stunning it really was. Andrea's gaze wandered around, mouth agape. Maybe this place wasn't so bad.
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2023.06.03 14:28 ID10-T Next to Last FA Test

Getting Rid of Most of My Flavors, Part 46
PREVIOUS > Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13 - Part 14 - Part 15 - Part 16 - Part 17 - Part 18 - Part 19 - Part 20 - Part 21 - Part 22 - Part 23 - Part 24 - Part 25 - Part 26 - Part 27 - Part 28 - Part 29 - Part 30 - Part 31 - Part 32 - Part 33 - Part 34 - Part 35 - Part 36 - Part 37 - Part 38 - Part 39 - Part 40 - Part 41 - Part 42 - Part 43 - Part 44 - Part 45
Starting Flavor Count: 2,434 (down from 2,972)
TASK OR TRASH - Each flavor gets assigned at least one task or it goes in the trash.

CAPELLA Honeydew Melon

Update. I gave CAP Honeydew Melon one chance to stick around, a recipe called “Melon Blow Pop.” Before trying it, I wondered what made this recipe a "blow pop" considering there aren't any gum flavors, but something about the way these flavors combine does give it a very interesting bubblegum-y aspect in addition to the candy melon and apple. And the candy apple-melon is great. Unfortunately, I also get a slight perfumy-type off note from the recipe. Specifically, a baby scent perfume. You know, whatever it is that makes baby stuff like baby lotion, baby oil, baby powder all have that same baby scent. I hate that, so CAP Honeydew Melon is history. TRASH 1


Accidentally passed over this one last time. I found it to be a kind of warm and spicy tobacco; with a spice note or notes similar to cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and ginger, but not specifically or distinctly any of those. Also found it odd that despite having no menthol taste or cooling it kind of hits me right in the same spot that menthol does.
I purchased this flavor to make Chem Twista Lime - cigarette with a pinch of lime - and will continue to use it for that. TASK 1 But, I can’t find anything else that I want to do with it.
I don’t know what this is, but it’s not tobacco. It tastes like dirty cooked fruit sweetness, like just part of cooked dark berries or stewed prunes, just the sweetness from them and not their distinct aromas, mixed with something earthy and pushing dirty tobacco but not authentically tobacco. But, it does taste like it would be a good ingredient to use in a fruity tobacco, like you would need a tobacco, and a fruit, but this could be a bridge ingredient.
Already plan to mix CBV’s Cherry Oak Tobacco that uses it. Will also try his Southern Lights recipe for a bourbon-vanilla tobacco that uses it TASK 2, and the very solid looking Bob’s Bacco. TASK 3 I just wished the new ATF showed steep times because I’m not sure how long to steep these. Anyone have a guess? Three weeks sound about right?
I don’t consider this tobacco flavor. It’s more like... Dirty Trail Mix, but in the best possible way.
Slightly dirty roasted nut crust? It’s an odd, complex, flavor that’s oddly weak for FA (8% is not unusual for a mix) with something lightly tobacco-ish, kind of toasty, in there somewhere along with a lot of other stuff - some roasted nuttiness, something like a graham cracker-type or pie crust bakery, a bit of caramel or brown-sugar like sweetness but not too sweet, maybe some raisin-y type sweetness as well. Dry, yet smooth. It’s not a rich flavor but it has plenty of dry bakery-like body.
No, I’m not throwing away FA Soho. I need it for 1-2-3 Burley TASK 4 and it’s used in about 10 recipes I’m planning to try.
Adding to that - I can’t wait to try Pistachio Brulee - Soho. It’s a lot of TFA Pistachio and not a lot of FA Soho for a “comforting warm deep dessert tobacco,” but I still think it’s going to be terrific. TASK 5
Will also add Maga for the simplicity - it’s just FA Soho, FLV Mild Tobacco, and FLV Vanilla tobacco. TASK 6
And because I’m feeling brave, Arcanite, a weird-looking recipe that mixes Soho with Meringue, White Peach, and TFA Dragonfruit. TASK 7
Sour Wizard
Held off on ever trying this for a long time because I’d already been burnt by too many supposedly sour things to get excited about FA coming out with Sour Wizard. Anyway, it doesn’t really taste sour, not like sour candy tastes sour, not at 2% anyway, but it definitely has a noticeably tart “pop” to it, more so than the others. Very bright. Other sour additives don’t have much fruitiness but this one does have a very slight green apple kind of taste to it. Top heavy with a dead finish but the sour-ish flavor does carry just a little deeper than just being right on top. The usual suspect acids might be the main ingredients, but FA definitely did more than just put malic and/or citric acid in a bottle with PG, and it shows. Unfortunately, I could not find a single recipe using it that I both felt inclined to mix and had all the ingredients to mix. TRASH 2
Aka, “White Winter.” Tastes like the disembodied spirit of weak spearmint gum. Not much body or sweetness. No leafy green stuff. Not extra methol-ed up.
I’m pretty sure I would be fine without it but there is just one recipe I want to try first, just to make sure.
Spearing Mint, Creamy Concoction is one. Although FA and TFA Spearmints aren’t the mints I’d choose for the job, I’m really interested in this “slight spearmint note with sweetened heavy cream” profile, and the sweetened heavy cream part looks great. TASK 8
Stark Apple
Sweet red apple, fairly accurately tastes like a red delicious apple or apple juice. I think red delicious is actually the least delicious of apples, but if you don’t, or you need that as a component, this offers it. I guess some people say it tastes more like a yellow apple but I always associate those with having more of a “ripe,” kinda sweaty taste. FA Stark Apple is quite sweet, with a deep natural sweetness, not a ton of flavor, but the flavor that’s there is on point. No tartness or crispness - not very fresh tasting. Sweet and timid enough that I would use it to sweeten a mix of other fruits without worrying much about it getting in the way. Not dry, but not really juicy. Very smooth, does not add any throat hit. Some body, with that mild flavor on top and a medium thick sweeter base, not too thin.
I really liked Strap-On Aid when I tried it six years ago, let’s see if I still do. TASK 9
There are a bunch of apple bacco recipes and at least a handful of them use FA Stark Apple. The one that looks most appealing to me is this Starkonja’s Head, mostly because it has serious, grown-up tobaccos in there and not just RY4 Double and Soho. TASK 10
Strawberry (Red Touch)
Fairly weak for FA. I call it the astronaut strawberry, not that I’ve ever had one, but it’s what I imagine eating a freeze-dried strawberry would be like. It tastes natural, with that subtle earthy note that brings some realism to the party, but unnaturally dry. Not juicy at all. Top notes are mild, slightly tart, and the finish is weak but there’s a solid middle that tastes like a semi-sweet ripe strawberry only without any juice. It’s not the best standalone strawberry by far, but it is a great tool. Seems to work really well as part of a strawberry layer to make sweet candy strawberries taste more natural and fill out the middle more, despite not working so well by itself. Cranking it up too high that earthy note starts to get a little grassy, like freeze-drying that strawberry leaves and all.
No, I do not agree with those who say it smells like farts, and no, I’m not throwing away part of the original Strap-On and many of the Strap-On variants. t’s in more than half a dozen things on my to-mix list.
I also need it for Lychee Blossom, which is a fantastic lychee recipe that I love. TASK 11
And I want to try Strawberry Whirl which is described as “layered strawberry jam, light fluffy cream on a whirl cookie.” It had me at OoO Strawberry Jam. TASK 12
StrawMelon Melee because I love cantaloupe and strawberry together and this looks like a great new cantaloupe-strawberry mix. TASK 13
Custard’s Last Stand because I’m very interested in how that WF Sugar Cone fits in there. TASK 14
Daveberry Cheesecake because it’s named after me! TASK 15
Yuno because it looks like a great strawberry milk and I’m really interested in the combination of WF Macadamia Nut and OoO Cream Milky Undertone it uses. TASK 16
Strawberry Green
That’s what it tastes like, underripe strawberry. Very green like you can taste the chlorophyll, and pretty tart, but very clearly a strawberry, and has some syrupy sweetness. It tastes like a small amount of it could do amazing things with other strawberries, like making them taste brighter and more refreshing, maybe making a flat sweet candyish strawberry taste more like the real thing.
Pretty excited to try things with this one, already have a couple planned. Mike’s Peach, Strawberry and Vanilla looks like a winner, too. I’m really interested in the combination of WF Strawberry Gummy Candy and FA Strawberry Green for the strawberry and even more interested in the combination of FA Peach White and SSA Nectarines for the peach. TASK 17
Summer Clouds
I’m not sure who started calling it FA Dryer Sheets, but I can confirm that is an accurate description. It’s supposed to be peach and rose, it think, but I get a hint of peach and a whole lot of dryer sheets. TRASH 3
There’s a really nice ladyfinger cookie buried in here, and accurate cocoa notes, but unfortunately nothing resembling mascarpone flavor or richness, and even more unfortunately, it’s all soaked in, not liqueur-spiked espresso like it’s supposed to be, but booze-free coffee brewed by a skunk who had recently sprayed skunk spray and burned some popcorn in the same kitchen where he made the coffee. TRASH 4
As best I can tell it’s actually accurate to a certain type of Italian nougat that contains lemon zest, almonds, pistachios, vanilla, sugar, honey, and egg whites. I’ve never had that, but it pretty much tastes like what I imagine all of that stuff mixed together might taste like. It’s sweet and creamy and nutty and lemony all at the same time. I’m not personally a huge fan of this mostly because the lemon feels weird in there and it seems a bit busy, for a single flavor, but it’s not terrible. It’s a little on the thin side, but just a little; there’s still enough body there to pull off a sugary creamy texture. The nuts aren’t distinctly almondy or pistachio tasting and more of a generic nuttiness.
Need it for Stag Night, also interested in trying The Key To Happiness, described as “a nice piece of store bought key lime pie like you find in the freezer section of your local grocery store. TASK 18
This one is so odd. It’s coffee, cream, and... cereal? I don’t know why there’s a bakery flavor in there. It’s coffee forward and that coffee is not terrible, it’s kind of burnt but not dark, like a light roast coffee that’s been on a warmer too long or at too high a temp. There’s a little milky cream that makes an appearance and then there’s some bakery that is, for whatever reason, supposed to be a cereal. I guess it’s cereal? It’s kinda dry and gritty, almost graham cracker like. It finishes on that note and I’m not sure what you’re supposed do with that other than use this to add a coffee note to a bakery recipe, or get really creative. No skunk spray or burnt popcorn or anything like that, so above average for a coffee flavor, but also nothing I want to mix that uses it. TRASH 5
Vanilla Bourbon
Thin, natural-ish and darker but not quite spicy vanilla. Really very plain to my taste, Rick calls it warm and a little floral. I’m not getting any warmth or floralness, it tastes more like an attempt at vanilla bean that doesn’t quite get there but is more of a bold natural vanilla than a lot of other offerings. There's a richness or depth to the vanilla flavor, but not to the concentrate itself, it’s actually rather thin, it will most likely will not add the perception of creaminess or thickness that many vanilla flavors do.
Three or four things I’ve planned to mix use it. Here’s two more: Premium Vanilla Custard - obvious from looking at it that it’s going to be delicious. I see you, OoO Marshmallow. TASK 19
And Shunsui Kyoraku. I’m scared of the WF Egg Yolk in there, but not too scared to give it a try. TASK 20
Vanilla Cookie
tTis is a very vanilla cookie. Loads of baked in kinda bright but not overly bright vanilla taste. Also, pretty buttery. There’s a nice cookie there in the middle of that butter and vanilla. Without steeping, the cookie is just a little too sharp (nutty, overcooked, pyrazine) for my taste, but it vapes smooth overall with all that vanilla and butter. If it had just a little less pyrazine sharp overcooked nuttiness (and I’m told it does have less of that with a longer steep than the five or six days I gave it before sampling 2.5%), it could get fairly close to a Golden Oreo type of thing.
I already have at least 10 recipes I’m going to make that use it, but also:
3 2 1 Stroopwaffel I don’t know how accurate that will be, but I love VT Honeycomb and looking forward to seeing how SSA Crisp Waffle and FA Vanilla Cookie mix with it. TASK 21
And Makoto Shishio, because I love the idea of an “oreo waffle with cream filling." TASK 22
Vanilla Ice Cream
Milky, plain base, not custardy at all - more like gelato. Darker vanilla. I don’t love it, simply as a matter of personal preference and liking a richer style of ice cream, but there’s nothing wrong with it. I’ve got at least recipes in line that use it, and here’s one more that stood out: Lemon Gelato. Looks refreshing and satisfying. TASK 23
Vanilla Tahity
This is every bit as much an almond flavor as a vanilla flavor, I get more almond than vanilla. It even has a bit of a cherry-ish note to it the way some almond flavors do. It’s like sweet almond-vanilla-cherry, or amaretto and marzipan. It’s a bit dry, but there’s fluffy marshmallow-like body to it, and it’s not dry enough to be unpleasant. I actually kind of enjoy vaping this as a single flavor. The hint of cherry is similar to the hint of cherry in amaretto, not a medicinal plastic cherry. The vanilla is very bright and artificial, like the vanilla in a vanilla coke, not a coke with vanilla syrup added like at a soda shop or Sonic, but just the vanilla from a can of vanilla coke.
Already planning to keep it long enough to mix one custard recipe that uses it, now I have two more things to try:
This recipe for Vanilla Crescent Cookies looks wonderful. TASK 24
And I’m really interested in the combination of VT Creaming Soda and WF Cotton Candy Jelly Bean in this Blue Balls recipe for blue raz and vanilla hard candy, even if I think FA Vanilla Tahity was probably not the best vanilla for the job. TASK 25
Vienna Cream
Absolutely requires a steep, not just to come into itself, but to not be disgusting. It’s weird how much better this gets after steeping for just about 4 days. Freshly mixed, it tastes like someone tried to make spiked eggnog and substituted nail polish remover for rum. After a short steep, it tastes like a very sweet, light dairy cream, on the thin side of creams but still very much a cream. with a bit of bright vanilla and an interesting sort of ice cream-like crispness to it. Very smooth, clean tasting. Have found it sometimes works when other creams don’t, just takes a little patience.
I need it for four of my all-time favorite recipes, Mango Beauregarde, Notorious, Vurve’s Vanilla Almond Milk, and Vanilla Cronut.
Gotta try The Worlds End, too. It looks like too much TFA DX PB for the profile - banana nut bread with chocolate sauce - but looks delicious, regardless. TASK 26
New Flavor Count: 2,429
Just a short one this time, to get back in the groove. I went on vacation, brought COVID back as a souvenir, and have had a bunch of work to catch up on because of all that. Will finish off the Flavour Art next week.
submitted by ID10-T to OdiesSandbox [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 14:27 False-Ad6061 Z2M physical switched off lights keep status of being on

I have some IKEA GU lights that I like because I can change them to cold white. I switch them on and off through the traditional wall switch. They are connected via Zigbee2MQTT and they report being „on“ once I turn them off via the wall switch.
Can I change this behavior somehow? I like them to be powered back on once they receive power when using the wall Switch. Power on behavior can be set easily in Z2M. But how about power off?
submitted by False-Ad6061 to homeassistant [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 14:26 HaraldderHaarige Problem with Smart Curtain Module from nous (zigbee)

Hi Everyone,
So i bought this zigbee Module off of Amazon. (
I am using ZHA with an Sky Connect Dongle and so far it worked just fine.
The Problem i am having is to calibrate the Module, so it fully opens and closes my blinds.
This is the Post i found online. That unfortunately does not work for me.
Is there anyone who has experience with this Module?
Maybe there is another similar Module?
It is the only one i found that would fit inside the box in the wall.
Thank you in advance.
submitted by HaraldderHaarige to homeassistant [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 14:26 PabloEskyBrahhh Original message in a group for making friends on the Nintendo Switch to enquire about selling a gift. Choosing beggar then grills and wants the item being sold for his “upcoming birthday”. Hard to imagine how his brain works for currency conversion🤔

Original message in a group for making friends on the Nintendo Switch to enquire about selling a gift. Choosing beggar then grills and wants the item being sold for his “upcoming birthday”. Hard to imagine how his brain works for currency conversion🤔 submitted by PabloEskyBrahhh to ChoosingBeggars [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 14:25 globallovers Discover the Best Sexy White Jumpsuits at Global Lover

Welcome to Global Lover, your ultimate destination for the sexiest and most stylish white jumpsuits online. Our collection of sexy white jumpsuits is perfect for any occasion, whether you're attending a wedding, hitting the club with your girlfriends, or going on a hot date.
We offer a wide range of white jumpsuits, from classic and sophisticated to daring and provocative. Our jumpsuits are made from high-quality materials that are both comfortable and flattering, with designs that accentuate your curves and show off your best features.
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2023.06.03 14:25 hushhbearseve He saw me with another guy but it wasn’t AT ALL what he thought. Now I might lose him.

Kinda long. So a little back story. Him(m34) and myself(f23). We met back in December and hit it off instantly. I was immediately attracted to not only his physical appearance but his mind. Once I met him I totally lost all interest in other men and set my sights on him and focused on just us. Seems a little wild but it was just like I knew. So I’ve been exclusively seeing him since then, we aren’t in a relationship but I treat him like my boyfriend and he said it’d be another maybe 5-6 before we actually were official. I’m cool it and never changed the fact that I’ve been faithful to him. To get to last nights big problem :(. So I like smoke outside during summer nights instead of inside for fresh air and it’s just something I enjoy. I was smoking last night (I live on the first floor so you can just walk up to my patio) and my neighbor (m42) saw me out there when he was coming in and asked me about buying some weed. I told him I didn’t sell weed but would be willing to just roll him a joint he can have (I have an abundance of it. One joint wouldn’t kill me). He insisted on giving me $5, I took the $5 and he asked me if he could sit there next to me and share. Told him he can sit but I wasn’t sharing it. I continued my business and he was sat there. Light conversation occurred but we are neighbors so it was just about like the apartments (how shitty they are , how much we pay, etc. ) I mean this guy is my mothers age, the conversation was never inappropriate. THEN I get a message from my situationship asking what I was doing. I texted him back I was sitting on the porch smoking. No I didn’t immediately say my neighbor was there too but we were in Snapchat so I saw him messaging, and was in the middle of texting him to explain the selling him a joint situation. All the sudden he pulls up. I immediately recognize his car and say out loud “ yay it’s my man!” And run over to him. He’s pissed. I try to explain and he tells me to get out of his car and is not willing to listen to a word I have to say. I tried to call him, text him, contact him every way I could contact him. And he just pretty much said “he knew I was this way, all the things he got me he wants back, I lost him for a lame”. I’m heartbroken. Sick to my stomach. I feel like Maybe I AM wrong and just should’ve told my neighbor no to sitting there with me. I should’ve just never agreed to give him the joint. I know exactly how it looked to him. I can’t blame him but I don’t know what to do now. I wish he would’ve been willing to hear me out. Do I just take this loss? I wanna keep trying but I feel like there’s no way he’s going to believe me or change his feeling. I need some words or advice idk. 😪
submitted by hushhbearseve to TrueOffMyChest [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 14:21 Plenty-Home-7155 [FNV] B42 inertia when starting a new game says that NV Compatibility Skeleton is outdated or something overwrites it, and game crashes...

My plugins;
TTW Reputations.esm
TTW New Vegas Speech Checks.esm
TTW Dialogue and Interactions Expansion Overhaul.esp
Root 'n Loot.esp
S6S Perks.esp
Unofficial Patch NVSE Plus.esp
Functional Post Game Ending Lite.esm
Functional Post Game Ending Lite TTW Patch.esp
Crafting Consistency Fix.esp
Strip Lights Region Fix.esp
Animated Player Interactions.esm
Real Recoil.esp
The Mod Configuration Menu.esp
Real Recoil Tweaks.esp
FPS Weapon Lowering.esp
Vanilla UI Plus.esp
Cloud Shadows.esp
Cloud Shadows - Clear Weather.esp
FPS Leaning.esp
Interior Rain.esp
Interior Rain - TTW.esp
CC - Rain.esp
CC - 3D Rain.esp
TTW Music Addition.esp
NV Music Addition.esp
Falling And Landing Animated.esp
The Game Was Rigged From The Start.esp
Weapon Retexture Project.esp
WRP - TTW.esp
Main And Pause Menus Overhaul.esm
Flora Overhaul.esp
Atmospheric Lighting Tweaks TTW.esp
Glowing Ghosts.esp
TTW Vibrant Weathers.esp
Courtyards Better View.esp
(TTW) Benny Humbles You.esp
Benny Humbles You and Steals Your Stuff.esp
Friends With Benefits Perk Pack.esp
Irradiated Lonesome Road.esp
Event Sounds.esp
Interior Exterior Sounds Framework.esp
Titans of The New West.esp
Titans of The New West - Power Armor Sprint JAM.esp
V87UncleLeo - Simply Uncut.esp
Simply Uncut - New Vegas.esp
My modlist [backwards]
SU - NV And Weapon Retexture Project Patch-65082-1-0-1611459592
Simply uncut
Vault 87 Uncle Leo for Simply Uncut-73474-1-0-1630030780
Vault 87 Uncle Leo-73474-1-1-1630831753
Pacers Gambit V1-0-46584-V1-0
A Wilder Wasteland v1-0-46158-v1-0
A Thorny Situation v1-0-46048-
A Van Graff Scorned v1-1-45991-V1-1
A Koch and Bohr Story v1-1-45886-v1-1
Outside Bets V 1-4-46648-V1-4
Rotface to Riches v1-2-45799-V1-2
-Welcome to Fabulous New Vegas Extended Cut v1-0-46585-V1-0
Shotgun Buffs TTW-80251-1-1677866119
NVG BRITE-79304-1-1670988323
Irradiated Lonesome Road-74599-1-01-1674287444
Interior Exterior Sounds Framework-76491-2-02-1661729875
Friends With Benefits Perk Pack TTW Version-74682-2-1684990694
Benny Humbles You and Steals Your Stuff-71112-12-2-1685081356
Weapon Requirements System-69161-1-0-4-1611266931
(TTW) Benny Humbles You-69842-1-05-1600663334
Better View From Casino's Courtyards-81159-1-3-1684531613
Glowing Ghosts - Happy Little Holograms-81131-2-0a-1684509409
TTW DC Flora Overhaul Forested Edition-71839-1-7-1670180801
Taller DC TTW-76595-1-1-1652807327
Another Interior Mod-66611-1-0-1552249520
TTW Interiors Core
Main Menu Redone - TTW - 2160p-76352-1-2-1651760663
VQHD Load Screens for TTW-58219-0-0-6-1541956757
TTW Vibrant Weathers-71647-1-6-1673572785
TTW Merged Collectible Quests-75829-3-1-1682651001
NV Collectibles - Merged-80939-1-0-1682651455
S6S Perks Patches-73438-3-1646368010
Sweet 6 Shooter Perk Pack TTW Version-73438-16-06-1685474615
Root'n Loot TTW-59378-1-14-1660763475
Atmospheric Lighting Tweaks - TTW-79378-1-2-1-1673672110
Elegant Lockpick Interface-75670-1-0-0-1647144127
Clean Just Visual Objectives-80523-1-0-1679591407
Radiation Loadwheel-78974-0-1-1668228645
PN Grenade Explosive Indicator-68950-1-2-0-1590092489
-Simple Cursor (BIG)-78340-0-1-1662854541
VUI Plus settings-78509-1-0-1664633682
Clean Colorful Map Icons-78509-1-0-1664633525
-Main and Pause Menus Overhaul-74365-4-6-1683751558
ySI - Sorting Icons-74358-1-4b-1648916180
Bloodverhaul (Blood Texture)-73715-1-0-0-1632010260
Purchase Items on Display-78873-1-2-1678422232
SD Fatigue
Natural Dusters-78260-1-0-1662355115
3rd Person Camera Overhaul-79883-2-3-1676826727
FOV Slider-55085-2-9-1586064165
TGWRFTS FINAL-76831-1-4-1654083062
FPS Leaning-78734-2-1-1684005574
No Muzzle Flash Lights-77781-2-0-1659534450
High Resolution Water Fog-78400-1-0a-1663426682
AWSOME Plugin-77723-1-0-1659247766
Hit - Happy Beeping - TTW-77464-1-0-1657630846
Fallout Flag Animation Overhaul-79328-V3-1673760431
AmaccurzerO's Animated Mojave -One Zeppelin-68409-1-01-1585664383
Gory Explosions-81161-3-2-1685484650
Live Dismemberment-67147-1-7-1-1560731052
Awesome Crippling Effects 2-77748-1-3-1664127622
Hit - Binoculars Anim Set-81154-1-0-1684212207
Combined melee-80756-1-0-1681246379
Hit - B42 Inject Anim Pack - Season 1-80531-1-0-1679595175
Recent Loot Log-80180-0-1b-1678247442
B42 Notify-80085-0-2b-1677765370
B42 Dropmag TTW Patch-78998-1-1-1673996253
B42 Dropmag-75461-1-2b-1660638269
B42 Inject-80437-0-13b-1679804137
B42 Inspect-71624-1-01-hotfix-1637475111
B42 Descriptions-68049-0-3-1645173927
Frozen 3rd Person Feminine Movement-77098-1-02-1665157561
Frozen 3rd Person Masculine Movement-77334-1-02-1665611456
A Music Addition Project-78248-2-1-1663162857
Climate Control - 3D Rain-79661-1-0-1673903164
Climate Control - Rain-79661-1-0-1673903130
3D Rain-79652-2-0-1678679955
Interior Rain - TTW-79656-1-0-1673893822
Interior Rain-79656-1-0-1673893794
Cloud Upgrade-79612-1-0-1673472163
Cloud Shadows - Clear Weather-79147-1-0-1669856228
Cloud Shadows-79147-1-0-1-1673903801
High Resolution Bloom-77933-5-1679647221
Fallout Alpha Rendering Tweaks-80316-2-4-3-1683012580
Depth of Field Fix-81200-1-0-1684509397
Dynamic Pip-Boy Light-81203-1-0-1684525504
High Resolution Screens-77989-1-1-1660681437
Clean Vault Boy Paper Doll-76966-1-2-1658992709
Better Caravan
Hotfix to Sensitivity Disabling-74824-1-0-1-1684405111
New Vegas True Scopes-74824-1-0-1684308779
Real Recoil Tweaks-79358-1-0-1671399193
Real Recoil
FNV Clean Animations - Iron Sights Alignment-77429-1-2-1662491784
FPS Weapon Lowering-80995-1-5-1684193786
WRP - TTW Patch-38285-2-2-2-1589983167
WRP - Hotfix-38285-2-2-5-1590168045
Weapon Retexture Project - WRP-38285-2-2-3-1590027446
Weapon Mesh Improvement Mod-65052-1-3-1658869646
Lumen - TTW-81060-1-4-1684630241
Lumen - NV - LLL-81060-1-4-1684630201
Lumen - NV-81060-1-4-1684630031
NPCs Sprint In Combat-68179-2-13-1623455074
MCM BugFix 2-42507-
The Mod Configuration Menu-42507-1-5
Just Assorted Mods-66666-4-4-1648916021
Functional Post Game Ending Lite TTW Patch-73668----1654896950
Functional Post Game Ending Lite-73668-5-5-1679200209
TTW New Vegas Speech Checks-68736-1-4-1657361317
TTW Reputations-68604-1-4-1657361262
New Vegas Mesh Improvement Mod-74295-1-10-1673911628
Strip Lights Region Fix-73596-1-3-1644119016
Elijah Voice Files Fix-73526-0-1-1630530027
Crafting Consistency Fix-81130-1-1-1-1684022606
NVCS Installer-68776-13-1675087064
Exterior Emittance Fix-80443-1-1-0-1679005223
Strip Performance Fix-78617-1-0-1665515579
ActorCause Save Bloat Fix-80666-1-0-1680643208
Climate Control NVSE-77205-1-0-1656185991
Improved Lighting Shaders-69833-1-5beta4a-1668774269
Vanilla Iron Sights Realligned-77672-1-1-1658954471
ISControl ESPless FULL-75417-1-4-1659839349
Fast Weapon Lag Fix-71973-1-0-1617537597
Unofficial Patch NVSE Plus-71239-1-4-4-1678801170
UIO - User Interface Organizer-57174-2-30-1629600625
Stewie Tweaks INI-66347-2-1-1562243757
Stewie Tweaks-66347-8-65-1680382499
ShowOff NVSE-72541-1-60-1683687114
Console Paste-65906-1-0-1546350722
Improved Console-70801-1-6-1632234096
Viva Default Preset-81231-10-2-2-1-1684772043
JG NVSE-66927-4-93-1670006465
JIP LN NVSE Plugin-58277-57-01-1684021534
Fixed ESMS
submitted by Plenty-Home-7155 to FalloutMods [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 14:21 Bitter_Addendum1408 Glass stuck under floor?

Hi everyone! I recently downloaded house flipper on switch since it was 60% off!!
I watched a bunch of videos before I’d started playing and noticed that the cockroaches are nowhere to be found in the game and the setting for turning the cockroaches into glass shards is permanently on… is there any way around this?? I honestly think that they add a lot of charm to the game, especially since in other levels there’s already broken glass and ornaments that don’t need to be vacuumed up.
I also noticed that in the uninvited guests house [the one I was excited to be vacuuming roaches from :( ]some of the glass was stuck under the floor and I couldn’t vacuum it up, even after restarting the game. Is there another way to fix this? The vacuum wouldn’t pop up but the game kept telling me that the proper tool was the vacuum.
Was this a rule that Nintendo imposed onto the devs? Is it a part of a dlc now? Are they removed completely? If so, is there anyway to modify the game and put them back in? I honestly can’t find much info online about this… sorry if it’s already been answered!! Thanks in advance for any info!
submitted by Bitter_Addendum1408 to HouseFlipper [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 14:20 ClosetJack [A4M] Finding My Werewolf

The bright stadium lights illuminated the field below. As masses of padded bodies collided together, hoards of people cheered them on as they watched their teams fight for victory. This was college football, and I stood within the masses cheering on the players and my best friend. Number 19, ____Name____ Quarterback.
____Name____ and I had grown up together. Our mothers were friends from work and often dragged us along with them as they met up to socialize. Which was always amusing to them. Because we didn’t always get along. You were always bolder and crasser. Stealing my toys, my snacks, and whatever else he wanted back then. But that’s not to say I was perfect either. I was an attention hog back then. Crying just because I knew I could get one of our mothers to pay more attention to me. But obviously, we both grew out of that.
_____Name_____ grew into a tall handsome man. Stoic features, nice muscles, cocky attitude. But with looks like his. Who wouldn’t be? While I grew into a slim, toned, and as he likes to call me. A nerd. But hey! Just because I like to read and watch Star Wars, or Lord of the Rings weekly doesn’t make me a nerd…right?
Oh, and I should probably add that _____Name_____ grew up to be a werewolf. Yep, that’s right. A werewolf. His first change happened when he was about 12 and started to go through puberty. I was spending the night at his house, and we were messing around. Wrestling as a matter of fact to see which of us was the strongest. I had him pinned on his back. Hands above his head when he let out a low feral growl. His eyes briefly grew a faint red, and before I knew it, he had me flipped over on my back and sitting on my chest. He gave me his famous crooked smile. His teeth were sharp, and he gripped my arms with long jagged nails that dug into my wrist. Since then, his shift has become more and more wolfish. His ears elongated, fur sprouting up to cover his arms, legs, and feet.
He always had control of his wolf. Well almost. We learned werewolves were nothing like they were in the movies. They didn’t go all feral during a fool moon. They could shift whenever they wanted or needed. The problem was _____Name_____ didn’t know how to control his wolf when he was upset.
Which is why I never quite understood his infatuation with sports. Because of his competitive nature, he was bound to shift during a game. And tonight, was that night.
The ball snapped and _____Name_____ stepped back. Preparing to throw it when he was sacked. The crowd “oooed and awed,” disappointedly as he fell and hit the ground. I watched as his teammates helped him up and they got back into position. The ball snapped again, and this time _____Name_____ tried running through a hole in the defensive line. But as he stepped through a linebacker came up on his right and tackled him. Shoving him down to the ground. More disappointed “awes,” came from the stands as the opponent's stands ruptured into cheers.
Our offensive line was walking off the field as the defensive line ran out. When I noticed _____Name_____ talking to the coach and walking off the field to the locker rooms. I hastily ran down the stadium stairs and headed to the locker rooms at the end of the field. I could hear bodies from the two-team collide again as they continued to play.
The door to the locker room creaked open as I pushed on it. “Hey, you, okay?” I called out as I walked into the locker room. I could hear the water running and made my way towards it. As I walked toward the showers, I came across his jersey, shoulder pads, and chest pads. Which had been discarded on the floor and found _____Name_____ standing underneath the running water still in his pants. His back was towards me, and his arms stretched out to brace himself against the wall. “Dude, are you alright?” I questioned again.
I could see his shoulders and back tense to my voice. But he didn’t move. “______Name_____ what is going on? Are you losing control or something?” I questioned as I stepped into the showers. My shoes slapped against the wet tile floor as I approached him. “Dude Tal-“I was cut off as he quickly turned around and grabbed me by the shoulders. Pinning me to the wall my feet handing above the floor. I swallowed hard as I looked into those red feral eyes. His claws dig into my shoulders.
“Go…. Away.” He growled out. As he let my body slide down the wall until my feet touched the floor.
“You need help. You can’t stay here like this. What if someone sees you?” I pleaded as his grasp on my arms let up. “We need to get you out of here!” I exclaimed.
“No, have to win,” He uttered as he tried to turn around and leave the showers. I reached out and grabbed his wrist. Stopping him.
“If you go out there now, you’re only exposing what you are, you’re going to scare everyone,” I said calmly. He turned back towards me sneering.
“Then they can run away like pussies” He growled as he turned back and headed for the door.
I ran in front of him and tried to push him back. But his muscular and solid body didn’t move. I looked up at him as he stared at me. My mind was rushing to find a solution and did the only thing that made sense to distract him at the time. I reached up and cupped his face with my hands, stood on my tiptoes, and kissed him. I could feel his body tense with surprise but quickly eased as I felt him lean into the kiss.
He grabbed onto my hips and pulled his lips from mine. Before turning and pushing me into the wall. I could feel his eyes looking my body over. While he slid one hand up under my shirt to rest against my flat abdomen. His other hand unlacing the top of his football pants. I gulped. “I can smell your lust.” He uttered roughly. “I’ve always been able to smell it”.
I gulped hard. As I anticipated where this was going to go, it filled me with a mixture of anxiety, fear, and excitement. I stood there unable to move as he undid his pants. His hand slid back down my abdomen until his sharp fingers hooked the waistband of my sweatpants and underwear. He pulled them down. Exposing me before he grabbed my waist and lifted me up. Placing my legs over his shoulders and pressing my back against the wall.
“This is what you want. Right?” He smiled deviously. I knew it wasn’t really a question. But more of a confirmation that he knew my desire. He wrapped his hands around my hips and pulled me down slightly to a more appropriate position. His sneer never left his face as he took me then and there.
Good day, all, and thank you for reading my long introduction to the prompt. I’m Jax a 27 y/o male in the EST-zone. I am looking for a long-term partner for this and future role plays. While this prompt is written in the M4M format I am more than comfortable playing as a female character opposite to the best friend/werewolf. I’m also comfortable writing in 3rd person. I have just always felt a preference for first. As I find it’s more personal when RPing. This is intended to be a modern fantasy roleplay with an array of genres and emotions. Not just romance and lust. I have tried my best to leave your character entirely up to you including name, looks, and actions going forward. Please feel free to ask any further questions, or if you’re interested in helping me expand on this story. I look forward to meeting you!
submitted by ClosetJack to Roleplay [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 14:20 hnrythomas696 Custom Admission Essay Writing Service by Academic Writers 30% off Online

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2023.06.03 14:18 No_Mathematician5355 No audio

So I was confused I had audio first time opening the game and now I never get audio I did everything online such as redownloading the content and having silent mode turned off and nothing I've restarted the game around a 100 times and I still get no audio anything I'm doing wrong?
submitted by No_Mathematician5355 to HonkaiStarRail [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 14:18 Big-Piano-7016 I always get sick on the road but today was different

I was going to meet my friends from online(they're all around my age and live close to the state I live in) and we were going to meet up at a zoo out of state, not even 10 minutes in to the 2 hour drive(I've been on 2 times longer drives without issue) I had to pull over, almost threw up and turned around, and driving back home.(I wear seabands and take dramamine for whenever I drive long distances) I am so pissed off I punched myself as hard as I could, I've always gotten road sick(since and especially during my childhood) when I'm on the way to do something fun/with friends(whom I've known since childhood) and it is so infuriating to the point where I'm about to freak the fuck out.
submitted by Big-Piano-7016 to Rants [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 14:15 Infinite-Hat-3104 [For Hire] Full-Stack Developer with 14 Years Experience - Helping Startups and Small Businesses Succeed

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Data Entry Solutions: To manage and organize your business data seamlessly, I design efficient data entry systems.
API Integration: Incorporating APIs into your platforms to enhance functionality is another aspect of my expertise, which can significantly improve user experience.
Pricing: My approach is flexible and typically falls within a budget range of $1,000 to $5,000. This usually covers small to medium-scale applications, additions to existing platforms, or comprehensive PHP-based projects (Laravel or WordPress).
If you're planning to bring your vision to life, don't hesitate to drop me a message. I'm always ready to chat about potential projects and help get your project off the ground!
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