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2023.06.07 10:58 Wurzelbart420 CH Filigree Tiny Charm Legit Check

CH Filigree Tiny Charm Legit Check
Bought this Filigree Charm from the Facebook Chrome Hearts International Group. Seller is called Zehui Pan on Facebook, price was 220 USD (Seems cheap). Recieved it yesterday and have some concerns. Firstly, I saw some negative comments and bad business from the seller, aswell as accusations on him for selling fakes. Secondly the fact that makes me concerned is that he is not part of the FB Groups anymore. Now for the piece itself - I Compared this piece to photos of this model on Rinkan - in comparison, the 2017 engraving seem pretty thin and not as thick as shown in the rinkan photo. Most of the compared filigree charms i saw seemed to have a nearly as thick engraving of the „2017“ as the „.925“. Especially in hand, the 2017 seems much thinner. (FYI: only the second and third photo were taken by me, the others are his photos. I will add more detailed pictures later). So, the 2017 seems very thin. Also on the „bail“ (dont know if thats the right name here) on the side seems not flattened out like the most items i compared it to. The rest of the details on the backside (small holes, etc.) seem to be quite correct - not sure tho. Also found this pendant on a website from a pretty reputable seller - Risingsunarchive - details on his listed Filigree Charm are pretty similar to mine - 2017 writing is quite thin, not like those on rinkan. I would really appreciate any help - so in case i can open the Paypal Claim. The fact that some people are supposably calling him out makes me really concerned about the authenticity. Thanks in advance to all those who could assist me with their expertise! Thank you and best wishes from Austria
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2023.06.07 10:57 VoteMegatron Why I quit my new job 4 days in.

I (21F) started training at a new job, which I have since quit, last week. I quit for a few reasons, one of the more prominent ones was the way one of my trainers treated me.
But let me start from the beginning. At my new job, we had an app we had to download that would help us with training and teaching us the menu and how each dish was prepared, and which drinks had which liquors. We were supposed to go through the “chapters” on the app day by day of training. So if you were on Day 5, you would be on “Chapter 5.”
I was on Day 2. I had just barely started learning the menu, much less what the menu items looked like. Multiple times, this trainer treated me like I was dumb for not knowing which menu items were by sight alone. Despite the fact that sometimes even they mixed up ones that looked similar to each other.
Once, I asked why we didn’t have bento boxes for adults (they were on the kid's menu), you know, with adult-type foods offered. They immediately launched into a tirade of how “that's so stupid. You’re a grown fucking adult. People that like or want stuff like that are morons. They need to grow the fuck up. Bento boxes are for kids.” I mentioned how bento boxes are actually used by people of all ages across Japan and other Asian countries. Their reply was curt. “It’s fucking stupid. People need to not be so picky.” I wanted to smash my head into a wall.
Not long after this, they revealed that they were younger than me and going to school to become a teacher. At the end of the day, my only thought about them was “I pray for your future students.” And I’m not exactly religious.
When I was having trouble with menu items and describing them to her (because, again, I’m on Day 2 of training), they got frustrated with me and started berating me. Saying that they had come up to the office/break room multiple times and saw that I hadn’t been doing my online training. Because I had finished it. I tried to defend myself. Saying maybe I was on the wrong day. I should have done some the night before (my managers told me to do it at work day by day) but I had been busy organizing and doing dishes and laundry (I’ve moved into a new apartment and organizing is taking longer than I’d like and my dishwasher is broken. yay). They wouldn’t hear it. “So? I worked two jobs while training too. I don’t accept excuses.” Well, fuck you too.
No, I didn’t say that. I didn’t say anything mean, even though I wanted to.
Instead, I went into survival mode. I apologized for “fucking up” the night before despite the fact that I was actually busy.
They then had a chat with the AGM and told me “So, I just had a talk with ‘name of AGM’ and they said they’re gonna give you a quick quiz.”
I said “Um, no. Please don’t do that. That’s not how I learn.” “Look, I know people learn in different ways, but you’re going to do this now.”
“I’m sorry, but no. I won’t. It is not going to help me learn the menu, and will make it harder for me to concentrate on doing my job properly.”
She seemed to concede after I apologized for fucking up. I don’t know actually. But my manager didn’t try to quiz me.
After that, things were fine for a while until we started talking about hair dye. I regularly mix up hair dye from four different brands to get the color and vibrancy where I want it. As well as making it last longer.
When I mentioned that one of the four brands I used was Arctic Fox, they immediately said “God, I fucking hate Arctic Fox. It washed out of my hair so quickly. I’m never using that stuff again, I can’t believe you do.”
Ouch. “Yeah, I mean it works for me. Always lasts a long time. Plus, like I said, I mix it with other brands.”
“It still sucks. But yeah your hair is definitely Manic Panic green. I would know. I used to use their neon pink. I saw it and went ‘Oh yep. Manic Panic right there.”
And while she’s not wrong, she’s reducing my work to one thing. I do use MP. I also use Arctic Fox, IroIro, and Pravana. So no, it’s not just MP green, it has DEPTH.
After that day, I felt very uncomfortable there. I didn’t end up seeing them again, but I could feel their presence and energy in the air and I didn’t feel safe there anymore. Especially since that team member had been with the company from the very beginning of opening this location. I felt like I had no power next to them despite the fact that they were not technically my superior. Would it be absolutely exhausting to work two server jobs? Hell yes. Would I have probably quit anyway? Also yes. But the treatment from that trainer really cinched it for me.
What do you think?
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2023.06.07 10:57 Bot-Construction29 Mom disapproves me going to work

So I've been applying to work at some event jobs recently n I got her permission to work at one near my house. I didn't get accepted however i found a another one at a car event 1 hour from my house. I applied and got accepted. When I reminded her about me going to work she started disapproving it about how it's too dangerous and how the payments are too slow (it's a month after the event ends). She says I might get scammed or kidnapped or something along the lines of this (I'm 18). I've researched the company and they've been around for 5 years but my mom is still irrationally worried. Should I lie to her about some details to get her off my back?
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2023.06.07 10:57 wiceramond Mast Brands

Hello Friends, I have a bronc v1 3.5 mm stroke tattoo machine and I have been using it for about 2 years, but now I want to switch to a more powerful machine. I looked at the products of the Mast brand, but I could not decide which tattoo machine I should buy. I am looking for a machine with which I can work comfortably in thicker and larger needle groups, with a strong stroke and which will facilitate me especially when making black packing. It is ideal to have a stroke of 4 mm and above. As I said, I looked at the products of the mast brand, but I couldn't decide which one was stronger. Mast Archer 4.2 seems to be good, but if you are using this brand, I would appreciate it if you could tell me the ideal model for blackwork works.
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2023.06.07 10:56 tecnic Preparing for war, please help 40m 40f

It's finally here. The custody battle begins next week and I need your help.
My ex has submitted 60 pages of allegations against me. For perspective, 99% of these arguments against me are nonsensical and incoherent, but are going to be presented to the Judge for their interpretation.
Naturally my integrity as a great citizen and strong parent will speak for itself.. but I'm understandably scared to lose my children. Their lawyer is asking for full custody.
In contrast I'd like to prepare 3-4 pages of evidence based allegations with attached exhibits. Strangely, my attorney is saying that he "doesn't have time" to help organize this evidence with me & only wants to work on refuting the 60 pages against me. It looks like I'm going to have to do it myself.
Please let me know what worked for you to protect yourself in court and any allegations that you made against your ex that stood out as powerful in court.
My children have been physically abused and so have I, my ex has a drinking problem and rage control problems. This is a scary situation. They do not want to see her but will soon be forced to. I've been the primary caretaker of the kids for 90% of the week for the past 6 months.
We're asking for a 4day on/3day off weekly schedule & being very reasonable with asset division. My composure will be calm and professional, but I'm losing a lot of sleep over this currently.
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2023.06.07 10:56 grababitoblue Housing association has set up my rent account with someone else’s details

Hi all, I’m looking for a bit of advice on how I should be dealing with this situation as I’m not getting very far with a resolution going through the housing association themselves.
I moved out of my parents home in early 2021 to live alone in my first house with a housing association in the North West of England. They’ve honestly been nothing but problematic to get anything done, resulting in me having to go to my local council multiple times to get them to do anything helpful.
Thankfully I’m moving home in the next month and will no longer be renting with them. I have always paid my rent through direct debit monthly until now where I cancelled it to pay my rent manually so I wouldn’t be overcharged when I move as I’ll only be in this house for 2 weeks of July and not the whole month.
When I rang them to cancel the direct debit I was asked if I’d been at or will be moving to another address with them as my name was showing under 2 addresses which was bizarre as they’d never told me this before. I’d told them no as this is the only house I’ve ever been a tenant for so far in my life and I’m moving to a private rented property. They dismissed it as their system being weird and cancelled my direct debit as requested and I thought nothing of it.
After this was done I went ahead and paid a month’s rent in advance to cover me to near my tenancy end date and done this manually through the housing association’s website. On the website you have your own account associated to your current address, your housing officer’s name and you are assigned a payment reference number which is used to pay money into your rent account on the website or on the phone and is basically a long number similar to on a credit or debit card. You cannot edit any details on this account apart from your contact details.
Their online payment system automatically fills in your payment reference number as the account you will pay into for your property as this is pulled across from the details they’ve got on your account. I can only assume that someone has entered these when the account was created. You are also sent a payment card in the post with this number on when you move into your property.
I was getting concerned after a couple of days that the manual rent payment I made in advance was not showing on my account yet when they’re usually quite fast to show. Another odd thing was that the housing officer that is associated to my property had changed with nothing sent to me to say that they had changed over. This was important as well as I have a housing inspection with my housing officer very soon to sign paperwork and to check the property condition. So out of curiosity I grabbed my payment card and double checked the details on it compared to the details on my online account and have found that the payment reference numbers do not match, not even closely.
I contacted them about this and come across an issue instantly where they refused to initially speak to me about my tenancy as apparently I was not on it to have permissions. I’m the only one on my tenancy and have only ever been. Again turns out that apparently my name is showing under 2 addresses but they can’t tell me anything about it for reasons relating to security and data protection.
After about 45 minutes on the call they tell me that the payment reference number that’s been associated with my online account and auto fills for rent payments isn’t actually mine and is someone else’s and that my rent payment has gone to their account and not mine. They’re supposedly sorting this out to be corrected but are really dragging their heels about it and it has resulted in me now going into rent arrears.
Am I correct in believing that this is a breach of data protection as someone else’s payment details for their rent account has been associated with my account for me to see and pay into without my knowledge and most probably without theirs? I’ve mentioned this to them and they still aren’t getting into gear with resolving it quickly.
Any advice on how I should go about this or if I should just leave this to be resolved by them would be helpful as I’m fed up with them messing me about for the last time.
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2023.06.07 10:55 starkidchamber Vegetarian breakfast recommendations

Hello beautiful people of Sheffield, me and my gf are down in your fine city this weekend for the Arctic Monkeys gig (can't wait!) and were looking to refuel on Sunday with a vegetarian full English before the long drive home to Edinburgh.
Any recommendations? We are staying at a backpackers hostel near Upperthorpe so can get into the town centre pretty easily but also any recommendations outside the centre welcome :)
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2023.06.07 10:55 wiceramond Mast Brands

Hello Friends, I have a bronc v1 3.5 mm stroke tattoo machine and I have been using it for about 2 years, but now I want to switch to a more powerful machine. I looked at the products of the Mast brand, but I could not decide which tattoo machine I should buy. I am looking for a machine with which I can work comfortably in thicker and larger needle groups, with a strong stroke and which will facilitate me especially when making black packing. It is ideal to have a stroke of 4 mm and above. As I said, I looked at the products of the mast brand, but I couldn't decide which one was stronger. Mast Archer 4.2 seems to be good, but if you are using this brand, I would appreciate it if you could tell me the ideal model for blackwork works.
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2023.06.07 10:55 South-Juice961 The whole story of my wife (f24) and I(m23), help?

Tl;dr My still technically wife and I have been going through a messy separation, looking for insight listed at the end of the post. Fair warning it's a long one
Made 2 previous posts Me (M23) and wife (F24). This is kind of the whole of those 2 previous posts and all that has happened since
My wife and I originally went to school together and rekindled a friendship in 2021. We began dating on June 26th of that same year while I lived in Texas and her in Oklahoma. She had to kids, both from different partners. While we were friends she vented to me about how her previous partner left because he wasn't interested in being a parent. I was upfront to her that I was in a state where I was working on myself, mainly esteem wise both from a past partner and with my upbringing, and told her I did not want it to become her problem if we were together. At that time, we agreed to be communicative about our own hardships and to speak to each other so we could help each other through hard times.
We were together for about 3 months, during which I would make visits to Oklahoma to hang out with her and her kiddos, spend quality time with her, with them, and with all of us together as well. After this 3 months span, we thought things were going okay enough for me to move in with her. I moved in with her near the end of September 2021 and for a while we were very happy with one another. We were very openly intimate and basically honeymoon phasing still. Since her family helped her out beforehand with child care, and since we still needed it to both work, we moved in with her family in November 2021.
Around this time, we ended up finding out she had gotten pregnant. Her and I kept it between the two of us as she was unsure of her families reaction to it. Her and I were both working still during this time and in February 2022 was when we hit our first bump in the road.
Her and I had always been very open with our phones, and had shared passcodes and the like. In February 2022 she had been acting off, I thought due to her pregnancy she had of course wanted some space to herself. I ended up finding out by looking at her phone one night that she had been sending illicit images to someone on her snapchat. I confronted her about, and the first thing she tried to say was that they were old (they were not, because some of them as a scrolled up said October 2021, the previous year). After this I asked her to explain herself on it, to which she responded that the person was an old F buddy who had threatened to release her photos online if she didn't continue supplying him. I was unsure to about this response, and took some time to deliberate everything.
In my mind I could not just take my own emotions in to account, I had to consider her 2 step kids getting to know me as dad as well as my unborn child. She had given me to no reason to distrust her before that so I was willing to go forward with the relationship on the grounds that we be more open with one another. In the months that followed, she even showed improved resolve, and began showing more affection towards me once again. At times she was still down on herself and beating herself up over it, so I decided in April to show her I was committed to making things work and proposed to her. We got courthouse married in May of 2022.
Things continued on this way, in May 2022 I started a new better paying job and also her family decided to move to Texas, so we ended up paying them monthly to live in the house in Oklahoma. In June my wife went on maternity leave from her job, and we discussed her being a stay at home mother and me being the sole working party. We agreed it would work best so we wouldn't have to pay for child care.
Over the course of the rest of 2022, I ended up working more hours to make ends meet. At times, my wife's mother would speak with her and give her a hard time about not working. After she had these conversations with her mother I would reassure my wife that I would make sure everything was taken care of financially. Our baby was born in July of 2022.
In March 2023, I started a new job with the same company that paid almost twice per check what I had been making previously. I felt like financially, things were taking a turn and that it could be a big improvement in life quality for my wife and kiddos. However during this particular month I had an incident where my stress had overwhelmed me. It was like any other day where my wife handed me our baby as she was putting the 2 big kids to bed. The baby was teething and crying her head of, I had a lot of stress in apartment hunting, working related, etc burdening me and the whole situation overwhelmed me. I threw a bottle toward the wall, my wife came in hearing me throw it and tried to take the baby from me. In my flurry of emotions, I stiff armed her from me to keep her from taking the baby. A few hours later, I went downstairs to her and we spoke about it. I apologized and explained my sensory overload I was experiencing, but admitted it was no excuse for how I acted. I asked her how she was feeling, and she told me she was doing good that the incident had left her tired.
April 2023 is where everything now has fallen apart. I brought up a discussion to my wife because I had noticed that I had been messing up on my end by hanging out with gaming friends too much. I brought this conversation up to her and asked how she had felt about. This is when she outpoured a bunch of issues she had kept quiet on up until this point. She told me she felt like I had more fun gaming with my friends than hanging out with her and the kids, and she admitted to me that from the previous incident she was scared about my reaction at that time. Immediately upon her bringing these up, I tried to discuss with her a plan so I could work to make improvements. When I tried to communicate however, she said she didn't think we could fix things, and told me she wanted to separate. I was devastated because over the course of the relationship I was constantly adapting and improving to my best me for her and our kids and I felt like she was giving up on our marriage so easily. In the days following I worked on improving these things she addressed and we were working towards finding common ground
A few days after this conversation however, she got an incoming call from a person named "Papi" on her phone. When I tried to address it she tried telling me it was "an alarm". When I pushed the issue and told her what I saw she admitted to me that since mid April she had been talking to another man (who was also married). She said they started off talking as friends and complaining about their partners and it turned into flirtation. When I brought up blocking him, she said she didn't feel comfortable doing so, but later on claimed that she did block him since it was hurting me.
From then on we had discussions that ran in circles, I wanted to work for and fight for our marriage, and she said she wanted to be by herself and work on herself. We could not find common ground, and in a lot of conversations she would try to find a way out and said that the conversations for her were draining. Ultimately we both decided we were going to move to Texas, be separate and co parent as we worked on ourselves. We set boundaries regarding ourselves and the children and planned our move. One boundary I was very particular about was that I did not much care who she dated since we were going to be separate, but that if she dated the guy she emotionally cheated with that I wanted him in no way to be around our baby (I did not want this person, who to me was of very questionable moral character to be around my child). She agreed to me and even reiterated that she had blocked him.
In mid May, we both made our move to Texas. However, her mother was the owner of the house we had been staying at and had security cameras at the house connected to an app on her phone. Her mother had new about my wife's emotionally cheating and had shown me that after I had left the house that the man she cheated with showed up to help her move. And against my wishes, she brought him around our child and even had him carry our baby out of the house. Our plan was for her to drop my daughter off to me a few days after the move, but after seeing what happened I messaged her and asked if she could drop my daughter off to me that same night. She agreed.
During that night, she dropped her off to me and I then confronted her about what I saw. When she was planning the move, she has told me her cousin was helping her move. She tried to lie again and say she didn't know her cousin was going to bring him to help. I was baffled she was still trying to lie her way out. Currently, I only keep in contact with her to update her on the baby, send pictures, or to planned supervised visits to where I am currently staying.
She is currently staying with the man she cheated with. And this person even drops her off for her visits with my daughter. She claims to be sorry but her actions to me tell a different story. I had made mistakes but was willing to put in effort to fix them and she wanted nothing to do with it. I don't feel like my transgressions were bad enough to deserve how she reacted. Even in light of all this, she is trying to claim to be doing what's best for the kids, but is immediately introducing a new male figure into their life after I've been her step kids father for the past 2 years.
I want better insight on to why she might have handled things the way she did. All I feel now is anger at all the lies and betrayal and it makes it difficult to move forward with my self improvements. The only thing motivating me is my now 11 month old daughter. Even in spite of all that happened I don't wish I'll to my wife, but I feel like she has a serious lack of accountability or responsibility. I feel like her actions were very selfish to her own feelings, and that her cutting of communication with me and instead talking to another man rather than working on our marriage is a big issue on her part. I felt our marriage was very fixable yet she wanted to move on so quickly. And honestly I don't know what to believe from her anymore with all the lies she has told. Can you guys provide any clarity on why she might have acted this way, and what I can do to improve myself as well?
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2023.06.07 10:55 samuri521 why doesn't the guard believe in promotion ladders?

I see a lot of fed jobs in the gaurd at like 7,8,9,11. rarely do jobs higher than that open up ever. for instance where i'm at the 12 guy above me has been occupying his slot for about 30 years, so it's effectively never available.
I can't understand why they have so many people stuck at like gs 7 or 9 with no promotion potential. those are entry level type salaries, and no where near enough to live in the HCOL area I'm in.
It makes little sense to me. the gaurd complains about its crazy high attrition rate but then wants people to sit in low paying jobs with no way to move up. Huh?
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2023.06.07 10:54 SourcerBot Russia-Ukraine war: Australia may send Retired RAAF fighter jets to Zelensky

Here is the most important information, and related articles, from this article.
Published on 2023-06-05 at 19:00, this article is written by andrew tillett and phillip coorey and published by australian financial review. (3 minutes)
Save 3 minutes of reading with this summary:
”Being there for as long as it takes means that we will have another iteration of support for Ukraine, that won’t be long before we announce that, obviously, we’re in conversation with Ukraine about how we can best contribute, as we are in a conversation with both the UK, the US and other allies about the best kind of contribution we could make. After initial resistance to President Zelensky’s request for used American fighters, US President Joe Biden at the G7 summit in Japan two weeks ago gave the green light to western allies to supply Kyiv with fourth generation fighters such as the Hornets and F-16s (which the RAAF does not operate). It could also be a bad look for Australia if it were not prepared to give up ageing planes at the same time the Americans are preparing to share the crown jewels of their military, nuclear-powered submarines with Australia when the US doesn’t really have them to spare. To prevent the risk of escalation, Australians (and the Americans) could make clear that the Hornets could only fly within Ukrainian airspace, warning if they were used to bomb Russia, the allies would stop maintaining the aircraft, effectively grounding them.
Keep reading with 3 related articles: Ukrainska Pravda (2023-05-23 at 07:25) Ukraine may receive F-16 fighter jets as early as autumn – Politico Reuters (2023-03-17 at 19:04) Slovakia sends MIG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine - PM The Independent (2023-02-13 at 15:31) Fighter jets and ‘wings of freedom’: Will supplying aircraft bring the UK closer to war with Russia?
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2023.06.07 10:52 Opposite_Ad6991 ULPT Use social media with your wife to make large amounts of money from rich perverts

Hey there, fam!
I gotta spill the beans on something that'll rock your world. See, I used to be down and out, strugglin' to make ends meet. But then, life threw me a curveball, and I stumbled upon something that turned my luck around.
My wife, bless her soul, had this crazy idea to put together an E-Whore Pack, and man, it was a game-changer. Now, you're probably wonderin' what the heck an E-Whore Pack is, right? Well, let me break it down for you.
It's a kickass collection of pics and stuff that'll make jaws drop and wallets open wide. We're talkin' about content that taps into people's desires and gets 'em hooked. But here's the real deal—this pack is more than just a bunch of sexy pics. It's a legit money-making machine.
Now, I ain't gonna lie. This ain't no walk in the park, my friends. You gotta hustle, grind, and put in the work. But let me tell ya, when you tap into the power of the E-Whore Pack, it's like you've discovered the secret to makin' it rain cash.
Imagine wakin' up to messages floodin' your inbox, people beggin' to get their hands on your stuff. It's like bein' a freakin' rockstar, only without the guitars and groupies. The money flows in like a never-ending river, and suddenly, you're livin' a life most people only dream of.
Now, I ain't no fancy wordsmith or marketing guru. I'm just an average Joe who stumbled upon somethin' incredible. And now, I'm passin' on the torch to you, my friend. I want you to experience the same kinda success I've seen.
Don't be one of those folks stuck in the same ol' grind, wonderin' if life's ever gonna change. Reach out to me, and I'll show you the way. Let's team up and make some serious dough together. Ain't nothin' to lose and everything to gain.
So, if you're ready to say goodbye to struggle and hello to stacks of cash, hit me up. Let's write the next chapter of your life, one filled with success, freedom, and a whole lotta bling.
Believe in yourself, take a chance, and let the E-Whore Pack be your ticket to the good life. You won't regret it, my friend.
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2023.06.07 10:52 Realistic-Tea4240 massage asian spa near me

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2023.06.07 10:52 TheHungTroll Ender Bundle: Expand Your Inventory with a Storage System

Ever go out exploring the world of Minecraft only to go back after just a few days because you run out of inventory slots? Or when you run out of block for your mega build and your storage is thousands of blocks away? Or when you just want to give something to your friend but meeting up takes too much effort? Introducing the solutions to all those problems, and the key to remote storage systems: The Ender Bundle!


The crafting recipe will be similar to normal bundle, having an Eye of Ender in the middle:
String Hide String
Hide Eye of Ender Hide
Hide Hide Hide
This will results in an ender-green colored bundle with an Ender eye in front. When outside of players' inventory or in the inventory of an unlinked player, the Ender Bundle is inaccessible, and visually tied up.
The Ender Bundle is unstackable.


By right-clicking the inactive Ender Bundle onto an Ender Chest, that player's Ender Bundle is linked to the Ender Chest, which is now turned into an Ender Depot. Other players can also link their Bundle to the Depot. In the linked player's inventory, the Bundle appears open.
As the link is player-based, each can only have 1 Bundle-Depot link. Therefore it works like the Ender Chest, which means any Bundle opened by the same player can only access 1 Depot's inventory, and giving a Bundle to another player won't give them access to your linked Depot.

Using the Bundle

Bundle-Depot's Inventory
The Bundle-Depot's inventory works in similar fashion with the normal Bundle's, mixing and matching different items to a maximum of 1 stack worth of items, using the "Last In First Out" rule. The Ender Bundle-Depot, however, is capable of storing Shulker Boxes. Like other unstackables, a box take up 64 bundle slots, so the Bundle can only store 1 box at a time.
The Ender Bundle's inventory is linked to the Ender Depot's. Players can also access the inventory directly from the Depot. The selling point, however, is that the Depot can interact with redstone, which allow players to build contraptions that give them access to their storage system from far away.
One basic example is that you can place a hopper under your linked Depot, that way you can put your loots straight into your storage system. With the power of storage redstone, however, I imagine we can even make a system that can call and give items from and to the storage system remotely.
To help with updating the Depot's inventory and keeping the redstone surrounding it running, the Depot will load an area of 3x3 chunks around it.


The only way to unlink is to break the Depot, which will drop an Ender Chest and all the items inside its inventory. All players linked to that Depot will become unlinked, and their Ender Bundle will again betied up and inaccessible.


That's the end of the suggestion! This is my first time suggesting, so if you have any constructive criticism about the formatting, writing and content of the post, please let me know so I can make better suggestions in the future, which I have plans to make really soon! Anyway, thank you all for reading!
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2023.06.07 10:52 ewwamelia69 17F (will be 18 by CFG) i’m from alaska and i’m going alone😿 first time in LA!!! i need festival buddies🙏

if anybody has any advice im all ears idk. but im planning to stay in a hotel near the stadium and ubering there and back. or should i just walk?? is downtown LA very walkable?
also give me ur instas if ur going😋
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2023.06.07 10:51 sann540 7-Jun-2023

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2023.06.07 10:50 Legitimate_Blood8748 Best gadget, starpower and gears for hank?

Best gadget, starpower and gears for hank? submitted by Legitimate_Blood8748 to Brawlstars [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 10:50 SmallVoid After working in the UK(London) for 5 years. I’ve come to the conclusion that the UK MEng degree is just a rebranded BEng.

So I studied abroad, back home our bachelors BEng takes 4 years, then you do 1 year post grad for BEng (Honors) then 1 year full time research for MEng.
In England they do MEng as a mere 4 year undergrad. This had me really puzzled as I don’t find my colleagues particularly academic, they all have MEng degrees but don’t seem as intelligent or as knowledgeable about engineering or maths as engineers back home or colleagues from the States, India and Australia.
They are from the following universities; Bath, UCL, Exeter, Kings college and some others that I can’t remember.
They also seem to lack knowledge of foundational mechanical engineers topics.
Particularly: Not able to apply thermodynamic concepts on the fly to any unseen problems No knowledge of control systems No knowledge of dynamics Poor knowledge of heat exchangers Not able to differentiate between a control mass and volume Extremely poor mathematical abilities - after speaking to them, most only has a single maths subject in their degree called “engineering maths” often taught by engineers No understanding of power generation; none of them could even draw the shape or list the components of a rankine cycle. Absolutely no knowledge of statistics
This has all lead me to believe two things:
1) That the English MEng is just a rebranding of the BEng, done to attract international students $$$ and also to attract local students to engineering; why would they want to study for 6 years to get a masters when other subjects only take 4 years? Looking at the course structure, they have less subjects than most BEng programs and no subjects as specialised as I saw in my honors or masters.
2) That the universities here must be easy or hand out degrees, this I say due to the grads seeming to have retained little knowledge from their degrees and also having spoken to them and finding out that virtually no one fails any subjects.
Im bringing this up as I think it’s important for the international community to know that the MEng holders in the UK didn’t go through the same tribulations as them and that it’s essential a marketing gimmic. Also that the international engineering community should fight for standardisation of the naming of our degrees.
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2023.06.07 10:50 AutoModerator Biahezas Dropshipping (Course)

Contact me on (+44) 7593880762 on Telegram/WhatsApp if you have interest in Biaheza's Dropshipping course.
The course focuses on practical steps that take you from zero to a profitable dropshipping store in no time.
Biaheza's Dropshipping course guarantees real results, not just theories!
Experience the thrill of launching your own store and making over one thousand dollars on day one. Biaheza will guide you through every step, explaining how to scale your business for even greater success.
You will learn how to:
- Dominate with TikTok ads
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.,, and more!
Biaheza's Dropshipping course witll show you how to captivate your audience, drive sales, and maximize your profits effortlessly.
If you are interested in Biaheza's Dropshipping course contact us on:
Reddit DM to u/CourseAccess
WhatApp/Telegram: (+44) 7593880762
Email: silverlakestore/@/ (remove the brackets).
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2023.06.07 10:49 Airi_Lightmoon A story in my cat/daughters perspective

I've gone by many names in my lifetime. Different humans would give me different ones each time I come to grace them with my presence but they never wanted me or to be mine until this young girl came along.
I recently had a human friend who left me (like they always do) it was there she saw me. I cried at the door for my human, heard a sniffle behind me. He never came.
The young girl tried to give me food instead, I was trepidatious, skittish. I wouldn't go near her. She did this every day, the food varied and she began sitting with me as I ate. I decided to call her my own temporarily, she saw differently. One day, I nudged her hand with my head, she made a strange noise, making me jump and run for the time being. I kept coming back to her. She was an easy meal (not that I needed help with that)
We grew closer, I started laying with her, on her in her bed. She would constantly compliment me, telling me I was beautiful and she loved me. I wouldn't admit it, but I began to love her too.
I grew to like her and only her after the months we spent together, I trusted some humans that were around her, some good and some bad. She made sure not to let me near the bad ones. I remember one day an old lady tried to beat me with a broom, the young girl stood in between us and told the old lady to hurt her instead.
I followed her everywhere I could, avoiding those big machines they got in all the time. She would assure me that she would return shortly, however, I never believed her. She always proved me wrong. She was a good human.
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2023.06.07 10:49 ASGfan Episodic Review - The Odyssey (S5, E24)

Nice opening shot of water tumbling over the rocks as Dylan, a local boy, paints with Laura and Albert watching on. He paints portraits of nature and the water and things like that. He’s a regular Bob Ross! Dylan mentions of a dream to see the ocean as he promised his late father. Later at home, Dylan is working on a painting when he gets a nosebleed. Mom notes that’s the third one this week, so a trip to Doc Baker is in order. The next sequence is incredibly sad as Dylan is diagnosed with leukemia and Mom has trouble digesting the news. Dylan has met up with Laura and Albert outdoors again and announces plans to go see the ocean. On the way home, Albert informs Laura he will accompany Dylan. Laura wants to do the same but has some lingering doubts, so she asks Pa in the “What would you do if you had a month to live, I’m asking for a friend’ variety. Laura is now onboard with Albert in running away. If you’re going to run away, you call the experts.
CARRIE SCREEN TIME ALERT! Carrie finds a letter in one of her birthday presents and starts to read it. That’s a pretty ingenious way of getting Carrie to say her lines, actually. Laura stuffed a note in there about running away. The kids enlist the help of an older guy named Zeke to distract the rather angry train employee so they can illegally board the train to stow away. If the train employee isn’t scary enough, the threesome are quickly joined by another stowaway who looks like he’s on something. He steals their sandwiches, then a little later he makes a play for Dylan’s art case. I’m not sure if he’d be interested in art supplies, but Albert refuses to hand it over. The guy then tries to shove Albert off the train (!), but Laura pushes him off instead and helps Albert back on to the train. Charles catches up with Zeke, who blabs about where the kids are headed. Charles bops over to Hertz Rent-A-Horse and makes use of a train stop to catch up with the kids. Charles threatens whoopings for all of them. CHARLES INGALLS THREATENS TO BEAT OTHER PEOPLE’S TERMINALLY ILL CHILDREN! Dylan doesn’t want to go back. Charles tries to dissuade him, but quickly finds out it’s rather pointless to try and talk someone out of fulfilling their dying wish. CHARLES INGALLS HELPS CHILDREN RUN AWAY! Charles doesn’t have the money for a train (shock), so….CHARLES INGALLS ILLEGALLY BOARDS TRAINS AND HELPS CHILDREN TO STEAL!
The next morning, Dylan and Albert are the first ones up. Dylan mentions he’s hungry, so Albert goes over and cons a different train employee out of sandwiches, apples and milk. Charles is up by the time Albert returns and Pa gives his son what can best be described as a light slap on the wrist for stealing. Charles is all “well you stole the food, we might as well eat it.” CHARLES INGALLS KNOWINGLY USES STOLEN PROPERTY! Once again, meal time is interrupted, this time by the angry train employee from earlier. Charles actually thinks he can reason with him and justify the stealing, which is really stupid when you think about it. The train employee starts the eviction process, but…CHARLES INGALLS BEATS UP PEOPLE FOR DOING THEIR JOB AND ALMOST KILLS A MAN IN FRONT OF HIS CHILDREN! Charles actually wins a fight for a change. Must be a blue moon out. Pa lays it out very clear, saying he will pay back the money for the stolen food (but not the stolen fare!), and tells him nothing’s gonna stop them from seeing the ocean. I personally think they should have spit flying from Charles’ mouth for effect just like in the Grange-Chicago episode, but it still gets the point across.
The next morning, the quartet arrive in San Fran, just a few miles from their destination. They don’t seem to be in any particular hurry, stopping at the local mission for soup. Charles manages to hitch a ride with some guy I’ve never heard of named William Hearst or something. En route to the ocean, Charles holds Dylan’s hand and strokes the side of his face. Wha? Ah, the William Hearst guy owns a newspaper and wants to use Dylan’s story and offers to pay Charles for it. Charles declines, apparently thinking he has a magic transporter that will whisk them all away to the Grove when this is over. After some coaxing, Charles eventually accepts the money, though we never get to see if he makes good on his word to pay for any of the things he stole. And what happened to that horse? Anyways, Charles carries Dylan, who looks like he has taken a turn for the worse, to the Pacific Ocean (wouldn’t the Atlantic have been closer to Minnesota?) One has to wonder if that’s the ocean or just a collection of tears Charles has cried throughout this series. But I guess I shouldn’t make fun since Dylan gets his wish and now you’ll have to excuse me, because I have something in my eye.
THE JERRY SPRINGER FINAL THOUGHT -- This is my all-time favorite episode, which made it my all-time favorite review to do. A mixture of adventure and drama that blended well together. Sad, but with as happy of an ending that could be expected under the circumstances. Dylan was never seen or heard from again, although (sadly) the actor that played him -- Steve Shaw -- did die relatively young via a car accident in 1990. Charles committed crimes left and right, although he has that uncanny knack of bringing you over to his side of thinking. And Albert was a master con artist and grifter by this point.
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2023.06.07 10:47 marriage_masterclass How to Handle Disagreements in a Healthy Way

Hey, fellow Redditors! Today, I want to share a fascinating story about one of my successful clients who discovered the secret to handling disagreements in a healthy way. Grab your popcorn, sit back, and let me take you on a journey into the lives of Sarah and John—an amazing couple who proved that arguments don't always have to lead to chaos!
Sarah, a lively 33-year-old artist, and John, a charming 37-year-old accountant, had been together for a blissful 10 years. They were the epitome of a power couple, supporting each other's dreams and sharing a deep bond. However, like any long-term relationship, they occasionally found themselves locked in fierce disagreements.
One sunny afternoon, Sarah and John found themselves sitting across from me in my cozy office. They had reached a point where their heated discussions were overshadowing their love for one another. Both wanted to learn how to express their opinions without causing hurt or resentment. They were desperate to find a way to transform their conflicts into opportunities for growth.
During our sessions, I introduced them to the concept of "active listening." I emphasized the importance of truly hearing their partner's perspective before responding. Sarah and John embraced this technique wholeheartedly. They practiced putting themselves in each other's shoes, opening up to empathy, and acknowledging their own biases. This shift in approach helped them understand that disagreements were not personal attacks but rather opportunities to gain insight into their partner's thoughts and feelings.
Another crucial aspect we tackled was communication style. Sarah had a habit of raising her voice during arguments, triggering John's defense mechanisms. To counter this, they developed a signal—a gentle touch on the arm—that indicated when emotions were escalating. This simple gesture acted as a reminder to take a breather, step back, and approach the conversation with a calmer mindset.
Furthermore, I encouraged them to establish a safe space for open dialogue, free from judgment or criticism. They created a weekly ritual where they dedicated uninterrupted time to discuss their concerns and thoughts. This created an environment where they felt heard and understood, enabling them to address their disagreements constructively.
As the weeks turned into months, Sarah and John gradually perfected their newfound skills. Their disagreements became less frequent, and when they did arise, the couple managed to navigate through them smoothly. They had learned to embrace healthy conflict as an opportunity to strengthen their relationship.
TL;DR: Sarah and John, a couple married for 10 years, sought my guidance on handling disagreements in a healthy manner. Through active listening, practicing empathy, establishing communication signals, and creating a safe space for open dialogue, they transformed their conflicts into catalysts for growth. Their journey teaches us that disagreements can bring a couple closer together when approached with patience and understanding.
And there you have it, folks! If you enjoyed this story and want to delve deeper into the art of handling disagreements in a healthy way, head over to my YouTube channel, Marriage Masterclass, where I've posted an engaging video titled "How to Handle Disagreements in a Healthy Way." Get ready to unlock the secrets to a thriving relationship!
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